Born to Ride (1991) - full transcript

The US Army has decided to modernize its cavalry, so Colonel James E. Devers (commanding the 36th Division) is ordered by a general to convert a horse unit to motorcycles, but his men are easily outclassed as riders by a pack of rowdies, especially Grady Westfall; when he is arrested risking a long jail term, he's given one way out: enlisting as Corporal, assigned as driving instructor. Unit commander Captain Jack Hassler reviles his unorthodox boyish methods as undermining discipline and tradition, not to mention flirting with the Colonels daughter Beryl Ann, but he's needed, especially when he unit is ordered to prepare in two weeks for a secret mission to free nuclear scientist Dr. Tate and his daughter Claire from captivity in a castle in general Franco's fascist Spain that can't be reached by parachutists, under cover of a motorcycling festival in nearby Bilbao. Grady didn't want to participate, but when he realizes they're just not up to it, he comes along, and finds the mission quite dangerous...

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♪ Little boy blue,
come blow your horn ♪

♪ your aunt's in my pants ♪

♪ and brother's in the corn ♪

♪ Jack and Jill
ran up on the hill ♪

♪ Jack ain't comin' back
until he get his fill ♪

♪ shoutin' hey, hey,
hug my soul ♪

♪ where's it gonna stop?
Don't nobody know ♪

♪ don't she look good
dressed in leather and lace ♪

♪ come on, gentlemen,
let's rock this place ♪

Who's your buddy?

♪ Hey, manmade fluff where
they can't take it all... ♪

Afternoon, sheriff.

Go ahead and smile.

I'll get you one of these days.

♪ Where's it gonna stop?
Don't nobody know ♪

Hey, charlene, you ever feel

like riding with a winner,

give me a call.

Hey, next time, grady.

Next time.

I'll catch up with you later.

♪ Dancin' all over
when I hear that sound ♪

♪ Clementine, seventh son ♪

♪ leave me in the stretch
goin' a million to one ♪

♪ shoutin' hey, hey,
hug my soul ♪

♪ where's it gonna stop?
Don't nobody know ♪

♪ don't she look good
dressed in leather and lace ♪

♪ come on, gentlemen,
let's rock ♪

You lost something back there.

The United States army
welcomes you

to fort Manning, Kentucky,

home of the 30th division

of the first mounted cavalry,

where the historic formation
of this legendary unit

took place.

Colonel's daughter!

Today the 30th division
is to be awarded

the merit of excellence medal,

bestowed upon those
who have excelled

in the service
of the United States army.

Sorry I'm late, daddy.

If you showed up on time,

we'd all have to
reset our watches.

I hope Jack didn't notice.

I'll never hear the end of it.

With us from Washington, D.C.
to present the medal

is general Thomas chaffee

and our own commander
here at fort Manning...

colonel James e. Devers.

Today we honor a loyal friend

who so valiantly toiled for us

in the Mexican border revolt...

nazarro, the mount
of captain Jack hassler.

And rusty,

who, at the forefront
of our military effort,

helped to protect
U.S. interests in China.


These magnificent animals
must make way

for the inevitability of change.

What you're looking at

is the wave of the future.

These machines
were designed specifically

the toughest, most dependable
military vehicles

in the world.

Very impressive machines, Jim.

Yes, they are.

Is the conversion of
horseflesh into horsepower,

of America's first fully
mechanized cavalry unit.

Well, I think you'll
be very happy, tom.

Captain hassler reports
a very promising first week

on the motorcycles.

Start your engines!


Move out!

That's enough, cartucci!
Move that bike out now!

Hey, you! Stop!

He's crazy!

Who the hell is this guy?

He knows what to do
with a motorcycle.

Yes, he does that, doesn't he?

Move it!

Hey, wait a minute!

Hold it, you!

Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Hey, boys!

Hi, grady!

Come on.

Come on, Dixie.

Come on.

There we go.

Let's go.

Come here.



You had a visitor.

She leave her name?

She left her name...

sheriff greaves.

I hope this don't mean

I need a new mechanic.

