Borderline (2014) - full transcript

A senior commissioner, head of the Crime Suppression Brigade, is arrested and detained by the police for four days after 25 years of impeccable professional careers. He is then put under ...

Based on C. Gavat's life

96 hours in police custody

Was Antoine Cervoni murdered,

or did the president's former adviser
kill himself

in his office
at the Interior Ministry

where he'd recently been made
Senior Defence Official.

The official version,

according to which
Cervoni committed suicide,

contains many factual errors

and untruths.

Although the police reports

substantiate the suicide theory,

the deceased's family's lawyers

claim the investigation was flawed.

Why are you up?
It isn't time for school yet.

I wanted to recite my poem.

Come here.
Don't you want to recite it tonight?

No. I wait for you every night
and you never come.

I don't do an ordinary job.

Baddies come out at night.
It isn't my fault.

What's the poem?

The Lament of
the Little White Horse.

- Who's it by?
- Paul Fort.

"The little horse
'mid winter's height,

"ah, what a gallant heart he bore
He was a little pony white

"all behind and he before.

"He was a little pony white,
all behind and he before.

"He never saw the Spring arise
to gild the dreary landscape o'er

"He never saw the sunny skies,
either behind or before,

"He never saw the sunny skies,
either behind or before,

"He was contented evermore
drawing the village lads

"Through the rain's unceasing pour,
all behind and he before.

"Through the rain's unceasing pour,
all behind and he before.

"His little cart behind him went,
chasing the jaunty tail he wore,

"It was then he was content,
all behind and he before.

"It was then he was content,
all behind and he before.

"But one day, beneath..."

Don't move, honey.

Go on.

- Go see Mum.
- Police!

Go upstairs!

What the hell's going on?

- Out the way!
- Don't shove!

Couldn't you have simply
asked him to come in?

The circumstances demanded it.

You're not paid to judge
just to produce results.


Chief Superintendent
Internal Affairs

What's so amusing?

Name, date and place
of birth, please.

It's all in my file.
Look at it and copy it.

I'd change your tone
if I were you.

The situation is hardly
very welcoming,

but I would ask you
to remain courteous.


Turning up at my home at 6am
with cops in balaclavas,

who cuffed me in front of my family,
is being courteous?

- Why am I here?
- You're implicated in a case

of corruption, criminal association
and drug trafficking.

- Is that all?
- That's all.

Name, date and place of birth?

Blain, Willy, César, Lucien,
born on October 6, 1961 in Bordeaux,

to Henri and Georgette Legrand.

Belt, laces, jewellery,
put them in here.

I know the ropes.

Forget the rest, son.

If you want to strip me,
you'll need back-up.

How about a finger
about your arse?

- What are you doing here?
- Same as you.

They've also hauled in Rossi
and D'Angelo of the Drug Squad.

- Do not communicate.
- What's your name?

- Samir.
- How old are you?

24, sir.

- When did you start?
- A year and a half ago.

A year and a half ago?
Good luck, Samir.

Don't worry, Willy.
They need to make some noise,

so they're squeezing us.
It'll soon blow over.

See you tomorrow at noon
for a drink.

Where are we going?

- Brussels.
- What are we going to do there?

Karim screwed up a job.

They did a ram raid
on a jeweller's.

The cops attacked them.

- Where is he?
- Hiding in a car park.

One guy is dead,
the other's in a bad way.

What's it got to do with us?

It was a close thing.

Take this.

What about my mate?

I can't take him like that.
It's too risky.

Will it be the same for a shit?

Sorry, sir.
It's the same for everyone.

Yeah, right!

What time is it?


Take care of her.
Get a female colleague to search her.

And put her in solitary.

Who is she?

Blain's mistress.

To be handled with caution.



Do you want to eat something?
I can get a tray sent up.

I'm fine.

I examined your file very carefully.

Top of your year,
exemplary conduct,

medal for bravery,
injured twice on duty

and a record number of busts
in the region.

The latest assessment
from your superior,

Chief Superintendent
Philippe Jansen:

"Dynamic, intelligent element,
with faultless conduct,

"who, by inspiring
a sense of duty in his men,

"has made his team
one of the CID's best units."

What did you do to him
to get such praise?

What do you think?

How long have you been
with your husband?

Nearly 15 years.

Did you know about his affair
with this woman?

- No.
- Is this the first time?

I've no idea.

How has he been recently?

Same as usual: absent.

Did he ever mention
who he saw or what he did?

To talk,
you have to see a person.

Surely you have time together?

