Believer (2018) - full transcript

A police detective determined to catch the unseen boss of Asia's biggest drug cartel joins hands with a revenge-thirsty member of the gang.

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Look, look. It's her. See.

It's Cha Soo-jung, the druggie.

Why meet here, it's
fucking embarrassing!

What's she wearing?

Taste good?

Is she for real?

It's my first meal today!

I can hear every fucking
word, you bitches!

What's with you?

Freakin' junkie. Let's go.

No, you girls can stay. Come back!

Like I said, Detective.

I may have taught her religion
and let her be my friend before.

But that's over now. Why should
I meet that bitch again?

That Mr. Lee can go fuck
himself, I'm pissed off!

Hey, control yourself!

Soo-jung, I'd be glad
never to see you again.

But that bitch called you,
asking you to work for Mr. Lee.

If it were something
hard, I wouldn't ask.

Just do the interview and come back.

Call on this phone.

This is the last time, I promise.

You feel a bit sorry, don't you?

What do you mean?

So you do care.

She'll pick me up at Yongsan
and take me to the terminal.

You're meeting at Yongsan,
why go to the terminal?

If you're curious, come along.

I can't go. How long will it take?

Two hours, she said.

Two hours...

I'll meet you at 9 PM in the
Yongsan Station lobby, okay?

You know...

I know everyone calls me a crazy bitch.

But still, I wish you wouldn't.

Crazy bitch!

I really want to live
normally for once.

Then why do drugs?

'Cause the world's gone to shit.

Only you've gone to shit.

Only I do drugs?

Hey, watch your attitude.

Sit back down.

You want a hamburger?

Now you ask.

Come back!

A day after Ewoo Shipping CEO Lee
Hak-seung died of a heart attack,

political, economic and cultural
figures are paying their respects.

After founding Ewoo Shipping

Lee supercharged Korea's
economy in the 1980s,

and led national development
projects in the 90s,

earning the title of Korea's
leading industrialist.

However, after the doctor's statement that
there were no signs of health problems

people are questioning the
real cause of Lee's death.

You run off? Do...

-Photo message arrived-





Come on!

Wake up, dammit!



Raise the NS, keep checking her vitals.

Yes, doctor.

Are you family?

A policeman.

I meant are you her family?

Someone needs to
make arrangements.

Her condition is critical.

- Prepare the Ativan.
- Yes, doctor.

That son of a bitch...

8... 8?

Her heart stopped!
She's in arrest!

Hey, Soo-jung.

I'll do CPR.

- Get out.
- Okay.

- 4, 5, 6.
- Defibrillators ready.

Give me your report and
try to explain yourself.

You've been on the
narcotics team so long,

your judgment is blurred.

They told me 100 times to form
a new team, so what am I?

Do you know Mr. Lee's face, name or age?
Or even the gender?

You work like crazy getting
nowhere for 2 years, and...

You use a minor as bait
and get her killed?

Soo-jung was like a niece to me.

I have no interest in your
relation with that girl.

Forget it.

You're out of your mind.

I'm putting Team 2 on
the case, you're out.

I'm going to catch Mr. Lee.

You're fucking crazy!

Then don't provoke me!

Mr. Lee, that bastard
sent me a message.

"I killed your rat."

"Fuck off, scumbag."

I need to catch him.

I will catch him.



Which floor is the narcotics team on?

Oh Yeon-ok.

You walked in here on
your own two feet?

Thanks for recognizing me,
but that's a bit rude.

You really know me?

CEO of Yeon-ok Paint.

Mr. Lee's guardian and... power broker?

You look like a thug, but
you're well informed.

You want to catch Mr. Lee?

Do it. I'll help you.

But you have to hide me here.

I was supposed to die
today, but I didn't.

If he finds out, he'll come for me.

They didn't even try
to hide this factory.

Sir, the list of casualties.

No wonder we couldn't find it.

Look at the casualty list.

Everyone's here.

It was a meeting with
all the major executives.

All dead, right?

Ammonium nitrate bomb,
with a detonator.

You see?

2007, 2012.

Those two explosions
In Incheon, remember?

Those were ammonium nitrate, too.
Same methods.

