Ben-Hur (2016) - full transcript

Judah Ben-Hur, a prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother, an officer in the Roman army, returns to his homeland after years at sea to seek revenge, but finds redemption.

In the time of the Messiah,

the Roman Empire grows
to span thousands of miles.

It is an empire nourished by blood,

and secured by fear.

They will take everything you have.

They will invite you to their games
to watch others suffer,

and forget what you have lost.

They will leave you with nothing
but bitterness...

and desire for revenge.

You should have stayed away.

You should have killed me.

I will.

Don't burn out your horse too soon.

Three laps to go!

Try keeping up, Judah!

Don't embarrass yourself!

Watch your back, brother!

You're a prince, not a warrior!

Prince Judah Ben-Hur, a Jew.

Messala Severus,
his adopted brother, a Roman.

They were as devoted to each other
as they were competitive.

You're a cheat!

Cheat? All is fair to you Romans!

Oh, that's low!

Judah's father passed away

holding onto the hope
that the two brothers

could be an example of unity
in this divided land.


One more lap to go!






Judah's hurt! Someone help!


Nanny! Nanny, help. Take him.

Take him.

Careful, careful.
What happened Messala?



He's lost a lot of blood.
Is he all right?

What happened?
There was a rock.


Quick, fetch a doctor for your brother.

Tirzah! Run!

Yes, Father?

Prepare the room for Master Judah.

Get water.
Hurry, Esther.

Be careful.
Careful, careful.

Careful, careful, careful.

Get some water.


He's badly hurt.

What have you done?

I haven't done anything.
It was an accident.

Judah was thrown from his horse.

We were riding and...


What should I do?

You've done enough.
Now pray.

My son, will he live?

He will recover.

The doctor reassured us.
Mother Goddess,

restore him by the skin.

But, Mother, he looks like
he's in so much pain.

Thank your Messala for that.

Be strong, Master Judah.

Wait. Wait.

You are like an angel.


Go to bed.

Good night.

We have different gods, Messala.

Did we have fun?

Esther, dance with me.

I'm not allowed.

Well, we can give people
something to talk about.

We can cause a scandal.
Come on.

Oh, let me help you.

I have it. It's not your place.

You know there's a whole
world beyond Jerusalem.

Greece, Persia, Egypt.

I just want to experience it.

I'm tired of reading about it,

hearing about it from travelers.

Are you?

But you make it sound so easy.
It's not easy.

But that's life.


Could you help me
to my bedroom, please?

You spend too much idle time
with Messala.

If I didn't, you'd have nothing
to complain about.

Oh, have mercy on me, world!

Not one of my 359 gods
will smile upon me.

Don't mock.

What's wrong with you?
It's supposed to be a celebration.

It's a celebration of your faith, not mine.

Well, that's the virtue of wine.
It doesn't discriminate.

So what happened with you and Tirzah?

Your mother doesn't want us speaking.

And who cares what Mother wants?

Your mother cares.


Listen, Judah, I...
You have feelings for Tirzah.

Messala, admit it.

What am I supposed to do with them?

You and your family are royalty.

And what does that matter?

I'd rather she was paying attention to you

than some other brute.

I'm not saying you're a brute,

I'm saying you're brutish.

Simonides go to bed.


You and Tirzah would be like...
Like what?

Like we were family.

We're not family.

Are we?

Are we?

I'm just a lowly orphan your family took in.

Oh, my God.
Of course we're family!

You're my brother.
You'll always be my brother.

Everything I own is yours.

I'll never have your name.

And every time my name is spoken,

it will be spoken alongside
stories of my grandfather.

Until I earn it back.

Messala wait.



Where are you going?
I'm going to Rome.

Wait. What do you mean,
you're going to Rome?

Messala, stop.

The Emperor's called for men to put
down the rebellion in Germania.

He's called for idiots to fight and die.

I can't believe this.

After everything we've done for you,

you still want to go and fight
for those murderers!

The pay's steady.

The pay's steady?

So I can come back to Tirzah
with stature and wealth.

But wealth doesn't mean anything.

It never does if you're rich.
Messala, please.

Look, tell Tirzah...

If you have something to say
to her, say it yourself.

Otherwise you're just walking away.


Where's Messala?


I hope this letter finds you well,

if at all.

As with all the others
I've sent over the past three years,

I expect no response.

I can only hope that
it is by your choice,

and not by the way of your demise.

I always prefer not to see
my food before I eat it.

That's probably the best idea.

You would hardly recognize
your Jerusalem now.

What? What are you looking at?

The circus.

The Romans continue to leave their
mark and build their circus.

When you come home,

I will honor the monstrosity by humiliating you

in one of those chariots you Romans so love.

Yes, of course.

But brother,

I do have news to tell you.

Here, try it.

