Black Sabbath (1963) - full transcript

A trio of atmospheric horror tales about: A woman terrorized in her apartment by phone calls from an escaped prisoner from her past; a Russian count in the early 1800s who stumbles upon a family in the countryside trying to destroy a particularly vicious line of vampires; and a 1900-era nurse who makes a fateful decision while preparing the corpse of one of her patients - an elderly medium who died during a seance.


"Freely adapted from stories...

by Chekhov, Tolstoy, and Maupassant"

Come closer, please.

I have something to tell you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am Boris Karloff.

Allow me to present...

three brief tales of terror
and the supernatural.

I hope you didn't come
to the movies alone.

As you will realize
by watching this film...

specters and vampires...

are everywhere.

There might be one
sitting next to you.

Yes, they go to the movies, too,
I assure you.

Vampires look perfectly normal,
which, in fact, they are.


they have a strange
habit of drinking blood.

Especially the blood
of those they love.

But here I am chattering on
and wasting time.

So let's get on with our first tale.


Hello. Hello?

Hello. Hello?


You're so beautiful.
Too beautiful, Rosy.

Who is this?

You'll know
right before you die.

I can see your heavenly body.

Your silky arms...

your perfect legs.

No, don't cover them up.

A body like yours
can drive a man to madness.

And I will kill you.

Who is this?
Who are you?


Why did you put your robe on?

You should have stayed
as you were.

I like you better
with nothing on.

That's how I want to find you.

I'll get in,
even if you lock the door.

Who are you?

- What do you want from me?
- I told you.

I want to kill you.
I want revenge.

You did well
to turn on all the lights.

I want to see you die.
Do you understand, Rosy?

I know you're listening.

I saw you, you know?
You hid your money and jewels.

How stupid.

You haven't changed.
You don't get it, do you?

I'm not interested in money...
I want you!

I want your splendid body.
And I'll have you. I will!

Not to caress you,
but to wring your neck.

To choke you until you suffocate.

And I'll do it, Rosy.
You'll see!

Who is this?

Who are you? Answer me!

I beg of you. I can't take it anymore.
Why do you hate me?

What have I done to you?

Don't drive me mad like this.
Answer me, please!

"Frank Rainer Has Escaped..."

You're beginning
to understand, huh, Rosy?

Tell me the truth.:
You weren't expecting it, were you?

But I escaped
just to come and find you.

And finally I'm close to you.
Very close, Rosy.

And you can't do anything about it.

Calling the police is useless.

Because I'm closer than the police.

Don't you forget it:
Much closer.

Frank, listen.

Listen to me, Frank!

- Hello.
- Mary, it's Rosy.

Hi, honey!

I really didn't expect your call.

You said you didn't want
to see or speak to me anymore.

Please, now's not the time.

- Frank has escaped.
- Yes, I read about it.

So why are you telling me?
Now you two will get back together.

Mary, cut it out. I'm scared.

He wants revenge, I'm sure of it.

Come over right away, please!

You want me to come to you?

Did I hear correctly?

Yes, yes. I beg you.
As fast as you can.

He wants to kill me.

All right, honey.
I don't bear grudges.

Give me five minutes.

Thank you. Hurry.

Why did you go and call
your friend Mary?

Are you hoping she can help you?

Did you think I wouldn't hear?

You spoke in a whisper,
but it's no use.

Because I'm close, I told you.

Very close.

Call whoever you want, Rosy.

It's all of no use.

Even if you had an army around you.

By dawn, you will be dead.

Do you hear me, Rosy?

By dawn...

you will be dead!

Rosy, it's me. Let me in.

- Hi. In trouble?
- How did you get in?

The door was open.

Look at all this light.

What, are you the mistress
of the guy who reads the meter?


I was forgetting that you have
a fine palate.

It must be the CEO of the company.

I see you haven't changed
anything here.

Everything's just as it was
when we were friends...

and I came over all the time.

Just like old times.

Come on, honey.
Tell Mary everything.

Please, I'm not in the mood for humor.
Believe me.

All right, Rosy.

As you wish. No jokes.

He's been calling me
since I got home.

He's been saying terrible things,
with a cold, threatening voice.

He knows everything I do,
sees my every move.

