Bounty Tracker (1993) - full transcript

Almost the whole staff of a tax consultant office is slayed by a team of professional killers, only Paul Damone can escape. He didn't know that his partner used to wash gangster Louis Sarazin's money and had to testify as chief witness against him. Paul's brother Johnny, best bounty tracker of Boston, visits Paul to protect him, but can't prevent that he and his pregnant wife are targeted by the same team. Now Johnny's out for revenge...

You know, ever since we were nobodies,

this man has always been a role model.

So I toast unto you, my brother.

The original King Loc.
- Yeah man, come on.

All right.

You know, I'm gonna miss
yo black ass when you leave.

Yeah, and so is the
funny fuckin' feds too,

you know what I'm saying?

What the fuck you lookin' at?

What you smilin' at?

Hello, darling.

Where's the party?

Who the hell are you?

The name is Van Martin.

From Black Club, Harvard.

B-school, actually.

I was told there's some sort
of celebration going on here.

Ain't no preppie party
going on here, white boy.

You got the wrong hood altogether.


Charming hat.

Yo, G, did you see homeboy?


I see him.


Everybody run, run for your lives!

Hurry up, get out!

Everyone, run for your lives!

Something stinks, man.

And it's wearing a bow tie.

Something about you bugs me.

I can't imagine what that would be.

You know...

I really think you ought
to call it a night.

Yo man, who the fuck are you?

Just your friendly
neighborhood garbage collector.

Hey man, you can't arrest me.

You didn't even read
me my fuckin' rights.

You're not under arrest, Harold.

I'm not?
- Not yet.

You again, Damone?

You recognize this pretty face?

Son of a bitch.

Harold Kingston.

Alias King Loc.

Like to live dangerously,
don't you, Damone?

No risk, no reward, you know?

So what's the
bounty on this bad ass?

Enough to pay off my car.

And send me to Los Angeles for a month.

50 K?

You son of a bitch.

Hey man, who the fuck are you?

This, my friend, is the
infamous Johnny Damone.

Boston's finest bounty tracker.

Want a peanut, Sarge?
- Yeah.


Wendy, where are you?

Wendy, I need those files now.

Yes, Mr. Silk.

Silk and Damone Accounting.

One moment, please.

Wendy, get in my office right now.

What are you, deaf?

Silk and Damone.

One moment, please.

Detective Ralston, calling
to confirm your meeting?


What a day.

Where the hell is my partner?


Hello, Silk?
- Yeah.

I hope you were able
to get all your records

for our meeting this afternoon.

Yeah, I-I got it all.


We'll need everything that you've got

on every Guildex transaction.

I'll have all the files ready.


And then I'll have
to talk to your partner

sometime before the grand
jury convenes next week.

A, Paul Damone.

Yeah, right.

Remember, every piece of
this information is critical.

You've got our full cooperation.

Good, okay.

That's the last one.

I have your messages, Mr. Damone.

Thank you, Wendy.

Mr. Silk wants to see you right away.

Yeah, I know.

Hold my calls, please.

It's Damone.

Everybody's home.

Let's do it.

Police just called.

They're on their way over to see me.

Jesus, if I had only known...

You did know.

You knew from the first time
you looked over the books,

nothing added up.

So they were tweaking a few numbers.

You knew they weren't
playing by the rules, Marty.

And you never told me.

Okay, okay, I screwed up.


They paid up front, 50 grand, cash.

Which is not a reason
to keep the account

once you found out.

Look, I got us into this.

I'll get us out of this.

I trusted you, Marty.

Can I help you?

I think so, we're here to see Mr. Silk.

He's expecting us.

Well, it'll be just a minute.

Can I offer you some coffee?

No thanks.

It's bad for the nerves.

Can I help you?

What are you...

You've reached
911, is this an emergency?


Jewels, Alec.

Clean up the files.

Possible trouble at

the Moorpark Building, 346 Valley Place.

Please respond.

Unit 14, we're on it.

Where's Damone?

Did you two take care of him?

Finish it.

Get your hands on the car, now!

Whatever you say, officer.

No problem.
- Spread 'em, now!

I'm sorry, everything happened so fast.

Well, even with Luis Sarazin in jail,

it's obvious that he
will stop at nothing.

We don't have one shred
of proof to pin it on him.

