Broken (2012) - full transcript

The story of a young girl in North London whose life changes after witnessing a violent attack.

(breathing heavily)

(baby crying)

♫ Blue is where l want to be

♫ When I'm down I'm in the sea

♫ Looking up at monsters in the clouds

♫ Red's the colour when you're dead

♫ If you find me gone, I'm just in bed

♫ Reading up on fairy tales instead


♫ Now l know so many things

♫ Got feet and l got wings

♫ To carry me back home

♫ To my house that's made of bricks

♫ Well, that's just such a fix

♫ To ever hold me down

♫ White is what I was to start

♫ Broken by my open heart

♫ Dum-de-dee-dee

♫ Dee-dee, dum-de-dum ♫

(Skunk) Hi, Rick.

Hi, Skunk.

That looks good.

Oh, um. . .

Yeah, you have to do
the water first. . . Um. . .

And then the suds
and then the water again,

um, to like. . .

rinse it.

ls it hard?

Oh, it's. . . it's really hard.

But l. . . l like it. . .
l like it when something's clean

'cause you, you see it dirty
and then you clean it,

and then it's. . . (stutters) . . .clean
and you wash it

and it's clean
and then it's done. (chuckles)

Cool. l'll see you later, yeah?

See you.

Hi, Mr Oswald.

Hello, darling.

(Rick grunts) Ah!

No! No!

(Rick screams)


Are you okay, Rick?

(door opens)

-(Mrs Buckley) Rick? Rick!

Dave! Dave!

Skunk, go home!
Go back into your house.

(Skunk) lt was Mr Oswald.

Oh, my God. Oh, my. . .


My baby. My. . .

(Skunk) Jed.

-(police chatter on radio)
-Can l come with you?

Can l come in the same car?

-Would that be okay, if l come with him?
- l'm afraid not.

You're more than welcome to. . .

(Mr Buckley) We'll, um,
drive down behind.

(Jed) l don't get it.
Why is Rick the one they arrest?

-(engine starts)
-(Skunk) l don't know.

(Bob) Fucking give it to me!
(Saskia) Dad, fuck off! No.

-(Sunrise shouts indistinctly)
-(Bob) Thank you. Come on, everyone.

(Saskia whining) Dad!
What are you doing?

(Bob sings indistinctly)

(Sunrise shouting) Shut up!

Shut up! You're too fat to sing.

Shut up.

-(Saskia) Susan?

-Are you in my fucking room?


(upbeat music playing on TV)

What the fuck is this?

-Who have you been having sex with?
-l haven't!

l didn't even know what it was!

Oh, don't give me that bullshit.
Where did you get it?

-l stole it.
-Bullshit. Stole it from who?

-l ain't. . .
-Huh? l taught. . .

Didn't l teach you?

-Keep your fucking legs shut.

Give me his name.
Give me his fucking name!

Right. (mutters) Here you. . .

(Susan) No, Dad !
(Saskia) Not the telly.

l will !

Give him his name,
you stupid fucking twat!

(man on TV) ♫ Up

♫ Across and thrust, thrust, thrust

What the hell are you looking at?

You dirty perv.

Rick Buckley.

Rick Buckley?

He forced himself on you, didn't he?

No, no, we, we. . .

-Jesus Christ. The animal.

The dirty, retarded fucking animal.

-Hi, Mr Oswald.
-Hello, darling.

(Rick grunts) Ah!

-Hello, Mr Oswald.
-l want to report a rape.


(Dr Mortimer) All right.
You can put your clothes back on.

You are a fucking prick!

-You do your fucking job!
-(policeman) You talk to me like that. . .

-This fucking rapist. . .
-Just calm. . .

-. . . needs to be put behind bars!
-Calm down, Mr. . .

(Dr Mortimer)
Your daughter has not been raped.

(Bob) What the fuck
are you talking about?

(Dr Mortimer) Your daughter's a virgin,
Mr Oswald.

She's never had intercourse.

-'Course she fucking has! She's. . .
-Dad. Dad, she's right.

lt never happened.


-l only said it did because. . .
-Susan. . .

(sobbing) You wouldn't believe what
l told you and l didn't want you

-to smash up the telly.
-Susan, Susan, Susan. Susan.

All right, you don't have to be afraid.

-Mr Oswald. . .
-Shut up.

-Mr Oswald. . .
-Shut up!

Of them. Of him.

You don't have to be afraid.

(keys jangling)

(door opens)

(policeman) Do you want to press
charges, Mr Buckley, against Mr Oswald?

l want to go home.

(Mrs BuckIey sighs)

They should all be put in a home.

-(Mr Buckley) They should.
-Him in a jail.

Are you all right, love?

Bloody animals.



-(Archie) How are your IeveIs?

(Skunk) Good.

How was your day?

He hit him really hard, Dad.

So l heard.

You want to talk about it?


Do you want me to stay with you
till you fall asleep?

That's okay.

-Can l have my hand back?
-Yeah. (chuckles)

-Good night, love.

-Where the hell did l put my glasses?
-Red sofa.

Oh, right.

(Kasia hums)

-(Kasia) Archie.
- Yeah.

lt's Tuesday. My wages.

Oh, crap. Um, can l pay you tonight?

-l won't forget, l promise.

-Ooh. Early riser.
-(Jed) What time is it?

lt's ten past eight.

(sighs) Oh, l thought it was like
eleven or something.

(Archie) Where do you think
you're going?

(Jed) To lie down.

No, you're not. Get back in here.
Get your breakfast.

-(Skunk) Bye, Dad.
-Yeah, bye, love.

All right?

(Jed) Scrambled egg?

Do we not have anything better?

(Kasia) We have scrambled egg.


Nothing. l'll be out in the back.

