Body Shots (1999) - full transcript

Four hip women get ready for Friday night in LA: they dress, talk about sex, and hit a bar before meeting four men at a rave. The men prepare by talking about sex and drinking. Rick and Jean, two attorneys, have set up the evening, connect at the club, and have a good time. The pairings of Shawn, Trent, Whitney and Emma are more serendipitous. But it's Mike and Sara's night that has serious repercussions: he's an NFL player, loud, swaggering; she's a party animal who drinks a lot early that evening. At 4 AM, she appears at Jean's, disheveled and bruised, saying Mike raped her. Arrested, he says he's innocent, and in flashbacks we see both sides of the story.


Do you have any Tylenol?

Hmm, I don't think so.



What the hell happened?

Mmm, I have no idea.

Is this your place or mine?


So that would make you--

- Jane.
- Jane, Jane.

So then I'm, of course--

- Rick.
- Rick and Jane, right.

I remember us.

From last night, right?

Mmm, last night.


What happened?


What happened?

No, that's what I just said.
What happened?

Oh, my god, my head.

Let me ask you a question.


We didn't--

Last night, I mean, we--
Did we--



Why good?

'Cause I like to think that
I would have remembered.

Who the hell is that?

What time is it right now?

It's 4:37.
Jesus Christ.

Don't move.


Sara? Is that you?

Honey, what's going on?

- What happened to your face?
- All wet.

- Honey, how did you get here?
- Jane... I screwed up.

- How did you screw up?
- He attacked me.

- Who attacked you?
- The football player.


- What do you mean?
- Just let me handle this.

Is she all right? What happened?
What did he do, Sara?

Tell me.

Just tell me.

Fuck you!

What are you doing?
Bitch! What's wrong with you?

Are you going crazy?

He fuckin' raped me.


You're a fuckin' waste
to the human condition, all of you!

You're scaring me.
Just try to calm down, okay?

- This girl's fuckin' psychotic.
- Rick, stop it!

No, no!

He threw me on the ground!

What are you saying,
that he forced you to fuck him?

Rick, stop it. Just let her go.
Just get out of here!

What did she say?

Just leave us alone! Can't you see
you're making her worse. Get out of here.

Honey, it's okay.
All right.

Take your jacket.

All right. I'm going.
But look at her face.

You need to get her to a hospital.
Go! Get out of here!


What happened?
I don't know, Jane.

Sit down for a second.
Just sit down.

I screwed up, Jane.

What the hell happened?
What the hell happened?

Let's meet at my place, and then
we can hook up with the guys later.

Yes, we are going to have
a great time tonight.

Don't come near
my desk, Gary!

Have a nice weekend,

If I'm a little late,
just let yourselves in, okay?

Yeah. Okay. Bye.

And then later
we'll go to the poolroom.

I'm working there tonight.

No. Jane says to meet
at her house.

Yeah. 8:00, 9:00.

Okay. Then we'll
just go from there.

People don't date anymore,
you know?

You just sort of go out
with friends, and then, um...

You meet up at a restaurant
or a club, whatever.

And then everybody
just sort of checks everybody else out,

and then things happen,
you know?

People sort of...

- No money!
- Or they don't.

Yeah-- no, I'll call you
back later, okay?

You go out with
your friends, right?

You hang out.

You try not to have
that look on your face.

You know, like when you
haven't been laid in, like, six months,

you get
a very desperate look.

Men see it and run.

I've seen women at a bar
with that look on them.

And you think,
"ugh, she's way needy."

She's either...
Fucked up...

Or... she's an actress.

Lorraine, you all set?

Okay, go on in.

Dating spells relationship.

But, if you're just hanging out with someone
and you fall into bed with them,

it's not like you're really involved.

It's safer, you know.
It's just sex.

Okay. Okay,
I got you. Nine o'clock.

Hey, sweetheart, you know me.
If there's pussy on the menu, I am there. Out.

For me, it's not a question
of "to date or not to date."

For me, it's a question
of "to hose or not to hose."

And I hate missing
the opportunity.

I think you're born with
a certain number of hosings,

and each time you pass it up,
it's gone forever.

It's like you're born with
a certain number of hard-ons.

Or maybe it's measured in quarts.

Or in my case, gallons.

"As long as there's pussy on the menu"?
- That's what he said.

- Jesus.
- Yeah.

- You ready to go?
- Uh, five minutes.

Hey, Rick, you know,
I got Trent with me tonight.

Yeah. Well, maybe
no one will notice him.

Hey, yeah, Mr. Thorpe. How you doin'?

What situation?

Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Malaysia.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm all over that. I'm looking at it
right now, in fact.

You know, I work hard,
I play hard.

Why go out with
a bunch of guys?

I know where I want to end up,
and it's not with a bunch of guys.

I don't want to end up
engaged to be married either.

I like to come.

That's my favorite part.
Shoot me.

I believe in courtship.
I like dating.

I couldn't just jump into bed
with somebody,

even if all you're after
is just the sex.

I need the time.
I need the process.

You know, the ritual.

It's not about getting close to someone,
'cause you're not.

It's easy to think you're
getting close to someone,

because you're having sex
with them.

But, see,
that's the illusion,

because if you really got close
to everyone that you fucked,

well... you wouldn't be
this lonely, would you?

Lonely is as lonely does.

Yeah, and here it is, Friday.
Poor guy!

On KRCK, K-Wreck Radio, baby.

Okay, where talk is cheap.
And what are you doing this weekend?

Sunny and clear today. It's 70 degrees.
Sunny and clear tomorrow.

Seventy degrees. Sunny and clear, sunday.
Seventy degrees.

