Broke City (2015) - full transcript


I have a special gift for you

sister, thanks my dear sister

Special for you, would you allow me?

Yes, wow what a beautiful necklace!

Such a beautiful

necklace, I'm so happy and glad

that you and me are being grownups about this marriage

knowing that your one and only true love is marrying

me, your sister

I know it must be hard for you!

It's so beautiful



Princess Hatshepsut was in love with Prince Akhenaten

they shared a beautiful love story first

Princess Nefertiti was aware of her sister's love

for the prince, she watched them at night kiss under

the stars but, she felt Prince

Akhenaten would be hers no matter bad it hurt her sister.

Princess Nefertiti made the efforts to take the eyes

away from the Prince, who had

strong love for her sister


Here is grapes, thank you

I want to ask you to come to my

country but before I do that, I want to give you alittle something

You very special, I know

Oh my

I have something to tell you. What do you have to tell me?

I have something for you

for me? Oh yeah one moment!

In my country we have many wives, but I want to ask

you to be one of my wives, would you like to married me?

Yes, Oh my Goodness, give me hug..

Beautiful! Marry me... Princess Nefertiti

won with her beauty, she stole his heart right away

from her sister, when Princess Hatshepsut learned

the Prince was falling in love with her sister and they

are getting married, she was in tears

and could not bare this pain, and the fact

that Princess Nefertiti was evil and betrayed her by taking

her one true love away, Princess Hatshepsut

did not want this wedding to happen at all, she

decided to take a walk in the dark nights of Egypt

Looking for the lady with great power

in the desert

Hi! Hi Lady Iris. Are you looking for me?

I need your help and I know you have magic and I want you to stopped

this marriage, I don't want my one true love

marrying my sister, could you please help me?

Well I have this necklace.

But it is full of

magic, it is not magic of mine

But it's magic from the earth

You put this necklace on your sister

and your true love

he will see her for what she really is

But, you have to make

sure that you want to give this to your sister

for this is a very powerful necklace

and will surely

show who she really is. If

you place it on her neck, it would be there forever

there will be no going back no change

So are you sure this is what you

really want to do? Anything I can do to

stopped this marriage, okay place it

on her necklace and when she go to kiss

her true love to marry and he

really your true love, it will show

what she really is

Blood before

water, you are my sister and I will always love you

my dear sister, I wish you both the best and

I want the Prince to see the real you

Princess Nefertiti, I want to thank you so much for choosing me

I am so very grateful to have you as my very wonderful

wive, Prince Akhenaten, i love you too.

Princess Nefertiti, I

you are so beautiful and I want to thank you for

not only choose me, but that you chose me as your wonderful

husband, and I accept you into my wonderful cape.

Sister Princess Hatshepsut, I'm so happy and thankful

for this beautiful necklace, it's so beautiful

I love you sister



Princess Hatshepsut was not aware that this necklace had a evil

cruise with back magic

with this necklace it would show Princess Nefertiti for what she really is

a Cobra Snake

Princess Hatshepsut grabbed the necklace to take back

to the powerful Lady Iris but

Iris was no where to be found, now

Princess Hatshepsut had a pet snake and it was her

sister Princess Nefertiti, she kept

the necklace nice and safe with hopes to some

day have her sister back, Prince Akhenaten

is now her one true love again, they got

married and had kids, but her sister

never returned back into human girl

Princess Hatshepsut died knowing what she had done

And she regret it with so much passion




I love you Reed, from the first moment

I saw you, it was love at first sight

My heart stopped with

fire, I burn and burn

with the desire of your true love's kiss

Hey Reed what's this letter on your car dude?

It has my name on it

Dude, I can't tell

it's so much to read. Look on the last page. You and

Diamond have a love connection? Say what? Let me see that?

I don't know no Diamond. Reed dude it's that strange

little geek girl. What little geek girl?

Who the hell is this? I don't know a little geek girl

And i'm sure as hell don't know a little geek girl who is in love with me.
Love at first sight man

You know what i'm do with this letter?
Take it home and burn it. No I got better idea

What do you have in mind? I'm Game. Yeah me too. Let's have some fun

Sounds good.

Dude that party last night was wild,
it was dope man. Some past out in the pool.

Yeah that was dude by far

the best one this year.
But I hear this next one coming up is going to be even better

So do you know what dress you want for the party.
I'm not really sure yet. What about you? It better be I ain't bring tequila

Maybe pink.

Of course, of course. I'll drink it. No

Why not? Because I will. Okay so

He think he was bringing it for you bro. I was hoping so. Maybe black.

I'll bring the beer, you bring the cups. Brown, that would be really.

Sure, sounds good. Two girls one cup.

Guys wait, class. My friend Reed has

a letter to read while we wait for the professor. It's a love

letter. Just leave it alone. Come on Reed, let's get this show started.

This is for you Diamond. I love you

Reed my baby I love you. That's not what it saids. Let me see it.

Dear Reed

from the first moment I saw you. It was love at first sight.

My heart stop with the fire and the burn of the desired.

