Blackmail (2018) - full transcript

When Dev finds out his wife is cheating on him, he secretly blackmails his wife and her lover as a form of revenge.

Pandey, You Need glasses!

Who's that?

Is that you... Dev Sir?

You're always cropped
under the table..

How will I see you? One sec...

Sir, if I may ask..

Why don't you go home early?

Aren't you married?

Marriage is a celebration
in countryside.

In Big cities, it is a regret.

Oh no.

"O crazy heart better
brace yourself."

"You must know how to
pleasure yourself."

"Don't think twice and,
just do-do-do it.."

"Just do this sin...!"

"The world's full
of disappointment."

"Your happiness is
in your Palm.."

"Don't wait..and
celebrate this joy."

"Just do this sin...!"

"As they say that.."

"even walls have ears."

"So do it without
making a noise."

"You don't need anyone's help.."

"cause you're a proud man."

- Hello.
- Hello..

'Welcome to Dhanadan Tv!'

- Thank you.
- 'Choose us..For the best entertainment.'

'Welcome to our superfast
payment service.'

'We're transferring your call
to our payment executive.'

'You are caller number 51.'

'You are caller number 47.'

'You are caller number 28.'

'You are caller number 09.'

'You are caller number 06.'

'You are caller number 03.'

'You are caller number 01.'

'We're transferring your call.'

Hello, you're talking to Dhanadhan
TV superfast payment executive..


"I gave delicate heart."

"Don't ever break love."

"The bond we share.."

"don't ever share it
with anyone else."

Did you pay for the
Danadhan Tv subscription?

I'll do it today.

You're not ordinary."

"I can even give my
life for your love.."

"Hey lover-boy, don't
try to flirt with me."

"Don't try to get in my way..."

Alright, listen up, listen up.
Boss is talking.

Everyone has a roll?


Okay, we've two big
announcements today.

First; We have a new addition
to the 'My Handy' team.

Prabha Ghatpande.

Please give her a big
round of applause.

Never mind.

- Pandey.
- Yes, sir.

Sensation is the new
motto of our company..

She's a virgin.

And what you are holding is
our new toilet paper rolls.

I can tell by just
looking at her.

3 times softer, more
absorbent, and colorful.

And now..

Just close your eyes..

And feel this toilet paper.
Like this.

You felt it!

I saw your eyes open.
You felt it.

- Sir..
- You felt it.

- Yes.. tell me..
- Sir, it's the pin..

No, even my eyes
opened like this.

When I first felt it
on my cheeks, it was..


You know, I always wondered..

In a country, where we don't
have enough water to drink..

How do people find water
to clean their backside?

And then I realized..

It's not about the water.

It's about the
touch of the hand!

And this toilet paper comes
closest to that touch!

What? You don't believe me.

Oh you will.

Now, one by one..

You will rub this
on your cheeks.

No, I am not talking
about these cheeks.

I'm telling you, dude.

His father was doing a good job.

Sales were good.

God knows what knowledge this
Jackass has got from America.

Wiping one's butt has become
a psychological research.

In fact, given a chance
this guy would..

Pull down people's pants
himself, and..yuck!

He is crazy. Coming?

"Disappear into your
own little world."

"Make yourself scarce
like a secret."

"Make your plans right now."


What a divine name.

No one keeps such names anymore.

But if you think, the
name can even arouse you.

Say it.


What's up bro... I've noticed you're
always in a bad mood these days.

Is everything okay at home?

I mean, Pandey told me..

You stay in the office
till late hours.

Don't mind..and, I don't
mean any disrespect.

Your wife's really gorgeous. don't value her.

Your Marriage is
like a Rock Ballet..

Don't turn it into
a Church Gospel.

Trust me; just give
it to her tonight!


Women love surprises.

And don't forget
to take flowers.

I'm speaking from experience.

Got it.

Leaving early, sir?

There is a flower shop
downstairs, right?

- Will it be open?
- I think..

Ohh... it's Wednesday.

Flower market's closed today.

- The entire flower market's closed today?
- Yes, sir.

[Song playing on TV]

- Yeah Baby.
- What are you doing Ranjit.


One day he'll barge
in saying that.

And we'll be gasping.

Stop it, Ranjit.

You make everything
sound so vulgar.

Dev always texts me before
he leaves for home.

That's true.

By the way.. What does
this Dev look like?

Like a husband.

- Dev..
- We didn't do it.

Dev! Dev! Dev! Dev..

- No, no.. Dev..
- We didn't do it.

- No, no.. Dev..Dev, please.
- No! No!

"I gave you.."

"my delicate heart."

"I gave delicate heart."

"Don't ever break love."

"The bond we share.."

"don't ever share it
with anyone else."


"Because you're my bliss.."

"Because you're my bliss.."

"Because you're my bliss.."

"my love."

"Because you're my bliss.."

"Because you're my bliss.."

"Because you're my bliss.."

"my love."

"I gave delicate heart."

"Don't ever break love."

"The bond we share.."

"don't ever share it
with anyone else."


"Because you're my bliss.."

"Because you're my bliss.."

"Because you're my bliss.."

"my love."

You're back, Tommy.


Come here. Here Boy.

What's this 'Tommy' nonsense?

So should I straight
call you a Dog!

- Dolly, please..
- Tommy wait, stop..

Wait..stop..excuse me.

Where were you dicking around?


Whose rotten food were you
feasting on... Tell me.


Hey, Tommy.

Forget it.

Let me take a look at your neck.

What if someone put
a leash on you?

But how can someone
put a leash on you?

After all, you're a mangy cur.

Must be lying in a dumpster!


Don't bark!

Just tell me where you had been.

Otherwise..I'll tell papa..

To stop giving you the
10,000 rupees every week.

I went to a bar..

With my friends.



Vishal, Sumit, and Bhonsle!

My old gym trainers. We
used to work together.

Feel free to ask.

Who paid?

It was Bhonsle's treat.

You're such a freeloader.

You're already sucking us dry..

