Borrowed (2022) - full transcript

Borrowed tells the story of David, a reclusive artist living in the Florida keys. His private and tortured life is changed forever when Justin comes for a visit. Each gets more out of their time together than either could have imagined. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Justin, please come in.

Welcome. Wow,

you're more beautiful than your picture.

Oh, thanks for the wine.

It's a beautiful house.

Far as heck, but it's wonderful.

Well, sometimes a man

needs to get away to enjoy a little privacy.

Excuse my accent.

English is not my first language.

I just picked up bits from people from all walks of life.

But I understand it
better than I speak. It

I've been here for quite some time.

What a wonderful table.

What a wonderful guest.

So this is your catch

You show the sunset to everyone you bring here.

No one's made it this far into the house.

Should I be scared?

Or is that a compliment?

You tell me.

I thought you were bluffing
about a painting thing.


You are going to have to wait and see, when I'm finished,

won't you?

You can put your drink down.

Oh, could you stand up for me?

All right. You could sit


being stared at...

anything is possible.

Do you mind?

You'll forgive an old man.

Did you paint this?

Don’t move.

Excuse me for a minute.

You picked the wrong night to come visit.

Oh, pest control.

I hate to hear them suffer.

Come on, dinner's ready.

Did I mention that I'm vegan?

like, 100 times?

You know how difficult it is
to make a vegan lasagna.

So you went to college?


What for?

Data Analisis.

Wow, sounds fancy

Then you can read human behavior
and know I'm telling the truth.


What a diligent little vegan you are.

You lied to me.

You told me you work advising


Same thing.

And that's what I do.

I work analyzing personal data to sell it

to private companies
so they can better direct their marketing.

a new twist to an old trick.

So tell me more.

Oh, oh

you did your homework and stalked me.

I get it.

A young, vulnerable boy
like you and go off 200 miles

without doing a little research.


You're right.

I don't like social media.

I'm not interested.

I'm interested in real people. So

tell me more about you.

Looks like I'm not the only stalker here.

Hey, speak for yourself.

I'm not the one who works
selling other people's personal data


I have to go.

I just got a message from a friend

asking me to take his dog


All right.

You should go help your friend

I hope you invite me again.

I hope you can come back again soon

Don’t you want to wait for your ride here?

There are some restless raccoons out there.

I’ll wait for the ride outside.

All right.

Can I have a hug?

Of course.

What a gorgeous boy you are.

So sweet.

What a beautiful face.

Thanks for dinner.

I'll see you soon.

No, no, no.

Hey, hey, hey.

Just stay for a little while longer.

Just a little while.

David, I have to go now.

Just a little while.

I have money if you want.

Model's get paid.


No one can hear you.

Is that what you learned in grad school?

What do you want from me?

You promised something too

Come on.

You want it

I'm sorry.

I just want to get to know you better.


something in your eyes I.

I really like you.

Don't fuck it up.

And if you go,

how do I know if I'll ever see you again?

I guess you want to have to trust me.

Trust you,


I hope your friend's dog is all right.

You going to have to earn that trust.


let's finish the painting,

and I promise we'll figure this out.


Everything all right in there?

Can you give me an estimate?

Not long.

As long as

as long as you

stop talking and hold your fucking pose.

This isn't working.

I think you should spend the night
and we can finish this tomorrow.

We just talked about this.

Justin, I need you to spend the night,
and we could finish this tomorrow.

David! No more promises.

Let me go now.

I'm just letting you go in the middle
of the night with a stranger to Miami.

It's not safe.

I hope you have a wonderful night.

Thanks for a lovely date.

It's almond milk.

I could show you the carton, but

Can I use the restroom.


I'm sorry.

I have to.

Oh, I'll wait outside.

Wait for me here.

Let's go to work. I

I hate it when people bite their nails

so unattractive.

I used to tell my son, Don't bite
your nails.

It's a sign of weakness.

You also kept him locked up?

Only to protect him from himself.

I’m going to put some honey in your team, is that okay?

It’s organic.

I've seen hunger strikes before.

They're usually for bigger causes.

They almost never work.

No respectable woman would dance it.

May I see your hands?

People can't handle freedom,


you have to learn the hard way.

We're out of organic honey.

I don't put anything in my tea.

Where are they?

How long have you been a vegan?

Almost three years.

Let me ask you a personal question.

Please tell me the truth.

What do you really like to eat

when no one's watching?

There's that smile.

How old is your son?

Probably around your age.

That's so cliche.




don't pretend that's not what turned you on
when you saw my picture on the app.

What's wrong with your dad?
Did he leave you or something?

What about my dad?

No, nothing.


my dad's an asshole.

He was a diplomat.

Allways too busy to pay attention to me.

That proves my point, Jay.

Go get me the fertilizer from the shelf around the corner, please.