To kiss your lips, you and only you

Makes my eyes tear with the pain of loving you so

much, I can not breath when I'm so close to you

Even though you are so far away, I write this letter to you.

Hoping that you feel the same way too. I love you Reed.

I love you Reed, I love you Reed, I love you Reed.

It just goes on and on like this. I'm pretty sure that we get

that we had enough. I think we pretty much get the gist of it.

And Diamond, do I feel the same way about you. I mean they are very

beautiful words, this letter was inspiration

It made me feel wonderful, Do I feel the same way

Never in a million years.

I'm sorry but how could I? Look you and look at me. I'm like the typical

all american jock, you know. Have friends

Girls love me, I'm going out on the weekends,
going to parties, having a good time. And you what do you

do on the weekends. You sit at home and study. What else to you do?

No one knows, because no one knows anything about you. Your

outcast, a nobody. They just, those two don't go together

Whatever little world that you're living in, that you think

that would actually enjoy this letter. You're pretty crazy

But thanks though I got a good laugh out of it

Hey man stop being such a jerk

Stop it you guys

Stop it you guys. You all act like

children in highschool. Wow Tina speaks, you have a mouth.

We're freshman in college. Act like it! Tina I can't believe you

graduation from highschool,
you look like a dropped out. Shut up Jason grow up.

I just want. Please

I just want to go.

Diamond what's wrong?

Please I just

want to go. Class what the hell happened here

I don't know she just got a text and stormed off


Joey! Hey how's it going on?

Man, what's going on with yall. Big headed Joey..

Joey I haven't seen you in a long time.
Look I actually made it into boxing.

What? Oh shoot let me see what you got? Let me see what you got?

Great jobs ladies. Lindsey more

hip, yes good job

Oh my God Joey. Hey. Hey what's going on?

Alright Lindsey back to the line

Hey, Hey babe what's going on? Where were you

last night? Hey my phone died. And you don't

have a charger. You know what, you

should go buy me one




Joey what are you doing?

Oh shoot. Joey what are you doing? Hey mom

I just needed a couple of dollars. Boy you know how to ask me.

Alright mom, I'm on my way to Reed's house.
Boy don't get into any trouble



Hello Mrs. Holly McCall

how is Arizona treating my sweetheart with her new job. Everything

Is good Mr. Ross McCall. Just missing my

Baby. Oh and I miss you too boo. Sold any nice houses

Lately. I'm on my way to sell a 8 bedroom, 6 bathroom,

5,000 square foot lake front home. Ooo that's good!

Miss you boo. Talk to you soon my forever. Alright bye Ross

boo. Bye, Bye baby



In my mind I'm going crazy like hannibal lecter.
Open up my eyes. I'm in a classroom with a teacher

Teaching election, feeling bitten full of pain, going insane.

Know my place, it's my nightmare like freddy krueger

My smile is my Jason mask.

Hey how are you?

Those guys were jerks. Yeah but

Reed is right. Why would a guy like him

want a girl like me. I don't know what I was thinking

A guy like Reed is nothing

He is a total waste of space in this earth.

But he's so cute. He's not even cute

Oh wow!

What a beautiful necklace. I know right

Can I try it on and take a selfie. Yeah sure

No. Tonya.

Do you want to lose your job. Come on

Rhonda. It's just a photo. No there's

history behind this necklace

Many many years ago, this necklace

was in the Egyptian family

and there was a egyptian princess who wore this

beautiful necklace. And they brought it down

from generation to generation

Now I was told, that this

particular necklace is worth

millions and millions of dollars

And for some reason as it move

down generation to generation, it ended up

in my hands. So please!

Don't bother me with the necklace

Well how did you get it?

Well when it was placed down

from generation to generation

for some reason by magic

it ended up in my hands. This is a very

powerful necklace.

How do you know this Rhonda? How do i know Tonya

This is how I know. Because

I just know. That's how I know

Tonya! Can I touch it.



This is not to be touch.

This is powerful and beautiful

only for me. No one, no one.

Can have this necklace

No not for you 2. Bad


I'm closing tonight. It's

okay. I mean she seem a little serious. Rhonda's a little

nuts. Don't listen to what she said

Okay. Come back around 10 p.m. Rhonda will be gone.

At 9:30 p.m. Oh awesome. Then I can do a selfie

Take a picture with necklace. Cool

Thanks. I just want to see you smile.

Hello I am Diamond and I am with reality

bank card. I am calling because Mr. Adams

We have not received payment from you in two months

if you refuse to pay.

I will come after you. No!

But seriously. I will have to turn you over to

a collection agency. Please call me back, it's the

9th message today. Love ties

together siamese twins, you the prize I win. Cuff together for life

Make you my wife. Others despised, I will. Is that song for me?

Hell NO Shelly! That is Officer Ford to you, and

maybe should of paid child support MIGUEL.
That’s not my baby and you know it.

Miguel, you on my baby birth certificate,
you was the only one in my bed for

for 2 years. It’s yours. In your bed. I know it was more then just

then me for dam sure. Enjoy your cell MIGUEL, you

no goodbaby daddy. All the drugs you have sold.

Shelly, don’t be making up shit.You know you telling lies.

