Before the Fire (2020) - full transcript

When a global pandemic forces a TV actress to escape to her rural hometown, an intruder from her past proves as dangerous as the encroaching virus.

All listeners,
please be advised,

the curfew will go into effect
at approximately 10pm.

Turning it over to Roger,

who will break down the
Department of Defense's plan

for Pandemic Influenza

and their intended response
on the child CRIA outbreak.

Outbound traffic is piling up,
with many Los Angeles...

Watch the road, please?

Just give me that.

- quarantine.
- Fuck! Come on, man!

What is this guy doing?

- Come on.
- Police have already shut down the 405 freeway...

What time do we
have to be there?

In a little less
than an hour.

in Fillmore, northbound
traffic is at a stop...

Yeah! I'm...
I'm getting over!

The 10 and the 210
have been closed

since approximately...

To start,
here in New York,

all bridges tunnels
and most major...

Give me a spot.
Give me a spot.

- Give me a spot...
- Authorities are asking people to remain calm.

- No, no, no, no, no.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You can't just
leave your car here.

- It's gonna get towed.
- I don't fucking care. They can tow it.

Avoid crowded areas.

We'll get it
when we get back.

Get the bags.
I'm gonna get the tickets.

- Okay! Okay.
- Go, go, go, go.

Attention LAX customers.

In the interest
of public safety,

all remaining domestic
and international flights

have been canceled
until further notice.

- I don't care, I...
- Again, all inbound and outbound flights

have been canceled.

Please contact your airline
or visit the airport kiosk

for more information.

All international travelers...

...should contact
their embassies

for further assistance.

Attention LAX customers.

In the interest
of public safety,

all remaining...

What do we do?

We're gonna get out of here.

All special experts
on the team

are stuck in Philadelphia,
trying to get military flights,

because there are no longer
commercial flights running

from the city.

I heard rumors.

Actually, she let
her body go all limp.

It... It like,
makes it hard to drive.


And then Slate Atkins
saw him

and chased him off
with his shotgun.

- But it's dangerous.
- I know.

I'm telling you.

What's wrong, Katie?

You seem a little off tonight.

What do you mean?

It is kind of weird that

we don't know anything
about you.

We've been working together
for like seven months now?

Hey, you.


Can't sleep?

It's gonna be okay.

What's the plan?

You always have a plan.

Guessing it's not holing up

in this shitty motel room
for a month.

I love it, but...

I'm waiting for a call
from my friend.

He owes me a favor.

What kind of favor?

A flight.

Where are we going?

- No. No.
- Baby?

- No, no, no. No.
- Ava?

Listen to me.

The virus has not
spread there yet.

We'll go there.
We'll wait it out.

And then as soon as it's over
we will come right back home.

I can't believe you
right now.

It's in the middle
of nowhere.

It's perfect.
It's a farm.

- Your family hates me.
- No. They don't.

Your brother,
he hates me.

No. I...

Look, why don't you
go stay with your family?

I'm sure it'll be much better.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that.

You're welcome there.
They love you.

I know what I'm asking.

But, it's...
It's our only option.

We can go, literally,
like anywhere else.

What do you mean?

You just wanna drive around
and look for somewhere safe,

when we know we
have a safe place?

- It's not safe.
- It is.

Then we're gonna lay low.

It's gonna be fine.

God, you always do this.

I promise you I will never
let anything bad happen to you.


Hold on.


Yeah, we, um...
We made it out.

That's great.

we're a couple hours away.

We'll see you shortly.


You ready to go?

Come on.


Thank you so much again.

Don't worry about it.
I owe you big.

Actually, before I forget.

Ava, come here.

He's gonna take
your temperature.

Okay, hold still.

We gotta get going.

Hey, I'm sorry
about the delay.

It's not about the wait.

I gotta get flying
before they won't let us

up in the air anymore.

Hey now.


What are you doing?
Come here.

Stop freaking out.

Ava! Ava!

