BrokenHearts (2012) - full transcript

When Olivia's (Julie Estelle) boyfriend, Jamie (Reza Rahadian), disappears without any warning, Olivia's life becomes cold and empty. With her broken heart, Olivia has a hard time trusting ...

I am trapped by time...

... and time
has played with my feelings.

I paid with devotion...

... yet my love left
with both sides of my heart.

Achingly torn in two.

Hurtfully cut leaving only the pain.

I'm holding on in a grip of sincerity.

Longing for a beautiful ending.

- Please, Miss.
- Thank you.

Let me pick that up.


I'm sorry, but how many times must I
tell you that I have no power...

... over the decision of whether or not
the book is worthy of publication.

I'm merely an editor.
I work. I'm not the boss.

Don't tell me you can't help me
with small issues such as this?

What good is having a position
if you cannot use it?

What the hell does he want, anyway?

This novel
has the potential to be a best-seller.

Your publisher has no best-seller
achievement in the past two years.

This is an opportunity.

Well, then go and offer it
to the previous publisher.

We're creative people.

We do not need an opportunity from you.

Who was it?

That madman called me again.
How annoying.

To avoid the stress,
why don't you ask him to come here?

The way he act, Mira, it makes me sick.

"For the last two years..."

"... your publisher
hasn't published any best-seller."

"This is an opportunity."

I just don't understand...

... why is he so determined
to meet with our publisher.

He also insists on meeting you.

I suspect something.

Don't be crazy!

There's no way
I would fall for a man like him.

He's not even my type!

I'm surprised that his novels
always managed to be best-sellers.

I think we really need to meet him.

If I'm not mistaken, he was featured
in a magazine last week.

He is currently studying in England.

He's cute.

Enough of that.

Instead of talking about him...

... think about where
should we go to have lunch.

Very well. I'll ask the others first.

Seriously? Are you sure?
You've known him for two months...

... and now you want to marry him?

I surely won't do that.

If I want to marry, I'd need
five years to know him...

... and then I'd marry him.

Let it go.
I'm the one getting married, anyway.

That's better
than constantly being sinful.

Don't be so sure.

You may get married,
and next thing you know...

... you'll get a divorce after merely
three months like Niki here.

Yes, please talk openly about my past!

Calm down!


- Hey.
- How are you?

I'm fine. How are you?

I'm fine. Sorry. Jamie.


I'm sorry
I didn't introduce myself that time.

Excuse me, here's...

- ... my card.
- Thank you.


I'll go inside, then. Excuse me.

Nice to meet you all. Have a nice lunch.

He's exactly your type.
Where did you meet him?

Give me that.

Jamie Gondo Kusumo.

He works in an oil company.

He must be wealthy.

I'll spare you the story, okay?
It's a silly one.

So that's how it is now?
We're keeping secrets?

That's it, we're done.

It's not like that, Mira.

But the story is really silly.
It's like one of those Indian drama.

Indian dramas are good. They're romantic.

Go on, tell us how it happened.

It was about a week ago.

I was at the parking lot,
in the middle of the rain.

Suddenly, he was beside me.

He offered me his umbrella
and he escorted me to my car.

That's it. It's just that we didn't
introduce ourselves.

The power of romantic stones
are essential in this book.

We're attempting to return
to 90's stories or language.

According to market's analysis...

... hundreds of romance novels
were published monthly...

... using a more trendy romantic language.

I'm certain that a return to the past
wouldn't hurt.

I think eight months is enough
to get to know you.

Thank you, my love, for being there
with me throughout my days.

Not only will I be
with you throughout your days...

... I will also be with you always.

A year of our relationship...

... and we will get married.

I want you to promise me...

- ... when I've become your wife...
- I know what you'll ask of me.

I may not be unfaithful to you.
I must always be loyal to you.

I have to love you always.
I may never feud with you.

I have to call everyday,
and the most important thing...

... every time we meet,
I need to say "I love you".

- There's one more thing.
- What?

You may never smoke in the bathroom.

What about swimming in the sea
during the night?

That's allowed. Let's go.

What are you dreaming about?

You have a company.

Miss Olivia, you have a guest.

"Never cry when you fail in love."

You finally came.

So, where's your proposed script?

- You're here to give me flowers?
- There's nothing wrong...

... with changing my mind
about the reason I'm here.

Besides, it's perfectly understandable
that a man like me...

... would fall for a woman like you.

You're a bastard.

Miss, may I ask for a favor?

Please give it to her.

Thank you.

That man is so romantic.

