Born to Love You (2012) - full transcript

Joey (Angeline Quinto) and Rex (Coco Martin) find themselves attracted to each other at a Korean wedding. They soon learn of their many differences. With Rex's emotional baggage, Joey decides to help and wait for him until he's ready. Will Rex ever find forgiveness in his heart? How long will he keep Joey waiting? "Born to Love You" is a Filipino romance comedy film from Star Cinema.

For whom do we wake up in the morning?

Is it for our families...

For the person we love...

Or for ourselves?

We can't say 'for no one'.

Because no matter how hard life can get...

No matter how painful...

We all have that special person.

We all have a reason
to wake up in the morning.

We all have a reason for living.

GO, go! Keep going! Good!

Go! Good!
Show me a sweet smile.

Good! Great! Higher! There!
Flip your hair! Yeah! Good! Nice!

Good! Now fix your hair.

- Are you sure he knows what he's doing?
- Yes.

Face here.

- The photographer is in style...
- Favor this side of your face. There.

- You see that? Jump?
- Look this way. There! Nice!

What's this?
Where's the money shot?

This one here. That looks okay.

Okay? Is this really how you work?

Where are the product tags?

I can't even see them!

Where's the concept of freedom?

I think it's good.
It's very... artistic.

Rex's style is really unique.

- If you'd like we can do a re-shoot.
- Yes! We'll re-shoot.

But obviously we hired the wrong person.

- You're fired! Let's go.
- No no, Um, ma'am. Um, sir.

Take it easy.


How can I take it easy when
we just messed up again?

There are lots of clients out there.

Oh? Where? Every single one's
been backing out.

Sheesh, Rex. You're very good!
I even admire you.

But you need to focus.
Stop being so tense!

As a kid, you were already
holding a camera. Get me?

You're wasting what you...
what we started!

We're almost there.
Let's not dilly-dally with our business.

I want to start getting big time projects.

Ad agencies, magazine covers, billboards.

Damn it, we've only been
getting chunk change.

Hey, I'm talking to you.
I'm serious now.


Sorry, miss. We're having
an important conversation.

- I'll talk to you later. Okay?
- Excuse me.

Hi, do you remember me?

I'm Sasa, by the way.

Rex Manrique.

Oh, would you like to have a drink?


Please leave your message after the beep.

Dude, it's Benjot.
What's going on?

I've been trying to call you
but you're not picking up.

Damn it, just pay up!

My dad's gonna kill me!
Don't wait for him to sue you!

- Hello?
- Rex, where are you?

- The wedding's about to start!
- Almost there. Just stuck in traffic.

Rex, I know you.
You're still at home.

Stop lying, man.
You're driving me crazy.

I'm almost there.

Just get here already.

Hurry up! Hi. Hai! Hai!

You know, I'm a vegetarian...

but you're like pig fat clogging
my arteries! You're killing me!

I said I was sorry.

- Fine, let's go. We need to get inside.
- Excuse me.

What took you so long?

Ah, ah, ah, hi. I'm Freddie.

I'm Jam.
I'm the one who called you.

The groom's on his way
so you better set up inside.

By the way, why's he late?

I wasn't late, ma'am.
In fact, I'm early.

It's the groom who's late.

Let's go, Lot.

He's got some nerve.
You better watch him.

Don't mind him.
He's just joking around.

- Well, he's not funny.
- You look cute when you get mad.

And neither are you.

FB. Lot.

A happy union with our family.

Thank you.

Be good, and hopefully your
married life will always be happy.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Rex, the throwing of the juju beans
is their tradition!

They'll be furious!

I almost got it.
But that fat-headed lady got in the way.

Oh no! How...

Did you get the shot of the
throwing juju beans?

Oh... Um... Aw... Ah...

Lo-look we have beautiful photos.
Look oh. Look at this.

Your face beautiful, eh? See? See?

No! No! Throwing juju bean!

Yes yes yes. Ah,

we-we don't have the throwing
of the jujuju beans.

What? What?!
No! Stupid both of you!

Give me that.
I could just punch her.

Rex, Rex, Rex, Rex, Rex. Take it easy.
We need the money.

- I'll handle this eleph...
- She's mocking us!

I'll take care of this elephant. Relax.

What did he say?!

Ah he he he he said you're ah...
you have a beautiful face! Ha? Yes.

What did he say?

He said you look like an elephant.

And he said he could just punch you.

And he said I'm fat-headed.

- Stupid! Stupid! Both of you stupid!
- What what what what's the problem?

What did you say?

I told her that you said
she looks like an elephant.

And that your friend here
threatened to hit her.

And that I have a fat head.

Hey! Where are you going?

Next time, don't say crap
about other people.

Just because they can't understand you,
doesn't give you the right to do so.

I already said sorry, ma'am.

So? You even talked behind my back!
Who do you think you are?

And don't call me "ma'am".
I'm not your teacher!

