Brigsby Bear (2017) - full transcript

Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children's TV show produced for an audience of one: James. When the show abruptly ends, James's life changes forever, and he sets out to finish the story himself.

There's magic and wonders
and mysteries in store
a hero whose mission
is to learn and explore
he's daring and caring
and oh so much more
it's brigsby bear
brigsbyx the temple, it's collapsing!
Arielle, Nina, use your powers. Quick.
- Why isn't it working?
It's sun snatcher, brigsby!
Perish, brigsby bear!
The stars are out...
The vines! Remember?
They release invisi-toxins at sundown.
That means...
We're only imagining!
I summon the power of light!
I'll get you next time, bear!
You did it, brigsby!
We're safe for now,
but I let the whole galaxy down.
I don't get it.
The prophecy said
if we activate the sortis crystal
inside the temple,
we could destroy sun snatcher.
Perhaps there's a lesson here, brigsby.
When solving for "x"
on a one-dimensional plane
where minus one by the magnitude
of one equals minus x,
always solve for the vector r.
Until our next adventure, remember...
Prophecy is meaningless.
Trust only your familial unit.
And please, discard leftover food rations
in the yellow bin, not the red one.
That's it!
Hey, guys. James here.
First of all. Episode 34, volume 25,
I put the recap up, so there is already
a great comment section there,
and I recommend all you guys
go check that out immediately.
Also, as some of you guys know,
I've been studying
the old brigsby volumes,
going way back to the first quest wars,
when we initially meet
the evildoer himself, aka sun snatcher.
Obviously, snatcher always gets away.
But brigsby never gives up,
and I'm not giving up either,
and I have actually come up
with some new ideas
that I really want to tell you guys about.
But I... I'm not... let's just say...
Let us say that
I'm onto something pretty big.
So stay tuned for that, and, of course,
as always, until our next adventure.
So basically, the trick is brigsby needs
to find all the sacred artifacts.
Sortis crystal.
Arielle's amulet.
Then you just need to find
a collapsed star in an unclaimed system.
Easier said than done, I know.
If you could find the unclaimed system,
brigsby could finally defeat sun snatcher.
Thank you.
...and may our minds be stronger tomorrow.
I know there's still some things
i need to add before I post it.
What is it?
Well, pal,
it's clear
a lot of imagination went into it.
But the thing is, I'm not sure
how any of this is plausible
in brigsby's universe.
I mean, you have him using
Arielle's amulet against snatcher.
Sure, it's powerful.
It was created by the drumbas,
but, if I remember correctly,
it's very unstable.
But not if you fold space-time.
See, I didn't get to explain that
part but that's why
- brigsby needs Arielle's amulet.
- James.
What your father is trying to say is
we're proud of
how smart and talented you are.
But all of this time
that you've been spending
on the brigsby forum and your projects,
we just don't see the point.
- The point?
- You could be using this time and energy
to further your studies
or solve the vansmithe conjecture.
But it's impossible. And it's stupid.
- Watch it.
- I know, sorry. It's not stupid.
Don't let your noodles get cold.
Goody goose, pull back.
We just need enough power
to get us to the next quadrant.
Come on, brigsby. Let me at him!
My laser cannons are locked and loaded.
Fire away!
Hi, bud.
You know, I was thinking about
taking a trip out to the pier
if you want to come.
They sure came out tonight, huh?
So, what's on your mind, pal?
It's just...
There are other people out there
just like us, right?
And we're all watching brigsby together.
It means something.
Look at the grazerbugs, James.
All they need in this world
is fresh water and cold moonlight
to charge their rectoskeletons.
They're out there every night
surviving, just like us.
The difference is,
we have dreams and imaginations
to help us escape.
And no one can take that away from you.
good night, James. Powering down.
Morning, son.
Remember, no brigsby
until after your chores and studies.
See you tonight.
Good night, James. Powering down.
Something's happening!
Something's happening!
What's going on?
James, remember everything
we've taught you and stay strong, okay?
On the ground now!
On the ground now!
- Mom!
- James!
Keep your hands where we can see them.
- James!
- Mom!
I'm sorry!
I love you, James!
Excuse me.
Are you going to give me a breathing mask,
or are we just supposed to let
the toxic air give us all skinzer disease?
Look, there's this detective
been working with the family.
He'll explain everything.
But the bottom line is, you're safe now.
As far as the air goes, no mask needed.
Promise. Look.
My man.
That is your name right? James?
Well, I'm detective Vogel.
And this
is for you.
If you're thirsty.
So, am I a prisoner now?
What? No. Whoa, whoa, whoa. That...
No, James. The, uh...
Listen, I'm your friend in all of this.
You know?
The reason you're here, the reason
I'm here is all just to try and help you.
Does that make any sense?
James, do you know
why we brought you here?
Ls it because one time I threw
a rock at a gunnerfox?
I mean, the soldiers just showed up
and then my mom and dad said,
"you have to be strong."
Yeah. Your mom and dad. That's...
Ls that Ted and April?
Yeah? Can you tell me about them?
I guess they're older.
Kind of boring.
They keep you locked up?
Were you restrained?
I mean, the doors were locked.
And airlock was off-limits
'cause of regulations and stuff.
James. Did they ever...
...touch you?
It's okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
They'd grab me.
Like this.
And they'd say,
"great job on your studies, James.
"We love you."
Happened a lot.
