Blindspotting (2018) - full transcript

While on probation, a black man begins to re-evaluate his relationship with his volatile best friend.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

All right.

Now that you have completed
your two-month sentence

at Alameda County Jail,
Santa Rita,

you will proceed
to a halfway house facility

to begin your one-year
probation period.

You will have
an 11:00 p.m. curfew,

maintain employment,
carry out assigned chores.

Do not travel outside
of Alameda County,

and have zero altercations
with law enforcement

under any circumstances.

Any infraction, fighting,
drug use, et cetera,

will result in immediate
return to Santa Rita.

Mr. Hoskins. Mr. Hoskins.
Mr. Hoskins. Mr. Hoskins.

Give me a verbal confirmation
that you've heard

and understood these parameters.



That does not taste the same.

- Like, that is not a fry!
- They're wedges now.

- I'm into that. I know.
- What the fuck is...

- Umami ketchup?
- Umami.

- Umami?
- Umami ketchup.

I fucks with
these wedges though.

Yeah, you would.

This ain't the old
Kwik Way at all.

Y'all get Nak's text
about a work party on Friday?

- Yup.
- Y'all trying to go?

- No.
- Damn.

- Oh, what is this?
- Whoa!

- Oh!
- Oh!

You got a little yistol,
bruh? Yes!

- Hey, hey, I would like to get out.
- Yes! Look at this!

I've got the better one
in the glove though.

- No, no, no.
- Oh! Oh!

Somebody's gonna have to
let me out, 'cause this...

- It's no... I don't have a door back here.
- Yes!

Nigga, I got three days left

on this probation, Miles,
so let me on out of the car.

Come on, man, you gotta
let me hold one of these.

I say that...

You can continue
with your gun deal.

Yeah, one by each
of Collin's feet.

- Hey, Collin, grab them right...
- What? No! I...

Two right quick. Hey,
man, get what he talking about.

Come on, quit being a bitch.
Grab them right quick, man.

This is what
we're doing now, then.

There one in that little visor
thing right there.

- The visor?
- Yeah.

Of course there's one
in the visor.

Whoa! My goodness,
gracious me.

- The one in my pocket.
- Look at... Very nice.

Nigga, why are there six guns
in your car, Dezz?

- Oh, Collin, man, I like yours.
- Right here, this is not mine.

Also, stop pointing
that shit at me.

- They're not loaded, bruh.
- Those are fo sho loaded.

- Okay. See?
- Oh. Okay.

Right, curfew.
It's almost 11:00.

I ain't trying
to go back to jail.

- $200 for Collin's gun.
- Please let me out of this fucking car!

Not Collin's gun.

Let the record show
this is not Collin's gun.

All right. Give me that.
Oh, that is fantastic.

Oh, shit! Get the fuck out.
I just got a Uber pick up.

You got a...

is this an Uber?

Hell, yeah.

- Money everywhere I can get it, homie.
- Oh, my goodness.

I respect that.

You're no Kwik Way.

You got a vegan burger.

Why the fuck would they
give me a vegan burger?

did you specify meat?

If you want a beef patty,
you have to specify meat.

- Why? Why the fuck...
- It's okay. We don't have to...

- ...would I have to specify meat?
- It's all right. It's really okay.

Not everything's a fight.

Take your motherfucking ass
over there and take the...

You're not impressing anybody.

All right.

- Tanner, you have a good night.
- What?

Hey, why the fuck
you get that gun, though?

It's 2:00 a.m., right?

Somebody tries
to break into the house.

My son's there.
My girl's there.

What I'ma fight them off with,
a potato wedge?

♪ Grand opening
of the new Kwik Way


♪ Wish I knew
a quicker way

♪ Whips is sweet, getting tooth
decay All these candy cars

♪ Look like they owned
by fancy stars

♪ Just some motherfuckas
Pullin' up on the boulevard ♪

- Hey.
- Y'all look cute.

- That's adorable.
- Y'all a real sweet little couple.

You like...
If you like white boys,

he's not available.
You don't want him.

If you don't want him, my bruh right here fo sho need a female.

I hope there's trouble.

♪ Oakland city, pity

♪ New to the view,
might get a bit dizzy


♪ Gillespie

♪ Paid on a blade
like Gretzky

- Hey.
- ♪ Paid off a blade like Wesley


♪ Three more days
till he free, though

- -♪ Three more
days till I'm free, though

♪ Then I'm moving up
Hope I move enough


♪ Money in my pocket We get
paid just for movin' stuff

Like that.
Yeah, I like that.

♪ Money in my pocket

♪ We get paid
just for movin' stuff ♪


In this fucking moving truck.


Hey, man,
do me a favor.

When you got that gun on you,
just don't tell me about it.

Plausible deniability.

What gun are you
talking about, Collin?

- Oh! Oh, do you mean this gun?
- Stop waving that shit around!

This gun right here?

- This one right here, bruh?
- Get the fuck out. Get out.

I gotta go.

- Curfew, nigga. Shit.
- Good night, Collin.

- I love you, man.
- Yeah. Dick.

♪ Come on, come on,
come on, come on

♪ You fucking light, come on ♪


Yo! Yo, bruh!


What the fuck?

- Stop!
- Don't shoot!

Don't shoot! Don't!

Hey! Let's go.

Hey, wake up!
Let's go! Move! Move!


11:00 p.m. is
a required curfew, Mr. Hoskins.

It's 11:09 and you have
bathroom duty this week.

Is that understood?

Verbal confirmation, please.

Mr. Hoskins.

All right, enough Tarzan.
Let's get ready for school.

- Before Mama gets ya!
- Did my part.

Boy, here. Sit up. Sit up.
Please. Please, sit up.

Let's get these
shoes together.

I, uh, saw the cops kill
a nigga last night.


What you mean you saw it?

Dude runs up past the truck and
then the cops came up, shot him.

- Is he dead?
- Oh, yeah, he dead.

They shot him like four times.

I mean, that don't
necessarily mean he dead.

Not like they shot him 14 times like
that motherfucker out in Milwaukee.

- Miles, not helpful!
- What was that dude's name?

What was his name
though? I'm trying to...

- It was like...
- Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm good.


Oh. Oh. Oh. Okay. Okay, all right.
It wasn't about you for two seconds.

You ain't gotta KO me, man.

All right, look, we gonna do this
right, if we gonna do it. All right.

All right, we about to
show Collin them hands, okay?

Put them up like this. You got hands, boy.
All right. You ready?

Now, we gonna say this up
to the sky together, okay?

- I'm a tough guy!
- I'm a tough guy!

No, louder, man.

- I'm a tough guy!
- I'm a tough guy!

- I'm the toughest motherfucker to ever...
- Miles!

You're right.
He can't say that.

Mean face. Mean face.
Mean face. Attack him.

- Get him! That's right!
- Just get on his head like this.

