Boardwalk (1979) - full transcript

In this drama, David Rosen and his wife Becky have lived in the same Coney Island neighborhood for nearly all their married life. But the area is not what it used to be, and a gang leader ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Good afternoon, Mrs. Pompianno.


Move in.

You a Jew, ain't ya?

Yes, I'm Jewish.

Well, what's it mean to be a
Jew anyhow?

You got a lifetime
for me to tell you?

You people don't believe
in Jesus, right?

It all depends.

I do.
What do you think of that?

You're entitled to your opinion.

Well suppose it's my opinion...

that Jesus is here right now...

walking with us.

If Jesus were walking with us...

he'd say, "Hello, David.
How are you?"

After all, he was my cousin
long before he was yours.

So I figured, what good am I?

I might as well move
to New Brunswick.

My son has a nice home
and I won't be lonely.

You'll come back for the holidays.


I don't drive any more.

And the temple is not two
blocks from my son's house.

Nice, easy to get in minyan.

Here, where are the Jews?

Where are the Jews?

What happened
to this neighborhood?

Used to be clean and safe.

I'm afraid to go out
for a newspaper

when the sun goes down.

Things change...

that doesn't mean
it won't get better.

With the years I have left,

I don't have time to wait around.

I'll miss you, Moeshe.

Mama, why don't you sit down?

You sit, I'll set.

Why do you always put the
spoon up there?

I put it where it belongs.

But Mama, it doesn't belong there.

I've been setting table 49 years.

I'm a professional.

49 years the wrong way.

Hey, Pop.

Hi Petey, sweetie.

Peter, why are you so late?

I had a rehearsal, I told you.


Where's the coffeecake?

What coffeecake?

I told you to stop by
and pick up a coffeecake.

- Ma, you didn't.
- I did.

What's the matter?
You don't like her boyfriend?

Hi Grandma.

Come on, Peter.

Let's go to Joey Fong's,
pick up some Chinese food.

Everybody's hungry.


So how's the music business?

Top craziness.

I think I'm gonna get booked
in that club I told you about.


You wanna take the bike?

I don't believe it.

You oughtta take that thing
away from him

before he kills himself,
and Pop too.

Take it a...

He's 24 years old,
I can't control him.

What'd ya do with my Playboy?

I put it away.

What's the matter?
You need inspiration?

I thought we'd look
at the cartoons.


That woman's here again
with her own sandwich.

All she wants is hot water.

So give it to her.

Times are hard.
Won't hurt to let her sit.

What kind of pie?

Pineapple, peach, apple,
blueberry, cherry.


Four chocolate malteds.

- Girl?
- Uh, yeah.

Pecan? No.
We don't have any pecan.

How 'bout a piece of cheesecake?

The same to you.



Let's go!

Come here.

Such a young boy.

What's the matter?
Don't you have money?

Yeah... I got money.

So, what?

You don't like to pay
for your food?

The kid's got friends, uh?
Some friends.

Oh, they put you up to this,
your friends?

They told ya, "Don't pay
is the way to do things"?

Call a cop!

Pa, lemme take him outside, eh?

I'll teach him.


Do as he says.
Call a cop.

A night of jail food and he'll appreciate
what we serve here.

C'mon, go, go.

Oh, you forgot something
Mrs. Rosen?

To be perfectly honest with ya,

didn't have any place else to go.

It's a lovely day,
I wanted to talk to somebody.

Is Sadie around?

No, she went to the city
for a doctor's appointment.

She goes every Tuesday.

Oh, I forgot.

I oughtta be out trying'
to collect clothes, anyway.

Well, don't collect too good,

or you'll collect a mugger.

Aw, Friedman.

Yeah, they're out there,
believe me.

You can't live your life worryin'.

That's why we left
the old country.

Too much worrying.

We have to raise prices.

We're not raising prices.

We're not making money any more.

So I won't go to Florida
this winter.

Papa, everything's going up.

We have to go along
with thew times.

The times tell me
that people have no place to go,

and unemployment is at a pinnacle.

- We'll make out.
- And if we don't?

Then we don't.

Good night.

Good night, Papa.

Drive carefully.

Hello, Mr. Rosen.

Hello, Charley.

Finished for the day?

'Til the next one.