Both those times it was
your superiors who died.

Actually, it was you who
benefited, not Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee set those bombs to clear
a path for me, it's true.

He became a star when Leica caught on.

That was all me, behind the scenes.

Guess how much my
marketing earned him?

I was worth clearing a path for.

But this time he tried to kill me too.

So Mr. Lee is the culprit?

Yeah. But this time it's different.

He killed his master too, not long ago.

You saw the news?

Ewoo Shipping CEO, Lee Hak-seung.


That captain of industry
was a drug master.

I thought you meant 'master'
like in a kung-fu movie.

Cuff her.

'Catch the rabbit,
kill the hunting dog.'

A master in name only.

Lee Hak-seung was
just another servant.

That famed industrialist spent years
wiping Mr. Lee's ass, then dismissed.

You get what I'm saying?

Mr. Lee is the devil.

In here! Go, go!

Hey, what's going on?

There's a survivor.

I'll go there.

You take this guy to a doctor, okay?


We're about to enter
the Chinese market.

The sale is off the charts,
like Samsung-level.

At this crucial time, Lee
Hak-seung is bumped off

and half the HQ killed.

Why'd he do it?

It's a clean slate, a fresh start.

So Mr. Lee's ambitious.

But who is he?

I don't know.

Come on.

The non-face-to-face marketing
I developed was inspired by him.

He never appears in person.

He worked behind the scenes.

Only Lee Hak-seung met him in person.

Still, I may not know who he is...

No smoking here!

But I know his name.

You curious?

Now I've got your attention.

This is tiring.

You're not tired, you don't talk.
Shall we rest?

Hey, order me some stew.

I need to eat regularly,
because of diabetes.

My driver's alive too, so
I told him to come here.

When he arrives, have him bring
my medication from the car.

As we rest,

let's not waste time.

The prosecutor's office has
a few items filed on me.

Let's start by canceling those, okay?

The survivor is Seo Young-rak. Age 28.

There were living
quarters in the factory.

The entire ceiling collapsed,

but the fire didn't catch
there so he lived.

Among the deceased was a female
factory worker, that's his mother.

Yook Pil-soon, age 56.

They lived there back
when it was a greenhouse.

When Mr. Lee bought it and
turned it into a drug factory

they stayed on and did chores.

Just one survivor?

Right, no others.

They're still checking
the second floor,

but the chances are slim.

And there was one dog.

Its burns were serious
so we evacuated it.

She's a snake.

Junkies look up to Mr. Lee like
he's Steve Jobs or something.

That's her doing too, I guess?

There are a lot of rumors that
Lee Hak-seung was murdered.

Given his medical history there's
no reason he'd have a heart attack.

Was he really killed by Mr. Lee?

If she's telling the truth, maybe.

Or maybe she's toying with us.

But check up on Lee Hak-seung.

She took the pills and ate,
is it really diabetic shock?

- The driver brought the pills?
- Yeah.

Check up on him.

Right away.

You said he was unconscious.

He was. I stepped out
for like, 3 minutes?

And then he was gone.

The doctor said it'd be
a while before he woke up.

Contact hospital security
and close off the exits.

We can't lose him.

He's the only one left.

Wait. Play it back.

He's unlikely to retrace his steps,

so we can rule out the emergency room.

He'll be looking for some
way out of the building.

Have a security guard
stationed at each restroom.

I found him on the hallway security cam,

but not after that.

Is there anywhere in
the hospital with no cams?

His mother's last effects.
He won't even look at them.

He hasn't spoken a word.

He was carrying these two phones.

A message arrived before.

Doesn't look like spam...
probably a password?

Pre-approved loans!
Message #3264-323068

- And the drug test?
- Negative.

Seo Young-rak.

I hear your mother called you Rak.

Mind if I call you that?

Who is Mr. Lee?

All right.

Still, you must know people
a couple levels above you.

You won't talk?

You haven't said a word yet.
For whose sake?

Sure, if you were raised by an
organization your whole life

you feel blind loyalty to them.

But in the end, your mother's
dead and you were almost killed.

All because of a boss
you've never seen.

I feel bad for you.

Loyal as a dog. Oh, one dog survived.