Ah, don't be
such an alarmist, Gus.




Hey, Danny, wait up.

♪ They can't give me a family ♪

♪ no more, no more, no more ♪

♪ where I go I go,
and I don't pay ♪

♪ I need a new job
about every day ♪

♪ it evens out something
that I don't do... ♪


A small token
of our appreciation

to grady westphall,

the best damn racer
of the county...


Thank you!

Thank you very much

for this most prestigious award.

I'll keep it
in a place of honor.

Willis, your ma's on the phone.

Hi, charlene.

It's real nice to see you.

Mind if I cut in?

Heck, sheriff,

I thought this was
our little secret, but...

Excuse us, charlene.

I've been trying
to nail this boy for years.

He causes a heap of trouble
around these parts.

We got him good this time...

trespassing, destroying
U.S. government property,

assaulting the army personnel.

One year ain't enough,
if you ask me. No, sir.

You got a visitor, westphall.

Now, if you army boys
ever need anything,

you just let me know, you hear?

You know,
you ride that motorcycle

like most people
walk on two feet.

Too bad you didn't
appreciate it.

Oh, I did, I did.

How long you been
riding that thing?


Well, let's see, now.

Actually, it was 1923.
I remember, because...

you got quite an attitude, boy.

No offense...

But I don't like
people in uniforms.

Well, how would you like
to wear one yourself?

It's real simple, westphall.

I need somebody to train my men

how to ride them machines.

You're the man can do that.

The dream department's
down the hall.

What I saw of your boys,

they wouldn't know a clutch
from a horse's ass.

I want you to listen
to me real good, son.

I come down here
to offer you a deal.

You can spend the next
year of your life

in the army's
fresh air and sunshine,

or you can rot your ass
right here in jail

with your friend the sheriff.

So why don't you make your pick?

Me, in the army?

You got to be kidding.

All right, gentlemen,
are we feeling lucky?

I'm putting down $1.00.
What do you have?

♪ You're too modest
and just too very, very... ♪

Cut the corn, cartucci.

♪ Webster's dictionary ♪

Happy days are here again.

Ah. Amen.

No more shoveling
ground biscuits

and getting kicked
for my trouble.

And the smell.

Your horse said the
same thing about you...

I think it's great we're
the first motorcycle unit.

Homemade cookies.
Want one?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Me, me, me, me.

I'll take one.

Doesn't he just scream
army material?

So this is your bunk?

Listen, if anyone tries
to mess with you,

you let me know.
I'll take care of them.

There are some open bunks
down there, corporal.


Whose is this?

It's, uh, mine, sir.

Now it's mine.

Hey, jailbird, rumor has it

you're partial to convertibles.

Forget about it. He don't
stand a chance in hell.

Need a hand with that?

I can manage, thanks.

Oh, it's you.

That was quite a show
you put on last week.

Thank you.

And I see you've joined up.

Well, I got the sudden urge

to do something good
for my country.

Well, you must be such
a brave young fellow.

I'll take that, corporal.

Looks like the fun
is about to begin.

I won't be able
to join you, beryl Ann.

There you are.

You're a lucky man, Jack.

It's captain to you, corporal.

Right. Captain. Sorry.

I'm still new at this...

Does he make you
call him captain, too?

I'll see you tonight.

Yeah, let's go dancing.


Dancing sounds like fun.


Stand at attention, soldier!

Hands out of your pockets!

Hands out of your pockets!

Heels together,
back straight, chin up,

and wipe that stupid grin
off your face.

Ha ha ha ha!

You've been talking
to the colonel's daughter?

I know you think

you're quite a star,
corporal westphall,

but in the army,

the only stars we've got

sit right up here.

You understand that, soldier?

Permission to speak...


What is it, corporal?

Between you and me,

I find a shameful
lack of privacy

in the latrine area.

Actually, this morning
I found this...

a shell in my scrambled eggs.

Fall in line.

It ruined my whole day.


Captain hassler
with corporal westphall, sir.

At ease, gentlemen.

