Billy Jack (1971) - full transcript

Billy Jack is a half-Indian/half-white ex-Green Beret who is being drawn more and more toward his Indian side. He hates violence, but can't get away from it in the white man's world. Pitting the good guys, the students of the peace-loving free-arts school in the desert vs. the conservative bad guys in the near-by town, the movie plays definitive late-60s themes/messages: anti-establishment, make love not war, the senseless slaughter of God's creatures, the rape of society (figuratively and literally), two-sided justice, racial segregation and prejudices.

There were
probably no two people

on this earth more opposite
than each other

than myself and Billy Jack,

and now that I look back on it,

it's hard to believe
that the chain of events

that that would first
bring us so close

and then end up in so much
tragedy in bloodshed

could begin with an early
Saturday morning drive

by Sheriff Cole over
to his deputy's house.

Morning, Cole.

What brings you out this hour?

They found your daughter.

Where? Haight-Ashbury again?


They're flying her in
to Phoenix.

You want to take my car
and go down and get her?



I can't, damn it.

Posner just called and told me

to be out at Box Canyon
in half an hour.

It's illegal for anyone
to hunt wild mustang, Mike.

Especially a deputy sheriff.
You know that.

I know. I also know that when
Posner says jump a lot of

people in this town have to
jump, including me.

What do you want to do about

Look, Cole I'll try to get back
before she gets here.

Hey, Mike?


How much is the dog
food company paying

for mustang meat now?

Six cents a pound. Why?


I was wondering if Barbara
would think it's worth it.

Get the gate!

You like the first
shot, Mr. Posner?

Thanks, Mike.
I'll let Bernard have that.

Come on now, Bernard.

Get your ass out of that truck.

Get up there and start shootin'.

Please, Dad.
You know I can't shoot.

I said now!


Shoot, damn you!

I can't.

All right, Mike. Start shootin'.

I knew he'd find us.

Morning, Billy.

You're illegally on Indian land.

I'm sorry about that.

I guess we just got caught up
in the chase and

crossed over without knowing it.

You're a liar.

We got the law here, Billy Jack.

When policemen break the law
then there isn't any law.

Just a fight for survival.

Mr. Posner, I got no authority

on a federal Indian reservation.

Drop it or die.

On this reservation
I am the law,

so I'll tell you this just once.

Have your men drop their guns
and you can leave quietly.

You're making a mistake.

I've made 'em before.

We got him
outnumbered, Mr. Posner.

You know me, Posner.

And you know my meaning.

Drop 'em.

All the townspeople knew about.

Billy Jack was that he was

a half-breed, a war hero who
hated the war and turned his

back on society by returning
to the reservation,

where he watched over the
Indians, the wild horses,

and the kids at my school.

No one even knew where he lived.

Somewhere way back in ancient
ruins with an old holy man who

who was teaching him secret
Indian ways

and preparing him for a sacred
initiation ceremony.

Hiya, sweetie...

My first instinct is
to beat the hell out of you.

You know that, don't you?

But it probably wouldn't do
any good, now would it?

I bet you're hungry.

Can I fix you something
to eat, Barb?

How long since you last eaten?

Two days.

Two days?

No wonder you don't look well.

I don't look well because
I've got hepatitis

and a goddamn abscessed
tooth that's killing me.

Well, let's call a doctor.

You can't call the doctor.

He'll make me stay
in the hospital.

I know, but that's the only
way to cure hepatitis.

Not because of hepatitis,
because of the baby.

What baby?

The it baby. I'm pregnant.

You're what?


I've been expecting this.

How long?

Maybe six weeks.

All right.

Where's the father?

Where's the father?
That's funny.

I don't even know
who the father is.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means, concerned father,
that I was passed around

by so many of those
phony Maharishi types

who kept telling me
love is beautiful

and all that bullshit.

In other words,
concerned father,

I got balled by so many guys,

I don't know if the father

is going to be white,
Indian, Mexican, or black.


Hey, miss.

Hey, come on, wake up.

Well, she's a pretty sick girl,

but nothing a lot
of bed rest won't cure.

The question now is what
are we going to do with her?

Another beating like that
and she'll lose that baby.

May be the best thing
that could happen to her.

- Cole!
- All right, all right.

Billy, anyone
see you bring her in here?

Why? What do you have in mind?

Well we can't take her home,
and Posner would protect her

father against anything we
could do.

We sure can't hide her
anywhere around town,


So you want to hide her out
at the school?

Yeah. At least until
she gets well.

I ain't going to no damn school.

Well, it's either that
or go back to your father.

Besides, this isn't
an ordinary school.

It's a very progressive
school out on the reservation

run by a very remarkable woman.

You'll like her.

Person hasn't been born
I'd like.

What is her father going to do

when he finds out
she's out there?

He thinks she ran away.

Nobody here is going to
tell him any different.

Too narrow!

Come in much wider!

If you want to win, Kit, you've
gotta do better than 18 seconds!

Gee, I just can't seem
to get close enough.

Could you show me again?

What are they doing?

Probably teaching some of
the kids how to barrel race.

Anything any kid wants to learn,

they try to teach it
to them here.

I told you this was a
different kind of school.

When I took over this school

out here at the reservation,
I knew here would be trouble.

First because I opened it up
to any kid with a problem...

Black, white, Indian, Chicano...

Who could come any time they
wanted, stay as long as they

wanted and leave
when they wanted.

No questions asked.

Then people became
even more hostile

when I announced that there
would only be three rules.

No drugs, everyone had
to carry his own load,

and everyone had to get turned
on by creating something,


Whether it be weaving a blanket,

making a film,

or doing a painting.

Preferably something
that made one proud

of one's own heritage and past.

Or by getting involved
in such strange things

as yoga meditation.

Keep your eyes
focused on the third eye point.

Or psychodrama and role playing,

things that the townspeople
could never understand.

You guys are my last chance.

Do you think you can
do anything with her?


Sure. Okay. No problem.

Hold it for just a minute, okay?

Everybody, this is Barbara.

She's going to be working
with us for a while, and

instead of going through a lot
of introduction, why don't we

just get to know each other
by getting into another scene?

Why don't we do one of
those role-playing things,

where we send her out the room

and then she has to come back
and figure out who we are.

Good Idea.

And all you have to do
is come into the scene

and discover who you are
as the scene progresses.

I can't.

