Bricked (2019) - full transcript

High school grad finds himself in turmoil within his family as he battles coping with Bipolar disorder.

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[short heavy breathing]

You okay?

Why are you
sitting out here?

What did you do?

What did you do?

What did you do?

god, Gavin.

Oh, God Gavin.

No, no!
No, no, no!

No, no!

So, what do you think Gav?

Yeah, I'd totally live there.

So, you're gonna build
this for us

when you're done with school?

No way.

Making big money?

No, sir.

Architects, we just
design the buildings.

No manual labor
for these hands.

These things are staying clean.


Yeah, what's that?

That is a fireplace.

In the bathroom?

It's the master bathroom.

This is where someone's
gonna spend

their most private
and intimate moments.

So, who wouldn't want
a crackling fire

while they're
squeezing one out.

Okay, well, if you're gonna
put one in there,

you gotta put one

Shoot, I'm sorry Trev.

What the hell, Gav, what?

Let me, um

Let me get
some paper towels.

Come on, Gavin.


did you do that on purpose?

Of course not Bro.

You hate it.

I don't hate this, man.

No, you hate it,
you hate it...


Just move, get away, just

Trev, it's just a drawing.

It's not just a drawing, Gav!

It's not just a drawing!

It's not just a drawing, Gav!

It's not just a drawing!

It's not just a drawing!

It's more

Gav, I'm I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Oh, my God.

I'm sorry,
I'm so sorry, I


Gavin, I'm sorry.

You packed?

Ok, good.

I want to get
on the road in 20.

Come on.

How is he, Mom?

Mom, please.
How is he?

21 Stitches, Trevor.


The police come
and talk to him?

Yeah, well, he told them
that he was jumped

by a couple of guys,

He lied?

Because he loves you, Trev.

And he knew that you would

lose your scholarship.

Doesn't matter.

I'm not going
to that place anyway.

Like hell, you're not.

You have one year left.

We have come too far

for you to turn back now.

Listen, this is going be
good for you, okay?

30 days with Doctor...

Whoa, Mom, 30 days?

You said a week?

Well, I lied, too.


this is it, okay?

You gotta face it.

This is your last shot.

I'm not always
gonna be here

to bail you out.

You're strong.

You gotta confront it.

No more denial.

Can we get some food
or something, mom?

I'm really hungry.

[♪ ]

Mom, we gotta go back.

They put egg on my sandwich.

We're already on the road

No, Mom,
we gotta go back.

I can't just take it off.

Mom, it's egg.

I hate egg,
I hate the smell.

-It's not
-I'm not turning around

Mom, it's not that--

Mom, it's just back there!

Close the damn door!



just back there.

I'm I'm sorry,
I shouldn't

I shouldn't have done that.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry Mom,
I shouldn't

[child making noises]

Hey, what's up, Bro?

You the man of the house?


My name is Trevor,
what's yours?

-I'm Alton.

You, uh, handshake
or fist bump guy?

Good choice, good choice.

Is your dad home?


Uh, rest your shoes, please.

Oh, my apologies.

The bag?

Yeah, that's fine.

[doctor sighs]

Nice nice place you got here.

Thank you.

Like a modern take on, uh,

traditional farm house?

Transitional furniture.

Looks good.

Well, okay Mr. Show-Off

You know,
you're mother did tell me

that you were
an architecture student

Uh, you're not about that life.[laughs]

So, um, uh,
here's the kitchen.

You can get anything you want
out of the refrigerator

and anything in the cabinets,
you can help yourself to it.

Except for that
bottom-right cabinet.

That's where Cynthia
keeps all of our snacks.

It's all healthy stuff.

I don't think
you want that anyway.

Listen Doc.

Don't call me Doc,

call me Robert, alright?

At least while we're here
at the house.

When we're in session,
you can call me Doc.

Sure, uh, Robert, listen.

How much is this going to
cost my mom?

Oh, Trevor.

Look, right now

you're well-being is the most
important thing, yeah?

So, family, home, money, school,

all that stuff can wait.

The most important
thing is you.

It's all about you right now
and what's in here, okay?

Yeah, no, I totally get that.

I just, I don't feel right

about being a burden
or more of a burden,


Well, you can rest easy knowing

that it's not going to cost
your mother a thing.

How's that?

You're doing this pro bono?

Out of the kindness
of your heart?

[scoffs] Mm-mm.

I said it's not going to
cost her anything.

W-with what money?

I mean, google
"“broke college student"”.

I'm right there, first result.

I don't have anything
to give you.

This is

You got jokes.

Look, I don't want your money.

Come on, follow me.

I got something
to show you.

Get your shoes.

You're hungry, come on.

Get some over here.

You know that

Y'all act like y'all
haven't eaten in weeks.

Y'all act
like I don't feed you.

Why y'all acting
like I don't feed you?

Here you go.
[Robert and Trevor talking]

Y'all are greedy,
just greedy.

Hey, baby.

You out here getting
these eggs

from your chickens?

[Cynthia laughs]

You know I'm gonna
get my eggs

and I'm not sharing

since you think
it's so funny.

Aww, whatever.

Look, this is Trevor.

Trevor, this is my wife,

Oh, pleased to
meet you, Trev.


I'm gonna show him, uh,

the guest house.

Oh, okay.

And afterwards we're going
to have some lunch

and get to know
each other a little better.

Cynthia is a biologist.

She's doing some amazing

research on aerobic bateria

as it accelerates growth
in urban flora.

Mm, something like that.

I got it right this time.

Right, yeah, alright.

It all kind of sounds
like greek to me but

Yeah, me too.

But she makes a lot of money,
so, come on.

See you in a minute, baby.

See you inside.

[talking to chickens]


So, this is
our guest house.

or at least it will be.

And this is where you'll be
staying while you're here.

You don't have to do
all this, Doc.

You could've just thrown out
a bale of hay

and that would've been good.

Well, this is also
where you'll be working

while you're here.



