Blonde (2022) - full transcript

A fictionalized chronicle of the inner life of Marilyn Monroe. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Mother has a surprise for you
waiting up ahead.

A surprise?

A birthday surprise.

Norma Jeane. Look.

That man is your father.

My father?

He's my father?

Look. Your father.

His name is a beautiful name.

And an important name.

But it's a name I can't utter.


You mustn't touch with sticky fingers.

So no one knows.

And no one must know,
even that you've seen this.

There are complications
in both our lives, you see?

When you were born,
your father was far away.

He's at a great distance, even now,
and I worry for his safety.

But in our hearts, we're wed.

We're husband and wife.

Though we scorn convention
and will not acquiesce to it.

But where is he?

Mmm. My hands are shaking.

Is this room vibrating?

In California, you… can't tell
what's "real" and what's "just yourself."

Looks delicious, doesn't it?

So you don't drool on my cover.

Do you remember, Norma Jeane,
who used to sleep here?

In this drawer? Do you remember?


You, Norma Jeane!
You slept right in this very drawer.

We were so poor,
this drawer was your crib.

But it was good enough for us, wasn't it?

I love you, Norma Jeane.

And one day,
I will return to Los Angeles to claim you.

Norma Jeane? Norma Jeane?

Norma Jeane, honey. Wake up!

Wake up!

Come on. Up, up! Let's go!

- I'm tired.
- Come with me.


Stop squirming like
a little snake needing to pee.

Mother? What if the house burns down?
I forgot my tiger.

That toy.

Go back!

Oh God. Oh God.

Oh God, I can't see a fucking thing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


What the hell are you doing?

We've been invited to a private residence
at the top of Laurel Canyon.

The owner has a fireproof mansion.
My daughter and I will be safe there.

I can't say this man's name, officer,
but it's a name you all know.

He's a titan in the industry.

This little girl is his daughter.

This is a city of sand,
nothing will long endure,

but we are going.

Ma'am, go home.

Put your little girl to bed, okay?
It's late.

Actually, officer,
I'd like to see hell close-up.

A preview.

Ma'am, you need to turn around.

I can give you an escort
if you need one, but this is an order.

If you don't turn around,
I'll have to put you under arrest.

Under arrest for driving my car?

I'm sorry, officer.
Please don't arrest me.

I wish you would shoot me.

Lady, look, go home, okay?

You're drunk, you're doped up,
and no one's got time for this tonight.

You're saying things
to get you into trouble.

Come on. Go.

Mother? Was he here?

My father? All this time?

Why didn't he come to see us?

What? What?

It's too hot.

Norma Jeane, get in the bath.

Be a good girl and get in the bath.

- It's too hot.
- Get in the bath!

Good girl. Good girl. Okay.

Because she loved the child
and wished to spare her grief.

Because the child
was her own secret self, exposed.

Because the very father
of the child had wished it not to be born.

Because he had given her money,
scattering bills across the bed.

Because he told her
he had never loved her.

She had misunderstood.

Because before the pregnancy,
he had loved her.

And after, he had not.

Because he would have married her.
She was certain.

Because no one
could love a child so accursed.

It's because of you!

You're the reason he went away!
He didn't want you!

Help! Help us!

Help! Help us!

Help, my mother's sick!

- Norma Jeane?
- Help my mother.

Clive, bring her in. Cover her.

Come here.

Come here, Norma Jeane.

- There's something wrong with your mother?
- She needs help.

She needs help?

You come inside with me, Norma Jeane.

You wait right here. Okay?

You just stay with me.

You're okay. You're okay now.

You're safe, Norma Jeane.

Your mama's well enough
to see you now, Norma Jeane.

Your mama's been askin' for you.

The doctors say she's well enough
for you to visit her.

Shall we go?

Where is she?

She's in the hospital in Norwalk.

Sh… she's better now?

Well, she's well enough
for you to visit with her.

Uncle Clive is gonna take us in the car.

And I'm gonna put a few things
in a suitcase for you.

You don't have to do anything.


Please forgive me, Norma Jeane.

There's no other place for you right now.

Your mother is sick.

The doctors say that she is very sick.

She tried to hurt you.

She can't be a mother to you just now.

I can't be a mother to you just now.

But I'm not an orphan.

I have a mother, and I have a father.

I'm not an orphan.

My father is coming home soon.
He promised.

Come on now, Norma Jeane.
Come on. Be a good girl. Be a good girl.


Please, Norma Jeane? Please?

- No! I'm not an orphan!
- Stop it! Come on!

Come on! Please be a good girl.

I am not an orphan!

At least bring in
the suitcases, Clive, damn you!

My father
is coming back soon! He promised!

No. Stop it!

Stop crying! Stop!

The circle of light is yours.

It's a circle of light and attention.

You enclose yourself in the circle.

You carry it with you wherever you go.

You're going to imagine
that next to your own real body,

is the imaginary body of your character,

whom you've created with your mind.