Look at me.
Stop freaking out.

Look at me.
Come here.

Come here.
Come here.

Come, come...
Eye contact.

Look at me.

You don't have to see anybody
that you don't want to see.


You're gonna be fine.

Do you believe me?

You're gonna be fine.


Kel, what are you doing?


Stop the plane!
Stop the plane!




- What?
- Baby? Hey.

Did you make it okay?

You can't force me to
come here and then ditch me.

I'm sorry I tricked you.

I knew you wouldn't go

if you didn't think I was
gonna go, too.

They asked me to cover
the CDC in Atlanta.

I had to go.

Then you should have
left me in LA!

I'm sorry.

Just sit tight.
My brother's gonna pick you up.

I'll call you later tonight.

Look at that.
Look at that.

Can you start getting
pictures of this stuff?

Look at this guy,
right here.



Hey, Max.


Things calming down
for you guys at all?

About the same
as it's been.

Hey, you're Ava Boone,

- Hi.
- Makes sense you know Max.

Well, I won't hold you up.

Let me know if
you hear anything.

You got it.

- And be safe.
- You, too.

Take care.


We've just received
information from the FAA

that the entire United States

will continue to be
a no-fly zone.

No planes are being
allowed to take off,

commercial or private,

through at least the end
of the month.

the entire United States

will continue to be
a no-fly zone

until at least the end
of the month...

...has been the policy
as well.

Federal office buildings
have been closed

throughout the country

and the US Postal Service
has been suspended until...

Mail come today?



Thank God you're safe.

Oh, sweetheart.

Oh, oh.

I am so glad to see you!
Let me look at you.

How beautiful you are.

Look at your hair!
It's so long, Amanda.

I mean Ava.

I always slip back,
don't I?

- It's fine.
- Come on in.

Make yourself at home.

She's gonna be
another mouth to feed.

She doesn't know
how to do anything.

- I'm just gonna have to...
- Give her a chance.

All I'm asking you is to try
and get along with her.

I don't want her family
coming around the house.

I don't want anything
to do with what he's up to.

She shouldn't get
mixed up in it either.

She isn't our responsibility.

As long as I'm here,
she has a place to stay.

The CDC spokesperson,
Lindsey Palermo argues,

protecting public health
is a paramount...


It's all right.

Come on in.
Have a cup of coffee.

I get it that it wasn't
your choice to be here.

But I'm really happy
you're here.

Don't mind Max.

You know how he is,
set in his ways.

Maybe a girl
would be interested

if he loosened up
a little bit.

Oh, trust me.
There's plenty of girls.

Just no settling down.

Oh, I think I'm gonna
take a little rest.

Would you mind taking
that out to the boys?

They'll be starving by now.



Brought lunch.

Put it on the fridge.


I fed your cows.

I bailed your hay.

What else you need?



I'm Ava.


I know.

That's Jake.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.

How's the fence?


I started it.

Yeah, I need you to
finish that today.

It's raining.

You're gonna get wet?

- All right.
- Take Ava with you.

- Hm?
- What?


You gotta earn your beer.

You got any pants?



- You all right?
- Yeah.

Used to be
three of us out here.

You know,
everybody got scared.

Going home to their families.

Now it's just me.

- And this is a huge property.
- Yeah, I know.

Here. Why don't you
grab one of these?

Get a good one.

How do you know
it's a good one?

You'll know.

Stick it right there.

This way?

Yeah, like that.
Hold it tight.

- Are you seriously gonna hit that?
- Just hold it.

You slide this on top.


And then...

I'm taking out
all my anger issues

on this fucking fence.

- It's leaning a little bit.
- Well...

It's the thought that counts.

All right.
First day.

You have nineteen
new voice messages.

Hey, Ava?

Look, I'm sorry.

You know I'd be going crazy
if I was back there right now.

I couldn't sit this one out.

I just wanted you
to be safe.

Will you just call me back
so that we can talk about this?

