Broken Arrow (1996) - full transcript

"Broken Arrow" is the term used to describe a nuclear device that has been lost. In this movie, two nuclear missiles are stolen by rogue US pilot Deakins, but hot on his trail is his co-pilot Hale and a Park Ranger, Terry. The action takes place in Utah's canyon country; a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

- You see what happened there?
- I'm pretty sure you hit me.

I gave you left, left.
You think it'll be another left,

and I gave you a right.

I'm just telling ya
that's what boxing's all about. OK?

You show your opponent one thing
and you do something else.

That's how Ali took the title from Foreman.

He beat him with a rope-a-dope. Remember?

I don't remember what day it is!

That's right. Everyone thought
Ali's arms had run out.

But he was just setting Foreman up.
He let him burn himself out.

And then in the eighth round, in he comes!

Poor George has got nothin' left.

I always liked Bruce Lee movies.

Now you're learning!

Don't look at my hands.
Look at my shoulder!

That's where the punch comes from! See?

You're still looking at my hands!
Let's try it again.

Come on! Focus.


- Here.
- No, you keep it.

Come on, you won.

Yeah, but I always win.
I feel so guilty about it.

Shut up and take it.

You know why
you didn't beat me today, Hale?

Could it be you've been boxing
for 20 years and you're better than I am?


You don't have the will to win.

Well, your insight is shattering.

You had me today.

You coulda shut me down,
but you blinked. Mm?

Well, we were only sparring, buddy.

Thinking like that
is exactly why you lost. Take this.

No, it's yours.

No, take it. If you didn't give it
everything you've got, I don't want it.

- Go ahead.
- No, it really is yours.

I took it out of your wallet
while you were in the shower.

- General.
- General.

Major, were you recently promoted past me?

No, sir.

Then, why are you smoking
in my briefing room?

Uh... Sorry about that, sir.
That'll never happen again.


You take off in the Stealth at 0-dark.30.

Fly a simulated low-level border
penetration. Nap of the earth.

The usual. Scare the
cows, wake the farmers.

Not tonight, buddy.
We're flying the B-3 with two live nukes.

Palmdale's concerned about low-level gamma
and x-ray diffusion on the peripherals.

They want to send up a couple pre-dawn.
See if anything glows.


Big ones. 83s.

Phew! Crowd pleasers.

- How's your head?
- It's all right. I'll be fine.

- I'm sorry about that.
- Don't worry. I'll get you back.

Ah! Now you're dreaming!

After you, Major.

You know, these exercises are fantastic.

When we have to go to war against Utah,
we are really gonna kick ass!

Ground control. Ready for roll-out.

Park ranger!

I'd like to speak to you
about this campfire!

- Should I go?
- No, Wanda, you stay put.

Yeah, I know.

No wood fires in the park.

But Wanda has a cold
and I want to keep her warm.

Sir, have you seen any other hikers
or campers in this area?

Not this time of year.
Say, what's the fine for this?

Pretty steep.



Jesus Christ!

Drag him outta there!

We'll be smelling that all night.

Climb heading 2-8-7.
Flight level 2-0-0.

That's 2-8-7. 2-0-0.

I don't think that Aurora project
will happen for me.

Your buddy Taylor said I don't have
enough fighter time to qualify.

What did you say to him?

- "Thank you, sir. Goodbye."
- You'll never change, will you?

And that, my friend, will be your downfall.

- You know what your problem is?
- Yeah. I'm always right.

- You think you're always right.
- That's deep.

You said yourself
you should have made colonel.

But you're always pushing at everybody.

Well... That's an awesome
responsibility, isn't it?

McMurran Control, this is Ghost-7.

Colonel! You boys in Utah still awake?

Copy, Major Deakins.
We're ready and waiting.

Be advised we're gonna catch your butts
this morning and bite down hard!

You may pass that along
to Captain Hale with my compliments.

Ooh! Wilkins is giving us attitude!
You wanna take it through tonight?

Tell him I'll fly this thing in one ear and out
the other. He won't even know we were there.

Copy, Colonel. Hale says
if anyone can catch us, you can.