The first time he called,
I was in my bathrobe...

and he knew it.

Then I put my house robe on...

and he knew that too.

He even knew right away
that I had called you.

It's as if he were in the room...

spying on me,
ready to kill me.

Don't be silly.

He's guessing.
He's going on a hunch.

I thought so too...

but how did he know
I called you?

He called me right after that.

He always knew about us.

But what he doesn't know...

is that you swore
never to see me again.

He told me I'll die before dawn.

He's an exploiter, not a killer.

Trust me, he was just trying
to frighten you.

Mary, I'm the one who turned him in...

and he knows it.

I'm scared.

Come, come.

I'm here now.

Tomorrow we'll go to the police

He can call all he wants now.

Come on, give me a nightgown.

In the meantime,
I'll make you some tea.

What are you doing
with that knife?

You never know.

- Still afraid?
- No, I'm better now.

Come on, then. Go to bed.

What's that?


Compliments of Frank.

It's a tranquilizer, silly.

It will do you good.

Can't you see how shaken up
you are?

"Dear Rosy, I'm sorry
I frightened you so...

but it was the only way for me
to get you to reconsider...

your decision
that caused me such pain.

Reading about Frank's escape
gave me the idea.

The voice you heard... was mine.

Don't hate me for it.

Was seeing me again
really so bad?"

Damn you!

Always where you shouldn't be.


Who gave you that dagger?

Is this how you welcome
strangers in this house?

With a gun?

- Who are you?
- I am Count Vladimir d'Urfé.

I wasn't planning on stopping here.
I was headed for Gersy.

Forgive me, Sir...

but this knife belongs
to my father.

Take it.

Where did you find it?

Come and see.

He was on the horse.
He's gone.

I ran my sword through his heart.

Now he can't hurt anyone anymore.

If you killed him,
may God bless you.

Is it Alibeq?

He was the only one in the area...

who dressed like this.

- Haven't you heard of Alibeq?
- No.

A Turkish criminal, Sir.
A horrible man.

He killed many people around here.

You saw me, I ran through his heart.
You should have done it.

I should have done it?
Why on earth?

They say he was a Wurdalak.

When he found him,
this was in his back.

We lived in fear.

No one was safe...

and the number of victims grew
day by day.

Any other scourge would have been
easier to bear.

When Alibeq killed our foreman...

my father decided it was time
to hunt down that cursed Turk...

and stop him once and for all.

My brother and I wanted
to go with him...

but he wouldn't let us.

My father and master
will not be contradicted.

Thank you.

- What's your name?
- Sdenka.

A strange but beautiful name.
I've never heard it before.

Well, the Turk you were
so afraid of is dead.

I drink to the health
of whoever killed him.

Yes, Alibeq is dead.

Now the only one we have to fear
is our father.

I don't understand.
You should be happy.

The nightmare is over,
but you're still afraid!

If our father does not return
within two hours...

you must be on your way,
for your own good.

To stay here,
even for one night...

could prove fatal, believe me.

Why did you not heed
my brother's advice?

I could say that I'm too tired
to continue my journey...

or that the conversation
piqued my curiosity.

But that wouldn't be the truth.

You're the reason I stayed.

You're very kind, Sir...

but if my father should return
after midnight...

there is little you could do for me...

and you yourself would be in danger.

You must leave.

Calm yourself, Sdenka. I'm sure
there's no cause for such alarm.

I'm sure your father
isn't a monster.

Don't make jokes about this!

- I didn't mean to offend you.
- I know. You don't understand.

Tell me what this is all about.

Please. I may be able to help you.
Trust me, Sdenka.

Before my father left, he said...

"I'll be back within five days.

But if I should come back
after five days have passed...

do not let me in...

but drive a dagger
through my heart...

because it will mean I too
have become a Wurdalak."

Your brother used this word too,
but I don't know what it means.

If you had been born
in these parts...

you would be afraid
even to say the word.

I'll tell you what it means.

The Wurdalak
are bloodthirsty corpses.

They yearn for the blood of those
they loved most when they were alive.

Sdenka, you can't really believe
that old legend.

You say that,
but the legend is true.

The more they've loved someone,
the more they long to kill them...

to suck their blood.