Now that the Guildex files are destroyed,

and your partner is dead,

your testimony is more
important than ever.

Yeah, but I wasn't
involved with the account.

Yeah, but you round
out that your partner

was helping Sarazin launder
money though Guildex.


Too late.

So your testimony of that fact,

combined with the evidence
that Sarazin's ex-partner,

Jerry Greco, will bring to the trial

will be enough to put him anyway.

All those people were my
employees and my friends.

I'll do whatever I can to help.


We will fully protect you.

I'll personally supervise it.

Sunset Hill.

Thanks a lot.
- Thank you.

Freeze it right there, amigo.

What's going on?

One heck of a neighborhood
watch program you got here.

Johnathan Damone.

Bounty hunter.
- Ooh.

Massachusetts license.

Yeah, my brother Paul
lives in this house,

if I'm not mistaken.

You're his brother?
- Yeah.

Says he's Damone's brother.

You got a brother?



Yo Paul, are you in there?


Yeah, hey, let him in.


I didn't realize how serious it was

until the books and records were

subpoenaed by the government.

That's when I discovered that my partner

was in cahoots with him and
he wasn't telling me anything.

Now he's dead.


And this guy Sarazin is
behind Guildex Financial?

Luis Sarazin, he's a
heavyweight white-collar criminal.

And now I've gotta testify against him.

You sure you have to do this, Paul?

I mean, with Isabelle
pregnant and everything?

Johnny, I don't
have much of a choice.

At least I'm not the main witness.

The star on the stand
is Sarazin's ex-partner,

a guy named Jerry Greco.

Police have him hidden somewhere.

I don't believe this.


Is that really you?


You look great.


I look terrible.


So Paul told you
what was happening, right?

- Pretty scary?


We haven't seen you in,
what's it been, honey?

Two million years.

Give the guy a break.

He's here.

Didn't you guys get my Christmas card?

You liar!

How dare you avoid us, Johnny?

I'm not avoiding you.

Look, I'm here, aren't I?

I just wanted to, you know, surprise you.

Well, it is a surprise, okay.

We really do miss you, honey.

I miss you guys, too.

I'm gonna make another
pass around the side.

All right, you got it,
I'll keep an eye out front.

When you see my
signal, pick us up, okay?

All right boys, let's roll.

Let's do it.

Do you want something to eat, guys?

You're a mind reader.

Thanks very much.
- Sure.

One down.

You guys hungry?


Listen, you can change
in the guest room upstairs.


Come on, I'll show you where it is.

Do exactly as I say, you understand?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's this one here.

Make yourself comfortable.

Thanks, yeah.
- All right, good night.

Make him open up.

It's Grey, open the door.

Come on guys, open up.

He must have smelled the food.

Police, it's Grey.

Let Ralston...

- Isabelle, no!

Damn it!

Max Talton?

There was a girl.

And one I smoked.

This one?
- Yeah.

Send him my condolences.

That's their leader, Erik Gauss.

Gauss is believed to be responsible for

at least a dozen recent killings.

Including the murder of one of
our best officers last year.

There's a $100,000 reward on his head,

if that's helped in any way.

Well, you've been very helpful.

That's all I need to know.

Wait a minute.

That's not all I need to know.

Now, those bastards
killed Paul and Isabelle

right in front of me, man.

What do you expect me to do?

I hunt men for a living, Ralston.

I know you do.

And so do we.

Well, if you know so
much about this Gauss,

why haven't you nailed him yet?

The man is practically invisible.

He's the closest thing to
a ghost I've ever seen.

Well, maybe you need some
help finding this ghost.

Look, Damone, this is an
extremely sensitive case.

And a very big trial.

Now, my number one priority
is to put Luis Sarazin away.

And if Gauss is involved,

that just makes everything
that much more difficult.

And the last thing I need
is some karate cowboy

running around, trying to make a buck.


You think this is about money to me?

No, get him!
- Stop!

Stop, get him!


I gotcha, man.
- Thank you very much.

Happy to be of service.

Come on, I got him.

So, make sure to tell our employer

how we want the payment

for the next phase of our operation.

No problem, Erik.

I'll be waiting right
here for you, counselor.

Nice legs!

Hey, sweetheart.

Come here.

Please leave us alone.

Attorney/client privilege.

Well, if it isn't my
beautiful attorney.