My little flash,
you're so fast.

Go! Come on, come on, come on!
Give him the right. Right.

Whop on his head. Just like that.

All right, well,
little Thug Life right here

is about to be late
to school again.

Only 'cause you're not
sending him to the preschool

down the street like I told you
to, he'd have been there already.

Yeah, well, where he needs to go is
Centro Vida preschool in Berkeley.

Centro Vida preschool is $200 more a
fucking week. Are you kidding me?

Well, that's because
it's the only

bilingual preschool
that I can get to on the train.

Why he need
to be bilingual?

- He already biracial.
- Oh, my God, come on.

That's how you do it!

Just use all that mouthpiece

to get us some fancy
preschool money. Okay?

- Fine.
- That's it.

It's all right. We're fine.

- Ow!
- But I gotta talk to you about something serious.

- What?
- Why my hands are so cold this morning.

I can't go to work
with these cold hands.

I'ma need to warm them up on that
ass of yours just for a second.

Oh, my God.
But your hands are so cold!

Just for a second.

- You are ridiculous.
- Right there.

I know. I know. I know.

- You feel better?
- It's so nice.

- What am I supposed to do? It's just...
- I bet. I bet it is so nice.

- It's a privilege.
- 'Cause it's nice.

I gotta go. I love you.

Love you too.


S, you cheated.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- What's up, Collin?

What's up, Miles?

After a pursuit
in West Oakland last night,

a dramatic standoff with police
left one suspect dead.

This the shit you saw?

He was evading arrest by fleeing down
Adeline Street towards West Grand...

- You see this cop?
- Yeah, I saw him.

...police officers fired
four shots, killing the man.

Why the fuck is he wearing
his hat all low?

Why would you take
a picture like that?

- This cop see you?
- Yeah.

Hey, bro, let me get
that square.

What, then you just left?

I mean, it was after 11:00.
What I'm supposed to do?

- James always be talking that shit.
- But you're a witness.

You're not gonna leave like
a statement or some shit?

Oh, yeah. "Hello, police?

"I'd like to report
a murder you did.

"I was out after curfew.
Yeah, I'm a convicted felon."

- All right.
- "Back to jail?

"Yeah, tomorrow
works for me. What time?

"Fo sho. Mmm-hmm.

"Yup. Okay."

Bro, what the fuck is this green
juice shit doing up in here?

It's good for you.

- How much?
- $10.

- What?
- What?

What is this,
the blood of fucking Jesus?

The fuck is in it
that it cost $10?

- Let me get one.
- I'm sorry, what?

All right, we are all set. Thank
you so much for choosing Commander.

Namaste, Val.

Your aura is looking
very transcendent this morning.

Did you finally purge yourself of
your superiority complex or...

No, you're still...
Still working on it? Okay.

- Oh, is that a green juice?
- Is it? Oh. Oh, yeah.

I guess it is. You know, it's just
part of my regimen these days.

A little green juice, a little,
what's that class you be taking?

- SoulCycle.
- SoulCycle.

Yeah, a little...
My soul is so...


Ah... It's healthy.

I am just glad you're
taking care of yourself.

Most definitely.


Collin was involved
in a shootout

- last night with the police.
- What?

I wasn't... That's not true.
That's not what happened.

- He's not...
- Who were you out...

- No, Miles... Miles!
- Very exciting. People died.

- Who were you out with?
- He's just fucking with you, babe.

Uh, sorry, Val. Front desk girl.

- Person. Front desk, front desk person.
- Get going.

- I'm going now.
- Thank you for calling Commander,

where we strive for excellence
in relocations...

Fuck Val! Fuck Val.

She disloyal, she uppity,

and she permanently
in downward bitch pose.

That ain't my fault.

Motherfucker, you're bugging.
That's his ex-girl.

Yorkie, stop saying bugging.
You live on the West Coast now.

You're a Californian.
Get with the fucking program.

Hey, Miles. You bugging.

Shut the fuck up,
Tel! Shut the fuck up!

Hey, she got
this nigga a job,

and she lets you guys
both drive the truck home.

- Come on, get out this boy's head.
- Thank you, Tel.

She gotta let us drive the
truck to and from work.

That's how we get
to and from work, man.

She's... I'm not saying she's not smart.
She plenty smart.

I'm just saying it's a shame
she only uses that intelligence

toward being
a higher caliber of bitch.

- That's all I'm saying.
- You got to simmer.

Simmer, man.

Hey, he only defending her 'cause
he like that vegan Kwik Way pussy

that he giving her.
That's the whole shit.

- Oh!
- That's too far. That's too far.

You don't get to eat no pussy 'cause
that rusty-ass grill in your mouth.


Oh, shit, tall-ass
bike, big-ass beard.

Oh, gentrification on a whole
other level. Who are these people?

Okay, there's Leon.

Cynthia. Marvin.

Where's Vivian? Such an
evasive little firecracker.

Oh, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

Don't have Santiago and Dante
facing each other.

They... They do not
get along. Please.

My work looks to make people
fall in love.

So I love trees?

That's from my last exhibit.

I superimposed
photographs of oak trees

over neighborhoods
where they used to grow,

to remind people
that they used to be everywhere.

Now they're just
on the damn street signs.

Oh, boys,
they're chopping us down.

These people were all forced out
for the new Oakland.

Which is why faces.

Eyes. To stare is to see.

Come on. Come here for a minute.

Just stare at each other
for a moment.

Oh, no, man,
we're close enough.

We got kinda like a Calvin
and Hobbes thing going on.

This isn't sexual.

See, but now it is,
'cause how you said that.

This is about finding the soul.

- I know. Okay. All right.
- All right. Okay. All right. Okay.

- Look.
- Fuck, your eyes match your jumpsuit.

- Don't talk about the emeralds.
- Look deep.



don't fucking do it!

Oh, look, Patrick,
you a swell motherfucker, man,

and I dig everything about you,
except that shit right there.

I'm sorry.

Yes, I got it already.

Hey, man, you gonna
have to move your car, bruh.

We got to get out.

Bruh, you gotta move,
boy! Let's go!

Look at this fucking transplant.
What's he doing?

- Hey, Mom.
- Move your shit, bruh!

Oh, you're not gonna listen?
You don't hear me?

that is Miles. Yeah.

He's just ignoring me.

- He said hi.
- Move, bruh!

Yo, I think we could
be there in like...

- Fifteen minutes.
- Are you kidding me right now?

Hey! Hey! Do you hear
the fucking ringing sound?

- Move your shit! Son of a...
- Mom, I gotta go.

Who is this little homie?

Me think
he my stepbrother.

Why is he drinking
out of your dinosaur mug

you made in fifth grade?


You just gonna let him
drink out your mug like that?

You just gonna let him
do that, Collin?

Mom! Mom!

I'm in the bathroom, sir!

What? My... You... That's my...
This is my room!

