Bluebeard (1972) - full transcript

Baron von Sepper is an Austrian aristocrat noted for his blue-toned beard, and his appetite for beautiful wives. His latest spouse, an American beauty named Anne, discovers a vault in his castle that's filled with the frozen bodies of several beautiful women. When confronted with this slight oddity, Bluebeard explains to Anne that he found an easier alternative to divorce when he grew bored with his previous wives. In order to avoid being Bluebeard's next frozen bride, Anne must find a way to outwit her murderous hubby.

Peter, where are they now?
What's he doing?

How should I know?

Besides, what could he...


You shouldn't
have screamed, my dove.

Oh, shut up!

Peter, they're gone!

Thank God our technical progress
is not so perfect

that things don't
occasionally go wrong.

If the lights
had not gone out tonight,

I wouldn't have had you
to myself, even for a second.

But I'm sorry that your mother
was frightened.

My mother's easily
frightened by everything.

But my father, there's a man
who gets happier as the day goes on.

By evening...

Ah, yes. Yes.

And you... what are you like?

Me? I don't know.

I really don't.

All I know is that I'm
just happy right now,

that I could laugh with joy.

And tomorrow...

what will you be like?

Oh, tomorrow?

Tomorrow I'll probably be sad.

Then let me come
and see you tomorrow

because I want you to stay happy.

You're so beautiful, Greta.

And you.

No, no.

How long have you had it?


The beard!

Oh, since the war...
only since the war.

You never shaved it off?

No, never have. Never will.

Not even for me?

- Why, don't you like it?
- I like it!

I just wonder what you
look like without it.

Oh, horrible, horrible.

Even my own mother...

Well, I was in this...

air fight and I was
shot down by the Russians,

and the plane crashed

and burst into flames,

and I was a little slow getting out.

Scar tissue and some strange
chemical reaction and...

I can't shave,

and that's why I have
this ridiculous color.

Oh, I love it. I really do.

Does it tickle?

Why don't we find out?

Why does... does it look at me like that?

Why did it attack me?

It was my mother's cat.

And now it's jealous.

But it must not be.

My baby! What happened?
What has he done to you?

It's nothing, Mother.

Your daughter is of such beauty

that even the flowers and animals
are jealous of her.

Come, we're going home!

Where's your father?

Baron, if you don't mind,
some important business.

Are you enjoying the party?

Oh, Baron,

out here things
are always wonderful,

but in the cities
where we have to live...

Don't forget,

tomorrow as happy as tonight.

Come on!

First the steel workers,
now the textile workers.

The strike's lasted a week now!

Who knows where it will end.

We could whip them in a fair fight.

But they've behaved like cowards.

Infııltrate the workers.

Order's what we need.
Law and order.

You should hear
them talking about unions,

production reports,
their right to a share of...

Men who can't tell
wine from champagne.

The trouble is, my dear Baron,

that some Bolshevik ideas
have managed to get through

even to the fathers.

Order's what we need! Order!

What we really need
is a man like you.

Everyone respects you.

You are a war hero.

They know you're a brave man
with no axe to grind.

You could straighten out
the whole problem.

Order's what we need. Law and order.

Perhaps if you spoke to them
and reminded them that they must

show respect for the law,
respect for traditions.

Speak to them?

Let's not lose our heads,
my dear fellows.

I don't think
that speaking to them

is what's called for.

One must find the correct
solution to each problem.

They are coming!

Even our lord bows down

before your beauty, my darling.



Darling, please come on.

It's our second anniversary.

The guests expect a great hunt.

After all the due ascertainment
demanded by the law,

this office declares that the death

of the Baroness
Greta Von Sepper,

resident of this district,

was caused by a tragic hunting error.

And therefore,

the Von Sepper case
is officially closed.

We authorize the internment

of the above mentioned
Baroness Von Sepper.

I'll get it.

I hope I do not disturb you.

I merely wish to thank you

for the happiness
your performance

brought us tonight.

And to think,

we were afraid Europe
might be too serious,

too refined, for our silly American...

On the contrary. Culture always bows
before grace and beauty.

Well, please forgive me,

it's just that I'm at a loss for words.

Such a lovely compliment,
I could listen all night.

Please, carry on.


Will you dine tonight with me?

Oh, thank you sir.

Oh, uh, may I
accept immediately?

Or must I first know your name?

What are the rules
of the game here in Europe?

Since the war,

there have been
no rules in Europe.

You may accept immediately.

Either the wind
or an indiscreet admirer.

It's not always glamorous,

often just squalor.

Shabby rooms in shabby hotels.

Cold dressing rooms.

But the life is really interesting...

dull and fascinating
at the same time.

Do you always live here?

No, sometimes I travel,

but I much prefer
to be here on my own land.

And I have my pets,
my photographs,

and Marka, the mute, of course.

Strange old woman.

She's like one
of the stones around here.

