Broken (2021) - full transcript

What starts as just another delivery becomes the catalyst for life-shattering trouble. With Brian injured and evidence mounting against them, three friends find themselves on the run from the law. In a panic, Brian turns to his mentor and ringleader, Bear, and together they come up with a perfect scheme of betrayal and murder.

Have a seat.

We'll be right back.

Sorry about the wait.

Chief Anna Kimble,

sitting in with
Agent Michael Thomas.

Can you state your name
for the record?

So, what do you want
to talk about?


How are you doing?


Thanks for asking.

How's the club
business holding up?

Good enough.

You like managing
the club?

It's decent work.

The hours are long,
but the pay's good,

so what are you
going to do?

Well, it's not the
most reputable clientele.

As long as they pay
for their drinks

and don't touch
the girls,

I don't care
who they are.


Tell me about
Melvin Anderson.

I don't know
a Melvin Anderson.

Sure you do.

You just like
to call him Baby Bear.

His name is Melvin?

It's strange.

You're just the
manager of the club?

What's so strange
about that?


Mr. Anderson owns

a number of

and yet, you are
the only employee

that he seems
to spend any time with.

We're friends.

Nothing wrong with that.


It's the importing of drugs
that we have a problem with.


Obviously, you want
to protect Mr. Anderson.

We understand that.

But the way we see it,
you're involved.

And you can
either help us...

...or you can
go down with him.

Since I don't know

there's nothing
to help you with.

Is that all?
Because I gotta go.

Fine. Let's start
with this, then.

Katherine Hayes.

Steven Shavid.

So, again, state
your name for the record.

- Jesus.
- For the record.

Brian Gibson.
Just like yesterday.

Then let's go
through it again.

Just like yesterday.

Brian, we already
know everything.

You're not doing
yourself any favours.

Why are you even trying
to cover this up?

Don't you have any


Fuck you.

My whole life has been
about self-preservation.

Again, Brian,
we already know everything.

Or do Katie and Steven
mean nothing to you?

Is Bear the only one
you care about?

You know everything?

You don't know shit.


When I had nothing,
she was there for me.


And Steven...

Steven was my
best fucking friend.

Growing up,
we shared everything.

I had shit all.

I didn't even have
gloves for the winter.

But Steven...

He'd give me his pair.

And then, he'd tell
his parents he lost his

and they'd buy him
a new pair.

He did that
with everything.

It was nothing to him.

To them.

I didn't have shit,
you know?

My dad didn't even stick
around long enough for...

My mom.

My mom worked three jobs.

And even they didn't pay

for more than
a one-bedroom apartment.

I met Katie at some bullshit
after-school care program

in grade school.


She was
the best thing there.

Then my mom got sick.


But you fucking know that
already, don't you?

You know everything.

Katie got sent off
to juvie.

And some shit
with her stepfather.

Mom couldn't work anymore.

She was dying.

She didn't tell me anything.
I didn't...

And Steven's parents sent him
off somewhere for school,

so I did
what I had to do.

I found
my own fucking family.

Mr. Anderson, Bear...

He took me in when
no one else was around.

He gave me
a fucking job.

A purpose. And if it was
illegal shit, so what?

I survived.

I did what I had to do.

I did what
I had to do, man.

To survive.

To protect myself.

OK, Brian.

Then tell us.

What did you have to do... survive?

It was supposed to be
one last run.

Last fucking trip,
and then I was going to move up

and move out,
and get my life back.

I wanted it to be big,
you know?

And ending
and a beginning.

Katie and Steven...

I invited them along.

My girlfriend and
my best friend.

So that they could
see me succeed.

So that they could
see me be someone.

It was nice, you know.

To be there with them,
hanging out.

I had done drops before.
They're so fucking easy!

Pull over.

Throw this shit out.

One second.

What the fuck?

What are you doing
with a gun?

For protection.

For protection?

Are you an idiot?

Get rid of it before
someone gets killed!

Brian, what...

