Brochevarevarura (2019) - full transcript

This is the story of 'R3 batch' consisting of Rocky, Rambo and Rahul, three friends who keep failing every year and are stuck with studying inter.

[song playing on radio]

[radio stops playing]

Hmph! Why did you pause it, bro?

You know my dad loves this song.

Songs and sentiments are
such a waste. Shut up!


[tuning radio]

Welcome back to Mr Vagula Rampandu's
programme 'Dharma Sandehalu'.'

Master, it's Surekha
from Guntur on the call.

Which God can we
compare Hrithik Roshan to?

You need to realize the main
objective of this program.

We shouldn't be discussing
Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor.

Next question.

Mr Manikanta asks from Hyderabad.

-Here it goes.-My name is Mani.

I'm having a really bad time.

None of my actions turn
out to be successful.

Everyone I seek says it's
the effect of Lord Shani.

Lord Shani might terrify you
but he's a symbol of affection.

So, wearing black coloured clothing
might help as it is his favourite color.

What the hell!
You said the same last week.

What do I do next?

Coming to financial matters...

Carry turmeric and
vermillion with you at all times,

-Turmeric and vermillion?-This pleases Lord Shani as people claim.

Also, before the period of
Saturn's transit begins...

We better take a few precautions.
[phone rings]

We have to make some savings and that
is what the science of astro says.

-Where the hell are you?
-I'm at work. What is it?

Stay outside, don't you come home!
[little girl crying]

I have asked you to get a school bag
for our daughter as the old one was torn.

And it's been two days
that I said this to you.

She doesn't want to go
to school until you get it.

-I'll get it.
-I don't think so.

You barely come home.

And even if you come,
we have no clue if you'd stay or leave.

You're always roaming with that baldy.

Didn't I ask you not to
hang out with that freak baldy?

-Hmph! I can hear her out loud.-You keep roaming around as you like.

-Turn the volume down.
-There are two persons at your home.

-You don't care about them.
-Hey! Don't annoy the crap out of me.

-I'll get the bag. Hang up.
-You better get it or you'll pay for it.


Stop fretting and finish that quickly.

Rampandu wants me to have savings.

God knows if we get a worthy deal
this time or a worthless deal as usual.

Radio playing: "Pagale Vennela
song from the movie Pooja Phalamu"

[coin clinks]

Rampandu Swamy...

Is this what you mean by
carrying turmeric and vermillion?


Radio playing: "Pagale Vennela
song from the movie Pooja Phalamu"

[van door unlocks]

[woman mumbles]

Drive... Drive...
[tyres screech]


Nice. Very nice.

Both the script and the pilot
episode are very nice.

Thank you, sir.

I loved that interval block... Fantastic!

Thank you, sir.

I was so...
Please have it.

I'm looking to produce new stories.

Not the same old garbage.

I want to encourage new talent, you see.

A talent like you.

But, shall we go for a
little better version?

-Yeah, sir.

-Sugarcoat it a little.
-Sure, sir.


Who do you have in
mind for the female lead?

-I thought...
-It's a very important character, you see.

-Right, sir.

The girl from the pilot episode...
She did really good.

-She got connected very well.
-She's my cousin, sir.

Oh, nice.

But, I was thinking
someone from mainstream.

-I feel Shalini would be great.

Shalini! Yeah. Yeah.
Shalini is really good.

But how do we approach her?

I'm also new to the industry.

I'll try. You try from your side too.

-Sure, sir.
-Get to work then.

-We're doing this film. Done.
-Thank you, sir.

-We're doing this project, okay?
-Thank you so much, sir.

-Alright then. All the best.
-Thank you.

"Pattering raindrops
shower down the flowers"

"I hear the waves
crashing to my symphony"

He said it was sensible.

I just have to find Shalini's contact.

Everything will be sorted.


We better try from our end as well.

Why are you writing a
second version for him?

-You should've said no.
-It's not just for him.

I felt I could write a better version.

"In the euphoric lanes
of new beginnings"

"Twinkling stars are
your resort at night"

"This is a celebration of everyday hustle"
[typewriter click-clacks ]

"Pattering raindrops
shower down the flowers"

It's really hard to find her contact.

Heard that she
doesn't even have a manager.

Why don't you try other options?

You're a debut director, man.

Don't dream wild.

If you don't compromise for
few things, things won't work.

-Sir, actually Sha...-Did you find Shalini's contact?

-I'm on it, sir.
-I'm waiting for a good news from you.

Sure, sir.

-Hello, bro...-Yeah, Vishal?

-What about Shalini's contact?-I tried, brother...

Shall we meet over lunch?

"Time weaves a tale undiscovered"
-Okay, brother. Let's meet again.

Stay in touch.
I will let you know. Bye.

"A tale that is bound by fate"

"Give your all to a tangle unsolved"

"Learn to embrace the possibilities"

"Don't make promises to those dreams"

"Let the present day keep pacing"

"Rise and fall on your own terms"

"Rise and fall on your own terms"

"In the harmony of passing times"

"This is a celebration of everyday hustle"

Hey... I found her mail id.

Do you think she checks her mail?

Don't over think this.
She will check for sure.

"Life doesn't seem to pay heed"

"Time is indeed stone-hearted"

"It continues to flaunt arrogance"

"It's a moody drama in play"


-Miss Shalini?-Yes. Who is this?

-This is Vishal.
-Vishal? Hey... Hi!

[footsteps approaching]


-Umm... Would you like to have something?
-No. It's okay.



Actually I've gone
through the synopsis.

I feel that there is no
scope for performance.

So, I don't think I'll be able to do it.

You tell the producer
in a more subtle manner.


Thank you for the offer. All the best.

[phone ringing]
One second.

-Hi, ma'am.

-Yeah?-I'm waiting for you in the lobby.

I call you a while ago.

Yeah. Yeah.

Err... Are you Vishal?


-Just give me a minute. I'll be back.


-How are you, ma'am?
-I'm good. Thanks.

Hmm. Nice. Nice.

Would you like to have
something to drink?

-Coffee, maybe?
-No, thanks. We're good, ma'am.

Actually I've gone
through the synopsis.

It's okay. Please.

I'm really sorry, Vishal.

There has been small
discussion about another film.

I mistook you for the production
executive of that movie.

-Really sorry about that.

-That's okay.

Where would you like to sit?
Are you comfortable here?

-Yeah, I'm good.

Like I told you, I loved the synopsis.

I also gave the pilot film a watch.

-I really loved it. It's very nice.
-Thank you.

Who was the actress in it?

Umm... That was my sister.

Cousin, actually. Meena.

Oh! Why don't you go ahead with her?

She was brilliant.

She was great but...

-Am I a commercial viability?
-No. No. No.

Not at all.
I feel you are the perfect choice.


I'm done with the script.

But I'm working on a better version.

And I'm halfway through.

-I'll be done soon.
-It's okay. Tell me what you've got.

-You can narrate me the rest next time.

I might actually imagine your
cousin during the narration.

-Meera, right?
-Meena. Meena.

She did a great job.

You see, this is just a vague version.

I'll give you a gist of it.
Okay? Yeah.

[types on laptop]

Frane opens...

There is no one here who will
pamper you like your mother.

She has done enough damage already.

If you intend to live here in the
way you lived with your mother,

It's not going to work.

Though it's embarassing,

I didn't join you in a hostel as I
thought it's good you stay with me

And I brought you home instead.

Keep in mind that you're a principal's
daughter and study well.

It's better for the both of us.

"Take a look at his valor"

"Get a glimpse of the king's gun"

"And there are six big tigers against it"

[scooter honks]

How many times will
you lose your phone?

I guess this is the 7th or 8th phone.

Let's go.

Sir lost his phone yet again.

Hey, I had tea in the morning.

-Do you think I left it there?
-Go fast. Phone's still ringing.

"Ding dong... Dong dong..."


"Whoa! It's out of your hands.
You've got nowhere to go now"

"Whoa! It's out of your hands.
You've got nowhere to go now"

Srinu bro...

I will talk detailedly
after I come there. Wait.

[glass shatters]

Have you seen my phone?

"Go looking in every nook and corner"

I have a feeling that I didn't
take the phone to the tea stall.

Where do you think I lost it?

You idiot!

"Ding dong... Dong dong..."

-"I'm narrowing in my eyesight"

-"Stop acting stubborn"
-Move your leg.

Hey! We'll come at night.
Now, let's go.


Let's go.

Where did you guys come
from? You dirty idiots!


-Hey!-You seem like donkeys!

Let me finish peeing peacefully
man. We'll look for the phone later.

-Sorry... Sorry.
-Is this what your parents taught you?

-You are behaving like animals.
-Ah... Oh... Ah...

Why the hell are you nodding you head like
a freaking idiot? Did a monkey bite you?

