Blue City (1986) - full transcript

Returning to the small Florida town where he grew up, Billy Turner (Nelson) learns that his father has been killed. With little help from the police, Billy will take matters into his own hands and go up against a ruthless local mob boss in a desperate search to find the killer. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


What's there? - Give me a beer

What characters? - Let it be a surprise

It makes two bucks

Is that Johnny Perks? - Is. Do you know him?

He was always beating me

Here's about beer and more

Billy Turner! As sissy as before

Johnny Perks! What's up?

You can leave, boys!

Funny thing. Now you understand English

Kyll� min�kin sit� ymm�rr�n

Their guarantees have been paid. Who will guarantee you?

Call the mayor. He was at least my last father

Do you always hit without warning? - Only in special situations

What do you have against Perks? - He's a person

I have been years away from here. I don't know you either

I came from Miami a year ago. - So you don't know our family's habits

Dad gets to save me from the mess all the time

You have 57 bucks in cash. No credit cards

What exactly have you lived? - I'm studying human nature

It has to move constantly. - Absolutely

That's why I guess you weren't caught in the summer

This would be a customer for Ledhetter

Call Dad. Yes, arrange warranties

Someone shot your father on June 19th. There are no witnesses

For five years I made the trip home and now he is dead


Anna tønne mun roinat

There's a lot of money and money. I don't know about Roin

I'm Annie. Joey's little sister. - In the service of the police?

I am in the service of the municipality!

What does Joey have? - No idea

Come on, fist hero

I'll leave the detainee, your master. - Kappas only

Billy Turner. Did the frost bring the pig home?

Go take care of the boy's warranties. We chat nice

Istu alas, Billy

You are a police officer! There is this surprise

Your father raised me to this position

You would then have caught his killer. - Don't call

Let's say you're the son of JW

Although I remember very well that you have always burst

But Dad always cleared up all the mess

There was no such thing as a mess that wouldn't have helped you

That's why I wonder why you left here.

That is my business

I am one of them the few who remember the boy whom you

That's why you have to answer when I ask something

Dad sometimes made a fool of himself and resorted to lawlessness

But before Malvina I didn't need to shame her

The new eukko squandered his father's money and lay with everyone

Malvina has become quite a businesswoman

The dog track and Cluh Florida produce well

Does Malvina own that nightclub? - Just yes

There you drink too much and play with big stakes

I would close that evil nest but it is on the rural side

A man named Perry Kerch runs the club on Malvina's landing. - Kerch?

Kerch has influential helpers in Miami -

and probably many skeletons in his closet

He sees his father's house at strange times

His father killed? - At least know the killer

There is no evidence of his guilt

I have to visit the Lord. - I don't sit cross-rolled

Think you got it right. What do I owe you?

Agree on a price when you break it down again

Or I'll break this down again

What do you like about the new police chief?

The workshop does not think of such

Does he take bribes? - Don't mess me up

Jim Turner did a lot for the community

Thanks to him, there is drainage, traffic lights and an area school

He did a lot of good

20 years in office and not two identical days

Rushed from cat cross to others. Always going

A real people's leader as the tombstone reads

Great packaging he was. The people here loved him

So do I.

P iv , Malvina. - Billy? Come on in. You are related

There have been many things that have changed since you left

You did beautifully when you came to see me

Shocking it, it's been for you too -

if you just heard what happened to your father

You should visit him at his grave

I haven't touched anything in his office

I didn't have the heart to give up anything

You can't guess how I miss him

Friends do say I should pick up already -

and they may be right

Widow is so hard to be. I don't know what's right

I had just come from Miami wearing a blue heat dress

Your father looked once and immediately asked out with him

I remember yes. I was there

Two months later it was already a wedding

He took good care of his wife. - There were no food worries anymore

Got a waste

You were a great couple

You enjoyed yourself in the greenhouse just like your father did

God that man loved these notes

How does Mr. Kerch do his job?

I don't have to worry about anything

H�n pit�� py�r�t py�rim�ss�

Someone has killed my father but it doesn't seem to move anyone

I find that kind of less nice

You could help by providing information about this Kerch

Are you sleeping with him?