- You gave him my room?
- I know.

Mom! He is living in my room?

This is why I told you to come
over so we could talk about what your,

- you know, long-term plan is.
- Ma! I am moving home in two days!

You really couldn't
find an apartment?

The whole damn city
got a "For Rent" sign on it.

"Have you ever been
convicted of a felony?

"If so, what is the nature
of your crime?"

- Well, whose fault is that?
- Damn.

Well, I just assumed you'd only
be here for a little bit.

- And eventually you and Val...
- Mom. Mom.

She came by
a couple of days ago.

We are not together right now.

- Okay. Okay.
- Okay. Okay.

Well, Jimmy and all my drums
are in guest room A now.

- Yeah, I saw that.
- Clear the rest of Shanai's stuff

off her old bed and you can
have that room for a bit.

But that is not your room.
That is my guest room B.

Where is your sister anyway?

Shanai's in Bali

teaching non-Eurocentric
beauty techniques.

Right on, right on.

Hmm. Took out a second mortgage on
this house to send her to school.

I'm going to be paying it off
for the rest of my life.

Well, why don't you just
sell the house then?

- She is not going to sell our house.
- I am not selling my house.

I'll be damned if I move out
of this neighborhood

now that they got
good food and shit.


- Give this to his better half.
- Yeah.

- Tell her it's from me, please.
- Okay.

- What is that?
- Get your hand out of my pocket.

Something for Ashley and my godson.
And you'll just lose it.

You're not wrong.

- Hey, baby.
- Hey.

Hey, hey, hey, look at
this good-looking man!

- Hey, what's happening, Marty?
- Oh!

- How you doing, bro?
- I'm good, man.

- Staying out of trouble?
- Yeah, man, I'm good.

- Hey, what's up, Marty?
- Hey, what's up?

- Nancy, uh, can I have this?
- What?

Whatcha gonna do with those?

Flat irons! Top of
the line, metallic,

heat-absorbent, alloy metal.


Who the fuck said you could
talk in Mama Liz's shop?


Oh, shit.

This is finnabit a show
you want to watch.

We've got ceramic and titanium,
some for home, some for travel.

Wide plates for long weaves,

short plates for thinking
about going all natural.

Boy, please.
Those look old.

These are from the cosmetology
school after just one class.

Out the box,
but not quite out of gas.

They use the best to teach
the worst to become the best,

and the best is right here
and that's what you deserve,

so forget the rest.
I mean, come on, people!

I don't know about that.

Well, you haven't even
told me how much yet.

And Mama Liz
does not enjoy suspense.

- I don't even like suspense movies.
- I don't either.

- Fuck Alfred Hitchcock!
- Right on.

- Fuck him.
- And M. Shyamalan Night...

That motherfucker
could kiss my ass too.

- Makes me nervous.
- There's always a twist.

Let me ask you something.

How much is that one
you're holding right now?

- $140.
- $140? I would never!

These have gotta be at least
a third of the price of that,

and, hand to God,
I bet they work better.


Who the fuck is this white boy
y'all let in my shop?

- Tina!
- What?

I'm just a West Oakland
homegrown Bay boy

about his town business.

Matter of fact, 100% of the
proceeds today are actually going

towards bilingual education
for the youth of Oakland.

And it's gonna help men
transitioning out of incarceration

towards finding a better life
and having a second chance.

Because that
is what our community

so desperately needs.

- -I feel it, you feel
it, we all feel it, we all know it.

Come on.

They all deserve
a second chance.

- Here we go.
- It's on now.


How we know these work?

I think it look good.

You know,
it is so uncomfortable

to have to fit this shit
on my belt, man.

Oh, right. Plausible deniability ruined.
Thank you.

- Shut up.
- Thank you very much.

That reminds me, man.

Made $600.
$300 is very much yours.

No, bruh, you keep that for La
Raza preschool or whatever.

How do you mean? You know
how family work, man.

I got some, you got some.
Whatcha talking about?

You just get this text
about Nak's co-worker's party?

Yeah, you trying to go?

- Nope.
- Nope.

Yo, Miles!

Miles, can you please
come upstairs?

Well, hello, Collin's perm!

- That looks fucking terrible.
- Thank you.

I mean, if you gonna perm,
why don't you go

wherever your mom or Val went?

- I wasn't... Come on.
- Nancy's hair looks great.

The hell you doing
talking to Val for?

Calmate! I didn't break
the picket line, nigga.

I just follow her
on social medias.

You could all be friends
with Val still.

She's like
a really good person.

No, the fuck we can't!

- Fuck Val!
- Okay. Wow.

And, baby, unfollow Val
on the medias!


Um, I had to take
my hair out today for...

For this something and...

Now I need to get it braided
back again before tomorrow.


And you're the only one who can
get it done before 11:00.

Why's it have
to get done by...

Right. Why'd you take
your hair out?

It was profitable to do so.

Look, I'm really not trying
to make this a us thing.

I just really have to get
my hair braided.

Fine. Let's do it
at your mom's house, okay?

I have to return
a bowl anyway.

And this is my study time, so you
need to help me memorize stuff.

It has to actually
be study time.

"The tendency to judge
the strength of arguments

"based on the plausibility
of their conclusions,

"rather than how strong it is."

Belief bias effect.

- Yes. Okay.
- Next.

"The tendency to attribute
one's own actions

"to external causes while attributing
other people's behaviors

- "to internal causes."
- Blame gaming. Blame gaming.

You blame the game.
It's actor observer bias.

- Yes.
- Yes!

What are you saying
before the answer?

Oh, you're gonna love this.
This is absolutely your fault.

I love that.

I made up, like, slang words
to help me remember things.

Oh, shit. Look at you out here innovating.
See, she is still town. I knew it.

I'm still town.
Who said I'm not town?

Nah, I mean, people just be saying
things on the street, girl...

But it's cool.

What, uh, what is this vase one?

- Oh, you see a vase?
- Why you say it like that?

It's two faces though!

"Rubin's vase. The image is
fundamentally ambiguous.

"People perceive
a vase or faces,

"but not both at the same time."

All right, so apparently
you like vases.

Oh, I got you. Facevasin.

- Facevasin'. No, try it out.
- No. You...


You can't just
keep saying it...

- Facevasin'.
- ...and think it's gonna...

It's gotta be like real slang
so it'll stick in my head.

I'm sprinkling it though.

- Hey.
- What?

You know I'm a free bird
tomorrow, right?

- Yes, I do know.
- Mmm-hmm.

- I'm happy for you.
- Me too.

You gonna hang out of car windows
and curse at people then too?

- Why would I do that?
- I don't know. You tell me.

I got a complaint today
that one of our trucks

was just honking and yelling at people.
A black guy with dreads was

- just screaming at everyone.
- Nah, nah, nah, that's...

- You don't have all the information.
- Okay.

So what happened, Miles was
honking the horn because...