Daddy, I couldn't imagine what to wear.

You look fine.

Are you sure?

I mean, I'm so jumpy.

Just don't be late
for your appointment at 5:00.

As if I would be late. My God.

Don't you see, Norma Jeane?

The future is in the palm of your hand.

Marilyn Monroe for Mr. Z?

"Imagine, to know every night

that differing hundreds of people
love you."

"They want you."

"You belong."

"Just that alone is worth anything."

"You carry it with you wherever you go."

"The circle of light is yours."

You don't have to read.

I don't understand.

You're in. You're cast.
If your name is Marilyn Monroe.

Yes, that's me.

But I don't understand.

Do you see that man?
That's Max Fabian, the producer.

Now go and do yourself some good.

Why do they always look
like unhappy rabbits?

'Cause that's what they are.
Now go and make him happy.

It's all right, Norma Jeane.
Come back, Norma Jeane.

Come back here, Norma Jeane.

Hey. It's okay.

It's okay.

It's all right, Norma Jeane.

Hey. Everything's all right.

Norma Jeane?
What were you thinking of?

I wasn't thinking.

Um, maybe…

…I was remembering?

I… I read the script, the whole script.

It's, um…
such a strange, disturbing story.

This mentally unbalanced woman
almost killing a little girl.

Like a novel by Dostoyevsky,
where you feel sympathy for the criminal

and don't wish to see her punished.

Oh, you've read Dostoyevsky,
have you, honey?

All right.

Well, Miss Monroe,
let's, uh… let's begin.

Miss Monroe?

You go back now. Go back.

"She yours?"

No. She doesn't belong to me.

This isn't your room.
You go back in there and go to sleep.

"She's crying."

If you don't pay
any attention to them, they stop.

"I think I'd better leave
before twins pop out of the closet."

But you haven't any reason to leave now.

"Sure, I have. I want to."

I'll go with you.

- Let's go dancing.
- "What's the matter with you?"

"You're supposed
to be here with that kid."

Then stay.

She won't bother you anymore.

"You bother me."

"I can't figure you out."

I'll be any way you want me to be.

"Why? Why is it so important?"


I belong with you, Philip.

I didn't think you were ever coming back.

"I'm Jed, Nell."

"I'm not the man you think I am."


"Remember Philip?"


"Now, think back."


"What did he look like?"

He had…

Brown eyes.

Shiny black hair.

"I'm not Philip. I'm Jed, Nell."

"I'm Jed."

People's names…

You're not him.

You never were.

Thank you, Miss Monroe.


Can I try again?


I… I know I could be Nell.

I think I am Nell.

She's a sleepwalker.

She doesn't see him.
She sees her dead fiancé.

She's trapped in delusion.

But where does dreaming end
and madness begin?

Anyway, isn't all love based on delusion?

It was beautiful…

- I really wanted…
- Thank you, John. Thank you, gentlemen.

That was, uh…

We'll hear from you.

…pretty bad, wasn't it?

Like, um,

watching a mental patient, maybe.

Not acting. No technique.

People like that, you can see
why they're drawn to acting.

Because the actor in her role
always knows who she is.

What do you think, boss?

Sweet Jesus.

Look at the ass on that little girl.

Are you sure a visit
with her won't be too upsetting?

Upsetting to your mother
or to you, Miss Baker?

I haven't seen my mother in ten years.

Those are some
of our more troubled patients.

Here we are.

Oh, Mother.


Mother, it's me. It's me, Norma Jeane.

Mother, it's so nice here.

Isn't it nice here?

Are you warmer now?

Oh, this shawl, it's so pretty on you.

It's been so exciting this past year.

So wonderful. Like a fairy tale.

Sometimes, I can't believe it.

I'm under contract at the studio.

Where you used to work.

I can make a living
just being photographed.

I guess there isn't
any Norma Jeane, is there?


My father was under contract
to the studio, you said.

Around 1925?

I've been sneaking around there
trying to find his picture in the files...

Where's my daughter?

They said my daughter was coming.

I don't know you. Who are you?

And cut.

Yes, cut. Don't be a coward. Cut.

Do it!

You all right?


Hey, what's wrong? You okay?

Dee-Dee, it's okay. I have it.
We're fine, thank you.

Oh, dear.

Hey, that's all right.
Everything is okay. Thank you.

Give us a second.

Marilyn Monroe,
a rising new Hollywood talent

proves herself a strong dynamic presence
in this darkly disturbing thriller.

Also starring Richard Widmark.

Her portrayal
of a mentally unbalanced young babysitter

is so chillingly convincing...

Mr. Shinn, at the premiere,
I shut my eyes a lot.

I couldn't believe that girl was me.

But everyone in the audience
would think it was me, Nell.

And later at the party, Marilyn.

Are you on painkillers?

Is it your period?


No. No, it's not.

Um, what business of yours...

Sweetheart, the next film
is going to be terrific, I promise you.