I pretend I didn't hear that. - So your answer is "yes"

What do you think you are? - When Kerch shows up for breakfast -

whispers in his ear that I have something

Thanks for help. - Eip kest

Billy Turner! I do not believe it!

I have many times wondered, where it is a crazy thing to do, and what

Little has been tried. Paragliding and Grand Canyon

The New Year raged in New York

What for you? - No wonder

My condolences over the death of your father. - What do you know about that?

The local police don't know anything at all

It was their boss Reynolds who mentioned Perry Kerch

From this I don't want to know anything

Tell me everything you know

Kerch is lying with my stepmother and wasting her father's money

I yrittnyt vltell sit men-

Perry Kerch knows who killed his father

I hang on to him like a burdock and squeeze it with information about him

Blue City has become a city with Kerch -

where you should be careful

In the old days you repeated that being careful in heaven

Times have changed decisively

I can no longer endanger my own skin every turn

Hobble the mink I care and I care

My father is not the mayor. - Not me either

Now I can't help you. - Do you want to go now?

Together we would achieve something. - I've done my selection

Selv. Do as you please

Give me a beer

Put it on the bill. I'm not going to leave right away

And Kerch could be told that I came to talk

Who are you then? - Turner. William Turner

I'm going to ask Kerch who killed my father

With whom do you keep the land to get a drink here?

Try me. - One drink does not open the bloodstream yet

Did I hear you ask Kerch? - I don't know, did you hear?

You talked about your father's killer. Was it a joke?

I guess it depends on whether he killed others

Here you should pay attention to their speeches. - So I'm going elsewhere to talk

It's cozy. Bed and all

Do customers take a nap here? - I'm not laughing anymore

You had to tell me who else Kerch has killed

Get considerable evidence if you plan to talk like that

The police never know what they believe

Either you went to sing? - With the chief of police

He happens to be a family friend

The police don't believe a word of your speech - you don't know what I know

Will you find out? You will disappoint your boss

If Kerch had nothing to hide -

he would not have sent you to spy

You are a poor inquirer

I already know more about Kerch than you do about me

Nice to meet you, Billy. You can call me Perry

Tytyy to say that I am disappointed in your relationship

My friend Jim Turner's son is attacking women

I complain if the genes in our family were disappointing

What can I do for you? - Tell me who killed my father

It's a complete mystery. Someone shot him at night

Of course, I would have told the police if I knew the perpetrator

It is known who became rich with his death

Did you come to pick up your own? Are you jerking?

That is not enough at all

You get 10,000 when you just disappear from this group

That is better for everyone. - Except for Dad

Call the police if you consider me your father's killer

But you won't start my business

You don't know where you put your spoon

See these friends

I whitened them from the college football team

Look at this man

Five hundred years of product development required -

Do you want to start grouping with these guys?

I'm running for so long that I can find out my father's killer

Welcome home, excursion

What has happened? - I was beaten at a roulette table

Come on in. You're trying

I need a true friend now

Sorry, but Joey can't help you

He is on a full outing and always moans on the dog track

You were friends sometimes but he became a criminal

Joey's knee was crushed. - By whose order?

Joey went into the trap of Perry Kerch in his stupidity

Sep coincidence. Kerch's assistants beat me too

You would be alone, Billy. You look pretty awful

I need to find Joey

I am therefore sorry issi

Same as what others say. - You look really awful

Just be horrified. It doesn't improve my appearance

Is that how you usually go? In boys clothes

Thanks for that

I know how it feels when everything is against you

Thank you for your sympathy

I've always been a real headache for my family and riitapukari

But my father's killer, I dug up

He will not go unpunished

Good morning, Joey

I came again to greet. You were my best friend before

Your boat can reportedly be rented for fishing. - You're not a tourist

I feel like a tourist. Everything is as different as before

The minimum is four people and 50 bucks. - Like everything here

Piristy, Joey. I guess you remember that we grew up together?

The same team played

Tell Perry about Kerch. - Ask the man himself

Johan I tried

Now I'm asking a friend. Come along to overthrow Kerch

You don't have to get involved. You only provide a few pieces of information

I'm not interested in revenge. My life is back in style

I'm kind of self veneyrittj. - This is scrap

Kerch didn't just take your knees. He took the eggs from you!