At least leave your
friends alone.

Friends don't mind.

Then let them pay for
your expenses as well.

And leave me alone.

And stop cutting your
nose hair all the time.


Please call Jatin.

- Who?
- Jatin. Jatin.

He just went inside.

There is no Jatin here.

- Isn't this Jatin Gupta's house?
- No.

I see..

10 secrets ways to find
out someone's name..

Even I have this
Whatsapp message.

You want his name?

Do you want his name?


100 rupees.

Dolly Verma.

Corporator Digpal
Verma's daughter.

And the guy who
just went inside?

100 rupees more.

Ranjit Arora..

Dolly Verma's husband!

Did you pay the
Dhanadan Tv Bill?

Dev.. I am asking you. Bill.. was the surprise?

What's wrong? She
didn't like it.

I see.

Which flowers did you take?



That's where you went wrong.

You should've got
orchids instead.

She would've kissed you.

I'm speaking from experience.

Anyway..let me lighten
your mood with a joke.

Don't worry.

After dinner, husband
to his brother.

'You know what, your sister-in-law
is really blessed.'

'The food she makes
satisfies my soul!'

Brother to husband, 'why of
course, she is truly blessed.'

'Because it's not just you, it's the entire
neighbourhood that she has satisfied'

Husband faints.

- Dev my man.
- Sir.

I've got a present for you.

I bought this during
my college time..

At George Town, Kentucky..

It got me through
my darkest hours.

And now, it's yours.


Take it.

The point is that
now you need it.

I know you're reeling under a lot
of pressure of your Home Loan.


- And you've raise due as well.
- Sir.

But, I can't give you
a raise at this time. EMI..

- Sir, my EMis are..
- I get it.

- My..
- No, no, I get it.

But the company is going
through a transition..

For it's ultimate glory.

And we need all the funds.

First of all; Our sales
are an all-time low.

And we're up against
our greatest threat.

The jet-spray.

Typical middle-class invention.

Have you tried it?

Have you tried it?

What, sir?

The jet-spray.

No, sir.

- Should I?
- No!

It's disgusting.

Half the time's wasted
in trying to aim.

Such a waste of water.


I've got to stop it
at all cost, Dev.

For the future of the
next generation.

Because I care.

And I know you do too.

Before..I saw your eyes open.

No, sir, it was
just a pin that..

You see, the Third World War..

Will be fought for water.

And the only thing that
can save it, is this.

Do you want to see the
Third World War, Dev?

Huh, Dev?

No, sir.


And that's why I have decided..

That you'll be leading our
new toilet-paper campaign.

This is much better
than a raise, Dev.

So make sure you
shake it up, Dev.


Shake it up!

Hello, is that Mr. Dev speaking?

This is Vaishali speaking from
New Bombay Co-operative Bank!

Sir, your last
month's EMI is due.

When will you make payment?

'Did you pay for the
Dhanadhan Tv subscription?'

'Surprise.. Someday he'll come
barging inside saying that!'

'The company is going
through a transition.'

'And we'll be gasping.'

'I can't give you a
raise right now.'

'Ranjit Arora..'

'Dolly Verma's husband.'

'How does he look?'

'Like a husband.'

'When will you make payment?'
Tomorrow or day after..


Day after..

Sir, cash or cheque?



- Morning or evening?
- Evening!

Thank you sir.

It's got dual-sim, radio, LED
torch, 20 hour battery life.

Only 1500.


Fine, I'll take it.

And a prepaid sim-card as well.


He could've sold credit-cards
or even underwear..

But toilet paper?

Fine..I know it's
nothing to brag about..

But, it's not all that bad.

You know..

You were really hasty
in getting married.


I got married in a haste?

What did you say to me?

I'm going to Igatpuri for
four weeks to learn Yoga.

But you returned after 6 months
with a Mercedes and a wife.

And I was hasty?

Speak up.

Soy milk reduces cholesterol.
Try it.

Shut up.


It's such a pain to
read these texts.


Married woman..


Text: Affair with
a married woman??

Text: What do you want?

He's not picking up.

Who is it?

He is asking for just 100,000!

- Do you have 100,000?
- No!

- Then how is it 'just' 100,000?
- Yeah..


Who can it be?

I don't know.

Damn, He wants it tomorrow!

Just pay him.

- Pay him?
- Yes.

I don't even have money for protein powder.
There is no money.

Then ask your wife.

You married her for money right?

No money.

You know I am treated
like a dog in that house.

I get meat only on Sundays.

- So what do we do?
- I don't know.

Ranjit, please.

Your wife is our only hope.
You get it!

Do something.. anything..

Make some excuse, or
cook up a story..

But you have to do something, or
else we'll get in big trouble.

What if Dev finds out?

He says he'll tell Dolly.

- S♪♪♪ - Ranjit! Ranjit!

"Teach the king a lesson."

"Show him the might
of a knight."

"Go on a picnic with the queen."



Last time you called
me 'baby' was in 2010.

Back then you wanted a Mercedes.

What do you want now freeloader?


I am tired of begging.

From You! From Papa.

I've finally decided.

I'm going to start
my own business.




What business?


What business are
you going to do?

Import business.

Only import. And no export.

No..I'll export as well.

Import and Export.


So what are you going to import
and what will you export?

So what are you
going to import..

And what will you
export, you dog?




I'll import them from Taiwan..

And export them to China.

It's got a great scope.
No one else is doing it.

I have a friend who's
a dog breeder..

And he has all the information.

We are in it together.

Which friend?



Why are you sc♪♪♪
up poor Dev's life?

Dolly, listen..

I want to change..


For me.

For you.

For us!

And guess, what I
need for all this?

Just 100,000 rupees. you're showing
your true colors.

Baby, if I was sc♪♪♪ with you..

Would I have said anything
less than 5 million?


Am I going to lie for 100,000?

Please, baby.


I'll think about it.


I'll think about it.


I said Hello!

To Whom?

The new girl...


She's a very decent girl.