Okay! Bye baby daddy.

♪ Cool, you brought it. Now that

Rhonda is all gone. Oh sweet. Your necklace

Put it on me. Sure

Does it look pretty on me? It look so beautiful

I'm going take a selfie

I love it

I bet Reed would like it on me?

No, give it back

Take it off. I can't take it off. Take it off

Take it off Diamond.

What just happened?

I don't know. But I feel awesome. Take off the necklace

I can't. Take it off Diamond

My name is Princess

Nefertiti, I am one of your ancestors

The snake

lives within you, dear child.

I thought we were friends. Diamond

Let me out

Let me out

I heard you were looking for me. Yeah!

Where did you get this?

I found it

I look in your eyes. I can see

You lie to me, where did you get it?

I said I found it alright

Okay! Look

the Bar b Q Game is after me and I need the money

So you going to get it or what?

I want $5,000 for it. What seems to be the problem about this necklace

Nothing it's good

You need it really bad. Well I tell you what

I make a deal with you. I give you $1,000

not five

Fine, I'll take it. Okay

$1,000 and don't tell anyone about

Alright. Keep this a secret

between us, Yeah whatever lady

Who are you made I help you? It's me Diamond

Well Diamond you're late, have a seat

Class your next assignment will be a partnership worth 50 %

of your grade,
so team up with someone you know can make some great art.

It will be your final, have it done by next Friday

Make it great, have a great weekend everyone

Wow, Diamond nice outfit. Me?

Thanks! Dude so that Diamond girl, she's looking pretty

good these days, you're crazy why would you ever say that?
Dude come on now you can you can

Admit it a little bit. Yeah right,
that's what I'm saying, that's what I'm saying

People don't change like that. Dude overnight sometimes it just happens

There's a party tonight. You should come!

Yeah you should. Maybe! Hey I think you should be my date


Hey so Diamond

You're looking pretty good these days. Me? Thanks

I think we can make some pretty good art. You think?

I know,

Okay yeah!

Yeah, yeah.. Meet me at my house

You got my number. Yeah I'll get it

I'll be there. Dude I got

it.. Wow..


Hello Detective Parks speaking,
Hi Evan it's me your old friend Mary Pacino

Hey Mary how's it going? Good, good. I'm calling you

to see if you heard from my son Joey.
Last I heard he was hanging out with your son Reed

Naw I haven't seen any Joey, Reed's been home for the past three days

I haven't seen any Joey around. Well after my husband's death I fear for

My son's life. He stole a very expensive necklace

from me. And he haven't been home. Okay

I'll talk to Reed later. I'll handle this when I get home

Arlight. Do that for me will ya. Thanks alright bye

Okay babe, let me know. Hey what's up

Big Willie, who are you? Do I know you?

It's me Diamond the little four eyed girl.

Wow what a extreme make over, Yes you like?

I like it. What can I do for you Diamond?

I would like one order of Big Willie's special hotwings.

One order coming up. I have a date later

Good for you. Here you go. Thank you


grace how sweet

the sound

That saved

a wretch like


I once

was lost

but now I'm found

Was blind

but now

I see.


Who is it?

It's me! Hi Reed. Hi

Diamond, it's good to see you again. I'm so happy you're here

You too. This is a nice place you have.
All mine.. Do you lived with anyone else?

Thanks for coming

I'm so happy you're here. Nice place.

Isn't it. So you go the project. Yes I have the project

So I have the project for us. You do

Let me go get it. You do. Yeah go ahead, go ahead. I'll just sit down

So I came up with this cool snake idea.
And I was thinking we could do the snake

Yeah, yeah. I don't know something about snakes.

It sends off like a bad jud jud to me. Something about them is just ah

it's kind of creepy. I don't know. No no it's not

I like it, I like it. Let's do what you want to do


Yeah. We should do my idea. Absolutely

Yes. Many you really like snakes don't you

I do.

I'm so happy you're here Reed my soulmate. Oh me too

I'm really glade you chose me as your partner.
I'm having fun how about you?

Yes super fun, Oh my God. I can't believe you're in my house.

Reed's in my house

I think the project, you did a good job with this

This whole idea with the ancient egyptian stuff

It's kind of fascinating, they had all these weird curses and stuff.

It's like the tombs if you get inside of them,
I guess it's like curses and stuff.


What's so funny. You're so cute

Thanks, thanks. I'm just so happy I'm here with you

Me too. Just even the way you kind of stoking the brush

so delicately. You don't give me a bad vibe at all.

I don't, oh wow. I can't believe

these words are coming out of your mouth Reed?

What can I say. Love speaks

So cute.

So like Oh God it was so cool like doing the art project with you

Yeah I agree I had a lot of fun

I'm just glad the project work out well.
Now we get to watch a movie. I know right more time together

Oh that looks pretty good

I'm not worry about the movie. Did you just kiss me

It's getting hot in here. My soulmate kiss me.
I'm going to take off the sweatshirt

Yeah it's getting hot. Nice, Nice


I don't know. You crossed me


let me go home. You crossed me. You know what will happen

if you cross Bar B Q, your life



Tarjella, Tarjella

Tarjella, Tarjella

The Fox lives within you my dear child


Wake your ass up

Wake your ass up. You dirty as hell, you need to

take a bath. She homeless. Really Chip. What?