Before screwing other women,
he screwed the police.

For any personal questions,
I suggest you ask him.

Look, madam,
your husband is implicated in...

I don't give a damn.

I just want to go home
to my children.

Change your tone
and answer my questions.

On November 13,

acting on information
from a protected source,

at 3:47pm
you and your unit stopped

a "go-fast" convoy

at the interchange between
the A43 and the A432.

According to your report,

there should've been

300kg of cocaine in the boot
of the BMW 740i

registered in Germany,
which was transporting the drugs.

But your report states
you only found 40kg

of those 300kg.


The driver of the BMW,

Said Larbi, when questioned
by the investigating judge,

said there were 60kg
of cocaine in the boot,

and not 40,
as your report says.

He's lying. There were 40kg.

My men will confirm that.

You mean Captain Rossi,

Lieutenants Batz and D'Angelo,
and Captain Ayache?

On the drug weighing report,

there are only two names:
yours and Philippe Jansen's.

Was any other officer
present at the weighing?


In other words,

between a dealer who's
making things worse for himself

by saying he was actually
transporting more drugs

and the statements of two officers
with unorthodox methods,

it's the two police officers
I should believe?

I think so, yes.

You could even ask yourself

how many times
they have risked their lives

to dry up the drug market.

All I'm asking myself is
what you did with the other 20kg.

In recent months,
have you noticed

any odd transactions
on your bank accounts?

Large sums of money credited
or debited, for instance.

Did your husband usually
have a lot of cash on him?

How did he pay?

I don't know.

Like I said,
we rarely saw one another.

You have a nice life.
A home like yours,

the Jeep, the Porsche, the horses.
How did you pay for it?

The house was paid for
with a mortgage. The horses

are my job.
The 4WD was my father's

and we bought the Porsche
for 13,000 euros.

Half the price of your car, huh?

I'm allowed to let you go

after this interview. Your husband
will be staying the night.

Do you want to say goodbye?


- Hi.
- Hello.


Hi, pet. Here...

Stash this.


- Honey!
- Here I am.

I'll never forget your help.

I won't forget either, Karim.

Without us,
you'd have been nabbed.

One favour deserves another.

I know.


- Well what?
- Give me some food.

- You wanna eat?
- Yes.

300kg of coke. It's arriving
from Punta Cana on a jet.

From Versailles,

it'll be taken by "go-fast" to Lyon.
- When?

- Day after tomorrow.
- Who told you?

Raouf Chelli. It's his order.

If he finds out you grassed,
he'll rip out your tongue.

I don't give a toss.
I'm not scared of him.

Hang on, excuse me.

Don't sulk!
It's nice here.

What are you playing at?

He shot a guy!

So what? One less crook,
and a great case for us.

That's all that matters.
Come on, relax!

What are you looking at?

Do you like her?

She's new,
she just arrived.

Noella. Her bloke's been inside
for 3 years. She's well horny.

Come on.

- What is it?
- Pig's trotters.

It wasn't deliberate.

Got a cigarette?

Yes, sure.

Keep the pack.


Right, well, enjoy your meal.

Did you imagine
your job'd be like this?

- Where are you from?
- Nice.

How d'you end up here?

Bottom of the class.
So I didn't really have a choice.

- Plan to do this for life?
- I'm studying to be an officer.

- This is just for now.
- Any diplomas?

Master's in law
and a BA in politics.

So why the police?

Actually, my granddad was a cop,
so was my dad,

and my brother's a cop. So...

I'm doing the same.

I have to go.

I'm not really allowed
to talk to you.

- Call if you want a light.
- Thanks, Samir.

Despite their many enemies
among those they pursued

and frequented,

they built a close
network of contacts

enabling them to have access
to first-rate information

and guaranteeing them
a remarkable success rate.

These arrests reopen the debate

on the legitimacy of
certain excesses in the police,

excesses linked
to the special relationship

too many police officers have

with criminals
in order to do their job.

Here's the head of Internal Affairs,

Chief Superintendent Joseph Dahan.

Although this scandal reveals
the flaws of the system,

it's a victory for those
who do their job by the book

and those who believe
in an upright and honest force.

I promise to eliminate

all the parasites who,
through their criminal...


I know, Dad,
I'm watching it.

But Dahan is a shit.
You know, you worked with him.

It's to bury the Cervoni affair.
Everyone's playing along,

including me.
What else can I do?

I know, Dad,
you already told me.

I'll call you back.


Come on, wake up!
The judge wants to see you.

Can I have a wash?

You're not going to a dance!


