Broken City (2013) - full transcript

In New York City, detective Billy Taggart goes to court for the murder of the rapist Mikey Tavarez, but the Mayor Nicholas Hostetler and the Chief of Police Carl Fairbanks vanish with important evidence and Billy is declared not guilty by the judge; however, he leaves the police department. Seven years later, Billy is a private detective and lives with his girlfriend Natalie Barrow, who is an aspiring actress and the sister of Mikey's victim. His secretary Katy Bradshaw (Alona Tal) is trying to collect part of the debts to save their business. In the week of the elections, Hostetler summons Billy and offers $25,000 to investigate his wife, Cathleen Hostetler, whom he believes is having a love affair. Billy discovers that Cathleen is meeting Paul Andrews, who is the coordinator of the campaign of Jack Valliant, the opponent of Hostetler and favorite in the election. When Paul is found dead on the street, Billy finds that he had been double-crossed by Hostetler and he decides to investigate the truth behind Paul's murder.

- What do we want?
- Justice!

When do we want it?

What do we want?

When do we want it?

What do we want?

When do we want it?

What do we want?

When do we want it?

What do we want?

When do we want it?

Your Honor, it's murder.

Even when the police do it.

Detective William James Taggart
swore an oath... protect and serve
the people of New York.

He shattered that oath.

The State will prove
there is probable cause... try him for the murder of Mikey Tavarez.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Mr. Davies.

Your Honor, it isn't murder
when the other guy shoots at you.

It isn't murder
when the other guy has a gun.

What are we drinking, chief?
Nothing for me, sir.

Heh. Civilization gone to pieces.

Ahem. You know, there are
a lot of men in this town...

...who would find it hard to trust a man
as respectable as you.

I am not one of those men.

Your boss, the police commissioner,
he's an asshole.

I came to discuss the Taggart case, sir.

What is there to discuss?
It won't make it past preliminary.

Maybe we should hope it does, sir.

Those people outside will find it very hard
to believe it wasn't murder, plain and simple.

How's this for plain and simple?

There's one less homicidal rapist
walking the streets.

Uh, Mikey Tavarez was found innocent
of those charges.

He walked on a technicality.
We know he raped and killed Yesenia Barea.

The law says differently, sir.

You always this much fun, chief?

I think Billy Taggart is a hero. And I like
getting my photo taken next to heroes.

I also like winning Staten Island
without having to go there.

A witness came forward this morning.

We are two minutes
from the judge's decision.

He came forward with evidence.

Where is it?

It's been temporarily misplaced.

The witness?

A kid.

Is he legal?

Is his mother legal?

Find out what he wants.

It appears he wants justice, sir.

Well, nobody gets that.

What do you want, chief?

I want what's best for the city, sir.

It is the court's view...

...that the State has failed to present
a clear case...

...for why the shooting should amount
to murder and not self-defense.

Therefore, the defendant will not be held
to answer to these charges at trial.

He's free to go. Court adjourned.


Sorry to interrupt.
Chief Fairbanks wants to see you.

Here's our guy.

How are you?
Mr. Mayor.

Hey, chief.
Sit down, detective.

What's this about?
Sit down.

Don't worry about the chief. We drew straws
for "good cop, bad cop" and he won.

What does he want, to interrogate me?

No, I just wanted to get in a room with you.

I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you.

You've done the city a great favor.

You, in my eyes, hero.

Thank you.

Here's the thing.

Some uncomfortable evidence
has come to light. If it should come out...

...we will be fucked.

It is a necessity...

...that we remain unfucked.

You're done, detective.

Yesenia Barea was 16 years old, chief.

Mikey Tavarez was exonerated.

And they got it wrong.
So you put it right.

I'm not the bad guy.

Keep telling yourself that.

Billy, there's some wars you fight
and some wars you walk away from.

- This is not the fighting kind.

I have a long memory, son.

If you ever change your number... make sure you let my office know.

Mayor Nicholas Hostetler
is Wall Street's approved candidate.

That's the charge from the mayor's rival,
Councilman Jack Valliant...

...who spoke to reporters earlier today.

Hey! What the fuck are you doing?
Hey, what--?

What the fuck's going on out here?

Take it easy.

What's going on?
- This guy attacked me.


No, stop!

No, please, no.


Where's my camera?

Sweetheart, look at me
for a second, please?

Thank you.

Son of a bitch.

Just like in the beginning.

No one would admit
something was happening.

Never happened. Never happened.

Big part. Disturbing.

Ow. All right, all right.

When are you going to stop this?

Stop what?
Coming home looking like bloody meat.

I thought you liked bloody meat.
I'm a vegetarian.

You got to get your protein somehow.

You're an asshole.


Did you pick up your dress for the premiere?

Am I gonna like this dress?

You'll approve.

Will Ryan like this dress?

I don't know.
I'm not familiar with his taste.

I see the looks he gives you.

How come you see these looks and I don't?

You see the best in people,
it's your fatal flaw.

What's yours?

Not being able to see the best in people.

Not even me?

You're the exception, you know that.

I'm an actress. Maybe I've got you fooled.

I'm a detective. You couldn't if you tried.

It's down to the wire,
with New Yorkers set to vote in eight days.

Our latest poll shows
Councilman Jack Valliant pulling ahead.

Let's look at what a potential
Valliant administration could--

No, Tom, not a few weeks. Months.

Simon Cowell was still on American Idol
when we did this job.

"What do I want?" Am I speaking Latin?

I want payment, Tom. Payment.
Fifty-five hundred dollars is what-— Hello?


Fucking cross-dresser.

Hi. Gary Lyman's office, please.

Yeah, I'll wait.

If that's your brother calling collect again...

It's called collections.
Because you don't charge nobody up front.

How's it coming?

Uh, you know that theory of yours about
never being broke if somebody owes you?

We're broke.

Yeah, I'm still holding.


What is this?

Some guy from Staten Island
said he's gonna kill you.

Call him back.
Tell him he owes me a camera.

Oh. Oh, he just stepped out?

Yeah, just now?

Well, you tell him he's got
till the close of business today... call Katy from Billy Taggart's office.

Or else I'm gonna tell his wife he's been
screwing his assistant for the past 11 months.

Are you serious?

These people provoke me, Billy. All day.
You don't know.

This is a professional workplace.
Yeah. Once more with conviction.

How much have you cleared?
Uh, like $1800.

Not bad. How much is outstanding?

Forty-two thousand.

Give me the fucking numbers.

How about I garnish your wages
and put a lien on your garage...

...until I've gotten every cent
of the 8 grand you owe?

How about I pay in installments?

Three installments of 2650,
I want the first payment this Friday.

Jimmy. Hey, buddy.

It's Billy.
- What's up, Bill?

