Born to Speed (1947) - full transcript

Johnny Randall, a young race-car driver, falls in love with Tony Bradley, who hates racing because her brother was killed in a midget car-race (the car size, not the driver-size.) To compound that, his mother also objects because his father was killed while racing in the Indianapolis 500. But he continues racing, even though he narrowly escapes death when a rival-and-jealous racer schemes to get rid of him. Then, after these narrow escapes, he loses his nerve, but enters one last race. Is there a gas-station ownership in his future?

Up pretty early aren't you son?

Oh mom, what are you doing here?

You know I was about to
ask you the same thing.

Well, I thought I'd see what
the old lead beater could do.

I thought it did all right.

Not bad.

What are you doing out here?

Oh, I often come
out here at daylight,

I pick daisies in the field.

I'm getting hungry, how
about some breakfast?

Okay ma.

You love racing as
much as your father did.

He loved it and it killed him.

Cars are safe these days,

he might never had
had that accident if...

He was one of the
greatest racing drivers

in the game Johnny.

And yet he crashed.

Do you think you could be
better than your father?

You're right mother,
let's forget it.

I broke my promise
talking about racing.

It's a promise that
won't work Johnny.

You'd always have regrets

and you'd never forgive me.

I'll try one more thing.

This seems to be
something about racing.

Yes, auto racing.

Are you ready?

All set.

Your father was in that
car, that's how he died.

I wouldn't have let
you see it Johnny,

but I wanted you to know
why I've been so afraid.

That film is my last argument,

I promise you'll never
hear about it anymore.

This was taken the
morning of the accident.

That's Breezy Bradley,
dad's mechanic.

He was almost killed
in another accident.

Your father and I were as
close as two people could be.

For years we barnstormed
the dirt tracks together,

you were born in
Chillicothe, Ohio.

It was a nice town

but we had to move on
in a couple of weeks.

Guess I was too young
to appreciate Chillicothe.

Breezy loved your father,

he would do anything in
the world for you Johnny.

Johnny, Breezy has a
garage in Los Angeles.

You looking for somebody?

Yeah, is Mr. Bradley here?

No he's not around right now.

Mr. Bradley build this?

Yeah that's a new
job for Mike Conroy,

I guess you've heard of him?

I guess I have.

Nice little speed packet there.

I'd say.

Breezy does most of the work

on Conroy's string of midgets.

He'll be back pretty soon,

why don't you ask the
girl in the office.

Okay, thanks.

Oh excuse me.

Sit down please.


Can you spell perpendicular?

Of course.

P U R...

Oh no that's not right.

I thought of that version myself.

P I R.

I thought that one too.

Damned, I thought had a
dictionary here someplace.


Must you say perpendicular?

Why can't you say
straight up and down?

No and I can't say
horizontal either.

I got it.



D I C U L A R.

That's right, thanks so much.

You're smart.

And willing.

Now, what can I do for you?

I'm looking for Mr. Bradley.

So am I, I've been
phoning all over town

trying to find him.

He's always missing when things

begin to pile up around here.

Roy Miller was in
about those bearings

and Frank Hanson called he
needs a new rear axle assembly

and Mike Conroy's been
trying to get you.

You told me you'd be
back in half an hour.

Oh sorry honey, I
was out on a big deal.

Made it all the way in from
Riverside in 38 minutes,

not bad driving huh?

Well now in the first place

it happens to 55
miles from Riverside.

And in that traffic you
couldn't make it an hour

and in the second
place I happen to know

that you were inhaling
beer at Kelly's bar.

I wasn't in anybodies bar.

How do you expect me to
run this place by myself?

So help me Uncle Breezy,

if you don't stay on the job,

I'm going to leave
you high and dry.

Oh no.

And your ties crooked.

This man's been
waiting to see you.

I'm Johnny Randall.

You sure are.

It's like meeting your
old man all over again.

He was my best friend.

So I heard.

We had some tough times together

and we had some good ones too.

How's your mother?

She's fine thanks.

I got a letter from her.

I know.

I haven't seen her in a long while

but I've never forgotten her.

Come on in here son.

This is Johnny Randall.


Son of the greatest driver
that ever stomped a throttle.

Johnny and I have met.

I understand you're going
to stay at our house?

Am I?

Of course you are,

we've got a spare room over there,

you don't suppose I'd let you
live anywhere else do you?

