Brexit: The Uncivil War (2019) - full transcript

Strategist Dominic Cummings leads a campaign to convince British voters to leave the European Union.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Britain makes a noise.

An actual noise, did you know that?

I feel I should almost apologise.

It says here you basically ran
the Leave campaign, and, yet...

..and, yet, I doubt most people
have ever heard of you.

It groans.

It's been groaning for some time.

Must be annoying,

Old Boris getting all the credit.

Oh, I don't seek the limelight.

VOICEOVER: A hum, that only very
few people can hear.

Never stopping.

Mr Cummings?

This inquiry was established

by the Information Commissioner's

following revelations concerning
the European referendum

four years ago in 2016.

Its primary purpose is to
investigate the use

of our personal data
in political campaigns,

and the way in which it is

democratic processes here...

VOICEOVER: A million important
questions to be asked of our nation.

Our species, our planet,

and no-one's asking the right ones.

I mean, we're an education
Think Tank, primarily.

And, er, well, you were once
special advisor

to the Education Secretary, so...

Your reputation precedes you.

Although we'll try not to believe
everything we hear.


VOICEOVER: All I hear is noise.

Do you have any thoughts?
Yeah, it's fucked, we're all fucked.

What are your thoughts on providing
strategy for our many clients?

VOICEOVER: Be polite. Engaged.

Don't tell them what
you're really thinking.


..what do you think?

What do I think?

VOICEOVER: Just breathe,
and think of Mary. Breathe?

I think... Dominic?
What do you think?


I think...

VOICEOVER: Oh, shit.

Stupid. You should advise your
businesses that as a global society

we are entering a series of profound
economic, cultural, social

and political transitions, the like
of which the world has never seen.

Educated people are the most stupid.

Massive increase
in resource requirements.

You need an Odyssean education. A
rising tide of religious extremism.

A synthesis of...inter-generational
inequality in the West

on an historic level. Apollonian
rationality and Dionysian intuition.

I would tell them that for the past
years, decades, even,

this firm has failed... prepare any of them
for any of it.


It's not like the UK has experienced
anything like Brexit before.

Brexit will never be a win-win.
The course that Brexit will take...

..of our approach to Brexit.
No-deal Brexit.

We live in a multiverse of differing
branches of history.

Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Brexit.

My question is do you consider
your campaign to have acted

within accordance of British Law?

And, in a different branch of
history, I was never here,

some of you voted differently,
and this never happened.

But I was.

And it did.

Everyone knows who won.

But not everyone knows how.

MUSIC: Beethoven's Symphony No. 9

NEWSREEL: The battle of
the continents

becomes Europe's total war.

In Amsterdam, Churchill proclaimed
the need for a united Europe.

General De Gaulle said "Non" to
Britain joining the Common Market.

People can work without restriction
in any of the six countries.

The particular problem is
the price of food.

Our entry into the EEC will make
Europe the most powerful

trading block in the world.

We have our moment of opportunity.

A chance of new greatness.

Now we must take it.

A splendid and decisive yes
for Britain in Europe.

I don't know what I'm voting for.

I don't really see what good it's
going to do us.

We are asking for our own
money back.

We have not rolled back
the frontiers of the state only

to see them reimposed
at European level.

Suspending membership of the
exchange rate mechanism.

I will now form a majority
Conservative government.

Tomorrow, I will commence the
process to hold a referendum on

Britain's membership
of the European Union.

Sorry to mobilise you so quickly.

No, no, that's what
the WhatsApp group is for.

Avengers Assemble.

I don't really know what that is,
but, erm, the past few years,

a band of rebels has been
meeting here regularly,

away from, you know...

It's very, erm, Tinker, Tailor.

Well, it worked.

We roused enough of the rabble
to force Cameron's hand

on a referendum, should he win
the election.

Obviously, not expecting
to win outright.

Well, he has, so it's happening.

He'll be about to ask the biggest
question a nation has asked itself

in a generation, perhaps
all generations - in or out?

And we need a leader.

Not me.

Things are going to get
pretty nasty.

I can organise from the back,
I can't lead an army.

You need an attack dog for that.

I have an idea.

It is risky, though.

He's different.



And if you want to be a dog kebab,
keep barking!


Hi. Hello.

Can we, erm... Can we have a chat?
Er, yeah.

Sure, why don't you come in.

Douglas Carswell.
Douglas. Hello, hello.


..what have you been up
to, the past few...

..months? Two years,
chucked it all in.

Went to live on my dad's farm.

Did a little bit of work.


Wrote a lot. Read.
Thucydides, Kipling, Tolstoy.


So, Dom, what
we're looking for is...

Uh-uh. No way, I promised myself I'd
never set foot in Westminster again.

You can run this however you want.

Look, setting up a campaign
is like setting up

a multi-million pound start-up,
except you're warning investors

there's nothing to sell and no
profit to be made from it.

In other words, a fucking nightmare.

Just leave those investors to me.

Because I can leave strategy
for the most part to you. No.


All your life you've been promised
people would listen to your ideas,

and time and time again,
the Establishment got scared.

They betrayed you.

Here's your chance to really change
things. Like never before.


It's OK.
You can take your time. Of course.

Except we don't have any.
We need to be first out the gate.

Before the pro-EU side you mean?
I'm talking about our own side.

You do you know who
Arron Banks is?

I know UKIP might give off
this blokey, jokey vibe.

But I'm afraid a lot
of their views are...

..well, nothing to laugh about.

If these right-wing thugs
try and run the out campaign,

they'll kill it. We need
a more respectable alternative.

No. No. No, Arron, you mad bugger.
You mad bugger!


How are you?

I'm knackered.

Sorry, Arron. I can't be
angry at you.

Come on, let's have a drink.

I don't know. Seven tries at winning
a seat, seven losses.

And, now, the party too.

Stitch up, arseholes, all of them.

I'd put my fist down their throat,
tear out their spine,

only they don't have one.

Stay. Lead.

I said I'd resign.

People come back from the dead
all time, look at Jesus.

He only came back twice,
it'd be my third.

But, you know, if...

If I were to, then...

I'm sorry to have to ask this,
Arron, but...

You want more money.

He's back! I knew it!

Now, look, this referendum, it's
going to be a Tory-led, Westminster

operation with us lot being edged
out. Me! And I've been

my whole bloody life
fighting for this

and I can't let that happen,
and I won't!

All right. All right.

All right, let's gate-crash.

Let's make a right bloody mess.






Hi! Victoria. Hi.

Good morning. Morning.

Douglas Carswell.
Victoria Woodcock.

Douglas, Matthew,
when shall we three meet again?

Speaking of...

VOICEOVER: Gunpowder, treason,
and plot.


We'll have the entire apparatus of
the British State against us.

They'll have the endorsement of all
the major political parties.

With their database of
40 million voters,

who they are, where they are.
Which we'll have no access to?

We'll have to start from scratch.

They get set the timetable,
frame the entire debate. I know.

I'll need total autonomy
on the overarching philosophy.

I did picture a more collaborative
process. Absolutely.

We'll, er,
we'll work out the details.

Let's get started.

How to change the course of
history, lesson one...

..kill conventional wisdom.

Napoleon. Otto von Bismarck.
Pay attention, Douglas.

Alexander the Great.

