Body Cam (2020) - full transcript

When a routine traffic stop results in the unexplained, grisly death of her colleague, a cop (Mary J. Blige) realizes footage of the incident will play for her eyes only. As the attacks mount, she races to understand the supernatural force behind them.

Breaking news from California,

at the Metropolitan Courthouse
in downtown Los Angeles.

A now familiar scene,

an officer accused
of the shooting

of an unarmed
African-American male

in the Southwest Division last
August has been found not guilty.

The officer involved

fatally shot
a 19-year-old victim...

Hey, Pops.

...after a chase
over a suspected drug deal.

The officer claimed he thought

the victim was reaching
for a gun in his car...

Can I get a coffee?

- It's not working, man.
- ...which turned out to be his wallet.


Prosecutors accused the officers
of entering into a conspiracy...

Then let me get
a medium Coke.

...with other officers
to plant misleading evidence

at the scene,
including a weapon.

All across the city and the
nation, including Swinton,

spontaneous protests

have erupted to decry
the verdict,

as well as to protest
police violence.

At the courthouse,
activists gathered outside

and marched through downtown.

Various peaceful protests escalated,
as objects were thrown at City Hall,

as well as several
police vehicles.

At least 14 people
were arrested.

Three officers have been treated
for wounds, including one...

You're not welcome
here today, Kevin.

Not today, man.

Was she amazing?

Oh, that's my baby.
That's my princess.

Was it the blue dress?
I know.

I know. I know.
I wish I could be there, too.

There's a lot going on,
all right? You know.

I'm doing this for us.
It'll all be over soon enough.

I won't miss anything else.

Okay, I love you,
too, baby.

Hey, baby. I gotta go.
All right? Bye.

Dispatch, this is
18-Lincoln-4. Over.

18-Lincoln-4, go ahead.

Central, show me
with a car pull-over

at East 11th
and South Dakota.

I have a green Chevy van
with left tail light out.

- No tags.
- 10-4, 18-Lincoln-4.

Ma'am, can you roll
your window down, please?

Ma'am, roll your
window down now.

place your hands on the steering wheel.

Right now!

Step out of the van!

Exit the vehicle!
Get out of your vehicle now!

Turn around! Turn around!

Get your hands on the vehicle.
Put your hands in the air now.

Put your hands
on the vehicle now!

Do you understand
what I'm saying to you?

Turn around now!

Don't make me hurt you, please.
Are you on...

Get on the ground.
What is wrong...

Some of this
may sound redundant.

I appreciate your patience

as we hammer through
these questions again, Renee.

Please bear with me

as the standard
review questions are cursory.

I just wanna dig in
one more time

to what we've been
talking about over the week.

Okay? Have you had any
trouble sleeping?


Any trouble
relating to people?


Have you had
violent impulses?

As we talked about,

it was
a complicated situation.

Renee, you struck
a civilian.

People can say whatever they
want about what happened.

The administration
and the public

saw your body cam
footage, Renee.

They saw how you
handled that.

Look, I gotta be
on point.

I have to walk up
to strangers.

Some of them are hostile.

Can you handle
that stress?

Have you moved on
from your son's death?

I need to work.
I really need to work.


I'm going to recommend you

return to active duty
on nights again, okay?

Yes. Thank you, sir.
Appreciate it.

You can start the next shift.
Watch commander will pair you.

We had
an alley dump last night.

Female, Latina, 20s.

No ID, no suspects
at this time.

So be on the lookout.

Check with your CIs.
See if you can get anything.

Also, with the acquittal of
our brother officers yesterday,

Mr. and Mrs. Public
are gonna be

all out of sorts,
so be gracious. Courteous.

Don't start shit.

- Good to see you.
- Stay poised.

Also, let's welcome back
Officer Lomito.

She is officially
back in the badge.

And according to my notes,

she's buying everybody
a beer after watch.

Okay, that's it. Let's go
do work. Stay safe.