I miss you.

You're good at this.

Yeah, I used to do it
when I was a kid.

Why don't you
take care of her?

I'll go look after
the big ones.


Have fun!

It's for your hands.

What's all that?

Oh, I have the...

I have the main house
and barn on back-up.

The solar panels
and pump generators.

I didn't know you were
such a doomsday buff.

I like to be prepared.

Officials say that this
a temporary precaution.

Many residents are wary
of being stranded long-term...

What do you need?

Oh, sweetie?

Will you make sure
we get this, please?


You need to
vacuum-seal those.

Go with him.

I've gotta...
redo all these.

I'll take care of it.

- You sure?
- Mm-hm.

I'm coming with you.

No, you're not.

Go finish with the meat.

Gas prices have been
sky rocketing,

starting at just a few dollars
a gallon last week.

We're now seeing a range
anywhere from ten

to thirty dollars a gallon.

We've got Walker
on the line right now.

what are you hearing?

Nationally, we're facing
a huge crisis of fuel

and panic issues.

Gas stations can't
keep up with the demand,

while deliveries are stalled,

causing many residents
to stockpile fuel.

This is everything?

That's all we got.

- Come on. No...
- Sorry.

...the fuel shortage
is taking a toll on

public transportation
as well.

Many bus lines
have stopped running,

causing businesses
to close temporarily

due to absent employees.

- What?
- Stay in the car.

- Are you kidding?
- Just stay in the car.


You're good.

All right.
You know what to do.

What do you think?

We're gonna... We're gonna
need some defense or something.

Shh. Shh.

Yeah, I mean,
the interstate travel ban

is affecting the delivery of
infrastructure, particularly...


- ...of the remote and more rural...
- Hey.

How're you feeling?


...there's a lot of chaos
going on as they work

to figure out exactly how
this virus is spreading...

Yeah, you should
be Sheriff, Buck.

You sure you can spare it?

I'd rather you
have it than them.

Speaking of,
Bob wants a word.

Reporting earlier,
officials in LA

have set up a triage center
at Dodger Stadium

to attempt to handle the
heavy influx of patients.

Doctors have cordoned
off specific sections...

Oh, hey.

- Great, Bob.
- What do you want?

What can I get for you,

Um, shot and a beer?

My granddaughter sure
loved that TV show of yours.

They're all into that,
uh, vampire stuff.

Now what is it?


That's it.

How about you, Jake?
You want another pop?

- Quarantines are expanding from twenty-three
- No, ma'am.

- US cities to nearly sixty.
- All rightie.

The number of reported
cases domestically

has reached

Compared to
seven hundred-thousand...

Oh my God,
I'm stuck here forever.

This is happening.

- I didn't know we've gotten to that point.
- Yeah.

Well take a look
at the news, man.

And they're only
getting worse.

What are they talking about?

Oh, they're talking
about forming a militia.

And Max doesn't think
it's a good idea.

You can be with us,
or you cannot be with us.

So I'm acting like
I'm going to war?

Call it what you want.

But this is how it is.

I'll be back.

All of this is adding
to the sense of fear

and chaos as people fight
to get home to their families...

It's all right.
It's all right.

Amanda, we've been
worried about you.

When'd you get back?

Why didn't you call?!

She doesn't wanna
talk with you.

None of your business,

Come on.

Step away from the truck.
Let's go home.

Step out of the way, son.

Can't do that.

This is family business.

I said step aside.



Not in my place!

Now, you know I have zero
tolerance for this crap.

Get back inside.


Dinner will be ready
in an hour.

You take a day off?

I had a meeting.



They're doing something,

What do you think
we're doing?

All right.

If you keep hanging out
with those guys,

don't bother coming back.

Where's the rest
of your insulin?

I only have the one bottle.

I'll be fine, sweetheart.


Ava, hey, uh...

Give me a call
whenever you can.


You should call him back.


He's just worried.

He's trying to do
the best that he can.

