Broke A$$ Road Trip (2019) - full transcript

Pro Sports and Celebrity Lifestyle Photographer takes his two friends on a journey across country traveling the Old Route 66 Highway looking for the next adventure. They start their ...

- Woohoo!

- Let me help you.

- I can't, I
can't take it no more.

- So yeah,
I mean that's me right there

with that camera just trying
to do the documentary.

And then one day we were
just talking with Mark

and Mark's like dude,

I want in.

Count me in, I'm in.

The dude's like ran every single day.

And I'm not talking about
just running down the street

a couple blocks,

or going to the local track

and doing a couple laps.

I mean this dude is doing extreme running

through the woods,

through the mountains,

through the streets,

through the city landscapes, everything.

And he's got like this record long streak,

like I don't know, 20, 21, 22 years,

something crazy like that

where he's just not
missed one day of running.

No previous lifetime friendship,

we all three just know each other

through professional sports.

Myself and Mark, we photograph sports,

and Bo, he writes about it.

And we're always just trying to capture

that next up and coming star.

And what better way, Broke Ass Road Trip.

Three underdogs cross the country

and just trying to get the world to see

you know a few days of our life.

- Boom bitch.

- Stay.

Stay best boys.

- All right man, all right.

Here we go.

- Keep it safe and let's have some fun.

- Do we know we're going?

We're heading towards St. Louis.

- I'm gonna say it's left.

- Yeah, well I was trying
to pull the trick we did

on you, Mark, with that boat.

- And the just like, yeah.
- The red roof trip?

- And once we're about at hour six,

like, where the fuck we at?

I'm like, dude, we got 20
more hours to go.

But it backfired.

You were getting pissed.

- I was just getting nervous.

- I mean, I was freaking out.
- He was where we going?

- Which way are we going?
- But I was just

freaking out, like I was
just getting nervous.

I don't think we're
gonna be able to stay up.

Cause we'd be basically
up for like 37 hours.

- No.

- That's what I was
getting freaked out about.

- No, I have it so we have stops,

so we'll just rotate sleeping.

You know what I mean?

We got stops, we'll just fuck around,

but it didn't make sense
to waste the whole day,

where we can just get to, what day was it,

Palo Duro, that state park in Texas?

- You did show me that.

- Yeah, we just get there,
and we just camp out,

and then the next morning,
we're like 15 miles

away from that Cadillac Ranch,

and then there's that big,

- uh, Texas...
- Midway Cafe?

- Well the Midway Cafe, and then there's

that big steak place.

Remember where it's got the...

- There's another thing, right, I saw it.

- There's a ton of stuff.

- There's another thing like 10 minutes

away from that Palo Galo.

What is it, Route 66 thing.

- 30 on eight, please.

I don't, Skittles, Sprite, beef jerk,

couple pieces of pizza, don't
forget the cup go slushee.

Cup go slushee.

30 on eight, 30 on eight.

- This is a broke ass
road trip. We need that to-gos.

- I need it.

- Look at his grip.

It's a firm, pumping grip.

You full?

- We might have to go
back in to get our $2 back.

- Uh oh.

- We're at $28.

- $2, I want my $2.

- The chair goes everywhere we go.

It doesn't fucking matter.

It goes with us.

We go into fucking Burger
King, the chair goes with us.

- I think we're gonna
sound like they sound like

when we talk to them.

Good morning, how you doing?

We got two orders.

- Egg and cheese McGriddle.

- On the first order, I need
an egg and cheese McGriddle.

- Three hashbrowns.

- Three hashbrowns.

- Large coke.

- And a large coke.

- Yes, ma'am, and that'll
actually be our only order.

- All right, that'll
be $12.16 at first window.

- Okay.

- We gotta pull the box out

underneath your feet down there.

Hold on.

Gotta get the cash.

All right dude.

- Good morning, how you doing today?

- Good.

- Huh?

- Good.

- This your first time?


You had this done before?

- Yes I have.

- Sounds pretty creative.
- Tell her we need a receipt.

We need a receipt.

- Two other times.

- Well this is probably your best time.

Can we get a receipt please?

Thank you, and have a great day.

We're on a road trip.

- Oh yeah?

You having a good time, I take it?

- Yeah, I guess, we're tired.

We drove all night.

That's all you kid.

- There you are.
- Have a great day, doll.

- You too.

- I wanna put my phone in the Nanuk case.

- Yeah.

And then I'm gonna put it in the water

then I want you to call me.

Then I want to open it and go, hello,

and then we go, these cases kick ass.

- All right, let's do it.

- You like that?

You said that Mark
- I thought we were gonna fake

- a drug deal.
- Gonna love the shit

- out of you.
- You got the goods?

- No, yeah.
- He like finds it

- the bottom of the river.
- Let's do it.

Dude, they came through for us, man.

- Yeah, that cool, though?

- That's, that's...

- You'll call me while
my phone's in the case.

I'll pull it out of the water,

I'll be like, hello.

- Can I have it in my hand when

I back flip into the river?

- You get to put your own in case

it goes floating down the
fucking river.

- All right, we're taking a detour.

Now we gotta get it Louisiana.

We got a phone in the

We gotta hurry up, we
gotta beat this phone

before it goes into the ocean.

- Oh my god.

- That would suck.

- That's funny.

- That's the only problem with the case.

- It's supposed to float, I think.

- Yeah, it floats.

- Yeah, I bet it would.

- We gotta knock it out
of the park for Andrew.

- We will.

- I don't think you're gonna make it,

choking on dick already.

- Yeah.

- I wanna get one of those big ass

walking CB radios with the 15 mile radius

so we can talk to truckers.

- No dude, I got the walkie-talkies

- that we'll connect to.
- Can we pick it up?

- Yeah, I just gotta remember

where the fuck I packed them at.

- We'll find them.

- Oh you where I think where they're at?

They're in my backpack.

- You need to talk to
them with the bullhorn.

- Yeah, so, so yeah, so...

- When we get close to them,
then I'll yell out the window.

- Yeah, but here's the
thing when we do it,

here's what I was thinking...

- Don't piss anyone off, cause
then they can fuck with us.

- No, here's what I was
thinking we'd do, okay.

So, once we connect, we'll do that.

I say we all write down three
different fucked-up names,

we throw in the hat.

We all have to draw.

Whatever we get, that's our handle name

for when we're doing the walkie-talkie.

We have to go with it, there's no...

- What are we most scared of,

and what's our middle name?

- I'm really

- I'm Spider Eddy, if we did it.

- Snake Donald.

- Wait a second, wait a second...

- Snake Donald

- Snake Donald?

- McDonald, Snake Donald.

What would you be?

- I don't know.

- He's afraid of a lot

- of stuff.
- You'd be Hot Wing.

Hot Wing Juice, what's your middle name?

- No, no.

- Hot Wing Juice, what's
your middle name though?

Basically, what's your middle name,

and then we'll just add
everything in front of it.

- I have two middle names.

It's Michael Allen.

- Well you'd be Hot Wing
Juice Mike Allen.

- Mike Allen, I love it.

Hot Juice Mike Allen, I love it.

That's what it is, Hot Juice Mike Allen.

- I like Hot Juice.

I wish I was Hot Juice Mike Allen.

- That's too many names.

- No, it's perfect.
- Nah, that's sweet.

- It's perfect, Hot Juice Mike Allen.

- Shut up Snake Donald.

Sound like you were a settler,

like the...

- Fuck you, Spider Eddy.

I love it.

- Oh my god.

- You sound like, Snake
Donald sounds like somebody

from, like, help the pilgrims
or some settle America.

- Hey Bo.

- Hey.

- We got a toll coming up.

Do we know how much it is?

- No.

- Hide the weed!

- Do you know how much the toll is?

- Put the microphone on the back,

then you can just squeeze the trigger.

- Oh.

- You won't get static.

- Fucking static.

Run it back?

How much is the toll?

Hey, hey in the Silverado,
how much is the toll?

How much is the toll, goddammit?

How much is the toll?

- Right there, get that one.

There ya go, they're talking.

- Does anybody know how much the toll is?

Anybody, going once.

- We got the shitty, can I get over there?

- What's the hold up?

- Can I get over?

- Yeah.

- There's only two semis coming,

you know, you got it.

Oh, this car just fucked us

- So can I go?

- Are we getting yelled at?

Oh, she's moving the cone,
there's a cone.

- Can I get over?

- She coming?
- It's red, it's red.

- No you can't go there.
- Just go, it's red.

- It's red.
- She's going green.

- It's going red.
- She's going green.

We're green.

- We got a green light.

How much is the toll, anybody know?

How much is the toll?

- I don't know, how much is this?

- Do we know how much the toll is?

- Hi, it's going
to be $4.75 for you three.

- $4.75 Bo, $4.75.

- How's your day going?

Thanks, Doll.

- Here's your quarter, thank you.

- You got a receipt?

Thank you, sir.

On the road again.

- Here comes that black
jeep with that putz.

- Here come them hillbillies
with the megaphones.

Speed up.

- Well, we're on em now.

- Oh fuck.

- They're probably looking at us like,

these crazy sons of bitches

with that chair strapped
to the roof.

- Get up, just to let
them know we're coming.

- It's like when the police get up

on you when they're about to grab you?

- Hit the siren,
we'll pull his ass over.

- And let the raping begin.

- I wish we had lights.
- Oh my god.

- Next trip we're getting lights.

- Good read.

- Don't do that.

- How much was the toll?

How much was the toll?

How much?

They didn't find us funny at all.

- Did they do anything?

- No. Amazing.
- I smell like an asshole.

- Dude, so do I.

We gotta get some clothes down.

- God, that's fucking...

- That's one thing you don't wanna...

- Dude, yeah, I gotta get a shirt down.

I'm gonna have to unstrap
that stuff up there

to get a shirt down.

I shoulda threw some in the backpack.


- Snake Donald, he fell asleep.

It's only 1:21 a.m.

- So Bo, what's it feel
like having the Unibomber

sit next to you as the copilot?

- I'm not gonna lie,
the biggest fear I had

the whole trip was sitting in the...

Was sitting...


- What was the...

Hey Bo, what...

- I don't know if that moment,

that could be the best
moment of the trip so far.

- The deer?

- The deer.

- I was scared.

Dude, dude, drop, drop the horn!

- I mean honestly, I was
scared but I was laughing

cause I knew how ridiculous
it was, but I was petrified.

I was still pissed that this dickwad

drove my jeep down.

It was freshly washed less
than six hours earlier.

And it's just caked in
so much fucking mud.

I was, anxiety went through the roof.

- I had so much mud on his jeep,

he though his alignment was fucked up.

We're were like,

like this the whole way down the river.

