Brides of Blood (1968) - full transcript

Natives of a tropical island have to contend with man-eating plants and animals, mutations caused by radioactivity. Virgin sacrifices become the norm. A small group of interlopers become caught up in the mayhem.

(anticipatory music)

(foreboding music)

- What for you want to bury
yourself in that island?

Nobody visits Blood
Island, except this ship.

And that is once every six months!

- Why that's a very
good question, Captain.

I suspect my husband thinks
of it as an act of atonement.

Mostly for me.

- This is something I've
been looking fon/vard to doing

for a long time, believe it or not.

- Well this is absolutely
your last chance.

The search is fine, but they'll find it.

- You know, ljust might
take you up on that.

- You know you just might have a mutiny

on your hands Captain, and I
can't say I'd blame the crew.

- Gallantry from the Peace Corps?

Why I'm overwhelmed.

- Any mutiny, I can handle.

- Maybe I could help the
captain keep the crew happy.


- I better see to my gear.

- Me too.

- Would you like me to help?

- If you like.

- Isn't that what a good wife is for.


Get out of my way.

- You can stop that, now get in there.

- Aren't you growing up a
little fast, little boy?

- You tell me.

(foreboding music)

(speaking foreign language)

- Captain, thank you.

- Don't worry about the
ship, I'll take care of it.

- Carla?

- I've never seen so many sad faces.

Sad and frightened.

- Then maybe you should remain on board

and take up my offer.

- Perhaps if you were a
little bit younger, Captain.

- Oh Paul don't be tiresome.

(speaking foreign language)
(foreboding music)

Here comes the local rotary club.

- Let's go meet them.

(tribal music)


(chanting in foreign language)

- This is where you dwell.

My granddaughter and I, we stay there.

- Arcadio, what did those
women really die of?

- I told you, accident.

- What kind of an accident Arcadio?

- Oh, here's my granddaughter now, Alma.

- Hello Alma.

She's very lovely.

- Alma has studied in the mainland,

she will be your interpreter.

Besides myself, she's the
only one that speaks English

on this island.

- Not the only one Lolo,

you're forgetting Mr. Powers and Goro.

We know that you have come to do us good,

W6 8T6 your SGFVGHtS.

- Well I'm supposed to
say at this point that uh,

we're here to serve, not to be served.

I only hope it works out that way.

- I too.

- I'm Jim Farrell, this is
beside us Dr. Henderson,

his wife.

- You're most welcome, it will
give me great pleasure to do

what I can, to help.

- Well I'm afraid Paul won't
be very much help to you

in the pleasure department dear,

now young Farrell here,
maybe you and I could?

- Carla.

After a rather hectic
morning I had hoped you could

manage to forget the subject
for the rest of the day.

- Well let's get this stuff inside huh?

(speaking foreign language)

- Oh light, oil lamp?

- N0, petroleum.

- Last year when the
authorities in the mainland

instructed me to provide
food and shelter for you,

conditions were different.

- In what way, Arcadio?

- This place was a little paradise.

Last year would have
been the time to come.

- I was led t0 believe
that we were welcome here,

this year or any year.

- You still are Mr. Jim.

We are ashamed.

- Alma, we didn't come here
expecting to find laundromats

and supermarkets.

- We wish we had asked you t0
return where you came from.

Why the ship was still here.

- I don't understand.

- We have gone back to primitive ways.

There are things which we do
now, that we did not do before.

- How have you returned to primitive ways?

- It is as my grandfather says,
we have returned to the ways

of our ancestors, and we
are not too proud of it.

(foreboding music)

(speaking foreign language)

- They want t0 know if
you're a carpenter Jim.

- N0 I'm classified as an
instructor in community action.

In Colombia were I first
served they called it uh,

(speaking foreign language).

(speaking foreign language)

Explain to your people
that I'm hereto help them

improve their village, not to run it,

now this is a health center we're making,

next a schoolhouse, maybe
even an irrigation system!

But they've got to do the work themselves.