You don't know how grateful I am.

Oh Toni and I will be
delighted to have you with us,

won't we Toni?

Uh huh, delighted.

Hello Mike.

Hello Breezy.

Mike, I'd like to have you meet...

Well, have you made up
your mind about tonight?

Not yet.

You'd better I don't
wanna get tough with you.

What'd you say Breezy?

Mike, I'd like you
to meet Johnny Randall,

he's just come to work for me.

Johnny this is Mike Conroy.

Hello Johnny.

I read about you Mr. Conroy.


This is Speed Randall's boy,

I guess I don't have
to tell you who he was?

Well I should say you don't.

I never saw your
father race Johnny,

that was before my time
but everybody in the game

knows about Speed Randall,
I'm glad to meet his son.


His mother writes me and says

he knows the insides of an engine

the same as his old man did.

Well then you should know
something about racing too?

Well, I've never
done it professionally.

But you're interested huh?

Oh you bet I am.

Yeah that's natural.

Toni tells me number 74's ready.

That's right.

That's a special job I had built.

Duke Hudkins is gonna try
her out this afternoon,

would you like to go
over to the track?

Oh I'd like nothing better.

Come on, I want you to meet Duke.

Good, come on, I'll drive you out.


How about you staying her

and running the business
for five minutes?

Well 74's my business too,

I gotta go and see if
she runs right don't I?


I'll only be gone about
a half an hour honey.

Oh, I don't mean that.

But I don't want you to
forget what Mrs. Randall

said in her letter about Johnny.

Well she wants him to get his fill

of the racing game don't she?

But she begged you not
to encourage him to drive.

That's the last thing
I'd ever think of doing.

Don't you put on an act for me.

You're as crazy about
racing as he is.

Ever since you gave it up

you get a kick out of
developing new talent.

You're always hunting for it.

You make me feel like an
old vampire or something.

I've got to go out to the track

and see that Johnny
don't get any ideas.

Because if he gets any, I'm
gonna nip 'em right in the bud.

Look angel, I told you I
have a table for tonight.

I'm afraid I can't go Mike.

You see Johnny Randall
just reached town

and he's staying with us

and well, I couldn't
very well run out on him

the very first night he's here.

Sounds like a lot of good reasons.

Are there any you're holding back?

Oh no.

Why doesn't Randall
stay in a hotel?

Just try and find one
where he could get a room.

You've got me there.

All right angel, but
don't give him any idea huh?

Duke ought to beat anything
on wheels with this new job.

With me driving your a cinch

to win the at least
three grand this season.

Alright let's get her out of here.


Yeah I think she's got it Breezy.

Believe in the Duke
to pull it out of her.

That guys tops.

Won 14 main events last season.

How would you like to
follow one of those crates?

Oh I'd like to try it once.

Hop into number four and
take her round the track

a couple of times.

Oh boy thanks.

You better not Johnny.

Why not?

Let's see what he's got.

Maybe he's a chip
off the old block.

Maybe he is, but I'm
not gonna let him risk

breaking his neck.

I've got some
experience Mr. Bradley.

Not with a real racer but...

Give the kid a chance Breezy.

Come on Johnny.

This babies a has been, a dog,

so whatever you do, keep
out of Duke's way, get me?

I got you Mr. Conroy.

Okay, let's take him out.

All right.

Remember Johnny, I'm against it.

Let's go fellas.

What's he trying to do?

That was close.

I'm glad he got out of that one.

He's his old man all over again.

He just can't stay behind.

Hey Phil, pull 'em in.

Thought you said
that crate was a dog?

What's the idea trying
to give me a race?

I ought to hang one on your eye.


I told you to stay away from Duke.

He did stay away from him.

About five lengths.

That new job cost
around 5,000 bucks,

if you'd smashed it up...

I didn't smash it.

Trying to show me up.

I'm not trying to show anybody up.

I just couldn't help it.

It's your own idea Mike,

I didn't want the kid

to get into the car
in the first place.

Oh well forget it.

Don't let it go to
your head Johnny,

maybe we haven't got all the
bugs out of number 74 yet.

I'll say we haven't.

You might be a pretty good driver

if you learn how to take orders.

I could use another man.

You mean you want
me to drive for you?


Ooh, not a chance in the world.

But Mr. Bradley.

Do you break your
poor mother's heart?

But my mother said...

What's his
mother got to do with it?