You smell like shit. It's pretty clear

Hey Tonya feed her your banana

You want a bite. She might

bite you like a dog. Give me that

Your loss this is a pretty good banana

Come on guys lets go. Got your money

Probably do drugs and shit. I never done a drug in my

life. Leave the homeless lady alone


Hey sis, Hey Shante how you doing?

Yeah I'm good. I've been learning about this ancient egyptian

Jewelry, well my neighbor been telling
me about it and I've been researching.

There's these two necklaces and the suppose to be magical.
Their from a royal

egyptian family. Shante girl you know I don't know nothing about

no magic. Yes Holly I know but I'm going to prove it

Okay. But real talk okay when I find them, I'm going to prove to you

what they can do. Alright whatever girl. I love you

They say they like something from a different planet, Bye girl

Who are you how did you get pass security this is CIA

I have my ways. Step any

closer and I will shoot.

Agent Hayden Singh

is that any way to behave toward your baby sister

You're not my sister Diamond she is not attractive

Ouch hurt my feelings why

don't ya. It's me Diamond

Now put the gun down we need to talk

Diamond, yes

it's really you. It is, it's me

What have you got yourself involve in?
Why are you wearing the Diamond Cobra necklace


I need your help. I need you to make me a ghost on the internet

I'm a person of interest in a murder case

I need you to wipe my record clean.

Murder Diamond, what happen to you?

The Diamond Cobra necklace happen to me

Now yes or no you going to help your baby sister? Yes or No

You know I will. I need you to stay clear of the internet

Diamond be careful of the Diamond Cobra necklace, you know how

dangerous it could be. Remember our family history

We have to find a way to break the curse. Just do it

Love you bro now I

got to go.


XR, Xr

I need you to

find the white necklace

I am XR

I am fear no body

I need you to find the Diamond


Hi Dad, what's wrong? Your brother was found

brutally murder. Was it on campus?

Who did dad? We are trying to find that out

Where did it happen? It was at one of his classmate condo

they were working on some kind of art project

please tell me you found this person. No not yet

His classmate name is Diamond she has disappeared

Ryan since you're a computer hacker right

I was wondering if you could help me find her

She may help us find out. She doesn't show up on any

social media sites. Yes anything for you dad

I'll help find out about brother's death. I'll email you stuff

from the college okay

Maybe it could help you find her out


I wanna

make you feel that my love

is real, I wanna make you feel

that my

love is real. You say you wanna

love me. Ahh ahh. You say you wanna

hug me ahh ahh.

Word on the street you looking for me Bar B Q. You owe me

We don't owe you shit. Chill, chill. Man I got this.
Is there a problem here. Man you better back the

fuck up. We ain't scared of you. It ain't no problem. Naw chill

G-Money. This is my plan. Don't mess this up JarRod

Chilled I got this. This old lady got something we want

Tell them the plan my sweet Candy. It's this old lady

Who name is Rhonda,
she passes Steston every Monday and Friday in the afternoon

I need you to grabbed her purse and bring it to me

If you do this right JarRod there is big money in for you

A purse, a purse

that's for weak ass punks, we men. Yeah Bar B Q we men

Now if you a man. Do this task

And don't fail me. And next time keep your punk ass homies at home

You need to put your finger down. Like I said we got this

JarRod you know what will happen if

you crossed Bar B Q, so don't fuck this up


Hey what are you ding in my territory. Uhh

I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was here. You know what

You're cute, forget about it. What's your name anyway?

My name umm Tarjella and

what's your name? My name is Esaias

Esaias, I like that, that's cool

So I really liked your music

So how long you been on the streets

like a week now

And you?

Ahh a few months, I see you use your

music to make money. Just enough

to buy something to eat. Wow

well I'm a struggling artist myself. Really? Yeah I'm actor

Oh like movies and plays and stuff. Oh thats so cool

Yeah more like real life acting

like what do you mean. Follow me



Esaias NO

Oh my God. My name is rhonda

No I'm not okay

Who are you? Call the police. My name is

Rhonda.. Well Rhonda you need to pay attention

You don't know me

Look I do know CPR

but you'll be okay. Naw I'm hurt right here. Hold a minute I got some

thing for you. No no police

I'm not okay. It hurts here. I got money, lots of money

for you. Yeah money that will work then I can go to the hospital

Yes and you will be fine, you go get some clothes

and go get you some food. You take good care of yourself and

this is between you and me. So go take care now get

off my car. You go buy

food with that money

Detective Parks, I'm agent Holly

McCall, the FBI will be taking over from here.

So sorry about your loss

My son was found dead with his throat slashed and you want me

not to do my job as a detective

We know his death was cause by a mysterious snake bite

Detective Parks please, take some time off and rest

Let me find out who did this to your son. Get the hell

out of my office.

