Blue My Mind (2017) - full transcript

15-year-old Mia is facing an overwhelming transformation which calls her entire existence into question. Her body is changing radically, and despite desperate attempts to halt the process, ...

Then the doctor.

What if we compare 2016 with 1879:

do you experience social injustice
in Switzerland or anywhere else?

Yes, Roberto?

Yes, often.
When applying for jobs, for example.

If your name ends with "ic"...

Have you experienced that personally?
- Yes.

Yeah, loads of my friends
can't get jobs because of it.

What kind of injustice is that?

Because of the "ic".
- Right, the "ic". So they're...?



Yugoslavian or whatever.

...discriminated against.
- Yes.

By other people.
- Yes.

Now, let's look at the tests
we did last time.

- Hi.

I'm Sophie.
- Mia.

I know, we're in the same class.

Why have you come
in the middle of the year?

Were you being bullied?
- My father got a new job.

They think they're so cool.

They're always messing around in class.

So immature.

Anyone got a light?

What do you want?

Who said you could talk to us?
- You can't smoke during recess.

I don't care. Anyone got a light?

Think you're tough, do you?

Hello, darling. Was it alright?
- Great.

Can I come in?
- You already did.

Tell me about it...

are the other children nice?

I think so.

I realize this isn't easy for you.

Didn't you wash your hair
for your first day?


Talk to me.

Mom, please just get out of my room.

Don't use that tone.

Get out of my room!

Don't talk to me like that.
- Get out!

Mom, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Why did you do it?

You can't attack your mother like that.

Answer me.

Say something!

You have everything, goddammit!

A cycling tour.

And the last suggestion... Paris!

Who said Paris? You?

Paris is not an option.
- Why?

The choices are:
Matterhorn, Technorama, cycling tour.

We could go to Connyland.

Connyland, seriously?

When did you last go?
- Three years ago.

Add it to the list!

Isn't it for little kids?
- No, it's a cool idea, add it!

You think so?

We'll get high, it's gonna be epic.


OK, we'll add Connyland to the list.

You come up first then, Björn,
and then everyone else.

OK, cycling tour is catching up.

Both are on nine.
Someone's missing.

Have you voted yet?

Please come up here.
- Put Connyland.

Vote for Connyland, no shit.

Connyland is the winner.

The entertainment industry
in the pre-digital era.

Have a nice weekend, see you on Monday.

Chairs on the tables!


Hey, got a smoke?

Got one for me too?

Can I have one too?

Can I have another one?
- Yeah, me too.

And one for later.
- Buy your own.

We never buy our own,
only bimbos do that.

Go fuck yourselves.

- What's her name anyway?

Her name's Bimbo. No shit.

What's your name?

What's your name?
- What do you want?

To know your name.
- You know damn well what my name is.

I forgot, I swear.

I'm Gianna. Nelly, Vivi.
They're our boys.

Gianna, leave her alone.
- Chill, I just want to know her name.

So, tell her your name.

You dumb or what?


OK, Mia,

if you want to hang with us,
you have to be a bimbo.

Everything OK?
- Are you my nanny or what?

Ask if she gets periods yet.

Well, do you?
- What a dumb question.

Can you dance all sexy like Gianna?
- No way, she's got no ass.

Right, we're off to the gym.
- Bye, guys.

See you tomorrow.

You really want
to hang out with us, don't you?

So, come along.

And relax!

Fuck, my Dad's home.

Don't you have school?
- Would I be here if I did?

Can you sign this?


Don't look at her like that.

It's disgusting.

Are you nuts?

You got a ciggie?

Get down lower.
- OK, you're better than me.

Who are you writing to?
- Nobody.

Did he write to you?


Why write to him then?

I'm pretending it was meant for you.

You're so running after him.

Gianna, what are you doing?

Whose legs are these? They're not shaved.
- They are!

Jim went down on me.
- What? When?

He has no idea what he's doing.

He's crazy about you!
- His problem.

Maybe I'll fuck him
if he's better at going down on me.

Give me the laptop.

Open your mouth.

You're such babies.

Watch this.