She's always been here,

so there's no reason to get
upset if you bump into her.

You like being alone?

That was a stupid
question, wasn't it?

How could anyone feel lonely
in a place like this?

So full of beautiful things.

Oh, I love the castle.

I love the park, the woods,

these curtains, these walls,


I even like these
strange photographs.

And me.

Do you like me?

Of course.

You're rich, handsome, and powerful.

But do you love me?

I do think you're
rushing me a little.

But if you insist.

Can the bride make a toast?

Of course!

To the most wonderful man
I've ever known.

To all of his friends,

and to me because
I'm so happy tonight.

Hear, hear!

Gentlemen, I'm amazed.

Men who have fought
in the war, in the trenches,

who have faced machine guns,

bombs, even communists.

The ladies' reactions
I can understand,

but the gentlemen's...

It bothers you, darling.

Nothing in this house
must ever bother you.

Forgive me, darling.

I just can't keep my eyes open.

I drank too much.


No, hold it. Hold it. That's perfect.

You are a man of iron.

Come here.

Darling, darling,

I have to get a fresh roll of film.

Now you hold that,
that's perfect like that.

I'll only be a few minutes.

Don't move!

I can see her now.

Always surrounded by smoking pots,

like a witch in a fairy tale.

She was always making jam,

and I was always
wanting to taste the jam,

and generally making
a nuisance of myself.

But she would throw
her eyes to heaven,

and then she would hug me and laugh

when I told her
she made the finest jam

in the entire world,

and that one day
a prince would come along

and taste her jam and carry her off
to a castle of solid gold.

She was my nurse,

my playmate,

my everything.

My mother loved Marka, too.

In my mind, I always
see them together.

They dressed me, they fed me.

They gave me
everything I wanted.

They even laughed
when I broke something.

And your father?

I don't remember him at all.

Nothing that belonged
to him remains.

Ah, your fever is down.

But you still have
to rest for a few days.

Darling, I'm sorry about Marka.

I'm afraid I hadn't realized

that she was...

However, it will not happen again.

My mother's body's been
put back in the crypt,

and we will arrange

for Marka to be taken
away somewhere...

Please don't let them
hurt her. She needs help.

Oh, don't worry about it, darling.

Think of it as a bad dream.

The important thing
is that you become

healthy again and
that you're happy again.

Yes, I want to be so very healthy.

And to be with you,

and to get to know everything about you

and the castle, too.

I want to make it
more alive, more joyful.

Would you be terribly angry
if I changed a few things?

Oh, no, darling! Not at all.

The castle is yours, utterly.

But you will need
somebody to help you,

and when I come back from Vienna,
I will bring a...

From Vienna? You're going away?

Yes, darling.

Oh, no, please.

I don't want to be alone. I can't.

Darling, don't worry!

I don't leave until Thursday,

and I will fıınd you a companion
to look after you.

Look, there is something
else I have to show you.

I hope you like it

because it is American, like you.


It's beautiful! Thank you.

But I can't talk to it.

Good day, Madame Baroness.

And good day to you, Mr. Baron.

Holy virgin.

What's the matter, Rosa?

But the Madame is so white.

Is she really American?

I'm sorry to say, there are
a great many black Americans.

What do you really
think of your mistress, Rosa?

She's so beautiful.

Well, you're beautiful too, Rosa.

No, I'm a fat duck.

A different hairdo,
a few less pounds...

Well, I'm afraid you'll never change

our Rosa into a Gloria Swanson.

However, there's no harm in trying.

I will see you later, darling.

I have things to do at dinner.

I could myself

for having made such
a production of it.

Seems sort of strange

that your husband
never really suspected

anything before now.

He just couldn't see
what was going on.

You know, when someone's
been around for years.

The main thing is that it's all over now.

Marka's gone,
and now I have Rosa,

and it makes me happy
just to look at her.

Do you remember Chicago?

We didn't work for weeks.

And you tried to convince
me you weren't hungry.

You're drinking too much, Anne.

It can fool your Baron, but not me.

What's going on?

I never try to find comfort in friends.

All you get is the truth.

All right, so I'm not
as happy as I should be.

And you want to know why?

Because my marriage...

Okay, on my wedding night
I was too sleepy.

Then came the shock,
my nervous breakdown,

and so we still haven't
been in bed together.

Do you understand?

Then, uh...

there's still time
for you to leave him

and come back
to the stage with me.

No, on the contrary.

He's a wonderful man.

So sweet, so patient.

He knows how to wait

without even giving me
a guilty conscience.

I'd wonder about that.

But then,
I'm the suspicious type.

I mean...

I'm hardly the one to give
the right answers, Anne.

I know, I'm sorry.

I'm thoughtless as usual.

But I had to talk to someone.

You can always count on me.
You know that.

There's nearly always.

I'll be leaving soon, Anne.