There's got to be
some miscommunication.

I don't actually
know construction.

I mean, I know it in theory
but not in practice.

Well, It's really pretty simple.

I mean, electrical and plumbing

has already been done, yeah?

So, all you have to do is
tack up some insulation,

then drywall, spackle and paint.

I mean, it's really pretty simp.

I'm sure you can find somethingon YouTube to help you out.

I get it.

You get my free labor

and you get mine, yeah?

So, now the timing
of your sessions

is going to be a little varied

because I'm fitting you
in between patients.

But you can call up
one of those app car things

and, um, it'll bring you
right to the office.

Your office?


Oh, I thought we were
doing this thing here.

Well, I would rather
keep the two aspects

of our relationship separate.

When you're in my home,
you're my guest

and when you're in my office

you're my patient, cool?

Yeah, totally.

Uh, that way you can take

for your own schedule.

And understand, you're here

but you can come to the house
anytime you want to.

Sure, yeah,
I respect that.

That's cool.

Okay, cool, alright.

Oh, hey, Doc or Robert.

[Robert chuckles]

Can I ask you something?


All of this is

is because of what I did?

I'm not,
I'm not following you.

Well, you know

I mean, I hurt someone.

Is this, like, to keep me

separate from your family

so you guys are safe?

No, not at all.

Come on.

This is a matter
of convenience, yeah?


So, get yourself settled in

and then come up to the house
and have some lunch, uh?


We're glad
you're here, yeah?

Alright, see you in a minute.

So, pawns can't go
forward to capture

but they can go
diagonal to capture

That's cool.


rooks can go
all the way forward.

Hey, buddy.


You're playing by yourself?

Mm-hmm, yeah.

You mind if I join you?

Ok, but I'm not so good.

Oh, that's okay.
I'm not good either.

Teach me what you know.

Um, this piece,
I was thinking about how

it can go all the way forward

but I can't go diagonal.

See, my brother gets me
like that every time.

You have a brother?


Is he like, like,
little like me?

Um, no.
He's an adult now.

He's a grown up.

But between you and me,

he's kind of a pain in the butt.

I wish I had a little brother.

And you said "butt".


It's, um

I wish I had a little brother.

Yeah, uh, show me
something else.

Well, these two
are the queen and king

and they're love birds.


the queen is the most
powerful piece in the game

'‘cause it can both,
like the rook,

forward, backwards,

and sideways,
and more and diagonal

just like this piece
right here

which is named the bishop.

And the king is the most

important piece in the game

Alright, sleepy head.

It's time to go to sleep, okay?


Good night, sweetie.

Sweet dreams.

Ah, you can't forget these.

Do you remember why?

So the monsters
cannot get into my dreams.

That's right.

You wear these so the monsters

can't come through your ears

and give you nightmares.

Good night.

Ooh, I see you there
showing off.

Uh-huh, you know
how we do, baby.

you showing off for me?


Well, good morning.

How'd you sleep?

Uh, it was ok.

Smells really good in here.

That would be
my world famous crepes.

[Cynthia chuckles]

Usually when someone
says world-famous

it... doesn't taste that good.

[Cynthia laughs]

Well, it's like those singers
on American Idol

who swear by their voices
but they sound like trash.

Oooh! Well, you know,

Robert spent a year
in France after college.

I guess you make
quite an impression

even after all these years.

Oh, that's right, baby.

That's how you can
[inaudible], yeah.

I was looking into
some renovation stuff, um

and I think you may need
some more parts.

So, I was going to go
to the hardware store after...

Oh, taking some initiative,
I like that.

I tell you what,
after we finish breakfast

we can jump in the SUV
and head on over, huh?

Well, I mean, I was thinking
I could go alone.

I can take it.

Are you sure?


Drive my car?

Robert, really?

Got you.

I swear.

Yeah, that's okay.

You can take the car.


After I try your
world famous crepe.

Oh, you sure you want
to try them?

You've been talking
about them.

Thank you.
Hopefully it's good.

-That's your thank you.
-You said hopefully?

Don't mess up,
don't mess up.


You know, leave him alone.

Leave him alone.

[♪ ]

Hey, Hazel,
I know that I'm late

but can I just go right back?

Yeah, go ahead in.

He's waiting.

Hey, so sorry I'm late.

Trevor, so what happened?

Oh, it was a rough morning

What, your alarm clock
didn't go off

in time or something?

No, it was more
like I was, uh,

having some trouble
getting motivated.

We've all been there,
you know.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We've all been there.

Um, well, we don't have
much time left.

I got another session
in a few minutes, so

Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.

I mean, we can
do it another time.

No worries, no worries.

Look, I can see
you're really trying, huh?

Um, but even
with the little bit

of time we have left,

I think there's something
we need to discuss, yes?

I'm going to put my serious
doctor face on for a minute.

Okay, so, this is, what,
our 4th session?

Well, it would've been
our 4th if I was on time.


Um, well,
I'm going to talk to you

about something
we've been kind of

dancing around for a minute.

Given my assessment of you
and your history,

I'm diagnosing you
with bipolar disorder.

I just want to let you know,

so, you can take
the worry off your mind

I know it's beenstressing you out a little bit.

So, you're saying that
because I lose my temper,

and I have random
passionate moments

that I'm crazy?

Trevor, Come on,
come on, now.

-No, but
-W-w-wait, wait.

We've been over this, huh?

It's nothing to do
with being crazy.

There's a lot of things
that could factor into this.

Most likely, it's just

some kind
of chemical imbalance.

And everybody has
some kind of imbalance, so

-Wait, wait,

so, to use your words,

use your words,

everybody's got
a little crazy in them.

Doc, I...

Look, Trevor, Trevor, Trevor,

look at me.

Look at me,
it's just science, man.

It doesn't make you a bad perso-

[Trevor stammers]

Doesn't make you
a bad person.

Okay, uh... okay.

Okay... mm.

Don't tell on me, okay?