What's that on your shirt?
It's brigsby.
Well, we got quite a few things
to go over here just in terms of life,
existence in general.
Um, oh, first...
Try this.
I keep a special stash
in my mini fridge for friends.
I think you might like it.
So, what is this place?
This is a police station.
Many years ago, you were abducted
by Ted and April mitchum.
They're not your parents.
You're going to meet them
a little bit later on today.
James. James.
James, we know
you have been through so, so much.
How does it feel
to finally be back where you belong?
I didn't think...
It's a different reality
than what I thought.
And everything's very big.
It's really very big.
- Okay. All right. Thank you, James.
- Thank you.
Here we are.
- Sorry. Sorry.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
- I meant to put Melvin outside.
- No. Melvin.
- That's okay, boy.
He's really friendly, I promise.
He's just excited to see you.
It's a lot bigger than the gunnerfoxes.
Also, very friendlier.
Oh, good.
This is Aubrey's room.
Make sure you always knock first.
And this is the bathroom.
Full service of course.
And this is your room.
What do you think?
I don't know.
James, we just...
We want you to know that...
That every single day you were away,
it felt like a...
Like a piece of our heart was missing.
So, okay, just love you,
love you so, so much.
You need anything else,
or you just want to kick it?
No, thank you.
- Sure. Okay.
- Just go. Yeah.
May our minds be stronger tomorrow.
- Thanks, James. That was great.
- Yeah.
What did you think about that, Aubrey?
Pretty cool, huh?
- Really cool, dad.
- Oh. We should do the list. Remember?
All of our favorite stuff
James hasn't had a chance to do yet.
We can do it all together as a family.
Yeah. That's right. I love that idea.
Doesn't that sound like fun, James?
- Oh! I know. Swimming!
- Mmm.
- Good one.
- Yeah.
- Swimming. In a pool and out at the lake.
- Mmm. Mmm-hmm.
Oh, oh. Canoeing.
- Skipping rocks.
- You're on fire.
Fly fishing.
Why are you guys
so all about water right now?
You're, like, freaking him out.
Well, I'll just balance the list out
with a bunch of land activities, too.
And, James, you can choose to do
whichever ones you like.
Guess I'd just like to watch
the new brigsby tape, if that's okay.
Brigsby 1899'?
Seriously, though. Has it come in yet?
- I don't know what that is.
- Yeah.
Look. See. It was delivered
to our supply drop every week.
Volume 14, episode 20.
"Making friends with the wizzles."
- Huh. Real cool.
- Yeah.
You know, you need a vcr for this,
which we don't have.
But I bet pop-pop Daryl's box
is in the basement.
We could probably find a vcr.
Well, you know, in the meantime
there's a bunch of other shows
that we can watch
on our television right now.
So, they make other shows?
Oh, look, there's a funny family.
Or a dance contest.
Or... ah, fancy cakes.
Here. Why don't you try to drive, okay?
This is how you scroll up and down.
And then you just press select
when you like something. Couch potato.
Thank you.
...incredible story out of Utah.
A young man reunited with his family
- after being abducted...
- Oh, god.
- ...from cedar hills.
- Here. Let's watch something else.
- The alleged kidnappers...
- Sh“, sh“.
...are a former city college
professor April mitchum
and her husband Ted,
the artist and designer
behind the wildly popular 80's toy,
Terrence the tiger.
The couple are being charged
with felony kidnapping and imprison...
So, I think maybe it's my bedtime.
You guys probably need to turn off
the generator anyway, right?
Uh... I...
We don't really have bedtimes here.
But you're welcome to go to your room
whenever you want.
We're on an electrical grid.
Oh, sorry.
What are you doing?
I really like those rhythms.
The music rhythms...
Hey, I took today off from work.
L was thinking maybe
me and you could have some fun.
I got a surprise planned.
Tell me where it says
you're not allowed to bite someone
in the rule book.
Yep, there it is. You're right.
Hey, coach Brad,
i think I found your problem.
Your car's a piece of crap.
Hey, gordo,
how about next time you take the bus.
You wish.
How am I supposed to find somebody
by Saturday...
Seth, I think I have to call you back.
Hey, wait up! Hey, where you going?
Hey, you're not in trouble.
Take off your helmet.
A girl?
Yeah, a girl.
Hannah slice, as a matter of fact.
Where in the heck did you learn
to shoot a puck like that?
And remember when the one called gordo...
When he ate all that cake,
and then he slipped
and fell on his backside?
- Remember that?
- Yeah. Sure, that was pretty funny.
It was different than brigsby 'cause
there weren't any spells,
it was just one long adventure.
- But, you should...
- If you had seen it...
It was just on a gigantic screen.
Yeah. Hey, since you brought up brigsby,
maybe we could talk about that. Yeah?
I think that's a great idea.
Thank you, Mrs. pope.
Wait, who is that?
My name is Emily. Remember?
No, I know, but what is this?
Having to meet with you, what...
What's going on?
Well, your parents and I thought
it might help if we got together
every once in a while to just talk.
Okay, but why though?
Because that's what I do.
I help people.
Everyone says they're trying
to help me
but nobody can find me
the new episode of brigsby.
Well, first of all,
there wasn't a new episode this week.
- That's impossible.
- James.
The way that the police found you was...
Someone spotted Ted going into a warehouse
about 40 miles outside of
where he was holding you captive.