Say it again!

Come on, motherfucker!
Say it again.

That's what I thought.

Oh my God!

You should've seen
your fucking face!

Man, it was priceless.

You're suck a fucking idiot!

Someone could get killed with
you goofing around like that!

Relax. I'm just
messing with you.


As good as ever.

I do not know what Joe
puts in that meatloaf,

but it is addictive.

Yeah, your dad
used to say that too.

I know.

You know, he used to bring me
here every Friday night,

after I visited him
at the department.

Yeah, I remember.

I miss him.


Good evening.


You can just sit
wherever you'd like.

I'll be right
with you.

So, what can I get
for you to start?

Three coffees, please.

You got it.

Thank you.

What are you guys thinking?
Maybe breakfast?


So, what
can I get for you?

Can we maybe have
a few more minutes?

Of course, darling.
Let me know when you're ready.

Thank you.

I think I want...

Excuse me.


Can we have the bill,

Anything else for you?

No, thank you.

If you
don't need change,

you can just leave it
right there.

Great. Thank you.

Thank you.
Have a good night.

Thank you, everybody.

Sure thing.


Fifty on a
twenty-seven-dollar bill.


Speaking of bills,
what do I owe you?

I should get back out.

I'll just put it
on your tab.

Thank you, Janice.
I will see you tomorrow.

You will.
You know, Anna...

You really ought
to learn how to cook.

You would
miss me too much.

I would,
but at this rate,

poor Joe is going to have
to make a whole new menu.

Just tell him to keep
that meatloaf on there.

Good night.

Good night!

Not yet!

I need a bath!

Do you want to go
to the store?

I forgot the phone card.
Do you want to come?

Is there anything
open around here?

I think I saw something
open on the corner.

Why are you carrying
that thing around?

For protection.

From what?

In my line of work,
anything can happen.

I need to be prepared.

Brian, all you do
is deliver stuff.

You think I'm going
to do that the rest of my life?

I sure hope not.

Just give me a minute.


We're going to the store.
Do you want anything?

Um... Coke and Doritos.

All right.

Hey, Brian.

Did you call?

No, not yet.

That's the first thing
you're supposed to do.


Whatever. I'll just call
when I get back.

Hi! How are you?



Wanted a Coke.

Diet Coke?


You want anything else?

I'm good.

All right.

Man, you don't look
so good.


...that be all?

That will be all.

Breathe, buddy.

We got plenty of money.

We're not going to rob you.

Have a...

...a nice...

Good night.

Wow, that guy was weird!

Some people are!

Oh, shit.
I forgot the card.

Hold this.
I'll be right back.

Fucking sucks!

Let me see it!

We've got to get
the fuck out of here.

Can we stop
the bleeding first?

We have to get out of here.

We gotta stop the bleeding.

Steven! Steven!

Open the fucking door!

What... the fuck?

We're leaving.


What do we got?

We got two dead.

There's money
on the ground

and there's a gun
by one of the bodies.

Ah, Christ.

That's Billie Hadden,
Henry's girl.

This doesn't seem right.

I'm thinking
it's a robbery.

She's right by the gun...
And the money...

I mean, she just
got out of rehab.

Probably needed
the cash for drugs.

It's a possibility.

But take a look
at the evidence.

What do you mean?

Well, why did Billie
shoot Sam or herself?

She clearly got
what she wanted.

And two dead bodies
over there...

How did there get to be
blood on the door?

These blood drops here?

Someone else was here?

The question is,

did they come in with Billie
or did they surprise her?

That makes sense.

But why did the other
person have a gun?

I mean, unless
Sam was so unlucky

he was about
to get robbed twice.

Do me a favour.

Make sure we get samples
of all of the blood.

All right.

Let me see.

Sorry, baby.
Let me take your shirt off.

Jesus, Brian!

That doesn't look good!

What are we going to do?

Because if anyone saw you,
we gotta go to the police now!

Did anyone see you?

How the fuck am I
supposed to know?