Yeah. I have to get
back to the States to...

find a new partner.

I was afraid there'd be tears.

Why don't we say good-bye
right here and now.

You know, the brave soldier bit,
the smart salute.

The whole bag.

No, I'll go to the door with you.

It has to be done right,
even the good-bye kiss.

You'll remember, no thanks,
just a yankee dime.

What's the matter, Anne?

Look closely at this one.

What do you see?


I don't mean to knock
your husband's work,

but... I can't stand
this type of...

Just a second, you'll see.


Aw, come on, Anne.

If you want to let
your imagination go,

you'll probably find a face in
any one of these drawings.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe there really are
ghosts in this castle.

I'll keep in touch.
You'll always know where to find me.

I don't even want
to think about it.

You promise to come
back before you...

Well, now.

Oh, darling!

We were just looking for you.

Sergio wanted to say hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I've just been down in the cellars
controlling the new wines.

Very interesting, rather like
watching a child being born.

I'd like your opinion...

I'm afraid my opinion
on wine is worthless.

Besides, I must
be getting back to town.

Oh, well, I'm going
back to town, too,

so you can come with me.

First of all, I'd like to get to know
my wife's best friend a little better.

Strange. What does
it remind you of?

My sweet very red wine!

The only kind I love.

It's a good honest wine.

But Anne, for some reason,
now prefers champagne.

Don't you, Anne?

Do you know I finally
managed to get his trust?

It's not easy to be near you
and not love you.

I wonder why he's crying.

Probably a mouse.

Or a ghost.

No, no ghost.

We don't have ghosts
in the castle anymore.

We got rid of them all.
Didn't we, Anne?

Come, Sergio. Let's get
you back to your hotel.

- Good-bye, Sergio.
- Bye.

Oh, darling.

I, uh... forgot to give
you the keys to the castle.

I know you want
to get acquainted with it.

You can go anywhere you like.

But... don't use that key.

Don't use that one.

All right.

Come on, Rosa!

- Oh, Rosa! Look at that one.
- Oh, yes!

Oh, so beautiful!

And look at the train.

And the sleeves.

Oh, I've got to put it on.

Holy virgin, I forgot them.

Hurry, Rosa. Get back before dark.

Oh, I will.

It's just medicine to buy.

I'll be back in an hour.

Anne, darling?

What is it? What's the matter?

Calm down, please.

Anne, please.

I called to give you news of Rosie.

She's had an accident,
nothing serious.

She... she'll be in the hospital
for a day or two.

Anne, please. Anne.

Here at the castle...

in the trees...

the cat... it was horrible!


Must be Marka.


She escaped,

they told me here in town.

Someone saw her near the castle.

Oh, Anne, if only
you knew how guilty

I feel about leaving you.

Please, don't cry. Please.

Now, where is my tough,
young American wife,

who wasn't afraid
of anything or anybody?

It's just that so many
things have happened,

and I feel so alone!

Just pretend I'm there next to you.

You can feel
my touch on your hair,

my... my kiss on your lips.

My beard is even
scratching your face.

Good girl.

That's better.

I won't even
go to Vienna, all right?

I'll be home tomorrow.

- Oh!
- Darling.

I meant to surprise you, darling.

And I frightened you
instead, I'm so sorry.

I hadn't realized you had
so exciting a day. Sit down.

Now I'm here,

and here I mean to stay.

So, no more of this
spooky nonsense.

Now, what does a good
American housewife

do when her tired husband
comes home from the storm?

She makes him a drink, no?


Bring it to my studio.

I took some photographs
and I'm anxious to see

if some certain effects came out.

2, 7, 2, 7.


Oh, Sergio.
Thank God you're there.

I beg you, come as quickly as possible.



Darling, I'm thirsty.

Hurry up with the drink, please.

There's a small hidden camera inside.

When the door is opened,

it automatically takes a photograph.

I'm sorry.

You should have never
used that golden key.

I'm sorry.

I love you, Anne.

I really do.

Probably more
than any other woman

I ever loved. You know that, don't you?

But I... have to kill you, Anne.

Like all the others.

I have to kill you.

You must not be afraid of me.

I love you too much.

I won't talk, I promise. Trust me.

But you saw them.

I would never trust
you not to tell.

I must kill you.

I must kill you!

Forgive me, Anne, my dear.

Why did you do that?

Why did you use the key?

So I made a small mistake.

But is my sin as great as theirs?

- Theirs?
- Those... those women up there!

Why did they...
why did you kill them?

Why... why else?
They deserved to die.

Oh, naturally, I'm sure of that.

But... but what did they do?

I mean, you're so good, so kind.

I've never known you to do
anything without reason.

It must have been their fault...

Yes, they...

they forced me to it.

I didn't want to kill them.

They forced me to it.


Damn them all! Damn them!

I'm forever blowing bubbles,

Pretty bubbles in the air,

They fly so high
nearly reach the sky,

Then, like my dreams
they fade and die.

