Beware of a Holy Whore (1971) - full transcript

On a film set there are two things missing, the film material and the director. So the actors and actresses as well as the crew try to make the best out of the situation. When the director arrives the material is still missing and so they still wait and try to make the best out of the situation. When the material finally arrives all folks involved into the film find themselves in a weird situation. Jealousy, competition and despair are ruling. Nobody seems to be able to break through this atmosphere, so they all still try to make the best out of the situation, but this is probably not the way to finish the film.

Pride goes before a fall


A film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Then there's the story of Wee Willy,
the gangster.

Goofy wants to be a children's nurse,

so he borrows some clothes
from his Aunt Anna:

a ...

red-and-white checked calico
dress and a big hat.

And he tries his luck as a kindergarten
teacher; not very successfully, though,

because the kids all say they've
never seen such a queer old doll.

Goofy gets beaten up by the kids

and flings his gear in the trash can.

At that moment,
an escaped convict comes by:

Wee Willy, the gangster.

He's no bigger than a 3-year-old girl.

He finds Goofy's gear
in the trash can

and puts it on.
On his way home,

Goofy bumps into Wee Willy,

wearing Aunt Anna's dress.

"Poor little homeless mite",
Goofy thinks

and takes the little girl home.

He dishes up pheasant
and partridges and

a whole goose, and Wee Willy stuffs

himself full.

Goofy's pretty surprised
at the little girl's appetite.

But he's mighty pleased, too,

and thumps his fists on the table.

Wee Willy behaves terribly, but at last
Goofy finds joy looking after a child.

During the night,
the house is surrounded by gangsters;

no, not by gangsters - by police.

They storm the house
and find Wee Willy.

They recognize him,
despite the gear he's wearing.

Goofy's amazed and asks

what they want of a poor little girl.
"This is terrible!

"What has she done?
Poor little orphan!"

The police inform him

that it's Wee Willy, a wanted criminal.

And as the police carry Willy out,

explosive as a hand grenade,

Goofy says:

"It must have been a shock
for the poor little girl

"to find out she's a crook."

Look how he gives him a light!


I still think he's great.

Surely its possible
to get a number in Stuttgart!

Yeah, I'll wait.


I'm busy.

Room 23.


Fred here.

They all belong to the same clique.
- Who?

Hanna, Ricky,

David, Fred

the girl with the curls...

You should clean your teeth.

Stop mauling me!

...and Kosinski.

They're a kind of commune.

What's a commune?

They all live together and so on.

We start shooting tomorrow,
Herr Meister.

Is there really no chance of...?

No, in Munich the check will be...

OK... I'll phone you later.

It makes me sick!

Another repressed queen!


Our coach.

I've drawn up the waking list.

You stupid cow!

We don't even have the material,
and you make a waking list!

You don't have to shout at me.

I'll shout at you as long as I like!

Where's Mandig?

You have to wait for the supertrip

then it's peace all the way.

When I came back from a high once,

I knew what it was like in the womb.

When's Jeff due back?


Sefior Candy!

Damn it!
How often do I have to shout?

Whenever I want to ask you something,
I have to shout.

What the hell are you unit manager for?

Don't you realize how fond of you I am?

Come on! Get up!

I hate you, you satyr!

You, too, you witch!

I could have done that.

Shut your mouth, Kéberle!

I'm as quiet as a mouse.

He's probably ancient.

Who knows?

There was a race steward
in Le Mans who was 60,

but he was really with it.

How much?

4,000 feet.


What's the matter?

They're all so nasty!

Come on, now!

Let's have a drink!

Everything's going Wrong-

We're not getting the material
from Germany.

The check has bounced.

OK! If you say so!

Someone will publish my book.

You reckon?

Otherwise I'll start
an international hash ring.

That's pretty dangerous.

Luck's on my side.

I don't know what he sees in Eddie.

Bread, money...

Can you see him as big box office?

Ah, what do we know?

I do my job... and that's all.

The Spanish lighting guy turns me on.

He's gay.

You think so?

Let's wait and see!

This place is crawling with gays.


What happens if the material
doesn't turn up in time?

They've cashed the drafts.

I thought they'd wait a few days.



Go up and write the call sheet!