What's his mother
got to do with it?

Mrs. Randall and I have been
friends for a great many years

and I'm not gonna let her down.

Thank you Mr. Conroy.

I know you can drive son.

I saw you on the
track there today.

Mike Conroy saw you too.

He said I might
become pretty good.

Oh he did did he?

That's awful nice of him isn't it?

He knows darn well you
could become great.

It's born in you son.

You're a natural.

Then why shouldn't I?

Because you have to
forget the whole thing son,

leave it all behind you.

Oh I know it's quite a sacrifice,

I went through the
same thing myself.

A picture of your father son.

I know.

That was taken up in San
Francisco, no, in Seattle.

That is one of the very few
times he was ever beaten.

May I have it?


Who's this? You?


It's an oversight.

Oh that's not me, that's Toni.

Cute eh?

She's a penny?

Who's a penny?

You are.

Before and after.

Uncle Breezy,

I told you never to show
this picture to anyone.

I didn't show it to
him, he found it himself.

I keep hiding it and
you keep finding it.



I'll say.

Let's go.

Conroy seems like a nice guy.

Very nice.

I suppose he's what you'd
call a man of the world.

That's right.

Weren't you supposed to
have a date with him tonight?

There's the Grauman's Theater

and off in that direction
is Beverly Hills

and further off is the ocean.

Weren't you?

How did you know?

I heard what he said
when he came in the office.

Of course, it's
none of my business.

None whatever.

But are you, I mean is he,
you aren't engaged are you?

Not quite.

He's still a nice guy.

He offered me a job.

As a racing driver?


Think I'll take it too.

Oh I see.

I hate to tell you this Mike,

but Johnny Randall is
determined to become a racer.


If you feel the
same way about him,

make that offer all
over again will ya?


Goodbye Mike.

Honest, I don't
care about the crowds

or having my name on a poster.

Can't tell you what it is.

Ask the pilot who loves
to fly a jet plane

500 miles an hour, he
can't tell you either.

But whatever it is
that drives him,

that's what drives me.

Isn't she something.

Slick as a little blonde.

Just imagine a three
and a half inch drag

develops 90 horsepower,
6,500 rpm's.

He's good, knows
what make them tick.

Just like his old man.

Hello fellas.

- Hi Mike.
- Oh hi Mike.

Just a grease monkey huh?

Oh these 60's are
made like watches,

it's a kick to take 'em apart.

Come on in Johnny,
I wanna talk to you.

Johnny the other day Duke Hudkins

share of the purse
was 1,500 bucks.

He got that for riding
seven and a half miles

in the feature event,
roughly 200 bucks a mile.

Less your percentage eh Mike?

That's right.

But that netted Duke
100 bucks a mile.

Not bad huh?

750 bucks for one ride.

You can make that kind of dough,

not right away of course,
but you can work up to it.

I'm willing to give you a chance.

Here it is in black
and white, read it.

Get a lawyer to this all
on one sheet of paper Mike.

I did and I dictated it myself.

I'm giving you a weekly guarantee

during your training period.

Twice as much as
this guy'll pay you.

You'll get a regular cut
of any purse you might win.

And that's saying
something for you

because you usually
take a guys right eye.

Mister, you've a got a deal.

Hey uh.

Oh oh.

Ah hello Toni.

Well, I'm surprised
to find you here.


What goes on?

I'm signing a contract
with Mr. Conroy.


I'm gonna make a star out of him.

I'm sure you are.

After all I tried to do.

Oh well.

Like father, like son.

Oh, I've gotta go see a man.

Just a minute you're
going to see a woman first.

You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

I tried everything I knew.

I even got down on my knees.

I know in reverse.

How can you get down
on your knees in reverse?

You listen to me.

You keep this one Johnny.

Couldn't stop his old man

and the kids got the same
kind of stuff in him.

I tell you gal, you
cannot buck fate.

- Can't I?
- No.

You just watch me.

All the luck in the world.

Thanks Toni.

You too Mike.

You made more names than
any promoter in the game.

What shall we do to celebrate?

How's about throwing
a party for us?

I'd like nothing better.

How about tonight?


Take us out to dinner some place

and then we'll all
go to your apartment.

You'll love Mike's place Johnny.

I do.

He has such exquisite taste.

I've been saving this for
a special occasion Johnny.

This is it.

Five reasons why a
man should drink Johnny.