Those killed in this way
also become Wurdalak...

until someone manages
to stab them in the heart.

And when are the five days up?

Tonight, at the stroke of midnight.

Thank heavens. It's him!


it's him.

But how are we to know...

whether the five days
have passed or not?

- The clock just struck midnight.
- God help us.

Well? Why does no one...

come to embrace me?

I'm wounded.

Why do you stare at me
and say nothing?

What is the meaning
of this silence?

Five days on the mountain...

have changed me so...

that even my dog
doesn't recognize me.

You hear that?
He admits five days have gone by!

Let me wrap your wound.

Go away!

You'll hurt me.

Your wound... it's in the heart.

I'm hungry now.

Do you intend to stay long?

Just for the night.
I'm going to Gersy.

Tell everyone you meet...

that old Gorca killed Alibeq.

Of course, if you'd like.

It was a great deed.
Tell us how it went.

He's dead.
There's nothing to tell.

The game is over.

- What's that?
- Lamb.

No meat!

I'm not hungry anymore.

My bones are frozen from the cold,
and my throat feels tight.

Somebody go and make
that cursed dog shut up!

I told you to shut him up.

Do you no longer
follow my orders?

- But it's your favorite dog, Father.
- Kill it!

Kill it!


What's wrong with you, woman?

Are you trying to prevent me
from holding my grandson?

Give him to me!

Come, Ivan.
Give Grandpa a big kiss.

Father, it's late.

The child is sleepy.

Go on to bed, Ivan.
Good night.

Do you know, Sir,
that I found Alibeq's corpse?

How do you know
it was really him?

There's no doubt about it.

His clothing, his jewels.
And your dagger.

My dagger?

Do you think that's enough
to identify a headless corpse?

No one would be willing
to accept this as proof...

and people would quake with fear,
as they did before.

But I...

and I alone have proof
that Alibeq is dead.

That's why the dog was howling.

He smelled a corpse.

Take it.

Hang it in front of the house
for all to see.

Don't worry, go to sleep.

You too, Sdenka. Go to bed.
I'll keep watch.

I don't think it's necessary.
He's just wounded.

He's not just wounded.
You saw that he wouldn't eat.

Have Pietro take the watch.
You've been awake too many nights.

Maria is right. I'll stay up.

You sleep upstairs with them.

Where are you taking me,

I have a surprise for you
right outside. It's a secret.

Giorgio, Gorca took the child.


Come back!

Give me back my son!


I can't believe it.

Pietro is dead...

and perhaps by now
the child is too.

It's like a nightmare.

A terrible nightmare
I want to wake up from...

but I can't, I can't!

My God!

Sdenka, listen to me.

As long as you stay in this house,
the nightmare will never end.

Please, listen.
Run away with me.

No, I can't.

Don't you understand
it's madness to stay here?

There are days of terror
in store for you here.

You can't throw your life away.
Come away with me, Sdenka!

No, my destiny is here.

That's not true.

Your destiny is to be
happy and free...

and loved, above all.

Love, happiness.

You speak of things
I can never have again.

But they can be yours.

You can stay with me forever,
if you wish.

- It's impossible.
- I love you.

And perhaps one day,
when this nightmare is over...

you will love me too.


Come now, Maria.

I beg you, don't do it.
Stab me instead.

It's for the peace of his soul.

I did the same to Pietro.

Not him! Not him!

I'm warning you, Giorgio.

If you do it, I'll kill myself!

I won't let you do it,
do you hear?


I'm cold.

- Is it Ivan?
- No, it's the wind.

- I'm cold.
- For God's sake, Maria, don't listen!

But it's my little boy calling me.
He's cold!

He's dead... dead!

Be reasonable.
You buried him yourself!

Let go of me! I have to let him in.
He's cold.

It's not your son. It's a Wurdalak!

I don't care.
Let me go or I'll kill you!

Let me in.

I'm cold.

Don't go.

Come back!

Come, don't be afraid.
We'll be safe in this old convent.

- We should have kept going.
- We're far away. The horse is tired.

Wait here.

We can sleep here.

It may not be very cozy,
but as soon as it's light out...

we'll go on to Gersy.

What is it?


Sdenka, listen.

Yes, we've run away,
but you must try to forget.