- Miles.
- There was a dude

- that wouldn't get...
- Wait, Miles was honking?

He was the one who was
honking the horn.

- We set it up so you would be the driver.
- I was driving the truck. I know.

- No, I was... Nah.
- We talked about this.

I was driving.

Keep your head straight.
I was driving,

but if he reach across me

and honk the horn,
then what I'm supposed to do?

Collin, just take some
responsibility for the things

that are happening around you.

I'm not denying it.
I'm just saying

that maybe this time it wasn't
the black guy with dreads

that did it.

I know you're trying.

At least you don't wear
that fucking grill anymore.

Now if you could just

get rid of all this hair.

- You'd almost look...
- Like less blamable?

"Not the hair, bruh.
It's my identity, bruh."

It is.

Yeah, well, your identity
is done.

And I gotta go.

I got it. Thanks.

- Can we... Is that?
- Yeah.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

Okay, this is why I didn't
want to come to your place.

It's 10:45, babe.

- Thank you, Nancy!
- Sorry to interrupt.


- Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.


Really? Oh, wow.

That's great, yeah.

More details tonight

on last night's police
shooting in West Oakland.

The man killed by police has been
identified as Randall Marshall.

A foot chase took place down

- Adeline Street in West Oakland.
- Oh, here we go.

They gonna... Watch, they gonna use
his professional police photo.

And they gonna use...

Oh, come on!
Use bruh's work photo!

Got him
in the orange jumper!

They couldn't find one picture
of bruh in his own shit?

- Calm down! Chill out!
- That's so disrespectful.

- Man, you can't find another...
- He's just asleep.

- They can't find...
- We just got him to sleep.

The recent felon was carrying
an unlicensed concealed weapon.

Felon, convicted felon.

Wrong cocktail, my G.

You gets no protest.

Marshall was running towards
West Grand Avenue

away from Officer Molina,

who fired four shots,
killing him.

Marshall lived on 32nd Street
with his girlfriend

and three-year-old daughter.

You're late, Mr. Hoskins.

You just stand there all day?

Isn't this something
we could automate?

You want a robot telling you
to mop the bathroom?

How about a robot
that just mops the bathroom?

- Then I can go get some sleep.
- Solutions oriented.

- See, I like that.
- Even better.

How about motherfuckers just don't
get arrested for dumb shit?

I see where we're going here, but
if we could just get to it...

Then I don't have to enforce
seemingly arbitrary tasks

to establish your ability to follow
rules as a representation of law.

Arbitrary. That's the
word right there.

Don't make me write you up
for your last week.

The judge will extend
your time here a year.

And then your little map
box sentence starts over.

Convicted on
dirty bathroom charges?

You are now a convicted felon,

Mr. Hoskins.

You are now that
until proven otherwise.

Prove otherwise at all times.

Got it.

♪ Collin is a bad motherfucker

♪ Cadillac dippin', pimpin'

♪ Plenty women, lean sippin'

♪ Smokin', heavy on
the marijuana toking

♪ Posted

♪ Pushing the hard line out
in Oakland

♪ City of dope
The boy is dope

♪ That's why the whole city
know him

♪ Oh, he just took
a little break

♪ Thought he changed his ways,
but he played you, Jake

♪ Pride of Oakland,
usually calm and collected

♪ But that ain't
the motherfucka

♪ To be no punk
when disrespected

♪ This is the life we living

♪ And it been
since the beginning

♪ And you know
we stuck in that soil

♪ Loyal, and we don't
do revisions

♪ And we don't get passes
for pussyfootin'

♪ Don't be who you isn't!
Isn't! Isn't! Isn't!

♪ Let's get it settled
There's a lot of metal

♪ Get your picture taken
With your witness statement

♪ That's the destination

♪ You done time now
You got stripes now

♪ That ain't decoration

♪ This is lights out
This is your life now

♪ This is your life now
till it's lights out

♪ Till it's lights out
Till it's lights out ♪

Stop! Stop! Don't! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! No! Jeez! Stop!

Come on, bro.

- What's going on? What's up?
- Hey, yo.

Matter of fact, Ashley was
just telling me it's 80K a year,

starting salary for OPD, but they
don't even hire in the town.

So the person who pulls you over
is actually from, like, Cupertino

- or some shit.
- Why not just live in Oakland?

They probably worried that if
somebody knew where they lived,

somebody'd come shoot them
for all the dumb shit they do.

I don't know. Hey, bro,
let me get a square, bruh.

What? Nigga,
can I better myself?

Can I be courageous?

You gonna end up
listening to vinyl

with a wooden tie and suspenders
with a gluten allergy,

counting calories,
riding a Vespa

to Whole Foods, motherfucka,
that's what you gonna be doing.

They actually have
great produce.

Now I need this,
'cause of you.

- Namaste, Val!
- Happy sunrise.

Indeed, this sunrise
is a blessing,

and I am as moved by your welcome
as you are moved by an elliptical.

Does he come up with these
things on the way here or...

- He auditions them in the car.
- Where's the board?

I'm adding a move.
I will give it to Collin.

I hope it's moving you off
your high horse.



Your braids look good.
Who did them for you?

It just kinda does this
when I wash it now.

Yeah, it must be all the healthy
living got me looking so good.

You know, my natural state.

You know, there's more to healthy living
than just drinking kale smoothies.

- Yeah, I know.
- I'm just saying,

'cause you have some major
lifestyle things to...

It was a joke, Val.
I know what healthy living is.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's none of my business.

- I was just...
- Live your life.


This is in...

It's in Walnut Creek. I can't...
It's outside of my...

- I can't go there yet.
- No, that's in Alameda County.

No, it's not.
Trust me, it's not.

All right.
I'll give it to Yorkie.


Yeah! So... No, I'm really
excited about this one.

So, we're gonna clear it out, gut
it, get it down to just the bones.

- Commander Moving.
- Hold on one second.

The movers just got here. Okay.

Hi! Um, so you can just pull everything
out and take it to the dump.

Just all the junk and apparently there's
some sort of sailboat in the back.

It can all just go.

Thank you so much. Bye!

Hi. So, I'll meet you...

- Commander Miles.
- Commander Smiley.

Well, this is gonna be nice
when it's done.

For some transplant.

Well, another clean-up job.

♪ Cleaning up after the dead

♪ Broken TVs,
paint cans full of lead

♪ Turn the projects
into prospects

♪ Ain't nothing precious like

♪ Sidi... Sid... Sidibe

Sidibe? How you say that?

- Sidibe. Sidibe.
- Sidibe. Sidibe.