This is where we draw our wisdom
from, the true disrupters of Europe.

Socrates. Sun Tzu. Chairman Mao.

That's all very well,
first, we need to win designation.

Only one group gets to campaign as
the official In,

one as the official Out. Then we
test our messages with focus groups.

What do you think I've been doing?
I've already done it.

So what is it you don't like
about the European Union?

Is it the size of it? What is it

you don't like about the EU? What is
it you don't like? What about it?

The fact it's "over there"?
Do you know who your MEP is?

Do you know what an MEP does?
You didn't know you had an MEP?

You can't just go to a pub, Dom.
There's a science to it.

What about it? What about
immigration? Is it immigration?

Is it immigration? You can be
honest, is it immigration?

What about immigration? Is it race?

Is it different races not mixing?
Is it race? Not being integrated?

People are feeling angrier.
Left out. Ignored. What else?

Don't think our kids will have a
better future than us.

Children's legacy.

You think there should be a cap on
immigration? Is it the numbers?

Maybe it's the numbers?
You think it's too many too?

We spend more time than ever online,
but we feel more alone.

Ain't that the truth, Douglas?!


Is it the type of people they're
bringing over? Is it too many?

What's too many for you?
You don't believe the numbers?

You think they're not being
counted properly, you don't think
you can trust the figures?

We're not getting married as much?
Less of us have faith.

We're not saving as much.

We trust less the institutions and
people our parents trusted.

Except the NHS, which we love.
But think it's fundamentally fucked.

Which countries don't you like
that have already joined?

That have joined already? Why not?
Why not? Why not?

And who don't you want to join next?

Who don't you want to join next?
Why, why don't you want...

Why? Why? Why not?
Why? Why don't you?

Turkey. Interesting.

So it was... America, '92 campaign,
that changed all campaigns.

First of the Four Fundamentals
to win this? Er...

No? Message...discipline.

Loss of national identity. Clear.

Sovereignty. Digestible.

Loss of community.
Simple. Independence.

Message repeated over, and over,
and over.

How did we get in to this?

What's our message?

What's our message?
What's our message?

What's our message?

What's our message? What's
our message? What's our message?

It can't just be a slogan.

We need to capture a feeling.

What's the feeling?

My father used to work on a rig.

All those pockets of energy, hidden,

deep down in the earth, built up
over long periods of time.

Groaning, moaning...

..waiting for a release, an outlet.

All he had to do was find out where
they were and start digging down,

open up the well,
and let that pressure out.

We can tap into all these little
wells of resentment, all these

little pressures that have been
building up, ignored, over time.

We could make this
about something more than Europe.

Europe just becomes a symbol,
a cypher,

for everything. Every bad thing
that is happening has happened.

It's brilliant.


I like it. Simple, clear.

Empowering. Brilliant.

Let's get it out there.
Maybe. I dunno. Maybe.

We should start sounding it out
with our growing band of MPs.

Why? Well, their experience in this
is invaluable.

We don't need them,

we're going to be making decisions
based on science and data.

No matter how counter-intuitive
to traditional political thinking.

No advertisers, no snake oil
salesmen, or fucking Saatchis.

We're gonna follow algorithmic,
statistical analysis.

We don't need to put up with any
prima donna MPs. Understood?

Sure. Sounds good. We need to make
sure they're on side.

They are the face of politics
and don't we want as broad a

coalition as possible?

Also, Dom, I have invited

a couple of them onto the board.

A board? Ugh, I'll say.

BOARD to death.

A boring board game of players who
should not be allowed to pass Go.


These so-called political rebels,

for 20 years of failing the
Euro-sceptic cause, are still

going to sit here and lecture me on
how best to win this war, you watch.

We wanted to share with you
some of our experience

of spearheading this movement, long

..well, before you came along.

That'd be great. We'd, er, love to
hear your ideas for the ground war.

Well, I'm more concerned with
the air war, actually. Digital.

Social media. You mean
the Facebook and things.

Yep. I-I can see you're into
all this new-fangled tech stuff,

Dominic, and I'm sure
that has a place,

but the first step must be reaching
voters direct.

Old school, doorstep,
stalls in market squares, posters.

Posters? And for that,
you need the MPs.

As many on our side,
as opposed to theirs.

They have the local knowledge.

Our focus will be on building
a digital system that will

provide us with the empirical
evidence we need

to understand who our voters are and
what they want to hear.

I knew it, I warned you.
I think what Dom means is...

Some of us have been waiting a
lifetime to get to this point.

Not to have it ruined by some...

..some geeky anarchist who
wants to show off.

I just want to get us over the line,
something that MPs have failed to do

since this movement begun
over 40 years ago.

Excuse me. With respect,

this referendum is
a really dumb idea.

What?! I think
what we're emphasising is...

Referendums are quite literally
the worst way to decide anything.

Dom. They're divisive, they pretend
that complex choices

are simple binaries, red or blue,
black or white,

and we know there are more nuanced
and sophisticated ways out there,

to make political change and reform,

not that we live in a nuanced,
or political age, do we?

Political discourse has become
utterly moronic,

thanks to the morons who run it.
Really. But there it is.

If that is the way it is to be,
then I will get us across the line,

in whatever way I can,
but in order to do that,

we have to restack the odds
in our favour.

We have to hack
the political system. Hack it?

Like a cyber hack.
Get in through the back door,

reprogram the system
so it starts working for us.

You're talking about posters
and flyers,

I'm talking about altering
the matrix of politics.

Dominic, for the love of God,

you need to learn to be a little
more patient... I won't suffer

fools, therefore I won't suffer
90% of politicians.

Frankly, I don't see the point in
them, and... What the fuck?

Dominic, I'm so sorry, they just,
like, barged their way in.

I'll leave you to it.

So, chaps, why the bloody hell
aren't we working together?

Hm? Your campaign, our campaign,
as one. Unstoppable.

I've got call centres.
I've got money - nine million quid

I've donated - before
the spending ceiling kicks in,

which I think is the largest

in British political history.
Is that right, Nige?

Yeah, that's right, Arron.

And what have you got?
Ah, experience.

Expertise. Contacts in Parliament,
of course, the MPs.

MPs are useless, fuck the MPs.

Everything you've been briefing on
so far,

not one mention of immigration.

That's on purpose,
we don't want to bring...

Oh, don't come over all bleeding
bloody hearts, it's bollocks.

You know, you turn up
for five minutes and you think you

know the lot. Well, I have been
fighting with this my whole life.

And I know what lands.

People already know what they think
about immigration, the people

we're trying to win over, the people
we need to win, extend beyond UKIP.

Oh. So you don't want to make the
bien pensants sitting around

your London dinner table
uncomfortable? We don't need 'em,

we need normal people.

We need 50% of the entire country,
plus one.

Second fundamental of running
a successful campaign - build a

broad coalition of voters. And for
that you need to be respectable.

No offence. 'Scuse me. Let me tell
you who we're up against,

who's setting themselves up,
over the river, to destroy us.

Lucy Thomas, ex-producer
of BBC's Newsnight programme.

So she'll know how to handle
the press.

Director of the campaign -
Will Straw, son of Jack,

failed his MP race in 2015.

Typical establishment thinking -
if it didn't work first time,

try it again. Ryan Coetzee, Director
of Strategy,

he's Nick Clegg's former
special adviser.