In his way.

Then maybe he
should be here.

I just checked again.

We have no insulin in stock.

This isn't working.

How long is the bottle
gonna last?

Not long enough.

Where are you going?

I'm going out.

- Right now?
- Yeah.

Lock up.

Where are you going first?
You don't have a plan.

And we have Kelly Rhodes
on the line outside Atlanta.

Kelly, any updates
from the CDC?

Uh, thanks.

Well, the CDC has declined
to comment

and they haven't updated
their statement from last week.

But, I've gotta say tensions
are high inside Atlanta.

As you know, strict travel bans
have been in place

for several weeks now.

Frankly, people are scared.

They wanna get
their families out.

They want information.

I think until we get
some sort of positive news,

we're gonna continue
to see civil unrest escalate.

Hey, this is Kelly Rhodes.

You know what to do.

Hey. Um...

I know I've been avoiding
all your calls, but... should know your mom,
she's really getting sick.

I don't know how
much she's told you,

but the insulin
will be out really soon.

If you could do anything.
Make some calls.

We could really use
your help.

Look, I know you think
what you're doing is important.

We really need you here,

So just, come home.


- Any day now.
- Shut up.

Focus on those bottles!

This is a shotgun.

All right.

Yeah, you don't
hold it like that.

You wanna hold it... the pock
in your shoulder.

Okay, keep your elbow out.

- See how it creates that pocket in there?
- Mm-hm.

You're gonna take your cheek

and put it against the stock.

Aim right down the center
of this barrel.


All right.
Now, you barely have to aim.

You just have to point in the
direction that you want to fire

and you're gonna
hit something.

Pump it.

Now it's loaded
into the chamber.

- It's gonna be loud.
- Okay.


Eject it.
Now there's a new one in there.

Do the rest of them.


This is awesome.

- That lipstick.
- No.

Why do you even have
that many lipsticks?

All right, so now you need
to replace my bullets.

And you need to replace
my beer.

- You need to replace...
- Shut up.

- ...your pride.
- It wasn't that bad.

You need to replace...

Hi, Amanda.


Will you come inside,

Here, I'll...

I always loved you in,
um, short hair.

But this is nice, too.

What do you want, Maddy?

I heard you were
back in town.

I wanted to say hello.


Can we talk a bit?

I wanna hear
all about your life.

Really? That's it?
That's all you want?

I'm tired.

- I just need a little money.
- I knew it!

Just a little bit
to get on my feet.

You know how your father is.

I never asked you
for anything.

I don't owe you anything.

That's no way
to talk to your mother.

- You're not my mother.
- I am your damn mother.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it!

Well I guess you never gave
a shit what happened to me,

so I guess nothing's changed.

Hey. Hey!

It's what you want?



Don't come back here.

Are you asleep out here?


Just thinking.

She's not gonna come
back to the house.

Why did you wanna be
a farmer?

I didn't.

I wanted to race cars.

Um, what?



Oh, before Dad got sick.

But things got bad
senior year

and someone had to
take care of the farm.

College wasn't
my thing anyway.

Yeah, well at least you
graduated high school.

I pretend to be a werewolf.

Every day.

It's a really bad show.


Don't be so hard on yourself.


You just kind of left.

Real young.

It didn't feel like
a choice.


I just had to go.

Change everything.

My name, even.

Kelly doesn't even
know all of it.

Not everything.

Did you come here often?


I came here all the
time when I was a kid.

By yourself?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

I wouldn't take
anybody here.

So who's house is this?

Um, it was the, uh...

hired hand
of my great-grandpa's.

No way.

Um, his wife left him
and he went bankrupt.

They took what they wanted
and didn't come back.

In here.

It's a trap door.

To what?

It's just a hole
in the ground.

I used to hide stuff in here
when I was a kid.

Mostly booze
and cigarettes.

You got any left?

- No.
- Ugh.

Drank it all.

- I know.
- Sorry.


