Blind War (2022) - full transcript

The film tells the story of the former SWAT captain Dong Gu, permanently injured during a failed mission for which he took responsibility. After gradually getting out of the haze, his old enemy reappeared and threat his daughter.

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I'll count on you later.


According to the evidence

provided by counsel for the prosecution before,

suspect McQueen

is suspected of several transnational crime cases.

[Villania Demian Court]


Dad, have you asked for leave for my graduation trip?

Yes. No problem. I asked for leave three months ago.


[Baby Sir]

[OK. I'll work it out.]

[I can't wait to go home.]

It should be over inside.

Tell the guys to stay alert.

Attention, all units. The trial is almost over.

Be alert.

Associated legal items include

[Bomb squad. Roger that.]

first degree murder, human trafficing,

production and distribution of narcotics.

Since defense is no longer filing a plea,

the court finds the defendant McQueen



Each coin has two sides, right?

By my research,


in the past two decades since McQueen founded the multinational company,



the crime rate in Manulla

has fallen to its lowest level, I mean, in history.

Your Honor.

Please don't listen to this sophistry.

So I maintain suspect McQueen

not guilty.




How dare you!

Judge, it's your turn.


Did you hear that?


I'll do it again.

I'll do it again.

I'll go in and take a look.


The Chief said the Interpol are in charge of the court.


Alpha, follow me to the court.

Beta, guard the exits.

I won't write the report for you.

[Villania Demian Court]

Shut up!

My wife said so well.

But you said that was sophistry.

Get down. Sit down.

Have you kissed enough?

Are you done?

Hurry up.

Stop being annoying.

Everything is going as planned.

The evacuation car will only wait for three minutes.

Save my dad and get out immediately.

Sir, we have something to tell you.

Let's talk about it later.

Let me out first.


This is very important.

You must know it now.

Tell me.

Cena and I are getting married.

We have a gift for you.

[Hand grenade]

You bastards!

This way.


There was an explosion in the court.

Two men are injured in Team Alpha. Send backup.

Block all exits now.

Armed criminals are in the crowd.

Don't let anyone out.

Do you hear me?


Move the car. Go away right now.

-Do you hear me? Go away. -Sir.

[Gale Express]

I'll leave after delivering a parcel.

[Gale Express]


You have a daughter.

I won't die.

Don't worry.

Mr. Zha Kun. Cena and Rido killed Master.

Get off!

They want to kill me too.

You. Tell everyone.


[Gale Express]



Many people died there.

They have a lot of guns.

It's OK. Follow me.

There are police here.

Don't move! Shut up!

Listen carefully.

I'm the Chief

of Special Armed Police Department.

You're surrounded.

You have two minutes.

Release the hostage and lay down your weapons.

Honey, where are you?

Police reinforcements are coming. It's time to go.

What a bummer.

Why are the police here so soon?

You want a hostage?

I'll replace him.

You can't go far with him.

He's much more fun than others.



Don't be afraid,

because I saved you.

You belong to me.

From this moment on,

every breath you take

is my gift.

Wait for me.

Wait for me.

[Blind War]

Mr. Dong Gu.

Your retinal clouding and iris damage

have been confirmed irreversible.

I feel sorry for that.

But as a doctor,


I have to to be responsible and

tell you the truth.

Why should we be responsible for this?

You were only responsible for extradition escort.

You had nothing to do with

the court area.

But he led the team into the court without permission.

This complicates matters.

What happened then?

There were two psychos in the court.

You have no idea

how urgent the situation was.

That was because, you, as the vice captain,

didn't report to me


And you let Dong Gu decide on his own.

Dong's judgment was perfectly in line with the emergency situation.

I admit that I left my duty without permission.

I'm willing to accept any punishment.

Dong, I...

[Dong Gu]

What else can I do?

Just give the order, Chief.

Tomorrow we will pay tribute to our brothers in arms at Peach Blossom Hill Cemetery.

You are the main person in charge.

You have to be there.




