Birds of a Feather (2012) - full transcript

Two cousins from different walks of life have similar aspirations: fame and fortune in the music business. However, when they both begin their careers in the industry, they quickly realize that the business isn't much different from the streets, where every bad decision could come with a life-threatening consequence.

Look at the current temperature.

Would you look at it?

At this hour, after 11:00,
tt is 52 mild degrees.

But when we take a look
at future cast here,

Here's part of the changes
that we're watching here,

and that is, as we head toward
early tomorrow morning,

we will see clouds,
and even fog, settle in.

The good news, though,

is that they will quickly
burn off

as we go through the rest of
the day,

and we are looking at a day

that will be pretty much what
We saw.. like what we saw today:

Partly cloudy and very mild.

So get ready for another
good day.

As far as lows go tonight, again,

it is not going to be like
the lows

that we've seen over the past
few weeks.

It's going to be very mild
tonight for everybody,

from top to bottom,
no matter where you are.

Ellijay, 43.
Griffin, 44.

43, that's the low for the folks
in Rome and Atlanta.

You're looking at lows..

Lows for tonight that'll be
around 46 degrees.

Tomorrow's highs:
Here we go again.

More warmth on the way.

Can you stand it?

65 degrees.
I'm sure you can.

I can.

Atlanta, 67 will be the high
for you tomorrow.

As we take a look at Athens, 66.

Eatonton, up and over 71
degrees tomorrow.

So here's a look at your
forecast by the numbers.

On a scale from one to ten..
Oh, yes, we did.

We're doing it.
We're going there.

We are giving tomorrow a ten.

It is going to be so much
warmer than the average.

Average high, by the way,
in the upper 50s,

and we're looking at temperatures

that will be in the upper 60s,

and we are not stopping there,

because we do have some 70s
in the forecast for you.

Yes, we do.

Here's a look at the
seven-day forecast.

67 degrees, mainly sunny tomorrow

after the clouds and fog
burn off in the morning,

then as we head toward Friday,
calling it partly cloudy and 72.

Saturday and Sunday, partly cloudy.

Look at those numbers, though.

Still holding on to the low
70s there.

Monday and Tuesday, possibly a
weak disturbance coming our way.

There may be a slight chance
for rain,

but temperatures still will be
above average.

So Saturday and Sunday.. even
when you step outside tonight..

You feel it; it's mild.

It doesn't feel like
February at all, does it?

But as we head toward
the next couple of days,

will that change?

We'll find out coming up,

but let's talk about
this outside right now.

Our exclusive Weatherbug Network

for Fernbank Science Center
in Atlanta,

current temperature at this hour,

just under 60 degrees.

The high today, 72.

It feels great, y'all.

Here's a look at their
surface map,

showing us what's gonna come our
way as we head toward tomorrow,

and really, it's more warm air
from the southeast,

and that'll be the story for us.

We will not only stay dry
with the warm wind.

We will keep it party cloudy
and beautiful as well.

So look for your Friday to be
another gorgeous day.

What a better way to get into
the weekend?

As far as highs are concerned,
look at these numbers.

73 in Gainesville.

75 for the folks in Athens.

In Atlanta, 75.

75 is what we're forecasting
For the ATL as well.

Up in Rome, we're looking at 71,

And 75 for the folks in Carlton.

So if we make that forecasted
high of 75 degrees tomorrow,

We will at least..
At the very least..

Tie the record high that has
already been set for 75 degrees.

So we'll keep you posted
and let you know if we do that.

Forecast by the numbers,
on a scale from one to ten...

Nah, quit playing.
I'm trying to smash.

Hey, Bro, hey.
Hey, got off of my car, Man.

What's wrong with you?
Sitting there.

Get off my car, Man.

Man, it's a piece of trash anyway.


All right.

Damn, Zay, maybe if you
returned a nigga's phone call,

may be riding in a better car.

Been at the shop Wednesday.
No prob, Bro.


Hey, Man.

What up, Bro?

How you doing, Bro?

How you doing, Bro?
Doing all right.

Prat, what up?
Dang, my bad, Cuz.

I had this late rehearsal
last night.

Man, I've been meaning to get
back with you, Man.

Yeah, well,
I see you've been having

A little car trouble, Man.

What's up with the beats,
Zay, Man?

You know I got a few hundred
for you, damn.

Man, Prat, what up, Man?

You know I got you, Man.
You been tied up.

Tied up like crazy, Man, working.

Hey, Zay, Man, you might as
well sign with me, Cuz.

Take it to the auction or
something, Bro.

You know I'll help you out, Bro.

You know what?

Tell you what.

You give me a ride to the shop,

that's something we can talk about.

Let it go, Bro.
I got you.

All right.

What about the CD, though, Man?

What about my CD, man?

Hey, Boy, that boy Zay, Boy.

Be dancing like a fool, Man.

You got to get what you can, Boy.

I don't need that cut, Boy.

Boy, he be tripping by them tracks.

Oh, I got you, Bro.

I got my CD player right
here, Man.

I can burn you a disc while
we in here.

Hey, you.

Brought you some chips.

Appreciate it.

I mean, I got some soda too,
but I backwashed it.


Girl, you know I do what I
want to do.


No, I'm straight, though.
Appreciate it.

All right, then,
I'll see you later.

Okay, bye.

Damn, Zay.

She come in here every day.

Hey, baby, where mine at?

Where you going?

Hey, Bro,
leave my woman alone, please.

Thank you.


"Leave your women alone"?

I heard you, Man.

You're three weeks behind in
your rent.

Three weeks behind.

One more week,
and you out of here.

I'm not putting up with it
no more.

Calls or no calls. I mean it.

Let me breathe, Man.
It's my birthday month.

I'ma get it to you.

Don't I always?

Oh, Zaytoven.

Never let 'em see you sweat,
Hey, Cuz-o?

Ah, what's up, Boy?
What up, Cuz?

What are you doing down here,

Where she at?
I'm hungry, Man.

I know.
Where is she?

I ain't waiting around..

Here you are.

French fries for you.

Thank you.

And a grilled chicken salad.

Oh, yeah.

Will that be all for you gentlemen?

Ah, no.
You know, I need a fork.

A fork.
And would you like anything?

Salt and pepper.
Salt and pepper.

So what's up, Bro?

What are you doing down here
in Atlanta, Man?

What kind of tricks you got
up your sleeve, Bro?

I know it's something.

Why do I always got to have
a scam?

I came to Atlanta to see
the sun,

get a little bit warmer.


And if I make some money,
hey, that's something different.

Yeah, gonna make some money, yeah?

Well, you know,
they're all waiting to hear

about the money.

Yeah, so how long you staying
down here, Bro?

And really, when you leaving?

Oh, for real, Cuz,
it's like that?

When are you leaving?

Cuz, ain't not telling when
I'm leaving.

All I need is just a little spot
to chill at just for a minute.

You know what I'm saying?

Whose spot, mine?

Yours, yeah.

What, you on the run or something?

Man, no,
I ain't on no damn run, Cuz.

Listen, now, what you doing
with this music, Man?

Have you got us an industry
check yet, Cuz?

Or are you still playing with
that barber shop, Man?

Fuck that barber shop.
For real, Cuz.

Yeah, fuck them.

Cuz, how long
You been knowing me?

Boy, you know I've been cutting hair,

working at the barber shop,
and playing music at the church

as long as you been knowing me,

That's me.

Now, you talking about the industry?

Man, there ain't no industry.

What you talking about?

You know what I was thinking?

You should let me manage you.


Let me manage you.

What you gonna manage, Bro?

How you think Atlanta like that,
for real?

You think I have it going on
out here?

Listen, Man, everybody be running
down to Atlanta,

thinking the same thing,
that it's sweet.

You got to think about it, Cuz.

These jokers that been out here
already.. once they get on,

They putting they peoples on,
they mans on, Man.

They're not gonna put on no talent

that come from out of town
or none of that.

We gonna make them come to us,

I can have them banging our
door down.

Now, you Zaytoven.

You Mr. Funky Fingers.

Cuz, they get ahold of you and
my mouthpiece.

It's over.

Trust me.
I'm telling you for real.

Well, you sure know how to talk, though.


Nigga, check it out.

I got this nigga, right.

He gonna plug us right in with
Gucci Mane.

Dig me.