Corporal westphall,

I thought we ought
to have a little chat

before you get started.

The army has its own
way of doing things,

and you'll be expected to adhere

to the regulations
governing this base.

Listen to me, boy!

You foul up,

you go awol,

you so much

as scratch your ass
with the wrong hand,

you're going to land
in leavenworth.

That's the army's
idea of prison.

You got a job to do.

Anything you need to get it done

will be supplied by the army.

Any questions?

There's a motorcycle race
at Daytona next week.

Maybe I could take a day,
two at most...

dismissed, corporal.

So that means no, right?

Wait outside, westphall.

Begging your pardon, sir,

but corporal westphall's
an insult to army standards.

I couldn't agree with you more,

but I need him.

That being the case, sir,
I respectfully

request transfer back
to a horse outfit.

Request denied.

You keep him in line.

To make better soldiers
out of your men.

Yes, sir.


At ease, gentlemen.

You've all met
corporal westphall.

You're aware of his
skills on a motorcycle.

The same way he's
caught your eye,

he's also caught the army's.

He's going to be training you.

They're all yours, hotshot.


Just out of curiosity...

How many of you have
been on a motorcycle

before the army got this
little bee in its bonnet?

We're expert horsemen.

That's what
we've been trained for.

Is that a fact?

What's your horse's name, pal?


That's cute.

From here on in,

this is Clementine.


what is this?

That's underbelly armor,

We jump off the bikes

and lay them down
to deflect the bullets.

First learn to ride them
before you jump off them.

All right.

Throttle, brake,

foot clutch, shift.

Let's ride.

That's the wave of the future?

Get a horse!

Got to hand it to you.

How'd you convince the army
to get you out of prison?

Just told the colonel
the truth...

he needed me to train his men.

You got the gift.

Indeed I do, Willis, my boy.

Sam, these are on the army.


The army let you buy drinks?

How did they put it?

Anything I need, I got.

They love my ass.

All right, boys.

Now it's time

to play a little game
to test your dexterity.

And here we go.

All right.

It's hot,

and you're thirsty.

Pull this off and you drink.

Who's first?

I'll give it a try, corporal.

Right. You're up, slick.

All right, Brooks!


Come on!


Go, man!

All right, who's next?

All right, you.

You! You!

You, you're next.

There's one thing
I forgot to tell you...

if you do blow it,

you lose a piece
of your uniform.

No way. I'm not taking off
my shirt, pants... nothing.

Come on, Maguire,

let's see that poolroom tan.

Take it off, boy!

Take it off!
Off! Off!

Off! Off!
Off! Off!



All right. A pretty fair
test of balance.

There goes my pants.

Do you know where westphall is?

All right!

Let's see,

we've tested your balance,

your dexterity...

What about their balls?


Jack, grab a beer and join us.

Do you have an explanation
for this, westphall?

Sure, Jack. I'm
training the men.

You're off base
without permission,

these men are drunk in...

And out of uniform
in the middle of the day,

and you must be
pretty God damn stupid, too,

because I warned you...
this is the army!

Get them out of here.

Get back in uniform now!

I told you they love my ass.

That's mine!

Tom, you old skunk,

down here twice in one week.

Can't stand the heat
back in Washington?

It's hot there, all right,

but it's not the weather.

Arthur Bridges
from the state department.

Glad to meet you, colonel.

What's going on, tom?

I've seen that look before.

Arthur will explain.

The girl is Claire Tate.

Her father
is Dr. Philip Tate,

the leading authority
on atomic research

in this country.

The bomb?

We're not the only ones
working on it.

So are the Germans.

The Tates have been kidnapped.

Our sources in the
Spanish underground

inform us Franco's
negotiating a trade

for them with Hitler.

We can't let that happen.

We believe the Tates
are being held here,

in an old fortress.

There's only one road in,

a narrow horse trail.

It's completely
inaccessible by car.

We can't parachute troops in.

The only way out is on foot.

It's a three-day walk
to the border.

I see. You want
to send in the cavalry.

Not exactly.

We can't send the cavalry

without creating an
international incident.