Sarge, you put me
with a rookie. Really?

I get it. Help me out.

Hey, come here.
Welcome back, lady.

Thanks, Sarge.

Don't slap anyone today.

All right. Here you go.

Here you go.

It might be crazy
out there tonight.


I didn't know that
you scuba dived.

I don't, but I will.

Just been itching
to get back on the job.


- How's everything? Okay.
- It's good.

What up?

What up?

- Danny Holledge?
- Yeah. Officer Lomito?

Yeah. We're partnering

Danny, this is Penda, Ganning,
Birke and Roberts.

Oh, yeah. We know
this fuck-face.

Ganning was his first CO.
Tried his best to break him.

Holledge, you got yourself
a good babysitter.

- You got yourself squared?
- Yep.

All right, y'all be safe.

- You be safe, Renee.
- Thanks, guys.

Hey, Danny. Public's got
no love for us right now.

Your head down,
your eyes open.

Stay close to Renee.

All right. Got it.
Head down, eyes open.

But not too close.

- Can I go?
- Yeah.

If you're looking to make
a little extra cash, Danny,

I could use somebody
to mow my lawn on Sunday.

Fuck you.

Fuck you, guys.

You're welcome.

- Pink is your color.
- Can't be too careful.

I mean, she punched
somebody in the face.

Watch that right hook.

You know,
those guys back there,

they're just, you know,
fucking around.

They do really respect me.
They don't actually...

You know, I'm not a baby,
I've been doing this for a good minute.


Should we put on some music,

or are we just gonna
sit here in total silence?

- Hey, looks like a kid.
- Yeah.

What's up, little guy?

Hey. Hi there.
It's okay, sweetie.

What you doing out here?

Just wanna
make sure you're okay.

Calm down. It's okay.

Hey. Take it easy.
We're good, we're good.

Hey. Get away from him.

Come on, come inside.

Sorry, ma'am. Just trying to
make sure he's okay.

Mind your own damn business.
Come on, baby.

You got yourself a little
boy in the middle of the...

Hey, back up, back up.

- Back up, back up. Back up now.
- What's happening here?

Everything's all right.
Everything's all right.

Calm down. Just trying to
make sure the kid's all right.

He was in the street.
Go back to your homes, okay?

- Hey.
- Just relax. Everything's good.

Come on.

- The police, man
- Useless, man.

Go back to your homes.
Everything is okay.

Have a good night.

That was good,
how you handled that, though.


- Dispatch to 18-Adam-7, come in. Over.
- Go for 18-Adam-7.

18-Adam-7, code two,
East 11th and South Dakota, 18-Lincoln-4.

Failure to respond.
We're code six.

That's Ganning.


Dispatch, 18-Adam-7
en route to location.

proceed with caution.

18-Adam-7, responding.
ETA, three minutes.

He's probably
just fucking around.

No, it's not like him.

What the hell happened
to the street lights?

Dispatch, this is 18-Adam-7.

Spotted 18-Lincoln-4
on East 11th and South Dakota.

The cruiser is down.

10-4, 18-Adam-7.
Rolling backup.




Oh, shit.

Fucking teeth?

Not working.
Fucking thing is shot.

Grab the big light,
check the north side.

Send me more units.

Still trying to locate
18-Lincoln-4. Over.

Copy, 18-Adam-7.


Hey. Hey.

- Holledge.
- Hands on the steering wheel.

Put your hands
on the steering wheel.

Get out
of the vehicle now.

Ma'am, get out
of your vehicle now.

Green van, no plates.

Oh, my God. Kevin.


You got something?

There's gotta be
a way in here.

What the hell? Shit.

So what do we got?

Green Chevy van.
No plates.

Ganning pulled
the vehicle over.

Pulls his weapon on
a female, black, 30s.

Whoa, whoa,
the driver?

I'm not sure.
The footage cut out.

The footage
doesn't exist, Renee.

IT said that
the card got fried

when Ganning's car
got hit.