Labour and Lib Dem hate each other
post-coalition. That won't work.

Oh, yeah, no, it's a proper
left and centre-left love-in.

You've got the Greens, and the
Welsh, but not as interesting

as these, the one true enemy
they both share. Tories.

The Number Ten machine. Headed up
by - trumpets please...

Craig Oliver.
Cameron's communication director?

Position held, as we know,
by a long succession of bastards.

Campbell. Coulson. This one's more

ostensibly in control, composed,
he's furiously loyal to his boss.

I can tell you that we, er,
well, we have a little history.

Dominic Cummings is
basically mental.

We had to all but ban him
from Number Ten.

He's desperate to be seen as this
visionary architect

of a new world order,

but actually he's just an egotist
with a wrecking ball.

It does, however, mean that he's...

Well, he's, unpredictable.

I know how to beat Oliver.

Conventional wisdom is a disease
that the British are peculiarly

susceptible to, and he certainly
hasn't been inoculated.

I want to be upfront.

The PM isn't entirely sure why
all this shouldn't be run by and

out of Number Ten, so...

I'm sure you don't mean to imply
that you're here to give us

the once-over, check us out.

No, that's exactly what I meant.

Andrew Cooper, our chief pollster.

Hello. Our lead strategist
on the Scottish Independence ref,

which we won. Just. Which we won,
despite those final polls,

and the general election,
which we also won - ditto.

So take comfort
in that we do actually know

how to win things which,
present company,

politely and respectfully...


we know there are historic divides
between us all.

But without getting all Hollywood
about coming together for the

greater good, that is basically
what we're going to have to do.

I'm not saying let's all have
a circle jerk. Circle what?

Jesus. But this is about as serious
as it gets.

There's the danger which we saw
in Scotland of having unleashed

which we can't then control.

An establishment enemy needs
a people's army to thrash them!

You need Nigel, he should front the
TV debates, do the rallies.

We will be guided by data
and polling, Nigel may be

an asset, maybe not, we'll see.
Nothing personal.

Ah, fuck this.
He's a fucking waste of space.


That's a lot of money
walking out of the door.

That is a mathematical paradox
walking out of the door.

Every time that Nigel Farage's
popularity increases nationwide,

the support for Brexit
decreases nationwide.

Puts everyone else off. So, no!

But they'll be out there anyway,
gobbing off.

Wouldn't it be better to have them
pissing out of the tent

rather than pissing in? If we can
control their rhetoric, on...

Oh, unless we get them to do the
heavy lifting

on the migration stuff, and then
we can keep our hands clean?

That is a dangerous game, Dom.

They're going to do what they're
going to do, we'll do what we do.

Parky, where are we at?


How do?

I wasn't aware
you were a member.

I just joined. What are the odds?

Would you like any assistance
with your hair or just general...?

No, no, I'm fine, thanks. I mean,
unless you can help it grow back.

Why do you think your lot will get
the designation over Farage?

He's the face of the anti-EU cause.
Yeah, but their arguments will only

reach a narrow base. Whereas, ours,
we hope, will reach everyone.

How are you getting on, your side?
We shouldn't be talking...

Don't be a dick, John,
why the hell are there two competing

Out teams, both fighting
for the same donors, MPs?

It makes no bloody sense.
We should join together.

Cummings would never allow that.
Why not?

He hates you.

What are your expectations,

Well, ideally it would be to create
the biggest political upset

the world's seen
since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

So what does your campaign
look like?

I'd like to think it looks like
an insurgence

against the establishment.

You're not looking to be more
collegiate, respectful, than that?

Why? It's a fucking war. Total war.

In total war, there's only one side
left standing. You'd be fine about

bringing down the Prime Minister?

He deserves to be brought down,
the Prime Minister's crap.

Are you reading this? I don't mind
him having the odd bit of publicity,

but hell's fucking bells,
he attacked the PM!

Does he not know there are things
you do not do?

Does he always have to be so...
you know -



Hello. Matthew? It's Dan.

We need to talk about Dom.




Zack Massingham, Aggregate IQ.

Was pleased to get your message.

We've been trying to get in touch
with you, actually. Really?

You were surprisingly hard to find

for an online analytics company.

Not really in the business
of advertising what we do.

Which is what? Just so that I am
absolutely sure it's what I need.

Technically, we use sophisticated
algorithms to micro-target

populations in political campaigns.

The other side has a voter database
that I don't have access to, and

I need to build my own, find voters,
and target them with our ads.

We're becoming a little more
sophisticated than that now.

Arron, this is Robert Mercer,
an old family friend,

and an investor in, well,
all of this.

Nigel, good to see you again.

London was always going to be a key
front in our cultural war

against the political class.
It feels like something's coming,

doesn't it? Fuck, I hope so.
I should introduce you to Steve.

Steve Bannon, chairman of Breitbart.

He's also on the board of one of my
other little projects.

A data-mining company,
election specialists, combined.

It's new.

Just been working on
Ted Cruz's campaign.

When we began
he was only polling 3%.

We got him up into the forties.
An unprecedented leap.

Simply through
behavioural micro-targeting,

finding where the voters
you can convert are,

and knowing the messages
that will convert them.

Silicon Valley, eh?

It's my kind of people. The Brits.

Cambridge Analytica.

And beyond. He went to a refugee
camp in the Lebanon

and he said you must understand

that 2% of these people
are Jihadi activists.

Now, that's the truth.

Money is one thing, Mr Banks,
but data is power.

You see, this is all just beginning.

Technology has moved beyond "you
like this, so you might like that".

Internet algorithms learn about our
behaviour, our psychology even,

our emotional state.

These social media platforms know
what questions we're asking,

what keeps us awake at night,
when we sleep, where we go,

who we go there with, and therefore
the system can make predictions.

And does.
Embarrassingly accurate ones.

Such as?

OK, so, like, Facebook knows
when you're falling out of love

with your partner.

Yeah. It didn't mean to discover it,
wasn't its intention,

but two billion people constantly
inputting into the database a

dozen times a day? Patterns form.
Behaviours overlap.

So, what, it just targets,
or micro-targets, your message?

That's all?

Mmmm, not just all.

What it means is that we can design
and distribute thousands of

different adverts that vary,
depending on

who we're sending them to.

So, your timeline will be slightly
different to your friend's,

your mum's, and so on. And our
software can test how effective

certain ads are on certain people,
in terms of liking, clicking,

sharing, and then learn how to

adapt them, to improve them,

in real time.

In real time?


What's in it for you? Truthfully?

Our problem is that we haven't found
a large enough test case yet

to understand
this technology's effectiveness.

A decent sample size. So we're
just a trial, is that all?

What, British democracy is a lab
experiment for a greater prize?

Blanket advertising is dead.

We're updating and uploading
all the time, by choice,

teaching data companies
and advertisers exactly who we are

and what we want.

Data that leads political parties
to individual voters, with a message

that is algorithmically tailored
towards them.

Look, it was Obama who led the way
on this.

A liberal. It's not about
right versus left,

it's about old versus new.

This is the new politics, Dom.

This is how you will win.

It was entirely made of rubber.


Oh, hello. Come in. How, are you?
How nice to see you.

John. Come and sit over there.

