Blithe Spirit (2020) - full transcript

A spiritualist medium holds a seance for a writer suffering from writer's block but accidentally summons the spirit of his deceased first wife, which leads to an increasingly complex love triangle with his current wife of five years.

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If only I were leaning on a rainbow

Where the stars twinkle and the moon rays glow

"I will leave my troubles and forget my misfortunes."

If only I were leaning on a rainbow

If I were sitting on top of the world

With a fine drink

Diamonds and Pearls

"No one will disappoint me."

If I were sitting at the top of the world

(Britain), 1937

Come on, very stupid!

There are only 26 letters in the damned alphabet

All you have to do is place
them in the correct order

write something


Charles Condomin, Crime Fiction
Prize for His Service to Literature







my dear?


They can hear you in Timbuktu.

Thank you very much

If you insist on living
as a nocturnal animal

At least be civilized enough

- "Cheerful spirit" -
to hide your tracks

- Good morning, Edith.
- Good morning, madam

- It's finally done - "Marry
the Duke of Windsor"

- "From (Wallis Simpson)
in (France)" - Yeah

- It's scandalous, isn't it?
On the contrary

I think abdicating the throne for
the sake of love is very romantic

I'll have a grilled grapefruit
and strong coffee, please

Mr Condomin asked me to
bring the eggs to his office again

Well, if we take his temperament into
account I hope you cook the eggs with eyes

here we start

Two eggs half boiled

For (William Shakespeare)

What does Her Majesty want this morning?
She sticks to the Hollywood diet.

Diet (Hollywood)!

You will need more than exotic
fruits to turn into Greta Garbo.

And don't hang out in the park, Edith.

Breakfast will be
returned if the toast is cold

Charles Condomin, Crime Fiction
Prize for His Service to Literature

I am not a bad guy

Yeah, I like to flirt a little

And occasional bets on horses

Excuse me, sir,
prefer your breakfast

- (Edith)
- Yes, sir?

Would you please remind Edna that the word "toast"

Derived from the Latin word "tostari".

And it means scorching or something?

As for this... it's a cold,
tough piece of bread

I apologize, sir

- Do you need anything else?
Divine Intervention

This is wonderful patriotism, Harold.

You really outdid yourself

- “Village in its prime, Competitor 13” -
and I am sure the rulers will agree with me

How was writing
so easy for you...

My muse from Manhattan?


You should really pray to Cadmus.

- Not to have his
head cut off - I'm sorry

Take on the task of writing
a 90-page movie script

It is not a novel of war and peace

I am very confused

I don't understand how editing a story
I originally wrote can be so problematic

Sorry, Charles.

I don't know how long I can go on like this

And you are stuck in a fictional world and...

I am alone in the real world

I missed you

I missed us

Me too

look at this!

I found it in some papers

Trying to be considerate of my
feelings is a nice way of doing it

- And a little naive.
- Why?

Because you imagine I
care what you think of elvira.

- Don't you mind? No

I am not jealous of her even a small amount

I just wonder if you'd keep
looking at my pictures if I had died

My dear!

You're not the type to die

He's simply stubborn, Violet.

I found him dreaming on Elvira's pictures yesterday

- (Elvira)?
- He is evading work

He longs for his ex-wife

The match reached the end

There is really no reason
to feel insecure about it

Elvira might be very attractive,
but the poor one is dead

- And so has the glitter of our
relationship gone - (Charles) Man

You cannot expect him to do
more than one thing at the same time

My advice to you...
let him worry about the words

Find another person to
form a relationship with

Leave that, don't be puritan

One has to be practical for
the marriage to run its course

Do you remember what you learned
in our last lesson, Mrs. Bradman?

Firm and strong grip

How can I forget?


What is the problem, dear friend?

Words seem not to
flow as they once were

Name me an outstanding writer who does not
suffer from a writing deficit every now and then

The truth is that it is not
just words from depleted

Big Ben is no longer ringing

Some of my body suffers
from a deficit in performance

My poor comrade!

It's like playing pool with a rope

Try a few of these

It will restore some energy to your body

- “Sulfate (amphetamine)”
- what is it?

Sulfate (amphetamine)


It improves elation and alertness

As Violet will testify, he does
wonders with physical desire

Seems better than real.

not at all

I have been using it for years


You're going to both of us have a heart attack, Charles.

I've never felt so
full of life before

Why? what happened?
- I decided to follow your advice

And look at the positive things

Sure, feeling optimistic
is better than frustration

I just don't want you to tire yourself out

Before the Spiritual Mediator
was shown on stage tonight

Nothing but crazy wastes a nice
evening in every sense of the word

In pretending to be infatuated with
someone conducting a one-sided conversation

Mrs. Arkatti is the
world-famous spiritual medium.

- “The World Famous Spiritual Mediator” -
Ladies and gentlemen, sit back at your places

This evening will run in two minutes

Isn't that your cooking?

- Sit in your places kindly.
- And your servant?

Yes, that is the situation

Poor Edith!

She has been very infatuated with
these things since she lost her brother

And he's fighting fascists in Spain.

Inborn volatility can
be very convincing

Especially with those who are emotionally sensitive

Mrs. Arkati

ladies and gentlemen

I welcome you to an evening

It will change your understanding of the world we inhabit

She will answer indisputably

On the question that has baffled the human race

Since the dawn of time

Is there life after death?


There it is

ladies and gentlemen

Good evening

From the large pyramid
(Khulula) in the west

To Mt Tai in the east

From the large port of Tara in the south

To Uppsala in the north

I traveled across the globe

I communicate with teachers and Sufis

And priests

Guided me by those loving wise men

To a deeper dimension

Where I experienced and finally... manifestation

She crossed over to the other side

I am sure everyone is here

They felt spirits

Their late beloved ones

And I'm sure we all hope

To be able to communicate with them again

To say things that
we could never say

You know the solution

- Tonight...
- Sorry

I will use the precious occult talent

To make it possible


Lady Arkati!

It's a juggling trick

I told you she was a fraud

This is a shameful accusation!

I simply lost touch

(Charles) was right,
it was a pre-made trick

where did he go?

Please! Please!

Mrs. Arkati has just had
a very painful experience

Please, just... please

Listen, I ask you to respect her privacy

At this difficult time

Oh my God!

I told you, Mandip.

I don't want to see a creature

My name is Charles Condomin.