If you don't forget,
you'll be running forever.


I beg you...

try to understand.

How many times do I have to tell you
that I love you...

and that if you don't find
the strength to act...

you will destroy your life and mine?

No, I beg you.

Darling, forgive me.

Don't cry.


Where are you?

You shouldn't have run away.
Why did you do it?

Father, have mercy on me.

Let me live.
This man loves me.

Sdenka, no one can love you
more than we do.

My love, I thought...

I didn't expect you.

Why did you leave me?
Why did you come back here?

I did it out of love for you.

They had come to kill you.


Go now while there's still time.

I must stay here now.

You know I'd rather die
than lose you.

Now I know you love me, Vladimir.

I know you love me
more than life itself.

My lips are dead
without your kisses.

Don't wait any longer.

Kiss me.

Kiss me.

My love.



Hello? Yes.

Yes, it's me. Good evening.

You want me to come at this hour?

Yes, of course, but...

Couldn't we make it tomorrow morning?
I could come very early.

Come on, please.
Don't be like that.

I don't see the necessity for it.

Yes, all right.

I understand.
Stop it, I said I'm coming.

I told you I'm coming.
Give me time to get there!

What an idiot!

Stupid idiot!

- Who is it?
- It's me. Open up.

Miss Chester,
what took you so long?

Don't be ridiculous.
I rushed over.

I ran the whole way.

I'm so frightened.

Believe me, I tried to do it myself,
but I couldn't.

Only you can help me.
You're a trained nurse.

What a great idea...

with this cursed weather!

- I bet you won't even pay me.
- Don't worry about that.

There are still a few shillings
in the house. I'll pay you.

- Couldn't you call a relative?
- You know she didn't have any.

She had no friends, other than
the ones who made the table shake.

There she is.

Are you going to stay there?
Aren't you going to help me?

No, miss. Please.
I can't help myself.

Don't ask me to help.

I didn't touch her.

She's just as the doctor left her.

I can see that.

Did you at least
get the dress ready?

Yes, of course.
I ironed it, too.

Come with me.

Poor countess.
She died all alone.

She deserved better, believe me.

Just look at this lamp.

Good thing it didn't burn the dress.

- No one will come to the funeral.
- Why not?

- Because they're afraid, that's why.
- Afraid of what?

They say that the spirits of the dead
killed her. Ghosts!

- What nonsense.
- Not really, Miss Chester.

It's easy for you to say.

But if you knew how she died...

What do you mean?
She died of a heart attack.

I should know. I kept her going
with camphor shots.

It's what the doctor said, too,

I know, I know.

But that doesn't mean anything.

The truth is that she died
during one of those séances.

While she was in a trance, you see.
She was in a trance!

She'd become obsessed
with talking to the dead. Poor woman.

Every Friday she held a séance,
come rain or shine.

With a weak heart like hers.

Talking to the dead.
There's a good cure.

Well, let's get this over with.

I need a pair of stockings too.

Right away.

Are you going to spend the night?

No, God forbid.
I'm leaving with you.

Hurry up. I need shoes too.

It won't be easy to find them.
She never went out.

- Did you find them?
- Not yet.

There must be at least one pair.

What happened?


Nothing, don't worry.

I finally found them.

Stay there. Give them here.

Oh, my God! What's happening?


Let's go.

We're done.

Who's there?

Have mercy! Mercy!

So as soon as you heard screaming...

you ran upstairs
and broke down the door.

Yes. But I wasn't alone, you know.

The neighbors came running too.

We tried pushing on the door,
but it was locked.

We kept at it
and finally managed to open it.

I saw her dead on the floor,
so I made everyone leave.

Nothing has been touched.

I know what to do
in cases like this.

I called the police right away.

She had already prepared
her nightgown.

Evidently she was about
to go to bed.

Death by self-suffocation.

It looks like someone
wrenched a ring from her finger.

So there it is.

Didn't you see that end coming?

There's no fooling around with ghosts,
because they take revenge.

Well, we've come to the end
of our tales...

so, sadly, I must leave you now.

But watch out on the way home.

Look around you,
look behind you.

Careful when you open the door.

And don't go in
without turning on the light!

Dream about me!

We'll become friends!