(ominous music)

That's the weirdest looking
plant I've ever seen,

what is it?

(speaking foreign language)

Something wrong?

- [Carla] Made any
earthshaking discoveries yet,

Dr. Henderson?

- I won't know until I get
this under a microscope.

What time is it?

- It's about 4:30, it's
too early for a sunset,

but there it is.

(foreboding music)

Ah, it's so peaceful here.

I'm not one of your specimens Paul.

- N0 you're not.

Sometimes I think it would be a lot

simpler for me if you were.

- Yes I guess it would.

Let's go back before get lost in the dark.

- What's the matter?

- That thing...

What is it?

- Some kind of a land crab I think, but...

- Paul, I'm frightened let's go back now.

(anticipatory music)

Paul that sunset.

- A trick of the atmosphere.

- Is that all it is?

Why is everything so still?

- It's just your
imagination Carla, come on.

(foreboding tribal music)

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

I don't know if I want t0.

- Come 0n let's get outta here.

(ominous music)

- Welcome t0 Blood Island.

I bring greetings from my
master, Mr. Esteban Powers.

He has a table prepared for you.

Please, follow me.

- Well you've gotta admit, he's got style.

(ominous music)

- The master regrets the
lack of transportation,

this way please.

(eerie howling)

- Isn't that some kind of a banana tree.

- The bark is definitely (mumbling).

But that growth there,

I've never seen anything like that before.

- Paul, it's moving.

- Yes...

- Please, hurry.

- Come on we'll have time for
a closer look in the morning.

(ominous music)

Must be over a hundred years old.

(frantic piano music)

(speaking foreign language)

- Master, your guests.

- Fellow Americans.

I'm Esteban Powers.


- Jim Farrell.

- The Peace Corps man?
- Right.

- And Dr. Henderson?
- How do you do?

- Mrs. Henderson.

- Carla to my friends, and enemies.

- I hope never to belong
t0 the second category.

- I don't think you'll ever
have to worry about that.

- I must apologize for not
having been able to meet you.

I would have wanted to bring
all of you here directly,

but if it's not too late, I
would like to invite all of you

t0 stay here for the
duration of your visit.

- Well I don't know about Paul and Carla,

but uh, I really can't
even begin to do my work

unless I live with the people.

- You don't have to be that
democratic do you doctor?

- Well I uh--
- We accept.

Paul you know you'll do much
better work after you've had

a nice, hot shower and slept
in a honest-to-goodness bed.

- Well under those
circumstances, how can I refuse?

- It's settled then, shall we?

I must warn you doctor that you'll find rne

an incurable dilatant,
I'm afraid you'll find me

breathing down your neck, Mrs. Henderson.



(whip snapping)
(speaking foreign language)

- What's that?

- Stop it Goro.

- This belongs to Dr. Henderson.

- It's your flare gun Paul.

- I must've dropped it somewhere.

- And the poor fellow
happened to pick it up.

You didn't give Bulon a
chance t0 return it, Goro.

I hope G0r0's unfortunate
display of temper

hasn't spoiled your appetite.

- Well he is a little different.

- He's not as sinister as he seems t0 be.

Fact is, I wouldn't know
what t0 do without him.

Appearances t0 the contrary,

he would be a top overseer
in any plantation.

- Your property sir.

- Thank you.

I didn't really expect t0
get lost on the island,

but ground rules are ground rules.

- Just what do you expect
to find here, doctor?

- This island was on the fringe
of the atomic radiation area

during the bomb tests in the late '40s.

- Declared safe, then, as now.

- That's why I didn't
expect to find any effect

of the bomb tests on the
flora and fauna of the island.

- Didn't expect?

- I found a crab, an ordinary
land crab that had undergone

some kind of mutation,

and also manifested a very
high degree of radioactivity.

- Well couldn't it have
migrated from Bikini

or one of the other
islands to the test area?

- Well assuming that it
survived the bomb blast,

that would seem like
the logical explanation.

- Migraine.

Have you found high radioactivity
in any other creature

on the island?