It's time for you to open
your heart for other men, isn't it?

Forget Jamie. He hurt you.

He left you without any news
for six months.

And now there's Aryo.

Just consider Aryo
as God's gift for you, okay?

He's a best-seller writer,
which surely means he's intelligent.

He's handsome and has a great body.

He could easily
be an underwear model, couldn't he?

Olivia, love stories
are bitter to be reminisced...

... but beautiful
when the successor has arrived.

Take Eris for example...

... she just met her boyfriend and now
she's determined to get married.

Do you know how much
is his boyfriend's salary?

A meager two million rupiah.

What are you going to do
with just two million?

Just wipe Jamie from your mind.

I'm sure that you can accept Aryo.

You do know...

... that my love for Jamie runs deep.

I can't just forget about him so easily.


... even if he did leave me
without any reason...

... I have faith...

... that I will see him again someday.

You don't feel what I feel.

He's so deep in my heart.

I don't think that you're so sure
of ever seeing Jamie again.

He clearly has abandoned you.
There's no news of him for six months.

I think he's not a man, he's a criminal.

Mira is right.

Why do you insist on being loyal...

... to someone whom you
don't even know where he is now.

If he did return to New York,
why didn't he tell you?

You have to be realistic, Olivia.

I think six month is enough
to stop thinking about him.

"Move on, Babe."

Forget about him,
and open your heart for someone else.

Miss, you received flowers.
I put it on the table.

- From Jamie?
- No, Miss.

There's a letter along with them.
His name is Aryo.

He delivered them himself.

I know that you love red roses.

Anything in red represents
a courageous character.

Resolute and strong in principle.

I would choose a woman like you
as a companion.

I'm simply a man in love...

... not a villain who will
steal your heart.

He clearly has abandoned you.
There's no news of him for six months.

I think he's not a man, he's a criminal.

Why do you insist on being loyal...

... to someone whom you
don't even know where he is now.

If he did return to New York,
why didn't he tell you?

Forget about him,
and open your heart for someone else.



Have you received my delivery?

I have. Thanks, but...

I will not push you
to make a decision now.

Maybe I am but a silly man in love.

Love could drive man to act foolishly,
couldn't it?

Logic would be so far from expectations.

Even unrealistic in seeing things.

Whether he is worthy
for his loved one, or...

... he's too certain
that he would be loved.

Well, anyway, I'd like to take you
for dinner tonight.

You don't have to answer.
Cafe Amor. I'll be waiting, okay?


What? God, he's good.

Not only did he send you
flowers in the afternoon...

... he came to office, and he
asked you to have dinner together.

I'd give anything to have a man like him.

But think about it...

... how did he know my address?

How did he know that I love red roses?

He must have an "inside person".


Don't ever think that I'd do that.
I'd never do that.

I don't even know the man.

Although I'm a fan of his novels...

... I've never met him. I swear!

But there's no harm in accepting
his dinner invitation.

If you like each other, then go for it.

If you don't, you can always be friends.

It just perplexes me
that he knows so much about me.

My favourite colour.

He's a man in love.

Not only would he be determined enough
to know of your favourite colour...

... he may even find your
grandmother's name if he wants to.

- Miss.
- Yes?

- May I have the bill?
- Yes, you may.

- Can you postpone the bill?
- Yes, I can.

- Hey.
- Hey.

The Allied International Tribunal
in Nuremberg...

... pronounced a death sentence...

... to Hermann Goering
and six other Hitler's officials.

His was accused as a war criminal...

... committing aggression to peaceful
nations and theft of art objects.

But at that time,
the International Tribunal...

... was not being fair to Asian nations.

Take Netherland for example.

For years they colonized us...

... committed aggression, even...

... after we declared our independence.

That resulted in an aggression,
which was recorded in history...

... as a brutal one
and cost a lot of lives.

Renewal and modernization
in Islam is encouraged...

... as long as they don't deviate
from the conventions...

... which is the Quran and the Hadiths.

It was promised that once
every 100 years...

... there will be religious scholars
as renewal agents.

In our country, 100 years ago,
KH Ahmad Dahlan,...

... KH Hasyim Asy'ari, and Syeikh Abdul
Karim Amrullah were born.

We knew the latter
as Buya Hamka's father.

Cumin, pepper, and cilantro
are few of the spices for opor ayam.

That is a delicious traditional dish.

I shall cook some for you
sometime in the future.


I don't think that that's silly.

Maybe it's because a lot of people
disagree and fear such statement...

... as they consider it idiotic.