What do you want to know about Kerch?

At exactly ten, it will always work out

Disgust has a minute-accurate program

What are you and Annie rubbing between? - You know

I guess his expectations have been too high. - Ymm rr n

Billy Turner is now declaring war

Are you right? - You'll find out

Sekop it is

Kappas only! What's up, Malvina?

Sexy dress. Works wonders on your breasts

What is this now? - Try how soft

How has Perry Kerch worked? - Not every day we meet

Without this, no call organizer will be able to cope

Volume discounts are also given. Just think!

What about Kerch? - She had a small accident

This month's special offer. - I don't eat birds

Let's take another one. - What kind of accident?

His car exploded. Nothing more serious

Accidents just tend to pile up

And the next may already be more serious. In that way, life is constricted

Kerch should be careful -

he does not happen to be in the car when it explodes

Better safe than sorry. That's what Dad always said

A personal call from W. Turner. Finally, Mr. Kerch

I have played all days a car telephone

I do not believe it! R j hti, huh?

This city is starting to be a nest of evil

I have to leave now but I will contact you soon

Bring me the papers about Dad's murder

So you've decided to fire me

I perheystv. - And I'm "one of you"

T�n��n n�yt�t kyll�
enemm�n tyt�lt�

You look better, too. - But I don't think you're your type

We have big plans with Joey

There he is

Go talk. After all, he's your brother

I'll go there in the evening

The winnings are paid out and I go to the cash register

And from here to the parking lot. - It's always locked

Where would you get a gun?

Click here if these are valid

Does this work? - Its owner is in the castle of killing

T n nk tehd n?

I have a big chicken plucking

When I was lying in the hospital, I dreamed I could still sometimes retaliate

I know all about the hustle and bustle of Kerch

You have to take me with you

Get up! There was a shift

What do you think you are? - Novice bank robber

It would be worth opening the cashier without objecting

Pid� kiirett�!

Lets meet again

What is that? - '' Mile sausage ''

I'll take the French

The master wants to talk to you

Py r st k ? - Sittenh n was selected

This has become a horrible place

Fast food and tourist stuff. Hotellirhji

There are much worse places. My region of birth, for example

You went to school wading in the snow, didn't you?

l call your mouth. I am from Havana

Probably the upper class from which Castro took everything

Do you try how much I tolerate? - You tolerate the impossible

Your co-workers are criminals, even if you play with a pure puzzle

It's going too far now

I have been asked to drive you out of town

You are reportedly such a harmful incident

Or did you hear what happened on the dog track yesterday? - I have not heard

Someone ruined one lot really effectively -

which is already a time of interference in the livelihoods of many people

According to the rumor, a considerable amount of money was also taken from there

There was no money in the books or on the covers, so it was criminal money

You know what you can find on the traces of their money

Criminal money always ends up for criminal purposes

It would make it easier to get that money into the hands of the police

It will take a few lives if I start looking for them

How much was taken from there? - Thirty thousand

Or so much

At least 25. - It already gets quite a bit of fast food

In this city, of course, I will protect you

Kerch can't get revenge -

but outside the city you are on your own

I would like to talk to you. - How did it happen that you knew I was here

I offer a glass. You and me both

I came here from Miami to help your father

Pam. Someone went and shot him

Then I fell in love with her widow and now I run a club

I thought you wanted your share when you showed up here

I tried to buy you cheap out of business

I believed that with a little intimidation, it would work

Did not work out

Now we do -

that I will give you 50,000 bucks

You take that too and disappear here

Our war will end there. You got that?

You will disappear here too. I don't want to see you anymore

That's when I hate you

Next time you will not survive the gorilla discipline

Next time you get out of your breath

You just don't realize

I don't want your money, I catch my father's killer

I want him caught in irons and an electric chair

That's how much justice needs to be found. You will be strong in this

Strange hubby

Did you have to send our money to that grandmaster?