Yeah. Florence inside?


Mr. Rosen, you want I should
walk you to your car?

What for?

Only one of us can drive.

You're going in, I'm going home.

Thanks anyway.

Alright, g'night, Mr. Rosen.

You're old man gets drunk.

Your old man don't get drunk?

Come on.

Wastin' your time, Rosen.

You think you're gonna talk
some sense into me, man?


My car's over there.

A Buick?

What's so wrong with a Buick?

You know what I'm gonna have?

A red Corvette.

Sports car.

That's alright for you
single guys.

But me?
I have a family.

Don't talk to me about no family.

You should paint on a piece of
paper and sell it.

You'd get a lot more money for it.

I don't want money.

I want everybody to see my name.

When they'll go home,
they'll think of me.

Peppy of Cropsey Avenue.

Okay Peppy of Cropsey Avenue,

I'm David of Brighton 5th Street.

A Picasso you're not.

What do you wanna do, man?

Pick up some bread.

Then get me some 100 proof...

and a fine lady.

Then lay back and smoke
some of the best herb

this town's got to offer.

And then get it on.
Yeah, get it on!

The President wants
to lower taxes for the poor

and raise the rich.

Anyone who makes more than
14 thousand dollars

will pay more.

Getting hard to keep a dollar.

Thank God we're okay.

From you mouth to God's ears.

You want a nice piece of fruit?

I got some nice tangerines today.

How 'bout a Twinkie instead?

Sweets. That's all you
ever think of.

I'm surprised you got
a tooth left in your mouth.

Then give me a hug instead.

Full moon again.

What's the matter?

You don't wanna dance
with your honey?

Remember that time we danced
at the Eden Roc?

And then Jack Jones
came right over to our table

and he sang to me.


Why wouldn't he?

Beautiful woman like you?



I want the police.



Why, Mrs. Lerner,
how are you?

Fine, thank you.

Come in!

I can't. I'm late.

I just wanted to tell you

that today's going to be
Stuart's last lesson.

If it-if it's the money
don't worry about it.

I'll trust ya.

It's not that.

We're moving.

But such a lovely home you have.

I know.

I- I don't want to but...

this neighborhood...

W- well...

maybe you could drive him over.

After all, we can fly to the moon.

I'm afraid not.

We're moving to Long Island.

Well, I have to run.

Uh... Mrs. Lerner.

I wouldn't want
David to know about this.

He worries about me too much.

I understand.

Thank you for all you've done
for Stuart.

Bye, Mom.

You know...

when I was in prison,

your father was the only one
that ever remembered me.


How'd you know?

'Cause every week he sent me
a carton of cigarettes.

Could you show me how to open
a lock?

There ain't been a lock
invented I couldn't open.

From Yale to Segal to box,
to combination...

I'm the best.

So how come you got caught?



People on the other side
of the lock.


What's his problem?

Well, Charley lost the key
to his jewelry box.


What's in the box
that's so important?

Engagement ring.

Charley asked me to marry him.

Aw, hey, terrific.

What did you say?

I said yes.

Mazel tov.

Is that... all you have to say
to me?


You tell Peter yet?

He's a grown man.

I have a right to my own life.

No one is criticizing you,

Well you tell me
how I'm supposed to meet

anyone better than Charley
working here.

You just tell me that.


Why do you have...
all this old furniture?

It's not old furniture, Ma,
it's antiques.

You could have a nice
convertible sofa...

and chrome tables.

What do you want with
everyone else's leftovers?

Ma, why are you here?
Just to criticize or what?

Charley got a raise.

Things are looking up.

He asked me to marry him, Peter.

I'm head salesman now.

And prospects for vinyl floors...

well, they're unlimited.


You don't have to worry about
losing a mother.

Yeah, well don't give me that
crap about gaining a father

because I don't need one.

You want your mother to be alone?

Who said anything
about being alone?

Practically everything I earn
goes into a trust for you,

and once we're married
it all will.

Look, Ma, your money
doesn't mean anything to me.

Maybe not now...

Do you love each other?

I mean that's what this is
supposed to be about,

loving each other.

Of course we do.

Of course!

Thank God you weren't hurt.

So many of our beautiful things
they took.

We haven't even got a TV set.

We have a...

black and white set in the bedroom

we don't use.

