Bhoomi (2020) - full transcript

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This is a universe with no boundaries.

That consists of numerous astounding facts.

Just like the earth we live on,
scientists have discovered 4000 planets.

Except for earth, humans or animals
can't live on any other planets.

These planets that don't favor
living habitat...

can be developed into a living habitat,
was the question posed.

All the scientists in the world said,
it's impossible.

But there was one scientist
who said it is possible.

The name of that scientist is,

Surprised that it's a Tamil name?

Bhoominathan hails from a small village
called Paradhu in Tamilnadu.

While the other kids were busy studying
A for Apple...

he was busy studying about the
aperture of radar.

That zeal of his, made him discover
a satellite at the age of fourteen.

And that discovery led him to NASA.

Bhoominathan, studied under
NASA's scholarship...

and has grown to be a scientist
that NASA is really proud of.

Just like the earth we live on...

Bhoominathan said he will change Mars
into a living habitat like earth.

Bhoominathan said he will change Mars
into a living habitat like earth.

Is it possible?

Can it be done naturally by science?

Millions have raised questions about it.

World leading journalists are waiting
with those questions.

Let's meet Mr. Bhoominathan.

Thank you.

Sir, is it possible for humans to
live on Mars?

Six years ago,
we sent a Rover to Mars from NASA.

Through that Rover,
we got Mars' atmospheric conditions,

the percentage of gases,

and the sample of Martian soil.

From the details we collected
at our space station...

we re-created the exact
atmospheric conditions of Mars.

Everyone is aware that Mars comprises of
96% Carbon dioxide.

In order for our team to survive,
I've invented a medicine.

If we take this tablet,
you can inhale the carbon dioxide...

and live for a few days.

After we successfully re-created
the Martian soil...

we started farming on that soil.

The results astonished our team.

Sir, when will you take us to Mars?

First, we'll throw atom bombs
on the glaciers...

and bring out the water and oxygen
it contains.

The next step is, our team of eleven,

will be sent by NASA to Mars
to do farming.

Once we've successfully grown
plants and trees...

we'll send the birds as guests to Mars.

Sir, why do you have to take
birds to Mars?

That's a good question.

Birds are the first-farmers of the world.

We humans didn't create these forests.

It's a huge task.

If birds start to create forests...

we'll have enough oxygen for humans
to live on the planet.

So, just like earth,
Mars will become our new world.


All I need is one seed.
I can create a whole new world.

Sir, who is your inspiration
and role model?

As you may think,
it's not Albert Einstein or Nikolo Tesla.

My village is a small hamlet
situated in Tirunelveli.

There lives a farmer called Velusamy.

It's him who taught me everything
about agriculture.

Vanakkam, sir!

What is it?

We had filed a petition requesting
compensation for damaged crops.

Just because you filed a petition,

does that mean government will

Sir, despite taking a loan for irrigation..

still the crops ended up charred.

You people do one thing. Go and meet
the Collector and file a petition.

He might feel sorry,
and find a solution for it.

Sir, we've tried a lot to meet
the collector.

-But he doesn't take time to meet us.

As if his job description is to
serve you people.

Do you think,
I'm sitting idle out here, jobless?

You guys come over for no reason.
Get lost.

Listen, if they return,
please ask to not let them inside.

They don't even let a man eat in peace.



The entire world is in awe
with my son.

I should ward off evil of you.

Mom, forget about that.
I've been granted a month's holiday.

What are you going to do
for a month?

Mom, it'll take three to four years to
complete the Mars mission.

So, let us go to our village
and celebrate this success.

To our village?

Are you serious?

-Let's go, son!
-Shall we?

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

I wandered around the world
I even touched the sky

But there is something about
this land...

Heard all the words of other languages

But there is something in my Thamizh...

Till separated heart didn’t realise
it’s excellence

When I step in again
my body feels delighted.

Morality runs through all my nerves

The first color of the world
Is the color of Thamizh

Faces could be seven crores
but the name is one

That’s just not a name that’s our soul

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Was eating pizza and burger.
Was eating pasta as well

But there is something about idly.

Something about it...

Was listening to Rock and Rap.
Was immersed in Jazz.

But there is something about
our folk song.

Something about it...

Nowhere else in the world we can find
the meaning of relatives

Hey, no race in the world taught
that language is just not a sound

Morality runs through all my nerves

The first color of the world
Is the color of Thamizh

Faces could be seven crores
but the name is one

That’s just not a name that’s our soul

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Remove your coat

Burn your pants

Wear your dhothi

Step into the soil

Plant the saplings with rhythm

Make bed for them on all the sides

Things that saints said
thousands of years ago

NASA says today

Kissing the moon taking off
on the rocket

Thamizh will reach beyond the sky

Old ladies’ words.
Chisel of experience.

Wisdom of the world rests in them

Damsels’ eyes sparkle bright

There lies the world’s complete beauty

Beat is the same in all the
seven crore hearts

Fire that burns is the same
in all our eyes

Spread that to enlighten the world

It is great to be born in this race!

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

Say you're a proud Thamizhan

Hold your head high with pride

Go on and conquer the world

It's been ages since you've visited,
but you haven't forgotten your roots.

Uncle, how are your children?

Look, Meenakshi is right over here.

-I wasn't asking about Meenakshi.
-Obviously, we know her.

I'm talking about the crops
you consider more than your life.

They're well and good.

Auntie has made special meal for you.
Let's go and eat.

Hey, our village has changed a lot.

If that surprises you, look at our school
that has changed drastically.

He's the reason why co-ed-school
turned into boys school.

And you're telling him about it.

How is Shakti?

You still haven't forgotten her?

She's still that scary chicken you kissed
during our time in school.

Why are you so scared?

-One second. Muruga! Muruga!
-Don't be scared. It's simple.

-All is well. All is well.
-Don't shake, hold tight.

-Muruga! Muruga!
-Oh, god!

You go ahead and take it.

That's how I am.

Oh, no, I'm really scared.


-It's impossible if you keep shaking.


You haven't changed a bit
in all these years.

Looks your phobia for everything
hasn't changed.

Hello, I'm not scared.

Even the mighty body-builder Arnold
is scared of needles.

Last week she was walking alone
on the street.

The dog on the street just stared at her.

The way she screamed looking
at the dog...

made all the dogs in that area
migrate to another place.

-Hey, stop it, damn it.
-Let go of my hand.

Wait, let him see it.

Do you know why she keeps it with her?

According to her all the ghosts
and spirits are behind her.

And it seems they'll attack her.

So, she carries this with her 24/7.

Get lost, fatso. Don't lie about my fear.

Last week at 02:00am...

I was alone on the terrace looking at the
lunar eclipse.

Oh, no!


So, is this how you looked at the
lunar eclipse?

-Stop picking on her.

Carry on buddy, we know about your antics
pretending to console her.

Shakti, why are you getting pissed?

It was just friends pulling your leg.

I can understand they did,
but you joined them and laughed at me.

During childhood, I always came to defend you
when someone made fun of you.

Okay, I'll apologize to you. Sorry!


Sorry won't cut it.

Right thing to do is to support me,
when someone is mocking me.

Instead you joined them in mocking me.

You're my beautiful angel.

Dear, you're my only love.

To sink into your mesmerizing eyes...

I've come beyond the skies.

You're my beautiful angel.

You're my beautiful angel.

I thought you said you're not scared.
But you're shivering.

Hey, what are you doing?

Why did you pluck my hair?

This strand of hair is enough.

I'll come to know about
all your feelings from it.

Wait and watch.
I'll come with the report tomorrow.