Reynolds doesn't have time to chase us while playing banker

You should have that kind of boat too

Healthy, racetrack ry . You were involved, of course

What are you talking about? - Don't try! I am a police station tiss

What about the other service I asked for? - No way

What was that? I get embarrassed for your use

I'm worried about you

You don't realize. We're going to war ... - You've already lost your war

Billy is just as crazy as he was in school

I'm going to war against Kerch without you

I'm not going to end up in that lousy boat

I don't swallow anything

It will take a long time before you can walk home

It's good then

How long do you have to take Joey on your crusade?

He wants to join. Pit still concerns I too

Thanks for the ride. - Please

Sorry I can't be as excited as you are

I'm just. You don't spin on that villain

If Joey doesn’t get up now it will never happen

Or are you doing this because of Joey. - I do it because it's right

What should you think of?

Usually I just make people angry

I do it wisely when I don't think of anything

Didn't Joey tell you to keep the buttons off me? - I didn't think so

But that's the idea. Sometimes you can't do anything about it

I had to sleep on the couch

Of course you can sleep on the couch if you want

You're pretty nice, too. - I won't win

You didn't have to think

Good morning. This is Parker from the Miami Herald

Your male coroner in the murder scene -

new issues have emerged that lead to prosecutions

Would you have any comments? - No.

Would he swallow the bait? - As a whole

This low trick feels good to destroy

Who called? - No one

Yes, there was clearly someone there

Now start again. - Who's doing this trick?

I want to know who it was

Hey. You will come later

I got evenings so the day will be long

Kerch hired me to dance for his club

Why? - There, I have not known that Joey's sister

I could gather information while I was there

Unnecessarily dangerous. - Or is it

You can surrender to death -

and put my brother in there but I can't do anything

By the way, this is the card information about your father's murder

- Mit� sielt� l�ytyi?

Not a single clue

What did you think you would find? - Something crucial

No traces of fighting. Shot directly in front

The shooter apparently felt like Dad. - You guessed it anyway

Getting a file was a silly idea. - Was not

It was a good idea because it led me to important information

There was a mention of more information in the Reynolds archive

After all, they relate to Kerch's presuppositions

Did you bring that report with you? - I did not dare

Reynolds came in just as I was at the filing cabinet

But I called Miami and asked for 607 from Kerch

What is a 607?

It is a computer print of public documents

Why didn't you tell me yesterday?

You said I shouldn't play undercover

We'll see. I'll let you know if I find anything interesting

Hey now. I don't want to be late

Hey, amitimamma. - What are you doing here?

I came to pick you up for the ride. - You're not serious

We could visit the cemetery to watch Dad

Do you remember your male corpses?

If the father's killer is not found -

can be used so that you lose your big house

You're crazy. Now get out of here and leave me alone

You can, of course, explain what Kerch did -

but it retaliates as quite a biblical grief

Why are you bothering me?

I've never done you any harm

Katsohan t t

I liotellut koipeani vedess. It seems to have helped

Is everything ready? What now?

Do you still want to join? - I don't think I'll cancel?

This gig is from a different country. When you walk in, you will be recognized

So for sure. After all, I'm an actual celebrity

How are you getting along? - No complaints

What are you showing? - Too good

I lift a hundred

Every age stand up! You too, little pig

Miss Kerch? - Not here

What? - He's not here

Sli. Now he leaves this fun unexperienced

Is the team in control? - Is. Go collect the winnings

About that

There he breaks up your club

We came again. - Hey, puller, come here for a second

Do you remember me? - This is your street

Pour your palate! It's on the house!

A blow to the puller’s knee changed my life

A bowl for that crystal crown. - You can scab Kerch's bum

In this game, only the little devils go crazy

T m p yll tys! - The venetian audience, Billy

We now have no idea what you are talking about

After all, the powers of your district do not extend to the club or the dog track

So there are no problems. - There are problems and a lot

The users of the club come from the city side

You ruin people’s fun and shake my ball

And the benefit of this is. You won't find your father's killer like that

Because the police do nothing -

we are forced to put pressure on Kerch somehow

Wasn't it enough that Kerch broke your knee?

Where did you find this today? - He's my only friend

You are still alive but not because of skill

Moukan has been lucky

Kerch will not fail to retaliate

I would advise going on holiday

You know Billy Turner. Do not pour Kerchia

But he would give me the necessary evidence

What inspires you to help? - Money

Let Paradise Palms bring you all the savings

Didn't that motel go?

