Broken Embraces (2009) - full transcript

Passion, obsession, wealth, jealousy, family, guilt, and creativity. In Madrid, Harry Caine is a blind screenwriter, assisted by Judit and her son Diego. The past comes rushing in when Harry learns of the death of Ernesto Martel, a wealthy businessman, and Ernesto's son pays Harry a visit. In a series of flashbacks to the 1990s, we see Harry, who was then Mateo Blanco, a director; he falls in love with Ernesto's mistress, Lena, and casts her in a film, which Ernesto finances. Ernesto is jealous and obsessive, sending his son to film the making of the movie, to follow Lena and Mateo, and to give him the daily footage. Judit doesn't like Lena. It's a collision course.


hat's your name?

"Harry Caine"

I used to be called Mateo
and I was a cinema director.

From very young I was tempted about the idea
of being someone else, appart from myself.

Living only one life was not enough,
so I invented a pseudonym, Harry Caine.

An adventurer that, because of the destiny,
would become a writer.

As of now, I made him sign all the scripts
and stories that I wrote.

For years, Mateo Blanco and Harry Caine
shared the same person, I,

but there was a moment in which,
abruptly, I could only be Harry Caine.

I became my pseudonym,
a writer made himself, by himself.

There was only a detail that I hadn't forseen,
Harry Caine would be a blind writer."

Oh dear... Ernesto Martel has died!


Ernesto Martel.
I know a granddaughter of his...

So he's dead...

Yes. Did you knew him?


Let's see... What does interest you?
Politics, economics, culture...?

You interest me.

How are you?
Do you mind describing yourself?

What are you interested on?

Your measures, for example?

Em... 90, 68, 90 (cms).

What is the colour of your eyes?

Green, and in summer a bit blue.

And your hair?
How are you dressed?

I'm blond, with long and straight hair.

I'm wering a purple t-shirt,
tight jeans...


Yes, tight.

And high heels.


Very high.

Let's see..., blond, long hair.

Let's see... the eyes, green eyes...
a bit blue in the summer

And the skin... Mmmm, delicious skin!
And the lips...


May I go to the toilet?

Yes, yes, of course!
At the end of the corridor.

Sorry, I thought you were alone.

May I come in, or you are going for a second one?

No, no, come in.
We have finished.

She helped me to cross the road...
and I invited her to read me the newspaper...

Of course...
She gave you the hand and you took the arm!

What are you looking for?

My polo.

There you go, the polo.


Anything else? The socks?

Yes, thanks.

There you go.




Well then, Harry,
I'll be going.

Thanks for crossing me.

No problem.

You're standing on my feet.

Oops, Soory! sorry...

No, it has been a pleasure.


Thank you very much.

So..., I have to go.

I hope we will meet again.


Harry, you can't bring home the first
person that helps you cross the road!

One day something will happen!

Everything that has to happen to me has already
Happened. Now I only have to enjoy life.

Diego told me that you and him finished
the script yesterday.

I'd like to add a final epilogue.

I had agreed to bring the final version
to the producer and the director today.

You will have it tomorrow, have no fear

Ernesto Martel has died.

I think he was very sick...

We haven't spoken about him for a long time...

Yes, is true.


You look terrible!

I came running.

Today is Monday. Don't run for me, Diego.
We are not in a rush.

I am, I had made an arrangement.

You will have it tonight, don't worry.
Diego, shall we correct the ending?



Start thinking on the next script.

Something with fantasy or terror for kiddies,
is what it sells best.

I'm not sure if I'll know...

I thought of following the story
inspired in Arthur Miller's son.

The writer who married Marilyn?


He was in "Vanity Fair",
I've read it in "El Pa?s".

After Marilyn, he married the photojournalist
Inge Morat and they had a son.

The kid was born with Down Syndrome
and Arthur Miller hid it.

He doesn't even mention him in his memories
and never wanted to see him.

Despite his wife begging,
he never wanted to see him.

How terrible!

But one day they met by chance.

Arthur Miller was giving a conference
in defense of a mentally handicapped person

who had been sentenced to death
after a forced confession.

Amidst the public there was his son
with Down Syndrome.

After the conference, the son went to the
stand and hugged effusively his father.

Arthur Miller had no idea how to
shake that man off,

until the unknown man released him
and told him:

"I'm your son Daniel
and I'm very proud of you, dad".

I don't think we can write about Arthur
Miller without asking for the rights to the family.

About the guy, the thing is not the meanness, but the strenght

that survives without the slight resentment
against the father that has ignored him for life.

No, no, yes... the topic is really interesting...
But years ago, when you started writing again...

and I to sell your scripts, you said you wouldn't
write remakes, sequels or biopics.

I remember perfectly,
because I was surprised about the biopics.

But this wouldn't be a biopic, but a story
of superation and natural goodness.

Yes, no, of course. I'll go and open.

Hey, I've bought yogurts, but you're still
missing cleaning stuff and juices, that you have none.

And remember, the clothes from the laundry.

Hey, guys, I'm off!

OK, OK, fine.

We'll talk about it, Harry.

Ok, Judith, Ok..

(Song: "Vitamin C" By "CAN"
"Communism, Anarchism & Nihilism")

How are you?

Fine, and you? Fine.
Did you bring me something by the "Presets"?

Very hot, just brought here by "the donkey" (emule).

Hey, do you want a bit of "crystal"?

Nah. I need to sleep from time to time.
Then vouch for me.

Be more discreet.
But if we're almost alone!

Hey, invite me to a drink, no?
Ask whatever you want.

Do you want anything?


explore, Internet, properties, press arrow

up, arrow down, escape, error,
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configure applications, explore internet,
the page has zero links, Obituary...

The businessman Ernesto Martel has died. Obituary.
The businessman of chilene origin Ernesto Martel

died yesterday in his residence
in La Moraleja, Madrid.

Living in Spain since kid, Martel was one
of the top businessman of the 90's.

"Ermar Capital", empire created at the end
of the 80's, was key in the finantiation

of important public infrastructures
in Latin countries.

Married twice and father of two, his
public figure started to diffuminate recently

when he was involved in the financial scandal
of the "Apresto Case".

Accused of fraud and tax evasion,
in 2002 he was charged with 3 years in prison,

of which he only served four months
because his age and disease..."

Yes... I've just spoken with the Ministry of
Transport and everything is on the move now...

Yes, we're going to do the metro of Caracas...
Of course, of course, there's a lot of money...

Well, at least five years.

Listen, I'm looking for a qualified company
and I'd thought of you...

Sure. Everything will go through me,
the President himself has told me.

I'll call you later, ok?
I'll call you now.

Yes, mister Martel.

Lena, would you mind coming to my office?
I'm going to dictate a letter.

Yes, I'm on my way.

Hi, Lena.

Good morning.

The letter is for the Ministrer of Industry.


Dear Antonio: I have the pleasure...

Excuse me, sorry...

Are you feeling all right?

Yes, yes.

I have the pleasure of telling you that shortly
I will receive a comission from Venezuela...


Why don't you tell me what's happening?
I'm sure I can help you.