Thank you. Tea?

Oh, yes, please. Milk? Sugar?
Er, a spot of milk.

It's not just his me-me-me-ness,

fact is,
his personality alienates people.

David Cameron called him
a career sociopath.

Do you know, when he visits
various Whitehall departments,

he signs in as Osama Bin Laden,

just for the sheer...!
I don't know...he's just...

He's so, he's so.... Inappropriate.

Yes, he is, he is - annoying.

Do you know, Andy Coulson, the bloke
in jail for phone hacking,

he thought Cummings was too toxic
to win broad support!

Andy Coulson! Yeah, I-I-I know
Dom can be, uh, unconventional,

but there's no-one better
to rally the troops.

You, Matthew.

It has to be you.

You're only talking about locating
people that the other side

already have on the government
database. You're thinking

way too small. No-one's ever accused
me of that before.

What about those who are off
the grid, who don't vote?

Social media platforms are designed
to find like-minded people

better than people can. Our system
will locate and target people

that no campaign
has ever targeted before -

people who don't
and have never voted.

Anti-establishment, angry.

Your people. Dominic, we have
already started to find them.

Three million extra votes.

Fuck off. All of them yours. That
the other side have no idea exist.

Where's Matt?


Hello? Cummings? Yes?

It's John Mills.

Wonder if you might come over.

The board would like a word.

Would you take a seat, Dom?

Very busy, what is it?

Dom, I'm afraid we, on the board,
have lost confidence in you.

You've pissed off just about
every MP that's been trying,

desperately, to support us,
rather than that other Ukippy lot.

And you, you seem to flout about TV
and the front pages of magazines

whipping up controversy, and so...

Thank you, Bernard.

Look, what I think we can all
agree on is that the infighting

has to stop. And if that means
changes to the structure

of the campaign, well, then...

Basically, we'd like to offer you
a lot of money just to quietly

step to one side.

Stay on as a consultant, and let
others take more of a lead.

And Matthew? This is the decision
of the board.

DOM INSIDE VOICE: They're scared.
This is rushed. Poorly planned.

What do you think will happen to my
senior staff over the river?

What do you mean? They'll walk.

Well, it's your patriotic duty to
tell them not to, Dom.

They'll do what they want to
do, Dan.

Because they are intelligent people.

Unlike you and Matthew,
they know how to run a campaign.

You'll lose your campaign machine,
and you'll lose your designation.

Well, what do you suggest
we do about that?

You don't know what you're
doing, do you, any of you?

This is embarrassing.

You've committed the classic
cardinal sin of any failed coup,

you didn't secure the support
of your military first,

and you didn't seize the state
broadcaster. What are you doing?

In about 30 seconds, you're
going to start receiving

notifications on the WhatsApp group,
staff resigning.

Ah, no, no, wait, wait a minute,
Dom. Hell's fucking bells!

This is a private meeting,
you can't just... Just did.


Look, can we all just stay calm,
and not... I'm calm.

It's not just your attitude,

it's the strategy
you're putting together.

Where's immigration,
where's the bloated bureaucracy,

the supranational institutions of...

Too nebulous, too complicated,
too remote.

This campaign is going to be about
cost and control. That's it.

We know whereof we speak, Dom.

No, you don't. No, you don't.
You're wrong, wrong, wrong,

wrong, wrong! How much it costs!
And regaining control!

Cost and control!
Cost and control, get it?

You see - this is what we
have to deal with.

And, while I'm at it,
when we gain the designation,

and the £7 million spending limit,

I would like to spend 3.9 million
of that online.

You''re treating this like
it's a game, Dom,

your private plaything. We have
this contract for you to sign,

just look it over and... No.

But there's... We have lawyers,
waiting next door.

Not lawyers?! Oh, fuck!

If you don't like they way I'm
running the campaign, you can leave.

Us? No, this is about YOU leaving.
Well, I'm not, so you can go.

I think, perhaps, a compromise.

Dom, you don't like dealing with
MPs, they clearly don't like you.

I'm happy to do that from now on.
And if we can just be a little

more discreet, with our tweetings
and our utterances, I think...

..I think that could help. That
would...that would be a help, yes.

And if you would be willing to share
the strategy side with us, Dom...

No, I have complete
independence or nothing.

Well, then, you can't be
on the board,

because the board will need to
hold you to account.

Fine, then I think we need
a new Chair...

..if things are changing on
the board. A fresh start.


So, is he gone? He didn't go.
Stop it. I did.

Fuck off! What? How?!

I'm not sure.

Continue. Continue!


Why don't people like me?

I like you.

Come here.

Well, at least they will
remember you.

That's something.

He's kicking.

Like his dad.

That was corny.

A very good evening to you,
and welcome to BBC News.

Vote Leave and Britain Stronger
in Europe have been designated

the official Leave and Remain
campaigns in the EU Referendum.

..three, two, one!


And we're off!

The ten-week count down to
the Referendum

has begun in earnest with the
designation of the two campaigns.

Stronger In, backed by the
Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn,

and almost all mainstream parties.

On the Leave side, Vote Leave,
which contains six cabinet

ministers, and 140 Conservative

Vote Leave everyone, Vote Leave!


ON TV: What were your thoughts when
these decisions where announced?

Well, Huw, there have been
real divisions...

Fuck them!

..those who are campaigning
for the UK to leave Europe.

Now we're free from any constraints,
we can do what we like.

It's more fun being outsiders.

Turn it off.

We also know that the other side
are going to run a campaign

the way campaigns have been run
for pretty much the last 70 years.

They're going to fight from
the centre, make it about jobs

and the economy.

We focus on the economy and jobs.
The message - leaving risks both.

Clinton, '92, best campaign ever.
"It's the economy, stupid."

You define your opponent
as the riskier option.

And, though the change candidate
might initially poll well, come

election day, the nerves kick in,
voters revert back to the centre.

Law of political science,
if the status quo are ahead before

the campaign begins, which we are,
they always win on the day. So...

So, what's our answer?
Tzu's The Art of War.

If we fight them on home terrain,
they will win.

So, what we need to do is lead them
to the ninth battlefield,

the deadly ground, where no-one
expects to find themselves.

Outcome? They perish. Which means?
You reverse the proposition.

We make them the risky option.

To stay is to risk losing more of
the things we cherish.

We're asking voters not to reject
the status quo, but to return to it.

To independence.

How much does it cost us,
each week, to be members of the EU?

In the regions of about...

What's our researcher's name?
Richard. Ricardo!

Will you get me all the figures of
how much it costs to be

members of the EU for a week!
Largest one wins.

Make sure it's verifiable!

Focus groups.

Finding out who we are,
and what are we like,

so we can segment and target.

First, the easiest, we have
the Ardent Internationalists.

11% of the voting population.
Support gay marriage,

degree educated. Going to vote to
stay, no matter what.

Then the other end,
the EU Hostiles.

Similarly 11%. Generally retired,

And 98% white. Won't change either.

And then we have our
Comfortable Europhiles,

own their own home,
get their news from the BBC.

Most probably remain.

And our Strong Sceptic.

C2DEs, generally 55 plus,
O-levels and no higher,

most probably Leave. It's not rocket
science, it's simple.

There are three types of voter.

