Blind (2023) - full transcript

When a twist of fate leaves Gia blind, she must summon every ounce of courage to rebuild her life. But when she becomes the sole witness to a heinous crime, she unwittingly enters a deadly game of cat and mouse with a dangerous cr...

That was simply stellar stuff,
did you enjoy that?

And now,
for the last band of the evening


Glasgow make some noise!

Are you ready for the Thundercats?

That's it, that's it
Guilia, take it away girl, come on!

Yes, Mom




Don't worry, I'll go there.

[indistinct chatter]

-Come on!

-Gia, what are you doing?
-Let's go home! Come on!

Gia what the hell?
You're embarrassing me

Let me go!

Get into the car

Get into the car

This is not fair Gia!

Life's not fair Adrian.

Come on!

Get into the car!

Gia, what...

Gia, what the hell is this?
Are you crazy?

You've left me with no choice!


Put on your seatbelt!

Isn't this enough?

What's your problem?

Why did you drag me out of there?

It was really important

What's important is your exam tomorrow

This! You can do later

No one's going to stop you.

You need to study!

I was studying!

Their last song has 6 million views

Their last song has 6 million views

6 million people saw their video

Wow! Let's go back.

How are their views
going to benefit you?

How will it benefit me?

I'll learn from it... practice...

And 'll get famous too

... and then...

And then your mother
will realize her mistake

And come to take you back!

Stop dreaming Adrian

There's a big difference between
dreaming and living in a dream.

What gives you the right
to control my life?

I'm your sister and
you're my responsibility

Stop giving yourself
so much importance

You're not even my real sister

Not your real sister?

What about the last 12 years?

Family goes beyond the ties of blood

And if that weren't true...

then our parents would have
never left us at the orphanage

then our parents would have
never left us at the orphanage

-Stop it!

-Give me the keys! Gia!
-Stop it!

-Let me go!
-Stop it!

Gia! Stop the car!


Stop it!

Gia... Gia...




Gia, help!



Hold on.


Alexa Stop.

I'm awake, I'm awake!




Sunday times war reported Marie Colvin
was immortalized on film

7 years after she was killed in a
rocket attack

While reporting on the conflict
in Syria

'A Private War' covers the last
10 years of her life...

as she struggles to reconcile
her desire to report on conflict.

Celebrated documentary...

Elsa! Time to go!

How do I look Elsa?

[indistinct chatter]

Gia Singh... no no, please sit.

I've heard all about your incident

I'm very sorry

Who's your friend?

This is Elsa

Nice to meet your Elsa

She's very sweet


Tell me, how can I help you?

I'd like to speak to you about
getting my job back

I know it's not a possibility for me
to be a field agent with my condition

But I've learnt how to
read and write in Braille.

I can do admin work, write reports

-I know it's a bit much to ask..

-But I'm also ask...
-Gia! Gia! please... alright

Please don't misunderstand me

I'm really sympathetic about
everything that happened with you

But as far as the incident of
that night is concerned

Let me be upfront Gia, you didn't lose
your job because of your disability

I mean you topped the academy

We would never dismiss someone
for one mistake...

Specially not someone of your caliber

But you completely misused your
authority as an office of the law

But you completely misused your
authority as an office of the law

Gia! Have you lost it?

You've left me with no choice

Gia please uncuff me
and let me go!

It was complete negligence

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

We protect the law, we don't
get to break it.

I'm sorry Gia, but re-admitting you
to the force...

... is just not going to be
an option as this point.

Come on! Let's move man!

You're eating cup noodles again,
aren't you? It's so unhealthy Gia!

Why don't you let me bring you food?

Or at least get a meal service

No Mom! I need to be able
to function on my own!

No Mom! I need to be able
to function on my own!

I don't need anyone's help!

How many times do I need to say it?

Why did you call?

I need to see you, Tomorrow!

Since you won't let me come there
You come here!

Is it important?

Yes, I need to talk to you.

Tell me now.


Fine, I'll come over tomorrow


Have you finished?

Did you enjoy it?

Was it yummy?



If you had a mom who could see your
life would be so much better, isn't it?

If you had a mom who could see your
life would be so much better, isn't it?

Isn't it?

Don't hurt me...

Please... no...


Two night ago, on the 7th of
January at around 11pm

A young girl by the name of Amy Dunne
went missing from West George Street.

A friend of the victim said Amy had
left home at around 9pm

to go on a date
but never returned home

They haven't been
able to trace her since.