My father is very sick. He's being discharged
today and I'd like to go and pick him up in the hospital.

Of course.
What does he have?

He has a cancer in the stomach,
with metastasis.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Where's dad?

He's inside, waiting.

I can't believe
that they have kicked you out, like that

that they have let you out
like dogs.

Wasn't he going to be operated this week
by Dr. ?lvarez de la Torre?

Of course, that is what it was supposed to be!

He arranged a meeting this morning to
tell us that he was being discharged.

I asked him what he meant.

He says: "Ah, very easy.
It's july and I'm off on holidays".

What do you mean on holidays?

I said: "Are we being kicked out?".

And he said: "No, madam, I'm discharging him
so he can go home".

"But, as he is how, what do I do with him at
home? He said: "That is a problem of yours".

He added: "I'm off on holidays".
He is dying! I told him.

"Then let him die relaxedly
in his home", he answered.

But you can't have him being tortured for 20 days
with the tests to operate him and leave him like that...

Girls, have you forgotten about me?

Don't say such rot, dad!

Nobody could ever forget about you!

Let's do it slowly.

What a pleasure to go out, isn't it?

Let's go home...

Come on, I'll put the bags in.

You are at home. What a pleasure...

I'll bring you the "Soseg?n".


Mum, I'm going. I've got to do plenty
of stuff... Ok?

Ok, darling.

If anything happens, you call me, anytime.
I'll come tomorrow morning, ok?

Thank you.

It's ok, mum.

Be careful.

?Madame Milene?
Hi, it's Severine.

Severine! How long!
I'm glad to hear you.

I need money.


Well, now! I've got the weekend off.
On weekdays I'm very busy.

I'll see what I can do for you, darling.

Can I call you tonight if I
find something?

Yes, yes, of course.
I await your call.



Who is this?

I'm phoning on behalf of Madame Milene.

You have the wrong number,
sir. Here doesn't live any Severine.

I must have dialled the wrong number.

The slices, madame.
Thank you, Alex.

Hi. Has he called you yet?


The customer! Who is it going to be?

But... How dare you to give my
number away?

I couldn't reject.

Things can't be done this way!
Are you mad or what?

He knows everything about you. And I haven't told him a thing,
he found out on his own.

He knows you did your attempts as actress
and that some times... you have acted for me...

Months ago he make me promise that, if you were to get
in touch with me again, I'd call him.

I couldn't refuse, he is my best customer.


Magdalena, daughter!

Mum! How is dad?

Very bad. We've had a terrible night
He hasn't stopped vomiting.

He's vomiting blood, and everything...
As if it had exploded on the inside... I don't know what to do

I'm on my way.


Mister Martel?
It's Lena.

Good day... Lena.

Good day.
I'm sorry to bother you...

You never bother me.

Look, I'm calling you because my
dad is dying.

We must take him somewhere,
but I don't know where.

He was discharged yesterday from the Manzanares Hospital
and we don't know what to do with him.

Don't worry. We will take him into Emergency
in a private clinic. I'll take care of everything.

Relax, madam. Doctor Blasco is the best
reagrding digestive in Europe.

Here he is...

How's the patient?

You brought him in the worst conditions...
I assume you know already.

Will you be able to save him?
I'm... Ernesto Martel.

We will try our best, mister Martel,
but at the moment we can't operate him.

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow, maybe.

We are feeding him via parenteral,
he will need some blood to recover.

Do all you can to save him, doctor.

Don't doubt it. It's my obligation. I will inform you
about the evolution in the following hours.

Can I stay, doctor?

Yes, of course... You can stay with
him in his room for as long as you want.

Thank you very much.

I'll see you later.

I don't know how to thank you for
everything you are doing for us.

I'm here for whatever you need, madame.

Mum, Do you want me to stay with you?

No, go, darling.
You've done enough.

Shall I bring you something to eat?

Yes... no, leave it,
I'll manage myself, now.

I'll call you later.


Who is it?

It's Ray X.

Ray X?
Nobody is named like that.

It's a nickname.
In our age we took a lot of extasis.

What do you want?

I'd like to write a script with you,
for me to direct it.

Are you a director?

I did a very good documentary 14 years ago.
This would be my first fiction movie.

Call Judith Garcia, my agent,
and explain her everything.

If she finds it convenient,
she will arrange a meeting.

And now I'd like to have a shower,
because you have caught me in the bathroom.

Hey, are you going to stay there all day long?

Well, you haven't given me Judith Garc?a's
phone number.

You figure it out. She's a well known
production director.

Am I going?

Yes, go, go.


Hi, Harry. It is I.

Hi, Judit.

I've received a phone call from a young director. His
name is Ray X and he wants to write a script with you.

Does it ring any bells?


He wants to see you this afternon,
or tomorrow, if you can.

I've asked him an advancement, and he has agreed,

but I won't be able to come because
I'm very busy with the Americans.

Well, I'll speak with him
and I'll tell you later.

I hope you like him, he looks
like he could bleed money.

Have you seen him?

No, because of his voice. And because of the cheque
I'm going to ask him as soon as I hang up.

I'll send Diego so you are not alone.
Kisses. Ciao.

Well, ?Alicante or Barcelona?


The director really wants Barcelona.
I think Alicante it's a better option.


I've got a meeting with Mr. Harry.
Yes, he's in his office.

Hello, it's Ray X.

How are you?
Sit down...

Well, you tell me.

I like your work a lot,
I've known it since the beggining.

Thank you. If you don't mind, let's get to the point.
What sort of story would you like to write?



I'd like to write a story about the vengeance
of a son against the memory of his father.

Why does the son want vengeance?

Because the father nullified and
ruined his life.


The father is a violent man, homophobic,
with no scruples and very powerful.

The son, is a sensitive boy, with artistic
interests, but with complexes and weak.

He tries to please his father in everything.

Despite being homosexual, he marries twice,
like him, and like him he also divorces, too.

He has a son that hates him as much
as he hates his own father.

When the father dies,
the son can finally remake his life.

This is his salvation, his revenge,
and the story I want to tell.

Yeah... I'm afraid I'm not the
writer you're looking for.

You are... You don't know to what extent.
I'll pay you as much as you want.

It's too personal.

Bring it to your ground.

Thanks, but no. And now, if you don't mind...

I will leave my phone number.


If you change your mind...

Let me alone!

I'm sure we will see each other again.

In my case, that would be a miracle.

Please, would you come with me...

I'm on my way!

Good bye.

Son of a bitch!

Don't you think he was talking about himself?

I guess so...

Look in the first drawer,
and search for the pictures of the filming of 94.

Maybe he's in any...

Keep looking.

There he is!

Describe me the picture.

He's with you in the filming. He has long hair
and straight, and has a camcorder in his hand.

I was almost sure.

Who is he?

Ernesto Martel's son.
What does he want?

You can put the pictures back
in the drawer, and close it.

Hi Ernesto, it is I. I'm phoning you
because we must talk about our son".

I can't talk now, Rosana.

"I've caught him
wearing my dresses."

