Beyond Good and Evil (1977) - full transcript

The life and ideas of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. A love triangle unfolds as Nietzsche and his best friend decides to live with a Jewish woman. According to Nietzsche's ...


Open the door, the doctor's here.

I don't need a doctor. I feel better.

Fritz, let him in!

Let him just have a look at you.
- Send him away.

I'm sorry.

I'd like to pay you for your trouble.

Hello, Maestro!

Smoking that stuff
is not enough for you, is it?

You even drink it.
That's what makes you ill.

No, the opium makes me feel better.
It helps my headache.

Sit down.

What can I do for you?

A cold compress, here.

Can't you stop?

Let him play.
He keeps me company.

Your book, Paul...

How much have you done?
- What's the good of writing?

You've destroyed God
and now you feel languid.

God's death has created lots of orphans,
including you. I thought it would.

There's nothing to joke about.
We have to invent a new morality!



Life has no need for morality.

Madame Th?rese!

This is my friend, Paul R?e.

Madame Th?rese...

You're lovelier than the last time.

Give me your coat.

Are you coming to
the premiere of my opera?

- In Venice. I'll let you know the day.

Your perfume is so...

Are you staying?

You're relentless.

What a wonderful pink light, Paul!

This light makes you feel alive.
Yes, it does.

I must be going too.
- Why? Stay with us.

We'd love if you stayed, right?

No, I don't...
I have another engagement.

See you later.

?a, c'est merveilleux!

In the present situation,
the working class is doomed.

I agree. We should be cautious
about taking a position.

I'd like to know one thing:

if the working class is done for,
why are we socialists?

You're right. Whatever happens,
we must always stand by the oppressed.

We must? Why, if it's a lost cause?

We can still save their own souls.

God is dead and souls died with him.

In Paris, I met a young Polish refugee
who asked me to stick pins in her skin.

She wanted training in torture.

She planned to go home and fight?

Yes, it was the only thing
that interested her.

Otherwise, she was extremely modest.

Her only eagerness was to give her life,

to shed her blood
for the rights of the oppressed.

Poor blood of a virgin.
- What do you mean?

I only meant that giving your life
means nothing.

It's harder to live it.

An interesting remark, darling.

May I take a step further? You mean
we should know if we're serving a cause

or whether we need a cause
to break the boredom.

Aren't you joining the others?
- I like being alone.

I'm sorry.


I haven't seen you here before.
- I've been here for a month.

Are you a friend of Malvida?
- An old friend. - I'll leave you alone.

I have a coachman waiting downstairs.
- Really? I'm dying of boredom here.

He's waiting to be paid.

I was gambling... and lost.

May I help?
Shall we escape?

Shall we introduce ourselves?
- If you like.

Paul R?e from Leipzig.
- Lou Salom? from St. Petersburg.

Are you a political refugee?
- No.

You must be a revolutionary.
- Are you?

I don't believe in anything.

You are a nihilist?

Just disgusted.

What do you believe in?
- Me? Well...

I want to live.

Why did you come to Italy?
You don't have to answer.

I needed plenty of sun.

Do you know Rome well?

Yes, rather.
What would you like to see?

It's been proved that morality
depends on tradition, not man's nature.

So, definitions of good and evil
are only social conventions.

- Fritz and I have written about this.

You keep mentioning Fritz.
Is he really so interesting?

Yes, he really is.
- You smiled at last!

You keep sighing.
Is something worrying you?

You gambling losses?
- No, I'm used to those.

May I ask you a question?
Why do you enjoy gambling?

Because I lose.
- And you enjoy that?

What do you enjoy?
- Any new experience.

Experience always destroys
something or someone.

Does that matter?

Something's tormenting you?

Yes, perhaps.

What is it?
- I don't know.

I don't know...


with you, I could...

You're so beautiful!


Excuse me.

What's this road called?
- Via San Sebastiano.

The saint killed by arrows?
- Yes.


Come on!


Are you crazy?


I'm sorry, Lou.

I don't know what came over me.

Forgive me.

It's alright, Paul.

Marry me, Lou!

No, Paul.

I'll never get married.

You're always on my way.

Comrade, you're a escapee from Hell.

Come on, be good.

I have an even stronger spell.