So good to see you.

I, um, understand the

body count was quite high.

People get in the way.

But the account was taken care of?


What about that bastard, Greco?

The trial is in 48 hours.

Everything's under control.

And by the way, about our fee...

I know.

A million.

We want it in cut diamonds.

Triple A quality, two karats or more.

And make sure the price is wholesale.

Money can be traced, diamonds can't.


You plan everything, I like that.

Speaking of plans, I was
hoping that you and I

can get together when this is over.

Don't count on it.


Hey baby, come here, come here!


All right, took some time,

but I'm finally in the mainframe.

It should only be a second.

That's it.

You were right.

Dude is Damone's brother.

Johnathan Damone.

Ex-Marine, ex-cop.

Black belt in aikido.

Current profession, recovery agent.

A bounty tracker.

No wonder the dude was so good.

Why, just 'cause he kicked your ass?

Hey, enough.

Now we know who he is,
we just need to wait.

He'll make a move, he'll tip his hand.

We'll nail him.

But back to Greco, you
got all the equipment?

Everything's set, Erik.

All right, let's go.

Those fools
will lead us right to him.

Hey, T-bone.
- Ralston.

Is Slash ever gonna
dig your ass now, baby.

A little dab will do ya.

And you're on the way to
the booty hall of fame.

Now that's a nice piece of work, man.

Metal head mamas.

Some of my best customers.

You wouldn't believe
where I put some tattoos.

I can imagine.

So, what can I buzz on you, man?

Yeah, look...

Have you ever seen this before?

I've seen this tattoo, yeah.

I think.

You mind if I ask you where?

On a dude in a wheelchair.

About a year ago.

Wanted me to take his off.

Does this dude in a
wheelchair have a name?

You know what they say.

Money talks, horseshit walks.

I keep everyone's name on
a file for my mailing list.

Alberto Manuel.

No phone, but...

You can write down his address.

Down in that barrio, it looks like.

There he goes.

Don't follow him too close.

All right, call me if
there's any changes,

and I'll meet with you later.


Alberto Manuel?

Who are you?

And what do you want?

Take it easy.

Name's Damone, I'm just
looking for someone.


I was told you might know him.

Erik Gauss.

Look man, just tell me
where he is and I'll leave.

In hell, hopefully!

Damn it!

No offense?
- Damn!

Kind of hard to carry on a conversation

with a 12-gauge shotgun in your face.

Here you go.

What's your connection with Gauss?

Look, I don't know what your
history is with the man.

But he killed my brother.

Look, if I was you...

I'd leave Gauss alone.

I know you don't want to hear this,

but it's not gonna
bring your brother back.

I wasted 10 years of my life,

even did a five year stretch in Soledad

for that miserable bastard.

What happened to your legs?

It's not my legs, goddamn it.

It's my back.

He did it.
- Why?

Because I wanted out.

It sounds like we're
on the same team, man.

I don't have anything to tell you.


Indonesian martial arts.


Gauss' specialty.

Combined with karate.

It's especially dangerous.

How did you get in with him, anyway?

It was after 'Nam.

He got a group of us together

and took us down to Indonesia,

where he started training us, molding us.

Into mercenaries.


In the Philippines, Angola, Nicaragua.

Then the Cold War melted
down, and no more action.

Except the kind he's into now.



To anyone who can pay his price.


Can't you tell me where I can find him?



Look, I have a life now, damn it!

I mean, something to-to live for!

Look, just leave me alone, all right?

Look, just-just get out of here
and don't come back no more.

You're the only one who can help me.

Hey, you heard the man clearly.

It's all right, Tony.

The man was just leaving.

Look, if you change your mind...

I won't.

Name's Damone, I'm at the Chandler.

You don't hear so good, Damone.

Chill out, homey.

You okay, sir?

Yeah, Tony.

Who was that guy?

It's not even worth talking about.



Hey, boss.


You know, it's gonna be kind of letdown

after dogging Sarazin for eight years

to see the bastard get put away.

Well, we don't have
Greco on the stand yet.

We got, another 18 hours.

Shit, you don't think
Gauss is gonna find him

all the way out here, do you?

How's Greco doing?

All right, got an all
night poker marathon

going with the guys,
even letting him win.

All right, well I'm just checkin'.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Okay, Jack?
- All right.

Very nice.