Why not?

The reason I'm here is
because I'm knocked up.


Okay well just do it about her

being pregnant, that's all.


All right,
then let's get it together.

I got a good one.

How 'bout if the world
is really messed up,

and it really needs
a new savior,

and she's going to give
birth to it.


Okay. Let's rap it out.
What happens?

Okay, a virgin birth.

Okay, a virgin birth.

But this is
going to be a modern one,

it won't have to be,
like, the old kind.

Okay, let's do it.

Let's get in aisles.

I'm going to be the Savior...

What are you doing?

That's beautiful...
a black Jesus...

so they should crucify Him,

and then the rest of us say
give us a sign before you

die, or give us the answer,
or something before you die

because He's dying on the cross,

and that's when He gives us
the sign.

What's the sign of the
new religion

so people will know each other?

Carol wrote a new
song about her brother,

but she's too bashful
to sing it.

Will you go up
and sing it for us?

I don't want to.

Come on. Don't be so bashful,

you sing so well.

What's her trip?

She's really out of it.

She wears three pairs
of false eyelashes

and thinks the world
is Hollywood in the 1940s.

She's just not quite right.

I guess she doesn't
have any place else to go.

This whole idea of doing
your thing in the mess hall

came from a visit somebody made
to a Benedictine monastery.

And anybody who wants
to read or sing

or just do anything at all
just gets up and does it.

Carol has written us a new
song about her brother.

Two of 'em.

I beg your pardon,
two of them. Go ahead.

When you go through
that ceremony to become a

brother to the snake, do you
let the rattlesnake bite you?

Over and over?

Could I be your apprentice

and help during
the purification part?

In order to be an apprentice
you have to be able to...

strip yourself of your greed
and and your ego trips

in order to let the spirit
enter into you.

My grandmother is a Kachina.

They say the spider woman came

and worked through my

He was a medicine man.

You believe in the spirit?

One night when I was a boy,

one came and left the bow
arrows on my bed.

Most people think
that's a bunch of crap.

I don't.

What are you so worried about?

About the kids going
into town tomorrow.

Why don't you just tell them
that they can't go?

- I can't do that.
- Why not?

Because they have to make
their own decisions here,

you know that.

Do they love each other?

Nobody knows.

It's funny, isn't it?

How everybody in town is
afraid of you.

But I guess it's a good thing
they are,

because if they weren't,
they'd hurt the school

a lot more than they do now.

It's an awfully lonely life,
though, isn't it?

What's going to happen tomorrow
is going to happen,

and all your worry in the world

isn't going
to change that, okay?

Come on, smile. Okay.


Hey, Cole, when are you
going to do something

about those long-haired

Before or after they start
to burn their draft cards?

He's waiting till
some of our kids

start going out there
and smoking, ain't you, Cole?


As soon as I finished my shine,

I'm going outside and shoot
three or four of them,

show 'em who's boss.

Wow! Is that nice!

Wow! Is that nice!

Was that class?
Or was that class!

I've seen better.

Mr. Stud, himself.

He could pick up that chick
just like that.

Couldn't ya, Bernard?

Are you kidding!

Of course he could handle her,
can't you, Bernard?

Just put up the money.

Like, say, 50 bucks.


Howdy. My name is
Bernard Posner.



Is that supposed
to mean something?

Around these parts, you hear
the name Posner quite a bit.

That's very interesting.

You know, you hear
my name quite a bit,

Not just around here, either.

No fooling. What's your name?


Up. That's an odd name.

What's your last name?


Up yours!

Hey, why isn't
everybody going in?

They're afraid to go in.


Indians aren't allowed
in some of the stores here.

What do you mean, not allowed?
I don't see a sign.

Indians don't need a sign.

They know damn well
when they're not wanted.

Then why you going in?

'Cause I like ice cream.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Could we have
some ice cream, please?

Look we'd like to buy some
ice-cream cones. Please!

Sorry, I'm all out of cones.

You just sold to the
kid ahead of us.

Look, I told you.
I'm all out of cones.

You're a liar.

You're a smart little
punk, aren't you?

Hey, hold it, hold it!

Come on, you guys.

There's no need for
all this violence.

It's a simple problem, really.

Harry look, I know you worked
hard to own your own store

and you feel you should
have a right

to serve whoever you
want to, right?

- Right!
- Okay.

While little Miss Up Yours here
feels if she wants you to serve

her non-white friends,

you damn well better serve
her non-white friends.

That doesn't sound like an
insurmountable problem.

Hey Dinosaur, bring me some of
that flour over there.

Simple solution
is simply to make.

Miss Up Yours
non-white friends...


All right, all right.

What's the matter, boy,

you gonna let the women
do your fighting?

Come on. Let's get out of here.

You know, I'm always suspicious
of you pacifist types,

that it's just a fancy way
of covering up

that you're yellow.

Please this won't accomplish
anything. We'll just leave.

No. Our good deeds not done!
As for the little one here...


Stop it!

There. Now everybody is white.

So Harry, why don't you serve

all our friends
an ice-cream cone?

before you try anything,

you're in our territory now!

With the sheriff nearby!

Bernard, the Sheriff is out
at the school.

Go get my dad.

And have someone
get the Sheriff!


I want you to know

that I try.

When Jean and the kids at the
school tell me

that I'm supposed
to control my violent

temper and be passive and
non-violent like they are,

I try. I really try.

But when I see this girl...

of such a beautiful spirit

so degraded...

and when I see this boy
that I love...

sprawled out by this big
ape, here.

And this little girl
who is so special to us

that we call her God's
little gift of sunshine.

And I think
of the number of years

she's gonna have to carry
in her memory

the savagery of this idiotic
moment of yours...

I just go...


You hurt?

Get in your eyes?

A lot of stupid people in this
world, aren't there?

Sure you're all right?
How come you don't smile?

You do look kind of funny.

You better go.
They're going to kill you.

You okay? Okay.

Don't go out there.

Nobody in town is
going to help you.

Please don't go out there.

Big Indian chief.

So special. So above the law.

You think you can do
just as you please.

I told you you'd make a
mistake and I'd be waiting.

Watch his feet, man.
He can kill you with his feet.

He can do anything he
wants with his feet.

Do you really think those green
beret karate tricks

are going to help you
against all these boys?

Well, it doesn't look like to me

like I really have
any choice, now does it?