I am sure she has never
French-kissed in her life.

Girls who French-kiss
have puffy lips.

But her lips are very
delicate, sweet.

There she is.

- Prabha.
- Yeah.

Have you met Dev?

- Hi.
- Nice meeting you.

In case you need anything..

Or you need help with something...
you can ask Dev.

Of course... after all you're
heading the new campaign.


We will talk later.

Cool.. See you then.

Some rascal stole
my wife's photo.

Who, sir?

Come, let me show you.

That MOFO..Pandey.

He lusts after my wife.

I have seen it in his eyes.

But sir, Pandey..

You just keep an eye on him for me.

Yes, sir.


Now let's get to work.

Something incredible
happened today.

This morning, I was using the
toilet paper like always..

When suddenly, I
had an epiphany.

An idea which will make people..

Desperate to buy
our toilet paper.

Guns don't kill
people, bullets do.

Without the bullet,
the gun won't fire.

You get it.

- I get it.
- Alright.

Now, on the day of
our product launch..

You'll turn off the water
supply for this entire area.

I will turn off the water
supply for this entire area?

Me? I can't do it, sir.

Dev..a woman in Jharkhand
married a dog.

- Sir..
- Dev.. Dev..

This is India.
Anything is possible.

So..go to the Municipal
Commissioner's office..

And get it done.

Cut off the water supply.

And let's see how these
people wash their backside.


That reminds me of
an incredible joke.

These days there's a very popular
cougar joke doing rounds...

Name's Moon.

Pappu returns from school
and tells aunt Moon.

Aunt Moon.. Aunt Moon...

- You know the teacher today..
- I'll tell you a joke today.

- Huh..
- I'll tell you a joke today.



- You're going to tell a joke.
- Just listen.

- No, no, no..
- Just listen.

Fine..tell me.

Hold on..

- Now tell me.
- One day..

A husband returns home
early from work..

With flowers to
surprise his wife.


He gets home.

But in the bedroom..

He sees his wife is
sleeping with another man.

What the.. That's
my kind of joke.


Yeah, what next.

- Guess what the husband does next?
- What?

The husband starts
blackmailing the guy.

Your wife?

Oh my, God.

Ohh... that rose day?

Why didn't you catch
her red-handed?

I want to teach them a lesson.

Ohh for god's sake...

That guy was bonking your wife.

Why didn't you beat him up?

I don't like violence.

Great... You don't like violence
but you are okay with blackmail?

Because I need the money.

Hold on..

Do you want to teach him a
lesson or take money from him?




I've seen in films..

Its people like you who turn out to
be the serial killer in the end.

How much did you ask for?


"When life screws your plans.
Embarrasses you, my man."

"Plays you like a fiddle. Makes
and example out of you."

"When you're out for revenge and
you're hit below the belt.."

"You see the devil
in beloved's face."

"Only one way to get out."

"Dump your problems on someone
else, your happiness, his fear."

"Forget the rest and
do what you care."

"Your life is yours to bear."

"Life's going to stab you in the
back stick it all the way across."

"It's going to tear up your plans.
So be prepared.."

"No one knows which
way the world spins."

"The crow takes the shine,
and the crane's polluted.."

"Money's the main factor
here, creating a stir."

"This jungle's disdain.
Your loss is his gain."

"Don't be greedy, What
is the worth of money."

"You're smart, you know it, don't
let the out of your head."

"Like a butterfly
chasing a cheater."

"They look decent, but
inside they are evil."

"Make them all pay.."

"Keep all the money
for yourself."

"It's the new rule of life.
- Cheat your own people."

"You must beat your own
people, in order to win."

"Game on baby."


"Who won, and who lost."

"Flip a coin and do a toss."

"The world is unforgiving,
so don't be Santa Claus."

"He's dipping his
chips, in your sauce."

"Cross plus double cross."

"The world's unforgiving, it
deserves to be taught a lesson."

"It deserves to be
taught a lesson."

"It deserves to be
taught a lesson."





He wasn't ready to believe it.

It was really incredible,
Dolly, you know..


Yes, papa.

Dolly told me..

That you're going to start
an import-export business.

Yes, papa.

Bravo, son.

Dolly, I always knew he'll
do something so great..

That I will be forced to
proudly shake hands with him.

Dolly dear, get me a drink.

You dog, your entire family..

Rummaged leftovers
from the garbage.

And you will do import-export?

You pulled a fast
one on my daughter.

But don't try to fool me.

You know my history, don't you?

I tried to get you
killed three times.

But, thanks to my
daughter's prayers..

You survived every time.

If you don't return this
money in three days..

I will make sure the prayers
go unheard this time.


Get the ice.

- What's going on?
- Handshake.

Happy Anniversary Dolly dear.

Happy Diwali Dolly dear.

Happy Birthday.

- Yes, papa.
- Smile, please.

E-mail: Affair with
a married man.

E-mail: I want 1,20,000/-
or I will tell Dev.

The entire city is
demanding more water..

And this guy wants me to shut the
water supply for an entire day.

Not the entire day.

10 pm to 10 am.

12 hours..

There's a guy protesting
outside my office..

Because he didn't get water
supply for four hours.

Mister..I don't want
to turn my office..

Into a protest area, understand.

I thought we'll do as you say..

A little give and take..

What did you say?

- You did.
- No.

Come back later.


Sit down. Sit down.

I said sit down.

Go on.


You know I think it's awesome!

I had one idea..

Just a moment.

Hey Dev..

Yeah, sir..

It's difficult.

He's demanding 2.4 million.

That's a great deal.

Sir..I said 2.4 million.

That's 200,000 per hour.

Dev, you're a
brilliant salesmen..

But you have no clue
about business.

Mark my words.

My marketing strategy..

Will be taught in Princeton,
Harvard, and Cambridge.

So shake on it, Dev.
Shake on it.

I've got two words.

Russian Blondes.

'Okay stand straight.'

'Super.. Now put your
hand on the shoulder.'