He's covered in blood, but still
wags his tail in front of people.

Is the dog all right?

They sent a photo.

Here it is. Wow, what cruel bastards.

We moved him to the hospital.
Hey, how's the dog?

His burns are pretty bad, so
they can't do surgery yet.

They're doing emergency care now.

He's in a lot of pain,

so they gave him painkillers
and are trying to save him.


Let's go.

What's his name?

Jindo Dog.

It's not a Jindo breed.

His throat was crushed, so
they had to open it up again.

He'll still be able to eat,

but not bark.

Was it really Mr. Lee who did this?

He's got a history of cleaning out
his board with similar methods.

Someone gets on his nerves,
he takes them out.

Like somebody once said,

Mr. Lee is the devil.

Can you catch him?

I can.


Nobody knows who he is.
You don't either.

I'm going to catch him.

Over the years, several people
have claimed to be Mr. Lee.

They'd badmouth and
suspect each other,

so there were a few
fights at the factory.

A guy who worked with me
got his hand cut off.

So that's why he wanted
to wipe them out.

Even knowing that you
and the dog were there.

Nobody knew I was there.

I came back from a trip
earlier than expected.

Here they are.

So these two phones are both yours?

One's a company phone...

The other is for
contacting Chinese buyers.

You contact the Chinese buyers?


ASCII code.

'Tomorrow 20:00, Acre Hotel Suite'

I'm supposed to take the
director to meet the buyer.

Mr. Lee's entry into China.

- This is it?
- Yes.

But Mr. Lee won't show up.

But the Chinese buyer made it a
condition to meet Mr. Lee in person.

This buyer has top
quality raw materials.

Tomorrow I need to get him
to agree to supply us.

Then we make drugs with
it, go back to the buyer,

and complete the deal.

So Mr. Lee only shows up at the end.

Did you tell the company you came back?

Not yet.

Then you...

You're still in China, and you
haven't heard from the buyer yet.

We've got 18 hours.
Go brush your teeth.

We're pulling an all-nighter.

Look at me.

Mr. Lee

Buyer, Jin Ha-rim.

He's Chinese, but was
born in Mokpo, Korea.

That's the nickname he uses In Korea.

Recently Jilin emerged as
China's biggest drug market.

The true market size is unknown.

People say he controls over
half the drug market in Jilin.

Hundreds of millions in cash,

impossible to trace.

-Jilin, China-
He leaves no record of himself anywhere.

Suddenly Mr. Lee sends him a
sample asks him if he wants in.

Jin Ha-rim was stunned that
Mr. Lee even knew about him.

An answer came back that night.

That he was coming to
Seoul to meet Mr. Lee.

The one going to meet him is Park
Sun-chang. An original member.

The organization's been cleaned
out a few times, right?

The fact he survived
shows how ruthless he is.

He used to be managing
director at Hankuk Airlines.

With his corporate background he's
efficient, has a good reputation.

During the fight at
the factory last year

he took out his knife

and further secured his position.

The buyer's never met Jin Ha-rim?

Hardly anyone has.

Then Jin Ha-rim
has never seen him.

I'm supposed to
introduce them today.

Tell Park Sun-chang the
meeting's postponed an hour,

and the deal with Jin Ha-rim
at 8 PM as scheduled.

We will direct this deal.

According to our script.

We'll meet him first.

They're here.

I thought we changed them all?

We did. Did you miss one?

Hello, sir.

Pleasure to meet you.
I'm Park Sun-chang.

It's an honor.

Sir, we'll wait in the other room.

He's here.

Who are you?

I'm the one scheduled to...

Are you Mr. Lee?

No, I'm...

I came to see Mr. Lee.

We'll make the products
from your materials

then he'll bring them directly to you.

Thank you.

Our organization has
our own procedures...

You know what it means
that I came to Seoul?

I spend my life only in my house.

I don't do travel.

When I go out, things get on my nerves.

The worst of all

are LED light bulbs.

They're so loud.

Gives me headaches.

I came to Seoul.

Where is Mr. Lee?

Fucking hell, I thought
you were some nobody.

Who the hell are you?

My seat was right next to Lee Min-ho!

Did you take a picture?


