Bob and the Trees (2015) - full transcript

It is deep winter in rural Massachusetts. Bob, a fifty-something year old logger with a soft spot for golf and gangsta rap struggles to make ends meet in a changed economy. When a beloved cow of his gets wounded and a job goes awry, Bob begins to heed the instincts of his ever darkening self.





You bastards.



You like that, girl?

You don't like that
hay that much, do ya?

You don't like that
stuff much do ya, huh?


It's too old.

You're like me.


You sure look good.


Red oak 16.

You got that?

There's poplar behind you.
Another one.

There's a little grove of it.

I won't touch these right now.
They're young.

They're short lived but
when they get bigger,

we'll be back to mess with them.




MATT: It's a beauty, man.

Are you still gonna do those two
for firewood?

Yeah, just looking to
see what was over here.

I don't want to take too much.

Wow, that is something there.

See dude, this is
what I'm telling ya

is way up by Spectacle Lake.

Is that a poplar back there?

It is.

A tulip?

I don't know, I got to--
I don't know.

Let's go look, man.
I think it is a poplar.

First of all, a poplar,
what's poplar good for?

MATT: Floors.


BOB: Besides floors.

It's the number one
food source tree

for the ruffed grouse.



Come on, bud.

I'm liking lump sum.

Is there anybody else
chasing after this wood lot?

We don't know.
I mean what if there are

and our bid's too low?

I mean, we tally these numbers.

We're gonna have big numbers
if we split it 50-50.

You know.
It's what we've always done.

It's how we've always
done business.

Yeah. Alright.

Diesel fuel four bucks a gallon.

Just for starters.

Bar and chain, 17
dollars a gallon.

I know how much
everything costs, Dad.

There's gonna be a lot of money.

You saw the oak that we tallied.

18 inch, 20 inch,
22 inch, 24 inch.

It's filled.

So everything goes up except

the cos-- the price of loggin'?

-You said this guy...
-I've been doing this 30 years.

I've been doing this 30 years.
I'm the forester.

All right? So I'm telling you,
this doesn't come up--

How many times have we
had a shot like this?

Yeah. You said that he's got--
I don't know,

how many acres on the
other side of the road.

If this cut goes well,
we do okay 50-50,

maybe next time we
can take those profits

and offer him a
lump sum for however

many acres are over here.

You know, just do like a
little tester over here first.

-You know...

Get Leland used to us.

-Play it safe.
-Play it safe.

MAN: Perfect. All right, sweet,
thank you very much.

-LADY: Have a good day.
-MAN: You too.

BETHANY: Hi, Bob. How are you?

Good, how are you, Bethany?

I'm doing fine, thanks.
What can I do for you today?

Well, I need a check--
certified check

for $25,000 and I'm
thinking my savings account

should be able to do that.

Okay, let me pull
that up for you, Bob.


Bob at this time you
don't have $25,000

in that account.

BOB: Hmm.

Is there another account
you wanted it to come from?

Maybe... How about my
checking account and savings?

Can we get there?


Without like... you know,
draining them both dead.

If I do a combination
of both we can do it

so I wouldn't have
to close an account.

-Is that okay?
-Yes, nice.

Yes, definitely.

I'll be right back for you.


BOB: I need a dish, buddy.

-BOB: I got you.
-LADY: Hi.

MATT: Yeah, just take
some breast and a wing.

BOB: Couple wings actually.

And hold on, hold on bro.

-BOB: Oh, missed.




MATT: Good boy, ol' Remy.

Chick magnet.

Yeah, he is.

-Oh dude, remember that?
-BOB: He wasn't happy about it.

Quilled by the porcupine.

I almost got porcupined.

I was marking timber.
I swear to god, man.

MATT: You know those things
are pretty slow, right?

It wasn't about...

LADY: They're
everywhere though.

BOB: It wasn't
about being slow.

They're all--
everywhere you look

there's a fucking porcupine,

MATT: What,
were you chasing it?

No, I was marking timber.

And right up
against the boundary

and I got to mark
this other tree

and I look down and
there's a porcupine

underneath me,
right next to my leg.

And I'm about to mark
this tree and I went...

with his back out
ready to get me.

