Blood Father (2016) - full transcript

An ex-con reunites with his estranged wayward 17-year old daughter to protect her from drug dealers who are trying to kill her.

And a pack of camel lights.


I can't sell 'em to you
without an ID, honey.

Then just the bullets.


I said 45s.
Mine don't even take
these cheap-ass nines.

I thought you had 9mm.

I'm fucking useless now, man.

I can't even smoke nobody!

Your bitch fucked me, Jonah!

See you there.

Why did he have to
talk to me like that?

Let him get his own bullets.

Are we really
doing this right now?

What did I tell you about
the people in the house?

We pay them to live here.

To be normal fucking people,
like I did with you.

What's in the house?

I don't know.

Good girl.


And you didn't know
what was in your house, right?

The problem is,

not many
people believe you.

I swear to god,
i never saw anything.

I never took anything.

I believe you.

But you want
my trust, no?

Then prove it
like I did.


Look, grab that gun
and go cover that
fucking back door, okay?

Come on.


Okay, don't blink.

Shut up!
That's right,

Come on! You...

You let him intercept it?


you're really...

Whoa! A gun.


Don't do that!

Oh, shoot Teddy, please.
That'd be awesome!

It's not here.
Where the fuck is it?

Kids, run! Fast!

Shut up!

Fucking daycare
center out there.

Where the
fuck's our money?

She's a fucking liar!

No! I do not...


Fucking lie to me!

This is what she
gets for stealing.

Was it worth it?

She cares more about
money than she did
about her husband.

Jonah. Jonah,
please don't hurt her.

i can't find shit!

Show me I'm not
wrong about you.

Relax, breathe.
Breathe. There you go.

This is how you prove it!

You're alive because of me!

No one believes you.

You're already
a murderer, baby.

Every bullet here
will be traced
back to that store.


Pull the trigger.

Do it.




Let's go, let's go.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, man.

Thanks, thanks.

For those who don't know me,
my name's John link.

Hi, John!

And I'm a real success story.

Been sober two years,
one inside the joint,
one out here.

Before that, I was
never clean for very long.

Except maybe in the womb,
but knowing mom,

I was probably
pickled there, too.

I did a lot of damage.

Lost a lot of
people along the way.

Some of 'em stay lost.

It's not like they
come back and give
you an "atta boy"

for quitting,
you know?

I got a kid I can't find,
except on a milk carton.

Ex that won't talk to me.

Every skill I ever had,
every friend
i ever knew,

is now a parole violation.

But you can't be
a prick all your life

and then just say,
"nevermind," you know?

I can't fix
everything I broke.

All I can do is not drink.
So, I won't do that today.

It's like when I was in
the joint all that time.

Just count off every
fucking day until I die.

Well, happy birthday,
you grumpy old bastard.

Am I allowed to be
in a bad mood, Kirby?
Of course.

I just think we should
go get some coffee,
so you can calm down a bit.

Nah, I got some work.

Got some people coming over
with some bullshit ideas.

Well, they picked
the right guy for that.

Seems everybody's
full of shit today,
but you.

Well, maybe
i just hate birthdays,
all right?

Makes you think there's
some kind of reward
for all this shit.

No, there's no reward,

there's just a reminder
from why you're quitting
to people you're hurt.

Maybe some
people need hurtin'.
With a chain.

Look at the person
that really did this. You.

And if you
learn some Patience,
there is a reward.

It's believing
in something
bigger than yourself.

Kirby, how fucking
patient do I have to be?

I'm here, right?
I'm looking at this
fucking mess every day.

There's some people
left me out there to rot.

Sometimes, I just
wanna find them

and go say "hello"
with a blowtorch.

Oh, it's a blowtorch now.

Yeah, they deserve it.

All right,
that's true, John,

and it might be fitting.

But it wouldn't be proper.

You know the difference
between fitting and proper?

Well, I'm not
a trailer park poet
like you, Kirby.

You're gonna
have to tell me.

Well, it goes like this.

I could shove
my thumb up
your ass right now

and it
would probably fit.


But it wouldn't be proper.

That's sweet talk
to an ex-con like me.

That coffee still on?

Go fuck yourself.

Okay, you, too.

You know, we've been
divorced three years?

I come home from work
with that man sitting
at my kitchen table.

But I'm a single woman
now and I got no
intention of going back.

I've done my time.

You done
a little time, too? Huh?

Yup, just a little.


That's your little girl?


Why? You seen her?


Missing link tattoo.

This is a collect call from...

Your fucked-up daughter.

To accept the charges, say,
"yes," or press one now.


Sorry, I did
not understand.

Do you accept this call?

Yes, you fucking robot!
Yes, yes!

Oh, fuck.


I'm here.
Where the hell are you?

I just...

I know that it's
been a really long time,
i just...


Well, just stay
on the line.

Where you been, kid?

I left home,
a while ago.

Yeah, I know.
You scared a lot of people.

I need cash fast. Fuck.

Just enough so I can get lost,
because I am fucking dead.

I'm like this fly
that's about to get
splattered on a windshield.

Does that make any sense?


Oh, fuck. I know this is
so unbelievably rude.

Normally, I would be all,
"oh, let's catch up."

My point is,
i took the bus as far
as I can get tonight.