Look at her!
- She's never seen it before.

So, Mia, you got a boyfriend?


Ever had one?
- Sure, a few.

You haven't bounced yet,
I can see that a mile off.

Which of our guys do you like?
- Roberto? I saw a spark.

I prefer older guys.
- 18 and up? I understand.

And what kind of guy?

Taller than me, and I find tattoos sexy.

"I find tattoos sexy." Hair color?

Don't care.

"Hair color and appearance: any."

No, he still has to look good.

OK, I'll delete "appearance".
Now we just need a pic.

Look into the light.
- Look sexy.

The light's here.
- Further up, pout.

Pout more.

Show your cheekbones.

Now topless.


You then!
- No, I'm not getting topless.

Take it off.

Stop it, Gianna. No!

- Chill! You do it to me then.

- Do it to me.

Stop this shit.
- What's wrong with you?

What's wrong?
- We're not doing that again.

Nothing can go wrong!
- Quit that shit.

What do you want to do?

Come here.

Shut up.

When I stand up,
squeeze my throat tight, OK?




Try it for yourself before you say no,
it feels so nice.

No, thanks.

I want to try.

I have to go home.



What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Are you sick?
- No.

It sounded that way.
- No.

Where are you going?

To school.

Can you sign this?

What is it?

We're going to Connyland with school.
- Sure, put it down there.

Bye, take care.

Where are you going?

Wait! What are you up to?

We're going shopping.

Fuck, how does this shit work?

You just piss on it.
- Oh no, really?

It will be fine.

It's negative! It's negative!



You son of a bitch!

Fuck you and your bitch too!

Hey, look at her, she's so ugly.

Then look at yourself,
you deserve better than him, hun.

Hey, stop!
- Run!


Where did you go?
- We had to get out.

That was so crazy.

Let's go.



Why did you lock the door?

Jacky and Robby
aren't in the aquarium anymore.

Open up.

Do you know anything?
- No, why should I?

Two fish don't just vanish like that.

What's going on here, dammit?

What happened to those fish?

I flushed them down the toilet.


Wakey wakey, sleepyhead.

I'll give you a lift.


how's school going?


What about in class?

Are you keeping up?

I passed the last math test.

Why did you flush Mom's fish
down the toilet?

You know you're out of line, don't you?

You know it's not on, don't you?


So why did you do it?

I don't know.

For God's sake.

You can forget about Connyland right away.


Hello, Mia?

Dr. Mundweiler.

Is there anything particular
that brought you here?

An examination, could you do that?

What kind of examination do you want?

Just to check that everything's alright.

Yes, I can certainly do that.

Mia, you can talk openly to me.

Do you feel something's wrong?

No, I'm fine, sorry.

It's just that... I got my period.

For the first time?
- Yep.

- Yesterday.

That's nice.

You will of course go through changes now.

Is it painful?

No, I've just felt different.

Come and sit down again.

Is it different than you expected?
Did it catch you by surprise?

No, it's not that.

It's my feet.

What about your feet?

My toes have grown together.

Your toes?

This isn't really my field.

But it's happened since I got my period.

Alright, let me take a look.

It's syndactyly. It's not dangerous.

It can easily be surgically removed.

Cool. Can you do it right now?

If you see a pediatrician,
they'll send you to an orthopedic surgeon.

And then it'll look the same as before?

What do you mean by "before"?

I mean normal.
- Syndactyly is a birth defect.

You've had it since you were born.
- I've only had it since yesterday.

That's not possible.

It is! Do you think I'm deformed?
Just get rid of it!

May I take another look?

There's another thin membrane
between the other toes.

This is really very extraordinary.

We could do some lab tests.
You can get up now.

Does anybody else
in your family have this?

You're going to feel a prick.


Why aren't there any photos of you
when you were pregnant with me?

They must be in one of the boxes.


why do I look so different from you two?

Don't you have any homework?

The Gnädingers' daughter
is always studying.

I do have some.
- Well then.


Hey, girls.

I'm doing it with someone later.

Is that his profile?

Let me see.

My God, 35 is real old.