- N0, not yet.

- Then Jim's explanation
is probably valid.

- The trouble is, if
any other living thing

on the island has been
affected by atomic radiation,

only the crab would show
evidence of strontium-90,

not any other creature.

- Why?

- When a crab molts,
it eats its own shell,

thereby reabsorbing its own radioactivity.

- Well what about the other creatures?

- That would depend on
inference or other evidence.

- What other evidence Paul?

- You got me there, I really
don't know, mutation, possibly.

- Mutation?

- Inexplicable organic variations
in animal of plant life.

- How long will it take
you to determine whether

any other creature besides
the crab have been affected?

- A day, a month, depends
on a lot of things.

- Could this mutation
infect humans as well?

- I don't know.

- Theoretically, doctor,
would it be possible?

- Theoretically anything is possible.

(ominous music)

(eerie howling)


- Paul, Paul get it
off of me please, Paul!


Paul, Paul, help me!
- Come on, come on!


- Oh Paul, Paul...


- This way.

(chanting in foreign language)

(ominous music)
(chanting in foreign language)

- Return to your homes there
is nothing you can do for them.

(speaking foreign language)

(ominous music)
(chanting in foreign language)

(ominous growling)

- Earthquake?

- NO-

(bug buzzing)

- Paul.

- It's a tropical variety
of the (mumbling).

- It's changing shape.

" Ow!

- Paul!

- Carla first aid kit, quick!

- Take it easy I'm not hemorrhaging.

(eerie growling)
- Paul, what's happening here?

- It seems that some living
organisms on this island,

are undergoing drastic mutation.

(eerie growling)


- Please Mr. Farrell.

- We can't leave those women
out there to be murdered.

- There's nothing anyone can do for them.

They are dead even now.

- Please Jim, what my
grandfather says is true.

- I'm prepared to stop you
at all costs, Mr. Farrell.

- Listen.

It stopped.

(sad music)

- Must be some way of
stopping that animal.

- [Alma] It wasn't an animal Jim.

- Well it wasn't a man either,

so maybe it was an evil spirit huh?

- Please don't be angry.

- Are you serious?

Can anyone here be happy
or okay, even resigned,

to the idea of having
himself and his entire family

just wiped off of the face of the earth?

- The men survive this
because it needs only women.

- What do you mean?

What the devil do you mean?

- He does not devour his victims.

He merely satisfies himself on them.

- But they get torn to pieces.

- It is his way of satisfying himself.

(speaking foreign language)

- Well come 0n.
- N0!

(speaking foreign language)

- Can't say that I blame them.

- Paul, if that thing
came out of the jungle,

aren't we taking an awful chance that...

Well I'm even afraid to say it.

- Powers' place is built like a fort,

it'll be safer there for you,

besides he isn't likely to
go out of his mind with fear.

Come on.

(foreboding music)

- Paul.

When we are, if we ever get back--

- Carla, you'd rather
scare yourself into a fit

if you don't watch out.

- I'm not frightened now.

I was thinking of you.

- About me?

Now that certainly sounds like
a classic hysteria symptom.

- Paul haven't you ever
thought of getting a divorce?

- Have you?

- I, what would I have to gain?

Wouldn't change anything for me.

A divorce would get me
off your hands for good.

I don't think I'd contest it.

I just hate t0 feel that
I owe anybody anything.

- Don't feel that way then.

- Oh Paul you're such
an unbelievable stoic.

Why do you put up with me?

- I wouldn't lose any sleep
over that if I were you.

I gave up on you a long time ago.

- Sometimes I wish that were true.

- What's the point of all of this?

You wanna see me wallow in self pity?

- It could be that, it could
also be that in spite of what

I am there's a part of me
that's still in love with you.

You couldn't possibly
believe that could you?

- It isn't easy for either of us, is it?

- [Carla] Paul.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- I am sent to escort you, your bags.

(calming music)

- That's the same tree
we saw here yesterday,

but it didn't look at all like that.

- Sometimes Dr. Henderson,

the nighttime 0n this island
is different to the eyes.