I figure I can get
to Oregon by Monday.

Okay, yeah.
How much do you need?

Two g's tops,
if I can, you know,
get settled and start working.

What kind of work
were you looking for?

Fuck. Fuck.
I am so sorry about this.

I don't know, a nanny?

Well, I got the money
right here in my hand.

Just stay put
till I get there.

That is so first class.

I can meet you
in Santa Monica,
on third and Broadway.

Okay. Stay put.


They can take us now!

I wanted to buy an eighth.

I hadn't seen him
in so many years.


Hey, kid.

Come here.
Come on, sit down.

You're okay.
I got you now.

Thank you for
coming so far.


I'm gonna pay you
back every dollar.


I almost didn't
recognize you in this car,
i was... you know...

I was expecting you
to be holding on
to the old hog.

Well, that's
a parole violation now.



Listen, kid. Why don't
you take a little nap?


What the fuck.

I don't even
know where I am

and there are only
five channels on your TV.


You swivel these ears here,
and maybe get channel eleven.

Oh. So,
i went back in time.

If I turn myself in,
do I get this reward?


What a rip.

Hey, hold still.


Some of my
best work there.


don quixote.


Kid's got education.

Wanted to put
it in a magazine,

but we couldn't
find this motherfucker.

I ain't no male model.
No shit.

Yeah, but, dude,
i think Sancho panza
might have melanoma.


Why don't you go
outside and play?

You really should have
that looked at, Dennis.

I can't stay much longer.

Uh-huh. Oregon.

No, I don't have
to go to Oregon,

I just have to go somewhere.

You pregnant?


That's so medieval.

But I don't wanna
say too much

'cause it'd put you
in a bad position.

You see,
my boyfriend thought
we could get married

so that I wouldn't have to
testify against him in court.

Pretty romantic.

No, no,
he was so in love with me,
i swear to god.

I don't even think
there was a word

for what was
wrong with him.

And he's worried
you'll say that in court?



It's terrible,
he's gone.

He's, uh, dead.
Your boyfriend?

He got shot.
Too bad.

In the neck. Yeah.

Rough break.

I just feel numb.
You know?

I don't even
think it's hit me yet

that all of this
is happening.

Me neither.

Like, maybe
I'm traumatized.
Could be.

That's why i
have to keep moving.

He was really
well connected,

so there are a lot
of people looking for
my white ass right now.

Kid, can I say something?

I know what it's like
to come down this hard.

For 30 years,
i was drinking and
drugging and fighting

like everybody
had it in for me.

Your higher power
can't do shit
for me here, dad.

When I called you,
you said that
you had money.

Now, I'm not criticizing.

I'm just saying,

it kind of looks
like you miss
the comforts of jail.

I can get you money,
if that's what you want, kid.

But let me make a deal.

Give me a week.

One week,
you stay clean.

You got people
looking for you,

who's gonna
find you out here?

Nobody knows who I am.

The cops probably
keep track of you.

It means I piss in
a cup once a month.

My parole officer
has a caseload
like, you know?

Give me a week.

If you're on your
feet by Saturday,

I'll give you everything
i got in this world.

But you gotta
stop with the drama.

- Hello?
- It's me.

God, what now?
I am done, John.

30 grand is
enough for a reward.

I can't do this

every time you have
some stupid new
plan about Lydia.

- I have a life.
- I have people over.

You okay in there, kid?

Yeah, I'm awesome, thanks.

Don't take your
purse in there.

Can I please just have
one second to myself?

Well, you can live
in there if you like,
just leave the purse outside.


I don't know what it is.

Come on, come on!
You know this. Listen.

You stumped me.

You must be tone-deaf!

I don't know it.



Where you hiding the shit?
Tell me right fucking now!

This is not cute.
I worked too hard.
This place is clean.

I'm not going down
for a game of
fucking hide-and-seek!

God damn it!

You still got
all your teeth.

How long you
been doin' this?

A month?

You telling me the truth?
Yes, that's the truth.

And it's Hank Williams.

That's what I was
playing for you.

What the fuck?

Hank Williams.
That's what I was
playing for you before.

Mom said that you
always loved him.

Yeah, well,
i guess I just don't
recognize him anymore.


I don't know
what I stepped in,
man, but she's here.

My little girl.

You found her.

No, she found me.
But she's out of
her fucking mind.

Well, I remember when
i tried to reconnect with
my sister and my ex-wife.

They were not
ready to forgive me.

It was destructive.

It was the wrong time
to try to make amends.

Make amends?
Kirby, I'm trying
to keep the kid away

from the fuckin'
floor stripper.

She's comin' down
hard off somethin'.

Well, then she
needs help, John.

Get her into detox.
Take her to the hospital.

Man, I don't know.
She's goin' on
about some kind of shit,

some sort of
trouble she's in.

I don't know what's bullshit
and what's not anymore,

but I'd just
as soon find out

before I start filling out
intake forms, you know?

No, no, no, you're
still thinkin' like a con.

Take her to the hospital.

come on, Kirby.

I just met the girl for
the first time in years,

I just don't feel
like handing her over
to a bunch of strangers.

You're the stranger.
You didn't meet her,
and she didn't meet you.

Right now,
she's nothin' but
a chemistry experiment.