His face is smaller than mine!

My kitty's excited!

I got them tickets to a
fashion show with Lee Min-ho.

So they went out of their
way to come a bit early.

Out of our way?

When else can I sit beside Lee Min-ho?

Here you go.

A present.

Hey, I can't see.

Looks good.

I don't know how to tie it.
I'll learn on the internet.

Learn from me.


You really are a beauty.

With an actress's face,
but a model's body.

Sir, there's an old Chinese proverb,

that if one does a lot of good deeds...

Models have small breasts.

Are these small?

This thing here...

It's a fake, right?

Our supplier's brother-in-law
makes these in Hangzhou.

Just tell me if you ever need anything.

He makes bespoke watches too.


I buy the real thing.





You loser, buying fakes.

For the crime of knowing who I am,

this jerk here,

I could use him as dog food in Jilin.

But this kid never crosses the line.

That's good, right?

That's what you want In an employee.


"Halfway as the safe way."

Koreans made up that proverb,

but they never go halfway!

It's hot! Or cold!

All or fucking nothing!

Mr. Lee!

Mr. Lee's a funny guy.

"I'm sending a sample."

"Hope we can do business."

You know...

Even when people know me,

they pretend not to,
to save their skins.

You crazy fools.

I could kill you right now
and I've got nothing to lose.

Actually we had an accident
at our company recently.

A fire in our factory, so
things have been unsettled

as we've worked to recover.

At the next meeting, Mr. Lee
will meet you personally.

I apologize again for his absence.

So this time I prepared
different samples.

The ones from last time
were our Voyager series,

but this is our first hit, the Leica.

If Voyager is trendy and sensual,

then Leica is classic and weighty.

What do you think?


How should we pick up
the raw materials?

You think I want to
do business with you?

Sir, your gun...

I'm just an employee on a salary.

Someone needs to report back.

You'll get the call.

One of you two.

Whether I give you the
raw materials today,

or kill you both.

You just wait for now.

Hurry, there's no time.

You go first. Run!

We're done with the monitor.
Everything's set.

You nervous?

I could use him as dog food...

I could use him as dog food.. Jilin

I could use him as dog food in Jilin.

In your places, stand by.

It's 8:57. Three minutes to go.

Our man is here.

You heard about the Incheon factory?

It's a pity what happened
to your mom, but...

There's a thousand heads
at stake in this business.

You told the salt factory to be ready?

Let's not screw up.

Halfway is the safe way...

Let's wrap it up people.
Dong-woo, get out of there now!

Almost done.

They're leaving the elevator.
Walking your way.

Dong-woo, get out! Time's up.

I'm going!

Wait, wait! Hold up.

They turned the corner.
Dong-woo, hide somewhere.

Incoming. 10 meters.

Team, don't be nervous. Keep calm.

Dong-woo, did you hide? You good?

Where do I hide?

Hide anywhere, you idiot!

Wan shang hao!

Okay team, relax.
Don't worry, just open.

I'm Park Sun-chang.

It's an honor to meet you.

Don't smirk.

Don't bother trying to charm me.

I'm not going to like you anyway.

Sir, we'll wait in the other room.

Mr. Lee!

You guys are something.

Contacting me first!

Where's Mr. Lee?

I'll meet you first today,
and next time Mr. Lee...

Even people who know me pretend
not to, to save their skins.

For the crime of knowing me,
I could wipe all of you out now!

I could rip your heads off and
I've got nothing to lose, right?



Drink up.

But this guy's okay.

He never crosses the line.

It's what you want in an employee.

Okay, show me.

You can rest easy about security

inside the organization,

each person only knows a few
others, above and below them.

So no fire gets too big.

The sample we sent
before was the Voyager.

This is our steady seller, Leica.

Hold on.

What material did you use
to make it so cloudy?

Is that really Leica?

Oh, sorry.

Are you all right?

What's with me? Gosh.

It's okay, miss.

I'll do it.


I'll prepare it for you.

These are special raw materials,
so it's the highest quality.


I specially prepared one
more thing for you.

This is a new product
designed for Chinese tastes.


Let's just do the Leica today.

I didn't tell him about
the new product yet.

Let go.