That's right. You don't.

You know what I think
I'm going to do, then,

just for the hell of it?

Tell me.

I'm going to take
this right foot...

and I'm going to wop you
on that side of your face.

And you want to know something?

There's not a damn thing

you're going to be able
to do about it.



Kill that Indian son of bitch.


How you doing?

Ben, hear you got a new foal
out at your place.

Howdy, AI.

How's that new Olds working out?



I think we've done enough damage

for one day, don't you?

Mike, take care of Billy Jack.

All right, let's everybody
go home and take a hot bath.

Wait a minute! Aren't
you going to press charges?

Where would I begin?

Please, Martin.
Wait until they get back.

Billy Jack said you should never
practice alone, Martin.

You know that.

Why don't you two
go play in the hay?

Stop it, Martin!

Please, stop!

I better go get Jean.

The only thing I can do
is put him in a cast

for a month or two
and see how it mends.

Is there anything
further we can do?

Not for him, but you better
do something about her.


Well, her father suspects
she might be out here,

and he'll probably
come out here with

a search party tomorrow
looking for her.

Any ideas?

At the moment
I'm fresh out of them.

I want you to know that warrant

isn't legal on reservation land.

You don't have to let us
search unless you want to.

Cole, whose side are you on?

These people are holding this
man's daughter illegally.

Hey kids, they don't really
have a right to search here,

but if it will make them
feel like big men,

we're going to let
them go ahead, okay?

To hell with this...

Well, one thing is pretty clear
Posner, she's not here.

I guess that means
Billy has taken her off.

Don't you think you ought to
found out where Billy is?

Jean, they want to
know where Billy is.

Who ever knows where Billy is?

Well, you must have some way
of getting in touch with him

when you need him
for emergencies.

Whenever we want Billy, we just
contact him Indian style.

What does that mean?

We just want him,
and somehow he shows up.

How the hell are we going to
find Billy on this reservation,

much less get Barbara if we do.

Jean, this has gone far enough.

I think we better find Barbara
and forget the whole thing.

I honestly don't know
where she is.

But if you did, you
would tell me?

You know me better than that.

The only way we're going
to find Billy

is to get one of these
kids to tell us where he is.

Offer them a reward.
I'll back it. Make it $1,000.

Kids, can I talk
to you a minute?

Can I talk to you
a minute, please?

Please I want to talk to you
a minute, goddamn it!

Now look, I want my
daughter back.

She's sick, and she needs help.

She has to be home
or in a hospital.

Can't you damn kids
listen a minute?

Now look I'll offer $1,000!

You can do it anonymously,
no questions asked.

Don't you damn kids know what
you can do with $1,000?

You can live in Big Sur
for a year!

Damn hippie creeps.

I'm sorry I got you
into all this, Jean.

From now on it's going
to get very ugly.

Think about it for
the sake of all these kids.

You think about it.

Will you tell?

Now you know me
better than that.

In view of the
violence of the episode

at the ice cream store and

in view of
the extreme likelihood

that more such
violence even more

severe in nature is liable
to erupt at any moment,

inflicting serious harm
to members of the community

as well as students and faculty
of the school

and in the interest
of everyone's safety

and the establishment of law
and order the board

unanimously votes to request
the city attorney

to seek a court injunction
restraining members

of the Freedom School

from coming into town
except on Saturday between

the hours of noon and 4:00,

and then only in
groups of six or less.

To the point of this resolution,

we're now opening the floor.

If you'd care to make a

or ask a question
affecting this matter.

My name is Phil Crowder,
and I'm a student at the school.

He was beat up. All those guys
jumped Billy Jack, right?

Mr. Chairman...

Would you yield?
The chair recognizes Doc.

I'd like to remind this board

this board that the violence
at the ice cream parlor

was caused by the townspeople
and Billy Jack.

The students from the school
had nothing to with it.

There's one man on our
council here who agrees

with you that it was not
the fault of the school.

We are there are more than one
person... excuse me.

Well, Mary... there are a
lot of citizens

that agree with that.

He has the floor...

Why don't you take a bath?

That's a beautiful statement.

If you have something
to say, you'll come forward and

you'll give your name to the
give your name,

and make your statement.

O.K. Corrales.

Respect this meeting
enough to give your proper name.

My proper name is O.K. Corrales.

Do you have
something against Mexicans?

O.K. wants to speak.
Let O.K. speak. Okay, O.K.

Do you have anything
to say, Mr. Corrales?

To speak to the resolution, it
opposes not only the spirit but

the letter of the constitution,
and many state and federal laws.

And it's something that you
ought to consider before you

even bother to sending it
to the city attorney.

The chair recognizes Mr. Posner!

But the door doesn't!

Order! Order! Order!
The chair recognizes Mr. Posner!

I respect what
Mr. Corrales said.

And our intensions are really
parallel with his.

We would like
to preserve the peace.

We would like to see
the children unharmed,

and we are passing this measure
with that intent.

We would like
not to have violence.

So how come your son
pours flour all over Indians?

Mr. Johnson...

When's the last time
you cut your hair?

When's the last time
you brushed your teeth, sir?

You're out of order Phil.

All right, now I want
this meeting run orderly.

Chairman by our
behavior as this council,

we're proving
to these students that

most of the things they believe
about us are true.

But they're proving to us

that most of the things
we fear about them are true.

Man, this council sucks.


A little girl in the school has
something she'd like to read.

What's your name, young lady?

My name is Kit,
and her name is Carol,

and she has something
she'd like to read.

How old are you, young lady?



Too old for you.

Just about old enough
for you, I guess.

Proceed, young lady.

I'd like to read a speech,
and after it's done,

I'd like you to guess
who said it in public.

"The streets of our country
are in turmoil."

The universities are filled

with students rebelling
and rioting.

Communists are seeking
to destroy our country.

Russia is threatening us
with their might,

and the republic
is in danger, yes danger

from within and from without.

We need law and order.

"Without law and order,
our nation cannot survive."

Who wrote it?

Well, that's very
nice, young lady.

Do you want to know
who wrote it?

Adolf Hitler wrote it in 1932,

and everyone from Nixon's
cabinet to your council

is repeating it today.

Now, I'd like to know
from this child

if she would tell us who
told her to read it here?

She has her own mind. She
can read by herself, you know.

I wish she'd answer
the question!

Nobody told me
to read it. I just...