Who are you to talk down to me?

I'm the tourist guide
and the Koreans' translator.

Especially when people like you
speak ill about them!

Ma'am translator,
please tell your employers...

you can have my paycheck.

If you want it, it's yours! Suck up!

Are you implying that I'm a lowlife?
That I can't fend for myself?

Excuse me. I am rich, and
I have manners. Unlike you!

And I told you not to call me "ma'am"!


Let go of me!
I'll scream "rape"!

Are you sure?


You fought with a girl!

Plus, even a wedding job
we can't do right, man!

I just did what she asked.

She almost broke her hip!

That Freddie guy said...

if they get that Korean client,
they'll hire us as translators!

No way!
I don't want to see them again.

And I think I said I was rich.


You won't even let us
take a cab. Rich?

They said they're rich.

They don't need our help.

Man, why won't you support my love life?

I think Jam's the love of my life.
My Jam, my sweet, my love!

If we get that gig let's hire them, okay?

Let's not talk about it.

That won't do.

How are we gonna get a break when you
don't want to talk about your problems?

I thought you want our business to boom?

Your Uncle Charles in advertising
has a ton of connections...

but you're too stubborn to ask for help.

Okay! You wanna show everyone
you can be independent.

Then, let's help each other, Rex.

Help me help you.
Help me help you!

You win, I lose. As always.

Big bro!

Hey! What' re you doing here?

Who are you with?



Why are you here?

It's your brother's birthday next week.

You haven't been answering
my calls or emails,

so we opted to visit instead.

Big bro, you forgot?

Of course not!

Are you going?

Of course.

How old will you be?

Five, Big Bro.

That's why you're so big.

You promise, Big Bro!
I'll wait for you!

Bryan, let's go.

We still need to buy
your party favors. And...

your brother looks busy. Let's go?

See yah, Big Bro!

Please be there.

That's enough of a gift for him.

If it were up to me
I wouldn't bother you with this.

But he insists you be there
for his birthday.

Please, son.

Let's go, Bryan!

Stop here.

- Joey!

- What took you so long?
- She sings well.

- Where were you?
- I almost left my costume.

Gosh, you're always late.
Go, get up there.

Let's hear it for the Madrigal Siblings!

And now, for our next performers...

Let's give a round of applause
for the JSC Liwanag Trio!

Joey, Sampaguita and Coritha!

Hey! Cheer for them!


- Cheer!
- What the?

I'm not looking for anyone else, my love.

I'm already in love with you.

There's nobody...

- nobody else in my...
- My dear, give it your best.

- heart and mind.
- You can do it.

I'm so happy every time I wake up.

- Seeing and being with you.
- Where've you been?

- Staring at your lips and your eyes.
- You see that? Look!

It's like nothing else.

While my heart smiles
my mind starts to worry.

What more if you find out
how much I love you.

- What will I do? Come what may!
- And who's that girl?

She's not even pretty!
She's just light-skinned!

Yeah! Is she really their sister?
The other two look burnt!

Shut up! You're one to talk!

You think you're so perfect.
Why? Is this a beauty contest?

- You want to fight? C'mon!
- You think you can handle me?

That's it!

Don't mind those old geezers. Let's go.

My mind starts to worry even more.

What more if you find out

- that I love you.
- That's my girl!

What will I do? Come what may!

- There's no one else I need.
- Oh no!

- I'm gonna love you now!
- Oh my gosh!

Nobody, nobody but you are
in my heart and mind.

And the winner of
Masinag Town Got Talent...

With a first prize of
five thousand pesos...

Mr. Tony, they're siblings!

That's right!

And the sibling winners are...

- The Madrigal Siblings!
- We won!

- Congratulations to the winner!
- What?

Life's like that, my dears.

You win some, you lose some.
This time, we lost. So no electricity.

Don't worry, mom. When I get a new gig
we'll be able to pay our bills.

If only we'd won our problems
would be solved.

It's tiring!

This is like the forty-eighth contest
we've entered and we still haven't won.

Hey, hey. Don't lose hope.
We'll win the next one.

Oh oh oh, look at your older sister.

She's full of fighting spirit,
never giving up.

Mmmm. Just like your father.

Guess what? He's got a new job!

Really, dad?

Mom, um, the warehouse that
hired me turned out to be illegal.

It got closed down.

Don't worry, love.
Your luck will come. Let's eat.

C'mon, let's eat.

Have some.

Real Photography award,
Photography Masters Cup, and many more.

You have very impressive credentials,
Rex Manrique.

But you haven't had a major project yet.

I'm a bit picky with the projects I take.

Especially when I don't believe
in the product.

Don't we all want to be proud of our work?

Hmmm... A man of taste. I like that.

Hey, hon.

Oh! Hi, honey!

- Art Jimenez
- Rex Manrique.


- Freddie Sta. Maria.
- Freddie.