Hair is that part of the body,
that collects all details about our body.

If you may ask to what extent,

when forensics,
run chemical tests on one's hair,

it will tell who they are
and what they've done.

It'll extract entire information.

In simple terms,
one's horoscope will be known.

You heard it, right.

What were you feeling at that moment?

I had mixed feelings at that moment.

You had mixed feelings?


So, the test will show your estrogen,
and dopamine levels.

Does that mean,
my love won't be shown?

Only these things will show up?

I highly doubt about love.

It will only show that you were
turned on.

Oh, no, if that reflects on the test...

it'll be embarrassing.

You should've thought about it
when you closed your eyes.

-Mr. Astronaut.

What have you done to Shakti?

She was blabbering your name in sleep
throughout the night.

I've sent you a video.
Have a look.

I like Bhoomi a lot since childhood.

We both will get married.

I'll take pride in calling,
Bhoomi my husband.

I'll have three cute children
just like him.

But we will stay like children
to one another.

Hey, why did you ask me to come?

What are you looking at?

Do you remember the report?

The report is out. I'm looking at it.

Take a look.

I like Bhoomi a lot since childhood.

We both will get married.

I'll take pride in calling,
Bhoomi my husband.

Hey, wai--

Hey, I'll be gone for three years.

Will you still love me?

These three years that I'm going to
be away from you...

I'll be loving you from Mars!

Will you love me from here?

You're going to be here for a month, right.

So, give me all the love for three years
in just this one month.

He looked at her

She also looked at him

That second ran into ages

Will wake up shuddering

Suffering from inability to bear

He threw a glance at me...

from the corner of his eye

Relish looking at you from the
corner of my eye

My dear wallflower!

Was waiting till date for the rains
To dance under the umbrella

Relish looking at you from the
corner of my eye

My dear wallflower!

Was waiting till date for the rains
To dance under the umbrella

With two legs that wouldn’t stand
on the ground

With water that wouldn’t care to
stop at the bank

Your thoughts do not stop to sleep

Your blooming face interrupts
my search for life

Darling, oh, my dearling!

My heart is with you!

Relish looking at you from the
corner of my eye

My dear wallflower!

He looked at her

She also looked at him

I hid myself; I vanished

From everything I saw my fear leave me
after I met you

I unfurled and I wandered

Like a creeper, on your chest though,
I will be like a flower

Lashes unfurl and embraces you
to the palace of love

Poem I penned nervously,
is finally reciting on my lips

Hey, this moment is all I wanted honey

I became a droplet and froze

The soul and the body would melt
as a candle

Darling, oh, my dearling!

My heart is with you!

Relish looking at you from the
corner of my eye

Palani, why are you standing outside?

Please come inside the house.
We'll have coffee.

It's been three years since you took a loan
and you've been dodging me.

Just give me some time.

I will return the money.

You live in a rented house.
Your crops are charred.

Your land is drowning in pawned debt.

How will you return the money?

We've filed a petition at the collector's office
requesting for compensation.

I will get the money.
I'll return it next week.

You mean, "Respected, sir...

as the crops in our fields
have been charred,

we request you to immediately
grant us compensation."

Did I read that right?

A couple of days ago when I visited
the collector's office...

I was served fritters on that paper.

And you still believe you'll get
your compensation.

Palani, you were very respectful of me.

It will be embarrassing,
if the neighbors hear it.

Please be respectful.

You can't bloody return the money,
you don't deserve any respect.

I should get my money back
in four days.

If that doesn't happen,
my men will reside in your house.

They won't leave your house,
until you pay off your dues.

You have only four days.

Everyone please disassemble and leave.

The collector has an important
meeting to attend.

He has asked to come to the office
and file a petition tomorrow.

We filed many petitions to date.

For past three seasons,
we're left with charred crops.

Despite taking loans on interest
to do agriculture...

we're not even blessed with
one course meal.

That doesn't mean you can stage protest
blocking the roads.

Please visit the collector tomorrow
at the office.

If he had met us at the office,
we wouldn't be staging a protest.

Take a look at this crop.
Not only is it charred...

protesting for it has destroyed us too.

Please ask him to meet us.

How is Devi madam?

She's doing well.

Shall I introduce you to, Lal, sir?

Sir, my family is in hardship.

I'm doing all this to pursue my studies.

-I'm there for you.

-What is it?
-I tried a lot, they don't seem to budge.

If you meet them,
they might listen to you.

Aren't you ashamed?

If you had sent them away,
I could've promoted you.

Get lost.

Sir, there are pregnant woman
and old people in the crowd.

You didn't join the force to
show empathy.

People are getting too used to protesting.

They should never ever think
of protesting...

do something on that degree.


Brother, what seems to be the problem?

They're jobless people.
Farmers are protesting.

You're pregnant, you shouldn't be here.

-Go home, dear.
-It's okay, I'll stay right here.





Oh, god.

Oh, no!

Oh, my god.




Do you want to know why I blocked
the collector's car?

-Why I blocked?
-Oh, no.

Look at this.

I grew these crops by taking a loan
on interest.

It's all charred!

They gave us the seeds.

They also provided the fertilizers.

But I should bear the burden of the debt.

We went asking for compensation...

but they got us beaten up
by the police.

Why do you want to get humiliated
as a farmer...

rather work as a watchman,
says my wife.

I can't do it, son.

I worship farming as god.

I wonder what plan god has for me.

-I'll take care of everything
-Majority of Thamizans venture into...


-If the god can't save it...
-Don't lose hope.

I don't know who we turn to
for help.

Sir, these hybrid seeds are given
by private companies.

He has fertilized to the extent
that the earth has turned hot.

This will demand too much water supply.

The well is all dried up.

How is Velusamy managing to get water?

We buy water from Chettiar's farm
and water our fields.

Why didn't he install a borewell.

He can't afford to install a 800ft borewell
that costs five lacs.

Brother, how deep have you dug?

We drilled 240ft,
but there's not even one drop of water.

In this entire district,
no matter how much we drill in...

you can't find water,
until we dig 800ft.

If you dig in 800ft,
won't you hit sea water?

We hit that level long back.

We're happy that at least
we got sea water.

Whereas in Madurai and Tutucorin,
the groundwater has totally dried up.

-Welcome, buddy.

Why are so many left-hand-drive cars
parked out here?

Obviously, we've been exporting cars
right from this facility.

Why are cars being exported from here?

If they manufacture in their own country,
they can save on transportation.

That's not possible.

Their country has banned
manufacturing cars.

They banned it?

In order to manufacture one car,
it'll take five lac litres of water.

On an average you'll need two crore litres
of water per day.

Two crore litres for a day?

Don't be too surprised.

The jeans manufacturing company
uses three crore litres of water per day.

The copper company at Korapallam,
uses five crore litres of water.

In fact these companies are way better.

There's a cola company...

no one knows how many litres of water
that company consumes.

South Africa has run out of water.

So he's been selling them bottled water
in dollars.

If all the companies suck all the
water dry...

poor farmers are left in despair,

with water scarcity and have been
protesting for compensation.

I think you're talking about Velusamy.

He has no sense.

Next election is not until three years.

To win votes from farmers...

they'll waive off loans
and offer compensations.

If you protest now,
they won't even bother.

No one forced him to
take up agriculture.

People should change according to time.

I own thirteen acres of land.

But I didn't take up agriculture.

If I had, then I would've been in debt
just like Velusamy.

The employees at this company
have quit agriculture and joined here.

Only now we're leading a peaceful life.

Eight hours shift.

We're given uniforms.

And salary gets credited on time
every month.

We're living a great life.