Where did we go before
going to the movie theatre?

What the hell you wrong with you guys?
You've been behaving like bloody idiots.

-"Use a magnifying glass to look all over"
-Bro, have you seen my phone?

Hey, go away idiot.

"Make a report of our appointments"

[indiscreet lecture]

Volume is directly
proportional to temperature.

"Like the king of Rangoon"

"You have to step
differently in every moment"

I heard she's your daughter, sir.


What's your name, dear?

M... Mitra.

Leave the form here and go to class.

"Ding... Dong...
Ding... Dong..."


What are you doing, huh?
Playing cricket, eh?

Instead of keep your phone safe,
why the hell are you playing cricket?

-Keep your phone safe, okay?
-Hey! What happened?

How dare you push me away?
How dare you push me away?

You better your phone safe.
You too. Keep your phone safe.

Cricket and other things
come after that. Idiots!

Hey, better pay attention
to our words. Go man.

He lost the phone and
you got the lecture.

He meant it for himself, man.

But it was through our friend.


[singing randomly]

What the hell did you achieve
that you are singing joyfully?


Well, how did your physics exam go?

-It went better than Chemistry, dad.

-And Chemistry?
-It went better than Math, dad.

-Math must have gone better than Physics.
-Obviously, dad.

Bloody rascal!

You keep roaming on the streets.
Your scores never go past zero.

You should be pursuing
graduation for your age.

You're still in 11th grade.

Huh?! Shame on you!

13 marks for objective questions.

Adding all the marks.

If this is the case, your rank is
going to be as long as a mobile number.

Don't let these petty
things disappoint you, dad.

I'll score more than 80 in Math next time.

-Math paper is for 75 marks.

I was making it simple for you.

First lose that sarcasm.

Those two rogues are adding to the chaos.
[phone rings]

There you go.
It's them calling.

Mark sheet has been sent home.

Condolences, I guess.

You'll never change.


-His dad picked up, man.

Tell him. Just tell him.

Hey, Rahul. Did you tell
your dad you lost your phone?

Don't tell him, man.
Things might turn ugly.

We'll figure it out by
managing your mom. Bye.

-Superb, dude! You rocked it.

-Where's your phone?
-What, dad?

Your phone!

-My phone, dad?
-Yes, son.

-Your father is God.
-He bought me new phone after bashing me.

If our exam papers reach home,
he will seize the new phone too.

Check properly.

[indistinct voice over speaker]

Holy crap! I scored two.

Guys! Come fast!

Hold on, you idiot!

Whoa! How much are you expecting?

I prepared really well, man.
I'll score a minimum of 20 marks.

I'll put it back then.

-No, tell me. How much?

More than yours.



Somebody's here.
Come fast, guys.

-I couldn't find his paper.
-He's got one and half marks.

You scored one and half marks.

Hey, remove few other papers.
Ma'am will get suspicious otherwise.

-We must have removed 10 papers.
-Whose paper is this?

Let's go.

Why is she staring at us?

Why do we care?
Do you think she saw us?

-Maybe she did.
-Whatever. Let's go.

-Hey! She's the Principal's daughter.
-Our Principal has a daughter?!

-Why do we even give a damn?
-How did we miss this?

He wouldn't tell us everything.

-I don't mean that.

When did she even join
college without our knowledge?

As if we attend the
college regularly to know that.

-Moreover, she's from our section.

I never noticed her in class.

We were never in class, dude.
Give it a rest.

-He'll expel us if she tells him.
-I'll go talk to her.

Hey! You aren't up for it.
Let me go talk.

-Come back!
-He thinks he's a stud?



Made a fool out of himself.

Not just some fool.
The biggest fool.

That comes later.


You know...
My grandma...

She was 80 years old 5 years ago.

My dad was shocked to see my 10th
grade score sheet for the first time.

He screamed out loud.

So my grandma had a heart attack.

She had a stunt placed.

As time passed,
score sheets continued coming.

Dad continued screaming.

Grandma continued to get stunts placed.

What is he speaking for so long?

Maybe he's telling her
what he wrote in the exam.

-That wouldn't take so long.

The thing is,
Physics Teacher is a psycho.

She embarrasses us in
front of the whole class.

If we bunk her class,
she sends the score sheets home.

You're new here, right?
I don't think you know.

In case my score sheets go home...

Doctors said they can't
place any more stunts.

I steal papers only for grandma's sake.

If you ignore this with a kind heart...

You'll be saving an old woman's life.

Think about it.

-Keep the papers safe.
-I know.


She's looking at you, man.

Of course.
My words will slowly get to her.

Be ready to pretend like
the papers are missing.

Good morning, madam.

-I can hear everything.

You're going to be grilled. Sit down.

-Okay, ma'am.


It's a good start. Take your paper.


Is there another one?

I don't think it's mine.

It's yours.
Come here.

It's not mine.

Who drew a wall clock for Ohm's law?

Damn it! Did she make a photocopy?

Coming, ma'am.

Come on.


[students giggle]

Hmm. Two marks.


Why are you giggling?

The total marks aren't for five.
You scored two out of sixty.

[students giggle]

What are these drawings? Is this
physics paper or discovery channel?

[students giggle]

Why did you draw a dog and a sparrow?

-It's not a sparrow, ma'am. It's a crow.

Creativity, huh?
Go back!

Useless fellow!


Bloody hell!
How did my paper end up in there?

55 marks.

Sorry, dude.

She'd get suspicious if all
three papers went missing.

So I put your paper back in.

You idiot!

Come outside.
You'll have to pay for this.

Rakesh. 'Rocky' in brackets.

I'm calling you. Come here.

Button your shirt first.

Stupid fellow!

Why did you write your nickname?

I thought you might not recognize me.

You don't have to try so hard.

I can see it's your paper,
even if you don't write your paper.

How much are you expecting?

Around 1 to 1 & 1/2.

Whoa! Such a huge margin.

Why did you use a different
ink for the additional sheet?

-Did you write it at home?
-No, ma'am. I wrote it outside.

You buffalo!

-You are incapable of even copying.
-How dare he trick you?

-He thinks he's the only smart one here?-Why did you write the exam with pencil?

I put his paper back in the fold.

-You're a true friend, man.-Rambabu!

Sorry, bro.

We're friends after all.

-Absent, ma'am.

Come here before I break your nose.

Ugh! I can't even look at you.

-What's wrong with your face?
-You must know, ma'am.

My dad prayed to take me to
Tirupati if I clear my exams.

That's so not happening. Do something.

Buy a couple of hair bands and ribbons.
You can plait your hair.


Good news is...

He scored the highest amongst the three.

-Thank you, ma'am.
-Aren't you ashamed to say that?

Go back to your seat.

Three idiots, I must say.

Hey! I want your parents
to sign these sheets for me.


-Usha Sri...

Stop focusing on your looks and study.

I must be so unlucky to
have friends like you.


-Same feeling.-Ma'am

-Your absent mind reflects your exam paper
-Me too.

Ma'am, I didn't get my paper.

Me too, ma'am.

Me too, ma'am.

Ma'am, even we didn't get our papers.

Ma'am, my name is Abdulla and
his name is Ka... Karimulla.

-We didn't receive our papers.
-Yes, ma'am.

Ma'am, I didn't get mine as well.

It is as if we cleaned the garbage
of all the others except ours.

-What do you mean?
-Ask him.

Hey, we didn't take her paper, did we?

-How come it's missing?
-Forget it, man.

All your papers are missing?

-Did you appear for the exam?
-Yes, ma'am.

-Oh my God!

She copied our idea.

-She stole her own paper.
-She did?

Is she the Principal's daughter for real?

Why don't you ask him?


Did you steal it?

Hey! Hey!

You... Turn around. Hey!

Show me how much you scored.
I'll tell ma'am otherwise.

Hey, Rahul!

What's going on?

Nothing, ma'am.
Counting mistake.

Yeah, right. I couldn't count
those 2 marks you scored.

-Shut up!
-Bloody woman!

Hey, you!

Show me.

You scored 1/2?

Guys, she got 1/2.

How much in Math?


Just 4? [giggles] It's a shame!

Don't you study at all?


You wrote RRR in the place of formula.
Learn formulas instead of watching films


I was just kidding.

Don't feel bad.
I'll tutor you in Math.

He talks like he scored a 100.


Those who didn't receive papers,
give your names.

Flunked Chemistry as well?

Mitra, come here.


Hey! I was waiting for you.

Did she yell at you?

He started. Let's go.

Wait. Talk to me.

She remembers the marks I scored.

What a memory power!

She remembers your
score out of everyone?

Considering you're new here...

She must have mugged up our scores.

We need a change of plan.

Well, what is this?

Question paper.

She asked me to solve it 5 times.