Sit down. Sit down, please.
Yeah. Okay. Thanks, Pam.

We've got this big client.
A noodle company called Kimchi noodles.

It's a Korean brand but we will
launch it here in the Philippines.

We'll handle the pictorials.

We'll have it in the most
beautiful resort in the country.

And if you do good,
we'll bring you to Korea.

And... you'll make the client happy.

I don't think you'll have
a problem with that.

You'll do the print ads, the collaterals,

and the billboards to be shown
here and in Korea.

Isn't that good?

- Is it good?
- Hmm?

Ah... the noodles.

In case the food stylist
has some requirements...

we may need to use special lenses.

We might need to rent.

Yes, yes.
Anything you need, just tell me.

By the way, one of our Korean partners
will be sending some people here.

Is that okay?

No problem.

- We're used to working with others.
- Good!

I'm sorry we're late,
Mr. Jimenez & Ms. Bianca.

- The jeepney...
- The jeepney we rode broke down.

Rex, Freddie, these are
the people Mr. Xianli sent.

Mr. Xianli.

Yes, he's our Korean partner.
Is there a problem, Freddie?



Rex, this is big money.

We'll earn millions if we go for this.
We'll even get to go to Korea.

This is the break we've been waiting for.

You'll be able to pay your
debt to Benjot. Right?

You don't understand, Freddie.

That girl makes me lose it!

If you keep thinking like that,
then you'll really lose it!

You said you wanted to prove your
mom wrong. Here's your chance.

Joey, stop being a baby.
Don't you need the money?

To pay for your electricity,
your water bill.

And what if this finally gets us to Korea?

You've been dreaming of that for so long.

We've waited four years for this break!

Unlike you, I don't have
a rich family I can run to.

I never asked for anything from my family.

Not even a measly penny.

Freddie, you know I'd never
do that even if it kills me.

You're so emotional!
That's why we're losers!

I'll do this thing with or without you!

Oh, Freddie. Where's Rex?

I'm sorry, ma'am.
He had a stomachache. He went home.

- What?!
- I'm fine. When are we leaving?

Next week.
Jam, are you free next week?

We'll be there.

Oh! Good then! We're settled.

- No turning back now. Okay?
- Yes, sir!

- Next week, okay?
- Thank you.

Let's go.

Rex, this is Jam and Joey.

Good morning!


- Later. I'm on a diet.
- No, thanks.

You want one?


She girl's been reaching out to you.

We'll be together for a week. Be nice.

You want this job to go well?
You promise.

Fine. Just shut up.

Give it here.

By the way, you're sitting with her.

With who?

Jam! That's my seat.

Sit down there.
Stop whining. Mmm!

Dibs on the window seat.

First time?

Yeah. How'd you know?

- What the?
- She's gonna blow.

What's your problem?


Rex, are you okay?

Hey, I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to do it.

You surprised me.
That's why it spilled on you.

I said sorry! I got dizzy.
You knew it was my first time, right?

What the heck?

I shouldn't even be apologizing
to an arrogant guy like you..

But since it's my fault that
I barfed on you, I'm sorry!

What else do you want me to do?

Kneel? Give you money?
Sell my soul?

My body's not an option!

Hey hey he!!!

This is mine, right?!

Hey, Rex! Where are you going?

I'm going back home.
I can't stand her anymore.

Can't stand her? Why?

"Why"?! She's the only girl
who's ever disrespected me!

She barfed on me, slapped me,
and you're asking why?!

- Hello?
- Hello?

- Ms. Bianca.
- Rex!

- I'm quitting.
- Why?

- Damn it!
- That's enough.

No! It's not enough!
We're settling this!

Joey! Joey!

Let's get thing straight.
I just want to do my job.

Why do you have to let
Ms. Bianca choose between us?

Of course she'll choose you.
You're the photographer!

Is this a game to you?

If it is to you, well, to me it's not.
I need this job.

I need the money for my family.

I thought you're rich?

I just said that because I hate it
when people like you look down on me.

Don't worry. I can handle myself.

I've survived without leaning on anyone.

Wish granted.
We'll leave tomorrow.

- Ah. Ah. Ah! Aaah!
- Hey! Hey!


- Rex, she doesn't know how to swim!
- Oh no! Rex!

- Sir! Sir! Sir! Go, Rex!
- Sir! Joey!



- Joey!
- Joey,

- Joey!
- Joey,

Sit still, Joey.

- I'm fine.
- I said sit still.

- Joey.
- Don't touch me.

I don't need your help.

They're over there.

- Where?
- There.

Mom, I'm going home tomorrow.
The job's been cancelled.

I lost three hundred bucks but it's fine.

Don't worry, mom. We'll get
the money to pay for the bills.

You said it yourself.
If it isn't for me, then it isn't.

Ok, mom. I love you.

I already lost this job,
I even lost my wallet.

I'll lend you money.

That's not it.

There's something in there
that can't be replaced.