Pull the gun.





I'm Dong Gu.


Dong Gu.

Due to public pressure,

we can't let you stay in the police force anymore.

I hope you can understand.

Latest news in the city.

[Nightly News]

There's an update on

McQueen's being murdered and the courtroom attack.

According to informed sources,

the real cause of this major incident

was that a member of the Special Forces

left his duty without permission.

Everyone died.

[Nightly News]

Why is he the only one alive?

You killed my husband

Pay for my son's life.

Go to hell!

Why are you still alive?

Why don't you die?

I didn't...

Dong Gu.

Your eyesight is confirmed irreversible.

I'm sorry.

What's wrong with you?

Do you want to die?

If you want to die, go home and die.

I suspect the patient has mania.

He is impulsive and irritable with uncontrolled consciousness

and violent tendencies.

I suggest you transfer him to psychiatry

for further examination.

You should find a symbol

that can calm down the patient.

What? Psychotic?

Let me tell you.

Don't think you don't have to take responsibility because you're psychotic.

You must pay for my car today.

Who are saying this to my dad?

How could you say that?

[Nurse Station]

Yati. Yati.

What's wrong with you?

I'll pay for your car, OK?

Yati, take your dad home.

Hurry up.


You pay for it.

Let's go.

I accidentally fell down today.

Sir, what do you want to eat?

How about beaf steak for dinner?

How do you like your steak cooked?

And vegetables. Let me see.


The coconut juice I bought yesterday is quite fresh.

How about frying an egg?

Where are the eggs?

I bought them yesterday.




Dong, calm down.


Are you suspecting me?

What are you talking about, Dong?

I've been with you since we were in the Special Intelligence Forces.

Why are you spying on me with your equipment?

Do you think I can't hear the sound of electric current?

I'm protecting you and Yati.

I don't need your protection.

Do you think you're safe now?

You know how scary those people are.

If they come for revenge,

do you think you and Yati can survive?

I can protect my daughter.


You can protect her like this?

You can't even defeat a cripple like me.

Who can you protect?

Let go of me!

Let go of me!



I won't go anywhere until you pull yourself together.

I'll always be by your side.


Think about Yati.

Does she want to see you like this?


Record more.


only your music can calm down your dad.

Give me a copy then.

When your dad hits me again,

I can use it for a while.

PC 9527


Don't get so close to my daughter.


You need to walk more.

Show me your dad's medical record.

Hold on.

[Rehabilitation training]

[Persistence is victory.]


How can you catch it?

What kind of ball is this?

This is a bouncing ball that I use to practice my grip for playing the violin.

[Life is about exercise]


I have a bold idea.

Sir, catch them.

Dad, your ears are so sharp.

This is a gift.

Why didn't I inherit it?

Of course you did.

Otherwise, how can you play the violin so well?

I see.

[Life is about exercise]

PC 9526.

Yes, Madame.


[Life is about exercise.]

Come on.

[Rehabilitation training]

[Persistence is victory.]

Come on!

Come on! Come on!

Fifteen seconds and eight.

Just so so.

Uncle Yun, you're here.

I invited you to look after the house.

I'll take Yati

to Manulla for the symphony competition

and accompany her on her graduation trip.

Don't forget to treat me to dinner when I win the championship.

No, wait.

Let's talk about the competition later.


Do you know where I am standing?

Why don't I

believe it at all?

Enter it into the system within today.

[Villania Demian Court]






Quiet. Quiet.

Go back.

Go back.

Don't move.

Go back. Don't throw.

Don't be afraid,

because I saved you.

I called your name.

You belong to me.

From now on,

every breath you take

is my gift.

Hurry up.

I'm here to discuss

about your being transferred to another prison.

I know.

You've been here

31 times.

If you agree with it,

please sign this consent form.

[Article IX Retention of Jurisdiction]

[Article X Transit of Sentenced Persons]

I know

who wants to kill me in this prison.

And I know

what will happen if I am transferred to another prison.