Then why did you?

I think I have a right to read
what I feel like reading.

Why did you read it?

Were you taught this in school?

Because her brain is damaged

by the heathen
devil-weed, marijuana.

Thank you, very kindly.

She still has the floor!

I have another question
for Mr. Posner.

Well like this council here
is always talking

about law and order
and things, well,

how come he kills stallions,
which is against the law?

Right on!

This is irrelevant
and immaterial.

I've been sitting
here for like over an hour,

and I've been listening to you.

And all I can see
is that you're really scared

and you're scared of all of us
and you're scared of me.

Right on.

We're scared of what you can do.

I can come into this town
but I'm not going to hurt you.

I'm not going to do
anything like that.

How do I intimidate you?

Because, like,
I'm another human being.

Are you scared of me sexually?
What is it?

I really want an answer.

I'll give you an answer:

Because you're a filthy
little girl.

David! You're out order!

You're sick! Every one of you!
Go ahead and take a bath!

You're out of order!

You want to speak?
You'll have your opportunity!

Order! Order!

Hold it!

Hold it, everybody
is a little crazy.

You people think you're free.

Why don't we all calm down for
a few minutes,

and probably the best thing
to do would be

if you all could
come out to the school and see

what we do at our natural

This is a fine
example of what you do.

We've been invited
to this council...



This is no more an example
of what the school is like

than it is for
what the town is like,

and what you're like as people.

This is the example,
This is the example!

Are you afraid? Come on
out to the school and see us.

Yes. I, for one, am afraid.

Will any of you come
to the school?

Very well. Very
well. I will come.

Well, I don't know, man.
I don't feel loaded, y'know.

We should smoke another one?

Okay. My grass or yours?

All tastes about the same
past a certain point.

I think your taste buds
have burned out.

No, actually, it's my brain
that's burned out.

Cool it! There's a
plain-clothes car

coming out at the intersection.

Come on, man.
Straighten up and act normal.

You sure look weird
when you're acting normal.

The red one means stop, right?


Keeps you on your toes.

Don't you think you better
pull up to the intersection?

Just testing you.

Hey, look! Over in the next car.

A couple of high school
kids passing a joint around.

I'll turn on the red light.

Right. You kids
want to pull over up here!

The police when they see
them in their rear-view mirrors.

Yeah, it seemed a
little one-sided to me.

Yeah, but kids look
at things one-sided.

Most of the things they're
looking at

are pretty much one-sided.

Well no I have an idea though,
let's try something here.

Would you want to come up?

By the way does everybody know
who Mr. Eldridge

and Miss Osgood
from the city council?

Why don't we do another scene

which involves a policeman
and differing attitudes

so we can use your attitude
about policemen as well as ours.

And, Kit, we want you
to come up too.

And why don't
Kit you be a mother

and Howard be a father
a family together?

And, Ed, why don't you be
a Sheriff Cole?

And the two of you be teenage
children there of this family.

Sure! Sure!

Well, I just can't do that.

Sure you can.

Sheriff, why don't
arrest them for, say, marijuana

and then take them home

to meet their parents
and explain the situation.

Are you ready to be busted?

You're under arrest.
Come with me.

Hello, Kit. What brings me
here are these two.

Some trouble sheriff?

Yes, Howard.

I'm very sorry to have
to come here for this,

but these children
have been smoking

marijuana with a known
dope fiend.

What? Our children?

I want to thank you
again for coming down.

Well I'm sorry it had
to happen this way.

I know I appreciate
your doing this.

We'll see you Saturday night
at the Donavans'.

Sure. Good luck.


Kit! Love from Marge!

Bye-bye. Thanks again, Cole.

All right, just calm down.
Calm down!

How can I come down
at a time like this?

Just sit down. Sit down.

How can I sit down?

Just bend your legs and sit!

Now just calm down.
Now what happened here?

Nothing happened.

What do you mean
nothing happened?

Nothing happened.
Can you believe me?

He lied to us.

That's right. He lied.

You listen. We pay
that man to tell us the truth!

- Now what happened?
- Nothing happened.

Saint Jones, you owe me
an honest explanation.

I want to hear it right now.

- I'm not your dog.
- Right On!

As long as you live
under my roof

and eat the clothes I give you...

I owe you!

What are you, are you
high on the stuff?! Get up!

Don't yell at me!

Don't use that tone
of voice with me.

Dig yourself!

What's that supposed
to mean, young lady?

What happened?

I don't know.

Tell me what happened,

or I'll knock the words
right out off your mouth.

Nothing happened.

Are you smoking
this dope or not?


Snake, you talk to me, or you
are going to be in big trouble.

Violent creature!

Come talk to me.

You're just a big hypocrite.
That's what you are!

Get the door!

Tell him we don't want any.

Get the door!

Tell him we don't want any.

Sit! Watch television. Now watch
the television and enjoy it.

Just everyone be quiet
for a second...

Watch yourself.

And I wondered if
everything was all right...

Snake's car broke down,

and Cole was kind enough
to bring him home.

You hypocrite!

Now you watch your
language, young man.

- You told me...
- Never mind what I told you!

I'm telling you something

A whole new set of lies!

Show some respect for your
father, son. I'll thrash you!

If you ask me,

I think you ought to put on
a whole show.

Invite the whole town. Let 'em
know what you're doing up here.

Why not?

Is Billy still in the kiva?

No. The grandfather
took him away.

Would you like to come

and watch the ceremony with me?

What is the snake ceremony?

It's a ceremony where Billy
becomes a brother to the snake.

How does he do that?

By going on the mountain

and being bitten by the snake
over and over.

Then he passes
into unconsciousness

for the last
time and if he lives

he has a vision and in this
vision he finds out what his

life's mission will be
and who the spirit will be

to guide him on this mission.

Also during this purification
part Billy has taken a secret

herb medicine and given a sacred
poultice to put on the bites.

Without it,
he would die for sure.

It takes about three days

for the poison to work
its way through his body.

And by then
it'll either kill him

or make him a blood
brother to the snake.


The old man is giving him
a final blessing.

Achieva the Snake waits for you

upon sacred mountain.

If you pass this test,
then you will have a vision.

It is not easy,

and if you show fear,
you shall die.

Hold on to this eagle feather,
and do not let it go,

regardless of what you see
or what you hear.

The demons will come
and try to scare you,

but show no fear
or you shall die.