A whole lot classier than Don't Bother,

which I think is a stagy piece of crap
except for you, but don't quote me.

Marilyn deserves better than this.

Marilyn is gonna be a star.

This place…

Know what it smells of?

Dreary old love-paste.

Nothing more dreary
than rancid old love-paste.

You know, we've performed in porn films.

Just for the hell of it. Not for cash.

I didn't sneer at the cash. I never do.

She's a prude.

Miss Golden Dreams of all people.

The human body is meant to be seen.

Admired and…


Not hidden away
like some ugly festering wound.

There's plenty of bodies
that should be hidden away.

But not yours, Cassie, and not mine.

And for sure not our girl Norma's.

What are you doing?

Are you looking at her?

Can you see her?

I like to watch myself in the mirror.

I like to watch myself on the toilet even.

In our household, my father, Chaplin,

was all the magic.

He drew all the light into himself

until there was
nothing left inside me but numbness.

Like sleep.

Only in the mirror could I see myself.

Anything I did in the mirror,

I could hear waves and waves of applause.

Look, Norma Jeane.

There she is.

Your magic friend.

Were you waiting for us?



Were you starved for us?


But don't be nice to us.

Yeah. Like feeding a cobra.

I'd use a ten-foot stick on me, myself.

She sang of love
just as she lived for love.

Like a Lorelei, flaunting her charms
as she lured men on and on

to their eternal destruction.

It's Marilyn Monroe,
skyrocketing to new dramatic heights.

When a man
took her loveliness in his arms,

he took his life in his hands.

You smell like a dime store.
I know what that means.

Sure, I'm meeting somebody.

Just anybody handy, as long as he's a man.

Joseph Cotten,
helpless in her siren spell.

That is not our Norma.

That's not our little Fishie.

But she could never be his
nor any man's completely.

And that thought whipped him into a frenzy

that makes the screen thunder
with unparalleled suspense.

She is pretty, I guess.

But it isn't me, is it?

How about when people find out?

Hell, baby, we found out,
and we still love you.

I just… I wish
I could just hide in your arms.

Forever and ever in your arms.

But you don't mean that, Norma.

An actress wants to be seen.

An actress wants to be loved
by a multitude of people.

No. What I really want is you.

You're so sweet.

I hate this one. I look like an asshole.

With my mouth open, like I'm panting.

"Young men-about-town, Charlie Chaplin Jr.

And Edward G. Robinson Jr."

"And blonde sexpot, Marilyn Monroe."

"A threesome."

How vulgar.

"A sexpot."

What is a "sexpot"?

Is this the sexpot?

- No!
- Or this?

No! No!


I don't want you seen
in public with them, Norma Jeane.

And in private?

In private…

Take precautions.

Oh, Mr. Shinn, that's so cruel.

It's crude and cruel.
And you… you know it.

I'm just thinking of your career
and your well-being.

You're thinking of Marilyn.

- Yes.
- Her career.

Yes. And her well-being.

She doesn't have any well-being.

She's only a career.

They know I'm Norma.

Not Marilyn.

They understand me.

I understand you. I invented you.

Oh, Norma.

I guess I do love you.

I'm jealous of you and Eddy.

Jealous of anybody who looks at you.

If I could love any woman,

it'd be you.

When you say you love me

and when you look at me…

Who do you see, truly?

The Little Tramp? Do you see him?


I see only you.

People think it's a blessing
being Charlie Chaplin's son.

Like it's a fairy tale,
and I'm the king's son.

But we're cursed, Eddy and me.

We're juniors… of men who never wanted us.

But at least you two have fathers.

At least you know who you are.

Oh, we knew
who we were before we were born.

You never knew your father.

So you're free.

You can invent yourself.

I love your name.

- Marilyn Monroe.
- Mm-hmm.

It's so totally phony.

I love it.

Like you gave birth to yourself.

Because of his eyes.

He had the most beautiful eyes.

Because he'd gazed upon me
with those eyes.

Haunting, soulful eyes.

From a wall
of Mother's long-ago apartment.

Because he would say, seeing me…

I knew you as soon as I saw you.


Like me.

And then your mother abandoned…

And debased.

Like mine.

Because he would love me
as other men would not.

Or could not.

As a twin.

With his soul.

There's Gemini.


Both Norma and I are Geminis.

The fated twins.


- I don't see it. Where?
- There.

It's all billions of years old.

Unimaginably vast.

Yet it began out of what?

Particles so small
it couldn't be seen by the human eye.

Look at them up there,
shining so brightly.

And yet, each one is so very much alone.

I'll drink to that.

Let's vow, okay? The three of us.

To always love each other like right now.

And to die for each other, if needed.

We're a triangle.

A triangle can't be divided in two,
like two can be.

We're the Gemini, the three of us.

Like twins. But there's three.

To the Gemini.

To the Gemini.

Oh God, I knew.

I guess I knew.
I've been feeling so swollen and so happy.