You're the cream in my coffee,

You're the salt in my stew,

You will always be my...

No, not here my love.

Not here. Take me
wherever you want me,

but not here! I can't swim!

You're the sail of my love boat,

Who stole my heart away?

Who makes me dream all day?

Dreams I know
can never come true,

Seems as though
I'll ever be blue,

Who means my happiness?

Who would I answer yes to?

Well, you ought to guess who,

No one but you,

Beyond the blue horizon,

Waits a beautiful day,

Good-bye to things,

That bore me,

Joy is waiting,

For me,

I see a new horizon,

My life has barely begun,

Beyond the blue horizon,

You're driving me crazy,

What did I do?

What did I do?

My tears for you,

Make everything hazy,

Clouding my skies,

Of... it's you, yes, you, yes, you,

Someday when I'm awfully low,

Someday when I'm awfully low,

When the wor...

My love.

You're my sheik of Araby,

Your love belongs to me,

At night when you're asleep,

Into your...

Oh, do, do, do,

What you done, done,
done before... baby.

Oh, do, do, do,

What I really do adore, baby.


Lover, when I'm near you,

And I hear you speak my name,

Softly in my ear,

You breathe a flame,

- lover...
- Boo.

Oh, lover.

When I'm near you,

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Oh, my lover.

Oh, yes, yes. I want you.

I want you, take me.

Oh, yes. Yes, yes.

How else could I shut her up?

Those who are about to die...

Shall we eat?


I thought I'd surprise you
with an old American dessert.

Jell-O. It's in the... refrigerator.

Ah, refrigerator.

You have a marvelous
sense of humor, Anne.

I appreciate that, I really do.

It's such a shame...

I know, I know.
Don't keep telling me.

Shall we dine?

Why not? It will be
the last piece of pudding

we shall eat together.

Oh, don't think about it, darling.

It might spoil your appetite.

It's delicious.

It's almost as good
as Marka's jam.

You would have made
a marvelous wife.

I really hate...

Oh, don't be morbid, dear.

By the way, have
you ever told anyone,

I mean, about those
women in there?

You think that's the kind of thing

I should go around telling people?

Well, I mean to
someone you can trust,

like your priest,
or me, for instance.

Why? What would be the point?

Oh, I don't know, it...
it might give you

a better understanding
of why you did it.

You know, analyze their defects.

I know their defects,
they were monsters.

They only began to look human
when they were dead.

Perhaps that's why I killed them.

To make them... human?


to make them human.

Something one could love.

They were liars, depraved.

I could not let them live.

At first sight, they
looked like normal women.

They dressed like normal women.

Sometimes even better
than normal women.

Do you like it?

It's only a bauble, Erika.

But where can one find
anything as beautiful as you?

Sure you don't want
something to eat?

No, food bores me.

It's a question of lack of habit.

My work, you know.

And then music can be
sweet nourishment, too,

don't you think?

Kurt, what on earth are you doing?

I'm so sorry, Erika.

Somebody must have touched it
with a cigarette as he passed.

You might have burned yourself.

I'm sorry about your stole.

I would be delighted
to replace it.

Oh, don't worry about it.

I have five more just like it.

I see.

Good night.

As you wish.

May I see you to your door?

No thanks. I don't like
good-byes on the top step.

- Why not?
- Good night.

May I get in touch
with you tomorrow?

I'll call you.

And please, don't send me flowers.

I detest them.

And don't come to look for me.

I'll get in touch with you, I promise.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

Good night.


You should live in as beautiful a place
as you are.

Look at me.

What are you frightened of?

Look at me.

You don't need
all that paraphernalia.

You're beautiful as you are.

Perhaps even more beautiful.

The pendant, I sold it.

I had to pay the Italia for the stole.

It was theirs.

I'll get you another one,

despite the fact that you
have five others just like it.

You knew right away
that I was bluffııng.

Of course, of course.

But I had no idea that, in the end,

the change would be so total.

I prefer you this way.

From now on,
I want you to be yourself.

I never dreamed
it would be such a disaster

when I told her to be herself.

I was trying to read
the newspaper, darling.

Daddy doesn't read now.

Daddy plays with Erika.

Daddy eats with Erika.

Come on, take a little bite here.

Where your baby
put her tiddy-widdys.

You love your baby?

How many heaps of love, Daddy?

Oh, I feel so good,
darling, so very good.

For the fıırst time in my life.

And who is responsible for that?

You, my sweet, holy,
golden, little lover.

Some grapes?

Some prissy little grapies

from your loving baby?

They're good, you know.

Want one from my mouthy wouthy?

Did you like the mouthy wouthy?

Know what it's called?

It's called Little Red Riding Hood.

Now, I have a little
surprise for you.

- Oh, yes?
- A nice one.

- Like it?
- Oh, y-yes.