The police are questioning her friends
and family, in the hope of finding a lead.

The police are questioning her friends
and family, in the hope of finding a lead.

In other news, there was only one topic
on everyone's lips at Davos this year...

Climate change.

The headlines focused on the cold war
between Greta Thunberg and Donald Trump.



Mom needs to know that
I can take care of myself

So you need to stay here okay?




I'll be back soon.

-Thank you!
-Do you need help?

It's alright.

Sorry Aunty Maria

It's okay Aila, go and help Gia now
bring her in quickly.

-Hi Gia!


Thank you Aila

-Bye bye!

Nothing's changed.

Well, you know me...

I don't like change very much.

But some things do change.

-Hi Gia!
-Bye Gia!


Gia, not that one, take this!

Thank you Adrian!

Adrian, I am going to kill you

Aunty Maria!


Still upset with him?

What's this?

Why are you giving it back?

It's been lying in
my drawer since 3 years

Might be more useful to you

That doesn't matter

Keep it.

Don't give up on him Gia.

He gave up on me...

I'm just returning the favour.

See, wasn't that food much better
than that rubbish you eat every day

-Here, coffee!
-Thank you!

Nothing's changed.

Gia, I think you need to
go back and join the police force.

How long can you
stay at home like this?

I know you're not happy...

I know you better than anyone else.

You can't hide your feelings from me.

What's the matter?

You already met with Inspector Smith?


And... she said no?

Does it matter?

It does!
You're a dam good police officer

You topped your batch

Officers like you aren't easy to find.

Even with your eyesight gone you're much
more efficient than most of them...

and if they don't want you, it's
completely their loss.

Don't worry about that, why did you
ask me to come here?

Adrian's friends stopped by...

Adrian's friends stopped by...

They're having a memorial
concert again this year.

They want you to come...

and I really think you should go

You already said no twice before.

Their friend died because of me.

It wasn't your fault Gia!

Gia, help!

It was... I handcuffed him!

Where are you going?

I'll drop you home,
you don't even have Elsa with you.

I can manage without Elsa

No! I'm dropping you,

-that's the end of the discussion
-Mom Stop!

I can take care of myself

God! please guide her.

What are you doing?

I'm waiting for your God to guide me!

Calling Glasgow taxi.


May I get a taxi please?

One hour?

Can't it come sooner?

Okay, no problem!

Double tap to end the call.

City Centre?

Sure, get in!

10:39 p.m

Where do you need to go"?

Are you a taxi?


70 Ingram street please.

Sure, get in.

-Do you need help?
-No, It's okay!

Are you Indian?

Yes I am

Me too!

What are the chances!

You must be cold,
let me turn up the heat.

Old Spice.


Are you wearing Old Spice?

Yeah... A passenger left it in the cab
So I use it sometimes.

But... how did you know?

Has a very familiar smell

My ex-boss used to wear it.

What happened to your eyesight?

If you don't mind me asking.

It was an accident.

Both retinas got damaged.

You must have been waiting for long...

You look tired.

Here, have some water.

Thank you very much, very kind of you.

Should I open it for you?

No it's okay, I'll have it later.

What was that?

I've got some things
lying in the boot.

-That sounded like someone--
-Let me open the bottle

Can you please driver a little slow
Give it to me! I insist!

Stop, stop it!

Are you okay?


Are you alright?

What was that?

The boot popped open,
I was closing it

Please sit inside.

You put something inside, I felt it.

No, it was nothing...

Please sit, I'll be right there.

Who are you calling?

Ma'am are you alright?

So let me get this straight...

The driver had a person
in the boot of his car?


And you're sure of this?
I mean, no offense but...

You can't see so...

Like I said before, I heard knocking
from the boot of the car

That's when he switched on the
music and start driving fast and....



What's happened?

Sir, Bedi has called you..
It sounded urgent.


Ma'am, David will take your statement

We'll look into it and get in touch

You don't believe me?

Of course I do.

Don't worry, you'll hear from us soon.

David, please take
Miss Singh's statement.

Absolutely sir.

What do you want with me?

Why are you doing this?

Don't worry...

I won't bite.


Let me go!


You know...

Shakespeare said...

Hell is empty

Because all the Devils are here.

And I'm here to save you from them

I won't tell anyone...


My mother always used to say

that one day...

someone will break you so much...

that you'll become...


Shall we go again?

A 27 year old girl with brown eyes
and pink hair...

