Beyond the Limit (1983) - full transcript

Dr. Eduardo Plarr, despite the name is an Anglo working in a Latin American country. His work is a return home after several years. He begins to form and re-establish friendships and begins an affair. All of this comes together to create problems when he is asked to help revolutionaries kidnap a diplomat.

Richard Gere

The Honorary Consul

Northern Argentina
on the border with Paraguay

Theme composed by
Paul McCartney

Performed by
Paul McCartney & John Williams

Based upon the Novel by
Graham Greene

I am a doctor.

Little spot of bother in there,
could you give me a hand?

Oh thanks, thank you.

I say, you're Dr. Plarr,
aren't you? - Yes.

Very glad to meet you,
I am Dr. Humphries.

Oh no, a D in Literature,
not a genuine quack like you.

Well, what can I do for you?

Oh well you see, bloody
waiter went home, come along.

How do you know my name?


I only just moved up here.

Yeah, well things travel
quickly you know in a town like this.

And so you've
left Buenos Aires eh?


You know you and I constitute two thirds
of the resident English population in this hole.

And this is the other third.

Who is he?

I am sorry to tell you,
he's the British honorary consul...

Mr. Charles Fortnum.

Come on Fortnum.
- It' the measures you know.

If they give you the wrong
sort of glass you get confused.

All right?

Oh not to worry. I was
quiete comfy down there.

I've sat on far worse things I
can tell you. Horses for example.

I'm not going to get
him home in this state.

Look, would you do me a favor,
would you give him a lift home?

Home? No, no, no, no,
I don't want to go home.

I want to go to
senora Sanchez's.


It's the local brothel.

I thought they were illegal.

No, this is a
military headquarters,

they don't pay any attention to
people in Buenos Aires, not down here.

Family man are you?


I was married once,
about twenty years ago.

Dreadful American
woman. Intellectual.

Didn't understand
human nature, she left me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

The thing is I feel
a good deal more human...

after I've drank about,
just over half a bottle.

What of, wine?

Oh wine, whisky, gin...
doesn't make any difference.

You see it's the
measure that count,

so if they give you
the wrong size glass

you don't know where you are.

That's why I'm a
little bit pissed now...

It's the next
on the left, just here.

Oh it's a one way street.

Oh, it's diplomatic
immunity old man.

Have you spotted him?

I really appreciate this.

I was all right
when I was sitting down.

Come on.

Who are you anyway?

Plarr, I'm a doctor.

You know what,
I can really talk to you.

Yeah, yeah.

The Spanish are all right but they don't
understand the really important things,

soft slippers, taking the dog
for a walk, not like in England.

I wouldn't know,
never been there.

What's your other name?


Oh, I thought you were English.

I am, my mother's Paraguayan.

Hey, here we are.


Do you mind if I call you Ted?

Call me anything you like.

She'll be with you in a minute...


I shan't forget this Ted. If there is ever
anything I can do for you don't hesitate, eh?

Blood you know.


'S thicker than water.

Whisky doctor?


I employ your colleague,
Dr. Benevento. He was here this evening...

My girls are very clean.

And I'm very tired.


But now I know where you are.

Perhaps you will come
and see us another night.

Perhaps I will.

If your father had ever passed
through our hands, we'd be able...

to locate him in a couple of
hours but in Paraguay they're still...

having difficulty grasping
the concept of the fingerprint.

No, I'm grateful to you for trying.

How long is it since
you last heard from him?

Two years.

Mmmm. Let me make a couple
more inquiries. How did he contact you?

My mother received a letter.

Oh. In Buenos Aires?


Who delivered it?

Don't know, it was
pushed under the door.

And none of his friends have been in
touch with you or your mother since?

No, no. And most of them are
either dead or, in prison, in Paraguay.

What made you
move to this town?

Well when my mother and I had to
leave Paraguay, this is where we landed.

I've always just...

I've always liked it.

I've always remembered it.

Perhaps you feel that here,
you feel closer to your father.

Well you are perceptive.

For a policeman you mean.

For anyone.

Well I do have one
quite useful instinct,

I can usually tell if
anyone's in any way exceptional...

so when the trouble starts...