So what will you do
for entertainment?

In the bedroom?

Who needs entertainment?

You're lucky.

Mine comes home,
he can hardly move.

I'm grateful that he comes home.

Well... it's yours
if you want it.

I'll ask Friedman.

So what are you doing now
that there are no more students?

Collecting clothes for Israel.

What's wrong?

Uh, we should go.

What for?
There's plenty more sunshine.

Those kids.

You should be more afraid
of men in suits

than boys in leather jackets.

Watergate was a lesson,
if you know what I mean.

Being robbed is a lesson, too.

Alright, we'll go.

Uh, excuse me,
do you ever talk to strangers?


Good, neither do I.
It's too dangerous.

You might meet somebody you like.

I doubt that.

Uh, which way you goin'?

The other way.

Oh, I'm comin' on too strong, huh?


And besides, I'm late
for an appointment.

People expect artists to be late.

I'm not an artist.

I'm an art director.

Oh yeah?

I'm a musician.

Employed too.

Oh yeah?

So um...

what are you doing Friday night?

My laundry.

Well if you wait
'til Saturday morning,

I'll do it with you.

I will!
I'm a nice Jewish boy.

You make me feel guilty
enough, I'll do anything.

So which way's your appointment?
I don't want you to be late.


So, how did it go today?


Florence tells me business is bad.

Just a bad time of year.



Would ya tell me
if things were bad?


I didn't think so.

Your job is here
and mine is there.

Our final story tonight comes
to us from Gainsworth, Texas,

where truck driver Al Beaufel
reports it was 3:30 a.m.

when Gainsworth resident
Leland Pots

flagged him to a stop
on Highway 59.

It was apparent from the beginning

that Pots had tipped
a few too many,

but Beaufel offered
to give him a lift anyway.

Do you have to go home tonight?

Yes, I have to go home tonight.

Well now...

what can I do to make you
change your mind?

You can't.

You sure?

Mm-hmm. I'm sure.

Come on.
All that nice girl crap.

We're not in the 60's.

- That's not the reason.
- Well, what is?

I like romance.


I play you a song,
I even got you a bottle of wine.

I just think it's more fun
if you get to know each other.

Let things build a little.

Believe me, they're building.

I just like romance,
I dunno what else to say.

You know what romance is?

Romance is me
having to act like a schmuck

until you feel safe enough to do what you came
to do in the first place.

Well, I don't see
what's so schmucky

about getting to know each other.

You know...

holding hands?


You're right.

You oughtta go home.

So what are you
standin' there for?

Just wondering
how you got to be so

afraid of caring about somebody.

Thinking how sad I think it is.

Yeah, well I don't need any of your
bubblegum psychology, okay?




So, uh...

You wanna take a walk, or what?

Can we hold hands, too?

Charley, Betty,
come on, say "cheese".

I wonder where the hell
that son of mine is.

He wasn't at your first one,

why should he be expected
at your second?

Hey, let's get this show
on the road, huh?

I gotta get back to the store.

Where's Eli?

Watchin' the cash register.

Good afternoon, everyone.


That's it.

Well that was wonderful.

Thank you.

Oh Peter...

aren't you
supposed to be somewhere?

Do you promise to love,
honor, and obey?

I do.

Obey? Don't start now.

Oh what the hell.

I now pronounce you man and wife.

Put the ring on her.
Put the ring on her.

Oh, Papa.

Here we go.

Charley, if you ever stop laughing

you're gonna have
a terrific marriage.

I'm surprised at you.

You knew how much it meant to her.

I didn't think about it.

I had to work.

Eh, you could have
taken a day off.

We all left the store.

Becky came down and Rabinowitz
gave 'em a nice sendoff.

Just don't hurt her.

She only wants the best for you.

Papa, what she wants...

is for me to follow the formula,
you know?

Go back to school,

get a job...

get married, have kids,

be successful.

She's only trying to give you
what she wanted.

She doesn't understand
how you don't want it.

You should pity her
more than blame her.


I'll call her and apologize.


You think...

Flo will be happy this time?

Who can say?


your place is very colorful.

I like bright colors.

I can tell.

Seeing the future
is my blessing from God.

It is my gift to you.

Let me see your hand.


You have a wonderful love line.