May the Great Spirit
watch over you.

How long before we know?


The time is now when
the Indian will triumph.

He's still in the rapture
of the vision.

A great Indian holy man, Wovoka,

is speaking through him.

You mean they had holy men,
like saints?

They sure did.

And Wovoka was one
of the greatest.

Once even Christ
appeared to him.

To prevail, and
the whole spiritual wisdom

of the great holy men of the

Indian tradition is now

what the young people of
the world are looking for.

I wonder if I have the guts.

This is crazy, man.

You pull that trigger and well
never get out of here alive.

The young whites, they know

there is a supernatural
world and a great spirit,

and they try to reach
the Great Spirit.

They try by drugs.

They are made to do this

because their religions no
longer believe

in the other world.

Heaven is not out there,
the other world is here.

The Great Spirit, the Messiah,
the Christ are here in this pit.

Your people, my loved ones,

there is a thin veil
separating us from them.

The whites do not know how to
reach through that veil,

they do not have the belief

and they cannot touch their
loved ones or the other spirits.

I could do it. I could kill him.

Yeah, sure you can.
But not now, man!

Let's get out of here
and get some help.

And lastly you must
learn the dance,

the dance of friendship
and welcome in which all

whites who come to you with
open hearts

must be taught the dance
in the Indian way.

Rise up now and I will teach
you the dance

exactly as Wovoka
has seen it should be done.

Yeah, well be back.
But not with help.

I'm going to get him
all by myself.

Hey, Bernard!
Isn't that Barbara?

Damn! She is screwing
around with an Indian.

I thought that was just talk.

Okay, Martin. You run
and get the paint,

and we'll pick you up later,

Okay. I don't see how you expect
me to carry all the paint?

You hang it up on the
top of your crunches.


Can we bring it back in
case it isn't

it might be kind of, you know...

Yeah, look at these.

They're great.

And if you help us get
her out of there,

you'll not
only collect that big fat

reward I offered, but you'll
save someone's life.

Like whose?


And Billy Jack's.

But if you fail to help us as
sure as this pipe is at your

throat you're going to be
one hell of a dead Indian.


You know, I think he
is sweet on her.

Did it look that
way to you Dinosaur?

Yeah. Holding hands,
kissing her...

Now you listen to me,
grease ball.

If you ever touch her again,

I'm going to cripple your
other leg, and I don't mean

the one you walk on, you hear?

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

Well, I guess the boys found him
sneaking out the back

without paying.

Right, Sam?

Yeah, that's right.

What are the charges, then, Sam?

You heard me,
what are the charges?


Well, no charges.

Sam here is a pretty good guy.

You're not going to press
charges, are you, Sam?

No charges.

No, you're a nice guy,
aren't you, Sam?

You're a dirty, rotten,
lying son of a...


We are going to do it
because of the injunction,

we're going to do it
by their rules,

but we're going
to do with our attitudes.

And what we want to do
is to send six people,

because that's as much
as we can, into town,

where we're going to do some
street theatre rather than...

Sure! Why let Bernard and the
deputy ruin all the friendships

we're starting to build.

It just pulls us down
to their level.

Give me all your money!
Give me your money. Come on...

I left my wallet at home.

Well, you got any change?

No, sorry.

What's in the briefcase?


You got a wristwatch?

Well, it's a Timex, actually.

What did you pay for the band?

No, man! That doesn't work!
That doesn't scare me.

You've blown it as a robber.

You've got to come out here

and give this man something
for his trouble.

I as a spectator
felt nothing for you

other than total embarrassment.

You've got to let this man
know that as the robber

you are going to give a
performance to the rob-ee.

Now you've got no energy.

You need a subtext.

In theatre it's a place

where you get your energy
from the center

so that you can bring
it out, all at once.

Now, what's the first emotion
that comes into your head?


All right. Then use that
and bring out that energy.

Do you have any bullets
in the gun?

No. I didn't want to
hurt anybody.

You should put a bullet in
there so that he knows, see?

Or at least make him think
there are bullets in there.

Did you think there were
any bullets in the gun?

Well, I wasn't very intimidated.

I didn't. I'm sorry.

Okay, well, it doesn't
work that way.

You take the gun
and you put a bullet in it,

and have that feeling
of power that you plant

in the back of your brain and
you mix it with your energy

so that when you come out here,

you come out a dynamo
of robbery.

A man who's going to get
respect as well as money.

I'm going to be robbing you in
just a second, so hold on.

Okay I'm going to show you
exactly what I mean,

you get yourself together as a

robber and you can even keep
it down

because it's all
flowing out so fast,

so you keep it cool
and you play it yourself

and this man won't
know what is happening and

you come up to him very cool,
let's have your money.

Let's go.


I don't want to hurt you, son,

so don't you make
any sudden move.

Now you just very slowly drop
that gun down on the sidewalk?

Put your hands up above your
head, way up!

Move to your right. Keep moving.

Hey, you! I want you...

No, man!

Absolutely not!

You took your eyes off me and
I'm the suspect.

When you look at me and you
get me

and you don't say
freeze while I've got a gun

pointed his head. I could
freeze his brains out.

There's an honest
tax-paying citizen

ready to blow his own
foot up because you

haven't put the situation in
your control

with something
short and sharp and

authoritative like drop the
gun and up against the wall.

Hey man, now come...

What's going on here?

I think it would be
a lot clearer

if perhaps we just did
it all over again.

Very good idea.

Okay, fine.
We'll take it from the top.

Okay here's your gun. Remember
energy is what's important.

I'm waiting for the bus, right?

You're waiting for the bus.

What have I got here,
three psychos?

You're not even here yet.

Okay, give me your money

because I'm confused and
I'll explode at any minute.

I forgot the line.

"Drop the gun
up against the wall."

I can't drop the gun.
I've got bullets in it.

Well, then take the bullets out.

Wait a minute. I have
an idea. Here, here.

Excuse me.
Here, take the briefcase.

All right, now look.

You stand right over here, sir,

and you'll see
the whole thing right

from the beginning now.

You're a businessman,
you're a...

Let him discover
all those things.

Fine, good idea.

What if the bus comes?
Do I get on it?

Don't play it that real.

Okay give me all your money
right now, or bad news.

All right, drop the gun.

I think that gesture is
a little too flamboyant.