I'm not supposed
to be smoking.

Can mess up my meds.

What are you doing?

Just waiting for my ride.

Well, you must've gotten
some bad news.

You were in there for,
like, two minutes.


I don't want to talk about it.


So, what kind of meds
they put you on?

I-I'm here for counseling.

I'm not

no one's putting me
on meds.

If that was true

you'd just see
a regular shrink.

If you're seeing Weldon,
they're putting you on meds.

He'll keep telling you
that you're not crazy.

That it's just science.

But if that was true,

let me ask you something,

why do they still
call those drugs


Sam, what have
we told you?

Sam, you should not
be smoking.


Hurry in, the doctor's waiting.

See you later.

Come in.

It's your barn.

Ah, looking pretty good, man.

So, dinner's almost ready.

Actually, I'm not hungry
but thank you.

Yeah, well,
that's understandable.

Uh, look,
I brought you something.

You ran out
so quick today,

I didn't get a chance

to give them to you
before you left.

They're pills.


These antipsychotics?

Ah, we don't call them
that anymore.

It's more like, uh,

like a mood stabilizer.

Look, Trevor,
I know this is

a lot to take in.

But if we're going
to be honest,

you don't really handle
your episodes very well.

What do they do?

Even things out a bit.
That's it.

And if you
find yourself too much

on one side
or the other,

then we--
let me know

and we can adjust
your medication.

Yeah, I'd rather not

if there's different options

or something else
we could do

other than this.

I'm afraid that this is

a non-negotiable.

Look, I know you don't like

talking about it

but you had that incident

with your brother, yeah?

And you're here all day

with my wife
and my child, so

I'm going to need you
to take the medicine.

And I'm going to need you
to stay the course.

And if you refuse then

you have to go home.


Trevor, did you hear
what I said?



Your condition is manageable

but you have
to manage it, yeah?



And, um you should just

come down
to dinner anyway.

You don't have to eat, but

I think it'd be good for you
to be around people.


See you in a minute.


[speaking softly]
Okay, okay.

You believe in the process,

you want it to work.

You believe in the process.

You want it to work.
You want it to work.

You believe in the process,

you want to work.

You believe in the process,

you want it to work

You believe in the process,

you want it to work.

You want this,
you want this.

You believe in the process,

you want it work.

Okay, you believe
in the process,

you want it to work.


It's time to go
to sleep, okay?

Mmm, okay.

Good night sweetie.

Sweet dreams.

Ah, we can't forget these.

Do you remember why?

So monsters cannot
get into my dreams.

That's right.

You wear these
so the monsters

can't come through your ears

and give you nightmares.

Good night.

[distant arguing]

[♪ ]

[arguing continues]

[arguing stops]

[♪ ]

[cell phone vibrating]

Hey, Mom.

Hey, baby.

I just wanted to give you

a quick call
before I head to work.

How you doing?

Good, I'm good.

You don't sound so good.

Everything's fine.
I'm good.

So, how's it going
with Dr. Weldon?

It's good.

All good.

Are you going
to say "good"

every time I ask you
a question?


You do realize
I talk to him, too.

I mean, if you know,
why are you asking?

Listen, there's no reason
to be snippy.

Just want to hear
from you.

I want to know
how you're doing.

You realize there's nothing

to be ashamed of, right?

Yeah, I know.

So, are you taking the meds

that he gave you?


Are they helping?

Trevor, listen to me.

I believe in you.

And I know that you

can handle this, alright?

You're young, you're capable,

you're smart.

You can do it.

What if that's
not enough, Mom?

I got to--

I got to go
to work, okay?

But you keep doing
what you doing.

Love you.

I'll give you a call tomorrow.

I love you.






Where did you go
just now?

Sorry, I guess I spaced.


Well, I was asking you

if there was something
on your mind?

That's our time,
isn't it?

Well, yeah,
but if there was

something else
you want to talk about

we can go over
a few minutes.

I mean, it looks like

there's something
on your mind.

No. No.
We're good.

Guess I'll just see you
back at the house?


Jeez, man!
You scared me.

I thought
you were Hazel.

Sam, right?


And you're Trevor?


How'd you

Hazel told me.

Said that I shouldn't
talk to you.

I'm a bad influence.

[Trevor chuckles]

My car will be here
in a minute.

Hey, you were right,
by the way.

He did put me
on the meds.

How's that going for you?

Can I ask you something?


How long am I going to
feel like this?

Depends on
what you mean.

For me, the dizziness

went away pretty quick.

Headaches come and go.

Diarrhea though

No, I mean

This fuzzy feeling
in my head

like everything's
turned down.

How long is that?

Like you're never really
fully awake?


Doesn't really go away.

You just kind of
get used to it.

No, it's not

They can't expect us
to live like this.

What's your diagnosis?


Well, some people
get over it eventually.



like in 30 or 40 years.

30 or 40 years, it's


It is, I mean...

I mean,
how am I supposed

to be creative
if I feel like this?


I used to like who I was

Now, I don't even know
who I

am anymore.

Preach it!

It's stupid!

[Sam laughs]

Now, Trevor, tell me,

How does it
make you feel?

Felt good.

It's the first time

I've ever felt anything
since I started

taking these stupid pills,
you know?

A crazy idea.

You want to get
out of here,

go do something?

I can ditch out
of my session.

I gotta work.
Rain check?


Yeah, I don't know when

but we can figure
something out.

Yeah, we're both here,
I mean

Sam, you're late.

Come on,
Dr. Weldon's waiting.

Yes, Ms. Hazel.

Next time.

See ya.


Trevor, can I come in?


you didn't come down
to breakfast.

Look, Trevor,
you know

you can talk to me,

Anything that's
on your mind

you can really--

Just go away, please.

[barn door opens]

I know what you're
going through.

I also know
you don't want

to talk and that's okay.

You don't have to.

But I'm going to talk

for a while if that's okay.

Right now,
you're feeling worthless.