My dear, you're healthy.

Everything's gonna be fine.

I'm happy, I said.

I want this baby.

My husband and I have been trying
for years.

Hey, Norma.

What is it? You look… fraught. And happy.

Oh, Norma…

You think you are?

- Is this what I think it is?
- Yes!

Oh, man!

Are you happy for me?

Us? The Gemini, I mean?

- Yes!
- Yes!

It's like the movies.

The kind of thing that only happens
in the movies.


That little tiger.



I had one like him once.

A long time ago when I was a little girl.

Baby's first plaything.


Cass, where are you taking us?

I wanna go home.


Baby's so sleepy.

Oh, this is a vision for baby to see.

Just wait.

Norma, you can look or not,

but… there she is.

Mmm… Marilyn.


I can't take the role.

I'm sorry.

Are you still on the line?

Is something wrong?

No, nothing's wrong.

I just can't.

Not now.

Not now? Why not now?

You're the newest
box office sensation now.

Zanuck has bought
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for you.

He wants it as a showcase for you.

How much would I get?

Your contract salary.

Five hundred a week.

How much would Jane Russell get?

The deal is pending.

And Russell has to be lent
by another studio.

Yes, but how much?

The figures aren't finalized.

How much?

They're asking… $100,000.


I'll get about $5,000,
and Jane Russell gets $100,000?

And I'm playing the blonde
in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

That's an insult.

- I'm gonna hang up now. Goodbye.
- Marilyn, wait.

Fuck Marilyn. She's not here.

"To My Baby."

In you

The world is born anew

Before you

There was none

How'd you like to be a grandmother?

What year is it?

What time did we travel to?

Mother, it's May 1953.

I'm Norma Jeane.

I'm here to take care of you.

But your hair is so white.

When you had me, Mother,
you weren't married, I guess.

You didn't have a man supporting you.

And you had a baby.

That was so brave.

Another girl would've…

Well, you know, gotten rid of it.

Of me.

And I wouldn't be here at all.
There wouldn't be any Marilyn.

And she's getting so famous now.

Fan letters, telegrams.

Flowers from strangers.

But you were brave.

You did the right thing.

You had your baby.

You had me.

Hers is a mystery illness.

An illness no one truly understands.

A syndrome of symptoms.

Is it inherited?

Excuse me?

My mother's illness, are you…

Are you…

Are you born with it in your blood?

All right, Marilyn, what I'll do
is I'll turn you over to Yvet.

You remember Yvet? She'll help you.


- I need help. I need help so badly.
- Dear, I'll make the arrangements.

Plan on tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.
You'll be picked up at home.

Please, I wanna go back.

Hey, I've changed my mind.

My mind's my own to change.

Oh, the bright lights.

You're in good hands, dear.

Please, won't you listen?
I've changed my mind.

Please, don't. Won't you listen?

This will put you
in twilight sleep.

No, I… wanna go back.

No. Wait.

Wait! Wait! No! No!


Miss Monroe?

Miss Monroe.

Miss Monroe, it's time.

Miss Monroe?

I'm one of the winners
of the American lottery.

I know it. I'm grateful for it.

And I never take it for granted.
Baseball was my life.

Baseball was my ticket up and out.

And now, well,

I'm retired.

I mean, I have plenty to do, you know,
endorsements and… personal appearances,

advisory board meetings.

I guess I sound like a sap.

No. No. No, no.

It must be awfully strange to be a…

Well… a hero.

Anyway, you don't seem retired.

You're in the paper so much.

Well, not half as much as you, Marilyn.

Who, me?


That's just studio publicity.

Oh, they're awful.

The things they make up.

I know you're supposed to get used to it.

But I just can't.

It really hurts.

How'd you get your start?

What start?

In movies.

In acting.

I don't know.

I… I guess…

I guess I was discovered.

Oh, discovered. How?

Maybe we should leave.

I'm afraid of some of the people here.


I know what it's like…

To be lonely…

To want a better life.

A good, simple life.

A decent life.

I just wanna begin again from zero.

I wanna live in…

I wanna live in another world.
Away from Hollywood.

I wanna live in…


I wanna move to New York.

And study acting.

Serious acting.

In the movies, they chop you all to bits.

Cut, cut, cut. It's a jigsaw puzzle.

But you're not the one
to put the pieces together.

Oh, but to live in a part.

To just be in it
till the closing curtain every night.

But mostly, I…

I wanna settle down.

Like any girl.

And have a family.

Oh, I love children so.

I'm crazy about babies.

Did somebody die?

What is all this?

These flowers.

Am I a corpse?

Is this a funeral home?

I'm a slave
to this Marilyn Monroe.

I signed up for a luxury cruise,

but like Lorelei Lee,
I'm in fucking steerage, paddling.

Now, Miss Monroe,
you don't mean a word of what you say.

If you weren't Marilyn, who'd you be?

Miss Monroe, you're cruel.