A 27 year old girl with brown eyes
and pink hair...

Identified as Mia Wallace...

left her house for a party on
the 9th of January...

and she hasn't returned as yet.

This is the second girl to have gone
missing in the last week.

A report was filed this morning by the
mother of the alleged missing girl...

Who was last seen leaving the
Alcatraz Club in Eastvale PI...

in a taxi, around 10pm..

wearing a black top,
and a silver skirt.


Time to go!

Kevin! Get me the report on yesterdays
robbery please.

What am I supposed to do with her?

Khanna, she claims to have information
about Mia Wallace...

so she's a potential eye witness.

Eye Witness?

Bedi sir, she's blind!

How can she be an eye witness?

You do half your work with your
eyes closed...

but somehow you figure things out...

So, go and figure this out too!

Get some work out of him too,

Get some work out of him too,

He's just sitting
there and getting fat.

and you just loving jerking me
around, right?

It's the best part of my day.

Go take her statement and send
her home, or am I asking for too much?

Fine, I'll do it?




What are you laughing at?

Oh my God...

Good morning!



Gia Singh.

Gia Singh

I'm Prithvi Khanna, I'm the DI

Would you like some water?

No thank you, sir.

I read your report last night

Now you're claiming to have
information about Mia Wallace?

Yes, sir!

But, how do you know
it was Mia Wallace?

How are you even
sure that it's a person?

Like I said before in my statement
I heard a sound from the boot...

The driver dismissed it saying
there are some things in the boot

The second time,
I heard a knocking sound

He turned on the music and started
to drive fast...

Immediately after the
accident he got out of the car.

As I was getting off the cab,
I felt him put something in the boot.

The weight felt like that of a person

When I asked about it, he
tried to force me back into the car.


Thank you for coming in.

If something comes
up we'll call you. Okay?

That's it? You already had
this information.

It's because I'm blind.

No, not at all.

If I could see, what would you ask me?

The usual questions...

Car number, driver description...

He was 5'10" or 5'11"...
Average build...

Maybe around 35 to 40 years old.

-Is that all?
-You're 5'6" or 5'7"

Also average build

Around 45 years old

How do you know this?

It's not that difficult...

I can tell the height by the
angle of the voice

Build by its reverberation

And age through intuition.

There are also certain things that
one can't see

Like the fact that you
had Chinese food for breakfast.

How do you know that?

Soya Sauce

It's normally used in Chinese food.

This is so good.

Can you also tell my future?

No but seriously... seriously...
This is.. This is wonderful.

Let's talk some more.

So you're convinced there was
someone in the boot

Yes, sir.

But why Mia Wallace?

Because I heard on the news...

that Mia Wallace got into a taxi from
club Alcatraz at around 10pm.

The taxi picked me up from
the Orphanage around 10:45pm

The distance between club Alcatraz and
the Orphanage is around 30 minutes.

It's highly unlikely

that two kidnappings happened
in the same area on the same night

That's why I believe
it was Mia Wallace.

Let's assume that you're right and
Mia Wallace was in the boot...

Let's assume that you're right and
Mia Wallace was in the boot...

Why did he offer you a lift?
Why would he risk getting caught?

He saw a Blind girl, alone,
waiting for a taxi

For him, it was a double win

What threat can a Blind girl pose?

That's why he wasn't worried about
leaving you behind


He figured you wouldn't be able
to identify him anyway...

When I sat in the car he gave
me a bottle of water.

When I started asking questions,

he tried to force me to drink
it and that lead to the accident

Forcing you to drink water?

Maybe he was trying to drug me


What else?

Old Spice!

He was wearing old spice


When I tackled him outside the car

I felt a watch on his right hand

So he's probably left handed.

People usually wear their
watch on the weaker hand


Anything else?

He was Indian!

So basically, we are looking at a
left-handed, Indian, taxi driver...

who wears Old Spice...

And has a potentially damaged car.


We could check some garages too.

Just give me 2 minutes.

I'll be right back!

Bedi Sir!

I have a strong hunch about this sir

But this is just a theory,
we can't act based on a theory.

The blind girl isn't in a position to
make a positive ID of the victim

We don't even know
if there is a victim

No description, no car number, nothing
For all we know...

a suitcase could have fallen
out of the boot.

Sir, he was forcing
her to drink water...

Why would he do that?

-There has to be a reason.

My wife forces me
to drink water every day

My wife forces me
to drink water every day

shall we go arrest her as well?