It's your fault,
you've made him a wimp to humiliate me.

"I'm going to send him to you.
In the end, it's your son."

If I haven't been a good father in 19 years, I
don't think I'll learn to be a good one right now.

I need to go. And tell Ernesto that if
he wants to speak with me, he has to call him.

Don't be so hard with them, Ernesto.


Come on, help me with the necklace.

Yes, of course.

Why don't you invite your son
to spend some days here?

That's what his mother has just said.

But it would be better if
I didn't mix you with them, Lena.

He will do me company.
Does he like either cinema or theatre?

A lot, I think...

The mother has told me that he's a bit gay.

If I invite him over I'd like you to tell me
if it's true, and if you think it can be fixed.

And how am I going to know?

I'm not asking you to fuck him...

Well, thank you.

But you notice about that sort of
things with the beautiful girls

Look, call him, but don't
count on me for that.

"This is shameful, Ernesto!"

"I'm not recriminating that we've divorced,
but that you are living with a man."

"What are your sons going to think!"

That his dad is gay and that he has
very good taste, and a lot of luck.

If they love me and you don't put them against me,
they will accept it.

"You should have told me that
before we got married!"

If only you hadn't been so obsessed
with my father's money

you would have noticed on your own

"What do you mean?"
I'll leave you, I have another call.

I hope is not your other ex-wife.
I hope not!

Don't ever marry, Mario.
No, as of now, it doesn't fit on my plans.


It's Judit Garc?a.

Ah, hi, Judit.
Did you get the money?

I don't want it! I've just resent it to you.

Wasn't your name Ray?
That's my artistic nickname.

What do you want?

Erase my father's name.

What's that got to do with Harry?

I wanted to see him for a long time.

And it's true that I want to film a movie
and I want him to write the script.

I've got the lead actor...

You are not a director!

You should watch my documentary,
you would change your opinion.

Ernesto, forget about us!

Don't be afraid of me.
I'm not my father.

Don't get close to Harry. If you appear 'round
his house again, I'll denounce you for harassment!

I don't fancy at all having to go searching for
location shoots outside Madrid,

but the Americans are paying us a lot
and we need the money.

Go relaxed.
Don't worry about me.

Give me Tonino Guerra's book. I worry about
Harry, too. Take care of him whilst I'm away.

I've got other things to do, mum.
I can't be all day long taking care of him.

It's only two weeks!

Harry can manage perfectly on his own.

I'm worried about Ernesto JR.

I'd like you to be around, to see if he comes
or phones, and that you tell me immediately.

Why are you so worried?

He's crazy.
I don't trust him.


It's a long story.

Do a resume!

Diego, please, it's not the time.

It's never the time with you!

If you are so concerned about taking care of Harry,
I'll quit my job and stay in Madrid!

Or I could hire someone.

No, mum, I'm not annoyed about going with Harry
but I'm fed up with so many secrets!

When's your mother coming back?

I didn't get it quite clear,
in around 10 days, I think...

What are you looking at?

A billboard that says "Give blood".

Do you want to give blood?

No, no... I just thought that "Dona" (give, in spanish)
is a beautiful name for a woman.

And "Dona Sangre" (give blood) is a good name for a movie.

Yeah, it sounds allright.

Sounds like a vampire movie.

It's true.

Imagine that after that ad
there's a group of vampires, waiting,

working in hospitals and clinics
and that they keep the blood

they receive from the donors,
to get high afterwards.

Your mother would like that story.
Let's write it.

"Dona Sangre"("Give Blood")

Vampires live like chinese people,
integrated in the spanish society,

but without being noticed and, like the chinese,
they control various industries, too...

Back sunglasses, for example.

And night businesses:
Bars, discos, afterhours...

As they don't need to be high to stay awake
they are the best workers for night shifts.

And the industry of sun lotions!

The vampires are worried about
the climate change, and the ozone layer.

Their solar blocking creams are..
the best in the market!

That is really good...

It must be a very dense cream, like an armor,
so they are protected all day.

The story would go like that...
a very beautiful woman, totally naked,

applying her superdense cream
to her nice body,

before going to work to the clinic.

Her body ressembles white velved,

What a good start!
We need a love story...

A mixed love story,
between the young vampiress and a young mortal guy.

She works in one of those clinics in which blood
donors go, and they get high with it.

And the guy goes to donate blood to that clinic.
They fall in love very quickly.

After the first needle goes in his vein,
she gets really randy.

So, they start dating.
But she doesn't want to vampirize him...

these vampires don't go against people
they don't bite humans.

Unless it's absolutely necessary...

But they like sex, don't they?

Of course. That is going to be one of their problems,
because we need a bit of tension.

The couple loves each other a lot, but when it's time
to fuck she slips away.

But why?

Because she's afraid of not being able to control herself
and bite your neck when she's in the process.

When they're randy,
you can do anything to them.

From the front, from behind...
Whatever you want, except kisses.

And their breasts?

Those are high risk practices.

When he's with her breasts,
she has to cover her face with the pillow

and end up ripping it appart with her teeth

And when she's sucking his cock?

No, Harry, nothing of sucking cocks.
She would rip it off at the first bite.

So how does he react?

A man can skip the kissing,
but it's very difficult to skip the blowjob.

Since he's very much in love
the guy finally accepts the situation.

When they get confident, she wears a
muzzle, for their safety.

Because when she gets excited, she has
like a dental erection

and it grows, like if she
was a wolf.

Ha ha!
I love your story, Diego.

You will sign this one. I will do as sparring, for
all the times you've done it for me.

?Dude, the music you play is really good!
And you're very friendly. Has anyone ever told you that?

Hey, I want us to be great friends.
You must tell me everything!

Let me work.

Hey, you need to tell me everything.

I need liquid.

Forgive him, dud, he's got "GHB" up to his eyeballs.
I don't like being touched like that.

Hey, do you want a bit of "MDMA"?
A bit!

Only a bit.
I've got to work tomorrow.

We're writing a script about vampires that
is going to rock.

Are you?

(Plays "Robot Ouef" By "Uff?e")

Do you want some "GHB"?

I've taken a bit of "MDMA".

Alex, I think your best friend likes me.

What happens? Diego! What is happening?
What has happened? Diego!

Is that yours?
Coke with "GHB".

You are an asshole!
Why do you put it next to his drink?

What the fuck has happened? What the fuck happened?
Diego! Diego!

Bring some ice!
Please, call the ambulance.



Yes... no. No, it's a friend.
Diego is not feeling really well.

We're taking him to the hospital.

To hospital? What has happened?
Can I speak with him?

No... no... is that...

Where are you taking him?

Where are you taking him?

To Hospital Quir?n.
To Hospital Quir?n.

Come on, get in.
Paco, is coming.

Listen, that is his jacket.

I'll leave you. There's a man that needs
help. Excuse me, do you need help?

Yes, yes, please...

Well, I'll leave you. Are you coming to the hospital?

Yes, yes.

I'll come with you.

I'll take him.

Are you going to the front desk?

Yes, yes, to reception.

I'm here to see Diego Garc?a.