I saw that footage, sir.

So who hit his car?
The green van?

Ganning's body cam
got fried, too. It's blank.

Kesper, so these two were the
primary unit that took the call?

We saw a black female, 30s.

So one woman did all this?

Is that why you screwed
around with the dash cam?

You know protocol.
It's evidence, Officer.

By touching it,
you're interfering with the crime scene.


Okay, okay.
I'll meet you back there.

If you wanna help Ganning,

write up what you saw while
it's still fresh in your mind.

This is fucking bullshit.

Come on, man.
Let's go. Let's get a drink.

Thank you, hon.

Bourbon, rocks.

Thanks, man.
What you drinking?

Club soda.

Shit. Ganning was
my first partner.

I can't fucking believe
that he's dead. It's crazy.

I mean, who the fuck
would do

something like that
to him? It's bullshit.

And it doesn't make
any sense.

No, it doesn't make
any sense.

Doesn't give you
any faith in humanity.

And that fucking detective

telling us that
we can go home?

Yeah, I know. How could
I tell her what I saw?

The whole department's just
waiting for me to fuck up again.


'Cause I hit a guy.

Yeah, I saw
that video, too.


- Everybody's seen that video.
- Yeah.

That guy, he just
wouldn't shut up.

He just kept talking
and talking.

Just being disrespectful,
you know?

What was he saying?

He said some shit like,
"You black bitch."

And I blacked out.

Lost it.

Body cam footage
was all they needed

to take me off the street
for eight months.

I mean, listen,
I'm not unstable.

I was going through
a lot. I lost my son.


He drowned
in our neighbor's pool.

I'm sorry about that.

- Hey, my queen.
- Hey.

You're home early.

What happened? What?

He was killed.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

- Are you okay?
- No.

I feel almost
out of touch with reality.

I can't even explain
what I saw.

Something terrible happened,
and I have to find out why.

Wait. It's your
first day back.

Can't they put
someone else on it?

This man was
like my brother.

You're too close to Ganning,
or Christopher.

It's all just too much.

I can't have another person
close to me die,

without trying
to do something.

I felt so helpless
with Christopher.

I still feel helpless.

- I've got to do something.
- Hey.

Don't worry.
You're not alone.



Ma'am! Ma'am! Ma'am!

Place your hands on the wheel.
Step out of the van!

Will you roll
your window down?

Ma'am, get out
of the vehicle now!

Dispatch, this is

Need a DMV check on
a Taneesha Branz. Age, 34.

Copy that.

That woman on Ganning's dash
cam, I might know who she is.

This was on her scrubs.

- What is it?
- It's Swinton Hospital.

I remember it when
I had my son there.

Checked the staff website.

She hasn't worked there
in six months.

18-Adam-7, Taneesha Branz,

1733 North Dorgenois.
No wants. No warrants.

Copy that.


No, leave it off for now.
It's my business.

For Taneesha Branz.

This was sent
like a month ago.

Taneesha Branz?

There's gotta be another way in.
Let's try the side.

You see anything?

Just a bunch of clothes.


It's open.
Come on.

Oh, shit.

There's nothing.

Look for any evidence

linking her
to Ganning's murder.


This must be her son.

What the hell?

You hear that?

We need to
get out of here, Renee.

Someone's in here.


All right, Lomito,
I'm out of here. Fuck this.

Holledge, is that you
running around upstairs?

I'm outside.

There's nobody in there.
I don't see anybody in there.

Police officer.
Who's there?

See anyone?

I didn't see anybody.

I just had like 1000
fucking cockroaches

fly at me.
I'm feeling like...

- What?
- Crazy.

I don't know
how I feel about this.

You know,
you checking out your own leads.

I don't know really if I can
do this. It's like...

I think it's kind of
freaking me out.

You gotta
trust me. Okay?

I trust you.

Let's go.

Fucking roaches, man.
I'd rather get shot at.