Care to do some work?
Or do you earn your money sleeping?

Whatever I do is wrong.

Don't keep answering back!

He doesn't know when to stop.
- That's nothing new.

Hello, Margaret! I hope everything's OK.

Yes thanks, Mark.

Things are fine with us.

May I sit down?


The English dialogue...

Just a moment!

We have to coordinate the English and
German texts for the German dubbing.

That's obvious.

Just do your job,
and they'll leave you alone.

They won't let me do my job.

Are you from Germany?
- Yes.

My German's not good enough for that.


IS he gay?
_ '

The lighting guy.

If only I knew what I'm meant to look for!

The director of the film
isn't even here yet!

The director must decide
on the casting.

No understand.

Jeff? Hello!

But you...

No, Jeff...

Yeah, sure I understand...

But let's at least...


We can talk about it again


Move your butt!

He's coming,
but he doesn't want to make the movie.

Says he's spoken with people
in Germany: Schléndorff, Lemke...

One of them will do it, he reckons.

No... I'm not having that!

What shall I do with the bar?

Here, give it to me!

Shall I bring something to drink?

A coffee, please.

Anyone else?

Do some work, you lazy bitch!

Lazy bitch, yourself!

Everyone thinks he can push me around.

Where's Ricky?
- Gone to the coast.

Who with?

How are things, Hanna?
- Fine, Jeff.

Where's the cameraman?

He refuses to work
before he's talked with you.

No problem.
Say, what is this place here?

The minister's villa.

Are you all crazy?

I want a palace, and you get me
this lousy little hole!

I just don't believe it!

What is this?
A kindergarten?

Learn how to make movies first,
you bastards!

A villa? Don't make me laugh!

If you want to get into car racing,

you have to do a lot of rally driving

before they'll accept you.

And that costs a bomb.

He looks really old.


I think he's great.

How are things, David?

Fine, Jeff.

Where's Manfred?

Room 30.



How are the horses doing?


If you need anything, just let me know!

Have you seen the set?

Have you seen the set, I asked?

I thought you'd like it.

It's not even a house,

let alone a palace!
It's a miserable shack.

But who cares?
I'm flying back tomorrow.

Why that?

The material wasn't on board.

What material?

We can't get the material from Germany,

so we've ordered it from Madrid.

Why Madrid?

Do you think I'm shooting
with Spanish material?

There's no difference, Jeff.


I'll go and get him.

For once in my life I wanted

to make a movie without having
all the responsibilities.

You're producing it with
my money anyway

and making a balls-up of it, too.

I must be nuts!

You all do what you like

with me because
I'm such a reasonable guy.

What's up now?

I'm not putting up with it anymore!

I stuff my money
down that bastard's throat,

and I don't even get first-class material.

I'm flying home.

Book me a flight for tomorrow!

Let's talk it over!

Have you seen the face he pulls?


It's really funny.

He keeps doing this...

You're beautiful!



She was so brazen-faced to me.

- Margret.

I feel really sorry for her;

for both of them really.

They're scared of getting old.

Why is Jeff having
the movie produced with our money?

Ask him!

He got into this scrape somehow.

You can't ask him anything.

He's so strange lately, especially to us.

Isn't he?


Especially to our group.

Maybe you can have a word with him!

You're all from Munich?


I'm from Rome.

I'm subhuman in your eyes, I know.

I don't understand.

You treat me like a black!

You're all so self-satisfied.

I'm an outsider for you.

You give me the cold shoulder.

You're the superior beings
because you all belong together.

Don't talk bullshit! Why not?

I can't get up enough concentration.

Oh, yeah?

I just want you to have fun.

Fm not important.

I can't anymore.

- Yeah?

How about it?

OK, I'm going.

There's work to be done.

Do you have any say here?

I guess so.

I'm looking for a job

as an extra or something.

I maybe able to fix you up.

Are you alone here?

No. I'm with my husband.

Oh, I see.

In that case...

Thank you.


Oh, Jeff!

Just let go of me, honey!

Kiss me, Jeff!
I haven't seen you for two weeks.

I told you to let go
or you'll regret it.

I have a right to, Jeff.

Just leave me alone!

But I love you.

You hit me!

You all saw it.