Ugh! Okay.

All right.
Two out of three.

Two out of three.
Two out of three.

- Okay? One. Two. Three.
- One. Two. Three.

Oh my God!

Stupid game.
[phone ringing]

Cause you're losing.
That's why it's stupid.


Yes, this is she.

He's my son!

No! No!

What do you mean
you can't locate him?

- They can't find Kelly.
- Let me talk to them.

- Stop.
- Mom!

- Stop. No.
- Let me talk to them, okay?

This is Max Rhodes.

Kelly's brother.

When... When was the last time
that you saw him?

Uh-huh. Yeah.


Hey. Manhattan,
the phone lines are down

and we can't reach
any additional...

...declare the
United States,

under martial law.

The disaster relief aid
is on its way

to unaffected areas
of our nation.

And the WHO remains
relentless in the...



Mom, listen.

- Hm?
- Stay up.

Grab some corn syrup.

It's all right.


Her blood sugar is crashing.
She's just not eating enough.

- Come on.
- That's right.

- A little corn syrup.
- Take a little more.

There you go.
There you go.

It's gonna be all right.


Are you okay?

Hey, how you doing?

Don't. Shh.
Come on, Mom.

No. No!
I said no!

We can't just do nothing!
It's too...

I can't just sit around here.

You know?
I have to at least try.

- Do not get into that truck!
- Mom.

Do not get in that truck.

- No! No!
- We have to.

You are not going!
You are not going!

- Mom!
- You are not gonna die for me.

Shh, shh!

- It's okay. It's okay.
- Please?

Please don't let him go.
Cause I can't be alone.

It looks pretty quiet.

What is that?

I don't know.

See what happened, Bob?

Just got here.


Get in the truck!

You see this, Rhodes?

This is what I'm talking about!

It's what I've been
talking about the whole time!

I hear your mom's
not doing too good.


Are you heading into town?

Amanda, be smart.

- Max!
- Keep your head down!

Stop! Stop!

Max! Max!

Let's go. We're going.
Get in the car.

Amanda, please?

Don't make that trip tonight.

Come on, son.

Max. Don't, don't.
Don't go out there. Don't.

Okay. Okay.
I won't.



Get the hell
off my property.

Is Amanda in there?

What do you want?

I found some insulin.

If you get in
the truck with me,

I'll leave it out here
for them.

Look, we don't have
power like you do,

so the sooner you get it
into your fridge the better.

- No.
- Max.


You belong with your family.

No you don't.

Max, we have to.
Your mom.

It'll be at the house
when you change your mind.

We're gonna be okay.

Hey. Hey.

We'll find another way.

She's gonna be okay.


Who's here?

I promise.


Ava? Ava!

No! No!

Max! Max!

Look at me.
Look at me.

Stay with me.

Look at me.
Look at me.

Oh my God.

Stay with me.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

- You're okay.
- The work is done.

Don't kill him!


- Don't!
- Stop! It's okay.

You're killing him.

Stop it.

- It's too-It's too late!
- No!

I didn't know.

I swear to God,
I didn't know.

Are you okay?

Let's get her in.

Let's get her in the house.

Fuck you!

You! You!
No! No!



- Get off!
- Where's my son?

Get off!

Where's my son?!

- No!
- Where's my son!



She ain't here!



Stop! Stop!

Please stop!

No! No!

Go, go, go!

Go, go!

You have to help me.

I need to see a doctor.

Let me out.
Stop the car.

Stop. Stop!


Don't leave me!

Just drive me there!

- Sorry, I can't. I can't help you!
- Please!

- I can't help you!
- Please!

I'm sorry.

Don't move!

Don't touch anything!

You're okay!

Hang on!

Be right there.

It's gonna be okay.
Calm down.

You're fine.
We're gonna take this off.

Take this off.
Slow down.

Slow down.

Grab this.


It's okay.
I got you.

All right.

I need you to hold out
your collar, all right?

Just the collar.