You see what a coward I am?
- What is it?


Childish, isn't it?

I'll throw it away.


Husband or not,
I want to live with you.

Once, I had a dream.

I was living in a big apartment
with two men.

We argued, we laughed
and we studied together.

I'd like that.

Three together?

I wasn't thinking of any
wild, erotic experiment.

But two can live, just like that!

It'd be a love prison.

You mean that...

if we included a third person,

you'd agree to live with me?

Yes. And I already know
who you're thinking of.

Good morning!

I'm the messenger
you've been expecting.

What tidings do you bring?
- Selfishness.

A virtue unjustly despised.

You're speaking with
a God-fearing woman, sir.

And you, Ma'am, with
the most virtuous man you could find.

Why should I believe you?
- Because I'm immoral.

Then you really must be Fritz.

How can you say such a thing?
You barely know either Paul or Fritz.

You understand a man's essence
at once or never.

A m?nage ? trois.

How can a girl like you
imagine something so absurd?

I thought a woman like you,
fighting for freedom, a socialist,

would understand that women
need freedom as much as men do.

We, women, have certain duties
toward our sex and society.

You always say 'we'.
"We must do this. We must do that. "

I don't know what you mean
by that 'we'.

As far as I'm concerned,
I only know my own self.

And I don't want to live by any ideal!

There's something interesting
to see over there. Shall we go?

I don't feel like walking.

I'd like to see.
- I'll take you.

I'll stay with you.

An erotic, Roman fresco.

First century AD.

After Wagner's festival, Lou is going
to stay at Fritz's, in Naumburg.

Will you be there, too?
- No, I have to go to my mother's

as I need some money.
But Fritz's sister will be there.

They won't be alone.

Never fear! I'm not raping you.
Sex needs complicity.

I'm not an accomplice!
- Are you afraid?

No more than you are.
- Such a psychologist!

Fritz, your sister is not exactly
what they call a modern woman.

How will she take Lou's visit?
- I've already written to her.

You can't drag a young girl into this

association of kindred spirits,
as you call it.

If there are problems, I'll marry her.
- You need to marry a mature, rich woman.

That way, you'd continue to live
like a vagrant.

I had Countess Hatzfeld in mind.

Lou is intelligent, no denying that.

But she has a mind on her own.
And you need calm for your work.

You can't deny the fact that Paul
is just as much in love as you are.

I'll marry her!

Maybe even right now.

Lou, we're getting married, aren't we?

It's an obsession.
- Certainly.

All three of us.

What nonsense!

Here! - Thank you. Good night.
- Come!

Trud! At last!

I've prepared your mother's room.
- Thank you.

May I help you? - No, it's alright.
- Goodnight. - Goodnight.

I'm so tired. I can hardly stand.
I slept badly.

If you need something,
just knock on the wall.

I'm on the other side.

Would you help me?
Or else, I'll sleep with my clothes on.

It's so nice here, in the countryside.
It reminds me of my house.

How far Russia is, how far...

This is our grandfather,
Frederick Augustus.

Doctor of theology and
a sensible preacher in the cathedral.

And this is Uncle Gustav,
an exceptional pastor.

That's our father.
He was the minister of Rochen.

His parish, in his lifetime,
was known as The Ideal Parish.

You know, when Fritz was a school-boy

his classmates used to call him
"the little pastor".

Elisabeth! Don't you think
this might bore Lou?

Why? I've told her the history of

a respectable family.

I've decided on today's outing:
the Naumburg castle.

In a carriage or...?
- No, on foot. We want some exercise.

So, you won't be back for lunch?

We'll back in time, I promise.

In that case, I'll prepare...
It'll be a surprise.



Serve me.
- Aren't you waiting for your brother?

Serve me!

Don't you have any compassion
for those you've left behind?

Overcoming compassion
is the greatest of virtues.

I'm fighting to achieve while you...

It's fantastic!

Women, as a rule, are undisturbed
by other people's suffering.

And so they remain stupid all their lives.
- You're drugged?

No, I'm very clear-headed.

Is Paul on your mind?
- You're jealous, like all the others.

I'm fond of him.

Paul has something soft in him.

He's the exact opposite of you.
Paul can give you nothing. Nothing!

Stop it!

I'll lock you in here.
I'll catch you!