Absolutely, man. Look.
If a woman gets you excited...

And you get an erection,
if she doesn't have sex with you,

your penis
is gonna fall off.

That's a fact. It's happened
to a couple of friends of mine.

I've had blue balls. I know
what you guys are talking about.

Not that, no. We're talking
about the pain.

We're talking about the constant grinding
in the crotch for an hour.

Then the dirty girl has the audacity to tell you
she's not gonna go down on you--

I hate-- I've had to kill a few women
because of that.

Myself as well.

Can we please get back
to your story?

Anyway, we're outside,
and two of her friends come up.

So tell me, exactly,
how drunk are you at this point?

Drunk? No, no, no, no.
See, Rick's not drunk at all.

Rick is fuckin' shit-canned
at this point.

It was "put a fork
in me, done!"

The only thing that
I'm thinking right now is,

"please, god, just...

Let me get my dick sucked
before I pass out."

I like blow jobs. I do.

When you think about how all your senses
are just concentrated in your face...

And what a front row seat
it is on the guy, what's not to like?

Some women don't want to.
Some women just won't.

Personally, I mean, I like the power of it.
I like being in control.


Yeah, your teeth
are right there.

The problem is once you get down there,
it's kind of awkward to stop.

You have lockjaw. Your saliva
is coming out everywhere.

You know,
your eyes are watering.

I find myself thinking,
"am I even doing this right?"

Well, you learn.

Practice makes perfect.
Look at us, honey.

You know what, guys?
There's this class now in L.A.

It's a blow job class.

No way!
No, it's true.

I have a friend. Her boyfriend gave her
a gift certificate.

From an ergonomic design standpoint,
it's just simply not all going to fit.

Now, the other thing is that
from a technique standpoint,

your hands and your mouth are so much more
versatile than your vagina.

You gotta be hands-on. You gotta be using
your hands. There's a technique.

Most women are
just not aware of this.

If you really analyze it,
it's a combination of technique and context.

It's what's being done
and actually where it's being done.

In a car, uh...
In a bathroom at a party.

Uh... outdoors is good,
you know.

You get people nearby.
The danger of being caught's very good.

Yeah... I like that.

It's a combination
of three things:

Lips, tongue, hands.

No teeth.

What are you talking about?
Teeth are the best.

First time I had
my knob shined,

she had braces,
all right?

My dick looked like a fuckin' chew toy,
but, you know, it was the--

you know,
that sweet kind of pain.

The whole apparatus
should come with a blueprint--

pictures and instructions,
I mean--

and, in essence,
creating an imposter vagina.

In English and espanol.

Now, ladies, if you can put
that all together, okay?

♪ Mustang Sally ♪

♪ Mustang Sally, baby ♪

♪ I guess you better slow
your mustang down ♪

♪ You've been runnin'
all over town ♪

They're squealing,
"what's goin' on?"

I'm like, "come on in.
Wanna have a look?"

Barkeep! Let me get four shots of J.D.
for me and my boys here!

Hey, Penorisi!

- Can I get a vodka soda, please, my love?
- Vodka soda comin' up.

Tony, when you get a chance, can we get
a Merlot, vodka tonic and a club soda?

Drink. Salute.


Hey, I need
another Jim beam here.

You know, I'm sorry,
I don't actually work here.

Well, make up your mind,
for Christ's sake.

Fuckin'-a, old man.

- Sara, chill. It was an accident.
- What?

- Just chill out. Relax.
- Excuse me.

- Yeah, baby! Whoo!
- Loose Cannon!

Ugh. Aw, Jesus.

- I didn't have any food in my stomach.
- I'm Mikey, by the way.

- Ricky being the rude piece of shit that he is.
- I'm sorry.

- Mike, Shawn Denigan, works in my office.
- Shawn, Mike Penorisi.

All right, that's it.
I just wanna get so fucked up.

I wanna sing and scream
and dance all night long...

And pee in the bushes
on the way home.

- Do you know what you need?
- What?

- You need a new man.
- See, that's exactly what I don't need,

because you can't do shit
with a man, nothing.

I remember you
from Arizona state.

These guys were number one. They came down
to Georgia. The kid's everywhere.

- He tackles, kicks, the whole deal.
- Aw, the fuckin' game sucked.

- Who does he play for?
- Raiders.

And he just signed
a $5 million dollar contract.

And... he's gorgeous.

Well, his wallet sounds... gorgeous.

- Yes, he sounds like just your type, miss Sara.
- Yeah.

Shawn desperately wants
to be a raiders fan, but he just can't.

- Why's that?
- Well, he hasn't killed anyone yet.

Piece of shit, come here!
Come here!

Hey, hey, hey!
Guys, not in the bar! Come on!

Come on!
Get off me, you frat boy!

Yeah, well, that's the joke.


Two guys, they're so into each other
that they wish one of 'em had a vagina?

So they both go to Sweden.
They both get it done to surprise the other one.

That's the joke.

Ricky ever tell you he was always the last one
picked for kick ball?

The exchange students
were making fun of him!


Sorry about that.
Let's get this lovely couple a round.

Yea, my favorite!

All right, guys--
how many football players are coming tonight?

The whole team's meeting us.
We're gonna do all of 'em.

Oh, yeah!
How many is that?

- So how many are gonna be there?
- Three, maybe four.

- Good-looking, these chicks?
- What do you think?

Have I met Shawn?
I don't think so.

He's the one that introduced me to Rick.
They work together.

What's the name of this lawyer,
this one you're after?

Her name is Jane.

She's, uh, pretty special,
this girl.

You'll see.
You'll see when you meet her.

She's a clerk at the D.A.'s office.
Shawn introduced us.