But this is
the perfect opportunity

for your mechanized unit.


There's a big international

motorcycle race
coming up in bilbao.

The course winds through

the cantabrian mountains

not far from the fortress.

Your men will enter
as civilian racers.

We couldn't ask
for a better cover.

And when does this
motorcycle race start?

Two weeks.

Two weeks?

Two weeks? These men
have never seen action,

let alone on motorcycles.

They're expecting a miracle.

That's exactly what they'll get,

but not with westphall's
ass in the brig.

I want him training those men.

Captain, I don't care

what it takes to get this done.

Yes, sir.

Mind if I borrow that?

You got lucky, westphall.

Don't tell me.

The army wants to
cut me another deal.

For some reason,
the colonel likes you.

The colonel's not my problem.

Well, that's what
I'm here to talk about.

How would you like
to walk, westphall?

No jail, no army,

just roaring down that
open highway going nowhere

like before?

Christmas in July, Jack?

What's the catch?

The catch is...

You got to get past me.

All you got to do
is whip my ass,

and you're out of here.

Nice try, Jack,

but I ain't buying it.

I take a poke at an officer,

and I go up the river.

Forget about rank.

Is this for real, Jack?

You bet.

I'm going to kick your ass.

Yeah, right.


Devers ok this deal?

Signed, sealed, delivered.

If you want these back...

You know where you can
get them tomorrow morning.

Let's go, corporal.

♪ You're just too marvelous ♪

♪ too marvelous for... ♪

You're in over your head now.

I'm shaking in my boots.

I'll see you around, Jack.



Come on!

Come on!

Sorry to interrupt you, sir.

Begging your pardon, ma'am.

What is it?

Who's winning?

You keep me posted, sergeant.

Daddy, what's going on?

Nothing that concerns
you, beryl Ann.

Soup is excellent
tonight, Elizabeth.

Come on! Come on!

Let's go. Come on.

Jesus, corporal,

what are you fighting him for?

He's the armed forces champ.

Now you tell me.

Give it up, westphall.

Save yourself the humiliation.

Where I'm from,

this is fun on a Saturday night.

Excuse me, Mrs. Devers.



Keep monitoring the situation.

Yes, sir.

What are the odds?


Put me in for 10 bucks.

Hassler 6-to-1.

Make it 20.

Your hat, sergeant.

Begging your pardon,
Mrs. Devers.


Carry on, sergeant.

You ready to quit?

Hell, no! I feel
like a million bucks.

Throw me back in.

They still at it?

If you'll excuse me, Elizabeth,

I think I'll check the horses.

I'll go with you.

You help your mother, beryl Ann.



What the hell's going on here?

I was just discussing
the motorcycle project

with corporal westphall.



Yes, sir?

Get these men cleaned up.

I saw that flame
through the window,

and I thought there was
a fire in here.

What happened to your face?

Cut myself shaving.

Oh. So did Jack.

These things just don't
look that hard to ride.

They can be full of surprises.

So surprise me.
Take me for a ride.

Hey, maybe you could
show me how.

I doubt it's possible
for me to fall any lower

in your daddy's graces,

but that would do it.

You wait much longer,

I'll have to find
somebody else to teach me.


All right.

Be careful!

I am.

Now, I'm going to give you

a very important lesson

in riding a motorcycle.

You accelerate
with your foot, see?

With your foot?

Yeah. Right.
See, like this.

Oh, my gosh.

Ok, you have it?

Yeah, yeah, I'm ready.

You sure?


This is what you do.

Let the clutch out.

All right?

You ready to give it a try?


All right, get off.

Now, you sit on there.
Got it?

Good. Put your foot
on this.

This is a foot clutch.

When you let the clutch out,

give it a little gas.

Ok. Ready?



The brake is on the right!

Oh, wait. Wait.

Oh, shoot.

Ok, bring it back.

Where are you?

Come back!


Look out!

Oh, shoot!


No, wait.

Come here!


You got it!

I'm pretty good at this!

Right through here.

Look out!

Whoa! Whoa!