He nearly killed me.

He promised to marry me.

He wanted to have kids with me.

It's all your fault, you pig!


You'll see...

I'll show you!...

All of you!

You're all witnesses.

He nearly beat me to death.

I'll show you!

You'll see!

Come on!

Two Cuba libres for me.


Cheers, Jeff!

What up here again?
- The usual thing...



Irma's in the production office.
She wants her money.

She says you promised to marry her.

Wants her money, or she's quitting.

Let her quit!

Tell her I don't want
to see her here again.

I'm not shooting a single foot
if that woman's on the set.

I'm going to bed. Goodnight!
- Goodnight!

OK. I'll tell her.
- At once!

OK, but

I've no money to pay her out.

The lazy bitch should do some work
before she asks for money.

Good evening, Mr. Constantine!

Enjoy your dinner?


Do I get my m0fleV7

Excuse me!

Irma, Jeff said no,

and he said you should go.

Four years I've worked

for that bastard!

I whored

for the swine.

You'd have starved without me.

He promised to marry me...

What a stupid bitch I am!

...just so I'd go on working for him.

He wanted to have kids with me,

and I believed it all!

Come on, Irma!

It'll be OK.

Good evening, Mr. Constantine!

Good evening!

Care to tell me
what we're doing tomorrow?


Mike, I want an incredibly long,
slow shot;

dolly slowly through the two rooms.

Since this is the scene
of two brutal murders,

our approach must be
a complete contrast.

If we make it quick and snappy,
and it's cut around afterwards,

the audience will never get the feeling
that a murder

takes time,

that it's not so simple.

The woman must know at once
she's going to die. She just stares...

After a time, she begins to cry.

I want to dolly into the house
with Eddie,

stay behind him a while
and observe

how the minister
reacts to his appearance.

When the minister stands up,
we travel in with Eddie.

He speaks about his mandate,
and honor and so on.

We dolly back to a long shot.
Then the murder's committed.

Maybe we pan to the woman first.

She's standing in the doorway,

She's speechless and retreats.

Then a slow pan to Eddie.

The minister is murdered.

Eddie looks for the woman,
goes out of picture.

Camera stays on the minister,
then pans past

old oil paintings

like the guy's

ancestors maybe

and returns to the woman, frontally,
with Eddie from the rear.

They look at each other.

Eddie strikes her. She collapses.

Eddie goes into the garden,

lights a cigarette...
And that's it.

A murder like that's a strange thing.

It can be really sentimental,

and the audience

feels shattered because it thinks
it knows the people up there.

But not the way they tick.

And that's what we want to try to show.

You have to understand
what a murder really means.

Tremendous! But it won't be easy.

You reckon Eddie can do it?

Do it? Sure. He's got brains.

The lighting won't be easy.
- I know.

I'm going to bed.
- Goodnight!

What's up?

The woman there.

Oh, I see.

What's up?

He's hot on this woman.

I wouldn't say no either
if she were to come to me.

And if she didn't?

Then I'd keep mine buttoned up.

Come down, will you?


Me, too!

That's obvious.
Do you think I'd call otherwise?

What's the problem?

Leave me in peace!

Do you have a problem, Mark?


Do you know this game?

- I'll show you.

I knew I would come.


The other way round.

David, you try it!

Well, what's up?

Can you fix it for Ricky
to fuck that woman?

Which woman?
- The one sitting there.

She's here with her husband.

Offer her money!

She just has to tell him she wants to.
Otherwise he can't.

No way!


Want to try?

His reactions are tremendous.

Society has made him somehow dead.

He can't react from within anymore.

Don't talk so much!

Try it with me!

If you catch me,
I'll kiss you in front of everyone.

You little ass-peddler.


Let's g0!

You have to go?
- I'm afraid so.

- Bye!


Go on, run after
the screwed-out cunt!

That's all she needs,
a pig like you.

Let's go listen to some music!


And you can go to hell in future, too!

How can anyone sleep with this racket?

Serves you right!

My face feels like its inside out.

Are you stoned?

- Me, too.

Do you really believe that?

Damn it! I can't understand a word
when you speak French.

Shall I tell him?

Let's sing a song!

What song?

I'll start and you follow. OK?


