Blue Car (2002) - full transcript

Gifted 18-year-old Meg has been abandoned by her father and neglected by her hardworking mother. Left to care for her emotionally disturbed younger sister, her world begins to unravel. She finds an outlet in writing poetry and support from her English teacher, Mr. Auster. But what started out as a mentoring relationship begins to get a bit more complex.

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Happy birthday, honey.

"The past,
everything that went before,

"is a dry leaf
fallen from a dead tree.

"The tree's been cut down.

"The leaf crushed by feet
and ground into earth.

"So now... there's only
the memory of trees.

"I am the disease
that rots the bark of trees.

I am rust and gravity."

"In my dreams,
we are all together again,

"and my mom is happy.

"But then the leaves
all fall off the trees,

"and my dad is gone.

I call out to him, but wherever
he is, he can't hear me."

Oh, boohoo.

Mr. Clark...

Please. This is A.P. english.

If you can't extend a modicum
of respect to your classmates,

you are free to go right on
down the hall to autoshop.


Okay. Thank you.

Miss Denning, how do you feel

about, uh, that piece
of writing?


Anyone else?

Praise? Criticism for, uh,
miss Denning's poem?

That's very nice. Good work.

Anyone interested in vying

for the, uh, discovery award
for young poets,

we will be discussing
the details today after school

in poet's circle, room 302.

And just in case the $3,000
scholarship doesn't entice you,

the finals are held in Florida
over spring break.

Journals in the box.

Miss Denning...

you can go deeper.

You're not staying?

I have to take care
of my sister.

Do you want me to pick up
an application for you?

They're not gonna pick me.

Auster's judging the finals.

What'd he say to you?


A man in Mexico burst his
own eardrums with a pencil

and sewed his eyelids shut.

He says
because the government

is deaf and blind
to people's pain.

Lily, shut up.


Stop it!

You better stay in there,
you little brat!

Where's Lily?


I didn't do anything.

open the door.

What's it gonna take, huh?

Get ready for bed.

It wasn't my fault.

I expect you to take care
of her when I'm gone.

Get a babysitter.

I can't afford a babysitter.

You do have a responsibility
to this family.

You had her.
You take care of her.

What did you say?

Get out of my sight.

It's gonna get infected.

You've gotta stop hurting yourself, Lily.

Mr. Blaisek...

channeling Bukowski. Very good.

Mr. Capital...

I believe blow job is two words.

Or maybe it's a hyphen.

Miss Denning...

Mr. Sutler...
another adventure story.


Want a ride?

No, it's okay.

Come on.

So, you're starting
to look for colleges?

Oh, I think I'm just
gonna stay here

and, um, go to Sinclair.

Well, there are scholarships,
you know.

In addition
to the contest.

Well, I just got a job, so I'm... I'm kind of busy.


Have your parents
ever read your work?

My mom has school after, um, after her work,

so she's kind of busy.

And I don't really see
my dad.


Birthdays a-and Christmas and...

he and my mom
don't really get along.

So it's kind of...
It's kind of easier that way.

Easier for you?

We're the building up
on the... on the right.

I'd like you to enter
the poetry contest.

I can give you my lunch hour
a few days a week

to help you prepare.

But I'm not a poet.

Not yet.

You missed the bus?

You see me on it?


Draw your own conclusions.

Where'd you get those?

Did you take them
from the storage space?

Draw your own conclusions.

Put 'em away
before mom comes home.

Who's this?


No. The baby.


I wasn't an angel.

It's not me.

You have his face...

Same chubby cheeks,
same eyes.

You look just like him.

Lily, get up.

lily, you better be ready
to leave in two minutes.

Why are you
all dressed up?

Do you have your lunch?

No, I don't want it.

Why are you wearing
mom's shirt?

Why are you such a pest?

That's his house.


He won some big award
for writing a long time ago.

You know that leather book
he carries around?


It's his novel.

How would you know?

My parents used to be
friends with him.

If he told you to enter
the contest, you're in.


Oh, no, please.

Don't be.