You're the gangster
wannabe with your fucking gun!

It wasn't my fault!

You said there
were two people dead

and you shot
one of them.

You shot one of them!

You're in deep shit
and if you do nothing,

you're going to
drag me down with you.

You're giving me
a fucking headache.

You'll have
a lot more than that!

Either shut up
or get out.

Don't tell me what to do!

Guys, we gotta go
to the police.

What if somebody saw you?

We gotta go to the police
before they do

and explain
the situation.

No police, Steven.

I can't handle this!

It looks like it went
all the way through.

It's pretty much
stopped bleeding.

If I get it cleaned
and wrapped, you should be fine.

First aid kit's
in the car, babe.

Jesus, Brian.

I don't even know you anymore.

People change, Steven.

I'm trying to deal
with a situation

and you're
really not helping.


You killed somebody.

If you didn't
bring that gun,

none of this
would have happened!

If I didn't have the gun,
I'd be dead.

Have you thought about
what Bear's going to do

when he finds
out about this?

He's not going to.

You can't be
that stupid, man.

Bear is going to find out
about this and have us killed.

He's not going
to think twice about it.

Fuck off, Steven.
Fuck off.

Let's just get
through tonight, OK?

We can figure it
all out tomorrow.


He's really freaked out.


Can you...

You gotta call Bear now.

Shit. I forgot.

Sorry, man.

In and out, as planned.

Good night.

So, Steven
was freaking out.

He didn't have much
of a stomach, did he?

Go on.

Then what?


Come here.

I love you.

I love you too.

I'm sorry about tonight.

I don't know if anybody
heard or saw.

There wasn't
anybody there, baby.

Are you going to be OK?

Yeah. Fine.

I'll be fine.

Are you all right?


I'll call Bear tomorrow.
He'll know what to do.

He'll know if
anyone's looking for us.

I don't want to know, OK?

I just meant that
he'll know what to do.

I have to tell him.

There's another thing.

He can't know
you were here.


He can't know
you're here.


Thank you.


I have a problem, man.

This is serious.

I had a mix-up.

I think I shot someone
at a store.

You gotta believe me, man.
It was an accident.

I don't think so.

No one saw.

No, but...

I told him.
He's freaking out.

He says he wants to maybe
go to the police.

In another room.



Good morning, Chief.
I got your coffee for you.

Thank you, Janice.

Oh. You look
the worse for wear.

I heard about what happened
at the liquor store last night.

Poor Sam.

Such a good man.


You know, he is one
of the people who talked me

into running for chief
after my father passed.

You don't say!

I mean, the whole town
wanted you to.

Your dad's been grooming you
since you were knee-high.

There's never been anything
else I wanted to do.

Except maybe last night, when I
was sitting at the liquor store.

Or this morning,
talking to Billie's aunt.

Bless her heart.

You know, you're going
to figure out what happened.

That'll ease the pain some.

That is the hope.

You know...

Those three kids
that came in last night...

They were driving a blue SUV.

And? OK.

I wouldn't have
thought much of it,

except those other two,
the big spender.

They were driving the exact
same make and model.

You don't say.

Two of the exact same blue
SUVs sitting in a parking lot.

That makes you look.


Thank you, Janice,
for the coffee.

Sure thing, Chief.

Be safe.

And this one,
it's on me.

Thank you.

I need you to do this.

I can't!

I'm begging you.

Baby, I can't.

Then, it's us.

Maybe it has to be!

Sometimes, we have to do
things that aren't right.

You're talking
about murder!

We don't have a choice.

You don't. I do!

Better make the right one.

Think what
you're asking me to do.


...asking you
to help me protect us.



I want to be together.

Forever. OK?

This is the only way
that's going to happen.

Then why
don't you do it?

I have to drive.

Why can't I drive?


I need him in the front seat.
I've already explained this.


It's Steven.

So what are we
going to do?

Don't start.

What the hell
do you mean?

What are we
going to do?