-(Jed) What?

(Skunk) l'm just saying, cancer and all.
You'll catch it.

(Jed) Yeah, well,
you make your choices, don't you?

So annoying.

(Skunk) lt's gonna be great.


-A secret room.
-Come on.

Not a room. A camp.

A base.

A lair.



A lair.

-Quick, take my picture.

-Take my picture in front of it.

Come on !

(knock on door)


l'm sorry.

(Kasia laughs) No, no. Stop.


(Skunk) Gross.

(Jed) Nice move.

(Kasia whispers) Stop, stop.

Hi, guys.

(Mike) Come on. Look, this is a six.
(Skunk) That's cheating.

(Jed) What? Stop doing that.
(Mike) This is a nine. Come on.

(Skunk) Mike.
(Mike) Yeah?

(Skunk) When you're a teacher. . .
(Jed) Blue.

. . .will you still bring us treats
and stuff?

Uh, no.
That's all gonna have to end, Skunk.


Well, you see, the relationship
between student and teacher

-is by its nature. . .
-(Jed) You won't be our teacher.

-Well, you never know, Jed.

-By nature is what?
-Well, it's adversarial.

-What does that mean?
-(whispers) Go.

Well, it means that it'll be my job
to see you as the enemy.

-He's full of shit.
-Somebody only worthy of my contempt.

-(Kasia) Mike!
-And you'll begin to see me

-that way too.

-Whose go is it?
-(all) Yours.


-l won't ever see you that way, Mike.
-(Jed, sarcasticaIIy) Aw.

-lt's 'cause you're in love with him.
-No, l'm not!

(Mike) Guys, guys.

ln my experience, the person
who brings up the subject of love

is more often than not
the person who is in love.

-Shut up.

-You're blushing, Jed.

What about you two? Are you in love?

Mike and l? Of course.

Then why aren't you married yet?

(Jed) That's the question.


(Kasia) All good?
(Skunk) Uh-huh.


Close your curtains.

(Archie) Have you called Dr Curtis?

Oh, yes, but he says, uh,
he can't act in any way

without Rick's permission.

-Which he won't give.
-This is what l'm saying.

He won't come out
of his bedroom, Archie.

(Mr BuckIey) Janet sits outside
his door aII day

trying to taIk to him, and nothing.

(sighs) l'm sorry to drop in on you
like this, out of the blue,

but l just. . .
You know, l just thought. . .

l thought, "Well, Archie, he's a. . .
a solicitor and. . ."

So you want. . .
you want to take this matter further?

You want to make this a legal matter?

Bloody legal action?
No, no, no. Forget it. Uh. . .

l don't want anything more
to do with the bastard.


Why not?

Because l'm scared of him.

l'm just really bloody scared of him.

(Mrs BuckIey) And you went
under the water.

Five years old.

And your father ran so fast
across those stones to get you.

And he got you.

He saved you.

-And then. . .
-(doorbell chiming)

Hello, Mrs Buckley. ls Rick in?


Don't know.

Just thought he might like
to hang out or something.

He's ill, love. He can't come out.

Oh. . .

-Okay, well. . .
-Goodbye now, love.


(door closes)

(keys jangling)

(footsteps approaching)

(Mrs Buckley) And anyway. . .

Then we bought you
that Matchbox tank.

Do you remember?
For being so brave.

And you tried to give it
to your dad

because he'd cut his feet up

running over those stones.

So kind, you were, so. . .

l mean,
what five-year-old in the world. . .

would have done that, huh?

Um. . .

(mumbling) Stupid.

-Hello, Archie.

What can l do for you?

l was wondering
if we could have a little chat.


Yeah, absolutely.

Okay, well, um. . .

l know things have been. . .tough for you
since Barbara passed away, you know?

For you and for the girls, you know?
And what with. . .

everything that's
been happening lately. . .

l just. . . l wanted you to know that,
you know, if ever you wanted to talk. . .


Fuck off, Archie, will you?

All right. Um. . .

Well, what l wanted
to ask you was, uh. . .

if you could ask your girls
to give the Buckleys a break.

They've been having
a tough time of it lately.

-Have they?

That's really awful. (sniffs)

When was the last time
you cried, Archie?


-l don't know. Why?
-'Cause the next time you will

is the next time that you criticise
my girls. . . No, hang on.

. . . in any fucking way
whatsoever, all right?

They're out of bounds.

And if Buckley can't take
a little friendly fucking ribbing,

then he's more of a pathetic prick
than l thought he was.

Now, l'm having my dinner, mate,
so if you don't mind fucking off.


(Jed) You know what'd make it better?

A Blu-ray player.

Yeah, well,
you can't have everything, Jed.

No, l'm just saying.

l got you that ashtray, didn't l?

That's what l'm saying, Skunk.
lt's brilliant.

lt's the best ever.

-Be great if we never had to go back.
-What, to school?


l don't know. l'm kind of
looking forward to going, actually.

Oh, first year.


Sometimes when you're walking
down the corridors,

-the older kids will punch you.

ln the stomach.

(Skunk shrieks)

(Dillon) ldiots!

-Watch where you're going, will you?
-(Jed) Listen, mate,

it's not our fault
you can't ride your bike.

lt's not my bike.
And l can ride it. Watch this.

Whose is it, then?

-That is a travesty.
-(Dillon) Hang on, hang on.

Right, you ready?


Hey! You thieving little spastic!

l'll kill you !

l'll kill you ! l'll bloody kill you !


-What the fucking hell?

Fucking hell ! (gags)

So who do you live with, then?

My auntie.

-Where's your dad?
-He's dead.


He was killed in a fire,
along with my mum.

-That's terrible.
-And my sister.

l don't give a shit.
l was only five or six at the time.