And everyone get a fix!

They're about to turn out the lights!

- Ready, Captain?
- On your command, Major.

Go to war.

Initiating Stealth mode.

River valley approach, here we go.

Colonel, they've gone to Stealth mode.

We lost them on the radar!
Anybody still holding? Anybody?

- Capture on their heat signature, sir.
- Good.

They may be running cold,
but the air is colder.

Good man, Frenchy. I like that.

Descend to 400 feet AGL.
Altimeter setting 3-O-O-1.

Airspeed .7 Mach.
3-0-0-1. 400 feet.

Nap of the earth, here we go.

Terry, been through
the Needles entrance tonight?

- No. Why?
- Mrs Parker just called.

Oh, God! What is it this time?
Another UFO?

- Or did Elvis drop by for dinner?
- She didn't mention him,

but she said some trucks went through
the Needles entrance an hour ago.

She thought they looked suspicious.

Clyde, what exactly
does a suspicious truck look like?

I don't know and I have no idea.

Me neither!

Yeah, the thing is, though,
she said one of the trucks was ours.

You're the only one out there tonight,
so if it wasn't you...

She was probably just hallucinating.
Don't worry, I'll check it out.

- Lost 'em.
- Damn!

Come on, keep hunting.

We're below their eyes and ears.
Proceed to primary target.

Descending to 200 feet.

Ridge coming up in six seconds.

I got it.

Whoo! Very nicely done!


- Switching to autopilot.
- Almost as good as me.

I left a few trees behind.
I'll try to do better next time.

You love this shit, don't you?

Where else can you fly a $2 billion plane
800 miles an hour 100 feet off the ground?

Well, that is a fact. That is a fact.

- You're in for life, huh?
- As long as they'll have me. Aren't you?

No, no, no, no. I don't think so.

I mean, come on.

You even said it yourself.
I should be colonel by now.

Instead, idiots like Boone become general.

- Boone is not such a bad guy.
- Aw, come on!

If he had a thought go through his head,
it'd be the quickest trip in North America.


Flying doesn't mean
what it used to mean to me.

No, not the flying. Carrying the nukes.

I know you love
having the power of God at your fingertips.

You get off on it.

Look out your window. There's something
wrong with the terrain following.

Shouldn't that starboard ridge
be on our port side?

Here she comes.


What the hell are you doing?

Clyde, I'm looking at half the valley
and nothing's going...

Holy shit!

I got 'em!


This is Deakins!
Hale's lost it! I'm punching out!

Oh, shit!

Get me Search and Rescue!
We got pilots down!

The plane crashed 18 minutes ago.

The White House Chief of Staff
is on his way up.

Good morning, gentlemen!

So, do I wake the President?

- Bill.
- Jack.

Well, what have we got?

We're going out with this.

Rick's team prepared it.

"The United States Air Force
regrets to announce that early this morning

a C-141 heavy-lift cargo plane went down

over the Utah desert. Crew status has yet
to be determined." Yadda-yadda-yadda.

Well, that's very nice bullshit, Rick.

- Thank you, sir.
- We'll go with that.


We're making a mistake.


You have some input
you wish to share with us?

Yes, sir.

Aviation Week

has been following the development
of the B-3 for years.

They have stringers,

guys camping in lawn chairs
by the Whiteman perimeter fence

watching for one of these
things to take off.

They're gonna know that one took off
last night and they're gonna know...

that it didn't come back.

When our press release says
a C-141 went down in Utah,

they'll put two and two together.

Aviation Week will run a story.

Everyone will know what really happened
and we're all gonna look extremely stupid.

We're better off just telling the truth.

The truth?

How did you get this job?

- Rewrite it, like Giles said.
- Yes, sir.

I want you to go to Utah.
I'll have my C-21 standing by.

It was good work in there.

Guys in lawn chairs...

I don't know, Giles.
Sometimes you scare me.

Hell, sir,

sometimes I scare myself!

Go! Move! Move!

Thomas, over there!

Reed, check over there!

Kelly, check over there!


Not a goddamn thing!