- Who said leaks would happen?

It's the best story.

Mark is...

- Is this thing really a jeep,

or is this a fucking knockoff
jeep you buy on Amazon?

- You guys see this right now?
- I can't take it.

You see this right now.

- Oh, get me the fuck out.

- Are we in a Prius or
a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Cause I can't tell a difference right now.

- He is so...

- No, we're gonna get stuck!

Mark don't, you can't go through it.

No, we're getting stuck.

- I can't get through that pond.

- No, dude, we're not
gonna get through that.

I'm worried about getting
us turned around.

- The road is dead so
I try to turn around?

- Yeah, but, here, here,
put this bitch down low.

- Just park.

- Put it down low.

- Yeah, it's time to...
- How do you shift?


- Yeah, but yeah.
- All right we're in one.

- Yeah.

- Get your drone out now.

I mean you gotta get the drone...

- Stay up, stay up here,
stay up here, stay up here.

Don't sink in this water.

- Just stop.
- Stop right here?

- Just stop for a second.

Cause we're, we're deep in this mud.

Yeah, don't step in that.

We're deep in this mud.

- This was all your fucking guys' idea.

- We're deep in this.

- Zoop hides the crop circles.

- Wait, wait wait.

- Don't move.

- You fucked this whole trip.

- Don't move.

- I can feel us sinking.

- I know.

- Deer coming back.

Oh my god, Jason, look, Jason.

- We're filthy.

- Look in the mirror.

- Dude, don't.

Dude, we're gonna sink,
we're gonna be stuck in this.

What do we do?

We got to try to turn this around.

No, we cannot...

- Okay.
- Use your back end.

- No, listen.


Go slow and try to get
this thing turned around.

But don't put us down in that grass, dude.

- Wait, can I say one thing?

Do we wanna film?

- It's on here, but I
don't want to get out.

- No, I mean, you don't want a drone?

- I do.

- I mean, you're here now.
- Let me get us turned around.

- We will, let us get turned around.

- All right, watch the back,
tell me when I'm going.

I don't wanna get stuck in that grass.

- Dude, you're gonna get trashed.


- First step.

- All right.

- Dude, look at that trail.

- Yeah, I know, I know.

- Hey, look, this.

- Yeah, that's solid.

- You gotta get on this.

- Yeah, that's solid.
- This is the solid.

- All right.
- All right.

- Close that door, bitch.

Dude, just don't sink us in there.

- Do I turn around, or do I just...

- Yeah, turn it slow.

That's solid up there.

That's solid up there, right?

This is solid.

We need to come up in here.

Just come back a little bit.

- Back up?

- Yeah.

- You should be able to back out.

- Just a little bit, just a little bit.

- You're good,
you're good, you're good.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, go.

No, no, don't listen to
him, we're gonna get stuck.

Just come forward.

Don't listen to him.

He's gonna get us stuck.

Don't listen to him.

Okay, stop.

Just a little bit, don't listen to him.

Just let him keep screaming out there.

We'll put the right wheels
up in this over here.

We'll just park it.

We'll park it up,

okay you see what I'm saying?

- Yeah.

Look at his sandals.

- Yeah, that's what I mean.

If we get out in this, we're fucked.

Yeah, just put the left
tires up in that grass.

- Okay.

- Put it up, the tires
in the grass, please.

- It looks pretty soft.

- No it's solid, he's standing in it.

He was sinking in this.

Just the left tires, the right
tires in this right here.


- Right here?

- Yeah.

- It's flying on it's own.

- What do you mean
it's flying on it's own?

- I'm not doing that.
- What do you mean?

- It's going away from me.

- Is it gonna
come down and crash us?

Is this coming down to crash us?

- Doing a lot right now on it's own.

- Dude, you've got...

- is out.

- Dude, turn that shit off.

Turn it off!

- Is this recording?

- Yeah.

- Mark, how much fun did
you have driving in the mud?

- Okay, we're gonna do it again.

- Damn, I might of got us stuck.

I'm not playing.

We're stuck.

We're stuck, stuck.

- Keep going, keep going.

- We're stuck, I'm not playing.

We're stuck, we're stuck.

- Hold up, hold up, hold up!

Go straight right ahead.

Gun it.

You got it.

Keep going.

- Trashed it.

- Put 'er there.

- Suck a dick.

You wanna wash your feet
so we can get going?

- No I want you to wash it for me.

- Looking pretty sharp.

Cadillac Ranch is a bunch of old Cadillacs

out in the middle of this field in Texas.

The idea behind it is
you're supposed to visit,

bring some spray paint
and spray paint the cars

and leave your mark.

And it's just a rolling exhibit.

By the time we got there,

I would say in the surrounding area,

it's in the middle of this field.

So from where we had
to park on old Route 66

we had to walk about 300 yards,

maybe 400 yards out into this field.

- It's been pouring down rain.

There's like a river to get out.

There's probably like 200 yards
from the road to the ranch.

It's pitch black.

And you understand, this is a field.

There's nothing around,
so it's pitch black.

We have our headlamps on.

- Now, it was pitch black.

You couldn't really see much ahead of us,

and that's what was kinda the excitement

about it, was just walking out there.

- We're trying to stay clean,

cause you gotta stay clean,

cause we don't wanna get dirty.

- Guys, I'm scared.

I'm scared.

- Dude, bitch.

- I'm freaking out.

- I hear a rattle.

- Dude, don't, don't.

I'm freaking out.

I'm freaking out.

- You know that I
love we're recording,

cause this is scary.

- This is fun

- I smell the paint.

Do you smell the paint?

- [Bo I'm watching it careful

not to get caught on fire.

- What do you mean?

- Aren't we using fire?

- Yeah.

- Do you think?

- That'll make
it better if we catch

the whole thing on fire.

- Dude, we should
have brought a can of gas,

we could fuck it up.

- Lit this mofo...

- Look it, we gotta go through there.

- We will.

- That's the fucking shit.

We're going?

- We goin barefoot again?

- No, wait a
second, wait a second.

Let's not trash this yet,

let's figure an exit or a crossing.

Yeah, let's find a...

- The fuck is that that?

- Dude, don't fuck around.

I'm scared.

- I'm leading the
fucking way, come on.

- I'm scared.

- I'm scared of you, motherfucker...

- No, I'm not playing, I'm scared.

- What are you scared of?
- I don't know.

- There's no water.


- Shine that light
one of those and hold onto it.

- That's a pool of water.

- Dude, straight
ahead, straight ahead.

We're right there, hold on.

- So we get out to where
they want to do the shot.

And it's kinda misty, it's rainy.

First, all our phones go off, Amber Alert.

All right, ten, fifteen Amber.

We're still out there,

everybody's trying to do their stuff.

- So here's the problem, Mark.

You set up so close, that how are you

gonna get him in there twirling that?

- That's why I'm trying to raise it.

I'm gonna back up once I get it raised.

- Okay, that's I was saying.

All right let me start making
a path back here for you.

- Right now, I'm just trying
to get the tripod raised,

cause we can't get close,

I wanna make sure we
get all this reflection

in the foreground, instead
of just these crappy weeds.

So I want to get nice and high

cause it's a real wide angle.

I wanna get the whole thing.
And then we're just gonna leave

the shutter open for 30 seconds,

and we're gonna try to light
paint this entire scene,

cause it's pitch black out right now.

- So explain what
light painting is, Mark.

- Basically you just, you
don't have any natural light,

so we're using our own light.
Just like, to paint the light.

So you can actually see what you're doing.

- Okay.

Can you go back to, on
the back of your screen,

once you get set up, then we can show what

our test shot looked like?

- Yeah.

Right now, this is what we would shoot it

if it was just a regular exposure.

- Okay.

There's the 30 seconds
before I clean the lens off.

- Okay hold on, let me get this.

Zoom in on that if you could.

- Okay, cool.
- You can see the cars.

It's not the best composition,

but we got the lighting we want.

- Okay, perfect.

- Got the reflections.

- Perfect, okay.

So, we got the tripod going.

I'm gonna be honest with
you for a second, Bo.

If he was shooting Fuji
film instead of the Canon,

we would have been already done with this.

- Just like his phone,
just like his phone.

- His phone is garbage.

- You mean with Fuji film,

you don't understand how to use it?

- Yeah, I don't
know how to use it.

- How are we gonna light the match?

- I'm gonna light the match.

Whoa, whoa!

Can't make that up, what's going on?

- Amber alert.

Dallas police department, Amber alert.

- Who's dying.

- Amber alert.

- Oh.

- Amber Alert.

- Who's dying?

- I don't know.

- I want to come
in close to your sexy face.

- Hi, is there a trick question?

- No, who's dying?

- Who's Diane?

- Who's dying?

Who's balls are on fire?

- My balls.

- You're balls are on fire?

- I don't know, who's balls are on fi...

- I don't know.

I like that shirt.

Is that where you ran today?

- I ran up to this
lighthouse cause I'm badass.

- We go to light the steel wool,

and the matches that I brought,

I left the original
matchbox inside the truck.

I just brought the matches
in this little container,

not realizing we needed the strip

to actually strike a match.

Well, we tried everything.

We could not get a match started.

- We wanna light the steel wool,

we don't have anything to light it with.

We have the matches,
but we don't have a box,

we don't have a lighter,
but we got matches.

Mark googles what's the
best way to light a match.

- So Mark gets a brainiac idea.

He googles it, how do you light a match.

And sure enough, he says
strike a match off a zipper.

- What does Mark say,

the best way to light a match?

- Mark said the best way to light

a match is with your zipper.

So I immediately say, I got a zipper.

Which Jason tried to light
a match off my zipper,

and we tried to do that.

- Bo had shorts on with a zipper.

It think this is the most idiotic thing.

At this point, I'm laughing so hard

because it just to me, it felt surreal,

like Bo and Mark were in on something

way before this happened,

and I'm gonna try to light a match

off of basically, Bo's crotch.

And it just was ridiculous,

and I just could not
stop laughing from it.

- You got to do it harder.

He's not doing it right.

Here, let me try.

- He's gonna light his
balls on fire.

You're gonna light your balls on fire.

You're gonna light your balls on fire.

- Come on, buddy, you got this.

- Dude, I'm gonna have to go back

and get that lighter.

- This'll work.

- No, I have
to go back and get it.

You guys are gonna have to hang tight.

- Try it again.

- We'll just do a couple more.

Sounds like it.

- All right, fuck,

I'm going back to get the lighter.

- One more time, here, here.

- Fuck, I gotta go back.

That ain't gonna work.

I can't take it, I gotta go...

I'll be back.

- Keeps ripping off the head of the match.

- You filming this?

I mean, once we get it going...

- Yeah.

