Betrayed by My Bridesmaid (2022) - full transcript

During Katie's wedding reception, Connie, who has recently been released from rehab, puts Katie and Tom's marriage to the test. Katie discovers that Amanda is framing Connie in order to win Tom over.

-Are you okay? Do
you need anything?

-Heather, I told you tonight
you’re not my assistant.

You’re my friend,

celebrating the best
birthday. Of my life with me!



-Let’s do it, let’s do it.


- Okay, okay.
- Okay, ready?

Ready, ready, ready.

-Okay. So that
disco ball, amazing.

-Oh, Snoop insisted on having
one for his record release.

-Snoop Dogg.


The birthday girl needs a drink.

-No, I don’t. I want
to remember tonight.

Have any of you seen Connie?

-Mnh-mnh. Okay, but listen, I
really want to pick your brain.

So I have an audition coming up,
and it’s to play a drug addict.


-What? Too soon?


-It has only been three months
since she got out of rehab.

I wasn’t sure if I should
invite her to this.

-She’s her sister. Of course
you should invite her.

-Cake time.

Where’s your lesser half?

-You never liked any
of my boyfriends.


- Let’s go find him.
- Alright.





-I didn’t...

I didn’t know he
was your boyfriend.

-I introduced you to him three
hours ago as my boyfriend!

You seriously need help!

-You need to pick
better boyfriends.

Hand me my keys.
- No. You’re wasted.

I’ll call you a car.

- I said give them to me.
- No!


stop it.

Connie! Let... go!

Katie, get up. Come on.

-Just get out!

fine. Get up!

I didn’t shove you that hard.

Get up. Get up. Get u...

-You okay?

-Yeah, just a bad dream.

- Well, we’re almost here.
- Really?

-Um, Amanda’s been taking photos
of you drooling in your sleep.

I tried to stop her.

-It’s for the wedding app!

Everybody likes candid
shots. Trust me.

- You’re mean.
- Sorry.

I’m just doing my official
duties as maid of honor.

Anton, how are your two
duties coming along?

-Don’t worry about me, okay?

Bachelor party and
don’t lose the rings.

-It’s beautiful.

-What a day to land.

-Gorgeous sky.

-What a pretty city.

-Right over here
is Bathhouse Row,

where you can soak in the
historical thermal hot springs.

-That’s why they
call it Spa City.

- I want to do that.
- I know you do, and you will.

We’re gonna do all
the touristy things,

including a nature hike at...

-Garvan Woodland Gardens?

-That’s the place.

-You did your homework.
I’m impressed.

-Perks of having an event
coordinator as your best friend.

-Somebody remind me

why we’re staying at
Tom’s mom’s house tonight.

-Because it would be rude
if we didn’t stay one night.

- Just one night.
- But tomorrow night,

we’re at the hotel downtown,
where all the action is.

-Oh, remember, we are not
telling her we live together.


Take a deep breath
and just be yourself.

- Tom!

-Ma! It’s so good to see you.

-Oh, baby! Oh!

You’re too thin.
Have you eaten?

-Yes. I’m fine. Katie,
this is my mother.

-Mrs. Lin, I’ve heard
so much about you.

It’s so great to meet you.

-I wish I could say the same.

Tom, you have stayed
away for far too long.

Oh. You speak Korean?

- I greet Korean.
- Oh.

-I know Tom was
raised in Beijing.

But you’re from Seoul, right?
- Yes.

-That’s Amanda,
and this is Anton.

Anton’s my best friend.

-Hey, Mama Lin.
Nice to meet you.

-Well, I could eat.

-We’ll have tea
first. Please come in.

-Oh, wow.

I love the minimalistic design.

Mix the natural
wood and the rock.

I’m an interior designer and...
- Um, Katie?

-Oh, forgive me.

Tom told me.

I-I knew I’d forget
because of the excitement.

-So that’s why I thought
Amanda would be the best person

to throw Anton and
I’s premiere party.

-So, Mrs. Lin, you
got to tell me,

when he was a kid, did
you think he’d grow up

to be such a big
hot-shot film producer?

-I am very proud.

I just wish he could be
closer to his family.

-I do too, Mom.

But aren’t you happy we’re
having the wedding here?

-Of course. It’s all
just happening so fast.

So how did you two meet?

-Through Amanda.

Amanda and Tom were
college buddies.

-Excellent. Education
is very important.

-I agree.

-And so is family.

Do you want children?

-Oh, well, if the timing
is right and everything,

then I would be
open to the idea.

But we just both work so much.


-But the clock is ticking, dear.

-Women are having babies
at all sorts of ages now.

- Of course. That’s right.
- Mm-hmm.

-Dinner was delicious.

-Oh. You hardly ate, dear.

What do you like to cook, Katie?

-I make a fantastic
box mac and cheese.

Honestly, I mainly order in.

I mean, who wants to
mess up the kitchen

when you can have gourmet
food delivered to your door

in 30 minutes, right?

-Maybe. I was
thinking, you know,

you could teach her some
of grandma’s recipes.

-Yes, maybe.

I certainly don’t
want my son to go

without a home-cooked meal
for the rest of his life.

-Well, why don’t I help
you with these dishes?

- Yeah.
- Oh, I can help you.

-No. You guys get the
bags and settle in.


-See you in a second.

She hates me.

I couldn’t have bombed
harder if I tried.

-No, she didn’t.
She was just...

Just took some time
for her to, you know,

warm up to you, that’s all.