That is true.

I am married... 49 years
to a wonderful man.

Let me see your other hand.

You smile in your face.

But deep down inside... don't smile.

You toss and turn at night.

Something is troubling you.


Your health.

You have to watch it.
It's going bad.

Hi everybody.

This is Marilyn.

All of a sudden we're "everybody"?

We don't have names?

Marilyn, this is Pop.

- Leo.
- Hello.


Oh, Grandma.

How's my girl?


this is Marilyn.

How do you do?

It's nice to meet you.

And, uh...

this is Florence.


I'm Peter's mother.

I'm very glad to meet you.

Peter talks about you a lot.

Have you no manners at all?

Bringing that girl here
without telling anyone.

Yeah, Ma, we live together.

So don't call her "that girl".

You live together...

and you've never even
mentioned her to me.

Why should I?
What difference would it make?



Live your own life, then.

I wash my hands of you.


What do you think
you're doin' here?

Lookin' for the creatures
from outer space.

Well they left.

Now go home.

Move it.

Right precinct, wrong precinct,

I don't care, just help me!


Hey, here he comes!


You alright?

I remember you, old man!

From now on,

your life ain't worth nothin'
in this neighborhood!


The Italians next door...

...have their house
up for sale.

Maybe they're right.

Maybe we should move.


This is our home.

I'm not afraid.

I'm worried about your safety.

My safety.

We should live and be well.

Forget about worrying.

What's to worry?
We have everything.

We have each other.

I've studied the lab report
on the biopsy.

And, um...

I'm a big girl, Sidney.

Don't be afraid.

I... have heard worse.

Not this time.

I have it?



It's not the worst I've seen.

But it's bad.

We'll start cobalt treatments.

Sidney... me a favor.

Don't tell David.


One orange juice, nice and cold.

Today, huh, Eli?
Come on.

There, miss.

Thank you.


What are you doing here?

I came for a visit.
Anything wrong with that?

Of course not.

I'm just surprised to see ya,
that's all.

So where's your father?

In the back.
I'll call.

No, uh-uh, don't.

I- T-wanna surprise him.

Hey, Ma.


To what do I owe this honor?

I just wanted to tell my husband
I love him very much.

You could have called.

I could've.

But then I wouldn't be able
to ride in the Buick,.

Leo, oh no!
Are you alright?



...close up early.

We've had enough for one day.

Tell Florence to go home...

take a hot bath.

Come on, calm down.

It's gonna be alright.


You alright?

Of course.

Do what you have to do.

This thing's still growing
inside you.

Breathing will be very difficult.

And then the pain will start...

slowly at first...

and then faster and faster,
until you can't stand it.

You'll beg to die.

But death won't come quickly.

It will linger at your door.

The, if you're lucky,
it will come and take you.

Becky Rosen...

you will live to celebrate
your 50th anniversary.

It won't be easy, Rosen.

Particularly because she
doesn't want anybody to know.

Can't you operate?

It wouldn't do any good.

The cells are already
in her bloodstream.

What about the pain?

She rejects the idea of drugs.

So fill this prescription,

pretend its yours,

and then...

when the pain comes...

maybe she'll take them.


if anything should ever
happen to me,

I want you to find yourself
one of these nice young girls.

I don't wanna hear you
talk like that.

Nothing will happen to you.

Oh how glad.

I can't last forever, you know.

Turn the page.

Nice face.

What would I do
with something like this?

What you used to do with me.

Don't I still?

You do, but...

who can feel it like I used to.


I'm getting old.


You're just beginning to ripen.

Oh, God.

She has struggled.
She has fought.

Don't let her suffer.

Give her the courage to survive.

Take her...

...but don't let her suffer.

I'm not a rich man, Lord.

I'll give you whatever I have.

I will do what you command.

Just don't let her suffer.

I'm 79 years a man,

and I would be nothing
without my Becky.

If you make her better...

I'll clean the shul...

I'll sweep the floors
like I did when I was...

first in this country.

I'll wash the benches.

I'll dust the altar.

Just don't hurt my Becky.

I was...

standing on the corner
near the trolley stop.

This little runt comes over
and whistles at me.

I think to myself...

Where does this little pisher
get comin' over to me?

I was bigger than your
grandfather in those days.