Esaias, listen to me you could really be

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah I just got paid

$1,000 quick and easy. What, all that

was fake? Esaias you totally scared me. I'm actor

of real life, more like a con artist

Hey do me a favorite. Save us a spot for sleeping, I'm going

to get something to eat, okay thanks

Thank you so much for meeting with me Professor

Holland, so tell me about Reed and Diamond

friendship. They weren't friends in the beginning

Explain. Reed and his friends made fun of Diamond for being a geek

So why was he at Diamond's condo

She change that day. She became beautiful

I didn't even know who she was at first. You mean she had a make over

An extreme make over. Reed ask her to be his partner for

a art assignment, the final

Did she do it? Yes she did

Was it good? It was great

And that was the last time you saw. Yes it was

Now after Reed became Diamond's friend, did you

notice that the other students change their reactions toward Diamond too

Yes they all became attractive to Diamond. Really?

Did you by any chance notice any jewelry,
there was a necklace. I never got

a good look at it though. She was wearing a necklace when all

the changes started. She didn't have it on before when she was

look like a geek, no she didn't


Thank you so much. You're welcome

Where is he?


Don't you ever try ti leave me

No one leaves me

No one ever leaves me

Where you going?


Hey here is the food I promise you. Where were you?

I waited all night for you. I didn't know we were in a relationship

What? Exactly

Are you going to give me

half the money you promise me. No that's my money, you didn't get hit

by car. It was nice meeting you

but you know, but I'm not really here for it

Are you leaving me

I met a old lady last night, she dress me up real nice, you know

told me I can stay at her place. You know it was real nice meeting you

I'm a struggling artist.

No please don't leave me. Please you're my only

friend, please don't leave me. Here is $20, I really did

enjoy your music. The sandwich.

There she is

♪♪♪♪ Hello

Hey old lady you wear false teeth? What? False teeth

How dare you say that? Hi how you doing? I'm fine

Get away from me. Give me the purse. No you take my purse

No. You want some of this. Give us the purse. No

Please. Jackpot. Please you don't know who you mess with

Just give me the purse. All man look at all this

money. Hey look at all this purse.
Thank you old lady. Just give me back my purse

Thank you. Somebody help me. Give me back my purse

I need the purse. You can have the money. Give me back my purse

You don't know who you mess with. This is my money, this is my money


I want my money


What is that person doing over there by my bar


Hey hey

here some food. Ah thank you. No problem. If you need to get clean up

you know, you can use the restroom

You know you can get clean up. You can use it yours. Thank you

Here some cash. No, thank you

I'm big Willie, I owned the bar. You keep

What's your name? My name Tarjella. Tarjella

nice to meet you. I'm big Willie, these streets are dangerous

You can crash at my place

No No Stop it

That's okay!

Okay be good.



Oh Wow, what a beautiful


Oh this is so cool

This is so pretty

My hair is blonde and blue

What just happen

My clothes are clean. What else

is in this purse?

A mirror, yes..

Is this me?

Oh my goodness I'm beautiful.

Wow, I'm a fox

Foxy, Yeah

So pretty, what else in this purse

a credit card, yes

looks like I'm going shopping


Where's the purse? You said it got a lot of money. I got your money

You cross me. Bar B Q JarRod got your money. You think Bar B Q wanted

that chump change.He wanted the purse

Man look, you said purse I got the money

I made it clear to you JarRod to bring the purse

What will happen if you cross me?

Dexter go get Tonya

Wait hold up, what are you talking about man?

No, No. Please Please

Why her. Be a man Slick. What the Fuck you doing man?

What the fuck is this? What's this?

Take me, take me. Be a man Slick

JarRod you and your little crew, look at Tonya

fingers, Bar B Q man i'm sorry.
Please don't hurt man, please don't hurt her

Please. G-Money show this young thugs what happens

when they cross me. Bar B Q please don't hurt her

Man please don't hurt her man. I'm the money man

No body play with my money. No No stop. Take me

Please, No, please Stop

This is fire. No shit.

You want your fingers to be next? You want to be next

Where's the purse JarRod. He gave it to a homeless lady

homeless person. More then fingers your life.

You find that purse. You see these pictures

I want that necklace. I didn't see no necklace Bar B Q.

I think you stole it. I'm the money man and that necklace is in that purse.

More then fingers your

life. Let's go. You got 24 hours



Fuck, Fuck

I'm Ted Johnson with breaking news. Right now there is a frenzy

over a necklace worth millions. The Bar B Q crew

is passing out fliers. And it said you will

be rewarded with one millions dollars in cash

So if you seen this necklace, feel free to give us a call

at the number below


Hi Mary Pacino speaking

Mrs. Pacino, we found your son.

Oh Mary I’m so sorry he wasmurder. It was a gun shot

to the head. Scream, No,

No! Not my baby.
I think he might have been involvedwith the Bar B Q gang.

No, No! Not

my baby. You cancount on me Mrs. Pacino, I willfind out who did this

to your son. No, No!

No. No. God..

