Black Emanuelle (1975) - full transcript

In her first onscreen adventure, journalist/photographer Mae Jordan (known to her readers as "Emanuelle") travels to Africa on assignment. Questions of her own racial and sexual identity come to a head as she observes the troubled marriage of her hosts, Ann and Gianni Danieli. Matters are complicated further when Emanuelle finds herself in affairs with both of them, after which she flees Africa, only to be persued by Gianni, who had earlier rejected her and ridiculed her advances.

- Here.
- Thank you, dearest.

Have a good rest.


Excuse me, do you have
any filtered cigarettes?

I'm sorry miss, we're all sold out of cigarettes.


I'm afraid that isn't my language.

It's not mine either.
It's Swahili.

Here, take this.
Won't you sit down?

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

You're welcome.
I hope you're not offended that I took you for an African.

- Is this your first trip to Africa?
- Yes, is it yours?

Not really, I've lived here for 4 years.
Wherabouts are you going?

Nairobi, do you know it?

Yes, very well.
I go there to buy my medical supplies.

- Then you live nearby?
- No.

On the contrary...

the village I live in is so remote
it's not even on the map.

After we get to Nairobi
I have to take another plane...

then a train,
then it's a days journey in a canoe.

What do you do there?
Are you a doctor?

No, I'm a missionary.

A priest?
Dressed like that?

Many missionaries today choose to
dress the way the natives do.

I don't understand.
A young man...

like you, giving up everything.

To go and live in the bush?

Hundreds of miles away from civilization?

I feel that my mission is among...

those people who are less fortunate than myself...

but who have kept their spirits...

clean and uncontaminated.

What brings you to Africa?

I'm here for a magazine.
I'm a photographer.

I don't understand,
they were meant to meet me at the airport.

It's normal, they've probably been delayed a bit.

Thank you.

I just got this assignment a
couple of weeks ago.

All I know is I'm supposed to be met
by a Mrs. Danieli...

who's writing the article.
Perhaps you know her?

No, I'm afraid I don't.

It's something I detest!

What, not being met on time?
Sometimes that's good.

- They're looking for me!
- But they said "Mr. Jordan"?

That often happens.

No, that's alright.
I'll take care of it.

Thank you!

Don't forget now, if you want to get
some real pictures, come down to my area!

There are no luxury hotels...

but it'll be well worth your while.

Thanks for the invitation,
but I like my creature comforts too much.

Good luck.

- Mrs. Danieli?
- Yes.

You just paged me, my name is Mae Jordan,
professional name Emanuelle.

Emanuelle, the Est Magazine photographer?

In person.

- I expected a man.
- Instead, I'm a woman.

- Do you mind?
- Oh no. On the contrary.

May I introduce you to my husband, Gianni?

Happy to meet you.

- You're not English, are you?
- No, he's Italian.

The fact that I turned out to be female
doesn't upset your plans, I hope?

If so, I can go to a hotel.

Oh no! Our house is big enough, okay?

All this concrete.

It's not that I expected straw huts or anything...

The cities of the world all look the same.

But what makes Nairobi so special
are it's surroundings.

Turn a corner and run into a lion,
or an elephant.

And you can be sure to give him
the right of way.

That's the fascination of Africa.
It's like an incurable disease.

Work calls, alas.

Don't forget we're going on
for dinner tonight!

7 o'clock on the dot!

If he as much as signs a letter,
it'll be a record.

- I will clean the windscreen for you.
- Thank you.

He always looks at me like that
even when I'm with Gianni.

He is really devouring you.

Yes, one day or another,
I think I'll give him a treat.

My husband's farm begins here.

Thousands of acres of coffee, maise,
ground nuts and cotton.

- We are friends now, alright?
- Suits me.

Good afternoon Thomas, this is our guest,
Ms. Jordan.

- Will you see she has everything she needs?
- Welcome to Africa, miss.

Emanuelle, you'll have time for a good rest
before dinner.

I imagine you must be pretty tired
after your journey.


Help me with this?

Of course.

I hate ties!

Well at least a tie gets us
together sometimes.

Next time you can tie a knot in my...

Come on, I want you to meet someone.

But don't jump her, ok?

You're the Italian, not me.

Oh, Richard, nice to see you.

You look a bit under the weather...

did you start the party early?

May I introduce to you, Ms. Mae Jordan.
The famous photographer.

Emanuelle, to my friends.