-She seemed to like
Amanda just fine.

-Amanda isn’t taking
away her only son.

And we’re getting
married next week, so...

-I know, but I work a lot.

And I’m not the stereotypical,
old-school housewife

that she wants me to be and...

No, no, no, Tom, we shouldn’t.


You’re right. You’re right.

-We have separate
bedrooms already.

I seriously do not need
another reason for your mom

to disapprove of me.

-Okay. You’re right.

You’re right.

Is this how it’s gonna be
for the rest of our lives?

No. You’re just always
right and I’m always wrong.

-Yep. So why don’t you
just accept your fate?




Listen, if you have something
to say, just say it.

Otherwise, stop calling me.

-You don’t need to
do this. Go rest.

You must be tired
from traveling.

-I want to help.

Katie really is a
great girl. You’ll see.

And with everything she’s
been through with her family,

she just wants so much
to be a part of yours.

And there was a lot of
pressure on her today.

-I’m sure losing both
parents at such a young age

was very difficult.

-Yeah, and her sister, Connie...


-Oh. Tom didn’t
tell you about her?

-Tom tells me so little
about his life these days.

I should know what he’s
marrying into. Please.

-Um, yeah.

Connie just has a few issues.

-Issues with what?

-She’s struggled with
drugs and alcohol...

for years and, um...

when she’s abusing,
she can get a little...


-No, no, no, no.

What I mean is,

it’s been tough for Katie
and Katie meeting Tom...

He’s so wonderful
and they’re happy

and this is good.

This is good for them.

-Good night.

-Good night.

-You okay?

-You don’t, like, have a
crazy ex-girlfriend, do you?

-Well, um...

well, there’s that one girl
that poisoned all the bunnies.

But other than her, no.


Happier times, huh?

I was thinking
about my dad today.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

No, it doesn’t.

-Are you upset that
Connie’s not gonna be here?

-Well, she’s in rehab,
so she can’t be here.

-That’s not what I
asked. Are you upset?

-I’m still so angry with her.

-Yeah, I’m sure you are.

But she is your sister.

-If she were here, it would
turn into the Connie Show

and all the drama
that surrounds her.

So it’s for the best.

-I know this...

Your mom and dad
are so proud of you

and the woman you’ve become.

And they’ll be
watching with my dad.

Front-row seats.

-I love you.

-I love you, too.

- Well, here we go.
- You’re gonna love this place.

-Oh, my gosh.

You see that?

Right there is where I was
all the time I was a kid.

I was always
sitting right there.

-Ah. You must be
our wedding party.

Welcome to the Arlington.

-Yes. McPherson and Lin.

-She’s got it.

-Oh! You made it.

Oh, my God.

Oh, welcome to the madness.

-I can’t believe
you’re getting married.

- I know.
- Okay. And before moi?

That is what I
really can’t believe.

-All right, guys,
go do guy things.

-Cool. We’ll see
you at the venue?

- Yes.
- Hey, Amanda.

-Hey, Heather.

Can you order us room
service up to Katie’s suite?

Maybe some, like, coffee
and pastries or something?

-I am off the clock, but, sure.


- Surprise.
- What?

What are you...

I thought that you were...

-I got released early.

It was a mistake
coming here. I, um...

-Of course not.

I want you to be here.

-I’m so sorry, Katie. I...

-Shh. Uh... come here.

-I’m better now. I promise.

-Amanda introduced us.

I owe it all to her.

-Well, Tom is incredible...
and you are incredible.

I knew you guys
would hit it off.

-You deserve this, Katie.

I’m really happy for you.


-What is it?

Okay. Did everybody get an
e-mail with the itinerary?

- Yes.
- Can you text me?

-We’re getting our dress
fitting at Something Blue.

And then, Katie, we’re meeting
Tom at the wedding venue.

-I-I can just meet
you all later on

after the bridal stuff.

-No. You should come.

- Really?
- Yeah. I want you to be there.

-Okay. I’d love that.

-Great. Um, why don’t you
meet us in the lobby in a bit?

I’ll text you all the info.

Let me see your phone.

What’s your passcode?

-1, 2, 3, 4.

-Okay. I just put
my contact info in,

so just shoot me
a text with yours.


See you later.


-Are you okay?

-I just wasn’t expecting this.

-Well, she got
released from rehab,

so I’m guessing she’s sober.

-Take a look at what
this letter says.

-"You’re making a big
mistake. Call off the wedding

or you’ll regret it
the rest of your life."

Did she write this?

- Who knows?
- Maybe this isn’t a good idea.

-Well, now that she’s here,

I can’t not have Connie
be one of my bridesmaids.

-Okay, we’re gonna
need to call the shop

and make sure they have
a dress in her size.

-I can call.

-Thanks. Unbelievable.

-Room service.

You’re perfect.

-I hate you.

-Step up here.

-Has she texted you?

-It’s fine. Just
be here with us.

-I love the beading.

-How do you feel?
How do you feel?

- Like a princess.
- Oh.

-I am so sorry.

I waited for you guys,
but you didn’t show up.

What happened?
- I don’t know. What happened?

-You text me to meet you
in the hotel lobby at 3:00.

-I told you 2:00, and then
I texted you to be here.

- That’s not true.
- Let’s use our inside voices.

-You know what? It’s fine.

It’s probably just
a misunderstanding.

Connie, please. I don’t
want everybody fighting

on a day that’s supposed
to be special for me.

-You’re right.

-And I needed you to be on time
today so that I could ask...