You need help
with this, John.

Well, then, why ask?

Cutting up the veggies here.

We wanna try and
keep the vegetables

all the same
size so they can...

...and make
a fresh herb mixture

with parsley, thyme,
fennel flakes and garlic.

Can I help
you gentlemen?

Yeah. We want tattoos.

I'm not open.

It says walk-ins.
We're walkin' in.

Nah. Come back tomorrow.

I want some Nazi
shit on my arm.

Or a big-ass
heart with some
bitch's name on it.

Yeah, on my dick.

We got money, old man.
It's bad business
turning us away.

Yeah, come on, man.
Don't be judging
us by our looks.

I'm not judging.
I'm just going to bed.

What if I wanted her
name on my stomach?


Why don't you
all fuck off?

We just want
to talk to her, man.

We ain't got no
problem with you.

What are you?
Fuckin' citizens' police?

Get off my fuckin' property,
or I'm callin' the cops.

you on parole.

Nobody calls
the cops on parole!

Don't you fucking turn
your back on me, wood!

Straight question, kid.
Can the police handle this?

No, dad,
they'll kill me in jail!
And I won't make it.

And I don't
know what to do!

No shit.

That fuckin' punk
puts a dent in my door,
I'll kick the crap...

I really fucked up.

Shit! Happy birthday, link.

It's good to finally
meet your friends!

Yeah, Kirby, you heard right.
Party at my place.

I'm gonna get blamed for this.
Breakin' parole. Guaranteed.


What the fuck?
Son of a bitch.
Shit stain!

Get the fuck outta here!

There it is,
aggravated assault.
Return to custody.

See? I missed 'em for ya.

Attempted murder,
that's what they'll say.

Thanks for looking
me up, kid.

Dad, these guys
are fucking psycho.

You think so?

I'll see you on the inside,
you chickenshit motherfucker!

Hey, kid, they must've
run out of bullets.

Fuck. Hang on!

Are you dead yet,

You okay?

Do you hear me?
I told you not to
turn your fucking back!

We coming to get you,

Who is that?

It's the
neighborhood watch.

You boys picked
the wrong rednecks.

You go tell
your boys and girls

to put they
hockey sticks away.

Tell me, is that
shit still loaded?

I don't know,
let's find out.

Come on, man.
Let's go.

You know what,
i admire you all,

for protecting this fine
trailer park community.

Come on, ese, come on.

You know what?
This one right here,

I'm gonna call it a tie.

I'll see you,
all right?

They will be back.


You okay?

Easy, easy, easy.
Are you hurt?
There's glass everywhere.

Fuck, this place
sucked before!

what's going on?

Who are those guys?

Yeah, who are
those fucking guys?

Talk to me, buddy.
Tell me what's going on?

Kirby, thank you! Come on.

Wait, you're leaving
a crime scene?

Kid's up to her neck in it,
i can't give her up.

John, you gotta wait
for the cops! John...

Cops, yeah, we know
how that's gonna turn out.
Fucking cops!

John, you've always
listened to me
when it counted.

And I'll keep listening,
but not here.

I'll call you from the road,
Kirby, promise.

Sober as the judge.

John, it's really
hard to be your sponsor.


Don't do this to me.

Not now,
you piece of shit.

Don't do this to me.

Come on.
You damn fucking...

I'm sorry, dad.

I'm so sorry.



I knew those
guys from their ink.

There were two sureƱos.

And the white guy
with the "pen-1,"

that's "public
enemy number one."

He's with the enforcement
arm of the brotherhood.

Though they're not proud,
they work with eme,

but only if there's
real money involved.

I got no idea
how you pissed
guys like that off.

You maybe talking to
the feds, or something?

No. No, no, no.
I'm not talking
to anybody but you.

Yeah, I know.
You never stop,
but you don't say anything.

See, that was supposed
to be an easy hit.

Take you out in
the desert, rape ya,

put a bullet
in your brain,

have a bologna sandwich.
Make a real day of it.

What do they
want from you?


I'm afraid of
what you'll think.

Oh. I understand.

You don't wanna
spoil the good impression
you made so far.

It's not that funny.

Oh, my god!
I'm gonna pee
in my pants, dad.

You good? You all done?
All wrung out? Finished?

What's wrong with you?

It's time to
cut the shit.

What the fuck was so
wrong at your mother's,

that you had to run
away with those guys?

No, god!
I left home a while ago.

I didn't even
know those guys.

They sure seemed
to know you.

Yeah, they worked
for my boyfriend.

He was businessman,
he was in real estate.

You tryin' to tell me
we're being
chased by realtors?

No. Well,
he managed properties.

See, I met him at
this party and we just
had this connection.

He was older,
he was like 30
and he was really a man.


I was living in
a friend's walk-in closet,
at the time.

And he wanted to help,

so, he set me up
in this cute little
cottage in the valley.

And all I had to do was take
care of it and look normal.

Except, his people
would hide
stuff in the house.

Like drugs, money,
stuff like that.

So, he made you
window dressing at
one of his stash houses.

No, he really
cared about me, dad.

He didn't mean for this.
I am the one who fucked up.

Kid, you got the mind-set
of a battered housewife.

This one night,
i had friends
over at the house

and things just blew up.