Why did you ask me to get
farmers' survey report?

I got it because my father works
at the VAO office.

Take a look...

until 2010, there were 7,498 farmers
who took up agriculture.

But now there are only 1,350 farmers left.

Everyone got fed up and quit agriculture.

It's not only here, the entire Tamilnadu
is going through this wave.

It was a huge mistake, that I never
bothered to know what's happening out here.

A decade ago water was available
if we dig ten feet into the ground.

What's the reason that it has
gone to 800ft now?

It's because farmers are quitting

If this streak continues...

in the next thirty years India will turn
drought like Somalia.

What is the connection between
farmers quitting agriculture...

and water level going down?


The proof for groundwater are these roots.

Roots are the medium for
water seepage into earth.

Every year we get 22,00,000 crores litres
of water from Western Ghats.

From which 80% of the water...

gets wasted by mixing into the sea
due to negligent agriculture.

The rest of 20% is being used up
by corporate companies.

I wonder if the government is aware
of these things.

If they're not aware,
then we should let them know.

Sir, the Collector is busy
in an important meeting.

It'll take some time.

Not an issue, I'll wait for him.

Shall we play with the bell?

Ring it!

What is that noise?

Sir, our screams didn't reach you right?

You never gave an answer to
our charred crops.

I believe you'll answer when I'm charred
to ashes.



Whenever I saw a withered crop,
I withered tired of hunger.

Whenever I saw a withered crop,
I withered tired of hunger.

My heart aches for the poor,
who are tired of hunger and not able to feed.

Those who are in chronic pain,
I fell asleep and was heartbroken.

Poor souls as a measure of compensation...

I was shaken to see the loss it incurred.



Please let me die.

Don't save my life.

Why the hell did you do this?

Don't save me and kill me again.

I had no other option left to
save my honor.

My death will fetch my family a
compensation of two lacs.

To hell with money.
You could've asked me for it.

Taking a loan from you won't change
the situation.

I had enough.

That doesn't mean you had to kill yourself.

Your wife and your daughter are
dependent on you.

Did you ever think about their situation?

She got married to this useless farmer.

That's her sin to bear.

Son, let agriculture end with me.

Please make sure Meenakshi pursues
her education.

Please help her succeed in life.

Please help her succeed in life.



I worship farming as god.

I wonder what plan god has for me.

Hey, I can see the opposition party logo
out there.

Move our Chief's banner to that side.

Come to the right.
Come on, keep coming.

Ask those old hags to move.

Keep moving further.

Fine, place it out there.

Hey, move the dead body to the right.

Sir, we have arrived.

Where are we?

At the funeral.

Funeral? Turn that mirror.


Sir, too bad that you had to depart.

Give me the garland.

Vanakkam, ma!

Oh, god!

When I heard farmer Velusamy
committed suicide...

I was shocked and heartbroken.

Despite the government has done
a lot for the farmers...

it's not fair that they commit suicide
due to petty family issues.

I'm saying this to all the farmers
who are watching...

a coward's last weapon is suicide.

Don't be scared of problems.

I'm here for you people.

The government will always be there
for you people.

Be strong!

Hey, where is the check?

-Madam, here you go.
-Ma'am come over here.

Come over here and collect your check.

Sister, you please leave.

Why are you giving this check
to her?

Rather give it directly to
your brother-in-law.

He committed suicide only because
he could not repay him.

Is he the guy who is from

That's right, he's from NASA.

-The guy from the TV?
-Exactly, that's him.

Son, I can feel your pain.

But you don't have to get angry.

You've taken them for granted,
because no one cares to get angry.

Bhoomi, stop talking.

Mom, I have to talk.
So, let me talk.

Sir, aren't you the
Minister of Agriculture?

You have nine additional directors
of agriculture for various divisions...

along with thirty one joint directors
and 125 deputy directors.

Moreover, you have a husbandry
for each district...

and a joint director for it.

And 200-300 officers working under him.

In total there are 12,000 officers working.

I wonder why you people
don't do your job?

Are you there just to give compensation
to the dead farmers?

Mister, you're going overboard.
You have no idea about anything.

I believe you might even say
that we killed him.

That's right, you killed him!

When the farmers were protesting
demanding compensation...

you remained inside the car,

never stepped out for even a second,

but you chased and got them beaten up
by the Police.

If at all you had just stepped out
and heard their woes...

he would've been alive today.

Son, you're making wrong assumptions.

To all the farmers...

seeds, fertilizers, subsidy,

-what else did we offer?
-Crop insurance.

Loan waivers.

Crops insurance and loan waivers.

The government is doing so many
good things for them.


Where's he going?

Who gave approval for these seeds?

The company requested for an approval
in the morning...

you've approved it the same evening.

These are hybrid seeds.

It's a shame that you don't know
these demand huge water supply.

The groundwater has sunk to 800ft.

Are you not aware of that either?

Son, just because you're informed,
doesn't mean you can accuse the government.

They migrated to these hybrid seeds,
because it yielded more crops.

That means, you don't care if the
crops are charred and farmers die.

I thought you pursued your education
in America, don't you know this?

If it doesn't rain, the lands will go dry.

It's not a wet cloth in the
laundry bucket.

For it to drip water when wringing.

Or am I Lord of rains?

Amongst so many issues,
we fought with and govt.

and brought water to all the villages.

There's no need for us to
fight with them.

Tamilnadu has received more TMC rainfall...

than Karnataka and Kerala in these
past ten years.

What happened to that water?

It got mixed into the ocean.

It did not get mixed up in ocean, sir.

It's being supplied to corporates.

-Cut the feed, damn it.
-Don't cut the feed!

Isn't this a Farmer's Nation?

You're the Minister of Agriculture, right?

You are obligated to answer.

Tell me.

Hey, are you trying to grab attention?

You're screaming because
this farmer has died.

Do you know the history?

During the year, 1973...

India was plagued with unemployment.

Many youngsters committed suicide.

Only after corporate entered,
the problem of unemployment was resolved.

Just because they're working in
a corporate company,

even an ordinary graduate...

is earning handsomely up to
50,000 rupees a month.

They buy car, house, phone...

they can afford to eat out at the hotel

They pay tax for everything.

And in the name of taxes,
government makes money.

We use that tax money to provide
subsidy to farmers.

Also we can afford to compensate
their death.

These farmers bring loss to this country.

Corporate companies bring profits
to the country.

Now tell me, should we or not supply water
to the corporate companies?

I don't know what you mean by profits.

Do you think they can't manufacture cars
in their own country?

Or they can't manufacture the jeans
in their own country?

They can do it.

But if they do, their groundwater
will sink to 1000ft.

Their rivers will turn into puddles.

Their soil will get destroyed.

Their people will get cancer,
that's the reason they banned it.

These kind of international companies
just pay a rent of 3000 rupees per year,

electricity on subsidized rates
and gets allotted acres of land...

and you give them a red carpet welcome.

They come down and destroy all our
natural resources.

After destroying all our
natural resources...

they end up paying a meager
amount as taxes.

And you're proud of it.

But farmers' problems are
unimportant to you.

Sir, let me tell me you a history...

before independence there was no
industrial culture.

Just because farmers paid their taxes,
the government sustained its position.

Sir, India is still a nation of farmers.

A farmer that owns two acres of land
can make profits.

I can prove that they can pay
more taxes than an IT professional.

Hey, let him be the last farmer
who died under the pressure of debt.

Let's take him.

I worship farming as god.

Just because you filed a petition,
does that mean Govt. will compensate?

I believe you might even say
that we killed him.

Farmers bring loss to this country.