♪ Hope they no young niggas
hauling my belongings

♪ When the end of me comes

♪ This man and my mama
on the drums

♪ Sometimes seem like all we
got Is rhythm in the slums

♪ This dog ain't no millionaire
But just as rare

♪ Tryin' to tap dance
in the rain

♪ On these niggas like Astaire

♪ Happy on my face
In my mind I'm a scarecrow

♪ Hung up in the hood
till I'm discarded

♪ Don't know who I'm spookin' I'm
the one who's spookin' hardest

♪ Probably 'cause I know that I'm
just here to help the harvest

♪ And after that I'm a target

♪ A mover helping up the market

- Come on. Come on, bruh.
- My bad.

♪ Gotta keep moving shit

♪ Whole bunch of shit
I never had


♪ Playing football

♪ Wish I had my dad

♪ You know fatherhood,
that's a passing fad

For you.

♪ Come on, man
Shit makes me sad ♪

Didn't she say something
about a boat?


Get your artisan sailboat!

Platinum seaworthy sailboat!

Nauticals included!

You ain't never gonna sell
this boat, bruh.

We get it, bruh!
Your car has an alarm.

It's fancy!


Uh, hey, Collin...

Who braided your hair
between yesterday and today?


- I, um...
- Hmm?

Val came over to Mom's house,

- and she braided it for me.
- All right. All right.

Air out, nigga.
What is your problem with Val?

Val is a disloyal bitch.

When you were in jail, did
she put money on your books?

Uh, did she come visit you even one
time at Rita while you were locked up?

'Cause I'm pretty sure
I went two times a week,

45 minutes each way.

- $500 on your book on day one!
- Hey, she talked to me on the phone.

How gracious of her
to have called you once.

And what did she want
to talk to you about?

About changing up your lifestyle?
Changing up your ways?

You're not a thug,
drug dealer!

You went to jail
on a fire technicality.

- Did I?
- Yes!

How were we supposed to know
that hipsters are so flammable?

Hey, Cuttie!
What that boat do?

- Hey!
- No way.

Shit, man, I got that joog for
sailing, fishing, floating or fucking,

get you a flight to Boston
at a private function.

Perfect for getting into some.

Let me put you
on that water world, bruh.

Bruh, is it hot
or cold, though?

Warm to the touch,
no burn though.

What's the intel
on the Vin Diesel?

- No fingerprints, bruh.
- Dusty trail?

Very. It's Gucci.

Cuz cuz, I can't be around the way
way with something outta pocket.

Ya underdig? Get blurped
and I gotta peel out

for the Daytona five double-O
'cause I got a few hammers tucked.

Niggas got laundry, no bleach.

On mamas, this was in the cut.

Three bill joog though?
What's the part two?

No sequel, bruh.
Pockets is touching

so we just trying to get it off
and do a moving.

Cuz, I might have to
let that marinate one time.

Bruh, if you really
about that life,

this the come-up right here.
Plus three bills ain't nothing

but a small thing
to a giant like yourself.

I say let's make moves,

you throw me that three
hundo right there.

I'ma clip the woo wop to the
rear-view and less is more, ya dig?

Clip the wop to the rear-view?

By far.

- Fast!
- Fast!

What'd he say?

Oh, I have no idea.

But he gave me $300
for this boat.

Sold! Sold, motherfucka, sold!

Mouthpiece for days, bruh.

People like the way
I make 'em feel, man.

They like the bounce
of that shit.

Everybody listen more
when you make it sound pretty.

Tell you right now.

All right, hey,
I'ma go back to the office.

I'll clock us both out.

Come back in like an hour though,
we got the feast in a second.

- Got you.
- Fo sho, right?

Yeah, I'll be right back.

She didn't come
visit you one time, bruh.

I know. I was there.

- You're all set for Friday.
- Cool.

- Awesome. Thank you.
- Thank you.

I got her number.

That's just
the office number.

I don't know.
Maybe she lives here.

Yo, uh, excuse me, bruh.

Did you used to work
the door at The Alley?


- That was like a minute ago.
- Yeah, you did. Oh, shit, bro!

This is that motherfucka with
the Scorpion Bowl at The Alley

that I told you about.

What dude
with the Scorpion Bowl?

I never told you
about the Scorpion King?

This is him!

We really don't have
to do this right now.

Yeah, we do. Okay, okay, okay.

- You know The Alley, right?
- Yeah, over on Grand?

- Yeah. It's an institution.
- Oh, my God, this story is so fuckin' dope!

So the night is crackin'.
I'm looking fly,

when this Colorado white boy
saunters up to the bar.

He's like, "Wassup, bruh?
Get me one of those."

And he orders
the Scorpion Bowl.

This thing is like a giant
swimming pool of fucking booze

with a flame in the middle.

It's like a white person's
wet dream.

This dude sees
the Scorpion Bowl,

and, like, he grows hair on his
chest, like, his balls drop.

The motherfucka hits puberty
right there in that moment.

- His mind is...
- Blown!

Hey, listen up, everybody!

It's Scorpion time!

Meanwhile, this nigga right
here... Uh, excuse me.

- This gentleman.
- You can only say that with me.

Yeah, my bad. I was out
of my mind right then.

This dude right here is just
standing outside working the door,

looking hella fresh,
might I add.

There's this white boy on the
stool and he's like hella hard.

You know what I'm saying?
He got tatted up.

He's looking grizzled.

Now I'm blowing a cigarette.

- I thought that you said that...
- I'ma gonna quit.

I'm gonna fucking quit, I know. All right?
Just leave me alone.

I'm so sorry. He keeps
interrupting me.

So anyway, Jason Biggs
busts through the door,

and he's like,
"Guys, guys, guys!

"Look at this
fucking fire drink.

"It's fucking insane."

But then my dude steps up,
and he's like,

"Hey, bruh, you can't
bring alcohol out here.

"You gotta take that
back inside."

Motherfucka Topher Grace

"Calm down. I'm just gonna show
my friends for like two seconds,"

"then I'm gonna go back
inside, okay?

"And if I don't
and you lose your job,

"I'll get you a new job, dawg."

- What?
- Right?

- Now, shit gets bad.
- Now it gets bad?

'Cause you a bad man.
You know what I'm saying?

So he's like,
"The fuck you say?"

"I'll go back inside, right?
I'll go back inside."

My man stops him like,

"You're done. Give me
the fucking goblet thing."

"First of all,
it's a Scorpion Bowl, okay?

"And second, no!

"I fucking paid
for this thing."

And then he slaps his arm.

- Remember the white boy on the stool?
- On the stool? Yeah.

Guess what?
He's a fucking psycho.

'Cause he's like,

"Hey, you better know
where you're at, fuckboy,

"before some real town shit
happen to you."

And then, Neil Patrick Harris
pushed him.


- Would you ever push this dude?
- I would not.

This motherfucka looks
just like Krayzie Bone.

♪ Sawed-off Leatha face ♪

My man snaps like the fucking
Incredible Hulk and he's like...

Little white boy reaches up
like The Undertaker.

Gets him in a fucking
chokehold, right?

Then, Oakland white boy jumps
in and starts kicking him.