Sir, she's your wife...
She has to force you!

Look, you want me to back this right?


Find the kidnapper,
with substantial evidence

I'll get you a promotion along with
an arrest warrant. Deal?

Are you serious?

I suggest you start the paperwork.

Thank you

Show me, mate.

Kobe for what? For why?

Fake Kobe!

Go get that!

You know if you want to shine,
You need to bring the skills yourself

Go on!

Go on!

Hurry up and come back man,
I'm not finished beating you yet!

What the...?

How did you make that?

I'll be back in 2 minutes

Ola (Hello).

Any of you guys work around the
Eastvale PI

Carlos trabaja por ahi

Now give me a subtitle.

English please.

Carlos usually works around there.

Carlos! You work around Finnieston no?

Yes, it is close to home

so I start there every morning
and hope to finish there every night

But where life will take you...
no one knows.


-No! Bangladeshi

What's the time?

Half three

Fish curry?


One minute.



I'll be there in 20 minutes.

We got another witness


You're sure it was Mia Wallace?

What do you think?

How many pink haired girl are roaming
around Glasgow in silver skirts?

How many pink haired girl are roaming
around Glasgow in silver skirts?

I'm the cop here!

Don't ask me questions

Give me the answers.

Did you see the drivers face?

Or any other details?

No, I was on the bridge

But I saw the car...

and it was definitely not a taxi

So tell me what car was it then?

Not sure...

Never seen that one before

But you're sure it wasn't a cab?

Are you lying?

Why would I lie?

You look like you would.


Why didn't you say this earlier?

Why didn't you call the cops?

Like I said before...

I saw him put the girl in the car...

I thought maybe...

He was taking her to the hospital

Today, when I saw the poster, I
understood what happened and came here

Where did he put the girl?

In the back seat.

I was in the back seat

He put her in the boot

Got something to say?

Now use your imagination

I'm telling you

It was a black car...

and it was definitely not a taxi!

He's here for the reward money


What? No! Come on, I'm
trying to help you

I got it!

No, I'm telling you it was definitely

I have eyes! I can see and you
still want to believe this blind girl?

-Come on man!
-Keep your voice down

You're in a police station okay?

Secondly, get out of here...

We'll call you if we need to...
Come on! Let's go!

Take your bag please!

This is ridiculous! This is ridiculous


Stop dreaming Adrian

What gives you the right
to control my life?

Stop giving yourself
so much importance

You're not even my real sister

-Stop it!
-Give me the keys!




Unknown caller.

Unknown caller.

Swipe to answer.



Who's calling? Hello?


Who's calling?



What can I do for you?

You had in cabs come in, in the last
few days for a bumper or a headlight?

Not that I can remember

Are you sure?


If anyone comes in... Could you...

-I'll leave it right here...

Yeah? Call me!


So no luck huh?

Uh! Yeah!

Uh! Yeah!

No, no, no, no, no... Elsa!
There's nothing for you in here.

It's going to be dark soon.

-Shall we?

You guys repair any broken headlight
or bumpers in the last few days?


What about you man?

No, sorry!

If anyone comes in... Right?


-Good evening!
-Good evening!

Indian guy? Drivers a taxi?

Would you call me if you see one?


Call me

Let me know!



Had any repairs in your taxi lately?

You sure you don't want some?

I'm okay, thank you

Look at this, Nikhil's calling.

See what...

Never mind


Okay listen, I'm telling you...

That wasn't a cab. You don't
want to believe me...

You think I want the money
but the truth is, I know what I saw.

Nikhil, calm down!

I lied about the back seat, I got scared
when I saw the accident and I ran but...

I saw the girl and I saw
the car and for the last time...

It wasn't a taxi!


What's he saying?

That it wasn't a taxi!

And that...

He's not lying... I mean...

He is lying, but not about the taxi...

but about the back seat

This is really good!
You sure you don't want a little bit?

No, thank you.

All okay? You've been quiet ever since
that phone call.

I've been thinking... What if Nikhil
is telling the truth?

I don't trust that boy.
He knows nothing!

What was the need to call again?

He admitted to lying
about the back seat...

Maybe he's telling
the truth about the taxi?


If we assume for a minute, that
it wasn't a taxi...

Then our entire investigation
has been pointless

I think we should give him a chance
We should call him.

Okay, what have we got to lose

The number you're calling is busy,
please try again later.