I'll leave you, ok?

Thank you.

Has he been admitted in emergencies?


How are you?

I don't know... dizzy
Have you spoken to my mother?


Did you tell her about the coma?

No, are you crazy!
Anyway, it was only 6 hours.

If you ever tell her, tell her that
you fainted..., I don't know, you'll see...

I told her that you had food
poisoning because something you ate.

Did she believe it?

I don't know. She wanted to come here immediately,
but I convinced her to keep finding locations.

Are you sleepy?

No, I'm not.

Do you want to talk?


Do you want me to talk?

I don't know, if you want...

I'm just saying to distract you.

When I was young, before making movies,
I was really good at telling stories.

So, would you mind telling me why my
mother is so afraid of Ernesto Jr?

Is she afraid of him?

Before she went, she made me promise to keep an eye
in case he came again...

Didn't she tell you why?

She never explains anything.

It's a long story...

Judit says the same.
How did you met her?

We met her 14 years ago...

in an office we were renting
to prepare my latest movie.

After having written and directed
five dramas,

I finally had the script of
of a comedy, or that's what I thought.

I wanted to change genre...
and risk it.

And I promise you I managed it,
the risking it bit.

Mateo... there's a young girl here.
She doesn't have an appointment, you don't have to see her.

How is she?

Too beautiful to be funny

Is she?

She's Ernesto Martel's lover, the businessman.
She's here with her son.

And she's an actress?

If she's been two years with that man,
she's got to be one.

Anyway, come out and say hi,
for education.

One must behave with important men,
because you never know.

I'm on my way.

Hi... Lena.

I'm Mateo.

I'm Ernesto Martel, son.

How are you?

I'm sorry we're being presented like this.

I've heard that you're testing for
your next movie...


And I'd like to be tested
If you want, I could come another day.

No, no, no.
Since you're here, let's read something.


Where are you going?
No, man, no.

The reading didn't work.
We were way too nervous.

The first encounter
only served me to discover

that the mere presence of that women,
disturbed me."


Thank you.

Where have you been this morning?

Hasn't Ernesto told you?

I haven't asked him.

We've been to see a film director,
to do a test.

A test? What for?

Ernesto... I want to work!

Weren't you going to redecorate the house? We have to change
furniture, carpets, lamps...

I've no idea about that, I've never lived
anywhere so big... Call a decorator.

Even if I call a decorator, you'll have
to give him directions. And, since you're there, you learn.

Ernesto, what I want to be is an actress.
I've always wanted to.

You already tried it...
see how you ended.

That was a cheap shot.

I'm sorry, darling.
Forgive me.

Well, I'm going to the bedroom.

Lena, please... Lena, don't be angry, treasure.
I beg you, please, don't be angry.

Anyway, don't worry
about it not going well. I was very nervous.

Phone! Is Mr. Mateo Blanco.

Come in!, come in!

He insists that it's very important.

Yes? Yes, yes, of course...
Very good, very good, thanks.

He was the film director. He said that the
test wasn't enough and wants to see me again.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to see him. I need to do something,
Ernesto! And I've always wanted to be an actress!

And what will happen to me?

Hi, I'm Magdalena Rivero. I was calling to
cancel tomorrow's massage, the appointment.

I'll call you some other time.
Sorry... thank you.

I haven't been given the role yet.

They'll give it to you...

If they gave it to me, nothing would change,
except that I'd be working too, like you.

And at night we'd tell each other
how was our day...

Why don't we marry?


I'm asking you to marry me...

Don't you think you've married
and divorced too many times?

It would be the first time with you.

Ernesto, we've been two years living together.
We're very well like this, don't you think?

It doesn't seem that you are..

Ernesto Martel offered to produce
the movie. Your mother didn't want to."

We were waiting a subvention
from the Ministry...

Are you sure you don't want me to help you?

No, no.
I want to do a demonstration myself.

And a pre-sale to the TV,
but that would take months.

and I was suffering with
an unstoppable urge to start filming.

Like "Audrey".
You've nailed it, faggot.

Is totally "Audrey"!

Yes, yes, it's true.

Huh! So picky! Please...

Stand up and come closer to the mirror.

Get some light in your face. Look at me. Put
an exagerated smile, like a model's.

Ok. Like that?

Yes. Come on...

More smile in the eyes,
and the mouth more closed... come on... yeah...

Very good... another... Let's go. Mouth a bit
more open. Excellent, very good...


Very good. I'd like to try something more
daring... A gold blonde wig! Something pop.

I have! I have! I've got one like
"Goldie Hawn", with much more volume...

Which looks gorgeous...

Yes, but that doesn't look like a poodle

Poodle, no? If it's not poodle, it's not "Goldie".

Then we'd rather not...

I told you "Goldie" wouldn't like,
faggot. You like it, for yourself.

He wears it, when he's getting dressed...

So, gold blonde?

Yes, yes, yes...

I'll change your make up

Ouch, go away!

Look at the wig. Is fake, very crap,
with cheap fibers, but it looks wonderful.

Very good, very good, let's see.

It's ok... You'll be amazed.

Put those earrings.

Judit, do you mind moving a bit
to your left?

Are you tired?


Don't smile, the wig is fake enough...

There... Wonderful!

From the beggining Judit
didn't like Lena.

I liked her more and more every day.

Ernesto Junior liked me, too
and I was going to profit from that.

His father had asked him to film
a documentary about the filming process.

Regarding Ernesto father, I haven't met
a man as obsessed with a woman.

He produced the movie in a desperate act
not to lose Lena."

I can't understand a thing!


Amidst that emotional
landscape, we started to film...

Now I think in all the times I've done
gazpacho for Ivan, and how he enjoyed.

And that hurts you a lot...

Now we will do the first time you come back home
after a picture shooting session.

As you open the door,
you look from far away the answering machine.

If blinks, there might be a message from Ivan.

If it doesn't,
another day in despair awaits you,

because you've been searching for him two days.

Of course, Ok, Ok.
Hey, did you like the bit about the tomatoes?

Yes, a lot. It has moved me.
Me too.

It has moved me really. It's incredible that
someone could feel emotional with some tomatoes.

It wasn't the tomatoes, but the nice things you
told me. Sorry!

Do you think they like each other?

If you think they like each other?

Me? I know nothing,
I just look at the lips.

Shows... what do you think?


Very good. Check.

Are you going to do anything?

No, no. You may go.

I don't mind staying.

It would be better if you go.
I'm going to check some wigs.

Wigs? I love wigs!

No! You don't love it! You have hours
recorded with wigs. This is more of the same.

And Lena?

After trying the new wigs she's
asked for a masseur. She has a contracture.

Contractures? I don't have contractures!
Couldn't you record it?

Ernesto, please, don't be annoying and go already!
See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow...


Tell me.

I'm going to talk to Lena for a second.
Don't let anyone disturb us.

Don't worry, I'll be alert.
I'll stay here as Cerberus.

Hold on, is the son around?

No, I've sent him home.
It's only Edurne, keeping an eye.

Mateo, this is madness!



What are you doing?