Every one of us, everybody in the world,

would give their right arm
to be you, and you know it.

Oh, I do.

"Marilyn, you are the sweetheart of this
and any other month."


"Marilyn, you are a whore,
a blonde tramp."

"Nobody will ever love you,
you disgusting tramp."

"Get off our radio, television,
and out of our movies."

"You're poisoning our children."

"Not a fan."

Like movie critics.

Some of them love Marilyn,
some of them hate Marilyn.

What's that got to do with me?


Miss Monroe,
this is a confidential letter, I think.

He's got a bat for a cock. Sorry.

"Dear Norma Jeane."

"This is possibly the most
difficult letter I have ever penned."

Honestly, I… I do not know
why I'm contacting you now

after so many years.

The truth is,
I have suffered a heart attack,

and I have contemplated my life
with gravity.

I cannot say I am proud of my behavior
in all cases.

Oh, it's him.

I am your father, Norma Jeane.

And I have here before me

an interview with Marilyn Monroe
in the new Pageant.

Reading it, it brought tears to my eyes

when you said
that your mother has been hospitalized,

and you do not know your father.

Although you await him
with every passing hour.

Oh, my poor daughter.

Oh God.

- I did not know.
- Oh, it's him.

I knew.

Watching over me all these years.

I felt it.

I will contact you again soon,
Norma Jeane, in person.

So look for me,
my precious daughter,

upon a special occasion in your life

where both father and daughter
can celebrate our long-denied love.

Your tearful father.

Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn!

Can I have a moment of your time, please?
Thank you.

Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

I've just learned.

Be sure to go alone
to your hotel suite tonight.

Someone special
will be waiting for you there.

Someone special? Oh.



Is it my father?

Marilyn, tell our radio audience.
Are you lonely tonight?

When are you two gonna get married?



Is he here? My father?

It's like a happy ending
of a long, confused movie.

Your father?

I understand that I have a special date?

After the party, in my hotel suite?

Oh, Daddy.

That thing up on the screen, it isn't me.

For this, you killed your baby?



Oh, it's you.

Marilyn, I…

I just want you to be happy.

I am happy.

I've been happy all my life.

Marilyn, we love each other.

It's time we were married.

Yes, I guess.

Hey… Hey. Hey.

I just love you so much.

I just want to protect you
from all these jackals.

I want to take you away from all of this.


In you, the world is born anew

As two

Before you

There was but one

That's it, huh?

- Is that the whole poem?
- Huh?

- Yeah.
- Well, it's good, honey.

People make spaghetti?


I mean, not just in a store?

That smells delicious.

Can I try it?

Oh. Um…

Is this to eat?

I mean, standing up?

So, Marilyn,
what's it like being a movie star?


I'm not a star.

I'm just some blonde.

So the hair's real?

No, no.

Daddy, it's so scary

how a scene with actual people

just goes on and on.

Like on a bus.

What's to stop it?


Or how to figure out what people mean

when probably they don't mean anything.

Not like a script.

There's no point.

It just happens.

Like the weather?


You know, honey, in boxing,

they say, "That got his attention"…

When a guy gets hit hard.

Well, it's about attention, honey.
It's about concentration.

And if you don't have that…

I could have you hurt, you cocksuckers.

Hey, now.

That's not the right attitude.

I mean, we're on your side.

And the lady's too. She's a real…

High-class lady, in fact.

What we feel, strongly,

is that these, uh, negatives,
well, should be off the market.

So they can't be misappropriated.

Where the fuck is…

Hi, Daddy. Where'd you go to?

Oh, Daddy. It's my fault.

I don't know how the room got this way.
I've been sick, I guess.

Those photos. That's what you are. Meat.

Daddy, no.

I don't want to be.

Tell them you won't.

This new movie? No deal.

Daddy, I have to work.

It's my life.

You tell them you want better roles.

More serious roles.
You tell them you're quitting.

You tell them
your husband says you're quitting.


Yes, I will tell them.

Don't you see how much I love you?
Don't you understand?

I know.

I can't bear to see you
cheapen yourself like that.

I just felt so sorry
for the creature at the end.

"Sorry for the creature"?

What'd you want him to do? Marry the girl?

He was kind of scary-looking,
but he wasn't really all bad.

I think he just craved a little affection,
you know?

A sense of being loved
and needed and wanted.

That's a very interesting point of view.

You feel the breeze
from the subway? Isn't it delicious?

Sort of cools the ankles, doesn't it?

What do you think would be fun to do now?

And cut!

Isn't it delicious?


Daddy, gosh, I'm sorry.

- Keeping you waiting so long.
- There she is.

You proud of yourself, hmm?


Are you proud of yourself, huh?

- Daddy, don't…
- Don't touch me. Don't touch me.

- Please…
- Proud of yourself?

- What? Huh? Huh?
- No.

- I'm workin' tomorrow.
- Showing off your crotch?

- Please don't.
- Huh? Huh?