You feel tired,
you feel guilty.

You don't have
an appetite.

You just want to sleep.

But you can't
because your brain

won't let any
of it shut off.

I don't know
if this is your first

or your worst but...

What you're going through

is a depressive episode.

Sometimes, it's minor,

little more than sadness

or despair
on a normal day.

Or sometimes,
it's like this.


Nine years ago,
I was diagnosed

with major
depressive disorder.

I was exactly like you

for weeks.

I tried to do

something about it.

I was sent to Robert.



That's how I found out
there was help.

Trevor, I need you
to listen to me.

You have two choices.

You can either lay here
and wallow in it

and let it consume you,

Or you could do
something about it

and you can do
something about it.

It takes time to come
to terms with it.

But in the meantime,

Robert wants to adjust
your medication.

You're still
adjusting to it, so,

it's gonna take
some trial and error

to get the right balance.

Does it ever get easier?

Living like this?

I'm not going
to lie to you.

It never gets easy.

But it does
get manageable.

Once you get
control of it

and it no longer
has control of you,

you'll realize
just how much

you're capable of.

Hey, Mom,
you gotta take this out.

You-you have
to take it out.

Are you sure you want
me to open this?

Yep, you yep.

You don't want
to open it?

Yeah, come on.
Let's just...


Ooh, it's a lot of papers


Is it bad?

What is it?

Trev, you got a 3.9.

I did? I did?


Come here.

This is...

Come here.


You are a genius.

Where are you going?

You are a genius
like your mom.

I'm going to put this
on the fridge.

No, Mom, don't do that.

Don't be that kind of mom.

I want everybody
to see it

when they come here.

No, don't,
Mom, don't be

that kind of mom.

I'm not listening
to you, no.


Mom, can we please
just go back?

Mom, it's just
back there!

Close the damn door!



just back there,

I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have done that.

I shouldn't have done that.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Mom.
I shouldn't...

[Trevor and Gavin talking]

Wait, where are you again?

Where are you?

Come on, man.

No, no, no, no, no,

get outta here!

Sit down, sit down,
sit down.


you didn't actually win
because of lack of skill.

There is a glitch
in the game.

There is a glitch
in the game.

Let's run it back.
Let's do it again.

I don't need
to trade controllers

with you, man.

Let's play,
you just need to

let's do this again
'‘cause cheated.

Something happened.

You didn't win
because you're good.

You win because
I let you, alright?

You can shut up,
that's what you can do.

Let's just play
this game again.

Let's go back...

Trev, It's just a drawing.

It's not just a drawing, Gav!

It's not just drawing!

It's not just a drawing, Gav!

It's not just a drawing!

It's not just a drawing!

It's more...

Gav, I'm...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry

Oh, my God.
I'm sorry,

I'm so sorry.



Gavin, I'm sorry.

Come on Trevor!
Pick up the pace.

You're too slow!

We got about
a mile to go.

[cell phone vibrating]

Hey, Trev.


Hey, what's up?

Mom is in the shower.


How's it going?

Things are, um


I'm doing better.

Listen, Gav, um

I wanted to say
that I'm really--

It's okay, Trev, whatever it is

you feel like you have to say,

maybe it can wait

until you come home.

You know, it just feels

kind of weird doing it

over the phone,
you know?

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, a couple of days ago

I was thinking
about that

World Rally 3
game we played

and how you beat me
for the first time ever.

Yeah, it was a good day.


Maybe we can

play again sometime,


Sure. I'm gonna have, um,

Mom call you back

when she gets out, alright?

Yeah, okay.



I am sorry,
I was in the shower.

How you doing?

Hey, Mom.

Uh, I'm good,
just a little tired.

Went on a jog with Robert.

Oh, so,
it's Robert now?


Yeah, well,
he prefers Dr. Weldon

when we are in session.

it sounds like

you guys are
getting along well.


Hey, I had a question.

How did you guys
meet again?

Honey, I told you.

He's an old friend of the famil.

Yeah, but...

Yeah, but Ma,
how do you know him?

Like, where did you meet?

I mean,
where did the interaction

I don't understand.

You know,
I'm not sure

I actually remember
how we met.


Probably at a party
or something.

Why do you ask?

I'm just curious.

Is he a friend of Dad's?

You know, uh,

now that you mention it,

uh, yeah.

I think he was a friend
of your dad's, yeah.

I think they went
to college together.

Honey, that was
so long ago.


But I'm sure Robert
doesn't remember.

Hey, look,
I got to go shower.

So, um

I'll talk to you later.

Alright, love you.


I'm really glad you're
feeling better, Trevor.

I am, thanks.


do you think
you feel like

talking about the incident
with your brother?


So, why do you think

you're avoiding that,

I'm-I'm not
avoiding it, okay?

I think about it constantly.

When it happened

I was barely aware
of what was going on.

I have this vivid dream,

a memory in my mind.

It was like
I was somebody else.

So I

I don't want
to talk about it.




What do you want
to talk about?

Oh, I hear the Braves
won 4 in a row,

you know that?
[Trevor scoffs]

[Robert laughs]
I'm not,

I'm not much
of a baseball guy.



Actually, I do have
a question there for you.

My mom says you were

an old friend of the family

but she can't remember
how you met.

Do you remember
how you met?


No, I can't seem
to recall either.

So, you can remember
how to make crepes

from scratch from college
but you can't remember

how you met my parents?

Look, now you're going
to make me look for it.

Let's see.


Yeah, I-I think
I met your mother

at a clinical trial
for a new drug.

She was there
for the hospital

and, uh,

we chatted and hit it off
and became friends.

And then she just
introduced you

to my dad, right?

Uh, yes, I believe so.

You want to talk
about your father, Trev?

Is that why you're
asking me all of this?

No, there's not
much to talk about.

I'm good.

Are you sure?

I mean, just say
what's on your mind,

whatever you're thinking.

Uh, okay, sure.

He died when I was five.