Colonel! This is Rhodes!

Go, Max.

Aircraft disintegrated.
Negative survivors on site.

Checking payload!

You watch your needles there, Chief!

Over here!

Over here!

Take that end!

The nukes are gone.


We got ourselves a Broken Arrow.

You find those nukes, Chief.

If your Geigers pick up more rads
than you get off a toaster, I want you out!

A broken what?

Broken Arrow.

It's a Class 4 Strategic Theatre Emergency.

It's what we call it
when we lose a nuclear weapon.

I don't know what's scarier.

Losing nuclear weapons,

or that it happens so often
there's a term for it!

They found the wreckage
about 90 miles outside of McMurran.

No bombs on board.

This is a real nightmare.

We don't know where the hell
the damn things are.

- Captain.
- Sir?

Put two more teams in the air.
I want Chief Rhodes backed up.

Why didn't they go off?

They have to be armed to detonate.

They're designed to survive crashes intact.

They could lie in burning jet fuel
for five hours, no problem.

So what the hell happened?

In his last transmission, Major Deakins
said that Captain Hale lost control.

It's possible one of them may have hit
weapons release during the confusion.


You won that round.

Sir! Please turn around.

Who the hell are you?

Park ranger.

Just put it down and I
won't have to kill you.

This isn't a standoff. I've got the gun.

I never keep it loaded.

I thought you said it wasn't loaded.

I lied. Now, who the hell are you?

I'm a captain in the
United States Air Force.

Well, Captain, you're under arrest.

Lady, you're missing the
bigger picture here.

Hold still.

All right? I have already had
a hell of a morning, lady.

Now, I can't tell you what's going on,
but I need your help.

This is a good way to convince me.

We both know the gun is loaded,

so if I wanted,
I could blow your head off. Right?


But I'm not going to.

Come on.

I got a radio in my truck.

It's this way.

Got 'em!

We got one.

- How are you doing?
- Hey!

You guys need any help?

Air Force training exercise, sir.

I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Hey, no problem. We just, uh...

Oh, jeez.


Any sign of Deakins?

Maybe the son of a bitch is dead.

What a terrible thing to say!

Get 'em.

You assured me
everything would go smoothly!

It is going smoothly, I assure you.

Our merchandise
is not where it's supposed to be!

It's right down there, Mr Pritchett.

Everything's on schedule.

Sir? We got one intact.

Let's go find the other one!
Move! Let's go!

Care for a Coke or something?

Two gunships just left McMurran,
headed this way.

Oh, wonderful!

- Don't worry about them.
- I worry.

What about the other pilot?
We saw him eject.


Captain Hale.
Well, I seriously doubt he's alive.

I punched him out
when we were scraping the valley floor.

A park ranger called in a report.

She saw a pilot come down
and was gonna look for him.

Find her.

I sot it!

Hello! McMurran, come in!

Go, Max.

McMurran, come in. Over.


Max, are you there?

- McMurran?
- Max!

McMurran, come in!


Gonna open up the access panels.

Gonna drop in a couple of grenades.

It won't go nuclear,
but it will destroy the bomb.

And who's ever trying to steal it.

I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Chief.

And why not?

All clear!

- Where is this truck of yours?
- Just around the bend.

- How did you find me?
- Saw your chute.

Don't step on that stuff!

There, on that black stuff!

- What is it?
- It's cryptogamic soil. Very fragile.

One footprint takes centuries to repair.

- Oh...
- Come on, jump.

I thought it was a mine or something.

Endangered dirt. That's a new one.

Colonel Wilkins! This is Airman Kelly, sir!

- Go.
- Chief Rhodes is dead!

They're all dead!

What the hell happened?
What the hell happened!

It's the nuke! It's open!

It's wide open!

Kelly! Come in!

What happened?

Oh, God!

What am I gonna do?


Recall Search and Rescue.

Get me Washington.

I want NEST on this right now.

- You missed your calling, boy!
- Hell, Deak! I even bought it!

Make sure you get Hale! Go!

There are still two attack helicopters
headed this way!