Miss, excuse me.

- Where's the guest in this room?
- They've already left, sir.

They're catching the early flight.

- There. There.
- Joey!

- Give that back!
- I already talked to Ms. Bianca.

You don't have to leave.



I know you need this job.

So let's all go back and do this thing.

It doesn't matter!
We're leaving.

Hey! Give me back my bag!

So... Let's head back?

Joey, stop that.

The coconut's gonna sue you for harassment.

If I had the money, I'd sue that Rex!

What? He went out of his way
to take you back.

He saved your life.
What are you whining about?

You want to have a
Superman in your life, right?

Maybe it's him.

Disgusting! Yuck! Eww!

Disgusting? Yuck? Eww?
Stop pretending!

Oh, Superman's coming.


And he's looking for you.

Excuse me.
I need to use the restroom.

Hey, wait!

Joey. Joey.
Joey, can I talk to you?


Joey, where are you going?

- I've got a date.
- Yeah, I know.

Why do you care?

- Oh! So there you are!
- Hey there, baby!

- Hey! Hey, baby!
- So, how are you, guys?

- You smell good.
- They're my date.

So, shoo! Shoo!

I've been looking for you
all over the place.

Yeah? We're here! Come on!

- We're gonna have some fun.
- I'm, I'm leaving.

Let' s party!

- Let go of me!
- What's wrong with you?

- Asshole! Rex!
- Joey!

Hey wait... Uhh!

Rex! Rex!

Rex! That's enough!
Let them go, Rex!

Rex, you're hurt.

Leave it. I'll do it myself.

Let me do this.
It's the least I can do for you.

You got hurt because of me.

Joey, I'm sorry. For everything.

I'm sorry too. For everything.

Let's drink!

Okay, but just a little.
Lim a lightweight.

Your turn.

By the way, Joey. Here.

I know this means a lot to you.
So I got it back.

You did?



Wow! You didn't take the cash.

Who's that?

My real father.

My mom used to be in a band.
She had a gig in Korea.

That's where she met my dad.

Then she got pregnant.

She said my dad suddenly left
as soon as I was born.

His name is So Yeun Park.

This is the only picture I have of him.

Good thing you found my wallet.

I don't want to forget his face.

That's why I learned to speak Korean
and became a tour guide.

There's a chance I might meet him someday.

Then this job came along.
It gave me hope.

How about your stepfather?

- Aren't you happy with him?
- I am!

My stepdad, Yoyoy, is really good to me.

Even though I'm not his real daughter.

But still, I'd like to meet my true father.

I'm happy with my family,
despite being poor.

And they're my reason for living.

You, Rex? Who do you live for?

You can't say 'no one'.
That's impossible.

Let me guess. Girlfriend?

Mmm! For a girl!

Let's go, Joey. I'm sleepy.

Aha! I'm right, aren't I?
A girl who left you.

She probably promised to marry you.

To be with you forever.
Then left for another guy.

There are lots of girls out there,
you know?

You can easily replace her.

- Dad, don't let mom go!
- It's alright, son.

You' re right, Joey.

There's a girl who promised
she'd come back for me.

Until my father died from waiting for her.

When my father died, my life was ruined.

So it wasn't a girlfriend.

Your mom.

You' re still up?

Obviously. I'm still listening.

- Where are you going?
- Uh. Good morning.

I'm going to my room.

Okay, bile

Good bye!

- Hello!
- Hello!

How's this?

Joey, tell them to hug more.

- Yeah! Good! Nice! Fun! Yeah! Okay!
- Is this what she had a while ago?

- This one?
- Hey, your pose. There.

Okay! One, two, three!

- Fun! Yeah! Good! Nice!
- Hold that.

- Joey!
- Bestfriend! Bestfriend!

- Joey!
- Bestfriend!

- Joey.
- Bestfriend!


Can you do that?



It must be magic.

The way I hold you
when the night just seems to fly.


For you to take me to a star.

Heaven is that moment
when I look into your eyes.

For you.

So, you like the shots?

- But we need to send in a safety.
- Um, my hand.


Excuse me.

Let me.

- I knew it.
- What a match.

- They look good together.
- Mom, dad!

- Mom, it's Joey!
- I'm home!

- Joey's here.
- Hi, mom.

Ah, Rex, this is my mom, Dulce.

- Good evening.
- Yes.

Dad, hi.
My dad, Yoyoy.

Good evening, sir.

My little sisters, Coritha and Sampaguita.

- Hello!
- Hi!

Rex, I just want to know.

- Are you courting my daughter?
- Dad!

I just want to know because
he's the first boy you ever took home.

If he isn't courting her,
maybe he's her boyfriend.

He just took me home, okay?

C' mon. C' mon

Did you borrow from the neighbors again?

Don't worry.
I'll pay them. Right, Joey?

Yes, dad.
We'll pay them tomorrow.