Those certain to vote to exit
that's one third,

they're in the bag, so, ignore them.
Those certain to stay,

that's another third,
we can't touch them, so fuck 'em.

The last third "I would like to
leave, but I'm worried about

"what the effect will be to jobs
and living standards."

These are the only people that we
need to care about.

And, trust me, the others will be
after the same bunch.

Now these are who will
decide the result.

The Hearts versus Heads,
and the Disengaged Middle.

34% of the electorate. Hearts Verses
heads are mainly female.

Sandra Butcher. Oh, hi, Sandra.
Get their news from Mail Online.

Their heart says Leave,
but their head is worried.

"Disengaged Middles"
are generally renters,

get their news from Facebook.

Most have never given
any thought to the EU whatsoever.

Erm, who is "very likely"
to vote in the upcoming referendum,

show of hands?

OK, good. Erm, Shamara,
are you likely, unlikely,

very unlikely, or don't know?

I'd say likely but I just need to
get my head round.

Don't know, for me.

If someone can convince me
either way, then probably, but...

So, what do you think of
when you think of the EU?

What does it do?

They make laws. For each country.

Laws over there that overturn
laws over here.

Only they're not accountable.
Well, you do, you do vote for them.

MEPs. I don't.

Well... It's, it's the courts,'t it?

Erm, they have the Human Rights.

Which, I'm sorry, but things like
the terrorists you can't deport.

Which, well... That's freedom of
movement, isn't it?

Goods and people? That's what
the old community was for, right?

Erm, no tariffs, free trade...
Old community was coal and steel.

That's all it was meant to be.
But now it's got too big.

Yeah, not people, I mean not
unlimited people,

that's not what the meant,
when they... It's for peace though,

isn't it? After the war.

To make sure nothing like that,
happens again.

Which is, I think, probably good?

You know just to be, you know,

I mean I'm not saying
it's wrong, people coming,

different people, it''s just
if we had, er, like a point system.

No, no, no. Like Australia.
That undermines the whole thing.

I'd be fine with that.
And we go there as well.

So, what's the issue
that matters most, then,

when you're making your decision?

Is it what's best for the economy?
Or is it control over immigration?

Economy. Every time.
Immigration is not an issue.

I'd like to be able to study abroad.

We need to appeal to their heads,
numbers, projections.

We focus on the facts.

We need to appeal to their hearts.
Emotional resonance. Their hopes.

Their dreams. Their aspirations.
Their fears. Their suspicions.

Now these Persuadables,

we need to learn about them, love
them, and lure them onto our side.

There are more of them out there
than we thought.

Three million more of them out
there than we thought.

That's three million potential
voters not on any voter database

so Remain have no idea they exist.

If we can reach them,
they're ours for the taking.

Dom, what on Earth are you
talking about?

I want less than ten people on Earth
to know what I'm about to tell you.

We're going to build something.

By the way, if anyone asks, just
tell them you're a junior intern.

Look, I'm serious,
nothing more than that.

I'm in my 30s. But you've got your
youthful, Californian complexion.

Canadian. Let me know
if you need anything.

What do you think of it?

No, not right, send it back.

What? Dom, we've
printed thousands off.

It's not ready, burn 'em!

Hello, sorry, Mr Gove, sir,
it's Dom here.

I know you're tearing
yourself up inside,

but I really need your answer.
Can you call me back?


Leave.EU is the real
grass roots party, OK?

Everyone should join us
if we're going to win. Exactly.

We're the original and
still the best.

Ultimately, look, I have a simple
view on this,

just like I have a
simple view on everything in life.

If you want to leave the EU,
you're on our side.

Even if you think you are
on theirs.

On the Remain side you mean.
No, I mean Leave.

The other Leave.

To take something back means
it was, is, rightfully yours,

taken from you.

So much of our understanding
of who we are,

comes from this nostalgic view
we have of our past.

These stories,
these myths we tell each other.

Normally, I hate them,
they stop me from progressing,

but, in this case, let's use it.

The idea that we want to return to
a time when we knew our place.

When things made sense,
fictional or not.

It's perfect.

Better start taking it back.



David and Samantha Cameron are
your close friends,

does this not feel a bit like
stabbing your leader "in the front"?

Um..., well, you know, um...

The fact is, if you must know,

I've been wrestling with this
for weeks.

This was the most difficult decision
of my political life.

But taking difficult decisions is
what politicians are here to do.

Yes, yes, yes, exactly, it's...'s, it's easy to shirk them -

to not upset the applecart.

It's a perfectly legitimate way of
playing devil's advocate with...

Who are all this lot?

Matthew's idea.

Different outreach groups,
operating independently.

Who's funding them then?
Who's coordinating them?

I think they're meant to
co-ordinate themselves.

I don't know, rules sketchy.

But the versions of your column,

including the one you wrote in
support of Remain?

Oh, look now, it's as if none of
you have ever

written a pros and a cons
list before...

You know, people do that
when they're about to do something

important, like maybe,
adopt a puppy or something.

Thank you, thank you, I think that's
probably all we've got time for.


Well done, well done.

Good line about the puppies.

Yes, well, it's done now
so c'est la vie. Well done.

David said...he said that if I get
what I want, and we win this,

it will destroy him.

He's probably right.

This is a game changer,
so thank you.

All right, team. Listen up!

Now the fight for Britain really
does begin.

We have our star endorsements.

And...and we have our message.

If you look on the server,
you'll find copies of the War Book!

Here's our message in a sheet.

Here's our message in a paragraph.

Here's our message in a sentence.

If you find a potential voter,
you hit them hard.

If it looks like they're going to
bend, then you don't just

walk away, pat yourself on the
back, you double down.

Hit them again.

And again, right,
with £350 million and Turkey!

350 million quid and Turkey.

ALL: 350 million quid and Turkey!

ALL: £350 million and Turkey!

Again and again. Show no mercy!
All right?


Get out there and do that!

Take back control.


Wait, wait, wait, wait,
that's the...

We're using the NHS,
with the economy, with control.

But...but the logo.

That's the actual NHS logo? I know.
Are we...are we allowed to just...?

Imagine their faces!

I mean, if Jeremy Hunt wants to
come down and try and peel the

label off himself,
he's more than welcome,

we'll have the cameras ready.

Let's take back control!

Let's take back control!


It's marvellous.

It's got air conditioning
and everything.


Million, yes. Completely off
the map.

Rendering their current poll
projections pointless.

Holy Moley! So you're saying
there's a cat in Lucifer's chance

we might actually win this thing,
are you?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Well, we need to brief this,
get it out there.

A great big psychological boost
to all those guys.

No, no, no briefing. All right?

A polling lead for Remain make
them complacent,

means less voters turn out,
we keep it hush hush.

You really don't have to
raise your hand.

Oh, sorry, I just wanted to ask

who they were.

Data scientists.

I'm a data scientist.

They're technically physicists.

Blimey. Where are they from?

Prior to this they were working
analysts on the Hadron Collider.

And now you're here to tell us what
housewives in Newport think, bravo.

All right. Fanfare, please!

For the first time
in a British election,

we've built some software that will
combine your Facebook and

your Twitter with the electoral roll
and polling, and canvassing,

all in one database that can be
updated and respond in real time.

Fabulous! Really?

I have no idea.