They're bloody useless Mike!

acting like they're going to buy me
a house for my information

Yeah, it's a cheap bloody reward!

I know! Screw it... their loss

I'm on my way home now...

I'll get changed and see you in 15?
Okay... Bye...


Nikhil listen to me...




-He's not saying anything!
-I think he's in trouble

Hello Kevin?


Can you trace my last
received call please?

I'm on it

I'll be right back

Prithvi Khanna

What happened?

He's had a hit to the head

We need to get him
to the hospital ASAP

We need to get him
to the hospital ASAP

Which hospital?

The new Victoria Hospital,
It's the closest

The one near Grange road?

52 Grange Road

You go on, I'll follow


The doctor says it's a deep cut...

but he'll be fine.

Apparently Nikhil has a thick skull.

Shocking huh?

Who'd have thought?

-Would you like something to eat?
-No, thank you

What the hell are you doing here?

You got no shame!

She's stayed here all night with you

Did I ask her to?

So tell me...

What happened last night?

I don't know

You don't know?

What do you mean, you don't know?

Someone just knocked you over the
head for no reason?

Are you into drugs?

Why do you keep treating me like
a bad kid?

Like I'm some criminal

First you wouldn't believe me about
the taxi, and now this!

I told you it wasn't a cab...

And this reward thing...

You're getting it all wrong, we're not
doubting you...

-We're just trying to understand
-Stop it! Just stop it!

I can't deal with the two
of you anymore

And I don't want to talk about this!

You know what? I wasn't there

Just like that, it was all a lie
In fact...

I wanted the money


Where are you going now?

To take a piss!


I'm walking into the house
My sister's right behind

Make way for the King ladies and
gentlemen, police officer Gia Singh!

Is that your rap?

Is that poetry?

-Listen, I'm still taller than you
-It's nothing.

Nobody comes to watch him perform
because of this...

-corny rap...
-Mom, can you tell her please?

-... She's being mean
-Tell her what?

-... She's being mean
-Tell her what?

-Tell her not to be mean to me.
-You're the best

You're both mine

Okay, Okay... Enough!



At this hour? From whom?

Unknown caller.

Unknown caller.

Unknown caller.

Unknown caller.

Swipe to--


Got it?

I found it in my car...

It looked important, so I thought
I should give it back

Surrender yourself before
you get caught

You might get a reduced sentence

Even my mother wasn't this
concerned about me

You need to think about the boy

Stay away from him.

I can't Gia...

He's a loose end that needs
to be tied up.


I've read everything
about your incident

That was murder too

Maybe the cops went easy on you
because of your condition...

If it wasn't for the handcuffs...

He'd still be alive.

Well done, big sister...

We're the same, you and I

You just haven't accepted it yet

We're not the same

I know your kind, very well...


Broken home, abusive father...

and a lot of rage...

That you unleash on women

You think we're weak...

and we can't fight back.

Whatever you think
you know about me...

It's not true...

I'm much worse.

I'm going to enjoy playing
this game with you

Torturing you slowly,
and intimately...

until you've lost the
will to fight back...

Till you completely lose
the will to live.

Torture me?

So I was right...

You're impotent!

Depression, anxiety, stress,
childhood trauma

These are some of the main causes
of impotency

and torture is the only way
to get a release.

Textbook psychology!

Stay out of my head Gia...

Stay out of my head Gia...

It's too dark for you

l live in the dark!

I'll put an end to this!

Save the kid first!

Call Prithvi

Calling Prithvi

Please leave a message after the beep!

Prithvi! Nikhil is in trouble

Come to the hospital, quickly!

Did you bring my power bank?



Nikhil! Don't leave the hospital
I'm on my way

Let's get out of here


Nikhil, are you here?

Yeah, he's here

Nikhil we need to stay here

I've messaged Prithvi, he must
be on his way

-I'm not waiting for anyone
-We can't go out, it's not safe

He's going to come after you

Please trust me

Trust you?

Why should I trust you?

I've been in trouble ever since we met

It's safer for me
to stay away from you

Mike, come on!

Mike, come on!




Let's just walk

Put that away!

Let's go for a walk.

You won't need that...

I'll guide you.

Prithvi calling.

Don't even think about it

Prithvi calling.

This way...

Prithvi calling.

Prithvi calling.

Let's go

Having fun?

I'm loving this..

Just don't do anything stupid okay?

Just don't do anything stupid okay?

Pick up the phone, pick up the phone
Gia, please...