(calming music)

- It could be a lot easier
to practice crop rotation

with this new irrigation system.

- I will tell them.
(speaking foreign language)

- Sedition in the ranks?

- N0, a private joke, it has
nothing to do with the work.

- [Jim] Okay, let's
get this work done huh?

Tomorrow we cut the closed
poles for the bamboo network.

The bamboo poles for the closed network.

(mystical music)

- However I did send a report
through Captain Macbee.

- D0 you offer any
opinions in these reports?

- They expect me to.

- What was your opinion?

- That the recent killings may have

been committed by a maniac.

- A maniac?

- A crazed, murderous sadist.

- Also a man.

Assuming it was a man,
possessing an unnatural degree

of physical strength.

Those women were literally
torn limb from limb.

- Paul.

- Master, I am on my
way to the wine cellar.

(speaking foreign language)

- How about a little sherry before dinner?

- I'm sorry, I suppose I'll
get used to him eventually.

- Come, we'll have a better
view of the sunset over there,

unmatched by any other
sunset in the world.

- [Carla] It's beautiful.

- I'm puzzled by this, Esteban.

Today's sunset is well,
breathtakingly beautiful of course.

But otherwise, it's quite normal.

Yesterday the very air we
breathed seemed to have

a gloomy atmosphere.

- Like a mortuary light
reflected from a corpse.


I'm sorry but that's the
way I felt yesterday.

- All in the eye of the beholder.

I've lived here practically
all my life and I assure you

I've never felt that way, there as I said,

unmatched by any other.

(mystical music)

(eerie howling)

(speaking foreign language)

- Alma?


(foreboding music)

(speaking foreign language)

Alma, Alma!

Look listen to me, look
we can fight this thing,

whatever it is, we can destroy it.

Look, just trust rne huh?

Just let rne go, I promise
you you won't regret it,

ljust wanna help you, ljust wanna--

(speaking foreign language)

(chanting in foreign language)


- Mr. Farrell, no!

- I don't wanna fight
you Arcadio, but I will.

- Jim, you'll endanger the village.


(ominous music)


(flare gun fires)

~ Jim?

- It's over you're safe now.

- But you don't understand...

- It's all right, come on.

Open up, open up, it's Alma!

- Jim, they won't let us in.

- Here.

They're gone.

- They don't like what you've done.

- Here put this on, hurry.

(foreboding music)

It's awful quiet.

- The evil has lifted, We
can go to the jungle now.

- You mean run away?

- We'll both be killed if we remain here.

- By who, your own people?

- They believe that the
evil one will come back

and that it's angry on the entire village.

- Then we gotta make
'em realize how foolish

and dangerous it is to believe that.

- Jim?
(ominous music)

- Stand back.

(fare gun fires)

(speaking foreign language)

~ Jim?

I'm afraid.
- Why?

You'll be safe in that house,
safe from the evil one,

safe from your own people, come on.

- Welcome to the master's
house, Mr. Farrell.

(speaking foreign language)

- We've come to accept
your master's hospitality,

if his 0ffer's still open.

- Of course, this way.

Please, sit down.

- Hello Carla.
- Well hello indeed!

This isn't a social visit, is it?

Have you been a naughty boy Jim?

- We defied the wicked spirits,

we got the whole village
chasing us, where's Esteban?

- He's not feeling well, he
had some type of an attack

last night, he calls it migraine.

Paul thinks it's epilepsy.

- Is Paul asleep?

- Oh no, he'll be awake
for the next three days,

he's quite excited about the
little monster he's captured.

- Hey Jim, wait till you see
what I've got, come here,

you've never seen anything
like this in your life.

- Carla tells me you caught a monster.

- A cockroach straight out of H.G. Wells.

- Well, a cockroach all right.

- You should've seen this little beast,

had horns and fangs, and even
tried to attack a lizard.

You saw it, didn't you Carla.

- Jim I did see it.

- Could somebody have
substituted this one for the one

You've got?