I am an award-winning writer
- especially scandal journalism

I am not a reporter
I write crime novels

Scripts and movies

I cannot stand the novel or the fiction

Get out

Mrs. Arkati?

I am not here to doubt your integrity

Making a strange accent does
not mean that your talent is not real

I fully understand that it is like I am

Sometimes you have to use...

An artistic license to keep the crowd entertained

They expect me to do a big show

And a super miracle... night after night

Of course, there is no
need to justify yourself

I am a believer

I'm here simply to invite you to
have a private séance in my home

I'm not a traveling banjo
player, Mr. Condomin.

I am not fulfilling the demands

Well, some influential guests might attend

This can be a good opportunity
to push back bad publicity

One of the unfortunate events of the night

When would you like the session to take place?

as soon as possible

So I suggest this Thursday

Midsummer Night

Summer Solstice

The turning point of the Holy Seasons


- “The Great Lady (Arkatti)” - I
told her of my deepest interest

Anything related to esoteric matters

- And it blossomed like a flower - Hassan,
host an evening with a professional charlatan

- Sounds like a great
pastime - doesn't it?

But will it bring you closer to finishing your film?

I need the old woman to show me
some of the secrets of the profession

- This is what will make my new hero truly
unique - and what is so unique about him?

- He's dead.
- Dead?

He was filled with death

He is the victim of a
brutal, unsolved murder

And he communicates with the
living through a spiritual medium

It helps bring back
people from the other world

Maybe it can revive your
career at the same time

My father is ready to fight and
he threatens to find another writer

If you didn't deliver the text soon

is anybody there?

is anybody there?

One click to answer

And two for negation

Is that you, Maya?

Who is Maya? My guiding spirit

She was breastfeeding (Tutankhamun)

I really hope you are
not producing milk yet

I ask you not to be
arrogant, Doctor Bradman.

Perhaps she is in the Kingdom of
Shambhala, but the woman still has feelings

Please forgive me, Mrs. Arctati.

I didn't mean to offend

is anybody there?

There is...


Or someone...

from here?

Now we are making progress

Do I want to talk to her?

Is it Doctor Bradman?

Or maybe one of his less fortunate patients?

Is it Mrs. Bradman?

Is it Mrs. Condomine?

Act polite, Maya.

Is it Mr. Condomin?

Seems someone wants to
talk to you, Mr. Condomin.

Do you know someone who died recently?

And my old literary agent only

But it is very unlikely that he will communicate with me

He owes me a fortune of copyright

Are you the literary agent of Mr. Condomin?


I fear we failed
to get an answer

Is there a dead person you think about often?

Well, there's no other choice I
would have to go into a coma

This is a moment I hate

Are you... are you nervous or...

When I was a child I was sick

Now let's see, what do we have here?

Music by (Brahms) No, it's
melancholy and frustrating

(Rakhmaninov) No, he's very elaborate

No, that's better


Should that song be?

Maya loves a melody
that she can chime on, too

I will love you always'

"Always true love"

And the things you are planning

"Need a helping hand"

"I will always understand."

Oh my God!

what is happening?

It must have been a blackout

Mrs. Arkati?

- Can you hear me, Mrs. Arctati?
- Are you breathing?

She's going through a seizure of some kind

Please do something,
Doctor Bradman.

thank God! what happened?

Except that the glass doors opened
in a storm, nothing supernatural

Something great happened

- I can feel it in my basement
- it might be a flatulence

There are no evil spirits anyway

Are there spectra?

We didn't see any of it

What about ectoplasm?
I'm not quite sure what that is

Thick essence of nature

It seeps from one's
body in a spiritual trance

Matter is formed for the manifestation of spirits

No, I would definitely remember that

Well, I should go
before the storm hits

Could you have some refreshment
before returning to your hotel?

No, thank you, Mrs. Condomin.

I like to travel lightweight

Congratulations, Mrs. (Arkati).
It was an exciting evening

I'm fully aware of the irony in
your voice, Doctor Bradman.

Do I have the courage to remind you?

Modern medicine is a new phenomenon

And that the doctors found health

In practices that cannot be explained scientifically

Since the beginning of
civilization - good words

Good good night everyone

Sorry, not much happened in the end

Cosmic flow may be the cause

Thank you very much for
agreeing to do this, Mrs. Arctati.

It was an educational evening on several levels

Thank you

Mister Condomin

Good bye

She... you might hear us

I can't, really... I can't

(The Olden Arch Hotel)

Talismans and talismans

I can't quite understand it, Donald.

I have never experienced
anything like it in my life

It really felt like...

Something big has happened

Well... maybe next time

Goodnight my love

Did you get everything
you needed for your script?

Everything and more

You don't even think about
going to sleep, do you?


Wouldn't it be wise to start writing
the ideas while they're still fresh?

Yeah, No.


I'll... get a drink for myself

And I start working

Take the chance, my dear

take the chance

"Always, always"

"Always, always"

'Modern woman'



What have you done?

The room looks like a huge
Beach Melba dessert plate

Where did my Italian wealthy go?





Please tell me that you didn't
destroy the rest of the house



Moroccan mosaic decorations


I miss one weekend

It stripped the whole
house of life and spirit!

It can't be happening
I must be babbling

Judging from the decor I would say that it is
the least eloquent statement of this century

I should have known that
you are not responsible for this

Who is she?

- It's not what
you think - please

Do not underestimate me or yourself any more

If you have something
to tell me, be a man

And say it quickly


You are dead

how dare you!

'Modern woman'

The last thing I remember...

It is to compete in the steeplechase
race in the Southern Downs

It is true

The conditions were treacherous

And as you do with a lot of
things, I refused to listen to the logic

Well, I couldn't afford to miss the
season's most high-profile match, Charles.

You paid the highest price for your
patronage and fell at the last wall

Knock your neck straight

The whole incident was very
heartbreaking for all of the participants

Well, I suppose it wasn't so
heartbreaking for them as it was for me

They actually renamed
Horse Jumping after your name

O good consideration!

I don't understand, if I am dead
then how am I here and why?

I totally have no idea

Maybe you are a ghost


- No - no!

- Please don't act hysterically

Rather anxious is the most accurate expression

Procrastination is a waste of time, Charles.

And your time... is running out

Who is she? My wife Ruth

- Yeah, are you okay?
I'm your wife

- Not anymore - Why?
what's the problem?

