Beautiful (2018) - full transcript

[Message] My uncle passed away. I have to go to Hawaii. Good bye, Sang-whi.

Hello? Where the hell are you?

My flight's in five minutes, Sang-whi.

What are you talking about?

Sorry it was so sudden, Sang-whi. Thank you for everything.

Wish you well...Always.

This is not a good idea, Beom-hae.

Let's talk face-to-face.

[Caption] Login 'Pyeong, Beom-hae'

ID : Pyeong, Beom-hae

- So, you got a crush on me.
- Pardon?

You've been checking me out since forever.


It's okay. Everyone does that.

Behave yourself. Come on, ask me out. Be polite.


But you're really not my type.

Gotta block you. Sorry.

Age : 44.
My nephew got into his middle school era.

Ah... yes...!

So you're like my nephew. You want a nice 'uncle'?

Rather like your older brother.


Uh-uh. Here goes another cutie pie.

Wanna get dirty, bitch?

...Mysophobic here.

Thus speaks Zarathustra, so let's hear him.

Hocus pocus.

- Nietzsche's proclamation: God is dead.
- Ah yes...! - Here I claim...

Gay men are all about beauty.

You know. Shall'nt we all?

You can have your honour of being intimate with me.

- Only if you can host.
- Uh...

ID : Aphrodite

So, who's this one?

Brand-new boyfriend?

Or one-night-only-special?

We're friends.

Aren't we?

- I met him at Itaewon last night and then...
- You guys rocked the night. Together.

Jesus... Dodo's taste of men has completely changed!

I think not . Friends, they are.

He must be one of the Dodo-followers. Or wannabes. Aren't you?

Yes, sir.

I am Rena. Dodo's fairy godsister.


I'm Gillsum.


It's Ki-soon... Ki-soon.

Dear lord, we gather here to celebrate our new gal, Beom-hae.

May thou guide him to become a bitch
and get prosperity and get laid... frequently.

- Amen.
- Amen. - Amen.



Let me see.

Tasteless. Too skinny.

- You gain some weight, Honey.
- Don't say shit, Losing weight is everything!

- Look at me, guys kill to possess me.
- Shut up, you crazy bitch!

God, Skinny-chasers are big losers. Those weirdos can't even tell gay men from cross-dressers.

Come on. Only bear-chasers are into chubby ones.

- You're not into bears, are you?
- Uh... bears?

- You like fat guys?
- Well, whom I like...

Looks tasty.

- Why were you at Itaewon?
- Ah...uh, hanging with some friends...


Thought you were alone.

Searching for a boyfriend?

- Or you got one?
- Yes... No. Nope.

Party. Tomorrow night.


- Look... his outfit!
- What a disaster! - Don't make you hear...

- You are here?
- Ah... yes...

You wanna dance with me?

Excuse me, bathroom break!

You going home?

Ah... yes... got some family stuff going on.

What stuff? Come on, it's too early.

- Uh... Jesa rite.
- At this time?

Tomorrow... but gotta prepare for it...
food and everything.

Are you Cinderella or what?

See, I gotta go, enjoy yourself... bye.

Beauty it is.

Soft skin... killer legs.

[Caption] Login 'Aphrodite'

- Hola Dodo! You are online!
- Pardon?

Ahuff... It's been a long time... how are you doing?

Aigoo... got a new car!

That beast is WILD... as I am

You're so hot.

Please take this... uh?

Can I get inside of you?

- Of what?
- No worries.

Just spread your legs like this... and that... and that...

- And that...
- Ah, I'm not ready yet.

Why did you leave so early?

Ah... got Jesa rite.

Wasn't it the day before yesterday?

That's for my mother's side.

- Can you... do down there?
- Uh?

Ah... sure.

You are sweet, Beom-hae.

I am not!

Dodo... I think everyone loves you.


It's just, you know.... you are good-looking... and are cool.

They say: quality over quantity.

Everyone means nothing to me.

Why? Center of attention.

That must feel great.

Two better than one,

Three than two. Right?

Those everyone, they are all crazy. Freaks.


Out of their minds.

Aho! Please spank me more, master!

Ah... please spank me more, master! Oh!

Feels so good, master... feel so good!

Swear at me, master! Spoil me!

You bad boy!

Go to hell!

I will spank you hard with my belt and you'll be dead!