(Skunk) Oh.

(Jed) Wow. Cool.

Our mum ran away
with an accountant from Birmingham.

Yeah? So are you a lesbian?


You look like a lesbian.

What does a lesbian look like?

Kind of ugly.

(Jed) Oi, Skunk!

(Mrs Buckley) No, but just stop
them taking him.

Dave, why don't you
just go in there and do something?

-(Mr Buckley) Calm down. l'm really. . .
-Sort it out, for Christ's sake.

(Sunrise) He's coming !

(Mrs Buckley) Rick, Rick.
You've done nothing wrong, Rick.

Here he is.

(Saskia) Get the straitjacket.
(Mrs Buckley) Stop it!

(Sunrise) Lock him up!
(Mrs Buckley) Rick! Rick! l love you.

Put him in a padded fucking cell,
the psycho.

(Sunrise) Cut his knob off.

(Saskia) Feed it to him.

(Sunrise) His donkey fucking knob!

Hee-haw, hee-haw!

(Saskia laughs)

(Kasia) Jed.

(Jed) Has Rick gone mental?
(Kasia) Shut up and go inside.

Where are you going?

(Jed) He's coming in to play Xbox.
(Kasia) No, he's not.

Off you go back to your halting site.

(Dillon) l ain't no pikey.
(Jed) That's racist, Kasia.

-Sorry, mate. She's Polish.
-(Kasia) Skunk!

-You don't look like a lesbian.

No? So why'd you say l did, then?

-l don't know.
-Because l'm ugly?

No, you're not.

You're really pretty.

-Am l?
-(laughs) No. You're ugly.

(DiIIon) See ya.

(Mr Buckley) Well, sitting outside his
bedroom door all day's not gonna help.

lt's that kind of babying. . .

-(Mrs Buckley) Babying?

You don't know whether you're coming
or going. Look at yourself.

When did you last have a shower?

-Our son is sick.
-Give him a break.

-Our son needs to know l'm here!
-Calm down. . . Well, l'll. . .

Please, don't. Please, don't.

(Mr BuckIey)
Rick, get out of this room !

Rick, open this door.
lf you don't open this door. . .

l'm. . . Rick, l'm coming in, you. . .

-Ah !

(Mr BuckIey)
l asked the doctor they had there

how long they could keep him in,
and, uh. . .

he said, indefinitely.

-ls that true?

Well, um. . .

lf a patient's been sectioned,

they have the right to keep them in
as long as they see fit.

(Mr BuckIey) I see.

(Archie) I'm sorry, Dave.

(Skunk) What's it like?

l don't know. l don't know.

ls it like
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?


-Stop it!
-Wait, hang on. You saw that?

(Jed) Kasia fell asleep
in front of the telly one night.

Oh, my God. Was she drinking?

-What? l'm joking.

-(Skunk) They cut a part

-of his brain out.
-(Mike) Who?


-Stop it!
-(Kasia) Jed.

(Mike) Look, listen, that is not
gonna happen to Rick, okay?

-Are you sure?

-How do you know?
-Because l just know.

That sort of stuff, you know,
it just isn't. . .

-(moans) . . .done any more.
-Ugh. Stop it.

All right,
let's go and make these things fly.


(all laugh)

(Mike) . . .fucking obsessing !
Every single. . .

(Kasia) lt's because you're avoiding. . .
l'm not obsessing about a thing.

(Mike) Why can't we just have
a normal. . .

(Mike, whispering) Why can't
we just have a normal conversation?

When l come over here,
it's my life, my life. What am l doing?

Can l just live my life? l'm getting
this job because you asked me. . .

(Kasia) What are you doing with me?

You know what, l am fucking out of here.

l was just about to say
that you should. . .

(Mike) l'm actually going !
So there you go!

-(Kasia) Where are you going now?
-Fucking home to my manky flat.

(Kasia) Asshole.

l mean, why the hell
are you with a person

unless you plan
to stay with that person, you know?

-(Mike) Fucking out of here!
-(screams indistinctly)

(Kasia) Fucking coward. AsshoIe.


Are you and Mike splitting up?

Go to bed.

(Kasia) And the things he said to me. . .

-You know what he called me?

-Obsessive fucking bitch.

Fuck you !

l'm just so worn out with it, Archie,
you know?

Well, we could sue him, l suppose.

-Yeah, for what?
-l don't know.

Dereliction of premarital duty.

Very funny.
How about just for being a dick?

-Yeah, we could get him for that.
-A lazy dick.

He values his freedom too much,
his comforts.

Well, most men do.
That's why we need that push.

l've been pushing long enough.

Four years.
l'm 35 years old, you know?

-Fuck off. l can't wait any more

l just can't.

-(Archie) ls that my wine?

(doorbell rings)

What are you doing here?

Just thought l'd knock about.

Jed isn't here.

(Skunk) So angry.
And she was crying and. . .

-l think she really loved him.

(Skunk) l think she wanted them
to get married. Or buy a house.

-Or have a baby maybe.

-l would have married him.


(crane whirring)

Oh, wow.

Come on !

Oh, wow.

Dillon !

This is really cool. lt's like. . .

Come in.

-You're a really cool girl.

For a lesbian.


Do you want a Nik Nak?

No, thanks.

Must be a pain
not being able to eat what you want.

Do you want to be my girlfriend?


Can l have a kiss?

M. . . Maybe later.

All right, but later
my mouth's gonna be all Nik-y Nak-y.

All right. But not a splasher.

-A what?
-No swirly tongues.

(chuckles) Okay.

(Jed) Look, you've got pretty ears.
lt doesn't hurt that much.

-(laughs) Get off. lt hurts.
-Stop it.

(both laughing)

Get your arms out.