I'm not talking to you,
Ruth, I'm talking to Elvira.


Yeah, you can definitely see
her standing right next to you

What mess are you doing, Charles?
Elvira is dead!

Did everyone keep saying that?

I introduce you to Ruth, dear Elvira, I
introduce you to Elvira, my dear Ruth.

- Are you drunk?
- Elvira is here with us in the room, Ruth.

Mrs. Arkati must have brought
her up during the session

Mrs. Arkati is a rogue,
you yourself said that

I'll go to bed

I suggest you sleep too

We'll finally have some time alone
to get to know each other again

This is an unethical proposition in every sense of the word

I didn't hint for a moment
until we shared the bed

- No...
- I learned to accept your impotence

When performing in that area

I can't imagine what
I did with that grim

Shut up

You're acting like street kids - your
behavior is unforgivable, Charles.

good night


What a scary woman!

I can only assume it was
a marriage of counselor

I've gone mad

This is the reality

Completely insane

The drink will ruin your life
if you allow it to take over

One last time, Ruth, last night
had nothing to do with drinking

I was not pissed at all

Something very strange happened to me

It was a one-time delirium,
likely caused by work stress

The deadline does not explain why you told
me when I quietly proposed to you to sleep

With Shazer's loveliest look,
it was an unethical suggestion

I thought I was talking to elvira.

Well, if you are then I can only say that it
creates a good picture of your first marriage

My first marriage was charming
in every sense of the word

It is very infuriating to mock him

You are not as interested in your
first marriage as you might think

Your second marriage is
actually what currently occupies me

It is heading towards failure

Okay, your pressure is 155 over 99

It is really high

I am not surprised given
the extent of the delirium

I really thought Elvira was
in the room talking to me

It was true to my destiny and your destiny

Maybe you'd better stop
taking the tablets, my dear friend

My dear

I hate to see you so upset

Please accept my sincere apologies

Anything annoying I
could have said last night

Or this morning

I accept your apologies

Let's not mention it again

how are you?

Yes, I think Doctor Bradman
might solve the mystery

- Well, thanks to
Heaven - Now...

Let's go see your dad

I want to make sure he likes my
new idea before I put it down on paper

I don't want to be late

Pinewood Studios

Rank Organization,
Pinewood Studios


This is how you see, Henry, that it
is only through a spiritual medium

The killer can be brought to justice

Based on new evidence
collected from the other world

- "You should wait at the red light"
- I like the assumption, Charles.

But not so much that I wait
another 6 months to see a text

Charles will deliver the
text in a few weeks, Dad

I promise you

Me too

- Stop filming - we stop it

Yes, let's go and
see the next scene

I think (Hitchcock) would be
the perfect director for our movie

Just do not approach him in a way that interferes with his work

Come on, dear

Nice to see you, my dear Googy.

Introducing you to Charles Condomin.
I like your books, Mr. Condomin.

When can we expect Detective
Flowers to resolve his next case?

In fact, Charles made
the leap to scriptwriting

- My father's help -
what an exciting thing!

I yearn to play one of your
strong-willed female characters

Where do you get inspiration from?
Where do you think?

What a romantic thing...
to marry your muse

It's not very romantic
to replace your muse

Why don't you tell her the truth, Charles?

You are a dreamer, married
to two women - shut up

Stop acting like a prostitute

I beg your pardon?

Admit it, Charles.

Your female characters are all based on me

I was always a proverb who only took care of herself

How dare you talk to
the main heroine like this?

no no no

Get hold of yourself,
Charles, what's going on?

(Elvira) Here

I can see it

It's right there

I insist that you go home
right away and lie down

I have no desire to go to bed
in the middle of the afternoon

How surprising things have changed!

I remember a time when we could
barely get ourselves out of our double sofa

Stop behaving with immorality
and get away from my face

- How dare you speak my daughter like this!
- No, I wasn't talking to her

Exit my site to shoot

You are in trouble now

Don't be boyish - I'll
give you childish behavior

does it hurt?

- Only if I breathe
- let me see it, dear

what about now?


I suggest you take yourself to your office

The only way for Dad to forgive you
is to hand over an Oscar-worthy script.

How am I supposed to write in this case?
- You better try

Either you start typing
and prove you're not crazy

Or I'll be forced to
call Dr. Bradman.

I request a referral
to a neurologist

dung)! I am not nervous at all

- And I never was -
Hassan, so psychoanalyst

I refuse to endure months of costly indignity
just to be told by the doctor at its end

At the age of 4 I was in
love with my rocking horse

Don't use that rough tone
with me, Charles Condomin.

I am not the one who started to see fantasies

Then you believe me

I don't believe you of course there
is no such thing as a ghost or ghoul

I summon (donald keeling)

Second Lieutenant...

In the 92nd (Gordon
Highlanders) Battalion

And who died on February 27

From 1881

In battle (Majuba Hill)


Show yourself to me now


Your faithful wife always


Is that you?

I'm from room service

Do you need new towels?

What are you doing here?

Even though you removed every
trace of me this is still my home

On top of that, I don't have a clue
how to get back even if I wanted to

Are you saying
you'll stay indefinitely?


I really hate it if I did?

Honestly, Charles,
I'm really a little bit hurt

You are the only one who
could have brought me back

And I absolutely did not
ask you to come, Elvira.

Ruth and I are
about to celebrate our

fifth wedding
anniversary together five?

- What is the classification of the
fifth anniversary? leather? Wood

Beware of splinters

Lady (condominium)

I'll call Doctor (Bradman) and see if
he'll accompany us to the sanatorium

Please hear me, Ruth.

I didn't go crazy

The ghost of my first wife (elvira)

Across from the other world

- He's with us in the room now.
- Yeah, dear

I know, I see it quite clearly

Accompanied by zebras and
chimpanzees hiding under a piano.

I've always
considered you, Ruth, a

woman of insight and
understanding me too

But if you say you are not drinking then
something is definitely squeezing your brain

Please do something to reveal
that you are really here, Elvira.

She will admit me to a sanatorium

Do you remember when we
first heard our song, Charles?

I will love you always'

Have you seen? what did I say to you?

It's a damaging trick,
Charles, to use some kind of...

Self-suggestion or
hypnosis to scare me

not like that!
I swear it isn't! My dear!