- Cool so I mean there's nothing to it.

- No, Mark, you just take it down to this.

- Do you want me to do it?

- There we go, burn that bitch.

- Yeah, right there.

- Watch out, Bo, don't get us.

- Don't get us.

- Those skies are looking nasty.

- Give me one second,
Bo, I gotta fix something.

Dude, you all right?

- Yeah.

- Was
just like, was in his zone.

Bo's out there just
grinding, grinding, grinding,

just throwing those sparks around,

and I'm just in the moment, right?

I've got my camera, I'm trying to film it.

I'm over there with the flashlight

trying to hit the cars in the background.

And boom.

At that moment, we created a piece of art

that I know is gonna
stand for a long time.

There is going to be
people trying to emulate

what we did at Cadillac Ranch.

- Let's get it.

- Bo's scared right now.

- Set it on the ground for me.

- He's scared right now.

- Huh?

- Bo's scared.

- So am I.

- Okay, let's go.

- We need 15 on pump one.

Er, no.

Yeah, pump one.

15 on pump one, let's go.

And get me a coke and some jerky.

And a Payday.

Mark want's Skittles.

Hurry up.

Skittles, he wants Skittles.

And beef jerky,


Hurry up.

- Are you kidding,
I can't decide to crack up.

- Where's the jerky?

There's no beef jerky in there?

Where's the Skittles?

Did you pay for the gas?

- I think about earlier in the day

when we were at the bug ranch,

and how much fun we had in
what we called Zombie Land.

I mean, you have a place where

you're walking in a deserted home,

and you're throwing stuff
at their chandelier,

and, I don't know, you're
throwing out windows

and you can't do that anywhere else

and not get in trouble for it.

- Let's smash it in.

On one, two, three!

Smash it in!

- We broke that through, took me a minute.

I think to me it means pretty much

exactly what it sounds like.

I'm a broke ass dude at the moment.

I'm trying to see the country
for as cheap as I can.

We got some nice gear,

but we've been eating beef jerky,

I've been eating gas station

food for the most part, and Cheetos.

We stayed in the Budget Inn next door,

that I'm pretty sure that a
lot of people got murdered at.

- I'm scared.

What is that seriously?

No, I'm not fucking around, I'm scared.

- We heard it too.

I don't know just sign the fucking thing.

- All right.

- That's a shitty at sign.

- Suck a dick.

- I'd almost rather sign my name.

- Go.

Okay, stop right there.

I have to point this out.

Let's analyze this photo.

I'm what, about 5'9 on a good day.

That ladder is eight foot, nine foot.

So Bo is up there high in the sky,

eight, nine feet high.

This was an old sign platform.

Now granted, it was Bo's
idea to climb up there

but the entire time I was a nervous wreck

that he was gonna fall off of there.

Now, I'm gonna be the first one to admit,

and I think Mark will too,

we've never done a documentary before.

This was our first attempt,

and this was really our first location

that we strapped on the
microphones to the cameras.

We realized there was some wind going on,

but it wasn't until afterwards

I started looking at footage.

We just totally blew this scene.

The idea behind it was, Bo
was gonna climb up there,

this was gonna be his confessional shot,

and kinda just talk and
recap about the day before

and everything at Post Wagon Ranch.

I screwed it up.

He had a microphone attached to him.

I had a microphone on my camera.

Mark had a microphone on his camera.

We had the dead cats on the cameras.

For anyone who doesn't
know what dead cat is,

it's like a little sleeve
that goes over a microphone.

It's supposed to reduce the wind noise.

We just screwed it up.

It was too windy.

The audio of Bo talking is just unusable.

There's probably a good 15 minutes of it,

and this was a lesson learned.

I'm very proud that Bo climbed up there

and did his thing like a champ,

but I screwed it up.

And so for the first-time
documentary filmmakers out there,

don't be afraid to try.

Do something, you're gonna learn from it.

And this was one of those moments

to completely learn
from it, screwed it up,

did the best we could
to clean the audio up

and show you some of the footage.

- So you mad about the trails?

- It was really

our first time on the journey together,

and we really didn't know how much

we were pushing each others buttons.

I was trying to get him worked up,

at the same time, he was pushing back,

and by the end of the
film, you can just see,

I'm completely just drained,

and no matter what
decision I was gonna make,

I just had to go along for the ride.

Just let him get out, get his run in,

get his five, six miles,

whatever the run was gonna be for that day

and just kinda let it go

and just try to salvage any snapshots

or anything that we could, so.

Yeah, that's pretty much how it went.

This episode was rogue.

- Why do you like running on the trails?

- Cause I'm fucking badass, that's why.

Cause I run trails everyday.

Yeah, the cyclists get
to go on the damn paths,

but trail runners can't.

- That's cause cyclists are better.

- I guess.

- Get off the trail.

- I feel like.

Just like communist Russia.

- In the heart of Texas.
- Get off the trail.

Communist Russia in the heart of Texas.

- Bo's not allowed to run on the trail.

What kind of bullshit is this?

This look pretty badass, though.

If we fall on you, we're gonna die.

Oh fuck, dude, we drop off, we dead.

- Look at them people.

Why the hell are they out on the mountain?

That's a trail, what the fuck?

- You're not allowed on the trail.

Get off the trail.

Feel better?

They yelled at you too.

This is actually kinda badass.

We have another road flood ahead.

- Can somebody film this road flood,

cause I wanted people to see

- why I can't run.
- Okay.

We will, when we come back through.

I just said osmo needs a cart, goddammit.

The osmosis of this
trail, we will film it.

That's pretty badass up there.

This canyon up there is pretty cool.

I mean, I know you're upset,

but we'll never see this again.

So if you want, oh these are campers.

- Thanks for taking the campsite.

- We weren't allowed to
camp here last night,

- it was so full.
- Communists!

- It was so full we
weren't allowed to camp

- there last night.
- Communists.

They're allowed to camp in the rain.

That should be against the Texas law.

- Yeah, that's some bullshit.

Seriously, they said they
were full last night.

I mean, I'm not hating that we
had a nice hotel room, but...

That's shit's kinda cool, like I mean.

- It's gorgeous.

- Definitely have to get some
snapshots before we leave.

So wherever you wanna pull over and park,

do it, wait, this is the road.

Pull in there.

Cow cabins, juice, permit...

- Ah, everybody, this is communist Russia.

You gotta have a permit.

- Yeah.

- Segregation!

- That's the cow camp.

Use by permit only.

- Permits.

- Our permit is just to walk on the roads,

not the trails.

- Are we even allowed
to look at the canyon?

- No.

- We just have to stare.
- We're not allowed to look.

Oh, we're getting in trouble.

- Look at this guy.

- This guy's looking at us.

- What's this guy's problem?

- I don't know.

Are we allowed...

Where's the parking lot stuff?

- Turn right.

This is the highway.

- No, this is that road that we were,

we're not allowed to go in.

- She said turn right.

- Well we're gonna...

I came to the goddamn canyon,

I'm getting a picture of me in this shit,

not standing on the yellow line.

- I'm going up the top of that road...

- I know, we are.

- When people are on
that fucking mountain,

I'm going up there.

- We will.
- I'm going by myself, with my

- own fucking bones...
- We will.

We will, but don't go rogue.

Let him get his long lens on there

so we can film you running out there.

At least, if we're gonna get a fine,

let us get it documented.

- I didn't know there was a trail closed.

I'm gonna play stupid.

I'll be like, who the
fuck closed this trail

ain't this America?

- Okay, but don't go rogue.

Let us get a chance to get the right lens

- to document it.
- Ain't this America?


- I'm about to lose my shit.
- No don't, dude, dude don't.

Don't, please don't.

Don't, don't don't be an asshole.

- They're not open
- Are you guys on the trails?

- Yeah.

How are they?

- They're not bad, I mean,

there are spots that are,
but we didn't ride em.

- Yeah?

- Okay, cool, all right, thank you.

Yeah, exactly yeah.

All right, cool, thank you.

- No problem.

Wait, I'm confused.

If the trails are closed,
why are the bikes allowed on?

Wait, you see?

I'm very confused,
seriously, I'm confused.

- There's people on fucking trails there.

It's kinda like one of those things like...

- You're at your risk.

And then you're gonna get
fined if you get caught.

- It's probably if your setting

off fireworks or drinking beer.

- All right, dude,

pull, pull in front of this.

Pull in front of this.

Yeah, I'm not taking the fine, cause...

- No you're not.
- I'll go with you Bo.

- Plus, I mean...

- Put it on park.

- You don't go to parks
and run trail. I mean...

- No, I know.

Shut her off
- There's always signs,

Shut her off, shut the car off.

I said shut the motherfucking car off.

I think at this point I realized

things were going way
off the rails for us.

At any point, Bo is just
gonna get out of the car

and just start running,

and I knew that there was no way

myself or Mark were gonna
be able to keep up with him.

The plan of trying to capture him running,

I just knew this was
the moment in the trip

where I just knew shooting a documentary

of him running was over with.

It pretty much just had to turn into

just, basically, three idiots
on a broke ass road trip.

And that's what it became.

Just three idiots having a good time.

- It's off.

- We're going running, bitches.

- On the trail.
- You're not running.

You're not running.

- Oh my god, look at that!

Oh fuck.

- What?

- Oh christ.

- What?

- Oh christ.

- What?
- Hold on, did you see that?

- No I didn't see anything.

- Look at that hole, the
people were in that hole.

That's what they walked to.

- Okay.
- We gotta go to that now.

We gotta go there now.

We park with...

- But we're not allowed to...

- Come here, I just want you to hear.

- I know what you're saying, dude,

we're getting off of what the mission is.

Dude, dude.

Can you close...

Dude, hold on.

Guys, guys, stop, seriously.

If we're gonna document,
let's just stay on you

just going rogue when we're
not getting the stock,

so please.

- Fucking dumb ass.

- Yeah we are, come on!

You're in the fucking park.

I'm taking over with this thing.

If you're in your fucking
area, this is where I live.

You're not getting thrown

- fucking out.
- Let's get you running.

- I mean, how many more
people do you have to see

on a fucking mountain
cliff until you realize

what the fuck's going on.

There's a giant hole in the fucking wall

with kids and families in it.

Look at the park rangers
are shooting them dead.

Fucking executing them
on the fucking trails.

And these are big fines.

They're like in the fucking
hundreds of thousands

- of dollars.
- I know.

That's why I'm just like...

- Probably like a $10 fine.

You're walking on the dirt.

Fucking mi-laneous felony.

- Let's get the running
then we'll do everything...

- Right, that's what I'm saying.

You're going rogue.

- Calm the fuck down.

Nobody's going to jail because
you're on the fucking trail.