He's dating a friend of hers-- Sara.
Two lawyers in bed together.

Anyway, Shawn is like
the perfect gentleman.

- He takes me to the most amazing places.
- - What do you think?

Pretty nice, huh?

This is so beautiful.

He orders for both of us.
He opens doors.

You just like him
'cause he orders appetizers.

I always said I would never marry a guy
unless he orders appetizers.

It is a true reflection
of his lifestyle.

We should start with
some appetizers, huh?

I love appetizers.

We went out twice together already,
and the guy didn't even try to kiss me.

Honey... he hasn't
kissed you yet...

Because he respects you.

Can you understand
that concept?


I can't, you know. This whole nice guy thing
is just too much for me.

It's just too personal.

I don't think
you should worry about it.

- Let's just go out tonight and have fun.
- Yeah.

I like Shawn, I do,
but I don't know.

I mean,
he doesn't even drink.

I mean, I haven't even been to a club
since me and Keith broke up.

That was three months ago.
Keith is nothing but a teeny memory now.

Very teeny.

You good to go?

Yeah. You guys mind
if we, uh, grab a bite to eat?

All right.
There's three guys, right?

Rick, Shawn and Mike.

- Is there a fourth?
- There is, and there isn't.

Is he hot? Huh?
Oh, no, it's Trent.

- Oh, come on.
- No, no, no! Please tell me it's not Trent.

'Sup, niggah?

Holy fucking west Hollywood.

Jesus, what the hell
are you thinking?

I just played fuckin' 18. What do you
want me to do, go home and change?

- Why would you even wear this for golf?
- Excuse me. Silence.

- You want another burrito, fat boy?
- Fuck off, steroid.

Better not be farting near me.
How's it going, pal?

Michael, this is Trent.

I just made ten grand
off this Mexican conglomerate.

Fuckin' merged,
and I called it.

Stock gets five percent gobbled up,
and it's time to celebrate.

A little golf at the brentwood country club,
a little booze, a little pussy.

Mikey, booze, boy, huh?

- Here you go.
- Ah, dude, outstanding. Do you mind?

- Go ahead.
- Thank you.

Yes, Trent!
I like it!

It is gonna get
u-g-l-y tonight.

Who am I gonna fuckin'bone tonight?
Whitney? What's this now?

She's all over my shit last week.
She was grabbing my hog and everything.

Yeah, Trent, you got
a nice way with women there.

I think it's a combo thing-- sexy clothes,
charming personality.

Fuck, am I gonna see any pussy tonight,
or am I gonna swing my dick...

at you guys eating bacon tacos?

- I gotta take a piss.
- I hope we don't beat the shit out of that guy.

Wait. Cooper, what is so wrong
with Trent?

Oh, my god!
He's a friggin' dork, Jane.

He was so drunk
at this place one night.

He was scamming on this woman,
and he'd smile back at us...

Like we're supposed
to be jealous.

Is that the guy we saw that night?
The night we ended up at cue's.

You had to see the girl he was with.
She was, ugh!

She was so no girl.

Whatever it was had to
have been totally 60.

She had the biggest red, frizzy hair
and the biggest--

her boobs are like this big,
and his face was stuck in between--

- that was so gross.
- It was horrible.

You take your
20-year-old, right?

Great body.
No contest.

You want skills, you gotta go
at least 30, 35.

You're gonna have to give up
a little bit of tone for that,

because 30, 35, I don't care, you go to the gym
twice, three times a day, it doesn't matter,

the 20-year-old body's
going bye-bye.

But you get over that visual thing,
and I'll tell you,

you have never had what you'll have
with a 40-year-old woman,

if it's the right
40-year-old woman.

And if you were ever
fortunate enough...

To run into the right
50-year-old woman...

Oh, my god,
you have no idea.

You got no fuckin' idea.

He was sucking
her boobs at the bar?

Yeah, then he passed out on them;
Then the bouncer kicked them both out.

Speaking of boobs,
mine hurt like hell.

Don't worry.
They're still new.

I know, but they haven't
loosened up at all.

They're like chunks of granite
sticking out of my chest.

I still can't believe you make 340 a night
working in this place.

- Emma, she works hard.
- No, I work hard.

She hands out fuckin' jell-o.
Hey, Jeff.

- How you doin'?
- Hi, sweetie.

Lookin' good. I didn't know
you were working tonight.

- How many in your party?
- Four.

- Come on in, ladies.
- Thank you.

Better check it out.

Bobby! What's up?


What happened to Trent?
Didn't he get in?

I don't know.
He was right behind us.

You can go.
Excuse me.

What do you guys make?
Like what, ten bucks an hour?

It's a night job.

What do you do in the day?
Sell girl scout cookies?

You have bake sales?
Do you collect on your paper route?

I wouldn't let you in even if I wanted you in,
the way you're dressed, moron!

Fuck you, man!
Fuck you!

Don't forget
your golf clubs next time!


Is Sara the one
in the miniskirt?

She is
fuckin' nails, man!

Mikey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Three, please.

Thank you.

Hey, man, I want
that Sara chick.

You hear what I'm saying?
Look at that shit.

She's taken, bro,
all right?

By who, the charlatan
next to you? Please.

Shot, please.

Shot of what?


Excuse me.

Hi. Mike, I'm Jane.

- This is Emma and this is Sara.
- Hi.

Hey. Hey.

All right.

Let's go to work.

- I'll take the whole tray.
- For that, you can have it.

Thank you, Whitney!
All right.

Shots comin' around!
Shots, people!

I forgot. What is it you do again?
You're an aspiring actress?

- Yeah.
- Right. That's great.