I wouldn't use that. But you
get the tone, don't you?

Right, the line was good.

That was the important thing...

Let's take it from the top
once more, please.

You're beginning to mesh
as a unit.

Can I be the robber this time?

Sure, mix it up.

- My hat...
- Yes. Your hat.

No subtext is fine,

but he just wants to play
another guy.

I get to be the
sheriff, don't I?

Right - But I'm not here yet.

No you're not here.

Okay, I'm gonna warn you,
if you drop the gun again,

I'm going to mess up
the briefcase.

- Fair is fair.
- Okay, fine.

Okay, so I'm waiting
for the bus.

Right, you're a businessman.

Where is that darn bus?

Well, Madge and the kids
are gonna...

All right, you!

You've got to be prepared.

All right, one of you...
I don't care who it is...

Get up there and drop the gun.

Okay, man. I warned you.

You're going to throw the gun

Hey! Hey! New briefcase there.

I borrowed the gun!

I don't care if it's a...

Okay, Jean. Is that enough?

You knew she was there?

I knew she was there,
you knew she was there.

Did you know she was there?

Yeah, come by the school

You like nice things, don't you?

You better believe it.

Maybe you can have them
sooner than you think.

Just what's that
supposed to mean?

You heard the deputy.

He'll pay $1,000
just to find out

where his daughter is.
No questions asked.

Look, those kids are my friends.

What kind of person
do you think I am?

One would do anything
for a buck.

Where is Billy Jack
hiding Barbara?

I honestly don't know.

Okay, Miss False Eyelashes.

Off with your blouse.


Where's Barbara?

Please... I don't know
where she is.

None of the kids do. I'd tell
you if I knew, I would,

but I don't know where she is.

All the way off...

I can't believe it.

I really can't believe this guy.

Can you believe him?

Not really, no.

You know what he reminds me of?


A little monkey.

Posner's little monkey,

just running around trying
to get in all the bananas.

Get your blouse
and get out of here.

Will you look?


Go on, get your blouse.

Okay, Bernard.

Get out of the car and let's
teach you a lesson

your daddy should have
taught you a long time ago.

No, Billy, you can't do it.

If you hurt Bernard,

they're going to close down
the school and ruin everything

we've tried to build.

What do you suggest I do?

Teach him a lesson, but
without really hurting him.


Why don't you drive his
car into the lake?


I said why don't you
drive his car into the lake.

You know, that's not
a bad thought for a pacifist.

We have our days.

All right, Bernard.

Which is it going to be?

Drive your car into the lake

or... get a dislocated elbow?

What do you mean
dislocated elbow?

What are you, nuts or something?

Yeah, a lot of people think so.

But then we're stuck
with that, you and I.

Now which is it gonna be?

My old man is going to kill me
if anything happens.

He just bought this car for me.

I mean, he'll kill me
if I hurt this car. Really.

Come on, Bernard.
You get to choose.

Which is it going to be?

What if I drive away?
Or take the knife.

Bernard, I wish you would.

I really wish you would.

Don't, Bernard. You
don't stand a chance.

Next time I'll cut off your bra!


You've got to choose.

When I count to three...

You drive your car in the lake.




You're gonna sit there

and tell me that he didn't
pull a gun on you?

A knife? Nothing?


He just told you to drive
the car in the lake,

and you obeyed him?

Now why didn't you drive away?

I was scared.

You were what?


You were sacred?

You were scared,

so you drove a $6,000
automobile into the lake?

Well, you're nothing
but a lousy coward.

Cole, things are getting
uglier and uglier around here.

Nothing but a lot
of hot heads in town

that would like nothing
better than to charge right

up to that school now
and start a fire.

Unless you do something,

there are going to be
a lot of innocent people

on both sides getting hurt.

So suppose we begin
by pressing charges.

What kind of charges?

What can we prove?
That my son is an idiot?

A stupid coward, what else?

I told you, Stewart.
I'll handle it!

How come you're hanging
around down here, Barbara?

It wouldn't have anything to
do with Martin, would it?


Listen, I'm going to go
for a swim.

But you stay off
that horse now, you hear?

Yes, Mama.

How come you never
try to lay me?

That's a stupid question.

Don't cover up.
Are you afraid of me?

No, I'm not afraid of you.

Then what?
Wasn't I good enough for you?

I heard all Indian boys
want to go to bed

with white girls.

Don't believe
everything you hear.

But I know you want to.
I can tell.

How come you never tried?

Because you've always
been an anybody's...

What's an anybody's?

An anybody's is someone who puts
out so she can get dates or

be accepted.

I want you to experience
the fact

that I don't love you

because you'll give me some sex.

I love you for yourself and
for what you are.

You see you are very
soft and beautiful person

and I love you very much.

What's that?

It's a saying
by St. Francis of Assisi.

It's kind of dumb,
but go ahead and read it.

"Lord grant me this serenity"

to accept the things
I cannot change,

courage to change the

things I can, and the wisdom
to know the difference.

My mother left that to me.
It was all she had.

I want you to have it.

Tell me, Dinosaur, why is it

when a guy hates his old man
as much as I do,

you still keep trying

to do that one thing
that he'll be proud of?

What makes you think
Billy is going to be by here?

I mean he could be in Africa
for all we know.

My God, Bernard! Look at that!


What are we going to do now?

One move, one sound,
one twitch of your eye lash,

and you're dead.

Put your feet forward!

Hang on to the horn!

Y'know, for all my braggin'...

I never really been able to go
all the way with a girl.

What if I get all worked up
and can't finish it?

Hey, it was so funny when my
car went into the lake.

How come you're not
laughing now?

Martin? Have you found Jean yet?

- We've sent for her.
- You better hurry up.

I'm afraid Barbara is going
to loose that baby.

Bernard, this is
kidnapping and rape.

You stop now and I'll forget it.

You go on and I swear
that I'll see you in prison

for the rest of your life.

Not a chance.
You got no witnesses.

Whose word do you think
my old man and the Sheriff

will believe anyway,
yours or ours?

Lousy rotten bitch!

You touch me again
and I will scream.

You let out one sound,

and I'll put a bullet
right in your mouth.

Then you better pull
a trigger right now,

because I would rather die
than have you touch me again.

Try Peer Lake.

You know part of me doesn't
really want to do this.

Then let's get out of here.

Billy! Kit! They're
down here! Help! Billy!