I got my paycheck earlier today.
I owe it all to Rex.

It's because of him I got the job.
Thanks, Rex.

- No problem.
- Forgive me for prying earlier.

I'm just concerned as a father...

that our daughter goes to a good man.

Dad! He's not courting me.

It's fine, if it'll make you happy.

As long as you pick the right kind of guy.

Not the worthless kind.

Let' s eat.

In the name of the Father,
Son, Holy Spirit. Amen.

Bless us, O Lord and these thy gifts

Which we are about to receive from
thy bounty through Christ, our Lord.


- Freddie, lim here.
- Okay, give him his bag back.

Yeah, okay.

Can we talk?

Why, what's up?

What's up?

Your brother's birthday!

You forgot?

You shouldn't have promised him, Rex.

You raised his hopes and let him down.

Do you know he won't
take off his cowboy costume...

because he wants you to see it?

You could've called.

- You should've texted me.
- Do I look like your secretary?

It was your brother's birthday!

Not once did you attend his party.

Because you keep forgetting!

If only I could forget about you, I would!

Then stop coming here!

Stop bothering me!
I don't need you!

What are you so proud of, huh?
What have you got?

You never did anything right!

You know, if you want to ruin your life
don't involve my family!

So now, I'm the home wrecker!

Aren't you the one who stole my mom?

Didn't you seduce my mom from my dad,
destroying my family?

You're the worthless one!


What are you doing here?

You left this at home.

You want to talk?

Let it out.

You'll lose it if you don't.
What are friends for?

You have people who can
listen to your problems.

Rex, wait!

Joey, go home.
This is non of your business.

Rex, wait.

None of my business?

Just a while ago you were
all sweet with me in my house,

now you're pushing me away?

Rex, what's going on between us?

Where are you going?

To hell!

To hell? My God.
Rex! Rex! Don't!


Rex, stop making me chase after you.

What the heck's wrong with you?

Why do you keep pushing me away?

You're confusing me
with your mixed signals.

You got me drunk.
You hugged me all night.

You held my hand in the plane.

You even met my family!

Was that nothing to you, Rex?

Are you just bored that you made fun of me?

I'm sorry.

But to me it's a big deal.

For the first time,
I decided something for myself.

And that is to love you.

Rex, what are we, really?

Do you really love me?

You won't turn your back on me?

You won't treat me like I'm worthless?

Is that what your family thinks of you?

Do you really love me?


Very much.

Um, Rex. Rex, train.

Just embrace me, Joey.
Trust me.

I do trust you, Rex.
But not the train!

It's coming for us!

We're gonna die, Rex!

Just keep on hugging me, Joey.

Rex, I still wanna live!
We're too young to die!

Do you love me?
Do you really love me?

I do!!!

It's not funny!

Did you know it was going to turn?

You knew we wouldn't get run over?

You trust me, right?
Then I'll always protect you.


If only I didn't love you.

My father was a simple
photographer back then.

He had a simple life.
Simple dreams.

When he first saw my mother,
she was crying.

She said her boyfriend left her
to work in Canada.

Here it is, baby! Almost done!

- My mom and dad lived a simple life.
- You're milk's ready.

- And then I was born.
- Wow! Cool!

Then everything changed.

- Wow! Awesome!
- Let's eat together.

- Wow! Cool!
- By the way.

Here's all I earned.
Sorry, it's not a lot.

This is all of it?

This is all you're giving me?

We won't even be able
to pay our bills with this!

Sylvia, what do you want me to do?

Find a better job!

I'm doing all that I can,
but this is the only thing I know!

That's the only thing you can do?

Then I'll look for a job myself!

Sylvia. Sylvia!

My mother was looking for a better life.

She said we won't go
anywhere with my father's job.

Their relationship got worse and worse.

Until they separated.

My mother left for America.

- Sylvia, wait!
- Morn!

Mom, mom, don't leave me.

- I'll come back.
- Mom.

I'll come back for you. I promise.

Years passed,

- and my mother didn't return.
- Don't let her leave!

So I focused on photography.

I earned many awards...

- just so my father can be happy.
- Dad! How do you do this?

I want to take a picture of that.

- Sure! Let's do it together.
- Yeah.


But mom never came back.

She ran into her
ex-boyfriend in America.

That's Uncle Charles.

Then my dad died waiting for her.

More years passed.

My mother finally came back.

She wants me to be with her.

But I'd have to live with her husband.

That was five years ago.
You need to move on.

That's easier said than done.

You said you and your mom
already talked about it.

And your stepfather.

We talked, yeah.
Understood each other, no.

Ever since my dad died...

It's like nothing good happened in my life.

You know, Rex...

It all depends on how you look at life.

Me, for example.
Yoyoy isn't my true father.

But I love him just the same.

We're poor, yes.
But in a way we're rich.

Rich with love.

Even though I didn't
finish studying, it's fine.

At least I'm able to send
my sisters to school.