I'm your Faunus Ficarius.
- Get off me!

Wait! Don't leave me.

You naughty girl!
You'll pay for this!

She makes you suffer?
Let's send her away, Fritz.

I'll speak to her.
- I've never been so happy before.

It's not true!

What happened?

I had to have...

a gynaecological examination.

Did you know that?

It hurts me here.

A complete examination of genital organs,

intact, of course,

reveals the presence of a scar tissue

in... in...

the ligamentum latum sinistrum.

Aunt Rosalind.

And this is Aunt Augusta.

They died unwed and virgins.

In their heart of hearts, they would've
rather liked to be the Shulamite women.

When I and my sister were children,
we'd always spy on them.

Certainly, they'd have rather danced
for the caliphs.

Today, I'd tell my aunt that
chastity is a crime against nature.

She would never believe you.

This house has always been
full of crimes against life.

My virgin aunts, my sister...

Your sister is in love with you.

We're very close spiritually.
- Spirit can lead to sex.

It's the strongest path, if you ask me.

Elisabeth, what's wrong?

The same as always?

It stills hurts here, right?

Gossip doesn't bother me.
I'm my own mistress.

You think I'm spreading gossip?
Some important people regretted

having introduced you to their friends.

Do stop! This is boring.

Sorry if I bore you.

Everybody in Rome knew
that you were never in a hotel.

You even participated in orgies
only with men.

If my brother knew this!

I preferred to keep quiet instead of...
- Tell him.

I'm free to do as I please.

Anyway, you decided to catch my brother.

And to do it, you pretend to be his pupil.

A pupil who leaves her bedroom door open
to receive a professor at night.

The tactics of a...
- Whore?

It was your brother himself
who made all the advances.

He asked me to marry him.

Finally, he talked to me about sex
as a natural form of expression.

And I totally agree with him.
We discuss it day and night.

What does the time matter?
- You're outrageous!

Let's say that Fritz is outrageous
as much as I am.

Stop it!

What do you know about my brother?
Fritz is the greatest living thinker!

He's respected by all the academies.
Even Wagner thinks highly of him.

It seems you've never really read him.

I'll tell you why he's a great thinker.

He managed to free himself from
the whole established culture.

For that reason,
the academies don't like him at all.

You don't know anything! You have
the gall to put yourself on his level.

He's a man of high principles.
A saint!

Calm down!

Do you consider this as proper?

Take her to the bathroom.

What happened?
Elisabeth, calm down!

Out! Out!

Get rid of her!
That filthy Jewess!

Nonsense! That damn pie!

I'll write to Mom to come home.
That girl is ruining you. She must leave!

Take her away! She's a whore!

I admire you because you went to
so many schools and studied so much.

Don't admire me, Lou.

I had to fight my family
to have a little education.

Education nearly stifled me.

I was turning into
a perfect Teutonic official.

I had to fight to get out of it.

You know who was my real teacher?

Not Schopenhauer,
not Hegel or Ritschl.

It was a young, Sicilian girl.

I was a shy and innocent professor.

I was making a tour of Cologne,
a cultural tour, obviously.

There was a guide.

When I asked him to take me to
a good hotel, he led me to a house.

With a rascally look he said to me:
This house is highly recommended.

Monsieur, I assure you,
that's a good hotel.

Highly, highly recommended.

Come on! Go!

You're welcome.
Make yourself comfortable, Monsieur.

We have the best girls in town.
Really the best.

Please, go ahead. Have a good time!

Don't touch her.
She has the French disease.

How clever I was!

That guide thought that
he was playing a cruel joke on me

but jokes and laughter

are the first signs of the right path.

I'm light.
I want to be night.

I want to harm those I love.

I thirst for wickedness.

I'm happy.


Stop that!

I can smell the deepest thoughts.

Teach me.

I can smell out the idealists,
priests, Germans...

What odor do they have?
- Disgusting.

I'm edgy. All these sounds frighten me.
- Just a storm.

Do you believe in the Devil?

Friedrich Nietzsche is the Devil.

This house is becoming evil.
You're a demon.

Our father's soul is protesting.
- Don't be silly! Calm yourself.

If only you'd understand me!

I understood too well
the meaning of your new doctrine!