What the hell have you done, Bhoomi?

NASA filed a case against you.

You have to be in the United States,

They're awaiting you.

They're awaiting you.

Mr. Bhoominathan, there's an accusation
filed on you.

You have exposed the secret
of this project.

Also, you have violated the rules of NASA.

Do you accept these accusations
laid on you?

I agree!

As he has agreed to his mistakes...

please, cancel Bhoominathan's leave.

Mr. Bhoominathan, you're a
property of NASA.

Since, you have committed the mistake
first time.

NASA is ready to pardon you.

So, NASA has put forward a request.

hereafter, you should not talk anything
about farming in your country.

And should not involve in any activity
related to agriculture.

Also, you should join NASA's mission
right away.

Do you accept these requests?


He does not understand the seriousness.

Mr. Bhoominathan, you don't understand
the seriousness of this problem.

If you refuse, you'll have to pay a
hefty penalty of $20M to NASA.

Moreover, you'll lose your
American citizenship.

Your Honor, with your permission,
can I speak?


When I worked at the space station...

it takes 92 hours for me to get a
glimpse of my country from space.

My country looked beautiful from space.

But that beauty remained only from afar.

Only when I got closer,
I understood everything.

That my country is leading towards a
destructive path.

Your Honor,
if I agree to NASA's Mars mission...

I'll be the first person to set foot
on Mars.

I'll make my mark in history too.

The entire world would've celebrate me.

My dreams would've come true.

But when I return from this mission...

I won't have my country to live in.

I don't want to lose the reality to
fulfill my dreams.

If this is the price I have to pay...

I'm ready to go ahead with it.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Hey, where are you taking me?

We're going to Mudumalai forest
to get organic seeds.

If you wanted organic seeds,
I would've got it for you from our village.

They're organic for namesake.

It's full of chemicals and pesticides.

I'm looking for seeds before
the green revolution...

that are potent.

Do they exist now?

-They exist.

At a place where agriculture has not
turned into business.

Oh, mighty farmer!

Come and cultivate the universe!

To create a new world,
Wake up leader, wake up!

You can earn one lac per month.

I have a golden idea that'll require
just one acre of land.

If it's one lac per month,
my son will quit his job in Dubai.

Let your gene be smeared with farming

Show our enemies who we are

Don't be afraid of becoming
the sowing seed

Fertilizer is the strength of your heart,
please come

To pour your blood as water,
please come with me

To strengthen the soil, let your fingers
be the plough. Please come.

The drought that spreads like disease,
curb that with your intelligence

To begin a new green revolution
this moment please do come

Oh, mighty farmer!

Come and cultivate the universe!

To create a new world,
Wake up leader, wake up!

Oh, mighty farmer!

Come and cultivate the universe!

If a youngster puts his mind, he can,
decide leader, decide leader!

Oh, aren’t you the greatest mind
of the world?

Please come.

Aren’t you the angel who keeps its feet
on the ground? Please do come.

Aren’t you the friend who is accompanied
by the five elements?

Please come.

Aren’t you the mother who finds
happiness in feeding? Please come.

Transpose the green on your nerves
into the soil!

Come to create a new history
on this soil filled with warping worms

Oh, mighty farmer!

Come and cultivate the universe!

To create a new world,
Wake up leader, wake up!

Oh, mighty farmer!

Come and cultivate the universe!

If a youngster puts his mind, he can,
decide leader, decide leader!

Farming is not a pastime

The growing crops and the farmer’s life
may be your plaything

Your politics is not what we need

When youngsters join to farm.
The produce will be high

We would not allow one more life
to be destroyed

Like medicine, law, and engineering

Agricultural technology
will also change

Honey bees!

You can do it, brother!

Who sold our water to sell liquor
that destroys lives?

Who sold our land for erecting
smoke emitting factories?

We do not want free electricity

We don't!

We will generate electricity
from natural light

We will!

You do not have to write-off our loans

Please don't!

We will work hard to repay

Shall pay!

Come farmer, come to rule the land

Come on, mighty farmer!

You are the true Thamizhan

True Thamizhan rise up!

Tool that you carry on your shoulder
is not just to plough the land

Also join hands to tear the face
of our enemy

Oh, mighty farmer!

Come and cultivate the universe!

To create a new world,
Wake up leader, wake up!

Today in our program,
High-Achieving Thamizhan...

we're going to meet NASA scientist

who made agriculture possible on one acre land
and still managed to pay taxes.


-Welcome, sir. Congratulations!
-Thank you.

There are many unresolved issues
in agriculture...

but you've raised a huge challenge.

Is this possible?

Sir, if an individual earns
1,25,000 per month...

-are they eligible to pay taxes?
-Yes, they are eligible.

In five months,
on just two acres of land...

I made 6,22,000/-

Sir, I own five acres of land.

Even if we fill it with
bags of fertilizers...

it's really hard to even make
two lacs per year.

-Sir, do you know accounts?
-Yes, I do.

Please come over here.

Sir, this is my farm.
It's only two acres of land.

I'm growing three types of greens
on 55 cents.

It fetches me 138 bunches every day.

I make 39,000 rupees per month as profit
from the greens alone.

Then calculate how much is it
for four months?

-It's 1,56,000 rupees.
-Note it down.

I make a profit of 18,000 rupees a month
from country cows.

I turn the cow dung into
earthworm compost.

Black gold!

In five months I could make
three tonnes of that compost.

I earned 26,000 rupees from that compost.

I grew paddy on the rest of the
one acre land.

The paddy alone fetched me a
profit of 3,00,000 rupees.

Now tally the numbers...

you'll get the said account.


For nation's well-being both the
economy and ecology should go together.

It shouldn't bother the environment
and should also fetch income.

The only profession that'll make it happen,
is agriculture.

Don't think you're different from a farmer.

If a farmer dies under the
pressure of debt,

we'll die due to scarcity of water.

That's the only difference.

He's absolutely right.

Made in Germany,
Made in France, Made in USA,

we've been manufacturing for the
other countries.

Where is Made in India?

Denmark is a country that has only
cow as its resource...

but offers free education,
free toll plaza and free medicines.

Why can't we do the same when we're
an agricultural nation?

One lac per month from
an acre of land...

as stated by the NASA scientist.

He has proved his theory.
What else do we need?

Since childhood we've been misguided
in regards to education.

Despite having an Engineering degree,
we're still looking for jobs.

Agriculture is not a wrong profession.

Are you ready to pay tax by making
one lac per month, just like I did?

Brother, he sounds like trouble.

He has messed with the Satan.

His bad time has started.

Wait and watch.

As a first step,

this Friday I'm going to conduct
a seed-carnival at my farm.

I'll give seeds to the 1000 farmers
who will trust me on this.

In next four months,
they can do the same for other farmers.

If that happens,
in a year all the farmers in Tamilnadu

will convert to organic agriculture.

This is an Agricultural Nation.

Support farmers!

I praise thee, Mother!

-This farm looks great!
-Yes, indeed.

My son made this with utmost care.


-Oh, no, what happened?
-Mom, what happened?

Hey, you go and get the tractor.

Brother-- Brother!

-Mom, you stay right here.
-Bhoomi, be careful.


Hey, be careful.


Oh, no!

Don't worry, we've arrived.

Someone please get the stretcher!

Come on.

Be careful.

Be careful. Please someone help him.

-Take him inside.
-Oh, no!

For reasons unknown, the people
who visited Bhoominathan's farm...

have been admitted at the hospital
because their eyes started bleeding.

My eyes are burning!

-Oh, no, I'm not able to take it.
-Take him inside.