This is Judge Vojak,
who is heading the investigation

of which you and Jansen
are the subjects.

I wished to inform you myself
of the extension of your custody.

It is evident,
following your initial statements,

there are many grey areas
to be cleared up in this case,

in particular your relationship
with the young prostitute, Noella.

- She's a hostess not a prostitute.
- What's the difference?

A hostess sleeps
with men she's attracted to.

She was the mistress
of a criminal

who's just been released
after serving 5 years

for a holdup
and attempted murder.

You're going to say

it's to be as close as possible
to the crooks you pursue?

That's right.
Where do I sign?

And the conditions
of your detention?

There isn't a sea view.

And what's this?

Why detain my wife?

She isn't involved.
It's between us cops.

And judges wishing
to shed light

on unacceptable practices.

Those practices enabled you
to further your career.

A good cop gets results.

And there's only one way:
put your hands in shit

and stir so something comes out.

There's shit stirring
and landing yourself in it.

It's hardly the same thing.

If you think stealing drugs

and hanging out in clubs
with crooks and prostitutes

is a way of doing good,
then we don't have

the same idea
of how to do this job.

That's likely.

Tell me about Noella.

How did you meet her?

- Not going to cuff me today?
- Would you like that?

According to our sources,
you met her

in a club on the Champs-Elysées,
the Cindy Club. Correct?

One of her friends
introduced you.

A regular, Karim Beloufa.
Is that correct?

I don't remember.

Will these jog your memory?

The Cindy Club has been
under surveillance for a year.

Our officers took the photos.

As well as being
a well-known base

for the capital's crooks
and even some from Lyon and Grenoble,

a well-informed source told us
it was also popular

with some high-ranking
Parisian police officers,

who hang out there with women
of questionable morals

who keep dubious company.

Which is why our department
set up the surveillance.

If you already know,
why ask me?

To find out if you're a liar.

You don't seem to realize
how serious this situation is.

It isn't about sex between
a cop and a whore.

It's a drug trafficking case.

20kg of cocaine that you
and Jansen are suspected

of having taken to pay
your criminal friends

including Karim Beloufa,

who is wanted for robbing
a jeweller's in Brussels

and suspected of killing
his accomplice, Mr Sahraoui,

who was found with 2 bullets
in his head in a carpark.

Come with me.

You're allowed to take me
out of my cell?

What if I leg it?

Where would you go
without your ID?

We have all your stuff.

What do you want?

- For you to tell me.
- To tell you what?

I dunno.

What went on between Blain,
Jansen and Beloufa.

About the nature
of their relationship.

You reckon I'm gonna tell you
what I didn't say at the station?

You've wasted a breakfast
for nothing, love.

I'd rather give you a blowjob
than grass people up.

It was to help you,
to get you out of 3 years inside.

I'm not going inside.

I just slept with a cop.
It isn't a crime.

He's suspected of drug trafficking
and being an accessory to murder.

My enemies' friends
are my enemies.

He goes down,

you go down with him.

Even if I wanted to talk,
I don't know anything.

With Will, it was just for fun,
it wasn't business.

- What about the coke?
- You're gonna hassle me for 2g?

- Did he take it with you?
- I was his coke.

He hadn't screwed his wife in years.

You know all about that.

Listen carefully, you.

You might be a great fuck
but you're nobody.

Just a little whore
who had the wrong cop. OK?

Wipe your face!

This is no ordinary case
you're mixed up in.

We need culprits at all costs.

Either you talk
or you'll end up inside.

So you never met Karim Beloufa
other than in the Cindy?

He was just an acquaintance,
not a friend.

You knew he was wanted
in several countries

for international drug trafficking.

We didn't discuss everything.

I understand your wish
to protect your informers.

You should think about it.

In less than 70 hours,
it'll be too late.

Come in.

How's our case going,

Rossi, D'Angelo and Blain's wife
were released after questioning.

Blain denies everything,
Jansen refuses to be questioned.

- And the whore?
- Moreau's on her.

Not too much, I hope.

Don't make that face.

You knew it'd be complicated.
Those guys are CID veterans.

They know the rules of the game.

You have to be smarter.

Catherine, the police
doesn't act with feelings

but with convictions.

Convictions are more dangerous foes
of truth than lies.

That's Nietzsche.

Nietzche was a poor
syphilitic lunatic.

How can you give credit to a man

who said Parsifal was compatible
with the decline of German art?

They've been there 2 days...

in the cold.

We have to give them
what they expect.