Oh, where am I to turn to...


Oh, where am I to turn to

when suffering grief and pain?

Whom can I tel! of my delight

when joy fills my heart again?

To Thee, to Thee,

oh, Father,

I come in pain and sorrow.

Thou sendest bliss and gladness.

Thou healest all my woe.

No, thanks.

I think so.

I would move to Spain, too, but...

I don't know what we should do either.

He must phone Bonn
to send the second installment earlier.

Everything OK, Mike?



Bring me a cup of tea!


Don't worry, they'll get the message.

Let me have the cups back!
I need them again.

In two years,
I'll be making movies myself.

I maybe a bit slow, but I'm no fool.

Like a cigarette?


You can be nice when you want to.

Yes, you can.

They were all scared of you.

But you're quite different.

Why don't we get married?

We could go off to Peru together.

I can't do that to Sascha.

We never powder the face in France.

We can take it off again.

Can you step on it?

How much longer do I have to wait?

I'm working as fast as I can.

We'll see.

Her parents are wealthy Spaniards.

Yeah? So what?

Tell him about Bonn!
- OK.

Can I have a word with you?

Sure... Just a second.

What are you doing here?

Jeff took me with him.

I give you your orders.

Don't shout at me!

When I tell you to be in the office,
then stay there!


Has Ricky been here?
- I haven't seen him.

When he turns up,

go through his dialogue with him
till he knows it by heart.

Do you understand?
- OK.

Go and have a few Cuba libres!

It's your turn, Margret.

Can't you be more careful?

I'm scared of you.

Lift it a bit!

Still not far enough. Damn it!

Hi, Eddie! Everything OK?

Where's my coach?

Having a snooze in there.
- Then wake him up!

What do you think you're being paid for?

To crash out?

Do you think the others
are working just for fun?

They're all crazy, I suppose.

Get up, you lazy bastard!

He should go through the scene
with Eddie!

I'll take care of it.

Can we go through it now?


How are things?
- Fine.

Jeff, I'm so pleased
we're starting at last.


I think I'll play the part

in the nude.

It gives a completely different feeling.

If you think so.

I can't kill a woman with a karate chop...

Is that what you call it?

It's just not right.

I can't hit a woman,
then kill her.

Can you tell me what it's all about?

I explained the whole scene to you
in detail yesterday.

I just don't understand why
the set isn't ready.

- What's up?

Why is nothing ready here?

You're right.
You explained it all to me, but

you have to decide
where you want to dolly.

Must I do everything myself?
If you can't decide for yourself,

you'll never enjoy your work.
Set it up here!

Do you understand now?
- Of course.

Ricky, I'm meant to go through
your dialogue with you...

Come on, then!

Jeff, you've got to phone Bonn.

We need the second installment!

Am I going crazy?
You can't have spent nearly DM 200,000

no, DM 185,000...
by the first day of shooting!

We have.
- That's sheer madness!

Are you going to phone

or not?


For God's sake, tell me if you like it!

Yeah, maybe a few more cherubs...

Where the hell am I to get cherubs from?

He gets crazier every day.



I wonder if he'll ever get
the thing to work.

Habla!... What's up?

Bonn! Understand?


Where's the interpreter?

She's up there with my brother.

What's he doing here?

He's the sound engineer.

I said I'm shooting without sound.
Send him home!

And get the interpreter!


Can you move a bit faster?

My God, the bitch is slow!

I want Bonn.
Ministry of the Interior.

Damn it! You talk to him!

What's up?

He says you should go home.

Lemmy Caution was always
such a gentleman,

so noble...

What I want to show here

is the guy at the height of power:



capitalistic, rational,

cold as ice.

I don't want to show

a grain of sympathy
for people who act in the name

of some Fascist government.

What news from Bonn?

I think you're fabulous, Billie.
- Ah, come on!

We could marry
and go to South America.


I won't be content until I know

he's been completely destroyed.

I won't be content until I know

he's been completely destroyed.

Anything wrong?

No, nothing.

There's something up with you.

I've got stomach pains...

My ulcer hurts, that's all.

You should have it operated.

Yeah, probably. It was the same
when I was in kindergarten.

I always sensed when something was wrong.

What do you mean by that?