And woman are all of 'em.

Uncle Breezy.

Oh honey, you're my niece
and you're an exception.

Well they always launch
ships with this stuff,

they'll launch your career
the same way Johnny.

Thanks Mike, hope I can
live up to all of this.

You've done all right so far.

Hmm good.

In fact it's good
all the way down.

I'm glad you like it Toni,

I'll get another bottle.

You know it isn't often a beginner

has a chance to train to
with a man like Mike Conroy.

You think a lot of him don't you?


Any objections?

I feel a dance coming on.

Play some music for
me Uncle Breezy.

You don't have to say
that a half a dozen times.

Re-enforcements coming up.

Make it sweet Uncle Breezy.

Oh that music.

It does things to me.

Don't worry honey, my
intentions are strictly...


Breezy, this is no place for me.

I'm getting out of here.

Oh don't be a sucker,
she's doing you the business.

What for?

I wish I knew.

She's got something up her
sleeve, I can tell you that.



When you know women
the way I know 'em.

How well do you know them?

How well?

I pay alimony three times.

Johnny don't you love this place?

I do.

You should.

I had it done by a decorator,

but Toni didn't give him a chance.

She selected the color scheme,

picked out the drapes
and half the furniture.

I wanted her to be satisfied.

I expect her to live
here one of these days.

Oh Johnny might misunderstand.

There's a lot of things I
don't understand around here.

You're right Johnny,
besides it's quarter to one

we better get home
and get some sleep.

Well, we didn't
even one dance yet.

Oh enough is enough.

Well I hate to see you boys go,

but if you think you must,

why I'll take Toni home.

Well they can't go.

I was just going to
fix some ham and eggs.

You were?

I don't want any ham and eggs.

Then you go get some sleep
and Johnny will see me home.

Won't you Johnny? Please.

Ask Mike.

I take orders from him now.

Now you sound like you don't
the idea of working for me?

Now you boys argue
about it among yourselves

as to who's going
to take Toni home.

But be sure she gets home.

I had a good time Mike.

It's okay.

I'll dig up them eggs.

Goodnight Breezy.


Get my hat for me will ya?

What are you trying to cook
up between Johnny and Mike?

If you must know, I'm
supplying the only way.

I'm going to see to it that

Johnny breaks his
contract with Mike.

Honey, you're crazy.

Am I?

Johnny's already mad at Mike.

Gosh darn you, niece or no niece,

you'd make any man start drinking.

You can't do that to Johnny.

Well I'm trying to do
what you should have done.

Steer Johnny away
from the racing game

as his mother asked you to do.



Enjoying yourself?


I can't remember when
I've had a better time.

Maybe this will make up for it.

Let me go.

Toni, everything's ready.

No sense me staying
around here Conroy.

Night Toni.

One thing before I go,
can I see that contract?

Yeah sure.

What's the idea?

I'm not working
for you, I'm through.

I made you offer in good faith,

you're going through with it.

What'll you do?

Sue me?

I promise you'll never
drive for anybody else.

That's all right with me.

Hmm, chip off the old block.

You're not even a splinter.

Listen chump, you're yeller.




I didn't expect this to happen.

Well you're mice are pretty
near all gone aren't they?

Very seldom you see a guy
with one those on each eye.

Conroy's thorough
in more ways than one.

He's blacklisted me Breezy.


There's no one in town

who'll give me a chance
to drive his car.

But he can't lick me, not again.

Don't you worry son,
you've got a new manager.

You're gonna drive for me.


Yeah, but we gotta keep it quiet.

Gotta keep it away from Toni

or she'll gab it
all over the place.

You can't keep anything from Toni.

Well we can't do in the start

or she'll gum the whole thing up.

What am I going to drive?


Come here, I'll show you.

There she is.

I designed her myself, put her
together with my own hands.

Who took her apart?

Tommy Swain was my driver.

He was huh?

Yeah, he drove her all season.

He won six main events with her.

Where is he now?

Tommy took a little trip,

I haven't seen him
in quite some time.

Oh she's sensitive
and temperamental

but she's got a great
big heart in her.


In your hands she'll be dynamite.

Thought you were so
worried about my mother?

I still am.

But I've got that all figured out.

We'll put a mask on you and
call you the Masked Driver.

That's box office son.

We'll barnstorm a little,

race in the sticks and
keep building you up

and teasing these sports writers.