Don't count on me.
I'm going to try to shed light

on this case, but not like that.
- Don't try to shed light.

Shed it.

Will, look at me.

You OK? You OK?

Will, look at me.
Look at me! Willy!

Willy, look at me.

Are you OK?



Come on.

You gave us a real fright, pal.

An ambulance is on its way.
They'll check you out.

It's OK, I'm fine.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Why did you throw yourself
at their car?

You're crazy, Willy.
One day you're gonna kill yourself.

Here, I found it in the ditch.

Sure you're OK?

I'm fine, don't worry.

Two kids. The driver
doesn't even have a licence.

What was in the car?

Barely a 3rd.
We've been screwed.

- There isn't even 60kg.
- What does that mean?

It means Karim tricked us.

What you fucking up to?

Come on!

Come here!

Stop! Stop!

I don't like being screwed, Karim!

If I intercept a "go-fast",
it isn't for nothing.

What do you mean?

There wasn't even 60 kg!
How d'you explain that?

Hey, I didn't know!
They must've changed plans.

I've always been straight with you.

- Why would I screw you?
- Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me!

I'll never screw you. Never.

OK, OK, enough.

- Enough!
- I didn't screw you.

Just go home, pack your bags
and leave the area.

You've gotta hide.
It was a lure,

to see if you'd grass.
Now they know.

What am I gonna do?
I'm broke.

I took 5kg for you.
It's in the boot.

You can make a fresh start.
Join us upstairs.

It isn't necessary.

When did you last see Beloufa?

- 2 or 3 months ago.
- Where?

I already told you.

- At the Cindy Club?
- Yes.

Who were you with?

Why all these questions?

Karim Beloufa vanished
on November 13,

the day you and Jansen

intercepted the "go-fast" convoy.

He hasn't been seen at any
of the nightclubs he frequented.

His family and friends
haven't been able to explain

his sudden disappearance.

And he hasn't been seen
at any of his usual haunts.

It isn't the first time
a crook has disappeared.

Beloufa wasn't an ordinary crook,

he was your and Jansen's informer.

Why "was"?

His body was found in the boot
of an abandoned car

less than an hour ago.

It would appear he was tortured

then executed.
3 bullets in the neck.

I hope the ballistics experts

don't find the gun used

belonged to you or Jansen.

Are you mad?
You think we'd kill a crook,

and with one of our guns too?

I don't think anything.

All I know is,
the last two people seen with him

were you and your friend Jansen.

Drug trafficking, corruption,

criminal association
and now voluntary manslaughter.

If you want me to confess,
extend my custody.

Change your tone,

Your custody has already
been extended.

And if you are involved
in any way with Beloufa's murder,

I'll make sure
you don't get off lightly.

I bought them for you.

Your favourite brand, huh?

A year of surveillance
has to have its uses.

Even my wife doesn't know.

What else do you know?

Lots of things.

Thank you.

You know, for years,

I was praised
because I got results.

No one among the top brass

ever bothered to find out
how I got those results.

They just took their medals

and slowly climbed the ladder

while staring at their toes.

And now, all of a sudden,
there's a moralistic wind blowing

in the plush offices of these gents.
They have looked up,

opened their eyes
and feigned outrage

while sitting in the ministry.

It makes me want to puke.

No one's fooled,
dear Mrs Van Roy.

If you expect me to show remorse,
you're in for a long wait.

Because I'm proud to be a cop.

Humiliate me all you like,

back the dirty tricks of the judge

and those who've organised
this farce with him,

you won't strip me of my pride.

It's worth more than shame

and the hypocrisy
of this shitty system.

It's thanks to it
I'm still standing.

What time is it?


I'd like to call
my children and wife.

To reassure them.
Is that possible?

You can call from here.

Thank you.

We've got a problem
in the cells.

Noella Vicaire
has slit her wrists.

Stay here with him.

Your wife's beautiful.

Yes, she is beautiful.

Don't go through my things.

Do you often cheat on her?

What difference does it make?

Why do you cheat on her?

Why do you prostitute yourself?

I don't like men.
But you love your wife, huh?

I have to go.

I'll call you.

I don't like men
but I'm fond of you.

What does your man say?

He's inside.
He doesn't need to know.

Ask forensics
to send someone over.

I don't know how
she got a knife.

Maybe it's the one she used
in the cafe opposite.

We'll discuss it later,
Captain Moreau.

Thank you.

How is she?

She'll survive
but she needs intensive care.

She's been taken
by ambulance to hospital.

Who is she for you?

Do you love her?