And inside that warehouse,
they found a television stage of a cabin,
with props and puppets.
Do you see where I'm going with this?
Brigsby stuff?
My dad... my old...
My old dad actually got to go there?
Ted mitchum, your captor,
he was the one making the show.
My dad or my old dad, he knew brigsby?
I think you're missing
the point here, okay?
He was the one who was deciding
what brigsby would do next?
That's right.
Did it have...
Did they figure out
who's going to take over doing it?
No one's taking over doing it.
You're the only person
who's ever seen the show.
But I have friends
on the brigsby bear fan forum
that watched it on my computer.
Well, the computer at your old home
was run on a closed network.
So, any content there we can assume
was created by Ted and April.
So, brigsby boy one,
brigsby boy two, brigsby boy three...
They weren't real?
I'm sorry, James, no.
What about brigsby girl?
I know this isn't easy.
And there are going to be
some really deep emotions
associated with this transition.
And we're so excited
to help you get back on track,
and, you know,
we're going to have so much fun.
You're not even going to remember
some old TV show.
So, what do you think, James?
Do you have any other questions?
Who made hockey high?
I think it was the guy who did
sir bachelor. Ls that the name of it?
- Mr. bachelor.
- Mr. bachelor.
Does he do all the movies?
No... uh...
There are lots of different directors
who make lots of different movies.
Can anyone do it?
So, I'm going to my school's football game
with a couple of people.
And if that's something you wanted
to go to, then you're invited.
But you totally don't have to.
Is that the thing with the mean guys
in the mask where they get mad?
Exactly. It's really stupid.
And do you want... do you want me to
come to it? Or is it something...
Yeah, I guess.
Okay, so look.
We're not going to a football game.
- We're not?
- Uh, no.
This kid, his parents are out of town.
So, he's having a couple people over.
It should be totally fine, but...
Just be normal, all right?
And don't tell anyone how old you are,
that we're related.
- What's up?
- Hey, man.
- Sorry.
- Lt's cool.
Hey, I'm merideth.
- Hi.
- That's James.
Yeah, I saw you on the news, man.
It's crazy.
You like cedar hills?
I like movies.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, I don't know.
Matt keeps texting me, but...
I like him for you.
- Are you going to hang out?
- Yeah, I don't know.
Yo, finally. Jesus.
- I know.
- Come on, bring it in.
You guys feeling a try to buy?
- Wanna touch 'em?
- Lt's all right.
Hey Spence, you got any shit on you?
No, but Logan's around.
So you can go check with him.
And your kegs are out back.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Hey, what's up, man? I'm Spence.
Is that some kind of bear speeder?
Is that some kind of bear speeder
or a stealodrone rider on your shirt?
Yeah, no.
It's, you know, enterprise and trek shit.
My parents stole me when I was a baby,
but I still think they are pretty cool.
That's tight.
You want a beer?
Yes, I would like one of that.
All right, cool. Follow me.
...eight, nine, ten,
Hey, yo, send me that, all right.
...18, 19, 20...
Hi, I'm James.
I really like your clothes.
Hey, man, everything good?
Yeah. Just meeting some new people.
Dude, yeah, I don't even know
who those guys are.
I mean, they look like dicks.
All right? Don't worry about them.
I told them I liked their clothes but...
Actually, I think maybe... I think maybe
i like my clothes a bit more.
Hey, you're... you're Aubrey's brother.
Right? And you were...
You were stuck in the same house
for, like, your whole life?
I went on the roof sometimes.
That's a good call, dude.
Well, cheers. To...
Hey, this is your first party, right?
Dude. Sick!
- Dude, let's turn up, bro, cheers.
- Yeah.
- Turn up. Let's turn up.
- Turn up!
But this is before the collapse
of the third federation
when everything changes
and brigsby becomes an outlaw.
But he's still a good guy,
even though now he's got to...
Now he's gotta work
with the stardust bandits.
So, sorry, what are we talking about here?
Like a trained bear?
- Brigsby?
- Yeah.
Yeah. He's trained in space combat,
puzzle solving, quest.
And I guess he also happens
to be the best version of yourself
via series of life instructional lessons.
Plus he's got rainbow eyes too.
How do the rainbow eyes work?
It's... I don't know.
If you ever need a rainbow,
- you get a rainbow.
- That's insane. I love it.
Yeah, it's insane. I love it, yeah.
So, does it fix people?
Yeah. It provides an energy and positivity
that will make anything come to life,
i guess.
That's amazing.
How many episodes?
It's 25 volumes, 736 episodes total.
If you ever want to see it,
I've got it on tape, too.
Dude, please.
That'd be dope as shit.
Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty dope as shit.
- Hey, James, do you want one of these?
- Yeah.
Also did I say that
there's going to be a movie?
- What?
- Yeah, I'm making it.
I'm making a brigsby movie.
- Nice, man.
- That's awesome!
- Dude, can I be in it?
- Yeah, well, we'll see.
You guys are in it. We'll see about you.
I'm just kidding. Yes, I want you in it.
Are you okay?
Let's go sit down.
Sit here. All right. Careful.
Here you go. Here, drink this.
Don't worry.
My first time rolling
was intense, too, but...
Once you just relax and let go,
it feels really nice.
I'm not used to it.
There's probably a lot of stuff
you've never done, huh?
I guess so.
Have you ever been with a girl?
Mmm-hmm. On the Internet.