The nigga run the south side.

He run the whole south side.

I ain't gonna lie.
He a O.G. cutthroat nigger.

You know what I'm saying?

But I'm working with the nigga,

Oh, you working with him?


Man, what,
you can't handle some work?

No, nigga, I ain't got no dough.

Listen, Cuz, I would never
bring that to your doorstep.

You my cuz.

I love you.
I believe in you, Cuz.

Give me a chance to manage you.

Let me make this thing happen.

You know what I'm saying?

I ain't come down here with
no dough.

I'll tell you what I did come
with, though.

Some paper.


Let me see.

Feel like this might cover

a few months of rent or something
like that.

Listen, Cuz, we're about the get.

We're birds of a feather, Cuz.

I got us.

Trust me, Cuz.


We ain't paying for no early
rehearsal, are we?

Yo, hey, Xavier,

Man, where you learn how to
play the keyboard, Man?

Such anointing.

I don't know.

But all I'm saying, like,
Man, when I play these keys,

I feel like I'm free from everything.

So when I talked to your daddy,

I know he told me you was
coming down to the church..

I didn't even know

If I was gonna let you play
in this church.

Why you say that?

Well, you know, you got such
very little musical experience.

You was in the Bay Area,
but since you been here,

You worked so hard.

and, Man, listen, Man,
from you to me,

You've outplayed everybody,
every musician,

I brought to this church.

Man, I just want to tell you,
Xavier, Man,

I love you, and I'm proud of you.

Well, I am the minister of music.

Minister of music, huh?


Let me tell.. let me tell you
a little something about music.

You know, there was a character
in the bible.

And his name was Lucifer,

and he was over God's heavenly choir,

and God had blessed Lucifer
with many gifts, Man.

But, you know,
Lucifer got beside himself.

And, Zay, just like you,

God has blessed you with many gifts.

Man, I love to hear you play.

But whatever you do,

Don't let your gift get in the
way of god's progress for you.

Can you do that for me?

Can you make Unc happy by
doing that?

I can do that.

All right.

Hey, what's going on, y'all?

Oh, what up?
What up, y'all?

Hey, how we doing, everybody?

How we doing?
Hey, Pastor.

Hey, how we doing, everybody?

Yeah, I was just sitting here
talking to Xavier.

But, listen,
let me get ready to get out of here.

I know y'all fittin' to get on
to some new songs this week.

'Cause I want you to make..

Let's turn it up, Man.

Let's turn this thing up.

Say what?
Turn it up?

Zay, what you done did to Pastor?

Man, y'all heard the Pastor.

Man, he said, "Turn it up."

Come on, y'all, let's turn it up.

♪ This is the day

♪ This is the day

♪ That the lord has made

♪ I'm from down south

Let's go, Son.

Work with me, Baby.

Show 'em the video.

Let's go.

Hey, turn it up.

Now, you can smash on him
a little bit.

All right, go ahead, Baby.

Yeah, I need to see his face.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Make your way around to the
back, Ma.

Yeah, work it out.

Boy, what you doing?



Ah, no, no...


Hey, Bro.

Ladies, ladies...


Man, what did you tell him?

Man, for real, though,
what going on, Man?

Come on, Man.
Come on, Zoe.

Zay deserves way more than
the mixtape place..

You got some loose change?

What? Get out of here.
Cheap skate.

Man, he deserve way more than
than the mixtape placement, Bro.

I hear what you're saying Bro,

But listen to what I'm telling you:

Records aren't selling right
now, Man.

For me, it's about a
motherfucking single,

In the streets,
you're talking about

a motherfucking single, not me.

You feel me?

Ain't no bds-ing that, My Nigga.

For Zaytoven, the mixtape cool.

Man, gonna buzz tonight.

So just send me the beats, and
let me smash on 'em, My Nigga.

I'm just saying, we giving you
top-quality production for free.

At least let the nigga get
his first single.

God damn, Man.
What up, Man?

You got cash that you're
slinging, Man.

Now, you gave your money up, Bro.

You gonna get another, Man.

Don't worry about that, Bro.

Worry about me being in no
gas station, nigga.

Just try to worry about Gorilla Zoe

needing another single, nigga.

And Zaytoven is the nigga
that's gonna do it.

Trust me, Bro.

I need another Motherfucking record?

Nah, Nigga.
Zay need a record, Nigga.

Give a nigga a good chance,
Man, shit.

You should've stayed your ass
in Detroit, Boy.

Listen, Man, I ain't got time
for this shit, Man.

You ain't got no finesse on you,
My Nigga.

I'm shooting a video.

I'm wasting money talking to
you right now.

What you mean?

You know what? Matter of fact,
I'll holler at you later.

Uh, Zoe..


Fuck, Man.

Don't be shorting me, Stank.

Have I ever shorted you, Man?

Hey, Man, you be tripping, Man.

That rap shit making you crazy, Man.

You need some Prozac?

Need some balls or something?

Man, you too excited, Man.

Stank, get the fuck out of my
car, please.

Man, fuck you too, Man.

Hey, Stank,
same time next week, right?

You know it.

Man, I'm gonna get you your
punk-ass money, Man.

You crying about that little bullshit.

Yo, for real...

What the fuck, Man?

This eviction bullshit.

♪ I'm back to work, back to bills ♪

♪ Took the bread, time to bail ♪

♪ I'm the Juice Master,
we're making juice *

♪ Still riding around,
I'ma get it ♪

Where y'all do that?
Where y'all do that?

Oh, Man.

What's up, Bro?

Bro, I know.

Come on, Man,
I'm getting sick of seeing these.

You out there getting that money
for the team, or what?

Nigga, I'm trying to.
We got to pay the rent first.

T.G.E. and them come through?

Yeah, they came through.

The money in the cabinet.

But you know we still, like,
$200 short, Man.

Yo, don't even worry about it.
Listen, I got a plan.

Remember Doc?
I was telling you about Doc?

Doc gonna be ready tonight,
Cuz, 8:00.

All I need you to do is be ready,
My Nigga.

Listen, you know good and well,

8:00 tonight, I got rehearsal.

I'm not fittin' to..
You should've called me, Bro.

Come on, Man,
This church shit again.

Come on, Zay.
What you mean?

This is a blessing from God
right here.

God wants you to make it to
this meeting, Bro.

This nigga know Guch.

I ain't tryin' to be..

You know, being a nigga like this,

But I really feel like he right.

You should go, Man.

I mean, it might be a good..

That's all I'm saying, Man.

Zaytoven, we cannot keep making
a million fucking records

and not doing nothing with
them, Bro.

What.. what are we in it for?

Bro, I'm a producer, Bro.

I'm making records 'cause
that's what I do.

That's what I'm supposed to do.

I'm doing what I'm supposed
to do.

What you doing?

What you mean, what I'm doing?

What you doing?
Guess what, Nigga.

I just got your first single
with Gorilla Zoe.

How about that?

Ah, whoo, whoo.
Single, huh?

Now, it's a mixtape, but still.

I mean, it's a placement.
It's a start.

A mixtape.. a mixtape no bad
luck, though, Zay.

You know, that how a lot of 'em
got started, though.

That what got me poppin'.
That what I'm saying, Man.

Nah, Man, look, we rockin', Bro.

No, but this nigga for real,
though, Man.

This nigga..
He be on something else.

I don't..
I mean, I don't know about him.

I think you should go, though,
real talk, though.

They might be the nigga with
the check.

Put this..

I'm about to shoot some pool
right now,

Get the rest of this damn
rent money, Man.

And why don't you be ready
tonight, please, Cuz? 8:00?

Yeah, well, you go get my
Gorilla's Zoe check, then.

You tell Gorilla's Zoe...

Yeah, I got you.
Whatever, Man.

♪ You walking like that money ♪

♪ Still talking like that money ♪

♪ Lord

♪ I'm available

♪ To you

♪ My will I give to you

♪ I'll do what you say do

♪ Use me, Lord

♪ To show someone the way

♪ That enabled me to say

♪ Oh

♪ My storage is empty

♪ And I am available

♪ To you

Girl, you done killed that.
Thank you.

See y'all finally getting
together when I ain't around.

One monkey don't stop no show.

And what's up?

Why you late, anyway?

For real?

Man, I'm late for the same reason

Why you can't hit the high
notes on sunday.