- And you're a director?
- Right, right.

Well, I'm available,
um, for sex.

That would be wonderful.
Actually, you're perfect.

If you would take a number over there.
I've got a number of auditions,

but I'll be right back with ya, sweet pea.
- Okay. Thanks.

There's something
really basic...

And... biological,
I think,

about letting someone
into your body.

You know, there's a--
a certain...

Loss of control...
Comes with that.

Sometimes you don't want
to be in control.

Sometimes you just want
to lose control.

I don't want to get hurt
by a woman.

So if I'm gonna break down the wall,
let her into the psyche, into the heart,

it's-- it's gotta be
the right person.

It's-it's not a big deal to figure out
who you want to fuck.

But who you want to love,

how do you figure
that out?

Oh, yeah.
Oh, oh, oh!

Yeah, baby.
Come on.


Two for the road.
Thank you. Let's get outta here.

'Domo arigato', Mr. Roboto.

- Sara!
- Thank you.

- Thanks.
- Penorisi.

What? Have another cocktail,
why don't you?

Jesus Christ.

Men have sex, right?

Women have sex, sure.

People fuck.
That's absolutely correct.

But here's the thing.

I-- here's the thing
in a nutshell.

Sex... without love...

Equals violence.

Sex without love
equals violence.

There's no way
around it.

Sex without love...

Equals violence.


This isn't funny.

I have issues.

At least you realize that, and you
can get yourself some treatment.

Dude, these clothes
smell like fuckin' garbage.

I can smell them
from here.

You look like you spent the night
on the corner of Florence and Normandie.

Wilshire and Sixth.

What the hell's
on Wilshire and Sixth?

Trust me,

absolutely nothing.

- Where the hell have you been all night?
- Aw, dude,

you have no idea.

Have you seen my Vicodin?


Thanks, Trent. That's nice. Now I know
what to think of if I'm ever trying not to come.

Who was that dude at the club last night
that had all the bodyguards?

Some movie star, I think.

What was he freaking out about?

Penorisi. Penorisi got into a fight
with one of the bodyguards.

Excuse me.

- Wait here! I'm gonna sign out!
- Sara!

- Here. This'll make you feel better.
- Hey.

- You don't look so good.
- I'm okay.

- I left a jacket back there with that guy!
- Take it easy.

- You look cute.
- Thanks.

Here's your jacket.
What's up, Shawn?

Where you been all night?
I've been looking all over for you!

Listen, we're outta here!

Well, the lead bodyguard,

he comes crashing
through the dance floor,

cutting a little swath
through the crowd.

- Penorisi.
- What?

Jesus, have another cocktail,
why don't ya?

I could see the whole thing developing;
So, of course, my puny ass makes way.

Here's your vicage, kiddo.

These guys were beasts.

I know. They weren't small.
Can-- make yourself useful there, will ya?

No, they weren't small.

The bodyguard couldn't get through.
He came up to Mike and pushed him...

while Sara was still
on his shoulders.

Penorisi. Jesus, have
another cocktail, why don't ya?

Get the fuck out of the way!

- No shit.
- Yeah.

So then what happened?

She went right over the bar.
Didn't you hear about that?


Get the fuck
out of the way!

- Are you okay? You okay?
- Yeah.

Baby. I got her.
Are you all right?

Excuse me.

Hey! Hey, hey!

Come on! Come on!
Let's go!

Outside! Right now!
Outside, now!

And your boyfriend!

Let's go outside!
Let's go!

Oh, man.

- He's on his ass.
- Take him out, Mike.

Fuck you!


Come on, you guys.

- Get up.
- Come on.

Come on, Marcus.

Huh? Huh?
Gonna make me your bitch?

Huh? Gonna try and make me
your girlfriend?

I'm out!

Wait a minute. What--
what happened to you?



You okay?


You want some?
Nah, I don't drink.

Me either.

Better go back inside.

Sometimes there's just
this need to come.

It just...
Sort of takes over.

It really doesn't matter
who, when, where or how.

It's actually
not even about that.

It's just... about coming.


The thing about it is this:

A guy wants to come,
he comes.

With a woman, it takes
a little bit of effort.

So that's the least you can do,
is make the effort.

Here's what women
don't get, all right?

Guys like eating pussy.
I speak for myself.

But I could take a paper bag
down there and just huff, okay?

I could do fuckin'
spreadsheets down there.

I watch them.
I hear them thinking,

"shit, he's doing me.
I got to do him."

They think it's something we don't like.
But I ask you this:

Is this something you would do
if you did not like it?

I have this ongoing discussion
with my girlfriends...

About whether
oral sex is sex...

Or whether it's just
a part of making out.

There's a whole list of sexual acts
that don't count, as far as I'm concerned.

One is a blow job, especially with someone
you don't want to sleep with.

Another would be having sex in a foreign country
while you're on vacation.

That doesn't count either.

But kissing someone you really like,
that counts.

A woman has an orgasm,
it's like a fuckin' earthquake.

I was doing this one-- Bertha.
I swear to god, it was like a 7.5.

It's like I'm lookin' at my dick going,
"Jesus, why can't you do that?"

I know some guys who...
Hide it when they hump.

They literally...
Don't make a sound.

I mean, some women pretend
that they're coming when they're not,

but some men pretend
they're not coming when they are.

- You, uh--
- what?

You all right?

Yeah. That was--


- Better, um--
- Yeah.

Oh, em, hey.

What's wrong?

I don't know.

I don't know.

God, I just get too drunk.

You ordered, like,

three bottles of red
last night, didn't ya?

It wasn't all for me.

Yeah, I know, but I...