I wasn't-- I was inches
away from this thing

and if I'd have just
went and continued

to mark the stump, you
know, how I mark...


Four feet and I mark the stump.

If I marked the stump,

I'd of whacked this thing
with my leg.

I'd of got porcupined.

LADY: Why didn't you tell me
about this when it happened?

BOB: Cause
it didn't happen.

I mean, I didn't get porcupined.

It's scary.

Yeah, I mean how
about me coming home

with a leg full of quills.

-I mean, I...
-We'd take you to vet.


You would.

Did you guys see
those cops

over down at the farm
down the street?

-Daldidge farm?
-LADY: Yeah.

I guess what
happened was a skunk

bit a pig and...

Rabid skunk.

They had to cut
the pigs head off

and they tested it and
the pig had rabies.

So they got a
positive rabies alert.

The whole town's up
in arms and the state

came in and put a
quarantine on their farm.

And just messed their lives up.

It's like no
meat, no animals in,

no animals out for six months.

Yeah, they basically
gave them two options.

Like raise them through
the quarantine for six months

which costs a fortune.

LADY: Right.

Or just dig a big
hole and kill 'em all.

Kill 'em all.

-Mass, dig a mass grave.
-LADY: Yeah.

And from what I heard,
he asked--

He said to the state vet--

He goes... He said
to the state vet,

he goes, "So you're giving me
only one option.

The only thing I can
do now is kill all

my animals and dig
a mass grave and,

'cause I can't afford it."

And he goes, "Yeah,
we'll let you do that."

Fucking dude was like,
"Thanks a lot," you know.

"Thanks for hooking me up."

That's why I'm worried
about if it comes here. Right?

What do we got?
We got 31 pigs out there.

-MATT: Yeah.

They quarantine
our farm right now.

MATT: Remy's
got his rabies shot. Right?

Remy does, yeah.

So just put him on the job.


Let him rule.




What is it?
What's going on, buddy?





This is a harvest
in a wetland.

We're not gonna touch it.
We're gonna work around it.

Yeah, not even gonna be
able to drive around that.

-Nah, this is too steep up here.

Probably gonna have
to skid this way.

-Coming on that trail.

-And there's a...

100 foot buffer there.

Yeah, and this is--
this is a seep

that runs all the way
from that wetland to the pond

and there's a 100 foot buffer
on both sides of that seep.








If a man cuts a tree in
the middle of the woods

and there's no woman
there to hear it...

Thank fucking god.

Is he a happy
bastard (LAUGHTER)?

He's a happy bastard.


To a beautiful night, man.

Hey, Uncle Jim.

GROUP: Uncle Jim.

Motherfucking Jim.

GROUP: Fucking Russo.

Put that cheat down.

BOB: Put that cheat down.

-MAN: He's calling you, Bobby.
-Come on, bro.

Hey, I got to watch...

MAN: Watch your head, Bobby.

You got it, Bobby.


MAN: No shit.

MAN: Your pops
fucking turned around

and hit his head...


He didn't even turn around.
He went up.

He was like doing something.

When he went up he
knocked himself out.

MATT: He woke up to the sow
chewing on his sock.

The sow...

No, they're good sows.

MAN: But they
were gonna eat you Bob.

They were.
But they were like...

MAN: But
they're good girls.

But they were nosing
me around a bit.

I was out and they're like...

MAN: Yeah, they were
pushing you for fucking...

-Yeah from sow to sow.

You know how they
do with the nose.

They're like pushing
me around like,

what the fuck's that, you know.


When you came to.

No, then I come
to and I'm like.


Oh, I could end up like that
motherfucker in Oregon, right.

I was like, I got to
climb out of here.

But I'm fucking hurt, you know.

You were getting
eaten by pigs, dude.

That's what happened.


MAN: I can so picture it.

-I know right.
-MATT: The pigs you care about.

-But I was...
-MAN: They would have eaten you.

I climbed out of that shit, bro.

Lucky for you I'm still here.

Hey, I call the green one.

MAN: Part of Nationale.

MAN: They're not called
the green one.

MAN: I'll take the bottom.


MAN: I got my fucking dollars.

Don't laugh, baby.

Don't you forget that.

MAN: So it's all four
or nothing.


MAN: I'm going Nando.

All right, I got Matt then,
motherfucker. I got Matt.