You think that shit works on me?
Think that works on me? Oh, yeah?

Everybody, they're gonna fuckin' know
what a fuckin' whore you are!

Fuckin' get up! Huh? Huh?

You fucking whore! Huh?

Get over here! Get over here!

My dear daughter, Norma Jeane.

I did not see your new movie.

Its vulgar title
and publicity attending it,

these giant billboards
of your crude likeness

posed with your dress lifted up

for all the world
to see your private parts,

did not make me wish to purchase a ticket.

Fuckin'… Huh?

I had hoped to meet your husband.

I've long been an admirer of his.

I was disappointed that your marriage
to such a stellar athlete

ended in divorce and such ugly publicity.

At least there are no children
to reap the shame.

My Magda.

My Magda.

Magda. Magda. Magda.

Magda. Magda. Magda.


Marilyn Monroe?


Magda? Her?

"When I dream of back there,
I dream of the smell of laundry."

"The tub overflowing and the poem I wrote,
'Magda, ' floating, soaked."

"I'm frantically trying
to collect the pages

before the ink runs in streaks
and the poem comes apart in my hands."


He's in love with her.

"These words I wrote her…"

"Two hundred words."

"A kind of… prayer."

"And I wake in Brooklyn,
nearly 40 years later,

my heart knocking in my chest."

"And I remember her face, blushing,

and her beautiful wide-set eyes
looking up from the poem, and saying…"

Not my Magda.

Magda was my own first love.

Never consummated.

Never even really declared.


She would be,

if she was even still alive,
in her… in her mid-fifties.

Beautiful Magda.


I had some ideas about Magda,

if you're interested.

Of course I'm interested.

It's very good of you to care.

Um, this girl, Magda,
she's like Natasha in The Three Sisters.

The one they laugh at
because her dress is the wrong color.

Except, with Magda,
it's the way she speaks English.

Who told you that?


About The Three Sisters and my play?

- Nobody.
- Kazan?

That I'd been influenced?

Uh, no.

No, I read the play myself.

I always thought I…

I always thought I could play Natasha.

I was thinking,
what Chekhov does with Natasha, he… he…

He… he surprises you,

because Natasha turns out to be
so strong and devious.

And cruel.

But your Magda, she never changes much.

She's always so good.


Magda is good.

Was good. The original.

She wouldn't dream of being cruel.


And, uh, you have
any other thoughts about Magda?


One thing I was thinking,

Magda wouldn't know how to read.

Isaac shows his poem to her,
and she's only pretending to read it.

Oh my God.

She was illiterate. That's what it was.

Of course.

Well, thank you. Thank you.

Uh, what…

I… I suppose I should call you Marilyn,
shouldn't I?

Or is that just a stage name?

You could call me Norma.

That's my true name.

I could call you Norma, if you prefer.

Or, uh, I could call you, uh…

My Magda.

I'd like that.

My secret Magda.


But maybe "Marilyn" when others are around

so there wouldn't be
any misunderstandings.

When others are around,
it doesn't matter what you call me.

You can whistle.

You can call me, "Hey, you."

Hey, you.

Hey, you.

Putting an end
to all speculation,

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe
confirmed they will soon marry.

Could you tell us what kind
of a wedding you're going to have?

Very quiet, I hope.

Daddy, this is so beautiful!

I don't ever wanna leave!


It's so beautiful.

Oh, Daddy!

I don't ever want to leave.

I love you.

We love you.

Daddy, come on.

Baby's hungry. He wants his mama to eat.

Mm, yeah?

Baby makes his wishes known.

Norma's just the vessel.


Not after those potatoes.

Am I your good girl, Daddy?

Yeah. You're my good girl, darling.

Come here.

You're my only love.

Daddy, you won't ever
write about me, will you?

Darling, of course not.

Why would I do such a thing?

It's what people do.



I'm not other people.

You and I are not other people.


where do you go when you disappear?


Don't make me go back.

I never wanna be her again.

I got out with my life last time
but only just barely.

Yeah, she's wonderful.

Yeah, pregnancy agrees with her.

Even morning sickness,
she's cheerful about.

And then she says, "Oh!"

"Well, this is how
it's supposed to be, I guess."

Yeah. Esther was always so cruel.

It wouldn't occur to Norma to be cruel.

If I have one regret…

…it's that time passes so quickly.

You won't hurt me
this time, will you?

Not do what you did the last time?

I didn't.

- I didn't mean to.
- Yes, you meant to.

It was your decision.

You're not the same baby.

You're this baby.

That was me. It's always me.

He loves us.

He would die for us.

He said so.

Flowers make people feel welcome.

Like they're wanted.

Mm, darling, you cut 'em
a little too short. See?

What did I… What?

Well, don't worry,
we can repair the damage. Hmm?

Come here.

Where's Norma gone to?

She's absolutely adorable.
She's nothing like I expected.

She's so well-read.

Yeah, like she's read
Rudy's book.