Not any more!
They've just been recalled!

I'll check further ahead!
That's where they're headed!

Get to work!

You see, Mr Pritchett,
they believe they've got an exposed core,

and that changes things remarkably.

Cos it wouldn't be right to just send
people into an active radiation area.

First you have to take a picture
from a satellite.

It takes about an hour and a half
just to change orbit.

Then they gotta send in a NEST.

That's a Nuclear Emergency Search Team.

Closest one is about two hours from here.

So, by the time they
find us, we'll be gone!

So relax!

- Think your radio can reach McMurran?
- Clyde will patch us through.

We can get your people in here,
then I can go home and feed my dog.

Clyde, this is Terry. Do you read me?

Hello, Clyde. This is Terry.

Do you read me?

- Why are they shooting at us?
- No time to discuss it right now.

Come on!

Let's have some fun!

- You OK?
- Yeah.

Gimme your gun.

Come on!

- You have any more bullets?
- Yeah.

We need to get out of this canyon.

We can get out up that way.

If that bastard would just hold still...

I have an idea!

Wait! I didn't mean...

Oh, shit.

Don't shoot!

- Where is he?
- I don't know!

Oh, no!

Go, go, go!

Holy shit!

Novacek must have hit a canyon wall.

- Do you think?
- Maybe.


You said you'd planned
this thing carefully!

How are we going to move those things now?

Use the trucks.

The trucks now!

You listen to me.

I've spent a lot of money
underwriting this, and frankly,

you're beginning to shake my confidence!

Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Well...

Yeah, well, I, uh...

I do appreciate the money

that you and your associates
have invested in this operation.

But it is an operation -
a military operation -

and you don't know dick about that.

I've been in the military for 20 years.

I planned and flew
over 100 missions in the Gulf.

These boys are motivated
and they are highly trained, like me.

This is what I do, Mr Pritchett.

This is battle,
and battle is a highly fluid situation.

You plan on your contingencies, and I have.

You keep your initiative, and I will.

But you don't share command.
It's never a good idea.

It's still my money.

And if we succeed,
you and your friends will get a ton of it.

If we're successful?

Look, Mr Pritchett, I will deliver
the weapons to the destination.

But I can't guarantee that the assholes
in Washington won't do something stupid,

like... not pay.

What if they don't?

Well, if they don't,

the Southwest
will be a quiet neighbourhood

for about 10,000 years.


Fax me their last transmission.
How much radiation is out there?

- Fax that to Mr Prentice.
- Yes, sir.

- So far we're not picking up any.
- Well, that's strange, isn't it?

I mean, with an exposed core?

Well, I'd call it good news.
The breach may not be so bad.


what if this wasn't an accident?

What are you saying, Giles?

In his final transmission,
Major Deakins said Captain Hale lost it.

We all assume that to mean

pilot error or equipment failure.


what if he meant
Hale intentionally lost the plane?

But why would he do that?

Two nuclear weapons
would be worth a lot of money.

To who, son?

There are easier ways
to buy nuclear weapons.

The old Soviet republics will sell you
a couple for the price of a BMW.


I meant how much
would they be worth to us.

How much would we pay
to get them back?

Hold on.

These nukes have codes or something
to stop people using them.

Of course.

And no one knows these codes,
except for the President and you guys?

Access to the codes
requires the highest security.

Yeah, but not even the pilots
have these codes, right?

Where's that NEST team?

They just took off, sir.
The ETA in Utah is 96 minutes.

- Left ten, left.
- Ten-four.

- It's OK.
- It's not OK!

I wanna know what's going on,
and I wanna know right now!

We were carrying nuclear weapons
on our plane last night.

My former commander
is trying to steal them.

- Oh, my God!
- That's why I need your help.

But without the helicopter
he won't be able to move them.

No, no. Deak'll have a backup plan.
He'll be prepared for that.


He's got trucks! Last night,

Clyde told me someone came through
the Needles Gate with trucks!

He won't take 'em towards town.
What else is around here?

The river.

Do you mind?

No, I don't mind at all.

Care for one?