Hey, Andy come on upstairs yet?

Yeah, and he brought 'em,

but Fredrick said they short
again this week.


Yeah, so you know what that
mean, right?

That hour-long rehearsal..
30 minutes.

Matter of fact, my 30's up.

Man, I could've used that
little money, Man.

Me too.

I could've went to my meeting.

Let me guess.

The meeting with your cousin?

I wonder how that's working
out for you.

Well, you ain't seen me on
B.E.T. Yet, have you?

Something gonna give, though.

For real,

If y'all was smart,

y'all would be looking for
other places to play.

'Cause word on the street,
this church in foreclosure.

Nah, uh-uh.
Don't believe that.

Don't believe that?

Man, you better ask your uncle.

Shoot, whatever.

You ain't got to believe me, though.

Man, I ain't worried what my
uncle do, Dion.

And you shouldn't be worried
about him, either.

Listen, Man, I got thoughts bigger,
past this church,

Past you, past my unc.

Man, I might come back and
buy this church.

Ha. You sound crazy, Zay.

Yo, you know what? Matter of
fact, y'all go ahead, Man.

Y'all go on and leave.

I got to work on what I'm
doing for Sunday, anyway.

I mean, I could stay.

Whatever, Man.

Y'all have a good rehearsal.
I'm out.

All right.

Yeah, whatever.

All right, well,
since you gonna stay,

let's go over that song you were
just singing when I walked in.

All right.

It's only business.

You received the fucking cases;

I expect to receive my money
on time.

This is VIP premium,
not VI3 premium, Man.

Y'all get that money over
here, Man,

Before I go back to my
rattlesnake days.


Get him to call me himself.

Here we go, Man.
You're not hungry.

Hey, this better not be

Another one of your dope
fiend sales.

For real, Man.

And if it is,
It better be for the rent money.

You know what I mean?

What is that, Bro?

You owe him some money or something?

No.. yeah.
No, Man, shut up, Man.

It's your fault anyway, Cuz.

You always standing niggas up.

I knew you weren't gonna be
ready yesterday, Man.

You standing niggas up, Zay.
That shit ain't cool, Bro.

For real, Man?
This shit business, Man.

I've been playing in church
as long as I can remember.

What do you want me to do,
stop that for this right here?

Hey, what's up?
What's up, Bro?

What's going on, Man?

I'm trying to sell my CD
right now. $5, Bro.

Ain't nobody spin like me.

I'm going down, Boy.
I promise, Bro.

I ain't ask for no more money
Than that. $5. $5. $5, Bro.

One second.
We'll be right out.

You ain't gonna shit on a
nigga like that, Bro.

Yeah, I'm here to see Doc.

Doc? Um, Doc...

Sign right here, please.


Um, got anybody following you?

No, Bro.


Shit, I'm getting Doc right now.

All right, Man.

What's up?

You see what happened to the
boy in there?

The eye.

I don't know.

Those fucking foreigners, Man.

No, you think this is a game.

Stay clear of my paper.


First thing, Man.

Friday morning I want y'all
to get down there

and check this shit out, Man.

I'll be down on Friday,
motherfucking 6:00 A.M., Man.



I'll do it myself.
Yo, Doc, what up, Bro?

Zaytoven, Mr. Funky Fingers.

What it do?
Heard a lot about you.

Shit, I ain't tell what you
heard about me.

Either way, I don't give a fuck.

Got that paper, Nuke?

What up, Doc?

Hey, hey.

Hey, Doc, I know you busy as hell,
but check it.

This my cousin, Zaytoven, Man,

The nigga threw the beats
I was telling you about.

Stupid with 'em too, Man.

15 minutes, Cuz.

That's all we need.

Or.. or we can come back, you know,

If you got something going on.

You know, we understand.
We see you got a lot going on.

We can come back if we need to.

Shit, you doing all the talkin'.

Got your CD with you?


Get that motherfucker in
there, Man.

Appreciate it.

Hold on.
Give me five minutes too, Man.


Watch for me.


You thirsty.
You just thirsty, Man.

I mean,
I'm thirsty because I am, Nnigga.

We need to get some money.

What's wrong with you, Bro?

Clown, Man.

Yeah, yeah.

Shit, that was banging, though.

Appreciate it, Bro.
Appreciate it.

Appreciate that, Man.

I ain't know if it would, you know,

Bother your conversation a
little too loud or whatever,

Man, but appreciate that.

Nah, nah, nah, it's good, Homey.

Don't fuck with that.

Ain't no rap thing in the
music industry,

Nothing like that, like.

See, what y'all come to my
house for?

I'm thinking..
Like, check it.

I know you know Gucci Mane,
you know what I'm saying?

Maybe you could plug Zay in with
Gucci, let him hear some tracks.

Maybe they can do some shit,
make it big.

Man, see, the thing is,

I fuck with Gucci on some
street shit.

You know what I mean?

It ain't no music shit,

But I know I could put the
play together.

But, shit, I don't do no
communal service.

What's in it for me?

Well, I was thinking, Man,
if he cops a lead or something,

I give you something off of that.

That sound like a promise.

I don't work off promises,

What's in it for me?
What's really in it for me?

I'm thinking publishing,
you know what I'm saying?

Publishing, you got residual
income coming in,

You know what I'm saying?

That's a good thing, Man.


It's residual income,

Meaning that you will make
money.. good money..

For a long time.

It's bigger than records.


Man, I don't know nothing
about no publishing.

Talk english, Homey.

If the radio play the record,
the radio got to pay us.

In return, we gonna pay you,
you know what I'm saying?

It's big, trust me.

I can make sure that your kids..

Gonna be eating for good.

Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.
Excuse me, Bro.

Hey, Man, let me holler at you
for a minute, Bro.

Give me one minute.

Why are you even talking
about publishing?

You know what I mean?
You really...

Cuz, what the fuck is wrong
with you?

Let this man make the call.
Nigga, what's wrong with you?

I'm not fittin' to give this
Nigga none of my publishing.

You don't even know what the
fuck publishing is.

Man, let this nigga make this
phone call, Cuz.

He gonna forget about this
shit tomorrow.

Let the plan go through.

I'm not gonna sell my soul
for no phone call!

This nigga right here ain't
getting a piece of nothin',

Not from me.

Man, what you want?

All of nothing or a piece of something?

This is our chance.

You know what I don't like, Bro?

How everybody talking about
my music, my money,

that I don't even got yet.

Come on, Man.

Hey, Doc, Bro,
it was good to meet you.

You know what I mean?
You got a nice place here.

I know we gonna do business
one day, you know what I mean?

I appreciate your time.

Hey, Man,
I'll be out in the car.

You can stay here and do your thing.

What's up with your man?

Yo, I don't know, Doc.

But check it, Man.

That publisher shit is big.

Trust me, Man.

And I'ma make sure

That you get a piece of this
nigga's publishing forever.

All you got to do is make the
call, Man.

Just make the call and get us
some money, Doc.

Please, Man.

I'll tell you what, Nuke.

I'ma put that shit together.
I'ma make the call.

I want 50% of the nigga's
publishing, though,

for my service, though.

50%, you got it.
Trust me.

Now, he have to know, don't
play with my money, My Nigga.

I won't, Doc.

For real, I ain't gonna
tell you but one time:

Don't play with my money, Homey.

For real, 50%.

I ain't gonna play about my
money, Homey.

I got you.
For real.

Trust me.
I got you.



Appreciate it.

Take his $500.

That's what I'm gonna do.

That's what I'm gonna do.

Don't hate me, Man.

We about that money, Man.

You frontin', Man.

For real, Man.

What's up?

What's going on with that weed?

I'm rolling the weed.

What you talking about, Ma?

You're a fiend.


Foul, Bro.

You acting like you too small
or something.

Foul, Man.
It ain't no fucking foul.

You got to man up or something,
Little Man.

You ain't big enough.

You ain't big enough.

You ain't big enough, Man.

For real, Ma.
This is gold right here.

You dealing with good niggas,
you know what I'm saying?

Once in a while.. like,
when you gonna get on the court?

Get on the court?
Baby, I don't play basketball.

I let Zaytoven play basketball.

Let's go.
Gentlemen, let's go, Man.

Come on.
They too slow.

Here we go.
Let's go.

I'm the numbers man.