What kind of place
is this, Ranjit?

Where else could we meet?

This is the safest place.


We're getting blackmailed
by the same guy.


Look at the message.

Both the messages are
in the same style.

Hindi spelled in English.


But where will I get
120,000 rupees?

We can't go to the
Police either, right?

Police.. not at all.

You had a job before
marriage, right?

You must have some savings.

What savings?

I guess... its hardly 30,000.

We still need 90,000/-

You have to pay.

Mom, I need some money.



Have you seen our condition?

We've nothing left.

We've sold everything for
your father's treatment.

And now he's even lost
control on his bladder.

I've to make these
adult diapers for him.

In fact, Dev should be
lending us a hand..

But, he wants to borrow
from us instead.

He's only asking for a loan.

He will pay it back.

Pass me bobbin..

If that scoundrel Ranjit
hadn't ditched you..

We wouldn't have forced
you to marry Dev.

Who knew there's a rascal
behind that innocent face?

Please, mom.

Can you lend me the money?

You know what..

Sell your father's kidney.

Drinking water again.

How many times do
you drink water?

The doctor has advised
you against it.

But why sell my kidney?

Forget it.


Dev, I needed 90,000.

90,000? But why?

Papa needs to get
some tests done.

What test cost 90,000?


Dev..I wouldn't have asked
if it wasn't for father.


Fine, I'll give you tomorrow.

Congratulations, buddy.

Prabha has agreed for a date.

I am taking her to
our usual bar..

That's where I'll get her drunk.

She's a virgin, after all,
that's the way it's done.

Same old trick.

One coke bottle and
four large vodkas.

Doesn't smell, you know.

And then..I'm going test
the suspension of my car.

That's called rape.


Yeah right..

As if you are doing
social service.



What did you call me?

Don't you dare say
that word again?

You better forget..

Everything that I
told you yesterday.

I have.


I forgot.

I mean..

I am only joking, dude.

Look at your face.

Okay listen.

- Have you ever done it in a car?
- A car?

Yeah, baby..

Dev gave me the money.

Dev's a really great guy.

We must pay the
blackmailer tonight.

I know..

How are you going to get there?

I've borrowed my friend's car.
What difference does it make?

Are you coming along?


No, I've to take Dolly
out for dinner.

Ranjit, please. I am scared!

There's no need to be scared.

They are dogs after all.

- What?
- Even if they bite you..

You'll just need a
rabies shot, that's all.

Be there on time.

- Hello?
- Okay..okay, bye-bye.


That was my business partner.

The dogs have arrived.


Which breed?


Text: 90,000/- tonight...
at Kharghar Circle.


Customs have detained our dogs.

I must go.

Your tea, sir.

"I swear I'm going
to make you pay."

"I loved you so much
but you never cared."

"I know it tastes bitter but
it's the most effective."

"We're no longer one soul."

"No more running behind you I'm going
to get everything back you stole."

"Love maybe lost and there's
just darkness in my heart."

"I loved you so much but
you didn't love me."

"I was yours, but you
were never mine.."

"and loved someone else."

"I looked
pretty naive."

"Game on baby.."

"Game on.."


"Truth is always bitter
only revenge is sweet."

"I am gonna give you a shock
in return for all the pain."

"It's gonna scare
you every time."

"You will want to run away."

"Every step you take will
only cause you pain."

"It will kill you slowly-silently
and turn your life hell."

"I looked pretty naive.
Yes my wife."

"Game on baby.."


"Through the heart, and
straight across.."

"Sick of this fake live."

"I am going to make you pay
for this deceit, my love.."

"Dare you rejected my love.."

"Now you must face
my disapproval?"

"I won't let you
off so easily.."

"Before I've had my revenge.."

"Before I've had my revenge.."


Yes sir, this way.

They've decorated
the place today.


Isn't this a nice place?

Sit down.

Your order sir.

One large vodka
and a soft drink.

Excuse me. Aren't
you going to drink?

No, I am..

- Waiter, two large vodkas.
- Yes sir.





"She pierced my
heart..with a knife."

"She pierced my
heart..with a knife."

"She slowly..ruined my life."

"Spent the night in
someone's arms.."

"and robbed me of every
penny before leaving."

"Two-timing beauty.."

"cheated on me."

"Two-timing beauty.."

"cheated on me."

"Lying beloved.."

"cheated on me."


- Do you like fish?
- Yes..


- I love when it's deep fried..
- Not that.

Pet fish. Goldfish.

I have two..

Sonu and Sonia.

Do you want to see?

"On the whole..the beloved
had good etiquettes.."

"but sweetheart was
a little impolite."

"You were a decent guy.."

"but she made you helpless."


Do you like jokes?

There's a new cougar
joke doing rounds..

Her names Aunt Moon.

Pappu returns from school,
and tells her Aunt Moon...

'Aunt Moon, my
teacher asked me..

'What you want to do
when you grow up?'

Do you know what I said?

I said, teacher when I grow up..

..'I am going to get
on top of Moon, and..


"Cheated on me."

- Come on, let's go.
- No-no-no..

I'll tell you a decent one.

- This one's really decent.
- No, no, we're already late..


Hear it while you
finish your drink.


Decent one..

Once a husband goes home early
with flowers to surprise his wife.

As soon he gets home..

He sees his wife's in
bed with another man..

No, no, no, this one's really decent.
Just let me finish.

Do you know what the
husband does next?

He starts blackmailing
his wife's boyfriend.

What kind of a joke is that?

That's exactly what I told Dev.

Blackmailing your wife's
boyfriend is not a joke..

Hold on. blackmailing
his wife's boyfriend.

And the boyfriend doesn't
know that it's Dev.

Has he asked for money?

How much?



He's demanded 100,000!

I see.


- Prabha..
- Yes.

Please don't tell anyone.

- It's a big secret.
- I won't tell anyone. Don't worry.

- Swear?
- Swear.

Finish your drink.

Then we'll go see your goldfish.