When you head
a prestigious department

and have sex with a prostitute,
do you ever wonder

whether it's going
to get you into trouble?


But you do it anyway.



Lack of love, desire,
I don't know.

Take your pick.

If you want to call home,
you can do so now.

You've reached the Blains.
Please leave a message.

Camille, it's me.

I wanted to know
how you all were.

Please forgive me for all this...

I'm truly sorry.

Kiss the kids for me.
Give them my love. I miss you all.

I love you.

Fucking hell!

It's me they want.
Keep quiet and it'll be fine.

Please, gents!

The drugs are a pretext.

They want to hush up
the Cervoni affair.

- Enough!
- They've got fuck all.

- Please!
- Yeah, right!

They don't have a case,
and they never will!

Don't give up, Willy!

Fucking vending machines!


Thank you.

9 hours!
He refuses to come out.

It's understandable.
It's such a shitty world,

he's better off in there.

Right, this is cat's piss.

- Do you smoke?
- Yes.

Want to go for a smoke?

I'd love to.

- Is it a boy or a girl?
- We don't know.

We already have
a boy and a girl.

Nice one! This is my first
and my last.

I'm too old for this.

I'm Philippe.

Willy Blain.

Willy Blain, the cop?

I'm the head of the CIIS.

I know.

The 1st to have a baby
buys the other a drink. OK?

You're on.

- How long have you been together?
- I don't know.

You give her 3 kids
and you don't know?

I don't care how long it's been!
I'm happy.

Do you know
how long it's been?

Oh yes.

It's been...

22 years, 6 months...

and 13 days.

You're counting as if
you were in the slammer!

It feels like I am.

Why d'you think
I chose the anti-gang unit?

I'm happier in a stake-out car

than slouched on the sofa
watching TV.

- Why have a kid then?
- Because...

Because she wanted one.

And I didn't have the balls to leave.

Come on.

To my son
and your daughter.

Milo, can we have
the same again?

- No, I've had enough.
- Come on, don't be a pain.

If I said I'd only ever touched
my wife, would you believe me?

We met at 17
and got married at 20.

Then we spent 22 years
trying to have a kid.

The docs said it was impossible.
Then, all of a sudden,

bam! I'm a dad.
A dad at 40, unbelievable, huh?

- Thanks.
- Put it on his bill.

- He lost.
- Only by 10 minutes.

10 minutes is 10 minutes, mate.

You're 10 minutes late
for a bust, you're fucked.

What does your lady do?

Breeds horses.

- So you're loaded?
- No.

It's a small stud farm,
a family business. And yours?

She waits.

She waits for me to come home
and I don't want to...

I love my job basically,
more than my wife, than anything.

If you don't like it,
you shouldn't do it.

I need a deputy in my unit.

Apply if you're interested
and I'll take care of it.

Did I say something wrong?


Then welcome to
the anti-gang unit, mate.

I'll ask you one last time.

Do you confirm
there was 40kg of cocaine,

and not 60,
as Said Larbi said,

in the "go-fast" car

that you intercepted
on November 13 at 15:47pm,

at the interchange between
the A43 and the A432?

I do.

Do you also confirm

that you never took
any of the drugs

to pay one or several
of your informers?

I do.

Hi, Will, it's me.
I need a favour.

Is there anyone
in the office with you?

I'm alone, go on.

I need you to take another 15kg.

I know it's a lot, but it's urgent.
It's for one of my narks.

- I swear it's worth it, Will.
- When do you want it?

I'll come by tonight.
Thanks, you're a pal.

We know where the 15kg went.
That leaves 5.

What did you do with them?
Snort them or sell them?

How long were you listening?

I never gave the drugs to Jansen.

I didn't follow through.
I smelt trouble.

- Don't take the judge for a jerk!
- It's the truth though.

Captain Ayache was there.
He dissuaded me.

Just ask him.

Captain Ayache
is on a mission abroad.

We've tried to reach him
several times.

He must have heard
about your predicament

and is playing dead
out of solidarity.

I believe you stole 20kg
from the boot of the car.

You put 15 aside

to help your superior,
as he'd asked you to...

and you gave the other 5 to
Beloufa for services rendered.

I'll let you do the maths.

Sorry, I had a meeting
in a new girly bar.

I lingered a bit.

Fucking pain. 2 hours!
It's my wedding anniversary.

I'll get grief again.

- She shouldn't be with a cop.
- Yeah, right!

A ton of heroin
is worth 15kg of coke, isn't it?

Who told you?

The bird of one of the mules.
A useful fuck.