I know where to look.

Ok, it's all right.



Leon? Leon Rivas! God! Oh!
What are you doing here?

When did you leave Paraguay?

A week ago.

Look, I'm sorry I couldn't
come to your ordination.

It would have
been unsafe for me.

I'm not a priest
anymore. I got married.

The Archbishop
didn't take it very well.

I am very lucky,
she's a fine woman.

I'm glad.

Come on, I'll give you a
ride into town. And we talk.

Eduardo, I don't think it would be
very wise for us to be seen together.

Why not?

Are you being watched?

I don't think so.
This isn't Paraguay.

These days there's
really not a lot of difference.

Have you heard any
news about my father?

I'm expecting Aquino Ribero to
cross the border in a few weeks,

he saw your father
about six months ago.

Where? Was he all right?

We'll know when Aquino arrives.

And then Eduardo,
we may need your help.

What kind of help?

I can't talk now. I'll let
you know as soon as possible.

I'm sorry there's no
news about your father.

I'm still waiting to
hear from Paraguay...

How long have
you known the Escobars?

I don't know them, I only
just met them briefly at a party.

But she invited you
did she? Just like that?

Yes, why?

Margarita's a lady of fierce
enthusiasms. I know her quiete well.

How long before they get
to the root of the problem,

the whole place is still
overrun with Jews and communists.

Come on Francisco, don't exaggerate,
the government knows what its doing.

But does it? When the chief of police is
assassinated by a sixteen year old girl.

That's unfair, the girl
was a friend of the family.

She stayed with
them every weekend.

But listen, what's the use of arresting
one schoolgirl and a few of her friends?

Who put the girl up to it,
that's what we need to know.

If you're fighting a war you
don't need to wear white gloves.

Well, we got through the whole of the World Cup
Competition here without a single terrorist outrage.

What do you think
about that doctor?

I'm sorry I find
I really don't have ...

time to worry about politics.

But will it last? What will happen
when the new administration takes over?

I'm sure we will still be
able to rely on the Americans.

Eduardo, I must warn you, you
may find Margarita a little grueling.

I didn't intend to
trespass on your territory.

Oh no, I know when
to withdraw gracefully.

I'm sure you do.

How about a little relaxation eh?

Don't mind.

I must admit they do rather
spoil me, hmmm, for some reason.

It was most
unfortunate with Margarita.

Don Gustavo has an airstrip on the Chaco
which he uses to land cargoes of whisky...

and cigarettes from Paraguay.
Now I tried to convey...

to Margarita that
I wouldn't dream

of interfering with such an
essentially respectable business,

but you know once people
get certain ideas into their heads.

I could tell she, she just
didn't trust me any more.

And that was sad
but it became a strain...

one of the disadvantages
of a policeman's life, hmmm?

Have I made you miss something?

Really Eduardo you should
have said. You are far too polite.

Doesn't matter.

Do you want to
go upstairs now?

Don't interrupt.


Yes, As I said, they do
look after me very well. Hmm.

One of the advantages
of a policeman's life.

Choose who you like. I'll tell
Sanchez to charge it up to me.

Is the Consul in?


Thank you.



I'm Dr. Plarr. We met
one night with Humphries.

Did we?

Look, my passport
needs renewing.

I've brought the papers I
thought you might witness them for me.

Yes. Well you'd better
come into my office.

My god my head is splitting.

You don't have any aspirins
in there by any chance to you?

Yes of course.

Why my father ever chose to live
in this damn climate I'll never know.

Why don't you
sell up, move South?

Too late.

Ahh, thank you.

God, how can
you stand the taste?

Oh you get used to it. Tell you the
truth, I prefer it to the taste of water.

That'll be er, 100'000 pesos.

Thank you.

This prescription won't do you any
good unless you cut down on your drinking.

Would you like a drink?

Funny, when you arrived I had this
vague recollection that er, we'd met.

I assumed I owed you money.

You do.

100'000 pesos.


Good evening.

Looking for someone?

There's an Indian
girl, with a mark here.

Oh, Clara,

she's not here
any more, she's left.