Not my baby

Well hello


So you post my bell. Yes I have a job for you to do

You see this necklace

And this is my necklace. I want it

back. How I'm suppose to find the necklace

Well you see, Bar B Q. He cut off Tonya's fingers

And her boyfriend he's a member of JarRod's

crew. But I talked to Tonya and she said

that they gave the necklace to a homeless person

who knows Big Willie. What's her name? I heard they

her Tarjella. Find her, I want

my necklace back. What do I get out of it Rhonda

Well I got you out of jail free

Thanks but no thanks. I'll pay you five million

dollars, to get my necklace back.

What's the address to Big Willie's

Hey Emily. Oh it's been forever. I know!
I haven't seen you since you got married to

Andre, how is he? Girl he would get drunk

and beat me. Not the Andre I know. Yes

I lived homeless on the street for months all because of him. I had

to leave. Why didn't you call me Tarjella?

I had too much pride. Come on let's sit on the coach

That necklace is the bomb dot com. Don't touch it

Yes I found you both. The cobra ans the Fox

necklace will be mine.

Oh yes, i am about to be rich

Oh yeah. She did that.

She did that.. Girl

tell me about you and Eddie. Girl that's been dead for a year now

What? He was the love of your life

Yes but he decided to remarried let's not talk about him

Okay. My bad. But I'm bored

right now. I want some juicy gossip. You want to have some

fun! Yeah, what do you have in mind Emily?

My grandma told me a magical true story when I was

12. Tell me.. Many many years ago her and her best friend

would look for their soulmates. They would dress up fancy.

And cook a dinner backwards.
If a coffin came through that meant your true

love was dead. But if a guy came through and said his name

then that meant he was your true love

and he would state his name. Okay let's do it, let's do it

XR is here

I love you

Wow this is so crazy

I can't believe we're doing this. I know what if he really comes

I know, it's kinda weird though but

This is weird sometimes

Let's see who comes through that door.
I know i hope someone really nice. I know right

Hey Becky

you not sleep at thistime? How is New York?

No, Daddy what’s wrong? Have youbeen drinking?

Yes, I’m at the bar rightnow.

I take it you haven’ttalked with your brother Ryan. No dad do I

need to fly back home? What’s going on? You tell me?

Did you get that bigrecording contract yet? I've been writing

songs, but norecord deal yet.

I can’t believe you skipped collegeto become a singer. Daddy

please don’t start. Tell me what’s going on? Why are drinking again?

Your twin brother Reed is dead

No Daddy. No! Not Reed.

Ifelt it, when I txt him a few daysago and he didn’t


Let's wear our mask. Yes let's do it, i'm so excited


Look nice!

I'm Austin

Tarjella soulmate

Oh my God, is he right there.

HE is sitting right next to you. What is that?

He sit next to me. Oh my God. Is he really my soulmate? I don't know

I think we should just eat. Okay

He is staring at me

I know! No this is isn't real.

This is isn't real.

What where is he? Where did he go he was just there

Wow what just happen? I have no idea.

That was pretty cool It was cool. Wow thanks

Thanks for telling me. Anytime

So I see

You wearing the Diamond Cobra necklace

this necklace. Well you have a sister

look just like you

No. And she have the White

fox necklace. Really I

a twin sister. We must find her.

And XR is looking for you

and your sister.

And if he get both necklace together

Then that will break the curse

So we can not let that happen. Okay

The two the necklaces will break the spell

and you will be ugly

You will not be as beautiful

as you are now. Hi Big Willie

How you know my name?

It's me Tarjella. I'm the girl you feed that one day behind the

bar. Oh you clean up nice. Thanks

Yeah. Where did you get that necklace?

A little birdie gave it to me. Well did you see this?

There's a reward for

my necklace. There some dangerous people Tarjella

I don't care it's mine.

Well those people are no joke. Wear this.

No I'm no joke either

I'm determine to find this


I got it alright



Diamond what are you doing here?

Why are you looking for my necklace. I'm not looking for that

necklace. I'm looking for this necklace

The White Fox

Necklace. Cool. You know

detective Holly is looking for you

Let me take you to

my world

Do you have a brush I can borrow

Oh sure. Yeah

I'm Stacy by the way. Oh


Wow who did you sleep with to get your necklace?


Who did you sleep with to get your necklace?

That white fox necklace is our family jewels

and I was just wondering how you got it?

Who cares I have it now

I care Bitch. Bitch who you calling a

Bitch, Bitch!

What would you like to drink? Burden and coke. Have you seenthis girl?

That’s Diamond You know her?

Yeah, She come here a lot.
She just went to the lady’s restroom. Oh really

Yes! Who are you?

Detective Parks investigating thedeath of my son.

Diamond wouldn’t hurt a fly. She is a person of interest. No

She is a good girl. Let me be the judge of that.

What was that?

Coming in..

Don't you ever leave me. No One leaves me



I'm Ted Johnson with breaking news. Right now there is

a frenzy over a necklace worth millions

the Bar B Q crew is passing out fliers and is said

You will be rewarded

One million dollars in cash

So if you're seen this necklace

and if you have. Please feel free to contact us

$20,000. Okay Bar B Q

So keeping and what you taking? I got $100,000 right here


I don't believe this. What. She took all of my money


Hi Ryan

Hi Diamond, so nice to video chat with you finally. So why

did you want to video chat with me so bad? Well

I was looking at pictures everyday online. I don't

have that many friends. Most of all your beautiful necklace caught my eye

And your beauty did too. Thanks you're too kind

Your necklace looks just like one from ancient time.
I saw it in a history book.