- You seeing other women?
- I've aged.

You're a big boy,
but I'm not happy.

Don't be a pain, Will!

Superintendent Jansen, please.

3 days without a woman.

You're taking huge risks.

It isn't in your interests
to make things worse, Mr Jansen.

You can call me Philippe.

Nor is it advisable to stay holed up
in this cell and stubbornly

refuse to be questioned.

It's not the best tactic
with Judge Vojak.

Screw Judge Vojak!

Just take responsibility
as head of the unit.

It could save those who
were just obeying your orders.

You're a courageous man.

It isn't like you
to take the crew down too.

I can only confess if I did wrong.
You have no proof.

I have the recording
of a conversation

between you and Blain.

Sure it's me?

Don't take me for an idiot.

Your phone's been tapped
for over a year.

Your home, your office,
your car, your mobile, the lot.

Listening to your conversations

and those of most
of your acquaintances,

you're no cop,
you just have the badge.

What we say on the phone
and what we do

isn't necessarily the same thing.

Phone tapping has never
constituted legal proof.

It can just be used
to support a case.

Now get out of my cell.
I've heard enough from you.

I'm done.
Take him back to his cell.

Your men had it delivered.

It's forbidden usually,
but as it's you...

Good luck! We're with you.
The 54th.

Given the gravity of the facts,
Judge Vojak has extended the custody

of the 2 heads of department
implicated in this case,

Philippe Jansen and Willy Blain.

Questioned for 72 hours
at the Internal Affairs Paris HQ,

the two officers had to explain

the disappearance of
20kg of cocaine...

Why did you switch it off?
Aren't you interested?

- They're talking rubbish.
- Why is he still being held then?

- Well, I'm interested.
- Stop!

- I'm going to watch it.
- Lucas, you... Give it to me!

- What's your problem?
- Everything!

Know what they say at school?
That he fucks whores,

sells drugs
and he's a bent cop.

I've fought twice today
because of him.

So I want to know
if he's worth fighting for.

Don't talk like that
in front of your sisters.

How's my girl?

- What are you doing here?
- He recognized you.

Hello, Dad.

He's been pining for you
for 3 days.

He obviously has things to say.

Don't be silly.
You came from Dijon for that?

When you love
you don't count the cost.

It's because of Blain
and Jansen, isn't it?

Want to talk somewhere else?

- What's so special about them?
- Passion.

Passion is no excuse.

It's the difference between
a good cop and a shit like Dahan.

I know his methods,
I've spent time with him.

- I know what he's capable of.
- So?

His hushing up
the Cervoni scandal

means Blain and Jansen are clean?

They were only doing their job,
as I taught them to do.

That's right, my girl.

I was their instructor
at the police academy.

If you had read their files,

you'd have known.

I had them both 5 years apart.

They were among the best...

natural-born police officers.

From the start,

I knew they'd make great cops.

They had something in common:

that look in their eyes...

The CID's their life,
investigation's in their blood.

They're true criminal hunters.

I taught them the ropes,
the ins and outs, the tricks.

I also taught them...
how not to fall.

They obviously didn't remember
the whole lesson.

What are you trying to say?

They became like that
because of you?

I made good cops of them.

And I'm proud of it.

I'm tired of good cops being shot
at point-blank range.

It's necessary, Dad.

A good cop must be an example.
That's what I was taught.

What's a good example?

Taking the risks
they've taken for 20 years

to bring down
the biggest gangs around

or sitting comfortably
at your desk

and crapping on them,
like those whose careers they made?

Don't pick the wrong target, love.

Blain and Jansen aren't crooked.

Just cops with their methods.

Just because these methods
are questionable today

is not enough
to put them behind bars.

If you condemn them,
you condemn me too.

You've no right to say that.

Give my grandson my love.

Come on, you.

Out you go.

- What's this?
- Well, in South America,

there are freshwater fish
that eat people.

Did you know?

They're called piranhas.

These cowboys have put
a sick cow in the river.

While it's being eaten
by the piranhas,

they take the rest of the herd
around this way.

That way they won't be eaten.
It sucks.

What's wrong, Mum?

I have to go back to work.

We'll be together tomorrow.
That's a promise.

I love you.

Marion, I have to go back to work.
Could you stay over?

No problem.
Don't you worry.

- Thanks. Have a good evening.
- Bye.

If you want to get
a drunken confession out of me,

you'll need more than a bottle.

I know you're a hard drinker,
I wouldn't risk it, don't worry.

I got the most expensive bottle.
I hope it's good.

Tell me what I owe you.