Mr. Zhou. Just be straightforward.

I don't understand what you mean.

Tell Zha Kun.

If he wants to kill me, do it himself.

Otherwise, he can't avenge his father.

Easy. Easy now.

I'll be bald. I'll be bald.

Slow down.

It hurts so much.

I've never seen anyone being like this.


I've told you, I like the blue one.

Isn't this one blue?

Alright, let's go find you a seat.


Yes, sir.

I can find one on my own.

Don't see me as a sad sack because I'm blind.

Do your best.

I can tell.

I know.

By the way,



Yati, it's time to go, what are you looking for?

My score is missing.

Can you play without the score?

Ms., I can do it.

Don't you know how terribly you play?

But can you find your score now?


I have no time to listen to you two arguing.

Go onstage with your violin.

The next contestant is

Yu De High School Orchestra from Villania.

They'll perform

the second part of Symphony No. 2

in E minor of 27.

What are you doing?


Yati, haven't you gone on stage yet?


[Call rejected]

Who is it?

Mate, it's me.

Can't you leave me a message?

It's all because of you that I made a fool of myself!

Are you in Hillia, Manulla now?

I'm with Yati for her contest.

That crazy woman's name is Cena.

She's from Manulla.

Where's that crazy woman?

[Villania Police Station]

She's in... in prison.

That'll do!


[Villania Police Station]


Students from Yu De High School, come with me.


Hurry up.

This way.



Are you from Yu De High School?

Do you know Yati? She's my daughter.

I can't find her.

What are you doing?

It's none of our business that you can't find your daughter.

Why are you yelling at us?

What are you doing?

Dad, help me!

Dad! Dad!


Dad, help me! Dad!






Police station?

My daughter was kidnapped.

We found a female body at the scene.

Please allow us to take a photo.

What kind of person would do this?

Go check it out.

Although her face was disfigured,

we can basically confirm it.

Come on!

Take care.

Please allow us to take a photo.

Stop taking photos!

Enough, please go back.

Just one more photo, please.

She's not my daughter.

She can't be my daughter.

My daughter has been playing the violin for ten years.

There are thick calluses on her left fingertips.

But this body has no callus.


Passport, belongings.


Your daughter is a violinist, right?

She has rosin in her bag.

These are all here.

How could it not be your daughter?

She's not.

She's not my daughter.


Calm down.

She's not my daughter.

You have to help me.

Calm down.

You have to help me.

You have to help me. I need to find my daughter.

Don't move!

Let go of me!


[Manulla Prisoner]

Move forward.

Hurry up.


You must have watched too many films!


a Villania tourist assaulted the police by the river.

He's suspected to have a mental breakdown due to his daughter's death.

[Night News]

He's to be held in custody.

I need to find my daughter!

Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Has the lawyer gone far?

Tell him to come back.

I'll sign it.

Do you know how it feels to kill your family personally?

Here comes the job.

[Manulla Police]



Nice name.

Tell everyone to look for her.

I give you only three days

to bring Cena's dead body here.


Young master,

the new batch of goods has arrived.

Detective Rama,

are you really gonna let him go?

His daughter is gone.

So, it was normal for him to overreact.


According to his file,

he once sufferred mania.

Don't provoke him.

Besides, there're so many cases in our bureau.

We don't have time for this foreigner.

Call the Border Bureau and send him back.


[Dong Gu]

That's right.

Considering your cooperation,

I won't sue you for your assaulting the police.

You can leave now.

Your daughter's belongings

will be sent to you later.

Pay the freight yourself.

Who will drive today?


Where is she?

She should be here soon.

Sorry, I can't go. My daughter must be alive. I need to find her.


Where are you going?

Somewhere safe.

Can't you see?

Stop talking and drive.

[No. 2 Office Building, Exit]

Party time.

Where did you get her?

The theater.

She can play the violin.

She's gotten grit.


go prepare for tonight's auction

and raise her price.

I'll keep her if no one buys her.