I'm going to hit you.

Come back!

Aah! Ha ha ha!


You got it!

I'll be damned

if I didn't pass on the gift.

I got it!

Oh, my God!


Oh, my God.

Ain't that hard to ride, huh?

Oh, full of surprises.

Oh, gosh.

It's getting late.

I guess I'd better
be getting back.

Come on!
Come on, just...

What does this have to do
with motorcycle riding?





Riding a motorcycle
is lots of fun, right?

Wind blows through your hair,

girls like it.

You could also
get killed on one!

Get back on that barrel!

Ride it like you mean business!

Damned if you ain't starting

to sound almost army.

Watch your mouth, novak.

When will you let them ride?

When I think they're ready.

I think they're ready now.

If you don't like
my training methods,

let's kill this romance
right now.

Let's take a walk, corporal.

Let's go, Brooks!

Take a break, men.

At ease, westphall.

Have you ever heard

of the campeonato del mundo?

Toughest road race in Europe.


The army wants six of us
in that race.

I said it's the toughest
road race in Europe.

You guys don't stand a chance.

Why would the army be interested

in the del mundo?

What I'm about
to tell you, westphall...

Could get me

When we cut this deal,

nobody said anything
about suicide.

This isn't an invitation.
You'll do as ordered.

I'll get your boys
up on motorcycles,

but I ain't going to Spain!

Not hungry?

It's the finest
milk-fed veal.

The colonel brought it
from Germany.

Perhaps it's the company
she finds distasteful.

I apologize for the
primitive accommodations.

it's only temporary.

Who the hell are you?

Colonel muhl, ss.

You have nothing to fear
from me, doctor,

as long as you cooperate.

I myself have daughters,

and I will never let any harm...

Come to them.

You're up early, Jack.

I never went to bed.

Where are these bikes
you're taking to Spain?

They've been ordered
direct from the factory.

Isn't that just like the army?

Entering a world-class
road race

with stock bikes right
off the showroom floor.

What's wrong with that?

Every racer blueprints
his engine.

Speak English, westphall.

It means to modify your bike.
Beef up your engine.

Put your personal stamp on it.

How long does blueprinting take?

If we start tonight,

we might make it by race time.


That's impossible.

The bikes won't be here
till next week.

Bust a goiter, Jack.

I can handle it.

It's going to take
persuading on my part

and cash on yours.

That's not a problem.

How are you going to
explain it to the colonel?

I'll just tell him

it's part of your
little program.

Hell, he already

thinks you're
a screwball anyway.

All right, Willis,

what you got on your bike,

let's see. I don't know,
800 bucks?

If you were to sell it,

what would you sell it for?

I wouldn't sell it.

Come on.
Sell it for what,

$100 over what you got invested?

My girl maybe,

but not my motorcycle, colonel.



It's kind of like
cutting off a right nut.

You know how it is.

It's not just a motorcycle.

It's your best friend.

It takes you
anywhere you want to go,

understands your problems,
keeps you company,

and it don't talk back.

So say you'd take...
800 times 2?

I knew you'd understand.



Pay the man. Next.

To be a good biker,

you got to know
everything about them.

Gus and I will teach you
how to tear them apart

and put them back together.

You'll know every square inch.

Pick your bikes.


I got a driving permit.

This is too easy.

I'm telling you,
with this new scope,

I could see a nose hair
at 500 yards.

Why are they showing us
all this new equipment?

A soldier never questions why,

a soldier's job is do or die.

I got to test
detonators tomorrow.

You really think we're
going to see some action?

Let's go, brother.

Yes, sir!

See that?

Whoo! All right!

Want one?

No beer for you, Gus.
You're underage.

Here, buddy.

Thanks, grady.

Not so tight, Maguire.
Now here.


Thank uso.

All right.

Hey, hey.

Captain, buy you a beer?


I'll be damned.

You're human after all.

Don't let the grease
stains fool you.

Jesus, ain't she a peach?

Never thought
we'd actually make it.

Well, we did, Jack.