Let's just do as we planned.

You little fucker!

Bring it here!

Yes, sir.

From here, one after the other.

How is it?

You bastard!

Are you Mr. Lee?

He'll come next time, I promise.

I said I'd come to
Seoul to meet Mr. Lee.

If Mr. Lee doesn't come next
time, I'll chew you up first.



Stay with me.


I stepped out of bounds. I'm sorry.


If this deal falls through,
I'm going to...

Is there any more ice?

Bring everything we have!

Bring ice. Quickly!

Hurry up!

Pour it in.

Why'd you do it?



We have to get him out.

It's okay.


Who told you to provoke Park Sun-chang?

Did you really think
we're on the same team?

Sir, hold on...

You just do what I tell you.

Your actions, your thoughts...

What you saw...

It's a dream.

Don't fuck with me.

You can't do anything without me.

Give me a break.

Even before we're done,

I can throw you in jail.

A message from Jin Ha-rim.

He'll do the deal.

He's set aside the raw materials.

Hey wanker, you fucked
a girl yesterday?

But where will you make the drugs?

The factory burned down.

There's a salt factory in Tae-an.

The quality there's the best.

There are two cooks, both geniuses.

The problem as they don't
communicate by nature,

and after an accident last
year they went independent.

Now they only talk to me.

They're no longer in
the company either.

Why only you?

I'm the only one they can talk to.

Hello, sir.

Come here.

It's okay.

See you later.

The sign language interpreter.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm Jo Won-ho.

Kim Soo-hee.

The monitor is live.


You're getting handsome... fucker?

Tell me everything, it's okay.

He's ugly.

He looks like a TV star.

Get out!

What do you mean, get out?

What's your problem?

Shut up, shut up.

Hey, I got this from a Chinese guy.

Which Chinese guy?

There's so much your eyes will pop out.

It's okay, bring it out.

Wow, 1, 2, 3, 4...

Fuck, how many are there?

Two days? No way.

Two days?

No way we can do that.

Sure you can.

Crazy fool.

How much do you want
to squeeze out of us?

I'll suck out everything you've got.

What, is this summer camp?
Have some coffee.

Fuck yourself. You fuck yourself.

I already did.

Do it again.

Come on, haul these inside.

Go wash your hands.
I'll make you dinner.

You hungry? Let's eat.

Huh? What's wrong?

There was an explosion at
the factory and my mother died.

But there were so many cops,

I couldn't hold a funeral.

Your mother passed away?

Which way is north? Go...


- Bring some croaker.
- Croaker.

She liked fish.

Right, hurry!

When our dad passed away,

- his mother did the same for us.
- Right, I remember.

When you die you have no body
so she'll definitely come here.

What, are they robots? How can
they work 30 hours straight?

Hey, they're on drugs.
We're on coffee.

- We're back.
- We're back!

Looks like the factory explosion
will be blamed on Ms. Oh.

Incriminating evidence keeps
turning up at Yeon-ok Paint.

And since she died, that
complicates things.

Her autopsy results are out.

She took a hypertensive instead of a
suppressant, causing diabetic shock.

They switched her meds.

No evidence on the driver, he
even passed a lie detector test.

Mr. Lee punished her.


Here's a file on Rak, take a look.

They found this in the wreckage.

Who is this?

Not me.

Of course it's not. What are you?

But it is me.


Can I have a cigarette?

Every month, Yook Pil-soon received
a banana container from Hong Kong.

Usually it had 20kg of
bananas and 1.5kg of meth

but once there was a kid inside.

I was 8 years old.

The year before, the
Young-rak in this photo

was playing behind a truck loading
at the factory and got crushed.

They just burned him
without reporting it.

I wore his clothes and
I ate from his bowl.

When a notice came for him
to go to school, I went.

And I got a citizen
ID as Seo Young-rak.

In that case, am I Seo
Young-rak, or not?

Were you expecting anyone?

No, no one.

Go in and act like normal.

Don't forget, I'm watching you!


One is Park Sun-chang.

And three cars behind him.

Can't see the plates from here.

The ones getting out look like guards.


Someone's in that car.

Bloody hell, this is loud.

Director Brian is here.

What, Brian?