Hurry up.


I won't hurt you as long as you cooperate.

Your name's Dong Gu, right?

No offense.

I've seen your file

at the police station.

I know what happened to you.

You can do no help to me.

I'm sure that

the female corpse by the sea

is not your daughter.

What did you say?

In this country,

there's a very large criminal organization.

Hurry up.

One part of their business

is to trade female hostages via the dark web.

And they substitute disfigured bodies

for the pretty girls they kidnapped

to make the police close cases as soon as possible.

This is just an usual trick.

You know this organization?

Too many in the police station have been bribed.

And the police refusing to cooperate would be removed.

My husband died for investigating them.

So I think

we can cooperate.

I don't trust you.

But you have no one else to trust.

Tell me how much you know.

I know a person in charge of organizing transportation

called "Dragon King".

All female hostages must be sent abroad

by her.

Where is their base?

In a temple in Dahe District, Hillia.

It's impossible for just the two of us to get in.

I have a plan.

But I need your cooperation.

What plan?

I'll sell you in.


What's your name?

[Manulla Police]



You was a policeman before?

I'm just a father now.

Get in.

The human traffickers will dispose the stolen goods in the temple.

They will drive the car to the designated location

and put a bottle of drink on the top of the car.

Bro, sunglasses at night?

Can you see anything?

The goods?

Lead the way.

Young man.

Have a seat.

You're the Dragon King?

It doesn't matter

whether I am or not.

Let them run their errands.

What do you want?

Want me to read your physiognomy or feel your bones?

You had lived a smooth life at first

but suffered a catastrophe in midlife.

For the rest of your life,

I'm afraid you'll be alone till death.

So many calluses on your hands! You must have fighted and killed a lot.

Being blind

should be the retribution for you.

Tell me, what do you want to ask?

I'm looking for someone.

My daughter.

Then how can you still doing this

since your daughter is missing?

You'd better pray for blessings for yourself.

Four thumps.

That's rarely seen.

All right, take the money and leave.

Bid farewell to the past,

and take the road ahead.

There's no need to resent or complain.

Take her in.


I know

you'll bring someone back again.

As we meet for the first time,

I have a gift for you.

You look so awkward.

Long time no see.

What's wrong?

You miss me?

I want to thank you.

If your man hadn't died,

I wouldn't have become the Dragon King.

I thought you would be difficult to deal with.

But is this all you've gotten?

Zha Kun told me to kill you directly when you come.

Is it necessary?

You're the Dragon King?

Where is my daughter?

You got a blind partner?


He looks like your dead husband.

Where is my daughter?

Blind man.

I've sent out numerous daughters every year.

Which one are you looking for?


Blind man, if you come any closer,

I'm afraid you will die

before seeing your daughter.

How about this?

Get her drowned for me.

Then I'll let you go save your daughter.

That's right.


Young master,

we've gotten a bid of 4.8 million dollars.

Call it off now.


I mean, call off the auction.


Why did you work so hard?

Are you so eager to get sold

and then find a chance to run away?

You want to play?

Then I'll play with you.

You have to work harder tomorrow.

Man, tell the online buyers that

there is a power cut in our house suddenly.

Tell them that the auction will continue tomorrow.

Raise her price

to 6 million.

I'll play with you.

Let's continue tomorrow.

I called off the auction.

Fifteen ones have been sold.

Why is it so noisy over there?

It's nothing.

I'll tell you somewhere else.


What's going on?

A blind man knocked my grandma out.

We're taking her to the hospital.

Wait, wait, wait.

A blind man?

He can hit people?

Taizi, did you get something good?

By the way, you don't frequently cut the auctions.

It would be very difficult for us to do business.

I think you forgot

who made you the Dragon King.

I didn't put you in this position

to teach me how to run a business.

Guess who I caught?


I told you to kill people

once you see them face to face.

Okay, okay, okay, Taizi. I'll do it right away.

I got a bad signal. I gotta hang up.

Dong Gu!