My dear

(Elvira) Do something else for the sake of God

I will do anything to help



Farewell, intruder


Exposing a fraudulent spiritual medium

I fear we want to reclaim the room

I told you I would pack my bags
and be ready to leave in an hour

Thank God I caught up with you

You are my only hope

Something terrible happened

I heard a strange noise at night?

Cockroach plates? And the doors clap?

A pent-up moan in the hallways?

No, nor any of those things

But it seems that after the session...

My husband's first wife (elvira)

That died 7 years ago

- It's back in our
midst - finally!

Real embodiment

I knew something very powerful
had happened to me that night

I feel it in the outer
layer of my spinal cord

After all these years of...
of spiritual devotion

I finally got my reward

I value your pride in your achievement

But I like to point out that it
makes my place in my home loose

I hold you fully responsible

Forgive me, Mrs. Condomin.

I act despicably selfish

Just so things are
clear in my mind

You yourself did not see this revelation?


But (Charles) claims he
can see and talk to her

Well, if the emotional connection
is strong, that is sometimes possible


It can develop at times...

To the tenth level

It is something I have
never even dared dream of

Can he in any way... touch her?

I sincerely hope he can't

Why? Could this happen?

If the returning spirit feels welcome

It can gradually become...

Physically realistic

Thank you, Mrs. Bradman.

Please let me know if you hear anything from her

It is not there either

I remember when you couldn't
wait to spend afternoon alone with me

Please refrain from manipulating
my emotions so I feel weird enough

You still find me attractive then

Please, Elvira.

This is inappropriate talk

Look in my eyes

And tell me you no longer love me

I will always love you

Memories belong to the past, Charles.

But here I am

And this is the present

Why not take out the boat like we used to

We breathe in some air

I can't... I have a deadline

what are you writing? Checks?

I inform you that I am assigned the task
of converting my first novel into a script

Your first novel?

I put all my energy into
writing this story on paper

Let's face it dear

It is no coincidence that you have
not published a word since my death

I will not deny it, you had a
certain talent for writing plots

- And the characters - and...?

- And dialogue - yeah

Your biggest problem is that the turning
point into Chapter 3 is not exciting enough

This is why you do not
have a satisfactory peak

Tell me what I don't know

Wouldn't he be smarter?
Turn it upside down

And disclosure of the husband as the killer?

- That's good - or
maybe more interesting...

It is for the wife
to plot against him

Why would a wife send her husband to the gallows?
- It's clear, dear

(Susan Rutherford)
becomes the main suspect

When the argument does not prove its absence

And we assume, of course, that she is trying to
protect the reputation of the foreign minister

Whose ambitions to become prime
minister will be severely undermined

If he exposed news that he was having a relationship

But in reality that
is far from the truth

It is what we know from the victim himself

It is only through a spiritual
medium that they can find a solution

Find a solution to what?
- to the problem that she is pregnant

Papen of the dead foreign minister

thats good!

- Well, I didn't even expect that to
happen - of course you didn't, dear

You're just the writer

I'm afraid, Mrs. Condomin.

It is time for me to
really honestly admit

I have no idea how to return it

I have my own personal reasons for
wishing to communicate with the departed

But I never thought for a second

Chances are I will have
to return one of them

Well, I suggest you find a way

I refuse to share my
husband with anyone

Especially his dead ex-wife

Well, if I thought for a
moment that your husband

He wanted to connect with
the soul of his dead ex-wife

I would have consulted you
first, of course, in the end...

Nobility dictates that

I can assure you that he had no
intention of communicating with her

He planned the whole thing in order
to get material for his new project

Do I understand from your words

You both called me in a spirit of irony?

He simply wanted to take a
few notes about... trade secrets

Trade secrets!

- I have never felt such offense in
my life - sorry if I put it the wrong way

I... I'm actually troubled
by the whole relationship

Please, I plead with you to help us

I will go to the Spiritual Pact

On my way back to Sussex

And ask them for guidance


You cannot abandon
us in our time of need

I can no longer afford to stay here
because of my recent circumstances

But you can contact me

I can cover the hotel bill
and any other expenses

Until we find a solution to this horrific calamity

Susan Rutherford leans
towards the Secretary of State

- Don't stop - "(The
Soviet Union) can wait."

Says the Foreign Minister

He turns around and looks at Susan with eagerness

"As for this, he cannot wait."

Urgent speed whisper

Then... it starts slowly...

Unbuttoning her silk blouse

While they start kissing each other romantically

Well, that brings us
to the first tipping point

- You can't stop in the
middle of the flow - I'm tired

And thirsty

And I want to go into town and
drink (Negroni) like we used to

But... but the time was late

I really became content with
staying home overly, Charles.

(The Savoy)

Inspiration Price

"It would be very loud."

"If we are and in order to stimulate my creativity"

"We are forced to say goodbye to each other"

If you're going to start writing

Sing with a song

- “Nothing has a rhythm...”
- What do you want, Elvira?

I want? Yes

I do not know what you mean

I remember when you
were overwhelmingly sober

That usually meant
you wanted something

It was an abomination
for you to be suspicious

All I want is to
be alone with you

Can't be denied, I feel a
little strange to see you again

I miss you more than life itself

I missed you too...

Oh my American dream

I was completely heartbroken after the accident

And the truth is, I don't think I
have really recovered from your loss

Do you love Ruth?

Of course I love it

As much as you loved me?

Don't be silly

It's completely different

I am very happy

Nothing can ever be like
our relationship, can it?

Let's go to soho

And we exchange sandals for dance shoes

"You should give a little."

"And take a little"

And let your poor heart break a little.

"That is the story of..."

"That's the greatness of love."

"You have to laugh a little."

"And cry a little."

Let the clouds recede a little.

"That is the story of..."

"That's the greatness of love."

- “As long as we are
together” - Hold on!

- “We own the whole world and
its magic” - I think I'll puke, my God!

- “And when the world
ends with...” - (Charles)

I like to get back to driving a car

I can't say the feeling is mutual


where have you been?
I worried about you to the point of illness

It was very unfortunate that it
was not an incurable disease

I wanted to clear my mind so I
went for a long drive in the car

In the passenger seat?

Listen, let's not argue
when we should party

I finished the first chapter
of the script and it's...

- And it's actually good -
the more correct it is me

How did you do that in a day?