Pick it up, pick it up

Why did she stop?

Make her move.



Get her to move!



Hello? Nikhil?

Where are you?

Where is Gia?

She isn't answering, I've been try...

One day, I'm going to slap
this boy so hard

-Can you get a trace on this number please?
-Yeah, sure.

-and send it to me right away!






Thank god!

Hey, listen!

Call and ambulance, and stay here.

Call and ambulance, and stay here.


Where am I?

Gia, it's okay

Am I in the hospital?


Where's Elsa?

She was with me

Nikhil, where is Elsa?

Gia, I'm sorry

I'm sorry Gia

I should have never left the hospital

I'm sorry.

Now you look perfect

Just like Mom!

How are you feeling?

I'm fine

I think you should leave
Glasgow for a few days

The cops will have caught him...

-and everything will calm...
-I'm not going to run!

-I need to find him
-That's not your job

-The cops needs to find him, not you
-I'm helping them

You're still just
as stubborn as before

And you keep telling
me that nothing's changed

Come to the orphanage for a few days?

-You'll be safe...
-He'll find me

It's become personal

How will he know where to find you?


I'll take the kids on a
field trip tomorrow...

They'll be safe, and you can stay
there peacefully.

They'll be safe, and you can stay
there peacefully.

And bring that boy...
What was his name?


Nikhil! Bring him too,
he'll be safe as well

-I'll think about it
-Please Gia

Please don't say no.

I said I'll think about it.


Thank you!

I'm really sorry about Elsa

I know how much you loved her

I can't imagine what you must
be going through

But I can tell you one thing...

She's in a much better place.

Where? With your God?

I don't understand this
hatred you have for him

I don't understand this
hatred you have for him

It's not hatred...

In fact, our relationship has
never been clearer.

What do you mean?

I joined the police force so that
I could help people.

Isn't that what God
teaches us to do?

To help people?

To be his soldier

But not anymore...

I'm not a soldier

I'm just another person
living in the dark.

You weren't listening...

I was...

And maybe right now, you hate him...

But he's still here for you.

Don't lose faith in him Gia.

I don't hate him...

I've just seen his true colours...

And now, I know my truth

What truth?

That I can't expect
any justice from him...

I have to do it on my own.

Sir! This is the one!

That's a Chrysler PT Cruiser


Get me a list of all the black
Chrysler PT Cruisers in the city


Yeah? There can't be more
than a handful

Yeah? There can't be more
than a handful

If a Chrysler PT Cruiser
has been bought...

sold... or even leased....

I want to know by whom!

-Okay? Please get on it
-Yes sir

You finally proved to be useful!

Come on, let's go!

Please get your own candy!

Any nausea or dizzyness?

-Excuse me.
-No, not any more

-Ok, I'll check on you later.
-Thank you Doctor!

Hello doctor.


Remember Stacie?

-The girl from the club?

We checked her call records, her
last call was made to you.

Was it on the 10th?

Yes, 10th!

I got a call from an unknown number,
The person didn't talk.

It must have been him, from her phone

Right! And we are confident he
works in a hospital because...

the doctor said he used
Propofol to drug you

the doctor said he used
Propofol to drug you

Propofol is only
available in a hospital

I'm really certain he's a doctor.

And he drives a Chrysler PT Cruiser

It looks quite a bit like a Taxi


Kevin is putting together a list.

They don't manufacture them anymore...

There can't be too many around

We'll check them all.

And Gia?

I need you to go somewhere safe...

so that I can send the
whole team after him

I'll take Nikhil to the Orphanage.

Perfect, I'll send Kevin with you two.

Did you read about this blind girl?

How can someone be so evil...

How can someone be so evil...

And that poor dog

People like this should be
shot on sight!

Thank God the girl survived...

What a hero!

Anyway, Mrs Adler is ready for you.

Any pain? Any discomfort?

Nothing much,
no morning sickness either

That's good!

Sorry I couldn't come in last week,

We had to go out of town
for a few days, family stuff

That's alright... Let's take a look.

Let's see if everything is okay

Let's see if everything is okay

Thank you.


That's good...

I'm sorry...

It's okay

Alright, okay...

Alright, you're good to go...
Get dressed. All clear.

You're doing well.

Now I lay thee down to sleep

I pray the lord my soul to keep

If I should die before I wake

I pray the lord my soul to take.

Your room's upstairs to the left


His music didn't really
feel like music... Rap!