Oh, just hoping I can get
that payment, buddy.

Well, things have been a little slow here.

I've been, uh, having some rough times.

How many times did you catch him,
literally, with his pants down...

...and I pay for his infidelity?

You're the one that hired me, Amber.

I'm supposed to foot the goddamn bill?

How many times, Billy? Tell me.

Eight times, Amber, for a total of $4000.
Come on.

Send him the invoice then!

Listen, Billy,
I'm not paying you a fucking dime.

I want my fucking money.

You'll get it. Nev-uary.

What kind of man are you, Dave?
A man who doesn't pay his debts... the worst kind of all.
Is that the kind of man you are?

Okay, okay.
I can maybe get you half by Monday.

Half is fair. I can do half. Talk to Katy.

Hey, Dave, Katy.

So, what time Monday, huh?

- I'm going to get some air.
- Okay.

Billy! Billy!

Take a message!

It's the mayor.

You seem nervous.

It's probably the bomb
I got shoved up my asshole.

Too soon?

Councilman Valliant,
any comment on the Bolton Village sale?

I think this is a sad day for New York.

I never thought I'd see a mayor of this city,
even this mayor...

...stoop so low as to steal the homes
of 30,000 hardworking New Yorkers.

And I will not let this sale stand
when I'm elected mayor on Tuesday.

Is the timing of the announcement political?

Absolutely, it's political. That's not to say
Nick Hostetler doesn't care.

Evidently, he cares very deeply
about two things:

His own job and taking care
of his buddies on Wall Street.

What's your message
to the people of Bolton Village?

Help is on the way.
Come Tuesday you will have an ally in City Hall.

Listen to this guy, Mike.

Can't even get his numbers right.

Bolton Village is home to 37,512.
And you know what this deal means for them?

Valliant seems to think
it means eviction, mayor.

Valliant thinks.

What it means is better service.
It means more attentive landlords...

...somebody showing up when the toilet
is blocked or the heat's on the fritz.

It means paint on the walls
and it means windows fixed.

Valliant says Solstein Donagan's going to
jack up their rents, replace them with yuppies.

This is a great deal
for the people of Bolton Village...

...and it's a great deal
for the city of New York.

Do you think the announcement of this deal
will add to your poll numbers?

Well, you know, Mike...

...if the readers of the New York Post
want to reward competence...

...who am I to argue with that? Excuse me.


Well, obviously that was
some attempt at humor.

No, call off the brigade. Bring him up.
Thank you.

All right, Mike, get out of here.

Go do the people's work.

Good luck Tuesday.
Thank you.

Look. Ahem. Here's one for the car.

One for the wife.
And one for the kid, put it on his school bag.

Mr. Mayor.

You know, Billy, we take threats of terrorism
very seriously around here.

Even from good Catholic boys like you.

I'm kidding. Look at you. Looking all civilized.

It's good to see you, mayor.

You see this golden boy on your way in?
I caught a glimpse.

You know, if I'm being honest...

...I find it faintly insulting.

What, that you're running dead even
with a nobody?


You always were more balls than tact.

I'm actually trying to reverse the trend.

No, you shouldn't.
It's one of your strong suits.

Uh, I'm on the wagon, thank you.


What about if I just pour one for you...

...and leave it between us like a symbol?

You going to be able to put this guy away?

I ever tell you about Johnny Ingrisano?
I don't think you told me that.

Every day, growing up in Queens,
this guy would pummel me at recess.

What could I do? I was just a kid.

A couple of years ago,
I heard Ingrisano got in legal trouble.

The kind of trouble another guy could get
himself out of easily. So I got involved.

Now, he scratches his ass without permission,
he spends a week in Rikers.

Jack Valliant reminds me
of Johnny Ingrisano.

You ever do any hunting?

You should try it.

You would be a natural.
And you'd love the dogs.

Women call men dogs.
They mean it to suggest...

...we're somehow untrustworthy or disloyal.
A dog is anything but.

And if men are dogs, what the goddamn hell
does that make women?

You ever seen a bitch in heat?

She'll grind herself across the grass
to try and get at that itch.

And if she can sneak out of the backyard,
any dog will do.

I'm not sure I'm following you, mayor.

I need you to help me find the son of a bitch
who's fucking my wife.

You think she's having an affair?

I know she's having an affair.

Maybe you should call the Post and confirm.

She's smarter than that.

So is he.

He's like a goddamn phantom.

Maybe he doesn't exist.

I still want the pictures.
I want to know who he is.

I want to know where he's from.

I want to know how big his dick is,
how long he lasts, where they fuck.

I want to know if he makes her come,
or if she fakes it with him too.

And I want to know everything
by election day.

What's it got to do with the election?

New Yorkers,
they've elected drunks, crooks...

...italians, homos, Jews and blacks
to that seat.

But they will not elect some guy whose wife
is fucking some other guy behind his back.

Now this pussy, this Jack Valliant,
he may be too much of a lightweight... use this story if it comes across his desk.
But his staff will not hesitate.

What if she doesn't see him
before Tuesday?

Then it's gonna be the easiest $50,000
you ever made.

Half now, half later.

Half right now?

Right this instant. What do you say?

I say yes.

You get me what I need.

I will, mayor. Consider it done.

You can get my wife's schedule from Valerie
on the way out, hm?

Something wrong?

When you called, I didn't think
it would be for something like this.


Neither did I.

Hey, Billy.

Welcome back.

Thanks, mayor.

Have you got time for breakfast?
Baby, have you seen my keys?

On the table, by your hot sauce collection.

It looks like we can do L.A. in style. I landed
a big contract, I got some cushion now.

That sounds great.

I'll text you the details
for the cast dinner tomorrow.

No, I'm not going to that. Those guys
take that metrosexual shit way too far.

I don't give a fuck if you want to be
a thespian or a lesbian.

But when a man whips out a compact
and a powder puff at dinner, that's no good.

Can you pretend to be interested?
Just one night, please.

It's not every day your girlfriend
stars in her first indie film.

If you ask me nicely.

Can you please?


Put some powder on me,
so I don't feel left out.


But I feel uncomfortable
around those people.

Ladies and gentlemen, the First Lady
of New York, Cathleen Hostetler.

We did it!

Equality has finally come to New York.

Some said that now
wasn't the right time to wage this fight.

Well, I say there's never a wrong time
to fight for what is rightfully yours.

I say there is never a wrong time
to stand up to the bullies.

Even if they're powerful bullies.

Especially if they're powerful bullies.

That just makes the victory
so much sweeter.

And today we declare a victory.

Today we declare, with our hearts full
and our heads high:

"This is my life, and I will love
whom I damn well choose."

Thank you.

Come on, buddy, show me your face.



You read The Times this morning?

No, I did not.

I read the Post, like the rest of New York.