"Two-timing beauty.."

"cheated on me."

"Two-timing beauty.."

"cheated on me."

"Lying beloved.."

"cheated on me."

Water covers 71% of the earth.

But did you know that
only Less than 2% of it..

Is available to 7 billion people
and millions of species..

We share the planet with.

Without water, life on
earth can't survive.

So let's join our hands and
pledge to save our water.

Let's pledge to
use toilet paper.

My Handy Toilet paper..

Save water, Save the planet.

So..what do you think?

It's awesome, I know.

I got 18 product inquiries
from all over the country.

My Handy is buzzing.



I've installed a CCTV
camera in this room.


I don't think you can spot it.



Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle?

Now let's see how that
Pandey escapes this?

- Buddy, his wife's photos...
- Come with me.


What are you doing? Why
are you hitting me?

- Are you blackmailing me?
- Why will I blackmail you?

- Who left this on my table?
- My hand..

- Who left this on my table?
- Not me.

You didn't..

- Not me.
- Then who did?

- I don't know.
- You bloody..

- Not my right hand.
- Who did you tell?

I didn't tell anyone.

Prabha. Prabha.

Maybe.. Maybe..I told Prabha.

You told Prabha?

I was really drunk yesterday.

- You told Prabha?
- Yes, maybe.

I was really drunk yesterday.

Maybe I blurted it
when I was drunk.

What did you tell her?

I don't remember.

She is really b♪♪♪

- She drinks more than me.
- Oh my god!

Even my wallet is missing
from last night.

Oh my, God.

I don't think she's
a virgin either.

Okay..only one month left
for the product launch.

I want the presentation ready.

- Prabha. Prabha.
- I've to show sir..

Prabha, come here.

Just a second, sir.

I want the entire presentation
ready after the lunch break.

Assemble the entire team,
do whatever you have to..

I am calling you, it
will just take a second.

We'll continue..

- Come.
- Yes, sir.

- You think you're very smart.
- No, sir.

What happened?

Who wrote this?

I don't wasn't me.

- Come here..
- Excuse me, sir..

Do you think you're too smart?

- Who do you think..
- Hey..

I've been enduring
for a while now..

And you are disrespecting me.

I'm calling you sir, ain't I?

So show some respect.

What is your problem? Are
you going to scream at me?

Are you going to scream at me?

- Are you?
- Did I scream? Did I?

- I don't say that.
- Then what is this? What is this?

- What do you want?
- What do I want?

Isn't that a stupid question?
I want money.

I don't have money..I don't..

- You don't have?
- No I don't have.

- So you won't give?
- No, I won't.

Fine, don't give..

I'll send a similar
note to your wife.

Is that fine?

Look..I'll kick you so hard.

Don't try to intimidate me.


Answer me.

Should I send a
note to your wife?

Should I?

How much?


- 20,000 - 50,000

- 25,000 - 40,000

- Done!

This is the last time.

Excuse me, sir.

You look really cute
when you're angry.

30! 30!

Here's 20,000.

And the rest?

I'll return it in a month.

Seven days.

- Father..
- Five days.

- But..
- Four days.

Text: 30,000/- Rs Tonight.

Die you rascal.

Three days!

E-mail: 40,000/- Rs Tonight.

Text: Need 40,000 more for Dad's test.

"You have no shame."

"You've a strange character."

"You numbskull.."

"Who brought you in this world?"



This is the first and
last time, okay.

- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.


Aghh..get out.

I should've known..

These poor, security guard, type
people can't afford boxers.

Yes, sir.

It's some other office employee.

Yes, sir.

But who?


It's the same girl
from last time..

But, with a different guy.

Ranjit, please focus.

What's the point?

Listen, I have an idea.

Why don't we hire a
private detective?

Have you lost your mind?
Private detective!

We'll get into a lot of trouble.

Then please do something.

I cannot ask Dev for more money.

It's okay, it's alright..

Destiny cannot be averted.

We're merely puppets in
the hands of destiny.

We were eating a meal together.

It's okay, it's alright..

We were eating a meal together.
And now he is no more..

What were you eating?

Kidney beans and rice.

You shouldn't be eating
kidney beans and rice..

In fact, you shouldn't eat kidney
beans at all. It upsets the stomach.

We haven't eaten kidney beans
for the last 10 years.

Control yourself..

I am right here.

By the way, how did
you know it's me?

Tell me.

Do you suspect anyone?

What's the reason for blackmail?

"Affair with a married woman."

- It just happened.
- It's okay. must have a wife too.

How do you know?

Most of Chawla's
cases are like that.

Boy with girl.. Girl with boy..

These days a lot of
boys with boys too..

Dogs, cats, cattle, sheep..
No one's safe these days.

- You know, in Jharkhand..
- I get it.

All I want to know is whether you
can find the blackmailer or not.

Hold this.


Read the third line.

97% success..

97% success rate!

I hope I won't
fall under the 3%.

- Let it be..
- No Sir..



10,000 advance.
10,000 after the job.

Plus daily allowance. Food,
traveling, internet package.

If you pay by cheque or RTGS..

Then you'll be charged 18% GST.

You can also get a bill if you want.
But with 5% Vat extra.

It's too much.

It goes to the government,
we have no cut.

The fee is too much.

Not more than what you're
paying the blackmailer.

So pay up.


Yeah, they are all like family.
No need to worry.

What will you do if I find
the blackmailer's name?

I'll shoot him.

You're very lucky.

I must say very lucky.


Chawla even deals in guns.

I see..

By the way..where is Chawla?


No, son!

Dev sir, for you.

Who gave it?

Prabha madam..who
works in our office.

Where is she?

She didn't come today.
Sick leave.

She threw a party last night.
She invited everyone.

Didn't she invite you?


Yes, sir.

Bablu..I need details
of a number.

Stop showing attitude..

Fine, I'll pay you 1000 rupees.

Note down the number.


Come, buddy.

Listen..where does Prabha stay?

You too.

Last night I told you she's a..