It's fine, I've been there.

It means he has lots of experience.

I'm wasting my youth on trains.

How much longer is it?
- About ten minutes.

It's so hot.

Ask Mia how much longer it is.

You're really doing this?

Yeah, why?

It's crazy.

Just don't let him
take pictures or shit like that.


You aren't really 16, are you?

I'm 16 the day after tomorrow.

So you cheated a bit.

Does that bother you?

No. It's fine.

Or am I too old for you?
- No, not at all.

I'm not so young anymore.

It all happens so fast,

you're too young to even imagine it.

It's a lovely day today.

Don't you want
to be out with your friends?

No, what about you?

It's lovely that you're here.

You want to hear my favorite song?

I really do like you a lot.

No, seriously,

you're really beautiful.

Stick your tongue out.


Wow, it makes you even more beautiful.

Lie down.

What's that? Did someone hit you?

Hey, everything's OK.
- No!

I'm sorry.

Where are you going?

Did you do it?

Come on, let's go.
- Wait a second.

Did you do it?

Let's go.

Just like I said.

See you later.
- Idiot, I'll be right back.

Shall we go to my room?

Can I ask you something?


Do you want something from me?

What should I want?

Ever had a smoke kiss?

Just suck it into your lungs.

You wanna bounce?

I always wanted to do it with you.


if you don't want to,
I can play video games with my brother.


you're driving me crazy.

That was great.

Did you come?
- I think so.

You wanna stay to play some video games?
- No, I have to go home.

OK with you if I go?

There's a party tonight, you wanna come?

See you there.

How's it going?

Hi, guys.
- This is Mia.


- Give her some.


Are you two going out?
- No, we're just friends.

Now he knows her inside and out.

Shut it!
- You two bounced?

Let's go get a beer.

You cool bitch.

You two are together?
- I dunno.

Are you in love?

Can I have a swig?

Is it hardcore?

Anyone got a light?

Oh, sorry!

Smoking a doobie...

Cool, chill.

Have a good night, yeah?

You alright?

You drunk?

A bit.
- Me too.

You wanna do it with me too?


Take it easy, I'll call you.

Everything's fine.

Everything's cool.
- Yeah?

I'm feeling great.

Everything out, get it all out.

You want to sit down?

I have to get home now.

Can I sleep at your place?


Where's your mom?
- Asleep.

Your parents don't sleep
in the same bed anymore?

And your mom always does the cooking?


Perfect family, huh?


Sometimes I get the feeling I'm adopted.

Wow, really?

So who could your real mother be?

Someone who didn't want me.


Just like with me.

My mom went to the US
after the divorce.

She said she just
had to arrange a few things,

then I could join her.

She's been saying that for five years now.


And your father?
- You've seen him.

But he's never home,
so I can do whatever I want.

I wish I could do whatever I want.

I can't even go to Connyland.
- What? Why not?

No idea.

Are you kidding? You have to come!

Where's the letter for your parents?
- On the desk.

What's your dad's first name?

Michael. But you can't fake his signature.

You think Eric spends his evenings
comparing signatures?

You do it, it looks cool.

Show me your belly button.

Your belly button is real cute!

Fuck you!


- Morning.

We've been invited
to the Stockers' wedding. You too.

There's a spa there,
and there'll be other kids too.

I don't feel like going.


Morning, Mrs. Lehner.
- Good morning.

Mr. Lehner.
- Hello. And you are?

Gianna, pleased to meet you.

Thanks for letting me stay the night.

Yes, of course.

Are you in the same class?
- We are.

Do your parents know you slept here?
- They don't give a shit.

Do you happen to have a toothbrush for me?
- Of course.


I stopped smoking.
- Cool.

Piss off.

Mia, come down here!

When did you stop smoking?

Three hours ago or something.
- It seems ages already!

Quiet please.
I need the forms signed by your parents.

Where's yours, Roberto? Thank you.

What's up?

We forged the signature.

He won't realize.

Look what I have... MDMA!

What's that?
- It's so cool.

It's my favorite drug.

Put it all in.

What now?

Hey, that's enough!