MAN: Columbia!

GROUP: Columbia!


MEN: Columbia, come on.




Promise me one thing.

We'll never do this
without a flask again.


Probably make two
19's and then we'll just

take the last piece out.


Cable it.

Cable it.

BOB: We're taking
rotary and slice it.

What's that? You're not taking
the prime or the grade?

My luck.

Finally get weather
we can work in,

get logs out and everybody's
flooded with wood.

Oak 15.

Huh, what about rotary?


(GUFFAWS) you're
telling me that's down.

Geez, is that-- Go ahead.


MAN: Just hired
a new guy Saturday.

Did you?

MAN: Trying to get him
dialed in. Just to keep up, man.

-So, how about you?
-Jealous man.

That Leland job.

We started it over in Sanisfield
a couple of weeks ago.

Man, it's awesome.

I appreciate that referral.

Hey, you're welcome.

I mean we're so busy it's--
I'm glad it's working out.

Helps me if you can
pick up, you know...

-What I can't take.

-So works out good.
-Nice, man.

Yeah, you got to
do some branding.

You know?

I mean get your-- bring your
level of professionalism

up there, get your name, logo.

-Put it all together.

It'll really help ya a lot.

Here, just show you
what I'm talking about.

Check that out, man.

BOB: Impressive.


Branding. Boom, done.

Enough said, Bob.

You can keep that.

Hey, I don't mean to be rude.
I gotta run.

-But good to see you.
-Good to see you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Keep in touch man.

I'll let you know how it goes
a little bit later on.

You know, maybe as we
get deep into the job, you know.

-All right, Bob.
-Yeah, man.

-See ya.
-BOB: Take care of yourself.

You too.

Oh, Bob.

Hey, I want a cut
of that Leland job.



Hey man, what you up to?

Just you know,
feeding the pigs and...


Put your new little
babies over there.

That's cool.

Your big cow out
there, you know,

the big one you have out there.

It's looking pretty bad.

Big cow, looking bad.

What do you mean looking bad?

There's a big
gash in its neck.

It's like scabbin'
over and stuff.

Are you kidding me?



It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.


It's all right, don't go.

I know, it hurts.


You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be all right.


I think we should get a llama.

I think we need something
to protect these animals.

Coyotes killing lambs.

I think we should get a llama.

POLLY: I don't.


I do.

Well, we're not getting one.

I'm gonna look into it anyway.

They can't be that expensive.

They don't do anything.

They just guard-- they're
good guard animals.

They kick coyotes if
they get up close to them.

Spit on 'em.




Fuck me, I want a llama.


You leaving that
light on all night?

Let's go look at
it from the trail.

That looks like
a wide open look.

To the left of the trail.

We wouldn't even get it in
the trail, I don't think.

All right.




Unfucking believable.



24 inch oak opened
up like a culver.

Second nicest tree
on the job just now.


Right? Ants.

I know. I got ants too.

Like I don't know, three
of the last 10 trees I cut.

This firewood tree.

There's a seam that goes
like 15 feet up this tree.

It's full of fucking ants.

The hell's going on, man?

I don't know.

Maybe this property's so wet.

Too much water in the ground.
The shit's rotten.

It's rotten.

When you start losing oak,
you start losing everything.

-Well, yeah.

You need to call Leland
and just talk to him.

See if we can try another parcel

on the other side
of the road and...

just tell him, explain
to him it's fucked.

We're not getting
out of the job.

Why can't we get
out of the job?

I mean, we're in
partnership with Leland.

We're not
getting out of the job.

Sharing the profits.

If there's no profit,
there's no profit to share.

We got a job to do.

We're not getting out
of the job. I'm telling you.

There's just not
getting out of this job.

It sucks, but we're
not getting out of it.

Do you want to keep cutting
rotten ant infested wood?

We have to.


Trust me, we have to.

Why the fuck do we have to?

'Cause I already paid
for the fucking timber man.

I already paid him, I
paid him a lump sum.

I paid him.

It's not your problem.

It's my problem.

We got to finish this job.

How much did you
fucking pay him?

I bought the job
man, I bought it.

-How much?!
-25 grand.

I gave him 25 grand.
All right?

So we're sticking this out.