Yeah, I want
my fucking money.

I want my fucking money.

I'm telling you,
I want my money.

You stupid ass.

How you gonna steal a
stick-shift when you can't drive?

You wanna ride people.

You can't do that, dude.

Thinking for everybody.

I'm not playing
with him.

Oh, man.
He stupid, bro.

And he's
running around here,

with jewelry
all on his neck.

Crazy, bro.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

- Mr. Never-have.
- I got you.

What's up, brother? You got
a charger? My phone dead.

Don't have any.

You didn't even ask me
what kind of phone I got.

Hey, buddy.

Come on, man.
It's a neighborhood store. Come on.

I don't have
a charger, sir.

- USB.
- I don't have any.

How you doing?

Go look
in the back, man.

No. Hey, put that back.

- Man, what you gonna do?
- Put the beer back.


Hey, woman.

come on, man. Come on.

Why you hiding?

- Don't do this.
- Charger.

- I don't have a charger.
- Look in the back.

You ain't gonna tell me?
You scared of me?


- Yo. Leave her alone.
- Shut the fuck up.

- Leave her alone!
- I said, shut the fuck up!

Get the fuck out, man.
Get the fuck out of my store.

- Shut up.
- We're not going nowhere, bro.

- You are. Let's see.
- We're not going no-motherfucking-where.

I'm gonna report your
motherfucking ass.

Hey. I'm right here.
Say it. Say you're scared.

Come on now.

What does having...

Hey. Green van. No plates.

Reported at Ganning's
pull-over, right?

Goddamn right.

Hey, Dispatch, this is
18-Indie-5 checking 1154.

Green van, no plates,
in the 1300 block of Ripley.

Possible vehicle involved in Ganning's
homicide. Requesting backup. Over.

10-4, 18-Indie-5.

Backup responding.
Proceed with extreme caution.

18-Adam-7, code two.
1300 block of Ripley.

18-Adam-5, sighting of
a green van. No plates.

Requesting backup.


Who owns the van?

They're stealing things, man.

We're not stealing nothing.

This man lying, bro.

He's stealing.

- You driving the van out front?
- No, sir.

We ain't drive no van.

Down on your knees.
Hands above your head.

Fuck this.

Drop the phone and get
down on your knees.

Dude, I just told you,
we're not driving that shit.

Do you have
any weapons on you?

This is fucked up.
Keep filming, bro.

I don't got nothing on me.

- I don't got shit on me, sir.
- Shut up!

Let us out!

Hey, Birke! Birke!
Can you hear me?

Let me and my boy out of here.

- Birke, say something.
- What the fuck, bro?

Fuck that, man.
I ain't going back.

Birke! Birke!

Let us out.

Let her go, or I'll
light your ass up!

Think I'm playing?

Birke, talk to me.


Dispatch, this is 18-Adam-7

arriving for backup,
1300 block of Ripley.

Did 18-Indie-5
report back? Over.

18-Indie-5 went
code six a few minutes ago.

Roger that. Scanning
the area. Over.

- Clear.
- Clear.

Officer down.
Officer down.

Shit. She's dead.

Dispatch, it's 18-Adam-7.

We got an officer down.
Send an EMT now.

dispatching ambulance...


Second officer down.

this is 18-Adam-7.

Correction. We've got
two officers down, okay?

Send an ambulance

Copy, 18-Adam-7.


There you are.

...on me, sir.


So, apparently,
the security cameras

in this place are
completely cosmetic,

because there's nothing
on the cards. They're blank.

I'd put out an APB
on a black woman, mid 30s.

Someone you saw
on the scene?

I'm thinking it's the same
woman from Ganning's dash cam.

Did you see a woman here?



Okay, listen. This is
what we've got so far.

We ran the VIN number
on the van.

It's the property of the
pastor of a church on Gaskell.

We questioned him
after Ganning's murder,

and he said that his van
completely disappeared.