We have a delivery to make,
and it's going to be made.

you killed somebody.

I thought maybe you would've
talked some sense into him.

Ready to go?

The police will be
looking for us.

The police don't know
what they're looking for.

The officer at the restaurant
saw us last night.

We don't look like
we're from around here.

She left before we did,

so she knows what our
fucking truck looks like!

Then stay here.

Please, let's just
go to the police!

You said it was
an accident!

Can you make yourself useful
and talk to him?

So what's this?
The silent treatment?

Steven, are you
coming or not?

Brian, I've known you all
my life. Fucking listen to me!

I have a delivery
to make.

Do you fucking

I'm going
to the police.


You'd do that?

We have no choice.

If you want out of this,
then stay here.

End of story.

Fuck you, man.



Morning, officer.

You two sleep all right?

Very well, thank you.

How long have you two
been in town?

The one night.
We're just passing through.

Where are you heading?


Where, exactly?
If you don't mind me asking.

The coast.

Is there a problem?

I don't know.
Is there?

No, ma'am.
We're just...

I need to see your licence
and registration.

You too.

Whose vehicle is this?

It's a company car.

What company?

Nivet Corp.
We're from out east.

So what are you doing
all the way out here?

We do audits.

You always drive?



We cover
the entire country, so...

Well, all right.

Here are your things.

Thank you, ma'am.

Safe travels.

You too.

Say, by the way...

The restaurant,
last night...

Do you two remember
those two fellas

who came in
with that girl?

Uh, no, we don't.

Sorry. Why?

Never mind.
Have a good day.

Better make a call.

Already dialing.

See? Even your girlfriend
has a problem with this.

You know what?

You do
what you need to do

and I'll do
what I need to do.

Is that a fucking threat?

What the fuck
are you doing?

Hey. It's OK, Katie.

I'll meet you 30 miles
up the road.

Get yourself
together, babe.


Katie, come on!


I need you.

Remember: 30 miles east.

Yes, that week
is all booked off.

I booked it off
like a month ago.

Yeah, that should
be fine.

And the weather's going
to be super nice, so...

Ha! Um...
Yeah, I gotta go.

OK. Bye.

May I help you?

Can I rent a car, please?

Mine broke down a ways back.
I had to hitch a ride here.

No problem.

I just need a credit card
and a driver's licence.


- Are you OK?
- Yeah! Yeah.

I am fine!

Hi, babe.


Don't touch me, please.

I can't.

I just need this
to be over.


Any problems?



Please, let's just...

All right.

Let's go.


You remember how you
always say you love me?

Katie, I do love you.


Would you...

Could you ever kill me?

Are you serious?

You know...

You know I could
never do that.

Steven was
your best friend,

but you made
that decision easily.

It wasn't easy.

That wasn't...

I just mean...

You didn't even look
at the other options.

There were
no other options.

We didn't have a choice.

What a mess.



Chief Anna Kimble.

Oh! Jeremy Miller.

You got here quick.

I did.

I hate unsolved murders.

Well, I got your email
about a blue SUV.

Then a little while ago,
I got a call

about a blue SUV
at the bottom of a cliff.

I figured it was a little
too close of a coincidence.

to give you a ring.


It's not in great shape.

We can't really
get down there.

The cliff side here
is all unstable.

I don't know...

I don't see
any skid marks.

The driver probably
just fell asleep and...

I suppose.

Mind if I take
a look around?

No, be my guest.

Unless anything changes, I'm
treating this like an accident.

It's just your email
that gave us a little tip off.

I appreciate the call.

Have you seen this?

It's like a second set
of tire tracks.

And then we've got
these footprints

that seem to go
between the two vehicles.

No, I didn't.
I just got here myself.

Two hikers called it in.

They made sure to call you

and then they sent me
up here to check it out.

These depressions...
Deeper here and here.

Looks like the SUV sat here
awhile before it went off.

I guess that means it's not
going to be a simple accident.

I guess not.

You want to call it in?