Want to kiss it?

- It's name is Jasmine.
- Oh.

- Pretty name, isn't it?
- Yes, yes.

But I can't let you.

Because Sicumin will get jealous.


- Sicumin.
- Oh, Si... oh, yes.

Which do you like better,
Sicumin or Jasmine?

Tell me,

which do you like better,
Sicumin or Jasmine?

Here, choose one.

But watch out for
that scratchy old beard.

They're so delicate.

Erika, please, I...

No, first you have to choose
which one you like better.

Well, Sicumin, Jasmine,
neither, I mean, either...

Please, Erika!

Why are you angry?

They're so pretty.

They're more than pretty.

They're magnifııcent,
they're beautiful.

They're really beautiful,

but with Christian names, Erika!

It's... it's... it's absurd.

I- I-I can't really put up with that.

Is there anything you'd like?


Yes. What's your name?

Why? What does it matter?

I want to know you better.

Why? You want to marry me?

What do you want, really?

I would like some lessons.


Yes, professional lessons.

Oh, I understand.

He doesn't function, eh?

No, it's not him, it's me.

I'm too inexperienced,
too clumsy.

I'm too something,

but I don't seem
to have the right approach.

It can't be a serious problem.

It all depends on what
you have under that dress

and how you use it.

Let's see.

What, now?

Do I need an appointment?

Or are you ashamed?

- No.
- No, no.

Easy does it.

Do you have a long mirror?

Of course.

First, the shoes.

Take them off.

No, no.

Slowly, gracefully, like this.

Bravo, excellent.

You're a quick learner.

No, stop. Are you mad?

Do just as I tell you.

Now, let's start at the top.

The hair, let it down.

Now the dress.

Slowly, and move slowly,


Your body must
look like the letter S,

but soft, each move a caress.

Very good.

Now a pause.

Never rush this next part.

Open your mouth.

Kiss, very sweetly.

Then, little by little,
more passionately.

Act excited.

Little, short sighs.

Then, unsnap your bra.

But he doesn't like my breasts.
When I offered...

Never offer, just show, naturally,

as if the bra had come
unfastened by itself.

He'll have his eyes
closed while you're kissing.

And give a short cry.

Then smile, another kiss.

More passion, more sighs.

Then start working down.

Of course you've
already touched him.

- Where?
- Where else?

It is not abnormal.

Wherever you touch will be fııne,
but do it delicately.

But I must be absolutely sure.

Where is it best to touch him?



and here.

Now kiss his neck,
and you're off.

But the stockings.

Woe to the girl who takes them off.

The whole idea is to keep them on.

Just the stockings.

So, you're nude, yet not nude.


Almost all, yet not all.

And black stockings, very sheer.

So, I keep them on?

Until death.

You know, this is fun.

And now, to bed.

Who needs a bed?

Most romances die in bed.

An armchair, the sofa, the carpet.

That's good enough.


That's the true secret
of making love.

All right, put
your clothes back on,

and we'll try it again together.

From the beginning and with feeling.

First, the hair.

Now the dress.




each move a caress.

Open your mouth.


Oh, yes, darling.

Oh, oh, do it.

Do it.

Oh, it's so good this way.

Why haven't I...

Oh, oh, just like that.



Their vice-ridden bodies,

their shameless embraces.

In such cases,
only death can lend

composure and dignity
to the human monster.

You think I am a monster,
too, don't you?


No, I understand.

You mean that?

You really mean that?

Oh, darling.

I love you so much,
but I have no choice.

But you do have a choice, Kurt.

Here I am.

I can't get away.

You can kill me
whenever you want to.

But fıırst, free yourself, please.

At least my death
will have served a purpose.

Tell me everything.

I know, I'll put some
sugar in your champagne,

then you'll talk.


What's the use of talk?

I do not wish to remember things.
I hate people who talk.

I hate them!

Please, for our orphans.

For our orphans.

Something for our orphans.

- Thank you.
- Bless you.


So, our poor, humdrum,
commonplace way of life

doesn't interest you at all?

I prefer the way of the Lord.

But the Lord is also
served by marriage,

by the birth of children.

There are already
so many children

waiting for a mother's love.

Why do you tempt me
from the work of the Lord?

I, too, am a lord.

That's blasphemous.

But I do see what you mean.

Sometimes you remind me
a little of our Savior.

Well, of course,
I love you very profoundly.

That must be self-evident to you.

I've been coming here
day after day for two months.

I've even spoken
to your Mother Superior.

I know, but...

what does a person like you
see with someone like me?

You have so many
women to choose from.

I have made my choice.

Of course, if I repel you...

Oh, no, I swear it.

It's me.

You say you want to marry me
and you don't really know me.

I believe with all my heart that
marriage demands mutual sincerity.

I have been honest with you.

I told you about my wife,
who died five years ago.

Yes, but I haven't.

I haven't been honest with you.