-There, one up your nose.
-No, no. (laughs)

Look, if you keep moving your arms,
l can't give you a lovely nose piercing.

-Get off.
-You look so pretty.

Give me your eyebrow.

-There we go.
-(Skunk gurgles)

(Kasia) All right, guys.
Come on, bed.

-But we're doing our books.
-(Skunk laughs)


(Skunk whines) Dad.

Come on, do as you're told.
Big day tomorrow.

Night, Dad.

-Good night, love.
-Good night.

Very attractive.

-(Jed growls)
-Yeah, all right, yeah. Good, yeah.

(Jed chuckles)

Hey, where's mine?

(both) Night, Kasia.

Very funny.

-And don't forget teeth !
-(Skunk laughs)

You want a drink?

(Jed) And if you're wearing trainers,
they'll stomp on them. Bang !

And if your hair's too long,

what they'll do is
they'll grab it from behind.

-All right. Stop!
-And they'll just start. . .

(sighs) You need to know
about this stuff, Skunk.

The better prepared you are,
the better you'll do.

So, what they do
is they grab your hair from behind

and they just start snipping away
with a pair of scissors.

-So you pick your moment.

And you let them know
the arrangement.

Yeah. . . What?

-The deal.

And then they know where they stand.

-Which is. . .

-Absolutely fucking nowhere.


-lt's funnier later on.

(Kasia) What about Rachel?

What about her?

(Kasia) lf she walked in right now,

would you take her back?

You must be joking.

-Not even for the kids?

So they could live in fear
of her walking out again

whenever she felt like it?
No, thank you very much.

They wouldn't even know

who she was.

Poor Archie.

Poor Kasia.

l'm off to bed.

All right, then.

-Good night.
-Good night.

You can follow me up if you want.


(Skunk) Dad?

Dad !

Why aren't you in bed?

Jed said l was gonna get
my head flushed down the toilet.

-By who?
-ln school.

-And you believed him?
-And punched in the stomach.

Yeah, l believe him. He said it's. . .

He said it's tradition.

l was told the very same thing
when l was your age.

-That's the tradition.
-What is?

Putting the fear of God
into the first years.

Nothing's gonna happen to you.

Come on, then. Up you get.

-Good night.

Dad, will you lie next to me
till l go to sleep?

Dad !

(overlapping chatter)

My God, Mike!

-lt's Mr Kiernan in school, Skunk.

-Not Mike.
-Oh, right.

Well, in that case
you can call me Miss Cunningham.

(chuckles) Fair enough.

Okay, everyone. My name is Mr Kiernan.

(school bell rings)

Uh, Miss Cunningham.

Yes, Mr Kiernan?

Um, how is Kasia?

Kasia's fine.

Will you, um, say hi to her for me?

Do you have a message back?

l do.


Excuse me?

lt's what she said.

(Fiona) How many did you get?

-(Skunk) A hundred.

And one of the long ones.

"l must not use
inappropriate language. . ."

What the hell did you just do that for?

Sit down. Give me some money.

-Some money.

-'Cause l want some.

And if you don't, my sister's
gonna kick the fucking shit out of you.

-(Fiona) How much?
-All you got. Get it all out.

You as well.

Go on, quick! Hurry up!

Now, every week, from next week on,
l want £2 from each of you.


That's what it costs
to stay off the list.

-(Fiona) What list?
-The list of fucking death, bitch.

Here's your shit fucking loser's
out-of-date fucking mobile.

-lt's broken.
-(Fiona) What?

The cow. The absolute fucking ugly. . .

Go on.

-How many did you get?
-Two hundred.

Must be one of the bad ones.

Can l get a new phone?

-You've got a phone.
-lt broke.

-Can l get a new one?

Why not?

You should have taken better care
of the old one.

(Skunk) lt would make me so happy.

Quiet, Skunk.

l'd just be the happiest child.

l'm trying to work, love.

(knocking on door)

♫ I'd be deIirious! ♫

lt's just not fair.

-l don't care.
-You don't care about me.

Yeah, he doesn't care about me.

(mimics telephone ringing)

Go away, Skunk!

He hates me. That's what he said.

-Stop it.

Please, Dad.

-He wishes l was dead.




l don't want to hear it again.

Do you understand me?

Do you understand me? !

(Jed, mockingIy) Emily.

(Dillon) What time is it?
(Skunk) Ten past ten.

(Skunk) Do you think
he's learnt his lesson yet?

-(girl yelps)
-Who's this?

(Susan laughs)

(Skunk) Susan Oswald.


No, she's not.

-Told you.


They call that fell-at-io.

(Susan moaning)

l have to go home.

(Kasia) Where have you been?
Why didn't you call?

l don't have a phone.

You little brat!
How dare you do what you just did !

Sit down !


Yes, she's here. She's fine.

(Skunk) Sorry, Dad.

(breathes heavily)

(Skunk) Dad.

My levels are off.

(Archie) You can never forget
how important this is.

l know.

l know it's routine, l know it's hard. . .

-Say it's okay, Dad.

l said l was sorry.

Now you have to say it's okay.

lt's okay.

What would you do if l died, Dad?

l can't even answer that question.

Would you cry?


A lot?

l don't think l'd ever stop.

What if l. . .

(groans and gasps)

(laughs) Stop!

-Get off!

Get off!


-Tell about the night l was born.

-Go on.
-l don't know. Why?

-The night, or the. . .
-The dream.

-Please. Come on.
-No. Not again.

-Tell me.
-Why do you. . .

-l don't even know why you like this.
-l just do. Come on.

-All right, well, it's about this woman.

-And different times in her life.
-Different moments. Yes.

-Different moments.
-Like what?

-l can't remember.

-l can't remember.
-Try .

-Um. . . Well, some of them are sad.