'Director Brian is here.'

That's what Park said.


Say hello. This is Brian.

He's not on our list.

Seo Young-Rak.

You're angry, aren't you?

You're grieving, outraged,

and burning up inside?

That's to be expected.
You've been through a lot.

It's natural.

What is your religion, Mr. Seo?

Answer him!

It's all right.

You can start by
believing in one thing.

Only faith will save you,

so drive out suspicion, He said.

Of course,

right now you may waver. Yes.

That's all right.

I won't let you fall.

You can lean on me.


Did Mr. Lee give me this?

Does he know who I am?

How many times did I warn you?

Learn some manners
before I rip your eyes out.

Yes, sir?

About that Seo Young-Rak.

My apologies for before.


I put some sense into him just now...

Cut him out from today.
Let's do without him.

But sir,

he's in charge of all
communications, so for now...

That wasn't a question.

Did you find out who he is?

He's the second son of Ewoo
Shipping CEO Lee Hak-seung.



Real name Lee In-mu.

He studied in Canada
to become a minister.

5 years ago he was-expelled for
giving cocaine to believers.

In Ewoo Shipping too, his
brothers got promoted over him.

He's always been overshadowed.

Give me the Ewoo Shipping file.

That's not all.


Those 6 believers all
died of heart attacks.

On the same day.

Lee Hak-seung died of
a heart attack, too.

But his team of lawyers
is like the Avengers.

Verdict is not guilty.

Looks like they stifled news articles.
There's hardly anything.

Move over.

Lee In-mu.

Director Brian

Yes, Brian.

If you ignore Rak for
just this one deal,

then I'll deal with
him personally after.

But for now, we need him.

Jin Ha-rim only trusts Rak,

and the salt factory is
impossible to handle without him.

If we expel him now it could...

Dear Lord...

Let us pray.

Sir... please...

What the fuck?

Mr. Park.

How many times did I tell you,
no matter what happens,

never come see me here.


If these basic rules are not upheld,

then we all fall prey to disbelief.

I'm sorry.


fix things and...

Fix things.



Nice work.

Take care of yourself.

Okay, Jeong-il and
Dong-woo stand-by here.

As soon as we get Mr. Lee,
arrest the factory boys.

So-yeon, you drive out first.
Duk-cheon come with me.

We deliver the products,
and we're done.

Let's go get Mr. Lee.


See you later.

What, are you joking?

We brought in a truckload,
and this is it?

That's worth $18 million.

I'll be on my way.

Who's that Brian?

I'd heard of him, but this
was the first time I saw him.

So Park Sun-chang will pick
it up at Hannam-dong, 6 PM.


Wait here a second.

You little shit.

Lee Min-ho has a girlfriend.

Why are you so careless?

You Koreans sure are talented.

You make great kimchi,
great semiconductors...

Great drugs.

I'm relieved to hear
that you're satisfied.

When you do business,

the most important thing
is to know people.

Your money, your life all depend on it.

But how can you read people
correctly every time?

I'm not a shaman.

You know my strategy?

Whoever it is,

I never trust the bastard.

Where were you taking the drugs?

I'm sorry, sir.

Our deal is tomorrow, then
where were you going?

Mr. Lee wanted to personally
inspect the product first.

Since it's such an important deal.

That guy there?

Is he Mr. Lee?

No, he isn't.

Right, he isn't.

That guy isn't Mr. Lee...

and you're a cop!

You fucking assholes!


Isn't that the truck
that Rak was driving?

Something's gone wrong.

It'd be a shame to kill
you two right now.

On the way back to Jilin,
I'll cut you up piece by piece,

and only after you're fed to
the fish will my rage be spent.

Damn, what piece to cut off first?

Wait just a minute, please.

Save me.


I said, save me.


Dying now would be too...


You fucker!


Duk-cheon get up, you're fine.


Shoot, you bastard!

You all right?

I'm okay.


You shithead.

Who the fuck do you think I am?


You're a real jerk!

Out of bullets?


You bastard!

Stay still!




Goddamn you.

Don't you know what 'Uncle' means?

Don't flinch!

Get up.

I'm not done yet!

Let go.

All right!

Give me the gun!