That's exactly what I want to hear.



Ramses said Ralston led
him to Greco's safe house.

He'll get the equipment.

We'll attack the safe house before dawn.


Can I help you?

Yeah, I didn't mean
to bust up your class.

I heard of your dojo.

From who?

A mutual friend.

So, you want to learn paso-dyak?

No, not really.

Just trying to locate an
old acquaintance of mine.

I lost track of him and
I heard he studied here.

His name is Erik Gauss.

I have never heard of him.

Perhaps I should ask my guru.


That guy you're
looking for just showed up.

Very good, Kuto.

This guy was becoming a problem for me.

Just keep him busy until
Jewels gets there, okay?

Don't worry.

I'll keep him here until she arrives.

So our bounty tracker
has tipped his hand.

Yeah, and now it's time to nail him.

My pleasure.

What is this, the advanced class?






Nice jammies.

Did we wake you?

Sorry about your place.

We made kind of a mess.

Got a lot of candles around here.

Don't you have some kind of a fire code?

Come on man, I ain't got all night.

He just left the dojo.

So much for Kuto.

Take care of him.

Don't worry.

Freeze, hold it right there!

Drop your weapon, now!


I missed him.

Jewels, that's not like you.

Yeah, well you can bet
it won't happen again.

Yes, I believe I can.

Well, that's not all.

Now the cops have got him.

And I also found
something very interesting

in his hotel room.

The address of our old
friend, Alberto Manuel.

Well, that's
one source of information

I will have to take care of myself.

This won't take long.

I'll take care of Manuel,

and Greco will be history
before the sun comes up.

Cosine of X squared equals what?

Cosine of X squared equals what?

Aw come on, Mr. Manuel.

Cut me some slack.

Okay, big T.

I'll tell you what,

you go back and you look
at that lesson again,

because I'm not gonna give
you any of the answers

that you can't figure out for yourself.

But this algebra shit's hard.

Yeah, well, you've come
a long, long way, Tony.

Don't even think about quittin' now.

Besides, I want you to be my
first kid from the neighborhood

to go to college.

Shit, wait a minute.

What college is gonna take me?

I've been working that
out with Cal State, guero.

But you're gonna have to
work your cajones off.

And I mean work them off.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

But I was thinkin'...

Why can't I just hang here with you,

get my GED, and help you run the place?

I mean, what about
all those little homeys

still screwing up out there?

I can help you teach them?

Straighten out their head, you know,

like what you did for me?

I appreciate the offer, Tony, but...

Hey, come on, Mr. M?

I mean, you need a dude like
me to cover your ass, right?

Well, I could use a good pair of legs

to go down to Mama Candelaria's.

I'm your man.

All right.


Get me some tortillas.

And do me a favor, Tony.

Make sure they're fresh this time,

'cause I'm gonna show
you how to make a real.

East Los Angeles burrito.

Be right back.
- You got it.

That was quick, Tony, what happened?

Did you forget something?

Hello, Alberto.


What a surprise.


Life is full of surprises, isn't it?

What's, what's, is there a
problem or something, Erik?

What-what, what's goin' down?

You've been talking.

To a bounty tracker named Damone.


No, that-that's not so, Erik.

I warned you never, ever
to mention my name to anyone.

I swear, I didn't say anything!

Goddamn it, I didn't say anything, Erik!

You know, Alberto...

I was merciful with you.

I saved your life.

And you betrayed me.


You broke my fucking back, man!

Maybe that wasn't enough.

Remember what I told you, Alberto?

Silence is golden.

Die in hell, you bitch!

So you had to go and
make some moves, didn't ya?

Christ, Damone.

You know, you're lucky to be alive.

At least I'm getting
closer to Gauss than you are.


Well what did you find out about
him that I didn't tell you?

Nothing yet.


Then as of now, your
little pursuit is over.

I want you on the next plane to Boston.

You take your bag and you
get the hell out of my sight.

And if I see you again,
you're gonna end up in jail

for obstruction of justice.

Do I have a choice?


Mr. M, I got the fresh...


Mr. M?

Mr. M, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

Who did this to you?

Who did this to you?

Who did this?


Mr. M?

Mr. M?

Stay with me, okay?

Do you hear me?

The hell with this.

Aw, come on Greco, don't stop playing.

This is your lucky night.