-But most of them are happy.

(Skunk) And the woman was me.

(Archie) And the woman was you.

And the dream was my future.

l don't know about that.

l mean, that's what it felt like,
yeah, but, yeah. . .

But what did l look like?


You're nice.


And then you woke.

And then l woke, and l was happy
and l was sad all at the same time.

And Mum was there.

She was the one that woke me up.

And she said. . .

(both) "Archie, she's here."

-Meaning me.
-Meaning you.

Well, you were the one
about to be born, weren't you?


Oh, Skunk.

-l can't help it.
-l know.

(Archie) You're such a strange girl.

(Skunk sniffs)

Wah !

Come on, let's get this done.

Here, you do it.

(Skunk humming)

♫ Looking up at monsters
in the clouds

♫ Red's the colour when you're dead

♫ Find me gone, l'm just in bed

♫ Reading up on fairy tales... ♫

(door opens)

Skunk, we can go in now, love.

-Hi, Skunk.

(Mr Buckley) Why don't you
sit down there, Skunk?

(Skunk) Okay.

-How are you?
-(Skunk) l'm fine.

-Why are you talking like that?
-(Mr Buckley) lt's his medication.

-Talking like what?
-Kind of groggy.

Am l?

(all chuckle)

Wow. You've got your own telly and all.

Oh, yeah. You know, l. . .
l watch, um. . .

-l'm sorry.
-No, no.

-How's school?
-(Skunk) lt's fine.

We're actually on a half day today.

-lsn't she good to come, Rick?
-Yes, she is.

-She asked to, you know.
-She's really good.

l always thought
Skunk was really good, didn't l?

-(Mrs Buckley) Uh-huh.
-l don't know.

(all laughing)

What was it like?


You know,
when you went kind of mad?

-That's. . .
-ls it all right if l say that?

Actually, it's really hard to describe.

But it's kind of like
there was a toxic cloud.

-A toxic cloud?
-Yeah, or a. . .

a mist of evil or something.


-Or badness.

-(both laugh)

ls it there right now?

(Mrs Buckley) Uh. . . Less.

ln fact, Dr Sinclair was saying
at this rate of improvement,

Rick might be able to come home
for the weekend.

-lsn't that right, son?

-Not, not now.
-No, no, no.

-No, not now.
-(Mr Buckley) No, not now.

But soon.


(Dillon) l had an uncle
who was a nutter like that.

-Thought he had worms in his hair.
-Oh, yeah?

Yeah, like nesting there.

Shaved it all off.
Been bald ever since.

-ls he better, though?
-No, he's worse.

He lives in Florida now.
D'you know, they have lizards there.

-Lizards, millions of 'em,

just walking round the streets.

(in American accent)
"Hey, how you doin'?"


You and l should go sometime,
d'you know that?


l don't know. One day.

Why? Would you come
if l asked you to?


What about that guy
you're in love with?

-That teacher.

He'd understand.
l'm in love with you as well.

Sweet. They call that
a "ménage à trois."

What does that mean?

Love triangle.

-Give us a kiss.

Nice one.

(Fiona) l don't know. lt was like. . .

l think he just switched off
or something. Click.

Click and he just wasn't there
any more.

(Sunrise) Hello, fatty.

l haven't got it.

You haven't got it?

-Are you fucking joking?
-Let me go.

Let go!

(stifles laughter)

-Fucking laughing?
-No. l'm sorry, Sunrise.

Bitch, you're gone!

History, yeah?

You're now officially on the list.
Just you fucking wait!

Dumpy little turd.

(Vikram) Does he die?

l can't tell you if he dies or not

because that's why we read,
to find out, okay?

But let's just all agree
there is a chance

that he may die, all right?

-(Vikram) l don't want him to.
-All right.

(clears throat) Now, why do we think
he goes on? Kevin?

Well, his life was rubbish, weren't it?

And boring.

Whereas through the doors
there could be wicked shit.

-Like dragons.
-Like dragons and shit.

-Yeah, like teachers.

(overlapping chatter)

(Mike) Everyone, just wait, wait.

That, what Kevin said,

is the definition of courage. Right?

Being afraid. . .

but doing it anyway.

(Vikram) l still would not go.
(Boy) 'Course you wouldn't go.

(Vikram) l wouldn't want to die.

-He doesn't die, Vikram.
-You told me the end !

Why did you have to ruin it?

(aII yeIIing) Why? Why?

(yelling continues, echoes)

You all right?

(Skunk grunts)

-Please. . .
-Frigid slut.

-Hold her.

l'm trying.

-Well, kick her while she's down, then.
-l am !

-Properly, in the ribs.
-l am ! Watch ! l am !

-Do it harder than that.
-God, shut up!

Do it in the ribs, not the arm.

-Shut up! l'll kick you next time!

-What you doing?
-What the hell is going on here?

Come on.

Skunk, you all right?

Listen, if you fucking touch me
like that again, l'll report you.

-Oh, you'll report me, will you?

How old are you? Come on !

-She's half your size.
-Oh, fuck off, you paedo.

(Mike) Go on, get out of here.
Get out of my sight.

-Hey, Sunrise, get back here.
-What are you doing? That's my sister.

-Stay right there.
-Don't talk to my sister like that.

(Mike) Come here.

-Fucking queer.
-Down there. Stand down there.

-You, be quiet.
-Why are you listening to him for?

-He's a teacher, Sas.
-Yeah, just get out of here!

(Mike) For the next two weeks,
you're gonna come here for. . .

(Sunrise) Yeah, right.
(Mike) Sunrise, look at me.

For an hour and a half's detention
after school, starting tomorrow.

Do you understand?

Good. Go home.