Brother, please bear with me.

Sister, please take care.

Doctor-- Doctor, what is happening?

We're trying our best,
but can't stop the bleeding.

It doesn't stop.

-They're slowly turning blind.

I think it's a new kind of virus.


Brother, it's nothing. Don't worry.

Doctor, can you...

magnifying glass.
Can I have a magnifying glass?

Nurse give him a magnifying glass.



Doctor, can you please check
on this mark?

-Please check on this mark.
-I'm on it.


Bhoomi, a lot of Police has arrived.

I'm very scared!

They're going to burn down the farm.

Buddy, they're not letting us inside.
Ask them what is the issue?

Bhoomi, don't spare them.

Who are you?

You should've made a mark
as the first man on Mars from India.

What are you doing out here?

Do I look like, the person who supplied
the wrong seeds and fertilizers...

and the one who destroyed
the lands by inducing chemicals.

Do I look like the owner of
Consenta company?

You stated, this car company,
jeans company...

also the cola company,

are sucking the water dry from this land,

and are destroying the resources
of your country.

Do I look like the owner of
that company too?

Yes, I own that company too.

My name is Richard Child.

Do you brush your teeth, once you wake up?
What toothpaste do you use?

The names may be different.

Their colors may differ too.

Even the company may differ.

But everything belongs to us.

Which soap?
Do you need soft skin?

Or do you need tradition
and science?

Or do you need utmost trust?

Everything belongs to us.

Both coffee and tea belongs to us.

So does ice cream and noodles.

And biscuits too.

Right from the medicines you use...

till the oxygen you breathe.

Everything in your country
belongs to us.

Do you know, that it all belongs to
just thirteen families?

These thirteen families rule the
entire world.

Your soil is a slave to me.

It should only germinate to
my hybrid seeds.

It should only grow to my chemicals.

It should not germinate to your
organic seeds.

It should not grow to your cow dung.

He won't speak. One moment.

-Start the show.

People, you can shoot your questions.


Sir, twenty six people have lost
their eye-sight...

what are the measures taken
by the government?


It's not a mistake made by
the government.

Note down that scientist Bhoominathan
is responsible for it.

The virus was spread from the farm
cultured by Bhoominathan...

has led to loss of eye-sight in people.
I'm not saying this.

The investigation report states it.
Am I right?

How is it possible for a virus to spread
from an organic farm?

Take it for instance,
if the vegetables go rotten...

it forms bacteria.

Similarly, with the rotten vegetables...

and meat, Bhoominathan created
a manure.

The virus has spread from it.

What action is the government
going to take?

We have arrested, Bhoominathan.

In order to stop the virus spreading
from his farm...

we have sealed it.

We have burned it down.

Bhoominathan's farming techniques...

should not be followed by the people.

If they still go ahead,
it will be considered a crime as per law.

Strict action will be taken
against them.

Are you getting angry?

You must be angry, because your
elected government is speaking nonsense.

It's because your government is also
a slave to me.

Who should reign in power...

and who should man the position,

is decided by me.

People's vote doesn't decide.

If everyone starts to make millions
by taking up agriculture...

then who will come and work
at my factory.

Moreover, they'll start paying their taxes.

Then even your government won't
dance to my tunes.

If everyone is given healthy food...

my medicines won't sell.

You're trying to create a world
without me in it.

I won't let that happen.

If this bullet enters your brain...

your life will end in a second.


I won't let you getaway with
such a small punishment.

You can predict the future
of your nation, right?

I hate that mind.

Next fifty years of your life
will be inside a prison.

I'll ask them to give you a TV.

I'll ask them to give you
newspaper everyday.

Watch your country turning into
another Somalia.

Each and every day that you're going to
be alive...

"Oh, no, I'm not able to do
anything about it.

I'm not able to change anything."

You'll regret being alive
and would wish to die.

That's going to be your punishment.


It's better you kill me right here.

If not I'll chase you away
from my country.


It's better you kill me right here.

If not I'll chase you away
from my country.

I'm talking with the arrogance
that my nation is known for.

You may rule any country
in this world.

But I won't let you rule my country.

In just one year...

I'll chase you away from my country.

That's why I'm warning you,
better kill me right now.

Hey, take him away.

You're trying to create a world
without me in it.

I won't let that happen.

Watch your country turning into
another Somalia.

Hey, let go of me.

Wow, that's a gorgeous country!

It's beautiful.

But it's poor.

The resources that your country needs...

I'm here to give in abundance.

Your country has beautiful streams
and rivers.

We can build a chemical company out here.

A jeans manufacturing company too.

Obviously, a cola company too.

And for sure a copper company.

We can generate employment for
three lac families.

And your government can collect
taxes from them.

We should never forget the farmers,
who are our backbone.

I will supply you with hybrid seeds.

That'll fetch you four times the produce.

The groundwater is at ten feet deep.

We'll build a car manufacturing
company out here.

The cars you manufacture out here...

can be exported to my country directly.

These mountains are astounding.

You can demolish these mountains
and supply the concrete to many countries.

And you can make millions from that deal.

Hey, what are you guys doing?

Initially to all the patients we give oxygen
to begin the treatment.

But oxygen is not agreeing with him.

It's reverse and his body is agreeing
to carbon dioxide.

We've consulted with
world's leading doctors.

No one has a clue in how to proceed
with the treatment.

Looking at the patient's reaction,
they can only hold up to five more hours.


Hey, baldie. if you wish for your uncle
to live,

he may have to go to Mars.

If he wish to live on this Earth...

he'll be at Bhoominathan's mercy.

Come downstairs!


Stop right there. Don't shoot him.

Hey, don't come close.
Please step away.

Don't touch him.

Step aside. Don't touch him.
Sir, you please come with me.

Good times are upon our country.

They're going to invest millions to
develop our nation.

Every citizen will be presented with
employment opportunity.

Farmers are going make five times profit.

Our nation is going to grow multi-fold
in industrial culture.


Hello, chief. It looks like you're selling
Laos to someone.

I got your whereabouts from Google.

All this while your slaves recited
the poetry written by you.

It's like writing using a pencil...

the mistakes can be edited
and corrected.

Hereafter, everything I'm going to write...

will be imprinted just like a
permanent marker.

Even if someone wishes
it can't be erased.

Neither can it be changed.

I hope that country has a strong
mobile network.

If possible catch the live telecast.

And one more thing, chief.
Are you free tomorrow?

It's because, our Indian law is awaiting
your precious presence.

Please do come!

Thousands of criminals can manage
to escape.

But an innocent person
shouldn't be punished.

Four days ago, at the seed carnival
conducted by scientist Bhoominathan...

twenty six people lost their eye-sight
due to a spread of virus.

Bhoominathan or the manure he made
is not responsible for the incident.

Constanta insecticide company
is responsible for it.

The virus had spread from
their insecticides.

The genetically modified tomato seeds
manufactured by them...

consists the genes of frogs,

and the banana consists of locusts' genes
in them.

This could be the reason
for the spread of the virus.

Until the investigation is completed,

Consenta company will be
temporarily under seal.

People responsible for this
heinous crime...

will be arrested right away.

Bhoominathan will be released,
as he has not committed any crime.

Sir, what the hell are you doing?

Just marking my territory.

Every brick of this house...

I was checking,
if it reeks of my money.

Take a seat.

Can I have a coffee?


What is it?

-Get me a coffee.

Sir, you have no idea, the situation I was in
when I took that decision.

I literally came back from the dead.

Sir, do you know why they have
dogs as pets?

To save the owner's life
when they're in trouble.