All right, gentlemen,

let's take 'em for a ride.



♪ Yeow ♪

♪ joint's really jumpin' ♪

♪ goin' round and round ♪

♪ dancin' all over when
I hear that sound ♪

♪ Clementine, seventh son ♪

♪ leave me in the stretch ♪

♪ are goin' a million to one ♪

♪ shoutin' hey, hey,
hug my soul ♪

♪ where's it gonna stop ♪

♪ don't nobody know ♪

♪ don't she look good ♪

♪ dressed in leather and lace ♪

♪ come on, gentlemen,
let's rock ♪

Afternoon, sheriff.

What the hell's going on here?

I'm very sorry.

It's totally out of my hands.

Army business.

Get your ass back here!
I want to talk to you!

Son of a bitch.

I'll talk to the army
about this.

Good job, boys.

Drinks are on me.

You're on your own now.

These men are
going back to base.

Move out!

Are you ok?

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean

to run you off the road.

Crashing's getting to be
a habit with us.

You know, if you wanted
to ask me out,

I do have a telephone.

This is going
to need a tow truck.

Come on.
I'll give you a ride.

Let's go, young lady.

Young lady?

Don't even think about it.

You're on the back.

Dixie, go get it.

Rog, it's grady.

There's a convertible
stuck out route 2.

I need a tow back to base.

All right,
thanks. Bye.

Looks like you're moving
up in the world, huh?

You stay away from her, Gus.

I saw her first.

Last installment from the army.

I do appreciate this, grady.


What's the toughest decision

you ever had to make
in your life?

Whether to marry my wife
or her sister.

I'm serious.


when a few fellas wanted me
to team up with them

in a motor parts business,

but, uh, I decided I
wasn't the partnering type.

Those boys made a bundle.

Do you regret it?

You kidding?
Give up all this?

Anyways, that was
a long time ago.

A man shouldn't cry
in his beer, grady.

Why do you want
to know for, anyway?

No reason.

How you feeling?

Mmm, I'm fine.

What are you doing?


Mmm, and it's such
a wonderful night.

Feels like we're
the only two people alive.

I know a place where we can be.

Is it far?

This is a beautiful lake.

Yeah, it is.

Only problem is the sharks,

but other than that,

it's... it's
a beautiful lake.

No, I'm serious.

Actually, there's a shark...

♪ Call me out tonight ♪

♪ on a midnight promenade ♪

♪ put on your silk dress ♪

♪ I'll sing a lover's serenade ♪

♪ there's no use in pretendin' ♪

♪ you're wearin' your heart
on your sleeve ♪

♪ baby,
in your innocence... ♪

Sure this is ok?

Yeah, this is fine.

I'll just walk from here.


There's something
I have to tell you.

I may not be able to
see you for a while.

That's ok.
I understand.

I am just like you,
grady. I...

I don't like to be
fenced in, either.

No, it's... it's not
like that. It's...

This is about me,

facing my responsibilities.



Beryl Ann, I...

stop before I say
something you'll regret.


What's going on here?

Beats me. Orders are
to load them.

Load this one, too.

Ok, corporal.

Grady! I'm glad
you made it back.

I didn't think I was
going to get a chance

to say goodbye.

Could you do me a favor?

Mail this to my mother
if I don't come back?

You'll make it back.
I'll make sure of it.

Let's go.
We're moving out.

Jack, you win.
I'm in.

Wrong. You lose.
You're out.

You didn't want to be
part of this mission,

and you're not.
Come on, Brooks.

Jack, you need me.

We'll be fine.

Captain, what's holding us up?

You're sending these men

on a dangerous situation
on motorcycles.

I should be with them.

I can ride better than them.

If something goes wrong,

I can fix it
on the spot... Sir.

We can use all
the help we can get.

Mount up.

Come on, Jack.
Let's get it done.

What's slowing you, westphall?

Come on, grady!

Forgot my...

you lost something?

Yeah. I forgot something
at the base.

Let's go, grady!
Come on!

You joining us, corporal?

I said I would, didn't I?

What's holding you up?