-I think this is for you.

-Oh, can you just leave that
in the dressing room, please?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

-That was for me?

-But if it’s gonna be
like this, I don’t...

-No, no.

It means so much to me that
you want me in the wedding.

-Well, then let’s
get you fitted.

- For the sweat.
- Hmm. Thanks.

-Can’t wait to go inside.

-I can’t believe we
got this reservation.

It’s the best place in town.


You must be Connie. I’m Tom.

- Hi. It’s nice to meet you, Tom.
- Nice to meet you.

Wow. This is where
it’s all gonna happen.

- Yeah.
- Wow.

Shall we?
- Yes.


- I...
- What’s going on?

-I don’t know. I don’t know.

This is a disaster.

-I know, but I got to go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Y’all
don’t need to be in here.

- What happened?
- We were vandalized last night.

-But we’re getting
married here in a week.

-Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

We’re gonna have to cancel

all our upcoming
events, obviously.

-Canceling? No.

How are we supposed
to find another venue

within the next week?

-I mean, I think you
can just get this place

cleaned up and ready.

-And I think you don’t know
much about construction, so...

-I just need to get some air.

-I got to take this.

Yeah, yeah. Hold
on for a second.

If you want to come
with me to the office,

we can pull up your reservation.

No, I know. No, it
has to be here today.

Have you seen this place?

-Do you think it’s a bad
sign or omen or something?

-Nope, I don’t.

-I just feel like...


-I don’t know.

Maybe your mom was right.
This is all happening just...

-My mom also likes
pineapple on pizza,

and... I don’t care.


I don’t want to
wait another minute

to start the rest of
our lives together.

-Ma’am, like I said, there’s
just not much I can do.

-Yes, there is.

You know what? If the
work can’t be done

in time for my little
sister’s wedding,

then it’s clearly
your responsibility

to find us another venue.

-Okay, I think we’re done here.

-I don’t think we are.

- Get your hands off me.
- Connie, stop!

-I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry.
- What’s going on?

-Look, you all need to leave,

or I’m gonna call
the police, okay?

This lady is out of control.

They’ve already been
here once today.

I got no problem with
them coming back.

- Alright. Come on.
- Please.

It was a tough day.

-Katie, um...

I did give Connie
the wrong time.

- What?
- I know. I’m so sorry.

I don’t know how
I got this wrong.

I don’t get things wrong.

I didn’t want to tell you

because you trusted me with
your wedding, and I just...

I messed it up, and you
know how organized I am.

Okay, Connie comes in. You
want her to be a bridesmaid.

It just... It threw a
wrench into everything.


-And to be honest,
I don’t like her.

She is selfish and
emotionally stunted,

and she’s never done
anything but hurt you.

Well, no wonder
she was so angry.

-And I get it. Like,
I get the bridal shop.

But things escalated
fast at the venue.

Like, if you didn’t walk in,

like, would it
have gone further?

-I don’t know, but it
feels like everyone

is trying to make
everything so perfect

that it’s just
ruining everything.

-Yeah. No, you’re right.

We just need to take
a deep breath, relax.

By we, I mean me.

This is supposed to be fun.


- Connie.
- Hey.

What are you doing here?

-Oh, I’m staying here

with the bridal party
because I’m the groom.

-Right. Of course.

It’s a virgin daiquiri.

I don’t know what
got into me today.

-We don’t have to talk.

-Being here, seeing Katie,

the way she looks at me.

all over her face.

I wanted to stand up
for her to fix it.

And when I couldn’t, I just
lost control for a second.

-It’s understandable.

-No, because, see, I thought
I had my anger in check.

-Well, no one’s here to judge
you, especially not Katie.

So cut yourself some slack.

And enjoy that virgin
daiquiri of yours.

-Thank you.

-We’re gonna be family soon.

-I look forward to it.

-Are you okay?

I heard about what
happened with Connie.

-Yeah. Typical.

The whole day ended
up being about her.

-Maybe she’s just jealous.

I mean, look at your
life. You’ve got it all.

- Stop. No.
- Deep down,

maybe she just wants
to see you fail.

-I don’t know. I mean, she’s
definitely struggling, but...

I think she wants
me to be happy.

-I know I’m just your assistant.

- Heather. You’re not just my...
- I care about you.

I just don’t want to
see you get hurt again.

-Believe me. Neither do I.

-Katie, can we talk?

-I’m gonna go.

-What’s the saying, wrong foot?

-It’s just that this is
what I was afraid of.

Nothing has really changed.

-That’s... That’s
not true, Katie.

Rehab was different
for me this time.

I’ve worked really hard
these past few months,

and Amanda gave
me the wrong time.

-Yeah. She told me.

-She did?

-Yeah, but that doesn’t explain
what happened at the venue.

-I know, but...

I-I just wanted to help you.

-I don’t need your help,
Connie. We got this.

We did it all without you
because you weren’t around.

-You’re right.

I’m sorry.

-Can we just put this behind us?

-Of course.

-See you tomorrow?


-I love you.

-I love you more.

-Bob, so good to see you.

-Good to see you, cuz.

-Good to see you. Hey, man.

-Hey. Oh, Jon,
Su, this is Katie.

-We’re not that old school.

- Well, I can’t keep up.
- Oh, how you doing?

-Listen, I’m gonna stay here.
I don’t want there to be

any reason for this
day to get messed up.

-You’re not gonna
mess anything up.

-Plus, you’re already paid for.

-Just get in the van.