We figure that the perps
that were in there got it,

Ganning tried to bust them,
and they killed him.

It appears that Roberts
and Birke found these guys.

Did they say
how they were killed?

Uh, no. We're still
working on it.

We'll take it
from here.


They're gonna try to pin
Ganning's murder on these two.

That's good, right?

Yeah, but they
weren't the ones

driving the van
when he pulled it over.

Taneesha Branz was.

What are you talking about?

Come on.

What are you doing? Did you take that?
Is that evidence?

What are they
gonna say when you...

What the fuck
are they gonna say

when they find that
you're stealing evidence?

- You're the only one that knows.
- No, I'm not doing this.

- Relax.
- No, Renee.

All right? You're
on your own trip.

- Fuck you.
- No, fuck you.

I think you're a mother
who lost her kid,

and you've become obsessed
with some woman who lost hers.

And now you're saying
a bunch of crazy shit.

All this stuff
with this lady.

They found their guys.
You need to fucking let it go.

What the fuck
do you mean, "let it go"?

Okay? Just leave it alone.

Oh, hey, Renee.
How are you doing?

I've been better.

I hear that.
What can I do for you?

You processed a couple
of bodies that came in.

Couple of special ones.

Yeah, I know
what you're talking about.

Are you wanting
to see them?

I can't do it. It's not protocol.
I'll get in trouble.

You can give me those
brown eyes all you want,

but I'm telling you,
I just can't do it.

- Weren't you the one that found them?
- Yeah.

If I get in trouble,
I'm coming after you.

Quite a mess.

Well, here he is.

You can see
how he's mangled.

You can see
right around there,

just teeth coming through a cheek
there, I think. I don't know.

But his associate
over here,

that's a different story

Get a load of this shit.

I get scalps coming in
in all kinds of conditions,

but I've never had anything
come in looking like this.

Did they put in
what the official cause was?

There's no official cause.

They're gonna fly a medical
examiner in from Chicago

to look at these two guys,

because everybody's pretty
fucked up about what happened.

Mind if I get
a moment alone?


Renee, this is my job,
and I love it for what it is.

Look, I understand.

I'm gonna give you
five minutes.

But please don't fuck anything up.
Don't take anything.

And cut the lights off
when you leave.


Hurry up.

You think it's a game?

You think
I won't kill her, huh?

Let us out. Let me
and my boy out of here.

You think it's a game?

You think
I won't kill her, huh?

Let us out. Let me
and my boy out of here.

Let me and my boy out of here.
You think it's a game?

You think I won't kill her, huh?
Let us out.

You think I won't kill her, huh?
Let us out.


You coming up to bed?

Yeah. I'll be up
in a minute.

All right.

What the...

No, you're
the coolest mom ever.

I just really want
you to be safe, you know?

You're always out there,
and, you know, you have a gun,

and people might hurt you.
I don't want them to hurt you.

Mom, I just wanna protect you,
no matter what.

I just wanna protect you,
but I can't.

Nor can Dad.

No one can. No one can.

In this job, what matters
is what we do and how we do it.

We're never gonna
get the respect we deserve,

because nobody outside this
room knows how hard this job is.

Respect doesn't come
from out there.

It comes from in here.

This week, we lost
two more of our own.

Officer Gabe Roberts
and Maria Birke.

I know some of you
may despair,

but let me remind you

that when we're attacked,
we stand tall.

We stand together.
And we are strong.

Just a reminder that

this weekend we have
the wake for Gabe and Maria,

so I know
I'll see you all there.

Okay, that's it.
Let's go. Be safe.

I'm sorry.
I know you've been going through a lot.

I got a lot of respect
for you.

I'm glad you're back.

These times, we need
all of us together.

You know, we're like a family.

Whenever you need
an ear, I'm here. Okay?

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

Hey, Penda.

Hey, Renee.

- It's sad, huh?
- Yeah. Everything all right?

Remember the killing of a kid
named DeMarco Branz?