I know how to make shit move,
make shit pop,

Make shit big,
you see what I'm saying?

It's my $500. Exactly.

Hey, yo.

"D" up a little, Man.
Let's go.

What you gonna do?
I want you to come down here.

You can come down here, Bro.

You can come down here.

Kill him, Son!

What you gonna do?

What you gonna do?

Hey, what you gonna do?

What's with the hand?
Man, that's bullshit.

Call me when you wake up.

Call me when you wake up.

You dreaming.
Call me when you wake up.

I don't give a fuck.
This is street ball, Man.

This is street ball.

This ain't the NBA.

Fuck you trying to be?

Listen. Listen.

What you want to do then?

Hey, Zay, don't let him
Break your finger, Boy.

Hold on.

My phone.

I want to rock with you, though,
For real.

You gonna be my little boo.

Oh, shit. Doc.

What's up, Bro?

This is for the game point
right here.

Come on, Bro.

Hutch, it's on you, Bro.
Let's do it.

It's on you, Bro.
Let's do it.

It's on you, Bro.

Take that nigga, Bro.

Wait, Man, you...
You ain't doing shit.

Chill out, Man.
Chill out, Buddy.

Somebody better come get this
tall-ass midget

Before I do something with him.

You better come get this
tall-ass midget

Before I do something with him.

Yo, whoa, whoa, hey, no.

Hey, hey, hey, yo, Bro.

Whoa, whoa, listen, Man.

Just called me right now, Dude.

Song about to--dude, listen.

Gucci just chose the record.

Man, we got a game to play.

Man, come on, Dude.
Let's leave.

Man, come here, Dude.
Come here, Man.

Go ahead. Ain't nobody gonna
buy that lame-ass shit, anyway.

Look. Listen. Listen, Man.

What? What?

Listen to this.
Turn this up.

Simmer down, Man.
It's your dog E.T. Right here.

And Firty J-Nicks.

Man, it's all about that
Battleground A-Town, Man,

Where it's your chance

To pick that new Battleground Cchampion!

For real?
Go by the name of Gucci Mane.

You know, some kid named Young
Jeezy in the city.

You know what I'm saying, Man?
Well, I never heard of him.

And it's some new producer
named Zaytoven.

So here's so icy right here.

Fuck you.
You still a sucker.

Nigga, where my money?

Where's my $500?

This need to be documented.

I got the hit record that goin'
change Mizay and Rocko Life.

Wow, it works.

Oh, yeah!

Little tired, you know what
I mean, after 1:00,

But, nah, I'm feelin' great.

You got to stretch.

Yeah, we got to stretch.

Yeah, Man, you know.
Shout-out to the fans.

I'm gonna go put on about eight.

Yeah, probably..

Might get four on,
but we getting six.

So however many you get today,

That how many you gonna get
on this mixtape.

It's crazy!

Man right here.
What's up, Baby?

What's up, Man?

Let me call you right back.
All right, Baby.

All right.

All right, Guys, be good, Man.

You needing a house.

I mean, I couldn't be..
I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Dude, I'm your guy.

I mean, take it from me.

Matter of fact, here's your key.

Appreciate it, Man.

All right.
Is it a deal?

It's a deal.


Double-check with him.

Going back in, Gucci, Rocko.

I got to slick ponder, Man.

You know, he working the
camera right now,

Man, but you know..
You know what I'm saying?

You know..

Did I get lost yesterday, though?

No, he kind of, you know..

I got lost coming out here.

You know what I mean?

We're gonna try to wrap it up
today, Man.

Day two.

We're gonna try to do it in
two days.

For real, Man.
Birds Of A Feather.

I apologize, Man.

I don't need a gift.

Number one, Man.

Platinum producer, Man.
A little sneak peek.

Don't show all of it, Man.

Yeah, come on, Artie.

Number one, Man.

Zay-Tiggy, Man.

And, you know,
I feel like, me and Zay..

Zay make the beats
specifically for me.

You know what I'm saying?

I just feel like everything we do,
every time we make a song,

It's a work of art.

Yeah, I just bought it, Man,
straight off the lot.

We gonna pull off and use it
for the video..

Guch's gonna pull off in it,

But I just spent that on it.

Gucci and Zay Classic coming
real soon.

Yes, Sir.

Zay and Gucci..
Dream team.

Shaq and Kobe.
Yes, Sir.

I'm smiling.

Detroit, Detroit.

Get in line, Homey.

This is my first CD, Boss.

♪ Me and in my boat

♪ Pull up in a Porsche

♪ My car from another hemisphere ♪

♪ Top up here then disappear ♪

♪ This my year as Mr. Leather ♪

♪ Future looking bright for me

♪ I always rock the fliest gear ♪

What's up?
What's up, Boy?

Everything 100?

Man, hey, I'm happy for y'all, Man.

You know me.
Everything 100, Man.

Is that Zay?

No, it ain't Zay.
No, this is his manager.

Tell him to give me those beats.

I've been sent over that email.

Listen, Man, Tiffany's on my ass.

This is my new artist,
Tiffany Foxx, Man.

She on my ass, Man.

I need that new hit.

You know how we do it, Man.

Well, I heard y'all got that
B.E.T. Award, Man.

Congrats on that, Bro.

Yeah, Man.

Man, send that shit over ASAP, Nigga.

You know what it is.

All right, Boy, look,
we'll get at your ass later.

Hit the strip clubs.
Gonna fuck around.

Know what I mean?

All right, Boy.

Again, though.
Know what I mean?

I'm telling you, Man,
we got to, Man.

That gang's for real.

You're in the stupid industry
right now,

And that's all the man Gucci is,
street nigga shit.

Got him going crazy.

Got me booked all over with
them right now.

Sounds about right.

You know how I do.


Zay, who the hell the white
boy in here, Man?

Ah, Man, I don't know.

They like the police.

I know who they here for.

Excuse me, Zaytoven, I presume?

That's me.
Can I help you?

Look at this.

Four number one billboard
records, Grammy nominated,

and you can catch him out here
in Conyers, cutting hair.

How humbling.

This is the type of talent
we need to represent.

Oh, is that right?

We're covert and covert,

The largest firm based out of
New York.

We represent the best of the best,

and you are the best of the best.

I appreciate y'all coming out
here, but I'm cool.

I got management already.

I had been reaching out to
Nuke for the past month.

No return phone calls, no emails.

Oh, Nuke, he's a three-time peddling,

two-bit hustling cousin from Detroit.

He might be good to give you
some street cred

or doing security for you,

but when it comes to our business,

Nobody can handle this business
the way we do.

Now, don't get us wrong.

Family's good and all to have around,

but we like to make money.

And lots of it.

You done, D.

Check it out, Man.


All right, you're pimpin'.

I already know how that go.

But we might hit that magic
or something later on.


Call me, Man.

Appreciate it, Bro.

All right.

I go by the name of K Digga, Man.

They got niggas, Boys.

Zay don't want to take that shit.

All right, Zay.

All right, later.

Look, Guys, I do this right
here just to keep my sanity.

I ain't stuck up for no money,

and I most definitely ain't
looking for no big whigs

from New York

to come down here and take
over my career.

You know what I mean?
I'm straight.

I'm straight where I'm at.
I ain't got to be the biggest.

I'm cool.
All right?

We understand that, Zay,

and I understand you're a
very conservative man,

as well as myself.

You don't drink.
You don't smoke.

You play at your uncle's church
every Sunday.

You make $10,000 a track.

You making $100 for a haircut.

You can tend with that.

You're worth $100,000 a track.

BMI bonuses are great,
but Grammys is greatness.

We did a test run on you last week.

Lady Gaga is interested.

Sean Garrett is penning
Usher's next single,

wants you to produce it.

and Puffy wants to meet next week.

Come on, Man.

I ain't hard to find:

Email, Twitter, Facebook.

Come on, the radio station..
they got my numbers.

That's where we come into play.

Big whigs want to deal with
big whigs.

I'm ready to walk into
Warner Brothers right now

and demand a $1.5 million
distribution deal.

And a $1.2 pub deal from Ultra.

This is the type of money you
need to break these new artists.

Look, Man, that sounds good,
but me and Nuke,

we got something going right now.

Look, we're staying at the
Georgian Terrace Downtown.

If you want to do some business,
just call.

Thank you for your time.