I have so many defects.

They hardly show.

Please, don't joke about it.

I'll ask to see you tomorrow.

Perhaps then
I can have the strength

to confess completely to you.

Yes, but I entered the convent

to expiate my sins.

Now, I must tell you everything.

Darling, your past
does not interest me at all.

Don't say that.

Happiness cannot be built on lies.

We must be totally sincere
with one another.

I'm afraid I'm not as intact

as I was when I
came into this world.

It's of no importance.

But I must confess

you begin to interest me very much.

He was a young boy, French.

I met him at the University of Vienna.

He was intelligent

and... nice.

Are you happy?


We shall be married
in about two weeks.

It takes so much time...

Oh, so soon?

Well, then I'll have to hurry.


Yes, last night
I remembered something.

After the French boy,
the one I told you about,

he had a friend, an Austrian.

Oh, we were shameless,
we made love everywhere.

In the fields, on park benches.

Please, darling, I do
not wish to hear about it.

Please, don't.

Let's simply have a drink.

Yes, my love.

I was really happy
for two months in London.

Then this woman came
and took him away.

She was English, too.

Oh, darling.

She was his wife.

Darling, shut your mouth
and just kiss me.

No, fıırst, you must hear about
the two Italians in Rome.

Two brothers.

We all slept together
in the same room.

Of course, the fıırst time
was just to forget,

but then...

he was so kind, so gentle,

so tender,

that I ended up falling in love with him.

His name was, uh...



Forgive me, I...

You must understand that
I have told you more than once

that... that you were born

the day you came into this castle.

Oh, does that mean
you really forgive me?

Forgive you?

You were not made to forgive.

You were made to love.

Wait, there was this Hungarian,

but I swear to you
it only lasted a week.

Oh, yes.

I knew there was another one.

That Greek from Salonica.

I met him in Munich

with the three Germans
I was with at the time.

Have you quite finished
with your vulgar revelations?

Oh, darling, it's just that
I want to be absolutely...

Sincere, Yes, I know. Sincere.

I don't want to know
about your sincerity.

I just want to love you.

I- I don't care
about your sincerity!

You see?

I knew you couldn't accept me
for what I really am.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you, Jesus, thank you.

Thank you for what?

It's a miracle.

It's a miracle.

Jesus has reminded me
of the last one.

The one I knew was there,

but couldn't think of for the life of me.

A Russian, a Communist.
Just for two nights.

A Russian and a Communist?

Oh, but darling,
he was the last,

the very last, I swear it.

There weren't anymore.

A Russian and a Communist.

After that I could never...

a Communist!

That was too much.
That was too much!

But you realize
it was a political insult

as well as a personal insult

against my class,
against my blood!

After that, I could never forgive her.

She had to be punished
to the limit of her capacity.

You agree with me, don't you?

What else could you do?

Indeed, what else?

The nightmare is over,
and I'm yours, yours sincerely.

Right now, if you like.

Anywhere you like, even here.

Do you think this
is the proper place?

Yes, you're right.

He understand everything,

but... perhaps.

Oh, my darling,

how perfect, how wonderful!

Here among the flowers.

Oh, yes, my darling.

Take me, love me.

Show me you forgive me.


Yes, my darling, oh...

You were hoping that someone was

coming to save you, perhaps?

Kurt, believe me,
I won't say a word,

I promise!

I'll make sure you don't, darling.


This is a kind of electric chair.

You Americans
can really teach us

something about torture devices.

Come here.

Come here.

It kills in exactly

1 and 3/10 of a second,
according to the brochure.

And it functions perfectly,
as you saw for yourself.

Now, if you'll
forgive me, darling,

I will return as soon as I can.

Dear God, let it be Sergio.

Sergio, please.

My dear Baroness,
I'm so sorry to hear

you are not feeling well.

You're even more beautiful
when you're pale, so Aryan!

She hasn't been out of that chair

all day long, have you, darling?

I'd like to leave it right now.

If one of these gentlemen
would be so kind?

May I help you, madam?

Why not?

It would be so good

to see you up and around again.

Oh, thank you very much.

But I guess it's better
for me to stay where I am.

I'm really not feeling too well.

Can't you go any faster?

I'll pick you up just after sunrise.

Ah, but the train
from Berlin arrives at 7:00,

and Herr Heinrich has
a personal message to you

from our leader.

Good, good, well, don't worry,

I'm an early riser, good night.

My wife Anne is
leaving for Italy tomorrow.

I'm sending her
to Venice, which I think

is an ideal place
for convalescence, don't you?

Isn't it a little risky?

A woman as beautiful as your wife

alone with Italians?

They're a bad lot,
all sexual maniacs.

Ah, well, I shall
be with her in a few days.

Good night.

Kurt, please!

Oh, darling, I'm so sorry.

I would not hurt you
for the world.

I'd laugh if it didn't hurt so much.