You know they'll say "who
is this Masked Driver?"

And then when we're all set,

we'll go to town and
cup all the big prizes.

That's my dream son.

You make it come true.

Breezy, you've got a deal.



What kind of vitamins
are you feeding him?

Who me?

Well somethings happened to you.

Who's running your
books Uncle Breezy?

You are honey.

Then why don't you tell
me who's job this is?

I've been at you for weeks
and all I get is double talk.

It's a special.

Who are you building it for?

Fella up in San Jose,
that right Johnny?

That's what he told me.

What's his name?

His name and why
isn't it on the books?

Because the man
swore me to secrecy.

He's got a new twist on this
baby, it's revolutionary.

Ought to do away will
all the old traditions.

The man's a genius,
that's what he is.


And what are you getting for it?

I haven't figured that out yet.

Gotta figure the cost
of parts and time

and the little profit.

When we get it all done,

Johnny and I are gonna
deliver it to the man.

We'll have to stay with
it a little while too,

to take the bugs out of it.


And who's going to drive it?


You heard me.

Who's going to drive it?

Who's going to drive it?

A man from the east.

She's wise.

She's just groping.

And soon she'll be griping.

Yeah but we won't be here.

Well back from the war, eh Johnny?

Boy will I be glad to
sleep in my own bed.

I wonder where Toni is.

Oh she's around someplace.

I hope she isn't sore.

She won't be when she sees
all these pretty presents

we got for her.

That's right.

Probably over at the garage,

you know Toni always on the job.

Perhaps we should've
gone there first.

No, no, no.

That's the wrong tactic.

Always do, that's what gets them.

Boy am I happy

when I think of the way
the fans went for you

at those dirt tracks.

That mystery stuff pays off kid.

We'll kill 'em here in Los
Angeles, we'll kill 'em.

Who are you going to kill
this time Uncle Breezy?

Oh hello honey, we
didn't know you were home.

But I had hopes.

I've missed you Toni.

Have you, how much?

Well, you're both looking well,

all suntanned and everything.

Been out in the sun
a lot, haven't you?

Hey, what was that?

A kiss or a suck on the face?


Yeah presents.

What kind of a trip did you have?

I know you're dying to
tell me all about it.

Sure, sure.

Look at all the pretty
things we bought you.

Oh lovely.

I told you about the
trip in the letters,

but you never answered on of them.

Well how could I?

You moved so fast.

San Jose, Oakland, Socoma.

Oh were we mister uh...

Dave Stevenson.

Oh yeah, good old Dave.

What a guy eh Johnny?

Did you like him Johnny?

Well, to tell you the truth.

Don't tell me the
truth, I couldn't bear it.

Well Johnny and Dave
were just like that.

Did he like the racer
you built for him?

Crazy over it, wasn't he Johnny?

Wasn't he Johnny.

Just crazy.

And that wasn't by any
chance the old Bradley Comet

that you dug up and
built all over again?

Oh no.

The Bradley Comet, you
mean that old heap that I,

she's kidding us Johnny.

Why the Bradley Comet is
locked up over in the garage,

you know that honey.

And I found the key.

You liar!

Are you forgetting
than I am your uncle?

You're a double
dealing, two timing liar.

Both of you.

Treating me as if I were a child.

A scheming old man and a
lamb led to the slaughter.

Did you tell him what the
Comet did to Tommy Swain?

She didn't do anything to Tommy.


Then where is he now?

How do I know?

I could never keep
track of that guy.

And did you tell him she
was a jinx to every man

who ever took her
out on the track?

She hasn't been a jinx to Johnny.

I don't believe in jinx's.

The Masked Driver, kid stuff.

Kid stuff?

Oh is that what you think?

Let me tell you young lady,

that kid stuff draws big crowds.

Wait 'til you see Johnny at
the Bonelli track tomorrow.

I don't wanna see him.

I can't drive my first race

without you in the stands
Toni, you're my luck.

Oh no I'm not.

Not when you drive
the Bradley Comet.

But she's different now.

Oh don't be sore at me.

Maybe you can't help
risking your neck,

but you should've trusted me.

It's just like being
in love with a drunk.

You know he can't help drinking

but you hate to have
him lie about it.

You mean you love me?

Who said I did?


No woman can talk me like that,

niece or no niece.

I'm going up there to give
her a piece of my mind.

And let me tell
you something else.