Maybe they simply dislike things
that are initially impropable,..

... which then turns probable.

The point is how do we
control our mind...

... to create something.

You're radical plus egocentric.

That is what I gleaned about yourself.

You're the 1000th person
who expressed that opinion.

But aren't enslaved nations...

... were built by the thoughts
of radical figures?

But you are wrong about myself.

Now, I'd like one question
from you about me.

Okay, My question is...

... what is your constant desire...

... yet it has never leave your life?

The rainbow.

Why? What's with the rainbow?

Well, the harmony of the colours
looks so beautiful.

There's a philosophy
behind the beautiful colours, and...

... it's God masterpiece,
a masterpiece that is so...

... romantic.

By the way, did you bring a car or...

I was in a hurry and to avoid
the traffic, I took a taxi.

And I've never been here.

Let's walk.


What memory are you still holding on to?

The memory
that I'm still holding on to...

... is my sadness when my father died.


The memory of rain.



I like the aroma of dried land
being showered by rain.

The small trickles look beautiful.

When the rain turns heavy,
it looks astonishing.

When I was little, I like to play
in the rain with my best friend.

It was as if we have our own world...

... a world oblivious
to people who knows love.

What is love for you?


Love is better if you
put soy sauce in it.

That reminds me of my boss
when he ordered a plate of satay.

I got an idea, why don't you
make an example of something?

- What kind of example?
- Take you boss as an example.

He ordered satay
but through the phone, didn't he?

Is your boss grumpy or...

Well, then do the order
while frowning and glaring.

- Try it.
- Okay.

Hello. I want 30 pieces of satays...

... with soy sauce, don't make it hot,
and don't take too long. I'm hungry!

Your boss must have been very fat,
ordering 30 satays like that.

Okay. That was not bad.

Let's go.




- Tell me!
- Just someone.

So it's like that now?

So, now you're keeping secrets?
That's it for us then.

Of course he smells good.

Then smell him.

Do you need me to accompany you?

- It's okay, I'll go with Aryo.
- Okay.

That's good then.

You can pry her heart off me.

You need to keep this a secret.

Even when I'm dead.


Why do you look restless?


It's because that I'm falling for her...

... that it has become a burden for me.

A burden?

It's like I'm living
between reality and fantasy.

It's a reality because...

... I'm beginning to fall in love.

But the happiness that I feel...

... is a fantasy for you.

I don't understand
why my life has become like this.

Are you regretting this?

You used to say...

... that you would give your afterlife
for my happiness.

I'm not regretting this, Jim.

I'm happy that your happy.

But, well...

... I...

I'm also...


- Jim.
- No, I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Would you like me to get you something?

Thank you.

I'd like get some rest for now.

I have an appointment
with the publisher tomorrow.

- Okay. Good luck.
- Thanks.

Be well.

I'd be happy if you're happy.

But I'll never be happy
if you're in pain, Jim.

I'd like to introduce you to my friends.

Thank you.

Okay. Just take them.

- They're funny and fun.
- Really?

One of them is a fan of yours.

Her name is Mira.

- I just introduced myself.
- Is she pretty?

See for yourself.

She's not bad.

Where did you meet her?

That night when I was wet because
of the rain...

... I offered her my umbrella.

I take her to her car. That's it.

You slick bastard.

I'll have the Caesar salad...

... and a glass of iced lemon tea
with no sugar.



You can have her if you like.

Please. I'm currently with a celebrity.

A celebrity? What celebrity?

You know that I'm going
to London next month.

Why bother offering a girl to me? Silly.

Well, it's better for you
to go back studying.

- I'll just have this one for me.
- Okay.

Study diligently.

Who are you looking at, Aryo?

No, I felt like I I had an idea, then...

... I just got carried away.

- I'd need to go to the toilet.
- Okay.

It's okay that I'm dropping by
to meet you here, isn't it?

I miss her.

Of course it's okay.

But you should also
think about your condition.

It's better for you to rest at home
rather than be out like this.

You have no idea what I feel.

This doesn't mean that I don't have
any right to meet her.

Well, I have no right
to forbid you to do this.

But it's risky for you
to be out with your condition.


I'll take her to the office.

Then, I'll come back here to pick you up.


Hey, Jim.

Your mother called, she said that
she'll be here next month.

I must find a way to avoid her.

Avoid her?

Where would you go?

Thailand? Singapore? Eropa?

Impossible, isn't it?

You better be honest
about your current condition.

Or you could go to New York...

... and be treated there.

Easy for you to say.