Stretch it out.
Out, out, out.


Good, all right.

It's okay.

All right.

Come on!

You're not gonna get
very far dressed like that.

Amanda, open the door!

You want out?

Come here!
Come here!

You see what
you're making me do?

You think I wanna
be this way?

I'm not the bad guy.

Stop putting us all at risk!

Dig in there, everybody.

There was something
in my throat.

Adam, would you go
get some firewood?

The stove is low.



We've gotta go.

It's gonna be dark soon.



You ready?


It looks like it hurts.

It's fine.

- It's fine?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- It's totally fine.

You don't have to
pretend with me.

I know you're tough.

Hey, did you think
about what I asked?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?


I don't think
we'd get very far.

Why not?

I think we'd make
a great team.


Don't you think so?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

We could take care
of each other, you know?

Don't you want that?


What are you doing?

I think we should go.

We should go
before they get back.

We should go tomorrow.

- Ava?
- Come on. Let's go.

Come on.

Let's go right now.

We could just go tomorrow.

What's wrong with
right now?

Take your boots off.

- What?
- Take your boots off.

- My boots?
- Take your...


Hey, Jake!
Grab me a beer.


Fucking worthless.




I'm not gonna hurt you.

All right.

Things are gonna change.

Everybody's gonna
do their part.


Calm down.

Calm down!



Agh! Ow!


What the hell are you doing?

I can't stay here.

You wanna go so bad?

Get the fuck out of here!

Jake, come on.




Jake, stop!

Jake, stop it!

Jake, stop!



Ava! Run!

Just go!

Look what I got!

- Came an awful long way!
- Ava, listen to me.

- See this?
- No. Don't.

You're gonna show me
where my guns are.

I'll... I'll give you
the guns back, okay?

Uh, just don't hurt him.

- Ava, I am fine. I'm fine.
- Shut up! Shut up!

Okay! Okay!

We're gonna take
a little walk!

Ava, listen to me.
You don't show him anything.

Get up!
Let's go.

No, no, no...

Please, just help him out.

I'll get the guns.
I'll bring them back.

Just don't hurt him,

You bring them
back here by morning,

or I will shoot him
in the head!


Get up!


- Ava, don't!
- Get off your ass and help me!

Pick him up!

Where's Kelly?

You need to hold up
your end of the bargain.

Tell me where he is!

Come on.
Shoot me.

Then how will you
find him then?

You want your guns?


Yes, I do.

You want this gun?
You can have it.


Hold on.
Shh, shh, shh.

You killed him,
didn't you?

No, I didn't.

I don't believe you.

Just show me
where they are.

I'll... I'll take
you to Kelly myself.

It's nice and simple.

It's okay. Shh.

It's okay.


It's okay.

It's gonna be just fine.

I got you.

I got you.

Come on.
Come on.

I got you.

It's okay.

It's all right.

It's okay.

Come on.

Turn around.


You turn the fuck around.

What are you gonna do?

Shoot me?

Did you look my brother in
the eye before you killed him?

I didn't kill him.

I bet you looked away.

Didn't you?

You did.

You did.
You looked away.

You're gonna look me
in the eye.

Do it!


They're under there.

That's my girl.

Where's Kelly?

He's right next
to his family.

But you already
guessed that.

Didn't you?


Fuck! Fuck!

Goddammit, Amanda!

Come on, just let...
Damn it!

Amanda, you stupid bitch!
Get me out of this trap!

Amanda, sweetie?
I know you're mad.

I know you're confused.

But come here
and help me.


Amanda, quit fucking around!

This isn't you.

You're sick
and you need help.

I can help you.

What are you doing?

All right. All right.
All right.

You've proved your point.


No, no, no.
Are you fucking nuts?


Amanda, let me out!

Let me out!

Come on!

I can't get out, Amanda!

Hey. Hey. It's okay.
Come on.

Come here.

Come here.



You can't leave me here!

Don't you go!



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