This is Richard Clifton...

my business partner and best friend.

Always a friend.

A partner only during the daytime.

I'm Scottish.

At least, I was born in Scotland.

Educated at Eton.
Harvard, weren't we dear?

The only thing scotch about him
is the Whiskey he drinks.

Gloria, my dearest...

This has some kick!

This is William Meredith...

the Salvador Dali of America ...

Oh, Salvador Dali was my student.

- I bow to your beauty.
- A passionate person ...

She is beautiful, your friend...

These are my pupils and models.

This is Carol and this is Barbie.

And we brought a bottle...

where did it go?

I'll take that!

Those poor girls.

I love black skin.

It's a question of taste.

Oh, may I introduce you to my friend

Professor Kamau from the University of Nairobi.

One of our most distinguised scholars
in anthropology.

She's exaggerating.

- It's an honor to meet you.
- The pleasure's all mine.

Thanks to my perseverance,
I could convince him...

to work on our report.

How could I refuse a beautiful lady?

Even if I wanted to
I couldn't have refused.

Of course you could.

Ann is a woman who is difficult to say no to.

My domineering personality!

- Excuse me, I'll have a drink.
- Okay.

- So, are we leaving tomorrow?
- Yes.

Stop, stop, stop!

There is the model that I was missing ...

But you are a photographer.

Me, on the other hand...

I'm a naturalistic painter.

And hence, photography is my mortal enemy.

I hate photographers, I think of them terrible,
diabolical monsters.

With your hellish machines,
you distort nature with your clicks.

While I glorify nature!


in the face of such a beautiful enemy...

I surrender...


But no...

I challenge you to a single fight:

I'll use my brush as a weapon
and you your lens.

I've got an idea, why don't you and I
jump into the pool?

- I can not swim.
- I'll keep you afloat.

With all your booze tonight
we're both still drowning.

But alcohol is lighter than water.

It's a physical principle discovered by...

from Noah, I think.

So, shall we throw ourselves in?

No, it's not the right evening for me.

It's always the right evening, for...

In a meadow, for example.

I'm always ready, you know l...

pretend to drink to appease my eroticism.

Do not you think,
that you are exaggerating something?

Well if you don't believe me
put me to the test.

Gloria attaches great importance to equality.

The more I drink, the more I take on.

The more she drinks,
the more she takes off.

Aren’t you shocked?

Me, shocked?
She's your wife.

I can't be shocked by Gloria.

She's completely crazy therefore I like it.

Go on Gloria, into the pool!

Everybody into the pool!

Are you amused?

Yes, very.

Do we throw ourselves in too?

No, thanks.

Out here in Africa...

parties often end with everyone in the pool.

You're like a bunch of kids...

celebrating the last day of school.

Basically you are right.
It's just that ...

Gianni, throw me a bottle!


- Be careful not to drown!
- If I drown, it will be in the whiskey!

- Oh, it's you.
- And who did you think it was?

I have a crazy desire to make love.

With me?

And why not?

Won't you join me?

Is your blood flowing?

No, it's the awful truth.

The more I drink, the greater the desire
to go to bed with a beautiful woman.

Are you sure?

I think you would fall asleep immediately.

Should I sing you a lullaby...

Back in a minute.

Is there anything I can do for you?

I'd like to wash my hands.

And fill it up, please.

Sorry my lady it is no luxury toilet,
but clean.

Thank you, it will be fine.

Please my lady.

There is the sink and a towel.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I did a good deed.
The poor guy just couldn't take it anymore.

What about your husband?

My husband?

Don't worry about him.

There is no shortage of certificates
ancient research.

Take Herodotus, Dikaiarchus,
Marcus Varro.

Who did you name?

Theorists, no-frills people,
sleepy scientists!

For example Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo? What are you saying?

He invented helicopters!

He was a great artist and invented
flying machines, for fun!

- He was an artist, not a plumber!
- Calm down!

When I think of Leonardo,
I think of art, understand?

Come on, make peace.

- Yes, but piece of what?
- We're not at war.

That’s good.

- Is he a good photographer?
- He's an artist.

- For me he's a neurotic.
- He is very intelligent.

Come on let's dance.

Sorry, I'm a little tired.

Excuse me.

I have terrible migraines
I want to go back home.

What a pity!
Now that we are beginning to have fun.

You stay, I'll call a taxi.

- Then good night. See you tomorrow.
- Goodnight.

Gianni, why don't you go with her?