And he's fucking Chuck Norris on
this motherfucker, and he's like...

"I hate my dad!"

And they're just beating
the shit out of Topher,

you know what I'm saying?

And it's a fucking menage
a trois of violence, bro.

Now, mind you,

that drink is still on fire.

Oh, I forgot
about the flame.

It is still burning.

That fire catches some of
that alcohol and ignites.

And now that flame's rolling,
rolling, rolling and...

They are ablaze.

Inferno, motherfucker!

Portlandia's on the ground,
going up in flames.

And my ass is just standing
there. I'm just like,

"Shit. Look out."

It's like Michael B. Jordan
on fire

and Chris Evans on fire.

And you'd think the fight would be
over, but, nah, this dude has lost it.

His fucking friend is like Michael
Flatley in the Lord of the Dance

all over this motherfucker's
face while he cooks.

And he's like,
"Welcome to Oakland, bitch."

He's bleeding, he's cooking,
these dudes is pounding on him.

Peoples is screaming.

Whoo! Fuck.

That shit was nuts.

Damn. That really happen?


It did.

Help me, please!

What's up now, bitch?
Huh? Huh?

Help, please!

- You ain't fuckin' with it now, huh?
- Help me!

I can't breathe! I can't...

- Fucking stop! Stop!
- Oh, no! Fuck!



Him and his white friend
stomped that drunk dude

until he was unconscious.

He was in the hospital
for a week?

And all over a drink.

Well, we gotta go.

- Well, this has been fun.
- Yeah.

- All right.
- Thanks.

You're about to get
a fresh restart.

You need to get rid of Miles.

- Miles is my best friend.
- Yeah, is he?

'Cause I know you guys
grew up together,

but he's gonna put you back in jail
or he's gonna get you fucking killed.

Miles had my back
since we were 11 years old.

When I went to jail,

Miles came and saw me
all the time.

I'm not talking about this with you again.
He came to visit you out of guilt.

'Cause he pushed you into a fight,
and he didn't go to jail with you.

What if that dude had had a gun?

What if Miles' dumb ass
had a gun?

What if the cops showed up

and they saw you
stomping that white dude?

Who do you think
they would have shot? Miles?

Good night, Val.

- I'm just... Collin, I'm...
- Yeah, I know.

Three, two, one.

Yeah! Whoo!

- You suck! $7, sir!
- All right, here's the thing.

Here's the thing.
I don't have it right now.

But I'ma get...
I'm good for it.

Wait. I got a better idea.
Let's race again.

- 'Bout to beat you in another car race.
- No, you won't.


Made those bed pieces.

I mean, they weren't...
Wasn't... No, not these ones.

But ones just like it.

Where do you make beds?

In jail.

Why were you in jail?

For being a tough guy.

Dinner's ready!

Coming, Mom!

I'm tellin' ya, I'm gonna
let you finish,

but don't fuck up
my chart board.

'Cause I just got that.

This is gonna be just fine.
Don't worry about it.

- Hey, Collin.
- Yeah.

You gonna smoke
with your friend here?

I think I'm good
off the weed now.

- Wow.
- It's like I see that it's him,

I hear that it's him,

but then he gonna say
some shit like that.

What am I over here
doing this for?

- Changed man, I guess.
- I don't know this person.

Okay, change. For what?

- He don't want weed no more.
- Oh, okay.

Oh, now you conspiring
against me too?

He picked this
especially for you.

What is this?

You got me a present?

You wanna touch a tender thug
in his emotions

with this beautiful
gesture of love?

- You're so stupid.
- Look at this! Boy!

Come here. Give me a hug. Yes,
thank you!

All right. Do me a favor.
Hold this for one second.

Good job.

This shirt look kinda small,
don't it?

Oh, let me see. Let me see.

- Oh, baby, you look so good.
- Baby, you look so good.

This is like
a little baby T.

What are y'all
talking about? No!

You look hella good.

I can see every little thing
in your arm.

Yeah, it's framing
your pectorals.

- You can see this tattoo.
- Real nice.

- One of my favorite tattoos.
- Man, this shirt is too small.

- And both of y'all know that shit.
- No, it's not.

- Look at this little baby shirt!
- No, it's not.

- You could pierce the nipple and...
- That looks so good.

- No. No. No.
- It looks amazing. It's perfect.

Look at this little thing.
I can't...

Hey, Sean, why don't
you put that down, man?

Baby, put that down.

Put that down, man.



Is this your gun, Collin?


Miles, get the fuck out now!

- It was an accident, all right?
- You brought a fucking gun

- into this house! Get out now!
- It was an accident!

Just get the fuck out! Go!

Get out!

Don't fucking come back here!
Get out!

- Ashley, I'm so sorry.
- And you let him buy one.

- I didn't...
- Get out!


All right.

Here. Get rid of it!

You couldn't just make it yours
for two fucking seconds.

No! It's not mine!

And I didn't want to have shit to do with
that fucking gun in the first place!

Don't make it yours then.
Just make it not mine!

I'm not gonna bring a gun
around a little kid, Miles!

So what? I'm the father who
brought that shit around his son?

- Isn't that what happened?
- I know what happened!

How's it going, boy?
What's up, man?

Fuck it.

Well, you... What? Fuck what?

I'm calling us a Uber
and we're going to Nak's party.

The hell we are. I'm not
going to that fucking party.

Well, we're not going
back in there, are we?

And, what, you gonna spend your first day
not having a curfew in a halfway house?

I'm not trying to go to some party
where no bullshit is gonna jump off.

The bullshit is out here.
Are you kidding me?

That party's full of
the squarest of the squares.

Nak works for Pandora!

It's gonna be safe!

It's gonna be nothing but hipsters
and artisan beer and shit.

You know, goat cheese,

acoustic guitar, light music.



Yes. It's a better idea. Yes.

Out here? This is where
you wanna be?

- Here. Look around.
- All right. All right.

All right, but I'm not trying to get
involved with no hot shit tonight!

Oh. The car's here.

Oh! My niggas!
Your Uber has arrived!

Dezz, boy, what are
the chances of this?

- Of fucking course.
- Oh, Collin!

I got a little somethin'-somethin'
for you in the trunk!

Celebrate your freedom.

Commander Smiley.


Cool jacket, man.

Hey, all right.
There's some new blood.

Come on in, guys.

- Yo, I'm Sid.
- Yeah.

Yeah, come on in.
Yeah, you guys need drinks?

Right back that way. That's
all you need, all right?

- I dig it.
- Oh, shit.

Same tattoo, man.

Come on in, man. You guys
are welcome here anytime.

Yeah, that's right.

I moved down here from Portland
about a year ago.

Finally found my home.

Hey, thank you, Sid.

Anytime. You take care.
Come on in.

- He has the same tattoo.
- Shut the fuck up.

There go Nak.

I need a drink.