There's nothing really
much to remember.

I mean, he was funny,
he was kind.

There was something else,

drugs, I think.

Why do you say that?

My mom never talks
about him with us.

She just wants us
to remember him

the way that we want to.

But I know
that he was shot.

But you already
knew that, right?


Yeah, cool.
Well, listen, uh

I got, like, 10 minutes left

so I'm just gonna,

I'm going to head out.

Uh, I was pretty tired
from that jog, so

I'll just, uh,
I'll see you next session.

Okay, okay fine,

I'll see you back
at the house.

You alright?

No, I'm pissed, or

at least I think I am.

I can't tell
with these stupid meds

messing with my head.

You wanna
get out of here?

You wanna
go ditch and just--

Hell, yeah!
Come on,

I wanna
show you something.

Okay, let's go.
Let's get out of here.


-God, I can't...

He's not telling the truth
about something.

He's lying to me

and I just don't understand--

Alright, alright.
It's fine just

trust me.

Where are we going?


this should be good

because I'm not much of a

nature-adventure guy.

Ah, you'll be fine.

Promise not to kill you
on your first try.

Oh, thanks,
that makes me feel

very safe.

Alright, this way!

Just so you know,
I'm not attracted to you.

-I didn't bring you here

to, like, make out
or fool around.

Yeah, I know
that that's not

what this is about.


Alright, out with it.

What's got your panties
in a wad?

I just feel like
I'm being lied to.

Aren't we all?

Are you a schizo?


Well, if you're schizophrenic,

you might only think
you're being lied to.

No, no,
I'm not a schizo.

Do you hear voices
in your head?

I'm not a schizo.
I don't hear voices.

Are you just one
of those people

that have no filter,

says whatever
comes to mind?

Yeah, but that's not
why see Weldon.

Then, why?

I have something called

intermittent explosive disorder.

Basically, it means
I fly off the handle

for no reason.

A couple of months ago,

a coworker of mine
told me

that I was talking
too loud

and so I hit her
with a chair.

Not one of those,
folding chairs,

like, in wrestling

but like a big chair
with wheels!



She pressed charges
for assault

and I could've gotten jail time.

But instead,
I got probation

and Weldon

and a fistful of pills.

Do they help?

I haven't had
an episode in a while

if that's what you mean.

I just want to understand
how they expect us

to live like this.

I mean, every time
I take those stupid pills,

I feel less,
less like myself and

They keep saying that
it's just an illness,

it's not a part of me,
it's not who I am.


it's in my head,
isn't it?

Which means
it's a part of me.

They want us numb.

'‘Cause if we can feel,
then it might come out.

You know I was in school
to be an architect?

I didn't.

That's cool.

Yeah, it is pretty cool.

I used to draw
these blueprints

of houses
when I was a kid.

It was awesome.

I would do, like,
slides for stairs


Uh, is that safe or...?

I like the sound.

It calms me.

[♪ ]

Whoa whoa, whoa,
what are you doing?

Come on, climb over!

That's not safe.

Come on!

You want to remember

what it feels like
to be alive?

Oh, God!

This feels amazing!

[Sam and Trevor scream]

Alright, alright.
Let's go back,

let's go back.

Is that what
we're gonna have to do?

Do stupid stuff
like that

in order to feel alive?

Beats not feeling anything.

That's true.

[Sam laughs]

We should head back.

Alright, come on,
I'll drive you.

No, that's okay,
I'll walk.



I--I'm sorry.

I was looking for Robert.

It's okay, Trevor.

What's up?

Well, I just wanted to run

something by him, really.

I think he said
he'd be about an hour.

Okay, well,
I can just wait.

No, come on.

Come on.

Okay, cross you legs.

No, it's no use Cynthia.

You don't have to do
everything perfectly.

This is your
daily routine?



Okay, okay.

You know what?

It's okay.

Let's try something else.

Cross you legs
the best you can.

You're trying to kill me.

That's what's happening.



Let's sit and let's breath
in and out.



and out.

I don't understand what
we're doing with this.

You're also supposed
to be silent.

Silence is powerful.

It's just sometimes
it's best to just sit

and be silent.

What does the silence
do for you,

if you don't
mind me asking?

Sometimes, I pray.

I reflect.

I redirect my thoughts

if I'm [inaudible]

I just get to know
how my mind works

so that I can...

so that I can
release tension.

You do this every day?


Sometimes I cry.

Sometimes I get mad.

Most times I just seek
clarity from God.

But nothing exists
outside this room.

This, right here,
is my outlet.

The last couple of years,
I just...

I've been taking the holistic
approach to my treatment.

I'm not much of a holistic
kind of guy.

It's too trendy for me.
No offense.

I feel that.

Everything is not for everybody.

But you gotta find something,

some outlet.

So, burning incense
and meditation

is kind of your thing?

It's not about that.

It's about finding balance.

It's about learning
how your mind works.

It's like a monitor,

a diet,

an exercise.

I've learned how to mold
my environment.

So, there's other ways
outside of the pills then?

Trevor, it's very important
that you...

that you try to stick
to the path

that Robert has you on.

You're gonna learn
yourself eventually.

You're going to look
into alternatives.

But for now, just...

for now, just
stay the course.

Trust the process.

Of course, I will.


I'm still lucky to be alive.

I'm gonna head out.

This was kind of
tough but good.

Thanks, Cynthia.

Thank you.


[♪ ]

So, baby, can we get
that, uh,

that lobster thing
you do for dinner?

You know, you always ask
for the lobster thing.

Well, you know.

Why can't we get it, though,
is the question.

[Cynthia laughs]

I mean, I may be able
to work something out.

Okay, well,
that's what's up.

Rise and grind folks!

Good morning,
good morning.

How's everyone doing?

Good to see you.

Looks like somebody
slept well.

No, I did not
sleep at all

but I am feeling great.

You guys want me
to make you breakfast?