Nothing, waiting for you...

I didn't know that in film people worked so much.

Yes, it's a non-stop.
It's a very absorbing job.

Aren't you tired?

Chocolate gives me energy. I love
bitter orange with chocolate!

I meant the filming, not the chocolate...

A lot. At the end of th week I'm very tired,
but I'm very happy.

I was thinking that we should
take a break.

A weekend off, you and I, in
the house in

We have rehearsals on the weekends.

Don't you rehearse as well during the filming?


What happens?
Do you spend the whole day rehearsing?

Well, it's the way movies are made!

How about the life of the rest? You
can't park it for months!

Ernesto, the movie dictates.

I'm sorry, I dictate...
I'm the producer.

Any problems?

Yes, we need some small atrezzo.
Everything is so impersonal!

One thing is that I'm asking for a graphic decorator,
and the other is that it's completely dead!

Should I speak to Antxon?

No, no. I'll speak with him myself.

What's wrong with you?
You have a bad face.

Dieguito... I couldn't breathe for the whole night.
We haven't been able to sleep.

Don't you know yet what is it?

Some doctors say it's Asthma, others
that it's allgery, but we don't know what to.

They keep investigationg,
but it's exhasperating.

Well, take as as long as you need. Even if
we're filming, the important thing is your son.


One thing, I've been speaking to
the producer, too.


He's complaining that the filming is
taking too much of Lena.

So how does he think movies are made?

Ernesto is a businessman,
not an artist.

Well, maybe he shouldn't have gotten
into prouction. Nobody asked him.

It's too late to discuss this now.

This weekend he's off with her to Ibiza,
so you won't be able to rehearse.

Son of a bitch!

Well, let's see...
The laps out! The desk out!

The chairs out! I've asked for
a graphic decorator, but one that is alive!

Oh dear! What a face,
my God!

Are you scared because I touch you...
but not scared because you see me dead?

I didn't think you were dead.
I thought you were asleep.

I usually snore...

If I thought you were dead, I wouldn't
have put the make up.

Any man of my age could have a heart attack
after six fucks.

You are not a man of your age...

I wouldn't mind dying after fucking
with you days, weeks, months, years, centuries...

I'm crazy for you, Lena.
You got me crazy, I think you know.

Yes, I think I know...


Look what I found in the kerb,
they fell from your terrace

They are presents from Mr. Iv?n and I threw them away.

But you can't do this, Miss Pina.
You could kill someone...

In Naples, on New Year's eve,
they throw even the furniture.

My granny was napolitan
and I have got it in my blood.

But this is not Naples, and
today isn't Christmas Eve.

I was nervous, and it relaxes me to throw things...
You keep them.

Ah, it's quite convenient...
"Love" say "Love", I say "Sexo".


Should we check?

What the fuck are we going to check!

Come on, and I'll give you some touches afterwards, eh?

You're in a very low tone, Magdalena.

Yes, I know...

What's wrong?

I'll tell you later

Let's have a lunch break.

30 minutes?

Yes, yes, yes...

Guys, 30 minute break for a

Let's clear this a bit, and let's
go outside, please.

"No lips"

"I've had a dreadful weekend".

"We haven't rehearsed so
you could have a rest!"

"Rest? I've had that son of a bitch
the 48 hours!"

"He hasn't given me a second for a break,
the bastard. I'm on tranquilizers."

"No lips"

"No, no. I'll recover and do it."

"Are you sure?"
"Of course"

"You have to be sparking..., and light"

"Of course... Light... Light!"

You don't know what it is to have that
monster during 48 hours on you... Disgusting!

"Better not to imagine it.
Better if you and I never speak of Ernesto."

"That melon, better not to open it"

What is he doing with his notebooks?

I write on them until the end.

And afterwards?

I burn them.

If you don't mind, I
prefer if the notebooks slept here.

Notebooks sleep?

Leave them here. You'll recover them tomorrow

And when you've finished
I'll keep them.

Very good. Whatever you say.

At what time should I come tomorrow?

They will call you once the material is ready.

I assume that you are conscious
of the absolute confidenciality of your work.

Of course.

Hi, Lena!


My father asks me why I don't go to yoga
with you. I wonder the same.

Well, you tell him that I'm grown up and free
and that I've forbidden you to follow me.

You know I can't tell him that.

Try it. It wouldn't hurt you.

I can't.

Look, do what you want, but you
are not coming with me, ok? Really, how annoying!

Ernesto? What are you doing there!


Switch that off! Hasn't Mateo told you
not to film us outside the recording?

My father has told me to ignore it.
He wants to see everything.

You have no morals, none of you two!
Leave me alone for fuck's sake!

I'm reminding you that I'm filming this.

Stop, I'm telling you!
Stop it!

I'm telling you to stop!
Give me the fucking camera!

You are crazy! Let go!
You are crazy! My camera!

Let it go for fuck's sake!

Focus on me.

Ernesto, listen up.
Yes, I'm talking to you.

I've just been with the man I love, and
I'm happier than what I've been in my whole life

because that man also loves me....
a lot.

Don't worry, because I'm going to leave you
relax, very soon.

There is no need for you to spy on us.

There's nothing to hide...

I don't know if today you arrived a bit
early or a bit late...

It started to rain and we were unable to film.

Where are you going?

I'm leaving you, Ernesto.

Shouldn't we talk about this before?

I've already told you everything
I had to.

Lena, please!
Please, Lena!

Good bye...

Lena, listen to me, Lena!

Let me go!

Turn around, my love. I'll help you.
Let me do it.

Don't worry, relax, I'll help you.

You could have broken something.
I'll remove your shoes.

You'll be more comfortable that way.

I'll take care of everything. Cheer up.
Help me.

My love, careful...

Sit down, carefully... treasure.

Like that... good...
I'll take you to hospital in a second.

My wife fell down the stairs!
Very carefully, please.

Let's see...


The head...

Relax, relax.

Careful... Careful with the legs.

We'll take her to trauma.

May I use the phone?

Not here, in the doctor's office.

It's rather urgent.

Don't worry.
We'll take her to the consultation room in a second.


Yes. What's the matter? Are you not coming?

No, not tonight no.

Is everything OK?

There has been an accident.
But don't worry, everything is fine.

We've got afternoon filming tomorrow.
Shal we see each other first before?

No, I won't be able to. I've got plenty of stuff
to do. I'll see you directly in the sutiod.

You sound weird, Magdalena.
Are you sure everything is all right?

Yes. I'll see you tomorrow.

Well, they're here.
Don't ask anything, ok?

Are you OK, madam?

I'm fine.

Can I help you?

It's not necesary, thanks.

It hasn't been anything.

Martin, please.
Open the door.

Thanks for your discretion.

Could you please remove your glasses?

What do you want me to do?
What can I do for you to forgive me?

Take me to the studio.

You shouldn't move.

If you don't take me, I'll go.
Even if I have to crawl.
Aunque sea a rastras.

What are you going to say? How are
you going to explain the leg and the plaster and scratches?

Depends on you.

On me?

I'll do whatever you ask me,
if you promise to stay with you.