(Mike) She had a bit of a run-in
with another girl,

but we sorted it out
and everything's fine,

so don't worry, it's. . .

Mike rescued me.

-(Kasia) Really?

-Can l have a jam sandwich?

Go change out of your uniform first.


(clears throat)

Here, l'll. . . l'll get that.

(muttering) Butter. . .

You know, it's kind of weird, isn't it,

when you're in the middle of something,

how things can be
so, uh, confusing, you know?

-What are you talking about?

No. Whereas, you know,
what l'm saying is,

whereas with a bit of time
and a bit of distance and perspective,

things kind of. . .

Look, whatever you want. . .


A house, a baby,

whatever you want, l'll give you.

-That's very kind of you, Mike.
-That's what l'm saying.

lt took me, l don't know,
stepping away. . .

(Kasia) To get a perspective.

Yes, and to realise
that the things that you want, Kasia,

the things that you want are,
are the things that l want.

Mike, l'm with Archie now.

l'm sorry.

(Mike) You're with fucking Ar. . . Archie?

(Kasia) Yes.

(Mike) As lovers?

Well, what? Are you in love?


Well, l'm s. . . l'm so fucking. . .
l'm happy for you.

l'm so fucking happy for you !

(Skunk) Mike. Mike?

♫ When l'm really old, one day

♫ One day, when l'm really old

♫ And when my hair falls out

♫ l'll stick it back with a spoon

♫ Of the marmalade that you made




What the fuck?

♫ When l'm really old, one day

♫ One day, when l'm really old

♫ We won't care who's winning

♫ Our wrinkIes wiII stretch to the moon

♫ When l'm really old, one day... ♫


-What the fuck?
-(Jed) Skunk.

(Skunk) What were you doing?
(Jed) You know what.

(Skunk) Why?

-l don't know.
-Why her?

l don't know!

Just promise you won't tell anyone.

All right. l just really. . .

-You haven't promised.
-l promise.

l just don't understand
why people would do that.

-lt's what you do when you're in love.
-You're in love?

Well, l am. l don't know about her.

-What if she's pregnant?
-She's not. . .

-Well, what if?

(Sunrise) Whose could it be?

-Simon Malloy's.
-(Sunrise) Okay.

Jed Cunningham. Dennis Woods.

Jed Cunningham?


Who else?

(Susan) A couple of guys,
l can't remember their names.

-Who's that one with the dreadlocks?
-Brian Williams.

-He's gonna fucking kill me, Sunrise!
-Shut up!

Just let me think.

(door closes)


(DC Carson) And when's the last time
you saw Miss Oswald?

Uh. . . Last Tuesday.


Outside the school.

Uh, she was attacking another child,
so l had to. . .

Sorry, did you say Sunrise?

-Um, Sunrise Oswald?


-What did we say?

Oh, right, sorry,
'cause l don't know Susan.

lt was Sunrise who l reprimanded.

-(DC Carson) You don't know her?

Well, l mean, l know her,
she's in the school,

but l've never had any contact with her.


(DC Carson) l see.

Well, she claims
you've been having an affair.

(laughs) What?

Well, that's insane. She's a child.

(DC Jenks)
She's 1 4 years old, Mr Kiernan.

She's also pregnant.

-Mr Kiernan?
-(teacher) Can l help you?

-Mr Kiernan?

(child screams)


-lt's all right, don't worry.
-Everybody, get out!

(students screaming)

(Mike grunts)

Kids, out!


(Skunk) Mike.


-(Sunrise) They're coming, Dad !

(Bob) All right, all right, all right.

Now, you know l'll be back, yeah?

You know l'll make sure
everything's all right, yeah?

-l love you so fucking much.

Oh, thanks, love.

And l love you so much, yeah?
Give us a kiss.

Come here, come here. Come here.

Oh, come on. Let's do a big
family fucking hug, yeah?

-(Sunrise) l love you, Dad.
-l love you so much.

-l love you, Dad. l love you.
-l love you, l love you, l love you.

l love you, l love you, l love you.

l love you, l love you, l love you.
l love you, l love you.

(Sunrise) l love you, Dad.

Can you not cause a scene, all right?

Saskia, no boys, all right? No parties.

-Oh, fuck off.
-(girls shouting)

Fuck off, you cunt!

(shouting indistinctly)

-Girls, get back inside.
-Get the fuck out of here!

l've a right to call a solicitor,
don't l?

-(DC Jenks) Yes.
-l'd like to do that now.

(knock on door)

Uh. . . Mr Kiernan's solicitor's here.

-So this is alleged?
-(DC Carson) Yes.

You haven't arrested my client?

(DC Carson) For the moment,
he's helping us with our inquiries.

-Get your jacket on.
-Wait a minute.

(Archie) No. She's a liar.
(DC Jenks) What?

She's done this type of thing before.

Another man,
another accusation, essentially of rape.

Another lie.

Look it up, Detective.

So you have a decision to make.

Either you release my client or. . .
you arrest him.

And then we'll take this matter further
as her story falls apart.

(Mike) Thank you.

You can thank Kasia.

She's the one that asked me to. . .

(clears throat) Right.

-. . .come in for you.
-Yeah. How are you two doing?

Well, l don't really
want to talk about that.

-Oh. Don't you?

(laughs) Why is that, Archie?

ls that because what you have
is so fucking special

it can't be articulated, huh?

No, it's because
it's none of your business.

Fuck you.

You know what? Fuck you.

The last thing l need
beyond losing the woman that l love

is to be obliged to the man
who fucking stole her.

-Well, l didn't steal her. . .
-Yeah, well, you fuck. . .

And there's no obligation.

Oh, fuck off, Archie!

Man, you couldn't be
more fucking patronising if you tried.

(Skunk) Then what?
(Archie) l don't know, love.