I mean, I can only
make omelettes

but they're really, really

good omelettes,
I mean, amazing!

Well, that's thoughtful.

Um, let's see what
we've got in here.


Let me see here.

Okay, got mushrooms.

Yeah, mushrooms are great.

Yes. Peppers.

Peppers are good,
peppers are good.

What else we got?

We'll need eggs.

Yeah, we're definitely
going to need some eggs.

So, Trevor,

how are you
doing this morning?

You feeling alright?

Yeah, I'm feeling great.

Feeling really,
really great.

Yeah, well, Cynthia said
there was something

you wanted
to talk to me about.

Oh, yeah!
Well, nah, it's not important.

You want onions?



Look at that, we got
onions, right here.

So, we gotta figure out...

I need to know where
the cutting board is

but don't tell me.

I gotta get acclimated
with the kitchen.

No. Nope, nope.
Okay, nope.

It's alright.
Imma find it, Imma find it.

We're gonna make
some breakfast.


No help necessary.

I'm gonna find
this cutting board.

Hey, what's up, man?

What are you doing?

Trying to see
how to grip a football.

Here, let me see.

I'm good at this.

You just gotta
hold it pretty tight.

Just like that.
Hold it down.

Oh, you good?

Yeah, I'm just
trying to get in

on this football lesson.

Just making sure
you had it in you still.

Hey, you want to go?

Let's go on the swings.

Let's see how high
we can get.

As high as we can.


Gotta get in
the swing there, kid.

So, go by yourself first
and put let's see.

Now, come on.

We gotta get
a big swing in there.

You got to swing
big, big!

You gotta think
big there, Alton.

I know!



Trevor, we need to talk.

Alright, Doc,
you talk, I'm pushing.

No, you need to stop

and Alton needs
to go in the house.

Aww! Come on,

just another
couple of minutes

Trevor, stop now!

Oh, coach, don't be
such a buzz kill, Doc!

That's too high!

[Trevor scoffs]

Buddy, go on
in the house.

Hey, what,
look, I'm sorry.

Was it too hard
of a push?

You stopped taking
your meds.

No, I didn't.

I count them.

Oh, mutual trust, huh?

Come on.

You're going to stand here
and lie to my face

and talk about mutual trust?

You had one rule here,
one rule

and that was to follow
your course of treatment.

Yeah, well, I'm exploring

different alternatives, Doc.

Come on, now.

Come on, it's good,

I feel great.

Cynthia has spent years
managing her illness.

She did the work,

and she found a treatment
that works for her.

You have not!

You are experiencing
a manic episode right now.

I'm not--

What does Cynthia
have to do

with any of this?

I'm great, I feel good.

I'm not having an episode.

I feel amazing actually.

That's what mania is,
that's what it does.

It's a high!

Oh, Doc.

Most times you don't even
realize you have it.

Look, I know how I feel
better than you do.

I'm good.

Do you?


When's the last time
you slept?

Hmm, hmm?

You did a week's
worth of work

in one night!

Look, Trevor,
when you are like this,

things can happen,

things that you don't
mean to happen.

Like what happened
with your brother.

that was different.

That was different,
that was different!

Trevor, calm down.

[Trevor stammering]

You think
you know everything?

You don't know anything.

I would know.

This is
my brain, okay?

This is my body,
this is...

Trevor!, this is not...

You broke my trust

and I cannot have you
around my family

when you are like this.

What do you even

what are you doing?

You don't know
what you're talking about.

You don't know
anything here.

This is my brain,
this is my body.

I'm fine.
This is my mind.

This is my body!

You don't, get to,

tell me, what to, do!

You have broken my trust.

And I cannot have you
around my family like this.

So, if you are not going to
follow my instructions,

you have to leave my house.

So, you want me to leave?

You just want me to go,

you don't want me here?

You think I'm dangerous
or something?

Like my mom, my brother,
it's not

Trevor, this is not about
what I think,

it's about what I know.

No, fine, fine, fine!
I'll go! I'll go!

That's what you want?

You want me to leave?

No, I'm gone.
I'm gone, Doc.

I'm gone!

Hey, you.

Baby, he's gone.


Yeah, Trevor's gone.

Gone where?

I don't know.

Like, he blew up,
I blew up

and then he left.


This is my second time
failing this family.

I don't know
how to help somebody

who does not
want to be helped.

Hey, you can't
think like that.

It's not that
he doesn't want help.

Listen, baby.

This is all
brand-new to him.

He don't even understand.

Now, hasn't he made
all your appointments?



Now, he should be damn near
done with that barn.

Oh, he finished that
last night.

Okay, so he's trying.

Oh, no, he on that
manic side right now.

Listen, you and I
both know

that it's still up to him
to do the work.

Not you.

Got me?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Well, I guess if he's serious,
he'll come back, huh?

You guess?

Yeah, I guess.


Give me some sugar

Ooh, I'm gonna get me
another one.

Ah, you like this?

I do.

You make things
better don't you?

Come on,
what you doing over here?

Coloring my favorite things in,you know.

[cell phone vibrates]

[cell phone vibrates]

Hey, Mom.

No, it's me.


Yeah, I didn't think
you'd answer

for anyone but Mom.

Dude, where are you?


I'm not sure.
I left and I don't,

I don't know.

Okay, well,
listen, um

Dr. Weldon just called Mom
to tell her what happened

but she left her phone
at home, so he told me.

Trev, don't

Don't be an idiot.

An idiot?

Gavin, you have no idea
what you're talking about.

You have no idea
what this is like, Bro.

Would you just shut up
and listen to me

for one second?

When Dad died,

I was too young
to remember him, alright?

I got little memories,

barely fragments,

and to be honest
I don't even know

if they're real
or not.

The point is

I didn't have him
around to look up to.

I had you.

When I was a kid,

I would look at you
and it was, like,

I mean, you could
do anything.

Remember that, uh,
stupid racing game

that you brought up
the other day,

the time that I beat you?