Just a good answer
and we'll be quits.

The name of the person
the 60kg of coke belonged to.

- How would I know?
- Answer my question.

What'll you do with it?

His name's Raouf Chelli.

A big shit from
La Grande Borne in Grigny.

Had for drug trafficking, GBH,

gang rape
and attempted murder.

Imagine Chelli hears
one of his stooges meets you

just before a big delivery.
What d'you think he'd do?

What those bastards do
for whom a life means no more

than a gob of spit.

Maybe he was smarter for once.


He tells Karim Beloufa

he's arranging a "go-fast"
with a huge delivery.

He lets Karim tip you off.

Then he puts 60kg of coke in a car,

which you rush to intercept,

and transports the big delivery
without any hassle.

He has the proof Karim grassed
and has him killed.

It's the sick cow principle.

Do you know

where Chelli stashes his drugs?

There are several possibilities.

I'll tell you for another glass.

What's your perfume?

Answer my question
and I'll tell you.

According to our sources,
it's at a babysitter's

in La Peupleraie in Grigny.

For more info,
ask my drug squad guys.

They'll give you the address.

It's blackberry and musk.

My perfume is blackberry
and musk. It's artisanal.

I'm really sorry
you've got into this mess.

And I'm sorry about how
it's been handled.

Did you really have to make a fuss
and serve us up to the press?

Telling us off in private
would've been enough.

We'd have quit our shit
and gone back into action.

Instead of being scapegoats.

What do you mean by
"quit our shit"?

You know very well
what I mean.

The top brass knows,
our ministers...

Everyone knows.

It's a war out there.
We're expected to use catapults

and the code of ethics
against guys with guns,

who film us
while we're being shot at.

Where's the truth in all this?

With those who put up
a token resistance

to preserve democracy

or with those bastards
who raise hell?

No one must break the law,
certainly not a cop.

We acted to serve and protect,
never for personal gain.

You think if you give
a nark 500 euros,

he'll tip you off?
A nark needs more.

He lives like a crook.
He'll give a lot if he gets a lot.

He doesn't want
to be on the payroll

or have his name on record.

If you give seized drugs
to an informer,

they'll be sold again.
Have you thought of that?

I do every time,
but we have no choice.

Am I disturbing you?

I see you have some wine.
Are you waiting for the nibbles?

We were discussing
how hard it is to do our job.


And I'd like to go back to my cell.

I thought I could trust you.

I was mistaken.

It's the only way
to get him to talk.

You think if you give
a nark 500 euros

he'll tip you off?
A nark needs more.

He's crook
with a crook's lifestyle.

He'll give a lot
if he gets a lot.

You'll have my report
on your desk tomorrow.




Don't move.

Turn round!

Shut it!

I spoke to the other units.
Raouf Chelli did not resist

being taken in.

Two handguns were found
during the search.

A 9mm and a 11.43.
One of them could be

the gun used to kill Karim Beloufa.


Take everyone in
and place Chelli in custody

for drug trafficking and murder.

I was out of line with the girl.
It was to win her trust

and get her to talk.
She confirmed things.

Blain and Jansen got information
in exchange for services.

Your information's worthless.

It was obtained illegally.

You acted outside the law
and extremely recklessly.

You're no different
to the cops we investigate.

I haven't written a damning report

to avoid another scandal.

But I'd like you to give me

your transfer request
so that you can leave your post

after this inquiry. Internal Affairs
doesn't need cops like you.

Excuse me...

What are you playing at?

What right do you have
to take over this operation?

What right do you have to act
as chief investigator in a case

that falls under the purview
of the CID alone?

Who do you think you are,
for God's sake?

Things are enough
of a mess already!

Our job is to fight corruption

within our own force.

To effectively fight this corruption,

we must behave discreetly.

Carrying on openly
with those you're after

won't get you the best results,
believe you me.

9 people brought in,
230kg of cocaine,

2 guns probably used
in a murder,

that's carrying on openly?

The Minister of the Interior
is harassing me

for the result of an inquiry
into 2 bent cops

involved in a case
that could damage for good

our institution and put an end
to our leaders' careers.

So believe me,
at this very moment,

the minister couldn't care less

how, why and with which gun

a scumbag like Karim Beloufa
was murdered.

Don't oblige me to tell him
you were over-zealous

with your old CID pals.

Just go and write your report

about Blain's confidences

and give the minister
some good news.

We'd have quit our shit
and gone back into action.

Instead of being scapegoats.

What do you mean by
"quit our shit"?

Come in.