May I ask where you got it?

Oh I bought this at a old antique shop

So it is real. Wow I bet it's the same one I'm looking for

What? I'm sorry I forgot to mention. I'm studying

Ancient history. You know the value of the necklace. No

tell me Ryan. Well it said in the history book

That the necklace you're wearing around
your neck is curse by egyptian princess

The Diamond Cobra necklace is very magical it's worth millions

You should let me sell it for you. I can get us a lot of money. US

What? This is my necklace

There is no us.

Ryan I don't even know you

Diamond please. Would you be willing to meet with me in person

I can help you get it sold for a million. Thanks but no

thanks. I like my necklace

XR is here, where

oh where is my Diamond



please help me. XR is here

Diamond, Diamond what's happening who is Zar?


What the hell?

Who are you?

Why are you in my house? Did Andre send you?

I don't who Andre is. But that necklace around your neck

I want it. Yeah I know you want it and the whole world

wants it. This is my necklace. Look

we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. You chose




Hi are you Tarjella?

Yes why? Agent Holly McCall

I'm investigating a missing person report. His name is Miguel. His car

was seen at your apartment. Neighbors say that

they saw his coming up the stairs coming into your apartment.
There is also a report they hear gun shots

Well they must be mistaken because I never

saw that person before and as for

the guns shots. I was watching a movie. How do you explain the car

Maybe he was at one of my neignbor's house

Are you finish?

Yes I'm finish. But don't leave town

I'm sure you'll find him

See you later. Yes I'm sure

you will.. Bye Tarjella

I don't know why my magic won't work

in here.


Hey Ryan you found her. Yes dad

But I have something else I need to show you. What is it son?

I was talking to Diamond online. I saw something unusual

happening behind her. What is it?
What did Diamond say? She was screaming

Ryan help! All I could think do

was record it and show you the video. Please send me the video now

I'm sending the footage right now

Agent Hayden Signh speaking. How may I help you? It's me Evan

from Division 24. Oh wow, you are agent Jack Parksbrother,

it’s been 16 years sinceyou guys spoke, who died?

I received this mysterious video,I’m sending it to you right now.

Who died? My 19 yrs old son, that's who

You mean Jack son. We both

know thetwins Becky and Reed biologicalfather is Jack.

But I was the only dad that theyever knew.
You stole your brother family 19years ago, so why

don’t you let itgo man? Check your email, look at thevideo.

What is this?

I'm calling agent McCall now. How may I help you?

Agent McCall. Holly's it's me Jack. Division

24. What can I do for you. I'm sending over a video right now. Take

a look at imminently. Will do. Oh my God

Excuse me Miss. Excuse Miss.

Hi I think I have your guys mail

Is one of you named Emily. I am

Oh here you go. It ended up in my slot.
So sorry about that. It's nice to meet you

Nice to meet you. I'm Austin I'm your new neighbor. Hi Tarjella.

Hi, nice to meet you

It's nice to meet you

Put me on the big screen agentMcCall.

Who am I speaking with? CIA agent Hayden Singh

We received three different videos,

one of those videos contain your sister

who was kidnapped by XR.

Isuggest you get off this case now! And let CIA handle it.

Who is XR? This is top

secret. XR is not from

this planet, I can’t tell you allthe details. I promise

you, we will find your sister, here isthe video that was sent us.

Holly please help me get out of here

XR kidnappedme, because I know too much aboutboth

the Diamond Cobra necklace andthe White fox necklace. Please

Holly get me out of here?

Wow this is deep, my sister

I got to find out what’s so important about this damnnecklace?


I love you so much Tarjella. I'm really going to miss you

The whole time I'm away on my business trip to New York

I really hope you enjoy your day at church today. Oh Austin

I love you and

I hope you have a safe trip in New York. I'm going to miss you more

and more and more. And more and more and more

And more and more, and more and more

Forever more!

I; m Ted Johnson with breaking news, right now there is a frenzy

over a necklace worth millions the Bar B Q crew

is passing out filers and it said you will be

reward with one million dollars in cash

That's the necklace that Tarjella was just wearing

give us a call at the number below.
I think I should call her so that she can come

over and give me my one million dollars

And we are going to hear, our own

little princess sing this little light of mine.

This little light of mine,

I'm gonna let it shine, This little light

of mine,I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine,

I'm gonna let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine,

Let it shine, Let it shine.

