Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) - full transcript

Hushpuppy, an intrepid six-year-old girl, lives with her father, Wink, in the Bathtub, a southern Delta community at the edge of the world. Wink's tough love prepares her for the unraveling of the universe; for a time when he's no longer there to protect her. When Wink contracts a mysterious illness, nature flies out of whack, temperatures rise, and the ice caps melt, unleashing an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs. With the waters rising, the aurochs coming, and Wink's health fading, Hushpuppy goes in search of her lost mother.

All the time, everywhere...

...everything's hearts
are beating and squirting...

...and talking to each other
the ways I can't understand.

Most of the time,
they probably be saying:

"I'm hungry. I gotta poop."

But sometimes
they be talking in codes.

Get out the way.

Get your pants on, man.

Feed up time! Feed up!

Feed up time!

Share with the dog.

Ain't that ugly over there?

We got the prettiest place on earth.

Daddy says, up above the levee...

...on the dry side,
they're afraid of the water... a bunch of babies.

They built the wall that cuts us off.

They think we all gonna drown
down here.

But we ain't going nowhere.

The Bathtub has got more holidays
than the whole rest of the world.




Yeah! Yeah!

Daddy always saying...

...that up in the dry world,
they got none of what we got.

They only got holidays once a year.

All babies in the race,
come up to the starting line.

They got fish stuck in plastic wrappers.

They got their babies stuck in carriages.

And chicken on sticks
and all that kind of stuff.

One day, the storm is gonna blow...

...the ground is gonna sink
and the water is gonna rise up so high...

...there ain't gonna be no Bathtub.
Just a whole bunch of water.


But me and my daddy, we stay right here.

We's who the earth is for.

Meat. Meat, meat, meat.

Every animal is made out of meat.

I'm meat. Y'all asses meat.

Everything is part of the buffet
of the universe.

This here is an aurochs...

...a fierce, mean creature
that walked the face of the earth...

...back when we all lived in the caves.

And they would gobble them
cave-babies down...

...right in front of the cave-baby parents.

And the cavemans,
they couldn't even do nothing about it...

...because they was too poor
and too small.

Who up in here think
that the cavemans...

...was sitting around crying
like a bunch of pussies?

Y'all better think about that
because any day now...

...fabric of the universe
is coming unraveled.

Ice caps gonna melt,
water is gonna rise...

...and everything south of the levee
is going under.

Y'all better learn how to survive now.

Way back in the day...

...the aurochs was king of the world.

If it wasn't for giant snowballs
and the Ice Age...

...l wouldn't even be Hush puppy.

l would just be breakfast.


Feed up time.



Kids that got no mama,
no daddy and nobody...

...they got to live in the woods...

...and eat grass and steal underpants.

If Daddy don't get back soon...'s gonna be time for me
to start eating my pets.


- That taste good?
- Yeah.

Hey, my baby, you need a ride?

No, my dad come and pick me up.

Well, what about some food
or something, darling?

You hungry?

All right, then. Well, suit yourself, okay?

Everything we still got from Mama,
I keep in my house.

Daddy says the first time
she looked at me... made her heart beat so big...

...that she thought it would blow up.

That's why she swam away.

Hi, my sweet baby.

Hi, Mama.

Hush puppy, what you doing there?

You being good like I taught you?

Yes, Mama.

You're good

You make me happy

You're good

You make me happy

You're good

That's pretty, Ma.

You're pretty, Hush puppy.

Get out of my way, you fat animal.


Daddy! Daddy!

l learned lots of things
while you were gone.

If I drink all this here,
l can burp like a man.

Why are you wearing that dress?
Leave me alone, man.

You wearing a bracelet too?

Go to your house.
You wouldn't understand.

l want to come to your house.
Get out of here!

l want to come--
Go ahead!

Get down from there. Get over here.

Feed up time! Come on, man! Feed up!

Boss lady!

Hush puppy, where you at?

Where you at, boss lady?

If Daddy kill me,
l ain't gonna be forgotten.

I'm recording my story
for the scientists in the future.

In a million years,
when kids go to school...

...they're gonna know, once,
there was a Hush puppy...

...and she lived with her daddy
in the Bathtub.

Hush puppy!

Where you at, man?

Hush puppy!

Boss lady, goddamn it!

Come here!

Don't you run away from me!

l swear to God!

Get your ass back here!