Doc, all I'm saying is,
if you can get Louie

to stop tearing through my
club every week,

I can build up a profit and
cut you in.

Cut me in?

How you gonna cut me in with
shit that's already mine?


Ah, God.

Whoo! Bam!


Man, how about your baby mama?

She good for dropping out so
I can see them fog light at night.

Yeah, I'ma buy you a haircut

when I win the rest of y'all money.

Tell you straight, you look like
Baby Jesus right now.

Had all that with that
college jewelry on.

I got you too.

Yeah, I got you.

Taking all y'all money.

Taking all y'all total money.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Please, Doc, just give me the
time to rebuild my profits,

maybe rebuild my club.

Give me the time.

5 point, that's my shit, Homey.

I'm right now.

Just me some time to build up
a profit.

16! Ooh!


Ha-ha, fuckers!

Put down, Man.

Put my card on.

No, look, look, look, look,
look, Doc.

Count the cards, Man.

Man, my child support due.

Man, didn't he say we were dropping?

I ain't got time for this.

Please, Doc,
I just need the time.

Can't you see I'm down to nothing?

All right, kids can wait.

Hey, Man, what's up with that
pay, though, Man?

Fuck this, Man.
Good luck.

You be in a week, now.

Hey, My Man..
I'm busy, Man.

Goddamn, Man.

Ya'll need a better ticket, Man.

Ticket to wherever.

Man, my daddy told me, Man,

you should always feed the wolves.

Hey, Man, it is what it is.

The wolves got to eat what
they kill around here.

Nothing to 'em, though.

Hey, Man, that ticket it is
what it is, Man.

Hold on.

I just dropped 16.

You gonna drop on me?

I thought we were talking that.

I seen your boy Nuke

About in the town with that
boy Zaytoven.

You ain't gonna do shit?

I got something for Nuke..
Him and Zaytoven.

I told you not to trust that
little nigga

the first time he came in the office.

Got something for Zay.

No, I'm still rocking with you.

Listen, we gonna be here any minute.

All I got to do..

Hey, Bro,
what kind of gas you pumping?

What's up?
What's up, O.G.?

Doc want to see you in the corner.

My.. I got this.

Doc. Doc, Boy.

Man, Doc, listen.

Man, I been looking for you,
Bro, for real, Man.


Man, take them motherfucking
shades off in here, Man.

My bad, Doc.

Man, I know it's been a
minute, Bro.

I apologize.

Well, aren't you the typical
nigga, Man?

You come to my office with
all that,

hook you up with this nigga,

turn you on to that nigga,

and I don't see you in two
motherfucking years.

No, Doc.
No, listen, Man.

Every.. Dude,
let me just be real with you.

Ever since you plugged that
Gucci shit, Bro,

the shit went haywire.

When them niggas did that
record, Bro,

I didn't expect for it to
blow up like that.

Zay didn't expect for it to
blow up like that.

Shut the fuck up!
Yeah, Bitch.


Hey, Man, let's get this
business secure, Man.

You remember this shit here?

Came off with all that.

Your word is shit.

You got 48 hours to get that
shit signed,

or I'm killing you and that
little nigger.

Doc, listen, I ain't got..

Man, get the fuck out of my
car, Man.

Doc, it ain't got to..

Fuck all that.

Puss-ass nigga.

Wait, done sound good.

That's the one.

Ooh, uh.

♪ White girl, white girl ♪

Shit, what you talking about?

Shit, I get out.. I get out
of work in about an hour.

Try to see you.

Matter of fact, what's up
with your girl, Man?

She look nice.

That's what I'm trying to get at.

Patchwerk Studios.

Is Zaytoven in there?

Is Zaytoven here?

Yeah, Man.
Who are you?



Calm down, Nuke.
I got you, Man.

Just go through the door right there.

Appreciate it, Bro.

He about to blow up and shit.

Zay, Man, I've been calling
you for a week, Bro.

Where y'all been at?

What the fuck is going on?

And who is all these people, Bro?

Bro, chill out.
Relax, Man.

I've been here for five days, Man.


Had to fly to New York.

For what, Dude?
What's going on?

I got some good news, Boy.

Well, good,
'cause I got some fucked-up news.

Let me holler at you for a
minute, Bro.


Man, this gonna be hell, Cuz.

God damn.

What up?

Nigga don't know when we winnin'.

Look, Man, check it out, Bro.

I just did a deal, Nigga,
with covert and covert.

How you love that?

No, you didn't.
Think about that.

What you mean?
You ain't really listening.

These fools,
they gave me $1.5 million.

Come on, now.

Talk to me.

God. What?

That ain't even it.

You know Ultra, right?

These fools, they gave me
another $700,000

for just 20% of my publishing.

Boy, we about to eat so good.

Come on, now.

Hold on, Zay.

You doing all these deals
without me, Cuz?

What you mean, Bro?

This what you should've been doing.

You know, you out here looking
for new talent, Man.

Your focus should've been on
me, Bro.

This is it right here.

You know what?

I knew when you got a taste
of some money, Nigga,

you was gonna change.

You ain't the same, Zay.

You ain't Dude.

Man, what you mean, Bro?

Nigga, we finally on.

What's wrong with you?

Zy, no, I'm not.

Listen, Man.

I signed a contract, Man.

I forged your name with the
Doc, Dude.

You owe 50% publishing to Doc, Dude.

You think he told him yet?

I doubt it.

Nigger, you did what?

Come on, Bro.

Nigga, you signed my
publishing over?

What's wrong with you?

Zay, everything okay?

Hey, Nuke, I'm Ted Poker.
Nice to meet you.

Listen, Bro,

I ain't sign no 50% of
publishing to nobody, Bro.

I told that nigga, but I'm straight.

I don't need it.

Dude, remember you told me,
"Send them beats to Buddy," Man?

Well, I did.

But I sent 'em to Gucci too, Man,

and that was through Doc.

Doc got you the so icy
situation, Dude.

I don't believe that.
I don't believe that, Bro.

You said that you sent that
nigga the beat, Bro.

It was you the one did that, Man.

I don't care nothing 'bout none
of no street promises you made

to this other nigga, Bro.

It's Zaytoven.
This beat is my music.

It's not that easy, Cuz.
This is Street Nigga, Man.

Look, yeah,
it ain't that easy for you

'cause you done got tied in
with this clown.

I don't care nothing about
none of that, Bro.

This is my music I'm rocking.
I don't need that. For real.

So wait a minute, Cuz.

You gonna say "Fuck Me" like that?

You gonna leave me out?
He's talkin' of killing me, Cuz.

Check this. Joe.
Joe, meet Nuke.

Nuke, meet Joe.

This is my new management.

How do you feel to that?

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Man, let me go.

Fuck you!
Fuck you, Zaytoven!

Go get your mind right.

You can't be acting that over here.

Mr. Willy Pastor Brookes,

That service today was incredible.

Well, listen, Joey, you know,

It was always good to see you, Man.

When I looked out in the audience,

I seen you sitting out there, Man,

I was blessed, Man, to see you
In the church today, Man.

Appreciate you stopping by.

Also, Man, appreciate you
finding that your blessing.

I mean, I really felt uplifted today,

And I just want to say..
Just amazing with time.

Well, Man, you know,
we trying to help the church

and make sure everybody's filled
with the spirit of god.

Trying to make a way for
these children, Man,

to help the young folk, Man,
with God's spirit.

And that's what I was feeling
up there.

The great thing about it was,
when I saw you up there talking,

it just really took me back to
the time when we was coming up,

and I didn't know then,
but I see it now,

what you did for me and the
kids in the area,

and that's what's really important.


Hey, Zay.
What's going on, Man?

Yeah, that's my nephew, Man.

Come and meet my nephew, Man.

Hey, what's going on, Man?
Good to see you.

Haven't seen you in a couple
months, Man.

Good to see you, Man.
Good to see you.

Come on. Give him a seat.

You know, I'm sorry to interrupt.

I got to go anyway.
You take care of yourself.

Enjoy your nephew.

You know, Joey, I'll tell you, Man,

Sit down for a minute, Man?

Yeah, Man.

This is my nephew I've been
telling you about, Man.


Yeah, come on have a seat, Man.

We're all family here, Man.

Okay, cool, cool.

Service was good.
We all right.

Yeah, but listen, Xavier.