We're sticking this out,
we're finishing this job.

'Cause I'm not losing $15,000

'cause we're walking
off the job. You follow me?

We wouldn't be
losing anything

if you fucking listened to me.

Why-- why the fuck
did you do that?

We were gonna share the profits.

Dude, it isn't
your problem, man.

MATT: It is my problem.

It is my problem.

This shit happens
all the time.


All the time to you
'cause you don't fucking listen.

You take a chance,
fucking shit happens.

Great, take a chance.

What did I tell you
I didn't want to do?

Take a chance.

Good job!

Whose business is this?

Oh, who's been doing
this for 30 fucking years?

You always fucking say that.

Who owns this business, man?

You do.

You're the fucking owner
of a $25,000 ant farm.

Way to go!

Fuck out of here.

Fuck you!

What a fucking asshole.




Come on!

Come on, Rem.





Come on, Rem!

Come on, Rem.

Come on, Rem.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.


Oh, man.


Oh my god, come
here, come here.

Oh, oh, oh.




RADIO: ...has told
US Treasury Secretary,

James Lou that
Moscow is concerned

about the Ukraine's unpaid
debt for natural gas supplies.

Lou is concerned
about a possible

oil for goods deal
between Ukraine and Iran.

Warning that any such agreement

would violate
international sanctions.

Health and Human
Services Secretary

is resigning...

Oh, that's right.
That was terrifying.

Tell me the beginning.
Start at the beginning.

There was a flasher that
was chasing Emily around.

Exposing himself.


WOMAN: And I just
like wrote out their name.

Attention, attention.

So I made the shawl.

That's pretty.

Oh, my god. I love it.


-It's cute.
-Can I try it on?

Feels so soft.


LADY: What size needle?
Like one?

Zero. Actually zero.

LADY: Oh, that's painful.

Well, I don't know.

It's true. It takes forever.

Someone once asked me,
"Oh, you should sell them,

Why don't you sell them?"

I said, "You know I would
but do you know anyone

who would pay a thousand
dollars for socks?


Short of that it's
not gonna be worth it.



love has returned.

He probably saw our cars.

Whoa, I thought you
was doing Zumba tonight.

Zumba's Thursday Bob.
You know that.

-You should come.

LADY: Oh, you'd love it.


LADY: We can show
you how to gas pedal.

LADY: Let's see
you move those hips.

Come on.

Shake them.



LADY: Zumba's for girls, Bobby.

So that's a no?

I take it he doesn't wanna go.

can hang around.

We do have extra spandex.

I'm saying, "Screw that."

LADY: Wait a minute,
they make those Zumba skirts...

You think...

Take a good look ladies.

You think I need Zumba?


That's what I'm talking about.

LADY: You do need a vagina
to be in this room, so...


It's only a little...

BOB: Well, I can't say anything,

but it was really
nice to see you all.


LADY: Good
to see you too Bob.

LADY: Awe,
we miss you already.

Sorry, Polly we
scared him off.


LADY: Didn't take long.


LADY: Does he not know?

The upper half always wins.

Now, one caution.

You want to make sure that you

take this literally
and don't overcook it.

If you lean the putter
shaft too forward

and you drive the putter
into the golf ball,

you're gonna have the
ball start to bounce.

That's what I'm talking about.


want some breakfast?

-What's that?
-POLLY: Breakfast.

-You want some?
-Nah, I'm good.

I'm not hungry.

You'll be hungry.

BOB: No, I'm all set.


BOB: I'm not
feeling it right now.

-Breakfast it's...

Just make me later
than I already am.

POLLY: How's
the new job going?

It's good.

-POLLY: Yeah?

It's fine.


Just wondering.

Where'd you put my gloves?

They're on the bench.

Where you left 'em.


You working today or what?

-POLLY: I need to be there soon.

gonna finish up and go.

I got to fly.
Catch you later.

POLLY: Okay.



Hold on.
Hold on, hold on.

Stay put, stay put.
Come on.


Stay put girl, stay put.


Don't go anywhere.

Stay put, stay put.


It's okay, it's okay.

Good, good girl.

Stay right there.


I'm just gonna hold it.
I'm just gonna hold it.

Stay put, stay put, stay put.

Stay put, stay put.