Great poets...
touch the hidden nerve.

So we need a map
of your nerve centers.

If you're going to reveal them
in your work,

you need to know
where they are.

This is for later.

What, uh, was
"the Memory of Trees" about?

You said...
"I am rust and gravity."

W-What does that mean?

That I felt bad.

Was there a-a particular time
when you felt bad

or you just felt bad
in general?

I-I don't know.

All right.
What was the poem about?

My dad...


So, what happened
when your dad left?

Was it day or night?


Did he say goodbye to you
when he left?

Miss Denning, I want you
to write about that day

in detail.

Write about the weather,

write about what you were wearing,
what you were thinking.

Be specific.

A whole world emerges
from little details.

Uh, for example,
when we buried my son,

I had forgotten to put in
my contact lenses.

And I stood over him before
they closed the coffin,

trying to fix him
in my memory.

I could see the, uh, the red
from his sweater

and his blue pants.

And there was a scab, uh,
on his forehead,

um, that...
It hadn't healed.

It was from
a bicycle accident.

And I could feel that scab
when I kissed him.

But when I looked at him,
he was...

Well, he was out of focus.

So, when your dad left,
what were you doing?

I don't remember.


Um... forget
that I'm here, okay?

I'm not here.
Just close your eyes.

W-Where are you standing?

By my window...
in my room.

Uh, did your dad leave, uh,
in a van or a taxi or...

A car.

A car.
What color was the car?


Okay. Go on.

"You're on a voyage
across an uncharted sea.

"You must believe that there
is land beyond the horizon.

"What land remains
is a question mark.

But that is the mystery,
the joy of discovery."

He doesn't write
that stuff to me.

Maybe he'll ask you
to the prom.

Shut up.

Meg, mom wants to talk to you.


She won't.
She's on a hunger strike.

Well, I can't make her.


I thought your class
was only till 9:00.




You tell me.

I don't know.

Why not?

What's funny?

Uh, nothing.

Well, why did you laugh?

I d... I don't know.

Are you afraid I'm gonna tell
you that your work stinks?

Does it?

What do youthink?

I-I don't know.

Come back when you do.

It doesn't stink.

There's a line that I...
I like.

Uh, which one?

"Lost leaves
spin past the glass,

"but the trees don't go.

They stay by my window."

What about the rest of it?

I could go deeper.

Good for you.

So, Meg, um,

how are things going over
at Seymour and Cedar?


Did they say they were happy
with her?

Well, Steve hasn't called.

Well, I guess that's good.

Uh, you don't have school
tomorrow, do you, mom?

No. Hon... honey, my,
uh, interview is tomorrow.


Well, I-I just have
this thing...

This writing contest where we, uh, are
gonna read our stuff.

What time?

Um, after school.

I don't know if I'll be able
to make it.

I don't know
when I'll be done.

I didn't call to confirm.

That's all right. I talked to him this afternoon.

Oh. Well, um, did he say
who else he was considering?

Hmm? Somebody in plastics.

Hmm. A man or a woman?

Diane, stop.

Then you'll have to take the bus
to Mrs. Rands' tomorrow, okay?

Maybe when I get this job,

we can all go out and celebrate,
huh, the four of us?

Did you send Don
a thank-you note?


Well, please do that.

He didn't have to help you
get that job.

I'd like to read
your story.

It's not a story.

Oh, well, I thought you said...

It's a poem.

Well, I would like
to read it.

in the contest, too?


Well, maybe her mom can drop you
off at Mrs. Rands'.

I don't want to go there,
mom. Her house stinks.

Don't start.

Don went to a lot of trouble
to get me this interview.

And if I get that job,
it'll be a lot more money for all of us.

So, don't be a pip.

Wish me luck.

Good luck.

Let it go.

This is called "Blue Car."

"I rode my bike
past our old house.

"A rusty chair keeps
your place on the lawn.

"Lily cuts holes in herself
to hurt you,

"but you just won't bleed.

"Now she won't eat.

"Since you left,
mom doesn't say your name.

"But even gone,
I remember your face.