But that was really just my first parents
playing tricks on me.
Just... just relax.
That feels very... that feels very nice.
Thank you for...
Thank you for what you're doing.
That feels very good.
Thank you for that! Goodbye.
Thank you for that.
- James!
- Sorry.
James. What are you doing?
You're embarrassing me.
I'm very sorry, Aubrey.
James. Dude, hold on.
Thank you for my first party, Spencer.
Yo, James, where you going? Yo!
James, hold up.
Where are you even going, man?
Sun snatcher!
How are you possibly
this wasted right now?
Stay away from me, snatcher.
Did you and merideth smash?
No. Tricksand!
What happened?
Oh, shit. There he is.
You just started tripping.
You passed out in the backyard.
So, I just brought you in.
And Aubrey talked to your parents,
so you're good, dude.
I'm really very sorry, Mr. Spencer.
Dude, it's just Spence, bro.
- Spence.
- Yeah.
Is this stuff from a show?
Oh, dude, no.
Man, these are the classics, dude.
You got a lot of catching up to do, bro.
Wait, whoa, what's all that?
Oh. Did you do that?
No, this is just some bullshit, I guess.
Well, and...
Yeah, you know, I'm still learning and...
I want to go to college for it
or something.
It looks like it's going well,
and maybe you could do more of it.
All right, so these are
the best of volumes 14 to 25.
That's when the show
started getting good.
Nice. Oh. Donald duck's in this shit.
No that's goody goose.
He's the top pilot
in the starsquad alliance.
Well, he looks like Donald duck.
It's this cartoon character.
Well, it's not. It's goody goose.
Yeah, oh and I'll get these to Aubrey
when I'm done. Cool?
- Cool.
- All right, bro.
All right, bro.
I'm sorry, James.
Tell me again, what is this for exactly?
That's a list of everything I need
for the brigsby movie I'm making.
I need all the cameras
from my old dad's brigsby set.
Any props, costumes, all that.
Oh, also,
i need to find the smile sisters.
Whoever they are in real life.
You guys got the stuff, right?
We do, but it's part of
an ongoing police investigation.
Okay, so after that?
After that it becomes police property.
What do you say
we keep this between you and me?
I can't accept that.
Then I'm taking it back.
- Don't be mad at me.
- L'm not mad.
I'm just a little more rich.
Hello, James.
Still hanging around, huh?
I feel like I wasn't clear earlier
about what I'm trying to do here.
Try to imagine a hero.
And he's not on the bad side,
he's on the good side.
But he has to go against
a guy on the bad side.
So that's why he decides
he's going to go on an adventure.
Plus, it's not on a TV,
it's on a screen so big
you're going to feel like
you're in another world.
Right. No, I know what a movie is.
And I think it's really great
to be creative.
I actually performed in a lot of plays
when I was in high school.
- No way.
- Mmm.
The tempest.
"I pray thee,
"mark me
"that a brother could be so perfidious!
"He who next thyself, in all the world
"loves a..."
I don't remember the rest of it.
But, you know, it's...
That was so good. That was... what?
I didn't have any time to prepare
anything so it was just...
- Thank you.
- No, that was amazing. Do you do theaters?
No, I'm just saying
i know what you're trying to do.
And I think it's...
I think it's great, James.
Why what?
- Why don't you do it anymore?
- Act?
You know, things change.
You get older, move on.
I do this now.
It's very sad you didn't get to do
what was important to you.
Bye, detective Vogel.
- Detective?
- Hey.
You lookin' for something?
I thought I left my keys in here.
So, what do you think?
We got world geography, very fun.
And European history,
which is a lot of action.
Ancient religions.
Could I learn how to pilot a car?
Yeah. You know, I don't see why not.
Just have to get you a learner's permit.
Hey, that would be fun.
You're supposed to take a couple classes
and a written test,
but I'd take you out, show you the ropes.
It sounds like the great chimes of enow.
Oh, does it?
Do you want to answer the door?
Just the man I was looking for.
Wait, where's all your soldier stuff?
Huh? I'm off duty right now.
Now look, there's no way I could get you
everything on that list, all right?
But forensics does have more evidence
than they know what to do with.
So, I figured they wouldn't miss
a couple items like...
The sortis crystal!
That's what I thought.
Yeah, and I found this in back.
- It wasn't on the list, but...
- Bortep's staff!
I thought that was stuck in a time flux.
I don't know what that is
but it's got a nice weight to it.
And last but not least,
one of these bad boys.
That's brigsby.
Yeah? I assumed.
Look, it holds a cassette in the back.
It's nice.
And is... do I get to have it?
You could hold on to it.
All right? I'm not technically supposed
to have this stuff.
So, nothing in public, right?
Thank you.
This is so dope as shit.
You're welcome.
Very dope as shit, huh?
Hey, can you grab some more of the stuff?
- Sure.
- Sorry about that, Mr. pope.
I hope I wasn't intruding today.
No, not at all.
But I will say,
this transition we've been going through
hasn't exactly been easy, as you know.
Oh, I can imagine.
Listen, I'm just trying to help.
That's the thing, actually.
This brigsby business...
I realize James is a big fan,
but all this stuff...
These aren't collector's items
we're talking about.
These are tools used by very sick people
to imprison my son.
Of course. I'm sorry. I just...
I just wanted to help him
with this movie of his.
He's making a movie?
What else you got here?
Brizzle wizzle, what?