Whatever you say,
I'll take her home.

You lucky ones, you always have
a wonderful headache ready.

Anyway, Leonardo was a great artist!

- A great scientist!
- An artist!

It's beautiful here.
Can we stop here for a moment?

- Do you have a cigarette?
- Yes, of course.

Excuse me...

I have a headache again.

Thanks to you I have them too.

I'm so sorry.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Are you mad at me?

No, why?

Because of last night.

Last night?
But nothing happened.

Oh Gianni...

I want to make love to you.

But not in a car...

like two teenagers.

You're right.

I'm coming tonight to your room.


Not there.


Wherever you like.
But not here.

But no, hold still!
What do you do? Did you scratch yourself!

Constantly changing position
how can I concentrate?

More grace.
That's better!

Up! That's it...

The view of the sunset...

think of Eden, paradise lost.

Stand still! Don't move!

Don't move a muscle...

Who do you see there?

- How are you?
- Hello, William, how are you?

Where are the other models?
Do you only have one at a time?

Well you know Gianni
I'm at a certain age ...

But she is as good as everyone else together.

Her name's Leia,
a mediator of the Kamasutra.

She is my newest discovery.

Darling, show how beautiful you are
when you dance.

What are you drinking,
Scotch, rum, gin?

- A double scotch, pure.
- A little water.

I tell you this Kama Sutra
is ultimately just a bluff.

They say: the 1,000 species
to make love.

I believe 980 positions of it are impossible...

if you're not a contortionist.

We Westerners make things much more practical.
Love without all those frills.

I personally have had good nights
trying three or four positions...

it went very well,
there were never any complaints.

The Orientals do it with too much trouble.

And listen to me, Gianni!

Women are like debts: the more you worry,
the worse it gets.

Don't tell me about worries.

All right, but look Gianni I am an artist.

And as you Italians say:
The eye also wants its part.

Sorry, I need the house.

Whenever you want,
the house is yours.

Gianni, there's a mysterious woman
behind this, yes?

Darling, pack your bags
the landlord drives his house.

No, William, no, no,

I'm not sending you away
I only need it for an afternoon.

- When should I go?
- Whenever you want.

- Tomorrow morning? With pleasure.
- Thank you.

Well Emanuelle, today we begin our work.

The first place we visit on our trip...

looking for the distant origins of Africa...

are the ruins of Gedi,
an ancient city...

protected by demons, evil spirits.

Some claim they wander among the ruins.

I've lived in Kenya for so many years
and have never visited these ruins.

Like someone who goes to Paris
and doesn't climb the Eiffel Tower.

What is the name of this river?

It's not a river, it's a bay
of the Inland Ocean.

The origins of Gedis
are wrapped in deep mystery.

We know its foundation is built
out of prehistoric coral.

That the city was abandoned
and destroyed several times...

and then was rebuilt on the ruins.

Has no archaeologist tried
to reveal this secret?

Yes, many, but each of them
had a conflicting result.

But they all agreed on one thing:

In the 9th century AD,
during the dark middle ages in Europe...

a flourishing civilization existed here.

Chinese porcelain vases were found,
Venetian glass ...

- Aren't you drinking a lot?
- Demons and spirits are making me nervous.

Indian phallic symbols ...

So, 9th century AD,
Vases of chinese origin,

venetian glass and Indian phallic symbols, right?

Right. And their artwork
reached a very high level.

In this artwork are animals, birds, lions...

and also love scenes.

In short, as in all flourishing civilizations...

sex always has its... exact position.

A special enthusiasm
for the representation of love.

All of their artwork had a decorative function...

but also a sensual one.

Leave him to me!


We're catching up!

I'm ready.

Well played.

Nothing to do, we are unbeatable.

And I'm on my game.

I'm out of practice.

- Forgive me, it was my fault.
- Next time we'll beat them.

Beat us? Never!

I'll see you after the shower
at the bar, okay?

- OK.
- I want such a big drink ...


Say, you had the game
what the hell happened?

Oh yeah, I was a little distracted.

Because of the bum in front of you
I think ...

Why did you follow me in the ruins?

You excite me...

it's you I want, Gianni.

Enough, Emanuelle,
I don't like these games, okay?

Stop it, stop it!

I want you so much. Kiss me, you fool!

Do you want to make the comparison
between reality and artwork?

Do I not get anything to drink?