Yes, you are a great dancer.

- Hello. Hi, there.
- What's up?

All right,
pig on a shirt.

- Nak?
- Wow. What's up?

Oh! Man, you never respond
to my invites.

- I mean...
- And this was a weird one to come to.

- Yes.
- It's one of our CEO's monthly mixers.

Define mixer.

Well, right now,
it's mixed 150 white people

with, now, three black people.

- Hmm.
- Oh, Terry, this is Collin.

Terry and I worked
at Youth Radio together.

How's it going, man?

What is that?

It's goat cheese.

What's the little leaf?

Yo, what's going on, everybody?

- How's it going? Hey! Hey, you guys good?
- Hey, man, all right.

You guys need any drank?

- Hey, hey, no. I'm good.
- Nah, you sure? You're good?

All right. Thank you.
Thank you, Sid. Thank you, Sid.


Uh, sorry, there's just
no cups on the table.

Let me tell you,
this right here...

This is an original
Oakland oak tree stump.

That's 140 years old
right there.

Was. Look at all those rings.

- Wow.
- Amazing.

Well, hey, you just
let me know.

There's plenty of drank
in the kitchen, homies.

Feel free.

So I'm gonna go get
some "drank" from the kitchen.

Get me whatever you having.

Oh, what in the...


Kwik Way does not cater,

It's quick,

it's around the way.

It's in the name.

This is some jank ass
shit right here.

- You good, bruh?
- Yeah, I'm good, bruh.

Oh, the grill.

You have a grill in.


You know, you don't have to
act ghetto to hang out here.

Welcome to Oakland.

Have fun, bud.

- Oh, man.
- Oh, Lord.

- Oh, God, what happened?
- Some hipster kid by the drinks,

full on culture vulture.

- "What it do, my bruh. It's lit." -No.
No, no, no.

I'm like, um, "Don't talk like that.
That's not you."

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Somebody had to tell him.

You know what? I made two more in
the kitchen, I'll be right back.

Oh, my goodness.

It's so...

Oh, man, I don't know how much longer
I'm gonna be here. I'm telling you.

- Fuck.
- Yo, what up, my man?

No! No!
Outside! No! No!

Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

Are you out of
your fucking mind?

- Get the fuck out, Miles!
- You okay?

Get out the fucking way.

All right, man.

- No, wait, Terry!
- No.

I knew we shouldn't
have come here.

- God fucking damn it.
- What the fuck ever, bruh.

- Fuck is wrong with you, nigga?
- Do what the fuck I want, man.

- Hey, white boy!
- Fucking...

- No! Get over here!
- Don't! Don't!

Come on.

Come on, boy!


- Collin!
- Come on, get out! Get...


Stop it!

Oh, my God!

What the fuck are you doing?

What the fuck you think
you're doing, man?

Come on, this is
my fucking house!

Get the fuck
out of here, man!

Get the hell out!

Yeah, dude, go home.

Get the fuck out of where?


Get the fuck out of where?

No! No!

He's got a gun!


- Miles!
- Y'all get the fuck out of here!

- Miles!
- Y'all get the fuck out!


Oh, yeah, y'all love
Oakland now, huh?

- Hey, stop it! Hey!
- Get the fuck out of here!


Terry, are you okay?

- Give me my fucking gun, bruh.
- What in the hell? Fucking no!

- Give me my fucking gun! Hey! Hey!
- Are you fucking crazy?

It really had to go down like
that, Miles, tonight?

What the fuck, man,
and then what?

Then they gonna call
the fucking cops,

and they gonna shoot
my black ass and not you!

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

You didn't do shit back there!

- That...
- You didn't do shit, bruh!

That is Nak's partner!

I don't give a fuck
who the fuck it is!

Nak's partner,
is that yo' partner? No!

Is that yo' partner? No!

You know how many times
I'da have yo' back out here?

How many motherfucking times
I'da stepped up fo yo' ass? Huh?

And you didn't do shit
to help me!

- Because...
- Look at my face, bruh!

Because it was
fucking stupid, Miles!

Look who the fuck I am?
Where the fuck I am, Collin?

That's how the fuck
I survive out here!

You wanna act brand-new,
then fine.

Go ahead. Be a hipster,
get a tech job or some shit.

And go act like you don't know
where the fuck you from!

I ain't got to prove to nobody
where the fuck I'm from!

Oh, good for you!

Nigga, you got something
to prove to everybody!

Yeah? That's 'cause I'm livin' somewhere
where now everybody got me fucked up!

You ain't gotta do shit!
You ain't gotta...

You ain't gotta worry about you changing
up your clothes or your lifestyle.

You ain't gotta worry
about none of that shit!

You're a big black dude

with fucking braids
in Oakland!

Nobody is misreading you,


Yeah, I know.




- Yeah, my nigga.
- Yeah, bruh.

Nope. Say it.


Say "nigga."

- Oh, fuck you!
- Say it!

Say, "Yeah, my nigga!"

- No, and you know...
- Why? Why?

- Come the fuck on!
- But... But why?

'Cause you know
I don't say that shit!

But what? So it's okay for me
to call you nigga, nigga?

You been calling me that since
we were fucking 12 years old.

I'm not gonna stop you now.
Do what the fuck you want to,

- say what you want to say.
- Nigga, if that is so disrespectful,

then why is it okay
for me to call you that?

You're a fucking nigga!

- You're a fucking nigga, Miles!
- Why are we talking about...

You out here acting an ass

like it ain't no fucking
consequences for that shit.

And every nigga who sees me
thinks that I do the same

dumb, fuckin' ignorant,
gun-carrying shit that you do!

But I've been taking care
of my shit!

I fucking... Don't I do
our timecards every week?

I pick us up. I keep you
out of dumb shit,

and then what do you do?

You go out and you buy
a fucking gun for what?

For your family?

You are the nigger that
they are out here looking for!

Where the fuck
you goin'?

Where the fuck are you goin'?



Well then, fuck you then!

You hear that?

Then, fuck you then!

You better not have no fuckin'
gun on you, 'cause...

Miles, what the hell happened?

- Ow, Ash.
- Shut up.

- Ow, the shit's broken!
- Shut up!

I got into a fucking fight! The fuck
you want me to do about it, huh?

You wanna fight
about the shit too?

You're picking the wrong
fights, all right?

This is already hard.
This is work. He is work,

and I don't feel like
you are here with me right now!

I didn't buy that gun
on no tough shit, all right?

I know why you thought
you needed to buy a gun!

Just let me ask you something.

Were you afraid

when you came out here

and saw Sean holding a gun?


And do you think

if you would have possibly told
me about buying a gun

that I might have seen
the scenario coming?

I'm sorry. I didn't...

I'm sorry.

Well, maybe if you niggas weren't
so wild all the fuckin' time.

Could you not call me that?

What, "nigga"?