What the fuck?!



What were you doing at the farm
the other day, man?

I don't know, I was just...
you know.

What were you doing?

What were you doing there?

Feeding the pigs
and watching the...

Just feeding the pigs?

-That's all you were doing?

ANDY: Yeah,
I was feeding them.

Remember that cow
you told me about?

BOY: Yeah.

Hole like this in its
neck, bleeding like crazy.

You didn't-- you didn't
see nothing happen?

No, I just...

MAN: Hey, Bob.

What's up, man?

Somebody's fucking
with my cows.

Somebody who?

BOB: I don't
know, I don't know.

Whoa, whoah.
What's that got to do with him?

I don't know.
I just-- maybe he saw something.

I don't know.
He was there.

MAN: What do you mean someone's
fucking with your cows?

He was there the other day.

He was there the other day.

He said, "Your cow's
bleeding, and he said,

"I got to go."

So, I'm just trying
to make sense man.

Looks like this cow was...

Hey, did--
did you see anything?


Did you ask him?
What did he say?

He, he's over there
helping you out man.

He didn't do
anything to your cow.

It could be anything, right.

Could be an animal
messing with it.

Could be, I don't know,
maybe it has rabies.

This thing's got
a puncture wound in its neck.

It's-- I don't know what it is.

I don't know.

Just calm down, man.

We'll keep an eye out, okay?

Yeah man.
Sorry man, I...

MAN: He's...

I just...

I know man.

Just take it easy.
Go home and chill out.

-Andy, you all right buddy?
-Yeah, yeah.

Hey, Bob.

-Hey Nat, how are ya?
-Good man.

Good to see you.
Been a while.

-Hey, I'm Nat Leland.

-How are ya?
-I'm Matt, nice to meet you.

Get inside the house.

Touch day out there, huh?

MATT: Yeah, windy.

BOB: That's putting it mildly.

Oh my god,
it's so windy up here.

I didn't even leave
the house today.


Better you than me out there.

BOB: Sorry
about the mess here, bud.

Oh, it doesn't
make any difference.

-Come on, we'll sit back here.

Right on, right on.

You just get up here?

You didn't drive in this
storm to get up here?

No, no I've been
here a couple days.

'Cause I know there was like,
it was like crazy...

I came up, you
remember two weekends ago

when we had that huge storm?

BOB: Yeah.
The one just before now?

I drove up in that.

I usually get here for
three or four days.


I don't put the full week in
any more in New York, so...

BOB: Oh.

You know, I try to get here
for a handful of extra days.

BOB: That's good.

Yeah, it was bad.

BOB: I was
thinking that maybe

we might not get a
chance to see ya,

you know, if you left
with the storm coming.

I don't understand
how you log in this storm.

It's actually the best
time of year to do it.

I mean, the trails are frozen.

Yeah, there's a lot
of snow, but you know,

other times of
year you're dealing

with mud, you're
dealing with rain.

It's just always something.

Bugs are crazy in the spring.

For us it's, I mean this snow
is a little bit extreme,

I got to say.

I mean this has been...

But you got to cut,
I mean you're still

cutting at the ground?

BOB: Yeah we
got to dig in this...

How you get to it?

I mean a lot of
times you can just

stomp it down with your foot but

now it's starting
to get real deep.

Starting to get deep where
we're digging trees out.

You know, we got to get
to the bottom of them.

Actually the most
valuable part of the tree

is from, is the
first eight feet.

Oh yeah, makes sense.

-It is.
-I guess.

But the snow
definitely slows us down.

Slows down production.


MATT: You know.

So tell me, tell
me how it's going.

How's the job going?

Uh man, it's... it's good.

I mean we're--
we're just-- we're killing it.

We got the right weather for it.

The trees are amazing,
the oak is incredible.

Maybe we're half done.

We just...

You're half done?

I-- I don't know.

I thought, I kind of
expected you to be done.

I mean it's not that it matters.

It's okay, I mean 'cause I--
we're not going out there.

We don't need to be there but...

I thought you
were further along than that.

You want some more coffee?

Yeah, they'd be great.

-Little more?

Yeah, heat it up.

-Sure, I'll
-Just a touch.

I'll see if I can find
some more cookies too.

You ate all the cookies.