I shouldn't have to teach you
these things...

if you invite a girl,
you first you have a drink, then...

you chat a little, and then...

You're right.

Excuse me.

Where are you going?

Be careful, don't get lost.

If we don't return,
you know where to find us.

Yes, but until I get there,
the lion may have already digested you.

I've never flown a small airplane like this.

Are you scared?

No, it's insanely exciting!


Sorry, I ruined your photo.

On the contrary, it is fantastic.


No, please, I always look bad in photos.

Wait a moment.

Hold it!

Now I want to take a photo of you naked.

- Are you crazy?
- Yes, go.

- Now?
- You are really crazy!

Now run, go on, run!

Very good!

- Now I want to try it too.
- Ok...

Take off your jacket so...

Strike the pose, yes.

- One together.
- Sure.

- Come on, go fast!
- Wait a moment.

Come on, come on!

What a great photo!

Be careful, otherwise we will ruin everything.

That's the last one.

No doubt it's lovely.

You are wonderful.

- Do you like them?
- They're wonderful.

You are really good you know...

no one has ever photographed me like this.

Tell me...

how do you take such beautiful photos?
What do you feel?

A desire to physically posses the subject.

I had the same feeling
when I photographed you.


- Come here a moment.
- Yes, yes, right there.

Look at these photos.

You are beautiful.

There are others on top look at them.

Who took them?

I did.

Do you like them?


The photo or Emanuelle?

Do you know about photography?
I only understand little.

So do you like it?

Looks like you do.

What is it, are you jealous?

Sometime I feel like a neglected woman,
I have needs. Deep needs.

It's a little strange that a man and a woman...

are jealous of the same person.

We can share it as good friends.

Or make love...

and think of her.


Gianni, I'm fed up with you!

You son of a bitch!

- Gloria ...
- No, don't interrupt me ...

Listen to me.

Let me talk!
I want to know where you have been!

Where I've been?
l was busy.

Gianni, you have never been busy
in your whole life.

But you're always busy,
since Emanuelle has been here.

Do you think I don't understand?

You're not jealous? Of her?
She's a total slut. Basic.

She's bite my dick off
if I gave her the chance!

Come on, Gloria,
don't be jealous of that skank...

I'll see you tonight, okay?

It is wonderful.
Who is this from?

I did, it's dedicated to an impossible love.

I didn't know you were a musician.

It's just a hobby.

Emanuelle, who called?

A business call for Gianni.

Have you forgotten my breasts are better
than painted ones?

Why do you like me, Gianni?

Because I'm young, fresh, beautiful?

But tomorrow...

comes a woman you like more...

and then like your wife, and Gloria...

they become a useless toy.

A black toy that you will throw away!

Anyway don't worry...

we sluts don't need dicks for breakfast!

Can you please take me to town?

Sorry but I don't understand you.

Fuck me, come on, fuck me!

Why are you with Richard?

Isn't he jealous or does he suspect nothing?

No, he accepts the situation,
we are friends.

He's not bad in bed
and everything is going well.

It's different with Gianni.

Have you been in bed with him yet?


Come on, you don't have to pretend.

I saw you two together, in the car.

So what? He took me with him.

Are you jealous?

Yes, I am.

I hate to admit it, but I am.

But tell me, he did try, didn't he?

Well, yes.

Tell me what, how do you feel
sleeping with a white man?

I have to admit that since I arrived in Africa...

I've found white skin less appealing.

You seem to feel the same way...

otherwise you will not hang around for hours
tanning in the sun.

Please forgive me,
I didn't mean to offend you.

I myself was born in Kenya,
and have a lot of African friends.

And my best experiences
have been with colored boys.

So tell me,
do you have it done with Gianni?

Look, Gloria...

with men, I always take the lead.

All I have to do is look at Gianni.

He becomes a total moron.

He's shaking like a little boy.

I excite him and pity him and leave him.

I wish I could do that!

What a bad bitch I'd be!

Instead, when he approaches me...

and caresses me...

it's me who become a total moron.

- No, not here, they can see us.
- No, there is nobody around.

Come, come, get in!

Punctuality is not your strength.

Sorry, the car did not start.

- I only had three minutes to put on makeup.
- Looks like it.

Omar Khayyam was right:

“Cut off a woman's tongue
and she will grow one twice as long. "

Are you a poet?

Don't act stupid.
What did you tell Emanuelle?

- About who?
- Me and you.

We became friends and
entrusted eachother with things.