Someone broke
the sliding glass door

and some dick
put his fist
through a wall and...

Something goes missing.

That's what
my boyfriend said.

The people he
worked for were furious.

But I swear,
i never saw anything.

You didn't know.
Nothing? That's the truth.


Then he took me
to another house,

where, I guess,
the tenants had stolen
money out of the walls,

and he wanted me
to kill this woman.

Maybe to show
that I would do
anything for him.

And I had the
gun in my hand,
and I didn't think.

I just turned,
and I pulled the trigger.


And I...

I killed him.

You killed the boyfriend...
The guy?



And are you guys
gonna need any help
with any luggage tonight?

All right.
Traveling light.


Hey, man,
where'd you find her?

In the fucking
delivery room.

Yeah, that's... okay.
Well, got your room
with two double beds.

Checkout's at 11:00
and complimentary
breakfast served till 10:00.

This part's a little tricky,
so I'll show you.

You're just gonna loop
all the way around to 216.

That's you.

I can show
you if you want.

No, that's all right.

Experts say you
could be paying
more at the pump,

if that trend continues.

In other local news,
a car that caught on fire

sparked a quarter
of an acre...

What's up?

Did you
need something?

No, I just wanted some air.

Oh. Okay, well,
we got plenty of that.

Tonight, both LAPD and
the county sheriff's office

are asking for help
in the search
for a missing girl.

She's wanted in
possible connection
to multiple homicides

in the Santa clarita area.


A warrant has
been issued for her
as a material witness.

Oh, my god.

Lydia Carson,
she's approximately 5'7"...

I'm a fucking celebrity.

...butterfly on her shoulder.

She could be
traveling with John link,
who last resided in indio.

Authorities have
provided this...

I should show
you something.

...anyone who
sees the pair.

I'm actually supposed
to call the police.

Did you?

Missing link tattoo.

Dad, dad, you have
to come downstairs.

I'm in the lobby, okay?

And bring everything,
and I left a bunch of
stuff in the bathroom.

Don't forget that
because there's
probably DNA on it.

DNA? What the fuck?

Don't turn on the lights,
we're probably being watched.

And hurry.

What the hell is this?

Did you get the stuff
in the bathroom?
Yeah, I got your shit.

Good, 'cause the
cops are coming.

Actually, they might
be here already.

So, this cocksucker
called the cops?

No, god, dad!
He's helping us.

Somebody's nice
to you and you call
him a cocksucker?

It's all right,
i got thick skin.

Hey, you know,
i came on at 10:00.

That was already
there when I got here,

but knowing the day guy...

Fuck! Get the fuck down!

Day guy always
fucks the night guy.

Shut up!

They're everywhere.
We're gonna
need a new ride.

Okay, I really
shouldn't do this,
but room 103's open,

they won't see if
you take the back door.

Here. I didn't see you,
you didn't see me.

And you're
the sweetest person
that I never met.

Grab the vin.
We'll call it in.
All right.

They're gonna
impound the Nova.


What's jail like?

It's like summer camp.
I'm serious.

Yeah, they got
a big swimming pool.

If you're good,
they let you ride a pony.

The cocksucker told 'em.
They're gonna
search every room.

Do they protect people?

They're going into
that room we were in.

Like if somebody
was after me,

would they make
sure I was okay?

Like a special cage,
or something?

Yeah, that's called PC.
It's for snitches
and celebrities.

Yeah, maybe you'll be both.

Police! Open up!

I can't get caught, dad.
I won't make it.

Yeah, I know.

You stick with me,
I'm not going
back either, okay?

Who the fuck is in there?
Go! Go, go, go!

Who the fuck is that?

Dad! Dad, dad, dad!

I haven't done
this in a long time.

Oh, fuck!

Oh, my god! Dad!

Lower your weapon!

Dad! Dad!

Oh, my god! Dad!

Come on! Hurry!

Go, go, go!

What the fuck was that?

Our first family car,
and now we gotta dump it.

That guy with the ink
all over his face?

That wasn't some
gangbanger, baby.

That was a sicario.
Cartel soldier.

Used to hittin'
cops and judges.

This boyfriend you killed?

I heard the whole
goddamn love story,
now, what's his name?

Going on a year
out of the joint,

and here I am in
a truck full of Mexicans.

How do you spend
your entire life in
the California penal system

and not speak
any Spanish?

What do you mean by that?

What, you organizing
a fucking union?

What do you
have against them?


Well, okay.

Okay, well, they come
up here, they're illegal
and they take my job.

Ah. So, you pick
oranges for a living?

Nope, but I'm sure
someone does.

Nope, not true.

In fact, I bet you
that no white person

has ever picked
a piece of fruit
off of a tree, ever.

What about Eve?

Eve was not white.

Oh, fuck.

What? You think
that the garden of
Eden was in Norway?



I gotta ask about
somebody inside here,
so you just wait.

This is a bar, dad.
You're the one who
needs a chaperone.

I'll be fine,
just stay out here.

She ain't 21, boss.

I'm looking for
a guy named tom Harris,

people used to
call him "preacher."

He still come here?

Look, I'm an
old buddy of his,

I'm just trying to
hook up with him again.

Does this look
like a dating service?

Good enough for me.

What'll you have?

She's having water.