Calm yourself!
- She must leave.

Take her away!
- You're jealous. Aren't you ashamed?

You're a pair of degenerates!

Wait! You talk like a churchy virgin.
I know what you want.

You want me as both brother and lover.
Say it's true!

Stop it!
- This house must be blessed. Get out!

Out! Get out!

Your chastity revolts me.

Your opinions are petty and vulgar.

Go ahead, call mother!

You and she are
a perfect infernal machine.

You're horrifying me!

We'll meet again in Leipzig.

I feel darkness around me.
I don't know where I am.

Nothing can separates us.
We're joined together by a third party.

We'll not stay in this house
as long as you're in it.

You're a disgrace to a respectable family.

And all for some skirt.

Anything said against that girl
is a personal offence to me.

From now on,

our names will be linked
for good or bad.

The Devil cannot speak of good.

This is from your friend Paul R?e.

It says that your love
for that Russian girl and his,

are the Holy Trinity.

My son,

this woman and this friend of yours
are corrupt persons.

You're their victim.

Paul R?e is a Jew.

And we know the girl is Jewish as well.
This explains everything.

Your sister and I will go to the police
and report her immorality.

This Russian Jewess will be expelled from
Germany and sent back to her country.

To Mr. Foester, your fianc?,
I'll only say this:

anti-Semitism is nonsense,

a beer-hall Gospel.

Only a man like Wagner
who lost all self-restraint,

can support a worm like you.

Who are you to judge anyone?

Your new doctrine is all blasphemy!

In this house

you received a proper education.

Either you mend your ways or...

I shall forget I have a son.

I'm the son and the grandson
of Lutheran pastors.

The son of a pious woman.

The nephew of two God-fearing aunts
who brought me up to be respectable

stifling my finest instincts.

So, I deliberately chose
a sweet demon,

to free me from my honorable education.

I received a gift

called syphilis.

That, dear mother and dear sister,
is my real illness.

So improper,

but so violently human

and it has changed me completely.

There's even a piano for Fritz.
- It's all yours, if you're interested.


Yes, I like it here.

What do you think, Paul?
It's marvelous!

I could sleep here.

And you'll sleep there.
And Fritz perhaps somewhere here.

Wouldn't it be better if you had
a room to yourself? - No, why?

It's easier for the three of us
to live together, as friends.

There'll be no secrets
nor closed doors.

We'll put our favorite books
here and there, on the floor.

Where did you spring from?
- The Leipzig knifer is here.

- That guy who likes to slice up girls.

It's in all the papers.

When did you arrive?
- This morning.

I left total bedlam behind me.

I'm sorry.
- I'm free. I've no more relations.

An orphan stands before you.
- Oh, poor little thing!

We'll adopt him, Lou.

Do you want a hot bath?
- Yes. - I'll get it.

Did you miss me?
Don't answer unless you can say 'yes'.

Our m?nage begins.

I'm so happy.

Get in the tub. Come on!
The trinity has to be clean.

Come on, Paul!

We'll start every morning like this,
won't we?

Don't be so shy, Paul!

See? You took a bath on your own
and you've caught a cold.

Monsieur Bonnet, art of photography.
The Pantheon of the future.

How about a marriage portrait?
- So funny!

Come on, let's go!

Come in!

Madames, Messieurs, for portraits?

Medium? Full figure?
Whatever you desire.

Only one.

The three of us together.
- As you wish. What about here?

No, no. Something more interesting...



Lou! Up here.
Come on, get in.

Flowers for the lady.
- Yes, sir!

Paul, here! - No way!

Come here!

Do you have a little whip?
- A whip?

Here it is!

Down! Down, Lou!

Un moment!


Who are they shouting at?
- At them.


You stupid idiots!
You uncivil cowards!

I'm a Jew, too.
Why don't you argue with me? Come on!

What's the name of the singer?
- Gerta.

The girl's name is Gerta.

Fraulein, I want some too.

Messieurs et Madames,

I am the big draw.
Look at me! I am dynamite.

I'm far-sighted.

Germans, the epoch of the assassins
is drawing near.

But you're getting fat as pigs
and you don't even notice it!

He's drunk.

Go away!

Your oracle tone
is really pathetic and ridiculous.

Paul! - It's true!