Two months ago,

Esther's father found
a wealthy Roman for her to marry.

We still have to find you something special.

Oh no that's okay.
I don't want anything.

I gave my blessing knowing
in my heart it was a mistake.

I was reminded of how I used to jest
to Mother that one day we would wed...

Go with God.

Knowing the thought of her son, a prince,

marrying a servant
would send her to an early grave.

I couldn't let her go.

If you leave me,
you leave me with nothing.

She is now my wife, brother.

Despite the wonderful life
we have together,

Rome has come to lay
a hard hand on the city.

Repeated attacks have left
them with little patience.

Thankfully, we've been able
to retain their favor.

Well, for now.

Hear my plea.

Be safe. Return home.

I will listen to stories of your travels.


What have you found?
I don't know what it is.

I know what this is!
This is a Senet board.

How much for this?
Five shekels.

A Zealot, and that he will be subject today

to the customary punishment of crucifixion.

May his punishment

stand as a warning.

Ah, the Zealots.

All they want is freedom.

And at what cost?

If they had their way, they'll bring
the whole of Rome down on us.

Then where will our freedom be?

How much is it? Five?
Thank you, My Lord.

There's freedom elsewhere.

Excuse me?

Love your enemies.

Love your enemies.

Well, that's very progressive.

It's the truth.

God is love.

He made us to share that love.

And where will your love be when the
Romans turn their anger on the rest of us?

Hate and fear are lies.

They turn us against each other.

Those are the lies that make us slaves.

He has a path planned for you.

If He has a path planned for me,

how am I better off than a slave?

Why don't you ask her?


There's truth to what he's saying.

There must be something better.

Better than what?

Look around you.

The roads are lined
with the sick and poor.

We should be grateful
we're not one of them.

Can you spare something, please?
We can be more than grateful.

Esther, I'm not denying the fact that
the world is a cruel place.

But it's our responsibility to take
care of ourselves and the ones we love.

If people took care of themselves,
we'd all be saved.

If God is righteous,

then we should do righteous things.

If there is a God, then why
doesn't He do right by the world?

Come. Follow me.

Follow me.
Follow me. This way.

Let's go. Stay with me.

Who's there?

Jacob, stop.

He's my brother.

Put the knife down.

Put it down.


What happened to him?

He's wounded.

Yes, I can see that. How?

The cemetery, the romans,

take the stones of our ancestors
to build their circus.

Not anymore.

You're Zealots!

We fight for your freedom.

From what I can see,
you get young boys injured.

We need a doctor.

No, a doctor would inform the centurions.

Go and get a candle. Go.

I need your knife.

What's your name?



I hope you're proud of yourselves.

You know our aim.

Independence from Caesar,

ending the occupation of the Holy Land.

By killing Romans?

We settle scores.

Not here. Not in Jerusalem.


it's a little bit of pain and then it's done.

Let me see.

You're a part of this?

The man you love is a Roman!

We don't kill all Romans.

Well, that's not very
comforting to the dead ones.

If your father was alive,
he would support us.

You, I don't know,
so you can shut your mouth.

This is your home, this is your land too.

They turn our brothers into slaves
and that doesn't move you?

Killing doesn't get us up from under.

Being passive has done what?

It keeps the peace.

You confuse peace with freedom.


The High Priests, you in the privileged class...

You get Caesar's favor
in exchange for obedience.

The rest of us get scraps.

I won't condone violence.

Nobody's asking your permission.

You keep my family,

and my house clean of this.

Now get out.

The boy?

He's safe here.

Safer than with you.

I said get out!

Mother has hopes for a grandchild.

She asks me every day.
I tell her, Soon.

But I know soon isn't soon enough for her.

That sounds wonderful.

Judah Ben-Hur?

Follow us.

Where are you taking him?

Don't worry, we've done nothing wrong.

It's all right, go inside.

I've brought the Jew.

I haven't changed that much, have I?

You look like one of those statues

you Romans insist on putting everywhere.

You look like the clay they make them from.

Statues are made of marble, not clay.

Not the one they'd make of you.

Look at this.

Well, come on, tell me.
Tell me everything.

Up Mars!

Up Mars!

Move forward!

Move forward!

I'm not sure
you want to hear everything.

And you were right
about life as a soldier.

Sleepless nights in the mud.
Cold and wet.

Drusus, move forward!

If we stay here, we'll die!
Then you go!

One night in Persia...

Your name?

I met him.

Your name!

Messala Severus.

Captain Messala Severus.

These are your men now.

Start leading!


His name was Pontius Pilate.

He gave me a chance.

He reminded me of
what we were fighting for.

Things you and I believe in, Judah.

A civilized world,

progress, prosperity, stability.

I battled and marched
through countries

and across continents
I'd once dreamed of.