Thank you very much, sir, see you.

Take this.

Take another one.

- Got some good things going on these days?
- Well... not really, Hyeong.

Hyeong? You kept Oppa-ing me until yesterday.
ID : Alpha / AGE : 24 / POSITION : TOP

Ah... just kidding... nothing's really on.

What are you up to, Oppa?

- Me? Just going to school.
- Ah right... 'I' got classes, too.

Aren't you taking this semester off?

Ah... then I think 'I' will go back.

- Application period must have ended.

That... I didn't know... gotta meet some friends, then.

Oh really? Then... let's hang out after classes.

- Bring that one.
- Who?

You came to party with him! Short and very cute.

Ah, that peanut?

Yes! What's his name?

Beom-hae! He is ugly.. why?

It's nothing... just curiosity.

How... have you been?

Ah yes... so-so.

How about you, Dodo? It's been a long time.

How's everything then?

Nothing... special.

Pyeong, Beom-hae!

You are there!

I know you're there listening!

I am so sorry.

Hyeong... you deserve better than this.

Find someone better than me....
that's how much I love you.

But... please remember me, when all is said and done.


I bet... he's doing great.

Much better place... trying to be a better person.

Why are you so surprised?

- Like you're caught in the act.
- N... not really.

- Stay still... I will do it for you.
- Thanks, but I'm okay.

Beom-hae... It's like you're being chased everyday.

You don't have... any secrets to me?

Wear this at the next party.

Well... I will study abroad.

At Hawaii...

You know, for three long years.

My uncle lives there.

Thank you for everything, anyway.

Though we met online... you've been so nice to me.

That's all.

Must have dozed off.

I'll go back to my place.

Are you... waiting for somebody?


What a perfect night... it's not true?

- You like it? - I like so much!
- You like over all.


- This bitch achieved a lot.
- See, losing weight is everything.

- Omo... won't it be a ghost?
- Yes, it is.

I got suspicious and signed in again.
Boom, I was blocked.

Gosh, total craziness!

You knew?

A friend of mine has posted it now...
imposter alert on Facebook!

- What a shameless bitch!
- Oh... it's true!

We'll get those imposters' pussies blocked dead tight!

- Won't we?
- Of course... locked, tight.

- How Cute!
- Hello, crazy.

- You used to be an imposter!
- Omo! When was I?

- Then the pic you posted was yours?
- Of course, honey! One of my A-cuts.

- What a crazy bitch! Her pussy needs operation.
- Disgusting, bitch!

- Fuck off, you piggy bitch!
- It hurts!

- Pig!
- Boneless mummy!

I am pissed!

- Who's calling?
- There's this guy!

- Gotcha!
- Bring it back!

- Hello!
- Pyeong Beom-hae, where are you right now?

You are the imposter, you used Dodo's pic
and chatted with me, pretending as Dodo!

Don't you try to trick me!

Where are you now? Answer it! Eh?

'Can't take your call right now....'

Beom-hae, why did you do that? Uh?

I liked the way you were!

Now you don't, do you?


Take your hands off me!

We are all about beauty, shall'nt we?

So you disappeared and made all that mess.

Look... are we here in Hawaii?

What the hell is this all about?

Why did you do that... uh?

- Hyeong, I am sorry...
- What's up?

No excuses today.

Were you happy being Dodo?

Did you like playing me?

You... are into guys like Dodo.

I... just wanted to be like him. Be him.

Someone whom everyone loves.

Do you even know how much I tried to find you?


You are going nowhere... I won't permit that.

Now you must know how I feel.

It matters nothing... you love guys like Dodo...

What the hell is this situation?

Nonsense... you are this beautiful.

It's all about beauty.

Everything is.

So... let yourself be it.

Just the way you are.

- The world has gone to the dogs.
- It just can't end like this!

Told ya, I got this new car... let's get dirty.

- Two better than one!
- Three better than two.

Then... four... must be the best.

What's fun... eh, Beom-hae?

What's this... a book?

Hey, what a nasty book it is!

- Beom-hae, I can not believe you've been read like nasty.
- This book...

Right, it's little bit nasty, but it's famous.

Stop being so coy, Beom-hae.

Why not?

I got a skin trouble lately, Sang-whi... look...

I see... you have to change your skin, Beom-hae.