Keep calm, don't speak. I'm ill.

Yes, of course!

The great invalid.

That's just an excuse to say things
others keep silent about. - Like you do.

You carry poison around

so you can vanish at the first obstacle,
you materialist!

And you?

You're a paranoid.

You're a megalomaniac who thinks
he knows the formula for the world!

I do! It begins here.

He doesn't understand.

Lou, this man likes you

because you don't embarrass him

But, Gerta...
He couldn't even begin to fuck her!


Let's go!
- We can't leave him like this.

Let him go.

He'll go and cry in some dark corner.

The materialist has lost God
and now he feels like an orphan.

That's enough!

No, Paul! Don't go!
Please, Paul!

Please, help me!

I can walk now.

How are you, Gerta?

Gerta. That's your name, isn't it?
- Yes.

Gerta is my name.

Pretty name. Pretty voice.

I only want... to touch.

Do you mind, Madame?

How many priests have touched you?
- What a silly question!

The priests should adore only this place.

Ah, my head...

Obscenities make you ill.

No, on the contrary.

Feel this. Feel this!

A flash in the pan, my dear.

I'm too tired.

I'm wasting your time.

Do you have any engagement, Madame?

No, Monsieur.

My Saturdays are my own.

I have to urinate. I drank too much.

You're fantastic, Madame.
- It was nothing, Monsieur.

Do you have to urinate?


I'd like to see you do it.

Am I offending you?

You're a pig. You know that?

And you, Gerta?

Your sister believes
you're a great thinker.

I'm starting to believe it myself.

Some customer has already asked you
to do this?

You must've asked this before, Monsieur.

Give me a drink. I feel faint again.

There's a friend!

Don't worry. He's one of the family.

I want to die. I want to die...

Damn you! Fritz!

Stop it!

Will you stop it?

Go on, keep on crying.

Shut up!


if you say one more word,
I'll kill you!

The intellectuals!

The only pure-bred animal in this place.

Would you mind leaving?
I need the room.

Sit down.


Don't come back
for at least an hour, please.

Don't you understand?

I told you to stay where your are
for an hour.

Undisciplined, selfish Lou,
where are you dragging me now?

You always run off
but I can follow the slightest trail.

Don't be compassionate.

Tell Paul I love you both.

We planned to tell you that
we're leaving for a while.

I want to study.
It's impossible the way we are.

Where are you going?

To Berlin.
The University is good.

Paul wants to study medicine.

We'll meet again there, you know?

And we'll try to live together
once more.

My God!

"If I didn't know that deep down,

my beloved brother, you're a saint

incapable of carnal desires,

I would've never forgiven you.

You were the victim

of that despicable and lewd woman.

I made inquiries.

Paul and the Russian girl
are living together in Berlin,

as lovers. "

The police was here.
We're on their files.


Meetings, socialist friends...

Fritz's sister has denounced you...
- As a corrupter of minors?

If we were married,
the police would stop bothering you.

That's reason enough?

"Dear Lou,

do you realize how much
you're making me suffer?

I'm in the depths of despair.

I don't blame you for anything except for
not being sincere with me. Fritz. "

Why did you hide these letters?
- Why didn't you write to him?

That's my affair.

Why did you open them? Why?

Where are you going?

To the university.
- I'll come with you.

I'm going with Karl.


He's at the window, as usual.
- Who?

Your lady-in-waiting.
- Don't call him that! - Sorry!

We must hurry. My lecture starts soon.

Your students can wait for once.

I met the Devil.
- Did you?

Have you ever seen him?

Who knows?

Professor Immermann says
I need a long leave.

How long, Professor?

I don't like to remind you but this year
you've already been absent

for long periods.
- We're talking a year, perhaps more.

Here's the diagnosis.

This means that you suspend
teaching indefinitely?

- I'm very sorry.

I speak for the entire faculty as well.

We'll wait for you.
Culture awaits you.

Did I say something humorous?
- Yes. No. Of course not.

You stupid girl!
- Culture awaits me!

You didn't listen to me. I told you
to stop him. Don't you see he's sick?

Go get a blanket.
Don't you see he's cold? - Idiot!

That's enough!

Stop it! Keep calm.

Peter, I want to dictate a letter to you.