I figured...

he must be brave...

to come over to a...

big girl like me, so...

so I go to the shul dance
with him.

Now here it is...

49 years later.


you're not...
maybe thinking of...

getting married, are you?

I dunno.

We seem to be arguing
a lot lately.

I never heard you and Pop do that.

How long can people argue?

We had 26 years before you
were even born.

But it happened?

Like dogs and cats, and why not?

People are not the same.

And always... one or the other
must give.

I wanna close the cafeteria.


What do you mean,
you're gonna close it?

Well, you know, business'
been bad for some time.

I'm ready to retire and spend
some time with your mother.

Sure, Pop.

But what about us?


Did I do so bad for you?

I'm not the president,

but didn't I make a good life
for you?

Yeah, Pop, but...

you know.

You're not old enough
to stand alone?

This is the kind of sons I raised?

But you don't make a decision
like this

before you talk to somebody.

What's to ask?

You can work.

Florence is married now.

She can get a job
closer to her home.


are you gonna move
out of the neighborhood?

Why should I?

I've been living here
for 57 years,

I wouldn't know another place
to live.

When do you wanna do this?

Right away.

No use prolonging it.

This is our last week.

Oh, hi, hon.

I haven't been able
to fix dinner yet,

- I was working late...
- That's okay.

Just gimme a couple glasses.

What do ya mean?

- What's this?!
- I got it.


A week at the Bottom Line
starting the 20th.

Oh! Oh!

I'm so proud of you!

Morgenstern, make me
a good offer and it's yours.

It's an old stove.

What can I tell ya?


For a six-burner?
Don't be a comedian.

So it's a six-burner,

nobody wants
old equipment any more.

Tell you what I'll do...

I'll give you 250 and you
throw in the toasters.

I sold the toasters already.


Let's talk about the chairs.

There they are.

250... in good shape.

I'll give you 500 dollars.

Two dollars a piece?

You're a crook, you know that?

Rosen, what can I tell ya?

I'm doin' you a favor.

Do somebody else a favor.
Give me what they're worth.

# Mary Skeffington #

# Close your eyes

# And make believe
that you are just a girl again #

# Go to sleep tonight #

# Dream of days

# When you had something there
to light the way

# Remember a holiday
in a north-of-England town #

# You slept in a room upstairs #

# On a bed of eiderdown #

I'm surprised it has
such a nice smell.


All this dope they're smoking.

# Think of what you have

# You'll get by #

# You've always been a lady
so hold your head up high #

# Look back on a home where you spent
the best years of your life #

# Remember the man who asked you
if you would be his wife #

# Mary Skeffington #

# Close your eyes

# And make believe
that you are just a girl again #

# Go to sleep tonight #

# Dream of days

# When you had something there
to light your way #

I came here...

I couldn't even speak English.

I was nine years old...

when my Uncle Isaac...

sent me out to pedal.

Before I was 14...

I'd sent the rest of my family
to America.

I was proud.

America has been good to me.

But now...

...I'm afraid.



I think I...
have to go to the hospital.

You know, don't you?

- Yes.
- For how long?

Long enough.

Will you stay with me?
I need your strength.

I'll get better.

We'll celebrate
our 50th anniversary,

I promise.

Dr. Cavalcante,
Dr. Cavalcante.

# But if that were true #

# Would I feel this way?

# Baby I'm here to stay #

# Cause I never felt so warm #

# I never felt so right
about you #

# Never felt so strong #

# And I don't think I could
live without you

# Give me all your lo...

Pop, what are you doing here?

I called your apartment...

Marilyn told me where you were...

I decided to drive over.

Is anything wrong?

Becky's in the hospital.

She's very sick.

She's dying.

Dr. Channoi, 226.
Dr. Channoi, 226.


What are you doing here?

Why aren't you out
earning a living?

I bought a deck of cards.

I figured maybe we could play gin

and maybe win a couple of
bucks off you.

Listen to this one...

So afraid of a...

He may faint any minute.

Then they'll take...

my bed away from me...

and put him in it.

Go on.

Come and see me when I come home.

Sure we will.


You're interrupting my high.

Such wonderful pills
they give you here.

You wouldn't believe it.

Much better...

than the weeds you smoke.


First I clean the store.

Then I clean the shul.