I have a reason to wake up every morning.

A reason to live.

Rex, there's no heaven on Earth.

You'll have to find your own happiness.

That's why I don't want to be a burden...

nor have a burden.

Your brother...

Does he think you're worthless?

Rex, take care.

Bryan. Bryan,

Big bro? Big bro!

Happy birthday!

Here's your present.

- Wow!
- Go.

I'm sorry.
This is all I could afford.

Wow! The digicam you promised?

I knew you'd come, big bro!

Mom and dad didn't believe me.
Where were you?

Big bro needed to work.

I'm sorry I couldn't be at your party.

But I'm here now, aren't I?

Do you love me, big bro?

Of course I love you!

I love you too, big bro!

I love you.
I love you too.


Why are you still up?

I know. It's because we haven't
given you our present!

- Happy birthday, Bryan!
- Happy birthday!

You wanna open it? Go go.
I'll help you.

Wow! My favorite R.C.!

- Yes!
- Thanks, mom!

Thanks, dad!


- Hey where were you?
- Have a snack.

Wow! Those look beautiful!

- I'll just finish this.
- C'mon, let's eat first.

- You cooked?
- Of course!

Dig it?

- Mmm! Hotdog!
- Let's eat!

- Don't finish it all.
- Alright! Breakfast!


Is this fine?

It was a mess so I cleaned.

Is that okay?

Rex! Not right now! I stink!


Not now!

- Stop it!
- Here I come!

What? What?


Thank you for everything, Joey.

I don't know how I'll ever repay you.

For everything you've done.

A kiss will do.

You know what, Joey Liwanag?

- I love you.
- I love you too

- I love you three.
- I love you four... forever.


Mmm. Hold still.
You'll look better.

For whom do we wake up in the morning?

For ourselves?

For our friends?
Our loved ones?

Or for our families?

- Yes! H00'
_ Yes! '

- Thank you very much!
- Thank you!

- Hey! Congratulations to us!
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.

- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- Rex!


- Ouch!
- Sorry!

- Rex, congratulations.
- Thank you.

- Freddie, Joey, Jam, good job!
- Thank you.

And here's your down payment
of three hundred thousand.

Thank you!

Rex, deposit this cheque.

I talked to Benjot.
I promised we'd pay him...

the three hundred thousand.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Ma'am, this is a good present for Joey.

It's her birthday next week.

If possible, I'd like my birthday
to be within our trip to Korea.

I've been wanting
to meet my dad for so long.

Even for just one day.

Oh, that's so sad.
We're not going to Korea anymore.


Well you see, our Korean clients
liked the locations you used.

So everything will be shot here
and we'll just send it to them.

Better for the company.

Less expenses.
Good job, guys! Well done!

Thank you.

Well, congrats again, guys.
I'll see you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you. Thank you.

Don't worry, Joey.
You'll see your dad soon.

It's okay. The good thing is
you got the project.

That's what's important.

- Sir.
- Oh. Rex. Have a seat.

Your girl's father, So Yeun Park,

He's not the type
who can afford to fly here.

What's important is you found him.

The Korean private investigator
who's my friend is really good.

But he's not cheap.

I won't lie to you, Rex.
It's going to cost you.

That's fine.

Two hundred eight thousand
six hundred fifteen pesos in total.

All in.

All expenses paid.

That' s too steep.

Well, just call me when you have the money.

Rex, you sure this is where
you're treating me for dinner?

I don't mind eating in a cheaper place.

I have a surprise for you.

She's your daughter.

Mr. So Yeun Park...

she is your daughter, Joey.





I'm sorry. I didn't know
that your mother was pregnant.

It's okay, dad. it's okay.

Thank you, Rex.

Thank you.

You know what?
You're very beautiful.

You have the eyes of your mother.
We have the same face.

I love you, dad.

This is my family.
My two sister, and my mother.

How are you doing?

This is my stepfather, Yoyoy.


- See?
- Yes.

Oh there you are!

My childhood friends.

My best friend.

You' re chubby.

Mmm. Not so much, dad.

Dad, you want to see
my graduation pictures?

What are you doing here?

Where' s Rex?!

Wait, is there a problem?

The cheque he issued me is the problem!

Wait! We already deposited
the money! Rex did it himself.

Then why did the cheque bounce?!

Freddie, no more second chances.
My dad's fed up with this.

Rex, thank you very much for everything.

You're welcome, sir.

Please take care of my daughter.

I will.

Joey, I'm very happy to
have a daughter like you.

I love you, dad.

I love you too, my child.

I have to go.

Take care of yourself.

- Yes.
- Ok?

Rex! Rex! Rex.

- What's up, Freddie?
- We have a problem.



Arrest him, officer!

Rex Manrique, we have
a warrant for your arrest.

Rex, you told me you deposited the money.

What happened?

Rex Manrique, you made bail.

Here are the release papers.

How, Joey?