They'll probably give him
some kind of DNA test.


-You know what that is, do you?

-lt's a test

-that'll show he isn't the father.
-But he isn't the father!

-We know that, love.
-She's a liar.

Everyone knows she's done it with. . .

lots of boys.

-lt doesn't matter, Skunk.
-Why not?

Because they're boys.

Mike is an adult. You understand?

A teacher. ln this kind of situation,

they have to be absolutely sure
of his innocence.

(doorbell ringing)

And until they are, they just can't
allow him to work with children.

-So he's not coming back?
-(Archie) Not at the moment, no.

Sorry, love.

Skunk, it's your boyfriend.


But l thought. . . l thought you and me
were gonna go to Florida

-and see. . . see the lizards and stuff.
-Yeah, l know, but. . .

That was when we were older.

Why not now, though?

Because my aunt says
l have to go to Birmingham, Skunk.

What am l gonna do without you?


-Will you take this?
-Why should l?

To remember me by.

When do you go?


Early. So l'm not
gonna get to see you again.

How long did you know that?

How long did you know, Dillon? !

-You're only telling me now!

-Why haven't you told me? !
-Skunk, stop.

You're an arsehole, Dillon.

l wanted to tell you,
but l was afraid to.

Please don't hate me.

You're leaving me, Dillon.

'Course l hate you.

l'll always hate you !

(Mrs Buckley) Oh, it's lopsided.

(Mr BuckIey) It's okay.
(Mrs Buckley) No, it's not.

(Mr BuckIey) It's fine.


Well, l wanted it to be perfect.

ls it edible?

Well, of course it is.

-Well, the message is. . .

is clear enough.
That's all you want really, isn't it?

Yeah, well. . . l suppose.

Well, l'd better go.


He'll love it, Janet.


-(♫ drum and bass)
-(overlapping chatter)

-Fuck off.
-Oi !

-(doorbell ringing)
-Fuck off.

ls anyone gonna get that?


(Saskia) You get it.

(ringing continues)

(Girl) Saskia. Saskia!

-All right?

Can l ask you something?

-What is it?
-Um. . .

l just wanted you to know that,
if you wanted me to,

l'd be the daddy.

-The what?
-The. . . the dad.

Uh. . . Of the baby.
T-Take responsibility for it.

-You and me, we could get married.
-Jesus Christ.

-Are you being serious?

Jed, we're having
a party in here, all right?

-Just don't call over again.
-But. . .

(Archie) Skunk? Are you okay?

(Skunk) Why didn't you tell me and Jed
about you and Kasia?

(Archie) l'm sorry.

-l was trying to find the right moment.
-Are you gonna marry her?

-l don't know.
-Kasia, l know you're there!

-Are you?
-l don't know, love.

Because she'll leave us, Dad,
the way she left Mike.

Like Mum left us. Like everyone does.

-No, l won't.
-Yes, you will ! Don't lie.

lt'll all go wrong, Dad.
Everything always goes wrong.

-Why do only bad things happen?
-Good things happen.

Like what, your sex with Kasia?

-Skunk, listen.
-What about me or Jed or Rick or Mike?

-What about Mike, Kasia?
-Skunk, you need to stop.

l don't want to talk to either of you.
Just get out! lt's my room !

So let's, as much as we can,

confine things to the home
for the weekend, okay?

-Just to be safe this first time out.

-Thank you, Doctor. Yes.
-Not at all.

-Best of luck, Rick.
-Thank you.

Have a great weekend.

(♫ dubstep)

Susan. Susan. Susan?

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Susan. Susan !

There's blood everywhere.
Why is there blood everywhere?

(Sunrise) Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!

-Susan !
-Call a fucking ambulance!

-What's the fucking number?
-999, you twat!

(Mr BuckIey) I wonder if she means
we can't have a kick-about.

(laughs) Hmm.

Wouldn't mind
a bit of a kick-about, eh, Rick?

l think l'd rather stay inside, Dad.

Oh, well, yes, you're probably right.
Best to. . . Best to play by the book.

Oh, Mum's made a cake that's. . .
lt's. . . lt's a bit lopsided.

Just, uh, thought
l should warn you. (chuckles)

(police chatter on radio)

Well, what's going on here?
Nothing changes. (sighs)

Well, we won't let it bother us, huh?

Hello, my baby. Hello.

(Mr Buckley) What's. . . What's happening?

(Mrs Buckley) Oh, just don't pay
any attention. Um. . . What are you doing?

(Mr Buckley) Well, l've got to. . .
l forgot the milk,

so just put the kettle on,
l won't be long.

-Why isn't she talking?
-Let's just get her in the ambulance.

(Saskia) She's not even moving.
(paramedic) Move out the way, please.

(Saskia) Just hurry up
and get her in there.

(Sunrise) Just tell them.

(Mrs Buckley) Rick. Come on, Rick.
Just. . . Just come inside.

There's nothing going on there
that's of any interest. Come on.

You getting a good look, are you?

Right, let's go in. Let's go in.

-(Saskia) Pervert!
-Rick, come on. . .

lt's 'cause of fucking scum like you
that this is happening.

-(Mrs Buckley) Just go inside.
-You sicko!

Go on, just piss off inside,
you fucking pervert!

Fucking evil bastard !

(Saskia) You sick. . .

Cup of tea, love?


Where are you going?

-To. . . To my room.
-But. . .

-Just. . . Just for a little. . .
-But l made you a cake, love.

-l'll have some later, Mum.
-But you just got here.

Rick, please don't go
to your room. Please, don't.

Don't mind what those people say.
Please, don't.

-But they're right. They're right.
-No, they're not right.

They could not be more wrong.
Rick, you are kind and you are good !

-They're right!
-You are so good.