How far are we going? - Far enough

This is no pleasure

It is a luxurious place

Would we even change the sheets here? - Four times a night

Is there a swimming pool here? - Guaranteed

Yes, they now remember us

What's next? - I don't know at all

I wished Kerch was there

Options are low and the finals are near

He or me. - I guess so

You could pick up a little. Have another beer


We're with Joey here. All right

Now listen carefully

Dehhie Torres said she knew about her father's killer

She is one of those club girls

Meet Falsta / under the pier

Are you still crazy about me? - Still

You're late, Annie

I couldn't tell the boss I was going to see you

I saw this. - This is definitely 607

It is a marriage certificate of Perry Kerch and Malvina Bragg

They were inaugurated on October 17, 1975. There is no indication of the difference

They have been married all along

They cheated on my father's parka and took his money

This does not yet prove Kerch to be a killer

Why didn't they keep milking? - Maybe Dad found out

And I'm not a good detective? - Are

You are an excellent detective

Dehhie is in room 11

Kuka siell ? - Annie Rayford

Did you bring Billy with you? - I brought both Billy and my brother

Annie said you knew something about my father's death

Who else wants pizza? Min die soon nlkn

Now is not the time to talk. - You just ordered pizza

Stop twisting or rail the heart from your chest

This is a trap

How is? Let's talk

You end up as dog food. It's sure

Low, Annie

N�kyyk� siell� mit��n?

lk blast! Dehhie t ss !

Disappear during your favor

Leave home now. As strong as you can get

Lower your weapon! On the spot!

Right away for the first time I saw that the guy was full of devils

Are we calling the governor now?

Where are you taking him?

I can't defend you

You did a terrible thing. You could be charged with murder

Do you know about self-defense? - I had already forgotten your legal skills

You are starting to be a real bully

You would deserve a long sentence, but it would arouse evil blood

The mayor's son is not getting better

The report states that the pimp killed that slut because of a money dispute

And the police again shot the pimp when he tried to escape

You were brought in for a hearing but I let go

You're leaving town now. You got that?

Is that all? - No.

If you still see your face here, you will not survive without a prison sentence

I could still make a lot of charges

I have a lot of friends in prison -

who know how to make the hell of your life difficult

Raise the boy's wheel on his back and bring the city to the border

Ent� Joey?
- Mit� h�nest�?

Joey could leave as well

He is not a problem. Release Rayford in the morning

But he also ends up in the tube if he still shows up here

Or I guess it is wisest to shoot him right away

Korea py�r�

Didn't you have to go to Savannah?

You can't get there except through Jacksonville

My cousin is there in these branches called Plantation

Walk past you. There is good food and atmosphere

If you have the wrong number. Annoyingly dials the wrong number

Thank God. You finally answered

P stik Reynolds Joey released? - P sti

Give him the phone. Hello?

Is Joey there? - Renolds called

Joey is dead. They shot him

I recognized the body

I'll go back there to take care of this to the end. - I know that

A little pickles and then onions

Why aren't the lights on? What do I pay you for?

Turn on the lights and perform an inspection round

Come on

Out there!

Just right

I also want Kerch to go unpunished

I'm going to the back door. Smoke the hubby out

Mits if TLL hiivit?

Kerch! Come down from there. - You're unbearable

Why did you kill Joey? - I haven't killed anyone

But I kill you

Did you have to come back? Everything was so good before that

You got me off. Why did you have to kill Joey?

I told Johan I haven't killed anyone. - Then who did it?

You are too greedy. You want too much

That's why you don't get anything


It is over now. The JW can rest in peace

And soon you will rest

Was this a surprise?

Your father was good to me. He was promoted to police chief

Ensured a comfortable stay

But man always just wants more

I figured out how to get everything for myself

I killed your father

To be honest, I killed everyone else

Kerch found me quite a nice man

I was just waiting for the right opportunity

I let them tire themselves

You have your father's nature. You attacked directly

JW would have been proud of you

But my hunger has not yet settled

You would give up already

Here, however, I fix the pot