But the dog in order to save
its own skin...

shouldn't betray its owner.


Vanakkam, sir.

Sir, here's the petition.

Hey, serve me boneless meat,
damn it.


Give me water

Just because you brought me
to the court...

don't think you've won this battle.

The thought that no one can beat you...

is going to be the end of you, Chief!

Wait and watch.

Mr. Richard Child.

The virus responsible for twenty six people
losing their eye-sight...

originated from your company,

also you have wrongly accused
Bhoominathan for it.

These are the allegations against
your company.

Do you accept these?

-Your Honor--
-Hey, lawyer!

Sit down.

The virus originating from my company...

and is responsible for people losing
their eye-sight, is all fake.

But I don't want to argue about it.

It's your wish to believe.

This is not the way to behave
in the court of law!

It's a contempt of court,
you know.

If you continue this behaviour,
I'll have to get you arrested.

You can't arrest me.

I'm just an investor.

He's the authorized signatory
of the company.

If you wish to, you can arrest him.

Will you get arrested?

Anything for you, sir.

Order! Order!

Few people think that the law is under
their opulent thumb.

They should understand that
no one is above law.

Mr. Pandian, get that CEO arrested
right away.

The company which is under
temporary seal...

shut it down permanently.


Without me,
agriculture will hit a roadblock.

You don't have the source for the seeds.

What will you do for your livelihood?

I'll give twenty four hours to you
and the Indian Government.

This same court should issue an order,
to reopen my company.

Did you just say,
you're the only source for the seeds?

We have ample resources.

How much do you have?

Do you have a kilo or two kilos of it?

I have enough to supply entire Tamilnadu.

I'll play a short film, watch it.

Your Honor!

It was Thamizhan who taught agriculture
to this world.

A country with such integrity...

I'm ashamed to hear a foreigner
challenging us...

saying that we can't do
agriculture without his help.

If he had challenged any other country...

they might have bowed down to him.

But he shouldn't have challenged the land
ruled by Cherans, Cholans and Pandians.

Please watch this.

This is the count of all the temples
in Tamilnadu.

These temples not only house the deities...

there's science that benefits people.

Kings of those days,

while building temples,
built tall towers...

and fixed urns on top of it.

Even if the villages get destroyed
due to natural disasters...

agriculture shouldn't get destroyed.

So, they stored seeds inside those urns
fixed on top of the towers.

These are very potent seeds
from our country.

Temples that were not anoited
for more than hundred years...

still have the seeds stored inside them.

To retrieve these seeds,

we've filed a petition on behalf of
Tamilnadu Farmers Association.

If you permit us,
in a way that'll break sir's arrogance...

please issue a strong order.
We request with utmost sincerity.

Your Honor, my client has an agreement
with our government.

You shut up!

Mr. Bhoomi, your petition has been
accepted by the court.

You can take as much seeds as you require
from the temples...

I'll issue an order to the Religious and
Charitable Endowments Department.

What say, Chief!

I retrieved my land from you.

Now it will listen only to our words.

Our government and the people
have understood your intentions.

Just like I mentioned...

in just a year,
I'll chase you away from my country.

You should've killed me back then.

You made a mistake.

If I put a bounty of hundred millions
on your head...

your own people will kill you
for the money.

If I decide, in just an hour...

I can change the laws of your country
and reopen my companies.

But I'm not going to do either of it.

You celebrate this as your victory.

I'll take it that I updated
the OS on my phone.

You're under the impression that
you brought change.

Mark my words!

You can't change anything out here.

You locked horns with me
for the sake of these farmers.

I'll make sure to destroy
the race of farmers.

And you will be responsible for that.

And then you'll commit suicide.

You just got a court order.

The towers are too tall.

Give it a try.

I wonder what's the farthest
you've seen the world?

May be 40,000 feet in the air
inside a flight.

I've seen this world from a distance
of 7,00,000 kms.

I'm not scared of heights!

You couldn't dare to stop me,
when I was all alone.

Now I have my people's support.

Let's wait and watch,
how you surpass our power!

Despite orders from the court...

by transgressing the heritage of temples,
the seeds can't be taken...

the religious groups have come down
protesting in opposition to it.

What will be Bhoominathan's next move?

Roots have risen,
you too rise high.

There's no indifference between us

come on join hands with us.

People have come together,
and made it possible.

Our ancestors have said it right.

Sky will abide,
and the earth will applaud.

Rage with anger.

Seer with pride.

Pour your hearts.
Knocking on the door.

Let the god hear us.
And wad off the evil.

We trust in you.
The rest is in gods' hands.

Our ancestors have said it right.

Unexpectedly, all the people gathered
at the temple,

joined shoulders with Bhoominathan,
and built a human pyramid,

and without hurting the holiness
of the temple...

successfully took out the seeds
from the urns on the top of the temple.

Sir, our plan failed.

Bhoominathan, took away all the seeds
from the urns on the temple tower.

Following him all the farmers
are taking seeds from all temples.

Hey, people who have not registered yet,
please register now.

Tell me, brother. I'll make a note.

Consenta shares are starting to
get affected.

The future investment, the expansion,

Christopher, do you know something.
Indians are brilliant.

But they are cowards.

Their lifetime ambition is to graduate
and work for corporates.

They prefer to work continuously.

If they don't have a job,
they'll die.

But Richard, if they start agriculture,
they'll be their own CEOs

They'll never become CEOs.

Stop it!

I said, stop it!

Stop it!

Hey, Raghu, what is the problem?

You people are our problem!

This file contains the list of people who
are going to do agriculture with Bhoomi.

Their kith or kin, relatives, friends,
doesn't matter who they are, fire them all.

As you people have stepped into

they fired us all saying that we shouldn't
step into corporate companies.

Hey, why did they fire you people,
because we're doing agriculture?

"Stop water supply to
corporate companies...

shut down international companies,"
you people are his supporters.

It's obvious that they'll fire us.




And their caste!

A corporate job to them
is above all of it.

Let them decide for themselves.

Whether they select corporate.

Or they plump for agriculture.

There's no point in blaming you people.

In the pretense of bringing revolution
and innovation in agriculture...

that person has lured you people out here.
He should be blamed for it.

-Where is he?

I haven't lured anyone out here.

You're a stooge to corporates.

Don't you dare say anything ill about
my hard-working farmers.

Why shouldn't I speak up?

I have every right to speak.

They fired each and everyone related to
farmers who are in support of you.

He has blacklisted us everywhere.

No one will hire us now.

Sir, I don't have a father.

I'm earning, so that my sister can
pursue education.

Now what do you have to
say about it?

Sir, I worked for twenty three years
in that company.

It was because of you,
I was kicked out of the company.

Are you happy now?

Now what do I tell my children?

Should I say, that I'm not capable enough
to pay their school fees?

Sir, our family was always oppressed
due to caste.

I'm the first member of family
who had graduated and had a job.

Today, because of you,
I've lost that job.

Do you expect us to go back
to being slaves?

Dad needs a surgery and mom has asthma,
I'm left in despair now.

We've been abandoned.
Now where do we go from here?

I'll hire you people.

Will you guys work with me?

Are you mocking us?

I was making 1,50,000 rupees per month.

Do you think you can match that number?

Get on the stage,
I'll answer your question.

He's calling you right?
Get on the stage.

Explain to them in layman terms,
what you did in marketing?

Your job and salary is confirmed.
Explain it to them.

I worked as the Head of Production team.

I had a team working under me.

My team had to go to every shop
in the city...

and prepare a report for the stock
of confectioneries required.

We will forward the report to the
production department.