- Elvira helped me -
You mean to tell me

She didn't just return herself
to the threshold with bullying

And even trying to work with you now too?

What do you mean by "trying"?
I wrote 15 books in your name

This is neither the right
place nor the right time, Elvira.

This is unbearable

Elvira! Listen to me...

My dear? - I... yes?

She is there


And now, listen, Elvira.

I went to see Mrs.
Arcati and she will take you back...

Unfortunately, to the
place I dragged you from



do not do

Please don't be upset, my dear


You spent the night with your ex

What do you expect me to be feeling?

Fly with joy

Our dream of going to
(Hollywood) is finally within our grasp

As soon as I hand over the script,
we will be crossing the Atlantic

Faster than you say, Sunset Boulevard.

Think about flashiness

And magic

And the good times we will share

You will not read about other people's lives anymore

You will read about our life

And you can't do that without her?

Of course I can

But it would be much
faster in this mode

You really don't need to be jealous

You are the one I love

Forgive me for not telling you that enough

Since the words are flowing now

I feel... I'm free in
other respects, too

Assure me that you cannot touch it

My dear...

She is a ghost

Plus the only woman
I want to touch is you

Listen to me, lady

You may have brought me into this world

But it is impossible for me to allow
you to send me from here again

I came to stay

is this clear?

How dare you ignore
me, you intrusive party!

Either you leave me
in peace to live my life

Or I'll chase you
until the day you die

The Sixteenth Tower the tower

Chaos symbol...

And devastation...

And doom

get up! get up!

Get up and get up

What have you been me, Charles?
Warm-up part?

If I were you I would keep it in its place

- Good evening, madam.
- I must correct you, Edith.

It is not a beautiful
evening but rather wonderful

- Should I bring lunch?
- Yes, please

I read my thoughts,
almost starving to death

I'll have a plate of cheese and pickles

With pickled extra

Okay, madam

What happened to your leg?

She slid off the ladder

You really should
stop doing it too quickly

- You're not in the Navy -
I wasn't in a hurry, Ma'am

The axles had lubricating
grease stained on the top grade

Yeah, her agent liked the show

It is believed that it would be an ideal transportation tool for her

- Are you serious?
Greta Garbo? Yes

To (Mata Hari) say my words

It's a dream come true. Are
you still on your way, Charles?

Yes, of course, I'm still on the track

I'll send you the next batch of pages as soon
as I reach the turning point of Chapter Two

- Don't let me down.
- Thank you, Henry.

I appreciate your continued patience and faith

- Amazing. Goodbye

What are you doing, Elvira?

- For (Greta Garbo) to say my words...
- What am I supposed to say, dear?

I own... a ghost writer

Stop it, Elvira, that's
one of our wedding gifts

Not our wedding,
Charles, but her wedding

You care more to break my porcelain
than you care to break my heart

You have been loyal and loyal to you, Elvira

During all the years of our marriage

What was I supposed
to do after your death?

To become a hermit

And to wear a black
tie for the rest of my life?

Ma'am, the governors of the park have arrived

Thank you, Edith.

Thank you


We were sabotaged

Spiritual Alliance in London

Spiritual Alliance in London

That's a disgraceful hint

As the National Director of the Spiritual Alliance

My mission is to protect the reputation of
true practitioners of spiritual mediation

- It's not undermined - I see

And I pledge... in the company
of my friend Harry Houdini.

To investigate and expose every record of imposter spirits

He works in this country

Very good, sir


Mrs. Arkati came to see you, sir

- Thank you very much for your time, sir.
- Yes... Thank you

Thank you

- I am always happy to
speak to the press - farewell, sir

Well, how impudent you are to
go public while you're suspended

Sorry for coming
without warning, but...

I need to advise you urgently

Successfully achieved a
manifestation of the tenth level

And was that before or
after she fooled 800 people

To pay to see you soar in the air?

No, you really have
to believe me, Harry.

It is possible that this
presence has a physical form

- Where's the scissors, Margo?
in the drawer

You're telling me then the first...

Stand out from the tenth level, which
was recorded more than 3 centuries ago

Was it the result of a
very normal séance?

Yes thats right

What did you use as a guide?

this book

The art of necromancy sessions

can you help me?

Yes, Mrs. (Arkati),
yeah I think I can

- Is your membership card with you?
Membership card?


I will start terminating your
membership as of this moment

This place is neither for dreamers nor for fraudsters


Mrs. Arkati is leaving now

Meet me at Temple Square in an hour

Chapter 4 Page 9 Section 6

Mantra expelled!

(Margo)... Thank you

We don't have much time

I have to get it back in the safe before
Mister Price comes back from lunch

It's recorded in an old Druid script.

I haven't practiced it in a
while but I will do my best


Take a climbing herb infusion

- Devil's Claw
Plant - Devil's Claw

The poisonous root of the Crown of Kings plant


And the elixir of pigeons man flowers

Yes, of course, that's the senna

The sacrificial gift
is most effective

- In a waning moon
- a waning moon

Sprinkle black salt on a stone altar


Then place the freshly
extracted bladder of a carnivore

The... a bladder?


Freshly cut bladder plant

For the carnivorous aquatic plant of the Hamol family

thank God

I thought for a moment that I would
have to smear my hands with blood

Farewell, Mrs. Arctati.

good luck

Excuse me

What about Clark Gable?

He'd be very handsome
as Detective Frank Flowers.

A good actor but
his breath is terrible

This is difficult for the main heroine

- I was thinking
(Cary Grant) - That's it!

I look forward to getting to
know him at the first show

I'm afraid you're getting
ahead, Mrs. Bradman.

Even I couldn't make
a movie without script

It would actually be like trying
to do surgery without a patient

The typewriter can be a
cruel and demanding lover

Yes, let's hope that's the
only relationship Charles has.


Hi dad

Time for a speech

ladies and gentlemen

ladies and gentlemen

People always expect me as a writer

To write a lot of words

Well, I'm sure you
will all be satisfied

To hear that my words will be brief and sweet

Just like my wife

How this cute! Wizard

If only I were to compose a character with beauty

Equilibrium and idealism (Ruth)

My fans will accuse me of straying into my imagination

But fortunately we
are all here today

Let's celebrate the fact that Ruth is a real

It was also an amazing 5 years

So let's stand up... stand up

Let's raise our cups to toast...

true love

- Toast of true love
- toast of true love

- Toast of true love
- toast of true love

never Dies

I wish I could shrug
like my sister Kate.