I wouldn't marry any man

who might make me a widow
six weeks after the wedding.

Even if you asked me to
marry you, which you didn't.

And even if I loved
you, which I don't.



What did she mean by
all that double talk?

Ah she meant goodbye.

Today's main event.

At the wheel of number 74,

is your favorite thrill
master Duke Hudkins.

And piloting number 70, a
new star, the Masked Driver.

The famous masked marvel,

who do you guys
think you're kidding?

Just the customers that's
all that counts Mike.

It's a sell out.

He didn't draw 'em.

Maybe that mask is a good idea.

Can't see how scared you are.

Besides it's better than trading

on your old man's reputation.

Of course, he didn't
have to wear one.


Let him go.

I taught him a lesson once,
it'd be fun to do it again.

Duke will fix him.

He's razzing you Johnny.

Trying to break your nerve.

Are you nervous?


I am, look at my hands.

Don't show me, it might be catchy.

Look Johnny.

Number 70 won't let you down.

You do have faith
in her, don't you?

Don't worry.

We speak the same language.

Good boy.

How's she standing up Duke?

You're not worried about
the boy wonder are you?

He's driving a good car.

Listen boss, I've been
saving this for you.

I got it from one of the
guys in Breezy's garage.

That number 70, that's
the old Bradley special

in a new suit of clothes.

Are you sure?

That's what the fella told me.

There's something about that car.

I wonder if Randall knows?

Sure he does, he worked on it.

He's dumber than I thought he was.

Harry get out in front of
number 70 and stay there.

Okay Mike.

Good luck man.

The man in the mask faces a
tough assignment in this race.

He's opponents are veteran drivers

who know all the
tricks of the trade

and are bound to
give him a battle.

We wish him luck, he'll need it.

No use you sitting way back there

when I have all
this room to myself.

That's very sweet of you Mike.

I know you're not supposed
to be on my side but...

I'm not on either side.

I'm neutral.

That's encouraging.

And here they come down the track,

looks like it might be a start.

It is a start and there we go.

Duke Hudkins in car
number 74 is out in front.

Duke's used to that position
and he'll fight to keep it.

The Masked Driver in number
70 seems to be holding up well

but he's having a little
trouble with number seven.

Well he forced
seven off the track.

What is this a grudge fight?

Good boy.

Duke Hudkins in number
74 is still in the lead.

The sports writers have
played up the Masked Driver

as a miracle man,

but this is the first
time that he's raced

in the metropolitan area so
he still has a lot to prove.

Doing all right.

He's riding hard on Duke Hudkins.

Fighting to get up
there were it counts.

Duke's blocking him.

There goes the Masked
Driver and he spins.

But he kept her on all four wheels

and he's back on the track.

Speeding ahead, catching
up, catching up.

Now they're together again.

Locking wheels, that's
dangerous sport.

The Masked Driver's been toppled.

Really toppled, there he goes!

Good heavens!

Lady luck gave him the
wrong steer that time

but keep your seats everybody,

don't go out on the speedway.

The race will be resumed
as soon as the clacker's

clear the wreckage.

Each driver will start
from the same position

he held at the time
of the accident.

Please keep your seats.

Remember me?

Hi mom.

Where'd you get that hat?

Don't you like it?

Oh you.

How you doing Johnny?

I'm okay, glad you're here mom.

You expected me didn't you?

I knew you'd have
to know about it.

Breezy wire you?

No his niece phoned me.


She's a lovely girl Johnny.

Hospital nightgowns,
they tie in the back.

Is the nurse good to you?

Too good.

She gives me baths.

That was quite a little
scare you had Johnny.

Went through a fence didn't you?

I wasn't hurt.


Sorry I didn't let
you know about it.

Didn't wanna worry you.

Thought you'd give it
to me all in one jolt.

Have you had enough Johnny?

Racing I mean.

Don't you think it's time you
came home and settled down?

You always wanted to go
in business for yourself,

the opportunities still there.

I can't go home now mom.

Why not?

I've got to drive one more race.

One more race, now where
have I heard that before?

Maybe dad said it.

But he couldn't have
had the same reason.

Look mom, that crack
up tore me in pieces.

If I gave up now it'd
be because I'm afraid.

Are you afraid Johnny?


That's why I'm gonna try it again.

Forget about it.

Come on now, tell
me all about Toni.

Will you stop picking on me?