I'm tearing off!

I'm tearing off just like my mama!

I'm gonna bust your ass! Come here!

Come here!

See what happen.
See what happen to you.


l got to worry about you all the damn time!
You killing me!

You killing me!

Get up and now come on!

l hope you die.

And after you die, I'll go to your grave
and eat birthday cake all by myself.

Mama, I think I broke something.

Get over here!
Come on, let's go! Come on!

Miss Bathsheeba!

My daddy fell down.

Oh, God. Come on, baby.

Be okay.

Hush puppy, take this medicine.
You run fast as you can. Go.

Daddy could've turned into a tree.

Or a bug.

There wasn't any way to know.

The whole universe...

...depends on everything
fitting together just right.

If one piece busts,
even the smallest piece...

...the entire universe will get busted.

The storm's coming! The storm's coming!

The storm is coming!

Hey, Walter. What it is?
Afraid of a little water?

l ain't messing with you, Wink.
I'm getting out of here.

You can stay if you want, but I'm out.

Hey, now. What's up?

Look at these assholes...

...running around all over the damn place.
C'est la vie, assholes.

- Hey.
- Ho! There's my boy, Wink!

- We gonna do this storm?
- Let me tell you.

These assholes go up and down here
all day long.

- That's what I'm talking about.
- We ain't leaving. I'm behind you.

Man, I don't mind telling you, I am scared.
Just leave.

- This ain't no little one.
- Damn pussy.

I'm leaving here
soon as I finish my beer.

No, you're not. You're gonna stay here
with me. I'll see you tomorrow, Walrus.

Y'all want to die, okay, fine.
Look at Winston.

Winston, I know you with me,
huh, man?

What you gonna do about the storm,

Hey, Hush puppy.
Hush puppy?

Get that girl a beer.

Where you been?

- What happened to you?
- Shut up.

You don't talk.

Come here!

Come here, ugly!

Just because you
burnt your house down...

...don't mean you can walk
in here and take over.

This side of the house
is still Wink's side.

No toys, no girl stuff over here.

And if I want to come over there
and smack you in the face...

...that's against the rules,
so that's a plus for you.

So come on down here
and get in the boat.

Come on, get in the boat!

Get in the boat.

And if the water gets real high,
we're gonna float to this roof...

...we're gonna bust through the ceiling
and we're gonna ride away, okay?

Now I want you to put these on, okay?
Slide your arm through here.

Don't you never, never take these off.

I'm your daddy and you're
gonna do what I tell you to do...

...because it's my job
to keep you from dying, okay?

So sit back and listen to me.

And close your eyes.

Go to sleep.

Go to sleep!

Why you staring at me like that?

How I'm supposed to sleep
with you staring at me like that?

What, you scared?

I'm gonna show you,
no storm can't beat no Doucet.

We Doucets.
We not scared of no damn storm!

I'm gonna show you.
I'm gonna take care of that storm.

I'm coming to get you, storm!

Look at me! Look at me, Hush puppy!

Look at me whip butt!
Come on, storm!

Come on!

I'm gonna get you!

Come on, I'm right here!

I'm right here! Yeah!

Yeah! Yeah!



For the animals that didn't have a dad
to put them in a boat...

...the end of the world already happened.


Yo, Winston!

They're all down below,
trying to breathe through water.

Yo, Edison, you in here?

Someday, when I'm gone,
you gonna be the last man in the Bathtub.

You're gonna have to learn
how to feed yourself.

Now stick your hand in this water.

Stick it in there.

Okay, what you do is
you hold your hand steady...

...and you just wait on your fish to come.

You gotta ball your fist up, okay?
That's your punching hand.

Ball your fist up, case you have
to whack him when he come out.

All right, all right.

Oh, got it, got it!

Yeah! Oh, Lord!

Look what we got!
Look what we got!

Gotcha. We got it! Say, "l gotcha!"

l gotcha!

Hold him down.
You hold him down like this...

...and you whack him good
with your fist.

Go ahead, whack him!
You whack him good.

Hold him like that and whack him.
Hold it.


Don't worry about that.
That's all a part of it.

Come on, you want to try it again?

Come on, one more time.


ls that you?

I've broken everything.

Strong animals know
when your heart is weak.

That makes them hungry,
and they start coming.

Yo, Walrus.

Hey, man.