- The one in the front has got the nukes in.
- How do you know?

There's only a driver.
They're keeping the weight down.

- Give me your gun again, will ya?
- What are you gonna do?

Well... I'll think of something.

Wait. We know where they are.
Let's phone for help.

If they make it to the river,
I'm gonna lose 'em again.

But you get to the phone, OK?

- Then I'm going with you.
- No, you're not.

- You're gonna need help!
- Lady, I don't have time to argue.

The nuclear weapons are my responsibility.

You're a park ranger.
I'm a military officer.

Go to the phone.

Oh, this is a bad idea!

- Hi!
- Hi.

Hale! Goddamn!

Run him down.

Get him! Get him!

Get him, goddammit!


Don't panic. Bulletproof glass.

You can get out now.

It looks like we got ourselves a standoff!


No... we... don't!


OK. You can come.


Would you mind not shooting
at the thermonuclear weapons?

- Where's St Jude's Hospital from here?
- Salt Lake City, I think.

- Shit!
- What?

- We're losing gas!
- They must have hit the tank.

We have to find some place
to hide these things.

I know a place.

What are you up to, Hale?

Don't even...


Oh, fuck!

You learn that in survival school?

New Jersey.

Trenton, New Jersey.

What is this place?

It used to be a copper mine.
They shut it down a couple of years ago.

Why would they have a new lock?

All right!

Good move, Hale. I didn't see it coming.

But you're definitely gonna pay for it.

Saddle up, boys!

This place has been prepped.

Deak's been here.

You think he's coming back?

That'd be my guess.
We may not have a lot of time.

What are we gonna do?

We just take away
his reason for being here.

Wanna help me unload these things?

Where do you think they're going?

Same place we were.
It's the only thing on this road.

My God!

Are you sure you know what you're doing?

When you fly with nuclear weapons,
you're trained

to retrieve if possible,
disable if necessary, destroy if essential.

What are we doing?

I'm gonna disable it.

You have to arm these things with a code.

If you enter the wrong code three times,
the nuke goes dead.

All the circuitry shuts
down and shorts out.

Pretty soon these things'll be
nothing more than paperweights.

Hale! Pick up!

Pick up, 1

Come on, buddy. Pick up the phone.

Buddy, huh?

Son of a bitch!
You tried to kill me! Friendship is over.

That doesn't mean I don't like you.

Hell, I'm impressed!

I figured you'd have packed up
and walked off by now.

Well, you figured wrong.
Now I get the nukes.

Guess what, Deak.
I'm gonna deactivate 'em.

I'm punching in the wrong codes.

Pretty soon these things
are gonna be absolutely useless.

You might as well drive away.

Outstanding, Hale! That's the spirit!

Damn! I'm totally screwed now

Unless, of course,
I'd already thought of that.


You're kidding!

Didn't work, did it?

I used uncoded circuit boards.

You just activated a nuclear warhead,
my friend.

Setting off a nuke in this mine
has been in the plan from day one.

Otherwise, some DC civilian
might say I haven't got the guts.


He's insane!

Hale, I considered bringing you in on this.

- You know why I didn't?
- Because I would've said no?

Nah. Then I'd have just killed you.

I was afraid that you would say yes.

Because you don't have the balls
to go through with this.

We both know that.

- How deep is this mine?
- Uh...

About 2,000 feet.

That's plenty.

I'm gonna be there in a few minutes.
My advice to you is to get out now.

It's your last move, buddy.

I can think of another move, Deak.
I'm gonna keep these things together.

If one goes off, the other gets buried
under a billion tons of rock.

- How's that sound, huh?
- You wouldn't do that.

Are you sure about that... buddy?

Shit! Fuck! He's gonna do it!

Let's get 'em!

All right.
We gotta be gone before he gets here.

I can't do this!

Listen, you told me
this is a copper mine, right?

- Right?
- Right.

The blast will fuse this place
into one big, solid, copper pot.

- But they're coming!
- That's right.

If I don't get these things
down to a safe level first,

God knows where he'll use them.

Just keep an eye on the timer, OK?

All right.

