Becky (2020) - full transcript

A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives.

He was wearing
like this really

stupid orange camouflage shirt.

That's good, Becky.

And do you remember
what happened

to the man in the
orange camouflage shirt?

What happened by
your fort, Becky?


I'm sorry.

I don't know.

Boys, stop
that before someone gets hurt.

Come on, get to class.

Let's go, let's go.

Let's go.


Please send Becky Hooper

to the front office.

Her father's here
to pick her up.

On your feet.

Hi, Chipmunk.

Good back there?


Excuse me.

What's going on?

There's something
wrong with this gentleman.



Pull over.

Wanna guess
why I sprung you early?


Can you take your?

Can you turn your
music off please?

Got about a quarter tank.

I'm gonna pull over.

Oh hey, they have meat sticks.

I wonder if they have bison.


You hate gummy worms.

continues for four inmates

who escaped federal
custody this morning,

killing two armed guards
and an inmate as they fled.

Authorities say the men are
armed and extremely dangerous.

In other news.

Looks like the
Atlanta Braves are off

to a great start this season.

I'm gonna turn it over to Matt.

A small one.

What flavor?

Can you picture?

Those are the shoes I have.

Still looks good?


- Okay.
- Of course, of course.

Yes, okay.

Here we go.


Mm hm.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Mom is in
serious painter mode.

What do you think?

Why is Dora's
head way bigger than Dad's?

She's just so full
of herself, right.

She is pretty awesome.

Okay, got a surprise for you.

Gotta close your eyes.


Okay, open 'em.

Oh, Becky.

Much love, girlie.

This whole thing.

I know it's been hard,

but you can't stay
angry forever.

Why would you bring me here?

Calm down, Chipmunk.

Don't call me that.

I thought you said
it would take time.

Like with the
realtors or whatever.

Yeah, so about that now.

Can you turn that off, please?




Rebecca Hooper, if the
next button you press

is not the off button, you're
grounded for two weeks.

You can't keep taking
things that aren't yours.

Obviously I can.

She wouldn't
want us to sell it.


No, just because
she's not here anymore...

We're not selling it.

Been trying to tell you.

I changed my mind.

We're keeping it.

Oh, you forgot you hated
me for a minute, huh?

we're keeping it.

We're keeping it.

Come on.

Come on, boy, let's go swimming.


No, I wanna swim.

Yeah, but how
'bout after dinner?

There's something else I
need to talk to you about.

What is she doing here?

Well that's part of it.

I invited Kayla and
Ty up for the weekend.

You made it.

Thank you GPS.

I'll park it next to mine.

Do I have to tip the valet?


Yes, you do.

Oh, I missed you.

Same here.

Hey, Becky.

It's so generous of
you to share your dad

and this place with
us this weekend.

The drive here was gorgeous.

You didn't tell her that
we were coming, did you?

I tried.

Hey, little man.

- How you doing?
- Hi.

I know someone who's
excited to meet you.

Come here.


Oh, hi.

Oh, hi.

Oh, she's really nice.

- She's sweet.
- It's okay.

All right, girl,
give the man some room.

What's her name?


Diego's down by the lake,

but he takes a bit longer
getting used to new people,

but he knows a lot of tricks.

Pretty much anything Becky asks.

Maybe she'll show
you if you ask.


- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah, oh see look.

See, she likes you.

She likes everyone.

Why don't you go get Diego?

'Cause we're about to eat.


Will you take Ty with you?



You let her walk all over you.

She's 13.

Don't worry about Becky.

She's like Diego,
takes a bit longer

getting used to new people.

Do you wanna help me
build the fire pit?

We can have s'mores
after dinner.

What's s'mores?

What's s'mores?

I know.

Oh, you are in for a treat.

Come on.

Good afternoon.

What's going on?

Could you step
out of the vehicle?

We appreciate your compliance.

You live nearby?

Half a mile that way.

Driver's license please.

My partner's gonna
inspect your vehicle.

Gunshot will carry half a mile.