Doctor, Doctor Plarr!

Are you on the staff here?

No, I'm a consultant.

Then I suggest you get out
fast you could be arrested.

Come on get them
out, get them out!

I'm not surprised, the army's up
to here with dimwitted bureaucrats.

Stupid idiots!

They had a that the hospital was
being used as a base for subversive activities.

Subversive activities, so they
arrest 200 mentally disturbed patients.

Is prison much worse than a
nut house, what's the difference?

Don't worry, it's all arranged.

They'll be back in the hospital in a
matter of hours. You have my guarantee.

I hope so.



Charlie Fortnum here.

Yes I know.

I'm sorry to bother you, I expect you were
having your siesta, but um, my wife's not well.

Your wife?

Yes, she has a
terrible stomach ache.

But I thought she
left you years ago.

No, no, no, that
was my first wife.

I'd be grateful if you'd come
out here and have a look at her.

It, it'll only take
you half an hour.

I thought you
were never coming.

I had my rounds to do.

She's in a great deal of pain.

I better go in
and see her then.

So you didn't
know I'd got married?

No, congratulations.

We wou,d have invited
you, if we'd invited anybody.

Here we are.

I'll wait for you
on the veranda.

All right.

I'm Doctor Plarr.

I don't want to be examined.

I'm not going to examine you.

I just want to hear
about this stomach ache.

It's better.

Good, then I won't stay long.
Mind if I turn on the light?

You must?

Will you show
me where it hurts?

Look, it's all right.

I'm not Dr. Benevento.

What's the matter with her Ted?

Minor inflammation, nothing else.

Oh well, best be
on the safe side.

I was thinking, hoping really, that
she might be er, you know a child.

Doesn't she take the pill?

Oh I, I wouldn't think so, you know
what they are these Spanish catholics.

You know I'm far too busy to
come out here unless it's really serious.

Well the thing is
she's very young.

Well done.

I mean she's not even 20, I, I just
think she needs a lot of protection.

I would have thought she would
have learned to look after herself.

What are you talking about?

I mean working
for Senora Sanchez.

Are you one
of those bastards?

No, no, I never went with her.

Me neither, not for months...

I just paid her to sit and
talk to me. You see I loved her...

do you understand?

It's time I went.

Oh I, I thought you
might like to stay to dinner.

I do have other patients.

Yes, mix this with water...

and a little sugar. Good night.


Nothing serious I gather.

He says I shouldn't drink whisky.

They all say that.
Are you feeling any better?

Yes much.

(spoken in dialect)

(she replies in dialect)

(speaks in dialect)

(replies in dialect)

What's the matter?

She always makes me feel
I've done something wrong.

Oh she's all right,
it's only her way.

I could easily do
all the work myself.

I don't want you to.


They're just in
from Mar del Plata.

Do you like them?

Oh, it's you, Doctor.

They make you look older.

I was just trying them for fun,
they are too expensive to buy.

Wrap them up. We'll
need a case for these as well.

Oh they have
their own case Doctor.

No I can't.

It's all right, your
husband's a friend of mine.

You don't like them
do you, the glasses.

No, not at all.

The other day I
didn't think you liked me.

Can't think what
gave you that impression.

What's it like being married?

It's different, I miss the girls.

And the men?

No, not the men.

What time do
you have to be home?

I said I'd be at
the Consulate by lunchtime.

What are you planning
to do this morning?

Shop, have a coffee.

You know, I live just up there.

That wouldn't be right would it?

What's the matter,
you've changed your mind?

I've never been in
one of these before.

Let's do it again.

When you leave.

I'll do it.

You know, the sunglasses
cost you more than I would have.

There's no need
to pretend you know.


I realize, you're used to playing the part.
But here it's not really necessary.

I'm sorry. Did I
do something wrong?

Does Charley like
you to make believe?

He likes me to be very
quiet. But I thought you'd...

I want you to be yourself.
I'm really not interested in illusions.

All right. But I think I pretend very well.
I always used to get bigger presents than the other girls.

That wouldn't be right.

Will I see you again?

Of course, phone
me when you're free.

Yes. I'm frightened
of the telephone.