- What on earth for, I
was here all the time,

I only left the room just
now to call you in here.

- Well maybe it mutated itself
back to its original shape?

If that's possible.

- I've seen it happen to a banana plant,

even t0 the very air
we breathe around here.

- If you do not mind sir, I
shall show you t0 your rooms.

- [Jim] What about Alma?

- There's a vacant room, next to yours.

- Good come on, good night Paul, Carla.

(foreboding music)

- Uh Goro what do you want?

- The master is not to be
disturbed Mrs. Henderson.

- I uh, just wanted t0
know if he was awake.

- You're Arcadia's
granddaughter aren't you?

- Yes sir.

Please forgive me for
intruding Mr. Powers.

- You're most welcome here, Alma,

for as long as you care to stay.

- Thank you sir.

- Goro tells me that the
villagers are after you,

is this true?

- Yeah I seem to have
offended the evil one

when I cut her loose last night.

- This is really quite terrible.

It's idiotic of me not to
have a radio transmitter.

As it is we're completely cut off.

- Well what about those
fishing boats out there?

- The (speaking foreign language)?

It's over 300 miles of rough and open sea

t0 the nearest large island.

We haven't got (speaking foreign language)

big enough to make the crossing.

- So we're trapped?

In the meantime this beast
just continues t0 wallow

in an orgy of blood.

- Has anyone ever seen him or it?

- I don't know of anyone alive who has.

I fainted just before he could get to me.

- I'm thinking of setting
a trap for our monster,

with the villagers' help.

- I doubt if you can even
get them t0 come out of

their homes right now.

- When I am ready I will
just have to make them.

- Paul, please don't stray
too far away from the house.

- Don't worry there isn't
a monster a live who

can outrun me, but I'll stay close.

- I could keep you company if you're sure

I won't be in the way.

- Well I wouldn't wanna
take you from your work.

- Oh there isn't that much for me t0 do.

- Oh but Esteban you said
you were gonna show me

your wife's mosaics.

- They'll still be there when we get back.

I do need to get out of house, Paul.

- Well I won't pretend
I wouldn't feel better

having you around.

- You know I haven't used
one of this in a long time.

- Let's hope we don't need it.

- And that, if we do need it, it can help.

- Now here's another one that died before

it had a chance t0 revert
back to its original nature.

- In your long experience Paul,

have you run across
anything like this before?

- Never.

Even in circumstances exactly like this.

I can't even begin to form a theory

until I have a pattern, for one thing,

why haven't the people on
this island been affected

by mutation?

- That's easy, they weren't on this island

when the bombs were exploded on Bikini.

- You mean they were
evacuated and then returned

when the island was declared safe?

- N0, they'd never set foot
on the island before the test.

They were sent from resettlement centers

after the explosions.

- Then they couldn't
possibly have been affected

by the bomb tests.

- So you do tend to favor
the notion that the tests

had something to do with
causing this mutation?

- For the time being, yes, but
we don't have enough evidence

t0 support the wildest theory.

(calming music)

- She was an extremely gifted woman.

Strange, there's a very
strong Spanish influence

in her work.

- Not so strange, she was a Spanish.

I'm half Spanish myself you know.

My mother's forebearers
were the first Europeans

t0 come to this island,
first to settle here.

They established a rather
important trading base,

built this house, then
my father came along

and met my mother who
was an only daughter,

end of Spanish regime.

- But you were educated
in the States weren't you?

- Not really, a couple
of years of college.

Then I went t0 Spain, the
Royal University of Barcelona.

That's where I met Beatrice, my wife.

We were both very young.

But when the war broke
out, everything seemed so--

- Wait a minute are you talking
about the Spanish Civil War?

- Yes.

- That was 30 years ago.

- So it was.

- But uh, that'd make you
closer to 50 at least.

- You're right again.

- But that's incredible.

You don't look a day over 30.

- Welcome to Shangri-La, my friends.

- If you'll excuse a rather
indelicate non-sequitur,

Esteban what did your wife die of?