"The way the sun stays bright
when I shut my eyes.

"The way a torch
whipping the dark

"leaves a long red scar.

"Some nights when I wake up,
I forget where we are.

"From our apartment, I can't see
the stars or the horizon.

"Only the road.

I know it goes
to wherever you are."

Miss Denning?

Do you have a second?


I-losing a contest doesn't
mean you lack talent

any more than... than winning
one makes you Ezra Pound.

Do you understand that?

All of your life,
you'll be judged.

Some people will love you.
Some will say you stink.

None of it matters.

The opinions of these judges, your friends,
your mother, me.

What matters is the condition
of your soul.

That it remain intact.

And that you stay strong
and you keep doing the work,

no matter what.

I will.

No matter what.

I will.

I have to go.

So, congratulations.

I won?

Yes, you did.

So now we have to talk about how to get you
to the finals.

A-are you gonna be there?

Uh, yeah, I'll be there.


Miss Pound, you can,
uh, you can go.

I would actually be reporting
directly to Don,

though Frank would be
my boss.

So, when do you hear?

Could be as soon as Monday.

I know you've been picking up
the slack lately.

How does, uh, sperm get into
the egg to fertilize it?

I have some books
at home.

I've read those books.

If the sperm is in the...
man's penis

and then the egg is
in the woman's ur... uretus,

so, how do they come

Did I give you permission
to borrow my blouse?

So how does the egg
come out of the uretus?

Do we have to have another talk
with Father Alwort?

No, thank you.

Then keep your hands off of
things that don't belong to you.

How does the egg come out of the uretus?!

Uterus! Did you hear me?

Don't touch my things
without asking!

"So our lives are difficult
and perhaps unpardonable,

"and the fey
gods of youth have,

as the old men told us
they would, faded."

"But still, it is morning again,
this day.

"In the flowering trees

the birds take up their
indifferent, elegant cries."

"look around.
Perhaps it isn't too late

to make a fool
of yourself again."

"Perhaps it isn't too late

"to flap your arms
and cry out,

"to give one more
cracked rendition

of your singular,
aspirant song."

Is this where they have it?


Oh. You can hold on to that
if you'd like.

No lunch?


Come on, then. Here.

Oh, no,
thanks. It's okay. No. No.

I will be offended
if you don't.

What kind of bread
is this?

Um, it's, uh, rosemary.
You've never had it before?


Um, tell your mom

if she has any questions,
she can call me.

Do you think she'll be able
to come with you?

I, um, I haven't
asked her yet.

Well, if your family
can't afford to send you,

the school might consider...

We can afford it.

"Blue car."

Do you think I could win?

The girl wants to win.

Uh, maybe I should write that
here on the application, huh?

Well, no, maybe
I should change my poem.

Like, write about America,
or write about something nice.


You write
what you care about.

Can you read me
some of your novel?

W-What do you mean,
my novel?

Georgia told me.

I'm not gonna copy
or anything.

You know,
just for inspiration.

Um... okay.

"In one creative thought,

"a thousand nights of love

"Filling it with sublimity
and exaltation.

"And those who come together
in the night

"in a rocking delight

"do an earnest work
and gather sweetnesses,

"gather depth and strength

"for the song
of some coming poet

"who will arise to speak
of ecstasies beyond telling.

"And though they err
and embrace blindly,

the future comes
all the same."

That's beautiful.


Hey. Uh, no.
Um, what's up?

Can I have some money
for lunch?

Meg, this is, uh,
this is my son Rob.

- This is Meg.
- Hi.


I never realized
he was your son.

That's my son.

Ready or not,
the future comes all the same.

Where's mom?

She took me to the doctor.

What'd he do?

The usual.

We met Don afterwards.

Did she get the job?

I don't look like anyone...

not even myself.

Diane: He said
not to indulge her.

When she gets hungry enough,
she'll eat.

Megan: He's a quack, mom.

She hasn't had anything
but water in two weeks.

She's probably eating at school.

Maybe we could take her to Florida...

over spring break.