I guess the question is, where
did they get the other car?

And where is it now?

You know the rental place
has all my information?

Don't worry about it.

It's easy for you to say.

Katie, come on.

You're right.

I just wish I could wake up
and have this all be a dream.

You know, I...

I know.

Do you still love me?

You know I do, babe.

Make me a promise.


You knew who I was when you
decided to come with me.

And that makes
killing someone OK?

We didn't have a choice.

Maybe we should...

Maybe you should stop
trying to tell me what to do.

I grew up without a mother.
I don't need one now.

Hi! How are you?

Good, thanks.
How are you?

I'm good.
I'm Chief of police Anna Kimble.

From over in Hope.

Is there anything
I can help you with, Chief?

I am certainly hoping so.

You wouldn't happen
to have been working

the last couple of nights?

When don't I work?

I know that feeling.

Do you get a lot
of business around here?

You know how it is.

Small town.
Not a lot going on.

A couple of regulars
rent cars and trucks

to haul stuff, pick up
relatives, that sort of thing.

Every once in a while,

we get a car that
breaks down here and there.

Sounds like you know
this place pretty well.

I've lived here
my whole life.

Then you are exactly the
right person for me to talk to.

Is this official business?

It is, but
I can't talk about it.

But I was wondering
if you noticed

anything different
the last couple of nights.

Maybe somebody came in,
didn't seem quite right.

Or someone
you didn't recognize.

There was this girl,
a couple of nights ago.

Came in late.

She was real
nervous and jumpy.

She dropped her stuff
all over the floor.

Was she alone?

Her car broke down a ways
back, so she got a ride here.

You wouldn't happen
to have seen who dropped her off

or what kind of vehicle
they were driving?

No, I didn't see her
until she walked in.

Is there any possibility

that I can take a look
at her paperwork?

Sure thing!

Let me just
pull it up here.

Thank you.

You know, part of the reason
she stood out

was because she wanted
to pay in cash,

and the company charges a big
deposit for people under 23.

And she didn't have
enough cash to...

Here it is.

I'm just going to go
print it for you.

That would be wonderful.
Thank you.

This is perfect.
Thank you.

Thank you.

- Have a good day.
- You too.



How are you doing,


How's everything?


You don't sound
too good, man.

Just tired.

I understand.

You know I'm here to take care
of you, right?

I know.

You did
what you had to do.

Family first.
That means you too.


That was Bear?


What did he want?

He just wanted to see
how I was doing.

That's all?

That's all.

You know, it's funny.

I can never tell
when you're lying.

I don't lie to you.

What would you say

if I just wanted to take
the money and run?

I'd say you were crazy.

Bear would hunt you down
and kill you.

There's over
a million dollars in there.

We could go
wherever we wanted.

There's no way I'm living
my life on the run.

You're already on the run.

Ha! Very funny.

It wasn't meant to be.

What did Bear really say?

I told you.

He just wanted to see
how I was doing.

And that's all?

So what's with the sudden
change of heart, then?


You talk about Bear
like he's God.

And now you say you're willing
to steal from him?

I don't like it.

You know what?
Forget it.

Come in!

Good, you're still here.

I'm just finishing up
some paperwork.

What's up, Quinn?

I ran that check on that name
for you, Katie Armstrong.

Come in, come in.
Sit down.

I also sent an email to the
local departments about her.

Did you get anything?

It turns out Ms. Armstrong
has quite the record.

The list includes
drug possession, theft

and even a few
prostitution charges.

It's pretty hard to find
the files, though,

because she was a minor
when it all happened.

She's been clean for
the past few years, though.


But there was one incident
that dates back

to when she was 12
that caught my attention.

Looks like her stepfather
was abusing her.


So, one evening,

she gathered up the guts
to stab him with some scissors.

He didn't make it.

She bounced around
foster homes after that.

Stories like that...

They break my heart.

I did contact
one of the foster mothers.

She wasn't very helpful,

but she did mention
that Katie was out east now.