Then I shall have to call you.

What's your name?

Plarr, Eduardo Plarr.

Good evening.


New patients?

Yes, they're together.

Oh. Send them in first will you.



Leon says you've seen my father.


We need your help,
are you going to help us?

I'd better fill out cards for you...

Low blood pressure Leon?

It's fine.

And Aquino? Shall I put you down for...

...X.rays to the gall bladder?

Are you going
to help us Eduardo?

I'm not interested in politics.

Tell him what
happened to you Aquino.

You know what it's like...

in Paraguay, Eduardo.
They keep you in prison...

not like the kind where you
might have sent honest criminals,

but in one of those
little police stations.

You know. Nothing very
refined or up to date,

just the usual, the music played very
loud so no one can hear you scream...

the rubber truncheons...

the bath tub full of shit...

holding you under until you
think you're going to drown in it,

day after day after
day until you talk...

But I wasn't going to talk...

not until they did this...

after that I told
them everything.

I betrayed everyone
I could think of.

They, they let you out.

Oh no...

I escaped.

All we need is some information.

The American Ambassador is planning
to visit this area in november,

we want the exact
details of his programme.

I'm not going to be
accomplice to a murder, Leon.

Who said anything about
murder? What use would that be?

Going to kidnap him?

Don't worry about it
just get us the information.

The thing is Eduardo, we don't know any
better way to get our comrades out ofjail.

And, we have in mind especially

a man who was in that police
station the same time as Aquino.

My father.

You say he was
shot trying to escape.

Yes, it's quiete
straightforward isn't it?

Oh yes. Just I can't understand why
he was trying to escape backwards.

You really needn't
worry about this one.

If there was any questions of his
being innocent he wouldn't be here.

What do you mean?

He's have been disappeared,
in the river probably.

I've um, been asked if you'd
be prepared to help us out

occasionally at the
prison at Resistancia.

In what capacity?

Doctor Benevento has
been extremely helpful,

but he's of course,
not available all the time.

And they do seem to find
themselves quiete often

in need of reliable
medical opinion.

What you mean is, they oftern need to
know if someone's fit enough to be tortured.

All rightk I'll tell
them you're too busy.

You do that.

Look, I don't think you
like this any more than I do.

The way I look at it, if a country hands itself
over to the irrationals it's every man for himself.

Why are you so
reluctant to help us Eduardo?

Your father did, when we
were kids we both loved him.

I'm a doctor now.
It's very important to me.

Moral issues are important.

Kidnapping a diplomat raises
a few moral issues doesn't it?

Nobody does it any
more, it's not effective.

We don't have any choice,
they have reduced us to this.

Your struggle is in Paraguay,
not in a foreign country.

South America is our country...

where do you stand?

I read in the paper that the
American ambassador might be coming up here.

Oh yes, I, I've been asked to give him
a guided tour around the San Ignacu Falls.


Well, non of the Americans
around here ever been near them...

and the governor spends so
much time at his packing plant.

I doubt if he could give you a
guided tour out of his back garden

Well, I expect you'll
really enjoy that.

I doubt that, gather the bugger's
a teetotaller, apart from anything else.

Still, one thing, I get my
new Cadillac end of september,

if I keep it till after this jaunt, they
can't claim that I didn't make use of it, right?

Was that quiet
enough for you?

Yes, better when
there's no acting.

I never thought you'd call.

Neither did I. Not at
first. Just goes to show.

If you want us to meet again.

Yes I do.

I'll give you a list of
times when Charley's always out.

The visit's to San Ignacu falls it's
taking place on tuesday the 18th.

It says wednesday in the paper.

Of course it does,
what do you expect.

And they'll be leaving
about 9, as far as I know.

There won't be
more than two cars...

There's the morphine. I've given
you two shots, just to be on the safe side.

But you shouldn't actually administer
more than one, do you understand?


Aquino. It's the last I
want to hear about all this.

Well, what's the result?

Test is positive.

Are you sure?

It's a very simple test.

Oh, that's wonderful, wonderful.
I've got some champagne in the fridge.

Can't stand the stuff myself.