- I understand that.

What I'm saying is I don't
have none of the cameras

ready and you guys are taking off.

- Cause you said you
weren't going on trails.

So he said he would go on the trail.

That's 10 feet off the road.

Run over there, take 10 minutes,

shoot, shoot, back in the car,

you're still picking with
the fucking quarters.

We what, Bud?

- At least gotta get the
shots set up, get ready...

- Yeah.

- So just give us a second.
- Once and we can get it over.

- That's what I was saying.

I was trying to figure
out what we're doing.

- I'm gonna have to switch this lens out

- cause this is my wide.
- Yeah, you don't have the

- right lens.
- Just relax.

- He doesn't have the right lens.

- I know, but you need to relax.

We're not fucking raping children here.

- Bo, once we get your stuff,
- I'm gonna drink my soda now.

- I don't know if you can.

- Yo, Bo.

- What's up?

- Once we get your cool running shot,

there's a shot I definitely want to

get of you with the drone.

I want to find something
like when we were coming in,

one of those narrow, steep-ass hills.

I wanna like follow you up

one of those fucking hills with a drone.

One of those overlooks.

- I'm sorry.

- There's nothing to apologize about.

- I'm stressing you out.

I apologize.

- You are stressing me

- the fuck out.
- I know, I know. I apologize.

- Everybody shut the fuck up!
- I'm sorry.

- I mean, you're like breaking the law.

You're like, dude I am not
even going in the grass.

I'm not even going in the grass.

I'm not, I'm not.

You do what you want.

- I'm sorry.

- And that stresses me the fuck out.

- I'm sorry, okay?

I feel it.

- It's a park.

How the fuck are they gonna patrol this?

- No man, we're fine. Jason
doesn't want to do this,

I don't give a fuck about it.

- Mark, you're going.

Mark's breaking the law.

You got your camera set
up the way we're doing.

- But you see like that giant hole?

- Yes, I did when

- we hopped out.
- But you did see

the people in the hole?

- The people on the mountain?
- I did. We're gonna do it.

- Guys riding the bikes,
"we've been riding all day."

- Okay, so here's what I ask.

Let's do the run, we'll get that.

- I think they'd fine you if you went

down to River Run, and
they needed to rescue you.

The man said hey the trail was closed.

They didn't even know
the trails were closed.

And if we're on tape when we get arrested,

we just delete it.

- Well, I want it on
tape if we get arrested.

That adds to it.

- Well you better get on the trails.

- I gotta take a dump at the dump site.

That's all I care about right now.

I don't care about the running,

- I'm taking a dump.
- He will not walk on a trail.

He won't even go near a trail head,

but he wants to go shit
in public at the dumpster.

I think that that will not draw attention.

I want you to do it,

but really, you won't go to the trail head

cause you they're gonna...

- You take a dump in that dumpster...

- You think they have
marksmen in the cliffs

about to shoot you.

But I want you to shit at the dump ground.

I want you to.

But that's just great because

you feel totally comfortable shitting

next to a guy dumping.

- Adverse to going on the
trail. I'm scared of the trail.

I'm a little nervous.

- You're a lot nervous.

- If she hadn't said all of
that, I would have been fine.

- Well she has to say that.

Just like when you read the
back of your Aleve bottle.

Take two of these.

If you take five, you're gonna be fine.

They're just telling you what to do

so they don't get sued.

I don't know where the fuck is parking.

Where's the fucking...

- I don't know.

We're just...

- Look at your navigation and zoom out.

- Pull over here and park.

I guess, where were you going

where those guys told you to get...

- The lighthouse trail.

- Oh.

- They said there was a parking lot.

- Look, oh my god.

Arrested, arrested, arrested.

- I don't understand what is going on.

- Is this the right one?

- Lighthouse, what's that say?


The park ranger told us

we're not allowed on the trails.

We will take a fine.

How much is that fine?

I don't know.

And Bo's probably right.

It's probably a $10 or $20 fine

for being on those trails.

I'm out of my element,
so this is foreign to me.

And, I wasn't trying to, on day two,

to start getting in
trouble and getting tickets

and knowing we had more
journey ahead of us.

- You know if they have a straw?

- A fee, fucking arrested, no way.

These people packing their
shit and fucking going.

- How far, okay...

- It's five and a half miles.

- There's a map over there.

- It's 5.7 miles...
- Okay, okay,

okay, this, Mark, how are we filming this

if he's going on this trail?

- Well hold on let's talk about this.

- That's all I'm saying.

I obviously don't have the stamina

to run with you through the trail.

So I gotta make sure is I'm getting...

- Let me run the trail,

and then you guys can just use,

like do whatever the fuck you want.

- So that's what I'm saying.

Are you okay with running the trail,

and then we get out
here and we get footage

of you running down the road for,

we need to film.

That's all I'm asking.

- You guys might wanna walk the trail,

because that's that lighthouse.

That rock, fucking lighthouse.

- I know.

- You guys should just walk
to see it for yourselves.

And then we can meet there.

You saw those fucking
people in flocks walking.

- Ow.

- Did you take
a cactus to the leg?

- Ooh.


- Aw, dude, I'm scared.

There's a reason why they
said don't walk on the trails.

I'm like super-scared right now.

- There's thunder.

- I don't do thunder well.

- So let's backtrack
way back, our first encounter

of the park rangers slash state trooper.

Mark never disclosed that he had a firearm

on him while he's getting
his license asked for,

and having a background check.

And the rule, number one, for the firearm

is you're supposed to
disclose you have it.

And tell us what his
answer was, why he didn't.

- I don't think he said his lawful,

said he didn't have to
disclose shit.

Basically, what he, whatever his,

you gotta cut on them, you gotta do it.

Seriously, you gotta cut on them.

- We got arrested, we got a fine.

- How much was the fine?

- $150 fine.
- How much was it?

- 150.

- 150?

- Yeah.

Can't fly drones in state parks in Texas.

- For real?

- And you can't film without a permit.

- What?

- We told them we're
shooting a documentary.

- He goes, "Well, you can't film either."

- So did you get a fine
for the documentary as well?

- No

- Just the drone?

- Yep.

- So then we fast
forward 20 minutes later,

we get pulled over for a second time,

and this was a state trooper.

- Yeah.

- Describe how quick mark got his,

let the officer know he had a firearm?

- It was, probably a good
five minutes into the,

yeah, you, you were like,
dude, hands up officer.

And you were tight.

I mean, Jason had everything
stone cold delivered.

Paper, documentation, everything.

Mark's in the back seat shooting,

spitting in a bottle, just chilling.

And we're sitting in there looking,

laughing at Jason having
to deal with the guy.

And then Mark's like, should I tell him

I have a gun too?

I'm like, yeah we should probably tell him

just so we're ahead of the game.

I just yelled out the window, hey officer,

he has a gun inside here, too.

- We didn't do, I mean, we have nothing.

- No, we have not.

- And we were, I mean, we said everything,

and everything's legit.

- Now you know why before
we left my driveway,

I said, dude, if we get pulled over,

this is what we gotta do.

- Yeah, we did everything right.

- We did everything proper.

- Everything was ready.
- Yeah, yeah.

Cause if that firearm
was over there with you,

I would have been been going to jail.

- You would have or Bo would have?

- I would have, for allowing him

to have access to the firearm.

Did you not pay attention in your class?

- We didn't get a class.

- Oh my god.

- In PA you just go to the courthouse...

- Are you serious?

- You gotta pay for
it, they give it to you

in the mail in two week.

- Are you serious?
- Fucking PA.

- It's all you do, swear to god.

- I had to take an eight hour class.

I took it here, I had the
one here in Texas, too.

- Give me the arm...

- No, no, I don't want
him mistaking anything

as a firearm.

Dude, we have that on there, so.

- I wanna see him make you spread em.

- We have you spread em,
we have you talking to him.

Have everything, right through
the window, right there.

- Cool.

Did you get it on the mirror?

It's a public domain, I'll apply for it.

Dude, he's gonna help us out.

So we'll get it.

- I was walking straight
in front of the cruiser

with my arms out and he grabbed me.

- You did not know, that's what's awesome.

I saw you, you're like

- We told him.

- You're were stiff, but hey...

- There is still nothing better to like,

getting pulled over, were you drinking?

No. Like is there booze in the car?

Uh huh.

That's just the greatest...

- Yeah, he's like, your tail lights.

As soon as they said tail lights,

and I'm like, ah dude, did they
burn out? He's like, tinted.

And I'm like, ah dude,
I didn't even know that.

- Well, you called windows.

We weren't speeding.

- Yeah, and I saw him pull out.

- Yeah, when he pulled
out I knew he was...

- It's like, I wasn't speeding...
- Nah, that's why I was like

dude, he's gonna get us for something.

- Yeah, the new captain, I'm like ugh.

- I hate those lights.

What was your heart like
when those lights came on?

- You know what, I didn't do anything.

- You're just like ah it's cool.

You know when you're doing something like,

if I was going 90 and we kept going 90,

like we came out of the park slow.

We didn't do nothing.

And he got behind us, like
we didn't do anything.

Yeah it was more like, I
don't know what the fuck.

- Like that was the quiet stuff.
- Yeah, exactly.

Oh, thank you sir.

- Yeah, so I was just
kinda like I don't know.

- Yes, sir.

You have to be able to see it

from certain distance, so if you cover it

with anything, it's not DOT approved.

- Gotcha.

Before we pull off, I'll
remove it off there.

- You guys are good to go.

Like I said, just go to that website

and then click on the bottom

and it should all be open records.

- Cool, I appreciate it.

- You guys have
any questions for me?

- Wait til he pulls away.

Oh wait, our car keys.

Tell him the car keys.

- Oh, our car keys?

- Yeah, you can't go anywhere.

- Yeah, I was like,
wait a second.

- Thanks man.

- Yeah, just wait until he pulls away

and then I'll hop out and do that.

No, no, you don't.

No, not while got the firearms.

That's why he put these back.

- Oh.

Yeah, no, trust me.

That's why he said just
keep it away for his safety.

- He just handed me mine.

- Yeah, cause you had it
on you. He put it back.

You know he did everything right.

- Fuck this is America.

- Dude, no it is, dude,
he's doing his job.

You know what I mean?

If our daughters, you know
someone's at this park,

and there's some idiots running
around that shouldn't be

he did his job, he did his job.

When did you change your mind in there

to tell him that you had your firearm?

- Cause we just wanted,

we didn't want it to seem like...

- I wanted to
tell him, but I didn't

want to just shout out hey, I have a gun.

- That's why you just have it out.

That's why hand it to him right away.

It's like dude...

- Well, I didn't want to reach.