She can shake like jelly on a plate.

"My mom wanted you to know last night."

Why did the guys treat all of them (Kate) so kindly?

"All the young men in the neighborhood
know that she can shrug her shoulders"

"You may be late, but you will be fashionable"

When you can shrug your
shoulders like sister Kate... yeah

Shrug your shoulders like my sister Kate.

I went to a dance party
with my sister Kate.

And everyone thought it was amazing.

- “I looked for something
new” - O Mighty Lord!

- What are you doing, Ruth?
- I cool down

- Dancing made me feel hot and sweaty
- "Then I knew the secret to her dance"

- “Everyone has gone
mad” - everyone is looking

I didn't know it was going
to be one of those parties

- “Like my sister
Kate” - You're so wet

- What happened to your dress?
- What happened to your dress, Dad?

- Yes, that's beautiful, honey

I'm not sure the fish are enjoying it

Why don't you go upstairs
and lie down a little?

I will only go if you are going to join me

Establish a relationship with
me as if it were the first time


Does Mister Beasbody want to go out and have fun?

I am not surprised that she does not want to
establish a relationship and the lights are a beacon

- Don't be vulgar, Elvira.
- Is she in the room?

Listen now, you cheap bitch

This is my party and my bedroom

My home and... (Charles) my husband is me

what did she say?
- I apologized without reservations

And she went back downstairs

You should have been an actor, Charles.
You're pretty good

my dear...

Sorry Charles, I just...

I'm no longer in the mood for that

I'm in the right mood

Good morning my dear

You look exhausted

Yeah, I had a slightly thinner night


Yeah, it felt like you were a little flustered

I made Edna bring
you herring, Norfolk.

- Your favorite - that's so cute

A heavy meal would help me

I am afraid yesterday drinking too much

The party passed... a little foggy

- What is the word that you stuck with?
Number 22 is vertical

Greek goddesses

Seven letters, the third letter
(M) and the seventh letter (S)


What happened?

She said the place was damned

- Not safe, not
safe at all - (Edna)!

- You can't leave us -
you can keep your job

I'm getting out of here

Get away!

- Stop it, Edna. Leave me

Get away!

- Stay tuned, Edna... please!
Keep this job to yourself

Here you are!

Here you are!

Now... to work


where are you?

where are you?

"Detective, I cannot understand
how you can blame a girl."

"To love the right person"

"For the wrong reasons"

But what about your poor, frail husband?

There are many more like him.

"What was he? The right person
in the wrong place and time?"

"Detective... just because of your proximity..."

"I feel as though I'm completely naked."

"How do you always see my truth?"

"I see things exactly as they are."

"The rest of the world needs glasses."

Not sure the last line
I feel is... very flashy

I want something simple and straightforward like...

"This is my job, honey."

"I'm just doing it"

Do as you like your
name written on the text

And the gradual transition to a black screen


I dare say the movie would
be better than the book

We also finished it before the deadline

Just wait until I tell ruth.

Let's not tell it now

For the Lord's love!



- Are you all right, honey?
Knowing that you are finding it at work

It made it easier for me to withstand a few blisters and burns

Strong spirits emanate
from suffering, my dear

I am afraid I have
nothing to offer for lunch

Don't worry about that,
please, I'm not hungry at all

Do I dare ask how
the writing works?

- The finish line is almost
within sight - thank God!

I never like to be alone with her

But... if that means you
will be able to deliver the text

I can be lenient on that

You and I are already a
successful team, my dear

I want us to get our beds back together


I think if we were to
be apart during the day

The least we can do is...

That we spend nights
together as husband and wife

Nothing I desire more than this

I'm going out

I will try to clear my mind

"Salt" "eggs"

Do you remember when we were playing hide and seek here?

And your reward when you find me?


Isn't it handsome?

It is adorable

He can sense my presence

How wonderful it is to not be afraid of the unknown

You're not terrified,
are you, Charles?

- What? To love again

How is that possible when
we are in two different ranks?

- I am alive and you...
- Don't

Don't say it

I'm so sorry, Elvira, there's
no easy way to say this

I strive to see a future that brings us together

Do you know me, Charles?

When you give someone an eternal ring

It should be love
that will last forever


Beware, Charles!


It's dangerous, Charles.

Edna's head was almost peeled off

Look at what happened to Edith.
What do you suggest?

It's very clear
that Elvira is here

For one goal and one goal only

She came here to have you forever

- By killing you, of course

This is ridiculous

Do you really think the locker climbed
to the roof and jumped on its own?

Maybe Elvira is
prone to tantrums

But she still loves me

She never wishes me harm

If you are dead...

That would be her last victory over me

She'll have you for herself
in her Animal Dreamy Rank

And I will be helpless

Maybe she's planning a
spiritual second marriage of sorts

what shall we do?

Yes, the inmate's name is Mrs. Arkati.

Room No. 14 - One moment

- Sorry, but she left
yesterday - I got it

- Did you leave any messages?
- I'm afraid she didn't

Thank you

I left the hotel yesterday

Well, I have no other choice. I
have to get the police to arrest me

- I spent the night
locked up in a cell - No.

We just have to find
our safe place at night


Let's pick them carefully now

My valuable one

Herba venereus

Protect the sacred nature

What are you doing with this?

I just removed all the heavy
and sharp objects to the point

I thought you could follow along
with your text while we're in hiding here

I originally finished

I thought you said you were suffering

When I thought deeply, I
found that I was overthinking it

I will read the text quickly

- And drop him off at the
studio in the morning - Charles!

What a great news!

Dad will fly from happiness

- As I feel - Thank you, dear

We can now focus on making
Elvira permanently forgotten

And it's just the right time

Loving two and
three is a nightmare

I almost finished

Man pigeons and dill

Hold the witches from their resolve



Hey, Mrs. Condomin.

I have news

- "Telephone" - the doors
open and change is near

This is not the time for
mysteries, Mrs. Arctati.

We were trying to contact you urgently

Charles' life is in great danger

(Elvira) trying to kill him

I fear it might turn out to be a mischievous soul

That's a nice expression of it

where are you? - in (Sussex)

I put it all together
and I'm ready now

for anything?
- In order to return it of course

Stay in your place, Mrs.
Arctati, I will come to get you

The phone woke me up

I apologize if I scared you

When mister condomine wakes up,

Tell him I went to get Mrs. Arkati
and that I'll be back before lunch

Mrs. Arkati... before...