Does she think it will interest you?

So stubborn!

How did your papers end up in there?

Huh! Here comes.

Guys, she's asking about you.

-Why is he calling us?
-It just happened, you see.

Is your grandma going to be fine?

I can't tell you exactly.
But she is doing fine.

But she will not have a
peaceful death for sure.


Forget all that.

She scolded us in front of the class.

Why did you get the special treatment?

Hey, you.

What's with the silence?

Why is he making us
roam around the college?

I'm the Principal's daughter.


I know.

Why did you give such a
reaction when you know it?

I thought you'd be expecting that.

Hey! I didn't know you could smile.

You're smiling!

Why are they giggling so much?

Like they have topped the class.

And he's acting like a State Ranker.

Look at me.
I scored 1s and 1/2s last year.

My scores are reasonable this time.

Same applies to you.

You won't score this year.
Next year will be lucky.

Trust me.

We could always forge the
marks in the register.

Or we could steal question papers.

We've got a lot of tricks.

We need to help each other.
What do you say?


I know.
Physics teacher said it earlier.

I didn't tell you, did I?

Oh! Nice name.

We're R3.

-Rahul, Rocky and Rambo.

Come on, guys.

Didn't I tell you that
he is talking about me?

This is Mitra.
We know her name.

But she'll tell us again.

Mitra here.


"In the garden of Prince Charming"

"A Princess Parrot lies"

"She makes friends

-"with a gang of mischief"

-"In the drenching times of snow fall"
-What happened?

-"They lie in the paddy fields far ahead"
-Psst... Psst...

"It calls for blossoming friendships"

"Tale begins to unfold refreshingly"

"O' Parrot, with full of energy..."

"let's run along the streams invincibly"

-"Let's fly high without hesitation"
-[camera clicks]

-"Let's keep your fear at bay"
-Hey, come here.

"In the garden of Prince Charming"

-"A Princess Parrot lies"
-[sewing machine rustles]

"She makes friends"

"with a gang of mischief"


"Ohoo... Aha..."

What are you doing here?

She's a bit poor in Physics.
I'm tutoring her.

I can't imagine anyone
being poor than you.

Ah, come on. You know what
acceleration or velocity is?

At least E = mc2.

There's a lot of matter in continuty
which we don't know about, dad.

You wouldn't get it anyway.

Wave at her and go home straight.
I'll explain to you there.

"Lose track of time"

"Keep having fun"

-"Climb the mountains"

I gave you the question paper
beforehand. Attempt something.

Don't bother.

Question paper won't help.

I should be interested, right?

Doesn't your dad get upset with you?


He tries his best to keep
me interested in studies.

We have many social
activities other than studies.

What about you?

I love dance.

You love to watch?

I represented the
State in Bharatanatyam.

I also hold a record in the Limca Book.


Dance is...

That is it.

Everything went smoothly
when mom was alive.

He's all about work and stature.

What happened?
Did they get a divorce?

That too.

Where's mom now?

She passed away 6 months
ago from a brain tumor.

I had no other option.

That is why I had to
come stay with him.

No matter how hard I try,
I can't study at all.

He doesn't get it no
matter how much I explain.

Education doesn't have to
be the ultimate goal, right?

I want to see myself as
a good dancer like mom.

That's my goal.

Dad, I need to pay AITEEE fee.

Pronounce it properly.
A-I-Triple E.

Whatever. I was making it simple for you.

-I need money for AIEEE.
-What did you pay for earlier?

That was for IIT Mains.


Do you have to attempt so many
exams after what you've scored?

Shut up and apply for EAMCET.

He's denying me money to study, mom.

Can it get any worse than this?

I didn't want the money to party.

-Mom... Mom...

She's not in there.
Don't cry like a baby.

-Money is in the wallet. Go!


I'll come to college tomorrow.

If anything goes wrong...

Fee isn't paid in the college.

It's paid outside.
You know how far that is?

Way too far!

You can't come there anyway.
I'll get you the receipt.


I know you'd have them.

But I couldn't find a
better gift for a dancer.

Don't thank me now.
I'll feel uncomfortable.

I'm so shy.

-I said no.

-Rahul, you only gave one anklet.
-I said no.

I knew it.

Sorry. Bye.

"The grace of jasmine
and cool glances of breeze"

"They belong with the moonlight"

"As long as the innocent talk goes on"

"The shooting star shall shine on you"

"Clouds shall chase"

"after you for company"

"Stars shall descend"

"to caress your cheeks"

"Lose track of time"

"Keep having fun"

"Climb the mountains.
Lift your spirits up"

"Lift your spirits up"

"Float to the sky in a yacht of stars"

[door creaks]

Where are you coming from?


I was also coming from there.

How much did you score in Chemistry?

-I didn't get the paper yet.

What's this?

Last warning.

Don't repeat this. Got it?

I don't want to attend tuition.


I don't want to attend tuition.

Did he slap you?

He didn't even care that
it was your birthday?


He doesn't know it's my birthday.


Is he your father for real?

Moreover, he is the
principal of the college.

A brute like him deserves torture.


I'm used to it.
I shouldn't have cussed.

It's okay. Go on.

I can't swear anyways.

At least I'll listen to you cuss.


Freaking idiot!

Useless scoundrel!

Bloody rascal!

Biggest freak in the town!

That's it. I'm done.

[water splashes]


I love the girl's character.

It's taking good shape.

Thank you.

I often travel with scripts.

But this is quite interesting for me.

Listening to a narration
develop step by step...

This is really good.

Thank you.

Umm... I'll be back with
an update in 2 days.

-Yeah. Okay.
-Thank you.

By the way, I wanted to ask
you something since a long time.

Didn't your family oppose your
decision to be a filmmaker?

They gave me three years time.

If nothing works out,
they want me to find a job.


-So is your time up?
-No. I have a year to go.

Did you ever feel
like going back to a job?

Ever tired of all this?

Err... I mean...

Sometimes, when I notice
my friends' lifestyle...

I'd worry about my future.

I'd feel upset.

In fact, I had this
feeling until last month.

-But I don't have that thought anymore.
-How come?

I burned all my certificates.

You burned your certificates?! Why?

I didn't want to keep
other options open.

If I don't have the certificates,
I don't have the option of a job.

Film making would be life
or death for me. So...

But this is stupid.

What if this doesn't work out?

Having 4-5 options doesn't
mean it will work out.

I only have only one option now.

I have to make it work.

-See you.

"Have I opened the windows to my soul?"

"Have I sparkled like
a string of raindrops?"

"In these drizzles of melody"

"I feel a sense of ecstasy"

"With thoughts of hesitation"

"I'm beginning to get anxious"

"I wonder why this happens"

"This desire is uncalled for"

"I can't draw a conclusion"

"waiting for the answer"

"I'm amused by your presence all day"

"I'm discovering a new side of me"

"Sky shall reach out to grasp the Earth"

"My heart keeps wavering inside of me"

"Will this union ever draw parallels?"

"Will each other's company hold up?"

"Will the world stare in a daze?"

"Magic of love keeps me puzzled"

Hey, is everything cool?

Hmm. You can say that.

You got a parcel.


[dialer tone: ringing]

-Hello...-Did you get the book, son?

Yes, dad.

Well, who told you about this?

Did I get you things by
enquiring you all the time?

I'd find out and get them for you.

Even this is the same.

You should be my dialogue writer, dad.

No, thanks. Did you open the book?

No. Why?

Open the book.

You didn't have to do this, dad.

I'd ask you if I needed money.

Yeah, right. I know you.

So how did the meeting go?

-Yeah. It went well, dad.

-I feel it was pretty positive.-Is it?

-She really loved the story.-Okay.

Well, how does she look?
Just like how she looked in movies?

Almost like that.

Okay. I've got to run.
Talk to mom.

Okay, dad.

-Hello, dear...

-Where is he going?-The usual thing.

He's camping in 4 cities.


-Alright.-How did your meeting go?

Hello. Hello, mom.
I'll call you right back.

-Hey Vishal.

Good evening, sir.

Good evening, Vishal.
How did the meeting go?

It went well, sir.
Everything's cool.

-She loved the story.-Good. How's the script coming along?



-I'm almost done, sir.
-Oh! Superb!

Ping me her number.
I'll talk to her.

Sure, sir. I'll send you a text.

One more thing.
I'm going out of town for a week.

-Is it, sir?-Yeah! Out of station.

You work on the script.
I'll see you in a week, okay?

-Sure, sir. Done.-Alright. Bye.

This is done.

And this...

[phone ringing]




Hello, Mitra.
What happened?

[scooter approaching]

Mitra, talk to me.

What happened?

Why are you crying?

Tell me why you're crying.

I'm talking to you!

Did you solve the problem?

-Yes, sir.