- We just wanted to let em know,

like hey, there's no sneaky shit going on.

Can we just come and pay.

- Yeah, I told him, I
said I have one on me loaded,

the hammer's not drawn, but it's loaded.

I said I have another one
that's unloaded and locked up.

- I told him that when he grabs for it

there's no safety on
it, so need to beware.

Dude, two encounters within an hour?

We could have racked up some major fines.

- Fuck yeah.

Flying drones illegally,

- I thought it was the
same one that got you guys.

I'm thinking like...

- No, that was the one thing

- I'm like, fuck, he's
coming to chase us down.

- I saw the truck at the truck

- So I was just like ugh.

- No, that ran
through my mind, too.

I was like oh, christ, this
is probably the same cop.

He's gonna be, hey, why didn't you tell me

you had a gun 10 minutes ago.

- I'd go like,
cause I just put it on.

- That's what I was gonna tell him.

I was gonna say I just put it on.

- Petrified Forest.

I hated the Petrified Forest.

The scenery was beautiful,
but when we got there,

it was so windy.

I think the winds were like

25 mile per hour winds that day.

At night, the temperature was gonna drop

down into the 30s.

Now, when we did this trip, it was

the last week of May, first week of June.

It's supposed to be nice weather, right?

We're in Arizona.

I believe that's where

Petrified Forest was, in Arizona.

So we're out west, supposed
to have beautiful weather.

And it was cold.

We had to buy sweatshirts
just so we could stay warm.

The wind was kicking our ass.

It screwed up all audio production

that I had planned to do.

I didn't have the cordless
microphones to plug in.

- How's it going?

- Dude, seriously?

We're in a windstorm, and you missed it.

You're the shittiest fucking photographer

I've ever met in my life.

Fucking shit bathroom, shit nasty,

shit son of a bitch, shit
motherfucker, just suck your dick.

Look at these little skivvies.

Whoo, whoo, whoo!


Why'd I even bring you along
if you can't use a camera?

I could have trained Frank.

Where were you?

I dunno. Suck a dick.

Like, you suck dick.

Fucking stupid fireworks.

Mark calls me, I'm
halfway down the mountain,

he's like, hey dude,
that's not the right path

to go down to the zone
we're supposed to go to

turn around.

I'm halfway down this mountain,

I didn't even know how I got down,

let alone turn around and climb back up.

It wasn't happening.

I said look buddy, we're
both talking on the phone,

I tell him hey there are
some white sand dunes,

or white whatever rocks are over there.

Couple hundred yards away.

In an hour, meet me there,

and if we don't meet, I'll
work my way back to the top,

we'll go back to the car, we'll reconvene.

Don't go any further.


Bo and Mark, they took
the easy way around down.

There was actually a
path to go to zone three.

Bo went to go find a ranger.

He took that one down.

I wasn't going that way.

I took the hard way.

Do you see this path right behind me?

Directly behind me.

Right down, dead center of that.

Those boy's were scared.

I wasn't.

Hopefully I can find these
guys because honestly,

I'm probably about a good
600 yards away from them,

trying to get over this next ridge.

- We set this tent up.

It's our first time setting up a tent.

I didn't even take it out
of the case before hand,

so I have no idea how it sets up.

Mark's like, hold on guys.

Go set up the GoPro.

We're gonna do some cool
shots with the GoPro,

some time lapses.

Thank god he did that,
cause that's the only

cool thing we got out of this whole thing,

was Mark's stupid ass time lapses.

- How much you spill over there?

- My spiked drink.

- What do you think
about this wind tunnel

that we're sitting in?

- I think this is like the worst camping

experience I've had in life.

- I'm so pissed right now.

I mean, this is crazy.

It's beautiful outside, but
the wind is so unbearable.

- It's literally been from the second

we pulled into this park.

- Yeah, I just want
to get everything packed up

and to the meteor crater.

- I do too.

- This sucks.

Did you find our box?

Where did you find our box at?

- It was on the hill.

- It just blew away, huh?

- Yeah, flew away.

- Like a hurricane.
- All right.

Yeah, maybe catch it on fire.

- You might want
to go for another run.

Do you really want to go
home, I'll take you home.

You don't want to go to the meteor?

He's pissed at you.

He's pissed.

He's so hating it here right now.

- It looked like he
was having a good time.

I'm having a miserable time,

so I wanted to make y'all even.

- You fucked his shit up.

- Now I'm happy.

I hate this place.

- Dude, I say we just pack up

and just go to the next stop.

- That'd be the happiest
moment of this whole trip

if we just packed up and we were

magically in the paring lot right now.

- But here's the thing.

We have to be out of here by 7:30

to be able to do it.

- Probably.

- I don't know.

- Looks like we're in
Afghanistan right now, for one.

- I know.

- It's nice looking, for like
the first 10 minutes, but.

- But where do we go?

We're gonna go to meteor crater

it looks like this and he's
gonna run around the top.

- Yeah, we were planning on backpacking

two miles carrying a truckload of like,

Saturday night football gear.

- That's why we gotta
make it through the night.

We gotta get him happy again.

- He wants to go home.

- Should we just put him

on a plane and send him home?

He's so mad.

Well, if he's that upset, we
can take him to an airport.

And you and I, I mean,
I'm doing this thing

all the way through, with
all of you, or by myself.

- I didn't say I needed
to go home to be happy.

I'd be happy as fuck sleeping in your car

in the parking lot out there.

- I mean you can.

Here's what we're gonna do.

Seriously, we're gonna have fun.

Soon as the ranger leaves,
we gonna go drive the park

and go down there by that Studebaker.

And we're gonna do some
of that fucking wire shit,

and that'll get him in a good mood.

There's no park rangers
or nothing in here,

it'd just be us.

- There has to be somebody.

- No, I asked.

- There's literally nobody working here...

- No, I asked the lady, I said

- It's a national park...

- I said hey, I go,
since we're backpacking in,

I said where do we park?

Is it secured?

I'm worried about leaving my vehicle.

I said, because we're
photographers and we've

got hundreds, you know
$100,000 worth of gear

that we're leaving up there
while we're down here.

And she goes, oh, no.

She's like, the park
ranger ushers everybody

out at 7:30, and it's only
people that's camping,

like we are out here,
and they literally close

the gates to the entire 260
square miles of this place

and we're locked in until
8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

So what I was thinking was,

once it's past that
time, we do like we did

last night Cadillac Ranch.

We go find that Studebaker,
and we just kill it

with some like, steel wool shit,

and get him back happy.

- Wait, so that means,
we still gotta carry,

I'm gonna have to carry
this the whole time.

- No, no, no.

We're gonna take a tripod

and our camera and a wide angle.

And just jump in the car and go.

No one's coming out here
messing with the stuff.

You don't want to do it?

- I want to do it, I just...

- All right.

All right, the only other thing we can do

is sit here under the
stars and get night shots

and paint the fucking rocks in.

- I want to shoot next though

You know how miserable it's gonna

be sleeping in this tonight?

- But where are we gonna go?

It's worse up there.

- Once it's dark, we'll be stuck.

- No we're not, we
got the fucking headlamps,

I got all those lights.

- You're really gonna walk out of here

with all this shit at nighttime?

- What do you mean?

Like, we'll leave it here?

- If it's like, worse than this all night,

we're not gonna be able to sleep.

- Where do you want us to go?

- I don't know, anywhere.

- Dude, I carried
all this shit down.

I've had an hour sleep since yesterday.

- You gonna be able to sleep here tonight?

- I've got no choice.

- You're gonna be able to sleep with this?

- I'm taking pictures.

Look, I bought this tent so
I can see the fucking stars.

Look at this, we can see the sky.

I wanna see


I want to take sky pictures at night.

I wanna try to kill it,
and crush it like we did.

- Yeah, I wanna take those too.

- I really
wanna do the Studebaker.

So I'm willing to...

- Where's the Studebaker at?

- Its maybe
like three or four miles

down that road further in-land.

You know what I mean?

If that, maybe not even that far.

It's on that map.

We brought that map down.

- Yeah it's in three pieces.

- Oh, all right, well.

He's miserable, he's gonna be like this

for the rest of the night.

I'm gonna have to give him my sleeping bag

so he can sleep in, and my hoodie.

- I'll give him my sleeping bag.

- There's nothing we can do.

- Best vacation ever.

- Huh?

- I said best vacation ever.

- Come on dude,

we were crushing it last night.

All we gotta do is do it again.

Oh his shit...

- Ah fuck.

- Did it blow away?

- Yeah.

- Go help him.

- Shit happens.

- We have sleeping bags.

- I don't want to listen,
I'm done listening.

I'm done listening.

Just please be quiet, please.

- I was gonna
give you my sleeping bag.

- I don't want your sleeping bag.

- You can take
both our sleeping bags.

- No, you're just gonna pour shit on em.

- Dude why are you mad at me?

- I'm not mad at you.

- I was giving you my sleeping bag

cause I feel bad Mark spilled that shit.

The tent knocked his drink
over all of your stuff.

But I do have a hoodie
over here if you're cold.

I got an extra one in my bag.

Do you want it?

- We're all gonna be
cold, cause unfortunately

- All right, you
know what, fuck you guys.

- Fuck you.

- You know what,
I'm having a good time.

I'm enjoying the sky view.

All right, whatever, be a dick.

Do you want me to take you to the airport?

Are you really having
that bad of a time, dude?

Okay, well, I'll give you my sleeping bag

and air cushion.

And I got extra running
shirt and a hoodie over here,

t-shirt you can put on.

I have sweatpants and everything, dude.

Extra socks, all of it.

You want my paco hoodie that I got?

- The Kelso
dunes was one of the stops

that I just could not wait to get to.

I mean, we actually arrived,

it must have been 11, 12 o'clock at night

when we got there.

- You drinking?

- Fuck yeah.

- Let's cheers.

- Cheers to you.
- All right, yes sir.

- You want a beer?
- I will in a minute.

- Okay.

I have a Blue Moon if you want it.

We're living the high life.

- We wanted to go ahead

and set up base camp as
close as possible to it.

The challenge was, we were
in the middle of the desert

in the middle of the night.

Bo and Mark were tasked to go ahead

and get this tent put up.

- The only thing I did today was drive

you fucking fucks here and
then make dinner for you.

- You kinda did do all of this.

- Yeah, and then tomorrow
I get to drive you,

then as soon as I do, dude, I wanna get

to I. A. cause there's a fucking...

- No, we ain't
going to L.A. tomorrow.

- There's a broken down ford
I gotta take a picture of.

- No.

- I'm joking, just busting your balls.

- Aw, dude, that
Studebaker was bomb.

Come on now, you know
that was an epic shot.