I led my men from battle to battle,

to the heights of glory.

But we crushed the freedom
of innocent civilizations

simply because they were different.

I saw much blood spilled.

More than I can describe.


My true fight became
with my commander,


Why haven't you attacked the city?

An attack wasn't needed.
My orders were to pacify the city.

Leaving no able-bodied man alive.

Well, who will till the field,

or harvest or crop...
We need to stamp out revolt,

in every corner of the Empire.

If you want to offer up
another lifeless husk

to the Empire...
Messala Severus?

We've heard the stories
about your grandfather.

His hand in betraying Julius Caesar.

And how he wailed
when he was crucified.

In spite of that, I'm thankful Pilate's
on my side, brother.

More thankful to see you.

Me too.

To think you were just
a lowly Hur before you left.

Well, Mother missed you every day.

Ah, I'm sorry, I left you alone with her.


How is she?

Tirzah's good, she's well.

Judah, will you tell her...

No, you can tell her yourself.
She's not yet married.

My God, you still have it.

Why didn't you write?

What would I say?

I don't know, that you're alive.

You're well.

Anything would have sufficed.


I had to be able to come back
on my own terms.

Your family gave me everything.

I wanted to be able to return the favor.

Now I can.

Judah, listen.

I need your help.

You're needed outside.
There's been another attack.

Stretcher bearer, over here.

What's being said about Pontius Pilate?

To be honest, nothing good.

In a few days, he wants to ride through
Jerusalem at the head of a legion.


The Zealots.

I've tried to deal with them peacefully.
Peace doesn't work.

So now you try a legion.

That's not my choice.

All they want from Rome is their land back.

It was never their land.
It belonged to you, the wealthy.

You don't really believe
in a return to the Age of Solomon.

When the Zealots
are done with us, they'll turn on you.

I don't care about their politics.
I just care about keeping the peace.

Then we're agreed!

Look, Zealots are the common enemy.

Listen, you're a prince.

You have the ear of your people.

Pontius Pilate has to ride
through Jerusalem with no trouble.

That's all I'm asking.

Brother, I've been away a long time.

If I come back now believe me,

it's important.

I want to give you this.

I've done a lot of work with this.

It would give me nothing but joy,

to know it was in your hands
and lay forever idle.

I'll speak to my people, find out what I can.

Thank you.

But you must come to dinner.

I will.

But nothing special.
Just a simple meal.

I promise. A simple meal.

What's this about?

There's been an attack at the cemetery.


Breathing still?

This is Vilarius. I know him.

Pull him out. Brother...

Lost quite a bit of blood.


What happened, Lucius?


They poured through
the encampment under cover of night.

We had no way of...

The people's gratitude
for your bloodless suppression.

What were your men doing here?

Orders were to gather stones
to build the circus.

You understand this is sacred land.

These are Judean graves.

I'm informing Pilate.

If you rule as occupiers,
you will be met with disaster, I promise.

Are you as treasonous as you are useless?

That's my brother's bow.

You should be resting.

I'm fine.

I need to redress the wound.


Well, if you want to call
anywhere home again,

you'll need to be more careful.

The people you run with now are trouble.

I see they've sold you
on the romance of fighting,

but the reality is very different.

How would you know?

I know when I found you,
you were almost dead.

And for what?

So you can say
you evened up with the Romans?

We're not trying to balance anything.

We want the freedom we were born with.

And if the Romans won't give it to us,
we'll have to take it by force.

How many Romans do you even know?

Have you ever had a conversation
with a single one in your life?

Don't spit your hate for all
when you don't even know one.

Now, you're welcome to stay
here as long as you need.

When you're well,
you should go back to your family.

I should.

But my father was able-bodied,
so the Romans killed him.

My mother was fertile,
so they did other things to her.

Everybody, just act normal.

He's coming.

Oh, for God's sake, more normal.

Welcome home.

This is Captain Drusus,

my second-in-command.

To you, Prince.

I owe this man my life.

We have something in common, at least.

I have a small gift from my travels.

The finest silk,

in all of Egypt.

It reminded me of you.

Your return is gift enough for me.


You never got married.

Don't they teach subtlety
in Caesar's army?

You must have a hundred men
fighting over you.

A few.

But you spoiled me for others.

Oh, don't say that!
It's true.

Well, you should be happy.
You deserve to be.

I know.

I look like a monster.

Nothing like one.

You know this scar, of course.

This one I got in Germania.


The other one I can't show you. I...

I was run through, I thought fatally, and...

As I lay there, I...

I wished I could see you again.

Talk to you one last time.


Let me show you something.

I may kill your brother one day.

I may kill him first.

You know, your mother used to interrupt us.

Now you do.

We have a lot to catch up on.

It is striking.

Now tell me something honestly.
Look me in the eyes.