I don't know
how a formidable figure

like you can manage to look
so like a naughty little boy.

But that's why a woman

falls in love with a man, I guess.

For his weakness
as well as his strength.

For his sickness...

Sickness? Why do you
talk about sickness?

I am perfectly healthy.

Shall we discuss that, darling?

Your health, I mean.

Not your sickness.

You don't mind, do you?

There's still time?

Yes, yes,

There is still time.

Still time. You have until dawn.

Till dawn.


What a beautiful word,

but what ugly connotations.

Hanged at dawn,

shot at dawn.

Anne, please, please.

I'm sorry, I forgot
one of your weaknesses.

Now, where were we?

Oh, yes, we were
talking about you.

But to know all about you,

I must know more about
all those people in there.

There was this woman.

Dark, a beautiful face, but stern.

Ah, with her hair drawn
back tightly to her neck?

Yeah, that's the one.
Who was she?

Yes, that was a Brigitt.

Her name was Brigitt.

An Austrian, she came
from the city of Linz.

That's Hitler's city.

That was the only
good thing about her.

We must rebel against
the tyranny of the male!

We must find our
dignity as individuals.

And we must exclude
the male sex...

...from our vital environment.

From a certain point of view,

she was a most
extraordinary woman.

She didn't seem interested
in a sexual relationship at all,

she hated men.

It was like
a challenge to a duel.

The only fault she had
was that weakness for red wine.

All the time, all day long,

she got drunk
and couldn't control

what she said,
and when she fell asleep

she... she snored.

You're of some use after all.

You make an excellent wine.

So-called female weakness
is a male invention.

A racist invention.

Determined by the struggle
for economic power.

You men have enslaved
women for centuries.

To avoid competition
on the political and social levels.

But all that is ending now.

Women have fıınally awakened.

Why don't you stop drinking,

or at least try to control yourself!

Why should I?

To make the big man happy?

What do you think?

Just because you have
a growth between your legs

you can tell me what
to do and what not to do.

I drink all I want!

To your ugly face!

You pig...

You dirty pig!

I'll take care of you
and your damned growth!


My God...

What's happening to me?

It's wonderful.

Hit me again.

Hit me again, please.

No, not my face.

Anywhere, anywhere,
but not my face.

I must stay beautiful for you.

Don't stop it.

No, darling,

you are what a man should be.

I am nothing,

nothing compared to you.

Yes, flog me!

Yes, flog me!

And me?

How will you kill me?

I do not know yet.

But whatever I do,

I will try not
to make you suffer,

Anne, my darling,
I assure you of that.

Oh, Anne, if only
I didn't have to kill you.

If only there was
some way to avoid it.

I have an idea...

Anne, please, don't be so insistent.

Who's insisting?

How much time have I left?

Till dawn, if you wish.


Oh, I wish.

May I have something to drink?

Of course.

Or after the episode
with that poor creature,

will it upset you too much?

Oh, Anne, don't be absurd.

You are not like the others.

Besides, champagne
is not a vulgar wine

like that coarse tavern stuff.

You know, I feel much better.

That idea of yours,
of making me talk,

emptying my memory,

was a splendid one.

I feel freer, more serene.

Come and sit down, darling.

Now, listen to me.

There was one other, remember?

Young, little more than a child,

but a monster like the others.

I met her at an exhibition
of modern art.

A decadent Jewish exhibition.

To this day, I do not
know where she came from.

She sprang at me
out of nowhere...

You really like that mess?

- Yes.
- Why?

Because I like it.

Well, that's
a good enough explanation.

Would you like
to have a drink with me?

Why not?

Good, good.

What's your name?

Kurt Von Sepper, and yours?


Would you like to visit my castle?

Why not?

She seldom spoke.

She seemed indifferent
to everything.

She only wanted to live and to play
like... like an animal.

I won. I beat you.

Get me the glass of milk I won.

You're blocking the sun.


She was as lazy as a cat.

She was interested in nothing.

She was just like a stone.

A happy stone in the sunshine.

A stone is just a stone.

I tried to give her some soul,

to wake her up.

It's ridiculous.

Absolutely ridiculous.

You did it because
you were jealous.

I'm sorry.

If you wanted to make love,

all you had to do was ask.




Strike, strike, strike!

I suppose you think
I should have let her go.

That's your business.

I don't care to discuss it.

Have you turned
against me, too, Anne?

I'm not against anyone.

I've got my own problems.

And you're a liar.

I, a liar?

You, a liar.

You knew all about Marka
combing your mother's hair.

As you said,
that was my own business.

And besides,

my mother enjoyed
having her hair combed.

Kurt, please! Call off the dogs!

Don't worry, darling.
He won't hurt you.

I do not understand, darling,

why your friend did not
stay in his hotel room

and mind his own business.

A man should know his own limits,

don't you agree?

I had to take care of Marka, too.