- Why was it an epic shot?

- Cause I got
to see some ass cheeks.

- All right, it
was the picture that

the 10 year old girl took
was the best picture.

- Yeah, where
were those pictures at?

I didn't see them yet.

Was it on her phone?

- It wasn't mine.

- Who's phone was it on?

- There on mine but I've
been driving all fucking day,

so I don't get to sit in my
seat and just play on Instagram.

Let's pause right there

before anyone takes this out of context.

We were at the Petrified
Forest earlier in that day,

or the night before, and there was a part

where there was, I think it
was like a 1932 Studebaker

and it was a big tourist attraction

where everybody would stop
and take pictures of this,

cause this was the original Route 66.

Well, we needed someone
to take a group shot

of all three of us, and there was a bunch

of RVs and a bunch of old people,

and there was someone's granddaughter

just said hey give me your phone
and I'll take your picture.

So that's what Mark is referring to,

as the 10 year old girl, before anybody

decides they wanna take
this down the wrong road.

- This one took four states
to decide, what should I do?

Coffee, snowflake?

- That was the first time...

- Mile after mile
I kept looking over,

he goes, I don't like to write.

- That's the first thing
I got to post on Instagram

since we've been on the road.

He's been all day long
because he doesn't drive.

- It is great.

Mark, Mark check and
see how many more miles.

He's in the back like this.

Mark, did you get those files out?

Mark, find out how much further we are.

- Get your asses
to the visitors' center.

- Hey man,
you're a good navigator.

What do you think, man, pretty good?

- Really good.

- Hey Bo.

- Hey what?

- Mark said you
did a fantastic job.

- Is that good?

- I ain't try it
yet, but I just wanna...

- Is that good?

- I didn't eat it yet.
- Let me see.

- Good?
- Yeah.

- I just wanna
capture the experience here.

Hey want me turn around and let you eat?

- No I got it, I'll get it.

- I wanted to see Bobby Flay.

- Go to your
side so I can see you.

So you're back's not to me,
you know what I'm saying?

- We could
not find the Kelso Dunes,

but we kept going up to
this four-way stop sign.

It was like a train depot, basically.

A train would go by
through there each day,

and there were some rest areas.

Well, it was 10:30, 11 o'clock
at night when we stopped.

We were the only ones there,

and there was like this
little map on the wall.

And these two guys just
come out of nowhere,

and that's who Bo's
referring to, Ron and Sam.

And they just basically
said, hey man, you're

in the desert.

Do whatever you want.

They used different word choices,

but basically just said, hey, you can do

whatever you want out in the desert.

We didn't believe them
until after day two,

realizing, there was nobody around us,

and, hey, we can do whatever we wanted.

- There's no fucking
way, there is no fucking way

this should be happening right now.

I am, again,

everything I've ever
fucking been brought up.

Got to say yeah, go tear
down a tree.

Just do whatever the fuck you want.

Ray and Sam, Ron and Sam
were like two drunk dudes

just passing through.

Fuckin, hey man, do
whatever the fuck you want.

- This is desert.
- This is desert.

- Again, I get it, just,

like I said, tomorrow if
we wake up and there's not

a state fucking park trooper,

here come, what the fuck
are these guys doing?

We'll be like, we saw Ron and
Sam around 1:30 last night

at the bathrooms.

- Then they're
probably got to check our shit

cause they're probably drug dealers.

- Yeah, they were probably making a,

we probably almost got
involved in a drug deal.

That's why he knew the area.

Man, look at this one.

That's a good one here.

- Oh yeah.

- Thanks to my
ninja kicking skills,

I kicked that tree down.

- So after the secret
service gets us for the meteor,

- How much wood did you take?

- We got at least six or seven pieces

like some big boys.

- All right I'm out of this video.

I'm just supposed to be a runner.

This is human trafficking.

I don't want to be here.

- And then, I'll
take the meteor crater.

How many laws did you break?

- Broke three at one time.

- So tell everybody what you did.

- We trespassed, we flew
a drone, not only did

we fly the drone, we flew
it about the legal height

you're allowed to fly the drone.

- I think she was running it.

- I would be in
trouble just doing what

I was being told to do.

- Who is the orchestrator of this?

- The guy who's filming right now.

- Okay, full disclosure,

basically the day before,
we were at Petrified Forest,

and the joke was Mark didn't realize

you weren't allowed to
take any pieces of wood.

He was gonna take some,
but Bo and I basically

told him do not take any,
it's against the law.

So for everybody's who's watching this,

we didn't take any of the wood.

Secondly, we were at the meteor crater,

and when you pull up, there
were drone signs everywhere.

It says do not fly drones, no trespassing.

We didn't break any laws.

This is full disclosure,
it was totally kidding.

- You can't see him, his
name is Jason Pohuski.

- He bullies us.

He bullies us into doing this.

See this?

Don't do this at home.

- Why does mine
got sand grit in it?

Is that the sand from the desert?

- Cause I threw yours on the ground.

- Mine's a little gritty.

- Mark, since you said
yours was fucking terrific,

- Yeah.

And bitch boy over here complained,

you will also get another delicious one

while I throw sand on here.

All right, pepperoni in both?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Mine is just sand on mine, please.

- Is that just sand?

- Hold the
cheese and pepperoni, just sand.

- Give him a tarantula.

- Right by his foot.

- He's gonna wake up with one on his face,

crawling all over it.

- Oh my god, don't say that.

I won't sleep all night.

- I won't either.

- All right.

You ready?

- Yeah.
- This is how I do it.

I'm sure there's others
who do this all the time

that are much better than me.

This is your body play for the evening.


Now this is Jason's.

Patted in the sand.

Well, actually I messed up.

You get the butter,

and then I'd say, Jason sucked.

- Then you grab a
little sprinkle like this.

- Then I go...

- What were you just doing?

- Car coming.

- So why are we
worried about the car?

- Cause in my mind, we're doing everything

that you're not allowed
to do at a campground.

- You're grilled cheese is farting.

That one's Jason's definitely.

- Oh fuck.

- Block the case.

Your gun's inside here.

About to sit here the whole time.

Those lights went off so.

We buy all the shenans,

he decides to give you a prop.

Describe the prop and what went

down with this prop
during this photo shoot.

- All right.

Well he has a firearm.

And there's been lots of
discussions along this trip

of how he actually acquired
the firearm license.

Jason says he got it out of a cereal box.

Mark strongly disagrees.

What were you doing Mark?

When you were almost about to unload about

9 rounds into my stomach.

- I was making sure
the chamber was clear.

- In front of me, pointing it at me.

And then he was like, but he did, he goes,

that was completely my bad.

No shit.

No shit.

You're standing right here.

That's how shit happens.

So then, they give me the prop.

We have our mask we made
for the Mojave Spinner,

and we're in the back and
they have me doing poses,

and I'm holding the
guns and all this stuff.

Jason comes back and this is
why I felt safe with Jason.

So he took Mark's gun, and I don't know,

he still had bullets in the chamber.

- Still bullets in the magazine.

- I don't know, but...

- I went to clear the gun,

and realized I cleared my firearm

and made sure to show you it was safe,

and I was clearing his
to show you it was safe,

and we discovered there's about
nine rounds in his firearm.

- Let's backtrack to the Petrified Forest

after you spilled shit all over my stuff,

and I'm laying there, what's
laying right next to me,

pointed right at me on the
ground, is his fucking gun.

So, I'm laying there, and
I'm like, dude, can you

just not point that at me?

He's like, oh, my bad.

So I was already petrified from that,

and then he did that and
then with the chamber things.

You guys can't see him,
he's off filming right now,

but he's got that devilish shit grin.

He's just laughing about it.

But thank god, knock on wood or concrete,

whatever you want to do that you know,

we're safe and I'm here
staying with you today,

but when Mark gets the gun out,

I get very, very nervous.

I think even today he did something,

just don't come by me.

I gotta feed my boys first.

I gotta fuel my fucking boys up.

- I can't eat all of this.

- What's up?

- Fucking eat.

- I like my eggs, but this is like...

- Didn't get your bacon.

After spending the entire

morning doing photo shoots with Bo,

it was time to pack our stuff up

and start heading
towards that Kelso Dunes.

I had my backpack full
of all the camera gear.

Approximately 100 pounds I was carrying.

Had the green chair with me.

Mark was on my left, Bo was on my right

and we set out for this
journey to reach to the top.

It didn't take long before I realized

I was not going to be able

to keep up with both these guys.

I had too much gear with me.

I was out of shape.

As Bo lead, took off to the top,

Mark followed at his footsteps.

It was at this time I was left by myself.

I realized, I had to choose,

do I turn around or do I continue.

I had already committed
about a mile into this,

and what was another mile and a half.

I gotta admit, there was many times

I did not think I was
gonna get to that top.

I looked up at the top and saw

those little silhouettes of both of them.

Oh the emotions I felt.

I was angry.

I was pissed.

There was no way I was
gonna get to the top.

I felt devastated that
they had left me behind.

I had to choose.

Do I continue or do I turn around?

I wanted to turn around.

I know I cried a few times,

I cussed a lot.

I screamed a lot.

I was so mad those guys left me behind.

But I was not gonna let
them have the satisfaction

to get to the top and me turning around

and not feel that sensation

of conquering the Kelso Dunes.

So I pushed ahead with
100 pounds on my back,

carrying that chair.

As the silhouettes of the two at the top

grew closer and closer to my vision,

I realized I was getting to the top.

It was at that moment I started hearing

the sounds of Bo's voice.

And he was screaming out,
come on kid, you got this,

come on kid, you got this.

And it was getting louder and louder.

It pushed me harder and harder.

It took me back to the day
when I'd hear my dad's voice

and he's say, come on, kid, you got this.

I wasn't gonna let anybody down.

I made it this far, and
I was gonna push through.

- Yeah!

100 pounds and a chair.

100 pounds and a chair.

fucking fights the chairs.

Come on baby.

Ten feet, ten feet.

Come on, kid.

Come on buddy, you got this motherfucker.

You got this. You're
about to see the sunlight.

Come on, you're about to see the sun.

It's gonna shine on your face when

you reach this peak,
motherfucker, let's go.

Come on, baby.

Come on Jason, you got this kid.

Come on, buddy.

Come on!


- Way to work.

- Way to work.

100 pounds and a chair, kicking ass.

That's the way you do shit, right there.

It's gonna do that, just keep driving.

Keep driving, keep driving.

Keep driving, kid.

You did it baby.

100 pounds and a chair, bring it.

100 pounds and a chair, bring it, come on.

Come on, come on right now.

- Come on two steps.

- Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four, three.

100 pounds and a chair!

Way to go kid.