But you'll have a glass and you'll
stay for dinner, Clara, it's positive!

I suppose you'll be
wanting to examine her.

In due course.

Women's insides, I can
never make head nor tail of them.

One day Ted you're going to have
to draw me a diagram, and Clara...

thank you.

It's yours of course.

How can you tell?

I'm sure it's yours.

I could easily get
rid of it for you.

Oh Charley would never allow that.

Wouldn't have to know.
It'd be a miscarriage.

No. I want a baby.


You'd better have a bath.
Charley might smell me on you.

Sir, I think it would be better
if you travelled in the first car.

Stand back.

I think it would be best if you went
aboard with us sir, security problem.

It's a dusty trip sir,
the second car's very uncomfortable.

Well I think it'll be satisfactory this
time, just stay close behind. Thank you.

The ambassador is in the silver cadillac, he is
the passenger. Three security men in the black car.

25 Kilometres...

Oh blast!

Right, hold tight ambassador.

Army convoy coming.


Army convoy.

What the fuck's going on man?


Get him!

Hold his arse!


The entertainment
was a success, but we...

I'm not interested,
you have the wrong number.


You must come.
I think he may be dying.

Do the people here
know what's happening?

No, they think
we're smugglers.

Anyway these people
are no friends of the police.

The ambassador's in a coma,
I had to give him both shots.

I told you to give
him more than one.

The needle broke.

Look, he's breathing very heavily.

Well I suppose that's
preferable to not breathing at all.

Oh my god!

How is he?

Oh he's all right...

the only problem is, he's
not the American ambassador.


This is Charley Fortnum.

What are you talking about?

He's the British consul, he's not even
a real consul, he's an Honorary consul.

But that's impossible.

Must have got the wrong measure.

You're idiots.

How could you get this wrong?

We didn't get it wrong, we
took him out of the passagers seat.

So how did you
get the wrong man?

(spoken in dialect)

Miguel says if he's not the
American ambassador we should kill him.


He's dangerous.

No, no, no, no.

I'll tell you what to do,
should give him a few drinks,

dump him by the road
somewhere. I know him...

when he's been drinking
he doesn't remember a thing.

No, we're not going to kill the man,
we're not going to let him go.

We'll only ask for ten
prisoners to be exchanged.

For the Honorary consul,
three would be pushing it.

He was a friend
of yours, wasn't he?

Why are you using the past
tense? Planning to kill him anyhow?



He did recognise you.



How are you feeling?

God awful.
Where am I?

You've had an
accident with your car...

nothing serious.

The Cadillac?

Don't worry.

Could you run me home?

Not just yet, Charley.

Switch the light on Ted.

There's a power cut I'm afraid.

Any chance of a whisky?

This will help you sleep.

What the hell's
going on Ted, eh?


We are amateurs. All
of us on our side,

it's the police and the army
who are the professionals.

Get me out of here.


What are you doing here?

No you first.

I've come to see the Consul, ...

on business.

He's not here.

Well he's not in town either.

Did you go to the Consulate?

No, I telephoned.

Who answered?

Nobody, why?

As I have just explained
to the senora Frotnum, ...

her husband's car was found
in the Parama River last night.


I see.

Well I must be going now Senora...

I'll let you know
the minute we hear anything.

Could you spare me a
moment of your time Eduardo?

Yes, of course.

What is it you want?

It's a beauty, mm? I like
them mashed in a little whisky.

I'm not sure this business
is as straightforward as it looks.

What do you mean?

Are you driving back to the city?

No, I might as well have a look at
senora Fortnum, she's expecting a baby.

So she was saying,

Whose do you think?

Why did you tell me
you rang the consulate?

I've had a man
there all morning.

You know the telephone service here.

I don't know why you should come
all the way out here on a half chance.

I told you, it's also time
I examined senora Fortnum.

Oh yes, of course. By all accounts
you examine her quite frequently. Hmmm?

I have to take every possibility into
account doctor. Even a crime of passion.

Passion? I'm an Englishman.

Mmm! Yeah. But
you also lied to me.

Lying to the police comes
automatically I find.

I didn't realise you
knew so much about me.