Now I clean the house.

I came into this world at home.

And I want to leave from home.

- Not from a hospital.
- Alright.

If you'll have a registered nurse

to give you your injections.

I want my mind clear.


I know what I'm doing, Sidney.

Mrs. Rosen, how are you?

Can't complain.

So, what can I do for you today?


I'm having my 50th anniversary.

I want him to get excited.

Oh, so this is the lucky guy, huh?

That's the lucky guy.

And I'm the lucky girl.

You go read your paper,
sit in the sunshine,

enjoy the boardwalk.

I'm going to be right here.

He's very jealous of me.

Doesn't like to leave my side
for a second.

I should be so lucky.

Just a few little gold sparkles.

Oh yeah.

Don't worry.
I'll make you look gorgeous.

You know...

God made the world in six days.

Have you ever wondered what
He has been doing ever since?

Arranging marriages.

And thank you for making
this one paradise.

To the next 50 years.

- L'chaim.
- L'chaim.

To life.

Dear friends, it is my pleasure...

to give this dance
to our couple of honor,

David and Becky Rosen.

# Happy anniversary to you #

# Happy anniversary
dear Mama and Papa #

# Happy anniversary to you #

Make a wish.

Watch your step.




Oh, hi.

Uh, we're your new neighbors.

I'm Grover Bell
and this is my wife.

And our phone hasn't been
installed yet,

would you mind terribly
if we used yours?

It's local.

Sure. Right here.

Thank you.

My wife died recently.

We're sitting Shiva.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

If there's anything-
anything that we could do

to help you...


Our children'll come by.
I'll manage.

No luck, Mr. Bell?

It's busy.

But thank you anyway.


this is Mr. and Mrs. Bell,
they bought the Italians' house.

This is my daughter Florence
and her husband Charley.


Hel... hello.

How do you do?


Nice to meet you.

We're very sorry
about your mother.

Thank you.

And the offer still stands.

Well, I think we'd better
be going.

Those movers, you gotta
watch them every minute.


- Goodbye.
- So long.

Nice meeting you.

- Bye bye.
- Bye.


now they're right next door.

You have to move.


They seem nice enough.

But they're...


What am I, blind?

I can see.

A man is blind if he lets
that block his vision.


Hare Krishna, brother.

Can you spare some change?


Irwin Smicer.

Baba Luna.

Abraham Lincoln High School.

You used to go with
my grandson, Peter.

That's true.
But now I'm Baba Luna.

So tell me, Baba Luna...

what's this?

Oh, I've joined
the Krishna movement.

So what?

You don't work?

Krishna is my work.

Spreading the word.

You mean you pedal?

I spread the word.

Listen, it's not so bad to pedal.

I did the same thing
when I was a young man.

Do you ever talk to my
grandson, Peter?

We've gone in separate ways.

Sorry to hear that.

May Krishna bless you.

# Hare Krishna Hare Krishna #

# Krishna Krishna #

# Hare Hare #

# Hare Rama Hare Rama #

# Rama Rama #

# Hare Hare #


Old man!

You're on my boardwalk!

I warned ya about that!

Get him!
Hold him! Hold him!

Hold him tight!

Stop. Stop.

Now whatcha gonna do?

Kill him, man!
Kill him!

You scared, Jew?

Come on, man, people are coming!

I thought it was the custom

for everyone to sit
on these crates.

Only the Orthodox and goyim
do that.

This is my favorite chair.

I've spent most of
my best years here.

I'm not about to change.

Can I get you anything?

Maybe a little juice.

It's in the kitchen.


I'll find it.

So tell me, Bell...

this is moving up in the world?

Coming here?

Compared to the slums
I came from...

...this is paradise.

Once it was that for me too.

Business is not too good?


You call this business?

This is killing time

waiting for God Almighty
to take me away from here.

Then where would we all go?

We who?

You and Friedman's
all that's left.

But I ain't taking in
no newcomers.

No blacks, no Puerto Ricans,

nobody that I don't know.

Maybe you should close up.

What, and move to Florida?

Who wants a good shvitz bath
in Florida?

They got natural sunshine.

They're healthy enough.

Then do like me.

- Retire.
- Bah.

Look, to me, a man is dead
when he stops working.

Got room for a freeloader?