It's a really good place
for sick people.

I cannot afford
the bills I have, Megan.

I can't take you
on a vacation.

Well, if you get the job,

I'm not getting the job.

Angels don't fall
out of the sky.

They emerge from within.

There is an angel
within each one of you,

and he is your personal bridge
to heaven.

This is the body of christ.

This is the body of christ.

Blessed are the pure at heart,
for they shall see God.

I am an angel.

The lord knows you are,
my child.

The body of christ.

The body of christ.


Oh, god.


Lily. Lily?


Is it hurting you?

It is?

We'll get the nurse
to fix it.

What do you think?

Woman on P.A.: Shopping
for that special someone?

Mr. Auster?

It's Meg Denning.

I'm sorry to bother you.

Well, I just wanted to talk.

My sister's not doing very well.

- Mr. Kastran?
- Yeah?

I have a family emergency. Is it okay if I go home early?
My dad's here.

- Are there any customers upstairs?
- No.

Go ahead.

Thank you.

Megan, she's gonna be okay.

I don't know.

No, she will.
She's in the hospital now,

and they're gonna take
very good care of her.

It's okay.
She's gonna be fine.


I want to take her
to Florida.
- Mm-hmm.

Everything's gonna be fine.

I'm not gonna listen
to my mom anymore.

You gonna be okay?


Sorry if I, um, got stuff
all over your shirt.

It's not a problem.

Why are you so nice
to me?

I-I mean, I-I'm glad.

Thanks for coming.


Where the hell
have you been?
- I forgot my backpack.

- Where were you?
- Work.

I called work. they said
that you left with your father.

How did you get home?

A friend.

I have been driving around
for two hours looking for you.

I called your father.

He had absolutely no idea
what I was talking about.

You want to go to Florida?

I can't even trust you 2 miles from home.
Get in there.

You can go to school
and to work

and to the hospital...
That's it.

You will come straight home
after work.

And if you don't,
then you don't get to work.

Do you understand me?

When I find out who your
little boyfriend is,

I'm gonna tell his parents

he's an inconsiderate
little brat.

Unfortunately, we do need your mother to co-sign

for any withdrawals.

But it's my account.

That's the way the account
was originally set up.

I wish that you could stay
with us.

Do you guys drive?

No. We fly...
unless Pat goes.

But he's on parole,
thank god.

The four of us in one car for ten hours
is basically hell.

You know, you probably could
stay with us.

I-I don't think Tampa's
very far from Siesta beach.

That way, all's you'd have to do is pay
for the airline ticket.

I-I don't know
these people.

They're really nice.

Uh, did they invite us
or is this just Georgia?

Georgia said that she
was gonna ask her family.

If you need to work, then, you know,
I could take Lily,

and you can have
a break.

I don't know, Megan.
I just...


Could you...

close that door, honey?


I don't believe you.


What about my feelings?


I got you
some chocolate, too.

Your favorite.

They can make you disappear
in the night.

They break the doors
and windows,

and then they amputate
the wings.

Can you see them?



They won't grow

because there's invisible food
in the tubes.

Lily, you don't need wings.

We're gonna fly to Florida...
in a plane.

The ceiling's too low.

What did they say?

They're gonna move her.


The psychiatric wing.

Hey. Everything okay
at home?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Everything's fine.

Um, I was just wondering

if it'd be possible to get
my pay in cash this week.

That could probably
be arranged.

Thanks a lot.

You bet.

When did you purchase these?

- Couple weeks ago.
- Mm-hmm.

They were, like, $40 each.

You bought them here?

- Yeah.
- This isn't our stock.

Perhaps if you can find
your receipt.

I got them at the Bierman's
in Oak Meadow.

I'm afraid
I can't help you.

Diane: No.

No. No.

Oh, god, no.

It's Li... it's Lily.

The window w-was open,
and... and she fell.

Oh, Jesus, god, no!

We deliver her up to you,
O lord,

to your arms and your mercy.

The 23rd psalm.

The lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.

He makes me lie down
in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.