Where did you find this?

Where does that sexy accent come from?

From somewhere between Patagonia and Río Bravo.

I think you're exaggerating.

What about Brazil?

You speak Portuguese?

You are so full of yourself,

What did you say?

I understood something
about the Carnival.

Vickie. Ahhh, Vickie.

Meet the only woman in my life.

she's been in captivity for... Pretty Bird.

Pretty Bird.

What? You are a pretty bird.

She's been in captivity 30 years,
but she's only been with me for 15.

This old man
I used to know died and left her to me.


How old is she?

Older than you.

Oh. Huh. Okay, Vicky.

Vicky, let's not make a little pick of



Hey, our guest is going to think
we're a bunch of

Hand me the the bottle opener in the left drawer.

Did you find it?

more salad?

No, no, I'm fine.


are your parents divorced?

No, why?

I don’t know.

You seemed like the only child of divorced parents

Are you trying to profile me again?

But yes,

I'm an only child.

You see...

My problem wasn’t that my parents had a bad relationship
with each other.

They just lived in a completely
different world than I did.

Or maybe you lived in
a different world from them.


But I was the one being a teenager.

Was it really that hard?

It was for me.

When I was 12,

we moved to a consulate in Buenos Aires.

I met the son of one of the diplomats.

Oh, oh.

Every afternoon we would get out

and wander around the consulate’s garden.

Since it was winter.

There was no one else outside.


I was almost naked

But didn't feel cold.

What did your mother do?

That night

She came into my room to have a talk.

She said that she understood

I could feel attracted to people
from the same sex as me,

and that was Ok.

She said

that my dad would understand too.

You have no idea how releaved I was.

I know.

People search for that
feeling their whole lives.

I'll let you know when I find it.

But too good to be true,


At least you didn’t have one of those dads

that kicks you out of the house to throw you in the military.

Where you're one of those dads?

What does your tattoo mean?

I was wondering when you'd ask me
about that.

It's a big secret.

Some Arab boy in Afghanistan
talked me into getting one.

And I thought, what do I want on my back
for the rest my life?

I thought of a Hemingway quote that says

Every story

if played long enough,

always ends in death,

How much older?


I'm all ears.

Jesus Christ.

Well, what happened?

He looked at his dick

then he looked at me and he said

You wanna to help me out?

And I did.

He didn't force you?


And why did you do it?

Because I want it.

You were too young
to know what you wanted.

I was young, not stupid.

Still, he should have known better.

You're right.

Then what happened?

My friend's mom came
home and we had dinner.

It didn't bother you
being around him after that?

No, not at all.


The guy was a fucking pedophile


Fancy, huh?

You like to play the old man on the sea?

Don’t tell me

this offends your vegan sensibilities.


Who they couldn't survive

was Mikey.

He wasn't the best caretaker.


Did they all commit suicide?

I'm just saying.

Now you tell me.

Why doesn't a sexy, young

Okay, a little cocky guy like you

not have a boyfriend or girlfriend

or whatever the fuck you kids
call yourselves these days.

Well, he doesn't seem
to be very worried about you.

Give me my phone.

Let me check for myself.


Trust me,

he doesn't care.

Can I borrow another shirt?


How do I look?

Like an eighties movie

Come here.

Let's find something better
for you.

Talent runs in the family.

Sorry. I don't know how to make pancakes
without eggs and real milk.

I won't eat.

You don't have to eat it.

But I can help you

Put some sirup on it.

No, I’m good.

You’ll like it.

No, no, no.

Keep your shirt on.

I wanted a dog.

But my parents would only let me have fish.

Well, I understand them perfectly.

They're just borrowed.

Everything is borrowed, don’t you think?

I mean, our bodies,

we use them until they fall apart.

Or some asshole hunter comes along
and shoots you in your prime,

stuffs you and hangs you on his wall.

Right, Bambi?

He was about seven,

and he started having anxiety attacks.

We took him to this really expensive

who said, Buy him a fucking fish tank.

He'll come down.

He spent hours just

watching the fish.

Did you order the goldfish?

You like it?

Wanna try it?

Come on, put your hand on there.

Yeah. C’mon.

You're doing so well.

You've been on a boat before.

Nothing gives you a greater sense of freedom
than the ocean.

Freedom is just a concept.


It's nice to see people
sometimes, isn't it?

Just like that.

You say hello and you don't think
you're the only one left

People suck.

You know that, right? Huh?

Fish on.

You have a good dinner tonight.

I don't know.

You know what I learned in Afghanistan?

When you have a life in your hands
and you can just easily snuff it out...

saving a life feels just as good

that sometimes

the choice.


You see,

she knows freedom could kill her,

pretty bird.

Animals, unlike people

know when they have it good.

I heard that excuse before.