After so many years of loyalty,

suddenly she was
going to betray me.

She had become fond of you.

She wanted to warn you,

to tell you the truth.

She even wrote you a letter.

Ungrammatical, of course,
she was illiterate.

But with that letter,
she signed the death warrant

of the only thing she really loved:

The old white cat.

Another lover of yours.

But in the end, it would
have led you to the vat

where old Marka lies fermenting
along with all the must.

I feel sorry for your friend.

It costs a fortune

to come from the city
to here by taxi.

Pity that you spoiled it, darling.

It was my favorite.

Why does everyone
want to hurt me?

It's the only way to express gratitude
to a man like you.

Anne, why do you insult me?

You're a monster!

You make me shudder.

You have a small, nasty soul.

You're a monster, a sadist!

And you're a whore!

You are worse than the others
because you talk of love!

I pitied you.

But not now.

Now I feel only hate.

Just like the others.

No, the others
loved you in their own way.

Even if just
for your money or your name

or for this castle.

But I despise you!

Not for long, darling.

Not for long.

You know why you're
killing me, don't you?

And why you killed all the others?

They were monsters.

No, they were just women.

Their only fault was that
they wanted a little love,

and you weren't able
to give it to them, were you?

It all adds up now.

I wondered why you
never came to bed with me.

You were sick. You were ill.

Not always.

And they?

Were they ill?

Think back on what you've told me.

In every case, every case,

you killed them at the very moment

when they tried
to give themselves to you.

All of them.

No, no, not all of them.

Not Greta, I did not kill Greta.

Oh, yes, Greta, too.

Think hard.

Try to remember.

Greta, too.

Oh, it's lovely!

Oh, it's so nice.

Oh, darling,

it's a perfect place for a honeymoon.

Darling, close the door.

Oh, darling, I'm all thumbs.

Please, help me.

Oh, Kurt!

There are bound
to be nervous disorders

when one has had
the wartime experiences of the baron.

Your husband, Baroness,
needs rest and quiet,

like all heroes.

Oh, darling, I'll make you well.

Feeling better today, darling?

Yes, thank you, a little.

I can hardly wait for
you to get really healthy.

I dream about us making love
every night now.

I don't like being a virgin wife.

Last night again, darling.

It's always the same dream.

It's wonderful, but then...

I'm sure it's nothing
like the real thing, is it?

Feeling better today, darling?

Yes, thank you, a little better,
but still not strictly up to par.

Don't worry, darling. I can wait.

In the meantime,
I'll just keep dreaming.

They say there is
no better aphrodisiac than caviar.


They're merely fish eggs, my dear.

- Kurt?
- Yes?

I'm fed up with being
an undeflowered wife.

I'm coming to bed.

Well, I don't think
I'm really well enough yet.

I'll make you well enough, darling.

That should do it.

Hold this.

Well, I know my mother
didn't tell me everything,

but this I don't believe.

I told you, darling,
that I'm still not completely well.

If you can't get
over a nervous breakdown

in two years, you'll never get over it.

Oh, darling, forgive me.

I know it can't be so.

Oh, darling, I'm afraid it's no use.

You don't have
to show that attitude.

It may mean nothing to you,

but it means a great deal to me.

I'm terribly sorry, darling,

but I'm afraid you simply have
to learn to live with it.

Live with it?

Me? Are you mad?

Do you think it's
just because you're a hero?

I don't give a damn about heroes.

I want the man: M-A-N.

If you're not one,
I'll go out and find one.

I need one, do you understand?

And right away,

even if I have to cause a scandal
or get a divorce.

Well, there's the truth at last.

You did kill her.

It's the only thing
you know how to do,

in war or in peace.

You're only half a man.

A poor, impotent creature

who's afraid to admit it to himself...

Shut up, damn you, shut up.

Why? You can kill me only once.

Let me get this off my chest and die happy.

You've always been in love
with your mother, Kurt.

Only with her.

The portraits, Marka,
the cat, this damn castle.

I spit on you, darling.

And not because you can't
go to bed with a woman.

That's a pitiful problem.

You make me sick
because you won't admit it.

You'd rather kill than have it known,

and anyone who finds out about it
ends up in the freezer.

Shut up, shut up, shut up!

The great hero trembling at the thought

that his myth might collapse.

I am a man! And I can prove it to you!

Prove it.

No, my dear.

I know your level.

You shall join your friend Sergio.

I'll give you to my dogs.

You will fıınd the temperature
a little below zero.

It will take you about 11/2 to 2 hours

before you join the others.



It's absurd.

It's ridiculous.

The baroness must already
have left for Venice.

And what about the funeral?

In my opinion, it's best the poor girl
doesn't come up for the funeral.

It will be grandiose and historic,
true, but exhausting.

Especially for a young widow.

We'll make sure she knows
her husband died like a hero.

I swear, at this moment,

I envy her.