- Did you tell her about...
- Commander, we can go!

OK, let's go.

Hello, here 5 Yankee Alfa Romeo November
with permission to land.

There are six of us,
I would like to have a car.


Please stay together.

It is dangerous here,
there are free-range animals.

Follow me, please.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Look who's here.

I want the story of the slut's knowledge.

I thought curiosity was a female prerogative.

Go to bed with me and i'll tell you.

Thanks a lot.

- Who is this slut?
- No, nothing, a friend of mine.

I owe you an explanation.

I see no reason for that.

Gloria is a chatty Kathy.

Who knows what she would have told you.

No, Gloria has nothing to do with it.

I accidentally overheard your phone call,
that's it.

Well that changes everything then.

I was wrong,
called you a hungry slut...

I should've called you a whore.


Gianni, what can I do to help you
respect me again? I want your...

- Love?
- Yes.

Time for dinner.
The stomach has his time, the heart can wait.

What do you want?

I asked what you want?

My room is nicer.

Oh yes?
Then go back and get out of my way.

I was waiting for you in my room.

You didn't come at all,
so I made up my mind...

Look, I don't find you very witty.

You shouldn't have come,
leave me alone.

It's very cool in here.

All the rooms have air conditioning.

I know all of the rooms have air conditioning.

But you are in this room.

Bravo, such a poet.

I bet you will tell me now
that you're in love with me?

And if I really were...

would you notice?


- It's locked.
- I'm coming...

Gianni, do you know where Emanuelle is?

I can't find her in the whole hotel.

Is she here with you by any chance?

And why the hell should she be here right now?

Sorry Gianni, wow... don't be angry.

I asked you if she is here,
not whether you were in bed with her!

Get off my case, woman!

Okay, okay, I'm going.

- Hi.
- Hi...

My shower doesn't work,
thank you Gianni.

No problem.

I didn't know she was going to use
my shower!


This is Gloria.
Ann is looking for you.

I told her: where do you think she is?
In bed with your husband, right?

I was joking, of course.

In fact, you guessed well.

- I was with him in the shower.
- A shower?

- Yeah, mine isn't working.
- And why not with me or Ann?

Because a man only takes
a few minutes in the bathroom.

How stupid of me to forget that.

But you thought I was in Gianni's bed, huh?

- Anyway, Ann found me.
- Oh, yes! In the shower or in bed?

Guess! Sheesh.


He never lets one get away!

Who are you talking about?

Your best friend!

Because not even you escaped him, right?

Me? What are you saying?
I am always with you.

Certainly, according to a well-known
physical law...

a solid body can not be in two different places
at the same time.

And that your body is very solid,
there is no doubt about that.

Why is it that when I'm all made up,
and ready to go out...

you want to fuck me?

What do you expect, from a Scott?

This hard coral is found in these waters
very often.

She is beautiful.
What's her name?

It doesn't have a fixed name.
She belongs to a family of...

Help, help!

Up, up you go!

Please stop making jokes like that.

Somethings happened over there!

Gianni, what happened?

Is she alright?

Thank you.

A little much, don't you think?

But you take advantage,
wake her up and she still thanks you.

Richard, wait!
Oh, go to hell!

Forgive me, Gianni.

What an idiot!
Why didn't you tell me that you can't swim?

Don't pretend, you really scared me.

- How are you, do you feel better?
- Yes.

- Don't you wanna sell it?
- Why don't you speak my language?

- I am English.
- And who gave you my color?

In America they sell them in buckets
and as a spray.

When do you wash?

I'll tell you a secret:
I never wash.

But please don't tell anyone.

Okay, everything is alright,
we can go.

So did you decide?

I warned you guys it is a hospitable
and peaceful tribe...

but when their rights are threatened,
you can't stop them.

Richard and Gloria
did the right thing not coming.

A good reporter is always at the forefront.

Well, let's go then.

Come on, get in.

I give it to you, take it!

Thank you.

It doesn't matter if I'm with you
or speaking to this straw.

We don't understand eachother a bit.

- What is the name of this drink?
- Risha.

It seems as if I have drank it before.

This drink is only made here.

It is an aphordisiac.
Whoever drinks it...

takes a trip back through time and space.

It appears she is returning
back to her origins.

It's a very strong drink.

Oh, we did it!

I thought we'd never arrive.

I'll see you in half an hour
in the restaurant, yes?

- Good.
- Not late as usual.