Let me check it once.

Very good.



What were you doing there alone?


Exams were coming, so...

He asked the tutor to keep
me there for extra hours.

Who? Your dad?

He doesn't know whom to
trust and whom not to.

Go tell him now.

'You asked me to stay late, right?'

'This is what your
bloody friend did to me.'

Bloody rascal!

I told him.


When I was in trouble, I had no one.

Not even your mother.

He was my only support.
I know him very well.

What I don't understand is...

You're lying about stuff
like this to skip tuition.

Aren't you ashamed?

Why would I lie about
stuff like this, Rahul?

More than the tutor's behaviour...

His response to that is hurting me.

I don't want to stay here at all.

I just want to go away from here.


I'm being serious. Go!

Where can I go?

I've got no support.

I'll take care.

Do you get what you're saying?

Dealing with this is not so simple.
Words are easy to say.

Where are you going to take her? What
will she do and how is she going to live?

Her grandma and family will
come to Hyderabad in 2 months.

Until then she will stay
alone and learn to dance.

-Where are they now?
-In the US.

Let's call them.
They will take care of this.

If her sadist dad finds
out, it will be a mess.

-Let it be. They will sort it out.
-How will they sort it out, huh?

He fought with them
and brought her here.

If they rebel, he will claim her
responsibility and ask them to get lost.

Why don't you send her away
once her grandma is here?


If she stays here any longer,
he will keep sending her to tuition.

That bloody tutor will
keep harassing her.

Is that okay?

What should we do now?

We need to manage for 2 months
and send her to her grandma.


What about money for her expenses?

I'm thinking about it.

-Shall I ask my dad?
-You want to ask your dad?

Go ahead.
He'll beat the hell out of you.

Bloody idea!

What if we sell your dad's bike?

Why? What's wrong with your dad's bike?

-It's become old, man.
-And mine's new, eh? Stop tricking me.

I agree whatever happened
with her was wrong.

But I feel we're over reacting to
this and taking it to another level.

Okay. You stick to that.

But I feel this is
the right thing to do.

-I get it but...
-We could sell the college bus.

We could sell the train at the station.
Why do you always have to sell something?

We'll be locked up if we're caught.

So you don't want to sell anything.


We could...

We could blackmail someone.

What for?

You know some people have secrets, right?

Those secret relations.

Umm... Illegal affairs!

We could blackmail them about it.

But where do we find our targets?

Hey! I've told you a million times.
That auntie is my dad's friend.

What did I say, man?
I was just looking.

You can say no.

-It's your family matter.
-Family matter, my foot!

Stop it, guys!

We need the money.

We want it done easily.

No one can know it's us.

Think about it.


Kidnap me.


"Oh seductress... Oh seductress..."

"Oh seductress... Oh seductress..."

What is she talking about, man?

Kidnap me and demand my dad for money.

Are you crazy? We'll have to write EAMCET
in jail if he files a police complaint.

Ugh! He'd never do that.
He wouldn't tell a soul.

He'd be embarrassed if
my grandma finds out.

-What the hell! I...
-One minute. Hold on.

I have a small doubt.

-You're still hopeful for EAMCET?
-You crazy...!


-I feel this is risky.
-We need a car, man.

-We could borrow it from Jadeja.
-Are you making plans already?

So it's decided?



"Oh seductress... Oh seductress..."

"Oh seductress... Oh seductress..."

[car starts]

You think your dad will
believe you're kidnapped?

He's the college Principal.
Not a fool.


I'll bring my maid along.
She'll exaggerate the whole scene.

-But what will you tell her?


Shall we go to a temple?

What would I do there, ma'am?

That's right.
What would she do at a temple?

Shall we go to a supermarket otherwise?

What would you do there, ma'am?

Don't give her that look.
She's being so logical.

Kamakshi is right.

What do we tell her?


Shall we go out casually?






Hey, who the hell are you?

Hey... Hey...


Do you think this will work out?

-You will see.
-"Oh seductress..."

"Oh seductress... Oh seductress..."

"Oh seductress... Oh seductress..."

-What's the next program?
-Open heart with Radha Krishna.

Shall we call him then?

-Uh-huh. No.

He'll be in a meeting right
now. He'll not pick up.

We shouldn't call him unnecessarily.
One more thing.

Call him from my phone.

You sound so professional, Mitra.

Did you do this before?

Hello, Radha Krishna.

We kidnapped your daughter.

-In an hour...
-Increase the bass.

Hello, Radha Krishna!

We kidnapped your daughter.

In an hour's time...

How much ransom amount shall we demand?

How much shall we ask, man?

I just need 5 lakhs.

You guys ask for yourselves.

One lakh each.
That's fine, right?

That's enough, huh?
5+3 is equvialent to 8 lakhs.

Hello, Radha Krishna!
Listen to me carefully.

We kidnapped your daughter.

-Send 8 lakhs in an hour.
-8 lakhs?!

What do you think of me, huh?

I don't think your mom had you vaccinated.
You look like shit.

Skip the punchlines, man.
He'll kill us if he finds us.

So that's a no?

-Okay, Radha Krishna.

-Let's take it from the start.
-Whatever. Continue.

Rahul, let's call now.

[phone rings]

-Tell me.-Hello, Radha Krishna!

Who is it?

Listen to me carefully.

I hate to repeat.

We kidnapped your daughter.

Hello. Who is it?

We'll send your daughter's
body along with the answer.

Up for it?

Scream... Scream...

Please! Please let me go! Please!

-What do you want?-Please don't hurt me.

-Please! Please!

8 lakhs in an hour.

I repeat it one more time.

8 lakhs.

In an hour.

If you try getting the cops involved...

We'll know about it.

And once we do,
your daughter will be at your door step.

As a dead body.

I'll call you back in half an hour.

-Answer the call.



Join us, man!


Sir, someone kidnapped Mitra ma'am.




[phone rings]

Why is he calling already?

He must be having a meeting soon.

Man, I'm scared.
He must have told someone.


-Are you sure?

-Where should I come?


[indistinct dog barks]

[phone rings]

-Did you come?

Hello! Where's the bag?

Idiot! Why did you ask
him to bring this bag?

Just for fun. I wanted to
see him in a school bag.

You're acting really weird. Damn!

Put the bag on.

-Put the bag on, Radha Krishna.

Fooled him!

It doesn't fit.

It's no underwear to fit perfectly.

Manage, Radha Krishna.

What next?

Walk forward.

Shhh! It's the other way.


Now turn around.

Now walk forward.


Fooled him! Fooled him! Fooled him!

What the hell, man!

What happened?


-Where should I come?
-Radha Krishna! Really?

Nothing happened.
Where should I come now?

Look down and walk forward.

Now go right, walk forward,
drop the bag and go back.

Tell him. Tell him.




Cool down. You look more nervous than her.

How can I cool down?


Can you recognize their faces?

You don't have to panic at all.

Try to recall.

Their masks must have been open.

They must have looked familiar.

Familiar, I mean...

There's no hurry.
Take your own time.

Tell me when you recall
something familiar.


-One of them...

-In the film 'Sagara Sangamam'...

Uncle, Mr. Kamal Hassan is
seen pulling a rickshaw, right?


He looked like the rickshaw driver.


The second guy...

In the film 'Narasimha Naidu'...

When Simran sees Bala
Krishna for the first time...

Umm... There are dancers behind him.

In that group...

...not one or two but,

he looked like the second
guy in the third row.

Wow! Continue.

What else? Take the names of all periodic
films like 'Patala Bhairavi' etc etc...

You would have been in position if
you had this focus while studying.


-It's okay.
-It's not okay, man.

Mitra, you go inside.

Okay, uncle.


-The other guy looked like...
-It's okay, dear. Forget it.

These guys already
sound so familiar to me.

-I'll take care. You go.
-Okay, uncle.

I guess she's too stressed.

Leave her alone.

Nothing happened thankfully.

-We should be happy for...
-How can I be happy?


She cooks up stories when I
ask her to attend tuition.

People at college are advising me to
get married again if I can't manage her.

So that my wife will handle her.

They give me such crappy advice.

How do you think I feel?

And she's always roaming around town.

On top of that...

Those three idiots, I say!

Umm... How many guys did you see?


They wore masks and kidnapped madam.

Three guys!

Something is fishy!

-You had somewhere to go, right?
-I don't know, man.

Let me see.
I'll postpone to tomorrow.

-I don't know how to handle her.

You don't worry.
I'll take care.

I'll deal with it.

[anklet jingling]

-How long, man?
-Shut up.

Mitra, come here.

Money is in the zip down here. Hmm?

-What about you guys?
-We'll sort it out later.

Our friend Vimal will
receive you in Hyderabad.

-Give me the bag.

This is for expenses. Keep it.