Don't wanna alarm your wife.



Stop feeding the dog your food.

But she's hungry.


Becky, we've got
something that we would like

to talk to you about.

Can you look at me, Chipmunk?

I told you not
to call me that.

Yes Rebecca, I would
like to tell you something

and I would like
you to look at me.

Okay so.

I know things have been
tough this past year.

On all of us, but
especially on you.

Still, we have to look forward.

Part of the healing
process is moving on.

Now, Kayla and I, we love
each other very much.

So we've decided to get married.


I know it's a big deal

and it's gonna take
some getting used to,

but it's what we want and...

Is this a joke?


I think a more
stable environment

will be a good thing for you.

would've hated you.



That's okay.

We both knew that this
wasn't going to be easy.

I'm gonna go check on her.

No, I got it.

How could you?

I loved your mom so much.


Yeah, I can really tell.



Will you please come
back and talk, please?


Ty, stop that.

That's for you to eat.

Where did they go?

They're outside talking.

They'll be right back.

It's okay.

Eat your dinner.

Diego, we're staying.

We're staying.

Come on.

Come on.

Hello, may I help you?

Just play a little
bit of my favorite song.


♪ I will stay by your side ♪

♪ I will stay by your side ♪

♪ And I want you to find me ♪

♪ So I'll stay by your side ♪

♪ I will stay by your side ♪

♪ I will ♪

It's okay.

Where's your mom, Ty?


Jeff, this
gentleman lost his dog.

Yeah, I'm afraid he's
a bit of a Houdini.

I'm sorry to
interrupt your dinner.

It's nice to meet you, Jeff.


Can I
get you some water?

Oh, that'd be great.

Thank you.

Here you go.

What kind
of dog did you say?

I didn't.

Well it might help to
know what we're looking for.

Okay, well if there's
nothing else...

Cane Corso.

Your dog's a Corso?

No, your dog's a Corso.


Doesn't look pure, though.

Well, we're not sure.

She's a rescue.

Why don't you give
us your number?

My dog is a rottweiler.

Pure bred.

Or as the Germans call them.

Butcher's dog.




Traits they were bred for.

It's in their blood.

That's why you never let
them mate with other breeds.

You get the worst of both.

Okay, I think it's
time for you to go.

I'm gonna go check on Ty.

You're leaving right now.

Clear out front.

Dining room.

She's probably
going for a phone.

Stay calm.

Why don't you take
a seat on the couch?



Please, don't.



Take him and walk
out the side door now.


You see anything?

Nothing yet.

Yeah, there's snakes.

There's snakes.

There's spiders.

There's fucking bats.

There's everything.


The mosquitoes are killing me.

I don't know.

Come on, Ty.

Keep up.

But we gotta wait for Dora.


She'll be fine.

We are going to go
find Miss Becky.

I need you to move faster.

Hey, there.

Where you headed?


We're going to get Becky.


Who's Becky?

Our dog.

You got a dog?

I hate dogs.

Ooh, there she is right there.

Big one.


No, don't, don't.

What was that?



Quiet, boy.

Quiet, quiet.

Fuck that.

Think you got
it, Sharp Shooter?

Where are they?

I took care of the phone.

That wasn't my question.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Okay, yeah, yeah.




I think we may
have a problem here.




I'll make sure the rest
of the house is clear.

Pistol Pete up
there shot Becky.

That dog wasn't
gonna hurt you.

Becky was a sweet old thing.

We're clear.


Well, I'm gonna get
what we came for

and then we'll be on our way.

Just do what they
say and we'll be okay.

Jeff, we've seen their faces.

I don't think they're
gonna let us live.

We have to do something.


There once was a little
girl who had a little curl

right in the middle
of her forehead.

There once was a little
girl who had a little curl

right in the middle
of her forehead.

What kind of backpack
would you say that is?

A sparkly one.

Does it look
like a dog's backpack?

Dogs don't
wear backpacks.

You're right.

Becky's not a dog.

Becky is a little girl.