You refuse to go to New York because...

... you're afraid of losing Olivia
and never meeting her again.

Aren't you?

You're insane, Jim.

You torture yourself
simply to give way to your feelings.

What else would I try?

The doctor said
that I wont live that much longer.

You can say these things
because you're happy.

You want me to leave
so that you can be with Olivia.

How can you say that?

I'm saying this for your sake.

In New York, your mother can find
the best solution for your illness.

Your illness is dangerous, Jim.

Anorexia and liver cancer complication.

An eating disorder which made
your body lost weight.

You remember what the doctor said,
don't you?

It's very rare for a young person
such as you to have this illness.

I know better about my illness...

That means that you need
better treatment!

Don't you understand?

I went through all that treatment...

... but for me...

... seeing Olivia...

... is my medicine.

All I want now is just...

... to be able to see Olivia more often.

That's it.

Good evening.

Our show tonight is very special...

... because tonight we'll sing
a very special song...

... this song...

... is requested
by a gentleman named Aryo.

The lyric of this song
is dedicated for a lady...

... whom she loved very much, Olivia.

Baby, I love you

I found true love in you

Only with you

Baby, I need you

I don't know what I'll be without you

I need you

Let everyone else be curious

Our love is not for show

Let all the chains

Be rowdy

Disturbing our peace

Are you happy with me?

Why do you ask that?

Of course I'm happy.
I'm happy to be close to you.


It's nothing. I'm just making sure.

Because you still like
to reminisce about your ex, Jamie.

You're acting silly...

... asking such a strange question.

That's natural, isn't it?

Because maybe someday
he'll be back again.

You're not entirely sure
about me, are you?

Is not for show

Let all the chains

Disturbing our peace

Baby, I believe That you are meant for me

Baby, I'll take your sides

And bad sides

Baby I love you

Initially, it was difficult for me
to move on from him.

It's as if he's my first and last love.

I had to be realistic
and be free from my feelings.

Love requires logic
to find the path forward.

Why should you continue to love
someone who had hurt you?

I love you, Olivia.

I love you.

If you ask me about my feelings
for you in the next 1000 years...

... I'd still give you the same answer.

I believe that you are
an angel of love sent by God.

See? I can be a poet.

Let's go home.

But it's raining.

Let's just go through it.

- Seriously?
- Come on.

Let's go.


Wake up, Babe.




You're so beautiful.

Thank you.

What are you doing? Please, don’t!

Just once.

Fine. Just once.

- Okay, that's it.
- This is good.

What's your name?

Olivia Perwira Negara.

The man you love the most...

... what's his name?

Abimanyu Aryo Putrojati.

Thanks, Babe.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Come with me. Come on.

Every time I had a lot of things
on my mind or stressed out...

... I love to come to this place.

This place.


What are you doing?
This is dangerous, you...

This is scary!

Babe! What are you doing? Stop this!

This could increase the adrenaline.

To smoothen our blood flow.

Okay. Stop this! Please, get down!

- This is dangerous.
- Okay, I'll get down.

You're being silly.

Are you okay?

I used to do this with my best friend.

He's more than my best friend.

Ever since both of my parents died...

... he asked me to live
along with his parents.

He's so kind.

He hold our friendship in high regard.


... he's ill.

What's his illness?

Anorexia and liver cancer complication.

How sad. May I see him?


Someday you have to meet him.

He's getting more beautiful.

Why were you
getting rained on in the cafe?

Were you in the cafe last night?

I wasn't able to sleep.

Then I caught up with you.

- I didn't disturb you, anyway.
- Jim.

If this goes on, then, honestly...

... I'd rather break up with her.

I will do whatever favour
you asked of me. I will.

You asked me to be with her...

... because you were afraid
that he'd be with someone else.

But now you're torturing yourself.

I don't want my relationship
with Olivia to cause you any pain.

I told you,
I'm not disturbing your relationship.

I was there to look at her.

Besides, to miss her...

... is natural, isn't it?

I know you love her.

When I looked at her in the beginning...

- ... I knew that you also liked her.
- Am I wrong?

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong to love Olive?

I am helping you,
but I cannot fake love, Jim.

Don't you think it's a burden for me
every time I go out with her?

He's your girlfriend.
My bestfriend's girlfriend.

Don't you think that this torments me?

Don't just think about
your own feelings, think about mine.


I don't even know how long
we can keep this a secret from Olivia.

I do love Olivia, but if you're cured,
and I believe you will be...

... I'm ready to let her go...

... to go back to you.