But he loved to perform on stage.

He was very passionate

And good too.

You knew Adrian?

No, but...

I saw him perform a couple of times...

He was good!

Here, this is for you.



Thank you!

Lost days and lost night...

Those thoughts keep me up

Always tossed around,
What does life want from me

Come on, we don't have all day
Hurry up!

Pass these around, quick!

Listen up everyone,
we don't have time.

Get the door!

We know the profile...

Indian male, late 30's early 40's
Around 5'10"

This is the final list

This is the final list

We have to check all of them

There's only 3 or 4 doctors...

But we need to check the rest too...

In case it's under someone else's name

Okay, we have to find this guy
by the end of today.


Any questions?

-Then let's get to it
-Let's get this guy

We'll be back day after tomorrow
in the morning.

Take care of yourselves till then

God is with you

You're not taking him along?

Just take care of each other, alright


Come on, let's go

Have fun!



Sometimes I feel like I should
get away from here.

go where there are no loved ones

Family... friends...

At least I won't
be afraid of losing them

Like my parents, Adrian... Elsa

If I wasn't in their lives then,

Maybe we should talk about
something else?

The weather is depressing enough

I saw your picture in Adrian's room...

You looked pretty
hot in the uniform...

Are you going to go back?

I can't

-Not like this.

If Prthivi has lasted this long then
why can't you!

If Prthivi has lasted this long then
why can't you!

All he does is eat, like...
all the time


So... I was thinking...

Maybe I should join the force too...


Why not?

I'll look pretty
hot in that uniform too


No, but seriously...

You have all the qualities to make
a good police officer

So do you...

Why didn't you fight then...

For your job?

You should fight for what
you believe in no?

Adrian was...

I will too...

Promise me we'll go this together.

So listen...

can we go inside?

I'm freezing!


There's a step.

Can I help you?

Is this your car?



I'm doing an investigation

Can I see some ID please?

Yeah, sure!

Thank you


Me too!

Has your car been repaired recently?


Been around Finnieston...
in the last few days?

Been around Finnieston...
in the last few days?



May I leave now?


I'll get in touch if we have any
more questions

-Thank you

Nice watch!

You're left handed right?

You're left handed right?

That's why you wear your watch
on the right

My cousin is left handed too...
He does the same

Very nice

Are we done?

Can I see your car papers please?
If you don't mind.

What happened to your neck?

Hot date last night


You're under arrest...

You do not have to say anything

but... It may harm your defense...

If you do not mention...

when questioned... something wh...

Something which you
later rely on in court

Is that right?

Now are we done?

Last night date is
was left incomplete.

Thank you




I'm on my way...

In the meantime, find out which
Chrysler he was after...

I want the name of the owner...

and an address, now!

I'm sorry Gia...

I should have stayed with you....
at the hospital

I'm the one who should apologize

You're all in this mess because of me

This is my fight...

Mine and his.

I'm sure Prthivi will have
him in custody before morning.

Speak of the devil

Another address?

Send a team there pronto

I'm on my way to you


i didn't know you play the piano

Old Spice

Gia run!



Gia, help.

Stop. Stop.

Keep pressure on this, okay?

Keep pressure on this, okay?


Gia, help...

Lift this up!

Hold on!



What happened?

He's dead


You stay here, I'll be back

Where are you going?

I need to go back inside

Please.. Gia...

Don't go in, we need to get help

I need to end this...

It's time

The team just reached the other house,
It's empty

The team just reached the other house,
It's empty

Letter box is full, no one's lived
there for a while

This one's empty too.

We've been knocking for
15 minutes.

Break the door down


-Johnson... secure the upstairs.
-Yes sir.

Are you sure this is the right place?

Yeah, this is it!


Go and check there!

Don't worry, we've got you now

Everything's going to be okay

She's got a pulse

Get the paramedics, pronto!

Get the paramedics, pronto!

Sir... You need to see this!

Get me the number of the blind girl...

The one who came in with information
about Mia Wallace.

Yes sir.

The greatest trick
the devil ever pulled...

was convincing the world that
there's only one of him.

But now there's one less



Are you okay?

I'll be fine.

It's over

He's gone

Let's go in...

I'll call the cops

I'm back!

It belonged to Prithvi

This one's for Adrian

Hi Gia!


I'd like you to meet someone

Hope, meet Gia

Gia, meet Hope!

She's lovely


She likes you. is deprecated, please
implement REST API from