This is Joey, Man.. Joey Davis.

Been going to church here
since he was a kid, Man.

Listen, he's a good friend
of mine, you know?

How is the music business?

I mean, like, really, how is it?

The music business..
Uh, it's ugly,

But, you know, it's fair, I guess.


Well, the reason why I'm
bringing this up..

And no disrespect to you,
Mr. Willy Pastor..

Is, I have an artist that I've
been working with for a while,

and maybe the next time you're
in town,

maybe we can get together and
we can..

You know, you can work with her.

Okay, I didn't know you was
into music.

Probably one of his mistress, Man.

Yeah, you know,
I don't care about all that.

You know, I'm not really into music.

You can really say I'm into..
I'm into many things.

But I'm really here to help
the world, if you need me.

Oh, okay.

Well, you know,

they say he's one of the most
feared man in Atlanta,

so you can look at how he's dressed,

and I don't believe it.

Oh, come on, Willy.

This is how he dresses, Man.

Well, you know, the streets
is just smoke and mirrors,

know what I'm saying?

But what I would like, Zay,
is that you take my card

and stay in touch with me,

and the next time you're in
town, Zay,

and if there's anything that
you need.. Anything..

You make sure to look me up
and call me on that number,

all right?

'Cause I make magic happen.

That's what I do.


And may God bless you guys.

All right, Man.
Take care of yourself.

Hey, Joey, any time, Man.

Take care of yourself.
Hey, tell the wife I said hello.

I sure will, Man.
okay, cool.

Take care, Young Man.
All right, Man.

All right.

So what's going on, huh?
Hey, what's going on, Zay?

What's you up to, Man?
What's you up to, Man?

Oh, ain't nothing to it, Man.

How you doing?
You looking good.

I ain't seen you in a while.

Been a minute since I've seen
you, Man.

You doing all right?
Yeah, I'm doing pretty good.

How's life treating you, Man?

You know, it's got its ups
and downs.

Can't complain.
I'm here.

Okay, well, listen, Man.

Just to let you know, Man,

that young man right there,
Man, Joey,

just donated about 50 grand
to the church, Man.

Yeah, $50,000.

What'd he do?

That's gonna help me pay off
this building, Man.

What he do?

Oh, you know, Man, don't worry
about what he do, Man.

Just, you know, thank God
for him

and you keep him in prayer, Man,

'Cause, you know, I ain't no..

I'm not gonna judge him, Man.

You know what I'm saying?

But he's a good person, Man.


But let me ask you a question, Man.

I haven't seen you in a while
in the church.

How you been doing, Man?

How's everything going?

Are you happy?

No, not really, you know.

Man, this music business ain't
what I thought it was gonna be.

Man, me and my cousin just
fell out.

Who, you and Nuke?

Man, that Batman and Robin
there, Bro.

All right, listen.

Nuke got me in a bind with
some guy,

and I just found out that he's
the reason for my success,

and I didn't even want the
guy's help.

Well, let me give you some
advice, Xavier.

You know, one thing about it, Man,

God send people in your life
for a reason,

and a lot of times, we don't understand,

but just know that God's
working on your behalf,

to help you with your success.

So let it soak in.

Don't get too emotional.

Just ride that wave, Man.

Ride that wave, Man.

Yeah, Man, but it just seem
like everybody around,

they want something from you.

It's like, the bigger you get,
the more alone you feel.

You know what?

And that's true,

Because most black successful people

have to isolate themself.

You know why?

Because the people that they
around are always in need,

always in need.

But you got to remember that
we can't save the world.

You and I can't save the world.

We can only change the outlook
on the world.

You know, so how we do that?

Well, Zay, it's just like, in time,

you're gonna figure that out.

But just know this:

That money and success,
with no love,

has no real value.

I want you to understand that.

And to let you know too, Man,

that I really, really love you.

I love you too.

All right, thanks.
Thanks for your help, Man.

No problem, Man.

All right.
All right.

I'll see you.

Goddamn mother fucker.
I didn't take a fucking thing!

Goddamn it.

I didn't take a fucking thing
from you!

I helped you with fucking billions.

I didn't take a fucking thing,
not a fucking dime,

You fucking asshole!



I didn't do a fucking thing wrong!


What's up, Man?

What's up, Man?
Doc will be out in a minute.

All right, Bro.
Appreciate it.


I didn't do anything.

What's that?
You got that business with you?

Yeah, for sure.
Black duty called, Man.

I told you, Doc.
I got it, Man.

That's the contract right there.

Zay signed, sealed, delivered.

You know what, Nuke?

I was just telling about y'all
niggas the other day.

Whatever happened to niggas
doing real business?

You know what I'm saying?

I got this motherfucker
cracker bitch.

I knew you for ten fucking years!

I haven't fucking taken any
money that wasn't mine.


Yeah, works with me for ten
years, Man.

A banker playing with money, Man.

Look at that bitch.

I might let him kill this fucker.

I didn't do anything.

I know I still owe you $5,000.

I'm gonna get you that other
5, Man.

Just give me the time to get
on the road, and I got you.

That's my word.

You know, I want some real shit.

I ain't tripping on no money, home.

I don't even care nothing
about no $5,000, Man.

As long as we be in the straight.

We straight.
That's straight.

You know what I mean?

Don't get caught up on that
Hollywood shit

and get missing, My Nigga.

Stay around where I can find you

till the ink dry on this
paperwork, My Nigga.

It's my word.

I'm here.
I'm here, Bro.

Get at me.

$1,000, huh?

I appreciate you, Man.

All right.



♪ Reach out for the 706 ♪

♪ Augusta, Georgia

♪ What'd it do?

♪ The killer

♪ I got me a nigga, Homey

♪ Stay the fuck up

What up?

♪ Shining on 'em

♪ Sh-shining on 'em

♪ I'll be grinding on 'em

♪ Gr-grinding on 'em

♪ Like this, like this ♪

♪ Like this, like this

♪Like this, like this *

♪ Like this, like this

♪ I be balling on 'em

♪ Balling on 'em

Can't come in?


♪ Like this, it's like this ♪

♪ Like this, it's like this ♪

♪ Like this, it's like this ♪

♪ Like this

♪ It's grind time

♪ Call me prime time

♪ And when we hit the club

♪ We call it shine time

♪ See, I hit the traffic

♪ Money all that matter

What kind of shit are they?

Who is this nigga?

♪ I'm in the hood

♪ Like yeah, then

No, let me get in this
motherfucker, Bro.

Damn, Bro.

Zay, what good, Bro?

What's up, Bro?

How you doing, Man?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, let me a nigga in, Bro.

Let that boy with the red
shirt in.

What's up, Bro?

Three, four, five.

♪ So I can't hear you haters ♪

♪ I'll be shining on 'em

♪ Sh-shining on 'em

♪ I'll be grinding on 'em

♪ Gr-grinding on 'em

♪ Like this, like this

♪ Like this, like this ♪

♪ Like this, like this

♪ Like this, like this ♪

Hold up, Man.
Whoa, Dude.

Are you surrounding us,
or what, Man?

I need y'all in a single file line.

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

This is bullshit, Man.

♪ Like this, like this

♪ It's like this, like this ♪

Yeah, yeah.

See, they know what they doing.

They know what they doing.

They know what they doing.

You know what I'm saying?

They know what they doing.

They know what they doing.

Play my shit before I get up
out of here, though.

Play your shit?

You want me to stop Zay's shit
for your shit?

We're at a club, Baby.
They want to rock.

You hear this Nigger?

Every weekend, Bro.

You need to be fucking with
them niggas.

Don't need to be fucking with me.

Play my shit.
Nah, Bro.

I ain't stopping this shit
for your shit.

Let me play to perform, then.
Come on, Man.

Right timing.
Do this for the club, Bro.

All right, My Nigga.
30 minutes.

Yo, we go to this shit every Saturday.

30 minutes, and that's it.

Right now, though, they..

That's what's up.

Do your thing, Bro.

I'm just cool, Man.
You all right?

I'm cool.

What up, Brother?
How you doing, Man?


Scream, how you doing, Sir?
What's up with you? Good?

They got you working hard, Man?

You know,
I'm just just hustling, Man.


You know,
I got my new artist, Man.

You know, I've been doing my thing.

I got my artist Sig H.B.
Yeah, Sig H.B.