That's what I always tell myself,
and I hope you do that, too.

I really should thank you.

If Olivia is with someone else...

... I can no longer see her.

But to really let her go...

... it won't be as easy, Aryo.

Olivia will always be yours.

You will always be in her heart.


I am simply a cub in a hunt.

When it's mother is missing...

... the cub will be the victim.

I'm sorry.

But I can't let her be yours.

I love her so much.

Hi, Babe.

Okay, I'll pick you up in half an hour.


Your book is cool.

Metal, Love, and a Prayer Mat.

A "metalhead" and the son
of a religious scholar.

It's really represents myself, you know?

But that's what I don't understand...

... why does being a metalhead...

... is always associated
with having tattoos?

But you always do your prayers?

Of course. Otherwise my father
would beat me up, you know?

Take me as an example.

I have an unkempt hair,
tattoos, and am a metalhead.

But my heart remains "Rhoma Irama".

Rhoma Irama.

Metalheads these days
know how to dress themselves.

Avenged Sevenfold, for example.

They dress attractively,
so girls would also like them, right?

If we talk about love,
in your perspective...

... as a person who can be considered
to have experienced a tough life...

... how do you treat your lover...

... or maybe later, your wife?

Just like you would, Bro.
Like right now, you brought her here.

This means that you are
bringing her into your world.

I think love is...

... a devotion to preserve feelings...

... whether that person is yours,
or belongs to someone else.

Are you sure?

Insya Allah.

- Okay.
- Insya Allah.

Let's jump together, okay?

This is scary, Jamie, I'm scared.

Fear is just a feeling.
You have to learn to throw it away.

Yes, but this is dangerous.

It's only water in there.
It's deep enough. Okay?

Hold me.
I'll count to three. One, two,...

... three!



That could be my last rose.

You don't have to worry.

I'm not worried about
your relationship with her.

I'm worrying about your condition.
Your health.

Your past with her
is so deeply embedded in your heart.

Give your heart a little space.
Just a little.

So you can forget it all.

Your illness is not the only thing
torturing you right now.

But your feeling is too strong
in her soul.

You are tormenting yourself!

If I don't torment myself...

... I wouldn't have let you
take her from me.

You, who makes he happy.

If you want her to be happy,
leave everything about her.

Go to New York,
get yourself treated there.

I promised Olivia
that someday she'll met you.

Thank you for the flower, Babe.

Did you cook?

Yes, I made you an opor.
I did promise you.

You're so kind.

I love you.

I love you, too.

What? He cooked opor for you?

I'd give anything
to have a boyfriend like Aryo.

He's good-looking and cooks.
He's the greatest!

Well, just pray to God that Aryo
isn't a "limited edition" type.

This morning was the best
breakfast I had in my life.

I really envy you!

Olivia, I want Aryo to cook for me!

Good morning, Sir.

I really want to taste his cooking.

Relax, we'll plan a party soon.

Eat well, okay?
You're hungry, aren't you?

Why does Eris's man look like
a sack of potatoes?

He's constantly
stuffing food in his face.

Leave him be. This is a party, after all.

I hope to God that I won't have
that kind of a man.

He'd be fatter and I'd be thinner.

Hey. So many people!

Be patient, okay? It's being cooked.

For the time being,
just enjoy what's here, okay?


- What are you going to do?
- I'm throwing out the garbage.

Leave it, let me do it later.

It's okay. It'll smell bad soon.

The opor is ready! Come on!

You're hungry, aren't you? Dig in!

Which one would you want to eat?

Babe, were we being too rowdy?

I just saw an old man next door.

I'm worried that we might be
too noisy for him.

And old man?

Yes, in the next apartment.

Why are you still talking?
Come here and eat!

Go ahead.


She's happy.

Are you sure that you can keep her happy?

She will be happy with me.

And I'll make her happy for you.

What is she doing now?


... typing.

I love you.

Are you sure that she...

... really loves you?


Does she still love me?

She does.


I'd like to introduce you
to my mother in New York.

She has a lot of business there
and is really busy...

... so she can't come here.

And as a surprise for you...

What is it Jamie?

We'll get married.

- What has bonded...
- What has bonded...

- ... will remain preserved.
- ... will remain preserved.

- Without disavowment and betrayal.
- Without disavowment and betrayal.

- To love until the end of time.
- To love until the end of time.

- None may divide us.
- None may divide us.

- Amen.
- Amen.

- Hi, Olivia.
- Hi.

- How was the opor last night?
- It was great.

When are you getting married?

Just pray for me.