What is that noise?

Water. There's an underground river
beneath this place.

All right, let's get these unloaded.

I understand, sir.

I'll advise NEST and as soon as
they confirm the ground is clean,

I'll send in a dozen gunships.
We'll secure the area.

Yes, sir.

Giles Prentice, sir.
I got here as soon as I could.

- Wilkins. Good to meet you.
- Likewise, sir.

That was the chairman, Mr Prentice.

According to an NSA radio intercept,
you were right.

But it's Deakins stealing the nukes.
Not Hale.

Now what?

Now we get outta here before he shows up.

How many times do I have to say it?

Please don't shoot the nuclear weapons.

Kelly! We've found the nuke.
We're at the end of tunnel A.

Put the cold one on the elevator.
We'll be right along.

A service tunnel! Come on!

Make sure Hale doesn't
get back to the bomb.

And, Johnson...

The clock is ticking.


- Where are you taking us?
- Back to the elevator.

These service tunnels
run between the main shafts.

Now, if we take the next right...

Hey, Hale!

Nice move with the nukes!
Shows initiative,

determination. Proud of ya!

But I think I gave us all too much time.

30 whole minutes? I don't know...

Shows a lack of total commitment,
don't you think?

I took it down to 13.

I'll be right back.

All set.

We'll be right along.

Are you OK?

Well, I gotta go.

You two have a nice time down here.

And, uh... don't forget to say hi
to Johnson for me when you see him.

I got 20 bucks that says
you're gonna see him first.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You're gonna ransom Salt Lake City,
aren't you?

- Well, why do you say that?
- St Jude's Hospital?

You'll hide the warheads in Radiology

so they don't show up
on any satellite scans. Right?

- Huh! Well, I'm impressed.
- Thank you.

- So how much will you ask for?
- Lots.

I got a broker in Stockholm
who's gonna buy me 5% of Volvo.

For the rest of my years,
I'm gonna live off the dividends,

happy in the knowledge that I'm helping to
make the safest automobiles in the world.

So that's what this is all about?
The money?



Well, look, you tell me why. Go ahead.

You tell me why.

Because you've been passed over
for promotion so often,

you wanna show the bastards you're right!

Maybe it's because
everybody's cashing out, so why not you?


Or your mother dropped you
on your head as a baby.

Who the hell cares, Deak?

There's no difference between you
and a guy who shoots up a school yard.

You both got a head full of bad wiring!

- What was that?
- You're fucked in the head, Deak!


I pissed him off.

It's this way!

Hey, hey, hey!
Where the hell's the other one?

Shut up!

Help us. Come on!

Get the goddamn thing in!
Let's get outta here!

That was the only way out.


Well, that's it, then, isn't it?

You have any family?

No. Just me and Fred.

Fred? Who's Fred? Your boyfriend?

No, my dog.

The river!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

They... they... hit it,
uh... digging a tunnel!

That's why they shut down the mine!

Come on!

Hang on! Four minutes to detonation.

You stupid bastard! We'll all be killed!

We'll be fine, Mr Pritchett.

Now, will you please keep your voice down?
I'm concentrating.

This should be it!

This thing doesn't go anywhere.


One o'clock! On the road!

Attention! We are federal agents!

Stop your vehicle immediately!

Oh, God! Oh, God!

How does that gunship
fit into your grand strategy?

You don't know what you're doing.

This is out of control! I must have been...

Hush! Hush!

Stop your vehicle!

I repeat!
Stop your vehicle immediately!

Swing around in front of 'em!

Do not move or you will be fired upon!


We are federal agents!

Throw down your weapons

and keep your hands in sight!

I just realised something.

I never actually killed anyone before.
I mean...

I dropped bombs on Baghdad,

but... never face to face.

I don't know what the big deal is.
I really don't.

Turn your electronic equipment off now.

Throw down your weapons!

We're losing power!

- What's going on?
- Oh, my God!

We've gone red! Triple red! All out!


I say, goddamn! What a rush!


Son of a bitch!
Shock wave took down the damn chopper!