I'm looking for a key.

It's about this big.

It has this symbol
engraved on it.

Have you seen it?



How 'bout you?

Have you seen it?

He's never been here before.

Well that leaves little Becky.

I need to speak to her.

She's not here.

She's in Atlanta with her mom.


Yet her backpack and
her phone are here.

See Jeff, I wanna believe you.

I really do, but you're
not making it easy.

Lucky for us, I
brought a lie detector.

So I'm gonna ask again.

Where's Becky?


Wait, wait, wait.


Look at that.

Clean through.

Missed the bone.

She's gonna be fine.

Now the little boy.

No, no, please not my son.

Please don't.

It may just
blow his leg clean off.

- Please don't.
- Answer his question.

Please don't.

Please, please, please.

Hey, assholes.

Oh my God.

I called the cops.

They're on their way.

Hello, Becky.

Better start running.

That fat one.

He's gonna like need a
head start or something.

You didn't call
anyone, sweetheart.

I have your cell phone.


So I walked to our neighbors.

The Griffins.

I used their phone.

They have a gun, too.

So you better leave.

Closest neighbor
is a mile and a half.

This is a child's toy.

No way it reaches that far.

Gentlemen, Becky is
on this property.

And I don't think any of us

feels like playing a
game of hide and seek,

so why don't we make
it easy on ourselves

and invite her to us, okay?

Stop her bleeding.

We might need her.

Why don't you walk
Jeffery outside?

No, no, don't
take him, please.

Please don't take him.

Please don't do this to us.

Please don't.

Prepare yourself, Becky.

You're about to find out what
happens when you lie to me.

You know.

I wasn't blessed with children
in the traditional sense,

but I collected some
strays along the way.

My eldest.

You know my most beautiful
memory of him was?

Wasn't the day I found him.

It was the day he
proved his love for me.

And tonight, right now actually,

will become your most
beautiful memory of Becky

'cause this is the moment
she proves her love for you.

Becky, I'm gonna speak
to you like an adult,

because I expect
you to act like one.

You're not at the neighbors.

I know you're in the
woods behind the house.

So do me a favor and direct
your gaze to the fire pit.

My companion here, the
unreasonably large, scary one.

He's gonna hold your dad
still while I hurt him.

I can promise you it
will not be pleasant.

Now we can avoid that
unpleasantness if you cooperate.

Listen closely.

In the basement, in the
wall, was a small tin.

Do you know what
I'm talking about?


See, I
don't believe you.

You already lied to me once.

Now I think you found that tin

and you took what was inside it.

I don't
have your stupid key.

I never
said it was a key, Becky.

Now that I know you have it,
I hope you enjoy the show.


Ah, ah.


It's okay.

It's okay, baby.

You get one shot.

Make it count.


Listen to me, Chipmunk.


I made a mistake.

So many mistakes.


I know that you're mad at me

and you have every right to be.

I need you to put
those feelings aside

and do something for me.

I need you to run away
as fast as you can.

Run, Becky.

Before you run,
Becky, listen up

and know that you can
stop this if you want.



No, stop.


I'll get your key.

I'll get your key.





I've got your key.

I'm coming.

I'm coming, please.

I'm almost there.

Hold him.


Oh, there she is.

Let's go get her.


We don't
have time for this.

No more kids.

Go to the neighbors.

Call the police.

But Dad.

Right behind you.

I love you, Becky.

Go now.

Where's the key, Becky?

Where is it?

Right here.







Holy shit.

What happened to you?

that little bitch

is in the woods out there.

I can't see out of it.


It's gone.

It's shredded.


Where's Hammond?

The kitchen.

They go nowhere.


enjoying your snack?

Oh shit.

Cut it off, man.

Cut it off.

Come on.


Okay, here we go.

- You ready?
- Yeah, just do it.





What the fuck is the problem?

You fucking kidding me.



Now get the fuck
outside and grab her

before I decide you're too
useless to keep around.

Becky, where are you at?

Let's just make this
easy on both of us, okay?