Your debt to Benjot's been cleared, Rex.

Where'd you get the money?

I'm sorry, Rex,
but your mom fixed everything.

Your Uncle Charles helped too.

Your mom was even here earlier
and did everything to get you out.

But she didn't want you to know
because you'd get angry.

Joey, how could you do this?

I could've fixed this on my own.

H ow?

I'll ask Mr. Jimenez for
an advance on my salary.

You know, I can accept any form of help.

But not from Uncle Charles!

Rex, can't just walk in there.

We don't even have an appointment.

I'll never hear the end of it
from Uncle Charles...

if I don't do something about it now.

Rex! Rex!

Miss, where are you going?
Miss, you can't go there!

- To see Mr. Jimenez.
- You can't go in there!

He's in a conference!

- Mr. Jimenez...
- Miss!

It's ok.

Pam, close the door.

What's the meaning of this?

You know my mother, Mr. Jimenez?

I'm a friend of Charles.

Did you hire me because of them?

And not because I earned it?

That's not true, son.

Mr. Jimenez hired you
because you're good.

Rex, SO"'.V...

But your mom and
Uncle Charles knew everything.

They're the ones who gave me this project.

And the other jeans ad project.

They also knew about your debt to Benjot.

And they did all of it
to help our business.

It doesn't matter.
You shouldn't have lied.

If we told the truth,
would you have accepted our help?

No. You'd spit on it.

Like you always do when I try to help you.

Everything I do for you,
you take for granted.

We've been trying so hard
to get closer to you.

But you always pull away.

We try to understand you,
but you won't let us.

I'm not a bad guy.

I just don't know how to handle you.

Son, I hope you see that we're doing
this because we all love you.

Don't worry, mom.

I'll pay you back for every penny
you spent on me.

Rex. Wait.


Rex, wait! Stop!

Why can't you just accept our help?

You still can't accept Charles?

It's not just about him.

Then what?!

Why did you leave us?

Is it because dad can't give you
what Uncle Charles can?

Because he wasn't as rich as Uncle Charles?

Because he can get you what you want?

You know that's not true.
Your father and I never got along.

I needed to work to give you a better life.

We couldn't live off his photography.

Mom, we were complete.
When you left it was just us two.

Then dad died, and I was left all alone.

But you have a complete family.

You promised me you'd come back for me.

But you never did.

You abandoned me!

You know why it hurts so much?

Because you made me trust you.

And I was a fool to do so.


Rex, where are you going?

Please, Joey. Leave me alone.

I love you, Rex.

As your girlfriend
I have to be here for you.

Then I'm breaking up with you.

No. I won't accept it. No.

Aaah! Rex?!

Rex. can't you see?

We're all just trying to help you.

You need to face the facts.

Not everything you see is right.

And just because you can't
see it doesn't make it wrong.

Don't use your eyes, Rex.

Use your heart.

So, I'm the one at fault?


You need to grow up, Rex.

You' re so immature!

Fine! I'm the immature one!
I'm the one who's wrong!

I'm the one who ruined all your lives.

You said you don't want any burden?
Then leave me!

There you go again!
You always lash out when cornered.

You said you hate rejection?
You hate being left alone?

But look at what you're doing!
You're pushing us away!

Rex, don't look at what you don't have.

Look at what you do have.

There's so much love around you.

I'm with you.

Rex, are you still mad?

Let's go home.

Ah! Ah! Rex!

Aah! Ah! Rex!

Ah! Rex! Ah! Rex! Aaah! Ah!

Aah! Aaaah!

Ah. Joey... Joey...



- Help!
- What happened?

- Please, bring her to a hospital.
- Hurry! Give her to me!

- How about you?
- I'm fine! Take care of her!

What happened?

She has a concussion
caused by a car accident.

Rex, where are you?

I've been trying to call you.

Jam called. She said Joey got into
an accident. Weren't you with her?

Was she taken to a hospital?

Yeah. She's fine. She's at St. John's.

She's stable.
Her family's on their way to her.

Rex, are you okay? Are you hurt?

Rex, are you hurt?
Hey! Rex! Rex!

Answer me, Rex! Hey!

For whom do we wake up in the morning?

Is it for our families...

For the person we love...

Or for ourselves?

We can't say 'for no one'.

Because no matter how hard life can get...

No matter how painful...

We all have that special person.

We all have a reason
to wake up in the morning.

We all have a reason for living.



My dear!
Thank God you're awake!

Mom, where's Rex?

I don't know.

Someone else brought you in here.

Jam and Freddie visited you the other day.

But even they don't know where Rex is.

You know, dear?

To love is the happiest thing
you could ever experience.

But it will also be the source
of your greatest pain.

What are you trying to say?

Did he leave me?

It's been days, my dear.

He hasn't visited even once.

Just because he's not here
doesn't mean he left me.

I want to see him.

I want to speak with him.

My dear, you have to let go.