Yeah, that was easy.

Why the fuck are you telling
him the trees are good?

Tell him they're junk.

Just tell him.

-Now why?
-Just tell him they're junk.

Don't worry about it.


I'm not gonna--

I'm not gonna get into that
with him right now.

He got his dough.

-It's not...
-We're already...

He's not--
yeah but that's not his problem.

Why do you have to lie to him?

You gonna tell him
the trees are good?

Why am I gonna do that for?

You think he's gonna
give me money back?

'Cause the trees fucking suck.

You think he's gonna
go, "Oh the trees suck.

Here, here's your money Bob."

You want, "You're not getting
everything out of it.

Here have another,
here's 10 grand.

I feel for you.

No man, that wasn't the deal.

Don't you sweat it.

Don't worry about
it and calm down.


-MATT: Thank you.





Oh, that's a nice frosty one.

Oh my god.



What the fuck is this shit?
What's this shit?

LADY: Do you mind?

What the fuck's this, man?

Oh, Bob.

-Oh, Bob.

Take a look, take a
look, take a good look.

What is that?

Tell me what those are?

-Those are ants, Bob.
-Yeah they're ants.

Yeah, yeah.

That wood lot, that logging job.

-That you gave me.


Every tree's
opening up hollow.

Like what was this?
Was this some like bullshit...

-What was this?

Some crumb you threw
at me or something?

You knew these trees were open?

You know better.
Dave, I got this.

You know better, Bob.

Nah, I don't want no beer.

I want to know what the fuck?

Why he's giving me a
wood lot full of ants.

Was this a piece of
shit you didn't want?

Look, you're a professional...

I thought you were
hooking me up man.

I am hooking you up.
You're a professional.

You know what
you're getting into.

Don't pin this on me, Bob.

BOB: I'm
a professional?

- You are a professional.
- I'm a professional?

You don't think I'm
gonna trust you?

I'm gonna go out there and start
pounding on trees?

-I figured...
-Hey, you know...

Professional or not.

Like I said, you know, you know
what you're getting into.

This-- don't pin it on me, man.

BOB: Yeah, yeah.
Here's your cut.

Here's your cut of Leland job.
You wanted a cut remember?

You want a cut?
There's your cut.

LADY: Hey.

Take that fucking cut,
now take it up your ass.

LADY: Babe...

For two
fucking months man.



Fuck you.
Fuck you.

MAN: More than
happy get you a beer.

-MAN: Come on, Bob.
-MAN: Jesus Christ, Bob.

What's up with this...


Funny huh?
You think it's funny?


-Funny huh?

Fucking 85 miles
to the gallon.

You're running a scooter?

Yeah, I'm running
a fucking scooter.

Where's your helmet?

You got 20 inches
of snow out there.

Bob you better be careful.

Fuck you, man.

Jiminy Christmas.














What the fuck is this?

What you think it is?


You and I both
know these trees aren't marked.

They're marked!

Yeah, you marked 'em just now.
I saw your paint can.

What if the state
forester comes out here?

Worse, what if Mr.
Leland comes out here?

You're gonna lose
all that acreage

on the other side of the road.

You gonna turn me in?

MATT: Maybe I should 'cause
you're fucking crazy right now.

You gonna turn me in?


You know what's
really funny is that

you somehow justify
this as redeeming

yourself for your fuck up.


Drag your ass.

-MATT: Fine.

want to pull this shit,

you're gonna pull
it by yourself.

Just go.


No good.

No good.

Fucker's rotten too.


It ain't a big one
but it's something.

It's a lot more
than I got right now.

Yeah, well, we'll
do the best we can.

Don't spent it all in one place.

-Thanks man.
-Take care.

Yeah. I'll be in touch.

All right.












Hey, guys.


Everybody okay in here?




Who is it?

Who is there?


-POLLY: God damnit.

What's wrong with you?

I almost fucking
shot you just now.

Yeah, I know.

What's going on here, Bob.

Why you surprising
me like that.

I'm looking for you.
Where have you been?

Fucking cows!

Somebody's been
fucking with the cows.

You don't know.
You don't know.

No, I don't know and I don't
know what's going on with you.

BOB: You don't know!

You've totally lost it.

What's wrong with you?