Call Park Sun-chang,

and tell him you're running late.

24 missed calls


Listen to me, there was an accident...
We lost Dong-woo.


Dong-woo is dead.


- Sir...
- What happened?

There was a bomb planted
in the salt factory.

It exploded. Those
cooks set up a trap.

Dong-woo died...

Get out here!

Why didn't you tell me the
factory boys were armed?

Tell me!

Since his hand was cut off,

I heard he kept guns or
homemade bombs for defense.

He probably never thought he'd use it.

The number you have called
cannot be reached...

Son of a bitch!

You goddamned motherfucker!

We couldn't make it on time.
I'm sorry.

The quantity was so...

You think you're smart, huh?

You think you're the only
ones who can make Leica?

Anyway, you're finished.

I delivered the product.

I'll get a call when Mr. Lee
finishes inspecting it.

I never thought that would
happen to Dong-woo.

Whatever I say, you won't believe me?

But sir.

You need me.


A message from Mr. Lee.


- The terminal.
- Terminal?

Which terminal? In the Seoul region
alone there are more than 20.


You don't think?

Without blinking an eye, he got
Dong-woo killed and fucked us up.

But we're still going to trust him?




Let's go get Mr. Lee.

Get up.

You don't trust me.

From the start, I never trusted you.

It's okay.

I trust you.

Cha Soo-jung - deceased

Oh Yeon-ok - deceased

Lee Hak-seung - deceased

Mr. Lee

They search you when
you enter the terminal.

You can't bring
electronics or weapons.

How many left in our team?

Right now...

I persuaded him to come back.

We want to catch Mr. Lee.

Did you eat something?

This is for you.

Let's get ready.

What the hell?
The terminal is Yongsan-Station?

Call for backup.

Hello, sir.

What's with your face?

Sir, please raise your arms.

This is our managing director, Brian.

Do you always treat
VIPs so carelessly?

Did we?

Did you?

Please forgive us. This way.

Mr. Park has something
to settle with Mr. Seo.

Don't be long.

Let's go.

That's the new product
we showed you before.

This is our production room.

I pay each of them $1 million a year.

I scouted them myself.

That's the Gyeongbu train line.

At night.

If you look out this way...

It makes my blood rush. I love it here.

Does it suit your tastes, Miss?


Where did you take Seo Young-Rak?

You rubbing him out?

Did you get sick of him?

You think it was Mr. Lee
who ordered this?

I decided myself, asshole.

With all my heart.

I told you I'd rip your eyes out.

It's going to hurt.

Right in the head!

You mean, you're Mr. Lee?

When I met you,

I couldn't introduce myself at once.

I am indeed Mr. Lee.

Let's crack things open one at a time.

You wanted to work in the family
business, but he refused?

I mean CEO Lee Hak-seung.

He wasn't overprotective, so was
it, so to speak, belief issues?

In the end, persuasion was no use,

so you killed your father?

Stop, stop.


What you said just now...

That crossed a line.

I know Mr. Lee.

I've known him a long time.
Much longer than you imagine.

I got this far by focusing only on him.

You understand?

If you concentrate so
much on one person,

some strange, inexplicable
belief rises in you.

So why does something
feel wrong to me?

Listening to you,

your words have no
justification, no theme.

This thing called salvation

is not something that comes
from belief or faith.

My father Lee Hak-seung believed that.

If a person carries an improper faith,

It's the same as having
an incurable disease.

So sometimes death itself

can be a type of healing.

Well, anyway,

since you're the one who
flipped over the chess board,

I'll just do as I please, okay?

You jerk.

Droning on. Trying to look cool.

Hiding your true colors, eh?

Is this a group rendition
of hard-to-get?

I need to check something,
so sit down and wait.

You jerks, it's rude to
stand in front of a guest!

Sit down, assholes!

What's that?


I said what is that?

Mr. Lee sent it.

So you sent it.

But you didn't know?

Open it up.


What the hell is it?


Mr. Lee

You demon!

Hold it.

Come on.


Come here, you.

Don't make a move!

Hands up!

Don't move, down!


Hurry up.

Gas masks off.

Off with the masks!

How old are you kids?

You okay?