Alright, Fritz. Alright.

But Lou won't answer. You've already
written her dozens of times.

This time she'll answer.


Am I disturbing you?
- No.

Come in.

I want to talk to you.
- Sit down.

How are you?
- Alright.

Does Karl find it comfortable?

Let's go and talk elsewhere.
- No, please!

Let's stay here.

It's more melancholic.

Do you receive him here?

How does he start?

You really want to know?

He chases me. Just imagine!
Then he howls like a wild animal.

He can imitate
any single animal of the jungle.

Then he likes to see me run away.

What does he do afterwards?

What does he do? In Asia,

he learned 123 different ways
of making love.


It's too complicated.

That's enough. You never tell me
anything about yourself.

But at least I'm faithful.

Do you like doing it with him?


More than... with Fritz?

But I... I...
We'll never leave each other.

Cunt, manna from heaven, sweet life.

Relief of cocks that languish.

Cunt, comforting in the torments.

Cunt, so suave and so appreciated

that bites cock, yet has no teeth.

Cunt, finer and sweeter than honey.

O, sweetest cunt! O, beloved cunt!

If the cock is giving you trouble,
there's a doctor in there.

Stop here!

Doctor Dulcamara.

I've been waiting for you.

I don't know you.

How dare you address me so familiarly?
- Are you joking?

We've known each other for many years.

I'm ill.
- I know. Stop!

I don't know you, I swear.
- Here's the mark of the first encounter.

You have 7 years left
and you wasted one

on that thin, dirty and nauseating
little monkey,

with those false breasts.
Quel go?t!

Don't even speak of her!
- You're far more sentimental than her.

You wanted to marry her
and start a family, as they say.

In a word,

you wanted to betray me,
as if you weren't the one

to court me all these years

with your desire to break away from
the crowd, the herd,

the mass of common mankind,

the compliant reader.

The comedy is over.
Now, the tragedy begins.

You're always running away,
you son of a priest!

What shall I tell Peter?
- I'll write to you.

You're leaving?

I suppose you're going to Berlin.

You're going to join them, aren't you? every possible way,
legal or illegal.

Yesterday, the alliance with
the Austrian Empire went through.

Today, the anti-socialist laws
passed by the Reichstag.

These persecutions must end!

They want to send us to fight, to die

in Africa and in South America

to make the rich even richer.
Down with the government!

I am the man you've been looking for.

Europe has a disease called nationalism.

And there's another one called idealism.
Sweep them away!

Destroy idealists,

destroy nations,

destroy righteous sentiments,

and life will return!

Life will return...

Three quarters of the nation's income
is spent on the army.

The Social-Democrats denounced this
and the right wing insulted them.

Prof. Andreas, there are some serious
problems at our university as well.

A General teaches warfare

and complains that democracy is
Germany's stumbling block.

The lecture hall is always crammed.
- That's true.

Besides, all the bureaucrats
want to be militarized.

Even the postal employees.

Excuse me.
- The petit bourgeois is not democratic.

They want uniforms. At the university,
even the janitors give a salute.

Who brought it? - A gentleman.
He also came yesterday to ask for you.

Thank you.

It's from Fritz. He's in Berlin.

"Please, don't be upset even if,
in a fit of depression, I take my life.

I came to this after taking
a strong dose of opium, in desperation.

Instead of losing my senses,
I found the strength to come back to you

but I'm not able to reach you. "

Where is he? Does he say?
- Hotel Victoria.

We must go to him.

To start all over again.

You go alone and talk to him, please.

If you want to embrace life,
you must be pitiless and selfish.

His words.

Good evening.
I'm looking for Mr. Friedrich Nietzsche.

Yes, Ma'am.

Room 21.

Would you please tell him I'm here?
- Yes, Ma'am.


It doesn't matter.

Thank you.

Please, don't be upset even if,
in a fit of depression, I take my life.

I came to this after taking
a strong dose of opium, in desperation.

You're looking for Lou?
- She's coming here.

She will come. - No!

I know her.

Lou is my character.
She's my superman.

Otherwise, why would you be clinging
to her like ivy?

What about you?
- It isn't need

but imagination that unites us.

For us, there'll never be
peace of friendship, as with you.

You make nice speeches as always,
but you're a liar.