And they'll start producing
according to it.

If we hire him right now...

we can fix a price of our choice
for our produce.

I don't understand.

Last week how many of you
supplied tomatoes?

We all did.

How much did you sell it for?

I sold it for an unfair price
of five rupees per kilo.

-Hello, sister.

What was the price you paid recently
for a kilo of tomatoes?

I bought it for thirty rupees a kilo.

You sold your produce for
five rupees a kilo.

But when the consumer bought,
it was thirty rupees a kilo.

Then who has been reaping the benefits of
twenty five rupees?

It goes to the mediator.

If we remove that mediator
and just employ him.

We can definitely fix the price
of our choice for our produce.

It all sounds good and dandy.

The corporate companies spend millions...

on infrastructure and technology,

and have employed all of them.

They can afford to do it.

We don't have anything.
How can we afford to do it?

If we stay apart we can never achieve it.

But if all the farmers of Tamilnadu unite,
we can do it.

We can make profits up to
1,00,000 crores a year.

Ten percent from those profits...

let us give it to them.

We can generate employment
to millions of youngsters like him.

He will be our Sales Head
from this moment.

Brother, who do you usually report to?

We report to the Human Resources team.

Is there a HR team in this crowd?


Come on, get on the stage.

Go ahead.

Is there anyone from Packaging department?

We need Telemarketers too.


Buddy, aren't you a supervisor?

Come on, join us.

I believe you're from transportation.
Come on, join us.

We have all the departments required to
become a corporate.

Shall we turn it into a
huge corporate of Tamilnadu?

Let's do it!

Corporate against Corporate!

Brilliant man!

But I don't understand one thing.

It'll take minimum three months
to start production.

They have to penetrate the market.

Now that he has become a corporate.

And has employed so many people.

How is he going to manage to pay
their salaries?

And how will his employees pay
their EMIs next month?

They're our Indian corporates!

Do you know how much they've invested
in us based on trust?

Five hundred crores!

This is Mr. Nithin,
owner of Saraswathi Company, Tirupur.

His company alone has a demand
of 12,000 tonnes of cotton.

-Can we meet his demands?
-Sure we can!

This is Mr. Vijay of Nandan Food Products.

His company has consistent demand
for all kinds of rice and pulses.

-Can we meet his demands?
-Sure we can!

He is Mr. Sathyanarayana.

His company has a demand of 7000 tonnes
of sugar to produce soft drinks.

-Can we meet his demands?
-Sure we can!

The corporates hold just 1% of the land.

But is holding our country
under their tyranny.

We hold 60% of the land...

shall we become the tyrants who
trample their tyranny?

We shall do it!

I praise thee, Mother!

I praise thee, Mother!

I praise thee, Mother!

-Hey, Christopher.

Don't underestimate him.

I hope you realize why he's joining hands
with Indian Corporates.

He's trying to prove that foreign products
are unhealthy and non-organic.

Can't you see he's projecting Indian products
are superior and organic?

History has the proof, that no one has
turned fair by using fairness creams.

All of us are aware of that fact.

But in the past fifty years,
we've sold them in large numbers.

Science states that drinking cola
can make a person impotent.

But a man drinks that cola when he's with
his girlfriend sipping on double straws.

They'll speak ill about my product.

They'll also post on social media
boycotting my products.

But at the strike of dawn,
they can't live without my products.

I have them right where I want them.

So, what I have in mind right now...

let his idea grow a little further.

Do you know what our brand is called?



We have no fear over anything

We have no fear over anything

Even if the sky cracks on us,
we have no fear over anything

Sun will guard us

Uniforms will shine

Let's join hands to create a new world

Rain should smile, when you switch on

Our paths should be paved
when we say ‘BOOM’

Come my dear friend
let's pull out the weeds

When our man walks with pride
whistles blow on all the sides

Agriculture 2.0!

When the shovel is picked by the hands
that've never touched it,

It kindles fire

Agriculture 2.0!

In the farming land Bluetooth is beaming
with folk songs

It’s so thrilling. Agriculture 2.0!

Say you are a Thamizhan!

Say you are a Thamizhan!

Say you are a Thamizhan!

Say you are a Thamizhan!

Say you are a Thamizhan!

Say you are a Thamizhan!

Say you are a Thamizhan!

We're proud Thamizhans

Our heads are held high with pride

We're about to conquer the world

We're proud Thamizhans

Our heads are held high with pride

We're about to conquer the world

The person who enjoyed watching you cry

The one who crushed me when I fell

We should explode and grow for him
to look up to us

Field should overflow with vegetation

When zoomed,
worms should be seen warping

The heart should understand that
It's not soil, but gold

Multi-storey buildings should be
blown apart to expand the farming land

Agriculture 2.0!

Graduated minds walking into the field,
farming will flourish

Agriculture 2.0!

In the farming land Bluetooth is beaming
with folk songs

It’s so thrilling. Agriculture 2.0!

Seated in an IT Company

Ordering food from Swiggy

War on PUBG

Has faded away!

Youngsters looking up at the sky
with a "wow"

Celebrating and dancing near the lakes

Work and workout put together

Freshens up the body and the mind

Passion and earning come together

It turns your world into
a beautiful place

The brains that we lent to the
foreign countries

Have come together to save
our motherland

The crowd that called us fools

Have been threatened by
seeing us flourish

We're proud Thamizhans

Our heads are held high with pride

We're about to conquer the world

We're proud Thamizhans

Our heads are held high with pride

We're about to conquer the world

We're proud Thamizhans

Our heads are held high with pride

We're about to conquer the world

We're proud Thamizhans

Our heads are held high with pride

We're about to conquer the world

Brother, our truck has departed
from Coimbatore.

Kathir has gone with them.

And Ashok has gone to Trichy.

Vehicles have departed from
all our warehouses.

Only the vehicle from Tirunelveli
is yet to leave.

It'll depart in five minutes,
Vicky is with them.

Everything is going according to plan.

Bhoomi, this is okay, right?

Yeah, okay.

You guys carry on with the work.

Okay, come with me.

Hey, Bhoomi!

You missed me? I'm back!

And guess what?

Your first customer is none other than me.

Very nice.

The best salad I've ever had.

If your people get a taste of
this produce...

that's it, they'll celebrate you.


I won't let it happen.

You still don't get it?

Long ago there used to be
a cola company

I won't let him sell his cola,
when I have to sell mine.

I did a simple thing.

I paid and bought all the bottles
from the market and broke them.

The cola will enter the market
only when the bottles are available.

Poor thing, he ordered the bottles...

and by the time it reached the market,

people totally forgot about the
brand itself.


the people forgot about
the taste of India.

Your produce which you care for
more than your life.

Do you know what is going to
happen to it?

-Brother, what happened?
-Boss, the trucks are on strike.

Hey, what are you doing over here?

The vegetables have to reach the stores
by tonight.

Brother, this decision was taken
by the association.

There's nothing we can
do about it.



Buddy, it's a national truck strike,

All the trucks are standstill.

We're getting calls from Coimbatore
and Madurai.

All the trucks are stranded.

Now what do we do?

Buddy, Richard is behind the hike
in diesel price and truck strike.

He's preventing the produce
from reaching the stores.

Hey, if he's an obstacle,
then break him.

Ask everyone who owns a tricycle or
goods carrier to come over here.

My call is making you tremble right?

I hope you realize now
who you're up against.

Bhoomi, I believe you're headed
to the store on the high temple street.

There's a store right next to it.

Shall I send you the road map to it?

In 100 meters take a left turn.

In 200 meters take a right turn.

Your destination is on the left.