Some guy took Brian.


I'm okay.

- You two check the stairs.
- All right.

You come with me.

Hello, sir.


Did you really think

you could become Mr. Lee that way?

Seo Young-Rak...

It figures... I almost
died because of you,

so perhaps you could've become him.

What a waste.


This is ridiculous

9 people?

Those are the ones I remember,
but there must be more.

People calling themselves Mr. Lee.

But I wouldn't care if it
were hundreds of them.

Lying is in Koreans' DNA.

Because reality sucks.

That desire to be recognized,

it's quite sad, really.

But with all of them,
it was just words.

This is the first time
anyone's taken it this far.

To be honest, I was shocked.

And really curious.

Who is this crazy fool?

Go that way.

Killing Lee Hak-seung,

and removing Ms. Oh was all fine.

I'll give you that.

But the factory explosion...

You seem to have copied my methods,

but yours were different.

You only thought of the
goal, not the 'why' of it.

If you're going to do it, do it right.

I spent all that time building
an image for myself.

There was no feeling or
sensitivity in your work.

That's why all your life, your
father called you an idiot.

Wait a minute.

Can we...

Can we pray?

I'll pray for you.

No thank you.

I know you're a smart man.

But you made three big mistakes.

Ms. Yook Pil-soon who
worked like a dog all her life.

Her hair was burned and
stuck to her head.

You know what I thought then?

She should've burned quickly.

So fast that she
couldn't feel any pain.

And then you didn't even
finish off the dog.

His back is all burned,

and from his intestine to
his anus is all melted.

He lived and suffered through all that.

But the worst mistake...

was thinking you could replace me.

Playing my role in front of me.

Are you scared?

You're scared?

Are you scared, asshole?

Mr. Lee

I told you before. I trust you.

So you caught him.


Mr. Lee is going to the lobby.

Out of the way!

Out of the way.


What's its name?

Jindo Dog.

It's not a Jindo breed.

Why'd you call it Jindo Dog?

The breed isn't Jindo.

I like Jindos.

Jindo Dog!


Hey Jindo Dog!


...then Sun-chang says,

"If this is it, I've had a decent life."

Fucking idiot.

Mr. Lee and his gang

were arrested, and a total
$30 million worth of drugs

including 20kg of Leica were seized.

The suspect Lee, who went
by the name Mr. Lee,

is an heir to a prominent
shipping group.

Lee's organization set up a
gigantic drug production

and distribution operation...

Front page on the Economics paper too.

I said in the report
that it's not Mr. Lee.

He confessed!

No, it was false representation.

Let's see... How long
have we worked together?

13 years?

How come you still have no sense?

- Come on.
- What?

That dealer who took you for a ride?

So you don't even know his name?

Or even if he's Chinese or Japanese?

The Mr. Lee who confessed
called himself Mr. Lee.

But actually the real one was the
guy who hung out with the cops.

We don't know his name or
nationality, but we'll catch him!


That's your truth?

What I need is resolution,
not determination!

- So that's it.
- What now?

I wondered what they meant.

"The world's gone to shit,
so I do drugs."

What are you talking about?


Where are you going?

To find a dog.

Sir, we're reorganizing our files now.

Let's start over from, the beginning.

The investigation's closed. It's over.

Why don't you go shower
and get some sleep?


when you chase something like hell,

you wonder, what am
I chasing, and why?

At times like that,

just go wash up and get some sleep.

I just hope you don't
become exhausted.

Good work, everyone.


A GPS on Leica...
what were you thinking?

That I might not find you.

Do you believe in yourself?

Then how'd you make it
all the way here?

Good question.

You're a good person.

But Mr. Lee is dead.

Yes, officially.

But you're still alive.


Who am I?

I don't even know who I am.

The container I came in.

My parents were in it, too.

On the way over, they
overdosed and died.

Both of them.

In front of me.

What will you do now?

Want some coffee?

Have you ever been happy in your life?



CHO Jin-woong

RYU Jun-yeol

KIM Sung-ryoung

PARK Hae-jun

with CHA Seoung-won

KIM JOO-hyuk

In memory of KIM JOO-hyuk.


in association with NEXT

a YONG FILM production