Here are some if the ads we've been
developing that are ready to test.

Look at this one.
For the Euro Championship.

Football. Not politics! Football!
It's brilliant.

A chance to win 50 million quid
if you guess the result to

every single game.

The odds to winning are
six trillion,

the point is that we can collect

hundreds of thousands of contact
details to get people out to vote.

It's like 20 questions.

With every click we know you better
so our ads can target you better.

And this one?

I thought we weren't
pushing immigration.

The software will tell us what to
push or what not to push, Michael.

To win, OK?


Ready to launch?



What I will say is, er, it's
obviously very important
we don't get mired,

er, in personal politics.
Let us confirm that tomorrow

we we're going strong on

manufacturing, PM is in Derbyshire,
meeting in the Toyota factory.

Hi, you have David Cameron
on the line.

Hi, it's Iain Duncan-Smith.
I'm calling on behalf

of the Vote Leave campaign.

All aboard for Britain
remaining in the European Union.

This should be an amicable contest
that's characterised by

mutual respect.

One that rises above
personal attacks,

and stays true to that Great British
tradition of fair play.

Nothing can dilute our enthusiasm.

Hello, madam, vote Leave.
Hi there. EU referendum.

So let's raise the level of debate
and have a fair fight.

Um, yep!

So don't get mad,
but just as an experiment,

I set up a fake Youth Labour group
to campaign for Remain.

They're including us
on their e-mail list.

You are kidding me.

Not only that - Craig Oliver does
a conference call to volunteer

groups a couple of times a week.

And we have the dial-in code.
So, what do you reckon?

Dom did say "double down".

Please enter the conference pin.

The next thing is a heads-up
on the press release.

This is under embargo until

It's announcing an emergency budget
should we leave.


So this is where you...
where you hide, is it?

Do you mind if I pop in
for a moment?

Gosh. The software's coming back
with new voters.

Thousands of them.

We should get out there and test it.

Dom, I...

..think we should clear the air
about what happened with the board.

Let's go.


Ah, well, I don't know this place.

Well, it's in your constituency,

you just ignored it for years.

Thank you.

But what if...what if they...
My face is quite recognisable -

maybe I should...
Look, either you believe in this

or you don't. If you don't,
get back in the fucking cab.


All right?
WOMAN: What's he done now?!

I don't understand, how did you find
us? No-one knocks on that door.

You're telling me that
no other political parties have

knocked on your door during

I'm saying no-one from a political
party has knocked on that

door since about the eighties.

Could we persuade you to register
today, do you think?

You can try.

Honestly, though, I don't trust
any of you.

You look familiar, though.

Well, the first thing we think
leaving the EU will help is jobs.

Haven't got a job.
Never will again round here.

24 years as a steel worker,
all gone to shit.

How you gonna fix that? Well,
that...that is one of the industries

that's been most
affected by EU overregulation.

All of that red tape

and cheap foreign labour
that's undercutting your wages.

Oh, yeah, I know.

Huh! They work for nothing.
People like me, we get, like...

We get squeezed out.
Yeah. We get squeezed out.

It's not that I'm against them. No!

But it has changed a lot
round here, hasn't it?

All our neighbours have moved away
and new people come in.

My kids have moved away too now,
cos there's nothing here,

and I miss it.

I miss having...having...

Oh, you're getting me all upset now.

Sorry, we don't mean to pry.

You want to feel back in control
of your life.

Or the lives of the people you love.

Perhaps we could leave you
with this.

Erm, now, remember it's not...'s not a parliamentary election
it's a referendum...

DISTORTED: ..where every
vote counts.

And with your polling station being
just around the corner...

The noise.

It's getting louder.

Much louder.

What does it mean?

What's it trying to tell us?


You are on the front page
of The Observer this morning.

A warning that a million people
may come here from Turkey

in the next eight years,

which is strange because very few
people expect Turkey to join

the EU in the next eight years.

We... I do not think that the EU
is going to, er, keep Turkey out.

I think it is going to join.
I think the migrant crisis...

What I'm asking of the world's
oldest public broadcaster

is an understanding of the
difference between

impartiality and balance.

What I mean is that your nonsense
bloody quota of giving

equal coverage, no matter what,
means that we put up a

Nobel Prize-winning economist to
highlight the negative impact on

sterling if we leave, and then you
feel you have to give equal weight

to some batty backbencher
who's just there to parrot,

"Not true! "Project Fear!
Take back control!"

Yes, well, it fucking better do!

I look forward to it!

It's going to be OK, they've found
a momentum, but we'll counter.

We just have to stop falling
into their trap.

They say something utterly
ludicrous, like, "Turkey will join,

"we can't stop them."

Then we drop what we're doing
to counter with the truth, when

what we're actually doing is just
helping them by spending the rest

of the day saying, "Turkey,
Turkey, Turkey" on the radio!

It's grenade after grenade!

They lob one over here. Bang!
We go over to put out the fire,

they lob one over there -
bang, over we go!

It's guerrilla warfare!

They can say literally anything
they want with zero consequences

because they're not the Government,

whereas we take a bloody millennia
to sign off a sodding Twitter meme!

It's kind of genius, in a way.

You know what?

I'm beginning to lose patience
with this common misconception

that Dominic Cummings'
pseudo-intellectual bullshit

is anything other
than pseudo-intellectual bullshit!

Anyone can start a fire.

He's not the Messiah.
He's a very naughty...

..fucking arsehole!

And as this is a bank holiday,
we'll be talking about whether

hedgehogs could derail
the Government's plans for HS2.

BBC News is read by Zeb Soanes.

Ministers have begun moves
to change tipping practices

in bars and restaurants. Waiters...

Why aren't we getting any pushback
from this?

Why aren't journalists hounding us
about it?

The metropolitan commentariat
are not our targets,

so they're not seeing our posts
on their timeline,

so they have no idea what the rest
of the country is seeing.

So no-one's reporting it.

Feels dangerous, doesn't it?

Girls, this is the last time!
TV off, come and eat!

I've made you some lovely supper.

OK, now, remember that Daddy
has to speak very, very quickly

to the Prime Minister,
so you and your friends are

going to eat really, really quietly
and be good, right?

I don't like this! Right?

Prime Minister is on.

Hi, DC. Hi, it's Dave!
How is everyone?

Hi, David. This is Thomas.
Hi, Andrew Cooper here.

Who just joined?

It's Peter Mandelson.
Sorry I'm late.

I kept typing the pin thing in,
but it wouldn't bloody...

Yuck! I don't like ketchup.
Hello, Peter!

Isn't this a strange
little get-together?

You can say that again!

So, I think we can all admit
that we have a problem. Yep?


On the question of economy, jobs,
and safety, voter association,

it seems to be moving steadily
in the direction of...of Leave.

I thought WE were hard on the
economy and THEY were immigration!

I know, I can't...
What are the polls telling us?

It's all over the place. It's like
there's a gremlin in the machine,

but they seem to be cutting through
to the undecideds.

The Labour MPs I have coming back
from doorsteps are spooked.

Our lines on jobs, the economy -
voters don't want to hear it.

Warnings of an economic shock
don't work in areas

that are already deprived.

The numbers have been telling us...
Andrew, the numbers are wrong.

Daddy, can I have the juice?
Something is going wrong here.