I think maybe
you should have...

Just a glass from now on.

I mean...

You know,
it's not real...


When you walk around
with a bottle in your hand all night.

Come to the gym with me.
Work out all that poison.

When are you going
to figure me out?

I need grease,

and I need fries...

And a big gulp.

Please go with me.

I hate going by myself.

At least you got to sleep
in a bed last night.

Where'd you sleep?
Fuckin' gutter.

I'm passed out in the gutter,
right? No money.

There must've been
a car accident.

I don't exactly know what happened
'cause I didn't wake up.


Next thing I know, I'm on
my way to the emergency room.

They thought you were
in the car accident?

They thought I flew
out the window.

Then what'd you do?

I went with it...

'Cause they, you know--
well, they were going north.

I got out, and then I made it
a couple of blocks, but I had to ride on.

I just couldn't walk.

Jesus, Trent.

The way you drink,
the trouble you get yourself into.

- Never seen anything like it.
- Yeah.

Last night was like
nothing I've ever seen.

What time did you get home?
I don't know.

I walked outside,
and I ran into Trent.

Oh, please. No.

No, no, no.
Tell me you didn't.

What? I mean,
he was there,

and he said
he was stranded.

She took you home?

- I boned her. Didn't I tell you that?
- Shut up.

I did.

- I thought you slept in the gutter.
- No, no, no, before that.

You made love... to Whitney?


- Intercourse?
- Yeah.

- Your penis penetrated her vagina?
- Yeah.

Dude, we had sex; so, yeah.

Hey, blonde girl.

Blonde girl.

Blonde girl.

Jesus. So then
what do you do?

I search her apartment
for a fucking rubber.

I didn't have one in my wallet.
I didn't see one laying around.

What do you expect?
A dresser full?

You know what, though?
Chicks have to start getting prepared, man.

I can't be responsible
for everything.

But I'm ready to put a sandwich bag
on my dick. That's how horny I am.

You're not kidding.

Dude, come on.
Like you never did that before?

No, I seriously have no concept
of what you're talking about.

You take a sandwich bag,
slap it on your cock...

And fasten it
with a rubber band.

That's the worst thing
I've ever heard.

I do it every time
I don't have a condom.

She didn't have any friggin'
rubber bands, though, right?

And I wanna get laid.
I am going to get laid.

So, I check her medicine cabinet,
right? Duh.

I don't know why
I didn't do that first.

But I find something that's
even better than baggies.

Better than baggies?
Yeah. Alka-seltzer.

What the hell
are you talking about?

This is good.
All right.

You take a package
of alka-seltzer.

You hold it right in front
of her so she can see it.

You tear it open, and you pretend
to put it on as if it were a condom.

You mount up, you're good to go.
She thinks she's protected.

- It is dark. You can't tell shit from shinola.
- And this works?

I don't know.
I didn't get a chance to try it.

Hey, blonde girl.

Blonde girl,
where'd you--

oh, my--

oh, g--

what the hell is that?
Aah! Okay. Aah!

Careful. The watch!
That's a--

oh, my god.
Look at you!

Oh! Oh, yeah. Oh.

where are we goin'?

Oh, yeah. Oh!
Oh, that's good.

Oh. A little lower
would be good too.

Yeah, right there.
Okay, that's low enough.

I don't mind being tied up.

It's dangerous. It's about control.
I like that. I need that.

I can come very big like that.

No, I haven't been lucky enough
to be tied up yet.

but I'm still young.

What's your name anyway?

Oh, you dirty little whore.

Oh, that's good.

Bondage is okay.
I can get into that.

But I don't know about spanking.
I just-- i--

I think I would
feel ridiculous.

Ha, mommy! Mmm!

Oh. I'm gonna make you
pay for that.

Hot wax is good.

Feathers are good.

Ice can be good.

What the fuck
was that movie?

More and more guys
are into this.

I mean, I didn't have any idea
it was such a turn-on.

Oh, you wouldn't.

Oh, you would.

I didn't even know
that this had a name.

Oh, I'm s--
I'm sorry, I'm not--

I'm not sure what
we're talking about here.

Because, um,
the prostate is like a g-spot.

And when a man gets close to orgasm,
it does the same thing.

I mean, if pressure is applied--

Alright! Okay!

Uh, yes, officer.

Uh, I.D.'S
in the glove compartment.

The best thing is...
I still got the alka-seltzer.

You know,
that's good right now.

Thanks, dude.

Where have you been?
I've been calling you all morning.

- Miss Jane?
- Hey, how's your hangover?

Mine too.

I've been at the hospital
all night.


I don't know how to say this,
but something happened to Sara last night.

What did he do, Sara?
Tell me.

- Fuck you!
- Just leave us alone.

Can't you see you're making her worse.
Just get out of here.

Here, we're going to sit down for a second,
okay? It's okay.

She went to the police.

She's charging him... with rape.

Oh, my god.
I knew something was wrong.

Where's he now?
He's in jail.

The cops picked him up
at some burger joint afterwards.

The guy went
for a fucking burger.

Police coming!

Hurry, hurry!


Go inside.

Sir, does he have a weapon?

Don't move
one goddamn inch.

Give me a couple seconds,

My fries are almost up.

Want it?

Jesus Christ. Don't tell me
you believe this fuckin' bullshit.

Why shouldn't we, big boy?

Stop calling me big boy,
you fat fuck.

Mike, be polite.

I pounded her face against the headboard?

She must have given you two
quite an incredible performance.

At least she talked to us.
She didn't need a goddamn lawyer.

- She's not being accused of anything, asshole.
- Mike, stop it.

Excuse me. If he wants to talk,
let him talk.