I'm just glad somebody has.

Look at that out there.
Oh my God. Do you guys see that?

This is incredible.


Aren't you gonna come down
to the beach with us?

Why you hiding in here?

I'm coming, Daddy. I was just…

Darling, it isn't necessary
to make so much of this visit.

You know Rudy and Jean.

But they don't like me.

They've come to see you.

Norma, stop being so ridiculous.

You know they've come to see us both.

Darling, come down there with me,
huh, will ya? They're waiting.


Come out there with me.

You're looking very beautiful.


Come, yeah? Come.

You all right, darling?

I'll bring them the beer.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

Help me.

Help me. Save my baby.

Please, Daddy, help me! Deliver the baby!

- Daddy! Daddy, help!
- Norma!

You think I'm too dumb
to comprehend the joke's on me?

- What joke?
- Jell-O on springs!


- No! No! No, no, no, Marilyn!
- I don't need this!

- Get out!
- For God's sake! Marilyn!

- You okay?
- I can't take it.

- I know.
- I can't take it!

I'll take you in the back here.

- We got something for you.
- Be there in a second.

- Settle down.
- I'll be there in a minute.

Come on, sweetie. Over here.
You're doing such a good job.

Such a good job. Come on in here.
Come on, come on, come on. How about here?

- Billy?
- Hmm?

She's not a well girl. Hmm?

If she could be well, she would be.

It's okay, honey. I have you. I have you.

It's okay. Breathe.

It's okay.

That's it, Marilyn.
That's it, sweetie.

Only just hold still. It's…
You've seen it before.

Just a minute.

- It's okay, here you go. Just hold on.
- It's okay.

Okay. That's it.

Just breathe.

- I'm okay.
- See?

I'm okay.

What can I do
to help you, darling?

To help us?

Yeah, every day since Maine,

I feel like we're getting
more and more distant.

I'm so worried about you, darling.

Your health. And these drugs…

Are you trying to destroy yourself, Norma?

I mean, what are you doing to your life?

What business of yours is my life?

You're gonna get yourself
into a lot of trouble.

Yes, you better keep a lookout.

If Bienstock catches you again…

- What's the matter with you anyway?
- I'm not very bright, I guess.

I wouldn't say that. Careless, maybe.

No, just dumb. If I had any…

If I had any brains,
I wouldn't be on this crummy train

with this crummy girl's band.

Brains aren't everything.

You know, it's just a network of veins,
arteries… holding us together.

And if they burst, they start bleeding.

And cut!


Fuck you! And fuck this movie!


- Doc?
- Right here.


- Come here, come here.
- Hi, sweetie. Hi.

Have a little Benzedrine. Codeine?

- You're okay.
- I wanna go home.

- I wanna go home.
- What if you get through this?

I wanna go home!
I wanna go home! I wanna go home!

I wanna go home!

Having heard of your tragic loss,

I wish to offer my heartfelt condolences.

The death of an unborn soul
may lodge more painfully within us.

So many people. It's just so many!

Why did God make so many?

'Cause the innocence
is unsullied.

Of course, it has been
in the press by now.

I will contact you soon in person.

See, Norma Jeane…

That man is your father.

Soon I will contact you,
I promise.

See, Norma Jeane, that man is your father.

See, Norma Jeane, that man is your father.

I can explain the circumstances
of our relationship

when we meet face-to-face.

"Your tearful and loving father."

Who are you?

Darling, I'm… I'm your husband.


Miss Monroe,
are you coming in today?


Marilyn Monroe will not be coming in today
to impersonate and demean herself.

And you will have to shoot around her.

Whitey? Whitey?

I'm going to conjure Marilyn
within the hour, I promise.

Come here. It's gonna be all right.

Okay. Good.

Baby's gone.

Baby's gone, Whitey.

I know.

It'll be okay.

Oh, Miss Monroe.



Please come.

Please come. Don't abandon me.

- Please.
- She's coming.

Please come.

She's coming.

- Don't abandon me.
- She's coming.

She's almost here.

Please come.

Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn!
Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!

Marilyn! Marilyn!
Marilyn! Marilyn! Marilyn!


I love you. I love, love, love you all.


Well, nobody's perfect.

Champagne, Miss Monroe?

Yeah, just a little.

Oh, it's just to help me sleep.

I see your beautiful face often.

And I wonder how you look so…


But the soul does not always show
in the face, I suppose.

Too many years have slipped away.

And I must see you,
my beautiful lost daughter.

Before I embark on that long journey
across the sea.

Your tearful father.

Miss Monroe.

Miss Monroe?

It's so hot in this theater.

Miss Monroe? Miss Monroe?

Hi, Miss Monroe?

We've landed in New York.

We're here. Yeah. Let me help you.

I can take your coat.

Here, take this. I'll get her to customs.

Ready? One, two.

- Yeah.
- Oh, watch your head.

It's okay.

Let's go this way.


Almost there.