That's EMP. Electromagnetic pulse.
A nuclear blast sends it out for miles.

Anything electronic shuts down
including choppers and radios.

We just shut down
McMurran's field communications!

That'll put a pretty little dent
in their response time, huh?

- Deak, you the man!
- I'm the man!

Colonel Wilkins, sir?
Shouldn't we be evacuating?

We're fine. It was underground.

- Colonel Wilkins for General Creely.
- How do you know?

With a surface detonation we'd have
felt a different kind of ground tremor.

We'd also be burned, blind, and dying.

We're ten minutes behind.

Mr Pritchett,
would you mind stepping outside?

It went off underground, thank God!

What do we do now?

First, we nail a huge goddamn lid
on this thing.

And with all due respect to your boy Giles and
his belief that honesty is the best policy,

from now until the end of the world,

what happened in Utah today
was an earthquake.

Hey. It's OK.

- My God! We set off a nuclear bomb!
- The walls shielded the blast.

None of the radiation leaked out.
We're all right!

Look at my hands! Why are they shaking?

Because the water was freezing.

- No, that's not normal!
- It's OK. You're just cold.

You just need to get warm, OK?

All right?

Hey, look!
You see the butterflies there?

If there was radiation around,
they wouldn't survive, would they?



- Right?
- I guess not.

It says in the detonation manual

that if you see butterflies after
detonation, you're gonna be fine.


It doesn't say that!

I promise you that we're fine.

How far down the riverbank
does this path go?

Three or four miles.

We should be able to get to Deakins
before he gets outta here.



- There's just two of them.
- Running late!

There's more coming.

Hey! I thought you said
Hale wouldn't be a problem.

Yeah, well, he surprised me, too,
but he's dead, so let's go.

Sink it?

Steal it.

Let's move it!

- They're coming!
- Get out of the boat!

Get out of the boat!

Your friends in Washington
should be getting the package about now.

Yep. I'm sure we got
their full and complete attention.

Let's move it!

We're on a tight schedule!

$250 million by 14:00, Utah time.

This deadline is not negotiable.

The second device is on a timer.

Shortly after you receive this,
the timer will be activated.

At 14:01, I will make a call.

If I find you've complied,
I will stop the timer.

If you have not...

Yes. Yes, sir, I understand.

- Creely.
- Please hold the line, sir.

The President is asking
if we know where the device is headed.

If Deakins had a plane,
it could be anywhere. We just don't know.

I do.

One moment, sir.

General, they've found Captain Hale.
He's at Lake Powell.

This is a really bad idea!

- Sir! The prisoner is secure!
- Good job, Tom!

You gentlemen can RTB.
I'll take it from here.

Roger, sir. Returning to base!

They found the raft
on the other side of the lake.

Tracks from a heavy truck
ran out when they hit the paved road.

- What about the girl?
- What about her?

What about her!
She's an innocent victim in this.

I got her involved.
When you guys find that truck,

you'll hit it with everything!

I don't want her becoming a casualty.

Maybe it's OK with you,
but we're military officers.

We took an oath.

As officers, we have a responsibility
to save that woman's life

and get back the weapon.

I have a responsibility to follow orders
and return you to McMurran.

- Do you understand orders, Captain?
- Yes, sir. I do.


Because I'm about to break them.

Any argument, Mr Prentice?

No, sir.

Just for the record,
I'm not entirely a civilian.

I was actually a lieutenant
in the ROTC at Yale.

Good for you, Lieutenant.

ls the radio still down?

Afraid so. Your chopper
will be refuelled in two minutes.

I wish I were going with you.

Captain, what exactly are you looking for?


As in railroad tracks.

Deak knows you'll cover
every inch of asphalt north of here.

I'll bet 20 bucks that nuke is on a train.

Let's see the map.

All right. Salt Lake is northwest of here.
These tracks curve east first.

- Why would he do that?
- He's not going to Salt Lake.

But you found the radiology tag
from the hospital.

That's what's been bothering me.
I think he planted it.

He wanted whoever found it
to think that's where he was heading.

- He's doing a rope-a-dope!
- He's doing a what?