Well I got a feeling I'm gonna be lucky

to get through the night.

Hey, let me ask you something.

Tomorrow, after I rat on Sarazin,

where you gonna hide me then, genius?

Come on, sit down.

Get away from the door.

Sit down.

You'll have a new identity in a new city

where no one will ever find you.

Any problems?

Not a thing.

Guess we won't have to worry
about the neighbors tonight.

Ramses, Jewels, you wait for my signal.

Let's go.


Go, get out, sir!
- Go on, get out!

- I can't believe it!

It's a set up!
- It's gas!



Chandler Hotel.

This is it.

Let's get this pendejo.

Let's do it.

Didn't your mother ever tell you

not to point guns at strangers?

I ain't got no mother.

And you ain't no stranger.

You're the guy that
got Mr. Manuel killed.



Does the name Gauss
ring any bells, man?

When did this happen?

Last night, don't act
like you're surprised.

You're fucking responsible.

And now, you're gonna fuckin' pay.

Listen to me, all right?

I understand why you guys
are on the war path, okay?

But you got it all wrong.

We don't think so, man.
- Now, look, okay?

I want him just as bad as you do.

Blast him, Chuey, go on!

Now wait a minute!

He's the guy you're after, right?

Yeah, but don't worry about him.

He's next.

He can run, but he can't hide.


Well, he's doing a pretty
good job of it so far.

Even the cops can't find him.

Let's just ice this son of a bitch!

No, no, no, wait.

Wait a minute.

Chill a second.

Okay, okay.

What do you know?

Well one thing I know for sure

is that if you kill me,

you're killing the only chance you've got

of finding Gauss and his crew.

Yeah, why's that?

You know where he is?



You think I'm gonna tell you?

His people would tear you apart, man.

Besides, I work alone.

Wait, wait a second.

Where the hell do you think you're going?

None of your business.

What, you're just
gonna let him walk, man?

Yo, yo, Damone, wait!


Come on, let's follow this dude.

Come on!

First timer.

I heard about this place
from some buddies of mine.


So, T.O.C.

Tactical operation center, right?


Give me a shot of JD and a Bud back.

One of my buddies told me to look up

an old friend of his from 'Nam.

Said he's supposed to hang out here.


Who's that?

That's the thing.

I can't remember the guy's name.


Talton, that's it.

Never heard of him.


There's some guy here looking for you.

You about ready to leave?

What's your hurry?

You ask a lot of
questions, you know that?


Real considerate of you to drop by.

Actually, I was just about to leave.

You ain't goin' nowhere.

Yo, chill, motherfucker!

Who the hell is this?

America's youth.

Don't they make you proud?

Come on Max, babe,
we're going for a walk.


You've got some partners, Damone.

Now that you mention it,
it's not such a bad idea.

Look, one of you guys is gonna

have to stash my brother's Porsche.

Let's go.

Yo, Damone.

You better start hanging
with the homeboys, man.

You know, that's not such a bad idea.

But first, let's conduct
a little interview.

I ain't tellin' you nothing.

I didn't think you would.

At least, not at first.

Bullet, see?

So what?

So we're gonna play a little game.

Maybe you've heard of it.

It's called Russian roulette.

Now, where can we find
a certain Mr. Gauss?

Go to hell!

You're pretty lucky.

Unfortunately, the odds
do get considerably worse

as we continue playing.

What are the odds now, Tony?

Five to one.

Five to one, see?

What, are you crazy?

Total loco, man.

Where's Gauss, guero?

You can waste me
right now, I'm just not...


Man, this is your lucky day!

I think we're going
for an all-time record.

What are the odds now?

Four to one.

Four to one!
- Come on, pendejo!

Just wait!


Look, I'll tell you,
damn it, I'll tell you!

Why, and ruin the game?

I-I don't know where he's at now.

I don't know.

But he's got a place.

He's got a place, it's,
Commerce Canyon.

Commerce Canyon Road.

At the end of the fire road.

Tiny, make a left right up here.

You got it.

W-where are we going?

Can't you guess?

What the hell's going on here?

This guy's a damn liar!

Johnny Damone.

Skip tracer out of Boston.

I didn't do nothing wrong, sir.

These maniacs, they kidnapped me!

He's the one you ought to arrest!

He threatened my life!

Your name Talton?


Book this piece of shit.