Race you, man.

Lets get out of here.

I pray Billy kills him.

You mustn't tell Billy, Cindy.

Why not?

Because he will kill him.

Damn your pacifism!

I am not going to let that
sick animal get away with this!

He has gotten away with it.

Even if Billy kills him,
kills them all,

it wouldn't change
what's happened here today.

He wouldn't take away
any of the horror.

It will just destroy
a lot of innocent kids.

Can't you understand that?

My religion, my non-violence...

the kids, that's all I have
left now.

If you rob me of this chance...

if I can't really
turn the other cheek...

when I can help
the kids the most...

then I couldn't endure
what happened here today.

And if they took
the school away,

I just couldn't live
with what happened here.

Please, Cindy, please.

Hey, what happened?

I guess she got thrown when she
was doing some trick riding.

What else is wrong?

Come on, I've never seen you
act so strange.

I guess I'm just upset
about Barbara.

It was a boy. White.

We lost it.

Martin, do you know what
mental toughness is?

Well, mental toughness
is the ability

to accept the fact
that you're human, and that

your going to make mistakes.
Lots of 'em. All your life.

And some of them are going
to hurt people

that you love very badly,
but you have the guts

to accept the fact
that you're imperfect,

and you
don't let your mistakes crush

you and keep you from doing
the very best that you can.

A lot of good I could have done.

You sure could have.

You could've gone inside and
comforted that girl

instead of sitting
out in the porch

whining, feeling so sorry for

And the only reason they
cremated it was to keep us

from knowing that it was
that Indian's kid.

It was not an Indian.

I told you, I handled it.
It was a white foetus.

You're a goddamn liar.

Come on, now, Mike. I don't have
to listen to that from you.

The hell you don't.

Did you know Barbara
was at that school?

What the hell. I can see
this is going no place.

Doc! Did Cole know
she was at the school?

You guys wait.

Just wait until it happens
to one of your kids.

Well, now... I don't
think we ought to wait.




Thank you.

Come on, you guys!

Star Spangled Banner group get
out here! Places! Come on...


Jean, I'm afraid
it's really bad.

Nobody is going to
show up tonight.

Why not?

It's Posner and the deputy.

Seems they are up to something
very stupid and crazy.

Don't get out of your
cars, boys.

I don't even want to know
who any of you are.

Now the only trouble we're
going to have here tonight

if you are trying
to get past me.

What do you want to do?

Inch forward.

You all know me,

and you know I'm not going
to let this happen.

Now you just turn around
and go on back home.

Every night Martin
goes down to the barn

to feed the horses,

why don't we grab him
and hold him

until they give you
Barbara back?

- Cindy?
- Yes.

Go down to the barn and
get Martin, would you?


Martin... come out come out
wherever you are.

Stop it!

I thought I told you
to leave him alone.

I was just giving
the pacifist a chance

to turn the other cheek.

Look, Jean, if I knew
where they were holding him,

I'd go there right away,

but at this point
they don't trust me

any more than they do you.

I couldn't possibly turn
her over to that man.

Why not?

She can just run away again
right after she gets there,

and in the meantime,
the boy will be safe.

Cole, you know damn well

that Posner will never
hurt that boy.

Wouldn't you arrest him
if he did?

Sure I'd arrest him,

but we can't get a conviction
in this town and you know it.

I'm going back with you.

He's right. As long as I stay
here, anything can happen.

As soon as Martin's safe,
I can split again.

What can I say?

All right, Buck. Where is she?


Leave him alone!

She can't pull that trigger.

You release that boy,
or I swear I'll shoot!

I swear it!

Please, don't make me shoot you!

Now, look miss, do you have
the courage to shoot a man

that's looking you
right in the eye?

Please don't make me shoot you.


Look out!

Martin, get in the truck.

Okay. Come on, get in.

No, they'll follow you.

I can't leave without you.

Martin, get going.

As soon as you're gone,
it's all over.

Now go back to the school.

I can't.

Martin, please get going.

All right Bernard, go get him!

Careful! He's armed!

Billy's gone after Martin!

Lord, no.

Well, I'll be damned!

That injun is shootin' back.

Take her home.

No, sir. Not until we get
Martin back.

She's all the insurance
I've got.

Where's Martin?

I said, where's Martin?

He got away.

Hold it!

Now you drop that gun,
or I'll shoot her.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

You won't have to.


I said shoot her.

You'd kill her, just like that?

You'll kill her.

And then I'll kill you,
just like that.

I'm itching to kill somebody,

so it might just as well be you.

Pull the trigger...

I wasn't going to hurt
the little girl.

You knew it all the time,
didn't you, Buck?

All right, Cindy. Get on.

Did you see anyone with a gun?

I only heard the shots.

Yeah, then what happened?

I saw a Corvette pull out.

Where did the shots come from?

Came from over there.

Was he shot?

Four times.

In the head.

I'll give you 24 hours
to bring him in, Stuart.

And then I'm coming after him.

Cole, the girl is gone.

It's my fault.

It is my fault.
If I'd have said something,

Martin wouldn't have had to die.

If you would have said what?

You're not making any sense.


If she would have told me
that Bernard raped Jean.

How did you know?

I didn't.

Billy, please!

We haven't crossed over
that thin line yet,

but if you kill Bernard,
you'll be doing

just what they want.
Can't you see that?

You just can't keep making
your own laws.

There's got to be one
set of laws fair for everyone,

including you.

That's fine.

When that set of laws
is fairly applied to everyone,

then I'll turn
the other cheek, too.

There's got to be a better
way to change those people.

To change those people?

You worked with King,
didn't you?

- Yes.
- Where is he?

- Dead.
- Where is Bob and Jack Kennedy?

- Dead.
- Not dead.

Their brains blown out

because your people
wouldn't even put the same

controls on their guns
as they do on their dogs,

their bicycles, their cats,
and their automobiles.

I don't care about all that!

I just don't want you to go
out and commit murder.

Please, Billy, please.

We'll go someplace else.

Someplace where it doesn't
have to be like this.


You tell me where is
that place, where is it?

In what remote corner
of this country...

No, the entire goddamn planet...

Is there such a place
where men really care about

another and really love each

Now you tell me where such a
place is, and I promise you

that I'll never hurt another
human being as long as I live.

Just one place?

That's what I thought.

I'll be back for Barbara.

How old are you?