I will stay with you if you let
Mateo finish the filming,

according to whatever he decides.

He will start asking questions,
he's not an idiot.

I'll say I tripped.

How are you going to film, if you can't walk?

He will decide that, but I want to make sure
that you will respect his decision,

no matter the cost, or
the waiting time. Is that clear?

I live there.

And that's it. Ernesto is ready to
agree to whatever you decide.

Decide, what?

I can't go from a shot of you walking normal to
one in which you go in a plaster!

How long do you have to wear the plaster?

Three weeks.

Do you mind if I speak a second with Lena
on our own?

Tell me the truth!

People don't fall off the stairs,
that only happens in the movies.

Be quiet, Mateo.

We need to finish the filming as soon as
possible. Until then I won't be able to dump Ernesto.

Why not? He's a psychopath!
What other proof do you need?

My god!

I can't go.
I've promised I'd stay with him

in exchange that you finish the movie with
the conditions that you decide.

No. There must be another solution.

Which one? The only one is that I keep
living with him until you finish!

What have you compromised to, exactly?

To live under the same roof, he in his own bedroom, and
I in mine.

He has no right to anything else.

Do you think he's going to abide only to that?

I don't know, but the sooner we finish
filming, the better. Make up something to avoid stopping!

We only have got one stair scene

We would have to repeat the ending...

23 retake, one, first.


So you are Ivan's ex wife?

The one that has been in a physichiatric ward
for the last 20 years?

Yes, but I'm not in any ward anymore.

Now I'm here with you...
walking down the stairs...

According to the note, it seems that
you are in a hurry to see him.

Yes, but you walk first...

No, the one in a hurry is you.
I've been waiting for 20 years.

Come on...

As I was telling you...
After breaking appart with my husband

I went to the street and I found a
guy that was looking at me, very good looking.

What an arse, feet... Well, I brought him
home and I fucked him several times.

You know I'm very interested in sex
as a social matter.

And how was it?

In bed, godly, a virtuous.
Haven't seen anything like that.

This is the good one.

What a big toe!

Every morning,
Lena arrived destroyed to the filming.

Based on repetition, there was always a shot
in which she overcame it and managed to do it good.

The convivence with Martel
had become hell.

Lena didn't tell me anything,
but it was obvious.

When the filming had finished, I asked him to drop it,
but she was afraid for the movie.

She didn't want to leave him, not until I had chosen
all the good shots.


It's Magdalena.

Is everything ok, Magdalena?

No. I'm down here, and I've forgotten
the money. I have to pay the taxi...

I'm on my way.
Be right back.

She is in the toilet.

But..., but what has happened?

We've had a big fight.

Finally, he ripped my clothes off
and he threw me to the street half naked.

Give the driver a tip, he has lended me his
jacket. If it wasn't for him...

Son of a bitch! Right now we're
going to tell the police!

No, Mateo!
Take me far away from here, please.

Yes, yes, yes, of course. As you wish.

("Werewolf" by Cat Power)

Give me the camera.

What are you writing?

"El secreto de la Playa del Golfo" (The secret of the Gulf Beach).
When I took the picture I hadn't seen the couple kissing.

And what is their secret?

I don't know, I need to write it to figure out.

That couple is us...

What is it?
It looks like a leg.

It's an arm!
And the wto legs!"

Without noticing,
a month had already passed.

I knew that, sooner or later,
we would have to go back, but we were postponing it.

I was only worried about mum and you. I hadn't even
said goodbye to you,

and you were with your allergies
when we left"

Ok. The man with the bleach is
here. Do we need bleach? No? Ok. Over.

Hi, sorry to interrupt... I just wanted to ask if you
have any possiblilities for work with you here.

Well, we could use the help, especially now that
the high season is about to start.

Have you got any experience?

Yes, I have worked as a secretary in Madrid.
I am quite bilingual.

She could start working here in the
afternoons... and then we could see.


Excuse me, excuse me. We were just saying
that the girl in the ad looks exactly like you.

No. It's not me.

I was wondering how long it would take to appear!

But they can't do the premiere so soon, can they?

No, I did it to annoy us, it's a trap
for you to come back.

The advertisment only needs a label that
reads "Wanted"

So what are we going to do?

Nothing. Fuck him.


The only intelligent thing we've done
is not to go to the premiere...


Judit, it is I.
I need to talk urgently to you.

Call me, please!
This is my number... 845132


Sorry... 28845132. Ah, and ask for Harry
Caine, I've given that name here.

Are you there?
I await your call!"

And mum didn't answer?



Because she was upset, I guess.

But even if she was really angry, she
should have told you what was happening.

Yeah, the matter is that she didn't, and
we've never spoken about it.

And weren't you curious?

Me? I was dying f curiosity!

For two days I had been calling your mother and
Luis, the mounter, but nobody answered.

So I decided to go back to Madrid and see with
my own eyes what was happening.

It's the first time we split.

Anyway, I'll be back on the weekend.

But if you are going to stay here
worried, come with me.

No, I'm better off here.
Madrid scares me.

Magdalena's death didn't
surprise us hugging each other,

as we'd dreamed,
but in separate seats.

I was even surprised, leaving me alive."

Mateo, tell me something.

Mateo is dead, Judit.

Don't say that...

We call him with his name, but he refuses to
answer. Insists that Mateo is dead.

The pictures are the basis of his work.

Living in darkness, I guess was like death for him.
Is there any possibility that he sees again?

None. His is what we call cortical blindness,
and cannot be cured.

That is, very good, very good...

There are some stairs on the right side.

But it's not here, we have to go a
bit further.

Come on, I'll guide you
until we get to the border

Come on, that is... very good...
We're almost there.

Now there are some steps until we get to the car

and we're going to walk them slowly
because they are very high.

They are 25cm , I measured them before.
Wait, i'll leave you the bag.

Come on, let's go...

The first one is the hardest
but I'll hold you.

That is, slide your feet.
You're there. Let's go.

Very good...

Come on, now the second.
That's it...

A bit more.
There, that's it. No more steps.

Did you go to see Lena's mother in town?


What did she say?

She was very pleased with Ernesto
for having taken care of everything.

Is he there?

Yes. She was buried with his father.

Did you see the tomb?


How was it?

The mother told me that they didn't want luxuries.

Look, mum, the sea!

We're in "Famara".

Please, stop!
I'm getting off here.

No, wait a second.
How are you going to get off here?

You go to the reception and do whatever
you have to do. I'll wait for you in the beach.

I want to get off here, too!

But how are you going to get off with this strong wind?

I'm not bothered by the wind.

Shut up, Diego, shut up!

Stop the car, please.

Mum, please. Let me stay, it's the first time
I've seen the sea, please...

Well, well..., all right. But be careful.

And don't get too close to the sea.

Give him your hand and don't let go, please.
Be careful with the wind, too. Oh, my god! That's it.

Careful, there's a step!

Please, let's go.

Wait here, please.

Good morning...
Good morning.

Good morning.
Good morning.

I am here to pay the Mateo Blanco's bill, please.


Mateo Blanco.