It's a very small city.

A security guard at the
national bank in Corrientes,

no official statement has
yet been released by the bank,

but Senor Domingo had been
stabbed several times and the...

You know what? Charley took my
best sunglasses, the ones you gave me.

I'll get you another pair.

Will be issued in due course.

General Leopoldo Galtieri announced
that a new trade agreement has...

Do you think he's dead?

Whereby the army and the airforce
will be supplied with equipment...


That will provide Argentina
with the most up to date

and extensive weapon systems to
be found anywhere in Latin America...

Perhaps it would be just as well.

The price of liberty, the General said at
a press conference at the defense ministry.

Not for Charley.

A British Consul,
senor Carlos Fortnum

who was kidnapped last night near
Posadas, apparently by Paraguayan guerrillas, ...

a communique has been
received by police in Rosario...

from the February Youth Movement...

claiming responsibility for
the kidnapping and demanding...

the release of ten political
prisoners in Paraguay

together with safe conduct and facilities
for flying them to Havana or Mexico City.

They have said that if these conditions are not
met by midnight on sunday the consul will be executed.

I, er, heard the radio.

There's nothing to worry about...

soon it will be all over.

Oh, for me you mean.


Oh, a hearty breakfast
for the condemned man, eh?

I'm afraid we shall have
to ask you to pay for it.

There's a wallet in
my jacket, help yourself.

Diego! ...

Can you bring me a glass please.


It's just dawned on me, ...

it was the American
ambassador you were after.

Our information was
he was the passenger.

Silly bugger wouldn't let me drive
on the way back. Thought I was drunk.

It was an unfortunate mistake.

Unfortunate, it was bloody
catastrophic if you ask me.

Here you go father.

Thank you.


Not any more
now, I used to be.

Once a priest, always a priest.

Are you a catholic?

Theoretically. Except I haven't been
in a church for more than thirty years.

Even though I'm amazed that a man of your
persuasion should be mixed up in a thing like this.

Sometimes the church
takes the side of the people.

Oh is that so?
Well bully for you, father.

Don't call me father,
my name's Leon.

Would you like a tot Leon?

Drinking it too
quickly, senor Fortnum, ...

there's a bill in the bag there.

I suppose as a man of God,...'ll tell someone
else to pull the trigger.

God forbid it should come to that,
but if it does, I'll be the one.

Well that's that then Leon.

What do you mean?

They won't trade anything for me. In fact they'll
be quite delighted to get me off their hands at last.

Your parents still alive?


What does your father do?

Cuts cane in the season.

And out of season?

Nothing. They live on
the money I send them.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

My sister died. She had a baby in the fields.
She strangled it and then she died. My brother went away.


I don't know.

What's the matter?

You don't want Charley back,
but I don't want him to be killed either.


Go on.


You flew down specially?

Yes, going back this evening.

Well, I'm afraid the situation looks pretty bleak.
The foreign minister takes the view that it's a Paraguayan affair,

the Paraguayans refuse to discuss the matter on
the grounds that the President's on holiday...

...and Whitehall's position is that er,
they won't be held to ransom by criminals.

But surely the Americans could help.

No, they're most unsympathetic I'm afraid.
Of course, if the Ambassador hadn't taken against Fortnum... violently and insisted on driving himself,
they'd have kidnapped him, but he appears to be...

...impervious to that line of reasoning.

Is there nothing you can do Sir Henry?

Alas, it's all extremely ticklish, apart from anything else,
relations between us and the Argentinians are very shaky...'s not even as if the poor devil were any good at his job.
All I ever hear about him is complaints.


Yes, that's right, ...

...Fortnum's wife, this patient of yours, is er, undesirable...

...curious, but in my experience that word
is only ever applied to women who are quiet the opposite.

...I'm doing all I can you know, really I am.
If he'd been a business tycoon, of course, things would be quite different...

...The trouble is...

...Fortnum's such um
pitiably small beer.

Clara, how did you get in?

The porter.

Let you into the flat?

He knows me.

From here?

No. From there.

I see.

I'm glad you came.

What happened?

I had an accident in Charley's jeep.