Man, I brought my whole squad.

I got Twan two trill.
The whole label going on.

Yeah, yeah, we going.
We going.

I got the infamous M.O.E., Man.

You know, just rocking, Man.

♪ Party, party, 'fore I heard ♪

♪ P, P, and pushing rocks ♪

♪ 'Fore I heard Jay Z

♪ It was the blow, Man

What's the word, Man?

You know, I've in the streets,
just hearing things, Man.

You know, the streets saying
you ain't really fucking

with your boy Nuke no more.

Man, you know, that's my cousin.

We family and everything,
but, you know,

as far as the business,

I ain't rocking with him no more.

You know, I hope you ain't
go fucking with Doc,

'cause that nigger on some bullshit.

Man, you know, that nigga
tried to hooked me up with Doc.

I met him one time.

I had a problem with this nigga..

Some little deal to work..
Something like that. But me?

I ain't rocking.. Man, I ain't
rocking with nothing like that.

I don't know what they got going on.

No, I rocking with...
No, I ain't rocking with Nuke.

Not at all.

Yeah, 'cause Nuke came up in
here, ran up on me,

Like, "Don't play that Zay shit."

For real?

"Don't play none of his shit.
He owe Doc money," and all that.

I stay out of that shit.

Man, really, I mean..
I'm a DJ.

You know me, Bro.
I don't know none of them dudes.

I don't know how they get down.

I ain't done none of what
they got going on.

You know.. I mean, you know
how I get down, Man. For real.

Well, whatever you do, be safe, Man.

There's thugs in Atlanta right now.

You know how niggas are.
You know how that go.

Yeah, yeah, I know how they go.

I appreciate it, Man.

You know I'ma holla at you, though.

All right, scream.

All good.

Give it up for my nigga Trap Boss!

Yeah, Man, so you saving to
go to Miami?

I gots to go.

Man, I haven't been to Miami..

I've been to Miami, like, twice.

You should come down with me, Man.

What you got to drink here, Man?

I'm thirsty as hell.

Uh, I don't know, Man.

I need to go grocery shopping,
though, Bro.

I got nothing in there, for real.

No, sure don't.

Yo, I just thought about
something, Bro.

You know anybody named Doc?

You talking my partner, Doc?

Yeah, dark skin, kind of chubby.

Man, that's my boy, Man.

You didn't know that?
Doc my nigga, Man.

Without Doc, talking about..
You got to be with that.

For real.

Doc.. Man, my cousin didn't
they tell me

he put us together like that?

Man, there wouldn't be no Guch
and Zay if it weren't for Doc.

For real?
For real.

Straight up.
Thought you knowed that.

I ain't know.

Well, I ain't trippin'.
Let's go.

Let me get a lay on something.

Let's do it.
All right, cool.

So I said.. So I said...

Hey, Dude,
I still remember going down

the motherfucking court..

Right down the motherfucking
basketball court.

That's when that real shit
started, My Nigga.

For real, Man.

Yeah, that shit going crazy,
My Nigga.


But you want to know why?

Where your seats were,
that motherfucking asked me.

Dude, that shit was going for
the stupid.

Know what I'm saying?

Been doing this shit, Man.

Stay with your motherfucking
word, Nigga.

That's all I'm saying, Man.

To hell with that shit, Man.

That's the kind of thing they use.

You know what I'm saying, Man?

This shit bigger than Atlanta, Man.

I want to go everywhere with it.

I'm like, shit,
I'ma take it on the road.

You know what I'm saying?

I love this motherfuckin'
club, Man.

You always showing me love, Man.

Nigga, you always take care
of me, Man.

Let's get another round,
though, Homey.

Let's get another.. Hey, get
us some motherfucking drinks

in this motherfucker.

Bring us drinks in the motherfucker.

Hey, get them homies some
drink, Man.

You got hos?

Yeah, I'm working on the hos.

We have hos?

Hey, Man.


Ah, yeah, Nigga.

Hey, Bitch,

Where's the motherfucking drinks
around these bitches, Ban?

Hey, Man, we got with the hos, Man.

Fucking hos.

That ain't no ho, though.

What you mean, ain't no..

That ain't a ho, though.

Hey, Man..

Hey, Man, give me them keys.
Give me them keys.

Hey, y'all get the spot.

First class barber shop.

Yo, give me, like, 20 minutes.

I said I'ma send a ride by
the time I get there.

I'm at the barber shop right now

about to get a cut.

All right, cool.

Zay, I need to get in the chair,
Man, for real.

You got me next, right?

Johnny, Johnny, you next.
Like, for real, Man.

I'm almost done.

You know how busy I am, My Nigga.

I got you.
Come on, now.

I'm losing money, now.
I called you a hour ago, now.

I got you.
I got you in.

All right, cool, Man.
Hey, here's a water.

Appreciate it.


You stood me up for dinner
last time you was in town.

So, I mean, what,
we on for dinner or what?

Can't do it tonight.

I got a practice I got to go to.
You know what?

I'ma be here first thing in
the morning,

and I'll just get lunch.

Lunch'll be on me.

I prefer a dinner.

You want me to just be

With the rest of your fans
out there or something?

Oh, shit.

That don't bother you, Zay?

Man, the folk be looking at you

like a fish in a bowl all the
time, Man.

That come with the territory, Man.

You know, doing what I do..

It's like these folk don't
really see me that much no more,

Even in here.

You know, they might see me
once a month, if that.

Boy, I'm glad I caught your
ass today, Man, for real.

Hey, what time you leaving
to go to the awards show?

I fly out..
Uh, I fly out friday.

Yeah, you know, I'm nominated..

Hey, I'm nominated three times.

Three times? Wow.

Three times?

Boy, that's a good look, Man.

Congratulations, Man.

Like, I hope you win at least
one of them.

Yeah, I mean, that's my dream,
to go to a awards show?

And go and be nominated?

Man, Zay, like, you don't even
care about this shit, Man.

That's a long way from ridin'
around in that lemon, Man.

I'll tell you that.

Man, that job don't be all
what you think it is, Bro,

for real.

Cool, you know I appreciate
the nomination and all that..

That's good for my career..
But I be feeling like..

You know, them folks, you know,

They already got who they
want to win.

They already got that junk
set up how they want,

Who gonna win and all of that.

Dang, Zay.

Man, you looking tired as
hell over there, Man.

You all right?

Looking beat up.
Like, you good?

Boy, I'm tired as a fool.

I really am tired, Bro.

After I finish him and I get
you next,

I'ma be through for the day.

Boy, I'm worn out.

Hey, Nigga.

Ain't you Zaytoven?

What's in that bag?

Zaytoven, so you're gonna
shoot a man in the back?

Let's hear it.

Doc, what up, Man?

I've been looking for you, Bro.

No, you haven't. Why don't you
check this out, Man?

Been looking for you.

You see where he went?

I don't know, Bro.
He need to hurry the fuck up.

Shit, Man.

I don't know the phone comin'
or what.

Man, I don't need this shit, Man.

What's up?
What's going on, Man?

So what happened with that deal, Man?

Look, Man, I don't know what
you and Nuke..

You know what I mean..
Got going on.

Nuke made a deal.

I don't know what y'all had
going on.

But you were there when the
contract was signed, My Nigga.

When I made the call, you were there.

So you knew what was going on.
What the fuck you mean?

Man, I finally found out what happened.

He came and told me that he
signed my publishing over.

You know, I wouldn't do that.

That ain't what I wanted to do.

I'll tell you what.

I got something in the car
for you

I want to show you.

Show you how I rock.

Ha, oh, you on the Ridge.
You being a man now, huh?

Hey, Man,
where you got me going, Bro?

I ain't got time to be doing
this all day.

That bitch move. You got
business to take care of.

Man, you need to call Nuke,

You got business to take care
of, Bro.

I'm talking about this
business right here.

You got business to take care
of, Homey.

And what's this?

This don't mean nothing.

I didn't sign this.

Nuke signed this, Bro.

I ain't never put my name
on none of this.

Your signature on this shit.

Nah, I ain't never even signed
no paperwork with Nuke.

So this don't mean nothing.

Now, look, this what I can do.

I can give you $15,000.

And I'll give you that for
just making a phone call.

That's more money you ever
made for a phone call.

This is $15,000.