She reconnected with some
old childhood friends.

Said something about
her dating one of them.

Did you get his name?


She didn't remember.

She did say he sounded
like bad news.

It's good work, Quinn.

Keep on it.

You got it.


I'm going
to have a bath.

Right, then.

Do you know that my mother's
only 33 years old?

She raised me all by herself.

We were so fucking poor.

I never want to live
that way again.


It fucking sucked.

My mom always worked.
We never had shit.

All I ever wanted to do

was try and fix it,
make it better.

You can't
change the past, Brian.

What you need to do is figure
out a way to fix your future.

That's what I'm doing.

This is your future?

It's not looking so good.

You think I wanted
all this shit to happen?

No, but the shit
did happen, so deal with it.

I am dealing with it.

I did what I needed to do.

Imagine living
your life knowing

that your father
never wanted you.

Hating your mother for all
the fucked up choices she made.

Thinking she hates you
because she's only 18 years old

and she has
a 4-year-old son.

I won't go back
to feeling like that.

I'm sure it was horrible.

But that should've
taught you something.

You talk about your father and
how he ran out on your mother...

You don't know.

Just what you've told me.

Do you know what it's like
to look at every man you see

and wonder,
could that be my dad?

You do remember who
you're talking to, right?

I was the one
who was yanked around

from foster home
to foster home.

We all have a past, baby,

but it doesn't mean we let it
control our futures.

This is my future.

Bear has given me
a future.

That's pretty pathetic.

And a minute ago, you wanted
to take his money and run.

If Bear loves
and respects you so much,

why does he keep
taking your choices away?

He's looking after me.

My mother never did.

He just made you
kill your best friend!

You don't understand.

Not agreeing isn't the same
as not understanding, Brian.

This is my business!

This is my life.

And I have to take it
very seriously.

Those aren't even
your words!

What difference
does it make?

That's the problem!

And then...

I don't know, somehow
he found out about Katie.

You're doing great, Brian.

What happened to Katie?

I didn't hurt...

I couldn't.

Just tell us
what happened.


Listen to me,
you fucking piece of shit.

What did I tell you
about goddamn guests?

Have you seen the news?

You have a half hour
to take care of this shit

or you've just
forfeited your life!

what are you doing?

Brian, you're...

You're scaring me.


you're scaring me.


How did you find me?

I remembered you
from the diner.

I just followed the leads,

and then contacted
Agent Thomas.

Chief Kimble is being
extremely humble right now.

She was top of our class,
back at Quantico.

If her father
hadn't gotten sick

and if she hadn't left
because of it,

she would
probably be

one of the best field agents
in the country.

No, things started
to go wrong for you

the moment you decided
to do your drug deal in Hope.

Well, at least
it didn't go to waste.

The thing is,
and no offense...

You're not
who we're after.

You gotta know that.

Anderson. Bear.

That's the goal here.

We've been working
this case for two years.

And he is
one piece of work.

You do what
you gotta do, right?


Look, you have to see that
this is your only way out.

I do what I gotta do, but...

Bear's not going
to stand for this.

He's fucking ruthless.

He's got a son,
you know.

A real one.

Bear. Anderson.
He's got a kid.

Your point?


I guess
I don't have a point.


I am your best friend
right now.

You do this and I...

We will do everything
in our power to help you.

It's all the same.

Isn't it?

Kid loses his family.

Who the fuck cares, right?

Means to an end?

Collateral damage?

Just another day
on the street.

Sins of the...

Whatever the fuck, man.

You'll do it.


I know exactly
what I need to do.

Great. Thank you.

Protect what matters.

But I need you to do
something for me, OK?

I'll wear the wire.
I'll do that.

But after...

I need to see them
one last time.

My mom, Steven, Katie.

I need to visit the cemetery
before the shit hits the fan.


And then, you guys
get what you get.

And I get
what I get.

Let's get this shit started.

End of interview,
3 p.m., August 24.

Say it again!

I'm so sorry!