-Of course.

-Gosh, it’s like wrangling cats.

-I read they planted
to 155,000 blooms.

-Heather, can you get
a pic of all of us?

-Yes, ma’am.

-Come on, let’s get a picture.

Alright. Got it.

-Hey. Everything
okay with you guys?


It’s just...

I get that it’s her job
to boss me around at work,

but I’m one of her bridesmaids.

Why does she keep
barking orders at me?

-I don’t think she
means it like that.

I think it’s just hard to switch
it back and forth, you know?

Like, where do
you draw the line?

So from 9:00 to 5:00,
you’re her assistant.

But then 5:00 on,
you’re her friend

or 10 to 6:00?
- Right.

-Oops. I just got a work e-mail,

and we’re having
dinner as friends.

Can you be my
assistant for a second?


-Oh, she’s going into a meeting

and she has something
in her teeth.

And I mean, you tell her,

are you being a friend
or an assistant?

-Jamie, I get it.

-Just talk to her.

Katie is one of the
easiest people to talk to.

-Yeah. I know. I will.

- This place is incredible.
- Isn’t it?

Being in Los Angeles, you
forget that nature feels good.

-Yeah, you do.

-Tom appears to be getting
pretty chummy with Connie.

That’s strange.

-Tom is just like that.

He wants everyone
to feel included.

-Yeah. I don’t mean
to open up old wounds,

but he knows your
history with her.

-Okay, that’s all we’re
gonna say about that.

-I just feel like he’d be more
conscious of it, you know?

-He’s never done anything
to make me question him.

I trust him.

- I’m good.
- Okay.

-Amanda, dear, come
sit next to me.

-Oh. Perfect.

I put myself next to you anyway.

Great minds think alike.

-Tom tells me that you set up

quite the excursions
for everyone.

-Oh, yes!

Your city is incredible.

We went to Garvan
Woodland Gardens,

and it is so breathtaking.

Have you seen the
tulips in bloom?

-I have, dear.

So, what is on the
menu for tonight?

-Oh. Three cup chicken
is our main dish.

Oh. I
make it at home.

The best. Right, Tom?

- What’s that?
- My three cup chicken.

-Yes! Oh, I love it. I
could have it every day.

-It’s a shame that
Katie doesn’t cook.

-I’m right here.

-Do you remember
that time you cooked

for your dad on Father’s Day?

-The grilled cheese?

-Not just any grilled cheese.

This thing was huge.

I mean, I think you used, like,
20 slices of American cheese

and a whole loaf of bread,

just one stacked on
top of the other.

-Grilled cheese? How complex.


-That’s actually really
sweet that, you know,

you wanted to do something
special for your dad,

and that’s what counts.

And I love grilled cheese, too.

Maybe not
the size of a small child.

-Connie, how’s the venue
hunting coming along?

-I’m working on it.

-I’m sorry. I
don’t understand.

-Why was she put
in charge of that?

-What’s going on here?

-Oh, Mrs. Lin, it’s okay.

It’s just that the
venue we originally had

got vandalized, but...

-So you don’t have
a wedding venue?



perhaps we should postpone
the wedding for now...

take a little time to
rethink a few things.

-So, Mrs. Lin, is it?

You know, people who are
so critical of others

are usually just
lonely and pathetic.


-That’s interesting
coming from you.


-What’s that supposed
to mean exactly?

-How was the rehab, dear?

-You know what? I’m... Just...


-I’m sorry. My mom
was out of line.

-Was she?

I... I don’t even know why I
was saying what I was saying.

-No. No, no. You were
protecting your sister,

my mom was protecting me,

and things just went
a little too far.


No, it’s not that. I...

I feel a little weird, almost...

almost high,

and I don’t understand.

’cause I’ve been drinking
iced tea all night.

I don’t...

I don’t feel in control
of my emotions or my body.

-There’s a lot going
on. It’s a wedding.

People’s emotions
are heightened.

Or maybe you’re just not
used to feeling things sober.

-Are you a drug counselor?

-No. Nothing that noble.

I’m just a producer.

We all want you here, Connie.

But if being here isn’t
good for your sobriety,

then you should do
what’s right for you,

not Katie.

I just... don’t
want your decision

to affect my
fiancée’s happiness.

-Of course.

Thank you.

-And she was wasted.

-You don’t know that.

I get it.

You don’t like her,
and I understand why.

But you really have to stop.

-Katie, she was slurring her
words, and she fell down.

-She wasn’t
drinking. I saw her.

-Is she on something else?

-I don’t feel right about that.

-I do.

-Hey. I didn’t
want to upset you

or make something out
of nothing, but...

given her history and
what just happened...

you should see this.

- That looks intimate.
- When was that taken?

-The first night at the hotel.

And where are the
two of them now?

-I-I-I don’t...

I don’t know. I...

I’m sick.


Um, hey, hey, let’s talk
about it. What’s going on?

-Maybe you should find
Connie and talk to her.


-Maybe you can explain to me
why you were seen hugging her

at a bar the other night.

-Are you... Are you kidding me?

I was trying to h-help.

I was talking her off a ledge.

You know, doing what any good
brother-in-law should do.

I was just... I was
just trying to help.

Just for you.

-You know what happened
between her and my ex.

-Yes, I do.

And I’m not your ex.


You’re okay.

And it seems like she’s
really trying, so..


They found a bottle of
pills in her purse, Tom.

- Okay.
- She’s not trying.

She’s back on drugs.