You know very well
what I mean.

Remove his handcuffs
then leave, please.

Your custody release form.

You will go before the judge
this afternoon.

Your information was correct.

Raouf Chelli was found
with a handgun

that matched the one used
to murder Karim Beloufa.

And 230kg of cocaine
were found at the babysitter's.

I'd like to thank you.

Don't mention it.

A long time ago.

I was in the car.
The other cop was me.

Get down!

I usually drove.
But he wanted to drive that day.

I know, I know all
the reports by heart.

I even blamed you for years.

You knew all along?

What does it change?

Here, have my number.

A memento for you.

For me, it's meaningless.

What is it?

A medal of honour.
Make good use of it.

Thank you, sir.

Where's the truth in all this?

With those who put up
a token resistance

to preserve democracy

or with those bastards
who raise hell?

No one must break the law,
certainly not a cop.

We acted to serve and protect,

never for personal gain.

You think if you give
a nark 500 euros,

he'll tip you off?
A nark needs more.

He lives like a crook.
He'll give a lot if he gets a lot.

He doesn't want
to be on the payroll

or have his name on record.

Forget what I said to you.

You're staying, I'm leaving.

Are you coping OK?

I've got some bad news.

Jansen has been detained.
He's going to jail.

- Huh?
- Yes.

He's been busted for the drugs
and much more.

He kept bad company

and accepted gifts
from unsavoury types.

- Yes, I know.
- There's worse.

Your phone lines
were tapped for months.

They have information
that can be used against you.

Phone tapping evidence
doesn't hold up in court.

It enabled them
to track your every move

and find enough negative elements
to justify these proceedings.

Am I going down?

Your case isn't as bad as Jansen's.

Even though your escapades
and your affair

with that young whore for months
made a lot of folk jealous,

you're reproached
for having obeyed orders,

and thereby being indirectly involved
in embezzling drugs.

So now...

blindly obeying orders
or complicity for personal gain,

you'll have to convince the judge.

You had it coming to you.

You thought you were untouchable
because of your results,

but you ended up
making too much noise.

And noise bothers people.

They want a clean force
in a "clean" nation.

Plus the scandal
of the Cervoni affair,

which caught
the world media's attention.

They used you to mop up.

Come on.

Talk about justice!
Thanks a lot!

Where's Van Roy?

I don't know, sir.
She didn't say.

Catherine, it's Dahan.
Get your arse back in here

and give me the fucking report
before tonight,

or I'll send you
to the Aliens Office

to search the arses
of illegal Africans and Arabs.

Mr Blain...

following your hearing
and the examination

of the investigation conducted
for the purposes of this case,

you are being indicted
for drug trafficking,

active and passive corruption
and criminal association.

Criminal association?
What's this bullshit?

Sir, ask your client
to moderate his language

and keep his composure.

You are temporarily
relieved of your duties

and released
under court supervision.

It is prohibited to meet
any person involved in this case

and to communicate
with your former CID colleagues.

Any infringement
of this judicial decision,

and you'll be joining your friend
Superintendent Jansen in prison.

Is that clear?

Consider yourself lucky
to get off in this way.

"Will, I've gone to my parents'
with the children

"until you've packed
and found somewhere to live.

"Lilou has left you her poem
and a drawing.

"Don't try to call me,
I won't pick up.

"I need time.

"I hope you understand.

The little horse
'mid winter's height,

what a gallant heart he bore!

He was a little pony white,
all behind and he before.

He was a little pony white,
all behind and he before.

He never saw the Spring arise
to gild the dreary landscape o'er

He never saw the sunny skies,
either behind or before.

He never saw the sunny skies,
either behind or before.

He was contented, evermore,
drawing the lads of the neighbourhood

through the rain's unceasing pour,

all behind and he before.

Through the rain's unceasing pour,
all behind and he before.

Catherine Van Roy
Internal Affairs

His little cart behind him went,
chasing the jaunty tail he wore.

It was then he was content,
all behind and he before.

It was then he was content,
all behind and he before.

One day beneath the winter's blight,
when he had been so good,

He died of a stroke of lightning.
What a gallant heart he bore!

He is dead without seeing
the Spring arise.

He is dead without seeing
the sunny skies.

Noella Vicaire, know her?

You don't screw the girls
of blokes inside, fucking cop!

He died of a stroke of lightning,
all behind and he before.

He died of a stroke of lightning,
all behind and he before.

He died of a stroke of lightning,
all behind and he before.

In memory of Denis Sylvain...

Subtitles: Eclair Media