I beg you not to hurt me

Are you all right on the
inside, Mr. Condomin?

I never stopped loving you

I don't know what to say, sir

You have a weird way of
showing that up, Charles.

I was going to put your name on the text

Before I hand it over this morning, believe me

That would not be necessary, sir

I am a woman, Charles. We are used to
not receiving the recognition we deserve

No, I insist, I will change my
clothes and leave immediately

The condomine left in
the car some time ago

She said she would be back at lunchtime

What have you done, Elvira?

What a mistake!

"There are things I cannot control."

"Like the wind"

"And rain"

And snow

'I completely take over'

"On my soul"

"There are things I cannot control."

"You make summer"

"It lasts all days of the year."

'One glimpse of you'

And the clouds disappear.

"Like the forces of nature"

We were destined to be here.

"And now this flame is in my heart."

Burning for you

"There are things I cannot control."

"As time goes by"

And the successive chapters

'I completely take over'

"On my soul"

"There are things I cannot control."

Mr (condominium)

I would say I
reproach myself bitterly

You're not to blame, Mrs. Arctati.

The guilt is on my shoulders in all fairness

My ambition and my ego

They are what dragged
us into this unbearable mess

And this is something I will have
to live with for the rest of my life

The last time I spoke
to Mrs. Condomin.

Your life was in danger

I urge you to come to meet
me at your earliest convenience

Here's my card

I will be waiting

Wouldn't you stay for refreshments?

Please don't think I'm a rude, but I'm...

I prefer to see the transition of a soul

In my own way

My condolences, mister condominium.

Shouldn't you be congratulated?

What are you doing here?

Are you not ashamed?

It was an accident, Charles.

I was trying to kill you

How can you be so hard-hearted?

Death does this to you

You know? You can always
know how much to respect a person

By who is attending his funeral

what do you mean? In my opinion,
the number of attendees is scant today

I hardly counted 40 people

Fed up

Come here!

Just like the old days, Charles.

And you are chasing me around the park

However, the difference is that
the result today will be different

excuse me

Sorry about your loss, Mackintosh.

Ruth was a classy woman

And a good girlfriend

I'll miss her so much.
- Thank you, Mrs. Bradman.

I know she liked you, too

I can't really believe it's gone

My mother always said that time
is a doctor that heals all sorrows

You were never a significant
opponent at croquet, Charles.

You make me sick

I will kill you

Don't be a fool,
I'm already dead

You should get your medical
kit before anyone else kills

Edna was right

This place is damned

I can't stand to see you again -
The feeling is mutual, Charles.

I have become a shameless
villain out of age and disappointment



- Everything would be
great - she's not here

Who is not in the presence?
- (Elvira)!

where am I? - At the madhouse

There's no point in resisting, Charles.

The more you turn, the
longer they'll keep you here

Why am I here?

They admitted you to a spa
under the Psychotherapy Act

She will be subject to mandatory
monitoring for the next 28 days

May you chastise me in hell

It's not wise to be snappy with
the only person who can help you

I would rather eat my
tongue than ask for your help

You may be able to do this

Doctor McKions plans to take you
downstairs in a quarter of an hour




No, come back


Of course, there is usually a
way to circumvent these matters

what do you want from me?

I know you'll never forgive me, Charles.

And to hang in the norms with you

As you hold mourning for another
woman it is an even worse measure of death

I agree with you most agree

This is why I want a divorce

With pleasure

And I know the person who can do that



Move aside

It is impossible for me to
put my life in your hands again

Don't get caught up in yourself, Charles.

When I think about what would
have happened had I succeeded

On taking you to the
other side, I shudder

Nothing but quarrels
and quarrels is forever

Drive the car

When I think now about our marriage years

I can now see with disgusting
clarity that it was nothing but a joke

I was sterile

And reckless

And morally destabilizing

I think I realized it before
we left (Budley Celtine)

Nobody but a huge dull

He would have considered going
to Bodley Celtine on his honeymoon

What's wrong with Bodley Celtine?

Seven hours a day on golf.

And a 3-part orchestra
with melody (Mary England)

I am surprised you weren't complaining at the time

I remember that you were good
at whining - you really complained

But you refused to listen

That is why I took an
emotional walk in the marshes

With captain (pressgirl)

How blind a fool I was

Has he established a relationship with you?

Just discreetly


Mr (condominium)

I feel so relieved that you arrived safely

Follow me

The moon is full tonight and
we must harness its energy

We're both ready to directly perform the rite of excommunication

Is she here?


Are you sure she has complied with the operation?

Yes Yes

With this magic smoke

I pray to the Moon Fire Spirit

Dancer of time

The lady of beginnings and endings

To return our holy sister

Into its legal realm

Is she still here?

Yes Yes

To you, O Spirit of the Earth

Thee, O element of air

You, O power of water

Here, O fire energy

A gift from the dew of the rose plant

- Is she still here? Yes


Obsessions of ghosts, ghouls and demons

That never met like this one

Crown of Kings plant and sacred ritual

I drive you out into the night

The bladder herb, the cysticercus herb

The bladder herb



And... the bladder herb

- (Ruth)! - (Ruth)!

I am very happy to see you again, my dear

How could I be so clumsy?

There must have been a terrible mistake

Yeah, and this isn't the first time

You bitch!

My dear!
Save the effort on yourself

I am already dead

The most important thing is that you are also dead

She died last Tuesday

Don't be so emotionless

Are you in pain, my dear?

(Charles)... what happened to me?

There was a car accident...

It is something I have to
admit that I had a hand in it

- I'm so sorry, Ruth.
- I'm afraid sorry isn't enough

Well... though...

On the occasion of this spirit of openness

I'd also like to apologize for having a
relationship with (Charles) before your eyes

Well, practically
we're still married so...

Stop it, Elvira!
Ruth suffered enough

What are you saying, Mr. Condomin?

Not now, Mrs.
(Arkati) it has got very much worse

You know? I should have
squeezed malum citria.