Save some dignity for yourself.

Joey, my daughter,
I'm so glad you're awake.

I've got some snacks.
They're good for you.

Why? What's wrong?

Dad, She and Rex are over.

Huh? Were they together?

Any news?

Best friend, the police said
they couldn't find Rex.

He's not in the hospital or anywhere else.

There's no sign of foul play. No body.

Maybe he doesn't want to be found.

Joey, we won't find him
if he's trying to hide.

We tried to search for him
in the accident area.

But we don't have any leads as of now.

Hello, everyone!

We are now here at the famous
Tagaytay picnic grove.

This way please so we can see the famous,

majestic view of Taal Lake
and Taal Volcano.

There is the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

As you can see, it is comparable
to Korea's Jeju Island.

And over there is...

- the picnic area where...
- Water, please.

The Filipino families love to go to.

Thank you.

Guys, just take pictures.
I'll be back.

_ Okay' _ Okay'

So, you're alive.

We looked everywhere for you.

Your mother even hired
a private investigator.

And all this time you were here.

- We have nothing to discuss, Joey.
- Yes, we do!

You've got some explaining to do.

You left me hanging.

My boyfriend left me while
I was half-dead in a hospital.

He left me wondering if he really loved me.

Because you never leave someone you love.

Especially when in danger.

You don't want any burden, right?

Because you never felt how to be one.

I'd be too heavy for you
to carry if I stayed with you.

You'll really be the end of me.

I want to forget you.

I don't want to love you anymore.

Give your love to someone else.

To someone who deserves it.

Someone who'll love you back.

You've already got your family
to worry about, Joey.

I don't want to add to that.

You know...

If I could just teach myself
to forget about you...

I'd have done it already.

But it's not that easy.

My heart longs for you.

I used to be so happy with just my family.

A family who loves me unconditionally.


Joey, they found Rex.

The police told me...

They brought him to another hospital.

The doctors said
Rex suffered many injuries.

They said shards of glass
got into his eyes.

They went deeper into his eyes
without treatment.

It damaged his optic nerve.

Joey, Rex is blind.
If only he was treated sooner...

if he was brought to the
hospital within thirty minutes...

they could have saved his eyesight.

And when the doctor said he was blind...

Rex just smiled.

He said he was just happy you were safe.


Why didn't you tell me?

'Cause I don't want to be a burden.

Not to you, not to anyone.

This is my punishment.

I acted like I was right
when I was really wrong.

You're right.

I'm immature.

I wasted years being mad at nothing.

When I lost my sense of sight,
I finally got a sense of myself.

Life became peaceful.

You were right, Joey.

My eyes deceived me.

And my heart is telling the truth.

Can you hear what my heart is telling you?

I love you, Rex.

I'm never going to let you go.

I'll never leave you.

Woah, I just fall in love again.

Just one touch and
then it happens every time.

There I go I just fall in love again
and when I do...

I can't help myself.
I fall in love with you...



I can't help myself.
I fall in love...

Have you been there long?

Big bro!

I missed you, big bro!


My son.



- Mom.
- Rex.

Mom, I'm sorry.

Sorry because I blamed you.

I thought you abandoned me.

I'm sorry for being so selfish.

- Forgive me, mom.
- Ssshh. Ssshh.

What's important is you're safe.

Thank you for letting me
in your life again.

I'm sorry too, son.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Rex. Rex, wait.

- I need to ask you something.
- What is it, Joey?

Rex, will you marry me?

This is embarrassing,
so hurry up and answer.

I will.


I love you so much, Joey.
So much.

I love you too, Rex.

There's nobody else I want to be with.

I am in love with you.

Nobody, nobody else...

- is on my heart and mind but you.
- It's like the seventies here.

I start my day so happily.

Seeing and being with you.

Looking at your lips and your eyes.

There's no one like you.
My heart is smiling.

But my mind is starting to worry.

What if you find out that I love you?

What will I do? Come what may!

There's nobody else I want to be with.

I am in love with you.

Nobody, nobody else is on my heart
and mind but you.

Congratulations! Congratula...



There! That's what you're good at!

Rex, where are you going?

I don't know!

It's your first time to fly beside a guy?

Who isn't handsome and... eh!
Sorry sorry sorry.


Cut! Cut!



Give me the shades!

Sir! Sir! Please, sir!

_ Sir! Joey!
- Cut!

You were seen?




So close!


It must be magic.

The way I hold you and
the night just seems to fly.


For you to take me to a star.

Heaven is that moment
when I look into your eyes.

And oh I just fall in love again.

Just one touch and then
it happens every time.

There I go, I just fall in love again.
And when I do...

I can't help myself.
I fall in love with you.

Woah, I just fall in love again.

Just one touch and then
it happens every time.

There I go, I just fall in love again.
And when I do...

I can't help myself.
I fall in love with you.

I can't help myself.
I fall in love with you.