He leads me in right paths
for his name's sake.

103rd psalm.

Bless the lord, O my soul,
and all that is within me.

I don't belong here? Go away.

For god's sakes,
she's my daughter. You wouldn't know it.

You don't come around.

And whose fault is that

Am I the one trying to turn
the kids against you?

You never did.

You just stay away
from her.

You didn't know Lil
when she was alive.

I'm going to work.


Yeah. All right, fine. That's how we'll
handle it, then.


Do you have any personal
belongings here?



Clear out.

Your pay should just about
cover the cost of the ties.


- Get out of my store.
- I need my money.

Yeah, you should have thought of that before
you stole from me.

What are you tal... I
didn't steal anything.

Come on. Get out of here.

No, I didn't steal anything.


What are you doing?

Where are they?
The things you stole.

I didn't steal anything.

I thought we were done
with this.

Get out of my room.

When you contribute
to the rent of this place,

then it'll be your room.

Hey! Hey!
That's my stuff!

Go ahead, ground me.

You're never even home.

What are you gonna do,
hire an armed guard?

I'm going to Florida
or wherever else I want to go.

It's none of your business.

Then maybe you better find
some place else to live.

I'll go live with dad.

Oh, good. You do that.
You do that.

You think he's so wonderful?

You go see how you like it
over there.

At least he doesn't try
to control everything I do.

Your father doesn't give a shit
about you.

How many times did he come
around here last year?

What, three?

He doesn't come here
because of you.

He can't even manage to pay

the lousy $60 a week
in child support he owes me.

I am up to here in debts

trying to give you
a life I can't afford.

I go to work 12 hours a day
and I go to school at night

so that I can make life
nice for you.

And all that I ask

is that you respect
the few rules that I lay down.

And when I stick my neck out
to get you a job,

you don't embarrass me
in front of my friends.

That's all you care about,
isn't it?


Your stupid friends!
Stupid Don!

You're an ungrateful brat.

What do you think
you're doing?

You can't just pack her away
into a storage unit

like you did with dad.

Put that back in there.

She's not yours,
you fucking bitch!

I'm sure your mother
feels a...

A tremendous grief and...

to lose a child is, uh...

well, my son Lucas
was only 4.

You want to tell me
how you feel?

I don't know.

How do you think your sister
would feel if she lost you?



I don't know.


W-Who would she be mad at?

My mom.

Why would she be mad
at your mom?

Do you think your mom
could have saved her?

Maybe I...

maybe I could have.

This is not your fault.

It's not your f...
Oh, come here.

You are... v-very beautiful,
and you are, um...

and you are very, um...

listen, why don't you
take some time?

Take all the time you need

you can stay here as...

Okay. All right.

We'll be home
in a half an hour.

All right. Bye.

It's okay.
You can stay with us.

Every time we have a break,
he comes...

You ladies have a full evening
planned, huh?

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll?

Pat's a delinquent.

"Pat's a delinquent."

Na na na na na.

Do I detect a fellow fuckup?

So, I was lifting
credit cards

'cause nobody ever checks
that shit.

I'd buy some stuff, okay?
And I'd sell it for cash.


I've done a bunch
of fucked-up shit

that I'm not really proud of
in my life.

But, you know, now I'm, uh,

I'm really trying to make it up
to the people I hurt,

like my parents.

They're so fucking cool.
I'm sorry.

But the fucking feds, okay,
bust my ass in Vegas

because some chick at the
bank is supposed to tell the casino

that I got some sort of line
of credit set up.

But instead,
she fucking bones me.

Yeah. Do you believe
that shit?

Excuse my fucking french.

But these motherfuckers...
I'm sorry...

Cuff me, haul my ass
down to jail.

And my parents, they gotta
fucking bail me out.

Let me tell you something.

You put that shit out there,
it's coming back.

You gotta set it straight.
seriously. It's like a boomerang.

Well, I've done some things,
stole some things.


Well, you know, you just
gotta try and find a balance.

You know, you see a hungry guy,
you give him some food, you know?