Just give me her address!

What is it, Dev?

We need to talk.

Did you bring my money?

That's what we need
to talk about.

There won't be any negotiation.

Open the door I need
to talk to you.

Fine, I'm opening the door.

Bablu, you took really long.

What? Did you find him?

What's his name?


Dev Kaushal.


Thank you.

Why did you stop?

Speak up, and make it quick.
What is it?

Look, I cannot give
you any more money.

I am already under a lot of pressure
to pay my loans for home, car..

Your home's already broken.

And you don't have
to pay anyway.

You are demanding the money from
your wife's boyfriend, right?

So just add my share as well.

I cannot ask for more money.

Then don't..

Sell your house.

I want my money.


Not again.

Look at me and talk.

When will you pay me?

- I won't give you any more money.
- Huh.

- I won't give you any more money.
- You won't.

Yes, I won't give
any more money.

- Are you sure?
- You can do anything you want.

I can do anything.

Then I'm going to
tear my clothes..

And scream that
you're raping me.

- Help!
- No, no, no.

- Anybody there!
- No, no, no.

- Anybody there!
- No, no, no.


So? When will you pay me?

I'm leaving.

Where..where are you going?
My money..


Wait. Wait.

Asleep so soon?

She knows we're coming.

Prabha dear.

I had a spare key.

Open the door, dear.

Yes I'm searching.

Wait a minute.

Found it. Found it. Here..


Prabha! Prabha!

Hey Stop him!



Hey catch him.

Catch him!


Where is he? Look there.

Hey catch him!

He must be somewhere around.
Find him.

I think he went in
the back alley.

Let's go.

Stop there.

Hey catch him!

Look there also.

Mister, did you see a
nude guy run past here.

Nude.. No, but someone ran
past here in an underwear.

Guys, he went this way.

He went this way.

She just joined us recently.

This week?

Yes sir.



- Good morning sir.
- Good morning.

Shinde, take
everyone's statement.

Yes sir.

What happened?

Come to the cabin.

Coffee? Tea?

What's going on?

- You killed her, didn't you?
- Who?

I knew it..

Guys like you turn out
to be the serial killer.

Are you crazy? What are
you talking about?

- Prabha.
- What happened to her?

How did you kill her?

Did you strangle her?

- Did you butcher her?
- No..

I will tell everyone. I
will tell the Police.

I'll tell the boss.

- Anand.. I swear I didn't even meet her.
- You are lying.

- No, no, I..
- You're lying, dude.

You know she was such a hottie.

We could have..



It's definitely soft.

Yes, it's 3-ply technology.

Dev, please come in.

Meet Inspector Rawle.

He's investigating
Prabha's murder case.

Inspector Rawle, this is
Dev, my right-hand man.

Did you know Prabha?

I mean..I didn't know her well.

She joined a few days back.

So you guys were not close?


I mean, you two
didn't talk much.

No..Anand introduced
me to her once.

- Anand who?
- We are colleagues.

Was he Prabha's friend?

They were..

Actually, he's my friend
but he liked her.

I see..

And Prabha?

I don't know..

He just told me that they
went on a date once.

Did anything happen that night?

How would I know, sir?

All he said was that
she's a virgin.


- Send Anand inside.
- Yes, sir.

Anand..come inside.

Yes sir.

Yes sir.

- Anand..
- Yes sir i'm coming.

- Anand, they are calling you inside.
- I know.

If anyone asks you..

Then please don't tell anyone
that you gave me her address.

Why not? I will tell
them everything.

What are you saying? Why
will you tell them that?

Why shouldn't I?

- Then I'll be in trouble.
- It's good then.

- Aren't we friends?
- I don't have a friend..

Listen.. What are you saying?

You should've thought
this before killing her.

I swear I didn't do anything.

Fine, I won't tell anyone.

But I want Prabha's share now.

- You want money?
- Yeah..

- Aren't you my friend?
- I am no friend.

Are you going to pay up or not?

- Will you pay me or not?
- I will give you the money.


I will give you the money.

- Which car did you take on your date?
- My car of course.

Where's the key?

- There's the key, sir.
- Come on.

- But why, sir..
- Give me the keys.

- I haven't done anything..
- Hurry up.

I said hurry up.

Honestly sir, we only
went on one date.

What can I do? Nothing
happened that day.

- And the next day..
- Which is your car?

This one.

Open it.

- Sir, there's nothing in the car.
- I said open it.

- Check it.
- Yes sir.

- Open the trunk.
- I don't keep anything..

I said open the trunk.

- Take a look.
- There's nothing in here, sir.

Did you find anything?
See for yourself.

You won't find anything.

- Take him in.
- No, sir. That's not mine.

- How dare you kill a virgin girl?
- No sir..


Dev Kaushal.

You are a busy man.


You don't know Chawla.

But Chawla knows
everything about you.

Chawla who? Manoj Chawla?

Just Chawla.

Yes tell me.

Chawla wants to meet.


You of course.

But why?

You're the Blackmailer.

When and where that Chawla
will text you. Okay.

Be there on time.

You know time is money.

So you're trying to say that Dev
is blackmailing his wife's lover.

And he told you this.

And you told Prabha.

Then Prabha started
blackmailing him.

Yes, sir..

Which is why he killed Prabha.

This sounds like a story
of some B-grade film.

You Virgin Killer.

- I swear, I..
- Hey.

Don't try to impress our
sir by talking in Marathi.

I swear, sir.

The night Prabha was killed..

Dev asked me for her address.

I gave it to him myself.

What is the name of
his wife's lover?

He didn't tell me that.


Do you guys ever study?

Why do always get beaten up?
Stop drinking.

How are you?

Go on.

I said go.

Have you decided which
one you want to buy?

Which one will you recommend?

"You must be really
happy today."

Glock 210..Austria.

Mr. Bachchan used it
in the film 'Deewar'.

200,000 only.

What's your name Basanti?


The Colt 1851..American.

Mr. Bachchan used
this to kill Sambha.