- N0 one knows for certain.

She developed a fever, we
flew her back t0 the mainland,

but the doctors there
couldn't do anything for her.

And then her complexion suddenly changed.

- Changed, in what way?

- Discolored.

She grew darker by the
day, almost by the hour.

In spite of the fever, which
she couldn't shake off,

she seemed quite well otherwise.

Then one day, suddenly, she died.

She died in, in terrible pain.

The pain came all at once
and simply overwhelmed her.

- Forgive me my stupid curiosity.

- N0, please don't apologize,
I want to talk about it.

- Did your wife die within
a year of the bomb tests?

- I knew you'd ask me that.

It was our 15th anniversary
when Beatrice talked rne

into taking a vacation.

A cruise among the islands.

We had a 30 foot boat, no radio.

And we learned much later
that we had come within range

of radiation area.

- But you weren't affected in any way.

- I suspect all I got out of it, was this,

this schoolgirl complexion.

- Master?

It is time again for your medicine.

(ominous music)

(eerie growling)


- Esteban!



- Jim, Jim wake up!

- What's the matter?
- Carla's missing!

- Did you look around the house?

- Yes I've looked all over
the house, I'm going out.

- Wait a minute wait a minute,
look before we go stumbling

out in the jungle in the
middle of the night, did y0u--

- I've looked in Esteban's room,

he's not there neither is she.

- Is anything wrong?
- Carla's gone.

- Sorry I woke you Alma.

- You need not be, Mr. Henderson.

- My flare gun's missing.

- Here take this.

- Stay close t0 me huh?
(anticipatory music)

' [Paul] Carla?



(gun fires)

- She can't go on any
further, let's go back.

- But what about Carla'?

- We don't even know where
t0 start looking for her,

we're just running in a panic.

" Jim!

- Carla!

- Paul wait!
- Jim!

- Carla, Carla?

Carla answer me it's Paul, Carla?


- Paul?

- [Goro] Dr. Henderson.

- Where's Carla'?

- [Goro] Return to the
house, Dr. Henderson.

- What have you done with my wife?

What have you done with her?

- [Goro] It is no use, you are too late.

(anticipatory music)


(gun fires)

- He's coming back.

~ Jim?

- Esteban?

- I had an attack.


Woke up in the middle of the jungle and...

Who is that?

- Paul, Goro killed him.

- Goro'?

Are you sure?

- We saw it happen Mr. Powers.

- I think I wounded him,
he couldn't get very far.

- I didn't expect this of Goro.

But now we've got to stop him before

he can harm other people.

It's all right Jim, I think
I can manage by myself now.

_ Qkay-

(anticipatory music)


I can't find my flare gun.

- I slipped, hurt my arm,

I'm afraid we have to wait till morning.

- Esteban we can't!

Look there's no telling what
Goro might do, even now.

- I'm sorry.

- Well let me take a look at it.

- N0, no!
- Jim...

_ Qkay-

(anticipatory music)


(foreboding music)

- Jim wait.

It seems to be coming from the house.

- Yeah.

Well we can't stop now,
at least Esteban's armed.

(anticipatory music)

(eerie howling)

we gotta figure out some
way of reaching the village.

(ominous music)

~ Jim?


- Alma?



- Leave me Jim, it's me he wants.

- We're almost there, get up!

(anticipatory music)

(gun fires)

- Master you are safe now.

The sickness will pass away as always.


(gun fires)

(gun clicks)

- Arcadio, Arcadio!

- Lolo, Lolo open up!

Lolo we need your help.

- You have endangered
your people twice already.

I must return you to
your place at the altar.

" N0!

Now you listen to me, if we
fight this monster together

we can defeat it!

- You say that once before!

- Yeah!

And you did nothing.

You preferred t0 quake
like frightened women

here in your homes.

- What can we do now?

(anticipatory music)

(speaking foreign language)

(screaming foreign language)

- Alma's in there, we gotta stop it!




(triumphant music)

(tribal drumming music)

(singing in foreign language)

(calming music)