We dont have anyone here registered
by that name, right?

Its the man who had the accident.

You mean Harry Caine?

Yes... of course...

Harry! Harry Caine!

We're here, Judit!

We have to go, Harry.

Let's go, Dieguito.
Dieguito, give me your hand.

Can't we stay here for a while longer?

No, you've had enough wind for today.

I'm here... Harry.

Careful, don't trip over.

Do you remember "Famara", Diego?


It was the first time I saw the sea. I remember
the kytes and a dog barking.

I remember that dog barking as well...

What are you doing?

I'm trying to reconstruct your pictures...

I have almost one complete...

What do you want to do to cheer you up a bit?

I'd like to hear Jeanne Moreau's voice.

Well I don't have the phone.

Search "Ascensor para el cadalso" by Louis Malle.

Search on the top.

"Fanny and Alexander", "Fellini Eight and a half",

"Ascensor para el cadalso", I've got it here.
I haven't seen it.

I hope you like it.

Are you crazy? How am I going to throw it away?

What I have to do is to make the police find it
in my house.

Leave that! That is "Chicas y maletas"!

But I don't understand...

Well that's pretty clear.

If the police finds in my place 15 kilos of
uncut coke, I could get arrested.

Yes, but I don't understand how that suitcase
has appeared in your home, like that...

Sounds strange, doesn't it?

As I was telling you..., after breaking appart with
my husband I went to the street,

And I saw that guy who was glncing at me,
very good looking.

What an ass, and his feet...
I brought home and I fucked him several times.

They are totally out of tune...

In bed, a virtuous.

Look at my goosebumps...

How could I take those shots as good?
They are both horrible!

What do you want to to today?

I have to go home. My mother has left a message
saying that she's back today,

ready to celebrate your birthday.

Is it my birthday?

So she says.

If Judit says so...

Congratulations, man!

So, I will have to invite you for supper.

Is there anybody at home?


Oh, my son, I wanted to see you so much!

What happens? Is it very noticeable?

Well, yes.

I haven't even had time to wipe
my ass, today.

Well, don't look at me like that...
I thought you had already gotten used to.

Yes, sorry...

You are beautiful, very beautiful. Are you ok?
You had me very worried.

I'm fine.
Mateo has taken care of me day and night...

Isn't your name Harry anymore?


We have to buy him a birthday

Well..., what have you been doing all this time?

Nothing... watch movies...
and talk.



What about?

My God, mum!

Well..., what did you have?

I don't know if I should believe the gastroenteritis...
you used it already as an excuse in a script...

I had... an accident.
But I'd rather not talk about it now.

An accident?
What sort of accident?

It's hard to explain.

Try it! I'm not THAT stupid!

We'll leave it for another
time, ok? I'm fine now.

Well, I'm going to buy some DVDs to Mateo.

We're closing.

I know, this is the last one.


Thank you.

I don't know what have you been
talking all these days...

But I know what I haven't told you all
these years.

I've never asked you...

But you might have wondered it
yourself thousands of times.

This is my bithday present, Mateo.

The present is also for you, Diego.

After your vanishing, Ernesto Sr. only
wanted vengeance...

Drop it, Judit.


You've had a bad day today.

That's why, I'd like to finish it a bit better.

Ernesto had a delusional plan to take vengeance
on you, but to perform it

he had to bribe us, at least,
Luis, the mounter, and me.

Despite the delusional bit, there was no problem,
we sold ourselves without any resistance. Luis and I.

With me, well, he gave me an alibi,

he proposed me to go a month and
a half to the U.S.,

to the Cl?nica Mayo, so Dieguito
could cure the aspergilosis (fungal disease),

that way, I wouldn't be there whist
he... ruined your movie.

Because that was his plan,
to reduce your movie to dust.

I prefered to stay in Madrid and cure Diego
here. I wanted to witness everything.

If I was going to betray you, I wanted
to pay the price for it.

It was a torture to see how Ernesto
was choosing the worst takes of each shot

and Luis was mounting them, transforming
your movie in a monster.

The only way to resist all of that
was to suffer more.

I sold myself to Ernesto for pain and jealousy!
I didn't accept it, and I didn't forgave you

for abandoning "Cinearte" with
Lena without a single word.

With my treason, I took vengeance upon you,
her, and myself.... The only innocent was Diego.

Sorry, son, for all the bitterness
I've given you all this years.

Nobody deserves to grow like that...

May I have another G&T, please?

Don't look at me like that.

Thank you.

Please, Judit, don't continue.
There is no need.

Yes. Now that your name is Mateo again
I have no excuse anymore.

You have told us everything.

No... not everything.

Nobody knew where you were.
We had no idea.

Ernesto prepared everything, the premiere,
all that, so you reacted.

His vengeance had no meaning
if neither of you took notice.

Ernesto was asking me constantly
about your whereabouts,

but I knew nothing, either,
which was true.

I didn't want to call you for that,
to avoid making your life more difficult.

Ernesto hired some detectives
to find you.

But, before they found you,
you phoned me, two days after the premiere.

I was too shocked to answer your call.

I still am.

When ernesto asked about you again,
I don't know why, I gave the phone to "Famara".

Ernesto sent his son to
find you to Lanzarote.

It was Ernesto Jr the one who found you
after the accident and phoned the hospital...

Did he had anything to do with the accident?

No! But I can't stop thinking that should I
hadn't given the phone number to his father...

maybe nothing would have happened...

Why do you think that?

I don't know... bad conscience, I guess.

Well it's enough, then! 14 years of
bad conscience are enough!

Wait, I'll help you.

No, thanks.
Good night.

Call if you need anything!

Diego. Not answering. Leave your message"

Hi Diego, is Mateo...

I'm sorry about calling you so early. Tell your
mother to call me as soon as she can. Thanks.

Harry, so early. How comes?

I couldn't sleep.

Oh... Coffee and toast?

Yes, but before,
Would you mind calling me at this number?

Ray X?



I'll bring you the coffee.


Who is this?

I'm sorry to bother you,
I'm Mateo Blanco.

What nonsense!

One has to start the day with the good foot.

How are you feeling?

A bit hangover, but fine. I think that
yesterday's catharsis, in the end, felt great.

Come on, let me help you.

No, sit down, sit down...

Diego, I only needed to tell you
something else.

You'll tell me later.
Let's have breakfast now.

If I don't tell you now, maybe
I won't ever tell you...

At the end of the 80's, Mateo and I
had an affaire.

But I imagined that already, even
before yesterday's catharsis.

Did you?

Mum, it's obvious!

The same curtains in his bedroom
than in yours,

memorabilia from Mexico and the Caribbean
in both homes, the crosses...

Of course...
There's something else that I don't think you know.

Mateo is your father.

Mateo, my dad?


And your lover who went, my supposed
biological father, you made it up?

No... I can't hide things,
but I never make anything up. I can't invent.

The lover existed. We had an adventure.
He was gay, and the adventure lasted little.

Does Mateo know?

No. Are you crazy! In that time, he
asked me, and I, of course, negated it.