Really? Well, enlighten me, please.

Thank you for putting me in
that selected group of personalities.

Couldn't have hid it my whole life.

What did he say.

When his mother and I first separated.

I tried to be the best dad I could be.


I feel bad

for ruining his childhood.

So I just

never said no to him.

One day his mother called me hysterical,

said that he'd been sneaking
out of the house at night and that

she thought he was using drugs.

And I told her she was

being paranoid.

She locked him in his room,
She locked the doors and the windows and

it didn’t work.

He got out.

You have to give people a reason to stay.

Where is he then?






One of my favorite moments

was standing behind a window.

and watching the rain fell

It was nice to feel noticed,

I guess, even though

there was something wrong about it.



Be quiet!

Shut up!

Shut up!

I said leave her by the front door.

Well, I don't have time right now.

Come on. This fish are going to die.

Fish are in fucking water

Crocks will have a nice dinner tonight.

We can fix this.

Can we?

You and I know,

You and I know there's going to be consequences.

You can't keep me here forever.

Yeah, I fucking can.

What do you think this is
some kind of fucking little game, huh?

You're right.

This is not a game.

This is a kidnaping.

I’m not fucking kidnaping you!

Yes you are!

You want to believe that I am enjoying your company.

You are such a fucking little liar.

You are a sad man.

-Who is using me to solve his shitty trauma,
-Shut up!

-with his fucking junkie son.
-Shut up!

¡No, no!


You're a fucking dick.

An you are fucking Loco!

Good China is for guests.

You're right.

I've been lying to you.

My father was never against me being gay.

Shut the fuck up.

You carry on your own problems.

I don't have an explanation for

why I'm attracted to older men

or why I did the things I did.

This is not the best version of me, but

Is that the story today?

You know what I think?

I think you need a better education.


read a fucking book.


Open the fucking door!


Help! Help!

David! I’m still here!

You know why you would never be able
to finish painting that portrait?

Because you're looking for something

that you will not find.

If you want to continue psychoanalyzing me,
I can leave you alone for a little while longer.

Is he dead?


Is he dead?

After four years of living with me,

Mike ran away.

One day he showed up on my doorstep

with nothing but the shirt on his back.

When I opened the door,

It was the ghost

of Mike

standing there,

More horrible than anything I ever saw in the war.

Couldn't believe it was him.

We just stood there

staring at each other,

He’s been living on the streets
in San Francisco.

And this friend of his, he was

His friend died next to him of an overdose
so he decided to come home.

He asked me if he could stay with me
for a little while,

and I said, Of course, Mikey

This is your home.

He said that

that he thought that

I would take him in.


He thought so little of me,

He thought I would

turn away my dying son.

Those few days I,

I read him books,

told him stories

about him as a kid.

I told him about

how his mother and I first met

and I told him

how proud I was

to have him as a son.

And I told him how much

I loved him.

I didn't even know

I didn't even know how much

until that time together.

And I just

I was just trying to catch up for lost

you know,

And I

we even fixed this fucking fish tank

and filled it with fish.

But he was

he was so skinny.

So I, I cooked for him and I...

I fed him and I

I made him pancakes like when he was a little boy,

But he was lying to me.

One night I found him alone on the floor.


He was shaking and

he could barely control
the trembling in his hands

and was leaning up against the wall

Hugging his knees,

like he used to when he was a baby.

He’s been fucking using.

It didn't matter what I did,
I couldn't control him.

And so


he begged me to give him some dope

and so I,

I knew he was really sick.

I knew

I had to get him help, but

I couldn't.

I couldn't bring myself to take him, you know.

I didn't have a heart for it,
so I just gave him some sleeping pills.

And then I just sat on the floor with him
singing a Tango,

one my father used to sing to me.

and then

we both fell asleep on the floor,

his little head on my shoulder.

And I knew in the morning
I had to take him to the clinic.

When he woke up,

he was gone.

I so I don't know.

I don't know

I don't know if he is dead.

But whatever he fucking is is my fault.

It wasn't your fault.

You did what you thought was the right thing to do.

I’m not here because my father
gave me a bad education.

If something happened to me,
it wouldn't be his fault.

Mike decided the life he wanted to live.

Maybe the one he is still living.

I love how the hope sparks in your eyes

every time you hear the mail truck.

You can go now, honey.

You can go.

Just go.


Just go.

Please, go.

David you need help.

Just go.


I’m sorry.

Hey, have you seen this guy?

Oh, all right, call me
if you do my number is on there.



I'm sorry.

It's all right.

Have you seen this guy?

His name's Mike goes by Mikey.

All right, my numbers on there,
if you you should find him.

Get something to eat.

Just get something to eat.

Thank you.

Hey, guys.

Sorry to bother you.

I’m looking for this guy.

His name is Mike. Have you seen him?