Well, is it, perhaps,
because 47% of Labour voters

don't know which side their
party actually bloody supports?

Now, we clear the grid on a daily
basis for Corbyn and he backs out

time and again,
and when he does speak, he sounds...

What do you want me to say?
Jeremy voted to leave in '75,

and he hasn't changed his mind
on anything for 40 years!

If we're blaming each other's
parties, Johnson and Gove

continually making personal attacks
against you lot,

their own Government,
and you're not attacking back!

Internal Tory spats
distract from the message.

Anyway, we do actually need a
Conservative Party after the vote.

Well, you'll forgive me if my main
concern right now isn't the

Tory Party after the sodding vote -
it's the state of the whole county

now, and you're making us fight them
with one arm tied behind our back.

If I can also say, if the economic
issue isn't cutting through,

then we have to have a response,
a positive argument on immigration.

That's them leading us
onto their turf, it's a trap.

We can't ignore it any more!
This is...serious.

All right.
Nothing to lose, I suppose,

apart from the European Alliance
and even the United Kingdom itself!


Too soon?

Hello, everybody!
Really good to see you.

So good to see you!
Thank you for coming out.

I think we are better off in.

I think we're stronger in.
I think we're safer in.

Better off. Safer. Stronger.

Let's take back control!

Take back control. Take back
control. Take back control.

We take back control of
our money, our laws

and, of course, our borders.

Who thinks we should remain?

The IMF, the World Bank,
the Bank of England.

The real risk to Britain's economy.

A bomb under our economy.

The people of this country
have had enough of experts.

It's just scaremongering!
Project Fear.

It's scaremongering. Project Fear.
This Government sponsored a fiction,

claiming that Brexit
will cost us £4,300.

I mean, does Project Fear know
no bounds?

Don't throw away your
children's future.

The EU has made a fundamental

which is affecting the security
of all of us.

They swept across the Continent.

Say it loud, say it clear!
Refugees are welcome here!

The Leave campaign is now trying
to stir up prejudice.

You might as well just hang up
a sign that says,

"Terrorists Welcome"!

It's been Project Hate,
as far as immigration's concerned.

They're not refugees,
they're economic migrants,

and there's a difference. Leaving
Europe would be bad for the NHS.

70 million Turks.

Unprincipled fiction!

They lied about the cost of Europe.

They lied about Turkey's entrance
to Europe.

Why on Earth did you risk this?

Because they're British!

Our daughter couldn't get
into her school!

Let me finish, Christine.
You don't know exactly...
Let me make my point.

..what's going to happen, you don't
know the exact figures! How are we

going to pay for the National Health
Service? You are not paying

for it now! The Mayor's just got in
and said

there's no money to build these
50,000 homes

that he said he was going
to build!

Thank you. Thank you. Gosh,
I feel like a bloody rock star!

I can't believe how whipped up
everyone is! I knew you were

one of the good ones off the telly!

You know, saying what the people
really think. Thank you, thanks.

70 million Turks coming over here! I
mean, it's just... It's frightening.

Well, yes, we don't actually know
how many, or when, or...

It says... It says in your flyer,
look. Look.

Yes, well, that is, er...

..just the actual population of,
er, Turkey.

We should probably go, Boris, sorry.

There we are. Yay!
Take back control!


# Here we go, here we go
Here we go!

# Here we go, here we go! #


Yeah, yeah, but come on, come on!

Hospitals would totally collapse
without migrant workers.

Then, give those jobs
to British workers!

Oh, come on! Tell them that
unemployment for British-born

is dropping. Say that.

But the argument that migrants
bring in more in taxes than they

take out in services?
Yes, good, now follow up.

But how much of their wages are they
sending home, out the country?

She's just said,
they pay more in taxes.

They've got kids! As long as they
pay! Any more thoughts on that?

That's it, I'm going in.
Wait! No, that breaks the whole...

She's not testing our argument!
OK, that... Yeah, yeah.

Sorry. Sorry to interrupt.
Sorry, who are you?

The hard facts, right?

The Treasury receives a net benefit
of £20 billion

a year from EU workers paying
into the system... Says who?

..growing the economy. That's after
using public services, so they are

paying for more care, more teachers,
more... That's not a good thing?

Yes, no-one's saying
that's not the truth. Sorry!

How much are WE paying
to be over there? Yeah?

350 million! A week!

OK, so have none of you heard
our messages on...?

That £350 million is a lie!
You would say that!

No, it does not exist,
it has never existed!

A cheque for that amount
has never been signed!

We will not get it if we leave!
Project Fear!

What will happen is that our...
Project Fear! Listen to the man!

..our currency will collapse,
and the economy will contract.

How do you know that? You lot get
things wrong all the time.

I don't know why we pay anything.

To be a member of the single largest
trading bloc in the entire world!

But what benefit am I seeing
from that where I'M from?

I'd rather it go on the NHS,
like they're saying.

Oh, you do realise?

This is, yeah, bad.

The people making these promises,

people you have never heard of -
Dominic Cummings -

they're not elected,

they're not going to form
a government, despite having

made billions of pretend spending
promises post-Brexit that they

have no power, or responsibility
to see any of it through!

OK, we could take a little break.

Or Arron Banks and his diamond mine
in South Africa,

or Nigel Farage,
the old stockbroker.

Boris Johnson,
Jacob Rees-Mogg - yeah,

they're going to be fine, aren't
they? This is just a game to them!

A debating society.

But the risk to you
and your children...

There's no risk! Come to where
I'm from, there's nothing to lose!

We've got something to lose - our
age. Yous lot have had your lives!

I've had my life?! What do you know
about my life? You've had your jobs

and homes and things,
it doesn't matter to you, yeah?

Take a risk, sod it, thank you very
much! I haven't been lucky,
I've lost everything!

You're nervous about people with a
different colour skin and accent.
Oh, I am sick of being called that!

What did I call you? What did I say?
You know what you were calling me!
No, I don't!

Racist! Racist! Racist! That's what!
Exactly when did I say that?

You were saying that!
Sorry, she's right, all right?

Hate crimes - there's one bloke near
me... And that's my fault, is it?

All right, it's true! We can't say
nothing now without that coming up!


There's no need to...
It wasn't on purpose.

You can stand there all you like
and say, "I've had my life,"

coming from your big city! The past
years have been fucking awful!

If you must know! That's my fault.

And all I hear all the time is,

"Shut up, don't talk about it,
don't mention it, ever!"

Well, I'm sick of it!

I'm sick of feeling like nothing,
like I have nothing,

like I know nothing,
like I am nothing, I'm sick of it!


Hadn't realised,
and now it's too late.

Their campaign began 20 years ago.


The slow drip, drip, drip of fear
and hate,

without anyone willing
to counter it.

Worse - we stuck the boot in too.
How many of us on this side

blamed Europe or the outsider

when it was politically convenient
to do so?

And now?

Now we're expected in a matter
of weeks

to begin pushing back that tide.

TV: And I will stand on this boat
and I'll say you are wrong

and you are wrong and you're wrong!

Not one of you lot look like you
have come out of Southend-on-Sea!

So this is what we're reduced to,
is it?

This is who we are?

You brag that you're London
through and through.

BOB GELDOF: Go back down the river
cos you're up one without a canoe!