-Well, have you talked
to her about it?

Just... talk to her.
She’s your sister.

She’s the only family you have.

Maybe try to be more
patient, more understanding.

You know? All those
things I love about you.

-I have been patient and
kind and understanding

for the last 10 years, Tom.

You should go before I
say something I regret.

-Katie, do... Hey.

Don’t do this.

-Just go.

Why was he even
touching her at all?

That’s just so not okay.

-I know it looks bad, but
Connie could have hugged him

and he didn’t know what to do.

And if he did hug her first,
people make mistakes, Katie.

-Was it a mistake?

-Maybe you’re being
a little hard on him.

- I’m not hard on Tom.
- Well, do you trust him?

-Of course I do.

-You just kicked him
out of your room.

Katie, I think you might
have some trust issues.

-What do you mean?

-Well, you don’t
trust me either,

to do my job correctly.

-That’s not true.

-Katie, you micromanage
me all the time,

which makes me feel like I
can’t live up to your standards.

It’s like you’re up here, and
everyone else is down here.

-Where is this even coming from?

I would never, ever want
to make you feel that way.

-Well, you do.

And, like, right now, I don’t
know whether I’m saying this

to you as your friend
or as your assistant.

-Why would you say
anything at all?

Heather, I don’t have
anywhere to get married,

which probably doesn’t
matter because I’m thinking

of calling the wedding off
and losing the love of my life

whose mom hates me

and hates my drug-addicted
sister even more,

who’s here trying to
rebuild our relationship

while popping pills

and starting fights
and falling down.

Do I not have enough
going on for you?

This just couldn’t have waited
until we were back in L.A.?


I overreacted last night.

Hard for me to not
feel protective of you.

You’re my little sister,

and I don’t like
how she treats you.

And I know I haven’t been
around, and it’s not my place...

and she’s gonna be
your mother-in-law.

And... But I’ll try harder.

I will.

I have some good news.

I have a venue.

It’s at the hotel.

They had a cancellation.

It’s the ballroom,
and it’s perfect.

Everything’s gonna be okay.

-Nothing is gonna
be okay, Connie.

-Yes, it is.


Why can’t you stay away
from my boyfriends?


-Why, Tom?


I’ve been horrible. I know.

And I’m... I’m so sorry.

But I-I would never do anything
like that to you again.

What are those?

-I found them in your
purse last night.

-Those aren’t mine.

-I gave you the
benefit of the doubt.

I gave you another
chance, and you lied.

-Those aren’t mine!

They’re not!

I’m clean. Katie, I promise.

-Connie, stop. Just stop.

I can’t listen to
those same exact words

come out of your
mouth one more time.


-Are you positive that she’s
the right girl for you?

-Yes, I am.

Katie is the love of my life,
and you’re gonna accept it.

-And why would she move in
with you before your marriage?

It’s not proper, and
you lied to me about it.

-How did you know that?

-A mother knows these things.

-She moved in with me
because I asked her to.

I didn’t tell you
because I know you.

I know you’ll think
less of her for it,

and that’s not fair, Mom.

But you
shouldn’t lie to your mom.

I was wrong.

Can I tell you something now?

Katie is the most wonderful
girl I’ve ever met in my life.

And she loves me...

with her whole heart.

And somehow, every
day, she inspires me

to do the best I can.

She takes care of me when I
forget to take care of myself.

And she’s quick to
forgive and slow to judge.

I just can’t imagine
my life without her.

-Then you should go
and make things right.

-Do you think I’m overreacting?
You know Tom better than I do.

Could he do something like this?

-A week ago, I
would have said no.

Did you show him the
picture? What did he say?

-That he was just
talking to her for me,

which I don’t need
him to do, by the way.

I don’t understand why he’s
defending her. Seriously.

-Yeah. I don’t know. I
don’t get that either.

-And, of course, Connie
showed up this morning.

-With apology number...


And I’m sure she
denied everything.

-She’s just lied
to me so many times

that her words have
lost all meaning.

How do you have a relationship
with someone like that?

How do you emotionally invest?

Everything was fine
until she got here.

-No, no, no. Don’t cry. Don’t.

Hey, don’t make any
rash decisions, okay?

Here’s my suggestion.

We show up at that
club tonight...

- No.
- With smiles on our faces

and we have a good time.

-I don’t feel like it.

-That’s just because
you’re all up in your head.


You need to just take a
step back and just have fun.

That’s what we were
talking about, right?

This is supposed to be fun.

Where’s the fun Katie?


-What is this?



-You guys are gonna get
me in so much trouble.

-Oh, God.

-Baby, this one’s for you.


-♪ ...just fine ♪

♪ I was out on my own ♪

-What is happening?

-♪ Then I opened my eyes ♪

♪ And I put down my pride ♪

♪ I was holding you
closer than anybody else ♪

♪ When the lights go
out, it’s you, babe ♪

♪ Every time I’m down ♪

-Yep, this is how it is.

-♪ Every night in my sleep,
I’m saying your name ♪

♪ You know for me, it’s
always gonna be you, babe ♪


-Hey. How’d it go?

-Oh, uh...

I shouldn’t quit my day job,

but she... she smiled.


- So these are her favorites?
- Yep.

-Okay. Thank you, Connie.

-Good luck.

-Hey, um, how are
you holding up?

Are you... Are you doing okay?

-I’m fine. Go.


-Good evening, Miss
McPherson. How can I help you?

-Please listen carefully.

I have apparently
eaten some nuts,

and I am definitely allergic.