Am I under arrest?

What will happen to me?

Miss Monroe?

Miss Monroe?
You don't wanna lay down here. Okay?


- Come on.
- We got her. Up you come.

It isn't sexual
between the president and me.

It has very little to do with sex.

It's a meeting of our souls.

Oh. Did I say that out loud?

Your ticket, ma'am,
for your return to LA this evening.

This evening? But…

President's plans have changed, ma'am,
so your plans have changed.

There's an emergency situation
calling him back to Washington.

He can't stay overnight after all.

Oh, I see.

- Step back.
- Give us some space.

Get back.

Goddamn it! Jesus!

- Go somewhere else. Clear.
- We need some room. Excuse us.

Watch your step, ma'am.

Watch it.

Come on, ma'am.
Step along, please, ma'am.

I can walk myself.
Thank you. I'm not crippled.

Oh my God!

Am I meat to be delivered?
Is that what this is? Room service?

Hang on.

Would you wish to freshen up,
Miss Monroe?

Oh God.

This way, Miss Monroe.

Right here.


This way, Miss Monroe.

We have Miss Monroe here, sir.

The matter being?

I see.

And just who might this man be?

Am I glad to see you, baby.
This has been one hell of a day.

Oh, gosh, I've been told, darling.

How can I help?

If you've got pictures, you'll see
she can hardly be called "common."

Nor will you lecture me, sir.

Baby. Don't be shy. Come on, come on.

Mr. President.

- Mr. President.
- Don't be shy. Come on.

Mr. President, a gubernatorial aide
in Texas alleges you molested her.

The Bureau has also uncovered
a member of White House personnel

willing to testify that you and she
conducted an inappropriate sexual liaison.

These women, these allegations,
they not only inflict irreparable harm…

- Baby, come on.
- …On the presidency, but also on America.

My personal life
is no one's business but my own.

Who brought me here

to this place?

Was it Marilyn?

But why does Marilyn do these things?

What does Marilyn want?

Or is it a movie scene?

I'm playing the part
of a famous blonde actress

meeting the boyishly handsome leader
of the free world,

the President of the United States,
for a romantic rendezvous.

The girl upstairs
in harmless soft porn film.

Just once. Why not?
Any scene can be played.

Whether well or badly, it can be played.

And it won't last
more than a few minutes.

- Dirty slut.
- Oh! Oh, you dirty slut.

Just don't puke.

Not here. Not in this bed.

Don't cough. Don't gag.

You have to swallow.

- You have to swallow.
- Oh, you dirty girl…

Oh, baby!

Yes. Ah, fantastic.

Mr. President… Mr. President…

These women, Mr. President…

These allegations,

they inflict irreparable harm on America.

Mr. President.


Gee, Pronto, these girls?

Gosh, I know you're a man of the world.

I'm not a child.

You don't have to worry about me.

Monroe… Miss Monroe.

Come on. Just get up.

Get up. Get… Just…

- Oh, Jesus. Grab her.
- I got her. Come on.

Miss Monroe, this way, ma'am.
Do you need assistance?

I love the president.

I love the president.


No. I'm fine.

Don't come inside, please.


Miss Monroe! What's wrong? What's wrong?

Oh, gosh, Whitey. I thought I was dead.

- You just dozed off.
- Just for a second.

Oh God.

Oh, stop.

And you thought you were… You look dead.

- I need this.
- My God. Have it.

You all right?

Stop screaming.

Who is it?

The circle of light is yours.

You enclose yourself in the circle.
You carry it with you wherever you go.

The circle of light is yours.

You enclose yourself in the circle.
You carry it with you wherever you go.

It's just a dream. It's just a dream.

It's just a dream.

It's just a dream.

It's just a dream. It's just a…

It's just a crazy dream.

Oh Christ.

What an ugly dream.

What a crazy dream.

I have not intended to be cruel.

Or to toy with your heart.

I have been incapacitated by illness.

But you are in my thoughts often.

I have known you only at a distance.

Years passed, and that distance
seemed too great to surmount.

Time is like a fast river
running through us.

Already it isn't.

Soon I will contact you, I promise.

Yes. Yes, but why are you waiting?

Your tearful father.


It's Eddy G.

Cass is dead.

Choked on his puke and strangled.
Classic alky death, huh?

I found him when I came over this morning.

Cass left a memento for you, Norma.

Most of his things, he left to me.

I was his good buddy, never let him down,
so he left most of his things to me.

But this memento…

… "This is for Norma someday,"
he'd say.

It meant a lot to him.

"Norma always had my heart," he'd say.


"No" what?

I don't want it.

I don't want it, Eddy.

How do you know
you don't want it, Norma?

You don't know what it is.

Right, baby. I'll send it.

Look for special delivery.

Thank you.

Oh, just a minute.

Where's my wallet?

Not in my purse?

Where did I put it?


But you wanted baby dead too.

You know you did.

Norma Jeane, look.

That man is your father.