Well, I'll tell you what I'ma
do for you.

Got love for your boy Nuke?

What that mean?

150 to get that bitch up out
of the trunk.

Man, I'm so motherfucking fly,
I got the movies,

and I got the motherfuckers
to count on.

I'm just too cold at this shit.

I'm the fliest Tiger Woods.

Fuck Tiger Woods.

Talk this shit.

Yes, Sir.

What the fuck was that?

I don't know.
You tell me.

That was a losing shot.
Ugly as hell.

That's what that was.
That's exactly what that was.

Let's see what you got, George.

Come on, George.
$1,000 a ball.

Let's get ready to ball.

Let me show you what $1,000
looks like.

Okay, show me, George.

Here we go.

Show me.

Cha-ching, Dog.

Okay. All right, all right.
That was like money.

Okay. All right. I hear you.
You got my respect.

You needed that, Man.
Need that.

Zay, what's going on?
What's going on, Joe?

My award-winning producer.

Zay, this is George Jr.

Hey, George.
How you doing?

George is a real estate tycoon.

Pop's running for senator.

Hopefully he'll get elected
in about three weeks.

And this is my man honest.

Honest, how you.. How you..

Hey, hold on, Man.
I know you.

You sold me a house.

You do look a little familiar.

However, I only sell houses

On tuesdays between the hours
9:00 and 11:00,

And this ain't no time
like that, though, Dog.

He's funny always.

George, can you take that for me?


Let me talk to you in my
office over here, Zay.

So how is golfing going for
you, Man?

How's this game.. I ain't never
tried to play this.

Hey, you know, I just do this
just to stay in shape

and stay in touch with the
locals, you know?

But let me explain something
to you.

How you gonna handle the
situation with Doc?


Man, who told you about that situation?

Listen to me, Zay.

I'm a street nigger, Zay.

A street nigger.

I hear everything that's
going on in the streets.

So how you gonna handle this
with Doc?

Man, I don't even know.

Feel me, Bro.

Dude done snatch my cousin up.

I'm tell you what you're
gonna do, Zay.

You gonna pay the man.


It's all about who you paying.

Doc's banker, Carl Weather,
is a personal friend of mine.

What you gonna do is

that you gonna take to Carl
Weather $25,000.

Well, that's Doc's banker.

Why would I take him $25,000
and he works for him?

Sponge up, Young Nigga.

Life's about respecting the check,

and this situation is about respect.

Nobody gives a fuck about Doc.

Our job is, we gonna kill the head,

and the body shall die.

You gonna take Carl $25,000,

and we'll deal with you tomorrow.

All right?

I'll take it from here.

All right.
All right?

All right, thanks, Man.

All right, tee up, George.

$1,000 in the hole, Motherfucker.

I'm back in the game.

Joey-Zizzle's in the building, Baby.

Yes, this is Carl.

Ah, Zaytoven.

I've been expecting you.


Hold on.

Hey, good seeing you, Zay.

Good seeing you.

Got something?
Excellent. Thank you.

You're a good man, Good Man.

Thank you, Sir.
Yeah, I'm back. Yeah.

Hey, yo, Doc.


I got your money.

Warehouse, 9:00.


Doc, hold on, Man.
What's up, Bro?

What's up with all these guns, Man?

Fuck you mean, Nigga?

What's on your mind?
Not gonna let you sneak me.

Man, where my cousin at?

That's what I'm up here for.

You want to be strapped to
something, Nigga?

I ain't got no gun.

Watch out, Bro.
I got your little money, though.

Yeah, let me get that.
Man, hold on.

Where my cousin at, though?
Where's Nuke at, Bro?

Doc, stop playing, Man.

Where's Nuke at?

That bitch a'ight.

Dropped him off in greater earlier.

Nigga good.

Doc, let me ask you something, Man.

Was this really all worth it?

Fuck yeah, it's worth it, Nigga.

Don't play with my money.

Nigga, I want money.

None of this was yours in the
first place.

You know what?

Nuke said you wasn't no street nigga.

I ain't never said I was no
street nigga.

But I ain't no sucker, either.

You don't understand street
codes or ethics, My Nigga.

Real niggas make sure they
people eat,

not run to Hollywood on their
sucker shit, Homey.

I ain't never agreed to do no
deal with you,

but you found a way to get in
my pockets anyway.

Y'all niggas came to my
motherfucking office,

Dead-ass broke,

looking for a motherfucking
handout or favor.

I did the phone call.

Now you bitching about paying me
my money, Nigger?

What's happening?

But you ain't god.

You don't control my career.

You never have, and you never will.

I'm your God, Nigger.

I made you.

Look, Doc,
It's people like you, Bro,

That get in the industry
and contaminate it,

bring your street codes
and street ties in,

and mess it up for a nigga
like me

that really got a heart for
this music,

that want to make a living
doing this.

Hey, Man, I ain't invent this
game, My Nigga.

I just play the shit the "G" way.

Something you need to learn,
Little Nigga.

Fuck out of my office, Nigga.

Fuck, Boy.


Bro, you ain't tough.

Matter of fact, you a joke.

And the next time you put your
hands on my family...

Go find your piano or something, Boy.

Go make a beat.

Go find a keyboard or some
fuck, Boy.

You too goon for your own good.


You gonna get what you're
asking for, Boy.

Time to take your bitch-ass
home, Nigga.

This nigga asking for it, Man.

You're begging for it, Bro.

This check better be right too.
Fuck, Nigga.

Yeah, it's all there,
with an extra 50.

Extra 50?

What, you tipping now, Nigga?

Little motherfucker's tripping, Nigga.

What the 200 for, Zay?

Man, shoot this nigga, Man.

What the 200 for, Zay?

Man, shoot this motherfucker, Man.

What the 200 for, Zay?

100 apiece.

Let's go.

Gentlemen, Gentlemen,
How we doing?

What's up, Zay?

Gentlemen, what's up?
How are you?

I'm doing good.

Today's a great day.

George, who I introduced you to..

Pop's won the senate,

so now we gonna get our permits

and get a lot of things going
around in the city.

It's just a great day.

That's great.

That's great.

Yeah, so listen...

I don't want you to worry
about that thing.

Look at me.

I don't want you to worry
about the thing.

Carl, tell him.

You did the streets a great favor.

With that fucking animal gone,

everybody eats, so they say,

which means more clients for me.

Tell him about the police too.

It's all taken care of.

Don't worry.

Spoke with the D.E.A. Today.

Demarco Pierre, A.K.A. Doc.

Case closed.

Drug deal gone bad.

That's good news.

So listen to me.

You in a different league now.

Put your life back on track.

I don't want you to fuck this up.

You hear me?

So you just go ahead and do
great music,

and you let us handle the rest,
all right?

Yeah, you know what, Joey?

I want to appreciate you, Man.

I want to thank you for
everything you've done for me,

from the bottom of my heart.

It means a lot to me.

So if there's anything that
I can do for you,

Let me know.

And I appreciate that, but money-wise,

you can do nothing for me.

He speaks the truth.

Doc had over $5 million
stashed away in a bank account

in the Cayman Islands.

Managed exclusively by his banker,


And what's so great about it..
This is how the street works..

1/3 of that is going back to me.

You know that I'm a hustler, okay?


It's the way of the world.

Trust us.

Well, what about the other 25?

The other 25..
I'm gonna handle that.

That's the money I'm going to use

to really trick off in Vegas.

Zay, why don't you join us there?

Ah, no, Man.
I can't.

Nah, I can't do it, Man.

I got some other stuff I got
to handle.

Well, we would love to have you.

So other than that,
go get your life together, Man,

and when you see me around,

let's just have..

You know, get together and
have a drink, all right?

All right, Man.
Wish you the best.

Thank you.
Thank you.

You know, he's coming through.
Let's make sure of that.

Good day, Sir.

Thank you.

Cuz, who you going up there
to meet, Man?

Man, look, don't worry about that.


What's this?

That's your split

For the covert and covert
management deal

and the Ultra money.

That mean I'm still your
manager, right?


But you could be my road
manager, Man,

if you slowed down.

You know something, Zay?

You never told me how Doc got
killed, Man.

You have something to do with
this nigger getting killed, Zay?

It's understood.

Don't got to be explained.

You a cold motherfucker, Zay.

Hey, we Birds Of A Feather, right?