Nothing special.

Because of David, you mean?


he's assistant director?

I couldn't care less.

Look, Ricky,

David's doing it simply
because I need someone.

I don't give a damn!

I guess I won't be happy until I know
he's been completely destroyed.

He needs to go to hospital.


He has an ulcer or something.

I'll have a word with him.

I was with a guy like that for two years.

Only later did I realize he must have
suffered like a stuck pig.

What's that supposed to mean?

My whole picture of your masculinity
is vanishing fast here.

Margret! Margret!

I don't have stomach pains.
No one's putting the screws on me!

I didn't let them in the navy, and
I'm not going to here. Is that clear?

You can act silent fear, I hope,
you lame cow!

Or do you have some privilege
as the producer's wife?

You're acting like a bumpkin
on a village stage!


You play the part!


Why me, Jeff? Do you think I can?


Can we get this makeup table
out of here?


I'm coming!

Can we get rid of that table?

Tell the workers to move it out!

Of course! Just don't shout!

Pack your bags, you deadbeat,
and get out!

Beat it! Have I made myself clear?

Avanti! Move it!

What I'd give to sit with Marlene Dietrich
in some bar in the desert,

knocking it back.

I imagine her ice cold,

like a businesswoman.

No, I think she's real sweet and nice.

I imagine her hand on the table,
and I lay my head on it.

I want to get out of here.
I don't want to make this damn movie.

Why not?

The whole thing here makes me sick.

I think it's going to be tremendous.

Yeah, that's the trouble.


You're a stupid Spanish waiter.

You're so dumb

you don't even understand me.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

But you want to earn money?

Then learn German first!

You stupid, stupid man!

Go away!

It's just for a few days.

He's as big as a tree

and he looks like Gene.

It's just a bit of fun, that's all.

Come on, Sascha!

If I had half a chance...

Women are so strange.

I'm no fool.

But always some stupid job...

Then try directing, you asshole!

Just don't be a unit manager!

That's hard work.

If only I knew...

My wife

she keeps me down,

and I enjoy it.


I'm so unhappy.


I don't know.

Where's Ricky?

He's so amateurish.

That's no way to work.

You have to get to know him.

He can give you

a sense of latitude as an actor

and that's something rare.

OK. Six o'clock...

Oh, wonderful!

The whole bath's under water.

Exquisitely young!

Oh, yeah?

Well, don't I?

I need the 25 extras
by tomorrow morning.

You understand?

You can treat me as you like,

because what you do

as an artist has quality.

Piss off!

And then a new guy came,
completely straight:

Wolfgang Wagner...

I didn't notice him at first.

One day we were in the hut,

pretty stoned.

We were on guard duty.

We smiled at each other.
I gave him a look,

and he said yes,
and we went to bed together.

About two weeks later,

we were on guard duty again,

and I said:

"How about it, Wolfgang?"

And he just said


That was all.

Sascha, send them all home!
I'm not shooting today.

It's too expensive!
- What do you mean?

It's my money.
The bastard doesn't have a cent,

but he has to produce movies!

OK, send them home!

Do you hear?
The producer says send them home.

All right! All right!


Soon I'll have to explain
every take.

Oh, come on, Jeff!

It's true, Eddie. I don't want to start
from scratch every time.

Hanna, tell him: either he plays it
my way, or he can go home.

What do you mean by "fun"?

We're all dependent on you.

Try your luck elsewhere!

That's no alternative.

It has to function here.

You've a greater chance
of enjoying your work here.

Try to understand!

That's all well and good,
but we're still dependent on you.

And dependency leads to fear,
which we'd escaped from.

Why are you dependent?

Because we don't know
what's going on.

And we're scared. We really are.

Let me explain:

one day Manfred phones.

He says he has a Spanish co-producer

who would invest DM 250,000 in a movie.

"Great!" I think.

"We'll shoot it cheaply

"and make the movie
with the co-producer's money."

Then he made a calculation
for DM 500,000,

and there was no arguing about it.

So I thought, "OK, I'll invest the money
we have from the state."

Then suddenly there was no co-producer,

and I realized it would be made
with our money.

It was too late to back out.
The contracts had all been signed.

That's the position.

And now even that's too little,

and We of all people get no fees.