That was wonderful princess

CeeCee is going to sing amazing



grace how

sweet the soundThat

saved a wretch like


CeeCee that was lovely and amazing

And we are going to turn it over to our Pastor Gordan

Thank you sister Rice, thank you very much. Can I have a

amen! Amen, Amen

Amen.. Ladies and gentleman, you know the first lady

of the congregation sister Diana

You have a message for us. Thank you all for being here. And

Pastor Gordan has a great earthly message to relate to all of you

A earthly message

We in God's house, we heard the Godly message

Now we are going to hear a earth message. You have the photo sister

Yes, if any of you watch the news last night

You saw a necklace on the news

The necklaces ladies and gentleman is worth one million dollars

wow! Can you imagine what we can do in this

congregation, with one million dollars. Yes, Yes

new pules new chairs

air condition a chour

We have to find the necklace. We have to look around, see who has

the necklace. But we not the only ones looking for this necklace.

Everybody wants a

piece of the action. The Bar B Q gang

you all heard of them, you seen them on the news,
you read about them in the paper

They're also looking for this necklace

You want to get the necklace first. Yes. We know

We know about the earthly rewards and we should depend too much on

earthly rewards but think of the congregation

Think of what we could do in God's name

with a million dollars.

In God's name let's all look for the white fox. Amen

Amen! Amen.. Amen..

Amen, Amen. She

got it, she's got the white fox. She's got it

She's got the white, she's got it

XR is here.



I love you baby


Tarjella, give me

the white fox now

I'm in a bubble, a big


Where did she go, what happen?

Where is she?

I'm Ted Johnson with the latest Amber alert.

Missing right now is Tarjella and Diamond

They gone missing for about the last 36 hours

If you have any information as to there where abouts

Contact the number on the screen.

And remember it's a Amber alert keep your eyes

and ears open

Hey how's my

beautiful wife? Hello my gorgeous husband.

I just said on the internet here online that
a couple women are missing in Arizona

What's going on? Are you working on that case?

I'm working on it right now.
Well I heard that a couple women are coming up missing

there disappearing over this white fox necklace thing. What's going on?

Tell me about that. Tell me about it, I'm worry about you

Honey you know I can not discuss mywork, it’s classified, but don’t worry

about me, I’ll be fine. Alright well remember this I miss you.

And I love you and I can't wait to see you again. Talk to you soon.

I love you too, I will. Find out more about

anything, alright

You, what are you doing here?

Why are you doing this to us XR? You again?

I know you hear me.

Diamond and Tarjella

How are you? I'm here to break the curse.

I'm not from your planet

Why am I here with her? I'm here

on the orders of Smoky. What do you want with me?

I didn't do anything to you.

And I'm here to break

bond between you two sisters

I am Smoky the leader of the

other planet, the Diamond Cobra

vs the White Fox

My necklace. Now let the battle began

This is my necklace. What? Everybody wants

my necklace. We have to battle

I have to fight against her.

There is no way she is my siter

I'm not battling her over my necklace

You can forget about that, thank you. Please let me go whatever

type of creature monster you are. Well we already know

Who's gonna win.

Not like you won the first time

I am not fighting her over

my necklace. You can just forget about


Diamond Cobra vs

The White FOX

The battle.the battle has begun

I told you I'm not gonna fight her

Come on White FOX

That necklace belongs to me and you

know it. You know you're not my sister

Thank you for meeting with me agent McCall. Yes Rhonda

you mention on thephone, that you have some information

onwhere I can find Diamond? Yes this is true

But I am here because of the White Fox necklace

It belongs to me. You claim that the white fox belongs

to you, the Bar B Q claim that it belongs to them

Yes that's because they stole it from me.

Why you did not report it stolen? Listen here Agent McCall

This is my necklace

I will help you and you help me

Do you have any proof that the White Fox is yours

No, I don’t have any proof.

It’sbecause I know the necklace is mine

The proof is in the power of the necklace

The necklace had power. Is thisabout the million dollar prize?

Look, Ireally don’t have time for this.

Yes very magical. How I know this?

Because it is mine. And I know

whokilled Reed. Who? The person that you are looking for

Her name is Diamond

I had a vision and I saw her

killed Reed and I know where she

is. A vision, okay whatever! Where


Tnis is the address,

if I am right

and you find Diamond. Bring me

backmy white fox necklace.

Okay, Thank you Rhonda,


Speaking, the video I sent you. Did you find out more about it

No I just got a led on a important case. Detective

Parks, listen I'm gonna be real with you. I'm gonna need you

to step down this way above your head. Let me do my job

This case has something to do with the
death of my son and I'm not giving up

until I get to the bottom of it. Detective Parks please step

down and let me do my job

Hi Evan,

I watched the video yousent me,
of all the people beingkilled at Big Willie’s diner.

Do you know more about what’s goingon? Yes Evan, and it’s

top secret. You're inway over your head. I need youto step

down and get off this case.
Listen this case have something to do withthe death of my

son. Evan, please back off!

Let me do myjob. Trust me, it’s not safe.

I wish you people would stop telling me what to do

I'm not gonna fight you over

my necklace. Come on white fox. Fine

You not gonna win. Stop Diamond

Freeze, freeze or I will shoot.

What are youguys?

Wouldn’t you like to know. Diamond

Diamond, Diamond Please, tellme what happened to Reed?

And Handover the necklaces. Never

The curse has been

broken! Why ME?

Now I will return

to my planet, NO!