He lived in the foothills,
last I heard.

One of the originals,
Fontana chapter.

So, then the flea wakes up
and he's back in
the hells angels mustache...

Kirby, I'm in a bar.

Oh, John.

Well, that's not
the worst of it.

There's some
serious fucking
people tailing us

and I don't know how.

What does the guy say?

Look at that
ass car go.

This fucking
kid's a carnival, man.

She's every
loser's lucky day.

Look, I'm goin'
to preacher's.

I'm heading there.

John, I felt like
you were the first
person I really helped.

That's the god's
honest truth.

Well, yeah, I know.

Look, I'm not dying, kirb.
I'm just in El centro.

Look, tell me
where you are,

give me an address,
I'm gonna come get you.

I'll call you back, okay?

Wait, John, no.

Excuse me, buddy.

Easy, boss.
Oh, my...

What is the matter?


You pulled my arm
out of its socket.

Are you relapsing?

What, you wanna
talk, talk here.

Away from those animals.

Okay. Look.

I've been thinking
and I have a plan.

I know that
it's a crime not
to report a crime,

but other than that,
what have you done?

I mean,
that warrant is for me.

You could go home.

You could just tip
the trailer back and voila.

I don't have to
take you down with me.

I was talking to these guys

and I think that
i can cross the border
at otay mesa.

Pretty little white
chick down in Tijuana,

with no money and
a price on her head.

Now that's a hell
of a plan, Lydia.

You don't think
i could take
care of myself?

Hell, no. Not even
in this dump here,

let alone in Guadalajara
or some other turd
factory down south.

Within a week,
you'll be turning tricks.

That is the most
insulting thing

that anybody has
ever said to me.

Well, I bet it's not.

How else are you
gonna make money?

Look, look, kid.
I'm just...

I'm just trying to help you
think straight, all right?

I know what it's like
to have the shit come
down on you, okay?

People get caught
when they make mistakes

and I just don't want you
to do anything stupid, okay?

About all
i know is running.

You spent nine
years in prison.

How the fuck
is that running?

Okay, surviving.

I just wanted
you to go back
to your little place

and not have to
do any more time.

I'm a murderer, dad.

Yeah, I know you are, kid.

And you'll face god
for it and so will I.

But not yet.

You let me let you
in on a little secret.

I haven't had so
much fun since I was 15,

stole a car and
drove to Miami beach.

This shit's a party
to a dirtbag like me.

So, stop feeling
sorry for yourself
and start listening.

This buddy of mine,

he's rich,
he's got connections
and he owes me.

Now, he'll help us if
i can find out where he is,
i don't know.

And these
skid-marks over here,

they know but
they're not talkin' and...

I got the address.

Thank you!

Gonna hop up
through there.

There's a lot of
firepower around here,

but there's a lot
of bullshit, too.

Here, hop through here.

Fuck you.
That's not funny.

More bullshit?

No, those are
probably real.

Follow me.


Son of a bitch.

That's me.

So, they let you out.

This is my daughter.

They do grow up,
don't they?

Well, you might as well
go on inside the hangar
and say hi to him.

Careful, you don't
give him a heart attack.

One of those yours?

Yeah, in another life.



Be with you in a minute.
Let me just finish up here.

Well. I expected you
two years ago.

Yeah, stingy parole board,
you know how it is.

It's my daughter, Lydia.

You're kidding.

Lee, I knew you when
you were just a pup.

How are you, sweetie?

I'm fine, thanks.


Still backing
the losers,

I see.
Nazis and confederates.

Yeah, yeah,
all losers make me money.
Let me show you around.

So, what's this
collectibles horseshit
a front for?

You selling down south?
Ak-47s and the like?

No, no, I don't
sell that commie shit.

You know the walls
along the border?

They're building them
with the landing
pads we used in 'nam.

Think about that.

That metal
i used to jump on
in the rice paddies,

they're using now
to keep the taco
vendors off my lawn.

So, who you
selling to these days?

You know,
i love you
like a son, link.

But I'm not gonna
answer questions

from somebody
i haven't seen
in a coon's age.

We had a deal.

I want my bike back
and I want my money.

Which money is that?

I kept my mouth
shut a long time.

You were always the
strong, silent type.

You know, the boys
should be by later on.

Why don't you hang around,
play catch up?

What the fuck for?
I've been sober two years.

Well, maybe someone
would like to witness that
with their own eyes.

Yeah! Shit!

Well, can i
get you anything?

A soda,
or something maybe?

I'm fine.

Yo, baby!
Come here!

I bet you feel
like you're surrounded
by savages.

No. No, I really
appreciate everything.
Thank you.

You do? Huh?


I bet you don't
know what the hell
you're looking at,

or listening to.

These are the last
of the survivors.
The last of the kind.

They know this
little patch of desert's
gonna be here

long after the rest
of this country
cannibalizes itself.

Okay and why is
that gonna happen?

Okay, well,

it'll happen because

most of you people
are too goddamn
comfortable to see it.

You kids don't understand.

This country buys
out the subversives.

It turns the rebels
into fashion trends.

It did it with the angels,
it's doing it with rap.

And the corporations
package it up
and sell it online.

Hundred dollars a t-shirt
for suburban little
princesses just like you.