Taneesha Branz
was his mother's name.

That was a kid
in an empty lot.

Looked like
a drive-by gang thing.

We found him bled out.

- Pretty obvious what happened.
- Right.

Thank you.

- Danny.
- Renee.

Renee. You have
the best name, Renee.

Did you know that
your name, Renee,

is Kermit the Frog
in Spanish?

So, they don't even have
a Kermit.

They just have
a Renee the Frog.

Ganning has a good name, too.
Ganning, Roberts, Birke.


- Hey, hey, hey.
- I wasn't ready for this.

I wasn't ready
for any of this shit.

I thought that
I was ready, but I wasn't.

There's a lot going on
right now. Just...

What's going on
with you?

What happened
to the club soda?

- No more alcohol.
- Okay.


Let me and
my boy out of here.

You think it's a game?

You think I won't kill her, huh?
Let us out.

Let me and my boy out of here.
You think it's a game?

You think I won't kill her, huh?
Let us out.

Let me and my boy out of here.
You think it's a game?

You think
I won't kill her, huh?

Let us out.

You okay, baby?

Look, I'm sorry, Gary.

I don't wanna stress you out

with everything
that's happening to me.

Let's just take care
of us right now.

Go someplace peaceful,
a vacation or something.

You know?

Share the weight
with me, please.

I feel like there's a different
reality that only I can see.

There's only one reality.
We share it.

For all we know it,
could be stress.

It's not stress.

Yeah, after what
we went through,

nobody expects us to be
rational through this.

And I wanna help.

You can't help.

I gotta figure
this out on my own.

People are talking about you.
They think you're losing it.

And I'm scared for you.

Everybody keeps saying,
you know,

"She's chasing her own leads.
She's playing detective."

Look, all these things that keep
happening, they mean something.

I'm just trying
to do the right thing.

So am I. All right?

Lomito, I'm just trying
to get through training,

and keep my head down,
and not fuck anything up.

And I'm trying to help you
save your job

because I care about you.

- Okay?
- Okay.



Look, I need you.

In or out?

Pierce, I need info.

I need an address
from a detective's report

that was filed from
Ganning's case.

A church Hayes mentioned.
Can you help me out?

The lou asked me
to do a follow-up.

Just a couple
of questions.


Ask me 'cause
I know everything.

Thomas Cozzalio Jackson.
Over on East Adams.

how can I help you?

You told our detectives
that a green van

off your property.

It wasn't stolen, was it?

You lent it
to Taneesha Branz.

If you impede
an investigation,

that's obstruction
of justice.

Come to the back,
and we can speak properly.

We've got about
20 kids in the program.

This is the activity room.

And this is the room

where Taneesha used to take
her son, DeMarco.

DeMarco was one
of the smartest kids

we'd ever worked with.

Devoted to his mom, who was maybe
a little too protective of him.

They were close.

Look at this.

DeMarco couldn't hear.

But he was a resourceful child
who found ways to communicate.

Fourteen years old,

but there wasn't a day he wasn't
out in this city somewhere,

doing volunteer work
or community service.

That's the kind of boy
that he was.

Then he gets killed
by senseless violence.

What do you think that kind
of loss does to a mother?

Where's Taneesha?

She needs to get
off the street

before somebody else dies.

And you'll help her?

I'll do what I can.


This is Kesper.
Leave a message.

Sarge, I need your help.
This is Renee. Hit me back.

Hey, Renee. Hi.


Listen to me. I need
to see you right now.

- Why?
- Not over the phone.

I tracked down Taneesha.

Penda may be involved
in some bad shit.


Okay. Okay.

Give me an hour.

All right.
Thanks, Danny.



Oh, no, no, no.


It's the police!
It's the police!

Suspect spotted.
Let's go.

It's the police!

Yeah, that's him.
He fits the description.

Hey, stop!
Stop where you are!

Right now!

- Stop!
- Hey! Hey, turn around!

Suspect is resisting.