I want to go to Semarang.


Nobody's there anymore.

I just want to reminisce,
before I move to America.

You remember what it was like, don't you?

We used to stand on the rooftop...

... waiting for the falling star.

Just to make a wish.

So that the both of us could...

... marry the same woman.

That was silly.


It's time to realize
that it will never come to pass.

It was simply a childhood memory
which was swept away by time.

Don't worry, Aryo.

I feel that my time is close.

Why do you talk like that?

I'd still return to Semarang.

I'd like to be close to Dad's grave.

Before I die.

How's Olivia?

My sweetheart.

I've been keeping her smiling.

I showered her heart with rain...

... hoping that the pain
would be swept away.

We'll go to Singapore tomorrow.

I'm afraid, Aryo.

I'm afraid of losing her.

To lose everything.

You will never lose Olivia.

I will take care of her. For you.

I shall do everything to make her happy.

Because you love her?

I also have your love in my heart.

I will give equally as big to Olivia.

I will always keep that in mind.

That's my fear.

To lose my place in her heart.

You will never be gone from her heart.

Olivia always hold you tightly.

In every moment, at every time.

She will always keep
her first love in her heart.

Trust me.

What did you say?

- Jim.
- What did you say?

She will never erase me from her heart?

She will remember the person
who abruptly left her life?

The person who hurt her?

The person who made her cry everyday?

- Jim...
- Bullshit!

Hey, Jim.

- Bullshit!
- Jim.

I'm sorry, Jim.

Calm yourself, Jamie.


I will no...

I will no longer...

... try...

... to let you have Olivia.

I want you to break up with her.

Break up with her.

My love for her runs very deep,
and now you...

You're asking me to just
uproot everything? Just like that?


You're a sadist, Jim.

My pain? Fine! For you!

But Olivia? How could you do that to her?

Olivia, Jamie!

I can't believe you could do that, Jamie.

I'm sorry.

I just don't want to lose my place...

... in her heart.



What is it, Olivia?

I don't know. It's difficult
to reach Aryo since last night.

Are you having a quarrel?

This is him. Just a moment, okay?

Where have you been, Aryo?
I can't reach you since last night.


Sorry, I overslept.

No. Nothing happened.

Okay, I'll pick you up soon, okay?


What's with you? You look disoriented.

Is it so difficult to talk about it?

You've been quiet. You've been
saying that nothing happened.

I'm confused.

I can no longer...

I can no longer be with you.

What do you mean?

I don't understand, Aryo. You...


I don't need any explanation from you.

I'm just surprised...

... that you're not the man
that I thought you were.

Nothing happened,
and suddenly you say this to me?

You're a bastard!

You heartless jerk!

I've loved you so much...

... and you disappoint me so easily?




I worshipped him, Mira.

Can't he feel all the things
that I had given him?

How else should I love him?

Can't he feel what I feel?

He left me just like that, Mira.

It hurts.

I'm sorry.

You would understand it completely
if you're in my shoes.

I will explain everything.

All this time, I've kept it a secret...

... everything I didn't tell you about...

About my bestfriend and I.

I really don't understand, Aryo.

What are you talking about?

Hello, Jim, where are you?

I'm in a bus, Aryo.

- Where are you going?
- I told you.

I want to go to Semarang.

You could've told me,
I could take you there.

I left the hospital two hours ago.

I'm also enjoying the view on the way.

She's there, isn't she?

Yes. She's here.

I can't keep this from Olivia
any longer, Jim.

I just want her to know that there are...

... two friends who would like
to see her happy.

He's here for you, Jim.

I'm sorry, Aryo.


Jim? Jamie?

What is it, Aryo?

He left for Semarang two hours ago.

I have to catch up to him.

I have to catch up to him.


Forgive me, Olivia.

Forgive me.

I fell in love with you ever since
I met you the first time.

I'm sorry.

Aryo! You're not worthy to play with us!

Your mother and father
are dead, aren't they?

You again! Face me! I'll finish you off!

Enjoy your meal, Miss.

Thank you.

Let me pick it up, okay?

Hello? Good morning.

Miss. It's Jamie.



An accident?

How do you know each other?


Mrs Kusumo?


I'm Jamie's mother.

Forgive me.

Please forgive Aryo.

We are simply...

... two friends who...

... would like to see you be happy.

I'm happy to be with you both.

Aryo taught me...

... that there's a value
in loving selflessly.

There's a future out of the memory
which I need move on to.

You taught me...

... and guided me...

... to accept the ways of sincerity.