I couldn't help it
that Johnny cracked up.

Of course you could help it.

If you encouraged him to drive
that jinxed Comet of yours,

he wouldn't be where he is today.

Ooh, there was time when
I'd have spanked you good

for talking like that to me.

Oh well, it's too
late for that now.

How is he Kate?

Is he all right?

Yes, he's going to race again.


But you mustn't let him.

Oh Toni when I sent
Johnny to Breezy,

I knew what would happen.

When you have a husband
and perhaps a son

you'll find out that the
best way to handle them

is let them do what they want.

That's what I always told him.

Let them find out for themselves

what's right and what's wrong.

But he shouldn't go back
so soon, it's dangerous.

Oh that's a chance
we have to take.

But Johnny is more
afraid of a broken spirit

than he is of broken bones.

Of course you know he loves you.

Sure she does.

She started working on him
the minute he got here.

How can you say such a thing?

It's all right Toni
that's how I got his father.

Well that was swell Toni?

You really like me?

Like you?

Holy smoke I didn't know
you could dance like that.

All girls are taking
ballet lessons nowadays.

It keeps us in trim.

Perfect trim.

I've worn out dozens
of pairs of these things.

What's the matter?


Aren't you feeling well?

Toni, I...

Well, you finally
did get around to it.

I'm crazy about you.

So your mother told me,

but I was waiting
to hear it from you.

I wanted to tell you.

Well then why didn't you?

I never worked so hard
for anything in my life.

Look, stop stalling, will
you marry me or won't you?

Of course I will.


I wanted to ask you but...

But you were waiting until
you were in the money right?

Oh you dope.

Don't you know I wouldn't care

if you didn't have a
nickel in the world.

Oh you wouldn't, wouldn't you?

I have news for you.

I just proposed to
Johnny, he accepted me.

Oh I'm so glad.

You proposed to him?

With your shoes off?

You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

He was worried about
being able to support me.

Well what about
that super gas station

you were going to
have in our hometown?

I haven't enough money to build.

I have a little money
and so has Uncle Breezy.

We could all be partners.

Oh is that so?

Well I've got a little
business of my own right here.

Oh that reminds me,
who's looking after it?

I better get over there.

Goodbye darling.

You did say you'd
have me didn't you?

You bet I did.

You heard him, back
out now I'll sue you.

Be seeing you.

If I could only
win the Sweepstakes,

I'd be in the big dough.

That's just what I've been
waiting to hear you say.

Look Johnny, I got her
fixed up all over again.

Number 70?


Is that the car you
drove in the last race?

Oh she's okay, sweet little buggy.

Bob Ware phoned me
only this morning Kate,

he wants to release a story if
Johnny will race for the cup.

None of that masked stuff.

He wants him to use his own name.

His fathers name?


And he said he'll
give you top billing.

What do I tell him?

What do I tell him Kate?

Tell him to go ahead.

Good, you won't discourage
him will you Kate?

Johnny knows what he wants to do.

You bet Johnny knows
what he wants to do.

I'll go phone Bob.

Oh, same old Breezy.

Well here we go again mom.

Mm-hmm, here we go again.

Here it is, the
30 lap Gold Cup Sweepstakes.

Some of the crack
drivers of the country

are competing in this event.

Mike Conroy drives
his own number 74

for the first time this season.

Duke Hudkins is at the
wheel of Conroy's 123.

And today the Masked
Driver rides unmasked.

Johnny Randall, son of Speed
Randall of Indianapolis fame.

The trouble is if
he does this race,

you'll never wanna give it up.

That's a chance we have to take.

You gotta be a hero
riding this bust.

Brother you're on your way
to Saint Peter's rest home.

Keep your head son, pay no
attention to what anybody says.

You're going to be okay.

I know, I know.

I just want to get
going that's all.

Good luck Duke.

Every man for himself today.

Just watch me.

70's my meat.

You recall that young Randall

crashed at this track
several months ago,

but today he's driving
the same car number 70.

It's a rugged game but they
all come back for more.

Folks it looks like a
real start this time.

Every man's holding his position.

Here they come, it looks
like a good start this time.

There's the flag, this is it.

They're off.

Mike Conroy in 74 if out in
front right from the beginning.

Well number 27 nearly
got it that time.

Remember no tricks this time.

Number 70 got off to a bad start.

But Johnny's using his
wits, taking chances.