Hey Becky.

Stop running.

Oh, man, you're in a fort now.

What am I gonna do?

I guess you should've
locked the door.

Fuck, fuck.


Ugly son of a bitch.

Fuck me.

Two fucking dogs.

How many fucking
dogs you gotta have?

Diego, quiet.





Cool fort.


I just wanna talk.

No, hey.

We're just talking.

We're just talking.

I don't have a weapon.

I'm not gonna hurt you.


Go away.

Look, kid.

You really think I
wanna be out here,

tripping over shit in the woods?

You want me to go.

I want to go.

But neither of us is gonna get

what we want until
I get that key.

So let's you and I
make a little deal.

Just throw the key out here.

I'll tell 'em that I picked
it up off the ground.

I'll say you got away.

They're not gonna ask
too many questions

so long as I have the key.




You can just toss it on out
here and I'll be on my way.

You, your little bro and
your mom will be safe.


I said you and your
mom and your little brother.

You'll all be safe.

My mom's dead.

Okay well, your stepmom then.


The point is, she's still alive

and the little boy
is still alive.

And you can go off and
have a nice life together.



We still got a deal or what?


I'm getting your stupid key.

Give me a second.

Here it comes.

Good throw.

Fucking kids.






What the fuck?


I think my leg is still
bleeding pretty bad.

It's okay.

It's fine.

I'll wrap it tighter.

I heard Jeff screaming.

Is he?

You tried to help us before.

You and I both know how
this is gonna end for me.

For my son.

You don't want that.

You don't want this.

You don't.




I'm not gonna let
them get away with this.

Take it.

Take the gun, Apex.

Here you go.

Now, point it at my heart.

Nine years, four
months, and two days.

You know what that is?

How long we were in.

That's right.

That's 54,538 waking hours.

Do you know how many of those

I spent planning,
calculating, this day?


Do you have any idea how many?




Not a moment went
by that this plan,

and our glorious
execution of it,

wasn't at the
forefront of my mind.

Now, when you plan
something, anything,

you run all the
scenarios in your head.

You identify
vulnerabilities, weak points.

You try to find out what
that thing is going to be.

The one thing that's
gonna be your downfall.

All the times I ran it,

never once did I
think it would be you.

Those kids.

I can't get them out of my mind.

Put your finger
on the trigger.

I don't understand.


Your finger.

On the trigger.

I can't do this
without you, son.

I need you on this.

54,538 hours planning.

I don't wanna be
alive for one more

knowing that we came
this far and we failed.

So, if you're not gonna help me,

you go ahead and kill me.

I knew I could
count on you, son.

For the Brotherhood.

For the Brotherhood.


There once was a little
girl who had a little curl

right in the middle
of her forehead.

When she was good, she
was very, very good,

but when she was
bad, she was horrid.

I need you to tell
Becky to come back.

You feel better now?

I'm not gonna ask again.

Speak slow and clear.

She won't listen to me.

You're her guardian.

No, I'm not.

And it wouldn't
matter even if I was.

Becky is as strong-willed
and vindictive as they come

and you just tortured and
killed her only living parent.

So good luck.

Go get her.

Hammond's still out there.

Yes, but
apparently Becky's a little more

than we bargained for.



You okay?



Hey, shit stain.

You want the key?

You gotta catch me first.

Come back here.

Right over here.

Not gonna hurt ya.

I'm gonna fucking kill you.

Little fucking bitch.

Slow down.

End of the line, little fucker.







I can't swim.

Help please.

Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

Help me.



Stop, stop, stop.



Diego, no.



Please, Diego, Diego.



You should have left
when you had the chance.


Let me go.

Let me go, let me go.



I saw what you did to Cole.

Those kind of things,

they leave a stain.

I got too many stains of my own.

It's not too late for you.

You're just a kid.

I'm done.

I don't care what
Dominick wants anymore.

I am walking away

and I hope you will, too.



Diego, Diego.

It's okay.

You're okay.

You're okay, boy.