I was thinking
about that, too, because

that was honestly
one of the first times

that I felt myself
becoming more like you.

This is all I ever
really wanted.

To be more like Trev.

But not now.

Not anymore.

You're letting
this thing beat you.

You're giving up.

It's not that easy, Gavin.

It's not some game
or an exam

that I can just
beat or pass.

This is something
I have to manage

for the rest of my life.

The rest of my life!

So, what?

Are you saying that
you're not strong enough?

You're just going to let
this thing beat you?

No, I'm trying to be strong,

I'm trying to be
strong for you,

I'm trying to be
strong for Mom,

I'm trying.

That's the thing,
it's not for Mom

or for me
or for anybody else.

You gotta do this
for you.

I'm tr--

I'm trying.
I'm trying.

Damn it.
You, uh,

you really wanted
to be like me?

Still do.

I wanna be like

the old you.

The real you.

You're not going
to tell Mom

on me, are you?

That depends...

What are you gonna
do now?

First, uh

I got to figure out
where the hell I am.

[cell phone vibrating]

Hey, Robbie, it's Rachel.

Hey, Rachel.

Yeah, Gavin told me
you called.

I am sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry
that I put you

in this position.

Nah, nah, nah,
don't worry about it.

It's not your fault.

You know, he was

he was doing well, Rachel.

He really was.

Well, maybe I should come
and see him.

Do you think
that would help?

I don't know where he is.

Well, he hasn't
called me yet,

so I don't think
he's coming home.

[chuckles] who knows,

he might be trying
to call your bluff.

Yeah, well,
he did that, alright.


But, um, yeah, yeah,

I think it'd be
good for you

to come and visit.

Alright, well,
work is a little hectic now

but within
the next few days

I'll make my way
down there.

Alright, well, hit me up
when you're on the way

and it'll be good
to see you, huh?

Mm-hmm, alright.

Alright, bye-bye.

So, are you ready?

Yeah, um

I just wanted to say
that I was sorry

for betraying your trust.

Trevor, Trevor, look,

it's not me
you gotta worry about.

You betrayed yourself,

So, I'll ask you again,

Are you ready?

Because I can't get
my time back

and neither can you.


Yeah, yeah.


Heard you quit.

Well, whatever happened

to doctor-patient

I don't think that applies

if you're not
a patient anymore.


My brother guilt me
back into it.

Yeah? Good.

'‘Cause for all
the trash that I talk

about pills and hypocrisy,

it's better than
the alternative.

And the therapy part,
the talking,

it really does help.

Hope I'll see you later.

Yeah, see you, Sam.

[Rachel and Trevor
speaking in dream]

Alright, sleepy head.

It's time to go
to sleep, okay?

[distant arguing]

[arguing becomes louder]



You seem a little
distant today.


Sorry, I

I just have a lot
on my mind,

I guess.

Well, um, that kind of
is the point

of these sessions, yeah?

Yeah, that's true.

Um, I, uh,

I keep having
this recurring dream

of me as a kid
and every time I have it

it goes a little further
but it...

But what?


It's like my brain is trying
to keep me out.

It's weird, I

It's like I can't go
any further with it,

I don't know.

That is interesting.


Well, sometimes
repressed memories

can manifest themselves
as dreams.

They're in our subconscious
all the time

even if we have them
locked away.


You know, I tell you what,

tell me about it.

Maybe we can
bring it out, huh?

Yeah, yeah, okay.


I think I was about 4 or 5

and, um,

My mom,
she used to let me

listen to music
while I sleep.

But as I got older
I realized

it was because she...

didn't want me to hear her
and my dad fighting.

Did they fight often?

I mean, I was little.
I was

I don't really remember.

I mean, there were
a few instances

where I heard the shouting
and the screaming and stuff.

But this time

the sound was different.


Different how?

Yeah, in... in the dream

they were fighting,

they were shouting
and then I woke up

'‘cause I couldn't,
I couldn't sleep

and I got out of bed,

then I walked down
the hall.

And then my mind won't
let me go any further.

It's like my mind's
keeping something from me.

But I do remember
what I heard.


I remember
what I heard.


What'd you hear?

A gunshot.

And, Doc, I

I think that I might've
seen my dad get killed

and I think it happened
in our house and...

I think that I've been
just having this

repressed memory stuff
for years trying...

And now it's,

I mean,
this is gotta be, like,

breakthrough, right?

This has got
to mean something.

It has to mean
something because

now it's starting
to come together, isn't it?

[clears throat]
Has, um...


Has your mother,
uh, ever

talked to you
about your father's death?

No, she she just wants us
to remember him

the way that we want to,
the way that I want to.


I don't--

I mean this has to be
breakthrough, right?

Like, this has to
mean something,

it has to mean something

because now
all these pieces are kinda

coming together, right?


Trevor, um

Look, sometimes
a dream is just a dream.

I mean,
you could be having

what we call
a lucid dream, yeah?

And, which seems very real at t-

No, wait.
But you--

no, you just said

I could've had
a repressed memory and--

but what if I did see
my dad get killed?

And what if that's

why I am the way
that I am and--

Hey, hey, hey
Trevor, Trevor, Trevor.

Trevor, look, I

I understand
your concerns but

we can't jump
to conclusions, huh?

Not until we have
some more information

and when you just...

And, um

our time is up
for the day but--

W-w-wait, wait, wait,

I tell you what.

Let's do this.

If you have this
dream again,

you talk to me
about it, huh?

And then we'll figure out
our plan of action

if and when we get
some more information.

[sighs] Yeah.


Yeah, okay.
Okay, okay.

Yep, we will.


Um, okay, thanks.

I'll see you
for dinner, yeah?


[Cynthia chuckles]
And so, what 's crazy

is that on our honeymoon,
I swear to you,

this dude got sunburn
so bad,

he looked like
a hot chili pepper [inaudible]

He did?

Can you believe that?

I see that
my wife is reveling

in her favorite pastime,

that's laughing
at my expense here.