No one can know you're carrying
cash. Including Vimal. Okay? Come.

Why don't you guys come along?

We can't draw any attention.
We'll come in a couple of days.

Bro, drive safe.
Take care. Bye.

-Bye. Bye, guys.


[music muted voice]

[music muted voice]

[birds chirping]
Hey, Rocky!

What are you guys doing here?

What is he doing here?

-I'm begging you. Stay silent.
-It's okay, man.

Hey! Get lost!

Get lost!

Get lost, man!

[birds chirping]
[footsteps leaving]

He left.

How did he recognize you with the mask?

Yeah, right? I don't get it.

-Do you think it's the shirt?

I got this mirrored shirt stitched
for my brother's birthday.

-You said it became famous around town.
-Go to hell!

Did you have to wear it today itself?

It's okay, bro. He's harmless.

[vehicle arriving]


[music muted voice]

[tyres screeching]

Get the bag for me.
[birds chirping]

Didn't madam come with you?

How is that possible?
She's home, right?

No, sir. I thought she was with you.

Why the hell would she come with me?

-Did you check properly?
-She isn't at home for 2 days.


How did this happen?

I was going on my bike, sir.

Someone attacked suddenly.

What do you mean, attack?

They wore masks and
beat the crap out of me.

Like they hold an old grudge.

They thrashed me passionately, sir.

I definitely think they're from our town.

How can you be so sure?

Were you thrashed by everyone in town?

[phone ringing continously]
Just give us the information.

We'll do the interrogation.

-Hello.-Hey, Srinu!

Mitra is missing!

What? She's missing again?

Did you check properly?

Is she a pen or pencil
to check properly?

She's gone, man.

I shouldn't have trusted you with this.

-I'm coming.-Yeah, please!

How many guys did you say?

Sir, those three guys are her friends.

-What's wrong, sir?
-Something is fishy!

-Three guys came in masks.
-Those three guys are her friends.

-Three guys, sir.
-The rickshaw driver in 'Sagara Sangamam'.

They're definitely from our town.
They were in masks.

On top of that,
those three idiots, I say!

[ritualistic bell rings]
[devotional song playing]


It's not these three.

[indistinct voices]
Hyderabad! Hyderabad! Hurry up!

You're Mr. Prasad's son, right?

-Where to?
-As far as the bus goes.


-Hey, keep moving.


Did you guys start?

Long back.

Ah... I'll be done with my
dance class before you reach.

-Where shall we meet?
-Ah... I'll call you once we reach.

Hey! Why don't you come to
the dance class directly?


Radio: "Nelavanka Thongi Chusindi
song from the film Rajakota Rahasyam"

Who ordered tea here?
[indistinct voices]

Complaint to whomsoever you want to.

[shouts] Pull her in.
Come on.

Drive. Go!

[tyres screeching]

Hail, Lord Shani!

Did you find anything?

-Nothing, bro.
-Nothing at all?

Just some clothes and anklets.

[watch ticking]





It's okay.
Don't be scared.

What's your dad's contact?

Give me your your dad's contact.
[phone ringing continously]

I heard they've got Metro.
It runs on top.

Let's ride that. It will be fun.

-Hello.-Hail, Lord Shani!

What the hell!
Who are you?

-What's the name?
-Why do you care?

-Mitra, bro.
-Yeah, right. Mitra.

-Mitra?-Yeah. She's with us right now.

We don't know what your
relation with her is.

We want 10 lakhs by evening.

Hey! Are you insane?

We've done crazy stuff like this.
Who the hell are you?

-How does it matter to you?

[indistinct voices]
[vehicles honking]

Who was it? Huh?

The number you are trying to
reach is currently switched off.

Please try again later.

Why is Mitra's phone switched off?

Switched off?
[phone ringing]

Hello. Hey!
Who are you?

Hmm... Oh!

You need all her details to believe me,

Want to know?

-Hey! Send him her picture.

-Send those to him.

-He want details, it seems.
-Sorry. Please.

I'm telling you beforehand.

I'm not going to throw any
threats regarding the cops.

I already got a deal for her, you see.

If you mess up...

Hail, Lord Shani!

I'll sell her.

Bro, please!

Then have 10 lakhs ready by evening.


-Hey! What happened?
-What happened?

Do you have Mitra's flat keys?

No. What happened?

It is switch off.
It's not working.

Do you think somebody's
playing with us after by the truth?


Beside the curtain.

-It's not that.

Who are you guys?

Why are you peeping into that flat?

-We're here for Vimal.
-Who is Vimal?

-Mr. Surya Narayan Rao... Watch man...

All that money!

And she's all alone.

One of us should've gone with her.

-We should've kept the bag at least.
-What were you doing when she left?

How would I know? I thought it would
be dangerous to keep that bag with us.

Shall we tell our Principal?

-No. That's a bigger risk.
-Give that phone to him.

Can you arrange some amount urgently?


Hey! I found an ATM here.
We can do this. Come on.

Are you out of your mind?
They will shoot us alive.

-Hey! Listen...
-You're insane!

Shut up and come here.

-I've been trying to call you, bro.-I can't answer your calls whenever.

There are certain timings I follow.

Bring the money to Bachupalli
church in 30 minutes.

Time is really important.

Bro, I tried everyone I know.

I couldn't arrange the money.

We have around Rs. 10,000.

We're students, bro.

Poor girl! She's innocent.

Please let her go.

Here you go.



-Hail, Lord Shani!

-Bro! Bro! Bro!
-Bro! Bro! Bro!

Sorry, bro. Give us a day's time.

-Please, bro!
-Alright, dear.

Tonight at 10.
I'll call back with the place.

-Hail, Lord Shani!-Bro, please!

Bro! Bro! Bro!

[phone ringing]

-I'm sorry.
-It's okay.

So... Ah...

As the lead scene ends, each character is
revealed... [phone ringing continously]

It's okay. Answer it.

-No worries.

Hello, mom. Why are you calling
off the hook? I'm in a narration.




-What happened?

I need to take this.

-Yeah. okay.



-Hello, mom. What happened?-Hello!

-Vishal, dad met with an accident.

We got a call this morning.

We're at the hospital right now.

He has a head injury.

No, tell me. He's fine, right? [sobbing]

I don't know.
I'm not sure what's going on.

Dad's in the CC.

He needs an operation it seems.

They're not giving me any information.

What's your father's name?

-Ram Mohan.
-Which hospital?

-Hello, Dr. Kiran?-Yeah.

This is Shalu.

[vehicles honking]


-Thank you, Dr. Kiran.
-No problem.


Ah... It's just a small clot it seems.

He'll be okay.
Don't worry.

[vehicle honking]

Hello, Mouni.
I need some money urgently.


[behicle arriving]
Greetings, madam.


Hello! He will be fine.

These surgeries are quite common now.

Thank you.

By the way,
you stopped the narration midway.

Continue. It's very interesting.

It's kind of hard to narrate right now.


Don't think about it for a while.

It's going to be fine.


Come on.

[car shield shattering]

[glass shattering]

[vehicle honking]
[electricity crackling]

[indicator buzzes]

[music muted voice]

[music muted voice]


Don't know who threw this paper!

I don't need this crap!

[singing randomly]

[makes weird sound]

What are you looking at? Get lost!

[makes weird sound]

-I said get lost!
-Why would I go? I'll relax.

Hey! You bloody!

-Hey! Why should I...


[makes weird sound]

[music mutes voice]

Do you feel we are doing right?
I feel this is wrong.

We'll have 10 lakhs if you
shut your mouth for 10 minutes.

How are you sure it's 10 lakhs?

You said ATM was risky.

So I went to a bank which is near by,

looking for someone who
withdraw a huge amount.

I couldn't find a single guy
who withdrew more than 10K.

As I was about to leave, a guy walked in.

Sir, can you give me pen for once?

You need 10 lakhs right?

He borrowed a pen from me
and filled a form for 10 lakhs.


I thought he is our lucky
charm and followed him.

But he gave the bag
to someone in a car.

What else I could do?
So I followed the car.

They stopped for fuel and I called you.

-Are you sure they will come in this way?
-I'm sure they'll come in this way.

No other way. They have to
come straight from the petrol pump.

-We don't face any problem right?
-No, man.

[glass breaks]
[tires screeching]

[camera captures]

What's with the buzz?

-How's Hyderabad?
-Good, sir.

-And the girl?
-Which girl, sir?

-Do you have a daughter?
-No, sir.

-Do I have a daughter?
-I don't know sir.

Are we here to discuss your girl?

-I meant the girl in the accident.

She's fine, sir.

She had a blow to the head.

Went into a shock.

They gave her a sedative.
Out of danger, sir. No problem.

Couldn't they find a better hospital?

This was the closest one to the spot, sir.