You know? It's a boxing term.

Ali and Foreman in Zaire?

Captain, I know what it is.
What's your point?

If everything he shows us says west,
he's actually heading east.


You said you had Salt Lake
sealed up pretty tight.

What's gonna hurt
if we check out Denver?

- Shepherd!
- Hey, Deak!

- Any trouble with the train crew?
- They went like lambs.

Good. Let's get that
satellite dish wired in.

- Already done.
- Excellent!

With this remote
you can shut the bomb down face to face,

or you can dial it in over the link.

All right, let's close this deal.

Shepherd, I want to be airborne
in five minutes.

Kelly, contact Washington
and tell them the bomb's going to Denver.

Then contact Geneva. When the money's
there, I'll shut down our puppy.

Smile, boys! We're about to retire!

Let's get this bird unwrapped!

We haven't met. I'm Max!

You probably thought
I was a computer nerd.


I was a Navy SEAL, lady.

You should see what I can do...
with just my thumb.

You just saved me $3 million.
I owe you one.

Shoot yourself. We'll call it square.

Whoa! Attitude!

Now, where's my little buddy Hale?

He left you alone, didn't he?

Well, that's his speed - 100% pussy.

He's got more guts than you think.

But would he have enough guts
to eat a bullet

before he'd help someone
vaporise a whole city?

I think he'd fold. But not you.

I think you've got more guts than he does.

I think you'd eat a bullet.

Let's find out!

Now, press four.


I said push four.

Go ahead.

Push four!





Go ahead.

- Please...
- Seven.

Starting at ground zero
and moving out in concentric circles,

we have, in terms of immediate effect,

100% fatalities to 30 miles,

90% at 40 miles, dropping roughly 10%
for every 10 miles after that.





We estimate...

250,000 dead on impact,

with another quarter million
projected within the year.


Come on. Just push Enter and it's done.

Which is it gonna be, hm?

Ah! Hm.

You know, to tell the truth,
I thought you were gonna fold.

Well, I'm dead either way,

so do it yourself, asshole.

Open the door!

Night-night, honey!

- Cover me!
- Good luck!

Bring it in!

Gimme your hand!

OK! You can come!

Get me down there now!

Let's give those guys a haircut!


Get down!



That was a first for me, too!

This is where you two get off!


- We're leaving now!
- Yes, sir!

- Where's Shepherd?
- He should be here.

Find him!

Cut the power!

Goddamn you, Hale!

We'll never get clear in time.
We need to shut down the nuke.

You hear me? You need to disarm it!

Find Hale!

Oh, God! Your shoulder!

Help me off with this!

Oh, God!

No matter what happens,
this train can't make it to the city.

You stay here and uncouple the car.
I'm gonna go after Deakins.

I'll see you soon.

You promise?

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

What the fuck are you doin'!

Shut that son of a bitch down! Now!

This ain't what I signed on for!

I'm not ready to die! Not for you!

Everybody dies, Kelly.
I'm as good a reason as any.

Come on! Come on!



Come on out, Deak! It's over!

You lose.

I've still got my finger on the trigger.

That's the remote trigger.
You see, if I press this button here,

you lose.

And if I push this button,

the weapon is disarmed.

Why don't you disarm it, then?

I'm not in the mood.

Now, get rid of your weapon.

Get rid of your weapon!

Come on!

Atta boy!

You can shut it down.
You just have to come and get it.

And $20 that I took from you last night

says that you won't.

You're out of your mind!

Yeah! Ain't it cool?

I'm serious, Deak.
Your mind has gone off the map.

Maybe, but I'm still gonna kick your ass.

You're bleeding, aren't ya?
Well, that's good!

Let's see if we can't get any more out,
all righty?

Used to be, every fight went to a knockout.

You know what a knockout feels like?

Your brain presses against your skull
and it feels like this!

Does it feel like that?

I win.

Sir, please turn around.

My name's Riley Hale.

Terry Carmichael.

Pleased to meet you.

You know,
you're still under arrest, Captain.

Oh, yeah?
I guess you'd better take me in.