Get out.

Search warrant Federal,
search warrant State,

search warrant County,

And a court order
demanding that Barbara

be turned over to the court
pending an investigation

into her father's fitness
as a parent.

Come on, let's get out of here.

What do you want to do?

Go with you.

We can try.

All right, tell him I'll
take care of it right away.

Well, it went out over
the wire services.

It's a big story now.

The governor is sending someone

to take personal charge.

He wants everything
frozen till he gets here.

We've cornered him
in the old church.

He's killed Mike.


What are we going to do, Jean?

He'll die before he'll
give himself up.

Can you talk to him? Try?

You never told me
what's in that thing.

It's my medicine bag.

Got some owl's feathers,
sacred corn, snake teeth.

What's it for?

Contains my power.

Without it I'd be outside of
the flow of life's forces.

Like Samson without his hair?

You got it.

Billy! Billy Jack!

Can you hear me?

Jean is coming in to
talk to you.

It's no trick. No one will
try to sneak up on you.

She just wants to talk to you.

I don't suppose
you care too much

that you're bleeding to death.

Everything they want
from here on out,

they're gonna have to take.

You don't understand that,
do you?


I only know you can't solve
everything by violence, Billy.

They'll kill you, Billy.

I wish there was something
I could say to change all that.

I know I've never said it
to you,

but I think you know.

I love you.

I think you know too.

It just seems so insane that we
have to go living without you.

What about Barbara?

It's up to her to decide.

will you go out with me?


May I ask why?

From the day I was
born till this moment,

and every second in between,

life has just been one
big shit brick.

I just can't take it anymore.

The way things are going,

well as the Indians say, today
is as good as any to die.

You've taught her well.

An Indian isn't afraid to die.

Don't ever expect a white man
to understand that.

I understand it. That's
good for an Indian.

Like the old man said,

being an Indian is not
a matter of blood.

It's a way of life.

I understand that, too.

She's a 15-year-old child

who worships the ground
you walk on,

and now she's going
to die needlessly

because you haven't got
the guts to control your temper.

It's so easy for you
to die dramatically.

It's a hell of a
lot tougher for those

of us who have to
keep on trying.

Stay back there!

Hello, Charlie. How are you?

Jim, what's the situation?

He's barricaded himself
in the church.

We've got to make
every effort to take him alive.

No way.

Hell, he's only one man.
It shouldn't be too tough.

What do you mean no way?

Why can't you just
move on in there

and take him with some
cover fire, and bring him on

out with some tear gas?

You've got a whole army here.

No way.

Can you do it?

Well do it.

- Get down!
- I want to help load.

Put your head up and I'll
knock it off. Now get down!

Stay down!

Pull back! Pull back!

Cease fire! Cease fire!

Cease fire! Pull back.

Okay. You can come out now.

I don't think I can.

This dying stuff's not all
it's cracked up to be.

You crazy nut.

Don't let them take me.

You don't even have
a medicine bag,

so how can it be your
day to die?

You're going, period.

It's just that if you die,

that'll kill Jean,
the school, and

everything she lives for.

And if you love her,

I don't see why you'd
do that to her.

That's all.

Got to take him alive.
Where's that girl?

She's already been
in there several times.

Well, then send her
in there several more times.

Maybe a couple of us ought
to go in with her this time.

Hey, Billy!

We're not armed. No tricks.
You have my word.

Come ahead.

But you will get a fair trial,

because the whole world
will have reporters

here watching it.

And because a lot of
politicians will realize

it's in their own selfish
interest to at least go

through the form of
giving you a fair trial.

But in the meantime,

you will have accomplished
an awful lot of good.

Like what?

Like calling attention

to the unbelievably horrible
way that the Indian is cheated

and forced to live
in this country.

And the stupid insensitivity
of Washington,

the whole damn Indian bureau.

For God's sake, Billy, you
get yourself killed now,

it's a headline in tomorrow's
paper and that's it.

But if you go to trial,

millions of people will learn
what's happening.

Like you just said,

still not
a damn thing will be done.

What about the school?

Could we get enough money
and freedom to run it

for the next five years
without interference?

They'll give you that
in a minute.

In writing?

I'm sure they would.

It's funny, isn't it?

Only the white man wants
everything put in writing,

and only then so he can
use it against you in court.

You know, among the Indians,
a promise is good enough.

As far as I can tell,

Washington entered into 3,500
treaties with the Indians

to date, and they've broken
about 3,499.

I agree with you, Billy.

Promises haven't meant
very much.

But this is one they'll keep.

The important point is this.

If you have to go out,

you might as well make it
count for something.

Well, I can't think of
anything else to say.

Tell them that I'll give them
an answer in the morning.

We're different, you and I.

Your spirit is more calm
and pacific in you

than any person
I have ever known.

And mine has been in a violent
rage from the day I was born.

And you know something?

I didn't really want it
that way.

Billy, that's a bunch of crap.

I'm no different than you.

Do you think when Bernard
was on top of me,

grunting and slobbering,
I didn't hate?

I hated more than anybody else
on this earth ever hated.

And every time that picture
pops in to my mind,

I... whoo...

I've never hated so much
in my life.

When I think of that,
I dismember and I mangled,

and I castrate Bernard
over and over and over

and over in my mind.

At least a million times a day.

The bad part is,

even though he's dead...

I couldn't tell you.

You had to get your hate out.

I had to keep mine in.

I knew what you'd do.

But I knew how important
it was to the kids.

And I knew that their lives
and their needs

were more important
than any hate I had.

They're more important
than killing Bernard.

But maybe...

maybe if I had told you...

Martin may... might be alive now.

I don't know.

I don't know anymore.

First, the school be
guaranteed to operate

for the next ten years
without any interference,

and that I be given a ten-year
contract as directress.

Second, that
Barbara be put in my custody

as her legal guardian.

That's all he wants?

No, he also wants you
to guarantee

that someone from the governor's
office will hold

a press conference every year

to report on the progress
of the school.

Hell, he's got it.

Call Washington. See if they'll
honor their end of the bargain.

Some lawyer
from the East called.

He wants to defend you free.

I know to let them
handcuff you...

close you in, and lock you up

is by far the hardest thing
you've ever done.

And I know that you're only
doing it

because of the love
you have for the kids...

and me.

Washington says okay, Billy.

I love you, Billy.

You've got a deal!