-Take her statement once she's conscious.
-Okay, sir.

Sir, just a minute.

Sir, they asked me to wait for 15 minutes.

Doctor's doing a check up.

You said there is no problem.
Then why are they making a scene?

She's a celebrity after all.

They're just showing off.

You know how it is.

-Ok, go talk to the media.
-What do I tell them, sir?

Go and invite them to
your daughter's function.

-What will you tell them, huh?

-Don't you know what to tell the media?
-I know, sir.

What's the issue?

Okay, sir.

What has he been writing for so long?

He was also present in
the car with Shalini.

We're taking his statement.

What do we do now?

Do you have other options for money?

Did you talk to mom?

[kid crying]

Did you try asking
uncle's colleagues or relatives?

We tried everything, man.

Shall we call the Producer?

What shall we do then?

[cicadas chirping]



Shall I get some water?

After 9 pm.

You're being too superstitious.

Thank god it's only hiccups.

What if you're in danger?

What would happen, huh?

[door open creaks]


I saw the girl in the car before.

-Where did you see her?
-I can't remember.

But if I see her one more time
I can definitely recognize her.

If you see her one more time you will
not recognize her she will recognize us.

-Nothing will happen, don't think much.
-Really I feel like I saw her somewhere.

Don't know but I feel something is wrong.

Everything went well.
You stay calm for a while.

[vehicle honks]

I feel like everyone's staring at us.

Did you call Kamal?

He's on his way, it seems.

What's up with our college, guys?

-Nothing much, man. Same old stuff.

-Are you coming from Mitra's place?

You said you lost the
keys, did you find them?


Why didn't you come to my place first?

-I wanted to see her.
-Did you?


-Bloody fool!
-Where's the rest of your luggage?

-We left it in the cloak room.
-Cloak room?

That means,
have you been somewhere already?

-It was just a cinema.

-I would've joined you, guys.
-It's not your type of cinema, man.

Then is that a cinema which you watch?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Are you going to keep lying to me?

I know everything.


I knew it when you asked me to
pick up Mitra the first time.

Shall I tell you what happened?

You and Mitra eloped
from home and came here.

You want to get married here.

To make all of this work out...

you need someone
reliable and you chose me for it.

-Am I right?

You guys are my friends.

I can understand even if
you don't say about it.

But I have to admit.

Super selection, bro!

Not hers, yours.


A tragedy occurs in the
outskirts of the city.

Thieves attacked Shalini
and robbed her of 10 lakhs.

Reports suggest they
were wearing masks.

Doctors can't be sure
until another 48 hours.

What the hell!

What's this 48 hours?

I didn't even say that.

I know, right?

Just a minute.

I'll call you right back.

-What did you tell the Media?

Sir, I didn't say anything as such.

I said we'd catch the thieves in 48 hours.

They assumed we can't know
her condition until 48 hours.

Who the hell asked you to
mention the time frame?

That's what we usually
tell the Media, right?

Shame on you!Shut the hell up.

Do her contemporaries
have anything to do with this?

What's your father's condition?

Yeah. He's fine.

-When is the operation scheduled?
-Hey, Vishal!

-One second.

-Hey, I asked Sagar for money.

He said he'll help for sure.
We have to be at his place by 10 o'clock.

We'll have the money for sure.

Alright, you go to the village.
I'll collect the money and come.

No, man.

Mom will be worried to see me like this.

I'll collect the amount and leave.

[phone rings]

Excuse me.

Hello, mom.

-Where are you, dear?-I'll be there, mom.

I'm going to be a bit late.

How's dad doing?

He needs the
operation by tomorrow evening.

-You have cash for now, right?-Hmm.

I borrowed some money from your uncle.


-Is Meena there?-Hmm.

[glass door creaks]

-Tell me.
-Meena, is there a TV in the space?

There's one on the ground floor. Why?

Nothing. There's been an accident.

-Don't yell!

I'm absolutely fine.
I'll be there by morning.

The news is on TV.
Mom might be worried.

-Make sure she's fine, okay?
-Hmm. Okay.

-Call me if you need anything.-Hmm... Okay.


-What is it?

You didn't tell him anything, did you?

-He might be worried.
-I didn't mention anything.

You don't worry.

-Mr. Ram Mohan's family...

Auntie, wait. I'll go.

So he hasn't been in an accident?


He tried to stop a fight when
someone was fighting on the road.


In that fight someone pushed
him away and his head hit a rock.

I warned him several times.

I asked him to ignore such things.

He never listened.
[parrot squawks]

Now hurt his head.

[machine beeps]

Don't waste time.
He said it's 10 lakhs.

-Call him immediately.

Give the phone.

Not yours. Mine.

Why would I have your phone?

Come on! I gave it to you in the auto.

I gave it back right away.

No, you didn't. Check properly.

No, man. I returned it to you.


Did you misplace it?

I gave it to you in the auto, remember?

You didn't give it to me.

Don't say that. Hey! Call his mobile.

Is it ringing?

No one's picking up.

[door knocks]

[door creaks]

Hey, ask if Rahul wants Special
Pav Bhaji or Bhel Puri for dinner.

-You said it's special. Anything will do.
-Hey! How can you say that?

Shall I get Dahi Puri instead?

My mind's screwed up. Get something.

Alright. I'll bring Pav Bhaji.

-Ah, go.
-Hey! Hey! Hey!

Shall I squeeze lemon
on top? It tastes good.

Squeeze. Squeeze it hard.

Squeeze it with all your
might and bring the pulp.

-Okay. I'll squeeze it well.

Did you check all the bags?

How do we call him without your phone?

Do you remember his number?

All our efforts went in vain.

You can't handle a single phone, can you?

Enough of your shit.
I should say that to you.

-I remember giving you the phone.
-Blaming others is a routine for you.

Don't talk shit. You lost the phone.

Yeah, right.
I lose your phone all the time.

I lost all your phones in
the class room and canteen.

-Don't try to frame me.
-Hey! Stop it!

-What man? What?
-Hey! Hey!

[door knocks]

Calm down.

[door open creaks]

-Everything okay?
-What is it?

Does Rahul want to catch a movie?

I want to book tickets as a surprise.

We're not into movies now.

It's not for us, man.
It's for both of them.

And the tickets are for tomorrow.

Sure. Book corner tickets.
Make sure there are no flies.

-Book a couples' seat.


-Don't plan any surprises next time.

-Even if you do, don't knock our door.
-But why?

They're talking on the phone in there.

-You'll disturb them. Got it?
-Oh, shit! Sorry. Sorry.

Let them talk.
You two also come out.

-I'm begging you, Rahul. Don't yell.
-Tell him that.

He's preaching me responsibility.

-Please, man...
-You shut up!

He tries to be a hero all the
time and you take his side.

She cried and he
didn't care for the world.

None of you listened to
me when I said no to this.

You kidnap people like it's a game.

Every household has these problems, man.

Everyone isn't running away from home,
are they?

If that was the solution,

half of female population
should be on the streets.

Hey! Please, man.

You'll regret this only if she's
sold to some brothel house.

-You rascal!
-Hey! Hey! Stop!

There's no point in hitting me.

You will know if
something happens to that girl.

A deadly accident in
the outskirts of the city.

Three persons by attacking
the film actress Shalini,

and robbed her of 10 lakhs of money.

Reports suggest the
thieves were wearing masks.

Doctors saying they can't
say anything within 48 hours.

[tires screeching]

[cicadas chirping]
[dog barking]

Come on.



I figured the whole thing out.

-It's crystal clear.
-What happened?

-Tell him. Tell him what you saw.
-Yes, sir.

I saw the R3 batch hit Physics sir.

-They were also wearing masks.

There were witnesses claiming
three guys in masks kidnapped her.

Three guys in masks attacked the tutor.

He saw who attacked the tutor,
that means...


Three guys in masks kidnapped my
daughter and looted 8 lakhs from me.

They let me take her back.

We will be suspicious
if they flee right away.

That is why they left
after a couple of days.

It's crystal clear, man!

This is a perfectly laid out plan.

No! It's not those three.


-Something is fishy!
-Stop saying that, man.

Even your kid would know it's those three.

You just keep saying something is fishy.


-How did you recognize them in masks?

-His shirt gave it away, sir.

He's the only one in
town who owns that shirt.

-Hear that?

-We would tease him about it.

You see these two pens?
Which one did I pick first?



This one?

I don't know, sir.

Forget it.

-Have you seen this watch before?
-What are you talking about?

A hero was wearing it
in a film recently sir.

-So am I the hero or is he me?
-Srinu, what the hell!

When there are identical pens...

When there are identical watches...

Don't you think there
are identical shirts?

But I called him saying 'Rocky', sir.

-He responded too.

-That's it!
-What did he say?

He lift his hand up and said 'Get lost!'