How many men does it take
to get you dressed in the morning?

That's an honest question.


Come on.
Doesn't he look just like Zeus?

You know, he's twice as fast, though.

And I knew you'd appreciate him.

Cost me a small fortune.

He really is a beautiful horse.

Yes, he is.

So you spoke with your people.

Yes. I spoke to some of the local rabbis

and opinion makers,
and most of them want peace.

So who's against us?

Some local thugs and radicals.
No one of any importance.

Right, but who?

Messala they don't matter.

But Judah if they don't matter,
then tell me who they are.

What are their names?

I'm not going to name names.

So you're going to stand idle,

even though you know who the guilty are.

To be honest, no one's guilty of anything
except being sick of Rome's oppression.

Are you aware who's riding to this city?

Did I make that clear?

Death or peace.

I've tried every other way.

And they spit my grandfather's
name in my face and ridicule me!

Oh, my God.

After all these years, you still sound like that
Roman orphan who turned up on our doorstep.

Judah, you promised to help me!

No, I said I would speak to the people.
And I have.

I don't need you to speak to them.
I need you to sway them.

And if you can't do that,

then I need you to tell me
who our enemies are.

Because we've run out of time.

Judah please.

Please, I need you to help me.

Messala, I won't be bullied into this decision.


Messala! Dinner!

Come on, let's get something to eat.

This is how Jerusalem welcomes us?

Tribune Messala has promised
there'll be no trouble.

I've spoken to prominent citizens.

Your safety is their highest priority.

What is that?

Stay here.



Tirzah, wait for me.





Shields up!

Ready arrows!


Down! Mother, get Tirzah down!

Find the ones who did this and kill them!

You're responsible! Fix it!

Tirzah, move! Get inside. Inside!


Step aside!

Open this door!

Break down the door.

Open the door!

Open this door!


What have you done?

Do you realize what you've just done?

Then get ready to down this door!

Take cover!

Go. Go!

We're friends of Rome.

This house is sovereign.
This house...


On the ground with all of them!

Search every room.

Drag every one of them in here, now!

I have to speak to Messala Severus.
He knows me!

If they resist, kill them.

Come with me!
Please, don't leave them!

Get down here!

What are you doing?
Leave my daughter alone!

Wait, please! Please! No!


Listen to us!

I'll take all collaborators!


Who shot the arrow?

Who shot the arrow?

Who shot...

No, wait! Please!


Confess your crime!

We've done nothing.

We've done nothing!

your crime or they all stand accused!

Accused of what?


Messala, help us!

Messala, please help us!

Search every room!


The arrow!

Who shot the arrow?

Who shot the arrow?

Brother don't!

Ah, here's your friend.


Messala please help us.

So you don't harbor Zealots.

Messala? Messala?

No one here has done anything.
I beg you please,

defend this house.

You make the order.

It was me.

It was me, I did it. I confess!

Judah, what are you doing?

Please, take me.

My family, they have done nothing wrong.

I confess, please.

He's confessed.

Zealots don't use women, Marcus.

There's no reason to keep them here.

You promised entry without incident.

Did you lie or do you collaborate?

You're calling me a traitor?

Messala, what's the order?

Messala, please don't do it.

Take them all.

Take them all!

Come on then.

Get up. On your feet.


Be quick about it.
Bring the servants, too.

Please, Messala! No!

Drusus, this is insanity!
You know we've done nothing wrong.

Women to the cross,

men to the galleys!


No! No! No!

I've taken the blame!

I've taken the blame!

I've taken the blame!

Stop it.

Calm down, Judah!

Stay back.

Stay back!

Stay back! Stay back!

Stay back! I'll kill him!

I'll kill him.

I swear, I'll kill him!

It won't save them.

Where have they taken them?

Where are they?
They're gone.

They're beyond us both.

Step back!

They'll kill them.

Messala please, I'm begging you.

I begged you!

I asked you brother-to-brother to help me.

And you chose the traitors over me!

And they betrayed you.

Rome's calling for blood.
I have to give them some.

Look at me please brother.

I would never do this to you.
I would never...

You killed them both.

Whatever happens now you did this!

Keep moving!

All the way back. Stay back!




Where are you going?


On your feet.
Please show mercy!

On your feet!

I said on your feet!

Not here.
Please, he needs water.

No water for him!

Someone help us.


Thank you.

You would do the same.

Get up, Judah.



Where are you taking them?
To the Port of Tyrus.

To the galleys?

You can't!
My family.


Go on.



Number 61.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Starboard side clear!

Stand by bow!

Hands on.

Let's lift the line, oarsmen!

Please sir, this has been a mistake.

My family, they're innocent...
You won't see them again.

Not in this life.

Put it down!
Follow me now!

Drum! And...