To the dismay of Remain colleagues,

Gedolf's signals were
somewhat crude.

SIMON MCCOY: On that breaking news,

reports of a stabbing and shooting
involving the MP Jo Cox.

Very scant information
at this stage.

But according to the Press
Association, they're quoting

an eye witness who says,
that the Batley and Spen MP

has been shot in the incident.

JANE HILL: Details really are scant.

Jo Cox is the MP
for Batley and Spen.

We know that she is involved
in some way,

and we have been told
that she is injured.

I'm afraid that really is

as much as is coming through
at the moment.

So some sort of incident...

OK. OK. Thanks, thank you.
Yeah, bye.

Emergency services at the scene.

She's co-chair of the Friends Of
Syria All-party Parliamentary Group.

She was a strong advocate
for Britain Stronger in Europe.

We're hearing that she was
at a nearby library holding a...

one o'clock today,

Jo Cox,
MP for Batley and Spenborough,

was attacked in Market Street,

I am now very sad
to have to report

that she has died
as a result of her injuries.

Before going into further detail,
I would like to express

our deepest sympathies
to her family and friends

at this tragic time.

Jo was attacked by a man
who inflicted serious and, sadly,

ultimately fatal injuries.

Subsequently there was a
further attack on a 77-year-old man

nearby, who has sustained injuries

that are non-life-threatening.
Shortly afterwards,

a man was arrested nearby
by a local uniformed...



Strange week.



I didn't think it would be
as bad as this. You? No.

But, then again, isn't that what
these types of questions do?

Force people into tribes.

Still, I think it should be
possible, vital even,

for a country to be able to ask
itself a question,

and to be answered without...

..all this.

Without such hate.
Without fucking death.


Seems it's moved...

..way beyond our relationship
with an economic bloc. It's...'s about the soul
of our country.

I worry.

I worry that we won't
be able to heal...

..that this has created...
Exposed - we didn't create it.

..a type of debate, a politics
that is unsophisticated,

uncivilised and, worst of all,

Seriously, though, don't worry about

the long-term repercussions
of all this?

Of undermining the very concept of
expertise, of independent authority?

Your experts had an agenda.
Based on their knowledge.

You are feeding a toxic culture,

where nobody can trust or believe

That is not what I'm doing at all.
..where nobody listens

to each other, they just yell.
And the loudest and the rudest

gets heard... And give people
a voice who have been ignored

for years. You're not giving them
a voice, you're inciting them.

Don't confuse me with Banks
and Farage, they're the ones

who are inciting people.
How convenient that you had them

to do your dirty work for you.

Have you ever, ever REALLY tried
to stop them?

You and your lot have dominated
politics, political discourse,

for decades, Craig,
and what have you done with it?


You can't close the box, Dom,
once it's been opened.

This is the new politics now,
the way we will conduct...

Change is exciting.

What's your edge?

What are you doing,
what have you found?

It's the sleep I miss.

I miss sleep.
God I do, too, I miss sleep.

I honestly think I had more hours
a night

when my kids were born than this.

You're having a baby, aren't you?


What have you got, two daughters?

I think about it, you know?

About the kind of country
that they'll grow up in.

What is this?

A "think of the children" appeal?
Please, Craig. I am doing.

I'm trying to get us ready.
The train coming down the tracks

isn't the one that you expected,
it's not the one advertised

on the board? Well, tough. It isn't
even the one that I imagined.

But I accept it.

You can't stop it.

You're right,
there is a new politics in town.

One that you cannot control.

Be careful what you wish for.

You won't be able to control it

Last orders!


It is decision day.

After all the campaigning,
the rows and debates,

today, it is time for the voters
to have their say.

Polling stations opened
at seven o'clock this morning.

More that 46 million people
have their chance to vote today.

That's a record for this country.

I voted to Remain. I don't think
there's any good reason

to stay in the thing.
The referendum is taking place

in every part of the United Kingdom.

The polls are open
until 10 o'clock tonight.

And, once they close,
it will be at Manchester Town Hall

that the final result will be
declared by the chair

of the Electoral Commission.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

The total number of ballot papers
counted was


The total number of votes cast
in favour of Remain was


The total number of votes cast
in favour of Leave was




You've changed the country forever!

the result of this referendum,

which has been preceded
by weeks and months of argument

and dispute. The British people have
spoken, and the answer is we're out.


If I may...

If I may borrow from England's
greatest wordsmith.

From this day
to the ending of the world,

but we in it shall be remembered.

Yeah? Congratulations. I can't
believe we did it. It's amazing.

..brothers. Dom, are you there?


Great. It's great.

Look, I just want to say, I know
we had our own little wobble.

I've gotta go.

CHANTING: Dom! Dom! Dom! Dom! Dom!
Dom! Dom! Dom! Dom!


Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!



What did we say we were going to do?

Kill the CBI?

We wanted to take back control.

What are we doing?
ALL: Taking back control.

What have we done?
ALL: Taken back control!

Come on!





decency and faith in nature

I think now is going to win!


And we will have done it
without having to fight

and without one single bullet being
fired. And we will have done it.

Actually, one bullet WAS fired,

you moronic, little cunt.

And some people
are now saying that was wrong.

And that the people should
never have been asked in this way.

I disagree.


I believe it was entirely right...

..and inevitable, and indeed,
that there is no way of dealing

with a question on this scale,

except by putting it to the people.

In the end, this question is ABOUT
the people.

It's about the right of the people
of this country

to settle their own destiny.

SOPHIE RAWORTH: Within hours,
David Cameron announced

he was standing down as
Prime Minister. Thank you very much.

He said he'd stay in Number Ten
for the next few months,

but that the country required
fresh leadership.



I can't hear it any more. Can you?

It's gone.


I said, if you are the
unknown soldier in all of this,

the real puppet master,

and we're all living in the future
that you have imagined for us...

This isn't my future, this is crap.
It's all gone crap.

So, you were wrong?
Your predictions,

your optimism for life outside
the EU, it was flawed?

This is a...

Well, it's going to be a
multi-decade project. Multi-decade?!

Yeah. I didn't see that
on the side of the bus.

The vision wasn't flawed...'s people that are flawed.

The politicians, they did it crap,
and they ruined it.

I said the entire Downing Street
operating system needed overhauling.

But you weren't there, were you?
You were pushed out, once again.

There is a systems failure
in this country and across the West.

We're languishing, we're drifting
without a vision or a purpose.

And what do you do usually
when there's a systems failure?

You reset. And that's all I did.
I reset.

And what did they do?
What did all of you do?

You rebooted
the same operating system,

the same tired, old politics
of short-termism,

and self-serving, small-thinking
bullshit. But are you not part

of the same culture, Mr Cummings?
No. Of half-truths? Well...

Easy answers, false promises?

Yes, yes, don't think that I don't
know I'm as bad as the rest of them,

but that's what the system does,
the virus, it infects.

But I was hoping, just praying,
that someone, anyone,

with a minimalist amount of...
even a fucking modicum, an ounce

of imagination or vision
or, Jesus Christ, aspiration,

could see that there was the
opportunity for something to... actually happen, for someone
to step in and do something... make a change to... just...

Are you done, Mr Cummings?


Yeah, I'm done.

We're all done. Thank you.

Subtitles by explosiveskull