Hey take this big son
of a bitch off, here.

Hold on, hold on.

- Watch the drones on the bottom.

- Let's talk
about just the sheer distance

from where we went in to the park

until we got to the top.

I think Mark looked it up today,

it was like 2.7 miles from the trail

to the, basically the peak.

About a little over 450 feet.

- I wonder if we have
a file about the Kelso Dunes.

We got that amazing sunset.

That was the only real
sunset we've seen so far.

- Yeah, now that
was a gorgeous scene.

- We got up there
with perfect timing.

The lighting was like, beautiful,

cause it split the dunes in half.

- That line on top of
the sand where the sun hits.

The other side is shaded, just.

- You gotta understand,

we're at Kelso Dunes and there is not

a single person around us.

I mean, we're up on this thing,

we're watching the sunset,
it's just the three of us,

and we basically have the
national park to ourselves.

- We're not even supposed to

have these fireworks so this idiot

decides to go ahead and
start shooting them off.

- Hey dick, can
you not point it at me?

Other way, dick, not at me.

- This must be the one you kept.

- Get the fuck out.

And don't freaking...

- America!

- Don't throw them at
me again, you fucking idiot.

- Ready?

- Yeah, I'm ready.

- Are you recording?

- Yeah, don't fucking
throw it at me, though.

Ass wipe.

- Pussy.

- I hope to god you blow up.

I hope you blow up.

Don't throw it, dude.

How many more you got?

- That's it.

- For the record,
how Mojave Spinner's

burying in your shit.

- So after
this clown was done shooting

fireworks at myself and Bo

we decide to go ahead
and make a time capsule.

- All right we diggin?

- Time capsule
here we go, we diggin.

- Good luck
finding this time capsule.

You can use the film, try
to pinpoint our location

where we buried the time capsule.

And I just think it would
be something fun for all

the thrill seekers out there,
treasure hunters, whatever

you want to call it.

If you find it just
tag us on social media.

Just put your own time capsule in there.

Just kind of make it
fun for the next person.

- There she is.

- Looks good baby.

That looks good.

All right man.

- Okay.

Good luck folks.

- Good luck
finding our time capsule.

When you have no power
in the Mojave Desert you

go to the local restroom.

- Taking Broke Ass Road
Trip to the next level

of brokenness.

- How's those shots
coming Mark, any good?

- He's not getting anything,

this is a big waste of time.

But it's giving us a chance
to do a little podcasting.

- We're podcasting,
we're out here talking

about our road trip.

2019 style.

Uh oh here he comes.

- Heads up boys.

- That looks like the moon.

- That looks like...

- That looks like we're on the moon.

- Know what that
looks like that photo?

- This is something
you wish you were able to

take right now cause you
don't got your wide angle.

- I don't care that's the problem.

You care and I don't care.

Dude it's just bad art.

Cause he's sucking the
balls off of.

Fuck him, what has he ever
done except sit on YouTube?

He ain't done shit.

No he don't.

- I don't know, well I know he.

- There's this dude
on YouTube and all he does

is sit in this little room
that he calls his office.

He's maybe got a lot of YouTube followers,

he shows people how to do stuff

but you never actually see him go out

and do any work.

When I mean work I mean
like get paid to do work.

He's just doing YouTube vlogging.

This son of a bitch wants
to be just like him.

- I do.

- But what I think

he's doing is still living in a basement

with his parent's house.

Hint, the boy on the trip with us.

Do you care to comment?

- I care to comment, yeah.

I'm the one that's not crying

the whole way along the trip cause

I have to eat McDonald's
versus a burrito from a

gas station that was authentically made

from a Mexican woman.

- See there's a
difference between young buck

and older bucks here.

I have the luxury in life to eat out

gourmet meals every day where you're

used to eating shit.

- It's not like that.

It's just I don't have
to eat a gourmet meal

I can
- No, no.

When you have the luxuries in life

you don't want to give them up.

Care to comment?

- Your jeep sucks dick.

- So right here
is our set up that I have,

shooting with the Fuji Film XT3.

Horseshoe Bend night photography
trying to get the stars.

Have no idea if this is gonna work,

I'm probably gonna screw
up his shot over there.

There's Mark.

You getting anything?

- Yeah I got

- All right so
Mark's on the move again.

And we're gonna see what this looks like.

My batteries are gonna die.

I wasn't even thinking
when we walked out here

to change the batteries.

That would have made sense, huh?

Okay let's see what we got.


I got complete fucking darkness.

Yeah, I mean, so that's
why I'm just kind of

in my head I'm messed up.

Like when we were doing
this journey I thought,

ah man, I'm gonna see all this stuff.

But now I'm trying to hold
a video camera by myself.

Battery died.

I'm trying to photograph, battery died.

Now all I have is the
cell phone to use for

our filming.

So right off this ledge
is the Horseshoe Bend.

And you just drop into,
basically to the Grand Canyon.

All right buddy I'm coming down to you.

Yeah, dude you nailed it.

How you feeling right now?

- I'm fired up.

I just gotta get in focus now.

- Ah bro you freakin nailed it.

Hey man so this is what it's about.

You come out here and you
just experiment and try.

- Yeah.

- And that's
really what really the

Broke Ass Road trip's about.

We're just trying stuff and
trying to inspire others, right?

- Yeah we got a broke ass
4.0 lens,

broke ass me forgot to buy
a battery for my remote

so I don't have a remote.

- So you're just doing
everything by hand, right?

- Yep.

- So what I will share
with everybody at home,

I had no idea my camera
would shoot infinity

until I was with Papi Snowflake over here

and he showed me on my lens.

So that was kind of cool
I did learn something.

I had no idea the last
21 years what the hell

that symbol meant on the lens.

And now I know, it's infinity.

Pretty cool, right?

I've been to every national
park with Mark right now

and I have yet to see one in the daylight.

That's some bullshit.

Just sayin.


- Can you turn the
light away for a second?

I'm trying to get some foreground,

a little bit of tree and this rock.

I'll take a second exposure,
I'll focus on the close stuff.

Do the exact same thing.

- Freezing.

- Yeah I am too, I'm
just gonna buy a hoodie.

- Yeah, thank god I did.

Cause I'm, I'm so cold.

- If I wasn't
nailing this shot right now

I'd be freezing even more.

- You know, I...

- I've got adrenaline right now.

- Yeah no you do.

I can definitely see it, you're pumped up

and I can see it.

- This is similar to
getting like an action shot.

- Yeah, so basically
when we're on the field...

- Yeah I got it dude.

- That's great.

I'm gonna go ahead and
jump off the cliff now

because this entire trip
Mark's nailed everything.

While I'm holding this
stupid ass video camera,

filming him succeeding

and I just want to throw my shit.

- Let me just do one more.

Help me find something,
this will be a team effort.

- Yeah, a team
effort on everything.

Team effort while Mark gets fucking...

He wins the Oscar and I'm over
here behind the damn camera.

- I want to get up...

- Bro if you
want me to go up that way

you've got to shine some light my way.

We gotta talk to our
boys at Nanuk and ask em

what's the best case?

We're gonna put some clothes and just

some basic camera gear
in and that's all we want

cause this has been a pain.

- That's part of the
reason we're not shooting

as much is cause...

- I'm spending half my time

just getting stuff off
the roof and unpacking.

Right now I know there's a
whole bunch of gear in our car,

I have no idea where the stuff's at cause

we've just thrown it in the
last eight or nine days.

- Yeah using different
stuff, trying to keep track.

- Yeah, does it...
- You know what I mean?

Pack it where you're going
to be able to grab it easily.

- Right.

Just a basic flashlight so
I can help you light paint.

I can't even do that right
now cause I have no idea

where that thing went.

I know it's in the car somewhere.

Dude, dude get up up.

- What, what?

- Stop, stop.

Flash your light.

You had your hand right down on that.

That bitch was coming right for you.

- Oh my god.

- Hold on keep that light on

cause that bitch was coming right for you.

I'm not even kidding.

It was an inch from your hand.

I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you

but that's...

Flash that light on there
I wanna see that bad boy.

What, that's a scorpion right?

- Yeah that's a scorpion.

Oh my god.

- I promise you I
just saw something crawling

and it was just like,

all right I'm done, I'm done.

I don't wanna be out here no more.

- I'm done.

- I'm done.

- You almost got me.

Might still...

- Can those things jump?

- I don't know.

It looks like it's pinchers like.

- I don't, I don't know.

Let's get out of here.

- Hang on let me get a photo.

- I'm freaking out.

Cause now.

- Hold on man.

Shine the light over here.

- No I'm freaking out.

I think he's right there, I don't know.

- No he's right here.

Hold on let me get a photo of him.

I have to get one.

You know me.

- Yeah every time you,

he's turning around towards us.

Can he hear?

- I don't know.

Hold on.

- Ah fuck.

- I just got to
get one photo of him.

So I can.

- Nah dude this is some,

this is some crazy shit.

- All right do me one huge favor,

just hold this light,

you have to light him
so I can shoot a couple.

- Okay, he's fast bro.

- I'm gonna be right
at him so just help me out.

Get closer.

- Get it dude.

Okay we out.

- Get closer,
get closer, get closer.

- We're out.

- One more, one more, more.

- Dude every time you say one more

we get in trouble.

- Hold up.
- Uh uh, come on.

- Just, one more, one more.

- Dude.

- I'm trying.

- Okay we out.

- And see that's one

of the challenges we had.

We were the cast and crew.

And not shooting a documentary
ever before in my life

I had to really think outside
just a still photographer,

how am I going to tell a
story beyond just one image?

I had to actually, you know,
think everything through.

And that was the tough part

because I just wanted to
grab the camera and start

photographing but then I had to remember

if I've got my camera photographing stills

I got to at least take this osmo of a turn

and try to narrate and
tell a story for everybody

back home and keep
everybody into this, right.

- So we made it to
Monument Valley it's about 5:30

in the morning on our last day of shooting

and we're setting up some
time lapse with the GoPro

that we have strapped
to the roof of the car.

Mark's out in the middle
of the road and I think

if I have it right,

Mark said this is the spot
in the Forrest Gump movies,

the famous spot where

Tom Hanks is running

through Monument Valley.

So he's out in the road taking that shot,

I'm off kind of to the side
so we'll what we get here.

You gearing up for a big run?

- Gearing up for the big one.

This is a big run.

- So were you
surprised when you woke up

to see where you were at?

- Yeah I was actually.

I had no idea where were at.

I woke up periodically.

Have we been parked here the whole time?

Yeah since about 4:30.

- I remember waking up
and I just saw outside

but, I mean I didn't know.

I just knew we were somewhere.

- Yeah.

- No this is,

this is actually amazing.