Wake up!


Ionian water!

Contact imminent!

Give yourselves over to the drum!

Why are we so slow?

We will not lose this battle before we start.

Ladder down!
Coming down!

Prepare for battle!

Full speed! Stick to it!

Oars up.

Oars up!

Why are we so slow?

We need to wake them up.

Change him out.

No, please. Please, I'm fine.
Get out!

I'm... Please.

I said, out!

You're done!

Get out!
I can row! I am a strong man.

Give me that!
I beg you. No, please!


No, don't.

Take him out.

Don't care.

Just survive.

Forget about them!

For there is no you anymore!

This ship is your body.

That drum is your heartbeat!

And your god,

is the glory of Rome!

If this ship goes down,

so do you.


Raise the trident!

Free to engage! Quickly!


Get ready!


You, too!

Catapults ready!

Fire pit ready!
Open the oil barrels!

We should do something.

We should do something.
We should.

When they pass,
you should bow your head.

When they strike, take it.

You can't beat them.

Climb the ladder!

All you can do is outlive them.

We ram! We ram hard!

Reverse with everything we have.


Sink them.

Not one Greek will step aboard my ship.

Do you understand me?


All together!



Catapults ready!


And move!

Let us make this a glorious day

for Rome!

Battle speed!

Battle speed!





In the pitch!


Ramming speed!

Ramming speed!


Twenty-one! Twenty!

Ship down on the starboard side!



Eleven! Ten!

Blades in!

Brace for impact!

Drum! Where's the drum?


And row!

Greeks on board!



Reverse on my count!

Help me!

Hands on! Hands on oar!


Watch the oil!

Keep rowing if you want to live!

All hands on deck!

Keep rowing!

Pull back!

Heed my drum!

Keep rowing if you want to live!

Get away from me!

All you Romans will die!

Keep rowing!

This is a Greek sea now!



We need to keep moving.

We need to keep moving!

Everyone! Listen to me!
We need to keep moving!

If we stay idle, we all die.

Hands on oars!

Hands on oars! On my count!

And row!




And row!



And row!

And row!

Battering ram on the starboard side!


Messala, a notice has come
from the lonian Sea.

The Astroea was lost in battle.

Greek rebels ambushed our ships.

Any survivors?

The entire third fleet is lost.

All are dead to the last man.

Caesar demands that we retaliate.

How long were you a galley slave?

One never knows.

Dangerous territory.

Pirates and marauders.

And which are you?

The one not in chains.

You wash ashore shackled,

your back striped.

You were a galley slave.
How long?

Five years.

What were you accused of?

I committed no crime.

And I lay no blame.

I asked what you were accused of.


That's a serious charge.

I'll have to turn you over to the Romans.

No. No.

You are an escaped prisoner.

To do otherwise would put
my camp in jeopardy.

They'll kill me.

I'm sure they will.

We will discharge him outside the garrison,

before we leave for Jerusalem.


That's where I'm from.

I have family there.

Your private affairs are no concern of mine.

You race chariots?

Young men race chariots.

Old men wager on young men
who race chariots.

How will you race with only three horses?

Aliyah is sick, but that's my dilemma.

No. She's dying.

I can help her.

I know horses.

I've seen it before.
It's called farcy.

It can be treated with charcoal.

I can help her.

All I ask in return,

take me with you.

Let me find my family.

Or at least let me find out
what happened to them.

What is your name?


Judah Ben-Hur.

The bargain is this, Judah Ben-Hur.

You owe me your life.

I expect that bill to be paid.

Release him.

Kill the leper!

Look at yourself!

Kill the leper!

Don't! Please don't!

This man is your neighbor.

The Torah tells us to...
Wait! Stop!

Love your neighbor as we love ourselves.

Wait. Stop! Stop!

Stop. Stop.

Hate, anger, fear.

Those are lies they
use to turn you against each other.

When you set aside the hate
they force you to carry,

that's when you know,

love is our true nature.

Do you see what's happening here?

Mark my words Messala,

this is the poison.

But that man offers
the people something more,

and calms them with compassion.

This Jesus of Nazareth,

is more dangerous
than all of the Zealots combined.

Wake up. Come on.

Up we go, come on. Up. Up.

Up we go. Good girl.

Up we go. Come on. Come on.


Good girl. Good girl.

Good girl. Here we are.

Here we are.

Good girl.

She looks well.

No, not yet.

She is taking the charcoal, though.

Very nice.


I had one just like her.

Did you now?

So you do know something about horses.

Thank you,

Judah Ben-Hur.

They're harnessed wrong.
Aliyah should be here.


Mind your business.

Listen to me.
If you take them into a gallop...


They're going to bolt.

The horses!

Get the horses!

Stop those horses!

Stay away! Stay away!
Hold it! Hold it!