150,000 only.

Honor. Tradition! Discipline.

Are the three
pillars of Gurukul!




But there was no gun
in Mohabbatein.

It was in the drawer,
no one saw it.

100,000 only.

What the..


Yadav Brothers, Amroha, India.

A locally made Pistol.

6,999..with 6 bullets free.

- Used in the film Kaalia, by..
- Mr. Bachchan.

- No.. Kaalia starring Mithun.
- Mithun?

Its perfect for you.

Is it working?

You must aim 1.5
inches to the left..

And it will hit its mark.

Little more.

Good..that's better.

The countdown has begun.

The day after tomorrow, when
we launch our product..

Indians will enter a new
phase of evolution.

I know you all have worked
very hard for this..

And, I don't want you
to lose your focus..


Yes, sir.

Dev..Dev, my friend.

I know, Prabha being a
virgin, her murder..

And Anand being accused of it.

It's just too much for you.

I mean, I am shocked too.

- Anand stole my wife's photo.
- Yes, sir.

- Shameful.
- Yes, sir.

But we can't get
distracted right now.

No, sir.

- Especially you.
- Yes, sir.

We need you.

I need you! for the good news.


Tomorrow, at exactly
22:00 hours..

The Municipality will turn off
the water supply in this area.

All our distributors,
direct sales agents..

Should be in every nook
and corner of this area.

The day after tomorrow people
must go to the toilet with a..

'My Handy' toilet paper,
instead of the newspaper.

- Understand.
- Yes, sir.

- I don't hear you.
- Yes, sir!

Yes, sir!

Okay..let's get back to work.

Nice perfume.

Who are you meeting?

My business partner.

What did you say his name was?



But you said it's Dev.


Dev Edward.

He's a mixed Catholic.

There are like him.
Didn't I tell you?

Well, Dolly, I am getting late.
See you.

Bye, good day.

Where were you the night
Prabha got murdered?

Right here in the office.

- Do you stay in the office very late?
- Yes.


When the wife's
having an affair..

What's the point in
going home early?


Your wife's having an
affair, isn't she?


Says who?

Forget it.

But, aren't you blackmailing
your wife's lover?, she doesn't
have a lover.

I see..

So you didn't tell
Anand anything?


And Anand didn't tell
Prabha anything either?


So Prabha was blackmailing you?


Then why did you ask
for Prabha's address?

That was because..

- I was..
- You're trapped.

You're trapped. Trapped..

Well..I'll arrest you
in a couple of days.

Don't try to run!


Ranjit, where the hell were you?

Give me your hand.

Feel how firm it is.

Why do you have a gun?

To shoot the blackmailer.

Have you lost your mind?

Are you going to murder
him to hide our affair?

Don't talk like my wife.

I told you to hire a private
detective to find the blackmailer..

But you couldn't even do that.

And you have a gun.

Found him.


Private Detective.

He's the one who got me this.

- What?
- Gun, what else?

Hey dude, will you let me
watch the movie or not?

Look ahead.

Is he any good?

Read the third line.

- 97% success rate..
- 97% success rate!

He said he'll do it.

But, it will take some time.

Time? And, what do
we do until then?

He said we should keep paying
the blackmailer for now.

But how?

I don't have any more money.

Why don't you get it?

I don't have any more money. I
can't ask Dev for more money.

I am there.

Why did you..

I won't spare you.

Where are you going?

Have you lost your mind, Anand?

That will hurt.

I will break your head.

I will break your legs.


That will hurt. That will hurt.

I'll tell Everyone.
You're a murderer.

- That will hurt.
- You're a murderer.

I will tell Reena.
You're a murderer.

Now my turn.

- Don't..
- You took my job, my reputation..

Even the girl.

You tricked me.

I purposely tricked you.

Do you know why? Because I
have a million dollar plan.


First, you killed Prabha
and then you tricked me.

Now you're tempting
me with money.

Are you tempted?



Now listen to me.
Throw that away.

- No-no-no..
- Fine, I am throwing this away first.

Throw it away.

Throw it away.

I didn't kill Prabha.

But, I had to trick you..

Otherwise I would've
been a suspect.

And if they had doubted me then
we would've lost millions.

And I knew that you will
anyhow get out of this.

Now..let my plan be completed.

What is the plan?

It's in the making.

You are trying to fool me.


I promise.

Will I lie?

Look, buddy, if you try
to trick me again..

I'll expose you completely.

Smile properly.

You've really grown up.
Where is your dad?

Milind..she's really
grown up now.

No.. You take one.

Whose wedding is it?

He is Chawla's client's nephew.

So what now?

You say.

No, you say.



Are you buying a
washing machine?

Chawla will need 50,000.

50,000 is out of the question.
That's too much.

- Do you have 100 rupees?
- What?

100 rupees.

- 100 rupees?
- Yes.

- Yes, I do.
- Give me.

That makes it 101.

An auspicious gift should
always consist of 101 Rs.

Chawla knows everything.

Chawla knows that
Ranjit has decided.

- Decided what?
- To kill you.


Uncle, we're up next.

Come on.

You're looking really
handsome, son.

When he was small, he
used to pee on me.


Come on.

He's family. Say hello to him.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'll need some time.

We'll discuss it later.
First, let's get a picture.

Sir one photo please.

Take a picture.

Chawla has a big heart.

You'll get 24 hours.

Where is Chawla?

Do you want to chop
something, mam?

I will do it.


I will chop this one on my own.

Go home..

And, send Monu and the
security guard too.

Yes, Mam.


Turn the lights off.





Dolly, are you out of your mind?

- Dolly leave me.
- I won't.

I won't spare you.

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!




Oh no..

Text: 50,000/-, Raghuleela
Mall, Food Court Dustbin.

Text: I don't have money.

"Plays you like a fiddle. Makes
and example out of you."

"When you're out for revenge and
you're hit below the belt.."

"You see the devil
in beloved's face."

"Only one way to get out."