Thank you, honey.

I would've
brought you one, Trevor

but, um, I don't think
it's a good idea

to mix alcohol
while you're still

getting adjusted
to your meds.

No, that's okay.

I'm not much
of a wine drinker,

so, it's fine.


So, uh, I'm glad
you came back.

I wanted to make you
get sentimental.

[Robert laughs]

Well, you know,
after our time

is done here,
I don't see any reason

why we still couldn't
see each other

from time to time,
you know?

And maybe even in time
we could get you

to come
and babysit Alton

while Cyn and I
take a vacation.

[Cynthia laughs]
Did you just call me Cyn?

since we first started dating.

Somebody's had
a little too much wine.

My mom calls me Trev
and my brother,

so, I get it.

Wait, wait, wait,

what was the name
your friends used to call you

when we first
started dating.

[Robert groans]
Was it, um, Bobby?

No, no, it was Robbie.

It was awful.

Yeah, I would question
my friendships, too

if I had a nickname
like that.

Well, thank God nobody
calls me that anymore, huh?

Yeah, thank God.



-You okay?

Yeah, uh...

I just got tired,
so, I'm gonna

I'm gonna go to bed.

So, you guys
have a good night.

[Cynthia] Okay.
[Robert]Alright, okay.

[Trevor] Goodnight.

[Cynthia] Goodnight.

He'll be aight.

He'll be "aight"”.

Let's go upstairs.

Well, come on,
grab you glass.


I'm leaving you!

No, you're not!

I'm leaving you!

No, you're not.

And I'm taking my kids
and I'm leaving.

I'm leaving!

-I'm done.

-I'm done.

I'm leaving.

Yeah, right.

I'm so sick of you.

You're so weak!

I'm weak?

Who you callin' weak?!

Who are you calling weak?!

Nobody, get off me.

You belong to me!
You belong to me!

What are you gonna do?

Get off of me!

A knife?

A knife!

What are you gonna
do with that?

You don't know anything
about using a knife.

How about I show you
how to use a knife?!

Get off of me!

Put that down!

You think you can
threaten me with a knife?

You play around
with a knife?

Do you know
what a knife is?

Hold on.

Who did you call, Rachel?

Who the hell did you !

Hey, hey, T, T!
Yo, yo!


Take your shoes off
when you come in my house.

What you doin', man?!

T, let her go.


That's your wife, man!
Let her go.

Yes, it is my wife.

This is my family.

Those are my boys.

This is my wife.

Get out!

Weldon, step the hell back!

This is my family!

Get out!

Man, please, please.

Brother, brother,
le-let her go!

I'm off your meds, man.

Talking ain't gonna
work this time.

I got it, I got it, I got it.

Alright, then.

Just let her go,
let her go.

Come on, put the knife

Oh, oh!

[choking] Doc, Doc!

I'm sorry, T.

I didn't, I

No, no-no-no-no!


It wasn't a dream.

It was a memory.

You, and you knew that.

You you lied, you

You killed him.

It was a memory
and you knew that.

-Wait, wait, Trevor, Trevor,
-You lied.

-you don't understand.
-You killed him.

No, no!
You don't understand!

No, you don't understand!

You did this!

You don't understand!

[Cynthia screaming]

You did this!

Ah, stop it!

Get off of me!

Stop, please, stop!


Yeah, yeah, I-I need

an ambulance
and-and police!

4412 Roché.

4412 Roché!

What's happening?

Alton, Alton,
go back to your room

and do not come out
until I tell you to.

Go now!

[door creaks]

Just come out Trevor.

I know you're in here.

I took you in,

I treated you like family.

What did you do?
What did you do?!

You put my son in danger

and you attacked my wife!

Boy, I don't give a damn
about your illness.

That's my family!


[sirens wailing]

What you gonna do, huh?

You're gonna shoot me?!

S-s-shut up!
Shut up, shut up!

Trevor, put the gun down.

Mom, no.

He he killed Dad, Mom.

He killed Dad.

Baby, no he didn't.

Yes, he did.

Put the gun down.

No, Ma, I have to do this.

It's for us, it's for Gavin,

it's for Dad, it

Honey, listen to me.

Now, the police are here.

Any minute now,
they're gonna come

through this door.

Is this what
you want them to find?

Bobby, she's ok.

Go take care of her.

No, no, Mom...

Trevor, listen to me.

I didn't want you
to know that your,

your father suffered
from mental illness.

No, he didn't. No, he didn't.

Listen, baby, he had,
he was bipolar,

mildly schizophrenic.

Doctor Weldon was his therapistfor a short while.

That's how we met him,
that's how we know him.

And I lied to you.

I'm sorry.


-Baby, it's the truth.
-It doesn't make sense.

Baby, it's the truth.

Look, your father
was good for a while,

then he stopped
taking his medication.

And that night
when you were little,

honey, that day
I was convinced

that he had to kill me.

I didn't want
the police to take him,

so I called Robbie.

He killed him.
He did it.

Baby, it was an accident.

We tried to reason
with him.

He tried to talk him

but there was
nothing he could say.

And in the end,

honey, he did
what he had to do.

It was an accident?

It was-- it was an accident?

Baby, I'm sorry.

It was an accident.

Listen, I'm sorry.


But the truth is
that your daddy gave up.

Honey, he let it
consume him.

Are you gonna
do the same?

[crying] I

'Cause I'm not
the same woman

as I was back then, okay?

I'm not going to let
anyone be a victim here.

Not even you.

It was an accident,
it was an accident.

It was an accident.

How many times
do you hurt

the people you love?

Do you damage everything
good in your life

before you start
to deal with it?

Dealing with it,

it's not meds,

it's not therapy,

It's acceptance.

It's being proactive.

It's loving yourself so much
that you force yourself

to become a better version
of yourself every day.

I got this.

We got this.

This is the last time
that anything like this

will ever happen again.

[♪ ]