Hey, she told you
she's an actress, right?

Studies in Beverly Hills.
Did she tell you that?

- We know all about her.
- We want to know about you.

Besides what we hear
on ESPN.

Probably could've been nominated
for a freakin' academy award.

Mike, would you please just
shut the fuck up?

Look, an attorney will be here
within moments from my firm.

- If you just-- please.
- No, no, no. I got my rights.

I did not rape Sara what's-her-face.

A lot of feminist bitches might say otherwise,
but they don't know shit.

- They think holding hands is frickin' rape.
- Mike, look.

I'm sorry, but, you fucking idiot!
Listen to yourself!

Okay, here's the deal.

This is the way it happened.

Sara what's-her-face and I
go down by the water,

down by her place.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

We're kissing, we're
hooking up, we're making out.

This girl is all over me.
All over me.

It starts to rain.
She wants to go inside, so we did.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

Oh, god.

I better go.

- I'm leaving. I'm going home.
- I know.

Good night. Thank you very much.
Good night.

Bye. I gotta go.
Me so tired.

I've got to--

Harder. Harder.

And you didn't make any moves
before you went into the bedroom?

Yeah, I kissed her probably,
normal stuff.

- Hickeys all over her neck.
- Only because that psycho begged me to.

She wanted to have marks on her neck
to show her stupid boyfriend.

Look, she takes off my clothes.
I take off hers.

One thing leads to another,
and we fuck.

None of this horse shit that I forced
myself on her. Come on, I play for the raiders.

Here we go. You can get a piece of ass
anytime you like, right?

She never said no,
all right?

She said a lot of things,
but none of them sounded like "no."

- Stick to the specifics.
- No, fuck specifics, Rick!

I wanna say this on behalf of all the guys
who have to deal with this shit.

These two cops know what I'm talking about.
They've been there.

Shit, we all have.

You're goin' at it
with some chick, right?

And she says
nothin's gonna happen.

Right? Wrong.

What do you do? You warm 'em up
with a little foreplay.

You assure 'em that no way
is this gonna be a one-night stand.

Before you know it,
they fuckin' cave.

They're doin' the horizontal shuffle,
and they're lovin'every 30 seconds of it.

It's always the same old story.
"Oh, my god.

"Nothing's gonna happen, okay?
I can't do this.

"Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

"Go get a condom.
Good. Yes.

"We don't have one?
That's okay. We don't need one.

"I can't believe I'm doing this.
I'm such a good girl.

- Oh, god, I never do this."
- Look, can we stop this now?

Let him talk.
No, no. Mike.

You're digging
your fucking grave here, Mike.

What did I do wrong,

You tell me.
What did I do wrong?


Sara asked me
if I had protection.

I said I didn't. So I'm expecting
she's gonna say,

"no glove, no love."

But she doesn't say a thing.

No, wait.

Do you have a condom?
No, no. I'm sorry.


She wanted me.

I wanted her.


You okay? Are you okay?
What happened?

- You hit your head? Are you all right?
- Yeah. Come on, go.

Oh, god. Oh, my god.

I am coming.
Oh, yeah!

I am coming.

All right. That's it.
We're done.

- Hey, cowboy.
- We're done.

We're not done
until we say it's done.

No. No. Mike.

She was crazy,
though, man.

She looks normal,
but deep down, she is gone.

Yappin' about her old boyfriend
the whole time.

Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap.
Begging me to suck her neck.

The whole time I'm thinking,
"this chick is a fuckin' psycho."

She wanted to get back
at this Keith doofus for dumping her.

There's another reason why she got
so upset, and this is sick in the head.

You sure you don't
want to come?

- How could you not be starving?
- I'm positive.

Right before I left her place to go get
a fucking cheeseburger--

Good night, Whitney.

- Whitney? Whitney?
- I called her the wrong name.

What? What?
Just get the fuck out. Whitney.

- Get the fuck out. Leave!
- I called her Whitney.

Get the fuck out of here,
goddamn it!

That's why we're here.

Because I mistook her
for one of her dopey friends.

Oh, shit.

Over here, over here!
Mike, Mike!

Can we get a statement?
Any comments?

Do you have a statement?
Over here, Mike.

What do we know about Sara?

Just what she said when
I took her to the hospital.

Is she okay?

She has, like, a bump here
with a cut...

And then she just has some cuts
and some hickeys on her neck.

Sara, I'm Dr. Cook.

It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.

No, no, no!
Sweetheart, it's okay.

Come on. It's okay.
It's okay. It's all right.

It's just the doctor.
She's just here to help you.

Come here. Come sit back down.
I'm right here.

It is a safe place. Come sit.
Sara, you're in a safe place.

- Then stop!
- Maybe, um--

Come sit. All right? Now, the three of us
are going to take off your jacket, okay?

All right. It's okay. Just the three of us
are gonna take the jacket off.

Excuse me, nurse? Can her father
give us a statement, please?

- Can we speak to Mr. Olswang?
- Stand back, please.

I thought I could trust him,
you know?

I thought that he would never
do something like this.

He'd never want to screw up
his career like this.

All right.
That's enough.

- I'm sorry, but we have to--
- No, don't tell me you're sorry!

You're not sorry.
You don't know what sorry is.

Sorry is when this son of a bitch
is in jail for the rest of his life.

Sir? Would you like
to wait outside, sir?

It's okay.

- You sure?
- You all right?

I'm okay.

I was just really scared.

We got back to my apartment...

At about 3:00,


We walked down by the ocean
for a little while.

Come here.

Come here. Come on.
It's all right.


Come here. Come here.
Come here.

He was very aggressive.