Now, if I gotta take something
from somebody, you know?

I just gotta try and find a way
to give something back.

It's a... it's a give-and-take
sort of thing.

Yeah. I was... I was
trying to go to Florida.

You going with my folks?

No. No. I was trying to get the money
so I could take a bus.

You ever been on a bus

Huh? Yeah.

You're gonna sit beside some
fat fucking bas...

Some fat guy, okay?

For 14 hours.
Forget about it.

I'll take you.

I'm heading down
to the Bahamas.

So, uh, when you need
to go?

Well, I-I have this thing... this contest...
In a couple of days.

Okay. I'll take you.

I don't... I don't have
any money,

but I could share the driving.
- Hey, don't worry about it, okay?

If, uh, if I need a favor,

you know, you'll do it
for me, right?

What's the name
on the prescription?

Uh, Gross, g-r-o-s-s.

Her first name is Doris.

Um, do you know
when he called it in?

This morning.

Um, hang on.

You all right?

- Yeah, yeah.
- You sure?

Let's see what you got here.

All right.
Show me the goods.

We got vicodin.
Nice. Good score.

People pay a lot of money
for it.

Oxycontin. Oh, man.
This stuff is so good.

You know why?
It fucks you up.

Okay. Xenical.

Fat people love this stuff.

And vacana... what the...

I have no idea
what the hell that is.

What's in here?

We got viagra and
contraception... diaphragm.

Nice. Wonder what these
people are up to, huh?

Good job, partner.

Let's go to the bank.

The day I started G.A.,
some dude says to me,

"Going straight takes balls."

So I got me some.

There you are.

Mad money for the lady,

Give and take.

...are so stupid.
I'm sure.

Every day is...

that looks funny.

Shh. Shh.

Shh. Shh.

Shh. Shh.
- Shut up.

You have the, uh, hour to write.

Um, then please put
your journals in the box.

And, uh, bon vacance.

I was gonna leave you a note.

I guess I'll just see you
in Florida.

Is something wrong?

I tell you everything.

Did I do something?

Come here.

I wish I could show you
how I feel.

Hey. Here.
- Whoa.

Um, thank you for helping me.

That's great. Oh, a tie.

That's so nice,

I'm gonna have to get myself
a shirt now.

So, when are we leaving?

- Crack of dawn.
- Okay.

Yeah. So, why don't you get
your bony ass to bed?

Yeah. All right.

Good night.

Man: When was the last time you saw him?

Woman: Last night.

Did he give you any, uh,
indication as to where he was going?


So just the, uh, the jewelry,
uh, coins, and the car.

Anything else?

Some silver.

Uggghhh! My stupid idiot brother.

What happened?

He skipped his parole.

So, maybe he's gonna
come back.

He's not coming back.

He took my dad's
watch collection

and my mother's
heirloom silver.

What time are you guys
going to the airport?

We're not going.

I'll give you $75.

That's with the jacket
and the bike.

That's a diamond.

Yeah, but see
that little brown spot?

That ain't worth nothing.

Just a coke.

Is this where
the poetry contest is?

Uh, yes, it is.

How much are the rooms?

Oh, they start about $189.

The, um, front desk
is this way.

Oh, no, it's okay.
I'm at another hotel.

Oh, it's great.
You guys should go in.

- We will.
- It's great.


I can do it.

No, you never do.
- Hi.

Rob: Hey.

Miss Denning.

Oh, you all know
one another?

Uh, Miss Denning's
in my A.P. English.

Oh. You're here
for the contest?


Would you like
to join us?
- Uh...

Yeah, come on. Here.
Pull up a towel.

I don't know if that's allowed, Tony.

with the contestants

before the big event.

I am the very soul
of objectivity.


I'm Delia.
Pleased to meet you.

Come along, little fish.

- Now? I don't...
- Get your water wings on.

- Come on!
- Mom...

Come on.

When did you get here?

Oh, just last night.

Uh, you... you missed the
gala opening-night festivities.

I missed
seeing you there.

You don't like the sun?

I like it too much. Ha.