Let's go, pal.

Nice work.
- Thanks.

25 Gs, too?

Hey, wait a minute.

Are we talking dollars?

Real money, cholitos.

You mean, they're giving
you 25 grand for that asshole?

Now wait a minute now, we helped you.

That's right.

I know, that's why I'm donating it.

To the Alberto Manuel Youth Center.

All right!

Vamos, maybe we can
make some more plata.

Check it out, guys.

Got anything back there?

No man, nothing, it's clean.

Man, this place is like, cleaned out.

Where could he be?

What's all this?


Who's that, man?

That's my brother.

Sorry, man.

Me too.

What's up, holmes?
- Hey, what's up man?

All right, man.

We blew it.

It's over, holmes.


This whole thing is fucked, man!

How can we let them get away with it?

They haven't.

Not yet.


Well what the hell are you doing?

You think you're Superman or something?

Well let me tell you something, man.

We lost!

And Alberto?

Alberto died for nada.

So what you gonna do now, Damone?

Well he can't hang here
man, I can tell you that much.

Man, just don't forget
to send us the check.


We don't want your money.



Go back to your white bread world.


I don't know about you
guys, but I'm starved.

Here you go.

Thanks, man.

Hey, Damone, man,

you make one damn
breakfast burrito, holmes.

Almost as good as Manuel did.

What else did Alberto
do besides make burritos?

Get you guys off drugs, gang bang, what?

He did all that stuff or us, man.

Taught us that, you know,
it just didn't make no sense

doing what we were doing,

fighting over street names and shit.

Said we should have goals,
and work towards them.

That's right.

You wanna know what Alberto
was really all about, man?

Yeah, Tony, I do.

He was about hope.

He was about alternatives.

That's what he's about, man.

Yo, man, check this out!

I'm here at the
downtown federal prison,

where reputed white-collar
crime figure, Luis Sarazin,

is about to be released,

following reports that
key witness Jerry Greco

was brutally murdered last
night, despite police protection.

Here he is now.

Mr. Sarazin?

Mr. Sarazin can't talk now.

Mr. Sarazin,

any comment on your unexpected release?

All I can say is that
justice has been served

and the system really works.

Do you deny
connection to the killing

of Jerry Greco last night?

Jerry who?

This is Becky Johanssen
reporting for KSTV 5.

Man, how can they let that bastard go?

After he had all those people wasted?

Man, I'm telling you,

they don't give a shit about Mr. Manuel!

What kind of system is this, anyway?

Let me think for a minute.

Yeah, okay fine, man, but
they can't get away with it!

They had to release
Sarazin today, right?

Yeah, so?
- So?

So if you were Gauss, where
would you wanna be right now?

I'd wanna get my ass paid.

Right, so maybe...

Just maybe, Sarazin and Gauss
are gonna meet face to face.

You get what I'm saying?

Shit, Damone.

You think we'll get away with it?

Well, we can try.

Well, Louie, it's all over.


And now...

Back to business as usual.

With a fucking vengeance.

It's Gauss.

Time to roll, my friend.

Bruno, we're ready to roll.

I'm in, man.

Okay, I copy that.

Okay, we're on our way, man.

We're making a right on Whitworth.

Roger that Tiny, we're with you.

We're turning
west, man, down Riverside.

Okay, we're turning again.

Looks like 405 South, man.

We're with you, Tiny.

We're going through
some kind of tunnel now.

We're slowing down now.

Just pulled off the freeway, man.

What exit, Tiny?

Can you see it?

Looks like

some kind of carnival or something.

All right, we'll find it, okay?

Just be careful.

I can't see where we are.

I can't see any street signs or anything.

Wait, okay, it looks like we're going by

some warehouses or something.

We're turning off the street.

We're pulling in somewhere, man.

Like, some kind of
junkyard or something.

What, what happened?

I just locked myself in.



All right, stay cool.

We'll be there shortly.

Yo, yo, man!

There's a carnival over
there, right over there!

You're just the woman I want to see.

Ooh, yes, you are a killer.

Follow me, gentlemen.

Hey, Erik!

All right, my hero!

You know, you are one slick operator.

You always finish the job, don't you?

Well, I'm not quite finished yet.

Don't worry.

We have it all.

One million in diamonds.

According to your specifications.

Best money I've ever spent.