You know what?
You grew up
with your mama.

You never knew the world
your daddy rode in.

But your mama
wasn't always rich.

She started out with us.

But she married
up the ladder.

She became a hood
ornament for the best cars.

How long you
been away from home?

I know all about
why little rich girls

leave their
pretty things behind.

When a mosquito bites you,

it leaves an enzyme
that other
mosquitos can smell.

And I can smell
it on you, kid.

Everyone can.

So, you can run forever.


But the worst and, I mean,
the worst goddamn
people in the world

know that scent
and they'll follow it.

Can you dig it?


Sorry to leave you out
there with them animals,

but I was keepin'
an eye on ya.

So, is this the old hog?

This is her.

'97 softail with
a 570 lift cam.

Shaved the fenders,
chromed the front

and dropped her
two inches.


I feel kind
of jealous,

I thought
i was an only child.

Do you think
he's gonna give
it back to you?

Oh, kid, he owes me
a lot more than this.

I did a seven
year stretch,

keeping quiet for
that motherfucker.

Then I got done again
for shanking
some fucking nobody.

Otherwise I'd have been out.

You got raised by
three stepfathers.

Should've been me.

I don't know
what to tell you.

So many enemies,
so many vendettas.

Fills up your
fucking soul, you know?

Play this game
with its own set
of stupid fucking rules.

You give your life to it,

it's over.

And I got nothing
to show for it.

There's nothing
i can even say,

except I'm sorry.

I made mistakes
and you suffered.

I'm sorry I wasn't
there for you, baby.

Morning, link.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Wake the kid.

This is a loaded
firearm and I will shoot.

The past is long gone.
Yeah, okay.

Hey, baby.

Wake up,
rise and shine.

Hey. Cut it out,
will you?

Quit it. Just...

Honey, you gotta wake up.

Okay, there's some kind
of kidnapping going on.
I don't know.


I'm up.

You gotta
be shittin' me.

No, I'm not shittin' ya.

Things have
changed, hombre.

I can't let an opportunity
like this slide by.

See a nickel on
the ground these days,
you pick it up.

For 30 grand.

Yeah, well, 30 g's
will fill a lot of holes
around here, compadre.

I do appreciate your
loyalty in the past.

I really do.

But we gotta be
professional about this.

We're not gonna
turn you in.

We're gonna follow
the letter of the law.

She can run on home
to her gold-digging mama

and you're free to go.

Take a hike.
Hit the road, Jack.
Know what I mean?

You fucking virus.

If you turn us in,

the cops will bust you.
Shut up!

Goddamn brat!

I was running
the fucking
Coachella valley

before you were an itch
in your daddy's sack!

So, don't tell me.

My life isn't an instagram,
for Christ's sake.

I'm in the fucking
history books!

Vietnam, 19th engineer
combat battalion,
look it up.

Look it up!

I've dug up more
fucking mines

that I could've blown
the moon up with!

Do you understand that?

Get the fuck outta here!
Get 'em out of here, cherise,

before I lose my
goddamn Patience.
Get 'em outta here!

Keep talking,
you senile motherfucker.


I wouldn't be
if you keep your
mother home at night!

Fuck you!
How'd you feel
with a fucking bayonet

in your cracked skull,
you old cock-sucking...


Get outta here!

Here's your Nazi bullshit!

Calm down!

Let me tell
you something, pal.

I still love you.

You were
the best foot soldier
i ever fucking had.

How 'bout I shoot
you right now?

With your daughter
right outside?
Yeah, I might.

No, you won't,
you can't.

You're past that.
I watched it, I saw it.

You've changed.

But back in the day...

Back in the day,
i kept my fucking mouth
shut for you, old man!

That's what I did
back in the day.

You were like
a fucking father to me!

Back the fuck up!

Roll it the fuck
back, cocksuck!

You know
what I'm looking for.
Where's my keys?

See what we got here.

What're you doin'?
Stealing from me, link?

Stealing? You stole every
goddamn thing I ever had.


Now look at you.
You're so fucking
broke and pathetic,

I can't even
kill you for it.

You even stole
that from me!

Stay put.



Go! Well, they're
fucking shooting at us!

The gun!

We're good, kid.
Hang on to me.
Oh, shit!

- Yeah, good idea.
- Okay.

Hey, kid.

We gotta shake a leg,
you comin'?

Hey, Kirby.
I'm just checking in.
I'll call you back, okay?

Can't give you
a number here.
We're on the road.

We're safe,
sober, both of us.

Call you back.
Thanks, man.

Hey, look, kid,
you're crashing now.

Maybe you
should take a nap?

Do you ever think about
what the world would
be like without you?

If I just went ahead
and killed myself,
this would all be over.

Oh, so,
that's where we're at.

Givin' up. Fine.

You kill yourself,
then I'll kill myself.

I'll take some
innocent people with me.
How'd that be?

You think I'm kidding,
dad, but I've tried.

Yeah, so have I,
plenty of times.

Where does that get us?

I took all of my
stepdad's pills
when I was 12.

Girls take pills
when they want
somebody to find 'em.

I tried to hang myself
when I was 10-years-old.

Well, that didn't
work very well.

Do you understand
what I'm trying to tell you?

Yeah, sure,

I was 10-years-old!