I’m about to go into
anaphylactic shock.

I have a pen with me,

but please call an
ambulance immediately, okay?

-Okay. I’m going to hang up
right now and call an ambulance.

-Did you find it?

-No. I know it was here.

- Where? Where did you pack it?
- In my suitcase.

Are the paramedics here?

-They’re on their way. I
have this first-aid kit.

-Does it have an Epipen?

-I don’t know. What
does it look like?

Is this it?
- Yes!

-Okay. You remove the blue
cap and then pull the release.

-Hey. Hey. Baby,
how you feeling?

-Kinda like I got hit
by a truck, but better.

-You’re a very lucky girl.

All of your vitals
are looking good now.

And your last respiratory
test was normal.

We’d like to keep
you and monitor you

for a little bit longer, but...

we should have you
out of here soon.

- Thanks, Doc.
- Thank you very much.

-Oh, and stay away
from those nuts.

-Tom, you knew I
was allergic. Why...

-Katie... Connie picked
up the chocolates for Tom.

-But I don’t see a reason
she would want to hurt you.

Maybe the... Maybe the
shop made a mistake.

-How long were they
sitting outside my door?

Was Heather anywhere
near them by chance?


-We had a fight last night,

and she didn’t show up
to my bachelorette party.


No, no, I didn’t see her.

-I’m so incredibly sorry
for not trusting you

and... if I hurt you

or made you feel like
I was pushing you away,

I’m so sorry.

-Hey, no need to apologize.

-Well, I’ll leave you two alone.

I’m gonna make some calls.

I think we need to cancel
the rehearsal dinner.

- Yeah, probably best.
- No, I’m not letting

anything else get in
the way of our wedding.

-Babe, we could
still have a wedding

without a rehearsal dinner.
Just... I want you to rest.

-I feel fine. All of
our guests are in town.

And this is the last night
before you’re my husband.

I want to go, and I want
to celebrate with you.

-Okay. Good.

’Cause I still don’t know
how to spell "fiancée."

-Where were you last night?

-I didn’t think
you’d want me there.

-Were you outside my
room at any point?

-No. Why are you
asking me that?

-Because someone left
chocolates with nuts for me

outside my door.

-I know you’re allergic
to nuts. Deathly allergic.

We may have some issues
we need to work through,

but I am not trying to kill you.

Seriously. Do you
hear yourself?

- Okay.
- Come on. We got to go.

-So what did you
guys do last night?

-Oh, I wouldn’t know.

-It was so fun, but ask Tom.

-Oh, you’re never
gonna know. No way.

-That way.


Katie, please.

Listen to me.

Something isn’t right.

-I don’t want you here, Connie.

-Those pills weren’t mine.

I swear.

And I triple-checked
the chocolates

to make sure there were no nuts.

I didn’t do those things,
but they happened.

So someone did.

-Things just always seem to
happen when you’re around.

-None of this adds
up, and I’m worried.

I’m worried someone’s
trying to hurt you.

-Okay, you know
what? I’ll say it.

Connie, you’re a drunk
and a drug addict.

And the reason you can’t
remember any of these things

is because you’ve spent half
of your life blacked out.

The only thing Katie needs
protection from is you

and the epic and unrelenting
crap that surrounds you.


-If you love me and want
to do something for me...

Not you... then just go home.

-Just watch your back, Katie.

- Drinks?
- Yes.

-How you doing?

So good to see you, man.

We appreciate you coming.
We’ll be right back.

Enjoy. Have fun.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

-I’m so happy.

-Hello! Thank you, everybody,
so much for being here.

I want to extend a
very, very warm welcome

to all of our out-of-towners.

Welcome to beautiful
Hot Springs.

Fortunately, it is
my job to make sure

that all these precious
moments are documented,

which means photos
and lots of them.

Candid photos are
best for those of us

who may not have
an artistic eye.

But we will also get very
cheesy, staged photographs

from our lovely wedding
photographer, Aaron.

So, everyone, please, please
get your picture taken tonight,

and we will start with our
lovely bride and groom.

-Aw, Jamie. Thank you.

-Oh, you’re welcome.

-So right here?



-Oh, thank you. It’s
all her. I’m not...

No one’s gonna be looking
at me in this photo.

- Aah!
- Oh!

Oh! Oh, oh, oh.

- Katie!
- Oh, no!


-She can’t swim!

-Where is she?
I don’t see her.

-I can’t find her!

-Look under the dock!

- Katie!
- What happened?

-I think she hit her head.

She may be unconscious.

-Just pull her up. Come on.

- Is she breathing?
- Can you get her?

- She’s not breathing.
- Come on.

- John, Sue, come help.

- John, Sue, come grab her arms.

And then I’ll grab
her legs. Come on.

-She’s not breathing.
She’s unconscious.

-Be careful with her.

-Okay. Just pull her back.

We got to set her
down on the ground.

Come on, lay her
down right here.

Lay her down right here.
- She’s unconscious.

She’s unconscious!
- Okay, here. I’m doing CPR.

Call 911, get an A.E.D.

-Please, please let her be okay.

Please let her be okay.

Come on.
- We’re at Fisherman’s Wharf,

and our friend fell in the
water and she’s not breathing.

Please send someone now.
- Oh, she’s not breathing.

-It’s not working, Heather!

Heather, it’s not working.

Please, please, please,
please let her be okay.


She’s okay!

-What you did was unforgivable.

-What are you talking about?