Interesting editorial.

That rag is a glorified tabloid
for rich people.

You're rich, aren't you, Nick?

Filthy rich...

...if recent events are any indication.

I heard your speech
went down gangbusters last night.


Like opening night of Mamma Mia!
Queens doing backflips in the aisles.

Someone you know attend?

You know who's really excited
about this new law?


He says he's never written
so many prenups in his life.

You remember Artie?

I think of him every day.

You didn't mention the election last night.

It was not the proper forum.

Darling...'s election season.

Every forum's the proper forum.

Act accordingly.


Come here.


A little to the left.

Is this what you do all day?

Spy on beautiful women
in swanky restaurants?

If you consider the finer bodegas
of Bensonhurst swanky.

We should do this more often.

It's time you earned your keep.

Does that mean I get paid this month?
Yep. Soon as I see that phone bill.

He's my brother. What do you want?
Send him a phone card.

Yeah, I should, right?

He doing all right?

You know. Sing Sing ain't no place
for guys with good hearts.

Why'd the mayor call you?

She's grabbing her things.

Shit. What do I do?
Calm down. Look at me.

Smile. That a girl.

Stand up. Get your coat.
Keep smiling and talking.

My heart is pounding.

Come here.

Beat her to the door. Then get across the street
so you can cover her. Call me when you got her.

Katy, what do we have?

Uptown on Madison, towards 45th.
She picked up a bodyguard.

Keep at her pace.

Okay, she just took a call.

It's a flip phone.

I need you to get in closer.

Get me a name, Katy.
A place, a time, something.

Okay -

No, no, no. I understand.

So, uh, what time, darling?

I'll be there.
It's him. She's arranging a meeting.

I got her.


I'll be there soon.


Ma'am! Ma'am!

Wait. Sorry, it's yours-
I think you dropped this.

Yes, thank you.
Oh, you're welcome.

Should we follow her?

No, she'll figure we were here
soon enough.

Find out who this number belongs to.
If he drives a Lexus, got our guy.

Welcome back to the Roosevelt,
Mrs. Hostetler.

Thank you, Kenny.

I got him.

You got him?
Oh, I got him. And it's good, Billy.

How good?

Ah. Wondrous good.

They teach you that at Devry?

I go to Hunter, asshole.
Oh, pardon me.

It's a sophisticated place.
I got sophisticated friends.

We read books, drink wine.

You old enough to drink?
You'd be surprised what I'm old enough to do.

Hey, easy.

For example, I'm old enough to vote.

And it might come of some interest,
when casting my ballot... know that Jack Valliant's
campaign manager...

...a guy named Paul Andrews,
is fucking the mayor's wife.


And he drives a Lexus.

This is good.

It's borderline orgasmic, Billy.

You learn that at Hunter too?

Wouldn't you like to know?

This is not gonna go over good
with the mayor.

That is a cold bitch.

Your attention, please.

All luggage and parcels
must be attended at all times.

Montauk. Round trip. Peak.

Thank you.


How you looking against the kid?

The numbers are holding steady.


What the fuck does that mean?
Steady is a prelude to a shift.

In what direction?

The incumbent, Sam.
Always to the incumbent.


A little slow, Nick.

Yeah? You watch your ass, I'll take care of mine.
I'm beginning to wonder if you can.

It's like Griffith and Paret in '62.
Emile Griffith and Benny Paret?

80 the kid is Paret, I'm Griffith.

So you're the fag?

I am Griffith minus the fag angle.

I'm holding back.

I'm making him think he's got it won.

Then comes the 12th round.
Remember that?


The kill shot. Heh-heh-heh.
Fuck you.

80, Nick...

...I've got a half a million
sunk in your campaign...

...and a lot more riding on the result.

So why don't you just tell me
how you're going to win this thing?

We have dirt dropping on the news desks
of every paper and every network...

...across the city tonight.

Will it Stick?

No, it won't stick. It's all bullshit.
But it will smudge.

That will get the undecideds thinking...

...and Sunday night at the debate,
I will put him away.

Well, you better, Nick.

You just better.

You know who you're voting for?

I don't think I'll make it to the polls.
I try to vote for president, but...

President doesn't determine
the quality of life in Brooklyn, huh?

How'd you know I was from Brooklyn?

You just told me you were from Brooklyn.

I'm in the business
of picking up on these things.

What are you, a private eye?

No. Private eye? Private eyes still exist?

What do you do, then?

I'm in politics.

So who do you recommend?
I recommend the new guy.

Ah, come on, he's too clean.
New York's this big, messy place.

Does it have to be?

It could be better,
but it's been pretty good under Hostetler.

What do you do, then?

I work sanitation.

You clean up pretty well for a garbage man.

I'm doing it to impress a lady.

Ah, it's always a lady.

Local 831?

Yeah, fifteen years.
Fifteen years.

You own a home?

In New York?

So why is it that you, a union man,
and I take it a native New Yorker--

Why is it that you
don't own your own home in the city?

But yet every Bernie and Gordon who get off
this train with an MBA and no scruples...

...they own one? They own one in the city
and on the island. So where is yours?

I'm just saying.

So you own a house out here?

No. No. No, don't get me wrong,
I like the water and sand and grass, but no.

Only thing better than getting out
of that city is going back.

Just about everything and anyone I love
is in that city.

The next and final stop will be
Montauk. All passengers must depart the train.

Gather all personal belongings.

Nice talking to you.
You too.

Again, the next and last stop...

Oh, shit.

Taggart Agency.

Were you on the other line?
No, I'm trying to save your business.

I don't get to say this often, but you were right.

Heh, the mayor's wife
is fucking the campaign manager.

Told you.
Call the mayor, tell him I got pictures.

And stay off the fucking phone.
I wasn't--

Just like music

Ryan, I wouldn't even be in this movie
if it wasn't for you, so thank you.

That was really sweet.
- Mm.

This guy here, we got a real civilian.

Come on, William, tell us. What do you do?

I don't do anything important. I take pictures.
It's very boring.

Oh, shit. You're not paparazzi, are you?

No, I actually, uh, mostly stick
to real people, so...

Billy is a private investigator.

He used to be a cop.

- Get out of here.
- That's how you two met?

You promised not to write her a ticket
if she goes out with you.

Yeah, something like that.

- Details, details.
- Come on, Billy.

How'd a guy like you
end up with a girl like Natalie?

A guy like me?

I can't imagine you're big on theater.

Look, this is your guys' party.
Let's talk about your movie.

No. No one leaves this table
without singing the blues, Billy.

Natalie, pick up the slack.
How'd you meet this charming guy?

Billy was a friend of the family.

You lived in the same neighborhood?

He worked by where I lived.

You fell in love
with the neighborhood cop?

Come on.