What did he say?

He lift his hand up and said 'Get lost!'

Were there people behind you?


I don't know, sir.

-I mean, maybe?
-There you are.

He must have said it to them.

Uh-huh. There's a chance, right?

-Yes, sir.

So, what did you realize?

He's not Rocky, sir. It's someone else.

I didn't see anyone there, sir.

I'll leave now. Bye, sir.


I don't understand one thing.

Even if those three
confess the crime to you...

You'd say 'It's not you. Not at all.'

Will you say someone
identical did it and let them go?

I don't get why you have
a soft corner for them.

Are you my friend or theirs?

RK... I get it, man.

I just saw the news on TV.

Someone attacked actor
Shalini and robber her money.

They were three guys too.

They were wearing masks too.

Would you say it's the same three?


Trust me.


Something is fishy!



Is the biryani good, sister?

Don't be scared.

I'm not so cruel like them.

I have a 7 year old daughter.


Would you mind if I ask you something?

Don't you have a father?

Even I don't have my father.

He passed away eight years ago

I like my father a lot sister

That is why...

Even though I had a daughter...

I named her Subba Rao.

Subba Rao!

Are you a dancer, sister?

I found anklets in your bag.


Why is the bag so heavy?

-I mean...

The bag is so costly.

-That is why.

It's a costly bag, eh?

[doorbell rings]
[door open creaks]

Is it the cable man?
Come back later for the bill.

I'm your son's College Principal.

S.. S.. S.. Sorry, sir.

Tell me.

I need to speak with you.

What are you saying, sir?

Why would my son kidnap your daughter?

He would never do that.

We're a very decent family.

He can't even steal 10
bucks from my pocket.

How can I believe he kidnapped her?

I'm not here to second your
beliefs or your son's conduct.

Where is your son?

Err... He's attending
a friend's wedding.

-Hmm. Where did he go?


Call him once.

Call your son once.

Please call him.
Take my word for it.

[keypad beeps]

[phone ringing tone]

-He's not picking up, sir.
-Don't you get it yet?

He kidnapped my daughter.

What kind of a logic is this?

Missing a call translates to kidnapping?

-They're kids, sir.
-Kids, huh?

They attacked the tutor and
he's lying on the hospital bed.

Do you still call them kids?

A guy in our lane had a heart stroke.

He's been admitted.
Did my son do it?

Is my son behind every
hospital admission?

Sir, he's attending a wedding.

What's with the look?

Let me ring him again

[phone rings and vibrates]

[phone rings and vibrates]

Hey, it's your dad calling.

-Hello, uncle.

Er... Rakesh...

Where are you guys?

[clears throat]

We just got off stage at
the wedding and you called.

Thank god

Did you have dinner?

Yeah. Done, uncle.

Good. Where's Rahul?

I've been calling him.
He's not picking up.


-Just a second, uncle. Talk to him.

Talk to him

Put the speaker on.


-Done with the wedding?

Where's your phone?

Hello! I'm asking you.

-Where's your phone?
-I lost it!



-I lost it, dad.
-Did you?

Did you lose the 20K worth phone?

I could've bought a car
with all that money.

If you ever mention a phone
again, I'll smack you down.

You've got no concern at all.
Showing off all the time.

And you never buy a phone under 20K.

-Bloody idiot!
-Ask him about my daughter.

His phone!

-Hello? Hello?

Principal's daughter is missing.
They think it's a kidnap.

Do you know anything about it?
No, right?



-Do you know anything?
-He's an idiot.

Why are you asking me about that moron?

I'm going to beat the hell
out of that idiot when I'm back.

I'm in such a bad mood right now.
Don't even mention that idiot's name.

You hang up!

We're really a decent family, sir.

But sometimes...

-Hey Seenu

Tell me

Those three guys are in Hyderabad.

-I don't need your explanation on this.

I'm off to Hyderabad.

I'll show you how phony
they are if you join me.

I'm on my way. Bye.

[phone ringing tone]

Why isn't he picking up?

[phone ringing tone]

You said it's good times after 9 pm.

29th, Wednesday, 10th lunar fortnight.

It's auspicious.

Why isn't he answering my calls?

[clock chimes]
[phone ringing]

Alright. Let it go.
We'll look for the phone.

Okay. I shouldn't have said that.

-Sorry. Let's go.
-Get up, man.

What do we do if he doesn't pick up?


Let's sell her.


[laughs loud]

Let's sell her.

[laughs loud]

Excuse me.
Sagar asked us to come at 8' o clock.

He's not answering our calls.

Is he home?

No. He's always roaming around.

Not sure when he'll be home.

-How come?
-It's okay. We'll wait.

"Where are they leading?"

"The thypoon winds today"

"The time when the dark
cloud darkens the way"

"You don't have any saviours"

"The never ending game is a spell"

"You don't have any saviours"

Man, it's a waste of time.

He's not coming.

He ditched us.
Let's go now.

-He might come, dude...
-No way!

We've been waiting since an hour.
We'll figure something out.

[music mutes voices]

[music mutes voices]

Okay, let's assume they did it.

-Don't just assume. They did it!
-RK, let me complete.


They kidnapped her and
attacked the tutor, okay?

Yes. It was them.

But what I don't get is...

Why didn't Mitra want to attend tuition?

She gave some silly reasons.

What are those silly reasons?

She said the tutor behaved
inappropriately with her.

She gave some reasons to skip tuition.


So if those three guys
really attacked the tutor...

Mitra must have told you the truth.

In case Mitra was lying...

Those three guys must not
have attacked the tutor.

Isn't that it?

Because why would they
hold a grudge against him?

He doesn't even tutor them.

One can't be a lie and other the truth.

Okay, put these logics aside.

When your daughter said a guy
abused her, what did you do?

You said he's your friend
and he'd never do that.

You also said he means more to
you, not giving a damn.

Would a girl lie about stuff like this?

That too with her father...

What if Mitra was telling the truth?

Think how big of a mistake you've made.

What can she do if you
don't make her feel safe?

You're always saying
someone took her away.

Mitra could have left home, right?

Huh? It's a possibility!

You know what your problem is?

You can't differentiate
between home and college.

You're so obsessed with the
idea of controlling her.

That you never spend
some time as her father.

I don't mean you don't love
her or you're irresponsible.

I know how much you
longed to be with her.

But she should know too.

[thunders rumbling]
How will she know?

Maybe that is why she left.

If you still feel it's their fault...

Let me be very honest.

They acted more responsibly than you.

[rain drops patter]

Bro, we missed a gold
colour phone in the auto.

Have you seen a gold
colour phone around here?

There's three of you, huh?

I've got some hot college girls.

900 bucks for three.
Are you interested?

-Hey, let's leave

Do you really think they sell girls?

"Wondering how would life
be after the day break"

"Let it dawn with you crissing the border"

"The time when the dark
cloud darkens the way"

"You don't have any saviours"

"The never ending game is a spell"



Let's do something.

Let's ask Shalini for the 10 lakhs.

Are you out of your mind?

She tried to help me and
ended up in the hospital.

She already lost 10
lakhs because of me.

I can't ask her for the money again.

Do you have a better idea?

We tried all night and still
didn't manage to find 30,000 too.

Where were you guys all night?

Answer me!

-We went out.
-Where exactly?

Went out man!

Put your ego aside for a while.

We'll return her money soon.

No one can help you now.

[Vimal]: What do you think of yourself?

I said I'd bring you dinner last night.

You should tell me before going out.

You should at least answer my calls.

Look how many times I called.

I called at 9 pm. He didn't pick up.

I called at 12 am. No answer.

I called again at 02:30 am. No response.

Hey, when was the last
time I answered your call?

05:20 pm.


Where were we at 05:20?

[music mutes voice]

[music mutes voice]

What happened at 5.20 pm?

-What happened...
-Hey Rahul!

Hey! Hey, Vishal! Hey!

-Who are you guys?
-Please start bro

-Where to?
-First drive, bro.

Auto! Auto!

-Drive fast.
-What happened, man?

We can find them through the mobile.

What mobile?

One of those guys dropped his mobile.

So you think you
dropped the phone there?

What if the police got to it first?

Police wouldn't have found it.

They would've called
either of you by now.

And no one's around
to answer the phone.

What are you waiting for?
Call his mobile.

Can you drive faster?

What is he doing here?

Drive fast! Come on!

Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop!

He dropped it somewhere over here.

He's looking for something.

Is it the phone?

Disconnect the call first.

What shall we do?

[phone rings and vibrates]

I'm getting a call from your number.

It's him.

[phone rings and vibrates]

-Sir, it's Vishal.
-Yeah. Yeah.

We didn't find a mobile on the site.

We proceed only after thorough analysis.

No, sir. He definitely
dropped it around here.