He's one of the most powerful wizzles,
except for when he works with tizzle!
Lf we act fast, it should give us
enough power to blast all the way...
See when... if you press play,
it will move with the sound.
- What do you think, gang?
- Lsn't that amazing?
- It's dangerous.
- Ah. Wow. Wow.
That is really...
That's really something, huh?
Yeah. Very interesting.
We know what we have to do.
But there's only one way
into the forbidden forest.
I know this one. I know this one.
"We must pass
through the core of the planet."
But isn't that... that's where
the fire gods live, in the fire realm.
Yes, but we must make peace
with the gods of fire.
For the sake of both our worlds.
So maybe we do the studies another time?
And I'll head to my room
for the rest of the day.
Are you hungry?
'Cause I can make you a sandwich
and we can listen
to some more briggles bear.
Oh, wait. Why don't we
take a look at the list?
I mean, it's Saturday.
No, thanks.
Yeah, hold on, he's just in his room.
- Oh, my god.
- Sorry. It's me, James.
- Not a real bear.
- What is wrong with you?
Well, I was abducted,
and I feel like that has something...
No. I get it.
Okay, this whole thing is weird enough
without you trying
to hang out with people my age
or embarrass me in front of my friends.
Also, people are saying
you hooked up with merideth.
Okay, do not do that. You're old.
Tell mom you need your own phone.
- What do you want me to say?
- Lnto the phone.
James, we gotta talk
about these tapes, dude!
- Lt's Spencer.
- I know.
All right, so first of all
in that last episode... thanks, dude.
All right, so first of all
in that last episode... thanks, dude.
When brigsby's in that ice planet
right before the federation invades.
Yeah, but that's when
brigsby reveals the moon base.
Yeah, but it's an old brigsby
to, like, the future brigsby.
Yeah. "Hope is not yet lost!"
That's what old brigsby says to,
well, himself.
It's a piece of art.
It's like this whole TV show
made in a bedroom.
And all the characters
he put into that one universe.
Then at the end of the episode
when sun snatcher melts the peace treaty
before it has time to take effect
that's like really good
storytelling, dude.
You okay?
Yeah... no. That's...
That was one of my favorite parts, too.
Okay, so are you doing an original
or are you doing the same story?
It's basically right where
the show left off.
Snatcher is more powerful than ever.
Galaxy is on the brink of destruction.
The old alliances are broken, and
there's only one bear who can save it.
Guess who?
so like uh... what happens next?
Okay, so first, pla'torian raiders
come in on their lightships
to brigsby's cabin in the desert
where he's lived his whole life
and they take his bear parents prisoner.
Then they bring him to a world that
he never even knew existed.
The future light fortress. It is massive!
And that's when it gets complicated.
He got to escape the palace.
He travels to forever mountain
gets the sortis crystal
and then he finally,
finally finds the smiles sisters.
And, for the first time ever,
brigsby defeats sun snatcher,
once and for all.
And then maybe at some point he gets
his bear parents out of space jail.
'Cause if you think about what they did,
it wasn't even that bad.
Dude, this is insane. It's so good.
Bro, we could use my camera.
We could start shooting
this thing right now. Like...
Brigsby's the only one
in that scene, right?
- Yeah.
- We could shoot that shit tomorrow, dude.
- Really?
- Yeah, man.
I actually know a place that looks
just like that an hour and a half away.
And if we just add
some green screen and some props.
I mean, we've got some work,
but it's doable.
Brigsby, what's wrong?
Wait, how did brigsby get in there?
Oh, yeah, so I uploaded some clips online.
And I was going to send you the link
i know you don't got a vcr or whatever.
And they've...
There are couple hundred views already.
So now there are real people
who are watching the show?
Yeah, man. People are going to
want to see this shit, dude.
It's pretty awesome if you ask me.
We just got to figure out
the rest of that costume.
And... and you...
And you really want to do this with me?
Yeah, man. I mean, there's not
a lot of stuff like this out there.
And I've never done a whole movie.
So, why not?
And I got a drug test coming up
in a couple weeks,
so I've just been hanging around,
bored as shit all the time.
Oh, and we got to do that
brigsby theme song, right?
You're my friend.
Wait, Spence. This is it.
This is what we should use
for the third raid.
Arielle, the shadow galaxy
is more than 14 neons away.
I will miss all of you when you pass away,
even though you brought this
upon yourselves.
You see, curiosity is
an unnatural emotion.
They're still attacking. Go!
Arielle, the goads aren't working.
Fire away!
That's good. Now, foot off the brake.
Just drive,
and we'll just get out of here.
- L'm doing it!
- Hey, no, look forward.
- L'm driving a car!
- He's driving a car!
And remember, always sweep your corridors,
and if you're feeling romantic emotions,
only touch your penis twice a day.
Okay. Ls that everything?
Yep. This is everything I need
for my new garden.
Hey, excuse me.
- Are you the bear guy?
- Mmm-hmm.
Holy shit!
Oh, my god!
I saw you, and you got the shirt on...
Oh, it's brigsby's art grid.
That's right. The art grid.
Wow. My friends and i
love those videos, man.
They're incredible.
I know you didn't make them but
they were made for you by your freak dad.
That's so messed up.
Can I get a photo with you?
- Do you mind?
- No. I could do a photo.
- Hi, can you take a photo of us?
- Mmm? Oh, me? Yeah.