Actually, you never said anything

to Lou

about your despicable desires.

You ruined everything.

What do you think Lou is?

She's a thin, dirty and nauseating
little she-monkey,

with false breasts.
- What does it matter?

She's my destiny.

Oh, quel go?t!

You're deceiving yourself.

You're saying those things

because you can't bear not having her.

Look at yourself!

Let me know
if I can do anything for you.

Cut me here!

Are you mad?

I'd cry for physical pain.

It's milder.

Lou would do it for me!

That's not true!

Some people aren't afraid, Paul.

Don't you feel well, sir?

Yes, yes, I'm fine.

I'm leaving.

The bill, please.


That's enough!

Stop it, please!
- I will never stop, now or ever!

I'm thirsty.

Are you scared?

Will you marry me?

Now, go, please.

Is your lady-in-waiting coming home?

If you don't marry me,
I'll kill myself.

Say yes or no.

Don't be theatrical, please.

Yes or no!
- Put that knife away!


My God!
Are you insane?

You're crazy!
- You drew me to it. - I?

Lou, will you marry me?

My God!

Lou, what's happened?

It's Karl. He tried to kill himself.

He's at the hospital.
I'm going to marry him.

I promised him!

Calm down! Calm down!

Karl tried to blackmail you but
you're not obliged to go through with it.

I accepted on one condition:

that nothing changes between you and me.

Karl won't be my lover anymore.

He'll never be my lover again!

He'll be living with us.

He'll be living with us.
He'll sleep in the study.

It isn't possible!

Yes, Paul, it's possible.
It must be possible.

Yes, it is possible, Paul!

Listen to me!

Listen to me!

Wait! We must try again.

Three marks.

I'll give you double if you do it with
one of those porters and let me watch.

Pay first.


Hey, dearie, wanna have fun?
This is a gentleman's treat.

Come on!


Hurry up, okay?


I want to finish, mister.



This freak hasn't finished yet.

If you pay again, I'll do it again.
- No, love.

You stink like a pig.
I prefer this young gentleman.

Do you want to try?

First-class merchandise, I assure you.



Come here!

You're suffering like a beast
and you don't give up.

I know why.

You found out that Lou got married.

Go back to your guests.
- There are no guests.

My God! What have you done?


You're raving!

What's the need for a new morality?

Even the new one would end up
by destroying something.

Aren't you going to bed?

Tonight, I want to stay with you.

Don't start again, please.
Leave me alone.

No, I have a right.

From now on, I'll lock my bedroom door.
- You're my wife, damn it!

Don't touch me!

We've made a deal.

Please, Lou! At least once.

Let go!

I don't want you!

I'll leave you.

I want a son.

I'm not ready for children.

You've a friend, I know.

Our agreement included my freedom.

I'm jealous!

Let's divorce, then. - No!

My stubbornness...

How is he?

Does he give you pleasure?

Don't be vulgar.

When will you grow up, Lou?

I don't know.
Perhaps soon, perhaps never.

It's you!
- That whore doesn't want me.

You can't call her that.

You defend her since she's your mistress.
But she's fucking all over the place.

You're all the same!

Calm down, Karl!

Calm down!

Wait here. You go over there.

Can I go in next?
- No. - Please?

Breathe deeply.

And again.

Get dressed.

Can you take a vacation?
- No.

You should eat more meat.
- Are you making fun of me?

Do have any children?
- Three.

Don't use the same knife, fork, plate.
And don't use the same towel.

What do you eat normally?
- Potatoes.


Buy some meat.

Call in the next one.

Peter, draw the curtains.

Do you see them?

Who? There's nobody here.

Who are you?


Why are you crying?
- Look! - I can console you.

Look out! The Devil!

I know.
- Those infamous creatures!

They separated us.


Come on!

No, no! Stop!

What do you want? That's my horse!

Excellency, I recognized you.

Wagner, I recognized you at last.
It's really you, Richard the Counselor.

What're you doing?
- This is how you ended up.

I warned you, Maestro.
You decided to give in...

Don't worry, you're still handsome.
- Damnit!

Let it go!

We shouldn't have parted!

Are you alright?

It must've been a collapse.

He was talking to a horse.
- Send for the doctor.