-You loosened the railing.

I almost drowned!
- Katie, calm down. I don’t...

-Why were you even
there, Connie? Huh?

How could you do this to me?
- Do what? What happened?

-I’m filing a police report,
and they will catch you.

-Police report? I...

-She needs help, Katie.

Just file the report.

Seriously, it’s for the best.

-It was obvious that you’d
be taking pictures there.

She knows you. She
knows you can’t swim.


-But we can’t prove
she did any of it.

It’s all circumstantial.

-Are you seriously
defending her?

-I’m not defend...

-I don’t know why you would
have her back right now.

-I just don’t think we
have enough evidence

to have her charged
with anything yet.

-That’s it. The
manager just verified

that there were screws
missing from the railing.

-Can everyone just
leave? I just...

My head is spinning.

I need some time alone.

- Of course.
- Try and get some sleep.


Thank you.

And I’m sorry.

-Of course.

-You too.

We’re not supposed to
spend the night together

before the wedding.

It’s bad luck.

-Sheriff’s Office.

-Hello, I’d like to
file a police report.

-Can I get your name, please?

-I promise you, there was
no nuts in that chocolate.

- Thanks.
- You’re welcome.

-I’ve tried everything.

Maybe she’s right.

Too many things have gone wrong.

-You know, relationships
need to be able to withstand

this kind of thing.

Do you think you all
have what it takes

for a lifetime together?

-I don’t know.

I don’t know. She just
keeps pushing me away.

-Maybe you just need
to slow it down,

call it off for now.

Just give it some time.

Tom, I’m so sorry.

I hate this for you.

-Do you remember the night
I introduced you to Katie?

-Yeah, of course. How
could I forget that?

-Well, there’s something
about that night

that you don’t know.

-Okay. What is it?

-I meant to set
Katie up with Anton.

Wait. What?

Wh... Why? Why?

-Because I thought you
felt the same way I did.

Don’t make me spell it out.

I love you, Tom.

I’ve loved you since college.


I know this is sudden, but...

you feel the same way, right?

-No, Amanda...

I don’t.

I have to go.

-Hi, Connie.

Please come in.

Have a seat.

-I’d rather not.

I know it was you.

You... You destroyed the
venue, you spiked my drink,

you switched the chocolates,

and you probably had something
to do with the accident

at the restaurant, didn’t you?

Didn’t you?!

-You’re such an easy target.

Drug addict.

You’re emotionally unstable.

Your life’s in the gutter.

-Stay away from my
sister. Got that?

-Or what?

Are you gonna tell on me?

I believe you’re
the one who had sex

with your sister’s
boyfriend on her birthday

while you were on
drugs and drunk.

Was it... Was it both?

I can’t keep up, honestly.

You are quite a piece of work.

Look at you, Nancy Drew.


-Get... Get off!


-What are you doing?!

-Help me!


There’s a woman here.
She’s assaulting me.

- That’s a lie! No!

-Please help!

-You’re sick. You really are.

You’re crazy!

- Hey. Hey. What’s going on here?
- Just let me explain.

-That’s... That’s her.
She just attacked me.

-No, I didn’t. You
did that to yourself.

Please, just listen to me.
- What’s going on?

-She just went crazy and was
throwing glasses at the wall

and breaking lamps,
and she stabbed me.

-Katie, she’s lying.

-Somebody needs to
call the police.

She just filed a
report against her.

-Is this true?

I’m gonna have to ask
you to come with me.

-No. No. You’re
making a mistake.

No. Katie! Katie, look at me!

I have proof, a
video on my phone!

-Do you think I’m gonna
need stitches or something?


-Hey! What’s going on out here?!

-Let’s get you out
of the hallway,

and we’ll take a
closer look. Okay?

-I’m sorry.

- 1114, yes?
- Yes.

-We’ll get you taken care of.

-Thank you. Have a great day.

-Thank you.

-Hey, got your text.

You should be getting
your beauty rest.

-I couldn’t sleep last night.

-I’m really sorry.

I know how badly you
want her to be better.

She’s, like, obviously
getting worse.

-Why do you have her phone?

I saw it in your back
pocket last night.

-Because she threw it at me

right after she started
throwing glasses.

-How’s your shoulder?

-I’ll survive.

-Well, I’m gonna go for a
jog, blow off some steam.


- Bye.
- Bye.

-I told you...


-You said you had
proof. A video?

I got your phone from Amanda.

-She must have deleted it.

I was there, Katie.
She’s in love with Tom.

I had a video of it.

-Wait. Do your photos
back up to your computer?

-I don’t know.
Maybe on my tablet.

- Where is it?
- In my room.

-Okay. I need your password.

-1, 2, 3, 4.


And the... And the
key to your room.

-You know, I, um,
I called you...

so many times, but I hung up

because I didn’t
know what to say.

I wasn’t sure you’d
want to hear from me.

-That was you?

-I wanted to make
sure you were okay,

hear your voice.

I missed you.

-I missed you, too.

There you are.

- Oh. Hey.
- Hey.

We’re running really
late. Come on.

-I need to stop by the room
real quick and take a shower.

-We have showers in the suite.

but I need my stuff.

-We have your stuff.

Come on. everybody’s
waiting. Come on.

Okay, ladies, get
ready for this beauty.

-Oh. Wow.

You look stunning.

- Thank you. I love it.
- You’re welcome.

-Go put on your dress.

Let’s hope it still

-I love you, Tom.

I’ve loved you since college.