We can trace them if
we find that mobile.

I'll find out.
But I'm sure.

-We didn't find anything there.
-Right, sir.

What did he say?

He said they didn't find anything.

Hey, look again.


I called the ambulance and
stayed until the cops arrived.

They say otherwise.

There's no chance someone
else took it meanwhile.


Where did it go?

He's not holding your phone.

He doesn't have it?

If he's making the call,
what is he looking for?

So who's calling me?

-[singing randomly]

Hello. Who are you, man?

Yeah, right. Who am I?

-Idiot! Who the hell are you?
-It's him, guys. That mad guy.

Yeah. It must be the mad guy.


-It's him. Come with me.
-What are you talking about?

No one else was here that day.

-He must have taken it for sure.
-Hey man!

Raju, we can get to
them if we find him.

He must be somewhere around.
Let's go.

Please tell us where you are.

I'm saying please.

Guess where I am.

-Guess what's in my hand.
-That's our phone, man.

-Whose phone is it?
-Hey! It's mine.

Where's mine?

How would we know?

If I have your phone,
whose phone are you talking from?

This is my friend's phone.

Maybe this is also my friend's phone.

That is why I'm calling from this one.

-I'll put it under a lorry and check.
-Hey! No! No! No!

Please. Please keep the phone safe.

Don't tell me what to do.
I'll break the phone otherwise.

-Hey! No! No!
-I'll bang it to the floor.

Please, man. Keep the phone with you.

In the dialed list...
There's a phone image, you see.

Click that image and tell me the
first number. Please! Please!

-First number, huh?
-Just tell me the number.

-The image?
-Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Note it down.

-Don't beg me.
-Okay, tell me.

-Umm... 940.




Idiot! There are 12 digits.

I got 2 more. Note down.

What are you even saying?

Chaitanya College's image.
Everyone got good ranks.

-Hey! Hey! Hey!

We asked you for the phone number, man.

-Not these ranks?

Why did they publish then? Fool!

-Let me go ask them.
-Listen to me, man.

I'll note down the numbers and come.
Be right there.

-Hey! Listen!
-Stay on line.

No man! Hello! Hello? Hello?

-You drive, bro.

-He hung up
-Where else now?

Bro, drive to those temples and
churches where we find mad guys.

-Please take us, bro.

[phone rings and disconnects]
He is disconnecting man!

You're the mad one here.

We don't know where he is.

We don't even know if
he stole the phone.

We can't go looking for him.

Your dad's operation is
scheduled for the evening.

Do you get it?

Hey! It's about 10 lakhs.

We can't just give up.

-It's not about the money.
-There's a tiny hope we'll find them.

Even if we don't find the mad guy...

We'll have the satisfaction
of trying our best.

If nothing works,
I'll ask Shalini for help.

How long does it take?

As long as I ask.

Die, you bloody woman!

I'll cry for a while and get over it.

You're like shit!

Why don't you pick her up from
school and then watch a movie?

Do I have to do everything?

Her school is so close by.

I can't do it.

-I can't
-Make time!

Okay you devil, hang up!

Bloody woman! Hang up. I'm coming.

-My bag...
-What is she saying?

-She's yelling at you.
-It's nothing, bro.

-Take her. Take her.
-What? Aren't you coming?

-No, bro.

-Daughter's coming home from school.
-So what?

My wife is going to a movie.
She asked me to pick her up.

Don't give me the details.
Do whatever the hell you want.

Go. Start the van. Go!

Go. Hurry up.

Sister, why are you worried about the bag?
It must be lying somewhere.

-Don't make brother angry, sister.
-Sure, sister.

-Shut up and get lost sister!
-Okay. Okay.

Bro, where are you going?

-I need to pick up school kids.
-Right now?

Bro, Subbu is coming.

You should drop her on the way.

Everyone aboard. Drive.

-Come on, drive!

Hey, it's our bag.

-What's your name, love?
-Subba Rao.

Subba Rao?!

Yeah. It's my grandpa's name.
He was a really good man.

-Is it?

Who bought you this bag?

My dad bought it from Dubai.

Really expensive bag.

-From Dubai?

Can I take a look, please?

Okay, sure.

Here. Check it.

It's our bag.

-Didn't I tell you?

We also want a similar bag.

-Will you tell your dad and get us one?
-Hmm. Okay.

Where is your dad right now?

Pack of leaves!

Stop! Stop!

There's a band around it too!

-Would you sell the band along?

Are you selling the leaves?

-Where's the phone man?

[makes weird sound]

Where's the phone?

Give me the phone. Hey!

-Did we reach your home?
-Hmm. We did.

Oh, really?

Why are you tying those?

-We have a dust allergy.

I'll also tie one then.


Where is Mitra?
Tell me, if not I'll kill you.

Where is Mitra?

[vehicles honking]


Help! Help! Help!

[indistinct voices] Help!

[indistinct voices]
Hey drive! Drive!



Reverse! Reverse!



[tyres screeching]


Hey! Give me the phone.

Give me the phone.

What are you looking at? Go!

Get lost!



Hey! Wait up for me!

[slaps] Hey!
Shut your mouth otherwise I'll kill you.

[tyres screeching]

[indistinct voices]
Hey, get down.

Get down, man!
Get down and check.

[indistinct voices]
[fighting sound]

[police siren]

I should kill you, bloody!

Get down, you moron!
[indistinct voices]

Let go!

Let go of me! Ah!
[fighting sound]

What's wrong?

Is it hit and run?


-Found them?

[phone ringing]

Coming, mom.

Dad's done with the operation.
He just came out of the OR.

Doctors said we need not worry.

What about the money?

How come?

Someone cleared the bill on your name.

-Alright. I'm coming.-Okay.

What happened?

Dad's operation is over.

Did Shalini pay?


"I'm longing for you at this moment"

Are you okay?


Forget about me.

How are you feeling?


No memory loss so far.

I remember everything well.

Thanks a lot, Shalini.

-If you weren't there...

-I don't even know how to thank you.

You just did.
Now forget it.

How do you like the ambiance?

To narrate the story. Huh?

You know...

I need to tell you something
important once you finish the story.

It's okay. Tell me.

Don't take it the wrong way.

-I'll return money in two days...

Vishal, shall we get married?


I know this is weird.
The place being a hospital...

Just because I helped you...

Don't consider this an obligation.

One more thing.

Don't think I'd reject the
movie offer if you say no.

That's professional.
This is personal.


Is it a complete no?


Do you need some time?


[music mutes voices]

Here girl...

Sir asked you to call your parents here.

Take it!

[phone rings]

Hello, bro?

-Girl crying
-Hello! Hello, Mitra?

Mitra, where are you?



Why are you crying? Hello!

Hello! Mitra!

Rahul, I lost our bag.

Whatever. Where are you?

While I was escaping from them...

Police saved me.

I'm at the police station.

Police station?

They asked me to call my
parents, Rahul.

I don't know what to do.

Will you guys come?



No, Mitra.

Call your dad.

Go home with him.

That's the right thing to do. Go home.

You were ready to stay out single!

And you saved yourself
from such a big problem!

So can't you speak a bit
sternly with your father?

We should have thought that day itself

We shouldn't have sent you either.

Outside world is really ugly, Mitra.

Looks like there is no other
place safer than our home

It's not a big deal for
us to come there Mitra

But that's no sulution for this

Do you get it?


Mitra, are you listening?


So you're going home, right?


Take care. Call me once you are home


What do we do with the 10 lakhs?




What's your opinion about me?

I think you're a good girl.

A good dancer as well.

Just like us.
But nothing like us.

Tell me something I don't know.

How can I know something you don't?

Guess if there are things
I know and you don't.

Listen. I flunked 11th grade thrice.

Keep that in mind
before questioning me.

How can I guess things
you know and I don't?

-You don't know, right?

Okay Shalini?

Clap in!

Roll camera!


Guys, don't we have goals of our own?

We don't need goals, man!

We're happy, aren't we?

I don't mean that.

Look at Mitra.

She has convinced our
princie to become a dancer.

Damn! I've been thinking for so long.

All I can think of is book
stores and wine shops.

Hey! You're taking this too seriously.

We don't have to be
too picky about goals.

Keep them simple.

-Getting drunk and going home is a goal.

-Going home and eating mom's food. A goal!

-We eat and go to sleep.
-Goal! One more goal!

If we start counting,
we have many goals in a day.

Don't bother.

Others' goals should
never influence us.

We should just help them vaguely.

Like how Venkatesh made Bhanu Priya
a dancer in 'Swarna Kamalam'...

Like how Venkatesh made
Soundarya a singer in 'Raja'...

I should make Mitra a dancer, eh?

You've helped her enough.

You don't have to become
Venkatesh to help her.

You can help her casually.