We were just a bunch of broke Puerto Ricans
nobody cared about. Billy was good to us.

Barrow. Is that Puerto Rican?

It's actually Barea.

Natalie Barea.


That has a nice ring to it.

You changed it
so you could play more Anglo?


I changed it
because I was tired of going to auditions...

...and the first question
out of the casting director's mouth...

...was if I was related to Yesenia Barea.

Who's that?

My sister.
- Is she famous or something?

Yeah. Her face was in
all the papers seven years ago.

Nat, please-—

Beautiful 16-year-old girl, raped and beaten
to death in an apartment in Bolton Village.

Billy was good to us.
It was a really hard time...

...and he made it better.

Sure, that's because
you like to accuse anyone...

...who doesn't let the rich off,
of engaging in class warfare...

...when in reality, you know full well
what real class warfare is.

That's stealing homes
of working people...

...and handing them over at a cut rate
to an investment bank.

That, sir, is real class warfare.

Maybe where you grew up in Connecticut,
$3 billion is considered cut-rate...

...but here in New York City, $3 billion is a lot
of money that can solve a lot of problems.

You don't solve problems
by bending over for billionaires.

I may bend over for billionaires,
but you come from a long line of them.

By the way, how are the renovations coming on
that $4 million townhouse in Brooklyn Heights?

You want my house too? Take it.

I'm upside-down like the rest of this city.

Because the system has been rigged
by men like you.

Fuck, that's good.

You make that stick,
you pull undecideds off the fence.


We need that moment, Paul.

That "You are no Jack Kennedy" moment.
And it has to be Bolton Village related.

Stick to the issues,
people will see the difference between you two.

It's not clean enough, Paul.
It's gotta be clean cut.

He's got this clear line of attack on me.

I'm the rich Connecticut carpetbagger.
Who is he?

He's out of a job,
if you stick to the fucking issues.

You're missing the point. He's a crook!

I need to hammer that home
when he taunts me about my family money...

...and Harvard and the rest. I need to be able
to lay his fat ass flat. "You, sir, are a crook.

And a liar."

And if tries to challenge me to prove it,
I pull out that glorious piece of paper... said you'd get and read it out loud.

Let's take 10. Can I talk to you?

All right, so, what's your problem, Jack?

The Daily News is my problem, Paul.
The Post, The Times, they're all the same.

Hostetler's backing up
a dump truck of shit on me...

...and our campaign has piss-all
in the way of push back.

I thought that's what Montauk was for.
What about your source?

I'm working on it.
That's what took nine hours?

He kept us waiting, I told you.

You came back stinking of booze.
I had a fucking cocktail, sweetheart.

So where's our push back?

Our push back are truth and facts.
That's how we play.

Where are our headlines?

We don't need headlines, Jack.

Because we're winning.
Even their internal polling has us up by three.

You're winning on your own terms.

But let me tell you something.
You go on that debate stage...

...and try to win that debate
by going negative blow to negative blow...

...he will fucking destroy you.
Understand that.

Glad you got so much faith in me.

I'm all faith, you smug son of a bitch.

You try having some.

Just do me a favor. Do your job.

Get me that file.

Yes, sir.

Hey, Murdock.

Save some for the rest of us.

Billy, holy shit. What are you doing here?

I was in the neighborhood.

Me too.

You club a herd of penguins for that getup?

What can I say?
Private sector's good to me.

You a shamus?
No, security.

See that kid?

That's Todd Lancaster, my charge.

Rich kid. Pop tears down buildings
and wants him to run the business one day.

I'm making sure
he stays on the straight and narrow.

How you doing, Mr. Mayor?
Tony, how are you?

Harris, come and say hello.

This is Harris Sargent, SVP at Solstein Donagan.
Helped me push through the Bolton Village deal.

Four billion dollars
we beat out of this poor bastard.

Good to see you. You remember my son, Todd.
If you do, you get a prize.

Todd, when will you do the world a favor...

...and take the business from your old man?
When I die and he grows a pair.

Oh, shit.

Some fucking party, huh?

I'd rather be home watching the Knicks.
Do what, lose?

This is the best game in town.
There's the commissioner.

It's the worst-kept secret
him and the mayor can't stand each other.

But the commish don't miss a party.
It's like watching Italian opera, them two.

What do you know about opera?

Just because I don't understand
don't mean they ain't out to fuck each other.

Suite 5101, Mr. Taggart.
I'm told it's urgent.

Excuse me.

In the neighborhood, my ass.

May I offer you a drink, Mr. Taggart?

I don't drink.

But you used to. I can tell.


By those three seconds you let pass
before turning down the drink.

How long has it been?

Seven years.

Good for you.

Finally hit rock bottom, huh?

I did it to keep a woman.

Then you do believe in love.

I believe in loving the one you're with.

Heh. What are you, stupid or Catholic?


To your health, Mr. Taggart.

Perhaps you could explain
what I'm doing up here.

Being tailed is exhausting.

If I might pry, how much are you being paid
for your efforts?

What efforts?
The work you're doing for the mayor.

I'll give you $50,000 to give it up.

That's very generous,
but I got a contract with the mayor.

Break it.
You don't break contract with the mayor.

Don't I know it.

Why don't you just leave him?

This is not what you think it is, Mr. Taggart.

I take pictures. I don't get paid to think.

If the last seven years of your life
mean anything...

...if that woman you put down the bottle for
means anything...

...walk away.

Because if you think
you're investigating adultery... don't know
Nicholas Hostetler very well.

I see you've met Billy.

Yes, we met.

Did he tell you he's working for me?

He mentioned it.
Did he mention it was exclusive?

He did.

You used to know what "exclusive" meant.

In this case, it means I worked for it.

Keep your grubby little paws off it.

Poor Nicky.

You never did learn how to share, did you?

Don't worry, I'll teach you
before it's too late.

Careful, dear.

You too, darling.

Mr. Taggart, please take care.

I need a drink.

What have you got for me?

Actually, I think I need a few more days.

I got things nailed down,
but I need another 48 hours to confirm.

You have an envelope...

...of photographs in your pocket.

That I paid for. Right? Right?

Burning a hole in your bleeding heart?

Good work.

All right, Billy, we're done.

Hey, Ryan, you excited tonight?

Whoa! Wow!

I love the line between the sky and the water.

You see how it gets darker...

...the farther it is away,
just a line separating sky from water.

He's religious. I get it. He's got to have hope...

...have something to believe in.

Why do you have to bring him up?
What does it matter?

Not everything in this life is black and white.

Let's not talk about him anymore.

Let's go.

Y'all gonna make me lose my mind

Up in here, up in here

Kiss of Life!

Sundance, here we come!

You like it?