- Is this your real mom?
- Yeah.
Okay, there. Pretty good.
Got the thumbs up there.
Thanks. Uh...
Well, uh, peace, man.
Yeah. Peace, man.
Kidnap kid.
I guess the key thing
to think about here
is that feldo mortese
is a powerful bandith warrior.
But he's sad, right?
Yes, exactly. He's sad.
That's the whole reason
why he lives in the cave.
Makes sense. Give it a shot?
Let's do it!
Your parents aren't coming home
any time soon, right?
Yeah. One's doing golf
and the other one's at the stores.
Just try to focus on your tragic past now
if you can.
And action.
Our kind rose up against the one
you call sun snatcher.
But we lost.
Those who survived, fled.
Leaving only me, cowering
in the dark corner of a forgotten world.
You, brigsby bear,
are the chosen one.
You are our last hope.
Our keeper of the light!
- Cut.
- Wow.
- Perfect.
- Yeah.
Thank you, detective Vogel.
That was amazing.
We're moving on...
No, can I try another one?
I... I think, um, maybe I could
bring it to another level.
Really, another one?
I don't know... I could try something.
Okay, just don't break
any sacred codes of bandith culture.
Okay. I don't know what those are.
It's a distinct set of laws
that the bandith follow.
It's kind of their way of life.
We're rolling.
- L'm not ready.
Okay. Take your time.
Your magical powers are getting
stronger by the day, smile sisters!
Soon we will be strong enough
to kill sun snatcher.
That's right. But first we have to make
our physical body strong.
- Ready, everyone?
And one, and lunge,
and two, and remember,
when you sweat, that's just your body
flushing poison from your brain.
And hop.
Not bad. Good aim.
Here wait. I've got an idea.
We can make it a lot easier.
Ha! Like that.
And we can do slam dunks. Alley-oop!
- Hmm?
- L'm open. Here. Throw me the ball.
Okay, darn it. I'm okay.
Here. Your turn.
Actually, I'm pretty busy
with my movie today.
Hey, you can take a break, right?
I mean, you've been working real hard.
It might be fun to just hang out,
you and me.
No, thanks. Thank you, though.
- I'm pretty sure I've been there.
- What, the ocean?
- A nondescript body of water.
- Oh, no.
I might be making that up.
- Hello, merideth.
- Hey, what's up, man?
Not much, man.
- So, what are you guys doing?
- Good question.
We're actually going to go filming but
then we're going to go hiking and camping.
We're going to a real mountain.
You guys should come.
- I don't know.
- Come on. It'll be fun.
You could, you know, be staff master.
This is kind of cool.
I got drinks. Logan is bringing weed.
It's going to be so much fun.
And it's also going to be dope as shit.
Okay, one, two, three.
Spencer, let's do the transporter thing
right here.
Brigsby's just come back
from the beaches of lnra.
Lands there. We spin into it.
We'll hear the transponder...
Yeah, so I'll take two shots?
Two static.
One with you in and one without?
So, I'm gonna spin into it.
Give me an "action."
Spencei all right.
James. Oh, my god.
- What's the issue?
- Brigsby's eye is gone.
- Oh, no!
- You're blind right now, dude.
He can't even see right now!
How is he supposed to
travel inter-dimensionally
if he can't even see where he's going?
Um, I got it. I got it.
Come over here. Let me fix this.
Get him on... ta-da!
- There you go.
- Perfect.
- Now he can see.
- Exactly.
Now he can transport inter-dimensionally
- from the beaches of lnra.
- Exactly.
- Good job, man.
- Good job, man.
- Thanks.
- All right, thanks. All right, let's go.
These flowers are everywhere.
They're so pretty.
Hey, guys, it's right over here. Let's go.
- Come on, dude.
- L'm coming.
Hey, merideth. Can we talk for a second?
Sure, what's up?
- Maybe we can go for a walk.
- Oh, okay.
First of all,
i think that you're so great.
Thanks, man.
- I think you're chill, too.
- Thanks.
And, um, lthought
the party was really fun.
- Yeah, you were wasted.
- Yeah.
Listen, this is kind of hard for me
because I know that we both really liked
touching each other's bodies
- and doing sex type stuff.
- Mmm-hmm.
But, um...
I don't think I can marry you.
Yeah, for sure.
Wait. So, you're okay with that?
Yeah, of course.
I'm never getting married.
My parents are so messed up and sad.
Really? That's great.
I was so nervous. Thank you.
L was like, "am I going to
have to get married to her?"
But I'm still also totally into doing
that other stuff we did, too.
- Yeah, not a chance.
- Okay.
- Hey, James.
- Hey.
Hey, you wanna try that?
Was it this song?
I don't think so, but I do... I like this.
- Okay.
- That sounds good to me.
What about this one?
Yes! That's it right there.
Dude, I'm obsessed with this song.
I'll make you a playlist.
What? I've always wanted that,
and I'm going to get one?
- Yeah, dude.
- That's awesome.
- For sure.
- For sure.
They probably didn't let you
listen to much music, huh?
No, no, I did.
But it was mostly just stuff
by the beatlers.
Because my old dad was in band.
Did you just say "beatlers"?
Yeah, the beatlers.
Actually, I think I've got
one of their tapes.
Let me... can I borrow that, Logan?
- Sure, man.
- I think you're gonna like this.
They suck.
This is definitely
the worst song I've ever heard.