Yeah, can you not
call me that, please?





How's the...

How's the memorizing coming?

Yeah, just trying to
learn these psych terms.

What did you come up with

for the double picture one?

The face and the vase one?

Oh, I like that one.

It was "blindspotting."

Why "blindspotting"?

'Cause it's all about how
you can look at something,

and there can be another thing
there that you aren't seeing.

So you got
a blind spot.

But if somebody points out

the other picture to you,

doesn't that make it

not a blind spot anymore?

No, 'cause you can't
go against

what your brain wants
to see first.

Unless you spend the time to retrain
your brain, which is hella hard,

so you're always gonna
be instinctually blind

to the spot
you weren't seeing.


When you look at me now,

do you always see

the fight first?

Good night, Valerie.


You late.

We gotta go straight to the
first move, all right?

I got the address
from the office.

Just gotta put my shoes on.
Come on.

Nah, I'm good out here.


Congratulations, Collin.

Thank you, Sean.

It's real nice
of you, bruh.

Ow, okay.

Okay. It's not
a good time. Sean.

Sean, all right, cut it out.

Sean, all right, enough.

I'm serious.
Sean, enough.

Enough. Hey! Hey, stop!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

What did he just say?

Oh, are you outside
practicing with Collin?

He's a little too young for the
pamphlets that your mama gave us,

but I'm trying to
get ahead early.

- Good morning.
- Commander Moving for Rachel.

So, it's just a ton of boxes
in the living room, mostly.

Uh, my son and I
are gonna take off,

but my, um, husband is inside
somewhere if you wanna go...

Okay, so everything
is just in here then?



Sorry about that.
I canceled the service,

but it beeps by default
when it's open.

Just close the door behind you
when you're done.

I left my jacket inside,
so I'll go get the last box.





Yo, Collin! Hey, bro,
we need to...

- Uh-uh-uh-uh.
- Shit!

Don't. Don't.

Does this scare you, huh?

Fuck you know
about being scared?

Were you afraid someone
was gonna come find you?


- Bruh.
- What? Nigga, I'm just...

I'm just talking to him!


You said
make it pretty, right?

It's the bounce of it. They like
the bounce of it.

Like a tree on a sign, nigga,
we cut right down.

Paul Bunyan-ass cops,

come to chop me
at the knees

and search the trunk
in my own town.

Did you count his rings
when you bled him?


When you dead him?

Do you understand?
How old was he?

Nigga, how old was he?

- He was 26.
- Twenty-six?

That's how many years you
decided didn't mean shit.

All this talking
don't mean shit.

I mean, shit!

♪ I been in
my element, eloquence

♪ Spitting hella developin'

♪ I been telling, shelling
And not to walk like a felon

♪ I fuckin' flippin'
the middle finger

♪ To feeling irrelevant

♪ Reveling in my freedom
till you turned

♪ Heaven to hell
and hello, sir!

♪ I'ma need you to open
Your fucking eyes now

♪ And look and see

♪ You might think you know
what's happening

♪ But you don't feel it
like we do!

♪ To feel it,
it has to be you

♪ Cut you But you don't
know what the cut do!

♪ You are reflex But when
reflux bleeds the gut

♪ Then you see the faces!

♪ Leave the vases

♪ Moving people in and out
for a fee

♪ Feeding this town decay
an appetite of me

♪ An appetizer, huh?
I must be tasty

♪ But I stay angry
'cause y'all get hazy

♪ I'm the one out here
stuck on a clock

♪ Living the curfew
to keep me off the block

♪ Fuck, what time is it?
What time?

♪ Nope, fuck it,
I did my time

♪ How come every time
you come around

♪ You monsters got me feeling
like a monster in my own town?

♪ I say it
while I'm rapping, nigga

♪ 'Cause everyone
conditioned to

♪ Listen to a rapping nigga

♪ But I'm rapping
to the active nigga

♪ You the one cappin' niggas

♪ So quit the flash And feel
like your passion, nigga!

♪ Hittin' us till our
headstone's Stuck in the mud

♪ We stuck it out
It turned us into some thugs

♪ Got a whole city brand-new
And they kickin' out us

♪ Maybe we should both
break shit!

♪ Make a fuss
I am both pictures!

♪ See, both pictures!

♪ Don't be
blindspotting me, nigga!

♪ See both pictures!

♪ Guess I'm just
a little bigger

♪ Than a picture playin'
chicken With a cliff

♪ But I ain't never been a
flincher Block is getting hotter

♪ I'ma be the one to bring
The winter fuckin' everybody

♪ On the body of a cop

♪ The splinter, I mean
Why wouldn't I dead him?

♪ He splittin' wigs
for 80K a year

♪ And ain't from here Who'll
miss him if he disappear?

♪ Fillin' up with fear, I know you
feel it I've been feelin' it for years

♪ In fact, I don't remember
Ever never feelin' it

♪ The one that goin' dummy
Never felt the need to run

♪ But I've been sprintin' till I
limp across the finish with a gun

♪ Up in my blind spot, really

♪ Ain't too hard to figure that
You probably never really felt

♪ The pressure of a nigga
But you know what?

♪ I ain't never felt
The pressures of a trigger! ♪

The difference
between me and you is...

I ain't no killer.

I ain't no killer.

I didn't mean to.

Are you sure?

You good?



Well, our next move is...

Heather Neel
in the hills, so...

You got anything else you
wanna get off your chest,

I feel like now's a good time,
'cause I don't think we can

point another gun
at a customer,

I feel like we get,
like, one of those a day,

or a week or never.

You pulling guns on people
and I'm driving?

Everything is
upside down today, man.

Whatcha want me to drink
this green juice too, huh?

That make you feel better?

I'll drink it, man.
I'll... I'll drink this shit.

Fuck it, man. Fuck it.

- Make you happy?
- Mmm-hmm.

Oh, it smells disgusting.

this shit ain't bad, bruh.

Fuck, man.

That shit ain't bad.

That's like the initial shock.
It get better then.

- This is so green, you know?
- It's so green.


who's the next move?

It's Heather Neel.

Oh, shit.

That's Derek Carr's

- Who's that?
- Quarterback of the Raiders.

Oh, hell, no!
That's the next move?

Oh, it's my time
to air out now, boy!

Shit, I'm gonna give her
a piece of my mind

about her lil boyfriend.

He a town traitor,
as far as I'm concerned.

I mean, how the Raiders
gonna move to Las Vegas?


So what, y'all fucks
with the Raiders now?

Don't be absurd,

That would be
disloyal of me to do.

I can't stoop to their level.

I'm just mad at them forcing me
into this very confusing position.

- Uh-huh.
- Loyalty is tricky, Collin. It's a moving target.

Bet you wish you
were a better moving target.

You tryin' to talk
about my face, bruh?

Too soon, man!

you look fucked up.

I am fucked up.

Subtitles by explosiveskull