H-- How could you,
after 35 years

you don't tell me
anything that's going on?

You're gonna go and risk
everything we've got

because you're
gonna be an idiot.

Really? Talk to me.

Bob! What the hell?!

(SIGHS) Don't worry about this.
I got it.

-You don't have it.
-I got it, I got it.

You don't have it.

I got a plan, man.

You just do whatever you want.

No, I always have
a fucking plan!

No, you don't.

You're barely at home.
You don't talk to me.


How can-- this is
our life together.

Right? It's not just you, Bob.

Business is not going down.

I'm gonna fix this.

I'm gonna fix this.

You know I'll fix this.

-You know I'm gonna fix this.

-POLLY: I don't know it.
-You know I'm gonna fix this!

I don't know it this time.





Fucking think you are?




Motherfucking saw.









Come on, you fucking saw!

Start! Come on, you bastard!



When you're finished recording

you may hang up or press
1 for more options.


BOB: Hey Matt, I really
can't do this alone anymore.

I'm gonna need you back.

I was hoping you'd
come back to me.

I hope you will.

I miss you, man.

And if this isn't feeling
better in 48, 72 hours,

please, please give me a call.

And I'll be by in
a couple of weeks

to see you again and
check that wrist.

See how it's looking.

But this is nothing
to fool around with.

This, you know, could
have implications

for your work life for
many years to come.

So take it seriously
and we'll give you

prescription for the
x-ray and they can

call my office with the result.

Okay, you have any
questions for me?





Hey, how's it going?

How you feeling?

I'm all right.

It's cool, Dad. I got it.

I got it.

You working your way from
the back up to the front?


Matt you know...

I don't think I
need the gravel.

I'm just gonna leave this here.

It's... you don't
have to do this

the rest of your life, man.

We've been at this so long.

We never make any money.


We're always waiting
for that next job

to make a bunch of money.

It's gonna be great.
And it never is.

It never has been.

And you're young.

You know, you don't need to live
the same way I have.

You know, hand to
mouth your whole life.

You could still
do something else.

I know you've been
bit by sawdust.

I know it's in your blood.
It's tough.

But man, I don't--
You're young, you know?

You don't have to keep in
this stinking business.

What do you suggest I do?

Got any ideas?


I don't know.

I have no clue.
No, I have nothing.


The hell else is
there to do around here?

Don't worry about it, Dad.

Just get better, heal up.


Don't you get hurt like me.

Don't you do anything
foolish out there.

I'll be all right.

Come on, come on, let's go.


Come on.

Come on, come on, mama.

Come on.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on.

Come on, Ginger.

Come on, girl.

Come here.

It's all right, it's okay.

It's okay.

You're gonna be okay, girl.

I'm gonna make sure of it.







She's gone.


I'm sorry, Polly.

I missed you.



Here you go, Jose.

Here you go, buddy.

Go ahead.

I know you've been
waiting for that.


RADIO: The words leading experts

on climate change are
sounding a warning

about global warming
and its impact

on the world economy.

A hotter planet they
say will be more

difficult for
growing enough food.

NPR Dan Charles
reports that scientists

say that farmers
are already seeing

the effects
of increased temperatures.


BOB: Morning.


Feeling good?

Yeah, pretty good.

MATT: Ready to do this?

Yeah, what's been--
what's happening here?

So far so good.

Got two loads out to Johnny.

BOB: Wow.

Pulled it all off the
top of the mountain.

BOB: Holy crap.

I mean, the first load
went for 2,500 bucks.

-Awesome, well done.

I'm just fucking glad to be
off of that old property, man.

This is a load of firewood.

Just gotta make a little
skid trail that's going off

to the side here
and I had to cut a lot

of small shit to make...

So you made three loads
in two weeks already?

Well, I got to top off
this firewood load, but...

-BOB: Wow.
- Yeah.

-BOB: That's impressive.
-Yeah, it's going good.

Few more trees left
to take up there

just to get the trail
all the way over.

-Saw's on the skidder.

MATT: There's
a huge flat section

of pine down here
and it looks like

it drains pretty good.

I'm thinking about
trying to save that

for the springtime
and maybe we can

work it in the mud.
I don't know.

But it's a little ace
in the pocket maybe.