But you can't drive.

I got along fine
until I had the accident.

But you were hurt.

Not as much as the jeep.

Let's have a look.

It can wait.

Clara, I've got to
take the bandage off.

Do you love me a little?


Do you want
to make love to me?

There's plenty of time
for that... now sit still!

What are we going to
do if Charley comes back?

Do? The same
as before I suppose.

You know, I do pretend when we
make love, I pretend to feel nothing.

I bite my lip to stop myself making a noise.
Do you think it's because I love you, Eduardo?

Never mind it doesn't
make any difference, does it?

Makes all the difference in the world.

You must tell me
what you want Eduardo.

Will you always
be angry if I love you?

May I come in?

This an official call?


Then I suppose you'd better.

We'll go in the surgery.

Too official for a drink?

No, it's not that bad. You, er, went to
the British embassy in Buenos Aires today.

Are you having me followed?

I am now. You seem very
deeply involved in this business.

It's just that I'm anxious to do
all that I can to get Fortnum released.

What about your father, what
would you do to get him released?

I'm not sure I
follow your meaning.

Are you alone?

Yes. Why do you ask?

The general will never
release any prisoners you know.

It depends on American aid,
if the Americans told them to release.

The Americans don't give
a damn! He's anti-communist...

that's what they're paying for.
Are you a communist Eduardo?

I've always found Marx unreadable.


We need you urgently.

I'm having a drink with a friend.

Is he the police?


I'm sure it'll be all right, high temperatures
are very common in children, how old is she? ...

Then two aspirin.

I'll call again.

I hope not, I've been in Buenos
Aires all day, I want to go to bed.

Worried parent.
Father's are always the worst.

Why do you suppose your
father's name is on the kidnapper's list?

He's a political prisoner.

It's not in return
for services rendered?

By me?

You see I'm wondering how they found out
what day the ambassador was visiting the Falls.

How should I have known?

From Senora Fortnum perhaps.


Who is in here?

Senora Fortnum.

Oh I see. Is this why
you've been lying to me?

An affair always
involves a few lies.

I hope you're feeling
happier about me now.

I'm relieved Eduardo,
because I consider you a friend.

But if you are involved, I can't
be responsible for what may happen.

Oh, there's something else, I should
have told you this earlier, it's your father.


He was shot dead a year ago.

A year ago!

Trying to escape...

I'm sorry to have
to bring you bad news.


What is it?

Your patient's been shot.

Trying to escape?

Yes. Will you come?

Yes, yes, I'll come.

I'll be round the back,
front's being watched...

my father's dead.

I am sorry Eduardo.

Did you love him?


So you are one of them.


Why? I don't understand.

My father.

How is it Charley?

Oh that's all right,
have you seen Clara?


How is she?


And the baby?

Nothing to worry about.

I've been trying to write
a letter to her, to let her know.

Know what?

How I feel about her. I
know you're cynical Ted,

and this will probably sound sentimental,
but all those years, all that was just...

time passing until I met Clara.

Is he all right?

Bullet just grazed
his Achilles Tendon.

You lying bastards!

My father died a year ago.

We had to be
sure you'd help us.

You used me.

Did you use my father too?

I want to know
what happened, the truth!

Your father and I were kept in a
little police station near Ascuncion, ...

...we would both have died there but Leon went
to the Movement and convinced them to get us out...

they blew a hole in the wall...

but your father had not seen daylight for
more than a year, he was blinded by the sun.

He just stopped and
waited for them to shoot him.

There was nothing we could do.

Take me back.

We can't let you go.

What if I just walk
through this door?

I'll tell him to shoot.
Be reasonable Eduardo.

You needn't worry, I wouldn't turn you into
the police, I have no conscience. I'm a simple man.

There's no such
thing as a simple man.

Come on. Everyone
else will be outside!

Diego has deserted us!

What? I don't believe it.

He's taken the car.
Diego wouldn't do that.

He's gone. Now just a minute.
Marta, tell me what's happened.

He said he was
going for gasoline.

Did he have
his gun with him?

Yes. All the way in he
talked about the helicopter.

