Brevi amori a Palma di Majorca (1959) - full transcript - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


- Look, the little German girl from the ship!
- She's not German, she's English!

- I do not think so, she's a Nordic type.
- What type are the English?

Let's make an agreement: If she is English, she's yours..

If she's German ... she is mine.

-(In german) Do you speak German?
- No.

- (In english) Do you speak English? - No.
- (In spanish) Do you Speak Spanish?

-(In spanish) A little, sir.
-What's this?She doesn't speak none of these.Where is she from?

- Are you Italian?
- Yes, why? You, too?

- Yes, what a lucky coincidence meet you here!
Of course! A magnificent coincidence!

- Are you here all alone?
- No, with Mom and Dad.

- It couldn't have been different.
- What?

He didn't believe that you were Italian,
but I understood it immediately.

- Is it true, isn't it?
- Eh!

I 'll go, bye-bye.


- Not bad !
- We are in Palma de Mallorca, an international touristic place.

It would be ridiculous to have an
affair with some Italian girl we meet!

It seems a joke!

- Come on!
- Moreover with her parents near her .

- Is this bad luck, you know?
- We risk even to get engaged!

- Waiter, two gin and tonic!
- Forget it!

- Who are they?
- There are two Italians, Mom.

Here too! It seems that this year, too,
it is a fashion to go abroad.

If you think that in Italy
there are so many beautiful beaches...

It is true, but we
have seen almost everyone of them.

Sometimes you have to get
out from home.

We needed to come here, so far away?
How will I manage to do my job?

Don't think of your work
and especially don't talk about it.

- This child has no friends.
- I'm an undertaker.

- Isn't it a serious job?
- It's too serious, Dad.That's the problem.

- Do you speak English?
- No.

- Do you speak German?
- No.

- Do you speak French?
- No.

- Do you speak Spanish?
- No.

- Do you speak italian?
- Very little.

- I am Swedish.
- Ah, it's Swedish! Fantastic!

- Have you ever been to Italy?
- A week.

- Do you like the Italians?
- A lot! Very much!

How nice she is!

My boyfriend Georgio, from Roma.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Pleased to meet you.

I am not. I didn't take her
here in Palma for you.

- Come on! Go away!
- Very fair.


But look at these!

How wonderful! Mary Moore is the most
beautiful actress we have in Europe.

- She is even better than Marilyn Monroe.
- Don't exagerate it!

- She's all full of makeup.
- Tell me, Valentino.

You bring her coffee every morning in the cabin,
how does she look without makeup?

Very beautiful!
Her green eyes seems like a tiger's.

- That old man who travels with her
is her lover? - No!

A film producer is her lover.

That's a duke,
who is like a bodyguard.

-Then there's nothing to do!
- Prince, don't even think about it.

Last night she refused an invitation to lunch
from the King of Sudan!

Then she sent him back the flowers.

Everyone would like to meet her, but they understood
that there is nothing to do.

The only one who didn't understand it yet
and still insists is still there.

Which one? That cripple one?

Here you go.

"My sweet diva, this night of fool moon
I feel alone. "

"Perhaps you're alone, too."

"Mary, meanwhile you read I am on the other side of
the door of your cabin. "

"You open it and I slip in. Anselmo."

Let's go!

Come on.



Here she is.

Who is it?
- I'm always wrong, they are all the same.