Y'all gonna make me lose my cool
Up in here, up in here

If I got's to bring it to you cowards
It's gonna be quick

Excuse me.

Can I get a double Jameson, please?
You got it.

How the fuck you gonna cross the dog
With some bum shit?

There go the gun click
Some 911 shit

All over some dumb shit
Ain't that some shit?

Y'all niggas remind me of a strip club
Every time you come around

It's like I just gotta get my dick sucked

It was good...


You want a water back for that?
Just pour the fucking drink.

Billy, what are you doing?

Hey, Nat, I just... I just didn't want to be
the only one not celebrating.

Billy, don't do this.
It's a party, right?

And what a fucking movie that was.
I mean, my God...

...I never seen you that good.

It was incredible. You were so convincing.

Can you take this drink back?

Please, I'm fine.

Billy, don't.

That's enough.


You promised me.
How can you hurt me like this?

Hurt you?
You haven't once asked me how I feel.

This is not your night, Billy.

I've worked so hard for this.
It doesn't mean anything to you.

Why don't you go do a line too?

Go back to being the old Billy.
We know what a great guy he was.

I'm going to hang out with my friends.
You mean Ryan?

You fuck him?

Don't do this.
Fine, I'll ask him.

Billy, go home. Please.

Tell me or I'll start breaking shit.

There's nothing left for you to break.
Tell me the truth.

You told me it was gonna be artistic,
some simple love scene.

I can't do this anymore.
What does that mean?

It means we're in pieces.
We've always been in pieces.

I'm taking you home.
Are you listening to me?

No, and you're not leaving me
for this bunch of fucking assholes!

I can't.
Nat, please.


I'm sorry.

There's nothing left between us.

Don't say that.

We've had a dead girl
holding us together for seven years.

It's just not enough anymore.

How could you say that?

Natalie, I'm sorry.

Nat, you all right?

Billy, stop it! No! Let him go.

Billy, please.
Fucking actor.

Yeah, you fucked him.

What the fuck are you doing?
Wait a second.

You want to waste my fucking money!

You want to waste my fucking time.


Katy, I can't talk right now.


Katy, don't fuck with me.
What are you saying?


All available units...

...reports of multiple gunshots
in the vicinity of Jane and Washington.

One victim reported.
Medical assistance is en route.

Stand back, right behind the line. Thank you.

Hey, Tony!

He's with me.

Thanks for doing this, Jansen.

We get the first call just after 1.
Reported gunshots.

Six more calls inside a minute, all 2113.

First units arrive around three minutes later,
he's already good and dead.

What's it look like?

So far, so good on robbery.

He didn't have a wallet, but his apartment's
right here, so it may be inside.

The landlord's coming to let us in.

Any cash when you found him?

No keys, no cash.
Like I said, so far, so good on robbery.

When's the last time you seen one of these?

You're not thinking robbery?

No, we're spinning robbery. Media's pushing it.
It's a counterfactual robbery.

Now it's your turn, Taggart.
What's this got to do with you?

That's funny. I was just about to ask you
that my damn self.

So this is what I got.

I got a former N.Y.P.D. detective turned
private eye at a fundraiser for the mayor.

If his mother's life depended on it,
he couldn't find the money to afford a ticket.

That's Thursday.
Then, this is the good part...

...24 hours later... the murder scene of the man running
the campaign to unseat the mayor, poof...

...imagine, that very same private eye.
Explain that to me, Billy.

Is this Hostetler?

Is this what you gave him last night? Andrews?
I gave him pictures.

You gave him pictures?

Who were the pictures of?
His wife.

His wife and who?
I can't tell you.

You better start telling me something.
What are you doing at my crime scene?

I was in the neighborhood.

You were in the neighborhood?

Paul Andrews is dead.

You think you can just piss on him
and walk away? This is an execution.

This is a fucking assassination.
Did you finger Andrews?

This what you do now, set up executions?
Fuck you.

Fuck me?
Fuck you.

I took a job, chief. I didn't ask questions.
I gave him pictures and I walked away.

You think I gave him up to get murdered?

I think you're too damn smart
to think it was anything else.

Fuck you. I did my job.

You fucking knew.
I did my job.

Get out of here.

Let me tell you something, Billy.
I'm taking Hostetler down.

He sees election day,
it'll be from inside a cage, like a monkey.

Now, you either help me...

...or you'll be in there with him
sucking on bananas too.

Commissioner, there's an issue.

Something up, commissioner?

You're on the door. Nobody comes in.
With all due respect--

You're on the fucking door.


What happened tonight, Jack?

Don't worry about him, he's with me.

Everyone's with you.

I need you to look at me, Jack.

Talk to me, okay?

Put the whiskey down, Jack. Okay?

Okay, Jack?

Okay -

You need to straighten up, Jack.
Lock the door.

It's going to be okay, Jack.

Just tell me exactly what happened.

You know, you're not a real cop.

You're just a whore.

We're going to go for a walk
and get some fresh air. You'll feel better.

Don't worry.

I want to help you. But I need to know
what happened and we haven't much time.

I need you to talk to me.

I'm done talking to you. Fucking whore.

You're talking, but you're not making sense.

Clear his mind, Billy.

Okay -

He went, um...

...downstairs to meet...

...Todd Lancaster.

He'd called earlier...

...and he told Paul he was ready to talk.

He said he was ashamed of himself
for helping us...

...but he was, um...

He was more ashamed of his father...

...and just wanted it to stop.

I think Paul lost track of time...

...because he looked at the clock
and he, um...

...just ran downstairs.

That was, uh...

That was the last time I saw him.

Did you hear any voices outside?
An altercation, maybe?


Just the shots.

I knew I couldn't go out there.

I knew I couldn't call the police,
couldn't be seen here.

I knew everything I couldn't do...

...that Jack Valliant, candidate for mayor...

...couldn't do.

You know what this means, Jack?

Yeah, it means I let him lie out there.

It means I let him die alone.

It means you can handle this.

Look at me, Jack.

You are going to be
the next mayor of New York City.

You got to handle this.

Now go get dressed.

Find yourself a hat and a coat with a collar.
We'll get you out of here, real quiet.




Get him out of here.

I'm on my way.

How involved are you?

It's complicated.

You give me a day to gather my bearings.
We'll talk.

What a fucking mess.

A tragedy, sir.

The press will want heads to roll over this.

I beg your pardon?

You know how it goes.

We either give them an arrest
or a resignation.

Then we'll have to give them an arrest.

Tragedy in the West Village.

Paul Andrews, campaign manager
for mayoral candidate Jack Valliant...

...was found shot to death
outside his Jane Street apartment.

Police questioned witnesses,
but no suspects were detained.

Police Commissioner Carl Fairbanks,
a friend of Andrews...

...says the investigation will receive
the department's highest priority.