The town is
swarming with soldiers.

We should kill the man
now and get out of here.

You kill him, you're all dead.

You are supposed
to be on guard Aquino.

On guard?! We have the machine gun and one
pistol between five of us. What the hell's the point?

That's enough.

Yeah, we don't
even have a car now.

You just want to sit
around here and do nothing?

Get back on guard!

You're weak.


Thank God for that, you've saved
my life, in a manner of speaking.

Be my guest...

I don't think you'll find any state
secrets in there. It's purely personal.

Will you give it to Ted, ...

then if he has any worries
about the baby he'll help her.

He's not only a good doctor,
you know, he's a good friend.

(spoken in dialect)

(spoken in dialect)




Answer him.
He's your patient.

Why should I fix his ankle? You could
have put a bullet through his head anyhow.

Anyway, all he ever does is go on and
on about that baby. Get's on my nerves.


It's his, don't you know?

Is that why you are so
jealous of the poor man?

Me? Jealous of Charley?
Why should I be?

The child is mine, so is his
wife whenever I feel like her.

What do I have
to be jealous for?

He knows how to love.

I don't know what you
think love has to do with this.





(spoken in dialect)


Oh no, no, no, no, no.

You are surrounded by men
of the ninth parachute brigade.

You have no hope of escape.

You have exactly 15',
send out the British consul...

We have to surrender!

Unharmed. You will
send him out alone...

5' later you will come out, with
your arms raised above your heads.

You all right?

I never want to see
your fucking face again.

You talk to loud Plarr. I thought there was
supposed to be a code of honour among doctors,

or is that perhaps,
just an English notion, ...

and you're only
half English aren't you?

I suppose you thought,
what does it matter, ...

she's just a tart,
what d'you pay her eh?

You rotten swine, Plarr!

Oh Christ! Jesus! God!
Knocked the whisky over!

Oh that's all right, it's all right...

You don't even
pretend to love her do you?

I didn't intend
any of this Charley.

It's not as if she and I
even cared for each other.

I cared.

You'd have had her back.
You'd never have known.

I would rather die here than wait
for a child to be born with your face.

You have exactly ten minutes... send out the consul.

I repeat... are
completely surrounded.

Anyone attempting to escape before
the consul has been handed over will be shot down.

You now have 9'.

They'll be coming soon, I thought perhaps
you might like me to hear your confession.

I don't think so, not after all these
years. I can't remember how it goes.

Oh, for Christs sake, have a drink.

He wants to have
a word with you.

My letter please.


Why can't I hate you, Plarr?

Please don't tell her I
knew about you, will you.


Don't you believe
in anything at all?



I don't think so.

Send out the consul
and safe your lifes!

You ruined everything!

I'm going out
there to talk to Perez.

It will be suizide, Eduardo.

If he agrees to extend his
deadline will you extend yours?

What good would that do?

Will you agree?

All right, but I
don't think he will.

Perez and I, we're, he's
not a bad man as policemen go.

Why should you
want to do this Eduardo?

You're right. I'm jealous of
Charley Fortnum, because he loves her.



I must help him.

What the hell
are you talking about?

No father, leave him alone.

Marta, I'm sorry.

Don't be.

Diego te absolvo in nome de
patrice et filii et spiritu sancti.


In the name of the father,
and the son and the holy...

Aquino, Aquino!


I did ask you
not to get involved.

Never do what you believe in.

I can't tell you how sorry I am.



What are you doing here?

This is my room.
Where have you been?

I was afraid of being alone.
I went to sleep with Maria.

Come and sit here Clara.

I thought you did not
want me to be near you.

I think it's all right, but
sometimes he's so quiet I feel afraid.

Did you love him?

No, no, I didn't. To him I was
only a girl from senora Sanchez.

I knew he could never love me.

It's not easy to love, Clara.

What shall we call the child?

If it's a boy would
you like Charley?

One Charley in the family's enough.
We'll call him Eduardo. He loved you in his way.

It's not true Charley.

Oh yes it is. He once said,
that he was jealous of me.

I never loved him, I never loved
him, I never loved him, Charley.

Shhhhh. Shhhh.