Come on, I gotcha. All right, partner.
l knew you wasn't gonna leave.

l must've passed out.

Little Jo.

- Hey.
- You okay, huh?

What happened to you? Get up.
Come on.

He been talking all night long
how it's the last night on earth.

- Don't worry about him.
- Trying to touch my titties and shit...

...right in front of Peter T over there.

Oh, Peter T, my man.

Good to see you, man!
l knew you wasn't gonna leave me.

Oh, no. Oh, no.
That's one classic dude right there.

You a titan, man.

Yeah! Glad you stayed, man.

If I had a pair of wings,
l know I could have flown in that bad boy.

Almost blew off Walrus' panties, ha, ha, ha!

But I would probably
have bounced off a tree.

Hush puppy.

Did I ever tell you the story
about your conception?


One day, when me and Hush puppy
mama first met...

...we were so shy,
we used to sit around...

...and drink beer
and smile at each other.

One day, I got so shy, I just napped.

Back when Daddy
used to talk about Mama...

...he said she was so pretty,
she never even had to turn on the stove.

She'd just walk into the room...

...and all the water starts to boil.

Your mama battered that gator up
and set it to frying.

And Hush puppy popped into the universe
about four minutes later.

l got it under control.

Miss Bathsheeba!

Come on, y'all. Come on, girlie! Come on!

Yeah, yeah! Come on!

That's it.
Thank you.

Thank you. Very nice.
Look what we got.

We got the fresh catch today.
You like that, babe?

Yeah! Come on!

Come on, children,
l got some for y'all too.

Yeah! Let's go. Time to eat.

For the ones we never find,
we make a funeral the Bathtub way.

Yeah, tastes like more.
Come on. All right.

With no crying allowed.

Yes, to the water!

Come on, boy! Come on!

Pick that goddamn thing up!
Let's go!


So I say to myself...

...I'm gonna pee in my pants just a little.
Hell, when the water goes down...

...I'm gonna French kiss the dirt.

The water ain't going down, man.

That's my beautiful place
under that water.

Everything beautiful is gone.

Man, you know they got salt in that water,
done ate everything up.

Trees are gonna die first,
then the animals, then the fish.

You gotta think about moving.

l got it under control.

Come here, Hush puppy.
Come sit by your Uncle Jean.

Let me show you how to do this.
Here. Here, baby.

Don't be scared of it, now.
Now, turn it upside-down.

There you go.
Now, push it with your thumb.

Good girl. That's it.

And then, real careful,
take this knife and you pop this off.

That's beautiful.

No, Hush puppy!

Beast it.

Beast it!

Show me you can do it!

- Come on, I know you can do it.
- Come on!

- Beast it!
- Come on, now!

Beast it! Beast it! Beast it!

Beast it. Beast it.

Come on, now! Beast it!


Come on! Yeah! Yeah!

You see what kind of family we got?
We got feeling!

You're an animal!

Yeah, you're an animal. Yeah.


It wasn't no time to sit around
crying like a bunch of pussies.

We're gonna make a camp
right on top of the Bathtub.

We got enough animals to eat
until the water goes down.

Like this.

Smoother. Gentler.

Yeah, that's right. Right there.

It's gonna be all right.

Okay. Okay.

That's the most important thing
l can ever teach y'all.

Y'all got to learn how to take care
of people smaller and sweeter than you are.

You got it.

You okay?

Two weeks later,
everything started to die.

Got to get something out of this water.

Walrus, you want to leave the Bathtub?


l heard that.

Nobody is leaving the Bathtub.

You don't know nothing.

This water gonna kill us here.
We gotta do something about this.

l ain't starving to death while them people
going grocery shopping and all that.

Shit. Son of a....

Boss, Daddy got to go
take care of something.

I'm gonna fix everything the way it was.

Where are you going?
Don't worry. I'm the man.

We gonna win.

And if anything go wrong,
Walrus is daddy.

You gonna be the king of the Bathtub.
l promise that.

Just sit right there. I'll be back.

l think they be gone.
l really can't say where.

What are you
talking about? They go to the levee?

Ain't no problem.
Don't make me slap your ass!

You so much as piss on that wall,
you know what them people gonna do?

They gonna find us
and stick us in a damn shelter.

Daddy says brave men don't run
from their home.

Peter T, hold onto the boat.
You're gonna be fine.

Peter T, you hold the trip wire. Okay?