He was a better man than me.

He should have been mayor.

You and Andrews, you were, uh, together?

There's this quote I remember.
I don't know where I heard it.

I just always remember it.

Maybe something I read in undergrad.

"And it's just not popular or safe... say that I loved him."

Have you spoken to Councilman Valliant?
I have. I reached out this morning.

I offered him not only
my deepest condolences...

...but my personal assurance...

...that we will do all we can
to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice.

Did you know Paul Andrews?

I only met, uh, Mr. Andrews a few times.

He always struck me
as a very genuine man...

...a very hardworking man.
He loved the city, he loved the people.

He and my wife actually were...

...good friends. So this definitely hits home.

Thank you all very much.

What kind of man was Paul Andrews?

Hang on a minute.

The kind of man who loved and fought
with his whole heart.

He was a dear friend to all of us...

...and the driving force
behind this campaign.

He will be dearly missed.

This must be an extremely difficult time.

Have you considered
suspending your campaign?

No, absolutely not. The debate
will continue as scheduled tomorrow.

The, uh, election on Tuesday.

We refuse to allow some thug to prevent
this city from exercising its democratic rights.

Thank you.

Paul Andrews definitely wasn't
fucking the mayor's wife.

We're looking for Todd Lancaster.

Just find what you can on him
and Bolton Village.

Dig up whatever you can on the sale.

Okay. I'm on it.

Billy... know it's not your fault.

I got to go.

Sir, he just walked into Bolton Village.

Yes, sir.

Drop the gun, Mikey! Drop the fucking gun!

Chill, man. I didn't do nothing!
Chill, man, what the fuck?

It's okay, Mikey. We just want to talk.

Billy, hey.

Oh, Billy, come in, come in.


Where is Natalia?

Actually, I came alone, Mrs. Barea.
She's been really busy with the movie.

Ugh, yes, the movie.

Hi, Billy. It's good to see you.
You too.

It's good to see you.

So, what brings you back
to the old neighborhood?

That's a good question. I'm not really sure.

Nostalgia can be hard to explain.


Hey, is everything all right
between you and my daughter?



Why'd you stay here, Raul?

Where would we go?

Anywhere. I never got it. Natalie never got it.
How could you stay here?

Oh, I could never leave my Yesenia behind.

She's gone, Raul.

No, Billy, no.

She is here.

Look, I know how much
you gave up that night.

But you also gave us peace.

And you gave Yesenia justice, huh?

And I can't begin to tell you
how much that means to me and my wife.

So, Billy...

...have you seen this movie?

Raise your arms.


Give us a few moments.

Thank you for meeting me.
What do you want?

I want to know what's going on.

Oh, you do?
You couldn't care less the other night.

Paul Andrews was my friend, Mr. Taggart.

Do you understand that?

My very dear friend.

And if you weren't such a cut-rate dick,
maybe he'd still be alive today.

But you are cut-rate.

You're cheap to hire
and you're cheaper to throw away.

I gave you the opportunity
to do the right thing and you refused.

You're right.
And I'm sorry about your friend, Mrs. Hostetler.

Your husband set me up.
And I'm going to destroy him for it.

I need you to understand that.

I'll do whatever it takes
to bring that son of a bitch down.

But you have to tell me what's going on.

You weren't hired to look for my lover,
Mr. Taggart.

You were looking for my source.

I discovered some information
about the mayor a while back.

If it was ever brought to light,
it would ruin him.

I get a divorce, a reasonable settlement...

...he gets my silence.

He didn't take the deal.


He hired you.

It was Paul.

Paul gave me the information.

He thought by sharing it with me, he would
help me in my situation and I could help him... looking into it from my side.

Looking into what?
The Bolton Village sale.

Four billion dollars
is a hell of a lot of money...

...for a few city blocks of housing projects,
wouldn't you say?

It's worth twice that.

He's a dangerous man, Billy.

No. He only knows people that kill people.

- What you got, Katy?
- A hit on Todd Lancaster.

He works for his father Sam's construction
and demolition company, the Rochway Group.

Sam is one of the mayor's biggest donors.

Which is interesting, because Todd
is like besties with Paul Andrews.

Or, uh, he was, sorry.

Andrews was an alumni mentor
to Todd at Columbia...

...and now they serve on a bunch of boards
for all these liberal organizations.

I got a home address for Todd... Port Washington, but the office is by the
Navy Yard, so maybe you wanna try there first.

But, um, Billy, just be careful, all right?

Paul Andrews was just murdered.
I'm sure it's going to be a shitstorm out there.

You gotta be kidding me. You gotta be-

Get in here! Get in here! You idiot!

You look at me, you little faggot!

You are dead to me.
Look at me, you little sissy!

You're dead to me.
Stop fucking hitting me!

You're the reason this is happening!
You're the reason-

- I'm the reason?
- Get him out of here!

Get him out of here!

Get your fucking ape off of me!

Stop the shredding!
Just get this shit out of here!

Oh, shit!


Come on.

Oh, fuck.

I hope you got insurance.

The other guy didn't leave his information?
No, but we'll get him.

How you going to manage that?

That camera.

How long it take to get that footage?

Depends. You got a powerful uncle?

I might.

Thank you for calling the Roosevelt Hotel.

What did you say?

The Roosevelt Hotel.

I'm looking for a Carl Fairbanks.

I'm sorry, sir, but the commissioner hasn't
set up his voice mail. May I take a message?

We done here?

Yeah, we're good.

Found a little trouble tonight, huh, Billy?

Yeah, you could call it that.

Leave the bottle, Harry.

You come here often?

You trying to get in my drawers?
Heh-heh-heh. Eh?

What's next, you ask my sign?

I bet you're the one with two fucking faces.

What, Gemini? Close. I'm the bull.

What about you?


The Roosevelt, huh?

Pretty choice address for a cop,
even if he is commissioner.

I made some sound investments.
Oh, I bet you did.

Not to mention that place out on Montauk.
That must have set you back a few mil.

You the new Russell Simmons,
doing yoga and fucking white women?

That's cute, Billy.

Tell me something, commissioner.

Is the First Lady upstairs?

Be careful, Billy.

That's why you were worried
about the pictures.

You were afraid you were in them.

That's why you took me upstairs, not Jansen.
What do you want?

I want Hostetler.

Get in line.

I almost had him tonight.
Papers in my trunk...

...a box full, renderings of some
New York skyline that doesn't exist now...

...but will once they tear down Bolton Village.
Some goon blindsided me.

We ID'd him from his license plate.

Who is he?

Ex-homicide cop. Dick Murdock. Know him?

Yeah. He works for Sam Lancaster.

He might work for Lancaster,
but he's on Hostetler's payroll.

Say again?

That paperwork in your trunk, not to
diminish your new beauty mark, is worthless.