I kind of love it.
It's too bad you weren't abducted.
I bet we would have had fun together.
Yeah, I guess.
I'm sorry that I've...
I've been kind of whatever to you.
It's okay.
I'm glad you came out.
Yeah, me, too.
- Give me one of these right here.
- Oh. Yeah.
Shut up.
No, but for real,
it's about to get dark enough.
We should go head out
set up the next shot.
Yes! Let's do it!
It is time.
- And he's coming with me.
- Bye, guys.
- Have fun.
- Bye, merideth.
- Check this out.
- All right.
- No!
- Mmm-hmm.
- No shit.
- Yeah.
- You made this?
- I did.
Mainframe right here. Quadrium processor.
Dude, it's going to look so frickin' good.
It's going to look so frickin' good.
Make sure to get out of the way
of the frame,
- so I can animate over the generator.
- Okay. Yeah. Got it.
- Ready?
- All set.
- What was that?
- You get it?
You mean that fricking bomb that exploded?
Yeah, what was that?
I worked on it yesterday.
I thought our movie could use
- more big budget appeal!
- Shit!
- Did it look cool?
- You're telling me
I've been driving around in a car
full of explosives the whole day?
I know you said
you wanted to use animation
but I thought if we did it for real
it would be better.
Plus, practical effects
are a dying art form.
You can't just blow shit up, man.
- Why not?
- Because you just...
Step away from the device.
Put your hands in the air.
It's okay. It's just the police.
They're nice.
I said hands in the air.
We are okay.
We don't need any police help.
- Freeze!
- Sorry about the mess.
We're just going to finish cleaning up.
Thank you.
I said freeze!
(Handcuff sucks';
I think next time
we have to do an explosion,
let's just do your idea
with the animation.
Officers say they found marijuana
and an open container of alcohol
in the truck.
Not to mention
the improvised explosive device,
the detonation of which is technically
an act of domestic terrorism.
You got anything to say for yourself?
Everything that happened was my fault.
The marijuana smokings, the bad drinks.
Those were mine.
The explosion stuff, too.
Nobody else should get in trouble.
Where did you get the bear mask?
I stole it.
You stole it?
I'm sorry to you.
And I'm very sorry to America.
I watched the tapes.
What tapes?
The bear show.
Several episodes.
Which ones?
I don't know. Quite a few.
There was one where he met a wizard
under a waterfall
and learned multiplication.
Oh, that... that's one of those for kids.
I mean it was for me I guess.
When I was a kid
yeah. I get the gist.
They really did a number on you,
didn't they?
I was just making brigsby.
We're not here
to talk about brigsby, James.
This is about you.
And we want you to recognize
this chance you have right now,
to embrace a new start.
So, what does that mean?
It means putting brigsby aside
and moving on with the rest of your life.
So, what, just forget about him?
James, I know that this is hard,
but there is a bigger world out there
than you even know.
And it's filled with so many amazing
and wonderful things.
Yeah, remember,
like gordo from hockey high.
But I don't care about that stuff.
I already know that brigsby's
the greatest hero
and when everything's against him
he never gives up. Even if it's hopeless.
He's my whole life.
Your whole life, huh?
How about your whole life we have been
out there looking for you? For 25 years.
I'm sorry.
But these monsters stole you from us.
And they destroyed us.
Can you understand that?
You don't know anything about brigsby.
At all.
And you never will.
Can I get you something to drink?
Yes. Yeah.
Yeah. Um...
I just have this many credits.
Okay. Uh, that will get you, let's see.
Fountain drink or a cup of coffee.
Could get you a cookie maybe.
Sorry. Sorry. Um...
I just never could've guessed I'd find you
this far outside the gates of glenrona.
You're the...
Sorry. James, right?
My shift is almost up.
Can you give me a minute?
I guess I found out
when you did, basically.
It was just a little bit of extra cash
every month, I mean...
He told me it was
for Canadian public access.
I'd just show up,
and he'd give me my lines.
I never really asked
a lot of questions obviously.
I've been sick to my stomach.
I wish that I had never done it.
I don't know what to say.
I'm really just so,
so sorry for everything.
You and brigsby...
I guess your sister Nina, too.
You were the only thing
that made the world okay.
You were all I had.
I guess you still are.
You do realize that
I'm not actually her, right?
My name is Whitney.
No, I know. I know now.
Okay, but Nina, too.
It was just a camera trick.
Yeah. It's actually a really cool effect.
But you made it so real.
And the way that
you were always there for brigsby,
even when it seemed impossible...
He couldn't have done it by himself.
How did you find me?
Same way brigsby did, I guess.
Sorry. Um...
I got to go pick up my kid
in a few minutes.
It was really nice to meet you.
You seem really sweet.
Before you go, in volume 19,
during that four-episode arc
all about the quantix,
did you really not know anything
about it the whole time?
Or were you just trying
to protect the wizzles?
I really don't remember that.
And you would
never want to do it again, right?
To help finish it?
I don't think...
It looks like
it's time for me to go anyway.
Those are for you?
Hate to say it, but, yep.
I've been an outlaw
ever since I came into this world.
It's dope as shit.
You're the only one who can keep it safe.
Thanks for the food and the coke.
Also, I'm in love with you.
Always have been.
Please, no tackles this time.
What choice do we have?
He's not dangerous.
He needs us.
He needs us to make more of an effort.