Smash the fish tank!

Kill her now!

I got her.

You interrogate her.

Do you have my daughter, Yati?

She was abducted from the coliseum that day,


I... I kidnap many people every day.

How am I supposed to know which one is your daughter?

I'm very tired.

I'm running out of patience.

I'll tell you. I'll tell you.

The kidnapped women are all sent to Zha Kun.

But only Jin Gang knows

where they end up.

Jin Gang?

Black Jin Gang.

He's on Zha Kun's side, too.


He used to work for McQueen.

He's got a coordinate receiver on him.

The buyer will text him the address directly.

How about this?

Maybe your daughter hasn't been sold yet.

Let me go.

I can work with you

to find your daughter, okay?

Are you expecting us to trust you?

Where is Jin Gang?

The people inside! Listen!

You're surrounded!

Blind man, I know you're in there!

Police! Help!

They try to kill me!

Blind man, open the door!

Do you hear me?

They killed my husband.

I can't believe you didn't spare an old lady!

If she gets caught,

I'll have no chance.

Hurry up!

I'll break down the door if you don't get out!

Get right out!

Let's find a safe place first,

and then we'll look into Jin Gang.

Hurry up!

Go away! Break down the door!

This way.

Blind man!


Yes. Yes.

Detective, what shall we do next?

Issue an arrest warrant for that blind man.

We're going to be rich!

My house is a bit messy.

I hope you don't mind.

Detective Rama,

can you tell us

how you cracked

the biggest drug possession case of the century?

What is rotten?

I've been tracking a transnational criminal.

Actually, I haven't been home for a few days.

I forgot to put away the food I ate last time.

The prisoner is still at large.

We've made a portrait of him.

Does he have any other features?

He is blind.

How does a blind guy deal drugs?

[City News]

Why can't a blind man sell drugs?

This man!

He's blind!

Again, on behalf of the police,

I would like to appeal to the community

that this man is extremely dangerous.

If you spot him,

please notify the police at once.

To save your daughter,

you need to stay alive.

Let me help you stop the bleeding.

I'll do it by myself.

Do you have a phone?

Didn't you

smash my phone?

Do you have something in place of a telephone?

There's only one old police channel.

Do you want to call the police?

All right, take your time.

I'll go and have a shower.


I'm sorry.

I didn't do it on purpose.

I didn't do it on purpose.

It's okay.

I know you didn't do it on purpose.

Let me teach you.

Sit down.

Let me teach you.

Have you figured out how to find Jin Gang?


Jin Gang.

You're early.

I have half a day to finish my auction.

The Dragon King was killed by that crazy woman.

Don't you know that?

I told her

to kill that woman on sight!

[Dragon King]

You tell Zha Kun

that I have killed the Dragon King.

He's next.

Or you can come to me.

[Dragon King]


No, uncle.



You also heard what she said.

She wants to kill me.

You're all I have now.

You can't leave, uncle.

You have to save me!

Jin Gang.

Mr. Zha Kun said

he would take care of your family for you first.

We will wait for your good news.


this is Dong Gu.

Do you copy?

I haven't been able to get in touch with Dong Gu.

Can you do me a favor?


I'm at 1603 Riverside Building,

Manulla Hillia province.


Dong, what's going on with you over there?


you may not know

I just cracked

the biggest drug case in the city.


on the eve of my promotion,

the first person I think of

is you.


You, you...

Who are you looking for?

Well, I...



Is it...

Who is it?

A police officer.

But there're five or six other men.

They should be from Zha Kun's side.

Turn off the lights.

I'm one of yours.

They're in there.

Crazy bitch!

Who's it?

Black Jin Gang.


Go after them!

I heard that crazy bitch got a blind guy to help her.

I think that was you.

You're Jin Gang.

I was looking for you.

She's up there!

I heard you're tough.

But, you look just so-so.

You're pretty good at taking a beating.

You blind man!

I took care of the blind man and that crazy woman.