Everyone knows Solstein Donagan's
going to tear down Bolton Village.

A few know they hired
the Rochway Group to do it.

So why is Andrews dead
if it was such an open secret?

He was about to figure out the rest.

What "rest"? What fucking "rest"?

Doesn't anybody in this town
speak in complete fucking sentences?

Todd Lancaster was meeting with Andrews
that night to bring him a contract.

Somebody didn't want that to happen.

I myself almost secured the contract
from Todd, but now he's not talking.

He's scared.

The contract is proof of the deal
to tear down Bolton Village.

That's part of it.

Only Todd Lancaster knows the other part.

Harry. Whatever he wants. On me.

Good night, commissioner.

Good night, commissioner.

Places, everyone. We're live in five.

Good evening, New York.

And welcome to the third and final
New York City mayoral debate.

At this time,
join me in welcoming our candidates...

...Mayor Nicholas Hostetler
and Councilman Jack Valliant.

Hey. How much?

Manual windows?

That's how you got those
masculine forearms.

I didn't get them from stroking your ego.

Big booty, good. Big forearms, no good.

Let me drive.

You're an asshole!
I didn't do it on purpose.

Oh, my God!

You ruin my car before you even drive it.
I apologize.

Where are we going?
Don't worry. Get in.

- What do you think I'm doing?
- Whoa.

Where'd you get these seat covers,
the Gaza Strip?

In a Valliant administration,
we will be focusing on two key principles:

Shared responsibility and shared sacrifice.

For those of you fortunate enough
to earn more than $200,000 a year...

...we'll ask you to pay more in taxes.

For those of you who don't,
we'll bring down the payroll tax.

It's responsible and it moves us forward
towards a balanced budget and a secure future.


I think it is laughable that my opponent can
be up here espousing fiscal responsibility...

...when it is a known fact
he has never met a tax he didn't want to raise.

This coming from the man whose policies
landed us in a billion-dollar deficit.

No, this is coming from the mayor
who got us out of it.

By selling people's homes
out from underneath them.

By selling public housing
to a Wall Street equity firm.

The residents of Bolton Village...

...would have much preferred a tax increase
to an eviction notice.

Councilman, no matter where
a New Yorker lives...

...nobody wants a tax increase.

Nor do I.

And it's time you told the truth
about the Bolton Village deal.

Here's the truth.
We have a $3 billion surplus.

We can use that
to put our people back to work.

We can use that to bring tax relief to folks.

That's the truth.

No, it's not. It's not even close to the truth.

You made a sweetheart deal with
Solstein Donagan to line your own pockets.

To buy your way out of a deficit
your broken policies created.

The truth is, you continue to lie to the good
people of this city about their intentions.

Solstein Donagan did not buy Bolton Village
to get into the landlord business.

Solstein Donagan bought Bolton Village to get
into the skyline business, pure and simple.

Peter, we've gone into the area of slander.
Solstein Donagan, in their 50-year history...

...has never bought a property
intended for residential use...

...and I highly doubt they intend to start now.
I don't know how much clearer I can make it.

To the people of Bolton Village:

There is only one reason I got into this deal.
Because I want better for you.

There is a new day dawning in Bolton Village.
And if Solstein Donagan--

If they step out of line,
if they don't fulfill their promises...

...then I will smack them back into shape.
That is my oath.

Unfortunately, mayor,
we're all aware of what that oath is worth.

The fact remains, the debt is gone.
There are other ways to move us to solvency.

Name one.
Besides larceny?

I tell you what I would have done. I'd have done
something my opponent feels is beneath him...

...which is to seek the counsel of my betters
on this crucial issue.

I would have convened a panel of--
Respected economists.

- To help us solve this.

We all know about that panel.
That same panel put us into default in the '80s.

New Yorkers need more than a panel, son.
They want solutions.

And there is only one person up on this stage
in the business of providing solutions.

The other one who's up here is in the business
of saying how dire the situation is.

Is this a, uh, debate, Peter, or are we
being treated to a Nick Hostetler soliloquy?

The issue is dire.

Because you and your cronies
have rigged the game...

...and honest, hardworking New Yorkers
recognize nothing will change.

Nothing will ever change
if we continue to elect men like this.

Tell me things have not changed.

When I was elected mayor,
this was a broken city. Broken.

Step by step, I've been getting it fixed.

Bolton Village is just
another one of those steps.

Tell me things haven't changed.

I just stood before you all
and told you we have a $3 billion surplus.

Tell me things haven't changed.

No other mayor in the history of this great city
has been able to say that.

Tell me things haven't changed.
When you leave your house...

...with your children, take them to the parks,
do you feel safe?

Yes, you do feel safe
because I get your letters and I know you do.

That's us, working together, getting it fixed.

Tell me things haven't changed.

Councilman Valliant,
the original question still remains.

What would you have done
to reverse the debt?

Don't worry about it, Councilman.
Nicky fixed it.

Two honks for trouble.

Lean your seat back all the way, okay?
I'll be right back.

You know who I am?

I know who you are, Todd.
You're a fucking piece of shit!

You set up Andrews to die.

You set him up!
You arranged that meeting and lured him out.

No, I didn't.
Let him walk into an ambush.

I didn't kill him.
You want to play games with me?

Shut your fucking mouth! You're a liar.

I didn't kill him.
You're a liar.

I'm not a liar.
You want to lie to me?

I'm not lying. He was my friend.

He was my friend!
Get up!


Tell me what's going on!

Please stop hitting me!

I didn't know.

I was just there to give him something.

I was down on the corner, waiting for him.
I saw him coming down the stairs...

...and I waved.

I was going to give him something
to help Valliant win.

To help Valliant bring down
that son of a bitch Hostetler!

That makes no sense.
Hostetler's your father's friend.

Fuck my father!

I had the contract in my hand.

Paul, he saw me waving and he smiled.

Murdock must have followed me in his car.

Then he got out and he shot him.
He shot him in the head.

Then he showed up to work the next day
like nothing happened.

Todd, it's all right. Look at me. Calm down.

Where's that contract?

Take it.

I don't want it anymore.

You sure you're ready to do this to your father?

Shit. Get upstairs, go.

That was an accident.
It's Taggart. Calm down.

Motherfucking fuck!

You Okay?


Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm all right.

You got those reporters' e-mail addresses?
- Yep.

Billy, you sure about this?

If you don't hear from me in two hours,
send that e-mail.

Okay -

Thanks for being there, Katy.

Every time.

May I help you?

Tell the mayor it's Billy Taggart.

One moment, please.

Mr. Mayor.


What a nice surprise. Thank you, Valerie.

VCR. I haven't used one in years.

Take your coat?
No, I'm good.

I have to say, Billy,
you're looking a little worse for wear.