And it started to rain.

Come on.
We're going to your place.

So, just to get out of there,
we went back to my apartment.

- I think you should go. It's getting pretty late.
- Yes. No, wait.

- And I'm tired.
- One second, one second, one second.

- Please. I am soaked to the bone. Come here.
- No, no, no. You should go.

We got together a little bit.

It was okay.

Except his breath
made me kind of nauseous.

A lot of booze.

come here.

Come here.
He tried to undo my bra.

But he was so wasted that...

I had to undo it myself.

- Get this thing off. Get this thing off!
- Okay. I'll take it off.

I'll take it off.

I didn't mind, though,

'cause I knew I wasn't
gonna let it go any further.

- 'Cause I just wanted to go to sleep.
- Where were you at this time?

My apartment.

Where in your apartment?

My living room.


Come on.
Get this off!

- One minute. Please.
- Stop!

He started...

Getting out of control.

He shoved his hand
up my skirt.

He kept saying that...

He was really horny, though...
Stop. Leave!

And that he was gonna get off
with or without me.

Leave! Please. I'm gonna get off
with or without you.

I told him that it would
definitely be without me.

So then, he took me...

- Come on!
And grabbed me,

and he dragged me into my room.
- Stop it!

- Put me down!
- Okay.

He threw me on the bed,

like I was some kind
of fucking football dummy.

Stop it! Get the fuck out of here!
What is your problem?

And then,


No! No!


Stop! Aaah!

Stop! Aah!

A few minutes... went by,

and he had his orgasm,

and then he left.

Have we got evidence
of penetration?

- Yes, we do, officer.
- Semen?


Could we have a minute?

Please, Mr. Olswang.

This is not
gonna be easy.

This guy, Penorisi,
he's got a high profile.

I don't care if he's
goddamn Joe Montana.


What's up, bro?

Dude, what's happening?

That Mike guy...


Raped Sara last night.

Oh, holy fuck.

Dude, I'm-I'm sorry.

Jesus Christ.

I should've done something.
I mean--

I should've stopped her from
getting in that car with him.

Oh, yeah, I could-- oh, dude,
I could see that happening.

I can totally see that guy
doing something like that.


Fuck, what happens now?

I meet a woman in a bar.

And she says to me,
"I'm not wearing any underwear."

What am I supposed to think?
I'm gonna think she's gonna come across.

Women hit on me all the time.

And they are not
interested in my mind.

There's something about
having sex forced on you...

That does cut to the chase.

You don't have to take
any responsibility for it.

I'm talking about
fantasies now.

This is not an invitation
to rape.

I'm just saying...

That's why the rape fantasy
is so appealing.

When you're a kid, it's a game.

First base, second base,
third base.

And if a guy hits a home run with a girl,
then he's a winner.

And she's a slut.

Is it really
any different now?

- This just came in from the station.
- Yeah, thanks, man.

Want me to stick around?
No, no, take off.


Where is she?

And I don't give a shit.

I want his fucking neck broke.
- I understand.

- Hey, look me in the eye.
- Okay.

- We're gonna just tell the truth.
- Okay.

When you talk to these lawyers,
you have to be straight.


- You have to have your story straight.
- Yeah, I hear you.

Oh, my god.

That's what I pay you for.

Don't tell me how tough it is.
I wanna know what makes his dick hard.

It's okay.

- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi.

We need to talk
for a second, okay?

Come here.

You've been charged with one count
of sexual assault and one count of rape.

That's 20 years per count
in the state of California.

That's just what
you're up against.

Everything that you've
ever done in your life...

Will be dug up
and used against you.

You have to know your side of the story,
and then let them go after her.

What do you think they're
gonna dig up on me, Jane?

Yeah, what would they ask?

What does it matter
what they fucking ask?

- The guy's a son of a bitch who should be executed.
- We know that, Emma,

but if you knew anything about how the legal
system works, you'd know that's not the issue.

The issue is, if she was raped, how do you
prove that in a court of law?

- That is the issue.
- If?

If I was raped?

Go ahead, Jane.

Ask me. Ask me what you think
that they would ask.

- How did you get home?
- We took a cab to her place.

- Who paid for it?
- I did.

It's a long ride to Santa Monica.
How much was it?

Twenty-five dollars
with the tip.

Pretty eager of you,
paying for the cab ride and all.

What exactly did you think
was gonna happen?

- What happened when you got there?
- We went down to the beach.


- And... we got together, I guess.
- No, no, no.

How did you get together?
Did you kiss?

Did you ball her? Did you fuck her in the sand?
What? You've gotta tell me.

We kissed, and, uh--
- He kissed you where?

- Standing up? Sitting down?
- Down. We were down on the sand.

And... we dry-humped.

- What does that mean?
- We had sex with our clothes on.


And it started to rain,
and she wanted to go inside.

And then you went back
to the apartment?

- Then he came inside.
- You went inside the apartment.

- What happened next?
- I was a little drunk, Jane.

Have you ever been
really drunk?

What do you mean?

Well, have you ever
had a blackout?

- Jane.
- A lapse in your memory?

- You know what a blackout is, don't you?
- Jane, don't.

All right,
then you started making love.

Then what happened?

- I don't know.
- What do you mean?

I don't know what happened.

I don't understand. You--

I passed out hard, Ricky,
and now I can't remember.

You know what a blackout is,
don't you?

I don't get like that.

What, are you saying
you don't know?


I don't.

Gina Perry's birthday party.

Don't you remember?

You sort of blacked out
in the middle of the party.


- Hi.
- What you doing?

He's writing something on my head.

Yeah, I can see that.
Hey, fuck off.