It's okay.



Hey, dad.

It's me, Chipmunk.

Tell mom hi for me.

Diego, come.


What the fuck was the
point of all of this?

What's that?

I said, what
the fuck was the point?

You cursed.

I know, baby.

Sometimes someone does
something so stupid,

you have to stop them and ask,
what the fuck was the point?

You murdered my fiance.

Your men are gone.

You lost your fucking eye.

For what?

For a key?

What the fuck could it open

that would make it
worth all of this?


It's worth much more than that.

See I don't expect you
to understand this,

but I'm doing it for your
kind as much as mine.

Oh, is that right?

Yeah, it is right.

You see the races all were
created with a divine purpose,

but our modern world has blurred
and distorted that purpose.

But that's all about to change.

I have a question.

Did it take years of hard work
to get this fucking stupid?


See you seem to be
under the delusion...

That you're a fucking bitch.



Don't, don't.

Let me
tell you something.

When I come back, your
son's gonna watch you die.

Get off.


Okay, you stay here.

Don't move.

Don't move.












I know you're in there, Becky.

Are you having fun?

I know I am.

Let's just see how fun
we can make it, huh.

Come on.

Let's have some fun.

Open the door, Becky.

Come on, Becky, do it.

Come on.

Give me your hands.

Give me your hands.

vehicle assist.

This is Kate.

A collision was detected

and it appears your
airbags have deployed.

Are there any injuries?


Are you able to respond?

I'll notify the
local authorities.

Help is on the way.



You're clearly a special girl.

So, I'm gonna make
you a special deal.

I'm putting my gun away.


Your dog is still alive.

He's safe.

You're safe.

I just wanna talk.

♪ Find me ♪

♪ I will stay by your side ♪

♪ And I want you to find me ♪

♪ So I'll stay by your side ♪

♪ I can always be found ♪

♪ I can always be found ♪

♪ I can always be found ♪

♪ I can always be found ♪

♪ I will stand by your side ♪

♪ And I want you to find me ♪

♪ So I'll stay by your side ♪

I think you staying by my
side is a good idea, Becky.

You're an orphan now.

Has that sunk in yet?

You're a smart-ass.


A murderer.

That's what they'll say.

People looking to adopt.

Why would we choose her?

Who wants that burden?

No one.

You'll just end
up in the system.

One terrible foster
home after the next.

That's if you're lucky.

No one will bother to look close
enough to see the real you.

No one but me.

See I.

I see your potential.

The raw clay waiting
to take shape.

We had a rocky start,
but that's all behind us.

With the right guidance,
one day you'll be able

to look back on
this and see that

it was a great
moment in your life.

A real turning point.

If you just let me help.

You can help by
shutting your face.

Where is the key?

I hid it.

Show me.

I wanna show you
something else first.

We don't
have time for this.

I don't wanna have to hurt you.

But I do wanna hurt you.

Real bad.







Fucking little bitch.



There was a little girl
who had a little bullet

right in the middle of her.

Son, take it easy.

Take it easy.


Look, it's me.

Let her go.

After what she did to me?

To us?

I don't want you to kill her.

It's almost over now.

Look, I've got the key already.

It's right here.

Everything we've
ever worked for.

After her, no more kids.

Ever, I promise.

But right now we
need to finish this.

For the Brotherhood.

I said, let her go.

Bet you're right.

Who's gonna believe a
little girl anyway, right?

Go, Becky.




I'm sorry.

I should never have left
you alone to face him.

There's no undoing
the things I've done,

but maybe by saving you.


Are you okay?

Is there anything
else you can tell us?

Any detail.

Doesn't matter how small.


Something about a
Canadian quarter.

He was looking for it.

In the grass.

Is that what you want?

Don't worry about
satisfying the Sheriff.

Just answer the questions
as best you can.

She remembers the
shirt, but not stabbing him

in the face with
her art pencils?

Blind spots.

I'm not surprised.

The violence she's witnessed.

It's the violence
she committed that worries me.