-What are you doing in
there? Do you need help?

-Almost ready.

Katie, you look incredible.

-Thank you.

Can someone zip me up?
- Yeah.

-You look absolutely

-Thank you.

-Why don’t you guys go
check in on the groomsmen?

Make sure they have their
bow ties on straight.


- I forgot my purse.
- Heather.

I have a gift for Tom.

I meant to give to Anton

to give to Tom
before the wedding.

It’s a small engraving.

Do you think you
can bring it to him?

-No problem.

-It’s just inside my
purse in the bathroom.

-Is it wrapped in a box?
I don’t see anything.


It’s just inside my purse.

-I’m not sure what
it looks like.

- Connie’s innocent.
- What?

-It was Amanda the whole time.

Heather, I am so, so
sorry for everything.

How I talked to you,
how we treated you.

I need you to do something
for me, as my friend.


-Get this to Connie
at the police station.

Um, it’s two blocks from
here on Spring Street.

I’ll explain everything later.

Just don’t tell anybody
where you’re going.

- I’m afraid...
- I’ll handle it. Okay?

I’ll stall. Just please hurry.

Yeah, just give it to Anton.

He knows it’s a present for Tom.

-Right. Anton. Got it.

-It’s just this little
metal card I had engraved

for Tom to keep in his wallet.

-With what?

-Oh. A verse from a song.

Well, our song.

-That is so sweet.

- Where is she?
- She’s at the hotel with Amanda.

It smells good.

I have a surprise for you.

Something borrowed.

Hold still.

Don’t make me stab you.



I know it was you.

-Katie, my gosh...

It took you long enough.

-I want you to get out.

I don’t want you anywhere
near this wedding.

-There’s not gonna
be a wedding, Katie.

I tried to make it easy.

-Amanda, open the door.

Amanda! Let me out!




Hotel phone. Hotel phone.


Somebody help me!


-Katie! Katie, we’re here!

-Connie! Connie, help me!

-Open the door.

-I can’t. It’s locked!

The whole room is on fire.

The room is on fire! Hurry!

I can’t breathe!

-Katie, stand back! I’m
gonna kick in the door!

Connie, it’s moving closer.

Hurry! Hurry, Connie!


Connie, my dress is on fire!

Somebody help!


Katie, come here!
Come here! Come on!

Crawl through!

Give me your hand.

Are you all right?
- Yeah.



-Are you okay?

Over there, we’ll be safe.

-I’m so sorry. I looked
everywhere for you.

I couldn’t find you. You okay?

Hey. I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry.

I was looking
everywhere for you.

You okay?

-Just happy to see you.

Stop it.

Get off me!

-It wasn’t supposed
to be this way.

-You’ve never been
a good friend.

You always were a
terrible, terrible friend.

You don’t deserve him.

You don’t deserve him.
You don’t deserve him!

-You okay?

Tom. Tom.

Tom, please.


No, no. No, this isn’t right.

This isn’t right.
This isn’t...


-Tom, I have to.

How could you do this to me?

I don’t understand.

You were my best friend.

-Really? Was I?

You didn’t even notice that
I was madly in love with Tom.

-How could I possibly have known
that you were in love with him?

You never said a word
about how you felt.

-You should have noticed.

He was all I talked
about, Katie.

-I thought you were buddies.

He was more.

He was the love of my life.

He was all I had.

And... And when he met you,
I-I thought, "It’s okay.

You know, it’s just a
fling, and it’ll pass."

And when it didn’t...

I thought maybe I
could stop the wedding.

I just... I-I couldn’t
stand the thought of you

actually going through with it.

-So you tried to kill me.

-Things got out of control.

-Out of control?

I almost died.

-I didn’t want to lose him.

I couldn’t.

-And now you’ve lost everything.

I hope you get
the help you need.

I truly do.

-Ma’am, you need to step
away from the vehicle.

-You look so beautiful.

-It’s gorgeous.

And I am incredibly honored
to wear your wedding dress.

-I hope it brings you
and Tom good luck.

-I’m sure it will.

-I owe you an apology, Katie.

I have been unkind.

After my husband passed,
Tom was all I had left.

I just don’t want
to lose him, too.

-Mrs. Lin, I promise...

you will never lose him.

And I hope you feel that
you’ve gained a daughter.

-You ready?

-I am.

-See you out there.

-Thank you for being here.

-Well, if I’d known what
it was gonna entail...

- but I’m honored
to be promoted.

-I’m so proud of you.

Even though I pushed you
away, you didn’t leave.

You stuck by me.

You protected me.

It was more than I deserved.

-Don’t say that.

You deserve everything.

I’m just so sorry for
every time I hurt you,

every time I wasn’t
there for you.

-Remember when we
were little girls

and we used to dream
about our weddings?

The details changed
over the years,

like what our flowers
would look like

or what kind of
dresses we would wear.

But one thing remained the same.

I would be right by your side,

and you would be right by mine.

I love you.

-I love you more.

-♪ You’re the love
of my life, girl ♪

♪ The reason I’m
still alive, girl ♪

♪ I’m gonna make you my wife ♪

♪ Oh, you’re my everything ♪

-♪ Gonna give you
my heart, boy ♪

♪ Till the end of
the world, boy ♪

♪ I’ll never let you go ♪

♪ Oh, you’re my everything ♪

-♪ You make everything better ♪

♪ You’ve made my
life a livin’ dream ♪

♪ Life could not be sweeter ♪

♪ You’re the only one for me ♪