At the critical point

It is sour lemon juice, lemon juice

The only reason he was
able to finish the script

During exactly 5
days it is I typed it

- Yeah...
- Is that right, Charles?

not exactly

And Charles didn't want
to tell you we're done

Because he wanted to
spend more time alone with me


Let's not quarrel, my dear

Which "dear" are you referring to?

But after all I endured,
how did you do this to me?

It's not as simple as that...

- My dear - Really, Charles?

You never loved me and Elvira

The only person you loved was yourself


It is something we finally agree on

If you wrote the text...

Did he write any of his books?
- No, not a word

And he took all the glory?

- Won't you stay to attend the second part?
- I think I'd better leave

Seir is a woman with a greater insult than Hell

Try two women sair

Good luck with the lemon

where did he go?

- He can run away...
- But he cannot hide

Obsessions of ghosts, ghouls and demons

That never met like this one

The bladder plant, the crown
of kings and the sacred ritual

I drive you out into the night


Gable, Garbo.

(Hollywood) after 6 months.

- Well, I'll start with the broker's
shot here - "Demil, Zanuck"

Then I'll get a little closer, okay?

Okay, let's have some emotion

- Well, turn on the camera.
- "(Gable)"

(Garbo) "

- Silence please - Silence
please, record the voice

- Scene 84, First
Shot - (Macintosh)

And portray

- Just because I'm near you, Frank.
- Condomin

I feel as though I'm completely naked

How do you always...

From seeing my truth?

This is my job, my dear

I just do it

Cutt off

Retouch the scene

I don't... I don't feel like the last line

What else do you have, miracle boy?

what about...

"I see things exactly as they are."

"The rest of the world needs glasses."

love it

Well... retool the scene!
Make up!

I want to get closer

You're a genius, Charles.

Viewers will be excited about the spiritual viewpoint


It's a pity that Ruth
isn't here to be fun

Mr. Condomin?

(Haida Hopper) from
the Los Angeles Times.


Hello- How do you feel when
you are talking to the country?

That's very nice of
you, but I'm not sure...

That anyone is interested in the humble writer

My intuition predicts that my 35
million readers will fascinate me

With the story of the thief of others' books

Thief of others' literature?

I know you enjoy gossip and
scandals, Miss Hopper, but...

This is a disgraceful accusation
and totally dishonorable

There is nothing dishonorable
about Mr. Morales's notification.

Would you like to comment on the fact...

That your 15 detective
novels, Frank Flowers

Based on crime novels (Inspector
Francisco Flores) word for word

Which is leading the
sales in all (Mexico)?

Smile at the camera, Mr. Condomin.

You are!

Don't pretend to be shocked, Charles.

We both know there is no
such thing as an original story

- How could you do this to me?
- Can you shut up!

I am trying to make a movie here

O little witch!

Farewell to the famous British magic

I will love you always"

- “With true love...”
- Stop it

Always - Don't

- Stop it! No!
- Your first novel?

- (Greta Garbo) saying my words?
- Stop it!

We both know there is no
such thing as an original story

- Promise me you won't touch
her - I'm a woman, Charles.

We are used to not receiving the
recognition we deserve - "Theater 13"

The only person you loved was yourself

(Mad Satan)

What do you think you are doing?
- "Outlet only"

You could have killed me

I already killed you

Nobody will ever forget you, Charles.

They'll remember how tricky you were... always

"Farewell, goodbye"

"We will never meet again."

"Paradise is beautiful for wandering"

Farewell, Mister Beasbody.

'Outlet only'

You can't just leave me here

- "We will go hiking to
Paradise" - "Theater 13"

We hang from the chandeliers all evening

While you lie in the
web of lies that tell you

Read all about the story
Read all about the story

It turned out that the murdered
British crime writer was a thief

Down with Hollywood
with a writer thief

"Death of a famous writer"

- “It turns out that the murdered
British crime writer” - (Charles) Poor

- “He is a thief of someone else’s
business” - What a horrible thing!

Down with Hollywood
with a writer thief

It's like a plot from one of his novels

Or maybe a plot from another writer's novel

Down with Hollywood
with a writer thief

"Death of a famous writer"

is anybody there?

is anybody there?

One way to say yes

And two for rejection

Yes, here I am

What happened to the saying
Leave others to rest in peace?

Mr. Condomin...

I simply wanted to apologize for
any role that I might have played

In your early death

I'm not behind the
wheel, Mrs. Arctati.

No, but I'm afraid I
filled the tank with fuel

Well... this is life

I also wanted to express my gratitude

Without you, I was still looking

Well, at least one of us
is enjoying a happy ending

Can I dare... and ask

How is the situation in the afterlife?

- Charles! - Charles!

It's complicated!

"Your hand is on mine"

"When I put the pen to the paper"

"We are in harmony"

"As trumpets in a band"

"The voice of (soprano) and the voice of (tenor)"

"Your place is my place"

"Wouldn't it be nice if you
were with me, my friend?"

You were destined to be in the shadows.

And now you are the musical signs in Symphony.

Our fingers crossed

- "The cheerful spirit" -
"when I go to paint the painting"

"We are vintage"

"Hourglass in the sand"

Gin cocktail and delicious tonic

"Your place is my place"

"Your place is my place"

In memory of (Michael
Goich) and (Michael Howells)

"I prefer greenhouse plants"

"I'm the cream on apple pie."

"It's hard to be humble
when you're a genius."

Peek from the stars in the sky

"I am agile"

"I toast to drink on German streets"

I'm the prince (Piccadilly)
who everyone wants to meet

So, do you want to be greeted?

And to pass by the Savoy.

"I prefer greenhouse plants"

I'm the guy who prefers champagne.

I'm the guy who prefers champagne.

"This life... passes quickly."

"There is no time to wait in the shadows."

"This love is my last chance..."

"To succeed, and to follow that arrow"

"I feel a change in the weather"

"Dark clouds come together"

"You are the sun that makes me happy"

"Let gloom away from me."

"Let's sing then"

And do what makes us happy

"Our place together is like two birds."

"Let's dance"

"And we take a chance"

And let the moment last forever

"Let's dance"

"I feel a change in the weather."

"Black clouds come together"

"You are the sun that makes me happy"

"Let gloom away from me."

"Let's sing then"

Let us do what makes us happy

"Our place together is like two birds."

"Let's dance"

"And we take a chance"

And let the moment last forever

"Let's dance"

And let the moment last forever

"Let's dance"

And let the moment last forever

"Let's dance"

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