"Dump your problems on someone
else, your happiness, his fear."

"Forget the rest and
do what you care."

Text: I will inform your wife.

"The crow takes the shine,
and the crane's polluted.."

Text: Go ahead, tell her.

"Don't be greedy, What
is the worth of money."

"You're smart, you know it, don't
let the out of your head."

"Like a butterfly
chasing a cheater."

"They look decent, but
inside they are evil."

"Make them all pay.."

Text: I will inform
Reena's Husband.

"Game on baby."

Text: Tell him "Revenge."

Yes, papa.


Dolly's sleeping, papa.

She was doing yoga, but
I guess she overdid it.


I'll ask her to call you
as soon as she wakes up.

Okay, papa.

Text: I will inform
Dolly's Dad "Revenge."

Who is it?

Oh yeah..


Bloody Chawla..

Or Chawla's assistant,
or whoever you are.

What the hell are you doing?

Where's the information
on my blackmailer?

Oh yeah..Chawla was
about to call you.

- Did you find him?
- No.

Then why were you
going to call me?

Just to say hello.

- Say hello?
- Yeah..

Just to say hello.

Are you my friend who would
call me up just to say Hello?

Find the bloody blackmailer.

Or else, I still have
three bullets left.

Hello..don't get
angry like this..

He hung up.

- Listen..
- What? Let me sleep.

- You gave away 6 free bullets again.
- Yeah, so what.

He's calling me up in the
middle of the night..

And threatening me and
you don't seem to care.

It's nothing..

You should think before
showing compassion.

There should be some strategy.

E-mail: 60,000 Rs, Raghuleela Mall,
Food court dustbin, tomorrow, 5:00pm'


Papa has a surgery next week.

I need 60,000.

Do you think I won some
kind of a jackpot?

What should I do?
Let my father die?


You can do whatever you want.


Hello, mom. How are you?

Son, we don't have any money.

Reena told me, but you must have
something in case of an emergency.

Don't do this, son.

We've only enough to
buy his medicines.

I see..

You were never so
money-minded, Dev.

Have some pity on us.

No, mom, it's not what you think.

Fine, I'll try..

When is the surgery?

Whose surgery?

Dad's surgery... Dad.

But he doesn't have a surgery.

Then what about those expensive
tests you did last week?

That wasn't last week.

We got it done before
Rinku's son's wedding.

Almost 3 months ago.



What are you doing, wait..

Answer the phone.

Answer the phone.


Dev. Where the hell..

Where are you?

- Sir, I had a personal appointment..
- I don't give a..

You get down here right now if
you know what's good for you.

I'll be there, sir.

No just..

Dev. Dev!


She isn't answering her phone.

But it's ringing.




Yes tell me.

Where are you, dude? We were
supposed to meet today.

Are you at home tonight?

Stay at home, I am coming over.

- And, what about the plan?
- It's ready.

Fine, come soon. I
am waiting for you.


Chawla will count.

Why count? It's all there.

Chawla will still count.

I need a favor.

- Has the detective given any information?
- No.

If he doesn't give any
information by tonight..

- I am calling the cops.
- No..not cops.

- Yeah, Chawla.
- You're really lucky.

Chawla has found the name
of your blackmailer.

You found.

Who is he?

"The world can't sc♪♪♪ someone,
who's already screwing himself."

"who's already scr♪♪♪♪ himself."

"Without even having
to try too hard."

"O crazy heart better
brace yourself."

"You must know how to
pleasure yourself."

"Don't think twice and,
just do-do-do it.."

"Just do this sin...!"

"Just do this sin...!"

Who are you?

I need a favor.

Call him up and give him a name.

- Anand Tripathi?
- Yes.



- Look there.
- No, she is not there.



Are you in there?




No-No-No, this isn't Dolly's.

- Dolly.
- No..

- He killed Dolly.

- You killed her.
- No, I didn't do anything..

He killed Dolly.

Please.. please.. listen to me.

I didn't do it.

Text: When are you coming home?

"I swear I'm going
to make you pay."

"I loved you so much
but you never cared."

"I know it tastes bitter but
it's the most effective."

"We're no longer one soul."

"No more running behind you I'm going
to get everything back you stole."

"Love maybe lost and there's
just darkness in my heart."



The sudden cut-off in the water
supply by the Municipal Corporation..

Created a chaos amongst
citizens for a while.

But the situation
is under control.

As people opted to start their
day with Jet Mineral Water.

The sales of Jet Mineral Water
has shot up unexpectedly...



Experts consider this a brilliant
marketing strategy by jet mineral water.

That's.. That's my strategy.

Get off.

How dare you?

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"Who won, and who lost."

"Flip a coin and do a toss."

"Who won, and who lost."

"Flip a coin and do a toss."

"And that takes my breath away."

"When you go out, go out.."

"And that takes my breath away."

"Your fair complexion and
youth gets me high."

"Your fair skin is
teasing us men."

"On your fair forearm,
on fair forearm.."

"On your fair forearm,
red bangles clink."

"And that takes my breath away."

"When you go out, go out.."

"When you go out looking beautiful.
You take your lovers' breath away."

"When you go out looking beautiful.
You take your lovers' breath away."

"Black suit and Black
mole looks good on you."

"It protects you from
all evil, Sweetheart.."

"Giving signals,
giving signals."

"Giving signals, on a sly."

"And that takes my breath away."

"When you go out, go out.."

"When you go out looking beautiful.
You take your lovers' breath away."

"I looked into your eyes
and I fell in love."

"I spoke to you and I
knew you were mine."

"In my dreams, we got married."

"Yes, we got married."

"I looked into your eyes
and I fell in love."

"I spoke to you and I
knew you were mine."

"In my dreams, we got married."

"Yes, we got married."

"Daily, I follow you.."

"Daily I follow you on foot."

"And that takes my breath away."

"When you go out, go out.."

"When you go out looking beautiful.
You take your lovers' breath away."

"When you go out looking beautiful.
You take your lovers' breath away"