Don't worry about your auction.


really have a lot of nerve.

Don't you dare come back.

It's me.

You guys are having a good time.


This is Rama.

That blind man, who's looking for his daughter,

killed the only woman in our department!

The only female cop...

Backup! I need backup!

Is it here?

Is it here?


Where is my daughter?

All the women that didn't go to the auction are here.

What are you guys doing?




Stop playing the games.

Where is my daughter!

I don't know.

Tell me!

If she's not here,

she's at the auction.

Now she's probably...


We just got out of the Dragon King.

If she had been sold out of the country,

she would have been there.

Well... Go to find Zha Kun. She could be there.

He has a half-time auction

tomorrow night.

Where is the auction?

Tell me!

Zha Kun is much crueler than you.

It's quicker to kill me.

You blind man!

Come on!

Tell me!

Where is Zha Kun?

Give me back Yati!

I can't believe you lost them!

I'm an information officer

with the Special Police Force in Damian, Villania.

With the permission of the embassy,

I will coordinate the repatriation with you.

Who are you repatriating?

Dong Gu.

That blind guy?

Not only has he refused to cooperate with

our repatriation efforts,

but he's also a suspect in multiple murders.

So we can't work together right now.

Detective, she reported that

she had just escaped from the traffickers.

Take a statement from her.

Go ahead.


Meeting adjourned.

Blind man,

just kill me.

You have a daughter.

And I also have a family.

If I tell you,

Zha Kun will kill them.

You've been asking him questions all night,

and you've got nothing.

Let me show you.

Stick it in.

If he's not trained, he can't stand it.

Come on.

You're not a cop.

Who are you?

Why did you kill the Dragon King?

But you have the weapon.

That house is not yours.

The smell of the house is the smell of the corpse.


Aya's body is in the closet.

You even used her to set a trap.

You also lured Black here.

If I didn't let him come here,

when would I wait you to find here?

How did you know that?

You created all kinds of noise interference once you got into the room.

But you underestimated my hearing.

I've killed the Dragon King.


All your actions

didn't look like a cop at all.

What about you?

Do you look like a cop?

Assault a police officer,


abuse prisoners,

and openly oppose the judicial procedure.

What's the difference

between you and me now?

I'm different from you.

I want to save my daughter.

Who are you?

Why are you following me?


From this moment on,

every breath that you take

is my gift.

Wait for me.

Wait for me.

No wonder they call you crazy woman.

Are you Cena?


You really came out.

I remember you.

Your leg was broken by my husband.


Why are you with her?

Come back with me.

If you want to find Yati, please leave it to me.


You take the advantage.


I'm the only one who knows where Zha Kun is.

I'll let you choose, Dong Gu.

Kill that cripple.

I'll help you find your daughter.

Otherwise, let him kill me too.


Don't trust her.

Dad, help me!


What do you want?

You won't do it?

I'm leaving then.


Before you go to find Zha Kun,

can you get some munitions for me?

No problem.

He's dead.

Take him out for emergency treatment.

This is the third time you want to kill me.

Did you know it all along?

I just didn't know why you didn't take action.

After saving your daughter,

you'll die.

Yati will be an orphan.

At least she will be better than now.

Not necessarily.

My father sold me to

General Sompat of the Golden Triangle

as one of his scouts.

And then I became a killer.

I had no right to commit suicide.

But then, I had someone that I wanted to kill the most.

The first person you killed was your father,


If your daughter becomes someone like me,

would you still save her?


I wish I had a father like you.


Uncle Harlem.

When did you get out of prison?

You played well these years.

Not bad.


As Zha Kun is in charge recently,

the goods are hard to sell.

But with our friendship,

I can give you a discount.

Of course.

If you hadn't been the middleman,

McQueen wouldn't

buy me from Sompat.

Thank you for your help.

You are welcome.

Your friend

is blind.

Does a blind man play with a gun?


I'm okay to shoot the target within five meters' distance.

I'll take the rest of your balls.