Ilderim, be careful.

Ilderim, move out of the way!

Get out of the way!



Stop! Stop! Stop her!

Hold it! Hold it!

Judah, no!

Aliyah... Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

No, Judah!

Hang on!


Here, take the reins.

Is she hurt?

It's all right.

You're fine.
Easy, girl. Easy.

Easy, girl.
How did you know?

I told him Aliyah should be on the inside.

She hasn't run in a while.

She couldn't keep the pace.

When she broke stride,
she incited the others.


How's he?

Not good.

How is it you weren't put
directly to the sword?

I was born to station.

A rich Jew sentenced to a slow death.

I imagine there were many in Rome
who found that very entertaining.

Was there ever a kind
more obsessed with the obscene?

People starve,

the masses are enslaved,

and Caesar answers with,

less bread and more circuses.

But I can't complain.

Their excessive nature lines my purses.

Is that why you're going to Jerusalem?

There'll be opportunities to race.

The Prefect is celebrating
himself with a tremendous circus...

and his champion, Messala.

Messala Severus?

I hope this keeps you warm.
Thank you.

My love to your family.

Thank you.
God bless you.


Good to see you, Simon.

God bless you.

Esther, what is it?

My husband.

Oh, I've missed you.

I've missed you so much.

Oh, Judah.

Judah. Judah.


I shouldn't have run.

They would have killed you, too.

I would have died with my family.

That's better than
being alone with my guilt.

I've filled my life in other ways.

By serving others?

I've found people to care for.

People who care for me.

When I can, I spread the Word.

The message of Jesus.

That carpenter,

he showed you kindness
when no one else would.

I've seen him do acts of grace so small,

but so much more than other people do.

Every day for five years
I asked myself the same questions.

What happened to you?

What happened to my mother and sister?

Were they crucified?

Where are they buried?

I don't know.

Someone must know.


He's become the pride of Roman Judea.

He's the commander of the garrison,

races chariots in Caesar's name.

You couldn't go near him.

You won't go near him.

Get up.

You can't stay in Jerusalem.
This isn't the place...

No, no, no, I'm safe. I'm staying
in a cabin outside the garden gate.

I will find a way for us
if that's what you still want.

Wait to hear from me.


So, charlatans, religious indoctrinators,

holy men.

We will work with local people.

We will make arrests.

Anyone who doesn't get the message,

we'll find an answer for.

What's this?

A gift brought by a messenger
with an invitation to meet.

Meet where?
He said you would know.

Have no fear of the Zealots.

They fight, they disrupt.

I haven't changed that much,
have I, brother?

What do you want?

Where is my mother and sister?

They're dead.

It was a quick death?

Where are they buried?

You forced my hand, Judah.

You chose the Zealots over me.

Listen Judah, your pride...

Onwards! Quickly!

Surround this house!

Walk through the portal!


Catch him!
Do not let him escape!


Faith brought you back to me.

The same faith that kept you alive.

That wasn't faith.

Faith wasn't strong enough.

That was hate.

I became hate.

That's what kept me alive.

Let Messala go.

Don't you see
we've been given a second chance?

Spend it on hatred,
then you're still a slave.

What else do I have?


You have me.

Messala was down when we entered.

There was at least one man.

He escaped over this balcony.

Were they Zealots?

I don't know, Prefect.

And at the house of Hur.

You were in uniform.

An attack on you is an attack on Rome.

An example needs to be made.

What's the value of a Jew to a Roman?

Ten to one.

Twenty, I would say.

Pull twenty Jews from the streets.

Execute them in the name of the Emperor.

And let the people know, Messala,

the days of forgiveness are behind them.

Five, six, seven, eight, nine,

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16...

What are doing?
We've done nothing!

17, 18, 19.

I have two!

We have 19!
Take one, leave the other!


Have you been to the hillside?

Have you seen the twenty
they've crucified?

What twenty?

There's talk.

A Roman attacked at the house of Hur.

You did that.

If people are dead, that's on Rome.

You tried to kill Messala.

I told you to stay away from him, Judah.
I warned you!

I won't let him go unpunished
for what he's done to us.

I can't.

I watched my father be killed.

I know what it's like to want
to take your feelings out on others.

They deserve justice
for what's happened to them.

There's nothing here for you anymore.


Know the world you live in, Judah.

The world you live in is Rome's.

Their laws.

Their power.

You cannot fight them in the streets.

But there is another way.

The circus.

In the circus,

there is no law.

There is no right,

no wrong.

What happens there is sport,

not vengeance.

Do as you please.

Give them a show,

the people will cheer you.

How pathetic it must be
when your sole motivator is greed.

You feed my beauties.

Don't think you know me.

Five years in the gut of a slave ship.

I know what motivates.