Hey, I'll get down over here.

You two head to Annachi's store at
high temple street.

Sure brother, I'll take care of it.
You carry on.

-You guys go.
-Sure, brother.

Hey, why are you guys standing still?

Unload the goods and take it inside
the store.

The shopkeeper refused to buy our stock.

You go ahead and speak to him.

Brother, what is the problem?

Why are you refusing to
buy the stock?

We've got the stock you had ordered for.

Brother, step aside with me.

Every refrigerator is given by him.

And he's paying the electricity bill
for it.

He pays a rent of 10,000 rupees per month
for all the displays.

It cost me two millions to set up
this store.

The entire range of products on display
are from his companies.

The stock is given on seven million credit
for six months.

If I buy from you, he's asking me to
return everything at once.

I agree that we're from the same clan.

I can't lock horns with him
when Pongal is around the corner.

Please, understand my plight.

The shop display board on the outside
was given by him too.

He pays the electricity bill
for it too.

What is he saying?

Oh, just because he's making money...

he decided to slave himself to the
foreigners who were once chased away.

Hey, baldie, come outside,
damn it.

-Are you coming out? Or shall I--

It's not fair, buddy.
Not just this store...

all the stores in Tamilnadu
are refusing to buy our produce.

All our men are waiting outside the stores.

We worked hard for the
past five months...

not to just stand outside the stores.

Hey, he's doing this to provoke us.

If we get provoked now...

-he'll win this battle.
-What do we do now?

Get me a hot cup of tea.

Hey, what are you doing?

He's preventing our produce
from entering the stores.

Let's turn the goods carriers into stores.

Make a call to all our friends.

Ask everyone to go live on social media.

And tell everyone to turn the vehicles
into stores just like this.

And tell everyone to turn the vehicles
into stores just like this.

Chief, I'm very tired!

You gave me a good run around.

But for some reason,
I really enjoyed it.

Who the hell are you?

You've been doing wonders.

I made a mistake by underestimating
your brilliance.

You're the same guy right,
who said, give me a seed...

I'll give you a new world.

You turned the vehicles into stores.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions.


I believe you relished our produce.

Just wait for my people to get a taste
of our produce.

Your dictatorship will be destroyed.

And the omnipotence of the people
will hold their heads high.

You would've grown a teeny bit of
overconfidence by now.

Because you've come so far.

Your brilliant mind by now would've
gained enough confidence to defeat me.

I'm going to break your arrogance now.

Bhoomi. Bhoomi. Bhoomi!

I've used my last draw of powerful weapon.

Do you hear any noise?

Can you hear your herd of monkeys charging
with their tongues wagging?

I can hear it clearly.

It's coming, Bhoomi.

It's coming.

Just like the countdown before
the rocket launch.

I'm going to give you a countdown now.






I dreamt to change the face of the earth,
my friend

If you end up betraying me...

it's not fair, my friend.

It's not saddening that I lost

But when our people lose...

the future is lost too.

Sir, you're a little late to the store.

The entire stock at the store
has been wiped out.

I'm sure you wouldn't have seen
such an offer during Pongal.

If you buy a soap,
you get five kilos of tomatoes free.

If you buy toothpaste,
three kilos of onions are free.

Just for a face cream,
you get five kilos of rice free.

You missed an amazing offer, sir.

This year Pongal is extravagant!

What do I say to these tears
rolling down in despair?

Hey, I've been observing you.

Your arrogance and pride has been

I'am looking at your defeat and your face
drowned in despair.

The people of your country sell their votes
for a mere five thousand rupees.

You never realized that your people
might betray you for free goods.

I'm not scared to lose!

But losing to our own people...

is the epitome of failure.

Bhoomi, we didn't lose.

Let's continue our fight.


Who should I fight for?

If the enemy is a stranger,
I would've fought endlessly.

But it's my own people who are
my enemies.

Then who should I fight for?

I wouldn't have bothered,
even if I got defeated by him.

I did everything with the hope
for them to win...

but my people...

defeated my purpose.

I have no will to live, Shakti.

Hey, don't speak nonsense.

Hey, Bhoomi, look at me.

Hey, look at me.

Hear me out!

Go and look outside.

Look at the respect the people
have given you.


Go and take a look.


I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

Hey, why are you guys burning down
his stock.

It's not your sole responsibility to
save this nation.

We too care about our nation.

We bought everything yesterday
to burn it today during Boghi.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother!

Just because they messed with our bulls
during Jallikattu issue...

hope you witnessed the protest
staged at Marina.

Now in the name of freebies,
he has hurt our honor.

We can't let him slide.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

All these years to celebrate Boghi...

we used to burn useless things
from the house.

But this Boghi we're burning down things
that are useless to our nation.

It's the right thing to do.

Come on, brother, let's burn it all.

I praise thee, Mother.

Brother, you sacrificed a lot
for our well-being...

the least we can do is sacrifice
our one month's earnings.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

Brother, Tamilnadu welcomes the expats
with open arms.

But we won't let you down
for the sake of a foreigner.

Come on, brother.
Let's burn it all.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

Brother, I could only afford this much
with my piggy bank.

Let's prove them we're united.

Brother, please burn this yourself.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

Strong are our hearts to save the land

We stood with non-violence and won,
shaking the world

Using the zest of our minds

showed the possibility of sharpening
the weapons

Love? Attribute like waves
of the shore?

Friend, our India will take care of you
with the grit of a mountain!

Have you seen that honor is our life?

And have you known the type
of our valour?

Have you ever seen such unity?

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

Strong are our hearts to save the land

I praise thee, Mother.

Brothers’ hands are joining together!

I praise thee, Mother.

Despite millions of differences
among us,

to save our land, we will stand united

If the land which sought justice
for a bull

is snatched, we will become
the burning fire

Our capability equivalent to the
shore’s waves

And our anger burning like a volcano

Even the breeze in India
will talk about it

Have you seen that honor is our life?

And have you known the type
of our valour?

Have you ever seen such unity?

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

I praise thee, Mother.

Strong are our hearts to save the land

I praise thee, Mother.

Brothers’ hands are joining together!

What'd you like to drink, sir?

-Black coffee.
-Just a moment please.

Hey, don't be fooled that I lost.

This is not over yet.

Freedom was attained after a
struggle for 200 years...

but your people sold it in
just forty seven years.

I've seen bigger protests than Jallikattu.

Being forgetful is your nation's disease.

Is agriculture important or hydrocarbon?

Is methane important or lignite?

I'll keep the people of your nation

You still haven't learned about our nation.

Leeches like you will exist until the
people realize of them as slaves.

Once they come to their senses...

the entire nation will come together
and chase you away.

You won't change.

Everyday when I wake up
in the morning...

I'll be worried about your new schemes,

to break the unity of the people
of my nation.

If I keep thinking about how you're going to
destroy their advancement...

then my mind will become your slave.

Our nation is already way behind.

Our neighboring countries have
advanced ahead.

So, I'm going to use my brilliance...

for the sake of my people's

My people have come together.

And you're trying to break their unity.

We don't need this, chief.

So, what do you have in mind?

Do you like the coffee?

Do you know what is in that coffee?

The *** you used to
destroy my soil.

I've used the same under
a different combination.

Just like how you turned our children
autistic with your chemicals.

Similarly, you'll turn autistic in moments.

You offered me TV and newspaper.

Now, you just stay this course...

and watch our country move forward
for hundred years on the TV.

I remember you mentioned that
only thirteen families rule this world.

If any one of those families even think
of ruling or enslaving my country...

I'll do the same what I did to you.

I praise thee, Mother!