Hey, honey, why don't
we go to the bathroom--

And then the night
that you broke up with Keith.

You had alcohol poisoning. We took you
to the hospital, and they pumped your stomach.

Don't you remember
how mad you were the next day?


the court will have records
of all this stuff.

- I don't remember.
- I didn't rape her, Rick.

I know I didn't rape her.

Did you black out
with Mike Penorisi?

Look at me.
Look at me.

Sara, look at me.

You didn't black out,
did you?

Honey, just look at me.

What you told me at the hospital,
that's what really happened, right?

I don't remember, okay?
I'm telling you, I don't remember!

You want the truth?
There it is!

Look at me.

Shut your fucking mouth
and you listen to me!

I understand your plight,
and I sympathize.

But I am telling you right now, brother,
as your friend,

the judge and the jury are gonna
throw the book at "I don't remember."

My mind's blank, man.

You were really eloquent
with the cops last night.

- I can't remember.
- Look at me and answer the question!

- Goddamn it, Michael!
- You're accusing somebody of a felony!

I swear to god, you will do prison time
unless you remember exactly what the fuck happened!

Will you just stop!


Are you trying to tell me that
I should just let him walk?

You're a stupid son of a bitch,
you know that?

What do you want me
to say, Ricky?

Just tell me what you want me to say,
and I'll say it.

All right.

All right, look. Let's just
go over the basics, all right?

Now, what happened
in the bedroom?

We had sex.

Okay. What kind of sex
did you have?


No, Mike.
Not what position.

Was the sex consented?

- Yeah.
- So what kind of sex did you have?

Consensual sex.

We had consensual sex. That's perfect.
That's exactly how you say it.

You didn't say yes
or indicate any kind of consent.

Is that right?

- Right.
- Then that's what you say.

Okay? You told him no.

You resisted, and he
forced himself on you.


Yeah, that's good.
That's really good.

That's exactly what I'll say.
No, no.

No, Mike.
You'll say it because it's true.

It is.
Sure, it's true, Rick.

It is.

Mike, look at me.

It is true, isn't it?


You still don't believe me,
do you?

You don't believe
that it really happened.

Did it, Sara?

'Cause if you say it did,
then I believe you.


Hey. Hi.


- God, I'm so sorry about last night.
- Yeah, me too.

- Hey, blond girl.
- Hey. How's it goin'?

I should've been
looking out for you.

It's okay.

You gonna be all right?
Yeah, I'll be fine.

Who made the first move?

She did.

Hi, it's Jane.
Leave your name and number.

I'll call you back.

Hi. It's Rick.

I'm just calling to say--

well, I don't know
what to say, actually.

Everything I wanna say will take more time
than I have on this machine.

I just thought
we were close to something.

You and me.
You know, I--

I just thought
we had a chance.

I'd just...
Hate to lose that.

So call me, will you?

Don't let this thing
come between us. Please?

Okay, bye.

Today, 70 degrees.

Winds out of the north to northeast
at 12 miles per hour.

Sunny and clear tomorrow
with 70-degree temperatures--

and life goes on,
and so does the traffic.

Just another day in hell.

No verdict in the
Mike Penorisi date-rape case.

The lack of evidence and conflicting
"he said, she said" testimony...

Led yesterday to a hung jury
in the much-publicized trial.

It's all talk, baby.
It's all just talk.

I'm saying it's not about date rape.
It's about getting laid.

And that's our topic today.
This is KRCK. K-Wreck Radio,

where talk is cheap,
phones are goin'.

I don't understand...

People who are afraid of sex.

Because sex is not dangerous.

It's not bad for you.


yeah, there's aids.
Right, aids.

Aids, aids, aids.
Except for that.

So, fine, all right.
Don't have sex.

Or have sex.
Whatever you wanna do.

It's not that big a deal.

Then these same people, what they say
they really want is they wanna be in love.

I think if you wanna be scared of something,
you can be scared of that shit,

'cause that's--

I think.

Yeah, love's dangerous.

But people survive.

There's, uh, there's pain.

You have compromise
and sacrifice...

And-and hardship.

Those are all
just speed bumps.

I have this nightmare.

I have sex with some guy,

and the next day
he won't leave.

He's in my bedroom,
and he's in my bathroom,

and he's in my cereal.

And I just--
I can't get rid of him.

He just keeps getting
bigger and bigger...

And bigger...

Until I can't breathe.

Yeah, I can separate
sex and love.

But I still want the love,

you know, 'cause it's the love
that makes you vulnerable.

It's the love
that makes you hurt.

And it's the hurt that, uh,
makes you know that you're still alive.

There's always a door...

You do not want to open,

or a place
you don't wanna go,

or a question
you don't wanna answer,

or one word...

That you just
don't wanna hear.

Because if you do,

you know you'll never
be the same.

♪ Such pretty hair ♪

♪ May I kiss you
may I kiss you there ♪

♪ you're so beautiful
you are ♪

♪ so beautiful ♪

♪ beautiful ♪

♪ if we only ♪

♪ you feel so good to me ♪

♪ come tell me in my ear ♪

♪ beautiful ♪

♪ beautiful ♪

♪ so very beautiful ♪

♪ Another sunny day ♪

♪ in L.A. ♪

♪ Spend it breaking down ♪

♪ all your friends are gone ♪

♪ every day ♪

♪ cars go by ♪

♪ cars go by ♪

♪ every day ♪

♪ Another sunny day ♪

♪ all your walls are gray ♪

♪ you've got your window open ♪

♪ but there's ♪

♪ no one there ♪

♪ every day ♪

♪ cars go by ♪

♪ cars go by ♪

♪ every day ♪