Your wife seems nice.

She can be.

Wimpy boy.

It's fucking freezing.

Let's have some drinks.



I'll have a beer.

Oh, I'm sorry. What's...
What's your name?

Meg, here.

Why don't you and Meg
go in search of drinks?

And Meg can change.

Let the relaxation begin.

Who wants to play a game?

You gonna cheat
like you always do?

Oh, I never cheat. I have never cheated
in my life.

I am constitutionally
incapable of cheating.

Of course,
I am a sore loser.

That's different.

So, what kind of things
do you write?




Dear, it's pronounced



I thought
she'd want to know.

Oh, I'm sorry.
You're her teacher.

Well, I'm sure Meg would like to go
swimming with you...


Would you like me
to walk you home?


Okay. Just let me get
a sweater.


What time are you
going out tonight?


You boys gonna behave

Probably not.

You okay?

Right as rain,
fine as wine, fit as shit.

All right.

You're a lovely girl.


You're welcome.

Good luck in the contest

Thank you.

I'm sure
you'll do very well.

I might do a little work.

Ha. Bravo.

Your wife
seems really smart.

She is.

She's also
extremely unhappy.

We've known each other
for a long time.

Well, since we were children,

Younger than you.

Does that make you feel


Uh, you should put
this sweater on.

You look... cold.

Thank you.

All right.

What's funny?

I don't know.

It just feels funny.

Good funny?

I have a friend who, uh, is going
to come down tomorrow.

He edits
the "art in review."

I'm gonna talk to him

about publishing your new,
improved "Blue Car."

I have something for you.


It's kind of stupid,

What is this?

A tie.

You probably
don't even wear ties.

Is this okay?

Are you sure?

Is this where you write?


You okay?



Oh, gosh.

You warm now?



Oh, you are so beautiful.

Come here.

You all right?


Will you lie down with me?

You okay?

Do you want me?

Do you want me?

Say yes. Say yes.

Say yes.

Tell me.

Oh. Oh, come on.

Do you need me
to walk you home?

No, it's okay.

What's your book about?

It's about an old man
who falls for a young girl.


You don't believe me?

How does it end?

They make love,

and he is transformed.

Make me proud tomorrow.


Strike that.

Make yourself proud...

and fame and fortune
will follow.

Are you sure you don't want something to eat?

Do you like bacon? It's okay.
I'm not hungry.

And real syrup,
too. None of that fake crap.

Oh, wait, I need that.

The napkin?
I'm sorry, honey.

I'm just trying to get some
of this stuff out of your way.

I never got a check.

Oh, don't worry
about it.

Meg Denning.

Sue Axton.

Sally Jannen.

Dini Parker.

Good luck.

"So, do not look up to me,
my friend,

"for now I realize

"that growing up is nothing more

than knowing your own size."

This poem...


is for Mr. Auster.

It's called
"Now that I've read your book."

"I've memorized the lines.

"It was easy...

"The dirty white pages,

"A margin of fancy designs.

"You draw outlines
of inverted hearts,

"but mine's real,

not a valentine."

"As for the details..."

"As for the details,

"fiction, fiction,
lies, lies.

"I am the coming poet
who will arise.

"Crippled phoenix,
I fly up from your bed of ashes.

"When my dad left,

"I cut off my hands

"and sewed up my eyes.

But that didn't keep me
from reaching for you."

"Thank you for the gold star
and your leaving."

"Blue car, gold star.

The leaving is a gift
I will always hang on to."

Oh, this is it.

Woman: Hello?

Hi. Um,
is my dad there?

Man: Hello?

Hi, dad.

It's, um... it's Meg.

I called dad.

I know.

Maybe it'll be better
for a while.

I'm sorry.

Me too.

I know
he's not perfect, but...

I need him, too.

That it?


Do you remember
when we drove into the country

that one time?

To the place where they sell
penny candy?

And it was you, me,
Lily, and mom?

And we were driving over
the bumps on the road so fast,

it felt like we were flying?

I like this car.

This old car
likes you, too.

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