Get the line over there.

The entire universe depends on
everything fitting together just right.

If you can fix the broken piece,
everything can go right back.

Come on, baby!

Peter T...

...hand me that trip wire.

I'm so sorry, but....

Peter T, you drop the trip wire?

Well, yes, I did.

- Peter T.
- I gotta go find it.

Get over here!

Aah! What are you doing, woman?

I'm hauling your ass home, little boy.

Get off!

Touch that wall,
they gonna come after us.

You don't know nothing!

Jean Battiste! Get the trip line!

Get in the boat!
Get your ass in here!

Hush puppy!


Pull, pull!
Now, boss!

Now, boss!

It didn't matter
that the water was gone.

Sometimes you can
break something so bad...

...that it can't get put back together.



This is a mandatory
evacuation area. You can no longer live here.

l repeat,
this is a mandatory evacuation area.

When you're small,
you gotta fix what you can.


What the hell wrong with you?
What you doing?

What you gonna do now, huh?

Oh, you want to throw things, huh?
All right, I can do that too.

Come on, then.
You want to play the game?

Come on, let's throw stuff. Come on!

l can do that too! So come on.

You want to throw stuff? Come on!

Come on. Aah!

Come on!

Ah! Ah! Ah!


Gotcha. Come on, come on!

Aagh! Gotcha. Come on! Come on!

Come on.


Man, you think I don't know.

You think I can't see?

No crying.

No crying, man! Hey!

Goddamn it, I said no crying!

Come on, get a drink.

This counts as I'm sorry
for a whole bunch of things, Lord.

You gonna be dead?


You gonna leave me alone?

No, I ain't gonna leave you alone.

Because if you be gone, I be gone too.

No, that's not how it work.

Sometimes in the bed...

...l start to shake and I can't stop.
l got what you got.

No, that's just a side effect
of you being a stupid little girl.

l ain't gonna be dead?

No, you'll probably live
a hundred years more.

Come on, let me see them guns.
Come on. Show me them guns.

Let me see them.
Come on, show them to me.

Show them to me.
Show me them guns!

Show them to me! Guns!

Guns! Guns! Guns!

Gun! Guns! Come on. Come on.

Come on!

Come on! Let me have it!

You the man! Who the man?

I'm the man.
Yeah, you the man!

Who the man?
I'm the man!

You the man! Who the man?
I'm the man.

I'm the man! I'm the man!
Yeah, you the man! Fuck this table. Shit!

l got to go lay down.

l got to get strong.

Don't be scared.


Come on.

Lay down.


You ain't the one that's sick.

Strong animals got no mercy.

They're the type of animals...

...that eat their own mamas and daddies.

- Think someone is in there?
- I don't know. This is a freaking shack.

Go check around the back.

There's no one in there. Look at this place.

- Will you please open the door?
- Get back.

This is a mandatory evacuation area.

Everyone in this region has to leave.

We ain't going nowhere!

Sir, we have food and shelter.

- Kick it in.
- Go around the back.

Let's go. Get in there.

Just remain calm.

Son, you want me to cancel
your birth certificate?

- Grab her arm!
- Son of a bitch!

- Get your hands off of me!
- Hold her down. Hold her down!

- Stay down, sir.
- Stay down!

- Let her go! I'm gonna kill you!
- You have her?

Let her go!

- Keep still.
- Let her go!

It didn't look like a prison.

It looked more like a fish tank
with no water.

They said that we were here
for our own good.

You're supposed to hear me!
l want an answer!

I don't have an answer.
The doctor is gonna have to give you that.

Don't eat that, hear?

Mr. Doucet, can I have a word with you?

We found something in your test.

It's urgent--
Whoa, whoa. Not in front of my kid.

Stay there, Hush puppy.

The procedure is--
I said not in front of my kid.

The procedure is very risky.

There's really no way to guarantee
it will be successful.

In case anything happens....

Get your hands off me.
If we don't do this, you could die.

- l tell you! I don't need nothing from you!
- Hey, stop it!

- Mr. Doucet, calm down!
- Stop it! Come here.

I tell you! I tell you!
You don't tell me!

- Calm down!
- Let me go! Get your hands off me!

l don't need nothing from y'all.
Let me go!


- Leave her alone!
- Let go of me!

Stop it!

Get off of me!


You're gonna have time-out.
Are you even listening to me?