Yeah, I knew
a 10-year-old kid.

Killed his whole
family with a rock.

What the fuck
does that mean?

Why don't you
ever listen to me?

I'm listening, okay?

Look, feel this,
right up here.

Yes. Come on,
it's important.
Feel it, come on.

Oh, my god!
What is that?

Yeah, drove my bike
off a cliff on the pch,
split my head wide open.

Now, the point is,
i meant to do it.

But they saved
my ass anyway

and that's a steel
plate in my head.

And look at this.
No, I don't want to.

You're a fucking cyborg.

I opened up my
wrist in prison,
then I got sepsis.

Spent two months in
the prison hospital

watching game shows
and then I really
wanted to kill myself.

All right, you win.

No, no, no.
There's no
winning or losing.

You either wanna
wake up in the morning,
or you don't.

And if you can't find
a way to live with yourself,

well then, why run?

Why come to me?
Why do any of this?

I don't wanna die.
What was that?

I don't wanna die.

That's right.
You don't wanna die.

'Cause you're
a 17-year-old kid

and you got a lot
to live for. Okay?

You may not wanna
wake up tomorrow,

but the day after
that might just be great.

Might be the best fucking
day of your life, you know?

You don't wanna
miss it, right?

Great, keep doing the hair.

I'll be back in
an hour or two,
i got a meeting.

I need to talk
to an old friend.

If something happens to you,
how am I gonna know?

I'll give you
Kirby's number, okay?

If something happens,
you call Kirby...

So, if we get separated,
I'm supposed to
call your sponsor?

Kid, look.
This is something
i really need to do.

I promise
I'll come back.

I'll be back before
you're a blonde, okay?

See ya.

I lost my ID.

Here to see rios.

I know.

- Dad?
- Lydia?

Kirby? What happened?

Is your
father there?

No, he's not back yet.
Did he call you?

Yeah, earlier, he did.
He told me
you were in yuma.

Listen, I'm worried about him,
I'm worried about both of you.

Is he in trouble?

I don't think
it's safe for you
to be there alone.

I think you should go
to a public place,
someplace crowded.

Don't trust anybody, Lydia.
Stay in a crowd.
Listen to your instincts.

You missed me so much,

I have to pull strings
to get you back inside?

Conjugal visit.
Kiss me, no tongues.

How are ya?

You are one ugly dude.

Shit! You look like
a public defender.


Please grow back
the beard, please!

I need your help, man.

Yeah, you need me to
teach you to tie a tie.

No, no, no.
It's my little girl.

That guy I asked you about.
Did you get the message?

Nephew of Alfonso
angel-Diaz. El padrino.

Still running
the family business
from his cell in juarez.

The kid was keeping stash
houses for him in la.

The cartel sent him
there to get rid of him.

He was too loud,
too proud,

causing problems
with the family.

Well, he was causing problems
for my little girl, too.

He's not with us anymore.

So, you don't need
a paternity test?

No, but I do need
protection for her.

Any of his crew
sets foot inside,

they won't make
it across the yard.

Yeah, but there's some
professional on her tail.

Some cleaner from
south of the border.

This punk accused
her of stealing.

Now, I thought it
was just his guys
that wanted her dead,

but it's more than that.
Why would they send
this kind of firepower?

Don't you get it, bro?

Jonah was taking
the money

and I'm not
talking a few grand,
I'm talking millions.

And he was
pinning it on her
and his other tenants.


Thought she was
an easy fucking mark.

But you know what?
He's lucky he's dead.

'Cause what they
would do to him,
be a lot worse, bro.

A lot worse.

Anybody sets foot
on the inside,
I'll deal with it.

You need a line
to El padrino,
I'll get it for you.

But you gotta teach
your girl some judgment.

Then you gotta
teach her how to hide.

She gotta
live right, brother,
clean and straight.

'Cause people like this,
they can see in the dark.

You got to teach her
how to stay in the sunlight.

Stay loose, bro.

Get loose.

Doing my best.



You didn't expect
it to be me?


How's the movie?

What movie?

You always
lie like a child.

I can see you right now.
I'm watching.

No, you're tracking
my phone.

You think I'm
using a fucking app?

You have no idea
what I lived through.

Underground doctors,
blood transfusions.

I don't ever get to live
in the regular world anymore.

I'm sorry.

Fuck you.
We're so far past that.

But you want to see
your father again?

You come talk to
me face to face.

You're lying.

Turn around.

I didn't know what
i was doing, Jonah.

It's like
i wasn't even there.

I can't live
with myself, okay?

I don't know what
else I can say to you.

I was good to you, Lydia.

I put you
in a nice place.

I gave you
everything you needed.

I took better care of you
than anybody in your life.

And you tried to kill me.

Look, come...

This is still bleeding.

Come here.


I have your
name on my heart

and you can't even
come close to me?

Where is he?

You try to run,
and we're gonna
have to kill you.



Come on, kid. Pick up.

Where are you, kid?
Come on.



Come on, Kirby,
come on.

What're you doing, man?

What's happening? Kirby?

Good news, old man.

Your sponsor says
you should start
drinking again.

Who the fuck is this?

Talk to your friend.

Hello? Kirby?

Sorry, Johnny.
I did my best.

The fuck? Kirby?