Five years of pain
after twenty of privilege,

and now you think you know
something about suffering.

Your situation is not unique, Judah.

Neither are you.

My son spoke up for liberation.

He was branded a rebel.

Dragged through the streets,
his throat slit like a hog.

I traveled my all Romans must die phase,

same as you.

All Romans won't die.

They can't die.

You can't kill them quickly enough.

If Messala is the pride of Rome,

take their pride.

Beat him in their circus.

Give them a shame they will understand.

I was accused.

I'm meant to be dead.

They won't let me race.

They're Romans, Judah.

For the right price,
they'll let you do anything.

I bring greetings,

and congratulations on
the opening of your games,


This is a private gathering old man.
Move on.

I'm not here to cause trouble.

Same as you, I'm here for the love of sport.

So, where do I have to go to make a bet?

What's the wager?

My chariot.

The entries are long closed.

Three thousand gold pieces.

That enough to make you reconsider?

If that's not enough, how about this?

I'll give 3-to-1 odds on all bets.

My book is open.

That's very generous against a strong field.

I'm not betting the field.

I'm betting that my driver
will be victorious over...


A bet like that's not customary.

And it's not appropriate.

Not appropriate for who?

All of those citizens who stand
to gain when you beat my man?

You will beat him, won't you?

He's just a Jew.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I failed to mention that.

But you've crushed an entire people.

I should think crushing one man
wouldn't be difficult.

You're on soft ground.

My money...

against your pride.

Seems even.

3-to-1 not enough?
How about 6-to-1?

With the agreement,

that should my driver cross the line first,

any and all claims against him are quit.

Any, and all.


I will leave this with you,

until the race is settled.

African! What's the name of the driver?

You know his name.


Shorten those reins!

Go, go, go!


Step forward!

Good. Steady.



Good. It will get better.

I couldn't see anything.

In the circus,

be aware of the drivers' tricks.

Two riders part,
suck you in between them,

and crush you under their wheels.

It's called the gate.

I just need to get to Messala.


you think they're just gonna give it to you?

No. The circus is a blood sport,

but it is sport.

There is strategy, and you have to know it.



Esther, I need to ask something of you.

There's nothing to speak of.

I'm going to race Messala in the circus.

It's the only way to end this.


You always cared deeply for my family.

If you ever find their graves,

bury us together,

put us all to rest.

Judah, you can't give up hope.

You must believe there's a better way.

There's none.

Messala rides like the devil.

He will do whatever he must to win.

Now, when you cut first,
they'll tend to put you up on one wheel.

So, you have to learn how to tilt.

It's all about balance, Judah.

It's a dangerous maneuver, of course,

but with courage and practice,
it can be mastered.

This is the spina.

This is where I'll be.

And I will try to guide you.

Now, when the race begins,

do not try to take the lead.

Lay back.

Let the other drivers fight for position.

And the best strategy...

But if I'm in the back,
how do I get to him?

The race will bring him to you.

With each successive lap,

there will be fewer and fewer chariots.

Which is why it's important
for you to stay back.

And remember Judah,

first to finish,

last to die.


She wants you.

Messala! Messala!

Calm down.

Messala! Messala! Messala!

Messala! Messala!

You can't race him.

There's no stopping it.

I'm asking you to remember
that Judah is your brother.

The Hurs are your family.

My past is lost to me.

Each one of us has a choice.

You and Judah can make things right.


Disqualify him,

or disqualify yourself.

And be branded as a coward?
I'll die first.

Yes, one of you will die.

There is no victory in this.

Oh, so, you've come
to ask for my public humiliation.

No, Messala.

I've come to tell you
of the hell you'll unleash.

God punishes just as God forgives.

We have different gods.


She's asking for too much.


Get up.

You recognize him?


Then he's a thief.

Take him, and give him a thief's reward.

No, Judah Ben-Hur.

You don't remember.

I remember you.

You never forget a man
who's held a knife to your throat.

I'll kill him! I swear!


What's happened to you?
I know where your family is.

My family are dead.
No, they're not.

He's lying.

Rome doesn't keep prisoners,
it executes them.

Pilate ordered your family to be crucified,

but I had them intercepted.

Sent to the caves at Timnath-Serah.

Please, pay me,

and I can take you to your family.

I have to go with him.

Ilderim, you must allow me this.

I beg you. If there's even
a chance they're alive...

They are.

Let him up.

Prepare a horse for him.

I'll be back, I swear.

Take this.

What for?

He's a Roman.

That's all the reason you need.

Why would you save them?

I did it for Messala.
He cherished your sister.

If he wouldn't save her himself,

then I would save him from his own mistake.

Judah, please, wait.


Oh, my God, you're alive.

Mother, it's me. It's Judah.

It's Judah.


It's Judah.

It's your son.