It's a pain in the butt for me, too.

This is Mandig.

You kicked Linda out.

Yeah. What about it?

One more high-handed act like that,
and I'll have you deported.

This is Spain. There are laws here.

Am I right?

Do you love Ricky?


He does it just for the money.

So what?

He told me that himself.

Oh, Jeff, the world's so bad!

Here, it's Sascha.

Sascha, darling!

We're in bed together.

OK, I'll come down.

Get out, all of you!
I don't want to see you anymore.

You bloodsuckers!

I hate you all.

You just exploit me,
then leave me in the lurch.

You terrorize me, you bastards!
You want my blood.

I hate you all...

I want 10 Cuba libres! Do you hear?

Don't forget you're making a movie
with people

who'd rather be at home without
all the hassle.

I love you.

I can't take any more of this.

You'll have to get someone
from Germany

or finish the movie yourselves!
I can't go on!

You know very well no one but you
can finish this movie.

- OK.

You know

the biggest favor you can do him
is not to sleep with him.

It's important that the light's brilliant,
almost expressionistic.

There can be hard crosses cast
by the window on the bed

It introduces an artificial tension.

It doesn't matter if it seems unnatural.

Come up with something yourself!

If you say you're making a movie
against power...

Not against power...

Against brutality sanctioned by the state.

But if you portray it so aesthetically,
in such detail,

that's not right either. There must be
more to it than that, surely?

You're the meanest,
most brutal bastard I've ever known...

You dirty, little bourgeois rat!

He said he's fond of you.

You know what the worst thing is?

When one realizes
how damn bourgeois one is oneself.

You haven't just discovered that?

Yes, I have.

But look at the movies you've made!

You know so much
about that sort of thing.

Leave me in peace!
You've cheated me terribly.

What do you mean?


I don't want to go into all that again.

It's crazy!

Sometimes I could kill you.

Sometimes I could tear the clothes
from your body.

No, that's really perverse.

I can't play it. It's unmotivated.

I think it's really hot.

He's just had an orgasm, and dies...

What a death! It's terrific!
Can't you see it?

No. You two go!

Hey, Ricky

I think he doesn't want
to give us any more.

Shall 1...?

I'll kill you, you bastard!

I'll knife you, you fat slob!

Stop it!

My wife's just the same.

She always decides

how things are done,

otherwise she refuses
to sleep with me.

And one reacts accordingly.

Leave him alone!

Aren't I right?

Sure. Absolutely.

Now beat it, you idiots!


You keep out of it! Beat it!

I'll give you a lift home,

though I often walk home myself.

It clears the mind for thoughts
one wouldn't have otherwise.

Just leave me in peace!

No offense!

Tomorrow Babs goes home!

Do you understand, Sascha?

If I see that woman here tomorrow,

you can sort out this mess on your own.

I swear it.

We'll see whether I can really
use the little bit

of power I have.

I've taken so much trouble,

and you never say a word.

I told you:

what you've done is great!

Honestly, Fred.

You never say a word.

I always have to ask.

You do as I tell you!

If I say lay the tracks there,
then the tracks go there

and not somewhere else.
Is that clear?

Learn what movies are first!
I had to.

But it has to fall into your laps,
it seems.

It makes me sick!

Try using your heads for once!

It's not so hard to use your brains.

You know

the only thing I accept is despair.

I just want to talk with the bastard!

Stop it!

If I can't afford to do that,

what am I working for?

If I can't smash something,

I might as well be dead.

Do you understand?

Ricky, did you mean

what you said about the family?

What kind of movie is it?

It's a film about brutality.

What else would one make a movie about?

Give me something to drink!

You're the only one. You...!

I have a friend!

Did you bring a newspaper

from Munich?


There's a picture of you in it.

The Devi! of Griinwald...
A! about l0 o'clock yesterday evening,

the police succeeded
in arresting 23-year-old Joseph K.,

a sexual offender who has long
been wanted...

It's going to be wonderful!

He has rediscovered something
that's been forgotten:


I guess I won't be content until I know

he's been completely destroyed.

And I say to you,

often I am weary to death

of depicting human nature

without partaking of human nature.

Subtitles: Peter + Waltraut Green