Why didn't you tell me
things were bad?

They're not.

I mean, I'll probably go
on the road in a month or so,

and I just figured why fork
out a month's rent...

What happened to your girlfriend?

She just kept hawkin' at me
about gettin' married.

What's this?

They always tell ya
to get someone you love

a present you want yourself.

So I got it for myself.
To hell with someone else.

It's almost like the one
you got me when I was a kid.


I remember.

Hey, man.

I told you this place
was tapped out!

No, man.
Can't be.

Jews always got money.

What do you know about Jews?

What do you know about anything?

Well now, alright.

- Gimme that snap purse, Grandma.
- Help! Help!

Shut up. Ain't nobody
gonna help you, now.

Shut up! Ain't nobody
gonna help ya!

Oh God, somebody help me!

Shut up!


I'll help ya alright!

I'll stick it to ya,
is that what you want?

A nice juicy young man
to stick it to ya, huh?

Is that what you want?

Two dollars.
Two lousy dollars!


What do ya got here, huh Grandma?!

Where's the money?!

Where is it?!

Stop or I'll hurt ya!
I'll hurt ya!

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

What did they do to you?

What have they done to you?

Baby, what did they do to you?

[Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5"
being played on piano #

I'm sorry, Pop.

I didn't realize.

No, no, no, no.

Don't close it.

You think I'm meshugge.

Maybe I was for a minute.

I thought...

Only a minute.


Oh, hello there.


Oh, what's the matter?

You're hungry.

Come on.

I'll give ya some milk.

Neither of us should be lonesome.


I'll call ya Skippy.

There ya go.

Nice healthy raw milk.

It's good for you.

Becky always told me to eat right.

But me, I'm too old to change.

I like the sweets.

Can I help you?

What happened to Friedman
next door?

Closed for two days.

Two days?

There's a fine deli
about six blocks down.

Thank you.

Well Skippy,

where do you think he went, huh?

Probably the bum is in Miami.

He always talked about one day
going there.


We all talk.

No one does.

Come on.
Let's see if he's home.

Come on.
Come on, Skippy.

Come on, boy.


God gives and God takes away.

And we must learn to live with it.

I tell you some of
my innermost secrets.

Secrets of a wise old man.

I'm not afraid any more.

Aging is a series of losses.

And death is a member
of the family.

And survival...

...that is my career.


Papa, did Florence tell you

about this woman
from her building?

What woman?

Well, there's this
wonderful woman...

a widow who lives
down the hall from us.

And... we all thought you might
like to meet her.

What for?

So you wouldn't be lonely.

You wanna fix me up with someone?

That's the general idea.

Don't talk foolish.

You don't make love happen.

It takes a lifetime.

W... but... who said anything
about love, Papa?

We thought you could meet her,
have a nice time.

Look, I've been married longer
than all of you put together.

No one...

will replace your mother.

Pa, nobody said that.

We're just saying' you got
nothin' to lose, right?


She has money.

You don't have to worry about
supporting her.

What is this, a conspiracy?

I'm not lonesome.

Peter is here,

and Skippy keeps me company,

and I have my trains.

I don't need another woman
in my life.

Pa, nobody says
you gotta like her.

It'll just pass an evening.

Is that so bad?



Come in.

I feel very funny.

You wanna try a little seltzer?

It'll settle your stomach.

The fish was too salty?

No, no, it isn't that.

The meal was delicious.

It's me.

It's... 57 years
since I've been on a date.

I never...

fooled around.

My Becky was everything to me.

And you still love her.

I- I don't wanna take advantage.

I came because my children
wanted me to, and...

Don't be sorry.

I did it to please my
children too.

And they meant well.

But I'm afraid I'm like you.

Nobody can replace my Irving.

But who knows...

...maybe we could be friends.

That would be nice.

Get the lights!


wait for me here.

God's always busy on Fridays...

...50 we won't talk long.

Stay here, Skippy.

Stay here.

Looks like the old Jew's
got a mad on.

First you desecrate God's home...

...then you desecrate mine.

You're on my boardwalk, old man.

I warned you about that.

I left one country...

...I'm not about
to leave another.

Here is where I chose to live,

and nobody's gonna make me leave.

Then this... is where
you're gonna die!

Kill him!