Too much!

What would he be doing in Connyland?

Why would he be here today?

Gianna, he's definitely not here.

Yeah, I'm just messing with you.


Keep going!

Keep going!

You alright? What's up with you?


Do you just do it with anyone?

You're a total slut.

What's with your legs?

Fuck, she puked.

You have to drink water, baby.

She got undressed
and her legs are full of bruises.


Sit down.

What are you playing at?

Did you think we wouldn't find out?

Do you know how lame it is
if everyone can go except the new girl?

For as long as you live here,
you stick to our rules.

Just talk to us.

Listen, Mia.

We had a little talk earlier today,

and we both think

you should start therapy again.

I'm tired.

We're going to make an incision here.

You can use the forceps.

Now you can remove the flesh on the side.

Which part is the fish's swim bladder?

It's the white thing here, you see it?

You can take it out now.

Why does a fish have a swim bladder?

To swim and blabber?

- So it can dive up and down.

To regulate its depth.
- Right. To regulate depth when swimming.

Now, what's this here, Mia?

The intestine.
- That's right, you can remove it too.

OK, please take
your certificates with you.

Mia, you can take the fish to Mr. Kunz,

and please be on time after the holidays.

Don't you dare tell anybody,
or else I'll destroy you.

One question: are you clean?

What? Why?

There's a rumor going around
that you're sick.

Some sort of rash, I heard.

It's not true.

So you're not sick?
You haven't infected me with anything?

No. What about you?

I'm clean, sure.

Daddy would be happy
if you came with us to the wedding.

I don't know anybody there.

It's his new boss.

It would be important for us.

Aren't you going to give me a kiss?

Why do you think your parents feel
it's a good idea for you to come here?

Who says they're my parents?

Who else would they be?

Maybe they adopted me.

Is that something
that's been bothering you lately?

What's getting you down at the moment?

It's just all different. And...

I do things I don't want to,
it doesn't feel like me.

It certainly can't be easy for you.

But you're not alone.
- No! I'm not normal!

And my real parents weren't normal either,
I've inherited it from them.

What is it
that you've inherited from them?

Can I go please?

Wow, look.

Put it back!

Is your mom in the menopause?

What's that?

Hormones, so you don't
change during menopause.

Appetite suppressants and benzos...

they're great.

Can you read this?

It's all in French.

Maybe it's the adoption papers.

What's this?

Are you crazy?

Out, both of you!
- We were just looking for something.

You can go home now.
- She's staying.

She's going home.

Come to my place if it gets too much.

Behind my back, what are you playing at?

There's not one photo of you pregnant.

I want to know who my real mother is!

I sometimes can't believe
you're my daughter either.



Here's the address of our hotel.

Give us a call.



Mia, hello.

Sexy bitch.

You know what would be cool now?

If we could just press pause,

and everything would stay
the way it is here and now forever.

That would be so cool.

That would be really cool.

It would be so cool.


A friend of mine
is having a party tomorrow.

You two would fit right in.



She didn't come back up!

Thank you so much.
- I have to go.

No, Mia!

Where's she going?


What's that?


Fuck, you have to see a doctor!


I already tried that.

- Just leave it.

Just leave it.


Fuck off, just leave it.

Go away!



Get the fuck out of this room, got it?

Mia, can you hear me?

What are you doing?
- Fuck off.

What are you doing?
- Mia, hello?

Mia, stop this shit. You don't want this.
- I do!

No, you don't!

Your legs are bleeding.

What's with her legs?
- You need to see a doctor.

What's wrong with her legs?
- Nothing.

Let's take her clothes off!

No, leave her alone!
- No!

Leave her alone!

Get off me.
- Stay still!


What kind of freak are you?

Is that contagious?

Yes, it's contagious!

Fuck off, all of you!

Can I use your phone?


Yes, I can hear you.

I miss you both.

Remember when you drank that punch
but didn't realize how strong it was?

You were so funny.


See you then.

Bye, Mom.

Aren't you afraid?

No, I'm not afraid.

There's no need to be sad.

Don't be sad.

Thank you for everything.