-No, they're right, Mum !
-No, stop it! Come back, Rick!

Don't go to your room !
Don't go, Rick!

Oh, hello, sir.
Your change, please.

Oh, sorry.

-Miles away. Thanks very much.
-Thank you. Good night.

(Mr Buckley) Good night.

(door opening)

(door closes)

(Mr BuckIey) Janet?


Oh, Christ.

Jesus Christ.

l'm sorry, Dad.


-What did you do?
-l'm sorry. l'm sorry.

What did you do?

l need to call someone.

-lt's gonna be all right.
-They'll say l'm bad.

-No, no, no.
-They'll say that l'm bad like before.

They have to come and look
after your mother.

You don't have to tell them.

lt's all right, Rick.

-You'll be all right. Everything's fine.

You don't have to tell them.

You don't have to tell them, Dad !

(policeman) Mr Oswald?

(door opens)

Hi, Rick.

(door closes)

(man sobbing)

(no audio)

(sobbing continues)

(no audio)

(Bob sobs) I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

(Archie) l'm gonna kill her.

-Maybe. . .
-Maybe what? Maybe what?

She knows she can't come and go
as she pleases.

Call her again.

She knows that from the last time.

Skunk. Yeah, it's Dad.

Yeah, listen, love,
l'm really, really, really worried,

so could you call me, please, darling?

All right. lt's Dad.

-Where are you going?
-l'm going to look for her.


l think l might know where she is.

(door slams)

(mobile ringing)


-(Mike) I'm sorry to ring so Iate.

(Archie) And you come here to. . .
(Jed) Just hang out.

-Whose are the cigarettes?
-They're not mine.

-Can l just. . . Can l talk to you?
-This reaIIy isn't a good time.

-It's not gonna take Iong. PIease?

(Mike) I just wanted to ring this once,
just to say, I don't know. . .

Just to say sorry.

-All right.
-You know, thank you for today

and for, you know, for helping me out,

-and for Archie, too. . .

Listen, I was reaIIy rude to him
and I didn't mean to be.

He's reaIIy a decent guy.

And l wish you the very best.

AII right.

And l. . .
Will you do one thing for me?

(policeman) Kids, they wander in. . .

(Mike) WiII you just apoIogise
to Skunk for me?

We've spoken to her friends.
We've spoken to all of her friends.

(Mike) For aII the embarrassing shit

-that she's had to witness.
-(Archie) No. So my daughter...

(Kasia) Okay, Mike.

. . . has Type 1 diabetes,
do you understand?

She has Type 1 diabetes!

'Cause she's a terrific kid.

(Archie) So without...

-lf she doesn't stay monitored. . .
-Okay, now just. . .

-No! She could die!
-Dad !

Do you understand me? !

(Mike) You know, and someday
she's just gonna bIow us aII away.

Do you reckon. . . She's. . .

Kasia, someday she's just gonna
blow us all away.


(Mike) Anyway, that's aII I have to say.

Yeah, you have a good Iife, yeah?

(Kasia) You too, Mike.

(breathing heavily)

(both breathing loudly)


(door opens)

Hi, Rick.

(Skunk moans softly)

Don't be scared. Don't be scared.

l just want your goodness.

(sobbing) l just want your goodness.

(whimpers) l just want your goodness.

l just want your goodness.


(Rick sniffling)

(sobbing) Shh. . .

Stop it, please. Stop it.
You have to stop it.

Please stop it. Stop it.


No! No. . .

No, no, no, no!

No, no, no! Please!

(Sunrise) Did Dad come home?

(Saskia) No.

(Sunrise) Where is he?

(Saskia) Don't know.


Jesus Christ.



(loud thumping)


Yeah, hello, hello.
Can l get an ambulance, please?


lt's in, uh. . . Archie!

Uh, six. . . 1 3 Drummond Close.

l don't fucking know. Just. . .

What? l don't fucking know!
Some people have been stabbed as well.


Yes! Thank you. All right.

(roars) Archie! Archie!

Come on, darling.
Your daddy's coming.

Your daddy's coming.
You're all right. You're all right.

Sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart.
Daddy's coming.

(no audio)


Where's my dad?

(Archie) And there were
different times in her life.

Different moments.

Some of them were sad,
but most of them were happy.

And the woman was you.
And she was stunning.

And, um. . .

(Rick) Are you ready?

What's it like there?

(Archie) Then your mum woke me up
and she said,

"Archie, she's here."


You're my. . .

You're my girl.

Come back, Skunk.


Shall we go?

(hushed) Okay.

(Archie whispers) Skunk.

l'll be back in a minute.

Why won't you say goodbye?

Please, Dad, just. . .
just say goodbye.

(Rick) Skunk?




(baby murmurs)

♫ BIue is where I want to be

♫ When I'm down I'm in the sea

♫ Looking up at monsters in the clouds

♫ Red's the colour when you're dead

♫ lf you find me gone, l'm just in bed

♫ Reading up on fairy tales instead

♫ Now l know so many things

♫ Got feet and l got wings

♫ To carry me back home

♫ To my house just made of bricks

♫ Well that's just such a fix

♫ To ever hoId me down

♫ White is what I was to start

♫ Broken by my open heart

♫ Falling down and falling up again

♫ Black is white the other way

♫ Paradise is in the grey

♫ All my colours mixing up again

♫ Now l know so many things

♫ Got feet and l got wings

♫ To carry me back home

♫ To my house just made of bricks

♫ Well, that's just such a fix

♫ To ever hoId me down


♫ Now l know so many things

♫ Got feet and l got wings

♫ To carry me back home

♫ To my house just made of bricks

♫ Well, that's just such a fix

♫ To ever hoId me down ♫

Subtitling: Deluxe Digital Studios