You heard what Dr. Larson
recommended to the judge.
So what? So we just kick him out?
He's obsessed. We're out of options.
He needs help.
What are you working on?
Some circles.
I'm Eric.
I'm James.
You get it?
That view looks so ripping.
It's so much better
just shooting brigsby out here.
Because the old show is fake,
but this is the real world.
It's outside. It's amazing.
I love making a movie.
All you got to do is get up
and then put the pieces together,
and then tell a story.
And then that's how you make
a brigsby bear fantastic movie
that will be playing for years to come.
Let's go get that other shot.
I just want to start by saying
i know it's been incredibly tough,
but you've made enormous strides.
There's something I need to tell you.
Ted and April have both pleaded guilty.
And that means they're going away.
Probably for a long time.
It's totally, totally understandable
to have conflicting feelings about that.
- Mr. pope.
- Detective.
Um, I was hoping that we could talk.
Is it about feldo mortese?
What's feldo mortese?
It's a saying here
at the department we use. It's...
Life and... please, sit down.
Take it.
That's all my weapons.
Swords, throwing stars,
and some other stuff.
But it will keep you safe.
Thanks, Eric.
How are you planning to break out of here?
It's pretty complicated.
How did this happen?
Um, well, this was supposed to be
a surprise for when you got home.
Wait, why are you home?
But they... they told me that they were
going to get rid of everything.
Yeah, but feldo over here
gave us a heads up.
It was dad's idea, though,
to use the garage.
Yeah. Well...
Aubrey showed us
some of the stuff you did together, and...
Well, I think it was really cool, son.
And I thought about our list and...
Hey, maybe this is a great thing
for the family to do together.
But they told me
i couldn't even think about brigsby,
or they wouldn't let me leave.
Okay, well, we think Dr. Larson
is being a little hard on you.
And you've been doing so well
with everything else.
And in a couple weeks you're going to
have an independent evaluation
and hopefully that means
you get to come home. Permanently.
And then we can finish brigsby?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Yeah.
We're your family, James.
We love you for who you are.
And we know that brigsby is part of that.
Wait, yo, yo, dude. James...
- How did you get here?
- Oh, yeah.
I threw a TV through the window.
Are you going to out me out of your movie?
Well, then I didn't hear anything.
I mean, they don't know
you're gone yet, right?
We'll probably get a call.
You want to help us unpack a little bit?
- Maybe tell us what the heck it all is?
- Yeah.
Come here, what's this?
- Come on.
- That's a lingler, but the head came off.
Oh, we need a lingler head.
You okay, kiddo?
Yeah, I think so.
Well, I'll be here if you need me.
You're all grown up
and out in the world and just, wow!
I didn't know
if I'd ever get to see you again.
So, how are you, bud?
I'm good.
With my original family now.
And I go to a math school.
It's pretty easy so far.
That's fantastic.
You know your...
April would be so happy to hear that.
Have you been to see her yet?
No. Well, we write each other.
You know,
she finally solved the vansmithe.
What is it?
The whole time!
The reason I came here
is because I had a question.
I don't know
how much of it I can really explain.
You know, I still think
about the day she came home
with you in her arms.
And it wasn't my idea exactly, but...
There you were.
And I think I was scared.
And I knew it was wrong,
but some part of me
felt like you were our boy.
And we wanted to give you everything
we had to give.
That's not really why I'm here though.
What is this?
Brigsby bear adventures: The movie.
You wrote it?
Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
I finished it with my family and friends.
We also got a bunch of free money
from the Internet.
That is outstanding.
There's still one thing
we can't get right, though.
And what is that?
All the voices.
We're having a movie premiere next week.
I am a little interested
in the direction you took it.
You ready?
"It was a time of
reckoning for the galaxy I called home
"and a time of great magic.
"The drumbas had vanished
in some great cataclysm,
"and the sortis crystal was lost."
Yo, where's he at?
- I don't know. Did you talk to him?
- I haven't seen him.
It was a time of reckoning
for the galaxy I called home
and a time of great magic.
James. Dude, what's going on?
What if they don't like it?
Dude, James,
who cares what they think?
We finished brigsby.
I think I'm just going to
hang here for a bit.
I have you now, bear.
Snatcher simply
can't be defeated, brigsby!
Perhaps not, my friends.
And so, now, a choice...
Perish here together
and watch snatcher enslave all worlds,
or fold every molecule of this dimension
into a singularity,
creating a whole new universe.
One where the forces of light
can fight on together.
A new beginning?
Arielle, the amulet, quick!
Goodbye, Arielle.
You, too, Nina.
Until our next adventure!
There's magic and wonders
and mysteries in store
a hero whose mission
is to learn and explore
he's daring and caring
and oh so much more
it's brigsby bear!
He travels the skies and the stars
through the night
and battles sun snatcher
with all of his might
he's strong, never wrong,
'cause he always does right
it's brigsby bear!
Indeed, when trouble is
just round the bend
he'll keep us so safe
'cause he's always our friend
the bear who is there
through the thickest and thin
it's brigsby bear!
It's brigsby bear, it's brigsby bear
it's brigsby
it's brigsby bear, it's brigsby bear
it's brigsby
so come along where fantasies come true
with the smile sisters,
there's nothing we can't do
there's magic and wonders
and mysteries in store
a hero whose mission
is to learn and explore
he's daring and caring
and oh so much more
lt's brigsby bear!