I got into a bit of a thing.

Well, I'm glad you made it out.

Make it a double.

Attaboy, Billy.

All right.

So... did Fitzgerald say it?

"To the orgiastic future
that year by year recedes before us."


I don't even know what that means.

Me neither.

What can I do for you, Billy?

I want to know why you hired me.

Stick with the adultery narrative. It's sexier.

Lies are always sexier.

I've had enough this week to last a lifetime,
so why don't you just tell me the truth?

The truth is...

...I hired you to investigate my wife.

Investigate her for what?

For not minding her own business
is for what.

For having a big mouth is for what.

For asking too many questions is for what.

Be careful following her example
or I'll have to hire someone to investigate you.

Who? Your boy Murdock?

I don't think he's available for the job.

I hope he didn't suffer.
No more than Andrews did.

Damn shame what happened to that man.

So tell me, did you really think I'd let you
turn me into an accessory to murder?

For $50,000?
Did you think I wouldn't ask any questions?

Or that I wouldn't get any answers?

What answers have you got?

Andrews was about to link you to Bolton Village.
That's why you got rid of him.

No, sir. Not me.

Oh, not you. The man you hired. Murdock.

Try getting that testimony.

Yeah. You're good, mayor. I give you that.
You got it all worked out, huh?

The denial about Bolton Village.

The discount to Solstein Donagan.
The new big contract to the Rochway Group.

But nobody can do a damn thing about it.

Because anybody that could
is either dead or bought.

I'm fucking impressed, mayor. You're good.

Perhaps that's why the people
keep electing me, Billy.

Because I simply get the job done.

So all this, it was all for the city?

Everything I do is for this great city.

The city doesn't own 50 percent
of Rochway Group, mayor. You do.

Look what I got.

What you got in your hand?

It's your fucking jugular, mayor.

Fifty percent of 4 billion dollars
is a lot of fucking money.

So here's how this works.

I got an e-mail in my outbox
with a scan of the Rochway contract attached.

I click one button, a hundred newsmen
will read your name next to Sam Lancaster's... black and white.

I got the original nice and safe.

You resign, I'll keep my mouth shut.
Those e-mails will never see the light of day.

But that Bolton Village deal is dead.

You want to tear down a hundred other projects
as a civilian, fine. But Bolton Village stands.

You walk away. That's the deal, mayor.
I suggest you take it.

Counter offer.

No need.
I got nothing left for you to threaten.

I want the originals,
all the copies and your case file... 9 a.m. tomorrow.

You're done, motherfucker. You are done.

You ever spend...

...a goddamn minute thinking
why I chose you, Taggart?

And I did choose you.

I chose you.

Because I own you.

Now, you're going to have to excuse
the quality of the videotape.

It was shot on one of those camcorders
they used to sell you hot...

...40 bucks on Eighth Avenue.

I think you're about to see the big picture.

Hey, yo! First off, let me say welcome.

Welcome to Bolton Village.

What the fuck is this?

What's your name, fool?

They call me Alex.

What the fuck is this?

We just cooling out.
Me and my man David on the camcorder.

Yes, it's David, hello.

I got a pocket full of cash
and we looking to have some fun.

We gonna hit up the usual spots,
maybe get into something unusual.

Drop the gun, Mikey! Drop the fucking gun!

Drop the fucking gun!

- Chill, man, what the fuck?
- We just want to talk.

Drop the gun, Mikey. Drop the fucking gun.

It's okay, Mikey. We just want to talk.

Oh, shit, man! Get the fuck out of here!

Oh, shit, man! Get the fuck out of here!

How's your memory now, Billy?

Now, there's something
that your average citizen...

...just wouldn't understand.

But I do.

You see...

...we take because we can.

We take...

...because it feels good.

The only difference between you and I... that you've gone and done it
on videotape.

Like I was saying, I want the original,
all the copies and your case file by the morning.

You can have this copy.

I transferred it to disk seven years ago.


We take because it feels good.

The only difference between you and I... that you've gone and done it
on videotape.

Like I was saying, I want the original,
all the copies and your case file by the morning.

You can have this copy.

I transferred it to disk seven years ago.

He'll ruin you if you do this, Billy.

Use it.

There's no statute of limitations on murder.

If I go with this,
I can't cut it down to protect you.

I'm not asking you to.

You sure?

Time to square the debt.

Ladies and gentlemen,
unaccustomed as I am to public speaking--

I know you, Sam- You like a debate.
How did you enjoy that one?


Heh. Thank you very, very much.
Uh, firstly, I'd like to thank you all for coming.

This is a room full of my wife and I's
very, very good friends, so thank you.

A man much smarter than me once said
that politics is the art of the possible.

This afternoon,
Jack Valliant was ordering stationery.

Tonight, he's looking for the number
of the bus that hit him.

He fought a good fight, but he was boxing
shadows. He was like Roberto Duran.

"No mas, Nicky, no mas.
Don't hit me no more."

He says it's urgent.

I'll deal with this. Uh, don't go anywhere.
I have a lot of people to thank.


It's me.
Billy, I didn't think you'd call me so soon.

Look out your window, mayor.
It's your future.

I think your ride's here, Nick.

Nicholas Hostetler, you are under arrest
for the murder of Paul Andrews.

You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you.

Anything I say will be used against you.

You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be provided.

Attorneys? They'll be pulling your
dental records when I'm done with you.

Do you understand these rights?
I understand you're suicidal.

You may have forgotten
how you got your job, I haven't.

Do you really think a jury of my peers
in New York City will convict me?

I'm just the handcuffs guy.

Don't wait up, dear.
Have I ever?

I guess we both misjudged Billy.
Then again, you misjudged the lot of us.

You thought Billy would roll over,
that Andrews was sleeping with your wife.

You thought I wasn't.

Mr. Mayor.

Why did you do it?

Mr. Mayor, how exactly were you involved?

Mayor, can we just get a word?

Do you have anything to say?

What does this mean
for the election? Mr. Mayor?

Did you do it?

Sir, can you look this way?

New Yorkers have been put through an ordeal
these last few days...

...beginning with the murder of Paul Andrews
and culminating last night with the arrest...

...of Mayor Hostetler in connection
with that crime. What would you say... New Yorkers who, quite frankly,
have lost faith in their government?

Days like these can shake your faith...

- Rachael.
- Hey.

You staying out of trouble?
- Trying.

I know it.

Whatever he's drinking.

Tomorrow's the big day.

Looks like our guy's a lock.

To Jack Valliant.

A good man.

I, uh... I got you...


What is it?

What's it look like? It's a phone card.

Thank you.

Every time, Billy.

It's okay, Katy. I'll be home real soon.

I'll be here.

Come on, Billy.

We'll take the long way.