- Get on your knees now!
- On your knees!

On your knees!

- Fuck!
- Wait. Everybody, wait. Just stop.

He's down.

- Penda, what's the move?
- Hold it, hold it.

- What's the play?
- All right, Roberts, get in there.

- What?
- Get in there. Move.

- Clear. Clear.
- I got you, I got you.

- Cover.
- Ganning, stay back.

Danny, follow me.
Come on, Danny.

Danny, you were there.

- We saw him. We told him to stop.
- Yeah.

Fuck. He's a kid.

Hey, we told him
to stop.

He didn't even
turn around.

What's in there?

What the fuck? Shit.

He's deaf.

- What?
- The kid's deaf.

That's why
he didn't respond to us.

He can't fucking hear.

Oh, fuck me.

Who saw this?

Hey, did anyone
see this?

Ganning, come here.


All right,
you with me?

Take a look at him.

Oh, shit, his teeth.

- Oh, shit.
- Wait up, here you go.

Hey, we really
need to get him a bus.

We need to
get him a bus.

He's not gonna make it.


Lookit, man.

- Yeah?
- The optics on this look real bad.

- Yeah.
- You understand me?

- Uh-huh.
- It gets out we shot a kid,

and the public,
and the administration,

and everybody's gonna
ream our ass, okay?

So, I'd appreciate it...
We'd appreciate it

if you cooperate and let's
just keep this between us.

The kid's bleeding out.

Look at me. Can I
trust you? Danny?

- You want a future, right?
- Yeah.

- Can I trust you?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, you can trust me.
- Good.

We don't want
any more gunfire.

What are you doing?

What the fuck
are you doing?


Damn, Danny.

Mom, you have
such a dangerous job.

You could have picked
so many other ones,

but you picked
to be a police.

Why can't you be a doctor,
or a fireman or something?

Daddy can't even help you.

I wish I could help, though.

No one can.

This is Kesper.
Leave a message.

Danny Holledge is dead.

He was holding evidence.

I'm headed to the old plant
on 53rd and 3rd.

I need to show
you what I have.


Taneesha, I know
what happened to your son.

- Sarge, come upstairs.
- Renee.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's the evidence
that you have?

Body cam footage of
the night of the murder.

Kind of shit that
starts riots. It's really...

We need to stay unified
about what happened.

Let's talk inside.

Sarge, you saw
that footage, too?

I don't need
to see it.

I just need to
get rid of it.

Letting the public
see the record

would do nothing but
weaken our department.

Holledge kept a copy
of that video?

Where the hell is it?

Danny's dead.
He died because of you.

You know, I always thought
you were a cop first.

I am a cop first, bitch.

Give me that video, Renee.

Or the next one goes in your
head instead of your vest.

What is it?

You killed my son.

Who the fuck are you?

- DeMarco.
- What?

You remember him?

'Cause he remembers you.

Enough of this shit.

What the fuck is that?

Did you see that?

- Behind you.
- What?

Kesper. Kesper!

- Help me.
- What the fuck?

Come on.

Please, help.

You need to leave.
It's DeMarco.

Can't control him.
You need to leave.


You need to leave.

No, no, no. Listen,
this ends here.

Let me handle this
the right way.

Stay here.

Okay. Okay.

Look, Renee.
I just wanna get out of here.


Drop it, Penda.

Or the next one's
in your head.

Don't worry. He knows
you're with me now.

In the end to a stunning
trial that riveted the public

and amounted to revelations
of deep-seated corruption

in the Swinton Police

a jury handed down their verdict
of guilty to Sergeant Kesper

for the crime of conspiracy

in the murder
of DeMarco Branz.

The trial began
after a video recorded

on the body cam of the late Officer
Daniel Holledge came to light,

revealing involvement of
fellow officers Kevin Ganning,

Gabe Roberts and Dario Penda.

In brief comments
after the trial,

Officer Renee Lomito said
she was just doing her duty.