When an animal gets sick here...

...they plug it into the wall.

They're coming for you.

Daddy used to say that
if he ever got so old...

...he couldn't drink beer
and catch catfish...

...then I had to put him in the boat
and set him on fire... no one could come plug him
into the wall.

Dave! Dave.

Dave, help me out here.
Help me out here.


Get up. We busting out of here.

Come on.

Wait, there's a person out there.

Here you go.

Hey! Go home!

Come on, let's go! Everybody get out!

Wait, wait, wait.

Let's go! Let's go!

Make sure you put her somewhere good.
Let me out of here! No! No!

Let me go!

- Let me off!
- Get off me!

You're trying to get rid of me!
You're trying to get rid of me!

Listen to me.
I'm not trying to get rid of you.

Yes, you is.
You don't understand!

l can't take care of you no more,
you understand?

I'm dying!

My blood is eating itself.

You know what that mean?

Don't be saying things about dying.

Everybody daddies die.
Not my daddy.

Yeah, your daddy.

l didn't want you to watch that, okay?

You understand?

Come on, let's go!

Let's get out of here!
Let's get out of here! Come on!

Come on, let's go!

Wait, wait, wait.

- Back up, back up.
- Girls, get back.

- Dad! Come on! Come on!
- Give him room to breathe.

Walrus, get me home.

Everybody loses the thing
that made them.

It's even how
it's supposed to be in nature.

The brave men stay and watch it happen.

They don't run.

Come on!

I'm going by my mom.

That's a good place to go.

Which way are we going?

It don't matter, baby.

This boat will take you
exactly where you need to be.

It's that kind of boat.

Want a chicken biscuit?

They're good for you.

I've been eating these all my life.

l keep the wrappers in the boat
because they remind me of who I was...

...when I ate each one.

The smell makes me feel cohesive.

l want to be cohesive.

I'm sure you will, baby.
No doubt in my mind.

Oh, hi.

Sergeant Major, how are you doing?

Hey, Miss Frankie.

Holy crap. You have toddlers.

A whole litter of them.
Oh, they are so cute.

They're so cute.

Hey, baby.

I'd work for you
I'd even slave for you

I'd be a beggar or a knave for you

And if that isn't love
It'll have to do

Until the real thing comes along

You need something, baby?

Well, what you want? You alone?

That's it?

Get in here.
Let me show you a magic trick.

Let me tell you something.

When you're a child,
people say that life... gonna be happy
and hunky-dory and all that bullshit...

...but I'm here to tell you that it's not, so you
need to get that out your head right now.

Because, yeah, life is some big old feast,
but you...

...ain't nothing
but a stupid little waitress.

One day, everything on your plate
gonna fall on the floor.

And nobody gonna be there
to pick it up for you.

One day, it's gonna be all on you.

You understand what I'm saying?

So smile, girl.


Because nobody like
a pity-party-having-ass woman.

The gator is magic.

Oh. Mm-hm.

You can take care of me.

Me and Daddy.

Don't know nothing about your daddy.

l can't take care of nobody but myself.

And if that isn't love
It'll have to do

You can stay if you want.

Until the real thing comes along

I'd gladly move

This is my favorite thing.

To prove my love, dear, and its worth

l know.

If that isn't love,
It'll have to do

l can count all the times I've been lifted.

l can count all the times I've been lifted
on two fingers.

Wink! Bring my baby here!

We got to wash her up!

No, that waits.

All right, fatso, breathe some air.

l need to go home.

If that isn't love
It'll have to do

Until the real thing comes along

You're my friend, kind of.

l gotta take care of mine.

Real good.

No crying, hear?

No crying.

Don't you cry.

As I stand by the bayou,
l watch a ship as she disappears.

There, she is gone.

And we cry for this.

But she's not gone.

She's just as real as when she left me.

And somewhere else,
other voices are calling out:

"Here she comes."

And that is dying.

Here she comes!

When it all goes quiet
behind my eyes...

...l see everything that made me...

...flying around in invisible pieces.

When I look too hard, it goes away.

But when it all goes quiet,
I see they are right here.

l see that I'm a little piece
of a big, big universe.

And that makes things right.

When I die, the scientists of the future...

...they're going to find it all.

They're going to know...

...once, there was a Hush puppy...

...and she lived with her daddy
in the Bathtub.