Think that engine's ok?

What, are you scared
of flying, westphall?


Let's go then!
Come on!

Let's go, son.

She knows she's not
supposed to be here.

Let's move it out!

At the starting line,

set your odometers to zero.

You should hit the turnoff

between 60 and 61 Miles.

You all right, westphall?

From here to the fortress

is a half a day's ride.

Now, the approach is
not heavily guarded,

but be careful.

Brooks, pick off
any guard on the roof.

They'll never know
what hit them.

Novak, locate that receiver
and take it out fast.

Broadwater, make sure
nobody gets in his way.

Maguire, lay charges
on the trail

in case they chase us.

Cartucci, westphall,
you stick with me.

We'll locate the Tates and
hightail it out of there.

It's 40 Miles
to the French border.

We'll be waiting
for you right here...

At valcarlos.

Any questions?

I take it you don't
care much for flying.

So will it bother you

when we have to parachute out?

Ah, just kidding!
I couldn't resist.


Hey, the beer's good.

Uh-oh, trouble.

What's he doing?

He's looking at the bikes,
that's what he's doing.

He's coming over.

No problem.

We don't sprechen sie.

Guten tag.

The harley-davidsons...

I was admiring them outside.

They are beautiful machines.

Thank you.

Tell me...

What kind of fuel will you run?

What kind of fuel?

I'm curious.

I do a little racing myself.

72 octane.

Now you can sleep tonight.

I know harley-Davidson
very well.

Some of your modifications
seem rather extreme.

For instance, fly wheels.

Why did you make...

That's privileged information.

We don't want to give away
all of our secrets

before the race, now, do we?

Perhaps you're right.

Auf wiedersehen.

Careful, westphall.

Told me to act like a racer.

I was acting like a racer.

Know what, Jack?

I could win this race

if I wanted to.

But I guess you won't know

till I get to the church,
now, will you?


Those guys are good!

No kidding!

Broadwater, have you seen grady?

Ah, he's way up front.

Beats riding ponies, don't it?


Where's westphall?

He's not here, captain.

I knew we couldn't trust him.

Evening, girls.

I got to tell you,

there's nothing I hate more
than being talked about

when I'm not around
to defend myself.

I was in the lead, Jack.


Everything's here.



This is going to hurt me

as much as it hurts you, baby.

Say goodbye to 14 coats

of the finest hand-mixed
lacquer money can buy.

Ah, it's easy, grady.

Just like this.


Brooks, come on, let's go.

Let's get the armor on.

Broadwater, you got any pliers?

And a hammer.

What the hell are you doing?

It's rugged terrain out
there in those mountains.

This will give us
extra traction.

You don't see any
spare tires around here.

Be careful or we'll
all end up walking.

So quit barking in my ear.

You're spoiling
my concentration.

You know, westphall...

Beryl Ann is a very
special girl.

I'd hate to see her get hurt.

Good night.

Those Americans

the harley-davidsons,

have you seen any
of them pass through?

Not yet.

Shoo! Why don't we just ride
down the side of a house?

Motorcycles weren't
built for this shit.

We don't have time to ride
around this Mountain.

I didn't say we weren't going.

I just said motorcycles
weren't built for this.


You ok?


Let's bring those
Spanish dames in!


Where are those Spanish dolls?

Wait! Wait!

I smell gas.

Oh, God.

Get off your bike!

I don't like this.
It's too quiet.

No need for you
to go in, westphall.

Try and stop me.

You know how to use that thing?


All right.

Let's go.


Look out.

What's the matter,

don't they teach this
in the army?

Let's go.

Oye, Raul.
Cigarillos tambien.

Did you have to kill him?

Sorry, Raul.

Real good army rescue...

they're gone.

I got eyes, westphall.

What's the situation?

German equipment,
German code book.

The Tates...
where are they?

No tengo armas.
Mira, no tengo pistola.

Do you speak English?

Raul habla ingles.

He's saying some guy
named Raul speaks English.

Just tell me where they are.

Tell me where the Tates are.