The fact that you've heard of our
illustrious Professor Julius Langbehn

simplifies things, Professor.

As you know, he has irrefutably proved
that all great geniuses

come from the North, like my brother.

The reason for our visit
is the great pan-Germanic cause.

The highest authorities are beginning to
consider your patient a genius.

And they, quite rightly, would like to
make it known to the young.

There is, however, a flaw
in the work of this genius.

His opinions on moral matters.

It would be fair

if you agreed to persuade him

to change his ideas on this point

by discussing with him.

His mind is in a state of total confusion.

He can't follow any discussion whatsoever.

A sign would be enough.
A denial.

My wife who enjoys his brother's
most complete confidence,

is willing to cooperate.

The patient has cerebral paralysis
which can only get worse.

My dear professor,

the Chancellor's private secretary

would appreciate your collaboration.

You should give me permission
to see the patient often

and to speak with him with the calm
and time that will be necessary.

I realize I shouldn't have come.
- Why not? Come in.

Lou isn't here. She's in Munich.

Always on the move.

Just like when she was
with you, I suppose.

You're no longer in Berlin, are you?

I'll get you something to drink.

She's mine but not by Lou.

Her mother is the woman
who has just served us. Maria!

We live a peaceful life, even like this.

I know you're not devoted to medicine
for money.

That's admirable.

You enjoy it? - Yes.

You see...

Life changes.

Please, sit down.

Now, I understand you better.

Do you have any news of Fritz?

I'm sorry to tell you
but he's gone mad.

They found him in the street talking to
a horse. Now, he's in a clinic in Jena.

All this must be distressing for you.
Lou told me about your trinity.

You three were so close.

I'm sorry. What did you say?

- Professor, stop!

Be careful, don't scare him off.

He's over here!

Don't do that, Professor! Come here.

Get out!
- Professor, please!

Get out, please!
- Please!

Get him out!

Be a good boy!

Come with me.

Come on, Professor!

That's right.

There, there!

That's right.

Calm down!

My mistress.

Don't be silly, Fritz.

Let's go. Come on!

Be good.

Talking to a horse...

Have a drink with me.

What's so funny?

The doctor has the laughing jag.

We'll make him get over it!

Kiss him!

Where did you sleep last night?
- Why?

Were you worried?
- Yes, always.

You knew that Fritz was in an clinic.

You heard it from your friends.
You knew it and you never told me.

I wanted to spare you unhappiness.

But it can't be avoided, you're right.

I must tell you something else that
I avoided telling you for a week now.

We've had some other news.
A letter from Paul's brother.


is dead.

They found him drowned.
And it seems...

He was drowned and apparently...

Go on!

They might be wrong. It's difficult
to be certain in cases like these.

He came to see you one day.

You never told me!
- You were on a trip, as you usually are.

I didn't think it mattered to you.

Can I help you?

Mr. and Mrs. Andreas.

The Professor is waiting.
The others are all here.

We're ready to start now.

Now, we can begin.

I already feel I'm on the way.

Wolfgang, the lights.

Madame Andreas, this is your first time.
Pay attention.

It takes concentration.




Barberina, are you with us?

Good evening, Barberina.

May I remind you of your promise?

Don't be fanciful tonight, Barberina.
You don't want to make us look bad.

Last time, you promised
to bring here a person...

I'm sorry, Barberina, I meant a presence,

le visage of somebody departed.

Am I right, Barberina?

Who wishes to call somebody?

I do!

I'd like to see my friend, Paul R?e.

Very well.

Have you heard?

Do you think you can do it?

Since I discovered I wanted to be a woman
and be fucked, I'm happy.

Tell Fritz.

How embarrassing!

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Let's go. Come on.


Be careful now.

Watch the step.

Mom, at last! Mrs Pinder and Misses Flick
are waiting for you.

Just one moment.

As long as we hear him playing,
we needn't worry.

The year is about to end, my friend.

The end of a century.

Haven't they told you?

Our century is almost here, Fritz.

Get out immediately!

Miss or Mrs Von Salom?...

Leave this house.

I don't want Jews in my house!

Can't you hear Fritz?
He's playing a Jew's music.

Let's go!


Let go!

Wrestle with me!

How strong you are!


English subtitles by:
marooned2, TIK, September 2018