- It's beautiful.

- Huh?

- It's beautiful.

- Is it gonna be hot as balls here today.

- Nah.

- No.

- No.
- It doesn't get like that?

- No.

- No I'm just...

- No we talked
to that guy from Indiana

he said there was seven
feet of snow in Colorado

where we're heading.

- Holy balls.

- Yeah so we're
about to hit some cold shit.

- Our trip's kind of been...

- It's been up
and down, up and down.

- I mean we had heat but,
- Yeah.

- Definitely had the chill factor.

I'm going.

- Yeah, it's all right man.

So I think I got a pretty
good shot right here.

Mark's about 200 yards behind me

and we're just doing a little bit

of various time lapses with the GoPro.

Have the camera set up here,

I'm shooting with the Fuji Film I-T3.

My lens is an f/1.4, iso 200.

I think I'm between 1/8th
of a second and 1/15th

of a second and it seems to be coming out.

So what I've done is just kind of

moved around in the desert.

This one I found some
pretty cool buildings here

you might be able to
see in the background.

And trying to get what they
call a frame within a frame.

And hopefully we see what we get here.

Get the sunrise.

- Just trying to get some out
of focus shit painting into.

- Meet you back here.

- Okay.

- We haven't gotten in
trouble for anything.

- No.

- So that's the beneficial part, you know.

We have been harassed, the drones.

The drones just do set
people into a craze.

- Yeah I don't understand it, the drones.

Every park that we went to

I made sure I photographed every sign

and not one sign said a drone,

like you couldn't fly it.

- Beverly Hills had nothing.

- There was nothing.
- Nothing.

- I made sure I took
pictures of everything.

And like I said that park
ranger, or whatever he was,

yelled at me.

I mean, granted I lied and
said I just found this drone.

And little did I know,

our dumb luck we were
gonna lose that thing.

Operation Hollywood Drone
was just gonna be epic.

Now we just got like this
shitty footage to show people.

I don't know, that's probably
my most disappointing part.

- We'll just...

- How sick are you of
strapping shit to the roof?

- I can't take this shit no more.

- But you know, it earned
you a new nickname, Rooftop.

- Yeah, Rooftop.

That's about the only
good thing out of this

because I can't no more rooftop.

- Rooftop.

- What about, Papi Snowflake?

Mojave Spinner?

- Yeah, and Rooftop.

- California Roofie.

- California Roofie.

- Now we're getting somewhere.

Now we're getting somewhere.

- Jason has spent half the
trip on the roof of the car.

In the heat.

- My back is so much sunburned,
my front is still white.

- Okay
so let's stop right there.

This was the next morning
after staying at an Airbnb.

The entire trip consisted of
climbing on top of the jeep,

unloading and reloading our gear.

Because Mark and I had
packed so much expensive

camera gear we had to keep
that inside of the car.

Way I looked at it, is if
one of those cases blew off

we just lost clothes,
go to the local store

and I can replace those.

Camera gear we could not replace.

- Broke Ass Road Trip.

Hollywood Hills.

We're not so broke after all, are we?

- I can't wait to take a
drink of nice juicy coca-cola

at the top of this.

It's gonna be amazing.

We're halfway up to the top,
we're gonna take a break.

You can't really see the
smog in the background.

But we are halfway up this
climb to the Hollywood Sign.

I'm probably gonna die.

I can't breathe.

No sight of Bo, right.

I wonder if he's waiting
at the top for us.

- He's probably already up there.

- Yeah he's probably already at the top.

I can see it in the distance.

You can see the sign in the distance.

That's where we're trying to go.

- Who cares?

What is this called?

What is this called a broke ass what?

- Broke ass mountain bike skier.

Oh shit it's going off.

- Just throw it, throw it.

Just throw it.

Come on.

Throw it, throw it.

Throw it.

Throw it.

- So we're walking up the
Hollywood Hills to see the sign

and my boy just threw an electric scooter

right over side of the edge.

That thing was beeping.

How you feel?

- I feel good.

- That was awesome.

- It makes up the pier.

But I still have a rule
to carry out yet cause

we're still here for another day.

- Yeah, that was awesome.

You picked that thing up like Hercules

and just chucked it.

- I had no idea how heavy that thing was.

- That was awesome.

Oh my god.

I've got the biggest grin on my face.

That just made the whole trip right there.

You chucking a scooter over
the edge of the Hollywood Sign.

Dude, look at my broke ass backpack.

Shit broke right off
soon as I got this bitch.

This water's brought to you by.

Oh fuck.

That's where we're trying to get to.

What do you think?

Think we're gonna make it?

- I think it's a waste of time?

- It's a waste of time?

- Yeah.

What's that stupid thing?

- It is pretty stupid.

- Let's go.

- All right.

- I have a feeling we're gonna have

like four more after this.

- Yeah I don't
think this is the last turn.

Ah shit.

- Oh my god.

- This is nowhere
near the last turn.

- Uh oh, renegades coming.

- Mama ain't raise no bitch.

- Uh oh.

Be careful Mark.

Give me your hand.

That's how you do shit.

- The best part
of this whole trip is

Mark keeps handing off
his camera gear to Bo

to take pictures of him
and I and not actually

doing any photographing at all.

- How bout this one?

- So we're attempting
to illegally fly the drone

here at the Hollywood Sign.

- Here we go.

There we go baby.

Come on, come on for take off.

We got liftoff.

We got liftoff.

Get that sign in there.

Bo's on point.

He's on point in case the
park ranger yells at me again.

Cause I was already told
not to fly this thing.

We're on this Broke
Ass Road Trip, we're at

the Hollywood Sign

and I was just told by the park ranger

not to fly this drone.

So right now we got the drone flying,

Mark's got it in the air by the sign

but apparently he can't find where it's at

and we're trying to land it back.

- Oh shit, there it fell.

Man it fell.

There it is right there.

Crash landing.

- Oh shit, we crashed it.

We got to go find this bitch.

Okay here we go.

We're on a mission to go find the drone.

We just dropped it behind
the Hollywood Sign.

We have great content so
we've got to find this thing.

Careful we don't want to fall.


- Do you think they like, do
you think they did that, or?

- No, no.

- The props just all stopped

and just fell out of the sky.

- No.

Either way, if they did that's
what Broke Ass is about.

We got our drone shot out of
the sky at the Hollywood Sign

as we're trying to go up this hill.

Oh shit.


We've got to find it.

- That's the tree right there.

- It's in here somewhere?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

Hopefully it didn't fall
in that water tower bro.

You think it's in the tree?

- I have no idea,
there's no sight of it.

- Yeah so this thing fucking fell.

This is a power line.

I don't want to get electrocuted.

Dude we got to find this.

Like we fucking got in
here we got to find it now.

You know what I'm saying?

We got to to find the drone.

Fucking lizard scared the shit out of me.

I'm scared.

- It was this tree.
- You sure it was this tree?

- Yeah.

- You sure, you watched it hit?

- Yeah.

- Now the footage that I'm

going to show you is low resolution,

like 720 DPI so it's not high quality

but at least you can see the
drone going up in the air.

And again,

it just dropped out.

We cannot confirm but it does appear after

we had the drone up in the air,

I think it was about 54
seconds we had it the air

it just lost feed.

And usually the drones
won't lose feed like that

and ours just completely
was cut off and it just

dropped from where it was at
out of the sky into this field.

There is some type of some
security and I'm not sure

if they're securing the
satellites that are at the top

of the hill or there's
a water tower as well,

I'm not really sure what they're securing

but there is live camera feeds.

And they come over the
loud speaker and tell you

if you go any further it's a $1,500 fine.

And I must have crossed the
line, went a little too far,

and someone did come over the
loud speaker and advise me

if I did walk any further
it was a $1,500 fine.

You be the judge of it, you tell me.

Do you think it was conspiracy,

or was it just a crappy drone
and we just lost connection

and it fell?

- Is that your
Nikon shirt you got on?

- It's your Nikon shirt.
- I don't have a Nikon shirt.

- It's you Nikon shirt.

You got a Nikon shirt on.

- I don't have I Nikon shirt.

- You got a Nikon shirt on.

- I don't want to fill up...

- You got a Nikon shirt on.

- No I don't.

- Jason do you keep
memory cards somewhere?

Found these right here.

- They're in you're nano.

- Yeah.

They're in you're nano.

- Oh is it?

They're in you're nano.

- Oh boy.

- They're in the nano.

- Everything's in the
nano, it's perfect in here.

- You got beef
jerk, you got some cards.

- Is it illegal?

- I don't know.

What stopped you this whole time?

I got firecrackers thrown
at me this morning,

you gonna ask me if this is illegal?

- Hey.

This is your chance.

- It actually says the
only thing that's illegal,

it says it illegal to
be a pussy and not jump.

- Oh, it says.

I mean dude you might die.

You gonna be cold soon
as you hit that water.

- I don't think so, cause
who the hell's gonna see you?

- Santa Monica Police down there.

- Santa Monica Police is
posted up at the beginning

of the pier.

- Oh.

Is there anything that says no jumping?

- I didn't see
nothing that says no jumping.

- I haven't ruled it out yet,
we got to figure this out.

- Okay, all right, let's keep...

What are you doing right now,

looking up to see how much
you're gonna get fined?

- Yeah.

- Really?

You're gonna be cold as
shit, quit be a wussy

and just do it.

What happens?

Man dies after jumping off, okay so what?

You know how to swim.

Jump feet first, cannonball style baby.

Let's go eat and we'll talk about it.

- Can I get the...

- You gotta go in.

- They're gonna ask you what would you do?

- You gotta go in.

It's for the content.

It's for the content.

- Small, medium?

16 ounces, 22?

- I just don't want to get in trouble.

- Dude there's a hospital nearby.

- So it's like 60 degrees
outside temperature right now.

What do you think that water is, like 40?

- Cold ass.

- Hey if nobody see you could try.

- He said nobody
see you could try, come on.

- You could try
everything in your life.

- I like it
you could try anything.

One time.

- I like it.

- One time.

One time.

- You can do whatever you want,

but one thing you can do
just one time, that's it.

- All right I like that.
- Do it if you want.

- Let's do it.

- He said if he
jumps in all we gotta do

is buy him an LA hoodie
cause he's gonna be cold.

- I ain't got no money he's the money man.

- I'll get you the hoodie

and I'll take you right to First Aid.

- I can't ask them, you know
what they're gonna tell me.

- We're not gonna ask them,

I'll just take you to First Aid.

I'll take you to First Aid.

- It's better to ask for forgiveness

than ask for permission.

- Right.

- You can say you slipped.

You pushed the limits on
yourself and you fell over.

- Yeah, they'll
be like where were you...