Hurry ​​up, I'm dying of hunger!

It's so quiet!

There is no more quiet for me.

I still hear the drumming
from yesterday evening.

This woman wasn't Emanuelle.

Emanuelle does not need rites,
to be sacrificed to love.

Love is not just a sensory explosion.

Feelings also count.

I was under the influence of drugs
and overwhelmed...

like in a bad dream.

A terrible nightmare.

But my love for you stayed pure.


So nothing happened, Gianni.
Nothing at all.

You, as the main character of this
beastly spectacle...

literally shook me.

Forget it.

I'll try.

Mount Kilimanjaro is
the highest mountain in Africa.

5,895 meters.

Until 80 years ago, no one knew...

that in the heart of Africa,
such a high mountain existed...

with glaciers and perennial snow.

But getting up there
is a very difficult endeavor.

Are you ready?

I strive for literary heights.
I'm not an alpinist, I'm not going.

- What about you, Gloria?
- I'm here now and I want to do it.

We've already been there, haven't we?

- Remember how difficult it is.
- Someone will come with you.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Thank you.

Vegetable pot, beef steak...

- Omelette... Gianni?
- Yes?

Can I tell you something?

Yes, of course.

I don't care about Kilimanjaro.

I'm not interested either.

You work your way
and when you are up...

is it the same feeling
as being in Switzerland.

So, what do you want to do?

I want you, Gianni.

When you are starved
I recommend a good beef steak.

I think you will digest it better.

Waiter please.

- Vegetable pot and beeksteaf for me.
- Very well, sir.

- And you?
- For me too.

- Same for the lady.
- Very well.

- And please, quick, we're in a hurry.
- Certainly.

I want to go back immediately.

I saw a beautiful place
that I want to photograph.

I keep forgetting that I'm here to work.

That it's the only thing in life
that never disappoints me.

- You will never change, Richard.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Sleep well?

- You are always hungry.
- Of course.

And Emanuelle?

- I have not seen her.
- Strange, she's always the first.

She's probably not up yet.

- Waiter please.
- At your service.

Tell the lady in room 121
that we are waiting for her for breakfast.

- Immediately, my lady.
- Thank you.

Me and Emanuelle are completely different.

I don't do anything to be the perfect black.

She does everything to be the perfect white.

In reality we are both wrong.

Miss Jordan has left.


Yes, the hotel's car drove to the train station.

But how is that possible?

So suddenly?

And without telling anyone?

What could have happened?

Do you know something, Gianni?

Me? What should I know?
She must have a good reason.

You're packing in a hurry.

You're going to run after her?

So Emanuelle is not a shooting star
like all the others?

I wanted to do this safari
to clear the air.

For the better, I hoped.

Instead, it's all over.

I am returning to the UK.

I'll leave you the divorce papers.

It's strange...

I can't even hate you.

Basically, it's my fault too.

I followed you to Africa.

This life is not for me.

I just found boredom.
Boredom and nothing else!

I need closure on this failure.

Failure as a woman, a wife, a lover.

And also as a writer.

All a lie.

Can i get through, please!

Can you let me through?

Let me through!

What is this dangerous game?

Forgive him, he's a back defender.
On the other hand, I am a pure attacker.

Leave me alone!

What do you want?

Let us have you!


Go away!

Come on!

Real sportsmen behave like gentlemen...

on and off the field.

Forgive me, Miss.

You too can drink to our victory.

Spill champagne one shouldn't waste it.

Let me!

I beg you, leave me!

Shared happiness is double happiness...


- I wanted to tell you...
- Yeah, I already know.

Come away with me.

No, Gianni.

I decided, to go my own way.

So it will be much better for both of us.

Our love is an impossible one.

I really love you, Gianni.

At this moment you fill my whole life.

But in a month...

or maybe tomorrow...

I'll be in your arms,
but want someone else's.

It's not my fault,
that I am like that.

That's why I only love my work,
it sets me free.

I will have different experiences...

or maybe more which are similar to this.

I will meet another Richard.

Another Ann.

Do you recognize him?

It's a different Gianni.

And when I feel like it
I will also give myself completely to him.

But only my body, as always.

It was only different with you.

I felt something
that had never happened to me.

So it is better
that everything ends here.

No, together we will to start a new life.

All aboard!
The train is leaving.

I do not want to lose you.

You had already lost me
before you found me.

Goodbye, Gianni.

And good luck.