So open it.


Tiny, can you read me?

What happened, where are ya?

Tiny, are you there?

Can you hear me?

Tiny, can you hear me?

Are you there?

Tiny, can you read me?

Come back.

How you doing, man?
- Get outta there!

Get outta there!


Don't worry, they're real.

Hey, let go of me!
- Yes, I'm sure they are.

Shit, let go of me!

What the hell is that?

Man, let me go!
- Come on, come on!

I found this little freak

hidin' out in the fuckin' trunk!

Well, who is he?

What was he doing in there?

Nothing, man!

I was just trying to catch some Zs.

I'm a homeless person, you know?

Shut your mouth, or
I'll shut it for you.

Well, it's a pleasure doing
business with you, Luis.


No hard feelings, Luis.

It's just business.

Where are you, you little shit?

Tiny, Tiny, talk to me, man!

Where are you?

Come in!

Tiny, do you read me?

Come back!

Sounds like our friend,
the bounty tracker.

Give it to me.

Tiny, do you read me?

I read you loud and clear, Damone.

It's about time you
said hello to us before.

Where are you, Gauss?

Tiny and I are waiting.

Where are you, Damone?

In the neighborhood.

Viro Recycling Yard.

9345 Fulton.

I'll be waiting.

Guess we won't be
doing any repeat business

with that client.

They got the message
of we don't like that.

Now let's finish cleaning up.

You're the dick who killed Mr. Manuel.

Ramses, get this in the car.

You go to the right.

Jewels, you wait right here.

Don't worry.

And Tiny, you come with me.

Come on.

Goddamn Fulton man,
where is it, where is it?

It should be...

It should be next right.

There, there it is, man, right there.

Tell me when they get here.

Okay, he's here.

You guys go get him.

I'm going for Tiny.


Do it!

Drop it.

Drop it, now!

Turn around, now!


Fuck you.

Get me out man, come on!

Get me out of here man, it's not funny!

Damn it!

Where are you, you son of a bitch?

Hey Damone, man, it's a trap!

Not bad, Damone.

You're pretty fast.

Now let's up the stakes.

This isn't funny, man!

Get me out of here, damn it!

Let's see who's gonna die first.


Or tiny?

Let me out, man!

Let me out!

Let me out of here, man!

Let me out of here!

Get me out of here, man!
- Stop.

What are we doing?

I'm gonna circle around to Gauss.

You guys go after Tiny.

- Go, go, go!

Let me out, man!

Damn it!

Damn it!

Come on, let me out of here, man!

Let me out of here, man!

Let me out of here, come on!

Let me out, man!

Let me out of here, man!

Come on man, come over here, man!

Let me out of here!

Let me out of here!

Come here!

Let me out of here, man!

Come here, man, let me out of here!

Come here, hurry up!

Come on, man!
- Come on!

Let me out of here!

- Let me out of here!

Let me out, come on!

Come on, get me out of here, Chuey!

Get me out of here man!

Get me out of here!

Man, hurry!
- Tiny!


How much am I worth?

100 grand?

Dead or alive.

This is a bounty you will not collect.

Now you're gonna die, bounty tracker!

It's over.

Everybody all right?



Let's get out of here.

Hey, look who's here, man!

What's up, holmes?

Yo, Damone.

Man, I thought you'd be back
in Boston now or something.

Yeah, well you know, the
funniest thing happened, man.

I was just about to get on that plane...

Won't you miss your homeboys, man?

Just wanted to stop by and
see if you guys were okay.

You know, with Manuel
gone and everything,

I thought you hombrecitos
might need a little,

help around here, you know?

Thanks, Damone.

But you know, really, you've
helped us more than you know.

All that bounty money and everything,

we're gonna build ourselves a new center.

Help out the kids, you know?

That's great, man.

So hey, Damone, you
gonna hang here in LA, man?


I think I will.

All right, man.

Well hey, man, don't worry.

If we ever need any adult supervision,
we'll know where to find you?

All right man, you got a deal.

Take care of yourselves, man.

Yeah, man.
- Be good.

- Right here.

I'll talk to you, man.
- Later.

Hey, man.

I'm kind of in some trouble,
and I heard you could get some help here.

Yeah, man, you wanna talk
to that guy right there.

His name's Tony.
- Tony?

- Thanks a lot, man.