Uncle Harlem.

Has Zha Kun

bought anything from you recently?

Zha Kun?

The things he bought were very abnormal.

Pick one by yourself.


I want all of them.

All of them?

Those are very expensive.

It's okay.

I'm not going to pay for them anyway.

Don't be nervous.

It's your home court tonight.

You can stay with me if you want.

It's up to you.

My dad will come to save me.

Your dad?

That blind man?

Sir, there are suspicious vehicles outside the castle.


We have to go.

Dad, I'm here.


Don't shoot!

Help me!

Help me!

Let go of me!

Who is that?



Call someone quickly.

Help me!

I've worked for your family for so many years.

You finally remember who I am.

You two offended that crazy woman.

Not me.

I'm just an employee.

I want all of you to die!

Do you want to run?

Come back.


Dad, help me!



Dad! Dad!

Who are you?

I'm your dad's colleague.

Of course I'm here to save you.

Where are you, Yati?


I'm upstairs.


Yati, don't worry. I'll save you.

Why did you take such a long time to come here?

What did you do, Cena?

I hung your daughter on the roof.

Once I let go of the chain,

your daughter will fall down

and die.

You come at me.

It's so cheap

to kill a blind man like you.

Dong Gu.

Did you remember how my husband died?

I want you to also feel

the desperation of losing my family back then.


Shoot me.

I know you're good at shooting.

However, once you shoot

and I let go of the chain,

your daughter will die.

But if you don't shoot,

I'll also let go of the chain.

I will count to three.

It depends on your choice.



Catch it.






I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I'm fine.


It's okay.

That fool Zha Kun actually came up with this idea.

I admire him.

The bomb on your daughter

is connected to my pulse.

As long as I die,

your daughter will...

Do you feel familiar with

this scene?

In order to take revenge on me,

you even gave up your life.

I was already dead

when Rido died

No matter what you choose,

your daughter

is killed by your own.

Dad! Help me! Dad!


Kill me!

If you kill me, your daughter will die faster.


Save Yati first.

[Acto violin backup]

Uncle Yun, why are you here?

I hacked into Black's phone

and found you based on your position.


Go to find the bomb disposal tool.

Don't be afraid. I'm here.

Dad, you just go.

Leave me alone.

You just go now.

I told you I could hear your sound.

Where you were on the stage that day,

no one was able to compare with you.


When you go abroad next time,

I will weave your hair into a new and pretty braid.

I'll remove the bomb for you now.


The right one. The right one is the copper wire.

It's not wrapped by colors.


These two wires.

The one on your left is red and the one on the right is blue.


These two wires.

Only one of them is a detonator lead.


It's okay.

I'm not afraid with you around.

You like blue the most.

I remember it.

Leave the blue wire.

I trust you.


Yati, it's okay.


It's okay, Dong.

They are local cops.

I haven't blamed you yet.

You almost killed me.

Take her away.

Take her away.




Did you do it again?

Well, you won't escape this time.

Take him away.

What is this?


Get down!

It doesn't blast.


You must hurry up.

Got it.

You should think about

how to tell my dad about that matter as soon as possible.

Okay, I got it.

Don't forget. Otherwise, the time will...

Got it.

The gang leader located in Manulla...

This way.

Zha Kun and his subordinates like Black

were also punished by Detective Rama with an iron hand.

Now let's

have an interview with Detective Rama.

Detective Rama.

May I ask your cooperation with Villania's blind man...

[Social News]

Blind man?

Where is the blind man?

Blind? Where is the blind man?


How is it, sir?

How is it?

Do you still follow the rules?

I'm fine.

While I'm away,

you must listen to Uncle Yun.

Let me say it.


I've applied to the higher-ups

to reinvestigate your case.

I think there will be good news soon.



Sir, how is the food?

Do you have milk every day?

Do you have eggs?

Do you have fruits?

You look thinner.

Let me tell you.

The new female teacher in our school is very beautiful.

I'll introduce her to you later.