Duke Hudkins seems
to be his nemesis.

No matter where Johnny turns,

Duke is their first.

There's another crack up,
I can't see the number.

Apparently nobody's
hurt, the race goes on.

Don't let him down
baby, give it to him.

Conroy in 74 is
still out in front.

Conroy's still in the lead.

Mike's a great driver.

Johnny's a better one.

Don't let him pocket you Johnny.

Randall and
Hudkins are still at it.

Now Johnny's trying to
bump Duke out of his way.

That's bad medicine
for both drivers.

Don't let him clip you Johnny.

Randall in 70 and Hudkins in 123

are still playing bolts-a-daisy.

Now the two drivers are
running neck and neck.

70 and 123, Randall and Hudkins.

They're too close, look out!

There it is.

Duke Hudkins had cracked up
on the middle of the track.

It looks bad, the race
will have to be stopped

to clear away the wreckage.

They're flagging down
the other drivers.

Keep your places.

Don't go on the track.

The race will be continued
in a few minutes.

Great driving Johnny.

Another accident,
another smash up.

He may be dead before
he reaches the hospital.

Oh it'll take more than
a little crack up like that

to kill a number like Duke.

He had it coming?

I forced him into it.

I didn't have to pass him.

Oh sure you did, you
wanna win don't you son?

Don't let it get you down.

I can't go through with it.

Are you nuts?

Get in the job.

Get in.

What do you want me to do?

Tell him you lost your nerve?

Tell him anything you like.

That's what they'll think.

A fine fade out for
Speed Randall's son.

How's it going boys?

In reverse.

Johnny's throwing in the
towel, he's quitting cold.


Yes, that's what
you wanted isn't it?

To keep him off the track
so he wouldn't get hurt?

Well you've got your wish.

Buy my golly this is one
thing you can't blame on me.

What's the matter Johnny?

You saw what happened.

You couldn't help
that, Breezy's right

I was afraid for you.

But I gloried in the fact
that you had the nerve

to try it again.

Why if you quit now, you'll
regret it all your life.

I can't help it Toni.

You don't know.

Oh I do know.

I know it took a lot of
courage for you to race again

and I know you've
still got that courage.

If I thought you'd lost
it, I'd never marry you.

So you'd run out on me huh?


If you run, I run.

But you're not going to.

You're going to finish
what you started.

Now get in that car and
give them a fight Johnny.

Win or lose, I don't care.

Don't give up.

Here's something for luck.

I'll say it's something.

Come on Breezy roll her out.

What happened?

What did Toni say to you?

It isn't so much what she
said, it's what she did.

Well, I don't know
anything about women

but maybe it's just as well.

And now lining up on the track
ready to resume the contest

each driver in the place he held

when the race was
stopped in the 17th lap.

They still have 13 laps to go, 13.

Johnny's all right.

He'll finish the race.

Listen is Johnny wins this race.

Overnight jumps
from track to track.

We'll sleep in the
back of a sedan.

Would you do that Toni?

You did.

Here they come

and there's the flag
and they're off again.

Mike Conroy in 74 in the lead

and Johnny Randall in number
70 now in fifth position.

Randall's trying to get up front

but he finds it hard going.

A battle for every inch he gains.

There's Brenner,
number 99 in a spill

but the tracks still clear.

Another man out,
it's all in the game.

Keeping up.

He's passing number seven.

Watch it.

He's leaving three
other cars behind him.

Attaboy Johnny!

Conroy in
number 74 is still in the lead,

but Randall's gaining on Mike.

Come on baby!

He's gaining on Mike Conroy in 74.

Come on, he's catching him.

70 and 74, Randall and
Conroy racing hump to hump.

Somethings wrong there.

Randall's in trouble of some sort.

Watch his rear left wheel,
lady luck be good to him now.

It takes a good man
to catch Conroy,

let along pass him.

But he did, he's out in front.

The wheels off and Randall won.

Across the finish
line on the axle.

I'll never understand
how you made it.

Neither will I.

We did it Kate.

Johnny I'm so proud of you.

This is it mom, we're going home.

Wait a minute,

do you realize you just
won the Sweepstakes?

That money's going to
buy a one stop garage.

Bradley and Randall
Complete Automotive Service.

Do you mean that Johnny?

Of course I do.

Would you mind stepping back,

I'd like to take picture here.

Johnny take that pose again.

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