I didn't press him, I didn't want our relationship
to change because of that.

In the end, I didn't ask him either
if he wanted to be your dad.

Ha! Bastard!
So Mateo is my father...

By the way, he phoned early this

Mateo? What did he want?

He wanted you to call him as soon as you could.

Why didn't you wake me up?

Because after yesterday you needed some
sleep, and he didn't say it was urgent.

You can call him now.

Come on, give me the phone.


Hi. Diego told me to call you.
Are you OK? Do you need anything?

I'm not fine, Judit.
And yes, I need something...

The 40.000 metres of negative that we recorded
on my last movie to mount it.

I'm at Ernesto Jr's home and I have just been
told that the material was destroyed in 1994.

I imagined something like that, but I didn't
think they would do it so soon.

What are you doing at Ernesto's?

I think I'm going to blackmail him.
We need money and he has plenty.

I don't want Diego to go back to that
damned bar, I want to pay him a salary.

Mateo, don't be crazy!

I can't figure out anyone else to blame
for Magdalena's death.

My god!
Wait, I have something to tell you!

Leave it, you said enough yesterday.

Listen, Mateo! I was the production
director of the movie,

the only person who had access to
the lab and the material.

After Ernesto gave the order for it to be destroyed,
I intercepted it and kept it.

I have everything at home.

You're lying.

I didn't tell you yesterday because I didn't know
that you wanted to mount it again.

I kept it. All the double shots,
the negative, the sound tracks, everything!

You can have everything whenever you want!
That changes everything.

That changes everything.

Get out of there, Mateo, and leave Ernesto alone.
He has nothing to do with this.

He still has to tell me what he was doing in
Lanzarote. Goodbye, Judit. I'll call you later.

Ernesto and his camera...
You remind me of a Peeping Tom.

Yes, but I never wanted to kill you.

I'm not so sure about that.

I have here a copy of the "making of"
that proves it.

Why do I want that?
I can't watch it!

Someone you trust should watch it and
tell you. Sorry...

With this pictures the documentary about
Mateo Blanco ends,

also called Harry Caine...

What do you think of the documentary,
how should I name it, Ernesto?

Very interesting.

What do you see now?

The last night,
when you're on your way back from the restaurant.

How was he able to film us?
The night was very dark...

His car's lights and the lighting from the
statue were enough

to see what happened. Anyway, he has touched digitally
the picture.

Mateo, Ernesto not only did not provoke
the accident,

but he was also the first person who
came to help you.

How was he able to film and drive at the same time?

I don't know...

Is there anything else that I need to know?
What are you seeing now?

You are waiting in the roundabout for a car to go through
the left. Lena and you kiss...

A kiss? I don't remember...

It's a normal kiss, one of those that couples
give by inertia.

The last kiss...

Yes... Lena didn't die in your arms, as
you two had dreamed,

but the last feeling she had in this
world, was the flavour of your mouth...

Is it there?


Play it frame by frame, so it
lasts longer...

14 years after the filming,
I was finally able to mount "Girls and luggage".

On my way!
Ah, it's you.

I've left thousands of notes!

Yes, a thousand yours, and none from Ivan.

And that case!

It's Ivan's. I'm borowing it.

And the crutches?

His ex wife, the bitch. She pushed me down the stairs.

Wow, what a pair of us!
I've splitted also with my husband.

Oh, I'm sorry. Listen, I was doing coffee,
would you mind to serve it?


I've spent the whole night searching for Ivan,
and I've had a pic session afterwards

and I've had no sleep yet.

Neither have I!

Hey, when did you split?

Four days ago. Sugar?


I foresaw it.
Thing is that, after splitting,

I go out to the street and I discover
that guy looking at me.

Oh, gazpacho! I'm going to serve myself a glass.


I've put a whole box of sleeping pills in there.

Why so?

Just in case Ivan came, he likes
gazpacho a lot.

My dear, Pina!

That's nothing! Since he wasn't calling,
I've ripped the phone off the wall.

I've stumbled upon it, and
I haven't asked anything

because I didn't want to ask too much...

But... that bed?
It's smoking, isn't it?

The match fell, and started burning, and
I didn't want to put it off. Fire purifies.

Bring your coffee!

You were telling me something, Chon?

Ah, yes..., yes!

I was telling you...
I also have a case at home.

Your husband's?


A case with 15 kilos of coke,
uncut..., delicious...

Are you now a drug dealer, Chon?

I'm still chancellor of Social Services.
The case appeared in my wardrobe, suddently.

I have to dispose of those
15 kilos as soon as possible.

With the time schedule we have in
politics, we take plenty of drugs.

Between the members of the party and in
the Council, I could deliver up to 2 kilos,

But what do I do with the rest?!

Throw it away!

Are you mad!
How am I going to throw it away?

What I need to do is avoid the
police finding it at home...

But, I don't know how...

Well it's very clear to me!

If the police catches me with 15 kilos of
uncut, delicious coke at home,

they could get me arrested.

Yeah, Chon, but I don't understand how that
case appeared in your wardrobe, like that, suddently!

As I was telling you...
After splitting with my husband,

I went outside, and I met a guy who
was staring at me. Good looking.

What an arse, feet... Well, I brought him
home and I fucked him several times.

You know that I'm very interested in sex,
as a social matter...

And how was he?

In ved? A virtuoso.

I've never seen anything like that!
Look at my goosebumps!

So what happened afterwards?

Nothing, after fucking he asked me if he
could stay some days in my place.

Do you have magdalenas?

Yes, there, up in the cabinet.

And I have a lovely flan.

I'll eat that afterwards!

So, he asked me if he could stay at home.

I said well, but I couldn't
promise anything.

I didn't want him to think that I was an easy woman.

Thing is, he appeared at home with a case
and installed himself there.

I was yesterday evening watching TV...

And I learned that the police has caught
him in an anti-drugs raid

and that he's one of the most wanted
drug dealers of the country!

No way!

With the tingling nose, I open the case and
I see that it's full of cocaine bags.

I took one... went out the street
and since then I've not gone back.

What a story, my God!

It was strange that he fucked so good!

For men who live in that sort of risky life,
every fuck is like the last one.

And, of course, there's no colour!
Look at my goosebumps!

I saw it before...
You have it so easy! And the case?

The case... well, I wanted to ask you...
if you don't mind me bringing it here.

Can you hear me?

Yes, I can hear you.

I'm going to bring it here. If it's found in
my place, it's not because of what could happen to me,

which is not the ideal thing
for a Social chancellor,

but do you imagine the shock to the
Mayor and my party?

My party can't bear any more scandals!

Don't shout, Chon!

The police!

Ssh! How is it going to be the police?
Nobody knows you're here.

I'm a very noticeable woman, Pina,
since I was a girl...

Look like you only came for coffee.

This is like what we have defined.

Do you think I should keep mounting it,
or is it madness?

What? I was laughing my ass off!
I'm dying to know how it ends!

It's wonderful, Mateo!

Is hilarious.
We should do the premiere again.

No, the important thing is to finish it.

Movies have to be finished,
even blindfolded...