I miss my boy.

Mother, I'm here.

He's outside playing in the sun.

No, I'm Judah. I'm Judah.

You can't help us.

Tirzah, what's happened?

If you love us, forget about us.

What's happened?

You are not my boy!
Mother, what's wrong?

We're lepers. Get out.

We're unclean, Judah!
We're lepers!

Get him out now!
We're lepers!

Get him out! Get him out!
Judah, get out!

Go away!
Get him out!

You go away!

Gesius, they are dying.
Let us take them.

They have leprosy.
Judah, please.

I did what I could.
It's better this way...

I'll be back for them.

They're lepers,
they'd be stoned in the street!

I will be back for you!

Judah, I tried.
I saved them. I saved them!

You didn't save them!

You condemned them
to a life worse than death.

A life worse than death!

He'll pay for what he's done to us.

People of Jerusalem.

Friends of Rome!

We celebrate the power of man!

You idiot!

Get it now!

Men gathered here today

hailing from Persia,







And the unbeaten,


Going to run this. One time.

Good girl. Good girl.

We pay tribute to Caesar,

and give thanks for his virtue and his mercy,

in this circus.

A grand arena,

ten years in the making.

You will have the pleasure,

for the first time in Judean history.


Oh, don't look so worried.

This wise old man once told me,

First to finish, last to die.

Good advice.

You will see them race for glory.

You will see them fight for honor.

You will see them die for you!

You should have stayed away.

You should have killed me.

I will.

Judah! Judah! Pull back! Pull back!

What is going on?

Enjoy this lap!

I'll kill you on the next one!

Get back!

My helmet.

Hurry up!

The gate, Judah! The gate!

Good move, Judah. Good move.

Another trick for you!

Fetch him! Fetch him!

Move him!
Come on, move him!

Quick, get him on the rack.

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Come on! Come on.

Stand back! Stand back!

Hurry up! Move!

Out of the way!
Back up!

Get us up there!

Get out of the way!


I'll kill you!

Are you not Roman?

Come on, Messala!


Go, Aliyah!

Go, go!

Judah! Judah! Judah! Judah!

Judah! Judah! Judah!

Judah! Judah!

No shame to be second!
We're riding now!

Come on! Come on!

Come on!

Are we having fun now, brother?


Judah! Judah! Judah!

And row!




Shorten up your reins, Judah!

Judah! Judah! Judah!

Come on, Judah.

Kill him!

Messala, kill him!


Judah! Judah! Judah!

Judah! Judah!

Judah! Judah! Judah!

Wait. Wait!

Congratulations, African.

Take your winnings.

Condolences on your loss.


Look at them.

They want blood.

They're all Romans now.


What's wrong?

You've won!
You should be celebrating.

Do you know what's ahead for us?

The riches we can make in Rome?

Wandering around the desert
with nothing, for nothing.

What kind of life is that?

It's something other than loneliness.

It's the only life I know.

Find something for yourself.




Jesus of Nazareth...

In the name of Caesar,
you are under arrest.

Peter! Peter! No trouble.

Not from any of you.

Those who live by the sword,
will die by the sword.

Jesus! Jesus!

Dear Lord, please help us!

He's our Savior! Please let him go!

Please help!




You heard him, stand back!


Esther? Esther?



No water for him.

No water for him!

Drink. Please drink.

No water for him!

No, Judah.

My life,

I give it of my own free will.

Someone should help him.

I thought you were the son of God!

Put him to death!

You'll get what you deserve!

We deserve to die for our crimes!

But this man has done nothing wrong!


Remember me when you come
into your kingdom.


you will be with me in paradise.


forgive them,

for they know not what they do.



Come on.

That's it! Come on!
Let's move out!

Come on!

We're healed.


How could this be?

I will take them.


You are free.

I lost him.

I've lost my brother.

No, you must have faith, Judah.

I see you.

Don't stand so far away.
Come close.

Come see what you did to me.

I won't go that easy.

As long as I live, I'll claw at you.

And if I die, I'll drag you
beneath the ground beside me!

With the last of me,
I'll choke the life from you!


I'll make myself whole again, I swear,

and when I do, I'll kill you!

No more killing.
You did this to me!

No more slaughter.
You did this!

Remember when we were young?

When I was hurt and you carried me

with all your strength
for as long as you could.

I can't fight anymore.

I can't hate anymore.

All I can do is carry you.

Oh, Judah, forgive me.

No, forgive me.

Forgive me.

There were many miracles that day,

and in the days that followed.

As time passed,

forgiveness and understanding
had reunited the family.

To give hope and promise
for a better way.

To fight the good fight,

to finish the race,

to keep the faith.

Don't look back, Judah.

Your whole life is ahead of you.

You ready, brother?

Sync & corrections July 2017