¡Santa Maria!
¡Santa Maria!

Now he's praying.

Estacion. Estacion.

Show me.
Show me where.

Se ido a Santa Maria
estacion aqui.

They're in Santa Maria?

Si, señor.


Si, señor.

God damn it.

Come on, we got
a train to catch.

Let's go.


Did I hit anything?


I owe you one, grady.

Come on!

God damn it!

We got to catch that train.


You come with me.

The rest of you give cover.

Catch up at the train.

Let's go.

Great. How we
getting out of this?

We'll work around them.

No time.

I got a better way.

All right.

You really think you
can hit it from here?

Not from here, westphall.

We're going to get a lot closer.

Nice shooting, Jack.

You been practicing?

All right, Jack.
Now it's my turn.

Grab my bike!


Grab my bike!

Got it.

Don't do anything crazy.
You might fall.

Wait for me!

The train is slowing down.

What the hell?

Is this a trick?

Do you take me for a fool?


Don't move.

What took you so long?


Who are you?

They tell me I'm the army.

They're on to us.

You ok back there?

Put your arms around my waist.

You'll be fine.

Lean into the bike.

Hold your knees against it.

There they are, boys.

Brooks, broadwater,

double up with the Tates.

Good luck, captain.

Get them to that plane fast.

Westphall, you stick with me.

We'll ride rear guard.

See you in France, captain.

Move out!

We've got company!

The fun never stops.

They're coming around.
Let's split up.

Let's take cover in the trees!

Flare out about 100 yards,
cut a hard "u,"

and ride straight at me.

Pass me on my left. Go!


Yaah! Yaah!

Bikes on the left side.

They made it.
There's a girl.

They got the Tates.

They did it.

Where's the others?

Last thing I saw,
they were behind us.

Load up. Let's go.

I'm picking up German
on the radio.

We can't wait any longer.

There it is.

Last one there buys the beer.

There they are.
There they are.


That Nazi will cut us
to pieces. Take off!

He's going back!

Those are my men out there.

I'm sorry. The Tates
are my first priority!

Take off now!

Let's play chicken.

Get going.

Hang on, Jack!

I think Claire Tate's
got an eye for you!

Well, if she does, westphall,

you stay the hell away from her.

Come on, grady!

Come on, boys.
This man's hurt.

Grab my hand, captain.

Come on!

Let's go! Get in!

You know how I feel
about flying.

Get in now!

There goes
a perfectly good bike!

Are you back?

Did you doubt it?

New bike?

It's a long story.

Oh, yeah?
Well, I got time.

Oh, yeah?

You got time for a swim?

You read my mind.

Don't even think about it.

You're on the back.

Of the horse?

Now don't you tell me
you can't ride a horse.

I can ride a horse.

It's just that...

I'm a motorcycle rider,
you know?

Horse is a piece of cake.

Oh, yeah? Well, come on.

All right.


Come on.


Hold on with your knees.

Whoa, you son of a bitch!


♪ Get your motor runnin' ♪

♪ head out on the highway ♪

♪ we're lookin' for adventure ♪

♪ and whatever comes our way ♪

♪ yeah, darlin',
gonna make it happen ♪

♪ take the world
in a love embrace ♪

♪ fire all of your guns
at once and ♪

♪ explode into space ♪

♪ I like smoke and lightning ♪

♪ heavy metal thunder ♪

♪ racin' with the wind ♪

♪ and the feeling
that I'm under ♪

♪ yeah, darlin',
gonna make it happen ♪

♪ take the world
in a love embrace ♪

♪ fire all of your guns
at once and ♪

♪ explode into space ♪

♪ like a true nature's child ♪

♪ we were born,
born to be wild ♪

♪ we can climb so high ♪

♪ I never want to die ♪

♪ born to be wild ♪

♪ born to be wild ♪

♪ get your motor runnin' ♪

♪ head out on the highway ♪

♪ we're lookin' for adventure ♪

♪ and whatever comes our way ♪

♪ born to be wild ♪

♪ born to be wild ♪

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Warner bros.

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