You had a snitch for
a sponsor, old man.

You know who I am?

I know your daughter
better than you do.

You should've taught
her to shoot straight.

So, you're not dead.

You just killed
the best fucking friend
i ever had, motherfucker!

No, that's no friend.

You fill him with
a bottle of Tequila

and he can't
keep a secret.

Where's Lydia? You got Lydia?
Where the fuck is Lydia?

She might be dead.

No. No, she's not.

You're a fucking psycho,
but you know one thing.

She's the last
streak of sunlight

you're ever gonna see
in your whole fucking life.

Shut the fuck up.
You know nothing about me.

Yeah, I do.
I know all about you.

That's why you're gonna
stay on the fucking phone.

Whatever you're
gonna do with Lydia,

you need to do
something else first.

You need
to deal with me.

Really? Why should
i give a shit about you?

Well, 'cause I know
what you're doin'.

I know about your family
and the money you took.

Yeah? You hear me?

I heard you.

You're killing people
to cover your tracks.

Make a big fucking show
to prove it's not you.

Lydia told me
about the houses,
she told me everything.

And I got a line straight to
your uncle in fucking juarez.

El padrino,
you know him.

I know he doesn't
think too much of you.

I can get
a message to him.

You're still on the phone
because you know this is real.

And you know he's
already watching you.

You think he's
letting you use one
of his best sicarios,

that zapotecan
monster with you?
Just for you?

He's there
to keep track of you,
too, motherfuck!

He gets the order
from uncle,

bang, he takes
your fucking head off.

You're a businessman, yeah?

This is the best deal
you're ever gonna get.

You kill me first.

Kill me in front of her,
if you have to.

Let's just meet.

And you trust
me to let her go
when you die?

I don't fucking
trust you at all.

All I'm asking of you
to do is keep her alive
until I see her again.

Okay. That's sweet.
The old man wants
his last chance.

I'll call you in 10
minutes to this number
and give you a meeting point.

No, you put her on
the phone or no deal.

Put her on the fucking
phone right now!



Baby, I'm coming for you.
Have a little faith.

That's it.
Okay, get in there.

I can't believe
you'd have the nerve.


Okay, old man,

leave highway 78
at mile marker 114,

head north
into the desert.

Alone, no guns.

What the
fuck is he doing?

He's showing us
he ain't strapped.

Let's get
this shit over with.

Move away
from your bike!

Nice and slow.


Stop there. Stop!

Spread your legs.

Spread your
fucking legs!

Put your fucking
hands together!

Come on, get him in.
We're going for a ride,

just in case
you were followed.
Move. Move!

Come on, get in.

You will see her,
you will see her.

Get in. Get in!

Hi, kid.

Go, get that.

Come here,
baby. Come here.

Fuck! Fuck you! Fuck!

Get him off!

Fuck! Fuck!


We gotta jam!
Motherfucker's up there!

Where is he?

You're hit.

Did you see him?

Okay. Fuck.

Okay, I saw him that time!

Okay, I got an idea.

I'll lay down some cover fire,
you run to the other car.

He won't be able to
track you there, okay?

He'll be takin' shots at me,
he won't even see you.
Get going!

Dad, you're hurt!

Get in the other
car and fuck off!

No, no. If you think
that I'm leaving you,

then you're out of
your fucking mind!

Do not run until
i start firing!

I'm gonna count
to three. One!


Count to a million
if you want to!

If you think that
I'm leaving here
without you,

then you don't know me!

All this time,
and you never
even fucking knew me!

What? Okay. Okay.

It's nice to meet you.

Okay, I got another idea.
Let's go together.

On your count or mine?

Okay, let's go!

Go, go, go!



Hey. You okay?

I'm okay.

Oh, no! Oh, fuck!

Dad, he's coming.

I don't know
where he is.

Yeah, he's coming.
Come here. Come here.

Be still.

Be very, very still.
I'm so sorry.

I got him!
I got him! I got you!

Oh, shit!

This is not good.
Oh, fuck!

Dead motherfucker!

The other one.
Get your head down.

There's the other one,
the boyfriend.
Stop, stop!

He's out there.
Dad, he's gone.
He's gone!

Where did he...
He's gone, okay?

I gotta go get us help.

No, you stay here.
Don't leave me,
stay here, please.


Yeah, yeah.

Just let me
look at you.

Your hair
came out good.

Look, kid, I'm really bad.
Here, take this gun.

I got nothing
better to give ya.

I never gave
you anything

and now I got
nothing to give you.

Dad, dad!
That is not true.

I lost ya...

Dad! Look at me!
Look at me!

You did not lose me.

I am not lost,
i am right here
with you, okay? Okay?

I'm not gonna leave.


Look at me.

It's just you and me.

I'm not gonna leave,
ever. I promise.

You sure are a good girl.

You sure are.
You sure are.


On your knees!
Hands behind your head!

A year ago,
I stopped running.

I stopped listening
to all of my worst instincts

and all the worst people.

I'll just tell you this.

I've been sober a year.

I miss my
father so much,

that I can't
sleep some nights,

but I tell myself that
he's watching over me.

there's this shame

that almost
breaks my back,

but I tell myself,

"when you owe
your life to someone,

"you better live it."

So, I just say,

"thank you."